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August 21: Problems at GoDaddy

GoDaddy is having issues since 10:20 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • halalfoodguy Halal Food Guy حلال (@halalfoodguy) reported

    Honestly, @GoDaddy @GoDaddyHelp you have the worse server response time ever. Now My site is broken because upgrading plugins on WordPress is too much stress for your crappy slow servers

  • dommunity Dommunity (@dommunity) reported

    @DanSanchez @thedomains Godaddy appraisals are estimated by past/recent sale prices @ GD/AN (+ external data providers) and should never ever be used as an evaluation tool. Appraisals are to get a ‘feel' and have no key asset market value standing/s.

  • LearnByWire Learn by Wire Laboratories (@LearnByWire) reported

    @GoDaddyHelp Thanks for the canned response. Everyone on the "community" forum directs you to the phone number as well. If you had read my posts, you would see that contacting the customer service numbers is getting me nowhere.

  • adryenn Adryenn Ashley (@adryenn) reported

    @GoDaddy @GoDaddyHelp Every time I click to go to the Domain Auctions section it takes me to help section not to the actual domain auction section. Please fix so I can shop for a few new domains!

  • EDMSMeerut Vaibhav Jain (@EDMSMeerut) reported

    @GoDaddyHelp @GoDaddy Godaddy is a Big Fraud Company. Do not take any service from godaddy. They told your account is suspended after taking money from me.

  • goenda Goenda Giri (@goenda) reported

    @GoDaddyHelp @MillstoneGlobal 4 years since my original request. BTC scaled from 300 USD to 9k USD. You have already missed a LOT. If you are really serious to accept it, I'll suggest to integrate @BTCPayserver, which is an open source Bitcoin payment processor. @NicolasDorier may help you in this regard.

  • ElfBearded Bearded ELF (@ElfBearded) reported

    I have updated the Website on the Home Base page with a clearer statement on what we are here to help with. #GoDaddy #Website Builder via @GoDaddy

  • TheRyanIan Ryan Ian (@TheRyanIan) reported

    @GoDaddy sucks these days. Used to have no issues with them, but my issue I'm having is "out of their control" what a bunch of BS.

  • greenleafdntl Green Leaf Dental (@greenleafdntl) reported

    @GoDaddy reached out to help manage our social media. Poor cs, promised a lot, no follow through.

  • LearnByWire Learn by Wire Laboratories (@LearnByWire) reported

    @GoDaddyHelp He said he'd contact me in 30 minutes when the transfer was begun, but I waited all day with no call or email. I called this morning to follow up. Customer service agent couldn't even confirm that I had talked to someone yesterday.

  • LearnByWire Learn by Wire Laboratories (@LearnByWire) reported

    @GoDaddyHelp Trying to receive a domain transfer from another GoDaddy customer. This is the 3rd attempt. First attempt I followed email directions to update registration and address. Followed email directions to approve change, got an error. Manually went to transfer page...

  • DoctorDoom___ D͓̽o͓̽c͓̽t͓̽o͓̽r͓̽ ͓̽D͓̽o͓̽o͓̽m͓̽ (@DoctorDoom___) reported

    @WordPress I have nothing but problems with your terrible software, and you do not even have customer service. If not for @GoDaddy, I would be screwed. And thanks to GoDaddy, all the money I've been paying to you will now go to them (they have customer service) #WordpressSucks

  • DoctorDoom___ D͓̽o͓̽c͓̽t͓̽o͓̽r͓̽ ͓̽D͓̽o͓̽o͓̽m͓̽ (@DoctorDoom___) reported

    @WordPress I have nothing but problems with you terrible software, and you do not even have customer service. If not for @GoDaddy, I would be screwed. And thanks to GoDaddy, all the money I previously have to you will now go to them. #WordpressSucks

  • MsDaisyJu Daisy (@MsDaisyJu) reported

    Worst Domain Names Registrar Ever @GoDaddy Review ! Godaddy used to be one of best Registrars But Last 4 Years they hired unprofessional Team Godaddy would lock your account and resell your Domain without reason or even notify you ! #domainnames #GoDaddy

  • iCloudEMS iCloudEMS (@iCloudEMS) reported

    @GoDaddyHelp Indian #help support number are not working. Want to speak to a #customer care executive on the account.Will DM you the details.Request to provide direct numbers plz

  • Savdanyell Savannah ☯ (@Savdanyell) reported

    @GoDaddy customer service is absolutely a1. 👏

  • PressHotSpot Green Politics Lol⚡️👀🔥😬 (@PressHotSpot) reported

    The next company didn't have an issue with my bandwidth but shutdown my website because of whatever made up issue. I finally started working on getting my own small server until going to Godaddy. They didn't have a problem with me hosting anything there at all.

  • byuu_san byuu (@byuu_san) reported

    I'm not sure which company is the worst in the entire world: PayPal or GoDaddy. They sure do compete hard with each another for the number one spot. If they ever merged, they'd form a black hole so vast that it would consume all entropy in the universe.

  • SuavePrestige Justin Alugbuo (@SuavePrestige) reported

    @GoDaddyHelp Please I have deleted my domain and have cancelled the renewal. Customer ID:194867967. Please Refund

  • PhillyTheBoss P. Swett | YHM (@PhillyTheBoss) reported

    If you use GoDaddy GoCentral site builder might wanna make sure they update ya shit. Call in and do it. Or be like me.. waiting 72hrs after u spot the issue to get is resolved.

  • jasonofflorida Jason Of Florida (@jasonofflorida) reported

    @GoDaddyHelp I’ll be glad to submit a bug report, but I won’t do it free. Lmk if you have a bug bounty or have this as a bug already because this is awful, terrible.

  • ColinWinter C:/Winter (@ColinWinter) reported

    its gonna to be too easy to hijack the conversation on #maketheworldyouwant and thats that distressing me the most about @godaddy failing to give the minimal amount of basic respect or civil decency in discussing the issue at hand... i pray for everyone involved because it's *GG*

  • SijoMathews Sijo Mathews (@SijoMathews) reported

    @GoDaddy please follow. I need support with my site

  • BeyondBuds 420 Singles (@BeyondBuds) reported

    Same thing happened every time 420 Singles got in the news back when I had a website. The server would shut down I would check the server and it was fine, Godaddy would say they don't know and then magically it would work again after the crowds left.

  • EAAymar E.A. Aymar (@EAAymar) reported

    @ElizabethHeiter @GoDaddyHelp As an FYI, I’ve had really good service with @bluehost

  • RemzTheAwesome Remz (@RemzTheAwesome) reported

    Reviewing my costs made me find out GoDaddy had added a service to my domain that I never asked for, but was being billed for annually...again.

  • BeyondBuds 420 Singles (@BeyondBuds) reported

    So Godaddy which is run by a pretty evil group of Board Members expired our SSl certificate early and our app shut down. We are fixing it but this happens all the time at very crucial moments.

  • ElizabethHeiter Elizabeth Heiter (@ElizabethHeiter) reported

    All right, #writerscommunity - if you're happy with your web hosting, please tell me who you're using (not GoDaddy - they've been terrible for me).

  • DareeAllen Daree Allen Nieves (@DareeAllen) reported

    @AskForLiz It is an inexpensive way for me to have a branded email account (or set of accounts, if you have a team). Formerly I was with GoDaddy but I dont like their email service nor customer service #socialbizchat

  • Incredicow Kowabunga Comics (@Incredicow) reported

    @Zackfig Hate to disappoint, but @godaddy is attempting to shut the podcast down. Apparently our unlimited bandwidth/storage and deluxe hosting agreement doesn’t support mp3 files. We are arranging to move the podcast and all of our web presence to a different host

  • SashaHalima Sasha H. Muradali (@SashaHalima) reported

    @GoDaddyHelp I’m beyond appalled at your service. Been a customer for over 10yrs, just found out you have been charging me double, the chick on the phone has no social grace that my father just passed away.

  • SashaHalima Sasha H. Muradali (@SashaHalima) reported

    . @GoDaddy I’m beyond appalled and disgusted with your company and customer service right now. I’ve been with you for over 10-YEARS!

  • BeyondBuds 420 Singles (@BeyondBuds) reported

    We realize that currently the app is down. That is due to an SSL issue we are fixing. It will be fixed in a few hours. We are also still releasing the new design update that we have been working on a long time. I knew Godaddy would figure

  • BeyondBuds 420 Singles (@BeyondBuds) reported

    someway to shut down my app and they did by expiring the SSL certificate early which causes everyone to delete the app. Godaddy used to do this to my website all the time mostly after we got in news articles some problem would happen and the server would shut down.

  • ElizabethHeiter Elizabeth Heiter (@ElizabethHeiter) reported

    @GoDaddyHelp I'm literally on a chat for the 4th day in a row right now. I've been told a tech problem made my site not work & now I'm being told I have to renew and pay for another year if I want something to work that I already paid for.

  • ElizabethHeiter Elizabeth Heiter (@ElizabethHeiter) reported

    @GoDaddy Also...I never @ companies. But I've spent 4 days dealing with their CS & they tell me over & over it will be fixed, but it doesn't happen. And now I'm getting this BS.

  • ElizabethHeiter Elizabeth Heiter (@ElizabethHeiter) reported

    So apparently @GoDaddy thinks they can charge you for a year of service & if you don't auto-renew, that they can cut it off 2 months early & tell you too bad. No wonder they have a reputation as one of the worst hosting services out there.

  • BeyondBuds 420 Singles (@BeyondBuds) reported

    Okay so we are getting this issue fixed in a couple hours. Godaddy expired our SSl certificate and then our hosting would not allow us to upload a new one. It kept saying the keys don't match even though they ******* did.

  • MattHershberger Matt Hershberger (@MattHershberger) reported

    I hope I’m never as needy as GoDaddy is when they’re trying to make me renew a domain I don’t want anymore.

  • DevNewb DevNewb (@DevNewb) reported

    @GoDaddyHelp Ziggo (Netherlands). But shouldn't be the case, as I can access everything on my mobile devices, using the same network.

  • BeyondBuds 420 Singles (@BeyondBuds) reported

    They have this thing with SSL Certificates and Godaddy is a champion at messing with them to shut down your business. They have some kind of power with the Certificate Authority.

  • NicholasMendola Nicholas Mendola (@NicholasMendola) reported

    @FrewBrew @GoDaddyHelp I mean I guess when you're in the thick of it like you are, that seems okay. Not judging. But as someone new to it (I have several domains but have never faced this), it's gross.

  • mashuganaa Beverley (@mashuganaa) reported

    @ExtraLars @AirCanada @TELUS @NordenVW @RBC Best: GoDaddy Worst: Telus (for a communications company they suck at communicating with customers! )

  • yitakubot yitakubot (@yitakubot) reported

    Its always GoDaddy never ComeDaddy.

  • NicholasMendola Nicholas Mendola (@NicholasMendola) reported from Tonawanda, New York

    Bought 2 domains Sunday. In a 3-hour window today, calls from 11 or 12 web designers. @GoDaddyHelp you should’ve just told me that if i didn’t pay for your privacy service that you’d murder my Tuesday. At least play the villain proper. Signed, A man trying to paint his kitchen

  • pursuitofchic mi$h aka lil ranch🏁 (@pursuitofchic) reported

    @BxtchesnBlunts_ lmao it’s def **** godaddy! they do too much! wix was easier for me too! I just started playing around today so imma keep testing it out

  • MJM561968 Margie (@MJM561968) reported

    So disappointed in @GoDaddy. Usually phenomenal service, but today it tricked me into updating my entire account of domains for 2 years and the person I spoke to over the phone will not refund my money! Not cool. #badux

  • DevNewb DevNewb (@DevNewb) reported

    Not being able to use my products @GoDaddyHelp, seems to be an issue with my ip >< Getting whitelisted, hopes it helps, else we're just gonna switch hosts

  • DInvesting Elliot Silver (@DInvesting) reported

    @GoDaddyHelp I can’t imagine that is true. When I posted this a week ago, several people said they see the same thing. It is intermittent and on Chrome. I also see 502 errors when clicking through to auctions every day.

  • DInvesting Elliot Silver (@DInvesting) reported

    @StarterDomainss @onlinedomaincom @GoDaddyHelp Same here. Frustrating that these errors persist.

  • NeelAmitSarkar i am (@NeelAmitSarkar) reported

    Hi @GoDaddy @GoDaddyHelp Will you please help me out , I am planning to buy the starter bundle ( 1 domain + 1 email + 1 page website ) but when I hear .com is not avilable on starter bundle ,I am in delima. If I buy the .com can in future possible to add my .com domain in starter

  • 989Design Shawn MacDonald (@989Design) reported

    I think, if @GoDaddy put their shoulder into it, they could be the worst company in tech. God, they suck. Seriously, you guys, if you need a URL, go to @Namecheap and save yourself a never ending string of hassles.

  • IEmarjay #Emarjay (@IEmarjay) reported

    @GoDaddy @GoDaddyHelp the 'Chat now' of ur contact us section has not been responding for days now... I also sent a mail but got no response... I have pressing issues

  • garima9992 garima chaturvedi (@garima9992) reported

    @GoDaddy worst service.i am really regreting that i purchased something from you. on 10th of july i had ordered a domian, which got declined from your side and amount got deducted.. i didnt got my refund till now. i have contacted many times but didnt got any positive response

  • KhayamBaloch94 Khayam Baloch (@KhayamBaloch94) reported

    @DInvesting @GoDaddyHelp Click on PIN option, it'll ask you to login. Login and then go to domain manager It appears that GD shows we're logged in when actually we're not.

  • oicw55 Mithun Malakar (@oicw55) reported

    @GoDaddy paid yesterday for hosting and today cpannel is not working. Great

  • drm_fslt Doremi Fasollati (@drm_fslt) reported

    I've been fighting with godaddy . com all day, snd I'm starting to think I have godaddy issues

  • kaijucantdie Kaiju The Unconquerable (@kaijucantdie) reported

    Godaddy is the worst company ever **** your company

  • kleggy Kyle Legg (@kleggy) reported

    @justhost @JusthostSupport @SiteLock @GoDaddy In the meantime, if there are any courteous developers out there who can help look through my database (though, @JustHostSupport Amanda sees no glaring issues), I would appreciate help being unshackled!

  • PhillyTheBoss P. Swett | YHM (@PhillyTheBoss) reported

    Yerrrr @GoDaddy I want a Free upgrade or free months of GoCentral after y’all fix my shit. Tysvm.