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iTunes is a media player, media library, online radio broadcaster, and mobile device management application developed by Apple. The iTunes Store allows for the purchase of digital music, video, ebooks and audio books.

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March 22: Problems at iTunes

iTunes is having issues since 11:30 AM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Errors (50.00%)
  • ▪ Playback Issues (50.00%)

iTunes Live Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Los Angeles, California  ▪ New York, New York  ▪ Chicago, Illinois  ▪ London, England  ▪ Ottawa, Ontario  ▪ Seattle, Washington  ▪ Beaumaris, Victoria  ▪ Dublin, County Dublin  ▪ Danville, Georgia  ▪ Georgetown, New York  ▪ Atlanta, Georgia

iTunes Live Outage Map
  • Los Angeles, California
  • New York, New York
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • London, England
  • Ottawa, Ontario
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Beaumaris, Victoria
  • Dublin, County Dublin
  • Danville, Georgia
  • Georgetown, New York
  • Atlanta, Georgia
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  • technofactoids
    Technology (@technofactoids) reported

    The average iTunes user spends ~$40 per year on the service

  • OATriPodcast
    OxygenAddict Podcast (@OATriPodcast) reported

    There seems to be an occasional problem downloading through iTunes. Our apologies. Closing apple podcast and reopening seems to help.

  • s3kl_
    Sebastian 😉ler (@s3kl_) reported

    iTunes sure is terrible, but I think the Finder is terribly underrated as one of the most annoying MacOS applications

  • mixesntapes
    Mixes 'n' Tapes (@mixesntapes) reported

    Premiering ya boy, Rap Game Tiny Tim, layin' down some bars on his new EP, 420 Blunt Victimz. Check it now on iTunes.

  • marti_maryan
    Marti Maryanow (@marti_maryan) reported

    The customer service is shit now. Once upon a time, you could return a book or two every six months. Now you can return anything anytime for any reason. Apparantly, you can even listen to the books first...I try not to do this...helps if you have itunes and shit doesn't delete.

    blake (@HANADULUPSET) reported

    well according to iTunes i played up & down 345 times and it’s been 2 years since i put it in my phone. meanwhile i’ve played DDD 1137 times, in 4 months. uh.

  • tweetbot
    Tweetbot by Tapbots (@tweetbot) reported

    @TheRuss1an Please contact iTunes support to have them look into this issue. We do support Family Sharing but we don’t have any control over it.

  • illuminatexsam
    samira 🌺 (@illuminatexsam) reported

    I went through some problem with iTunes just for In my blood but it’s cool now. I hope your album doesn’t pass $14 bc that’s all I have in my iTunes :) @ShawnMendes

  • hermanastrids
    kaitlyn // in my blood (@hermanastrids) reported

    anyone else w itunes and apple music having problems downloading? #InMyBlood

  • cruisemaniac
    Ashwin Murali (@cruisemaniac) reported from Bengaluru, Karnataka

    @iMayavi @preshit And an iTunes restore fails with error 14 on both windows 10 and osx with the latest itunes version installed..

  • mendesofmyself
    city girl isa✨ 1&2 (@mendesofmyself) reported

    @illuminatefaith i think something is wrong with itunes itself, more people have this problem x

  • chanelle_schram
    Chanelle (@chanelle_schram) reported

    F*ck it I'm gonna buy this song on iTunes even tho my phone is broken @ShawnMendes #InMyBlood

  • ParisParamus
    ParisParamus (@ParisParamus) reported

    @Brooklyn_Paper @GershKuntzman @BklynPaperRadio Podcast link not working; and iTunes feed seems to be malfunctioning, too

  • MendesOnAir
    Mendes On Air 📻 (@MendesOnAir) reported

    Anyone else having problems with the song not showing up on iTunes? #InMyBlood

  • ems_memories
    em:)) (@ems_memories) reported

    @shawnsmusical it isnt on itunes for me and my fricking spotify is broken i literally have no way to listen to this song im heartbroken

  • josephastor
    JOSEPHASTOR (@josephastor) reported

    An issue with iTunes link , when I get it fixed I’ll post #TheBest

  • FrightenZiall
    Met Kings LiLoNi 😘 (@FrightenZiall) reported

    I can’t find @ShawnMendes new single In My Blood on iTunes... Anyone having this problem??

  • itscarterjames
    Carter James (@itscarterjames) reported

    itunes really cracked down on the one hour early release thing for shawn

  • karaleereid_
    karalee jo (@karaleereid_) reported

    i genuinely bought this song would’ve been released AT LEAST 20 minutes early just like all the others, but itunes and spotify let us down... or was it shawn though? #InMyBloodAtMidnight

  • ashleybrolsma
    Ashley (@ashleybrolsma) reported

    @RileyClemmons Lots of love sent your way tooo! I turned my radio on for the first time in a while today (been listening to CD’s or ITunes) and the first song I heard was Broken Prayers. turned it up soooo loud

  • oiselarius
    Steven Fowler (@oiselarius) reported

    @Apple @AppleSupport you have a very serious design problem with the latest iTunes/iOS/iBooks/iCloud. Totally non-functional.

  • TakeOnElizabeth
    Elizabeth Brunetti (@TakeOnElizabeth) reported

    @AppleSupport I am unable to submit my podcast to iTunes - endless loop of login screen, clicking on "Podcasts Connect" then getting kicked back to login. I created a new Apple ID for this podcast, does that have something to do with it? It's not connected to any devices.

  • imhotteronline
    imhotteronline (@imhotteronline) reported

    movie suggestions go i got an itunes gift card and every streaming service

  • sarabethparido
    Sarabeth Parido (@sarabethparido) reported

    iTunes on shuffle just decided I wasn't hormonal enough being 8 mos pregnant. Just dropped off my 14 year old to head to DC... First it hits @nicholenordeman's Slow Down... then rolls right into Cat Stevens' Father and son. I'm not crying- you're crying.

  • ItsKennyAgain
    Kenneth 🙋🏻‍♂️ (@ItsKennyAgain) reported

    me: complains about having to take my dog outside twice a day also me: has no problem opening my MacBook, then opening iTunes to listen to Amanda Seyfried sing "The Name of the Game" three times a day

  • butteredcereal
    Butteredcereal (@butteredcereal) reported

    @sonicandcnfan @nickandmore iTunes releases? Maybe (pass this news along) Addition to the streaming service is very possible, since all generations of Disney content will be there (aside from the Saban library, idk if it's even possible, he's pretty tight lipped).

  • jongkey_co
    𝗄𝗋𝗂𝗌 (@jongkey_co) reported

    if daddy issues isn’t the most played song on my phone then itunes is lying

  • sonicandcnfan
    Jacob Russell (@sonicandcnfan) reported

    @nickandmore Nice to see this show finally get some attention :) Now if only we could get a US itunes release or heck put this on their upcoming streaming service.

  • zorinlynx
    Zorin =^o.o^= (@zorinlynx) reported

    @yakkoj How am I the only one who has no problems with iTunes? I’ve been using it as my main computer music player since 2006 or so.

  • southcarolive
    Hank Moody (@southcarolive) reported

    @DanishAndOneill I don't have iTunes, but if I did I'd give you guys 5000 stars. I've been down with D&O since BCUSA. Fuck crouton jack!

  • whereIsTheSpai
    Altytwo Altryness, BS (@whereIsTheSpai) reported

    @RallySecurity FYI, episode 70 seems to have gotten broken in iTunes, or whatever Apple calls their podcast repository.

  • BearFoot_Pookie
    Zach (@BearFoot_Pookie) reported

    Bro why do my music be seeming like slowed down on iTunes sometimes?

  • TBatcho07
    Tyler Batcho (@TBatcho07) reported

    My first single is now up on itunes and apple music and soon every other streaming service will carry it. Search "B Krewcial - I'm Sorry"...

  • mariaruxyb
    Ruxy Maria🌎 (@mariaruxyb) reported

    Yoooo I need help. I kept shutting my iPhone down and then opening it because it was blocking constantly and about 10 minutes ago I was doing the same thing and when I opened it again it says 'iPhone disabled. Connect iTunes' and I can't access iTunes right now.What should I do?

  • brianlaungaoaeh
    Brian Laung Aoaeh, CFA (@brianlaungaoaeh) reported

    Anyone else have this problem on MacOS X? No sound from video or audio using YouTube and SoundCloud etc. Spotify and iTunes are fine.

  • xjjoannax
    jojo (@xjjoannax) reported

    @greedyyMendes no problem love, I think that it will charge it off the credit card that’s connected to your iTunes account so if it’s connect to your’s then it won’t change

  • MuvaTres__
    # (@MuvaTres__) reported

    Yalls system down or what @iTunes

  • hoosatron
    kate hoos (@hoosatron) reported

    Just got my 1st Mac (I know right?!) Since it has iTunes already on it, figured I'd dig up some weird old shit I can't find on any streaming service...but idk how the F this shit works anymore! Stopped using it on PC ages ago. Yeah, I'm that guy, don't know how to use iTunes haha

  • WhiskyAvenger
    Whiskey🥃Avenger (@WhiskyAvenger) reported

    What is going on with Apple? iTunes is down.

  • dohkyum
    vote bss on idol champ!!! (@dohkyum) reported

    i typed 보석손 (bOseoksOn) earlier in itunes so i could never find it.. problem solveD

  • DeRobertoBryce
    bryce deroberto (@DeRobertoBryce) reported

    When “Maria I’m drunk” from Travis, Biebs, and Thugger gets taken off SoundCloud and you don’t wanna buy it on iTunes cuz u can’t stream it on Apple Music, and there’s only slowed down versions on SoundCloud now<<<<

  • Tom__Boucher
    Brendan Fraser #1 fan (@Tom__Boucher) reported

    @maddoxrules Did iTunes ask if you were sure you wanted to "discard" the Biggest Problem feed?

  • vamputee
    Jeannie Stewart (@vamputee) reported

    @aggieloveseggs Apparently if you have Apple Music you can’t do it. iTunes flat out says you can’t with Apple Music on. So I shut it off losing hundreds of songs in the process. Still not working. @AppleMusic

  • YouRockROCKS
    YouRock ROCKS (@YouRockROCKS) reported

    Q53: #ATXMchat Do you realize what a SUCKER you are if you are making your music available on ReverbNation, iTunes or any other MP3 service?

  • F_OutMyDMs
    Pa-Vee-eLL (@F_OutMyDMs) reported

    How did that movie win Oscars, and I rented it off iTunes. $3.99 down the drain. I’m BIG MAD

  • _JustDenver
    Denver (@_JustDenver) reported

    @akaMARTIAN That’s not what I mean. Ex: if I buy a song and put it in the cloud. When I stream it down to my device, is it counting as an additional stream of my already purchased song or is it simply playing the song I purchased? Does iTunes/Apple Music know the difference?

  • rainman26
    Brian McCoy (@rainman26) reported

    @politinkering not sure if the problem is on your end of iTunes but going down on South Park isn’t downloading at all right now

  • TodayTrader
    TodayTrader (@TodayTrader) reported

    @janewells When Facebook is monitoring my iTunes app store searches, that cross-platform spying is a bit much imo. I know I gave away certain privacy issues but not that much.

  • JeradGene
    Jerad Warren (@JeradGene) reported

    i just had a terrible flashback to the pre-Apple music days when i used to download all my music with youtube to mp3 converters & manually organize them into itunes albums with album art i found on google images.

  • skpodila
    S w a r n a P o d i l a (@skpodila) reported

    OH: Who you gonna call, when you have a problem with Uber or iTunes? Nobody. Er...not so sure.

  • PhilCatelinet
    Phil Catelinet (@PhilCatelinet) reported

    @NosTheTwit I’m nowhere near that clever. iTunes is once again terrible when it comes to sharing anything. It has hi-res album art so why does it share a thumbnail?

  • StuLanham
    Stu ✖️Ⓥ✖️ 🇬🇧 (@StuLanham) reported

    @richroll I had a look at it seems to still have the old write up. I’m guessing it may take time to filter down to iTunes UK.

  • FreshMindsMedia
    #FreshMindsMedia (@FreshMindsMedia) reported

    Q54: #ATXMchat Exactly how much money have you made selling on Reverbnation, iTunes, SoundCloud or any MP3 service? Cover recording at all?

  • InvoxiPlayGames
    InvoxiPlayGames (@InvoxiPlayGames) reported

    one issue i have with apple music/itunes store/app store on iTunes is that the search box merges recent searches so it looks like I searched "cod zombies" on apple music

  • cmorreau
    Chad Morreau (@cmorreau) reported

    @AppleSupport having an issue trying to communicate through iTunes connect. Any advice?

  • MaraudingWinger
    MaraudingWinger (@MaraudingWinger) reported

    @Marshall5Sharon Was the whole lot on lockdown? Because I don't use iTunes or any other Apple service

  • louisftperriee
    • Yaz • || 3 (@louisftperriee) reported

    My iTunes library started playing Wake Me Up by ed sheeran wow I'm emo because I had to play this to fall asleep when I was 16 because it calmed me down

  • johanptg
    Johan Potgieter  (@johanptg) reported

    @AppleSupport having problems activating number in messages. Pls help. Nr in contacts, contact card, itunes profile, zone and time correct and keeps on failing.

  • Elephantjuice26
    Jazminder Patel (@Elephantjuice26) reported from Bradford, England

    @AppleSupport There seems to be a problem with the ITunes update 12.7 as I keep getting a flashing screen on my laptop and the programme freezes. I’m hoping this is being looked into? Can you confirm when the next update will be available?

  • Drewstoned84
    Andrew Stone (@Drewstoned84) reported

    @iTunes wtf Apple! I paid for some tv eps. and I cant even watch them due to some unknown error. Dealing with your tech support takes way too long. Shame on you for taking our hard earned money and not coming through. Typical bait and switch. I’m sure you don’t care though

iTunes Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 1009
  • 14
  • 1604
  • 2203
  • 2324
  • 2502
  • 2503
  • 3150
  • 3194
  • 3212
  • 3253
  • 3259
  • 4000
  • 4013
  • 42110
  • 42404
  • 4261
  • 45075
  • 50
  • 5105
  • 6
  • 8003
  • 9
  • 9006
  • billing zip code
  • cannot connect to itunes store
  • card code
  • gift card
  • login status
  • msvcr80
  • msvcr80.dll
  • unknown error