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Minecraft is a sandbox video game originally created by Swedish game designer Markus "Notch" Persson, and later developed and published by Mojang. Minecraft is available for Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, PlayStation 3 and more.

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July 20: Problems at Minecraft

Minecraft is having issues since 09:40 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • Real_Sokka Sokfolia (@Real_Sokka) reported

    I find it interesting that minecraft villager path finders are still broken.

  • RayKitchens11 Rageus (@RayKitchens11) reported

    Minecraft music fixes all my problems. @cambryote @eggscellentboi

  • takesiege Regular Siege (Collin) (@takesiege) reported

    My main issue with running a Minecraft server is all the maintenance. Booting it up, restarting it, and making/restoring backups. So now I've got automatic backups to S3, and a startup script that will download and restore the latest backup every time the server is created!

  • MotherJook Jook (@MotherJook) reported

    And I cant save and quit because when I try that I get the error. This is the third time a world I create keeps getting ****** up and I dont know what to do anymore. I feel like giving up minecraft. And I dont want to play PC because I'm more of a handheld guy.

  • jypejon jon❄ (@jypejon) reported

    lmao the duping glitch in minecraft still isnt patched im out here cheating my way to success

  • prophet_goddess ludum tsundare (@prophet_goddess) reported

    @rockmeannadeus every ~3 months i decide i want to try minecraft again and then i play for a few hours and get bored with the early game, and all the mods that exist just make the late game more complicated which doesn't solve my problem!!! and then i think about making a minecraft mod and don't

  • hyunngies 🍋 (@hyunngies) reported

    @MojangSupport fix your shIT i just want to play minecraft with oomf😭

  • velvctjimin lanna (@velvctjimin) reported

    these 6 year old are fighting over minecraft… like how i wish my problems were that simple

  • PixelatedGam3r PixelatedGamer (@PixelatedGam3r) reported

    I plan on updating the Minecraft server tomorrow as 1.14.4 is supposed to fix a pretty big server side issue. Don't know if that will fix the problem were having but we'll see.

  • probablytoad toad (@probablytoad) reported

    in the same world I can’t get my three dogs up please fix this @Minecraft !

  • ActualSeeren Seeren (@ActualSeeren) reported

    Why ******** is making a custom modpack so ******* hard like fo ******* real stop lagging you ******* ***** ass bnitch i can't ******* belive how you can't just like run like a regular minecraft server i just want ******* train brooo aaaaa whu ********

  • J_Dee91 is jed (@J_Dee91) reported

    @sxavturt nothing a little minecraft cant fix :))

  • vorefromis B ♡ if unf📌 (@vorefromis) reported

    @hyemeko WE HAVENT . u said ur Minecraft was broken did u fix it :(

  • DamonOnYT DamonOnYT (@DamonOnYT) reported

    @ThisIsWildGoat @Rampage_Force @Minecraft @Restreamio @WatchMixer Mixer is the one with API problems from what ik.

  • nursey__ Georgie | Nursey 🏳️‍🌈 (@nursey__) reported

    Can't sleep so want to play minecraft, as you do. Can't play as PC rendering vid. Ya see my problem....

  • Joris4561 Joris456 (@Joris4561) reported

    I recently started playing @Minecraft again in 1.14.3 after not playing for a while. The last time before that I played on a survival server with mcmmo. I constantly had ghost blocks and was glad this was fixed but now on 1.14.4 they made a epic comeback so pls fix this!!

  • Zippyzoo324 therealzippyzoo324 (@Zippyzoo324) reported

    @WigiWobbles Minecraft Steve Sora Cuphead or Frisk Crash Bandicoot

  • StevenWoytkiw Steven Woytkiw (@StevenWoytkiw) reported

    None of these work because I need to know my email used to purchase. This was also a few visa's ago so I wouldn't be able to track down the original number. My issue is the only things i can realistically access IS ,my minecraft account. No email. No transaction ID.

  • Modemanii Mode (@Modemanii) reported

    @MojangSupport I keep crashing for no reason everyday I get on and play but today it fusf kicked me out of the game and I can't play because it keeps crashing and I can't open the crash report

  • Rjim56 Rai Jim (@Rjim56) reported

    @ZaOneAboveAll Minecraft is good it might just be a bug that has popped up in an update or something hopefully they can fix it with a patch next update until then you might have to be patient

  • pedroGa32985039 pedroGamesrBR (@pedroGa32985039) reported

    Hello good night The error that is happening #Minecraft

  • randomhippie101 kit (@randomhippie101) reported

    @itsough @TeanSaidy Kind of bull shit but stuff happens. Maybe they had a real life problem and you got kissed for Minecraft thumbnails. Just making scenarios but I agree.

  • kangroo221 Kangroo22 (@kangroo221) reported

    @MojangSupport hey I have came across a big for minecraft bedrock for switch after the new update when I’m play my game I’ll randomly crash and sending me to my switch home screen also it will take me back to the last save

  • mikywee Big Momma (@mikywee) reported

    Minecraft be like: we lagging 🥴

  • horriblekkids 𝐣𝐨𝐬 ♡ (@horriblekkids) reported

    @mullines_7 windows is shit - coming from a computing science student who has most likely failed. mac has such a pretty layout and has a better processor so minecraft and sims doesn’t lag.

  • ThisIsWildGoat WildGoat (@ThisIsWildGoat) reported

    @Rampage_Force @Minecraft @Restreamio Yup... @Restreamio is the one with the @WatchMixer api issue. They are aware of it and working on it. I am sad and hoping it gets fixed SUPER SOON so I can continue streaming on all the platforms I've learned to enjoy.

  • VSBGamerr joao.whaeny (@VSBGamerr) reported

    @Mojang Hello my Minecraft version Windows 10 for Xbox this one with a serious update problem it just crashed in version 1.12.0 and it does not update already tried everything and it does not work please answer me already I got in contact with the xbox is not their problem

  • local_potat em || stream 이 밤 by JIN (@local_potat) reported

    after three whole weeks of playing minecraft since gcses finished I think it’s safe to say I have a problem

  • JoiefyMixer Joiefy 🐼 (@JoiefyMixer) reported

    I fixed my minecraft error! Ugh! I will never tweak my laptop settings again. Neveeeer. 😭


    @beegust_yoshees @Minecraft they come in digital codes. it would be great if we could gift them. not a problem and good luck. :)

  • PSI_Jam My Final Jam Ω (@PSI_Jam) reported

    I’m serious when I say a bucket of water is one of the most broken items in Minecraft.

  • LunacyDraws Luna (@LunacyDraws) reported

    When my broken hand heals, and my suicidal thoughts die down I'll livestream Minecraft or some shit for like 12 hours or something. I dunno, I'm bored and I feel like I should do something when I can actually use a mouse & keyboard.

  • bl4ckscor3 bl4ckscor3 (@bl4ckscor3) reported

    The following of my mods look to be working on Minecraft 1.14.4 without any changes (You can use the 1.14.3 file): BiomeInfo, Chance Globe, Easter Rabbits, Flat Entities, Lenient Creepers, Wool Plates. I have to fix things for the others. I'll announce when they're updated.

  • ItsPlex_ Plex (@ItsPlex_) reported

    @19fender84 @ThiagosActionTV @KSIOlajidebt I don’t see the problem with minecraft, let us have some fun and there is literally no point shitting on people for having fun

  • guitarplayer540 Nathan Serbin (@guitarplayer540) reported

    Finally got the chance to download Minecraft on my Xbox One. Haven’t played in years, last time I played was on my 360 before my house got broken into and they stole it :/. Glad to be back :)

  • OllyMunson Olly Munson (@OllyMunson) reported

    @MojangSupport @Mojang @Minecraft Hi, i am trying to reedem my windows 10 code on xbox but it is saying that the code has already been claimed when it previously hasn't. Not sure on the fix for this error.

  • Mozzerello Nuchaz (@Mozzerello) reported

    @Iss_Jeans I included an example inside the .jar file, but I can't remember if it was updated to work with v1.12.2. I've had problems with it not working in the past due to minecraft updates making changes, but it seems like I might have fixed it for 1.12.2, but can't remember for sure.

  • The_Kirri El Kirri (@The_Kirri) reported

    @PvPLounge Hello i have a problem with the launcher i just installed it and when i try to launch it., it doesnt it just hides the launcher but minecraft doesnt open

  • sopeandsleep lani 💖 (@sopeandsleep) reported

    Please sir this is my emotional support minecraft server Now if the lag could chill for a sec

  • cumcIub mina (@cumcIub) reported

    maybe if oomf responded to my messenger i'd give him my minecraft login

  • DominykRisk DRISK33 (@DominykRisk) reported

    @Minecraft Please fix the skin bug on console edition where Everytime you open Minecraft you have to reselect your skin

  • BigKobeLive Kobe (@BigKobeLive) reported

    @pewdiepie bruh, increase the amount of RAM that minecraft/java is using, that will fix your lag issues. At the moment you're only using 2GB out of your 64GB of RAM...

  • Virginboy3D Virginboy (@Virginboy3D) reported

    2b2t is such a shit show of a Minecraft server. You can barely login to wait behing 600 other people.

  • saintkoos َrina #singularact2 (@saintkoos) reported

    @4eugi give me your minecraft login rn

  • david_croxdale David Croxdale (@david_croxdale) reported

    @TweakBoxApp Why can I not sign in to Minecraft

  • MueckeAnderz Anderz Muecke (@MueckeAnderz) reported

    @Minecraft @InPvP Please see this thread about the hacker problem on mc bedrock @HelenAngel @Chupacaubrey @ibxtoycat @eckoxsoldier @vubui @Bopogamel

  • DadPlaysMC1 DadPlaysMC (@DadPlaysMC1) reported

    @MrsSamantha3 I haven’t even tried a stream yet with Minecraft. I’ve streamed many times with a webcam in OBS, and that was no problem.

  • MAlkabbaz Mohammed Mufed Alkhabbaz (@MAlkabbaz) reported

    @MeelayyB Minecraft so we can fix everything

  • MueckeAnderz Anderz Muecke (@MueckeAnderz) reported

    @Minecraft @InPvP The hacker problem is way too big. It's redculus. There is at least one fly/kill aura/ reach/ teleport hacker per match of solo skywars and many other games. The anticheat just doesn't work. Something really needs to be done. Mc bedrock is so easily hackable.

  • IsaacIsStupid StupidIsaac (@IsaacIsStupid) reported

    @MojangSupport Whenever I try to import a paid minecraft account into a new mojang account, I'm told that the login password or email is incorrect even though I reset my password before trying again. I have proof that I bought Minecraft in 2011 but am being barred from playing

  • ZaOneAboveAll Za One (@ZaOneAboveAll) reported

    NOW MINECRAFT IS DOING IT AGAIN WTF. PlAtFoRm ReStRicTeD SkIn. Which is a lie. Then if I click to change skin the game is closed because of a software error.

  • Xbox_Amb_Teagan Teagan (Xbox Ambassador) (@Xbox_Amb_Teagan) reported

    @Faint_ReplayZ @XboxSupport Our official policy on problems with prepaid codes is to refer you to the place where you purchased it. We can't give you a free code for minecraft because the code you bought was incorrectly labelled by a retailer.

  • SanPedr45201118 _gottastanashannie_ (@SanPedr45201118) reported

    @TweakBoxApp can you fix the sims and minecraft story mode please

  • ihopeaglesfan Nikolas Neal (@ihopeaglesfan) reported

    @GoNintendoTweet Bruh I have problems with both you can’t play Minecraft on the go like that I don’t really care unless it means we get free joycons

  • shyyoonie beata 🌙 (@shyyoonie) reported

    gonna play minecraft with my babies to forget all my problems ✋

  • _mah_2 meh (@_mah_2) reported

    @Memeulous Delete minecraft, that'll fix it

  • Rami08490284 Rami (@Rami08490284) reported

    @MojangSupport Hello on my account when I try to start minecraft it blacks screens for a few mins then has ''an unexpected error has occurred'' that closes it, it does start up fine if i use another account on the switch I have tried restarting switch, deleteing , same issue

  • Rami08490284 Rami (@Rami08490284) reported

    Hello on my account when I try to start minecraft it blacks screens for a few mins then has ''an unexpected error has occurred'' that closes it, it does start up fine if i use another account on the switch, I have tried restarting switch, deleteing the game same issue

  • DodongosRevenge Hibbibi (@DodongosRevenge) reported

    Nintendo needs to fix Minecraft's servers so I can build brown bricks with my friends

  • Jack76436882 Jack (@Jack76436882) reported

    @Minecraft i just want to say that I can't load up Minecraft and I play on xbox1 so if you can fix it it would be amazing