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Mass Effect: Andromeda is an action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts for Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.

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  • gamecombination Game Combo Bot (@gamecombination) reported

    Idea: Mass Effect but with the subtext of Broken Age and the writing of Super Mario Sunshine

  • TheFreedom1345 Alexander Mayes (@TheFreedom1345) reported

    I absolutely love the mass effect games I've bought them all. Including the under rated Andromeda granted it felt largely unfinished I think the Andromeda Galaxy would have been the logical crash destination of the Normandy due to the over charged mass effect relays @masseffect

  • NathanWu84 Nathan Wu (@NathanWu84) reported

    I mean Bioware coming off Mass Effect 3, & then by Andromeda they used up all their good wills. Basically an insult, & when they come untrying w/ all sorts of issues ppl were not forgiving that I think Obsidian have managed not to mire that consumer trust.

  • verygooster Gustavo Luis (@verygooster) reported

    So I've been playing Mass Effect almost the whole damn day and uh... ...did they ever fix the money exploit lol

  • Ajhmass Ajh (@Ajhmass) reported

    @bluecrabby @gmoomaw Agreed,but in Mass the town I lived in was a “will issue” town-meaning they will issue automatically once you pass BG check-city 3miles away is a non issue-they will not -all arbitrary up to local police chief-it in effect bans people that shouldn’t be banned

  • TheAshEffect Ash Effect 🎮🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 (@TheAshEffect) reported

    IF this was a HD remaster, and if ALL story DLC & DLC characters were included.....I wouldn't need much convincing 😝 need my @masseffect fix until ME5 #garrus #liara #tali

  • Elwood540 James Spencer (@Elwood540) reported

    @Xbox_Amb_Teagan @XboxSupport I just got Mass Effect 3 to play and I literally had to use GameStop disc cleaner to get it to work and there's nothing wrong with the desk when I first bought it and installed it three days ago and installed find no problem with the disc up until I tried to launch the game

  • Elwood540 James Spencer (@Elwood540) reported

    @Xbox_Amb_Teagan @XboxSupport All the disc is being read every time Mass Effect 3 tries to load I get that damn need to re-subscribe to EA access or clean the disc there's no problem with the disc that's a fact

  • Stringfellowe_ Serpico - Stringfellow (@Stringfellowe_) reported

    @RoraPickles I have this issue a lot over the last year or more. I look forward to September when Cyberpunk releases. I need stories. It’s why I reply Mass Effect so much.

  • jplaub J.P. (@jplaub) reported

    I just finished #MassEffect Andromeda, after lo these many years. After making it about 60% through back in 2017, I decided to give it another shot, and I'm glad I did. The game has its problems for sure but I think the positives outweigh the negatives. It got a bad rap.

  • DeterminedSaito vG /「𝕊𝔸𝕀𝕋𝕆」🇨🇦 @ MiM@S2020? (@DeterminedSaito) reported

    @justdrop @MatisseThybulIe @TFitzgerald24 @JOEL9ONE The bugs that most of those games had back then were nowhere near the level of absurdity that we get now. Unless it’s done by a shovelware company, we hardly ever got broken messes like WWE 2K20, Mass Effect Andromeda, Assassin’s Creed Unity, Fallout 76, and so many more.

  • travis_huckabee Travis Huckabee (@travis_huckabee) reported

    @alalven @Go2SleepyHollow @BoomerHatfield You joke but these are serious issues. Mass Effect never recovered after the ending of the third

  • terdcarply Dr. Gourmet Daddy™️ PhD (@terdcarply) reported

    That Mass Effect PC AMD glitch on peak 15 is some shit

  • wordsandsense Bri (@wordsandsense) reported

    @shambolic_ow @LegacyZeroYT @ProudResister It's a token policy that carries no real weight, because it has no actual meaningful effect in the grand scheme of *actually dealing with the problem*, which is mass incarceration. (15/)

  • wordsandsense Bri (@wordsandsense) reported

    @shambolic_ow @LegacyZeroYT @ProudResister It's a token policy that carries no real weight, because it has no meaningful effect in the grand scheme of *actually dealing with the problem*, which is mass incarceration. The problem isn't that people in prison can't vote; it's that they're in prison in the first place. (15/)

  • Petefor46 Concerned Citizen for Pete Buttigieg (@Petefor46) reported

    @4Mennos As with JB, the mass media wants to protect BS from any scrutiny during the primary in hopes that DJT will be so kind to hold his fire on all of these issues & not use them to cripple either of these elderly men. Just another side effect of their self-fulfilling polling prophecy

  • drewjneumann Drewjn (@drewjneumann) reported

    @Thafnine During the Mass Effect 3 debacle I found it vastly unsettling that the issue of day one dlc was considered more horrific than the fact Bioware/EA intentionally released a rushed and incomplete storyline that went against their advertisments and promises.

  • Mrmetalmangamin 🔥Mrmetalman🔥 (@Mrmetalmangamin) reported

    @an0nymite This is why I was so against Disney taking away the EU of Star Wars.. did it have issues, sure, but it opened up so many new worlds and stories.. Maybe we should write some Mass Effect EU!

  • SawADogOnce Roro fighter of the Nightman @ Pax South (@SawADogOnce) reported

    @Hikazio my service has been going in and out all day but im going to the mass effect character ranking panel I'll ask someone there 😏

  • merovingians Ross McIntire (@merovingians) reported

    @mtsw Mass Effect 2 feels like a Dad issues simulator first, combat game second.

  • SuperGamer61499 SuperGamer61499 (@SuperGamer61499) reported

    @GabeTheDeadFish I should probably try more Bioware games. I did enjoy the Shepard Mass Effect trilogy even if I do believe there were more issues with the trilogy than most are lead to believe on. But I hear nothing but praise for DA Origins.

  • FurryPhilosifer Jack Gowrie (@FurryPhilosifer) reported

    @ScottMackie1993 I was actually thinking just last night "I wonder what Scott thinks of Andromeda". I really liked it. My biggest problem is the massive scope makes it a bit of a drag to get into a replay. While I can replay the original Mass Effect in like a day or two.

  • KunBata Kevin (@KunBata) reported

    @kevinwbell @CreakyLegs @GameOverGreggy Mass effect Andromeda and Assassin's Creed Unity issues were fixed post launching; not making them great games necessarily.. But better. But they will forever be remembered as games with weird facial glitches and issues. Maybe with delays, they would have been fixed

  • ExLegeLibertas one winter at a time🔰 (@ExLegeLibertas) reported

    @mtsw Curious about your feelings regarding Mass Effect here. They dropped the ball on their own nuts with the ending, but that's a problem of game production rather than narrative incapacity.

  • JackatanskyMaz Jaq 2.0(?) (@JackatanskyMaz) reported

    My only hope for a Mass Effect Remake would be for Bioware to fix the mistake that it was to remove the gay Romance Options from Mass Effect 2.

  • BigDogJO2 Big Dog JO (@BigDogJO2) reported

    @SpeakerPelosi The problem is none of their children die in wars fighting false causes - Weapons of Mass Distortions in full effect!!

  • bobster151 Bob Walker🌹Ⓥ #KeepLabourLeft #ExtinctionRebellion (@bobster151) reported

    @Datandymac @ToryFibs That's the problem, the mass media has far greater reach than local activists and the drip, drip of disinformation has had a pretty permanent effect. I think trying to win back older voters who switched to the Tories is waste of energy.

  • ScarletGreninja ♥Scarlet♥🇦🇷[Esp/Eng]🔞 [Com: SlotsTaken] (@ScarletGreninja) reported

    I... I liked Mass Effect Andromeda and Athem...💦 Although I could not play Athem due to connection problems. However, I love the Freelancer design. ♥

  • valroyeauxxx 𝓥𝓪𝓵 𝓡𝓸𝔂𝓮𝓪𝓾𝔁 (@valroyeauxxx) reported

    Tomb Raider peaked with Legend and Anniversary. Dead or Alive > Mortal Kombat. The dex cut was a good thing. Mass Effect: Andromeda wasn't that bad. Crash Team Racing > Mario Kart. I couldn't pick just one.

  • ForegottenFew Foregotten1 (@ForegottenFew) reported

    @JayzTwoCents Days Gone, Crackdown3, Mass Effect Andromeda all delayed an all we’re buggy broken messes.

  • RockGuyHein Bertram Hein (@RockGuyHein) reported

    @shinobi602 Mass effect Trillogy Remake #SeduceSomeoneIn4Words ( because, a remaster would already mean to port it to ue4. so why no unify the systems, overhaul me1s side quests and planet stuff, and fix me2, rewrite me2, and remake me3 with all the content they had to cut )

  • Suicidalpooh87 Gripenasty (@Suicidalpooh87) reported

    @RGamer19 @SEGAAlys @NightfauxArts 1 issue with all the games sonics special meter didn't drain so if you procured the slow motion power or mini gem power you could bypass large portions of the game if you like you like but the game has fundamental problems. I love mass effect but andromeda was bad

  • jasonimms Jason Imms 🅽🅸🅲🅴 (@jasonimms) reported

    @rob_caporetto @laurclinn @c_barilla It solved a big problem I've always had with Mass Effect: HEY HERO the universe is in MORTAL DANGER anyway my CAT is stuck in this TREE quick HELP Ryder was exactly the kind of character that would do all that extraneous bullshit, so eager to please. Big shoes to fill, etc.

  • TheZombiUnicorn ZombiUnicorn | Nati Casanova Ⓥ (@TheZombiUnicorn) reported

    @SunderCR @KaraCorvus Common misconception, but mass reporting has absolutely no effect on Twitch moderation. While this still may be a mistake, mass reporting has nothing to do with it. An actual human looks at each report - it doesn't matter how many. Human error still exists, though.

  • vaultb3nder Bitcheerio (@vaultb3nder) reported

    @harmonikah Halo 2, Majora's Mask, Mass Effect 3 (somewhat), Crash Twinsanity, etc

  • dc_ard wIlDcArd (@dc_ard) reported

    Turning society into a nation of tools...i.e. smoking, sweating, squeezing, cooking and manipulating environments is causing USA to lag worldwide in STEM. Don't care who this offends. Dunning-Kruger effect on a mass scale.

  • FlopHairedWuss FlopHairedWuss (@FlopHairedWuss) reported

    @t_wendellcrumb Had that same problem with the first Mass Effect. Considered playing this but decided against it because i've lost my patience with insanely frustrating games.

  • BOUNCE_COMIC The Bouncer 👊🏾🇭🇹 (@BOUNCE_COMIC) reported

    I had no problem with the ending of Mass Effect 3.

  • Real_Red_Rabbit The Rabbit (@Real_Red_Rabbit) reported

    @Thafnine Mass Effect Andromeda had a rough start, but they actively worked to correct issues, and the game was legitimately good. I legit think 75% of the negative reviews were from people who didn't play the game at all, and couldn't move past "muh face animation" that was fixed week 1.

  • mason2498 MasonicYouth (@mason2498) reported

    @OGLeveledUp @Bored_George Anthem was more likely to have problems before release after Mass Effect: Andromeda didn’t do so hot. EA especially has let everyone down and affects developers like Bioware too. Ubisoft just screwed up realising they couldn’t give out Watch Dogs that technically advanced.

  • DogmaDirector The Dogmatic Director (@DogmaDirector) reported

    @hanna19134 @IGN Okay, I see what you're getting at. I'll play: Most games are available everywhere, the only games that hooked me, Mass Effect and Halo, were made available on other platforms or pc. Backwards compatibility isn't really an issue for me, considering how much I've been emulating.

  • oceanspellsohmy Gryffin (@oceanspellsohmy) reported

    My co-worker got me into a rant about how we could fix a lot of our problems with the environment if people just listened to science. It then stemmed off into how I won’t be alive to ever see a society of that of Mass Effect because all we do as a species is fight.

  • NotoriousCalves Brock Hartman 🦍 (@NotoriousCalves) reported

    @Donald_Fish Problem is that Mass Effect is such a decision based game so the Mass Effect story you came to love might be different than the one I created. I don’t see the characters or plot fitting into movies. And the Witcher was made based on books so it had more to go off of than games

  • RolloJake jake rollo (@RolloJake) reported

    @LilFairenWrites @ImbullsT @Dwayne31M20 @bioware The game really was bad, it's story was bland and barely even felt like mass effect. Was a broken buggy mess that shouldn't have been realesed for another few years, and yes I played the game fully.

  • Mr_Arizona2424 Arizona Joe (@Mr_Arizona2424) reported

    @CapObviousN7 @The343Sparky @bioware Problem there is EA owns Bioware and their IPs. So even if Bioware were somehow able to break off they're bringing nothing with them and EA would let Mass Effect sit in a back corner of the basement like they are with the Dead Space franchise.

  • Minkaro Minkaro (@Minkaro) reported

    @pcgamer Crash Bandicoot. Or Mass Effect, but mainly Crash Bandicoot.

  • StonedKrows StonedCrows (@StonedKrows) reported

    5: Yes, let's be remedial children and destroy the only means of not being enslaved by an apex race like the leviathans. They didn't cover the apex problem in all three games for nothing! The protheans, rachni, asari, salarians vs. krogans, geth vs. quarians, et al! (#MassEffect)

  • enigma_m45 Teo Tudor (@enigma_m45) reported

    @a_kind_of_magik @RinoTheBouncer @bioware Because we won't get any new quality mass effect games, there isn't anyone left on the team who knows what the hell they are doing. They tried a new story and failed miserably in every possible aspect from the game being broken, to a bad story and mechanics. I don't see a way out

  • hb_robo hayden (@hb_robo) reported

    no joke, real dreams I have had in the last week: * a cinematic trailer for a movie called “Baby Yoda Says F-ck” * my house getting broken into, and thought it was really happening because I woke up midway thru * besting Mayo Pete in a swordfight in the Citadel from Mass Effect 2

  • TKageryuu TheKageryuu (@TKageryuu) reported

    @Durghan @bioware The big problems to me with ME:A are writting, plot, main character development, lack of choice or decision making and consequences. You know, the soul of any Mass Effect or Dragon Age game. Not tech or time to polish gameplay can fix that broken core

  • Vaporox01 Vaporox (@Vaporox01) reported

    @JoeZieja Better to get a complete and functional product later than a shitty and broken one now. Just ask Mass Effect fans

  • DesireTSmith adesire (@DesireTSmith) reported

    “localizing the conversation to a very specific part” IS a part of the problem that was initially mentioned though. nobody is discounting kinks when it comes to individuals or select communities. the conversation is literally about the mass societal effect and you’re deviating.

  • tulipbean Tula Amell (@tulipbean) reported

    also discovered the mass effect archives and i'm pretty disappointed that the achievements didn't sync with the first two games there either but that one wasn't as surprising. are these websites not working atm or am i missing something.

  • JennyOutrageous Jerrica Brannigan (@JennyOutrageous) reported

    I hope that if BioWare really is remaking the Mass Effect trilogy they fix it and make Jack gay.

  • BeAfraidOfTruth My Truth is Undeniable (@BeAfraidOfTruth) reported

    @benjisop @bioware Exactly we don't need Mass Effect an unoriginal MMO lite games as a service game. If so IM forever done with Bioware and Mass Effect. It will be dead to me.

  • PaxHamburgana Tom Redfield @ Life is Strange 2 (@PaxHamburgana) reported

    @luulubuu Mass Effect 3. Pre-ordered the Collectors Edition, hyped off the back of E3 and my copy had a weird sound glitch that made it physically impossible for me to get too far into it. ;_;

  • Mr_Riddle0 Mr Riddle0h0h0h (@Mr_Riddle0) reported

    @IGN And probably with more micro transactions. Then a couple of big live service and no linear shooters did badly games did badly (the catylist being Mass Effect Andromeda) which caused EA to shut down the studio and move it over to Respawn and told them to make it linear again.

  • jwmahn JW (@jwmahn) reported

    @garywhitta @leah Mass Effect had this problem big time

  • OneJollyMofo 🌈Fairy Gay Mother🌈(OneJollyMoFo) (@OneJollyMofo) reported

    Ohhhh myyyy gooooddddd this ******* lag when trying to play mass effect literally is making it impossible to play mass effect

  • Karmageddon67 Roadkill Wallaby Reef Foundation 💧 (@Karmageddon67) reported

    @Sue0606 @_LisaMCox In the context of this UN program ‘to avert mass extinctions’ they could at least discuss & address population as being an issue. There’s been plentiful scientific work linking population with deforestation & extinctions. In effect the UN are SCIENCE DENIERS.

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  • NP-41372-7