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iTunes is a media player, media library, online radio broadcaster, and mobile device management application developed by Apple. The iTunes Store allows for the purchase of digital music, video, ebooks and audio books.

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  • SpaceMutiny LAHRL: May Cause Seizures (@SpaceMutiny) reported

    Honesty I rather take the baggage that is iTunes Desktop instead of a totally neglected sandboxed Metro App that does away with Apple Updater yes but forgets half of your sign in data everytime.

  • tripleMueller Nick (@tripleMueller) reported

    @justincox @AppleSupport Same thing happened to me for S2E6 of Succession, and I was watching it last night. Suddenly only available from HBO Go and the chat support staff is completely oblivious to the TV Channels and think it’s all iTunes content or HBO Go app issues. Frustrating

  • PaganVixen RainyVixen (@PaganVixen) reported

    An app that I can’t access offline is worthless. Which is just one more reason that the loss of iTunes chaps my ass. I’m not wasting my money on an app I can’t use in most of the County I live in. I’m not paying another ******* subscription for a service that’s less than useless.

  • onlyjinius jan 🐷 | jimin fs (@onlyjinius) reported

    ok so like the repairman came to check the speaker in my laptop and i had to play sound to show the problem and the only songs i had in itunes was bts songs..... soooooo

  • PhoneBoySaidSo PhoneBoy Said So (@PhoneBoySaidSo) reported

    iTunes now to learn what you see, the power is in your hands to change it. SLC > BNA You think that's bad, you should actually put in the process of giving itself two to the traveling carnivore tribe 😜 That's the problem with this . There are som

  • masubiis tay 🏝 (@masubiis) reported

    even tho i bought gems my account itunes balance didn’t go down and now i’m scared i bought 2 on accident

  • B1tsAndByt3s Ed (@B1tsAndByt3s) reported

    @EdXlg123 @Cellebrite_UFED Appears to be a pin code security issue, even though phone is unlocked. I was told that Cellebrite is aware and to use iTunes to collect the backup then parse in PA.

  • sirclinksalot Gregg (@sirclinksalot) reported

    OMG, I'm having so many issues trying to get pictures from my phone onto my PC. Keep getting errors, have tried 3rd party apps, reinstalling iTunes and nothing seems to be working. It's annoying to have to do it all on dropbox.

  • orbithopes mean lesbian kahei (@orbithopes) reported

    alright so since y’all are so loud let’s talk about how a rookie group got more iTunes #1s on their first comeback which was thoroughly sabotaged at the time it was taken down

  • JustLemres Sam✫彡 Commissions Open :] (@JustLemres) reported

    returning my Arctis 7 this weekend they hurt my ears after like 45 minutes and the mic being the "best in gaming" is a bigger lie than agreeing you read iTunes' terms of service

  • SeaSkies_ toe knee (@SeaSkies_) reported

    the only reason i would get a subscription music service is to listen to pokemon ost's, bc theres 100s of pokemon songs and it takes too long to rip em to my itunes

  • zakTDE zak (@zakTDE) reported

    @__DeeDOT__ you just sign in. there’ll literally be a big button saying “sign into itunes store”.

  • VoicepieceofGod Nasry Malak (@VoicepieceofGod) reported

    @iTunes Ive been on hold for about 68 min now. Thank you for awful service iTunes. Maybe you can hire more people with the zillions of dollars you make.

  • VoicepieceofGod Nasry Malak (@VoicepieceofGod) reported

    @iTunes no a mule would be the douche who has to wait 53 min for apple support because Apple deleted all my songs when I bought the iPhone X. Good job with the service Apple. Its just a matter of time before China takes over.

  • DarrenMCarlson Darren Carlson (@DarrenMCarlson) reported

    Well..tonight I got some terrible news. The company we used to put Jesus in Athens on Amazon Video and iTunes is bankrupt. They took all our payments and did not pay out any sales. It's a big blow. Pray for wisdom as we try to figure out what to do next. Honestly, it's crushing.

  • VoicepieceofGod Nasry Malak (@VoicepieceofGod) reported

    @iTunes I've been waiting 53 minutes to get someone to help me. WTF iTunes how do you sleep at night knowing your service is awful. 53 min and the problem is still not fixed.

  • SaltyCrooc SnowfallWarning (@SaltyCrooc) reported

    Songs that I liked to listen to on YouTube that weren’t on iTunes or Spotify are being taken down by companies that don’t even own the content. I am sad now.

  • VoicepieceofGod Nasry Malak (@VoicepieceofGod) reported

    @AppleTV @iTunes @TessaThompson_x @chrishemsworth Your customer service is awful. Thats what happens when a company makes too much money. Garbage service.

  • VoicepieceofGod Nasry Malak (@VoicepieceofGod) reported

    @AppleTV @iTunes @TwitterMusic @Disney @TwitterMovies Hey iTunes, when I bought my new iPhone X, I lost all my songs that I downloaded from my CDs. Now I've been waiting for about 35 min to get help. This is really piss poor customer service. I spent $950 on an iPhone X not even the 11 and now I get the royal shaft. TY

  • The_Taxdude Taxdude 🇺🇸 (@The_Taxdude) reported

    @WinDroidGuy @iTunes I just bought it. It’s not a price error.

  • klomp_l Ryan L Klomp (@klomp_l) reported

    @cartalk Must have been some issue on the iTunes sode for me. Need my weekly fix to drift off to sleep. Lol!

  • hobis_ho Adri🌙 (@hobis_ho) reported

    @suhkive @monoIuvr I’m actually really debating on trading my iPhone for an android. I’ve been having so many problems with apple taking out money without my consent and there’s no way in hell im going to pay 14$ a month for iTunes 😒 my Hulu don’t even charge that much


    @boredazalean @mxxxchxxx @nicocarciochi It was a mistake. Here’s why. I couldn’t add the single on iTunes as a single, Becuase then it would have ****** up my first week album streams. I set myself up to have a single that could never actually chart as a single. That’s an error.

  • StoryQueen86 Lena Holdman ✏♿ (@StoryQueen86) reported

    Had issues with my @iTunes . I think that I cause it but Sarah (tech support) was nice

  • ZamoraO Oscar "OZ" Zamora (@ZamoraO) reported

    @tim_cook real issue here with thousands of dollars spent on iTunes inadvertently; medical challenges involved, and no help from @Apple @AppleSupport. You guys need to bend the rules for extreme cases, like before.

  • shenaniganing lucerez (@shenaniganing) reported

    @justchristie_g @btschartdata @BTS_twt I'm down to Amazon and Google Play digital purchases 😅 having to manage the libraries on itunes on a single machine is a headache!

  • Mohamedabbasabb Mohamedabbasabbas (@Mohamedabbasabb) reported

    You are a restore from ITunes with no Errors...

  • AdelineMcnair ᗩᗪEᒪIᑎE ❤️🌈🌀 (@AdelineMcnair) reported

    @AppleSupport disappointed that #iOS13 has bugs!! First big problem is the #iTunes playlist artwork is a hot mess! New iMessage has issues. Been waiting for months on the MacBook Pro OS #AirPlay & sound output issues to be resolved 🙁

  • Gabbbzilla Gabrielle Silva (@Gabbbzilla) reported

    First world problem: getting a new card and having to update ALL of your accounts. Amazon, Netflix, iTunes, Hulu, Spotify, my Dominos App 😂😂, DoorDash, etc....

  • HeKeepsMeShakin 👑Charge It To The Game 👻👑 (@HeKeepsMeShakin) reported

    @IAM_MRS_CARTER I chose ST bc she was one of da first to break a record by shutting down iTunes literally and she also started da trend of surprise dropping albums and releasing dem on a Friday wen albums used to come out on a Tuesday

  • GirlyEngine Genevieve Iseult Eldredge (@GirlyEngine) reported

    Sorry, everyone! The problem's persisting with Amazon and GooglePlay. Meanwhile, NEMESIS is live on Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Kobo. Thanks for your patience! 🙏🙏🙏

  • William35015379 William McClintock (@William35015379) reported

    @PMaka1991 iTunes was a terrible product, really unintuitive.

  • PMaka1991 Patrick Maka (@PMaka1991) reported

    @AngelTo15281788 You haven't needed iTunes to import files since like 2013. It was just a file compatibility issue between the phone and computer, so I had to change a setting for it to work through drag and drop between folders.

  • duadior mays!e (@duadior) reported


  • cossrocoran coss rorcoran (@cossrocoran) reported

    @elpivoteftbl @LeePazzini @UHTPodcast @SoundCloud @iTunes @Spotify @EFC_Data @EvertonNewsFeed @TheBlueRoomEFC @FalconBluesTV @TheBlack_Watch @jim_keoghan @Baines3 I think we looked most dangerous Saturday when richarlison made a few dribbles down the centre ... deffo need to see more of that to help open up defences ...... hopefully Marco will start to use his 'preferred ' system asap !

  • JohnnyFDK Johnny FD (@JohnnyFDK) reported

    @AppleSupport It took me 4 hours in total to switch from an #iPhone 7 to the new #iPhone11 mostly because iTunes is terrible software, even using a usb cable. When I updated my iTunes password. It didn’t update the password used to encrypt backups, even for future backups.

  • pdejager Peter de Jager (@pdejager) reported

    Dear Facebook ‘Messenger’... has moved into top spot as the most poorly designed app I’ve ever had the displeasure to use. It has replaced ‘iTunes’ which held that spot for several decades. Congratulations on a terrible achievement. I did not think it possible.

  • yosyJess yosyjess (@yosyJess) reported

    @unposts @chartdata @ArianaGrande @MileyCyrus @LanaDelRey Numbers don’t lie the song is free falling in iTunes and all streaming service cuz is bad

  • YEONJUNPRlNT jennifer 🐻 (@YEONJUNPRlNT) reported

    @yoongiloml @bjennie777 @ThePopHub itunes counts towards bb200 they do a week of tracking every week the problem is the physical sales need to come from US stores or from US amazon which a lot of people dont do (i personally don't really know how spotify etc helps on bb200 tho thats mostly for bb100)

  • lassi_kojo Lassi Kojo (@lassi_kojo) reported

    @CharlesDardaman @thegrugq Yeah sure, sorry I didn’t get your issue at first. Easiest way is to use a cloud based service if it fits your threat model. I use @1Password. If you want a separate offline app, would love to hear if you can backup/restore tokens via iTunes. Didn’t use to work previously.

  • earthabbey Abbey Jackson (@earthabbey) reported

    Eventually I hang up. No Apple Watch. $670 in iTunes cards I will never use. Defeated and sad that the worst experience I’ve ever had with customer service has come from Apple, the company that I have fully supported by basing my career on it.

  • earthabbey Abbey Jackson (@earthabbey) reported

    It took an hour and a half but 5 orders later I had 7 cards adding up to $670. Except... one problem: I accidentally purchase iTunes gift cards instead of Apple Store gift cards. And thus started my customer support nightmare.

  • LeePazzini Lee Pazzini10 (@LeePazzini) reported

    @UHTPodcast @elpivoteftbl @SoundCloud @iTunes @Spotify @EFC_Data @EvertonNewsFeed @TheBlueRoomEFC @FalconBluesTV @TheBlack_Watch @jim_keoghan @Baines3 He needs to change it up for me when we play these so called “lesser sides”. Has to be bold, start the match in an attacking 4-3-3, not change it when we’ve gone 1-0 down to a fluke / set piece!

  • UHTPodcast The Unholy Trinity Everton Podcast (@UHTPodcast) reported from Garston, England

    @elpivoteftbl @SoundCloud @iTunes @Spotify @EFC_Data @EvertonNewsFeed @TheBlueRoomEFC @FalconBluesTV @TheBlack_Watch @jim_keoghan @LeePazzini @Baines3 Cheers mate. All about opinions. We mentioned that he has got to address that issue against sides who sit back that we can't break down. He isn't devoid of blame at all. If he doesn't act or change then certain people may get their wish and see him go unfortunately

  • Jade_Hoye Jade (@Jade_Hoye) reported

    Im always amazed how bad the iTunes functionality UI is. It's been an impressive streak of terrible.

  • meso_online Mesoamerican Studies Online (@meso_online) reported

    @BenjaminWKatz @BentonOlivares @DSAArchaeology Hello! Sorry for the issues- iTunes did not launch the episode right away. However, everything will be set up for the next episode, coming out tomorrow!

  • Rin_HikariProj 後藤 鈴 (@Rin_HikariProj) reported

    I can't use foobar2000 to convert my music into AAC/ALAC formant as usual with the "Encoder stopped unexpectly". After I remove -s parameter and run qaac manually, it says "ERROR: CoreAudioToolbox.dll", qaac can't find out necessary external library from Windows store's iTunes.

  • theburningdeck Moff Jerjerrod (@theburningdeck) reported

    @flophousecat Connect iPhone to computer, try updating through iTunes. Has solved issues for me in the past

  • streakdrippy Norwood (@streakdrippy) reported

    I locked down my podcast with itunes, verified some accounts, tracked down a big $$ PO, renewed my drivers license and got an appointment scheduled to shoot this video for the podcast before 9am. Im reafy to get off work now lmao

  • holdingharmans tash🌿 (@holdingharmans) reported

    @TeaSpillYT @AppleSupport yessss my bank was having problems and i couldn’t buy anything for like 5 days (a day before i updated it started) on apps or itunes. so annoying

  • GrapeCollie GRAPE! @ MFF ? (@GrapeCollie) reported

    Nobody: iTunes: Sign in with your Apple ID

  • jihobiii missing monsta x 🤧 ~ met mont 🥰 (@jihobiii) reported

    @Clouderz @crystylecat exactly that why we have to point it out bc when cheshire and EVEN SORN are telling the company to put on u.s iTunes it’s obviously an issue that needs to be addressed

  • ljgella ljgella (@ljgella) reported

    @siriporn_oony @cIcdevil @cubeunited I don't know with cube. They seems have problem with us iTunes

  • DevdayalChaura3 Devdayal Chaurasiya (@DevdayalChaura3) reported

    @yrf @Pranit_HR @iHrithik @iTIGERSHROFF @Vaaniofficial @VishalDadlani @ShekharRavjiani @Benny_Dayal @AzizNakash @BoscoMartis @csgonsalves @JioSaavn @WynkMusic @gaana @spotifyindia @youtubemusic @iTunes @AppleMusic Sir please help me sir please🙏🙏i realy bearing more problem in my life A/C no.:- 0129101114889 IFSC code :- CNRB0000129 bank name:- canara bank Account holder name:- devdayal chaurasiya Sir please help me its to important I just need :- 800000 It help to save my life,family

  • Clouderz Cap! (@Clouderz) reported

    @sornxwife It's cause the music is distributed by universal and not cube entertainment, I think cube maybe pestered them about it but ultimately it comes down to if universal will do it or not. Its such a shame that its the us iTunes store tho, its detrimental to their sales

  • blubbiewhaley Aquawhale (@blubbiewhaley) reported

    After I crafted this neat message of how I’m a huge supporter of Apple and iTunes. And this is the first time I encountered such a problem. And that I would truly appreciate this waiver.

  • 4tunate4 Motivated (@4tunate4) reported

    @MoneyJames_ @The1stJkid #Problems just went over to iTunes and got it!

  • DividingByZer0s Cindy P. (@DividingByZer0s) reported

    @walkingdeadxfan 😂😂😂 You're very sweet! I wish, because that sounds like a really fun time!! Alas, it's my own fault for not having TV service! I should have known that things like this would happen! Maybe if they put it on Apple's iTunes/store, I could rent it!

  • Mbhanderi Minz (@Mbhanderi) reported

    @issasissa2 @Pwn20wnd If your on 12.4. Back up your phone via iTunes, then erase contents and settings from the settings app. Then jailbreak. Should work fine. Happened to me last night, I backed up, erased and then jailbroke successfully (apart from the errors now identified with gps etc)

  • HeavenHental HentalHeaven’ (@HeavenHental) reported

    @OzyAcc @Pwn20wnd Temp fix 1. Go to settings 2. Click on iTunes & App Stores 3. Click on Apple ID 4.sign out 5. Go to App Store 6. Click on the app you wanna install 7. Click use existing user 8. Login 9. Install app

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  • 45075
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