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Mass Effect: Andromeda is an action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts for Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.

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  • beingdanicb
    🌼Dani B (@beingdanicb) reported

    “This is just like those other examples in the past where you have a mass addiction with a commercial interest behind it. The difference, in this case, is that the side effect is to disconnect humanity from reality.” Have a read 🤭

  • JosefLundstrom
    Josef Lundström (@JosefLundstrom) reported

    @bioware It is disappointing that @Masseffect Andromeda was abandoned. It has it's problems, the biggest flaw is that the choices done in the triology didn't matter. But that and other issues could have been fixed. The game shows good promise and is worthy to be continued!

  • flying_rodent
    Flying_Rodent (@flying_rodent) reported

    About 5 hours into the new Mass Effect and it’s much the same as the first three games. Most of the complaints I heard seem to be based on the fact that - for various reasons - players are no longer happy to forgive the problems they did in previous instalments.

  • CharizardisLit
    J🔟 (@CharizardisLit) reported

    @AEGRO This isn’t input lag. This is momentum based movement. Takes a second for the character to get moving. If you’re already moving, shifting your character is almost instant because you already have the momentum. Witcher did this, Mass Effect did this. Cmon guys.

  • AirierGames
    Airier (@AirierGames) reported

    @TheNorseCrow I'm just worried it'll be bad because they'll treat important issues with the same level of care as Mass Effect Andromeda. Not the worst, but not as good as I would hope.

  • Trobadour_XP
    Noe Monsivais (@Trobadour_XP) reported from Hidalgo, Texas

    @majornelson I love that I discovered games where you can solve problems without violence either through dialogue (Skyrim or Mass Effect) or Dishonored (sleeping enemies, no killing achievement). #freecodefridaycontest

  • Angry_Gr0bi
    [GROBI]🏳️‍🌈🏴 (@Angry_Gr0bi) reported

    @kroati1 The "what 1-2-3 were all about"-issue though... This one is tricky because, as much as this is the story of Shepard, it's NOT what ME was about. The THEMES of the Mass Effect games were something else, and that's why the endings piss me off so much. They betrayed those themes.

  • TurboSlowGaming
    Turbo Lenta (@TurboSlowGaming) reported

    Wanted to play Mass Effect on stream tonight but couldn't get it to work. Am not in the mood for dealing with tech issues. Got 2 hours to decide what to play instead.

  • Angry_Gr0bi
    [GROBI]🏳️‍🌈🏴 (@Angry_Gr0bi) reported

    @IllCaesar It's hard to say. One of the problems with Mass Effect is that the Reapers, as set up in the first game, are SO uber-powerful and SO undefeatable that BioWare've would always ended up writing themselves into a corner. Dark matter ending or not, that problem still remained.

  • Falmung
    Falmung (@Falmung) reported

    @Rukishou And also Origin sales. Got titanfall 2 for $5 and me Andromeda deluxe for $8.30. Already own every other mass effect. Biggest problem with this is that it's only EA games. That's why something like Xbox's gamepass is so much better. A steam gamepass/premier would be killer.

  • Coryscant
    Cory Thorp (@Coryscant) reported

    @Lollardfish Sorry to hear that. I recently played through it, fully, and enjoyed it. I hear many of the patches had dealt with the early problems. (I had a good time with Mass Effect: Andromeda by playing it well after patching as well)

  • rvelvetj1
    (G1)rvelvetj (@rvelvetj1) reported

    @GambleMike @postman23 Very cool! If the missions are good I have zero problem replaying them. Only have a couple thousand hours in mass effect so I don’t mind replaying good content.

  • DeathBySmiley
    DBSmiley (@DeathBySmiley) reported

    Then again, for all their problems, at least Dragon Age: Inquisition and Mass Effect Andromeda has the soul of their games still in place, even with the execution being poor. There's no soul left at Blizzard, and they are intentionally driving out the talent.

  • sasha_feather
    Sasha Feather (@sasha_feather) reported

    i am stuck in an exgeni bunker #masseffect going to try and reload in case its a glitch

  • NighingaleArt
    Evan Seijuro (@NighingaleArt) reported

    Ok, I finished Mass Effect 3 and the ending wasn't as terrible as I was led to believe, but it's really not that good either. And I honestly have no issues with the final choice.... my issue is the story-telling and writing...

  • planetremco
    Remco de Kok (@planetremco) reported

    Dehecq: Feature tracking to get glacier velocity fields. Problem when velocity is low: more effect of noise; velocity distribution not gaussian anymore. Velocity trends correlate with mass balance trends in HMA. #AGU18

  • OfLaverna
    Stories Of Laverna (@OfLaverna) reported

    @bioware Neat! Fix that atrocity to the gaming world Mass Effect please. Just pretend that Andromeda didn't happen.

  • SDesu12
    Initial D (@SDesu12) reported

    @CommaKaiZ @BreadOfFire @PaladinsGame For what. . . horizon zero dawn,god of war,overwatch,bioshock infinite,mass effect 2, 90% of retro games,donkey kong tropical freeze and if they did had any bugs none of them took 2 years to fix and still have problems.

  • TDRevelation
    The Daily Revelation (@TDRevelation) reported

    @MandieMasked @jlovesbangtan @MaxLewisWSBT You underestimate good parenting thats proven throughout history. Broken homes and apathetic parenting has proven to be a mass negative effect on teenagers. There's really no debate about it. Your opinions are just that, not fact.

  • GregPacifictkd
    Greg (@GregPacifictkd) reported

    @bioware You should expand on Mass Effect: Andromeda and make the DLC, I know the issues that it caused but I would love to get some answers to the questions that obviously should be answered in ME:A. Pretty please, consider this my Christmas wish :)

  • SylviaD32911201
    SylviaD (@SylviaD32911201) reported

    @Decolonise @climateunion @jimmerz50 @ExtinctionR @GretaThunberg That's why true environmentalists/humanitarians are deeply concerned! Instead of fixing problems where we know there is direct cause:effect and can make a difference, we have a mass delusion where people speak in cult like terms of 'saving the planet' & 'climate action'. Freaky.

  • Button_MK
    Evan. (@Button_MK) reported

    The only problem I have with Mass Effect is that I feel super guilty about romancing anyone other than Garrus

  • Bad_Minion89
    TotalSilence (@Bad_Minion89) reported

    @ek_johnston sorry but KOTOR is only fun if you have played it years ago. I haven't and could not connect with it. Even let's plays of it are boring. Mass Effect makes way more fun because it does not have the bugs and problems of kotor but basically is a SW Game. Assassin's Creed Is good!

  • sav_gr
    News & Lulz (@sav_gr) reported

    "This is just like those other examples in the past where you have a mass addiction with a commercial interest behind it. The difference, in this case, is that the side effect is to disconnect humanity from reality."

  • barkeep_hey
    HeyBarkeep (@barkeep_hey) reported

    @JulioNimbus @OmegaRaijin @ericutz4thewin I haven’t beaten ACO, and the game looks pretty but the story and quests are shallow and the NPC’s have the mass effect: andromeda problem. They don’t move. 😪 kinda a huge let down and means I probably won’t buy it for myself, cont to play my brothers xD

  • soltysik_rob
    Rob Soltysik (@soltysik_rob) reported

    This is serious, and I am hoping that L-glycine will reverse this. My muscles actually added mass after ME, due to the continuous muscle fiber activity. But this latest issue threatens the protein itself that builds muscle. With neurotoxicity as a side effect.

  • themasterofcube
    Lotte 💖 (@themasterofcube) reported

    @trgrrl mass effect on pc is bizarre, I use a mod so I can play with controller because the UI is broken and I can't aim down sights without it, I don't get the t-pose thing unfortunately

  • Aeladya
    Aeladya (@Aeladya) reported

    @nintendolife I expect them to fix their service as much as I expect EA to **** up Dragon Age 4, and yes I know Bioware is in charge of Dragon Age, but we all know what happened with Mass Effect Andromeda.

  • bookavid
    jen ✌🏽🌈♿️ (@bookavid) reported

    @NerdCactus total mass effect feels. if you havent played that series, pls fix your life and do that. #chance2connect

  • buddhabunny_0
    Buddha Bunny [#TwitchLegion] (@buddhabunny_0) reported

    @realdoctore_v No problem. Rest up so you can crush some Mass Effect! 🐇

  • Didact343
    JRPG's and Christmas! ❄🎄🎆 (@Didact343) reported

    @smudgedhorizon @NextGenPlayer True, but Fallout 76 and Mass Effect Andromeda had clear and present problems throughout development and release. The devs chose to release a broken game rather than delay it to fix them. Thats their problem, to be frank.

  • Zchu_The_Kitty
    Zchu The Kitty (@Zchu_The_Kitty) reported

    @Ricardo19061998 @RockstarGames Yes please. Honestly would love them to patch in an alternate ending. As it is we have the same issue as Mass Effect 3 ending. Three flavors... one ending.

  • PeterZeihan
    Peter Zeihan (@PeterZeihan) reported

    @Total_Exactness I disagree on your cause-effect theory, but that doesn't mean that you r wrong about mass inequality exacerbating other problems...

  • UridiumAuthor
    Andrew Braybrook (@UridiumAuthor) reported

    @DarkBlueMonkey Negative mass has that effect, so yes, putting in a negative AB`s universal gravity value would indeed do the very same thing. Turns out more gravity just makes all the rocks crash into each other and break up, so not as big a threat as I thought.

  • The_peep_nation
    Commander Peep (@The_peep_nation) reported

    Still in pain from my charley horse and having issues sitting down gonna relax the leg and finally come back to stream tomorrow with some mass effect do apologize for the cancellations

  • revbeotch1
    psychonauts 2!!! (@revbeotch1) reported

    Player choices where you litterally can have genocides, murder, and overall extremist views mass effect was a example of this to the T. However as of late the last 2 titles have had issues of staff openly being hateful (or straight up bigots) being the center of controversy both

  • TechieArjunYT
    ARJUN GROVER (@TechieArjunYT) reported

    @GearsofSkorge Also the facial animations of NPC's are looking quite awkward more like Mass Effect Andromeda style but still they have time to fix them and make them better

  • GummiPomPom
    GummiPomPom (@GummiPomPom) reported

    I had an ex girlfriend like this over my waifu, Liara from Mass Effect. I literally ended the relationship soon after. If you get jealous over a fictional character you got problems.

  • _necovivi_
    🎄 Vivi 🎄 (@_necovivi_) reported

    @erwinho84 @CupcakeMegL @masseffect @anthemgame @bioware @jhaletweets @Mark_Meer @taylorson @SJBsMama @Nixi00M @ugobananas @KilljoyKerri I finished it and it had it's issues sure but I still actually really liked it. Like I loved the characters and the story wasn't bad either imo

  • miaphysite
    llord (@miaphysite) reported

    luckily, due to a clerical error, playing mass effect does not count as gaming

  • The_Trakker
    Manuel (@The_Trakker) reported

    actually ignore that tweetm streaming witcher is not working atm, but at least im pretty sure about what the problem is, im gonna start a new playthrough of Mass Effect instead

  • Dragon_Age_Fans
    🍂 Autumn Witch 🎄 (@Dragon_Age_Fans) reported

    @erwinho84 @BSNforums @masseffect @anthemgame @bioware @jhaletweets @Mark_Meer @taylorson @SJBsMama @Nixi00M @ugobananas @KilljoyKerri I want to be but have some issues with the play style. But I will buy the game and take it for a spin.

  • ExtraKafkaesque
    That's So Kafkaesque (@ExtraKafkaesque) reported

    ME:A may have problems, but Ryder is a more compelling character than Shepard. Die mad about it. #MassEffect

  • newsbypostcard
    stove rangers (@newsbypostcard) reported

    i tried to play some da:o yesterday but the right-click on both my mice is broken and it feels like a lot to buy a new mouse just to replay games i've played a thousand times, but also, mass effect,

  • captainbriecks
    captainbriecks (@captainbriecks) reported

    alright audio issues are resolved, i’m going to stream tonight 🤠 we’re going to play some mass effect for old times sake

  • ThaiYen6
    Thai_Yen (@ThaiYen6) reported

    @eplerjc My problem is when these topics are handled like a hammer to glass. EG: The transwoman from Mass effect Andromeda who was just a lazy tick box. These characters deserve to be written just as well as any other and realistically. Cont..

  • Vikingboar
    Lumbago Vikingboar (@Vikingboar) reported

    @t8styham I really dunno. Just Cause 3's DLC wasn't all bad, but it was short af. I'm around halfway to beat Destiny 2's Forsaken DLC. Rise of the Tomb Raider had a similar issue with the DLC, like JC3. I really have no idea. My fav DLC is essentially Mass Effect 2 & 3 from last gen.

  • michael_paulin
    Michael Paulin (@michael_paulin) reported

    Getting ready for Anthem @anthemgame by playing every @bioware game I can get my hands on! Problem is I cant decide which one to play through first. Keep switching between Star Wars: The old republic, Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age: Inquisition. I couldnt be more excited for Anthem


    @SnoopDogg snoop understand this I've dated million billion godzillionaires money wasn't issue born with ms special shoes as kid if I didn't dance walk my muscles heart will kill me now ovarian mass I'm in a time crunch text 6464164377🌍let's effect with lyrics not anger

  • tqylori
    tayl❁r (@tqylori) reported

    @Vegan_Riott @rvch_homi3 @catladyleah @UMerlinus @tyrathetaurus Eating plants causes soooo much destruction lol. Look into the effect sugar cane has on the tropicales. And palm oil. And corn production. The problem is mass agricultural practices and to create a massive change it’s helpful to be collaborative instead of condescending to others

  • whitesithmale
    SithyClause🗨 (@whitesithmale) reported

    @klara_sjo @Hakeera87 @Oxhorn I have a feeling that the prices will keep dropping though. So if you aren't rocking back and forth in the corner for you Fallout fix, I would suggest waiting a bit more. The backlash against the game has been one of the biggest outcries since Mass Effect 3's ending

  • Av8orGamer
    AviatorGamer (@Av8orGamer) reported

    @erictehmick I think my biggest problem is when blonde lady says "worse." Everything else works fine. It's basically Firefly meets Borderlands meets Mass Effect Andromeda meets No Man's Sky. I'll play the heck out of it. Probably.

  • NighingaleArt
    Evan Seijuro (@NighingaleArt) reported

    I know I'm not going to win any fans with this, but I want to be honest. And I really wanted to like Mass Effect. Hell, I have a Turian character because I *love* the species in ME. There are just a lot of problems in the series.

  • ohemgeelizabeth
    Elizabeth of The Fandomentals (@ohemgeelizabeth) reported

    I’m kind of torn here. I want to do different things than I did last time but also I’m not a *monster* so there’s some things I just won’t do. I have this problem with Mass Effect as well. I can at least play through one of the only intros I’ve never done before: Dwarven Noble.

  • U6SexySaiyan
    Caulifla (@U6SexySaiyan) reported

    @Crimsonqueen44 @TohRuleThemAll //No guilt in buying costume DLC. In my everyone's a mark for something. I knew Mass Effect Andromeda had major problems and you won't hear me dispute that fact. Still bought it Day 1 and still had a lot of fun with it.

  • ohgodscrewthis
    Alex Edwards (@ohgodscrewthis) reported

    It's nice that you can use the DLC even after the Mass Effect servers shut down (although requiring this in the first place is silly), but you have to jump through a number of obscure hoops to enable them...and then manually re-enter your login info every time the game starts.

  • CM_J_
    King of the Clouds (@CM_J_) reported

    @Phrozen_2une Me too. But I don't think they will since Casey is back. Hopefully they fix mass effect along the way. But I can only hope. 🙌

  • Mhcrewe81Martin
    Martin Haynes #FBPE (@Mhcrewe81Martin) reported

    @SilverWidow @Chiclanagirl Problem is that years people have read, watched or listened to a mass media that stifles critical thought. Cause and effect is an alien concept and there appears to be an inability to stand back and assess what they are told.

  • regal_ducky
    Ducky (@regal_ducky) reported

    @kattegad tbh i need another space game to obsess abt so i can stop replaying mass effect and get my heart broken every time

  • jeff_munn
    Jeff Munn (@jeff_munn) reported

    @vegasrobert BTW... FACT: violent crimes and hard drug deaths where ********* is now legal have dropped. Mass shooting happen almost 100% of the time in “gun free” zones... hmmm... removing gun free zones may have the same effect. Not a 2A or NRA issue or debate.... nice chat

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  • 0xc0000142
  • CE-34788-0
  • CE-34878-0
  • NP-41372-7