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Minecraft is a sandbox video game originally created by Swedish game designer Markus "Notch" Persson, and later developed and published by Mojang. Minecraft is available for Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, PlayStation 3 and more.

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At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at Minecraft. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Online Play (44.44%)
  • ▪ Sign in (30.56%)
  • ▪ Game Crash (19.44%)
  • ▪ Matchmaking (2.78%)
  • ▪ Glitches (2.78%)

Minecraft Live Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Athabasca, Alberta  ▪ Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires  ▪ Mexico City, Mexico City  ▪ Minato-ku, Tōkyō-to  ▪ Leyland, England  ▪ London, England  ▪ Los Angeles, California  ▪ Merseburg, Saxony-Anhalt  ▪ Acworth, Georgia  ▪ Altus, Oklahoma  ▪ Ashland, Ohio

Minecraft Live Outage Map
  • Athabasca, Alberta
  • Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires
  • Mexico City, Mexico City
  • Minato-ku, Tōkyō-to
  • Leyland, England
  • London, England
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Merseburg, Saxony-Anhalt
  • Acworth, Georgia
  • Altus, Oklahoma
  • Ashland, Ohio
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  • nur_abud
    Nur Abud (@nur_abud) reported

    @NotAlexNoyle Problem is that I use twitch to run minecraft Cuz it's convenient but I accidentally forgot to switch out of the forge client before trying to get on hypixel and got screwed

  • Going2kilzu
    Mikey W Glasgow (@Going2kilzu) reported

    @YouTube needs to fix there site. I keep getting subbed an unsubbed to people. All I want is animation an markiplier, not minecraft lets plays an minecraft how 2's, come on guys. Please fix.

  • KingPants_
    KingPants (@KingPants_) reported

    Sometimes to assert my dominace, I stand outside the local public elementary school and read my first edition copy of Diary of a Minecraft Zombie upside down just to punk some 8 year olds with reading comprehension issues.

  • CharlDunois
    dunois (@CharlDunois) reported

    @tuna_fatty for people that like Pubg and minecraft that’s why it appeals to 12 year olds also cuz it’s not a broken ass battle royale that costs 20+ dollars

  • Icystorm9
    Josh (@Icystorm9) reported

    @NeonoeNeoN @mrfeelswildride @Gamer_Fudo23 Really? I actually had no idea. A standard Thinkpad T60 could run Minecraft, so it's not that big of an issue.

  • Cobster105
    Cobi (@Cobster105) reported


  • calicowhat
    CalicoWhat on Twitch (@calicowhat) reported

    Turkey is from mo'creatures candles are ALTCraft Candles Quark or the white wood, Natura for the blue there's stained glass on the 2nd level but I think it's minecraft or chisel I think I need to undo decocraft or reduce what's there in the fishing hut behind this building, lag!

  • thebrickprince
    thebrickprince (@thebrickprince) reported

    Has anyone else gotten a glitch recently where you're Re-subscribed to channels that you unsubbed to a while ago? I'm seeing Minecraft Youtubers in my sub feed and I haven't watch a Minecraft video in years @TeamYouTube

  • ayycerni
    cerni (@ayycerni) reported

    personally i think its really dry and not even just the cheater problem, theres like 4 maps and the kits are only scout and blacksmith. or maybe its just minecraft getting boring for me

  • hettinger02
    sellout (@hettinger02) reported

    @MojangSupport I have been trying to purchase a realm sub for about 2 hours now and I keep getting an error message. I have tried everything and sent in a ticket but no response. I know I am putting the information incorrectly. Are the payments down?

  • xTimBatx
    Tim ✌️ (@xTimBatx) reported

    @XboxSupport (1) hey so Mojang told me to send this to you guys because it was not their problem even though I think it is. So basically, my girlfriend and I both have played minecraft (cross platform play between my xbox and her phone) before, and it worked

  • mcaftor
    Aftor (@mcaftor) reported

    @MojangSupport On multiple sites (like NameMC or iaero) the name 'Kabin' seems to be available but on Mojang its not, is this a glitch?

  • DirectingZeus
    Alberto (@DirectingZeus) reported

    @Mojang Please add axolotls to minecraft, I need to have one :D. And fix the underwater hitbox, PLEASE

  • 5minutemovieguy
    5 Minute Movie Guy (@5minutemovieguy) reported

    @NerdsOnTheLeft I'm not even sure what Game Pass is. Isn't it like a subscription based service that lets you play games without buying them? And yeah, I hope it turns out to be that big, but Minecraft is a very unique beast.

  • morethanwifi_xo
    Natashaaa (@morethanwifi_xo) reported

    @peter_rainman It’s just a more socially acceptable version of minecraft? Why did something when it’s not broken?

  • raffaraffg
    Raffaele (@raffaraffg) reported

    @MojangSupport I really need help cause i can't resolve this problem by myself, i just created a minecraft realms with friends some day ago everything was fine ... but is a few day that i join the game and after 1 minute i'm get kik out with connection lost. My connection is fine

  • chatterbotrecs
    Chatterbot Records (@chatterbotrecs) reported

    anybody wanna be our test dummy in minecraft we gotta fix a spawn problem before we launch this dumbass shit

  • kingdomjoeyy
    Joey (@kingdomjoeyy) reported

    @lightkcb I got the minecraft one to and it fucking sucks dick. At least the issue itself is good

  • Almightyk9
    Almightyk9 (@Almightyk9) reported

    the person who threatened to bomb 400 UK schools over Minecraft, what the heck is wrong with our world? whoever did that has some serious issues and needs therapy ASAP. that's sick. @AspieMum @meknowhu @SacredFroakie75 @TheO530CarrisPT @So_Ethereal @ant17387 @king_of_bob

  • _Just_Victor
    🇩🇴Victor_RD🇩🇴 (@_Just_Victor) reported

    @_MrBlck ayudame se me crashea minecraft y me dice eso: The game crashed whilst initializing game Error: net.minecraft.client.renderer.StitcherException: Unable to fit: missingno, size: 16x16, atlas: 0x0, atlasMax: -1x-1 - Maybe try a lower resolution resourcepack?

  • sexysecurity95
    SexyWolf219 (@sexysecurity95) reported

    Been playing Minecraft offline since the company who came out yesterday to install the new internet service wires and that fucked up twice. I told them if they don't fix it right, I'm going with my third choice of internet service

  • yxrick
    yurick🎨😐 (@yxrick) reported

    @KingFreezeYT @WitnessCole @HankDaTank @NBA2K yeah thats the wrong guy, he made insane minecraft content and sick animations he started the herobrine glitch

  • dragnoz
    Dragnoz (@dragnoz) reported

    @BenSpieldenner The Minecraft EE version.. yea i have a huge login name and a weird password so its copy and paste everytime i reload the game...

  • Bobjeff2152
    Bob Mero (@Bobjeff2152) reported

    @MojangSupport I have tried to change my skin in Minecraft, but when I sign in to the account and try to change my skin but all it does is tell me to check my email after I entered all this stupid information and then I check my inbox and it just makes me an infinite loop.

  • BenSpieldenner
    Ben Spieldenner (@BenSpieldenner) reported from Ashland, Ohio

    @dragnoz The Minecraft:Education Edition or MinecraftEdu version? The M:EE version is account based, so I don’t think there is a way around the login.

  • Big_Show94
    Austin Roberts (@Big_Show94) reported from Centerville, Utah

    @Minecraft my friend can’t remember his username but knows the email and password and still can’t sign in. What does he need to do?

  • TheCZghost
    CZghost (@TheCZghost) reported

    Hi folks. Unfortunately, I'm unable to record nor stream in nearest future, due to performance issues connected with my GPU and OBS Studio. Though Minecraft 1.13 is almost out there (last snapshot is 18w11a), I can't start recording until upgrade. Sorry...

  • blueroxs9
    Blueroxs9 (@blueroxs9) reported

    @Minecraft So I have this problem and it wont let me log on to the minecraft website same with the mojang website. Please msg me back so I can change my Name.

  • JessIsCuty
    Jess (@JessIsCuty) reported

    I wanna test my skin, but ofc the Mojang/ Minecraft login is broken ;-;

  • confituurRBLX
    confituur (@confituurRBLX) reported

    @IloveMC727 @Roblox_RTer erm roblox was made in 2006 minecraft is made in 2009, fix your grammar faggot

  • movie_pundit
    David Dylan Thomas (@movie_pundit) reported

    Kiran: (trying to assuage my apprehension about collateral damage battling invaders we're about to spawn into a peaceful Minecraft village) We're saving the villagers. Me: From a problem that we caused. Kiran: Oh, so we're like Iron Man. Me: [sick burn!]

  • dragnoz
    Dragnoz (@dragnoz) reported

    Ugh... a question to all the Minecraft EDU users... is there a way to not have to login with username and password everytime you restart the game? Its making development SUCH a pain.

  • TheONiLX
    ONiLX📷 (@TheONiLX) reported

    @elonjames It won’t last long, this problem seems self-fixing. I’d recommend this time for a good poop or catching up on you latest Minecraft build.

  • jerry71359220
    Jerry Garcia (@jerry71359220) reported from Houston, Texas

    Out of all the cool cover variants, for issue 300 i get the stupid Minecraft one in the mail thx @gameinformer #lame

  • soheab_malik1
    [•MsCh•] SoHeAb MaLiK💗 🇳🇱tOoAcTiVe🇳🇱 (@soheab_malik1) reported

    @StuartATrueRed And Minecraft I can’t login in :)

  • JediKon06
    Jedi Kon 🎮 (@JediKon06) reported

    Wanting to play @Minecraft Java in fullscreen but when I tab out it lags a lot and takes a while to go back onto Minecraft. I am using an @Alienware PC & other people with Alienware PC's have the same problem but my sister who isn't using an Alienware is fine with fullscreen.

  • antiscepticeye
    maya (@antiscepticeye) reported

    he's playing minecraft smh i'm watching a minecraft stream now that's how deep into the depression hole we are apparently that's a man with a broken soul

  • YT_PedroPCs
    PedroPCs (@YT_PedroPCs) reported

    @Mojang Good day I bought my minecraft day 03/16/2018 in a site where I will be putting it down there and after a day 03/20/2018 I can not log into the account of the always the error "password or invalid users" and the email of password change is not enough I will leave below

  • myland123456
    ML (@myland123456) reported

    @RockstarGames I dare you to make a map expansion/modification dlc instead of these new cars and stuff. Say how about one town per month until the world is completed. Local storage shouldn’t be a problem if you use technology similar to Google Maps tiles / Minecraft chunks.

  • Snailboy63
    Snailboy39 (@Snailboy63) reported

    @MojangSupport Hi! I'm currently not getting any password reset emails for any of my Minecraft accounts, but am able to receive other types of emails from mojang. Is this a common issue at the moment or is it an account specific problem?

  • Clementine6337
    ClementineFruity (@Clementine6337) reported

    @AstridGirll (7/) The problem with unregulated and consumerist children's media is a separate issue that deserves its own thread and while it isn't unique to Minecraft but it is one of the biggest association with it.

  • Clementine6337
    ClementineFruity (@Clementine6337) reported

    The way a lot of Gamers deify Notch and wanting the 'return to old Minecraft' is really off considering that Minecraft is a game about creating something new and moving beyond what u were given in the first place so the idea of having Notch come back to 'fix it' is so reactionary

  • Bgbiskite
    BG (@Bgbiskite) reported

    @lexylmao it's essentially minecraft and pubg trial and error will help you succeed

  • robwillsteeler1
    [email protected],com (@robwillsteeler1) reported

    Sorry crafters I cant load mixer for minecraft they are working on the problem although I see some can stream

  • hyperdefined
    hyperdefined (@hyperdefined) reported

    LOL I can't change my Minecraft email. I get access denied. That email is dead. It was my old custom email. This won't be a problem right?

  • hyperdefined
    hyperdefined (@hyperdefined) reported

    LOL I can't change my Minecraft email. I get access denied. That email that it is one is dead. This won't be a problem right?

  • wiltdjh
    meg (@wiltdjh) reported

    @Wes10 dm me for my minecraft login info

  • coastyyyyyyy
    PNW (@coastyyyyyyy) reported

    ya i still play Minecraft is there a FUCKING problem??

  • Ncoasty
    Envy (@Ncoasty) reported

    ya I still play minecraft is there a fucking problem??

  • Furious_Fox66
    Chase watson (@Furious_Fox66) reported

    @MojangSupport I have never really had this problem before.. I just got my computer back from being fixed and before that my minecraft worked perfectly. Now when ever i try and play it says "The game crashed whilst initializing game" Ive done all kinds. do u know how to fix this?

  • Nath16S
    Nagarath (@Nath16S) reported

    @slayweb ... Why you need Discord for Minecraft? And I have heard that some readon nowadays Discord have quite a lot of those problems.

  • Ulises1Doggo
    Ulises1Doggo (@Ulises1Doggo) reported

    @pollux_kun “Sans is such a fucking brain dead character” “Steve from Minecraft is so broken” “Mii Fighters sucks so much it honestly takes no skill”

  • Anole55Tg
    That Trollpants Guy (@Anole55Tg) reported

    @Mrmantequilla98 @Nickelodeon Even with constant updates, I would say that Java Minecraft (even though it is by far the most superior version due to the quirks of these problems and other stuff) is not worthy being on the list due to both its age and that the game is horribly optimized.

  • Sladebomb
    Yavier Velasquez (@Sladebomb) reported

    Minecraft android need to have another update cause people are saying that they can't sign in to their Xbox account

  • DreamIncFounder
    Angel Solcrest (@DreamIncFounder) reported

    @PlayStation your customers DEMAND that you resolve this Minecraft Bedrock Edition issue, we PS4 users WANT the "Better Together" thing to happen!

  • MidlyCoolCanine
    SML JEFFY LOVING CANINE (@MidlyCoolCanine) reported

    @tweetcloudbot Uh, That is not what I meant, not trying to sound rude, but I all said was Puppies, Collies, Blitz, T.D, Jeffy, Minecraft, Plushes, NFL, Football, AFL, and SML.. Can you fix this to give another try?

  • Stormhawke7
    Nick - Stormhawke (@Stormhawke7) reported

    @_kagirii @SeaOfThieves Save your 60 bucks :P Its like paying 60 bucks to play Minecraft. if you figure out your Windows 10 issue I would get the free 14 day trial game pass from the microsoft store and then try SoT for free!

  • DedolaJacopo
    Jacopo Dedola (@DedolaJacopo) reported

    @MojangSupport I have some problems with my account mojang, how can i change my e-mail?

  • Logdotzip
    Tyler Pappas ʃ Logdotzip (@Logdotzip) reported

    @thecommonpeople moreso the controls all feel off, input is delayed, certain commands are missing, mechanics are changed/vary from java. insane realms lag. It feels like a ripoff version of the Minecraft I use daily.

  • surfacinq_
    Surfacinq (CJ) (@surfacinq_) reported

    Update: Minecraft is 'not responding'. Please don't crash.