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  • emilyloves77
    Emily (@emilyloves77) reported

    Why is no Australian service show #KUWTK episode 13 @bigpondmovies @iTunes it’s Thursday and not on anywhere. Help! Thanks

  • RManri_
    Anri (@RManri_) reported

    @TicketmasterDE someone stolen my credit card from your ****** page and bought something from itunes. I hate you. I had so much problems buying from you my tickets and NOW SOMEONE HAS MY CARD because of you!

  • RManri_
    Anri (@RManri_) reported

    @TicketmasterDE @TicketmasterDE someone stolen my credit card from your ****** page and bought something from itunes. I hate you. I had so much problems buying from you my tickets and NOW SOMEONE HAS MY CARD because of you!

  • WendyLeawo
    Video Solution (@WendyLeawo) reported

    @honeydipp666 only if you convert the music to iTunes compatible format, you can paly the converted music in iTunes without any problem

    V ⚜️ #SlowDown (@JUNGJlNSOUI) reported

    That being said, y’all better get her tf into the top 10 of Itunes like y’all failed to do that to little sisters Slow Down and Checklist.

  • LavAudio
    Lav~🌈 (@LavAudio) reported

    @JamesLandino And I agree that's not the right way to go about it. But you also wouldn't completely shut down iTunes to stop it from happening.

  • JamesLandino
    Follow @SplitscreenDJs (@JamesLandino) reported

    @LavAudio Imagine if you had a song on itunes, and took it down, and then I reuploaded it to itunes which I turned a profit off of it. That's the parallel here

  • kpopjon
    Jonny (@kpopjon) reported

    @KryptoniteJin @buteracypher iTunes brought his songs down cause obviously something was going on they don’t just move songs down cause someone complained

  • MythicalPodcast
    The Narrator (@MythicalPodcast) reported

    @BadAtLovePod @damselspodcast Hmm, I only knew about paying for chart spots on iTunes, not much else about errors. I’d like to see the data for myself. They said contact them if I have questions. I haven’t had a big spike or anything. My non-launch day’s are mostly consistent, or I thought on the low end.

  • CtrlAltAnal
    Chilis (@CtrlAltAnal) reported

    iTunes is literally the worst app I’ve ever ran on my pc in as long as I can remember. Why is it so broken.

  • DJBoogiesid
    DJ Boogie Sid (@DJBoogiesid) reported

    Dope jam. Take down the datafile host link and upload on iTunes and other digital platforms.

  • Deviousandshady
    LOOK! (@Deviousandshady) reported

    I’m waiting for iTunes to issue a statement that this is a mistake BECAUSE I CANT BELIEVE

  • jodyleetweet
    Jody Lee (@jodyleetweet) reported

    @TheMattBRoberts @Writer_DG I can’t get iTunes to load the podcast anymore. Just says the server or feed can’t be found. Listened to 401 on STARZ, no 402.

  • Stardusth2o
    ersatz garbo (@Stardusth2o) reported

    @Deviousandshady Like...this so crazy I'm holding my breath just expecting some kind of announcement that there was an error on iTunes and that glitter is actually #74 in the US

  • Procreate
    Procreate (@Procreate) reported

    @RealSamuelJay Hi there @RealSamuelJay, we're so sorry to hear that this has happened. There's unfortunately a small risk that any given backup will fail, but we do have some plans to address these sorts of issues in the future. We recommend our users backup with iTunes.

  • BadAtLovePod
    Bad@Love Podcast (@BadAtLovePod) reported

    @MythicalPodcast @damselspodcast I wonder if it has to do with the iTunes mischief. There’s been some errors on their end, and some other sketchy stuff regarding the bot’d be nice if they actually showed you the analytics for their reasoning rather than assuming you’d take their words at face value.

  • AFangirlPotato
    wig ✈️ flying 21/11 (@AFangirlPotato) reported

    @headlessxbarbie I have an ipod touch now so I can finally buy a melon pass to stream because on Android you can't buy one and I never succeeded to win a naver pass... I don't stream on Spotify either cause I hate streaming service 🙃... Buy I still buy the songs on Google music and iTunes too 😂

  • axixicmusic
    Bill Clarke (@axixicmusic) reported

    @SaltTheGraves @gregchaille @DougStanhope That's the problem. iTunes screws up my computer so I can only listen to 'em on YouTube and they ain't there.

  • r1d3r
    r1d3r (@r1d3r) reported

    @MacGeekGab I had this issue a short time ago. Contacted Apple support and they had me download an iTunes update outside of the Mac App store. There is a support article about it but I don’t have the link at the moment.

  • fatguynalilkoat
    GET GLITTER TO NO 1 #JUSTICEFORGLITTER (@fatguynalilkoat) reported

    @empressofdivas Oh I bought Glitter back in 2001 when it came out and on iTunes a long ass time ago. Just counting down the days till #CAUTION now

  • LoganReidMedia
    Logan Reid (@LoganReidMedia) reported

    Yo @AppleTV how come I can stream iTunes movies no problem, Netflix has no problems, but when I want to load a Smallville episode from iTunes, it has to download for 2 hours. That makes no sense.

  • weaveharrington
    𝚓.𝚟𝚊𝚕𝚎𝚜𝚔𝚊🃏 (@weaveharrington) reported

    The Young Veins music got taken down from iTunes and Spotify wtf like all of it's just g o n e

  • JillianWilde
    Jillian Wilde📸🌻🐮 (@JillianWilde) reported

    @HaileyATL I do!! It has honestly saved me tons of money. I have never had issues with it. You can add any music you like & it is directly with iTunes. I have not had any issues with my library...anything I add will sync to the library until you delete it

  • Amandacuter
    Amanda (@Amandacuter) reported

    I NEED A SUGAR DADDY THAT PAYS WOTH PAYPAL REAL PAYPAL SHIT NOT THAT ITUNES AMAZON CARD SHIT I JUST NEED A SIMPLE $200 weekly and I’ll be fine somebody help me if your forreal a real sugar that can send me money rn with no problem

  • nhampagnemami
    INDIGO CHILD🌔🦅 (@nhampagnemami) reported

    @kimstantnoodles @gcstigma @HernandezB97 I ain’t a boy!! Sooo ur sayin it ‘deletes views’ so how comes every other music vid has had no problems. And it was only just recently that a kpop artist song just came out and it got removed from ITunes because most of it was bots.

  • iseeyouupthere
    ⚠️PROCEED WITH #CAUTION⚠️ (@iseeyouupthere) reported

    @MusicJunkie_Bri Girl I got it back. For some reason it was under Hidden Purchases. Go to view my account, login and then go to manage hidden purchases in the iTunes in the cloud section.

    godtas (@DANI_ONIICHAN) reported

    btw its not onli on itunes but in spotifi theyre also taken down

  • ewwkatyrat
    nvd (@ewwkatyrat) reported

    @chartdata @KrisWu They said karma would get people who called them out for cheating, when his album quickly tumbled down the chart, while his songs that occupied the the top 10 in US disappeared after itunes filtered out the "fake" sales. And now the album debuted with 5k.💀

  • RaynesGem
    Melanee W. 🍁🍂🍁 (@RaynesGem) reported from Greenville, South Carolina

    Phone issues (as well as more iTunes issues) have been fixed, and I can rest easy!

  • RManri_
    Anri (@RManri_) reported

    @TicketmasterDE someone stolen my credit card from your ****** page and bought something from itunes. I hate you. I hade so much problems buying from you my tickets and NOW SOMEONE HAS MY CARD because of you!

  • Caaaitdoughty
    Caitlin Doughty (@Caaaitdoughty) reported

    @_simply_emilee I haven’t been able to sign into my iTunes for over two weeks and apple told me to restore my phone and it would fix that problem I did... it didn’t fix it.... now I can’t use ANY app because it won’t load because I can’t sign into my iTunes😊 **** APPLE.

  • vaca_frita
    marxist-loving-marxist 🏳️‍🌈⚣⚧☭ (@vaca_frita) reported

    @teeterpyg its still absolutely ludicrous that now, when gargantuan amounts of flash and standard memory are so cheap, that these mini consoles, outside of licenscing issues, cant just have the entire library or even their own itunes/google play esque storefront

  • jeremy_wil
    Jeremy Williams (@jeremy_wil) reported

    I was aware that #MemphisMayFire new album #Broken come out this Friday I going buy it from #iTunes 🎧🎧🎸🎸🎧🎸🎸🎧🎧🤟🤟🤟🤟

  • iedwvrds
    боль (@iedwvrds) reported

    I’ll give it to him with no problem you can plug my shit up to your iTunes dawg

  • BTSot7ist
    Meri | Timeless RM ✨😭 (@BTSot7ist) reported

    Y’all literally got 2!3! To yop5 on US iTunes do the same for timeless it feel down a spot...

  • SeanB_25
    Sean B (@SeanB_25) reported

    Update: ITunes will be sending me a recovery password in TWO WEEKS. Glad to know that they find this issue urgent.

  • GabrielGuz1
    Gabriel Guzmán 🌐 (@GabrielGuz1) reported

    @AppleSupport hey! Yesterday i got the “account locked” problem and today i got a promt to put my Itunes password, wen i went to the app i had nothing.

  • adam_ux
    Adam Babajee-Pycroft (@adam_ux) reported

    @kythryn @Apple iTunes is the method of redemption to the ridiculous sync issues I’m trying to sort for Becca this eve. Full backup of old phone using a cable FTW.

  • Mr_KeithBecker
    Keith Becker (@Mr_KeithBecker) reported

    @manbearwolf open iTunes>scroll to bottom>tap on you apple ID>view apple ID>in account settings scroll down to subscriptions. This is from an iPhone...

  • ChromiumJones
    Ash Cook Haunters (@ChromiumJones) reported

    Waiting for the software to download and then I can install. But of course, my phone decides that it's not properly plugged in anymore about halfway through the installation. Cue error message on iTunes. Now apparently I have to restore my phone to factory settings 😩

  • scottmo
    scottmo (@scottmo) reported

    UPDATE: @AppleSupport reached out to me & very patiently helped walk me through 4-5 possible solutions. It ended up being a third party iTunes controller I had in my LogIn items. Killed it & "magically" I have my mbp back. Thank you so much @AppleSupport ! I really appreciate it!

  • CorbinCadwell
    Corbin Cadwell (@CorbinCadwell) reported

    @PullUpJs @Jeff_Griffith21 @jordankaye_23 Love the podcast! Have a little issue with audio, not sure if it’s just the iTunes feed or not. Both episodes this year have been pretty quiet making it hard to listen in the car even with sound all the way up. Then this weeks episode only seemed to have audio on left channel.

  • danieljtyler
    The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Daniel (@danieljtyler) reported

    @amorygatsby a big part of the book is the author trying to hunt down this one live recording from 68. last week morrison released that recording on itunes then took it down a few hours later. weird dude.

  • luke_ireland
    Luke Ireland (@luke_ireland) reported

    @DisneyLifeUK Think I’ve sorted it. It was the issue with trying to purchase a subscription via iTunes. I had to create a new account.

  • Beth_Bazer
    Beth Bazer, Ed.D. (@Beth_Bazer) reported

    No response from @iTunes or @AppleSupport Either they don’t care about customer service or they know their policy of making me pay for 30 days for *their* mistake is indefensible.

  • johnnyutah66
    Stevie Robinson (@johnnyutah66) reported

    @andyconnelly316 @ThatKevinSmith It’s not hosted on iTunes just yet due to a problem with the artwork - that should be sorted today, so it might be available after that on there

  • EmuBands
    EmuBands (@EmuBands) reported

    iTunes Trends Data from 13th November is now available to EmuBands users via the trends menu item in your login area.

  • Mitchel12170
    LilHawg (@Mitchel12170) reported

    I figured out how to fix my autoplay music on the iPhone when connecting to Bluetooth problem. I deleted the ******* music app. I’ll stick to Spotify WHEN I wanna listen to music. **** iTunes and Apple.

  • peytiarchy
    faith 🦆 (@peytiarchy) reported

    kpop stans owe ariana grande an apology. y’all called her xenophobic when itunes filtered the VPN and it turned out most, if not all, of the sales were illegal. if it truly was an issue about xenophobia then y’all wouldn’t have fallen to #100 that quick. 👋🏼

  • mononamu
    𝒂𝒍𝒆𝒌𝒔 (@mononamu) reported

    @Audrey_Lee_TW @BTS_twt yeah itunes is weird sometimes.... no problem!

  • euphoritan
    stuffert ♧ loves BTS 💜 (@euphoritan) reported

    @lollomochi That opens Apple Music and it is on there that’s not a problem it’s just not on iTunes to buy yet (for me)

  • miriamcosic
    Miriam Cosic (@miriamcosic) reported

    @pwwingman @iTunes This has got me stumped. And I think I've rented it twice - impatient when the first one didn't turn up. Though usually one gets an error warning if one does that. Grrr ...

  • miriamcosic
    Miriam Cosic (@miriamcosic) reported

    @pwwingman @iTunes I have no idea. I often rent from Itunes with no problems. I'll check ...

  • ddaengucci
    jana is a BTS love bot (@ddaengucci) reported

    you won itunes users. you won. you took us spotify users down when we were leading. when we fell down but lead again you did it again. it’s you who won. #DrunkenTigerxRM

  • chimmyismyson
    🐥let’s jimin today🐥 (@chimmyismyson) reported

    hhhhhh US iTunes letting me down, can’t buy the track yet 😑

  • QueenQ66240377
    QueenQ (@QueenQ66240377) reported

    @shuaijerks @nagamager It means iTunes cannot believe its system, and its engineers even cannot rememdy the issues. The iTunes and Nelson just remove the sales num from system report manually. Is the iTunes believable?I donot think so. Please return the money for the removed sales @iTunes @AppleMusic

  • withaniplease
    Toni (@withaniplease) reported

    @agitopop Oh, a cheap itunes rental. About the first 12 men into Afghanistan after the towers came down.

  • GonzalezSolis16
    Gabriel Santos-Gonzalez 🇨🇺 🇺🇸💌 (@GonzalezSolis16) reported

    I think I have created so many different playlists on my ITunes Music 🎶 & Spotify to try to help me with my insomnia but it just as the opposite affect 😆 🤣 on me, truly have a sleeping problem 😂...

  • notearsjerrie
    thankful kayla 💫 (@notearsjerrie) reported

    okay sis you can calm down now it was literally proved y’all used VPNs which work on iTunes but never count on billboard. Scooter simply called out the VPNs and got them removed since they’re not allowed there either but do work.

  • MikeLynch27
    Mike Lynch (@MikeLynch27) reported

    @ERICDCLARK @1080TheFAN Hm yea I think iTunes has some weird delays sometimes. Could be our site, which has been having issues too, but haven’t seen iTunes be that delayed before.

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