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Mass Effect: Andromeda is an action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts for Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.

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Mass Effect Andromeda Outage Chart 07/06/2020 17:30

July 06: Problems at Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda is having issues since 05:20 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments section!

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Mass Effect Andromeda Issues Reports

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  • BigTinyTimTim RealBigTinyTimTim (@BigTinyTimTim) reported

    Gonna try for a drum stream tonight with an old hi-hat as a replacement crash for the time being (don't hurt me) Gotta wait on some Mass Effect updates and then we're a-go!

  • HeavyMetalhead8 Doomguy64 (@HeavyMetalhead8) reported

    @elementomega1 @BadCrippIe @undeadscribe The problem i would ask is "How advanced do they have to be? And where do we draw the line?" Because let's say the aliens don't look like Mass Effect and more akin to Halo or Warhammer 40k, what then?

  • bytemandave SGT BytemanDave (@bytemandave) reported

    @BriannaWu Agreed, I had no problems with the Mass Effect 3 ending at all.

  • Sexy_Rexy_Racer Rex Racer (@Sexy_Rexy_Racer) reported

    How to make Mass Effect Andromeda better: Step 1: Drop Mass Effect and let it be it's own IP. The game had a rocky launch at best, but had legitimate charm to it. The only issue is it doesn't at all feel like Mass Effect. You can throw in all the Asari you want, it doesn't fit

  • VobeShy #KBF CU where don't get force fed govt #propaganda (@VobeShy) reported

    It is unlawful for a service corporation to effect a contract with the people w/o their agreement - muzzles, mass house arrest, harmful vaccines, all are trespasses against us @BorisJohnson @HouseofCommons @UKHouseofLords

  • A_major420 U Down w/ PPE?! (@A_major420) reported

    @iholytrojan That’s the REAL issue. I truly believe most of this country’s people are ignorant, stupid or some combination of both. Throw in the effect mass media has on people’s ideals and opinions and it becomes a shitstorm of misinformation and poor decisions

  • Radar_Wilton Michael Wilton (@Radar_Wilton) reported

    @nexusjwf @TriforceBlade @Neil_Druckmann Not the best game in my opinion (Last of Us, Days Gone, Mass Effect trilogy) BUT it was certainly up near the top for me. Problem with most of these idiots is that they judge early on and refuse to change their view regardless of the quality of the WHOLE game.

  • PositiveAbraham Abraham The Positive (@PositiveAbraham) reported

    @LordSakai_ @andrey_YashinII @JustAnLED @Neil_Druckmann If millions have hated them now, the confidence of the fans is broken and as with the Andromeda mass effect that always ends badly.

  • MarcusBakerX1 Ҝ卂乃OOҜI丨 フㄖ乇 (@MarcusBakerX1) reported

    @JulioCsarMauLeu @ChrisRandall811 @Austin19977921 @nomura115 @Naughty_Dog No problem, i loved Mass Effect 1 & 2 even with their flaws but 3 killed it to the point of no return, the same thing with the last of us and the 2nd game has no multiplayer so that's another Loss

  • Kman11697257 K-man (@Kman11697257) reported

    @Sinnycal @tittysparks @SarahKSilverman @jesawyer I think the point is, that with all the issues going on with the pandemic, mass unemployment, global warming and people losing their healthcare... dogs being afraid once a year for a few minutes isn't high up there. Unless your rich and all those other things don't effect you.

  • JasperJay40 𝕄 ♪ 𝕁 (@JasperJay40) reported

    @hakunamatatalh I’m just excited to experience it for myself. The problem with the gaming community is memes tend to define a game before many get the chance to play them. Mass Effect: Andromeda which was not a bad game, was totally hijacked by the online community.

  • johnnyshairyass ☆ tris ☆ (@johnnyshairyass) reported

    I think I have a problem,, everytime I play Mass Effect I'm like "haha i think i will romance someone else for once" and I ALWAYS end up going for Garrus lmao

  • NoImagi32221913 No (@NoImagi32221913) reported

    @lelufufu @brainrot_doc @pcgamer Second, the inclusion of gay characters isn't the problem, it's the manner in which it's done. If you feature gay characters just for the sake of pandering then naturally they're going to be **** characters, which is why Mass Effect Andromeda sucks and Mass Effect 3 doesn't.

  • patwag6 PATWAG (@patwag6) reported

    @TendayiManyange @MichelleJambawa @isaacmacharika @sy_prez Poverty and suffering brought by US War Sanctions is the reason for mass migration to SA, the ripple effect is xenophobia. We simply can’t solve our problems. Thats why I don’t blame South Africans when they say ZimbabweansMustFall.. because we WANT to fall already.

  • Happy_KillMoar Happy KillMore (@Happy_KillMoar) reported

    @Gameonysus I had a hard drive crash that took out my Mass Effect 2 saves a couple of weeks before Mass Effect 3 came out. I had 6 characters all the way through the first two games, one for each class. All wiped out. Barely had time to get one character through both games before ME3.

  • revbeotch adam o ghost is almost here (@revbeotch) reported

    @Overlord893 @LegacyKillaHD First off krem was a lame charter but the inclusion isn't the issue. It's the lack of questioning or even challenging a view point. A RPG that limits role play actually hurts against it. Looking at a character from another game like mass effect allows you to challenge and accept

  • silkdart angela🐉 (@silkdart) reported

    hello xbox pls fix xbox live,,, I am simply trying to play mass effect 3

  • SPECTREStudioN7 SPECTRE Studio (@SPECTREStudioN7) reported

    @Alyc0re Lost all my game saves for Mass Effect in a hard drive crash. Luckily, I made a backup of my videos, though. *sigh of relief*

  • UnLucky_Elf Ean butt tired (@UnLucky_Elf) reported

    Was playing Mass Effect 3 and I got to the Omega dlc mission until the game froze. Apparently theres a glitch if you play the dlc on a file that started BEFORE you downloaded it, it corrupts your save file... I lost 50 hours of gameplay and I seriously wanted to cry...

  • chloroform_tea Roseanna Pendlebury🔶 (@chloroform_tea) reported

    Mass Effect 2 - complete! I will now move onto Mass Effect 3, hoping for a dramatic downturn in missions about daddy issues. I'd say I'm also hoping for less/fewer objectified women, but I'm not a total fool here.

  • Zblaze Zachary (@Zblaze) reported

    welp tried to play Mass Effect 3 but was hit with a game break-in glitch right from the jump. gonna start Death Stranding instead

  • James_Batchelor James Batchelor (@James_Batchelor) reported

    @Gameonysus Lost my Mass Effect 1 save the week before Mass Effect 2 came out. Also had a Far Cry 2 save corrupt the day before a patch fixing that problem was released. I was 75% of the way through the game.

  • TheloneMarowak The Lone Marowak (@TheloneMarowak) reported

    If this tweet gets 1 like I'll share a crappy video of a funny glitch I encountered while playing Mass Effect 1.

  • ArdentPlea elspeth (@ArdentPlea) reported

    i remember mass effect andromeda pissing me off because there'd be party dialogue going while driving but i'd accidentally interrupt it cause i went one inch too far forward and hit story dialogue. tlou2 going out of its way to fix this is just... incredible

  • arrobadeJorge Jorge Barbosa 🇧🇷🏳️‍🌈🇧🇷 (@arrobadeJorge) reported

    @masseffect Hey guys, you have to fix the description of ME Andromeda at steam, the store page say's that the game don't have subtitles in PT-BR, but the game have!

  • stephenkb Stephen Bush (@stephenkb) reported

    @Smith_n_Chips @CJTerry @gloombat @GeorgeClancye Agree. His post-ME1 is an early example of Mass Effect’s overarching problem, which is Bioware’s aversion to some choices simply meaning you get less game.

  • Rogue_Jedi_Theo Darth_Theo (@Rogue_Jedi_Theo) reported

    @OfDirtbags @ardwinna_mel @johan210lumw @mithagata Being able to overlook flaws does not remove them. Just because you can ignore them doesn't make them not exist. I love Mass Effect Andromeda, but there are glaring issues in both the story AND game that I have to recognize. Even if they don't "resonate" with me.

  • will_borger Will Borger (@will_borger) reported

    @Gameonysus Tried to get Mass Effect 3's online pass to work on my 360. EA support recommended reseting the console. Saw that it would delete my saves. Tried to tell it to cancel, accidentally confirmed because of input lag. Lost everything. 360 was my primary machine at the time.

  • will_borger Will Borger (@will_borger) reported

    @Gameonysus Tried to get Mass Effect 3's online pass to work on my 360. EA support recommended reseting the console. Saw that it would delete my saved. Tried to tell it to cancel, accidentally confirmed because of input lag. Lost everything.

  • edsa0601 Ed Ray (@edsa0601) reported

    @NCRonline The top issue with Euro clerics is their hunger for assaulting children. So clearly the daily Mass & Eucharist are farcical rituals with zero effect. Right?

Mass Effect Andromeda Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 0-12
  • 0xc0000142
  • CE-34788-0
  • CE-34878-0
  • NP-41372-7