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Google Cloud Platform, offered by Google, is a suite of cloud computing services that runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end-user products, such as Google Search and YouTube.

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  • HALLOOCKER Veni Vidi Quant! (@HALLOOCKER) reported

    @CharlesBrapAcct @chainlink @GCPcloud You're loser... They only reason you think you're right is cause of the price..... That will change quicker that you can think... Retard is swag again...when you think this goes mainstream me if nobody else can help you ..

  • gary_sousa Gary Sousa (@gary_sousa) reported

    Here's Why #Google Just Spent $2.6 Billion to Buy a #Startup You've Never Heard Of. Google's parent company, #Alphabet, announced #GoogleCloud will acquire #Looker, a #dataanalytics and #businessintelligence service. #Cloud #Data #Analytics

  • Soundharyaam Soundharya AM (@Soundharyaam) reported

    @GCPcloud No probs. I have created an issue under "Access management" (cloud IAM) since I couldn't write under the general "Cloud Platform" due to permission error.

  • CharlesBrapAcct Charles (@CharlesBrapAcct) reported

    @HALLOOCKER @chainlink @GCPcloud You’re a quant shill yet your retarded tweets and inability to type complete and coherent sentences is actually a good reason for me and others to never look into quant at all.

  • MrDPAQ Don Paquette (@MrDPAQ) reported

    @FoolMCochrane @AustinLieb @ZMeasho @geekwire @awscloud @Azure @GCPcloud $29B Not a problem at all

  • AwokeKnowing James (@AwokeKnowing) reported

    @metapunker @tarantulae @Google @googlecloud I don't mind Google or anyone else charging rent for a 'service'. (questions of training data aside). But we cannot allow them to charge rent to others building THEIR OWN service.

  • ChainLinkGod ChainLinkGod (@ChainLinkGod) reported

    I truly believe it won't be long before every major cloud provider will support the #chainlink network so they can offer Cloud+Smart Contract services and support for devs and end-users I'm talking @GCPcloud✅ @Azure @awscloud @IBMcloud @OracleCloud @alibaba_cloud @vmwarecloud

  • AznRedpill AznRedpill (@AznRedpill) reported

    @chainlinkmarket @Google @chainlink @googlecloud bro, dont speculate on that stuff. its a bad look and hurts our credibility

  • ZMeasho CC (@ZMeasho) reported

    @FoolMCochrane @AustinLieb @MrDPAQ @geekwire @awscloud @Azure @GCPcloud Mostly these acquisitions give you 30%-50% lift on stock prices — might not be bad idea to buy leap calls!

  • FoolMCochrane Matthew Cochrane (@FoolMCochrane) reported

    @AustinLieb @ZMeasho @MrDPAQ @geekwire @awscloud @Azure @GCPcloud Love what MSFT has been doing, owned for 3 years, but, wow, I wish they had acquired $WORK $ZM $TEAM or even $NOW 2-3 years ago. Github acquisition was solid though. Eventually they will need freemium funnels for new customers after upselling current customer base

  • frazzledjazz Richard Jasmin (@frazzledjazz) reported

    @IvanTumaJr @CureCoin_Team @foldingathome @googlechrome @Google @googlecloud @business but google is behind it- and isnt going to do your work--for you. Like me expecting SDL team to fix my code flaws.

  • matt40k Matt Smith (@matt40k) reported

    I still find it ironic that @GCPcloud new visual self service BI tool, (that competes with PBI) @LookerData has massively superior support for @github that JUST WORKS

  • frazzledjazz Richard Jasmin (@frazzledjazz) reported

    @IvanTumaJr @CureCoin_Team @foldingathome @googlechrome @Google @googlecloud why should gogle do your work for you- update the damn code. Py2 caught where py3 should be in some clients.

  • IvanTumaJr Ivan Tuma (@IvanTumaJr) reported

    @CureCoin_Team @foldingathome @googlechrome It's a bit shameful on the part of @Google #Alphabet IMO ... they could have offered the @foldingathome consortium help with the port to webassembly & some @googlecloud time. Afterall, @foldingathome was attracting users to @GoogleChrome by letting them fold inside the browser🤔

  • CMNatic Ben (@CMNatic) reported

    Weekend back in MK, and most of it is gonna be Migrating 10-odd **** @awscloud (not because of any problems, Amazon!) -> @googlecloud @GoogleCloud_UKI (hey!)

  • SaadGH Saad Hamid (@SaadGH) reported

    @BGranaa @googlecloud Happy to work with any tech community across Pakistan to help them organise tech events.

  • FlannelHandler Flannel enthusiast (@FlannelHandler) reported

    @cryptofray @myster___x @Macro__Business @Chainlinkoracle @KEK_Protocol @frankthedank10 @yossssarian @crypto_sarah9 @GCPcloud @dapps_inc Well it's crypto so I guess anything could happen DLT space is just getting started. Only one thing is sure in this univserse: $XRP will never be $589

  • myster___x myster X (@myster___x) reported

    @cryptofray @FlannelHandler @Macro__Business @Chainlinkoracle @KEK_Protocol @frankthedank10 @yossssarian @crypto_sarah9 @GCPcloud @dapps_inc Lot’s of interesting projects, some that may even be superior to the “front runners.” Unfortunately, that may not be enough. Eth has many issues and a ton of “ETH Killers” on its tail, yet I wouldn’t put money on any of them. ETH has major backing, name recognition & loads of dev

  • myster___x myster X (@myster___x) reported

    @FlannelHandler @Macro__Business @Chainlinkoracle @KEK_Protocol @frankthedank10 @yossssarian @crypto_sarah9 @GCPcloud @dapps_inc Dunno, I'm just sick of all the new "coins" in this space... we are beyond overloaded as it is. I don't see anything but money grabs all around... no new problems are being solved.

  • KEK_Protocol 𝔅𝕰⬡.𝔚𝔲𝔩𝔣 (@KEK_Protocol) reported

    @SumFeel @Chainlinkoracle @frankthedank10 @FlannelHandler @yossssarian @Macro__Business @crypto_sarah9 @GCPcloud @dapps_inc Not bad looking. My ledger works fine for now though. I am not very interest in crypto hardware tbh. Not yet at least.

  • Chainlinkoracle 🔰Linkie (@Chainlinkoracle) reported

    @KEK_Protocol @FlannelHandler @Leetcoders @Macro__Business @frankthedank10 @yossssarian @crypto_sarah9 @GCPcloud @dapps_inc Skycoin roadmap 1. Issue worthless token 2. Collect money from ico 3. Give the ico-money to John McAfee to shill it 4. DUMP 5. Now that the coin is worthless, start selling overpriced made-in-china hardware under the guise of imaginary demand for "better and faster bitcoin"

  • yossssarian caribou (@yossssarian) reported

    @Chainlinkoracle @Macro__Business @KEK_Protocol @frankthedank10 @FlannelHandler @crypto_sarah9 @GCPcloud @dapps_inc Lol, "integration". AKA, being allowed to buy BigQuery data like every other organization out there. All the other coins are "working" with massive vulnerabilities like 51% attacks. Skycoin will be the first coin not to suffer from these problems.

  • Chainlinkoracle 🔰Linkie (@Chainlinkoracle) reported

    @Macro__Business @FlannelHandler @yossssarian @crypto_sarah9 @GCPcloud @dapps_inc @SolarBankers_ @MDL_Talent_Hub For me, thats like no-one. I'm only interested in projects that can solve some real problems and help large businesses save time and money by automation(there is only one tbh). Skycoin seems to be just a coin and a ico platform thats funding it's business by selling hardware.

  • dittycheria Dev Ittycheria (@dittycheria) reported

    We’re excited to be working with @GCPcloud to bring the benefits of a modern global cloud database service to customers everywhere.

  • KamilSzczygiel Kamil Szczygieł (@KamilSzczygiel) reported

    the same problem. I guess it's time to make friends with AWS again. #GoogleCloud #Kubernetes

  • treeder Travis Reeder (@treeder) reported

    If you've got an app and package it in a Docker container, you should be using @googlecloud Cloud Run, @heroku Containers or something similar. Forget about dealing with @kubernetesio . Trust me, just do it. This is exactly what our next service was going to be at Iron.

  • abimelex kaefer (@abimelex) reported

    Hey @googledrive & @GCPcloud I don't think my issue could have been solved bei cleaning the cache. The situation was that one party moved some files in a shared drive and the syncing to my drive and file-stream just took very long. Seems to be fine now. Thanks for the response!

  • KEK_Protocol 𝔅𝕰⬡.𝔚𝔲𝔩𝔣 (@KEK_Protocol) reported

    @Chainlinkoracle @yossssarian @frankthedank10 @FlannelHandler @Macro__Business @crypto_sarah9 @GCPcloud @dapps_inc ****, even $BTC works and most of the world doesn't give a damn. TOPKEK

  • Chainlinkoracle 🔰Linkie (@Chainlinkoracle) reported

    @FlannelHandler @frankthedank10 @yossssarian @Macro__Business @crypto_sarah9 @GCPcloud @dapps_inc Yeah. This is the kind of shit I was talking about. Huge red flags

  • FlannelHandler Flannel enthusiast (@FlannelHandler) reported

    @frankthedank10 @yossssarian @Chainlinkoracle @Macro__Business @crypto_sarah9 @GCPcloud @dapps_inc Of course. That's why you want the price to be pulled from several exchanges simultaniously to come to an accurate ie trustworthy avarage as possible. If you don't trust that level of accuracy you'd be saying you can never truely determin a value

  • yossssarian caribou (@yossssarian) reported

    @FlannelHandler @frankthedank10 @Chainlinkoracle @Macro__Business @crypto_sarah9 @GCPcloud @dapps_inc No way to verify those data sources aren't all pulling from each other, or from the same flawed source. IF enough sources exist, anyway. It all comes down to the oracle problem, which is not solvable. You can only trust data that can start on blockchain, like fund transactions.

  • FlannelHandler Flannel enthusiast (@FlannelHandler) reported

    @yossssarian @Chainlinkoracle @Macro__Business @crypto_sarah9 @GCPcloud @dapps_inc Chainlink feed contracts on any blockchain. So I don't see the big advantage here. Plus off chain aggregation solves the issue of large gascosts. I think Skycoin is not aiming at the same market tbh

  • Fredwebs Fred Peters (@Fredwebs) reported

    @google @googlecloud Registered for ATL Google Cloud event a week ago, got a registered email. At 9am was not registered, they had sent another email 18 hrs before saying they had "reached capacity". I went home. This has never happened in 25 years of @Microsoft conferences.

  • yossssarian caribou (@yossssarian) reported

    @FlannelHandler @Chainlinkoracle @Macro__Business @crypto_sarah9 @GCPcloud @dapps_inc - Why would the middle layer be a third party service. - It's reputational voting, it leads to popular data, not correct data. - They can save a lot of time and expense by adding an API to their platform themselves.

  • yossssarian caribou (@yossssarian) reported

    @FlannelHandler @Chainlinkoracle @Macro__Business @crypto_sarah9 @GCPcloud @dapps_inc Anyone can use API feeds. Having linkie nodes vote on which ones they like the most is a low value middleman service. Worse, it only provides popular API feeds, which aren't necessarily the most accurate data sets.

  • mrjwbr JohnWeber (@mrjwbr) reported

    @googlecloud “For feature ideas, first call Customer Support and wait 24 hours to have your account enabled for access to the right area of CCC.” Yeah, right.

  • sed_seyedi Sed Seyedi (@sed_seyedi) reported

    @googleCloud Here is idea I like to see GCP implement: A one time emergency (high priority) support ticket that any company can create in duration of one month — without paying $$$$ for support.

  • supergeekdev SuperGeek (@supergeekdev) reported

    @googlecloud Cloud run is a good idea to bring serverless to containers. As a developer, it is annoying when you have no clue on how long it will keep a service "warm" up. #coldstart #frustrateddev

  • robdias Roberto Dias (@robdias) reported

    Google is having a bad time regarding stability these days, from the googlecloud outage to this… they should start thinking seriously

  • john_haire John Haire (@john_haire) reported

    @AzureSupport @awscloud @Azure @googlecloud Thanks for the advice. That's what I thought based on the documentation. The problem is, I already have 7000 standalone solar-powered devices with 7000 builtin modems. The backend is a steaming pile of perl but the hardware meets or needs.

  • pbsellers Phil Sellers @ HPE Discover (@pbsellers) reported from Paradise, Nevada

    Yep, do not adjust your monitors. @nutanix, @openshift and @googlecloud all get shoutouts during #HPEDiscover keynote - #HPE does believe in customer choice

  • e_k_anderson Evan Anderson (@e_k_anderson) reported

    @alexellisuk @GCPcloud For many languages, @GCPcloud has an "application default credentials" library that can use a refresh token or GCP identity service (e.g. metadata sever). Also, you need to choose the correct `aud` parameter for your destination.

  • _raymondscott herro (@_raymondscott) reported

    @googlecloud @GCPcloud fix your VA server please. I give you guys over $300.00 a month and I can't even get in touch with someone from your support team. Very unprofessional.

  • DHenschen Doug Henschen (@DHenschen) reported

    Again hearing that @Azure and @GCPcloud variants of @MongoDB Atlas Data Lake are coming. MyPOV: Want to hear whether this is lightweight, ad-hoc, or something that could support production data pipelines. #MDBW19

  • underhillj Jason Underhill (@underhillj) reported

    When @googlecalendar is down but you moved to @Nextclouders months ago.. #winning #googlecloud #FreeFromGoogle

  • onthebass ᴏ ɴ ᴛ ʜ ᴇ ʙ ᴀ s s *️⃣ (@onthebass) reported

    @melmccarthy_ie @googlecloud G Suite status page now showing cal issue from 722am PST

  • melmccarthy_ie Mel McCarthy (@melmccarthy_ie) reported

    @googlecloud your status page isn't showing it but gcal is down 404 all over the place....

  • AshBerlin Ash Berlin-Taylor (@AshBerlin) reported

    Hey @googlecloud - having `gcloud auth login` open Chrome rather than my default browser: Not Cool. Nor is it useful.

  • zehicle Rob Hirschfeld (@zehicle) reported

    @sarbjeetjohal @waynesadin @tcrawford @mccrory @jeffsussna @mthiele10 @mattwallace @eoin_jennings @jayferro @awscloud @Azure @googlecloud @IBMcloud @VMware @Cisco @furrier @NeilCattermull @dhinchcliffe @fogle_shane @nyike @TheCloudand_Me @TamaraMcCleary @CTOAdvisor @SiliconANGLE @dvellante @stu @mdkail @Kevin_Jackson @JKevinParker @digitalcloudgal @porterdeleon @DavidLinthicum @avrohomg @StevenDickens3 @BillMew @Fisher85M @schmarzo @nelson_hilliard @nicolefv @azurestack more like hyper marketing... AFAIK these are rebadged VM host appliances with self-provisioning integration. yes, constraints make that silo easier to manage. If we really want to fix IT economics, we need to make self-management universal

  • TablePlus TablePlus (@TablePlus) reported

    @DataChaz @GCPcloud Hi, TablePlus supports native SSH so you can connect to any VPS cloud service.

  • preetamdsouza Preetam D'Souza (@preetamdsouza) reported

    @Firebase Wow, apparently you have to fill out the "Support Email" field to be able to use Google Sign-In...or you get a very unhelpful "Failed to record the consent" error on #Android. Please make this obvious to users @Firebase / @googlecloud!!

  • AdithyaByreddy Aditya Byreddy (@AdithyaByreddy) reported

    I would prefer to have extended functionality to this, something like support to run non-http workloads. 🙂 @GCPcloud #CloudRun

  • finrekt finr🐤kt (@finrekt) reported

    @MrStyzz @ChainlinkBull @CharlesBrapAcct @AlexSau37473923 @readysetcrypto @MajorGeneralT @GCPcloud >thought I would share the truth but being blind or not knowing the technicals is something I can’t fix. This

  • nathangloverAUS Nathan Glover (@nathangloverAUS) reported

    I just realised a rouge load-balancer forwarding rule was never deleted after some testing I did with GKE in April. Not even an IP, just the forwarding rule to a dark void... Would be cool to be alerted/notified about obvious mishaps on the 'Home' dash. @GCPcloud #gcp #gke

  • soswow Aleksandr "Sasha" Motsjonov (@soswow) reported

    @GabeWeiss_ @donttrythis @Discovery @GCPcloud @Foxtel ok. So UX sucks. Error is there, but deep in XHRs: "Access to the requested resource path has been forbidden: resource not available for country - AU" With US proxy it does work! Thank you, Gabe!

  • MrStyzz MrStyzz (@MrStyzz) reported

    @ChainlinkBull @CharlesBrapAcct @AlexSau37473923 @finrekt @readysetcrypto @MajorGeneralT @GCPcloud Again, everything there can be done with the ETH token. Seriously, you people make me laugh. Keep buying I don’t care. Just thought I would share the truth but being blind or not knowing the technicals is something I can’t fix.

  • KEK_Protocol 𝔅𝕰⬡.𝔚𝔲𝔩𝔣 (@KEK_Protocol) reported

    @altcoinmooner88 @BGIradji @7777LINK7777 @don_barafranca @FlannelHandler @Chainlinkoracle @xrptipbot @GCPcloud I'm all in on $XRP as well, I just don't think Sergey is that shady. I ran in to him at a MacDonalds once, and he offered to buy me his favorite. I said yes, and was surprisingly met with 10 Bigmacs, 3 Large Fries and 1 Large Diet Coke. Not a bad guy if you asked me.

  • Captin4ndy Distributed Mueck (@Captin4ndy) reported

    @antiprosynth @iDecentralized @googlecloud The token having call back function and the value of the native network providing penalties for bad actors are valid enough to warrant the link token. Threshold signatures have impressed me lately

  • alecandro3000 Alecandro (@alecandro3000) reported

    @GCPcloud Should be on the $KMD network instead. Much much better

  • NgoHoang92 Ngô Hoàng (@NgoHoang92) reported

    @chainlink @GCPcloud oh shit . I sold it before I got the information