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Kraken is a US based prominent bitcoin exchange operating in Canada, the EU, Japan, and the US, and the world's largest bitcoin exchange in euro volume and liquidity.

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  • cryptojwan furrrridge (@cryptojwan) reported

    ******* done trading with @krakenfx get your god damn app in working order 8 times out of 10 errors occur when placing an order. Could be such a great app but it doesn't ******* work.

  • c7five Nicholas J. Percoco (@c7five) reported

    @SwissHttp @krakenfx Thanks! We’re working to fix the www issue.

  • SwissHttp http (@SwissHttp) reported

    @c7five @krakenfx Well, the name doesn’t match. The cert is for github, but site is www.canisecure․com. Or enter site in SSL labs‘ test, which also shows that it’s broken. *Update: without www it works (I used the link on github with www)

  • _simplepotato SimplePotato (@_simplepotato) reported

    @cryptowat_ch @krakenfx Most probably down. This sector is so cooled already the only big moves that appear are pump-ups from exchanges.

  • SwissHttp http (@SwissHttp) reported

    @c7five @krakenfx The web site (canisecure) has an invalid SSL certificate. You might want to fix that.

  • sljenis CZ_Jeni ☠️ (@sljenis) reported

    @cryptowat_ch @krakenfx Surely will go down

  • MyTezosBaking MyTezosBaking (@MyTezosBaking) reported

    @cryptowat_ch @krakenfx Down

  • MyNameIsOka Fabi (@MyNameIsOka) reported

    @ficoba I have been in contact with @krakenfx and @ficoba via all those channels. Telephone, chat, email, etc. That's why I am writing on Twitter. Please fix it. Over one week is not acceptable.

  • astrojoe001 astrojoe (@astrojoe001) reported

    @CryptoLuke_ @dk_bitcoin @BitcoinErrorLog @krakenfx Can't say I've done any withdrawals to GBP but try @coinburp. I've never had any problems doing GBP deposits with them and it's in the account within minutes.

  • Annalese_BNT Annalese🐮 (@Annalese_BNT) reported

    @CryptoIdolic21 @DeLeon54mk @bankoferyka @BitBayofficial @krakenfx @coinbase in terms of $eth, there have some some discrepancies/ loopholes on the financial side where borrowers can attack Protocol and issue fake loans

  • DeLeon54mk DeLeon (@DeLeon54mk) reported

    @Annalese_BNT @CryptoIdolic21 @bankoferyka @BitBayofficial @krakenfx @coinbase The Tether fiasco was interesting last year too. Dumped to like .95 cents and then stabilized back after audit rumors died back down. Would have been cool to convert USD to tether at the price then take profit when it stabilized.

  • cryptoLoda Cryptoboss (@cryptoLoda) reported

    @giottus @MotivatedRohit @pushpendrakum @WEBMASTERMIND1 @CryptooIndia @cryptokanoon @Moneygurudigi @cz_binance @NischalShetty @smtgpt @coindcx @WazirXIndia @zebpay @krakenfx @Poloniex May be @cz_binance planning for this because china is in big problem

  • IamNomad I am Nomad (@IamNomad) reported

    @_simpelyfe @krakenfx @cryptowat_ch @Bybit_Official @binance depends on if you want to trade your own capital in sufficient volumes and liquidity size up and down the book or want to get a paycheck for your opinion while trading

  • foolsbookie Long and Short (mostly long) (@foolsbookie) reported

    @krakenfx down again when volatility increases. WTF

  • tswittersaint The Saint (@tswittersaint) reported

    @krakensupport 2/2The sign in box is STILL greyed out and I STILL do not have access to ANY kraken service. This form is stupid the drop-down does not contain options for my issue. GET ME BACK INTO MY ACCOUNT

  • tswittersaint The Saint (@tswittersaint) reported

    @krakensupport 1/2 I checked the status yesterday and you showed NO issues, you sent me a stupid message on twitter asking me to DM you, and some guff about versions and caches when the whole time there WAS an issue! The issue is NOT resolved so how about we start with a bit of honesty.

  • tswittersaint The Saint (@tswittersaint) reported

    @krakensupport 1/1This is total crap. I checked the status yesterday and you showed NO issues, you sent me a stupid message on twitter asking me to DM you, and some guff about versions and caches when the whole time there WAS an issue!

  • tswittersaint The Saint (@tswittersaint) reported

    @krakenfx I'm missing out on trades cuz your exchange is down. Thanks Kraken!

  • Econ_Rockstar Frank Conway 👻 (@Econ_Rockstar) reported

    @krakensupport Hi. Removed cookies and cache but 2FA option still not appearing on login page. I notice that the landing page is new and I can’t get in

  • cryptoargonaut 95% (@cryptoargonaut) reported

    @danheld @krakenfx no, clearly a volatile risky asset, 12% up 12% down

  • sravrannies derrygold (@sravrannies) reported

    @krakensupport ...still not working on Microsoft Edge

  • CarlNas02364312 Carl Nash (@carlgnash) (@CarlNas02364312) reported

    @krakenfx @jdesmondmiller @findercomau Kraken please reconsider listing $trx trading pairs. Terrible publicity for you. @justinsuntron is biggest scammer in crypto space. Google #steemblockchain hostile takeover, JSun currently controlling 20 puppet block producers in attempt to 100% centralize #steem #dpos

  • CarlNas02364312 Carl Nash (@carlgnash) (@CarlNas02364312) reported

    @justinsuntron @krakenfx @krakenfx y'all don't want any part of this con man. Terrible publicity for you. @justinsuntron is a lying scammer with a centralized #shitcoin and a bunch of bots. Currently controlling 20 #sockpuppet block producers in attempt to 100% centralize #SteemBlockchain. What a joke

  • Bitcoingrandpa1 Paranoidgrandpa (@Bitcoingrandpa1) reported

    @krakensupport Hi guys, I've tried to register with you but you've banned me temporarily from sight. Every time I tried to register 'internal error' comes on screen and now I've been banned. Seems extreme.

  • zeropassio ZeroPass (@zeropassio) reported

    @krakensupport 2fa wasn't an issue. The issue was that it was clearly some technical bug, and your support insisted to drive me nuts instead. It's fixed now (well incoming fiat deposits are still frozen for some reason).

  • michaelb4348 Mike-B (@michaelb4348) reported

    @justinsuntron @krakenfx Looks like they dont want to, down to 18th and declining fast, despite your partnerships amd constant news your coin seems to have no support.

  • fedeXBT fedeXBT (@fedeXBT) reported

    I was very angry with @krakenfx for their API not being responsive. My bot got in trouble. But now I am very happy with Kraken Futures. I was hustling there with zero problems.

  • moneytrigz MoneyTrigz (@moneytrigz) reported

    @ProgrammableTx @coinbase @krakenfx @Gemini yes the smaller members contributed without issues. the multi-millionaires were more worried, instead if it was so, they could of done it themselves, but ofcourse they didnt want to put the now roger keeps going

  • ProgrammableTx ProgrammableTX (@ProgrammableTx) reported

    @moneytrigz @coinbase @krakenfx @Gemini Yeah it's a huge problem. That's why I donated to the lawsuit. Whales who couldn't see the value of your suit are blind and functionally illiterate.

  • HTwrestler112 Justin Câmara (@HTwrestler112) reported

    @danheld @krakenfx Gold is a terrible investment historically and emperically....

  • foolsbookie Long and Short (mostly long) (@foolsbookie) reported

    looks like @Krakenfx liquidated today and hasn't paid @tradingview their subscription. Charts not working on @krakenfx if you can't handle 50% volatility get out of the game. you are costing me money with these errors

  • owocki Ξwoki, summoner of bots 🤖🐳 (@owocki) reported

    @danheld @TusharJain_ @krakenfx Good news everyone - Your store of value doesn’t actually have to store value. If it goes down 45% in one day, it doesn’t count bc “market structure”.

  • cryptotech01 Crypto Tech (@cryptotech01) reported

    Bitmex had the "freeze" customers unable to login, many of them got liquidated, still no answer about the refund. @BitMEXdotcom @binance @krakenfx @BittrexExchange @Poloniex @Bybit_Official @DeribitExchange @bitfinex @Bitstamp @kucoincom @hitbtc lets make this scam public!

  • cryptotech01 Crypto Tech (@cryptotech01) reported

    Bitmex had the "freeze" customers unable to login, many of them got liquidated, many of them could not set stop loss, no answer about the refund. @BitMEXdotcom @binance @krakenfx @BittrexExchange @Poloniex @Bybit_Official @DeribitExchange lets make this kown by everyone!!!

  • khomenimadoff RogerM00r.eth (@khomenimadoff) reported

    @krakensupport I have tried on various markets.. It Seems i am having a problem with my account... AA51 N84G QS3J WPRI

  • Flowiii2 Flowiii (@Flowiii2) reported

    @FloridaHodl @Gemini @UpholdInc @krakenfx I have a kracken account. Haven’t had to many problems with them. Just lost money trading that’s why I stopped trading and just hodl. But it’s not bad. I’m just using coinbase rn. I can’t afford to even come close to my limits on there lol

  • zivantesic Živan Tešić (@zivantesic) reported

    Now #Bitmex is down and I'm not surprised. Til the first day when I bought #cryptocurrencies I was always buying at @krakenfx. Never had problems. Support was always on the point. Sometimes had issue's but they fixed very well.

  • foolsbookie Long and Short (mostly long) (@foolsbookie) reported

    @GrindingPoet This is my dream right now. Only problem @krakenfx hasn't yet credited my. balance with ***** cash to buy more. Woke up at 03:00am to play this. It will all be better in a week or two from now, especially as the FED is printing money

  • foolsbookie Long and Short (mostly long) (@foolsbookie) reported

    All exchanges - @krakenfx and @DeribitExchange - shut down conveniently. I missed my 1000% in Options

  • sweatybets420 Darth.tron (@sweatybets420) reported

    @GnikSivart @LAMBDF @producerknoidea @justinsuntron @krakenfx @Poloniex @WhiteBit6 1 most dpos has that and he has been informed today why steemit cant and it's a non issue. 1m is the compromise. 2 He specifically isnt doing that. Steemit inc is and that will resume when things are worked out 3 again it was discussed today and agreed it would stay on blockchain

  • SJCrypto Crypto SJ (@SJCrypto) reported

    @krakensupport No problems, will transfer my $EOS to Binance

  • TheArcange Arcange (@TheArcange) reported

    @cheaplolboost @justinsuntron @krakenfx @Poloniex @WhiteBit6 It is not about getting some money back. It is about how the ninja-mined stake will be used. Shall @justinsuntron officially commits to using them to develop #steem and not for governance/personal enrichment, as former owners of Steemit did, then there would be no problem.

  • apsu_y Apsu the Steem-y bread (@apsu_y) reported

    @AmbitiousMotion @GnikSivart @Matthewhagger85 @Tamiil @producerknoidea @justinsuntron @krakenfx @Poloniex @WhiteBit6 Our witnesses aren't saints, nobody is pretending they are. Justin Sun is far from saint either, but I don't care about that either. The issue is Justin Sun's toxic actions and he&his actions are the issue we're working against.

  • Cypher437 cypher (@Cypher437) reported

    @Tamiil @Matthewhagger85 @GnikSivart @apsu_y @producerknoidea @justinsuntron @krakenfx @Poloniex @WhiteBit6 Justin would prefer to double down before admitting he was wrong.

  • Tamiil Tamiil (@Tamiil) reported

    @producerknoidea @Matthewhagger85 @GnikSivart @apsu_y @justinsuntron @krakenfx @Poloniex @WhiteBit6 The thing is, if he started the power down then nobody could stop it. The softfork can't stop existing transactions. Not that it would be re-introduced in the first place. A quicker power down is a security risk, I'd be willing to settle for 4 weeks, but not less personally.

  • GnikSivart Travis King (@GnikSivart) reported

    @producerknoidea @Tamiil @Matthewhagger85 @apsu_y @justinsuntron @krakenfx @Poloniex @WhiteBit6 He wants to power down quicker to save the exchanges. The exchanges funds were never at risk, despite justin lying to him (Go look at cz's tweets). That's just bullshit to keep the power and has no legitimate justification.

  • GnikSivart Travis King (@GnikSivart) reported

    @Matthewhagger85 @Tamiil @apsu_y @producerknoidea @justinsuntron @krakenfx @Poloniex @WhiteBit6 Simplest answer is @Poloniex power down customer funds. If justin wants to buy steem to take over the network go for it. Exchanges should not vote in governance.

  • producerknoidea Kno Idea 🏄🏾‍♂️🌊 (@producerknoidea) reported

    @Tamiil @Matthewhagger85 @GnikSivart @apsu_y @justinsuntron @krakenfx @Poloniex @WhiteBit6 I believe he wants to make sure the power down is successfully completed. I think the quicker the power down, the quicker he would remove his witnesses. This is why TRON wanted to speed up the power down so everything can resolve faster. We just have to wait it out.

  • GnikSivart Travis King (@GnikSivart) reported

    @Matthewhagger85 @Tamiil @apsu_y @producerknoidea @justinsuntron @krakenfx @Poloniex @WhiteBit6 Because Justin, despite having his funds back, hasn't backed down. How removes his witnesses (not community witnesses) and we'll be happy to disappear back to steemit. He's breaking the network right now not performing the tasks witnesses are supposed to.

  • toshiyori Eray Basar (@toshiyori) reported

    After being a @krakenfx customer for over 4 years I quit. In all this time, they couldn't change their cryptic user interface, and fix their complicated and even broken processes. You guys have truly a mediocre product @jespow

  • Dalz19631657 Dalz (@Dalz19631657) reported

    @justinsuntron @krakenfx @Poloniex @WhiteBit6 Lol ... you mean STEEM is locked on @Poloniex Every other exchange like @binance and @HuobiGlobal, powered down, while @Poloniex not.

  • RydesaurusRex RydesaurusRex (@RydesaurusRex) reported

    @krakenfx suddenly having issues with Bitcoin deposits not showing up. Nice timing guys. Ffs.

  • Andrew_Lucky13 Andrew (@Andrew_Lucky13) reported

    @addry321 @BittrexExchange @binance @krakenfx @BiteeuExchange @HuobiGlobal @coinbase @Poloniex @OKEx @Gemini @Bitstamp @bitfinex #Bitcoin's problem is that no one knows where it really will go in the future. All attempts to predict his course are no more than an attempt to hit the sky with a finger.

  • lebon80 Lebon 🗺️🏳️‍🌈⚜✝☮ (@lebon80) reported

    @krakenfx There is a problem with the web interface. Just now, cancelling orders doesn't work. Tried on several browsers.

  • seohbgo Sean Seo (@seohbgo) reported

    @krakenfx worst ever exchange. Lock down accounts so easily even having positions. Make customers lose money and take no responsibility. High commissions. No reason to use. Use other exchanges.

  • TheNickTrader Nick Trader (@TheNickTrader) reported

    @krakensupport can sign up for an account it says internal error

  • Raf93571678 Rock lee (@Raf93571678) reported

    @Tronfoundation @krakenfx The problem with tron is too many coins and now ppl are loseing trust in it and sun. Plus it only got about 20 cent because of new money into crypto and India and China were still in crypto FREELY

  • robertandrewsm robertandrewsmith.eth (@robertandrewsm) reported

    @brendan_dharma Great writeup! Normie adoption is a UX/UI step away. @krakenfx has similar UX/UI problems.

  • pierre_rochard Pierre Rochard (@pierre_rochard) reported

    @Razo2 @krakenfx Fair, but once people’s expectations are jostled I imagine it would take a while for them to regain confidence, after all another goldmeteordrop could be around the corner. Price would go down imo

  • BTCSchellingPt WizardofAus 🇦🇺🔑⚡ (@BTCSchellingPt) reported

    @_eanwhile @TooWumboToFail @moneyball @krakenfx I agree exchanges should support #bitcoin devs. @krakenfx is a good example of a laggard in this regard, although they're going down the coinbase/binance shitcoin casino route.. But: we can opine about how the world should be, or we can make the change to see the world we want