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H1Z1 is a survival sandbox massively multiplayer online gamepost-apocalyptic MMO in which you must fight for your live against a world overrun by zombies. Developed by Daybreak Game Company and available for Xbox, Playstation and Windows.

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  • Sign in (36.84%)
  • Online Play (26.32%)
  • Glitches (26.32%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (5.26%)
  • Game Crash (5.26%)

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  • TMWTwitch
    T3HMILFWHISP3RER (@TMWTwitch) reported

    My year in H1Z1. Cry. Cry some more. Died on the inside. @JaceHall Soon. Soooooooooon Soooner than sooon. Faith restored in the game. Spawn, Land, die. FIX THE SHOTGUN!!!!

  • TMWTwitch
    T3HMILFWHISP3RER (@TMWTwitch) reported

    My year in H1Z1. Cry. Cry some more. Died on the inside. @JaceHall Soon. Soooooooooon Soooner than sooon. Faith restored in the game. Land, spawn, die. FIX THE SHOTGUN!!!!

  • ZiyadNabil_ZN
    ZiyadNabil.ZN (@ZiyadNabil_ZN) reported

    @TimCulture @JediMyth @H1Z1Retweet @H1Z1 I bet if they didn't fix it

  • RealCoderHunter
    Hunter Helsel (@RealCoderHunter) reported

    Most of the comments on this post are just “Is it free” and “H1Z1 beat you to it”. I can stress this enough, games don’t have to be free to be good. Also the lag and dropped frames are you finding something to complain about. It just released and I expect this to happen.

  • luke_severinsen
    YetiSevy (@luke_severinsen) reported

    @xbryc3 @PlayStation H1z1 can't even fix their leaderboards... There's no longevity to the game

  • dNstreeeet
    dN Street (@dNstreeeet) reported

    @Hyperknux333 @elDeezo @JaceHall @mmtwin0333 @Z1BattleRoyale Their steps is fix H1 first and after it is fixed they will finally take the step to promote the game again which imo H1 should have did long ago. Hopefully after our game is fixed they will rid of the name H1z1 on steam and change it to Z1BR and than promote the heck out of it.

  • BanditosBoy
    BanditosBoy (@BanditosBoy) reported

    @Pip_ouT @CykaHotFireYT @shroud I admit it so I dont see the problem. I the funny thing is I suck but I'm much better at black ops 4, pubg, and h1z1.

  • LkSioxz
    NearTheBrain (@LkSioxz) reported

    @H1Z1 @DaybreakGames honestly if you wanna do something good for the community bring back west coast servers because we cannot even play this game due to high ping and people from other countries joining just to lag around and kill the people with a fine connection

  • c_cal_93
    Chris Calderon (@c_cal_93) reported

    @H1Z1 @Cee95913386 @H1Z1 Give them hell fire skins because **** them and **** this game, why fix this broken shit when we could just milk these ppl for there money with cosmetics.

  • CtbLocky
    CTBLocky (@CtbLocky) reported

    If People Like Jace Can FIX H1Z1 PC, Than Your Team Should @H1Z1 PS4 TEAM. I HAVE HAD ENOUGH.

  • Falcus82
    Joshua Purdy (@Falcus82) reported

    @DaybreakHelp Hey guys My character is stuck and I would really like to play today because its my only day off He became stuck this morning when I tried logging him in please fix this. I pay alot of money for all my accounts and not being able to play on my day off is horrible

  • TruScienceFreak
    Seshank K (@TruScienceFreak) reported

    @LionelKris10 @SrenkCS @Maicon_YTube18 @csgo_dev I barely use Twitter but I couldn’t resist replying. I have 5 service medals and I’ve played only one operation. I’d rate this update a 7/10. The br mode is good (at least it’s not a ripoff (ahem... blue hole and epic games [H1Z1]). You have one more job valve.Improve VAC & PRIME

  • marty_metals
    UK-Executioner- (was DuShY-FFWD) (@marty_metals) reported

    @GazzmanIRE @3PAisforscrubs @H1Z1 I'll tell you how to fix it go play pubg it's so much better trust that from my own personal experience of play h1z1 since the day it come out and 2 days in pubg can already tell it south better

  • M_NinjAa
    🎄_NinjAa_🎄 (@M_NinjAa) reported

    @privatebecks On H1Z1 is z2 On Call of Duty 4 (modern warfare) is crash

  • Gilleylen85
    ✧ 尺乇乃乇ㄥㄥ乇 ✧ (@Gilleylen85) reported

    @ichigoxero @BandaiNamcoUS If they did #ShinobiStriker right this would not have been a issue!! MOBA's suck.. *cough* #LeagueOfLegends #Fortnite #H1Z1 Games need a start and a finish, when you put down the controller it should fill you with pride, not with rage and a empty wallet cause of a busted TV

  • destroscene
    Austin Bullard (@destroscene) reported

    @H1Z1 Get your heads out of your asses and fix the leaderboards

  • baldheadslck
    Vitorio (@baldheadslck) reported

    @MattWadsworth1 @H1Z1 @DaybreakGames Really they need to fix the bugs and add a map. Weapons are ok for the time being. Expect I'd like the combat shot gun gone and the new crossbow in the purple crate

  • H1z1Sub
    H1Z1 Sub (@H1z1Sub) reported

    @H1Z1 I will continue to support this game but guys need to start listening to your community, Theirs is much you need to fix/add. 1. Get rid combats completely even after the update it's still broken. 2. Allow 3erd person+new maps 3. Get rid of legendary drops from military crates.

  • Gorillaz_1995
    Cory Guidry (@Gorillaz_1995) reported

    @baldheadslck @Ross_McDougall @H1Z1 When smgs and assault rifles can potentially kill in as many shots as a close range shotgun, we've got problems. it's taking 6+ shots sometimes to kill now. Almost like the BO3 Haymaker before it ever got buffed. I've been just leaving combat shotguns on the ground now.

  • marty_metals
    UK-Executioner- (was DuShY-FFWD) (@marty_metals) reported

    @bostonchris1215 @H1Z1 Pubg is much better then h1z1 iv payed a lot of h1z1 and now I'm playing pubg amd trust from my own personal experience it's much better game play not lag issues or just plain no shit it's good to have a good game with good guns

  • WildBloodyRose
    Wild Bloody Rose (@WildBloodyRose) reported

    @Suzuki_no_hado @H1Z1 Oh, it's okay...I found a way to fix it, tnx for the reply!😄

  • srcreationz
    srcreationz (@srcreationz) reported

    @H1Z1 Can you just fix the lag and shitty frame rate. Playing on PS4 Pro with fiber optic internet and it is absolutely atrocious.

  • YunggW00
    Saucey🎲 (@YunggW00) reported

    @H1Z1 Next Update Can We Work On Connection issues Where I Take Cover And Still Get Killed

  • Gorillaz_1995
    Cory Guidry (@Gorillaz_1995) reported

    @Ross_McDougall @H1Z1 It's bad... ._. Just nerfs to rushing game to help support whining campers. My friends r quitting and I don't intend on spending money on PUBG like they r, so I might b done with BRs if H1 cant fix

  • BasedTomas
    Based Oracle 🐝 (@BasedTomas) reported

    @Grummz the problem is the innovator doesnt always get the worm. Fortnite is the big royale game, but before that was pubg, before that was h1z1. LoL is the big Moba, but before that there was HoN, and before that there was DoTA.

  • AngelicDqmon
    𝖓𝖚𝖒𝖇 (@AngelicDqmon) reported

    @etienecrauss they're making the same error as h1z1

  • marty_metals
    UK-Executioner- (was DuShY-FFWD) (@marty_metals) reported

    @Suzuki_no_hado @H1Z1 And trust been playing this game since day 1 and if they had improved it would of kept playing it but for all the shit this game dose like reseting your status and no in menu status and crashing glitch and so for and so on is enough for most to move and play a game that is better

  • marty_metals
    UK-Executioner- (was DuShY-FFWD) (@marty_metals) reported

    @Suzuki_no_hado @H1Z1 Gets yourself at it keep telling yourself that if it makes u feel better about paying it watch how long the lobby's take to fill up atm let alone tomorrow when pubg is here enjoy your broken game y the rest of us enjoy a game that works propley

    Dazzle Novak (@H0LL0WJACK) reported

    @H1Z1Retweet @Arclegger @JaceHall @CastoroGamer @Z1BattleRoyale @SUP3RSoN1K (part 6) this is very painful to watch,this graphics,the problems with ar,i just wanna play preseason 3 h1z1,theres nothing to play right now,please

  • MZKKiller
    MZK (@MZKKiller) reported

    @LegacyZ3RO It was dog shit from the moment it realised. Only ever took off because H1Z1 was so ******* broken

  • Fe4rI
    iTzFe4rX (@Fe4rI) reported

    @H1Z1 Why don’t you guys fix the fact of having no weapon when hopping out of a vehicle, instead of catering all the noobs needs! 3 times in a god damn row hopped of my quad and no weapon!! Fix your shit @H1Z1

  • realrazlo
    Razlo (@realrazlo) reported

    @BajaBleezy @marty_metals @H1Z1 True af they could still fix it easily

  • greycam59
    lil nosebleed (@greycam59) reported

    @GazzmanIRE @H1Z1 @PlayStation They can’t afford to fix the game lol

  • antoneallalone
    Mark Benavides (@antoneallalone) reported

    @H1Z1 pubg is almost here y'all need to get your $h!t together stop messing with settings and fix your servers not happy daybreak not happy

  • Suzuki_no_hado
    Red Maddox (@Suzuki_no_hado) reported

    @WildBloodyRose @H1Z1 Had that problem last week lol

  • Thiagots85
    Thiago Sousa (@Thiagots85) reported

    @H1Z1 and, please... fix the Combat shotgun! That weapon lags too much on fives and it's a nightmare to go against when the person shooting it is locking you in place with framedrops.

  • GazzmanIRE
    Gaz (@GazzmanIRE) reported

    @H1Z1 Can ye fix it so we don't need to make party's in fives and duos when playing with randomers to hear our team mates .

  • YeaButCanYa
    Lolly (@YeaButCanYa) reported

    @TGxwiggle @H1Z1Retweet @H1Z1 It's too late, they have done nothing - they haven't been paying attention to the right problems

  • 3PAisforscrubs
    Gwyn Jeffs (@3PAisforscrubs) reported

    @realrazlo @H1Z1 They tried it, it didn't translate well so they binned it and stated that they had no intention of bringing it back. I agree with them on this, that glitch a while ago proved how it makes up for lack of skill.

  • cedergren_emil (@cedergren_emil) reported

    @Z1BattleRoyale Ppl are leaving this game in masses :( i Love h1z1 but u need to fix PL so streamers have somthing to play for.

  • Orbedd
    Orbedx (@Orbedd) reported

    @EliteH1Z1 @GankLogan Why is that a problem, you still have H1Z1 in your name lmao

  • GoatTrippie
    Trippie.Goat (@GoatTrippie) reported

    @LayolFN @H1Z1 They need to fix things first then expand to Xbox. Since play is coming to PS4, it makes sense

  • Gaemu1
    Gaemu (@Gaemu1) reported

    @RobLawfordUK @H1Z1 The fix comes on friday and its called pubg

  • Gamerboylt
    Chris Fears🎮 (@Gamerboylt) reported

    i wish @H1Z1 would stop lagging

  • FelonRng
    RnG_Felon (@FelonRng) reported

    @H1Z1 @sarahlflanagan the servers are literally unplayable right now, so much lag it's unreal! If you don't believe me a few of us are streaming fives come see for yourself👌

  • jooelito416
    xEFRT (@jooelito416) reported

    @H1Z1 FIX THE ******* GAME !!!!!! GUY

  • yeonzy_h1
    yeonzy (@yeonzy_h1) reported

    My wish for H1Z1: fix cheater problem completely in next 10 years.

  • dewey62750
    🎮MAXBEERMAX🎮 (@dewey62750) reported

    Hi @ H1Z1 I have problems on Ps4 I run the game I have a black screen and if I do not have the bug I have a good 5min of change to have the main menu. My friends send me the invitation but I can not join him

  • Anthony94712819
    Anthony Evans (@Anthony94712819) reported

    @ImSeizuringCow @KingsNothings @H1Z1 @GasGeesus I actually feel that just make sure you keep it up everyday and keep telling them to fix their game! I'm pretty sure they're gonna lose like 99% of their player base in 3 days.

  • 2TapPrince
    2TapPrince 🇷🇸 (@2TapPrince) reported

    @JamieWhalee I'm dying. Quitting H1Z1: Moving over to fortnite because playerbase sucks. While on fortnite people facing its problems right now theirselves. Have fun getting hooked and c4 bombed tards LUL

  • Cee95913386
    Cee (@Cee95913386) reported

    @realrazlo @thahidden @H1Z1 I rather pay a little bit extra for a game thats not as broken as h1z1 and actually has more than 1 boring ass map and actual leaderboards.

  • Cee95913386
    Cee (@Cee95913386) reported

    @H1Z1 Give them hell fire skins because **** them and **** this game, why fix this broken shit when we could just milk these retards for there money with cosmetics.

  • 51TyIer
    Tyler (@51TyIer) reported

    @emeMtseknaD @SUP3RSoN1K That’s dumb. They also out in there that if you’re an H1Z1 player you’re suppose to login with your steam.

  • DavidLu64435697
    Dave L (@DavidLu64435697) reported

    @H1Z1 Lmao everytime you guys post something you get trashed on by every comment.. you don’t attempt to fix the game or talk to the community... then you’ll be questioning why it failed... skins don’t fix a game... get some better devs

  • Daptol3
    Daptol (@Daptol3) reported

    @Z1BattleRoyale You need to nerf the shotgun ASAP because it is too op in terms of damage. It takes no skill, and my brother's friends that don't know how to aim in H1Z1 kill pretty frequently with it. Make it more skill based like headshot kill always body 2 makeshift 2 lami 3. Please fix 😫🙏.

  • hduh4j7f9f
    moonlight (@hduh4j7f9f) reported

    @H1Z1 Fix your game

  • bostonchris1215
    Boston Chris (@bostonchris1215) reported

    Until there is a permanent leaderboard fix on @H1Z1 sadly this game will not have a serious playerbase, when EVERY other game in the world tracks stats pretty much perfectly.

  • ApRicoo88
    ... (@ApRicoo88) reported

    @DaybreakHelp Yo i was playing solo's when i ran into a hacker who was wave emoting in my face while i was emptying all my shotgun ammo into his face, Then i got disconnected from the match and kicked out of the game. Now when open the h1z1 client i get the G202 error HELP!!!

  • MarvL91
    MarvL_91 🇫🇷🐝 (@MarvL91) reported

    @H1Z1 @DaybreakGames Pleeeease guys We don't want new skins. We want ranked and fix issues

  • DiegoCoo
    Diego Coria (@DiegoCoo) reported

    @H1Z1 Fix your ******* game!!