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Mass Effect: Andromeda is an action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts for Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.

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  • PoakChopSalad Rob Noel (@PoakChopSalad) reported

    @videogamedeals Mass Effect 3 when half way through my Shep lost his eyelids in a glitch so he had permant bug eyes.

  • Arnoldoaad Arnoldoaad (@Arnoldoaad) reported

    @RPGSite I still think of it as a 6/10, the problem of course is the expectation of it being a 9 makes it look far worse. to put it in perspective, if this game was named just Andromeda and not Mass Effect it would have been seen differently.

  • thedarkfenix ian musgrove (@thedarkfenix) reported from Norton, England

    @GeekToyLove I do like the idea of the different skins. I think my problem is all I want to play these days are rpgs. Ive always been more drawn to them, about as shootery as I go is mass effect, cyberpunk. But I do love Deus ex which of course has rpg elements

  • HGemsReviews Drue Dannible (@HGemsReviews) reported

    @ProudAzrael On top of that, we're running into the exact same problems we did with Anthem and Andromeda with the Mass Effect trilogy: -Still no gameplay shown close to launch. -No real hype from the gaming community for it. -People leaving the company during production.

  • sephirothii Rev Barney (DEJ) Now the real work begins (@sephirothii) reported

    @biologicalriley One of my regrets in life was being part of the “Change Mass Effect” ending. Not that I didn’t feel they needed to fix it but what it brought to gaming because we did get it changed. Looking back and seeing how much EA was rushing BioWare. I feel bad for all involved

  • BobbyWhyteD4C Killer Queen NLM🖕 (@BobbyWhyteD4C) reported

    @PUNISHEDASH Mass effect is like the Tokyo Ghoul anime. 1. Is good, has issues to be expected. 2. Some better things, some worse, some of the same issues. Avoid everything after 2. it’ll only cause pain.

  • Sean8UrSon Sean Aitchison 🎮 Streaming Thur & Sat 🎮 (@Sean8UrSon) reported

    @WayOfTheQuay It’s just kind of slow and gives you nothing and feels like my issue with Mass Effect where it’s almost TOO open world

  • LagiacrisFour20 Lagiacris 🔞 (@LagiacrisFour20) reported

    @Bran_the_Onion I have very few problems with Mass Effect but ugh this is a big one. The disrespect smh

  • bluxbaerry worry! at the college library (@bluxbaerry) reported

    @symph0rine @stichomancery i'm thinking we might have mass effect (remaster) the same way they made hitman 3 & control available on switch... through the cloud / online service. which is going to be annoying. at best.

  • thedarkfenix ian musgrove (@thedarkfenix) reported from Norton, England

    @MrGamerChris I did enjoy halo 1 and 2 to a point. I think my problem is that I'm too much of an rpg ***** lol, I need huge games with more depth than halo could ever give me. I am really looking forward at the moment to Mass Effect legendary, dragon age 4.

  • QuintonRayne Rogue Inquisitor (@QuintonRayne) reported

    @Athena_Tiamat @frillycake Well in Mass Effect it’s “stop the reapers” it just has twists and turns to get there. DAO: “gather allies and fight an enemy who never talks” I just think DAI has fewer twists and turns + the first problem isn’t really the main threat

  • KiltedIan Ian, 10th of His Name (@KiltedIan) reported

    Just wanted to play some Mass Effect, and now I'm fixing a hard crash of my entire system.

  • GloriousKev Glorious Kev (@GloriousKev) reported

    @Colteastwood @thicc_stick_boi Any Bioware game prior to Dragon Age Inquisition doesn't have native controller support. However, Steam can force controller support into the game and there are mods to fix the controller issues in Mass Effect 2 and 3. Idk if its available for 1.

  • Died_Chrysippus Dramatic Christmas Tastebuds🇨🇼🇧🇶🔤 (@Died_Chrysippus) reported

    @Injimaru It wasn't bad at all wa. It has the problem most modern open worlds do with a bit of lack of content in huge open areas ish. It just suffered under the bugs at launch and it not living up to expectations people heaped on it due to it being Mass Effect.

  • AnObiJoan Obi-Joan (@AnObiJoan) reported

    @frillycake Actually... yes... and no. I am also thinking about Mass Effect... which is also a problem...

  • tobecomeDragon Prog☆L.J.S (@tobecomeDragon) reported

    @ladyinsanity Hopefully they keep everything the same. Add a few touch ups but leave the voice lines the same. No editing, no pandering, leave the game at its core how it was. Except for Mass Effect 3. Fix the ending.

  • baphometadata SHOGGOTH GO HOME👀👀 (@baphometadata) reported

    My favorite part of Mass Effect 2 so far is when I think I've finally managed to make it past the jank of the first game, only to glitch out into standing on top of some object I can't get down from and have to reload the game to reset my character position.

  • Hades666Fr Lysius. (@Hades666Fr) reported

    @HidingInTheFade Yeahhh i had some issues with Mass Effect and Dragon Age, and yeah you are mostly alone to solve issues. EA doesn't help, Origin launcher is bad.

  • MildlyNuclear Mildly☢Nuclear Hee Ho (@MildlyNuclear) reported

    @Hitchhikingthr2 @DevilMayCry Could be a translation error. It's not explicit who made the gauntlets in the English version of the sentence and if the translator was unfamiliar with the source material or not paying attention he just assumed. I've seen far worse in the likes of the Mass Effect localization.


    @EAHelp I bought $20.00 of Andromeda points gor Mass Effect Andromeda on the PS5 and they havent shown up is there a fix for this?

  • laukidh Laukidh (@laukidh) reported

    Oh heck yeah, this week Game Pass had a quest for Mass Effect Andromeda. Only problem is I won’t be able to hit the quest for earning achievements, since, well, humblebrag...

  • deuxdel ✨Jess Taylor✨ (@deuxdel) reported

    Mass effect 5 thought of the day: Thinking about the old crew and if bioware would just kill them, but the Normandy crash site was always ambiguous. They totally just be like "oh yeah they hurtled through the relay system and were spit out in the Andromeda Galaxy due to xyz."

  • MonsieurSlick 💚Mister Vert💚 (@MonsieurSlick) reported

    @RayDayPlays I think the main issue I have with Star Wars’ idea of sci-fi future is that.. it kind of gets shittier looking as the movies go along. Mass Effect and the like genuinely feel futuristic. The prequels have a futuristic look. Then the original trilogy just looks.. normal cities?

  • Bostoncore_ Boston (@Bostoncore_) reported

    @Stuckio_513 @IGN I was upset at first but grew to be ok with it because the game overall was still fun and I enjoyed it. Andromeda was THE ONLY mass effect I had massive problems with and didn’t like.... at all

  • mylifethisworld Ziad Nsarellah (@mylifethisworld) reported

    @EAHelp Since the last Origin update, I can no longer play Mass Effect 3 nor see the games in My Game Library, any ETA on the fix?

  • mylifethisworld Ziad Nsarellah (@mylifethisworld) reported

    @EA Since the last Origin update, I can no longer play Mass Effect 3 nor see the games in My Game Library, any ETA on the fix?

  • trevsded tReVsDeD (@trevsded) reported

    @FormuoliSSB @uricksaladbar Mass Effect 3 had a serious problem with oversimplifying the concepts of the previous two games (ME2 was more of an action game but the writing was still very good, 3 just had a complete lack of the writing talent from the previous games)

  • academiczombie sephimom (sam)✨🌈 (@academiczombie) reported

    The issue is that the Mass Effect team has always tried to appeal to their demographic audience (straight white men), and heaven forbid we upset them.

  • Qractus Qractus (@Qractus) reported

    Mass Effect has a remaster coming this year I'm hoping this info wasn't released just to drum up talk about the series unless they're willing to fix Jack's character.

  • TheGenMan Charlie (@TheGenMan) reported

    @hoogathy It was mostly about the game being seriously broken, but there are also the "No Shepard = No Mass Effect" people. I like to think of this as a side story and not a sequel. I really wish they'd give us a ME story set in the First Contact War. The PvP element would be amazing

Mass Effect Andromeda Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 0-12
  • 0xc0000142
  • CE-34788-0
  • CE-34878-0
  • NP-41372-7