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Minecraft is a sandbox video game originally created by Swedish game designer Markus "Notch" Persson, and later developed and published by Mojang. Minecraft is available for Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, PlayStation 3 and more.

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May 20: Problems at Minecraft

Minecraft is having issues since 08:30 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in (46.81%)
  • Online Play (40.43%)
  • Game Crash (8.51%)
  • Glitches (4.26%)

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  • ObbyRaidz
    Logan (@ObbyRaidz) reported

    @aussiewaax @SalvificMC @WeakGG @notresilience @MeeZoid @GulliblexD @teh_neon @RefilmingOG @AOBCameron @TactBets @Mr3msyoutube @rydan @Br0MC @MasterGberry @SheepKiller69 @Young_Explicit @KenzoPvP @dewgsgg @deltaloll @MergeV1 @nothvh @DahDBlock @Erkums @ItsFyrGhost @niceforwhat6 @FinupEz @swirlsgod @KayyJay @Procedvres @system_update @epicgamer1331 @NemeGaming @mullryan49 @Its_Mahid @ConstructorLeo @Curtis3321 @TheIngotsNetwor @ypperin @shadowgirlxxmc @archyb0t @KEEMSTAR @Zhayne12 @Jibrann @ThuckThupreme @heatedbtw fake fan to who? Have not played HCF in 4 months just play h1 and prison when im not working. I dont fan anyone in Minecraft

  • PinkLambo
    Ethan Robinson (@PinkLambo) reported

    @MojangSupport Hey, I have a 2015 cape code and I cant redeem it. It has not been redeemed before and everytime I click the link, it asks me to login, and then it brings me to my profile. There was no redeem button.

  • FatManGABE1
    Gabethesamurai (@FatManGABE1) reported

    @notch @tweetsauce I do have one question, I know that this is completely out of your control now and I understand that but with Minecraft mobile why did you go with a d-pad instead of a virtual stick? I've had quite a few issues with that control scam and I was always curious about that. Thank u!

  • AxelFellet
    Fellet Axel (@AxelFellet) reported

    @MrCraayfish you app Home security in the mod CDM crash my Minecraft

  • nsimons2017
    Nathan Simons (@nsimons2017) reported

    @CoryxKenshin, I have a question for you. I have watched your channel grow from 200K subs. But I realized something: You have NEVER felt this way before. Are you dealing with stress, or is it a internal issue? I do have a game suggestion for you: Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 :D

  • georgeMC_GMC
    georgeGMC (@georgeMC_GMC) reported

    @MojangSupport I try to log into my Xbox account from mcbe on my phone but when I click the email it doesn't sign me in also the Xbox app keeps crashing when I try to change menus. I tried reinstalling Minecraft but there was no effect. Can you please fix this,thank you.

  • womenrespecterz
    Andrew 🏜 (@womenrespecterz) reported

    @XboxSupport let me sign in I wanna play Minecraft

  • LucaNieboer
    Luca Nieboer (@LucaNieboer) reported

    @MojangSupport I got a Question i want to change a MC mail but i can't it says 'Error! Request denied. To get help with changing your e-mail address visit our Support Center. When contacting customer support, make sure that you include your game purchase transaction ID.' Help :(

  • norris3rd
    Norris Sizemore III (@norris3rd) reported

    @XboxSupport is there a problem with Minecraft and/or realms?

  • hoxhi_
    hoxhi (@hoxhi_) reported

    asking girls IRL to play Minecraft with me and it is NOT working....

  • MichellePam5
    HeyIts_Michelle (@MichellePam5) reported

    (1) Hello everyone I'm trying to get in touch with someone, the only problem is that I don't have anything on how to get in touch with them so I'm asking you guys, I met her on a app called Minecraft (I know some people thinks it sucks)

  • CursaGaming
    🏳️‍🌈Ꮸᙈᖇຮᾀ🏳️‍🌈.mp3 (@CursaGaming) reported

    @JackMasseyWelsh plz help Yo jack fix ur server ops banned me for void jumping when he crouched pushed me 4 times like can u help me I play Minecraft for leisure not a profession (no offense) my ign: YT_Cursa Like I get void jumping is bad but they were scamming kids I’m confused

  • nosammh
    samchuel (@nosammh) reported

    @skylapotimus yeah the final one was a few months ago because badlion uhc 6.0 was really broken and not fun and by the time 7.0 came around most people quit minecraft. plus badlion is shutting down now

  • pipomilktea
    Pipo (@pipomilktea) reported

    @peekaytom Lol. This game you bought me way back in the day. At least my laptop currently can handle running minecraft. Runs poorly, but at least my laptop doesn't crash like with other games.

  • Legit3run
    Samuel Swartz (@Legit3run) reported

    @MojangSupport I cannot access my account I purchased back in alpha and am running into serious issues trying to migrate the account to a mojang account because I no longer have access to transaction ID (purchased 2010) or the account username. What do I do?

  • kelvi752
    Kelvi Vieira (@kelvi752) reported

    Important notice to anyone who is having problems with Xbox Live: "Personal on behalf of @XboxSupport is on behalf of @CoreyClemans I inform you that Xbox Live only works on Minecraft purchase accounts,

  • Deivida50429084
    Deividas (@Deivida50429084) reported

    @Mojang Hello I have some problems, i purchase Minecraft for my child, he live with his mother, what i purchase i instal into my computer, so child cant play game in his computer. How i can change computers ?

    Nicolas Kyran D. Sabado (@COKE_Ni_COLA_S) reported

    @MojangSupport also i cant connect to her at all. besides her definate log in problem, i noticed that on android, the lastest update id 1.4.1 whereas the latest update for ios is only 1.4, is this why we cant connect? prior to updating, we had been able to log in properly and play tgt..

    Nicolas Kyran D. Sabado (@COKE_Ni_COLA_S) reported

    @MojangSupport i cant connect with my friend who is facing severe problems in getting on the game with wifi connection, she has the most updated version on her iphone 7 (ios) but she cant seem to log in. her wifi connection is fine in any other app excluding minecraft pocket edition

  • AlanRappa
    Alan Rappaport (@AlanRappa) reported

    @GeriatricGamer Trying to figure out how best to do it. If I deactivated my current system I can download everything on the new one and re-buy the few my kid plays. Only issue is how does he get into his Minecraft save?

  • Icemanlolo06
    Icemanlolo (@Icemanlolo06) reported

    I tried to contact @MicrosoftHelps About my minecraft not working and its been hours and no response. 24/7 support? More like none

  • IgnasRazanskas
    Ignas😔 (@IgnasRazanskas) reported

    @rezoner Wishing to get the same setup one day except from i7 i would go to ryzen for better performance with VM's.U could play minecraft tho, with max settings and some plugins without any lag

  • CRA99_
    CRA99 (@CRA99_) reported

    @SB_737 Hi, you responded to another tweet of mine regarding the new version of Minecraft. It seems you fixed your skin issue, how did you get your skin to work on the new version?

  • pastaslut
    Lydia (they/them) (@pastaslut) reported

    I was digging a giant pit in Minecraft and it suddenly said there was an error and exited the game and now it freezes when I try to open it again :(

  • VreedeRuben
    Ruben de Vreede (@VreedeRuben) reported

    @MojangSupport hello, when i start my game and try to enter a world. then crasht my game. how can i fix it?

  • SamGor118
    SAM_LEUNG118 (@SamGor118) reported

    @breakminer @mcbedrockcom @eckoxsoldier @CrizArtEX The UI pack developer is @CrizArtEX ,you can talk with him how to fix this problem Because the texture pack the shader(hlsl) is just to support win10 Minecraft,you must to change it or remove the shader you be able to use the texture pack. I suggest use ES file explorer to remove

  • poison4u_911
    john schafer (@poison4u_911) reported

    @MojangSupport Im playing on creative and when i try to fly takes me up 10 blocks and then its like a lag feel when i cant do anything until it catches up to what im commanding, offline and video all low settings i can go on game and outside game. please help, im on the 1.13 upd

  • TrueFlightt
    Monique (@TrueFlightt) reported

    @alexc1ted I mean generally kids like the lego games or minecraft so try those first. If anything try the platformers like super lucky tale. And crash is coming to xbox in june too

  • spidertyler2005
    spidertyler2005 (@spidertyler2005) reported

    @MojangSupport I know I sent many comments before but this one should really be looked at! My friend has gotten locked out of his account the username for his Minecraft is Michael_Matthew. Please help resolve the issue!

  • CyranAtlas
    Cyran Atlas (@CyranAtlas) reported

    Okay so I'm getting some static when I'm using Minecraft shaders but ONLY shaders, no static with shaders off. Anybody got a clue as to why? I don't have this issue with any other game so I don't believe it's a graphics card issue.

  • Boonkings
    [email protected]~# (@Boonkings) reported

    jk that he tells me and kill half the Yeezy architecture arm called Yeezy sound cough and Minecraft pvper and dream about their problems but

  • Kep_
    𝘡𝘢𝘤𝘩 (@Kep_) reported

    @Depth Is it an unlimited diamonds glitch on minecraft

  • anton_jonsson09
    Anton Jonsson (@anton_jonsson09) reported

    @GamepIay I wished my PC was that good cause mine can barely run minecraft without huge framedrops and lag every few minutes.

  • BurningBrennen
    Brennen Mason (@BurningBrennen) reported

    @MojangSupport @Minecraft @Minecraft @MojangSupport I know that in 1.14 more slabs and stairs are planned to be added. The main issue with having slabs and stairs for every block, is that it drastically increases the block count. So I propose that you could remove all the slabs and stairs and fences, etc.

  • RolicDesigns
    Rolic (@RolicDesigns) reported

    Minecraft Bedrock Edition has big problem with chunk loading.

  • TheArtemis10
    TheArtemis10 (@TheArtemis10) reported

    @MojangSupport is it possible to fix minecon code for me? please.....

  • siriusamory2113
    baelien (@siriusamory2113) reported

    I think i may start back on my SP survival world for Minecraft and stream it. Idk. Im apart of a realm but bedrock sucks donkey balls but i like playing with the ppl there. Ugh. I cant double minecraft and aspire to be a rocket league pro while over coming lag ass lag lag

  • gaykarliah
    Werewolf Mom (@gaykarliah) reported

    @n00b8000 I mean Minecraft ain’t the problem! I agree with you. It’s the shirts.

  • SnesBroSupaShow
    Snes Bro (@SnesBroSupaShow) reported

    I really want to try and play online again, I still have my old mic from when I unironically played Minecraft on my old PS3. If anyone has an answer for my user issue, comment on the previous tweet I'm currently responding to, or just DM me if you're a man of class.

  • The_of_Derpity
    King of derp (@The_of_Derpity) reported

    @Mojang hey i can't even open my minecraft inventory at the moment got any suggestions i can try to fix it?

  • RedzzRg
    RGRedzz (@RedzzRg) reported

    @Mojang i have a few issue with minecraft, since that i am an old minecraft player, i wanna complain about this update... everytime i make a redstone contraption with pistons... it keeps crashing my game... idk why, but pls fix this...

  • MrNovaFx
    TheCosmicOOF (@MrNovaFx) reported


  • rickhire
    Rick Hire (@rickhire) reported

    @MojangSupport my support tickets are being ignored! Now I have 2 problems with my realm. Can you help a paying customer??

  • WildHyena_RBLX
    Darrell Noffsinger (@WildHyena_RBLX) reported

    @MojangSupport I'm having this really weird problem with Minecraft. When I try to open up the new launcher it brings up the Mojang page and then when I click on it crashes. Even if I don't click on it doesn't do anything. You have an old launcher that dont support skins. Help?!

  • EbonyBrooke1998
    Ebony Brooke (@EbonyBrooke1998) reported

    @XboxSupport @MojangSupport Part 4 on the xbox 360 the server/game save would load half way, then crash. because of how much i build on it. I hope you could fix that as well. Please reply back soon.

  • EbonyBrooke1998
    Ebony Brooke (@EbonyBrooke1998) reported

    @XboxSupport @MojangSupport part 3 I don't have it on onedrive either.if there is a way you can get it back, this would truly mean alot, specially for people who had had the same problems as me.With Minecraft.

    Faithey 🌹 (@FAITHEYPVP) reported

    If anyone can fix my problem ill send them 25 dollars paypal. So whenever I fullscreen minecraft (F11) into fullscreen my screen glitches out and my sound does aswell. I can move my mouse around but its like I have 10HZ on my monitor. After about 5 - 10 seconds it will go to norm

  • DoughtDrawls
    Kawaii_doughnut_drawls (@DoughtDrawls) reported

    @Mojang Ok so please listen to this. Since I can’t write a review on the App Store I’ll do it here. I don’t know why but I can’t play with friends anymore Minecraft and sometimes I can’t even play Minecraft! So please fix that! Thank you.

  • CCDrawz
    CC Claus 🤶🏻 (@CCDrawz) reported

    @Mojang Ever since the new aquatic update on MCPE I have had crashes. I have to load minecraft on my phone 2 times for it to load in to the server I want.Also when I change a skin in game it sometimes won’t work. Please tell my why these problems happen and when you will fix it

  • masine80534
    M4SiN3 (@masine80534) reported

    @MojangSupporthello mojang support I have a small problem, on my old pc with windows7 I bought minecraft by key-kart and also played. now on my new pc with the works with windows 10 I can not in my old account purely and should buy me the game again, what can I do there?

  • DJ_crafter06
    DJ crafter (@DJ_crafter06) reported

    @MojangSupport @Minecraft Yo! So, I've got a problem for ya. Double doors. (side by side doors) are not working on Minecraft...

  • ChromaHills
    Syclone (@ChromaHills) reported

    @jahn66 Hi, this has to be fixed by the official @Minecraft devs but they are looking into the problem it only affects HD texture packs.

  • alockawowwow
    A-Lock (@alockawowwow) reported

    @EthoLP @YouTube You have to update ur Java to fix the OpenGL crashes , and not just update java , force minecraft to use the newest version, (it wont use the newest version if u dont manually do it :)

  • alockawowwow
    A-Lock (@alockawowwow) reported

    @EthoLP You have to update ur Java to fix the OpenGL crashes , and not just update java , force minecraft to use the newest version, (it wont use the newest version if u dont manually do it :)

  • Blox_Box
    Cameron Bloxham (@Blox_Box) reported from Stoke-on-Trent, England

    Some friends and I downloaded minecraft on PS4 and an hour later as I’m building our mansion I realised i have a problem when it comes to minecraft. What have I done?!

  • 0pfour
    Non State Actor (@0pfour) reported

    I swear to god, minecraft only exists to force people over 18 to deal with java issues.

  • skykat30
    Skykat30 (@skykat30) reported

    @MojangSupport I upgraded to the beta edition, and I can't see my realm now. I tried to downgrade back to the regular edition through Xbox insider hub, and reinstalling the game, after restarting my computer. It's not working. What do I do?

  • Another_guy_on
    Venom (@Another_guy_on) reported

    Well looks like someone uninstalled Metroid Prime Trilogy to install fucking Minecraft for Wii U, today has been nothing but shit, but at least this thing I can fix, but shit wi-fi means 47 years, goddammit

  • _olaxv_
    ôläxv (@_olaxv_) reported

    @Minecraft Hello, why cant i buy minecraft? I did everything good but it says that its fail. Can u please help me?? Idk what to do. I waited like 2 days ans it still says the same thing. PLEASE HELP ME! Is it the minecraft problem or something?

  • Jgreen_528
    Jesse Green (@Jgreen_528) reported

    @rflawhite Think it was my internet. I was lagging on his server. Didn't seem to have a problem with anything else, just Minecraft.