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iTunes is a media player, media library, online radio broadcaster, and mobile device management application developed by Apple. The iTunes Store allows for the purchase of digital music, video, ebooks and audio books.

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Abilene, Texas  ▪ Amsterdam, Noord-Holland  ▪ Carver, Massachusetts  ▪ Cullman, Alabama  ▪ Leawood, Kansas  ▪ London, England  ▪ Meridian charter Township, Michigan  ▪ Mumbai, Maharashtra

iTunes Live Outage Map
  • Abilene, Texas
  • Amsterdam, Noord-Holland
  • Carver, Massachusetts
  • Cullman, Alabama
  • Leawood, Kansas
  • London, England
  • Meridian charter Township, Michigan
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra
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  • saysay_84
    Sarah Parks (@saysay_84) reported

    @TheKitchenista The main issue is likely the way the update was preformed. iTunes updates are always safer and less glitches than WiFi updates.

  • Bayerberg
    Martin Cajzer (@Bayerberg) reported from London, England

    Wanted to buy @TitusNation Special Unit but the site is down.Guess the hype was too much to handle. Off to iTunes then #comedy #independent

  • DFWConsumer
    DFW Consumer (@DFWConsumer) reported

    Q53: #ATXMchat Do you realize what a SUCKER you are if you are making your music available on ReverbNation, iTunes or any other MP3 service?

  • Jethro49er
    Terry (@Jethro49er) reported

    @Trebor1892 I spoke to them a couple of days ago so yes they told me to forward the email. I almost got done because a couple of a problem with iTunes

  • KidSongsRecords
    Kid Songs Records (@KidSongsRecords) reported

    Q54: #ATXMchat Exactly how much money have you made selling on Reverbnation, iTunes, SoundCloud or any MP3 service? Cover recording at all?

  • Kovich_fam
    Jacob Baltins (@Kovich_fam) reported

    @NetNobody why does your iTunes broken ring sound different then the YouTube version.. or is it just me?

  • imserhii
    Serhii Dmytruk (@imserhii) reported

    @AppleSupport Hi! I have a problem with my iPad Air 2 on iOS 11. After the reset, I can't activate my iPad. iTunes show 0xE8000013 error.

  • MikeysYoda
    😇😭 (@MikeysYoda) reported

    @iTunes can you follow me back so I can’t dm you as I am not happy in the slightest about your service

  • TimHPickup
    Tim Pickup (@TimHPickup) reported

    @Sonos I am having problems with empty playlists after upgrading iTunes to 12.7. I am running Sonos 8.0.

  • ryan_kimberley
    Ryan Kimberley (@ryan_kimberley) reported

    iTunes and Spotify links down below. Please consider downloading to support the channel. You can also use the beat to make a minecraft par

  • Lord_Motonto
    LORD_MOTONTO👑 (@Lord_Motonto) reported

    @AppleSupport Itunes,App store,apple music, iTunes are all down help me out

  • manutdeepak
    Rathod Deepak (@manutdeepak) reported

    @EbrahIMred @AppleSupport it take a lot time to connect to itunes. shift + which i downloaded. n extracts software and then error 3004

  • Seths_Butera
    Spooky Morgan 👻 (@Seths_Butera) reported


  • krishnan634
    Hari Krishnan (@krishnan634) reported

    I am not able to connect to iTunes and App Store. Anybody else with same problem? #appleproblems

  • the_ijustin
    Justin Turner (@the_ijustin) reported

    @AppleSupport but not me, instead I get an error that says "You cannot redownload this" and support is useless. iTunes blames iOS, iOS blames iTunes (3/x)

  • briansholis
    Brian Sholis (@briansholis) reported

    @applesupport I was prompted to update to 11.0.3; received an error message mandating restore; now iTunes can’t b/c my phone goes to sleep

  • RelaxSoundTrax
    Relax SoundTrax (@RelaxSoundTrax) reported

    Q53: #ATXMchat Do you realize what a SUCKER you are if you are making your music available on ReverbNation, iTunes or any other MP3 service?

  • Davidwilsontw
    David Wilson (@Davidwilsontw) reported

    @AdamBuxton Adam, do you happen to know if there are any problems with your itunes podcast downloads? I can't seem to get them at all 1/2

  • kennymoriyama
    kenny moriyama (@kennymoriyama) reported

    @breakawaymin old podcasts are not working on iTunes Store. Specifically 2016 and older

  • ReasonsImBroke
    Reasons I've Croaked (@ReasonsImBroke) reported

    @SwordfishShow @Qbanslim They're lucky the show releases on Sundays. If it were Friday, iTunes would STILL be down right now.

  • KPkeepay
    spookeepay (@KPkeepay) reported

    I accidentally updated iTunes and now everything is terrible

  • ross250182
    Ross Armstrong (@ross250182) reported

    @athasweden Is there a common problem with listening to your #humanitarian podcasts on iTunes or is it just me?

  • kxmberley
    kimberley d Xx (@kxmberley) reported

    @RoadTripTV I think we crashed iTunes because it’s not working for a lot of people

  • TexasMusicClub
    Texas Music Club (@TexasMusicClub) reported

    Q54: #ATXMchat Exactly how much money have you made selling on Reverbnation, iTunes, SoundCloud or any MP3 service? Cover recording at all?

  • stormyplanet
    StormyPlanet (@stormyplanet) reported

    @iTunes The new iOS App Store gets a big thumbs down. There’s almost nothing in it. What were you thinking?

  • nyaonixi
    joey! (@nyaonixi) reported

    i literally just spent over an hr uninstalling & reinstalling itunes to try to fix a problem i was having and it was a GIANT PAIN IN THE ASS

  • DortroitLorbs
    Dortroit Lorbs (@DortroitLorbs) reported

    Food in iTunes is finally shut down.

  • mccall_crissy
    Nanana (@mccall_crissy) reported

    @FlopNochang Apple Music is a (Music) streaming service. iTunes is where you buy albums, movies, Series etc from Apple

  • Josh_Keiller
    Josh (@Josh_Keiller) reported

    @NOWTV Without fail it takes an extra 45 minutes per movie to get through the film. No issues with Netflix, iTunes or Amazon so it's not the wifi.

  • Korigame
    Κorigame (@Korigame) reported

    Got the iTunes error trying to validate my archive in Xcode for hours until it finally went through & the BTH update got the green checkmark

  • AustinConsumerr
    Austin Consumer (@AustinConsumerr) reported

    Q53: #ATXMchat Do you realize what a SUCKER you are if you are making your music available on ReverbNation, iTunes or any other MP3 service?

  • KatonyaLawson
    Katonya Lawson (@KatonyaLawson) reported

    Keep getting errors when updating my phone. Tried updating through iTunes but my iTunes needs updated.

  • tipsyteuk
    jen ♡ d-20 (@tipsyteuk) reported

    @smolhae itunes doesn't work with my laptop so that's an issue i'm having right now lol ;;

  • dece
    Dave Cummings (@dece) reported

    It’s 2017 and iTunes is still absolute garbage. @cue should burn it down and start from scratch.

  • doetunes
    Whitetail (@doetunes) reported

    And you can't even fucking do any of it yourself because it only works with proprietary iTunes software which has the SAME ISSUE

  • vanhoornian
    🎃 june van Hoorn 🎃 (@vanhoornian) reported

    After all these years of upheaval, it’s good to know that one thing is a constant: iTunes is a terrible music library manager.

  • AichAnimikh
    Animikh Aich (@AichAnimikh) reported

    @ApplePodcasts @AppleEDU In iTunes U app, links through podcast is not opening through Podcasts app. Please help resolve the issue.

  • AmoAmmo
    🍇 Amo 🚀 (@AmoAmmo) reported

    Not sure where I should buy music. I've had problems with both itunes and amazon in the past.

  • RLeBonTennant
    Rosie Tennant Doran (@RLeBonTennant) reported

    ...every single artist in my iTunes, since there's ones where I care about the latest news for than others. So that's why I cut that down.

  • Vfluff5_Ebooks
    Asr1el Ebooks (@Vfluff5_Ebooks) reported

    Yo this ITunes Radio station is giving access to my server.

  • Laurent_MJ
    Michael Laurent (@Laurent_MJ) reported

    @TheTottenhamWay two quick pod soon? And hate to ask again...going on Stitcher? Because iTunes is terrible while driving.

  • OrganShift3r
    H.E. Lord Spook (@OrganShift3r) reported

    Anyone else having problems with the @house_afrika #sessions8 album info on @iTunes? #twoogle don't have track names or album cover

  • lucianmarin
    Lucian Marin (@lucianmarin) reported

    @_inside They just locked down my account on iTunes Connect, but works fine on iCloud.

  • MrBrianDuffy
    Duffy (@MrBrianDuffy) reported

    @NetflixUK paid for 1 month access via iTunes but email not recognised when trying to sign in...! Help please!

  • mustafariad9139
    Mustafa Riad (@mustafariad9139) reported

    @AppleSupport Hello I have a problem getting an Apple Store Account for assistance contact itunes support

  • c_col
    ColinD (@c_col) reported

    @SecondCaptains Hey! Thanks to stoopid new ITunes I deleted my world service feed? How can I get back? #KnockKnock

  • sandydamy
    Sandesh Damkondwar (@sandydamy) reported

    @AppleSupport @iTunes please help me out guys. Link in the invoice receipt is not working for me to report.

  • Lewbob91
    Lew (@Lewbob91) reported

    @Sgantsontso_ Hmm ill try fix it, been having issues with Itunes all morning

  • ayyrhallock
    ryanhallock (@ayyrhallock) reported

    @SpotifyCares Started doing it again yesterday. However, the same issue occurs when I use iTunes now, so, it must be an iOS problem.

  • dangaede
    Dan Gaede (@dangaede) reported

    The new AppStore in iOS 11 gives me hope that Apple can actually fix their broken software. Podcasts is better too. NOW FIX ITUNES PLEASE!

  • 5SOSFamUpdater
    5SOS Updates!! (@5SOSFamUpdater) reported

    Guys, does anyone have problem with their @iTunes? Everytime I try open it on laptop its crashing and it’s like this for the past 3 weeks :/

  • kaiumin
    krista (@kaiumin) reported

    Camila & LM on UK iTunes: number 1 and number 2. 5H on UK iTunes: error 404 not found

  • JefeRolando
    Jeff Roland (@JefeRolando) reported

    @Epic_Records @iTunes #BladeRunner2049 soundtrack is distorted/not formatted correctly. Played it on 4 different devices. Sounds terrible.

  • HelloMrKearns
    Spice-Pumpkin (@HelloMrKearns) reported

    @jamesmielke Someone did bootleg ones on iTunes aggggeess ago. Probably all taken down now.

  • EmilyyRuizz
    Emily Ruiz (@EmilyyRuizz) reported

    @nazperezz It's definitely an issue with the episode, it's not working on itunes, the website, or the podcast app.

  • Leslieglg5h
    tea has been spilled (@Leslieglg5h) reported

    @Camilobster @fckznormani @musicnewsfact @Camila_Cabello And on iTunes us down kept on going top 100

  • Camilobster
    🌺Heroin❌Havana🍁 (@Camilobster) reported

    @fckznormani @Leslieglg5h @musicnewsfact @Camila_Cabello Crying in the club outsold Down with Camika alone so sit down sweetie. Reply to me when he like that enters top 500 US itunes or BB100

  • joey92b
    Joey (@joey92b) reported

    @anoopnehra87 Some sound quality issues on WC preview & still working to get Playoff previews on Itunes. Until then listen to us talk our shit on Podiant.

  • thisisneil
    Neil Hughes (@thisisneil) reported

    @maxhasadhd @JDP81 Don’t know why digital copy would be 4K but actual iTunes purchase would be HD. Seems like there are some licensing issues to sort out. Bleh

  • thisisneil
    Neil Hughes (@thisisneil) reported

    @maxhasadhd @JDP81 Weird. I have Logan Blu digital copy, says 4K when I swipe down streaming. Vudu redemptions say HD. iTunes purchase of Ex Machina says HD.

  • iTerryCameron
    Setepa-i (@iTerryCameron) reported

    It’s weird how I have no problem spending nearly $300 on shit, but debating how broke I’ll be spending $1.29 on a song on iTunes.

  • yung_josef
    MYTINGGOSKRRRAA (@yung_josef) reported

    @DanielVuong I think he had to take it down from SoundCloud bc of licensing issues ? I think it's in the process of getting on Spotify/iTunes

  • iamjlong
    JARRETT 🤷🏾‍♂️♒️ (@iamjlong) reported

    @MAcustomercare @420johndoe Yeah i was havinf problems with my movies migrating into my iTunes account, but unlinking and reconnecting it fixes the problem.

  • cryintoyou
    K (@cryintoyou) reported

    @fentyonmybrain Buy "problem" on itunes. lol

  • stresicarabbit
    Lil Speed Bump Booty (@stresicarabbit) reported

    update and restore on iTunes, both are giving error messages. it’s an older model with screen damage so it may have just crapped out

  • GordyStillman
    Gordy Stillman (@GordyStillman) reported

    @MAcustomercare great upgrade in service, but why aren't all of the movies in my Movies Anywhere account showing up in iTunes?

  • PureOOG
    Evan (@PureOOG) reported

    Crossing my fingers there was a mix-up somehow on their end of the issue. @iTunes hope I shed some light on the situation through support.

  • NiggerPuffs
    ㅤ ㅤ (@NiggerPuffs) reported

    @FatherESPADA @AppleSupport It's a software problem back up and restore from iTunes

    Drug Lord (@DRUGLOR1) reported

    Everyone talking apple duck apple I got a $400 iPad I can't use cuz itunes has a problem wit netflix

  • Biggbob46
    Bobby G. Biggerstaff (@Biggbob46) reported

    @GaryParrishCBS @iTunes Parrish-Norlander podcast full of errors. Lazy journalism.

  • Biggbob46
    Bobby G. Biggerstaff (@Biggbob46) reported

    @GaryParrishCBS @iTunes Why should UNC allow Athletics to be punished when this was an academic problem? UNC served 1 yr probation from SACS.

  • rakova
    rakova (@rakova) reported

    @MAcustomercare Thanks, I emailed as I'm having this problem: iTunes is showing as connected, but Movies Anywhere is not showing as connected in iTunes

  • konnichiwalski
    shiina jingle (@konnichiwalski) reported

    its been over a month already what the fuck @lastfm fix the itunes issue

    ! (@HANSOLVSE) reported

    apple music is the music service similar to spotify where you can stream or download music but y’all can still buy songs on itunes

  • DreaminglsFree
    brodie 🐍 (@DreaminglsFree) reported

    Go into the iTunes store and sign in to your new apple ID. It’s going to ask for more info. You’ll have to put a fake address/ phone number.

  • BioMickWatson
    Mick Watson (@BioMickWatson) reported

    Apple fanboys: Ha Windows is terrible! Me: *looks at iTunes*

  • codster4life
    sprayin (@codster4life) reported

    London bridges burning down, burning down, burning down! London bridges burning down... my dead lady! Buy London Bridges on iTunes Now!

  • AllTexasMusic
    All Texas Music (@AllTexasMusic) reported

    Q53: #ATXMchat Do you realize what a SUCKER you are if you are making your music available on ReverbNation, iTunes or any other MP3 service?

  • TexasMusicClub
    Texas Music Club (@TexasMusicClub) reported

    Q54: #ATXMchat Exactly how much money have you made selling on Reverbnation, iTunes, SoundCloud or any MP3 service? Cover recording at all?

  • khaledbeats
    neon guts🎃 (@khaledbeats) reported

    @AppleSupport whenever i add a song on itunes desktop it doesn’t sync t my phone, i have error -50 or something

iTunes Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 1009
  • 14
  • 1604
  • 2203
  • 2324
  • 2502
  • 2503
  • 3150
  • 3194
  • 3212
  • 3253
  • 3259
  • 4000
  • 4013
  • 42110
  • 42404
  • 4261
  • 45075
  • 50
  • 5105
  • 6
  • 8003
  • 9
  • 9006
  • billing zip code
  • cannot connect to itunes store
  • card code
  • gift card
  • login status
  • msvcr80
  • msvcr80.dll
  • unknown error