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H1Z1 is a survival sandbox massively multiplayer online gamepost-apocalyptic MMO in which you must fight for your live against a world overrun by zombies. Developed by Daybreak Game Company and available for Xbox, Playstation and Windows.

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  • FloppyFrenchFry Sir Floppy (@FloppyFrenchFry) reported

    @mKell_25 @IVIISFIT1984 @JakeTheSurvivor @ClericCraftGamg @bstategames Ark, rust, pubg, h1z1, apex legends, many games that are multiplayer exclusive have had these specific issues and with time they were resolved, id put the obligatory dayz but that horse has been murdered, beaten, and decomposed long ago.

  • WinkyTheBot WinkyTheBot (@WinkyTheBot) reported

    H1Z1 doesnt cause problems included the

  • steve_y66 Stephen Young (@steve_y66) reported

    @H1Z1 Broken record here - bring back old - map rotation every other day would be fine

  • conyfps conyfps (@conyfps) reported

    @kittTWITCH @H1Z1 I tried on mozzila chrome in steam and phone aswell it didnt worked and still not working

  • kittTWITCH Kitt (@kittTWITCH) reported

    @conyfps @H1Z1 because they have your crown jewels now :( actually tried to see the Leaderboard too just for ya, happens to me as well on all kind of browers. I guess they have some Issues.

  • AlynnYellowEyed Alynn the Yellow Eyed (@AlynnYellowEyed) reported

    Hey @DaybreakHelp So the new @planetside2 update made me interested in downloading it again, and maybe spend the rest of my cash... But Password isn't working, and getting a system error when trying to reset it. HALP.

  • King_Ed820 ✨Eddie✨ (@King_Ed820) reported

    @H1Z1 Put the old map back @H1Z1 then I re-download the game again! YALL SHOULD HAVE LEFT THE GAME HOW IT WAS JUST FIX UP THE SERVERS!!! H1 y’all have failed. 😪

  • WeefreemenYT Tom Pickering 🇲🇹 (@WeefreemenYT) reported

    @thaibrodie I'm fine with it for now, honestly. But, I don't know how I'll feel in a month. I hope @PUBG stick to their guns on this and see where it lands them, changing it too fast now will land us over to issues that plagued H1Z1.

  • AlexVaios Retro Raver ૐ (@AlexVaios) reported

    @H1Z1 fix the aim this is stupid

  • DMZ94H1Z1fra 🇫🇷 DMZ94 (@DMZ94H1Z1fra) reported

    @H1Z1 Fix THE BLUE SCREEN asap. This bug is present since the first season bordel de merde

  • i_BlameTheGame Sir Riveting Discourse (@i_BlameTheGame) reported

    @adreyansingh13 @BucketHeadDyn H1Z1, Fortnite and Pubg dont have this issue.

  • JaayOnPC ジ Jaay_! Hat Girl for Super Smash! (@JaayOnPC) reported

    @KeyZeeeeN @H1Z1Retweet @DaybreakGames @Z1BattleRoyale @H1Z1 @Game_Dev__Carto the servers are shite mate they always have problems, not that long ago they had issues with people connecting to them

  • JaayOnPC ジ Jaay_! Hat Girl for Super Smash! (@JaayOnPC) reported

    H1z1 being a broken pos like usual and can't play tarkov because it takes too ******* long to load in because servers poop

  • Harvey_049 Harvey (@Harvey_049) reported

    @DaybreakHelp I can't log in to an old PlanetSide 2 account via the password reset, it says I need to contact customer service but gives me no avenue from which to do so without logging in. Please help.

  • RXDH0OD ʀᴇᴅ ʜᴏᴏᴅ (@RXDH0OD) reported

    @DCUO @DaybreakHelp Yup, just confirmed the problem is with @umobile I used another provider for the internet and it connects just fine. Apologize for the bother @DCUO

  • RXDH0OD ʀᴇᴅ ʜᴏᴏᴅ (@RXDH0OD) reported

    @DCUO @DaybreakHelp It happened before the daily restart. It was fine earlier in the morning (Asia time) i was doing mission then it started lagging so i tried to restart the game but it would not connect. Still cannot connect now but i think the problem is with my internet provider @umobile

  • CenturyKrma Krma CY (@CenturyKrma) reported

    @ZIPZOPZIPITY @DaybreakGames @H1Z1 @jgolenbo And fix blue screen

  • Faydealized Damon - Nomad (@Faydealized) reported

    @OpTic_BigTymeR I know your problem in h1z1 you have to dip them toes get them feet wet boss 👍🤯

  • BrannanKyle Kyle (@BrannanKyle) reported

    @WJacky101 Correct. Same thing g H1z1 did was implement new things to draw in new players and yet they forgot to fix old bugs that pushed those same players away and won’t give the game a second chance

  • BrannanKyle Kyle (@BrannanKyle) reported

    @WJacky101 Nope. Something H1z1 is create new things to get new@players without fixing old issues which then made it so new players moved away from the game

  • X_PUKKA_X Jon (@X_PUKKA_X) reported

    @AlineOffTheWall @H1Z1 Unless they fix the minimum ping allowed there will always be no hit boxes on people

  • X_PUKKA_X Jon (@X_PUKKA_X) reported

    @H1Z1 the game is dead now. Only way you will fix it quick is to put in more strict minimum ping and remove ADS mode completely

  • JaayOnPC ジ Jaay_! Hat Girl for Super Smash! (@JaayOnPC) reported

    Even shotgun has hipfire random janky ass broken 1fps looking shit recoil in h1z1

  • Sir_DropShOt Sir DropShOt (@Sir_DropShOt) reported

    My problem with h1z1 besides the obvious numbers and stupid company that owns it refusing to do anything is the cheaters running wild and the people who just spray as fast as possible. Its not skill people. Relax

  • JaayOnPC ジ Jaay_! Hat Girl for Super Smash! (@JaayOnPC) reported

    H1Z1 server keeps having issues for me like just randomly looses connection

  • Dk1Marco Marcus Goldbæk Bang (@Dk1Marco) reported

    @H1Z1 If u don't ******* fix your game, i make sure nobody play that shit anymore, i'm tired of your shitty ******* mistakes all the time. Why don't u make it great again, and stop ******* up all the time, idiot's

  • Soskw3 Salem al-Marri (@Soskw3) reported

    @H1Z1 We have lagging its so pig lagging y should be soluition that fixed wtf

  • fans_h1z1 H1z1_fans (@fans_h1z1) reported

    @H1Z1 Lag fix now....

  • BastienPelleti1 Bastien Pelletier (@BastienPelleti1) reported

    @BrandonHerron7 @bstategames shut up with your beta 🤣 its been a beta for four years now . they are clueless and do not have the expertise to deal with all the problems. this game is gonna die just like h1z1 cause devs cant take care of their game

  • oKaiLzCREW oKaiLzCREW (@oKaiLzCREW) reported

    just wanna say the game chat in @H1Z1 SUCCKKKSSSS, wayyy too quiet, wish there was a way to fix that, hate opening my menu to inv people to a party, UGGHHHHH

  • nightvision1090 NIGHTVISION1090 (@nightvision1090) reported

    @ZIPZOPZIPITY @JaayOnPC @H1Z1Retweet @FischKanal @H1Z1 Yea the 3rd person aiming in a vehicle is broken as hell tho and I hate 3rd person so when I play H1Z1 I play 1st person mostly if I can

  • dayzrob Rob (@dayzrob) reported

    @TheRunningManZ the 3rd person immidientely reminded me off of scum, but in general it looks like a mix of miscreated, scum, h1z1. My hopes arent high because too many games looked promising but ended up having too many problems or were just not good. Well see.

  • dayzrob Rob (@dayzrob) reported

    @deadmattergame the 3rd person immidientely reminded me off of scum, but in general it looks like a mix of miscreated, scum, h1z1. My hopes arent high because too many games looked promising but ended up having too many problems or were just not good. Well see.

  • D3DCAT TXC-DeadCat (@D3DCAT) reported

    Is my game broken becuz I cant buy any crowns whats going on @H1Z1

  • Ryan_Govender_ Ryan Govender (@Ryan_Govender_) reported

    @DaybreakHelp @DaybreakGames I wish you guys Wives and husbands cheat on all of you with your mortal enemies..... Fix the God damn game in the PS4 H1Z1

  • anil_gozoglu Anıl Gozoglu (@anil_gozoglu) reported

    @PUBG_Support You will be worse than H1Z1! FPS problem and Cheats! Not god damn skins! Don't listen your players, GO ON!

  • Luigi3255 Luigi (@Luigi3255) reported

    @H1Z1 Just want to inform you guys that the get top 50 in a solo match, get top 10 in a solo match, and win a solo match PS4 trophies are not working. I checked when they were last working properly and it said around August 1st is when they glitched.

  • LePapillon97 Eric Couture (@LePapillon97) reported

    @H1Z1 Don’t even have the energy to play this game anymore honestly. I don’t have fun when I play now. All the changes you make and the issues you ignore just makes toxic play styles.

  • gPtp48OJQwxYUCI 承承cheng (@gPtp48OJQwxYUCI) reported

    @ibnupurna when the H1N1 virus broken out in the US in 2009,no one called it"American virus".when the H1Z1 spread to the whole world,

  • L3volX L3vol_xdd (@L3volX) reported

    @ohnePixel I just think that Valve hardly will even try to make a new game, not alone CS. They learned their lesson from 1.6 and CS:S. And even tweak the game may put them in the H1Z1 dev position. A new cs going to come out when the cs market crash, i believe.

  • adam__Toney Ayetoney (@adam__Toney) reported

    @AkolaJuho @jared78207313 @Pexnrr @TitanfallBlog This game has so much potential but the devs are going to destroy the game just like the devs destroyed H1Z1. Add solos and duos. Add the option to pick either Kings canyon or worlds edge. Fix the error codes fix the sound system and BOOM everyone comes back and apex isn’t ass

  • jeskola John Zukowski (@jeskola) reported

    @DarkpawGames @DaybreakHelp @DaybreakGames @everquest EQ1 login server is down

  • niels09899656 niels (@niels09899656) reported

    Hey dimwitts @H1Z1 molly is broken

  • OhMyTNoodle Zachary Rosas (@OhMyTNoodle) reported

    @AspaceAdam @everynightriot @Deathstranger @CornTater83_Pro @IGN Well I don't see how cosmetics=no gameplay updates. Obviously there will be successes and non-successes to this. CSGO has had a good mix of cosmetic/gameplay. H1Z1 had an awful mix. With that said I can't blame cosmetics. I blame the individual developer if it is a problem.

  • MasianR6 Masian (@MasianR6) reported

    @Hamslammich @RespectAdult @PlayApex @H1Z1 Game is at its finest right now dude. People who complain tend to blame r6 as a insecurity issue. Not saying you are. Barely anyone actually plays clash. Siege is fine how they are doing things. Its not broken, they dont need to do multiple patches.

  • SixtyRS Sixty 🇷🇸 (@SixtyRS) reported

    @VandalousAU @H1Z1 @DaybreakHelp @DaybreakGames Well i heard there was a fix where u ctrl+alt+delete and end task on that piece of shit game and never open it again, it seems to fix it.

  • Noob2Sweaty Noob 2 Sweaty Gaming (@Noob2Sweaty) reported

    @notoffset @CC_Rts @GFXCoach @DynoRTs @Rev_Rts @H1Z1 @SGH_RTs @FlyRts @Flow_Rts @FatalRTs @GS_RTs_ @FearRTs No. Just that good old PS4 error blue screen 👎🏽

  • Hamslammich HamSlammich (@Hamslammich) reported

    @MasianR6 @RespectAdult @PlayApex @H1Z1 They took an entire season of 0 content to fix the game because the issues were so bad, it was one of the worst periods of the game. They were not keeping up to date with issues every 3 to 6 month patch and it derailed a season to fix all of the unchecked shit

  • Hamslammich HamSlammich (@Hamslammich) reported

    @MasianR6 @RespectAdult @PlayApex @H1Z1 I 100% understand, they are a massive company publicly traded, they can afford to make the decision to fix shit. They are not hurting for money.

  • ZestyLemonYT ZestyLemon (@ZestyLemonYT) reported

    @kuruptgodd @markybh0y91 @daware36 @BotSaysNo h1z1 WAS the best BR for esports small loot pool no bloom Was pretty hard to get out looted only problem there ever was with h1 for me was that busted ass shot gun

  • MasianR6 Masian (@MasianR6) reported

    @Hamslammich @RespectAdult @PlayApex @H1Z1 The problem is you dont control the platform, every update thats made has to go through microsoft or sony and it cost alot of money

  • anil_gozoglu Anıl Gozoglu (@anil_gozoglu) reported

    @PUBG_Support Yes minor update for more skins, no solution for stuttering, FPS problem, cheats. Your end will be like H1Z1. I will not pay for season 7!

  • JaayOnPC ジ Jaay_! Hat Girl for Super Smash! (@JaayOnPC) reported

    Omg h1z1 is pissing me off opening a door caused my game to lag so hard.. can't even shoot im getting 170fps and yet 27ms ping but opening a door = game has a huge lag, i shoot shotgun, game just goes into what feels like 20fps mode.. i have no hit reg on anybody in combat zone

  • JaayOnPC ジ Jaay_! Hat Girl for Super Smash! (@JaayOnPC) reported

    Daybreak your ******* #h1z1 is a buggy ass piece of shit right now will you please ******* fix it for once in your life @DaybreakGames

  • CloroxR6 Clorox (@CloroxR6) reported

    @Duke_FPS no one had any problem with adsing before idk why they suddenly go "oh lets change one of the core mechanics of the game real quick" like many other massive multiplayer games did that and it didnt work out look at h1z1 perfect example

  • GradeBR_ kris cheetham (@GradeBR_) reported

    @Game_Dev_Carto @Z1BattleRoyale @H1Z1 Ayyy carto people need to stop spamming u with h1 problems tho he’s doing this out goodness of his heart he has nothing to do with h1 anymore @Game_Dev_Carto u have too much heart bro

  • greehzhan1997 Keli (@greehzhan1997) reported

    please consider hacker problems as you published Chinese version of this game, how PUBG & H1Z1 become a dead game, so please please update your anti-cheats more often, I've been seen hackers flying on the sky yesterday, and game still don't have report hacker option @bstategames

  • JaayOnPC ジ Jaay_! Hat Girl for Super Smash! (@JaayOnPC) reported

    I came third stupid ass h1z1 was being a right piece of shit again.. couldn't ******* aim or shoot my shotty, like the ads broke, shotgun wouldn't fire.. Having issues turning my character properly... Funny how NONE of these bugs happen in other games.. ******* shit game

  • SaltyAf62981212 Your Boy Chuck (@SaltyAf62981212) reported


  • GunlessReaction GunlessReactionZ (@GunlessReaction) reported

    @Peppercoookie @H1Z1Retweet @H1Z1 Had the same problem a couple of days ago... In like 1 hour you can play again