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Minecraft is a sandbox video game originally created by Swedish game designer Markus "Notch" Persson, and later developed and published by Mojang. Minecraft is available for Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, PlayStation 3 and more.

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  • JGamerXone
    Grand Samus (@JGamerXone) reported

    I really should of considered nintento switch online before I got minecraft and splatoon 2 for the switch because the whole reason I got either was online play... at least based off of what I've heard fortnite does not need the online service...

  • lilcrazy9009
    Branden Miers (@lilcrazy9009) reported

    @Minecraft why is the new aquatic update lag so much on Xbox 360 edition

  • mci468886
    Chris (@mci468886) reported

    @MojangSupport hey so im on xbox and it says my game dosent need a update but when i join my friends it says "outdated server" and four of my friends can play together but i cant play with them...any fixs or ideas of how to fix this?

  • dracolee72
    draco lee (@dracolee72) reported

    @Spintown @Minecraft Didn't want to go bad enough? Ever thought about people that would really want to go but have money problems, or travel problems, or transportation problems? Or always feel travel sick, or don't like planes? Or couldn't get a ticket in time because of the millions only a couple

  • goddessvii
    Vii @NYCC (@goddessvii) reported

    I just remembered that time I couldn’t get the water in Minecraft to stop being ugly so I left a sign for @Rynide to fix it and my son pulled through while I was asleep

  • rubyadelphoi
    coochie conqueror @ 4.4 (@rubyadelphoi) reported

    i just thought about the mom said its my turn on the xbox meme and remembered this actually used to be a problem when i lived with my brother because we would get in fights over who got to play minecraft on the 360 fskdgskg

  • Gamepro505
    Gamepro5 (@Gamepro505) reported

    @jeb_ @_LadyAgnes We should be able to watch #MINECON within Minecraft, like a Minecraft TV or a texture that changes every frame (lag). or just from within the menu (java and bedrock)a

  • albisheka
    albina (@albisheka) reported

    @MojangSupport Keep sending emails to you, but no reply. Its been over 2 weeks now, had password reset requests, but nothing been revived. Please help, as we can not login into acc.

  • JouRnaL_Tho
    Robo JouRnO (@JouRnaL_Tho) reported

    lets throw bricks at my job by 76 cents and playing minecraft but im tryna fix you up, if you end up getting wounded


    @Minecraft The idea is fine but I still have not convinced myself about the issue of trees in the desert, but I would like them to be found only near one oasis in the desert or on some beach, so to speak.

  • discord99057751
    discordiabot (@discord99057751) reported

    Blood And Witch Hunters - Take the Dragon's breath away from Minecraft and add some fan service from PUBG, namely Erangel's school.

  • ZacharyBates_
    Zach B (@ZacharyBates_) reported

    @MojangSupport My friends and I can't connect to my minecraft realm for windows 10 minecraft, nothing we do seems to fix the problem. What should we do? Thanks

  • ConfirmedPanda1
    Shaun°Joseph (@ConfirmedPanda1) reported

    Today, some writing will possibly be happening and I may play Fortnite. I've had a few issues with lag, so Fortnite isn't a likely probability. Today might be a Minecraft kind of day.

  • Puppy_Atom
    Atom Wilde (@Puppy_Atom) reported

    So after having some microphone issues, i started recording a second episode of minecraft and followed some fun clues left by @pup_quinn . Finished the episode to find out the recording had stopped :L Well that was a lovely 20 minutes wasted >.<

  • SantiagoLitAF
    Santiago M. Jose (@SantiagoLitAF) reported

    @Minecraft minecart doesnt update sound settings until you dismount. please fix this or i will report you to the fda. thanks

  • zdespawned
    Zach Schrier (@zdespawned) reported

    @notsteveception @Minecraft @MojangSupport There isn't, that's the issue.

  • Abcabc375
    J (@Abcabc375) reported

    @Connor_Bridges7 @MojangSupport Having the same issue!!

  • Brignirs
    Brignirs (@Brignirs) reported

    @MojangSupport tbh ive reset the password multiple times and even waited around 25h but i still couldnt login into the launcher and Website

  • Futterish
    Mike Futter (@Futterish) reported

    @hoyty @CheapyD @gamedailybiz I did not mix anything up. Telltale is under contract with Netflix to bring Minecraft Story Mode to its streaming service.

  • Justyn_Ander
    Ander @ SkyEnder (@Justyn_Ander) reported

    @MojangSupport Hey, I was trying to sign in, but it failed, so I kinda freaked out and changed the password a couple of times. But I didn't realise that the authentication servers were down. But when I tried to change my password back to what it was, It said that I couldn't (1/2)

  • BurxYT
    Burx (@BurxYT) reported

    @ibxtoycat And hopefully bug fixing the minecraft ps4 water rendering glitch

  • 1Man1Game
    🏈 Cap 🏈 [11Crew] (@1Man1Game) reported

    So i've been running a test the past few weeks and not really prmoting my videos at all.. Only a few on here and none anywhere else. Its a pretty significant loss. The last 2 or 3 Minecraft videos havent even broken 100 views which hasnt happened in like... 4 months or something.

  • Loganbobby3
    Logan #bobby (@Loganbobby3) reported

    RIP...Telltale games has decided to go out of business there not working on anything except for bringing minecraft sm to Netflix.

  • baramir1
    Bar Amir (@baramir1) reported

    @Minecraft hi I accidentally entered an older version of the game and everything I did in my world was erased how can I fix it

  • Hindbodes
    Hindbodes 🐜 (@Hindbodes) reported

    For me, the problem is never that there's too many Minecraft videos. I think the problem is that too few of them are good. Or at least that too few of the "good" ones aren't saturated with lishing noises.

  • _gaeel_ (@_gaeel_) reported

    @jazzmickle I had a similar issue with a shader I wrote for Minecraft

  • Thund3rGun
    Ruan de Jongh (@Thund3rGun) reported

    @4JStudios having major trouble going into my world on the ps4, im there for 10min the I lag out. I know of two more people with the same error. Formatted my ps4, reinstalled and initialized minecraft again, but same result.

  • SachiCantTech
    FGA | Techless (@SachiCantTech) reported

    @artsyomni Yea the issue is definitely that Steve has like, not decent animation. At least Game and Watch and Duck Hunt they could interpret it in their own ways but Minecraft animations are so limited that it would be really hard to create an interesting moveset.

  • TheHugeFatNut
    The Big Nut (@TheHugeFatNut) reported

    @artsyomni I mean, for animation issues they could use Minecraft Story Mode as a reference for Steve

  • JGamerXone
    Grand Samus (@JGamerXone) reported

    I really should of considered nintento switch online before I got minecraft and splatoon 2 for the switch because the whole reason I got either was online play... at least based off of what I've heard fornicate does not need the online service...

  • HighOctane_Buzz
    THE HIMMELGOD (@HighOctane_Buzz) reported

    @GinaDaly02 @derrick_hance @kenfoulmouths @FilthyMouthGamr @CorruptedPod @dave_moonz @CanadianBsmt @SirCardinal I can see this issue with Fortnite and Minecraft because if the large influx of children playing the game. It’s been around since gaming was online, but clearly not as bad as it is today. Parents still need to monitor their kids activities online.

  • Chief_The_Gamer
    That gamer named Chief (@Chief_The_Gamer) reported

    @artsyomni @GoldNinja11 That's the problem at hand. What makes minecraft appealing is having the ability to make whatever you want. I just don't think that'll translate well to smash. At least not in a way that I find interesting. And with that, this topic has come full circle.

    Alcoholoslav (@SYGLP) reported

    @Fetusberry TWD stopped being profitable after the first season, and Minecraft should have been enough to keep them afloat. I think a lot of it was fatigue over the technical issues. they never fixed the plodding stuttery mechanics and interactions in their games.

  • borfito
    burritobot (@borfito) reported

    ME MINECRAFT PARODY’ by some just got reliability issues not seeing skylar on this site but angryposting never seem to get

  • Clankity
    wyatt (@Clankity) reported

    don't catch me in there because i lost my login info for minecraft forever ago and probably have no way of getting it back so yall can have fun without me

  • JenniMcMurray
    Jennifer McMurray (@JenniMcMurray) reported

    I'm just a moderator at @TelltaleGames. I was about to quit as the mod tools were broken, but I met the PR team @lauraperusco, @kenjisalk, and @jobjstauffer in NYC for pizza and Minecraft. They got us in contact with the web team and made things great again. #TelltaleMemories

  • netbaton
    shave and a haircut, two crits (@netbaton) reported

    hey if anyone is in coalchella rn give me your minecraft name so i can /tpa to you bc the command to join is broken

  • Chief_The_Gamer
    That gamer named Chief (@Chief_The_Gamer) reported

    @GoldNinja11 @artsyomni True, but like I said, he has the same problem as olimar. The material from his source game wouldn't translate well to smash. By that I mean, a character that can terraform a stage is interesting on paper, but you're limited to the way it's done in minecraft.

  • maxschramp
    SLEEPYCATT @ #COALCHELLA (@maxschramp) reported

    i'm gonna be honest it's not a real party in minecraft if the server doesn't crash terribly for the first half of it

  • __muken
    muken (@__muken) reported

    @__caprica Fair enough. I agree on the whole Undertale thing, but Minecraft is a huge franchise so I don't really see a problem with it getting a rep instead of SK.

  • Daniel66783112
    Daniel (@Daniel66783112) reported

    @AtomicOwl1 @AshChambers304 @HectorMagana15 @BeatemupsWood @telltalegames 'cause the contact says, "you give me minecraft or there will be legal problems" and tbh they are in no position to take any of that shit

  • notnullnotvoid
    Miles 🍞 (@notnullnotvoid) reported

    listening coalchella, with minecraft + discord + firefox open simultaneously. minecraft, a java game notorious for its poor performance, is sailing smooth and responsive at 60fps. discord and firefox are both lagging to hell and back. all have the same process priority, etc.

  • GamingUnsilence
    GamingUnsilenced (@GamingUnsilence) reported

    1. The potential it had a lot of potential it had a lot of a grade names such as the walking dead, minecraft story mode, batman, wolf along us and more and imagine how much more it would grow if it was able to stay and produce more games and dont forget the main problem with this

  • hootax
    Kimberly Duede (@hootax) reported

    Apparently, I can't sit and write for the life of me, but I can build an entire city in Minecraft with no problem.

  • doesdanielsleep
    Daniel Johnson (@doesdanielsleep) reported

    @sakura_burst lost my minecraft login years ago lmao is anyone twitch streaming this

  • alecadians
    alec (@alecadians) reported

    anybody know how to do the infinite water glitch in minecraft

  • sebas_g_l
    Shock (@sebas_g_l) reported

    @artsyomni To me a bigger problem is the moveset, it would be hard to represent how minecraft plays or feels, specialy building and crafting I can totally see him fighting despite animations, but it honestly it wouldn't feel like a minecraft character

  • fastertracktalk
    Fastertrack Tweets (@fastertracktalk) reported

    @MojangSupport I crash a lot. I'm playing a vanilla server with a few plug-ins. My hardware isn't great but it's frustrating. If I run OBS (screen recording) at the same time it also crashes I found. I can attach logs as requested.

  • shuyomondai
    superior nut co. (@shuyomondai) reported


  • RadicalRingtail
    Ringtail The Raccoon (@RadicalRingtail) reported

    currently, coalchella is the minecraft equivalent of dashcon, hopefully they fix the server oof

  • TheFeeN_
    TheFeeN_ (@TheFeeN_) reported

    @TweakBoxApp I don’t suppose you know whether on Minecraft via tweakbox if I can sign in using a Microsoft account?

  • joashmendoza
    ᴀ ꜱ ʜ 🐸 (@joashmendoza) reported

    there;S music festival happening in minecraft RN called Coalchella and i forget my login this is a cRIsiS

  • joashmendoza
    ᴀ ꜱ ʜ 🐸 (@joashmendoza) reported

    i want to go to that minecraft festival COALchella but i forget my login thiS is a CRISIS

  • gabbiecatjm
    Jenn Miller (@gabbiecatjm) reported

    @MojangSupport world disappeared following power outage. Playing bedrock edition for xbox one. How can I recover?

  • Cryptic_TX55
    Cryptic_TX55 (@Cryptic_TX55) reported

    @artsyomni I have this problem. It's hard for me to visualize Steve/Alex having any sort of moveset, because any action they do in Minecraft is either the swing animation or the punch animation. You could take creative liberties for Smash, but it would feel off.

  • RhyanGamesBR
    DJ_PLAYS BR #FMD (@RhyanGamesBR) reported

    My cell supports up to 20chunks but locking in 20chunks I admit but as long as my 12 chunks without lag do not go back I will not go but play minecraft as before; My phone: Samsung Galaxy S8 + -4GB RAM -Exynos 8895 Processor -64 GB Storage Thanks for listening

  • RhyanGamesBR
    DJ_PLAYS BR #FMD (@RhyanGamesBR) reported

    @MojangSupport Much lag! I always played the 12 chunks in my cell phone never gave a lag! But after the new updates (specifically 1.6.0) I could not play in the 60FPS as I used to play in My android now I only play in 10 chunks because of the lag being that I played the 60FPS

  • kodycd15
    Blue Squiddo Kody #banjoforsmash (@kodycd15) reported

    Alright, what's so bad about the possibility of Steve from Minecraft being in Smash Bros? Yes, the fanbase is cringy but Minecraft is one of the most popular games of all time, and Steve could have a fun moveset in Smash. I honestly wouldn't have a problem with it.

  • LB_OneofKind
    🌟#AlwaysOneofKind 👑🌟 (@LB_OneofKind) reported from Atlanta, Georgia

    I'm done buying episodic games be if this @telltalegames issue with rest of #TheWalkingDeadTheFinalSeason so **** Minecraft. Finish the rest of the series or return refunds to everyone who bought it is fair. (Sucks devs lost their jobs but I ain't letting this go until it's fixed

  • deer_skulled
    the brave little abacus fangirl (@deer_skulled) reported

    @video_toaster @online_goblin iirc coalchella is running on the OG pc/mac/linux edition, so it should be the same way as everyone did back in the day. you might have to migrate the minecraft account to a new mojang account. it doesnt run on a subscription service or anything