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Mass Effect: Andromeda is an action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts for Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.

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  • CoatlFelipe Kotal Kahn (@CoatlFelipe) reported

    @vanessam1113 @katieekinzzzz Affect - action The storm affected cell reception. Effect - end The effect of the stock market crash was mass poverty.

  • poppunk_nerd Oscar Joe (@poppunk_nerd) reported

    @DarkshineTweets 50% Crash, Spyro, Mass Effect , Uncharted, Assassins Creed

  • dictator_evil New Sudan (@dictator_evil) reported

    Without access to social media, protesters cannot easily organise mass rallies or voice their dissent. However sometimes, blackouts can have the opposite effect and actually draw attention to the very issues they were put in place to smother.

  • cosmic_flowerss Andromeda 🌸 (@cosmic_flowerss) reported

    things wrong with it (like MANY things), but the most significant one is that supposedly the "mass effect field" lowers the mass of an objects to a point that it is able to travel faster than light. The problem is... no matter how small your mass, you CANNOT go faster than light

  • gravesbones mufu 👽🏳️‍🌈 (@gravesbones) reported

    alright, the customer service guy seems chill for now. maybe there's no need for war this time. i just wanna play mass effect please let me play mass effect this can't be happening again

  • Abstruse Darryl Mott (@Abstruse) reported

    @BeardedJarl @TheSpoonyOne, I ****** up a Mass Effect install that badly once, so it's not just a Bethesda problem. They just make it easier to install so many mods it breaks.

  • Ghost_Hack BC Jesse (@Ghost_Hack) reported

    @ScottMemelord @Loopx2x2 @KingCarL420 @suchnerve @heyazula I love Old school puzzle games, like Monkey Island and 7th Guest, and Broken Sword, and I love narrative-heavy adventure games like Uncharted, Laura Croft, and (after the first one) Mass Effect. That doesn't mean I don't see the problems with how games are designed and promoted

  • MadLutian Dingo (@MadLutian) reported

    @BeauSchwartz I shot Moridin in Mass Effect, I had no problem with this decision.

  • BallaImpala 🏳️‍🌈Phio @ Anthrocon🏳️‍🌈 (@BallaImpala) reported

    @TheYogurtThief I think the biggest issue is that Bioware shouldn't have developed this game. That is to say, the way it was set up (always-online looter shooter). Either Anthem should have been a deep action-RPG akin to Mass Effect or EA should have assigned another developer to make it.

  • Roger_Larsson Roger Larsson (@Roger_Larsson) reported

    @pagess6 @Gaohmee Lack of deadline appears to have been both Mass Effect Andromeda and Anthems main problem. Too much time of undirected experimental work... Then whatever was released come together in a surprisingly short time.

  • JY2K3 JY2K (@JY2K3) reported

    @anitasarkeesian @CDPROJEKTRED Please take your deep seated mental issues somewhere else, or project it on another "game". You are one of those "people" who destroyed Mass Effect series. If you wanna make a game like that, then go ahead, but get your filthy claws away from CDPR. Seriously F off.

  • danimalhamilton 🌲Daniel Hamilton 🌲 (@danimalhamilton) reported

    The real problem with mass effect is that you can't date krogan

  • HarpoonWinter Winter Harpoon (@HarpoonWinter) reported

    @qzorkkpsp @YellowFlashGuy To be fair Mass Effect Andromeda had many more problems than her.

  • lh_sabre Mandar. A DM. (@lh_sabre) reported from Mississauga, Ontario

    @six6jiang To be honest, I always assumed that Mass Effect’s lore was always written from a Caucasian western perspective and not trustworthy as true. They straight up deal with species issues allegorically for racial issues.

  • wristbow ENRAGE IS NEAR! [92] (@wristbow) reported

    i don't know why dao is this ****** up. mass effect is a year older and runs mostly without issue on every computer i've ever installed it on

  • _mohammadaidil_ Aidil Ali (@_mohammadaidil_) reported

    I was just told that my thesis can and should be broken into four separate journal articles. Good, aku ingat aku dah siap semua kerja. Sekarang kena buat empat paper. Effect of mass, temperature, flow rate, and kinetic studies. God have mercy.

  • Dr_Scaphandre Spaceboi Scaphandre 🔞 (@Dr_Scaphandre) reported

    @SpikeTheLucario @ninsoup No the Pokemon game is hated. It's broken, so many features have been cut, and it just looks so terrible, as in Mass Effect Andromeda levels of terrible.

  • agentbizzle Brian Altano (@agentbizzle) reported

    @DuoVandal @shitnest @CyberpunkGame Mass Effect 3 was a pretty obvious indication of where Anthem was heading, as was its entire "games as a service" angle and the general business model of its publisher, EA in 2019. Again, not really comparable.

  • feedbackghost Eddy O (@feedbackghost) reported

    @BootlegGirl @patrickdiomedes Evas would be so broken in the Mass Effect universe. Anything short of the main gun on a Cruiser probably couldn't penetrate the AT Field.

  • Zaboomyfoo Kenny Davie (@Zaboomyfoo) reported

    Mass effect 5 is a live service online only co-op shoolter

  • TheChrisPranger Chris Pranger (@TheChrisPranger) reported

    @FacianeA The loyalty mission for Legion in Mass Effect 2 was big for me. Having to choose between killing all the Geth that had broken code, or rewriting their code to make them align with a mindset we deemed "correct" had me thinking for a very long time.

  • airedmania Airedmania (@airedmania) reported

    If these fools played Mass Effect, they would learn the error of their ways.

  • Tengosa Tengo @ school (@Tengosa) reported

    I became so enthralled in this comic, it was on a level that had never happened with anything I’d ever been into before except for Mass Effect. Every day after school, first thing I’d do when I got home was check if there was a new issue out, until the day it ended.

  • Dr_Scaphandre Spaceboi Scaphandre 🔞 (@Dr_Scaphandre) reported

    @NesswardStarrs FYI, not even BotW does that. Only open world game I have ever seen do that are the extremely broken ones like Ass's Creed Unity, or Mass Effect Andromeda.

  • GregoryAlderton Greg Alderton (@GregoryAlderton) reported

    @GavinDYoung Yeah. They had the same problem with Witcher 3 when it came to it's cover. They definitely need to do a trailer showing the character creator possibilities. (Also if you don't like the cover it's reversible) I look at it like how Shepherd was done with Mass Effect.

  • JamesJWYork James York (@JamesJWYork) reported

    @edin_thinker @TimHirst5 @EngageStrategy1 @LandSharkUK @mj_cotton @hawchcf1 @nicholadrummond Radiation. It’s a pretty big issue. Our mass effect weapon is a deterrent so id suggest we keep that.

  • ScrawlsMuch Scrawls (@ScrawlsMuch) reported

    @RushEloc actual broken, crazy person with a convoluted and nebulous goal because it's the only motivation that really would lead you to do something like the snap. As it is it's basically mass effect 3. His logic is a lot like that of the reapers

  • manwoaspleen ging freecss fight me behind the 7/11 (@manwoaspleen) reported

    The romance in mass effect is also so broken like after one convo ppl are asking you to lock in the romance like!!! Idk I need TIME to DECIDE I didn’t even do any of y’all personal quests yet

  • BadgleyLaurence Laurence Badgley (@BadgleyLaurence) reported

    Problems of AAI & #CCI illustrate effects of major axial (spine) joint instability: forces (gravity) on vertical body mass, ligament laxity (#HSD), effect of body part mass offset on distal nerve function (vagus & trigeminal) & longitudinal biomechanical stress on long nerves...

  • Tru2L1F3 Brandon Asbill Riley (@Tru2L1F3) reported

    @losgarcias @Xbox I agree. They also need to take off titles that can’t be played namely *cough* Mass Effect. Shoutout @Xbox. I tried to play it, gave me an error message, so I deleted it and re-downloaded it another 5 times. It didn’t work then and it still doesn’t work now.

  • solarstormwind ☀️ 7 ☀️ (@solarstormwind) reported

    @AOC Listen, once big Pharma gets a hold of it they will put additional chemicals in it which could pose a bigger threat than the original symptom. Advocate self growing not corporate growing always a problem with distribution in mass. Always a kookie side effect that needs more drugs

  • PremiumChunk tater tot (@PremiumChunk) reported

    we love how there’s an issue in Sudan rn that no one is talking about so here’s the tea: -mass censorship and all phones being confiscated -many dead, injured, and missing -complete, zero tolerance censorship is likely to go into effect TALK ABOUT IT #sudan

  • Justadolfan Just Going Fishing (@Justadolfan) reported

    @jaketapper Revoking the Gun_Free Laws would have a tremendous effect on mass shootings. Semi Automatic weapons been around 40+ yrs. But is wasn't until this stupid Law was enacted we saw More and More mass shootings. Almost like the Gov want to create a problem so they could fix it.

  • rhianthialritak 🦎Feral Changeling🦎 (@rhianthialritak) reported

    The biggest problem with mass effect is there are canon hanar jugglers and we never get to see them

  • spazzinmekon spazzinmekon. (@spazzinmekon) reported

    @Shadowmanv4 @XboxSupport @Blizzard_Ent my spectrum’s working fine though. i can get on hulu & was playing mass effect 3 mp fine. it’s just overwatch that’s not working. blizzard online said it’s something sony/microsoft might need to fix. i’m confused on what’s exactly wrong.

  • saintwalker98 Lido Shuffle (@saintwalker98) reported

    @dreamingnoctis @LazlosGhost basically Mass Effect 3 came out, the fans didn't like the ending, and launched a kind of mass consumer revolt till the studio released DLC making some changes, they didn't really FIX the ending but it was viewed as basically a point where gamers organized, complained, & won

  • FaroukAliKhan20 FaroukAliKhan (@FaroukAliKhan20) reported

    @FaroukAliKhan2 The really funny thing about this kind of 'spin' is that like Bliar, it actually tells you it's going to be spun for a misinformation (lying) effect... and then goes ahead and does it anyway, with the mass media on steroids on the issue... we could say it was chutzpah spin...

  • Xenatica Xenatica (@Xenatica) reported

    I'm afraid that today's stream of #MassEffect is cancelled due to some issues that have arose today! sorry

  • euphemisam Kabuto But Fucked Up (@euphemisam) reported

    ofc this just gets to the issue w/ how bioware is more interested in mass market appeal (bc publishers are all about the bottom line) over preserving the traditional rpg mechanics that made dao great which has the side effect of rendering the spirit healer specialization obsolete

  • SanitariumPr Twist3dM1nd (@SanitariumPr) reported

    @outstarwalker @CDPROJEKTRED didn't forget anything, if fan base is dumb enough to think that they have only one V .. there is problem in fan base end. Same kind of marketing was done also at the start with i.e. Masseffect 3. #Cyberpunk2077 did first show female main and now male main...

  • PrfJennings script_kitty (@PrfJennings) reported

    The problem with testing new headphone with the Mass Effect 2 OST is that it just makes want to play Mass Effect again.

  • RandoCommandoN7 Randy Brunet (@RandoCommandoN7) reported

    @GameOverGreggy I feel like it will be a campaign with mass effect 3 style multiplayer missions. They haven’t outright said games as a service, I don’t think the campaign is an online thing. We shall see

  • athenahollow The Real Liliana Vess (@athenahollow) reported

    @ProudAzrael @YourCasualGame1 @Ettin64 @TactlessOgre I didn't know pizza had problems with being underrepresented and being treated like shit by humanity because of it. but go off, you Ashley from Mass Effect fan.

  • athenahollow The Real Liliana Vess (@athenahollow) reported

    @ProudAzrael @YourCasualGame1 @Ettin64 @TactlessOgre I didn't know pizza had problems with being underrepresented and treated like shit by humanity because of it. but go off, you Ashley from Mass Effect.

  • PurpleDragonNat Nathan Moore (@PurpleDragonNat) reported

    Played Starlink Battle for Atlas on the weekend. I like it, it's enjoyable. Reminds me of Mass Effect. Only problem though is Starlink is rather repetitive.

  • winexmilk CoCo’s Mom 🦄 (@winexmilk) reported

    @Jessica_Lane_ Ehh... we’ve had mass killings since forever in this country and it’s never been seen as poor taste to dress as a fictional murderer... ppl are just upset over this because the fictional issue it addresses only effect women

  • RadPax Pax (Commissions Open) (@RadPax) reported

    i hope every game dev learns from mass effect andromeda and fallout 76 that you cannot release a half made game and fix it later it ruins its reputation it destroys sales don't do it. just finish it. take more time, and be patient. stop forcing games out half made #E32019

  • Papasmams Woolly smammoth (@Papasmams) reported

    @Egall614 @Johnny2ck Bro... they've dropped the ball on dozens of titles in the last 5 years. Battlefield V, Battlefront 2, Mass effect andromeda, need for speed, sim city and the sims. I can keep going. They push out shit games to get fast money. You shouldnt have to completely fix a game a year in

  • SelfishPancakes RecruitB10 @ commissions open (@SelfishPancakes) reported

    Referencing the mass effect 1 problem of hidden loading screens elevators to show the power of your new console is hilarious. This thing is probably gonna be garbage with these buzzwords.

  • DocMcButt DocMcButt (@DocMcButt) reported

    @ElijahRiyot @MaioneGames I didn't buy the limited edition. But i have the limited editions for ME2 &3 i had very high hopes for Andromeda. As a Mass Effect game it wasn't good. As a game outside if the mass effect name it was a decent game. I did enjoy the gameplay. I never did see the animation issues

  • brickmasterjack Jack C (@brickmasterjack) reported

    @Greenskull Honestly I would like that. Need my alien romance fix that Mass Effect filled.

  • fimiletoks Dr. Guendouzi (Yaro mai Lokachi ) (@fimiletoks) reported from Ikeja, Lagos State

    This is how much we spend on fuel subsidy in 2 months. We are burning revenue that can fix other critical aspects of our lives on bad roads, driving used cars. Cisco, Ekeson and co use diesel powered luxury buses. Investment in mass transit will wipe out the effect of petrol.

  • KC5Rings KC (@KC5Rings) reported

    @CodinKit I don’t know hardly anything about mass effect but I’ll definitely make a Krogan that solves all problems via headbutt

  • Tex2Blue TexasBlue (@Tex2Blue) reported

    @mikedennymike @PearlRotter @MetisJim @LivCompassion @RobynWins111 @endthemadnessss @AgainstAvarice @HeatherEHeying @HPluckrose @YesThatAnna @TPostMillennial @DelSchilling @aliwatson117 @EaglesElatis What an ignorant take. Even if this was remotely true, when AA leaders informed them of the effect and impact, they ignored and refused to fix which led to the GREATEST mass incarceration.They also allowed wp to escape by not including powder *******. They refused to fix.

  • Rawdog1985 Stephen Brierley (@Rawdog1985) reported

    @xsuperhan Yeah it does to be fair I’m a massive Star Wars fan my only issue is I’ve been burnt by EA twice in past with Mass Effect Andromeda and Anthem I just don’t want them to ruin it. X

  • oddsamson wat (@oddsamson) reported

    @RoninEtrian @IGN Or it actually will have meaning because it’s telling a more focused story. Sometimes the problem with too much customization is you get an ending like Mass Effect 3 where they can’t possibly tie up all the choice threads, so they force you into one of 3 generic crap endings.

  • felipelobos123 T (@felipelobos123) reported

    @amfy @chappell_mark @cliffordstott The British stuards or police can't control a mass crowd the size which attempted access to the game,rightfully. The error is held on their end yes but a crowd is a crowd and the poor crowd management had the knock on effect

  • Wind_air Another Patriot (@Wind_air) reported

    @MariaBaileyFG Funny when you are in danger of losing it all u finally approach the real problems Let's swing to the elephant in the room, mass immigration Effect of of immigration on IRISH homelessness is like bailing water out of a boat & @charlieflanagan making hole bigger Never enough homes

  • ferroboy Daniel J McEwen (@ferroboy) reported

    @mombot @arstechnica Gaming is for everyone. Gay guy, frequently on gaming boards, nary a problem. It's not that toxic. My avatar shows an m/m couple from Mass Effect. Just talk about gaming and everything is fine. No one cares about the rest except insane SJW trolls.

  • SaraJoan11 Andromeda Daily (@SaraJoan11) reported

    @UndyingHunter @taylorson I...really want to have that hope! But I More expect the next #MassEffect to be a love service game were you’re a nameless soldier and you do the same 2-3 missions with a group of people for no reward

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