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Kraken is a US based prominent bitcoin exchange operating in Canada, the EU, Japan, and the US, and the world's largest bitcoin exchange in euro volume and liquidity.

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Kraken problems in the last 24 hours

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At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at Kraken. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Login (50.00%)
  • ▪ Withdrawals (33.33%)
  • ▪ Transfer (16.67%)

Kraken Live Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Munich, Bavaria  ▪ Heiloo, North Holland  ▪ Henley-on-Thames, England  ▪ Leipzig, Saxony  ▪ London, England  ▪ Madrid, Community of Madrid  ▪ Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg  ▪ Minneapolis, Minnesota  ▪ Atoka, Oklahoma  ▪ Chapel Hill, North Carolina  ▪ Gruibingen, Baden-Württemberg

Kraken Live Outage Map
  • Munich, Bavaria
  • Heiloo, North Holland
  • Henley-on-Thames, England
  • Leipzig, Saxony
  • London, England
  • Madrid, Community of Madrid
  • Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Atoka, Oklahoma
  • Chapel Hill, North Carolina
  • Gruibingen, Baden-Württemberg
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  • bsmith12251960
    Mr. Scatman (@bsmith12251960) reported

    @khunFYP @SeatacBCH @krakenfx I replied to ur call of a down move due to a 'point of no return'. I contended that ur interpretation of the technicals weren't the only one. I was trying to be helpful (to the audience) w/o 'giving advice'. I knew where u were at. Positive when long, negative when out. :)

  • BitWatchr
    BitWatcher (@BitWatchr) reported

    @krakenfx Will we get an error when we try to get there?

  • puzle
    Jaimie (@puzle) reported

    @krakenfx I have noticed slow response of the trading site and your status page shows degraded performance for the past few days. Is there a fix coming soon?

  • BetyMiha
    Betty (@BetyMiha) reported

    @krakenfx Even I had 2 factor authentification, My Kraken account was broken!!! All XBT was WITHDRAWAL and no one announce me, 4 days ago!!!!! I'm disperate!!!! What should I do??

  • Sfetsas
    Sfetsas (@Sfetsas) reported

    So 7 months of failing to solve an issue. How is that even possible? @krakensupport

  • mus_nico
    Nico de Mus (@mus_nico) reported

    @krakensupport Agent replied 5 days ago, still no BTC received. It's more then two months now that you made an error. Your slowness is utterly awkward.

  • KarimouZZZ
    Karim... (@KarimouZZZ) reported

    @krakensupport Hi, Do you still have issues with your website?? I can't log in since yesterday... Seriously, do something... Thx

  • Bas_Serne
    Bas Serné (@Bas_Serne) reported

    @krakenfx @ToastWallet Hi guys! Could you help me. I sent XRP from litebit to my Toastwallet (more then 20 XRP). No problem. Then an hour later I sent XRP from Kraken. You have processed it but it hasn’t been added to my Toastwallet. Can you help me? Thanks in advance.

  • gkuzucu
    Sailor (@gkuzucu) reported

    Xrp withdraws' status is pending for an hour! Do you have xrp withdraw problem? I opened a ticket for that! @krakensupport

  • taikonokero
    Kero٩( 'ω' )و (@taikonokero) reported

    @krakenfx What's your funding system doing? My XRP withdrawal has stuck for 1.5 hours, and the price is dumping now!!!! Fix it asap plzzzzzzz

  • cryptojacksun
    Jackson R. (@cryptojacksun) reported

    @krakensupport Please fix my support ticket #516733. No exaggeration - what you are doing is the worst thing I've ever had to deal with in my entire life. You are ruining my life and could fix it in 2 hours but refuse. You don't even have the decency to respond to me. @krakenfx

  • mueller_de_
    Mueller (@mueller_de_) reported

    @krakensupport The last 2 days it always has problem at critical time. I suppose it is because a lot of traffic. Its unacceptable. I lost money because of this. For 10 minute i can not set a sell order. When i can, the price decreased dramatically already. Sucks.

  • mueller_de_
    Mueller (@mueller_de_) reported

    @krakenfx @TwitterSupport @krakensupport Unbelievale i can not open my position when its needed. Only when the prices went down then i can access your website again. Really sucks

  • mueller_de_
    Mueller (@mueller_de_) reported

    @krakenfx @TwitterSupport @krakensupport You guy sucks. Always at critical moment you website is unaccessible. Always 505 error.

  • crypto_canny
    crypto canny (@crypto_canny) reported

    @krakenfx is the website down again?

  • etops79
    Guillaume (@etops79) reported

    @krakenfx again, your exchange is down each time something happen on the crypto market. Theses scaling problem were not supposed to be fixed ?

  • hallwood_danny
    Danny Hallwood (@hallwood_danny) reported

    @krakensupport guys what the hell is with your exchange Every time i try to sell it errors when busy -was the same yesterday 15 minutes refreshing, occasionally get to submit, 100% fails cant sell at market is ridiculous.

  • Titinux1
    Titinux (@Titinux1) reported

    @krakenfx it's unbelievable... everytime there are interesting moves to make on BTC, I'm face error 520, or timeout or whatever.... Are you satisfied with the provided quality of services. You really should really improve this however, you'll loose loads of customers.... Fed up!

  • GeorgeGeoker
    Krytpo Nigh (@GeorgeGeoker) reported

    @krakensupport That 100% website uptime is BS. Error 520 Ray ID: 3fe0a3f36a72acc0 • 2018-03-19 14:31:03 UTC Web server is returning an unknown error

  • Piotr_the_gr3at
    Piotr (@Piotr_the_gr3at) reported

    @muszleit @krakenfx Again? Really? Second day in a row your exchange API is not responding. Something interesting to note that even if the API is not working the status page always shows 100% uptime. Really?

  • GeorgeGeoker
    Krytpo Nigh (@GeorgeGeoker) reported

    @krakenfx WHAT. THE. FUCK. Kraken can't close margin positions beacuse of this shit. Error 520 Ray ID: 3fe098d6edd37ee8 • 2018-03-19 14:23:28 UTC Web server is returning an unknown error

  • abdulwmohammad
    Abdul-Wahid Mohammad (@abdulwmohammad) reported

    @krakensupport is your site down ?

  • EmileMold
    modl (@EmileMold) reported

    @krakensupport It also happened last week during the sell offs. I'm glad it's up again but it's too late. Just hope you're working on a permanent fix

  • rippleXRPmoon
    Ripple101 (@rippleXRPmoon) reported

    @krakensupport @andrei94duma I’m shocked Kraken is having issues. I mean they never have issues.

  • jamesbanana762
    James Saging (@jamesbanana762) reported


  • EmileMold
    modl (@EmileMold) reported

    @krakenfx @krakensupport third server outage due to high volumes this month...

  • JaviME86
    Javi (@JaviME86) reported

    @krakensupport I cant login now... it seems down

  • andrei94duma
    Andrei Duma (@andrei94duma) reported

    Platform not working... @krakensupport

  • JaviME86
    Javi (@JaviME86) reported

    @krakenfx we cant login now... it seems down

  • PLNSimon
    Simon Moser (@PLNSimon) reported

    @krakenfx OMG now your servers are down... need to switch my trading exchange really quickly...

  • pironvn
    duong ho (@pironvn) reported

    What happen with you guy. Always error when login in critical time @krakensupport

  • BTC_Prince
    SpArK (@BTC_Prince) reported

    I don't understand why it's only @krakenfx that have performance issues almost on a daily basis? Didn't u upgrade yr servers recently?

  • JaviME86
    Javi (@JaviME86) reported

    @krakensupport are your site down? I cant operate

  • dbackeus
    David Backeus (@dbackeus) reported

    @krakenfx having problems? I'm getting 500 errors trying to access account and get errors trying to adjust stop loss on an ongoing position. Need to get this done urgently...

  • james_foran
    jaffa (@james_foran) reported

    @krakensupport Hey Kraken Team. Getting a 502 error down here in Australia.... Was able to access an hour ago. Login screen sometimes displays be not able to log in.

  • toseor
    toseor (@toseor) reported

    @krakenfx thnaks for the BAD job you did on the website after 3-4 days down, just when I need to operate... meeec Error 520. Disgusting. It seems a joke. You will loose a lot of users soon.

  • SemosPeligroso
    SemosPeligroso (@SemosPeligroso) reported

    I want to spend some money but @krakenfx doesnt let me... same error as two months ago. Back to Black?

  • viewsofireland
    View of Ireland [LTC] (@viewsofireland) reported

    @krakenfx Can't login!!

  • muszleit
    Michael (@muszleit) reported

    @krakenfx hey guys, is your site just simply overloaded or do you have other problems... getting timeouts and cloudflare errors all the time...

  • BearlyRational
    Bearly Rational (@BearlyRational) reported

    @krakensupport @BritanisUK Same here. ETH deposit not working.

  • lari_picea
    Kraken Ticket #869328 (@lari_picea) reported

    @outcryp @Cryptopia_NZ @krakensupport @binance_2017 @kucoincom I've been waiting 115 days on this issue. @krakensupport doesn't bother responding.

  • kbenali13
    kbenali (@kbenali13) reported

    @krakenfx I doin’t know what to do after sending all informations requested by kraken to unlock my account I’m still waiting i can’t make transfer to my account the problem started on December 19 !!! Please helpppppp tickets N: 999150 & 1002043

  • WWreden
    WillFrank (@WWreden) reported

    @krakenfx I’m having problems with your platform I need help and I’m not getting the response needed this has been horrible I just want to get into my account and get my funds and be done with kraken absolutely the worst exchange experience in crypto and I only joined yesterday

  • IbisabelB
    IbisabelB (@IbisabelB) reported

    @krakensupport I made an investment of € 500, seeing that they ask for so many pictures are all problems, I have asked for a refund of my € 500, but Kraken does not respond. Can they inform? Thanks, from Barcelona.

  • fouadtangerois
    Fouad Tangerois (@fouadtangerois) reported

    @cryptojacksun @josh_kurpies @krakenfx @krakensupport Whaat? What's the problem? With fiat withdrawal? I have lots of € on kraken and never asked for a withdrawal, is there a problem?

  • LaureenMaschek
    Laureen Maschek (@LaureenMaschek) reported

    @krakensupport Kraken has blocked me from my account. Is there another way to login and reset my password without waiting days for my ticket to be addressed? Kraken wont send me a second password reset. Please help.

  • cryptojacksun
    Jackson R. (@cryptojacksun) reported

    @krakensupport If you can't fix something at the 'highest priority' in two days then I can't imagine how long it takes you to fix low priority stuff. Actually I can, it clearly could take you a year. You are a company that gives crypto a bad name. @krakensupport

  • djvordo
    vordo (@djvordo) reported

    @BlockchainDog @krakenfx I am having this same issue - and now have lost 25 XRM in a noobie fuck up as my main Stellar wallet can't be confirmed.

  • Austin_Brown25
    Austin Brown (@Austin_Brown25) reported

    @krakenfx Ticket# 1627571 My cancelled BTC withdrawal has not been returned to my account. I want to keep using your exchange but there is constantly an issue with it. I need my funds returned immediately.

  • farhan_kamili
    Farhan Kamili (@farhan_kamili) reported

    @krakensupport I am getting an “exchange API is unanavilable” error. What’s going on during this major dip? Seems very fishy

  • agroeber
    Donatello (@agroeber) reported

    @krakenfx @krakensupport what's going on with the site? Really bad time to have issues guys! Can't execute trades and i have orders open! API can't communicate with the site and the website won't load the orders.

  • 150c_vapour
    Matt Crane (@150c_vapour) reported

    @krakensupport So no explanation but the engine time gets reset back to true time early this morning. I did tag the ceo in a reddit post the other day. Did I manage to escalate the issue? lol crypto

  • abrkn
    Andreas Brekken (@abrkn) reported

    @bedehomender @krakenfx @coinexcom @Poloniex @bitfinex @BitMEXdotcom Managed to overwrite the README. A little hung over. Will fix.

  • TCHAP424_
    Crypto_Chap_Nu (@TCHAP424_) reported

    @krakensupport What is going on with withdrawals?? I have been having this problem all day. Whats the deal???

  • clemylight1
    Clement Joseph (@clemylight1) reported

    @krakenfx Team, Options under your funding --> Deposit page has been having serious performance and functional issues since this morning. On click you get 502 bad gateway error or random messages. Is someone looking into it and do you have an ETA?

  • DisasterArtists
    Disaster Artists: The Post-Apocalyptic Podcast (@DisasterArtists) reported

    @krakenfx Yo, why is your withdrawal feature suddenly disabled? I had no problem doing so before, this seems really shady.

  • Brian540
    Brian (@Brian540) reported

    @krakensupport Why are withdraws still not working? Error 502? This has been noted to be "resolved" soon via other tweets? Whats the deal here?

  • mmoearn
    Free RuneScape Gold / Membership (@mmoearn) reported


  • Carcrypto132
    Carcrypto (@Carcrypto132) reported

    @krakensupport Your Customer support team said the issue will be solved in few hours and so far it has been more than 12 hours ..... is like your company has locked up our money for no reason is this a move to increase liquidity in your Exchange seems to me like that is the reason why, so bad.

  • ledgerstatus
    Ledger Spring Please (@ledgerstatus) reported

    @krakensupport Please fix your withdrawals. They are down.