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H1Z1 is a survival sandbox massively multiplayer online gamepost-apocalyptic MMO in which you must fight for your live against a world overrun by zombies. Developed by Daybreak Game Company and available for Xbox, Playstation and Windows.

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  • Matchmaking (25.93%)
  • Online Play (18.52%)
  • Game Crash (7.41%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (3.70%)
  • Glitches (3.70%)

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  • imvogl
    🌊⛈🌊 (@imvogl) reported

    @H1Z1 These guys aren’t listening to shit the fans are asking or saying. There’s problems on this game that could be fixed so easily. But it’s always about money.

  • imvogl
    🌊⛈🌊 (@imvogl) reported

    @LeaslyMason @H1Z1 I like how they won’t answer any of the actual problem tweets.

  • MarioWyme
    Legend4now (@MarioWyme) reported

    @JQuacko @fuckandes @TheAnoDeer @Radbrad303 @cameronlarter @H1Z1 Jacky boy if you played it all like you say and you’re telling us pubg is better it use to be good but not anymore ask the Xbox gamers they’ll tell you then you have a problem or you are a casual little player but I doubt you ever played anything but this and fortnite lol

  • MarioWyme
    Legend4now (@MarioWyme) reported

    @TheAnoDeer @Radbrad303 @cameronlarter @H1Z1 Jacky boy if you played it all like you say and you’re telling us pubg is better it use to be good but not anymore ask the Xbox gamers they’ll tell you then you have a problem or you are a casual little player but I doubt you ever played anything but this and fortnite lol

    OH_look_A_KITTY (@DAnkRUPT_KITTY) reported

    @H1Z1 Game is unplayable due to the lag detection icon burning an image into my tv. Make it transparent or give us an option to turn off the notification.

  • belzunce5
    angel Belzunce Abreu (@belzunce5) reported

    @H1Z1 Fix this ******* game!!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 ******* lag. #Hiz1BattleLag

  • QueenWeirdoo
    Őffîçīåľ wəïřđø (@QueenWeirdoo) reported

    @OG_Farley @Rioreusu77 @H1Z1 @Z1BattleRoyale New company to help invest on a game that has had the most rough past ever on PC, that's Kind of a big deal. Actually they have listen to the PS4 community, They fix bugs in the game that people complain about. Like I said complaon on @Z1BattleRoyale because this is PS4 smh

  • moosegrinder
    Evil Robinson (@moosegrinder) reported

    Not gonna lie, I really like H1Z1. It's streamlined (some would say simple, which is fair) and it has it's issues but it's free and they do stuff like this.

  • Yxngx_Ty
    Aspect2Blvck💸 (@Yxngx_Ty) reported from Mississauga, Ontario

    @OMGitzReapz @H1Z1 It's kinda like fortnite they need about a week to wrap up the season and fix all the final bugs so the next season can be polished

  • gomezkevinps231
    Gamer_14j (@gomezkevinps231) reported

    @H1Z1 Error can't re download game busy playing other games

  • ITi320
    josh (@ITi320) reported

    @LizardMan888 @H1Z1 Frame rate isnt the issue... I have a PS4 pro I’ve never had frame issues. The issue im having is the WiFi icon with the exclamation mark showing near my health. According to them it’s my connection to NA servers. But I’ve never had the issue till the last update

  • FrostSoulx
    xFrostSouLx (@FrostSoulx) reported

    And have no issue connecting into the server since i am under the ping restriction. you may be able to check that my account was made years ago and i am an active H1Z1 player.

  • CallieFlap1
    CallieFlap (@CallieFlap1) reported

    @Royal_nyg @H1Z1 Yeah gold drops can get nasty haha. I get what you mean I think the overall problem is a lack of weapons and variety. If they had more weapons which were quality, you’d see variation in the military crates rather than crossbow and combat 8 times out of 10.

  • deetooshort22
    DeeTooShort (@deetooshort22) reported

    @RevokTV @H1Z1Retweet @JaceHall Totally understandable all I want for h1z1 to give what they said which was this ugly season 2. I’m not even going to complain about the blue screens or the horrid ass lag. Just give me something new in the game play. The updates have been small and trash.

  • pathorner29
    pat zeus horner (@pathorner29) reported

    @H1Z1 you should look into the glitch where if your in a car and get sniped your body goes way into another part of the map.

  • ValynH1
    Valyn (@ValynH1) reported

    @Househatesyou @H1Z1Retweet @H1Z1 Please for dear god they need to fix it. Ever since I keep lagging and got cheated out of 2 games.

  • Househatesyou
    jacob morehouse (@Househatesyou) reported

    @H1Z1 fix the server issue.

  • Carnage
    Carnage (@Carnage) reported


  • theCharacter45
    toonedout (@theCharacter45) reported

    @H1Z1 please fix the "failed to connect to server" issue. BattlePass Medals are worthless, after completing a BattlePass. Make each BattlePass medal worth 100 star coins after players complete a BattlePass. The guide button should bring up the leaderboards in the pregame lobby.

  • FrameHero11
    ZimmerFrameHero11 (@FrameHero11) reported

    after seeing how fluid and flowing blackops4 br mode is , with the lag frame rate drops and absolutely passive as shit players on @H1Z1 ps4 i can safely say i will not be playing @H1Z1 on ps4 again its awful

  • cgarcia251992
    SyraCUSE Garcia (@cgarcia251992) reported

    @H1Z1 Still having leaderboard issues. Seems to reset mine daily.

  • globoii_cj
    Carlos™️ (@globoii_cj) reported

    @H1Z1 fix your ******* servers pieces of shit

  • bostonmcguire3
    Bostonmcguire (@bostonmcguire3) reported

    @DaybreakHelp @DaybreakGames Take the combat shotgun out h1 it’s broken af

  • IceWynterILL
    UniiqueIX (@IceWynterILL) reported

    @Chak_1_is_Live Lmao. I was so sad I had to go back to h1z1. But luckily the problem didn't take long to fix.

  • johnfrazer83
    Frazer (@johnfrazer83) reported

    @PHTYT @H1Z1 @DaybreakGames I feel bad for the guy, but it's up to us to clip and help @H1Z1 find a fix so he doesn't suffer again lol

  • WinchTV
    Shane Winchester (@WinchTV) reported

    @Serocrux @baldheadslck @LupinArs1 @Hardy2k6 @H1Z1 No it is P2W. Whether its console or server side. You can't make fairness by giving one system 30fps and the other 60fps. It should be neutral across the board. Fortnite did it, so did BO4. I dont see the problem here

  • Kylehimself3
    Kylehimself (@Kylehimself3) reported

    Great so you guys fixed the problem where someone else's name pops up on leaderboards instead of yours and the stat resetting problem but now the leaderboard isn't recording any of my stats! Fix your game daybreak please before it dies on PS4 like PC @H1Z1

  • GazzmanIRE
    Gaz (@GazzmanIRE) reported

    @H1Z1 Remove Combat Shotguns and Remove jump shot with all weapons , open region lock so we can play with our U.S friends, reduce damage especially fix headshots 1 shot to take off helmet second shot to head to kill someone, 1 shot to the head with no headgear on .

  • officialkhrumz
    Emil Persson 🇸🇪 (@officialkhrumz) reported

    @tvsparkly4 @Z1BattleRoyale @H1Z1 @JaceHall @autenil @Game_Dev_Carto Yeah I would love to do that, problem is that I dont have those as a workable 3D model. I've sent a message to Z1BR, hopefully they could provide me with that 3D model. :)

    KING DOOM (@_DEATH_TRAP) reported

    @H1Z1 ******* broken trash

  • ChriskapowHogg
    Chris Hogg (@ChriskapowHogg) reported

    @marty_metals @H1Z1 I’m just getting used to cod now so I’m not into it enough to pick between the two. Three games last night and not a single sign of lag anywhere

  • wrecclezz24
    Wrecclezz24 (@wrecclezz24) reported

    @DaybreakGames hey DayBreak Games By any chance do you Kno why my H1z1 game keeps saying a error "failed to connect to server "'s keeps saying. This and I selected ok and it did it again like three more times after that is there sumway you can solve this issue

  • marty_metals
    dushyffwd (DuShY-FFWD) (@marty_metals) reported

    @ChriskapowHogg @H1Z1 Black ops is good game but not black out h1z1 is better when they fix the problems

  • JeremyLpez
    Jeremy López (@JeremyLpez) reported

    @H1Z1 Until when they are going to fix the server error. It bothers a lot.

  • mpatt1189
    Mark Patterson Jr. (@mpatt1189) reported

    @Househatesyou @H1Z1 Tell them to fix their shitty server while they are at it.

  • Househatesyou
    jacob morehouse (@Househatesyou) reported

    @H1Z1 Please fix when I’m stuck in a truck, or trying to heal someone until the weapon is reloaded.

  • LoqanMight69
    Squid Slayer (@LoqanMight69) reported

    @CplCactus @H1Z1 H1Z1 Servers have been ****** up for the past 4 days. No hit detection, lag compensation to the max, but this is called "Season 2 preparation" lmao

  • MatchezDaLo
    Matchez Da Lo (@MatchezDaLo) reported

    @M_NinjAa @H1Z1Retweet @H1Z1 So its always been broken and completely unrealistic.. cool.

  • strife37916
    Chef Str1fe 🔪 (@strife37916) reported

    @Marksman @DavidVonderhaar Cant comment on PUBG, however fortnite they drop shields if they have unused shield pots, not sure about PC h1 but ps4 h1z1 doesnt have the armor components yet. However I have received armor from downed enemies that wasnt broken in Blackout

  • CplCactus
    Cpl_Cactus (@CplCactus) reported

    "Failed to connect to server" after every game. Please fix already @H1Z1

  • JaydenCaudill2
    Jay Caudill (@JaydenCaudill2) reported

    @H1Z1 Fix your game

  • RamyChahda
    Ramy Chahda (@RamyChahda) reported

    @H1Z1 When are y’all gonna fix pc because it just seems like y’all are working on ps4 and never gonna fix your game at all

  • AvPred
    PreDevoNatoR ⚡️ (@AvPred) reported

    @H1Z1 for months I just get an error code from your game. Tried everything. Thanks for the RPG

  • SkyyRinx
    SkyyRin (@SkyyRinx) reported

    @DaybreakHelp I can't access your website nor the dcuo forums. It loads forever and then shows error... also can't access the game

  • cody95761304
    cody (@cody95761304) reported

    @H1Z1 How come every time I jump a small hill my quad blows up , literally , my quad was on 67 health and I jumped the smallest hill and blew up , not only that , just now my quad was on 87 health blew up when someone bumped into me with a truck FIX YOUR GAME !!

  • NaterTotSD
    NaterTot (@NaterTotSD) reported


  • JaayOnPC
    Jaay Pretty Pancake Princess xD (@JaayOnPC) reported

    I uninstalled h1z1 I had to.. There is no ******* way i am playing such a shit slow clunky broken ass dead piece of shit game.. no ******* way get ******** off my computer you do not deserve a player base..

  • deny_03
    Den (@deny_03) reported

    @BlackOpsBlog Honestly disappointed at all the glitches, freezes in this game. I never would have expected this with a paid game an expensive one at that. This is a joke. Fix your freakin game. I may as well be playing h1z1

  • ItzMohaa
    MOHAA (@ItzMohaa) reported

    @H1Z1 Are y"all ever going to fix region lock???

  • NicoDR22
    Nico (@NicoDR22) reported

    @H1Z1 @High_R_Power I saved all clips, but after 80GB of clips in one week, I deleted them all. Shouldn't be that hard to detect K&B cheaters on PS4. Also juat spotted my first lag cheater on the game

  • NicoDR22
    Nico (@NicoDR22) reported

    @H1Z1 @High_R_Power Might as well call it a cheater crate then, because your game has a serious problem

  • chMirrorWing
    MirrorWing (@chMirrorWing) reported

    @Shakahron No because h1z1 and csgo did it so i dont see any issues

  • DrifterEire
    EIRE_DRIFTER (@DrifterEire) reported

    @H1Z1 fix the f**ken LEADER BOARDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Shark God (@SHARKGOD222) reported

    @H1Z1 @DaybreakGames Fix the God damn game. I'm tired of lagging during big fights. This new Wi-Fi indicator pisses people off. The leaderboards are HORRIBLY placed. Stop worrying about adding more content, and worry about fixing the bugs & glitches. Quality over quantity

  • bryan3panda
    bryanthe6 (@bryan3panda) reported

    @H1Z1 yo so I keep getting the failed to connect to servers notification, are the servers down? It’s not my WiFi.

  • scottymuller1
    wallyWeaver (@scottymuller1) reported

    @BlackOps4INTEL fix the loot on ps4 so it drops loot like h1z1

  • xxSharqy
    Sean Nelson (@xxSharqy) reported

    @Boohbott @H1Z1 PS4 and no, no problem with either of those things.

  • Lyndonamick
    Lyndon Amick (@Lyndonamick) reported

    @H1Z1 Please fix leaderboard. No stats are populating. Thanks

  • TrippinRat
    Jonathan Lear (@TrippinRat) reported

    @DaybreakHelp Thanks. But I cannot continue to play without this fix. Not cool when I pay for the game. :(

  • YaBoyProjecti
    Twitch | ProjectiTV (@YaBoyProjecti) reported

    Imagine putting in a rocket launcher nobody asked for when explosives are already an issues in fortnite, and expect players to continue to play your game... y’all are going down the wrong path of adding pointless shit just like h1z1