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Minecraft is a sandbox video game originally created by Swedish game designer Markus "Notch" Persson, and later developed and published by Mojang. Minecraft is available for Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, PlayStation 3 and more.

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November 14: Problems at Minecraft

Minecraft is having issues since 03:40 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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Muskegon Game Crash
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Mexico City Game Crash
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Lawrenceburg Glitches

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  • Ascension1987 Gary Kilduff (@Ascension1987) reported

    @MojangSupport @MirandaBakes My username and password no longer works, Mojang website wont let me log in...but tells me to use my user name that i migrted with to login and then disallows it...your update has really messed up

  • brawlcore Brawlcore (@brawlcore) reported

    @playmcearth Even though apk is illegal I was able to play Minecraft earth on my pixel one with no lag

  • TragicalSpark TragicalSpark (@TragicalSpark) reported

    @TheMultiMom @BethesdaStudios @Fallout See but the problem is, it’s like locking up anything other gun than a pistol in GTA, any kind of horse in Red Dead, or your hands in Minecraft behind a paywall.

  • shirwoah shirwoah (@shirwoah) reported


  • ever_flokiinhos Andressa (@ever_flokiinhos) reported

    @Mojang @MojangSupport Hello, My Name is Andressa and I bought My Minecraft account a 2 years ago and now I couldn't login on my acconut because There was "You did not buy Minecraft" I would like to know what happened. I'll stay wainting, Thanks.

  • HoundRagnarok Ragnarok (@HoundRagnarok) reported

    @MonkeysxMoo35 @KingNightNL @MegaVSPrimus @4JStudios Sony released crossplay for any developer to put it into their game. That means that Microsoft really wanted to put minecraft on ps4 it would be possible because the new call of duty supports crossplay between Xbox, pc and ps4 with no issues whatsoever.

  • gsungmas alexa ♡ andrea (@gsungmas) reported

    my wifi is broken (thanks construction workers outside) and my mom is at the library doing work stuff and she asked if i wanted to come i feel like doo doo but now i get to play minecraft

  • Haladmer Haladmer (@Haladmer) reported

    @AdredenGaming Where creators are going to run into issues is in how they target their content. A lot of the family friendly creators who cover things like Minecraft, are more likely to run afoul of "targeting children" because of the demographic. What this is doing is giving us new tools

  • MarcelSOLDIER Marcel (@MarcelSOLDIER) reported

    My Smash Ultimate DLC wishlist, not ordered -Alucard (deconfirmed 😔) -Master Chief -Crash Bandicoot -Rex & Pyra -Funky Kong -Geno -Sephiroth -Noctis -Dante/Nero -Marcus Fenix -Heihachi -Doom Slayer -Minecraft Steve

  • kmccrae katie mccrae (@kmccrae) reported

    @MojangSupport my son has been playing Minecraft for ages on his iPad and for the last 2 weeks its not loading. We have tried all the suggested problem solving things and they haven't worked. There is no direct way of getting in touch with you and I would like some help!!

  • gracieturnn grace (@gracieturnn) reported

    I’m a human, I make mistakes (NOT THIS ONE THOUGH) but Jesus come talk to me like an adult, point out what happened, and let me try to fix it. Don’t degrade me in a public space because you’re miserable and miss half your calls playing ******* Minecraft

  • DumbTweet9 Dumb Tweet (@DumbTweet9) reported

    @Skeppy Can you please help me how do i fix a bug in minecraft

  • hamilkrew LordHamilkrew (@hamilkrew) reported

    @MojangSupport I have been having this problem for a while where I can’t sign into my Xbox live account an I always fix it and it works but I have to do it weekly. I am tired of having to do this and now for the past week it hasn’t been working or it’s signed me out. Please help.

  • Shadowtrooper67 Nick (@Shadowtrooper67) reported

    @Minecraft you missed a really bad glitch, i don’t know if you have to feed foxes sweet berries to trigger this glitch or you don’t, but the glitch is when I eat sweet berries it does the whole eating noise and animation but it doesn’t restore any hunger and you don’t eat the

  • G0THMF wipee (@G0THMF) reported

    @jongincub maybe if i put my minecraft bed next to urs this problem would be solved🙄😳

  • LakesideMiners Red Kitters 🔜 AnthroCon 2020 (@LakesideMiners) reported

    (1/2) @minecraftearth @MojangSupport Whenever I hit the sign-in button on the Minecraft Earth App, it pops up what I think is supposed to be the screen to enter the login information, but instead of showing the login screen, it crashes. I tried rebooting my phone and (cont.)

  • DogGirl51MC DogGirl51 (@DogGirl51MC) reported

    @Yolwoocle @veteran_dino @Your__Dictator They are exactly the same as a regular xbox, just more expensive. And it doesn't run minecraft particularly well. I've had a lot of problems with it.

  • MineColoniesMod MineColonies (@MineColoniesMod) reported

    Chunk Claim issues are finally fixed, now your colony protection shouldn't change unexpectedly anymore! #Minecraft #Minecolonies

  • Deezrabazar Deezrabazar💛 (@Deezrabazar) reported

    Hello @MojangSupport I have an important detail to tell which you've released an another update on my minecraft for bug fix, but I want to tell you that still the bug is not removed, as long as I've done updated it, I quickly open minecraft but it always stuck on white then crash

  • 777moshi777 Tisha (@777moshi777) reported

    @Minecraft you still have not fixed the problem whenever I open minecraft Pe it comes up with a white screen than closes fix the problem it can't be that hard

  • 777moshi777 Tisha (@777moshi777) reported

    @MojangStatus you still have not fixed the problem whenever I open minecraft Pe it comes up with a white screen than closes fix the problem it can't be that hard

  • 777moshi777 Tisha (@777moshi777) reported

    @MojangSupport you still have not fixed the problem whenever I open minecraft Pe it comes up with a white screen than closes fix the problem it can't be that hard

  • MsSSaunders Magistra Saunders (@MsSSaunders) reported

    @StevenHuntClass It's the Roman housing project we've done every year in SketchUp after that session we had during the PGCE! Unfortunately we always run into problems with SketchUp and students have said that Minecraft would be easier so we're trialing the Education version this year.

  • foncy17 foncy (@foncy17) reported

    @Selqss Not even joking the same exact thing has been happening with me, I’ve been so bad at arena because I’ve lost confidence in my gameplay and public games are baisically like arena for me so I can’t do nothing. I’ve been playing minecraft and I they fix the lobbies

  • phqer phqe phqer (@phqer) reported

    @EpicGames ..and enough that I hadn't played for a few days.. played a couple of games, ran into the same problem, and signed out. #theendoffortnite could be upon us... thinking #minecraft or GTA or something that actually plays somewhat more fairly.

  • dsl0298 Devin lancaster (@dsl0298) reported

    @MojangSupport I'm having issues uploading a world to my realm on bedrock. The export of the world goes well although it doesnt show the size of the world. Then the initializing upload sceen pops up with no progress bar, nor the size of the map. Then after a while is says failure

  • JodieGunders Jodie Gunders (@JodieGunders) reported from Toowoomba, State of Queensland

    As if the real fires aren’t bad enough, my 12yo just burned down my 9yo’s #Minecraft house and was has broken out under my roof. Argh!

  • dinner_potato SPACE POTATO (@dinner_potato) reported

    @tayovet 🐘Error! It looks like we've temporarily run out of gift codes for Minecraft for Windows 10. Don't worry though, more codes should be on their way. Please check back later!🐊

  • PikacIicks noahbot (@PikacIicks) reported

    it's not a baby, but the investment costs are just the terrain, and the fact that diamond armor is broken in minecraft uhc. it's just not a good fight.

  • Jokull20 Jokull (@Jokull20) reported

    @MojangSupport hej why kan you do surtent things on pz but not on ps4 can you fix that thangs

  • feliciacteddy felicia (@feliciacteddy) reported

    Tb to that Minecraft stair glitch that got you kicked from Mineplex

  • Talen_Lee Talen Lee (@Talen_Lee) reported

    given they don't have sucking mouthparts it's not appropriate to call fixing errors on minecraft's bees as bug fixes

  • PashTagYT PashTag (@PashTagYT) reported

    Episode 20 of Beta Minecraft will be released tomorrow! :-) Honestly afraid of the video being taken down for some of the assets used in it. It's not vulgar or anything, just may have some copyright issues even though it probably falls under fair use.

  • ColbyDashYT Colby 🦊 (@ColbyDashYT) reported

    [1/5] Ok so just an update on the Minecraft video I have been trying to render for the past week or so; I decided to scrap it and re-edit it as I think it was corrupted somehow. It was having problems rendering and I couldn’t figure out a way how to actually fix it.

  • BennettGaustad Bennett Gaustad (@BennettGaustad) reported

    Honestly I think the game I have the biggest issue with is minecraft, I started playing at like 7 and next thing I know it's almost midnight but I only feel like I've been on for 30 minutes. I swear this game has some kinda dark power

  • ExcalibursZone Excalibur (@ExcalibursZone) reported

    Yeesh, @MojangSupport! Please do the log in from the client, not the launcher. I'm getting fed up with having to quit out of the game, reload the launcher, then go back into the game whenever an SMP disconnects due to a restart. Check the login WHEN YOU LOG IN, not BEFORE. UGH!

  • MinecraftMamaJ 🕸DopeMamaJ🎃 (@MinecraftMamaJ) reported

    @MojangSupport I deleted the tweet because I realized the problem was simply that I was playing as a secondary player in split-screen, so I only had access to THEIR items. Kind of annoying but nothing lost. Thanks for the response!

  • MCPE4theBeacon MCPE4theBeecon 🐝 (@MCPE4theBeacon) reported

    Honestly I said this, because I haven't really figured out any ideas for my infographics or basically any content to post on r/Minecraft, almost being a toxic guy on Twitter about the whole 1.13 issues, and I've been left behind on MC Earth Discord. Almost no interest at all 😫

  • inojemin rio // moving flamboyantly (@inojemin) reported

    my minecraft shaderpack is not working.... shocked and upset

  • GamePlayer751 Spooky Halloween (@GamePlayer751) reported

    @OfficialFuzionn @YTCreators I don't think there is problems with minecraft and fortnite because it's more adult games and roblox is kids game 😑

  • Rocket_man1234 cody (@Rocket_man1234) reported

    @MojangSupport @MojangSupport Now the game will crash without giving an error message!

  • Slaytash Slaytash (@Slaytash) reported

    @Minecraft hey could you fix dimeond duplication glitch with blocks it’s over powered and you guys haven’t fixed it since the beginning of Minecraft

  • DunderhyphenP Dunder-P @ #GameFreakLied (@DunderhyphenP) reported

    The Minecraft Earth "Early Access" seems promising. Biggest issues are the fact that adventures require you to crouch and move around in a large public space, and the usual complaints about having to use AR.

  • evdemond EV (@evdemond) reported

    my expression of distress sounds like minecraft steve & idk how to fix this

  • DPadGamer DPadGamer (@DPadGamer) reported

    Just got back from playing about an hour of Minecraft Earth. So far, fairly promising. Got enough materials to start crafting stuff, gonna see if I can't make some sorta glitch-esque video by this weekend

  • cullen_theboyer poop collector (@cullen_theboyer) reported

    @AOC We need to just have a minecraft server for solving world problems, like instead of wars they all hop on Minecraft and Skyblock it out

  • ThatTerrioGuy ThatTerrioGuy (@ThatTerrioGuy) reported

    Been having a tough time today... Every thing that could go wrong did. Now the waters not working here.(That means NO Coffee) For the entire 25 apartment complex. REEEEE!!!! maybe I'll go live and play some Minecraft on #Dlive @OfficialDLive in a short bit.

  • GarbageBoyRafi 🛡#ScorbunnySquad🛡 (@GarbageBoyRafi) reported

    @WimbledonAlley I dont see the problem just make minecraft tutorials nerd

  • sentientegg007 Karl Hahn (@sentientegg007) reported

    @JacobNealGiven Dude just recreate the Hulk in Minecraft problem solved

  • cosmonnie 𝚓𝚘𝚘𝚗.𝚎𝚡𝚎 [ONLINE.] (@cosmonnie) reported

    time to play minecraft and avoid all of life’s problems

  • HarmonyKoi Pink Delicious (@HarmonyKoi) reported

    why ....... WHY do my minecraft birds INSIST on flying into my line of sight when im breaking something STOP MAKING ME HIT YOU WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM

  • BatallionBig Big Bore Batallion [Clan BG1TV] (@BatallionBig) reported

    @rEALLYbADiTCH @ID_Xbox @XboxSupport @XboxGamePass @XboxSupport and @Microsoft are lucky my @Halo 5: Guardians loads up! Still doesn't fix the issue of a pissed off 9 yr old who's friends are able to play @Minecraft and have repeatedly invited him to play tho! #PissedOffGamers

  • OfficialSlickYT Matthew (@OfficialSlickYT) reported

    @MSantiago2701 @Crash1000000 @PapaBlessYT As far as I know you were the first one to mention anything about platforms and it happened after Crash brought up Minecraft.

  • reyki_arnaya GoblokBerseperak:v (@reyki_arnaya) reported

    @PandaHelperApp I hope u can fix it faster. I wan’t to play my Minecraft 😥

  • Bengals_alt 🎄Bengal✨🦌♧ (@Bengals_alt) reported

    @hydrothesquid @Minecraft fix the switch version

  • davidcaolo Dave Im-🍑-ment (@davidcaolo) reported

    If forgetting one’s Minecraft login credentials were an Olympic event my William would have more gold than Simone Biles.

  • Sxlieh Doidge AKA Relaa (@Sxlieh) reported

    @Pope5Harry @Dcpest_ @lnfluentiaI @_odiss @Jembrii Bro this is about Odiss and his ego with a mouse. Luke stop ******* egoing you are worse than me, the NA teams only EU was Jonah and they are all HARD west so hit delay isn’t the only issue they have. Harry go play the new mountain minecraft update

  • StevenSankey88 Steven Sankey (@StevenSankey88) reported

    I always like the idea of modded #Minecraft but I find the issue with many mods is that they often take as much away from the game as they do add. They often make mining almost obsolete with stone generators, etc., and they often realllllly over-complicate the game

  • Myrepublicanwe1 Gameing news (@Myrepublicanwe1) reported

    There's a problem with Minecraft Earth and the build plates. But it is getting fixed.

  • PunishedLesbian 受到惩罚 (@PunishedLesbian) reported

    @ElliotJPOP @HbKusoneko most trannies you see nowdays were fugly to begin with or arent even on hormones. if you your face doesnt looked **** up like minecraft steve or something like that there shouldnt be much of a problem