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Mass Effect: Andromeda is an action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts for Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.

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  • nickjg999 nick gunning (@nickjg999) reported from Harlow, England

    @OxfordDiplomat @mrhazzers He's talking as though he's answering a 1950s 'O' level paper. The pretence, careful reasoning, the effect, supercillious bullying. The issue is that his facts are wrong; his premise that an unpleasant confinement has equivalence with mechanized mass murder, abhorrent!

  • DaRickest Rickus Maximus (@DaRickest) reported

    Whoops! Just noticed my earlier error! Show starts at 10:00 EST tomorrow! My mistake, see you there for Mass Effect 2, Extended Play!

  • GhantousTayar Ghantous El-Tayar (@GhantousTayar) reported

    @holyoake_ryan @Docs4GunControl @CCFR_CCDAF Gun control is a very polarizing issue. Gun violence also has a disproportionate effect on perceived public safety. In the USA 0.1% of gun violence are mass shootings yet they invoke very strong emotional response and for good reason. being striped of a civil liberty also sucks.

  • THEintellectsav The Intellectual Savage (@THEintellectsav) reported

    @jaredbkeller @TaskandPurpose Any weapons from the Mass Effect series. The Imperial standard-issue E-11 blaster rifle

  • ChivukulaVivek Vivek Chivukula (@ChivukulaVivek) reported

    @mattyglesias The reason NYC has not been able to tackle problems like mass transport and housing is because of antiquated rent control laws, restrictive zoning, and pure corruption at MTA. Having “too many” good jobs in the neighbourhood has no effect on these issues.

  • DEVILTRlGGER ✨🐉nevada🐉✨ (@DEVILTRlGGER) reported

    the rogue vi you have to destroy on the moon in the first mass effect game sends you message in binary after you destroy all of its power sources and all it says is “help” my heart is so broken right now lol

  • sbloom85 Scott Bloom (@sbloom85) reported

    @OriginInsider I keep getting a DirectX setup error when installing Mass Effect 2. I have the client running as administrator, I deleted the bad install and tried reinstalling it, but keep getting the error.

  • alternatecyborg Alternatecyborg * コミティア [へ38b] (@alternatecyborg) reported from Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Prefecture

    @Itsjustaword69 I remember i was having problems with mass effect andromeda's launch screen too. I think this is a "origin" thing 😀 gotta accept them as they are.

  • Shanoobis Shanoobis (@Shanoobis) reported

    Personally I am very excited for a new Mass Effect game from @bioware the occasional weird problem never bothered me because I was there for the story, and they can tell a damn fine story.

  • Mr_Arizona2424 Arizona Joe (@Mr_Arizona2424) reported

    @anthemgame Go back to Mass Effect and fix what you did to it. No one wants Destiny's little brother.

  • amandarroberts1 Amanda R. Roberts (@amandarroberts1) reported

    Declaring a national emergency over a campaign promise is completely irresponsible. Real national emergencies the country is facing: Gun Violence & Mass Shootings Unclean Water in Flint, MI Mass Incarceration Climate Change All real issues that effect this country greatness.

  • criacow Cow (@criacow) reported

    @saltybirb @gethporno there was the one in mass effect andromeda that was so skin-crawlingly-badly written they had to issue a patch to fix the dialogue too

  • David__Jetta David Jetta (@David__Jetta) reported

    @Rykees2 @masseffect Ohh private divisik would be getting something out if the broken contract. You cant justxwalk away from a contract and expect noone to ckme after yiu for lost revenue

  • Rykees2 Rykeede (@Rykees2) reported

    @David__Jetta @masseffect See the problem is no one is denying Priavte Division has publishing rights...for the first game You're making the assumption that they have publishing rights for a sequel...with zero evidence

  • Stathgar Stathgar (@Stathgar) reported

    @bioware Yes, I romanced Garrus, but flaunting that now after what happened with Mass Effect Andromeda is just insulting. Don't get peoples' hopes up for years, release a hastily slapped together disappointment of a game, promise to fix it, and then abandon it after minor patches.

  • BigEd3567 Eddie Hoplight (@BigEd3567) reported

    @TripleRRachel @jhaletweets If I had the money I would buyout ea and make them issue an apology to the mass effect fan base for basically screwing them over then have bioware collab with the writer of the me andromeda book that covered the quarian ark to create a proper epilogue dlc to andromeda

  • YakovMerkin Yakov Merkin (@YakovMerkin) reported

    I’m 100% serious on this by the way. I still do love this universe, more than any fictional universe I didn’t create, & I could do it justice. It’d be a shame if a universe as rich as Mass Effect died due to mismanagement. We can work around the issue of post ME3 stories later.

  • LachLarry Larry Lachman (@LachLarry) reported

    @mckaytracey Spit and suck phenomenon. Voters spit in the communal food bowl and then suck it up again come election time. The day after returning the ANC to power there will be mass service delivery protests against the people they voted for. This is a cultural lemming effect.

  • BinaryExplosion Bane-ary Explosion (@BinaryExplosion) reported

    @Brad_Glasgow Out of all of the problems Andromeda had, the one I couldn’t forgive is the abandonment of what Mass Effect means - the single technological change that explained all the sci-fi elements in the series. It was sublime world building. Andromeda was generic technobabble instead.

  • mrpyo1 Pyo (@mrpyo1) reported

    @Vilderavn Honestly, I like mass effect. I got Andromeda at launch and it was a mega mess but they have patched some huge issues. But for me issues still remain that the worlds you visit are empty, boring and feel rushed. But if you're interested always judge a game for yourself

  • Kryten_42 Kryten42 (@Kryten_42) reported

    @EA_Australia No idea. After it's been out 9-12 Months, and the REAL reviews are out & EA decides it costs too much to fix bugs & sells it dirt cheap (or for free on Access like Mass Effect: Andromeda), I may try it. Maybe... Probably not...🤨😒

  • Courier_Siix 🤖A N D R O I D🤖 (@Courier_Siix) reported

    @TheOddClaudio @OP_Bradley @GamerTakes Mass Effect Andromeda had several issues with graphics + storyline that fans hated. It was only a vocal minority mad about lgb romances. Also Overwatch really started tanking for being unbalanced. Theyre shoving in lore now to try to win back fans with story bc tf2 made it work

  • irishtexan60 The Crunchbite (@irishtexan60) reported

    @Dekare3828 @de_STORM2 @Damion_ST @MassEffect_News @masseffect No problem

  • dufrau sarah dufrau (@dufrau) reported

    mass effect 3 had its problem, but the pacing was PERFECT. the story felt compelling and epic from the beginning until (almost) the end. no time felt wasted. it's a shame the ending monopolizes so much discussion about that game because it is otherwise a model of RPG writing.

  • purseowner03 Pie (@purseowner03) reported

    as long as its not a repeat of mass effect andromeda. i mean don't get me wrong, the game's good, but DON'T. RUSH. that's always the problem with games nowadays.

  • SinCity_Raider Chris Ketchem (@SinCity_Raider) reported

    Okay just fix it this time. #Reboot #MassEffect

  • coffee4binky GBP Broadcasting (@coffee4binky) reported

    About mass shooters, conspiracy theories, whatever: If it doesn’t happen near me, I don’t care. If it happened in Florida, I’m in Nevada. That doesn’t effect me. I care about NV issues, with my fellow Las Vegans and few other Nevadans in neighboring towns. Focus local.

  • JohnDoe6191101 Roger Kenis (@JohnDoe6191101) reported

    We have the "bystander effect" going on, on a national level. Stand with me and help change this. We have all been desensitized to war and mass incidents. We have to set the example for future generations. We can fix this in large part.

  • ColeD117 Cole Dreyer (@ColeD117) reported

    Thinking that the @masseffect IP is “dead” or “dying” is at best ignorance. Just because #Andromeda had some initial issues doesn’t “kill” an IP. Oh & spoiler alert: Andromeda *is* Fantastic. Don’t @ me

  • pastorius1024 Chad Pastorius (@pastorius1024) reported

    @jragon1313 I thought the first 3 mass effect games were great! 2 was my favorite. The ending of 3 felt rushed and was a little stupid but other than that great game. Now I know the newest one had so many problems... but if it was anything like the original trilogy I would be interested!

  • SanicTheBlur 👻👻Sanic The Hedgehog☠️☠️ (@SanicTheBlur) reported

    @ClickitH @BartowCoDawg @pcgamer Exactly what I thought, compared to the other mass effect games it's garbage but it was I game I still enjoyed none the less despite it's problems

  • KODHeHardAsShit Bucaboy1 (@KODHeHardAsShit) reported

    @YDrxpii Social media has made it seem like school shootings happen everyday. Children shouldn’t even think about their school getting shot up. This is a blatant effect mass media can have on children. Social media is making it seem like a huge problem when it’s not one.

  • saranatm Sara 🌿✨ (@saranatm) reported

    @RyanMHolt In other words, don’t promise me more Mass Effect when you’ve already broken that promise and the execution was lack luster lol

  • AzureLucy LucyAzure (@AzureLucy) reported

    @Fr0zeneye Thats part of the problem but look at how recent games that you should be excited for fail. Mass effect Star wars games Ea Bethesda fallout Etc Its not even sjw only killing games at this point.

  • KnightHawk5786 Lee Boyle (@KnightHawk5786) reported

    @IGN Yes I want another Mass Effect game it's a fantastic series they just need to make sure they fix all the bugs and make sure it is as good as it's going to get before they release it plus people will wait for a great game

  • chaosbria Bria LaVorgna (@chaosbria) reported

    @clayton_kratz Oh I had almost no problem going sith for KOTOR. I used to play each game all four ways just so I could get the full experience. Mass Effect though... never again. I actually wrote a piece about it a few weeks ago.

  • tukinyourshirt Debarshee (@tukinyourshirt) reported

    I can tell you right now that after I pre-ordered Mass Effect Andromeda, and played it, I told myself I'd never pre-order another game again. I saw jump force, was super excited, but as the release date got closer, I noticed the problems it was having.

  • carljokl Carl 'Deeply Unhelpful' Jokl (@carljokl) reported

    I am still kind of surprised to see mass production at 7nm fabrication process. I honestly didn't think it would be possible to shrink down that small due to the effect of quantum tunnelling and the problems of interference when working with ever fewer electrons.

  • wwwwolf Yesterday's rose (@wwwwolf) reported

    Last night, I continued #MassEffect Andromeda. (New year's resolution: finally complete it and Dragon Age Inquisition.) Unfortunately, I got mysteriously nauseous after experiencing severe framerate/sound lag issues, which just shouldn't happen on a console game.

  • AshleyAsh1249 Ashley leach (@AshleyAsh1249) reported

    @GameSpot If they are not done with mass effect then maybe they should restore faith to the people who Purchased andromeda and revisit it and do it justice by fixing any issues and adding story based DLCs since a lot of things got teased and we didn’t get anything in the end. Quarians Ark

  • view_luke Luke Morris (@view_luke) reported from University Park, Florida

    @amcdyer20 And lowering taxes doesn’t help the 50 million people who will have 0 income ability, and when such a mass of people lose spending ability then the market stalls and crashes creating a ripple effect of socio-economic problems

  • shinigami0513 shinigami🐝 (@shinigami0513) reported from Pomona, California

    @bioware soooo any chance of us getting a nice remaster for mass effect 👀 I mean at least make it look pretty and fix a few textures lol

  • Ken_bytheWay Ken_A.I. (@Ken_bytheWay) reported

    @IGN @dm21gaming Maybe the core devs can go back and fix a few things in andromeda. Call it Mass Effect Andomeda FIX

  • xF3ARL3SS_JAK3x James Castro (@xF3ARL3SS_JAK3x) reported

    @IGN @bioware plz fix your shit before making another mass effect ... we don’t want another andromeda....5 years and 40million$ down the drain smh

  • BeardedFreek_ BeardedFreek (@BeardedFreek_) reported

    While these games had a ton of promise before launch, rushed schedules and greedy producers push the game devs to cut corners and what's left are games like Mass Effect: Andromeda and Assassin's Creed origins. Fundementally broken, boring games.

  • BallinSerf Canadian Wart (@BallinSerf) reported

    @J34512063 @thefaceberg Mass Effect 1 had problems with the combat and inventory but the solution wasn't to scrap the whole system. We disagree on the characters. The game looked pretty but the world felt smaller. It was a step backward. Dragon Age 2 was worse than Inquisition though.

  • iRogue_XP iRogue (@iRogue_XP) reported

    I would love more Mass Effect. The question is whether EA will let them actually just ******* make it... Like... Just make Mass Effect. A single player rpg. Not a live service. I am not hopeful. But I can dream. #gaming

  • Enuvrack Esther A.A. (@Enuvrack) reported

    @AxeloftheKey As much as I love Jack from Mass Effect, I hate having to "fix" her to do so.

  • ThatWonAndrew ThatOneAndrew (@ThatWonAndrew) reported

    @BluexXHorizon And honestly dude, most those titles just started to get bad which is a developers fault. Mass Effect andromeda was mediocre. Dead space 3 sucked. NBA street sucked. Skate is “good” because it’s a broken mess. EA is just the people giving the guys making these games money

  • Faience Liz 🌻 (@Faience) reported

    @Orkchop @BlizzardWatch Anthem isn’t Mass Effect, so that’s the first problem with this idea.

  • AlphaMonkeyTV AlphaMonkey (@AlphaMonkeyTV) reported

    Discovered an audio issue in the VOD of last week's Mass Effect stream, so had to delete the VOD unfortunately. Fixed the issue by creating a filter for the background noise. Will be on later today to continue the Mass Effect Series playthrough.

  • mbta_alerts MBTA Alerts! (@mbta_alerts) reported

    Rtes 62 and 76 Snow Route in Effect: Omitting Route 2 Service Road. Connect at Mass. Ave. #mbta

  • JasonDeciccio Jason Deciccio (@JasonDeciccio) reported

    @TWillardAuthor @Snakeeater36 @IvanTheTroll12 @PaleHorseTeam @woobie_1_kenobi @emilia_suze Actually, producing e-coli and then putting in a sprayer and the going to Midwest and spray crops would cause a hug problem. One infected lettuce 🥬 could harm 100,000 people because of pre cut salads 🤔🤔🤔. Anything that can easily effect 100,000 is a mass weapon

  • trilllizard666 Technically An Anime Profile Pic (@trilllizard666) reported

    Women did not play Mass Effect quite as much as men did cause it's very aggressively military you are COMMANDER Shepard, after all your identity is defined by military service, from the backstory and everything women don't generally like VERY military games

  • DonutFloats 💖✨Badger Bitch✨💖 (@DonutFloats) reported

    Tbh the moment Anthem announced that there won’t be any romance in the game unlike Dragon Age or Mass Effect I knew deep in my heart that wasn’t gonna be the only problem with it Cause I reeeeeally wanted to romance this one lady they had shown in one of the demos or trailers

  • Eowaril Eowaril @ The Office (@Eowaril) reported

    @AshExplores Games aren't finished at release anymore - day 1 patches fix the bugs (Almost every recent release), or content updates actually finish the game (Mass effect andromeda or KH3. Even Red Dead Redemption 2 wasn't finished on release - the multiplayer launched later as a Beta) 😢

  • EmilyUnbound Entire Emily Experience (@EmilyUnbound) reported

    @Galaxie_Ranger I feel like "this is not a game that streamers are streaming" and "this game is dead" are very different things. Mass Effect 3 is dead. It is hard to assemble teams and you often have to launch and hope someone loads in midway through. Overwatch doesn't seem to have that issue.

  • gamingspaceslo1 Eyepatch Sasshole (@gamingspaceslo1) reported

    @JohnDuell One is also flushed out and works smoothly, the other has so many bugs and game breaking issues that it’s mass effect andromeda’s bastard sibling. It’ll surprise you which is which

  • ShingetsuMoon 🌙🌸 (@ShingetsuMoon) reported

    Mass Effect made me feel like Ryder was a savior coming in to save the natives from problems they were too inept to solve themselves. I hated it. I hated the colonial narrative and I wanted no part of it.

  • ShingetsuMoon 🌙🌸 (@ShingetsuMoon) reported

    TLDR on why I dislike Mass Effect Andromeda: Ryder felt completely and totally unqualified for every position they were in. They felt like the savior swooping in to save the natives from a problem they couldn't handle themselves.

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List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 0-12
  • 0xc0000142
  • CE-34788-0
  • CE-34878-0
  • NP-41372-7