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H1Z1 is a survival sandbox massively multiplayer online gamepost-apocalyptic MMO in which you must fight for your live against a world overrun by zombies. Developed by Daybreak Game Company and available for Xbox, Playstation and Windows.

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  • ManzanoBalaam Rhythmic_kai (@ManzanoBalaam) reported

    @H1Z1 Apex legends is my new favorite br game. H1z1 hasn’t even fix the bugs that had been their since launch.

  • Juggernog6200 WEEDMAPS (@Juggernog6200) reported


  • AN_Meltz Kodi Stacy (@AN_Meltz) reported

    @Game_Dev_Carto how do I fix the white screen glitch on h1z1. when I go to load my game up all I see is a white screen then it goes off

  • Z1BattleRoyale Z1BR (@Z1BattleRoyale) reported

    @cleverchesy @H1Z1 @H1Z1Retweet @h1z1hunt @JaceHall @TwinGalaxies @Arclegger Hey, not sure what the issue is here. Most likely an error of some kind when they were distributed.

  • Storm_015 A Storm (@Storm_015) reported

    I saw someone say there is going to be some type of “car” in Apex. I hope they don’t go down this path, all they need to do is just fix the bugs of the game and not be like Fortnite and H1z1 and make unnecessary changes. @PlayApex

  • TheDeemo Fang Deemo (@TheDeemo) reported

    This is ******* retarded literally the only game working properly is h1z1 RN there servers on Apex are ****** bo4 is just terrible (also lagging my total off) today is just terrible

  • Y2K_WAS_REAL Codey Fudge (@Y2K_WAS_REAL) reported

    @H1Z1 Youre right you are looking for love in all the wrong places.... You have yet to fix common issues with your game and you have also added nothing to the game but crappy outfits that cost way to much and now you gonna add a FFA with respawns seems to me like youre copying fortnite

  • Dfggg78982858 Dfggg (@Dfggg78982858) reported

    @Paulll22 @PlayApex I never seen stupid game stop working on the weekend other games it fix within an hour like fortnight or h1z1

  • WUBZT3R WUBZT3R (@WUBZT3R) reported

    @officialmrwood @hmusaywsup @H1Z1 Exactly the problem. So honestly I just want to slap the devs. It would be smarter for them to sell it to a company that isn't full of idiots.

  • ScvFFi ScuFFi ツ (@ScvFFi) reported

    Fortnite got the H1Z1 meta “Fix one break three”

  • KolbyMonster MonsterKolby (@KolbyMonster) reported

    @FinalLombax @H1Z1Retweet @H1Z1 Lmao! By taking out vehicle damage people can literally sit in a car all game and jump out to shotgun people who don't have cars. Sorry pal but that would be mega broken. And combat is worse than riot just get better at the game, don't be some hot garbage like everyone else.

  • yaboyMazy Mazy (@yaboyMazy) reported

    @tonyhawkww That’s exactly what im saying things need to be balanced & they wil fix the guns. And H1z1 was skillful before season 3 so idk why you’re saying that. It was the hardest br plain and simple.

  • yaboyMazy Mazy (@yaboyMazy) reported

    @tonyhawkww Nothing wrong with the game besides some things they need to fix like bugs and balance guns. I think its a skill full game. Specially if you’re from h1z1 you should be a god. If not well thats a big yikes lol

  • mangled_shoes mangled shoes (@mangled_shoes) reported

    streamers/players raged all the time about h1z1 asking them to fix this, fix that, this or that sukcs 24/7 so much that h1z1 tried and comfort them by fixing it all to the point that it made the game unplayable. take your time and do the right thing @VinceZampella #ApexLegends

  • spankysick Spanky (@spankysick) reported

    @Liammag41813378 @H1Z1 New outfits is new content you draft twerp...and how about they fix the games issues instead of content you draft twerp part 2

  • R33SPAWNN R33SPAWNN (@R33SPAWNN) reported

    Everytime i play h1z1 i can cry.. i played it since 2015 and i loved it. The models the fun everything. They added z2 and i stopped z2 always been shit. Now they ruined it all and dont even wanna revert to ps3 a season that whas atleast playable braindead devs sigh pls fix revert

  • marty_metals UK-Executioner- (was DuShY-FFWD) (@marty_metals) reported

    @Atheistica316 @H1Z1 Haha talk about a complete **** nit pick or not season 2 been over for like 3 weeks since the new season so again lagging behind all the br games out there making the gamers wait as normal while they try and con them out of more money for shit no one wants like normal

  • mrbeatsyou mrbeatsyou (@mrbeatsyou) reported

    Can sum1 please find another over the shoulder glitch for H1Z1 PS4 lol

  • Ryan37490318 Ryan Muscove (@Ryan37490318) reported

    @DaybreakGames @DaybreakHelp Most laziest Developers for Dcuo ever!!! Can’t even fix the small things. Make a Dcuo 2 before someone else does.

  • ms2k7 Scott smith (@ms2k7) reported

    @VinceZampella hi vince fix your game or it will end up like h1z1... irrelevant

  • kelvanan timothy jenkins (@kelvanan) reported

    @DaybreakHelp HELP! EQ1 server Coirnav launched Planes of Power hours ago, yet one of the zones Plane of Knowledge is completely unusable. Terrible server lag. Please investigate

  • DreamNinja77 SayYeah (@DreamNinja77) reported

    hey @DaybreakGames @DaybreakHelp might want to address the 5-10min of lag on Coirnav

  • alberach Tom Morgan (@alberach) reported

    @KontrolFreek H1Z1 was ruined when they went free to play. It used to be my favorite game, now I can't even bring myself to boot it up. It's so broken now...

  • jungalistix Jungalistix (@jungalistix) reported

    @RealmRoyale Please fix the game for ps4 I can't connect with the friends I want to play with and please stop the freezing when I'm just about to win, I love the game but this is why I left h1z1. Hi Ted sort it out.

  • SGTxIZxBACK BallyOn (@SGTxIZxBACK) reported

    @FortniteGame Just ******* vault the aimbot and we wouldn't of never even had this problem. H1z1 no assist and is on console, PubG no aimsisst and is on console, Ralm royal no aim assist and is on console, Apex legends is on console no aim assist. your games so basic but you need weeks of time

  • Steve_GTG Steve minus 54 (@Steve_GTG) reported from Charter Township of Garfield, Michigan

    I’ve been so neck deep in videogames for the last four years, that I’m kind of sick of all of it. All I play is Black Ops 4 and H1Z1, both being things I can pick up and put down in bite size chunks. Not sure what the solution to this problem is.

  • DylanHuffman20 Dylan Huffman (@DylanHuffman20) reported

    Goddddddddddddddddddddd. @H1Z1 fix your na servers please

  • RapperFeri 🇭🇺 Ferenc Müller 🍕 - FREE.GG (@RapperFeri) reported

    How to play Fortnite my trash videocard (full very low max 25 fps)+ my mouse curcuit problem + i have CRT Philips monitor.. And my dream was how i stream Fortnite, PUBG, H1Z1 and more games.. GG my life, i hate my sick life :@

  • Y2K_WAS_REAL Codey Fudge (@Y2K_WAS_REAL) reported

    @mithraedei @H1Z1 How about the glitch where i get kicked off of atvs when my friend start to drive

  • Fuck_Quinn Quinn (@Fuck_Quinn) reported

    @Fley__ This was always my big problem with BR esports. The H1z1 pro league actually found out a pretty good formula idk why more games don’t emulate.

  • Fabled891 Fabled891 (@Fabled891) reported

    @Darkness429 @PlayApex Not quite yet. I've ran into 2 maybe 3 people that have used that as their "skill gap". Unless it becomes a meta issue like ENAS in H1Z1, then touch it down the road.

  • TDreserva TropaDaReserva (@TDreserva) reported

    @Trenzyme1 @H1Z1 Sorry bro! You have serious problems!

  • KxTidyx TKKxTidyxAddictx86 (@KxTidyx) reported

    @ZIPZOP_YT @HyDrO_Outcast @H1Z1 They won't do it lol, they seen we had too much fun with it as a glitch

  • not2gee not2gee (@not2gee) reported

    @big_ste_1986 @H1Z1 Your good brother - see these new games like apex I have no lag or latency issues. Same as pubg it just shows me how serious H1z1 is about us living over here.

  • big_ste_1986 big ste (@big_ste_1986) reported

    @not2gee @H1Z1 I understand your frustration I watched your stream and a could see the lag response after you had shot people they shot after they were dead

  • not2gee not2gee (@not2gee) reported

    @big_ste_1986 @H1Z1 I get it, although these devs need to pull the consumer back, one announcement besides this one and no real hype or excitement around this update. No mini leeks no real teasers. Plus I’m an Aussie playing on EU. The lag the response time kills me already. Give me something...

  • HitMan173 Nelson Filpo (@HitMan173) reported

    @H1Z1 I'll be excited if you guys add the option for 3rd person ads for god sakes. I'll come back to play h1z1. Just make a option by pressing a button like on PC or pubg. We can have both with no problem.

  • Sighborn Syborn (Sighborn) (@Sighborn) reported

    @JKornn_ 1. Blackout 2. Apex 3. Fortnite 4. Pub G 5, H1Z1 Honestly, Apex would be 1st, but the problem is there are always ******* after parties, so you finish one squad, there is always another. As for blackout... CoD is my main game, so you already know, I just don't play it that much.

  • OnlyAzN OnlyAzN (@OnlyAzN) reported

    Apex Legends is the first game since H1Z1 that I have enjoyed this much. That all I want to do is come back home and play it! If only it wouldn't randomly crash for no reason, no error message! PC version. @PlayApex get on this!!

  • kevinvanromondt Romondt (@kevinvanromondt) reported

    H1z1 needs to go back to pre season 2 and fix all the bugs it had. If that happens, it will kill fortnite and pubg and put Apex in a tough scenario. h1z1 was the most fun ive ever had in any game since halo 3, battlefield bad company 2 and MW2 🤕

  • Megasloth_ MegaslothZ1 🔜 BassCanyon19 ❌ (@Megasloth_) reported

    @H1Z1 i know you ignore your community and everything but hey its kinda bullshit that I'm being shot with explosive crossbows and sprayable shotguns every single game by every single player i encounter. FIX IT. Coming from playing PC, this is just braindead level decision making.

  • Animeisr3al John THICC (@Animeisr3al) reported

    @LiquidPoach BRs use to be about the struggle... that's the impression PUBG/h1z1 left. Now we're moving to a more casual experience. Which in turn is leading to more balanced gameplay. It really just be like that. TBH healing/mats on kills would fix that issue.

  • NSTG17 NSTG (@NSTG17) reported

    @KalashnikloveTV @Game_Dev_Carto @merkillees @NightwalkeR1H @PlayApex He is not working on H1Z1 (which is the PS4 Version) and neither on Z1BR (which is the PC Game) bro :)

  • spankysick Spanky (@spankysick) reported

    @H1Z1 Fix the damn servers ya goofs.

  • Skells0_0 Braden (@Skells0_0) reported

    @IamZooMM @PlayApex Take planes out do something but the game has been so bad with updates and they keep adding these pointless things to make the game more “interesting” but it’s not they need to fix the game in its current spot and listen to fans cause there going down with h1z1 at this point

  • krluvsky Swan (@krluvsky) reported

    @sonii what the devs do to fix or change their game to make it more enjoyable for the players, it happened with h1z1 too, if you change and update your game TOO MUCH you're basically killing it, it's like asking ur players to suit to something that they're not used to.

  • DreamBigRiskBig 🤙 (@DreamBigRiskBig) reported

    @bubudubu Bruh I don’t give a **** what anybody says about ******* fortnite. It will NEVER be as good as H1Z1 was in its prime. Z1 map, right after the very first AK47 fix after it was released.

  • KxTidyx TKKxTidyxAddictx86 (@KxTidyx) reported

    @Megasloth_ @H1Z1Retweet @H1Z1 Variety is my guess tbh, at either rate it was a bad choice. Crossbow would be fine if it was just a crossbow, n well the combat is just broken in so many ways even with the nerf it got those months back. Never played pc version since I never could afford a good pc

  • Lvghtwork Ryan (@Lvghtwork) reported

    @DaybreakHelp been 20 hours tho surely it's not that many people having same problem as me

  • KvdYoutube kvdYoutube (@KvdYoutube) reported

    @HighDistortion Bro to be honest fortnite payed the price streamers said 10000 times fix the game but epic dosent respect like remove planes and deagles and stuff even ninja said i remember he said fix the game epic dont do like h1z1 cause thid how h1z1 died and now fortnite are lisening LOL

  • McFuriou RadiantNito (@McFuriou) reported

    @trainerkaidean and I were just talking about how buggy H1Z1 was at launch on PS4 😂 I haven't experienced a single glitch in @PlayApex yet

  • Comrade_Lance (((Comrade Lance))) (@Comrade_Lance) reported

    @TheShirtlssGamr @IGN Pubg was a combo of havin been an early supporter oh H1Z1 and the hacking issues that were prevalent when I played. It was really a case of 'same shit different day' for me. I hear its gotten substantially better, so maybe Ill give it another shot... But for now, more Apex!!

  • geek749 Mathias haugen (@geek749) reported

    @H1Z1 please just fix the ******* game giving me g15 every time and there is no reason for it.. just trying to enjoy this game but all these ******** bugs make it very hard to enjoy. also i start games and my teammates does not come in etc ******* bs fix 200 ping players aswell

  • HitUWithToaster HitUWithToaster (@HitUWithToaster) reported

    @dalaxer @THump11th he said I WANT TO ANNOUNCE MY FREE AGENCY FOR H1Z1 PRO LEAGUE SEASON 2. PLEASE DM IF INTERESTED. RETWEETS APPRECIATED. if you need i can get a technician over to fix the braille on your monitor

  • SmokelessMeme1 SmokelessMeme #BringBackJS (@SmokelessMeme1) reported

    when ******** is the hitreg in csgo getting updated its SO ******* BAD worse than @playrust and @H1Z1 combined its SO ******* DOGSHIT. Same with anticheat, buying prime did very little to fix the ******* cheaters in comp.

  • JesseBurton5 Halfmad (@JesseBurton5) reported

    @H1Z1 FIX YOUR SERVERS!!! How long are you gonna make your small community deal with your absolute trash servers it’s been a ongoing issue since launch!!! ******* hire a new team your killing your game for the second time on a different platform

  • Dan_Chabot8 Daniel Chabot (@Dan_Chabot8) reported

    @Boogie2988 The skins are totally fine you can earn so many of them for free, let these boys earn some skin money when they have by far earned it by releasing the first ever battle royale to be complete and void of destructive issues on launch (@ fortnite, pubg, CoD, h1z1)

  • _Bruther_ Lucifer Morningstar (@_Bruther_) reported

    @DaybreakGames could @PlayStation 4 get an update for @H1Z1 that could fix visual in-game glitches such as (see post below) and maybe make the gun spawn rate on pistols not be where i walk in a house i get ONLY pistols either way this isn’t a hate tweet just a suggestion to y’all

  • Jaygerix Jack (@Jaygerix) reported

    @ConkyOCE @jeskiis H1z1 wasn't even lag, it was the devs dicking about and changing core game machanics when they didn't need to be changed

  • ConkyOCE Conky (@ConkyOCE) reported

    @jeskiis Nah I don’t think so, pubg clunky with so many issues, H1Z1 with all the lag, blackout matchmaking issues, fortnite because of the building monkaS