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Minecraft is a sandbox video game originally created by Swedish game designer Markus "Notch" Persson, and later developed and published by Mojang. Minecraft is available for Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, PlayStation 3 and more.

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March 21: Problems at Minecraft

Minecraft is having issues since 02:40 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in (44.74%)
  • Online Play (28.95%)
  • Game Crash (10.53%)
  • Matchmaking (7.89%)
  • Glitches (7.89%)

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  • LighthouseHut Naxumut [PLATTY!!! 🔑🗡️] (@LighthouseHut) reported

    at least, when minecraft is lagging and im playing singleplayer, it doesnt destroy the rest of my computer

  • JaronRMJohnson Jaron R. M. Johnson - Monsters of Murka (@JaronRMJohnson) reported

    DRUID WINS! In this poll, the Monk learned that, unlike in Minecraft, you can't solve all of your problems by punching things. Sometimes, the tree punches back.

  • eckoxsoldier Scott (ECKOSOLDIER) (@eckoxsoldier) reported

    Can't so SA tonight since realms are broken in Minecraft 1.10 - Going to do a 1v1v1 UHC battle with @StroonzLIVE & @Robcat99_

  • TheDawgMiner 🐾TheDawgMiner🐾 (@TheDawgMiner) reported

    @SeargeDP Feedback: With nerfing mob farms you guys are killing about 1/3 of what makes Minecraft great: AUTOMATION. Yes, mob farms should be harder to build but not to a point that hunting caveman style is faster or so large they crash a server to get a decent supply rates.

  • baksteen2005 David Westerhof (@baksteen2005) reported

    @Minecraft microsoft has updated minecraft but the problem with chromahills has not been fixed

  • baksteen2005 David Westerhof (@baksteen2005) reported

    @ChromaHills #microsoft has #updated #minecraft but the #problem with #chromahills has not been #fixed

  • majimaseye 14.3% heterosexual (@majimaseye) reported

    yeah i bop to minecraft osts whats ur problem

  • epicosity850 subscribe to pewdiepie dee (@epicosity850) reported

    @MegaManTechno replace rayman with bandana dee and replace crash with steve minecraft and holy shit

  • Hornybrine 𝙃𝙚𝙧𝙤𝙗𝙧𝙞𝙣𝙚 (@Hornybrine) reported

    Public service announcement from me, Herobrine. Don't give a **** about notch if you're discussing anything Minecraft related. He doesn't own the brand anymore, He's got nothing to do if Steve gets in smash, or any future updates Let him be crazy in his corner.

  • DaisySsbu2 Princess Daisy ❁ (@DaisySsbu2) reported

    @DekuNutParody @BandanaDee_1 The Kids are cringe, but I see no problem with them. But what I do have a problem with are people old enough to see how shit it is and still play it. Also Minecraft isn't a microtransaction filled game that ******** play.

  • Tuddis Tobias Roos (@Tuddis) reported

    it seems to be a break from #minecraft for a while, at least to next update, if I can't fix the crashing.... "The game crashed whilst ticking block entity" #Gaming

  • wolvy143 Time to Get Serious (@wolvy143) reported

    No what they should be mad about is minecraft realm being a paid service

  • yssa_theblue1s Yasmin (@yssa_theblue1s) reported

    I played minecraft and recorded it because i was inspired by my moot and i hate this god awful app and the lag was DJSJSKXJ

  • idiotbicht h (@idiotbicht) reported

    consuming an issue for me on minecraft

  • ClaireTuck710 Claire Tuck (@ClaireTuck710) reported

    @mimismumma Ok, so I might have a look tomorrow when the boys are at school and then I might pre-warn them before hey go on. Problem is I have no idea about minecraft at all. Boys always try and explain things to me, but I am always lost 🙈😂

  • scuppy114 scuppy12/Mary (@scuppy114) reported

    @MojangSupport i have a problem with my music addon since the new update and it just crashes the realm and world all the time

  • KoonboatG KOONBOAT Green (@KoonboatG) reported

    @Minecraft I have a Problem when playing minecraft on nintendo switch when shields came out on nintendo game my game Freeze every minute

  • 5__Highlight Highlight__5 (@5__Highlight) reported

    If you watch fortnite glitch videos then go play Minecraft

  • YourLocalBun ♡•Zixshin•♡ (@YourLocalBun) reported

    if someone says "you're too old to play <name here>" they are probably just jealous and unhappy, my dad had the same problem, he wouldn't play Minecraft (something he enjoys) because someone in his life told him it was for kids, I convinced him otherwise, and he's happier

  • andres88744179 andres (@andres88744179) reported

    @TweakBoxApp I wanna use Minecraft multiplayer but it doesn’t let me sign in

  • iswhatigot kfc and watermelon (@iswhatigot) reported

    @MojangSupport cant log into my account since yesterday, is there a glitch because it happened to two of my accounts and one of my friends accounts.

  • AssEaterPr0 Daniel (@AssEaterPr0) reported

    @hububba No you dont. You just have to log into the xbox live service. Same thing with minecraft windows 10 edition

  • HarmfulAim David💔 (@HarmfulAim) reported

    The Issue doesn't end there, with the older generation of Minecraft HCF Youtubers leaving due to losing interest in the game, the new generation see this as an opportunity to become a bigger hcf youtuber but the issue is that 100's of people are trying to get that title.

  • Dozanmen JACK V. M. (@Dozanmen) reported

    @Minecraft @Noxcrew Fix The iron golem farm

  • HassanMughal147 Hassan Mughal (@HassanMughal147) reported

    @hamdi__x Shut up before I run Minecraft on your pc and crash it

  • LubcubsGaming Lubcubs Gaming (@LubcubsGaming) reported

    Update on my website... weebly support has been very helpful in letting me know that a violation of the terms of service has been violated... Might have to switch to a different website provider if my Minecraft based website has violated any terms...

  • SquidWally Wally Squid (@SquidWally) reported

    @Civilizedweap Minecraft, Youtube, and attempting to VRC with my friends but I keep lagging out at the moment.

  • ElliotGindiVO Elliot G (@ElliotGindiVO) reported

    These Microsoft games coming to new platforms isn't that crazy to me. They were pretty clear that they want Xbox to be a platform agnostic service. Minecraft was the start of it and I imagine all these future games will come out on everything which allow a Live login.

  • DragonBallRP2 🅹🅰🅻🅴🅽 🆉 🆂🅰🅼🅰(🆅🅴🅶🅴🆃🅰'🆂 🆂🅾🅽) (@DragonBallRP2) reported

    @PopularMMOS Pat you know if you turn v-sync off in minecraft you will have 500fps instead of 60fps and your vids would not lag that much

  • Zanzsoap Zanzo btw (@Zanzsoap) reported

    @SkywalkerBuilds @Minecraft @Preston The only problem is idk how to upload a map if i make one

  • GregFromSkynode Gregory from Skynode (@GregFromSkynode) reported

    As of today, Support Agents are not required to help "Free" server users, the exception to this is if they're having the tech or Websocket issue. #Minecraft

  • aaronisawsomeb1 AaronM...? (@aaronisawsomeb1) reported

    My heart is broken from losing my Minecraft horse Dongus😭😭😂

  • Misael2045 Misael (@Misael2045) reported

    @PhantomSmugBoi Phantom from Minecraft when are we gonna build a house because I keep killing all these diamonds and my diamond sword is broken 😔

  • Thedarkpreacher TheDarkPreacher (@Thedarkpreacher) reported

    @legendblade @morvelaira I'm a mediocre streamer. I keep a schedule, stream without webcam, play one of two games (MTG Arena or Minecraft), and have audio issues I have no idea how to fix half the time.

  • srawshank jamie miller (@srawshank) reported

    @MTLSaiyan Hoping for cuphead or Minecraft Guy. Fully expecting it to be the retread crash bandicoot looking thing

  • xietatjiel cory sykora (@xietatjiel) reported

    @XboxSupport love customer service when your on the phone and your tech hangs up on you. What's the deal you can't say your system is backwards compatable and then have games not work. Got minecraft for 360 and can't play it on the one, why is that, it's not backwards compataple!

  • Prime335 Prime (@Prime335) reported

    I just off-tabbed on minecraft, heard the creeper sound effect, then had a heart attack twice the second time was literally to make this tweet, jesus christ thank god my armor's broken I almost lost everything

  • hlrydhstne dhstīnë (@hlrydhstne) reported

    lag ang minecraft

  • swirlz_21 swirlz (@swirlz_21) reported

    @Minecraft can you please fix connection issues for nintendo switch, I can't play with my friends at all and nothing is wrong with our internet, it sucks

  • VanillaDeluxe_ Funnyman Jacob (@VanillaDeluxe_) reported

    Hey @Twitch and @TwitchSupport Fix your desktop app it’s one of the slowest and most broken programs I’ve ever used I JUST WANNA PLAY MINECRAFT MODS NOT HIT THE REFRESH BUTTON CONSTANTLY AND REOPEN THE APP A BILLION TIMES

  • NoahSmi29889525 Noah Smith (@NoahSmi29889525) reported

    @MojangSupport Hey I keep trying to get on my Minecraft Java Edition but I keep getting this Error Message: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space, I have given my Java 3 gigabytes of ram but it doesn't seem to be working.

  • quijanova Michael Quijano (@quijanova) reported

    @MojangSupport Hello I am having issues with invites. I can send invites but its not received on the other console. It’s not working cross platform (Nintendo Switch to Xbox one) nor Xbox one to Xbox one. Please help

  • MFolletStream Jonathan Ellson (@MFolletStream) reported

    So, apologies this didn't happen. Tech issues will do that. They are sorted now though, and I will be back tomorrow with another dash of #Minecraft. Fingers crossed... #NerdBase

  • arsenel96 TaliOS (@arsenel96) reported

    @BLOODY_FATALITY @HoodlumCallum Well it's not an issue in Minecraft cause the shapes are just cubes, so the pixelated look stays coherent

  • LyingUpsidedown skeet unblock (@LyingUpsidedown) reported

    @PowerCheez @MojangSupport having the same issue right now

  • Shane_Okeefe8 Shane O'Keefe (@Shane_Okeefe8) reported

    @stampylongnose All these people hating are just lookin for attention. It’s totally fine to take a break!! Everyone gets bored if you are keeping to the exact same routine of playing minecraft. If you need to change your “game” that is of corse no problem. You have to do what’s right for you. 😁

  • tewth vanch 🦷🥛 (@tewth) reported

    me playing vr: no problems here me playing minecraft/splatoon: (becomes violently ill)

  • blowfIygirl hambubger ♡ 🍆 (@blowfIygirl) reported

    not doing my best emotionally but trying to self remedy by watching a minecraft speedrun its not working but by god this guy sure is fuckingfast

  • StevenMcLain429 Steven J. McLain II🌀 (@StevenMcLain429) reported


  • 7thsenze 𝕒𝕓𝕓𝕚𝕖 - HYUNJIN DAY (@7thsenze) reported

    i’m trying to get my minecraft account back bc i made it when i was LITTLE but i don’t remember any of my login details so i’m trying to migrate it to mojang all while not rly knowing what i’m doing and mojang is being a piece of ******* GARBAGE why do i have to DO THIS

  • Chrisxmag Chrisxmag (@Chrisxmag) reported

    @Minecraft The new block texture look like shit. go back and fix whatever the hell you just realesed.

  • iZarych Zar (@iZarych) reported

    @Kiburuzu I think Minecraft is the most likely too. The move set could go many different ways since it’s Minecraft, and Minecraft is extremely popular across all platforms. But I wouldn’t have a problem with any of them.

  • CuBeOnHere CuBe ⬜⬛ (@CuBeOnHere) reported

    Hey, @AltsRIP, I just bought 6 semi-access Minecraft alts and one of them is not working. Can you help me please

  • rabscule remu6 (@rabscule) reported

    @MojangSupport hey there be a glitch were every time you die in the end the ender dragon multiplys, and after joining the world you are falling and under water broke my world.

  • xgoya_ Jesus Whetpuzae (@xgoya_) reported

    Fortnite was made when Jon Paul Fortnite was making Minecraft 2 with Steve Jobs and Elon musk and a glitch happened in the code much the same way Minecraft creepers came into existence with bad pig code

  • GregFromSkynode Gregory from Skynode (@GregFromSkynode) reported

    Remember to check your Server Settings to make sure both your .jar file matches the Server Setting's .jar file, it will cause your server to crash if not corrected. #Minecraft

  • beveragegod 🤠🐻 (@beveragegod) reported

    Minecraft deforestation is a real issue.

  • SaladSSB Salad (@SaladSSB) reported

    Playing Minecraft is the answer to all of life’s problems don’t @ me

  • scuppy114 scuppy12/Mary (@scuppy114) reported

    @MojangSupport hi I am having a issue that I had when 1.9 came out and its doing it again on 1.10 on bedrock it just freezing my game all the time when I open the inventory

  • Eisionary Aijuo (@Eisionary) reported

    @MojangSupport actually fkn useless..... bought account 11 years ago, cant retrieve paypal code from purchase, cant upgrade to realms, actually fkn useless... got full login and everything security question the lot...