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Namecheap provides services on domain name registration, and offer for sale domain names that are registered to third parties (also known as aftermarket domain names). It is also a web hosting company.

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  • ▪ E-mail (20.00%)
  • ▪ Hosting (20.00%)

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Haßloch, Rheinland-Pfalz  ▪ Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, South Holland  ▪ Maidstone, England  ▪ Marrakesh, Marrakesh-Tensift-El Haouz  ▪ Molina de Segura, Region of Murcia  ▪ Quezon City, Metro Manila  ▪ Raleigh, North Carolina  ▪ Reading, England  ▪ Rota, Andalusia  ▪ San Luis Obispo, California  ▪ Singapore, Singapore

Namecheap Live Outage Map
  • Haßloch, Rheinland-Pfalz
  • Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, South Holland
  • Maidstone, England
  • Marrakesh, Marrakesh-Tensift-El Haouz
  • Molina de Segura, Region of Murcia
  • Quezon City, Metro Manila
  • Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Reading, England
  • Rota, Andalusia
  • San Luis Obispo, California
  • Singapore, Singapore
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  • jtl999
    JTL (@jtl999) reported

    @GlytchTech I don't use Namecheap anymore but even late last year I was having some issues with notifications. It's not the only issue they've been having, seems they concentrate more on their hosting division then their domain registration.

  • richnanaimo
    Richard Morrison (@richnanaimo) reported

    hey everybody -- life pro tip -- do not bother with @Namecheap for your domain services, they can't help you if you are a previous customer for tax purposes -- only if you have Existing service will they help you retrieve past invoices. @CanRevAgency

  • richnanaimo
    Richard Morrison (@richnanaimo) reported

    @Namecheap I cannot reset my password. My two factor authentication is not working. Truing to send push notifications to an old device that I no longer have. Installing the Namecheap App on my current Android device doesn't help. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

  • FakeLauraLouise
    laura-louise (@FakeLauraLouise) reported

    just "upgraded" my web hosting package with @Namecheap and it's somehow $30 a year LESS than I was paying before! and once again, their live chat customer support team provided amazing service.

  • mcelhearn
    Kirk McElhearn (@mcelhearn) reported

    @Namecheap @NameCheapCEO I just set up new WordPress site on a Business SSD server I've had with you for a couple of years. I can't connect Jetpack, the most common WordPress plugin. I spent nearly 1 hour on chat, which disconnected. How is this possible? Why can't you fix this?

  • Grefix
    Tony David (@Grefix) reported

    @Namecheap can't login to my account, using 2fa but not receiving any notification on the app.

  • dcolonv
    David Colon (@dcolonv) reported

    @zovargas @Namecheap Humm! That never happens on @awscloud route53

  • joshkuhn
    Josh Kuhn (@joshkuhn) reported from Charlotte, North Carolina

    @Namecheap Same thing after clearing Chrome's cookies and on Firefox... Login link does nothing (password copy and pasted from Lastpass)

  • darkfur93
    Dark Fur ⚡ (@darkfur93) reported

    @Namecheap I am not receiving the verification code on my phone when I try to login.

  • WeathermanIam
    JW Weatherman | (@WeathermanIam) reported

    @CheapAir Ask @Namecheap how they are enjoying missed sales because @BitPay is often a broken checkout experience. Last month I attempted to register a domain with them, but switched to @njal_la because I needed to pay with bitcoin.

  • coutoantisocial
    Couto (@coutoantisocial) reported

    @Namecheap Do you support CAA DNS records? I can't seem to find a way to set that...

  • doge430
    Doge430 (@doge430) reported

    1 year Birthday celebration for @Namecheap support ticket x167. "Our Engineering department are working on this issue now. Unfortunately, due to the limited number of resources and depending on the complexity of the tasks, we can not provide you with ETA"

  • BenObi2000
    Benjy Poli 🎥📺 (@BenObi2000) reported from Chorley, England

    @realPaulGrose @Namecheap Never heard of em. I’ve used GoDaddy & Bluehost before

  • _BrySi_
    Bryan The Brilliant (@_BrySi_) reported

    @Namecheap Hey is there an issue on private email smtp ?

  • _BrySi_
    Bryan The Brilliant (@_BrySi_) reported

    @Namecheap Hey is there an issue on private email smtp ?

  • owenfantastic
    Owen Fantastic (@owenfantastic) reported

    Hi @Namecheap sorry to say I just spent a very frustrating hour on your 'live' chat which didn't resolve my problem. After taking over an hour to ask about 5 questions the operator just stopped responding. It's a real shame as it lets down your otherwise great service.

  • OtXmokomoko1
    @rty (@OtXmokomoko1) reported

    @Namecheap The 19th exchange but still attempting to clarify the actual issue........only a particular type of support operates in this style.

  • OtXmokomoko1
    @rty (@OtXmokomoko1) reported

    @Namecheap 5 weeks later a new person emails a 'lets go back to the beginning again...and again.....' --Unfortunately, we are not sure if we can understand your request properly at this point. Please elaborate it so we can do our best to help--- latest email from namecheap

  • MikeColeAlt
    Mike Cole (@MikeColeAlt) reported

    So far my time with @Namecheap has been a lot better compared to my old registrar, only thing I'm not a fan of is the paid privacy. But hey, it's not that expensive. Might try out the free DNS service as well sometime soon.

  • iNickintosh
    Nick Hopkins (@iNickintosh) reported

    @Namecheap The point of my tweet wasn’t to find a work around. It was to point out a terrible usability issue within your support client. Maybe look to fixing it to having links target _blank instead of in the same tab on the same window, which causes a chat to close.

  • iNickintosh
    Nick Hopkins (@iNickintosh) reported

    @Namecheap Why do you have it set to when you click a link to open on the same fucking page? Makes no sense to close a support session because you clicked the link a support agent sent you.

  • Hippo_rate
    Hipporate (@Hippo_rate) reported

    @Namecheap please I need to renew my domain but you're still blocking me from accessing the domain, help! My ticket number is #AGW-263-41389

  • jjrruiz
    Juan José Ruiz (@jjrruiz) reported

    @Namecheap I'm sorry but I don't know if there is a ticket about this issue (for that reason I asked to you for the confirmation of the reception of the email we sent). Anyway I have just opened a new ticket via the link you provided me. Thank you so much

  • emtamsyn
    em (@emtamsyn) reported

    @Namecheap okay, I think you may have changed your site to be more demanding on bandwidth? because I'm able to search and get responses from your competitors? I'm using a very low-grade way to get online at present. have you had other problems with this?

  • cryptokapo
    cryptokapo (@cryptokapo) reported

    @Namecheap You should consider to have added VERGE $XVG @vergecurrency as a Cryptocurrency payment to your store. Its the most privacy focused coin, fast transaction & extremly low fees. @mindgeek just added it on the whole their network.

  • hhrvoje
    Hrvoje Hudo (@hhrvoje) reported

    @patrickfriley @duskic well @duskic warned me that not everyone thinks its a great service:) Think i will go with namecheap, good price and they have DNS also, hope they have better uptime!

  • Namecheap (@Namecheap) reported

    @OtXmokomoko1 We are sorry for any possible confusion. For us to be able to check the case, please specify the domain name in question, your Namecheap username or the email address with which you contacted our support.

  • OtXmokomoko1
    @rty (@OtXmokomoko1) reported

    @EFF @NameCheapCEO @Namecheap How long should a person converse back and forth with namecheap support before some resolution is expected.Questions like 'what was the exact time you last saw your domain? ' seems an absurd question.Also we've lost sight of it isn't very convincing of ability.

  • andlawton
    Andy Lawton (@andlawton) reported

    @InsiderPhD @Namecheap Woooow. that is pretty bad.

  • shashankum007
    shashankkumar (@shashankum007) reported

    @GoDaddyHelp for the existing customer your offer not applied. What's that. Should I move Tu namecheap or Google domain?

  • prometheus69696
    kismet kier (@prometheus69696) reported

    @NameCheap my reply to P.K.: As well as being a criminal, are you completely stupid, also, Paul Kurko, Support team, Namecheap would you care to explain this to me? "According to our policy, Namecheap account cannot be closed till there are domains and services located in it."

  • prometheus69696
    kismet kier (@prometheus69696) reported

    @namecheap now STOP trying to prove just how GREEDY and STUPID you ALL are. One would have thought that criminals of your calibre were intelligent enough as to know when the game is up; rather than to continue down the same path ensuring that Namecheap loses its ICANN status.

  • betakrea
    Francesco Baldini (@betakrea) reported

    @Amanda_Effie @Namecheap @facebook I've the same issue with @Namecheap. A spammy website copied a client's content, logo, phone number, address and so on. And they need some more evidence. Really?

  • prometheus69696
    kismet kier (@prometheus69696) reported

    Cont'd istead @Namecheap refuses to honour our wish and continue "harassing" us for ownership of our domains or paying it close to $100 per domain before it would cancel them and close our account. Naturally we do not deal with thieves and black mailers so will not pay @ICANN

  • prometheus69696
    kismet kier (@prometheus69696) reported

    @ICANN shoud be ashamed for acrediting @namecheap when @NameCheapCEO @Namecheap_Anya @namecheap_dens make their living by scamming its customers, pretending to provide a legit service in selling domains & hosting websites. It's why BBB won't touch them with a barge-pole.

  • prometheus69696
    kismet kier (@prometheus69696) reported

    Cont'd: Instead of @NameCheapCEO agreeing to cancel your domains and closing your account @Namecheap since you refuse to work with Criminals. They demand that you hand over your domais to them or pay $88.88 EACH (+ a reewal fee) for the privilage of cancelling your domain. @ICANN

  • paul_furley
    Paul M Furley (@paul_furley) reported

    @Namecheap @ckhicks I experience the same problem, and I've also just been given the mysterious tracking number 672. This needs to get fixed ASAP.

  • blainsmith
    ᛒᛚᛅᚾᛋᛘᛁᚦ (@blainsmith) reported

    @ajlkn @agundy_ Yeah Namecheap is holding onto it for some weird reason. I have a support ticket with them.

  • celineadam
    Celine (@celineadam) reported

    @Namecheap Hi, I can't access my account anymore because I'm not receiving a verification code. How can I fix this?

  • prometheus69696
    kismet kier (@prometheus69696) reported

    we also told @Namecheap "The rest of us earn an "HONEST" living. Do you at NameCheap never feel like doing the same, instead of deliberating stealing from others?" Answer please, @NameCheapCEO

  • alladither
    AllAdither (@alladither) reported

    @fuzzyblumonster @Namecheap @banthefrontlawn I’ve had really positive experiences with NameCheap’s customer service!

  • prometheus69696
    kismet kier (@prometheus69696) reported

    Which other business act like this? @Namecheap is a scam company. Namecheap support staff are very unprofessional. They take more than 4 days to successfully transfer you a domain, and also they don’t inform you if there are any issues until you find it and contact them!

  • prometheus69696
    kismet kier (@prometheus69696) reported

    @Namecheap is a Scam! on November 17, 2017 I purchased a cheap domain from them and made a record of my login information as always, but the site would not allow me to log back in. So, I changed the password and it still wouldn’t let me log in. Cont'd

  • davestweeter
    No Snowflakes (@davestweeter) reported

    @alpnames you guys have some serious spam issues. Looks like they have migrated from namecheap to you.

  • mcrittenden
    Mike Crittenden (@mcrittenden) reported

    @Namecheap is logging in broken right now? I can't log in even after successfully resetting my password. Username: mcrittenden

  • prometheus69696
    kismet kier (@prometheus69696) reported

    @Namecheap The reason why you cannot work out which specific issue is being discussed here is that you are pretty much scamming/ripping off ALL of your customers @Namecheap when they are not looking. Furthermore, @NameCheapCEO "likes" the idea of your deception so much that he shows it.

  • GTAV_Dan
    Dan GTA V (@GTAV_Dan) reported

    @Namecheap why do you only allow dedicated ip paid yearly? odd if you let us do monthly plans but if we cancel say 6 months in we lose IP for the final 6 months?

    Thompson (@EQUASHION) reported

    @GoodTipLeaver @BuntyKritty @lauferlaw Right. It's registered to someone in Wisconsin or with a Wisconsin number who paid registrar privacy fees…presuming it's a fee service on namecheap as with other domain registrars…for their physical location to be kept private in a whois lookup. It's not uncommon today.

  • DouveAlexandre
    ∆leeXx 💸 (@DouveAlexandre) reported from Curitiba, Paraná

    @Namecheap I made the purchase of a domain the same was credited via PayPal but was not available for use, could you contact me via DM to help me?

  • clarisajoyce
    Clarisa Velasco (@clarisajoyce) reported from Singapore, Singapore

    @beadeegee @ClintMamuri Who's your web host currently? I checked out Namecheap, and their basic plan is really cheap, but I'm having doubts cos it seems like their servers are located only in the US. And this is my problem with my current web host.

  • ClintMamuri
    Clint Mamuri (@ClintMamuri) reported

    @beadeegee @clarisajoyce IME, ok naman namecheap. They have 24/7 support pa via chat.

  • kobexamoh
    the old man of the north 🇨🇦🇬🇭 (@kobexamoh) reported

    I once had a domain issue with Namecheap onsite with a former client. I dialed up their text chat, and we had the issue resolved in under 15 minutes. This issue's taken over twenty minutes by phone. @GoDaddy, fix up.

  • DaneCreekPhoto
    Neil Enns (@DaneCreekPhoto) reported

    So @Namecheap has 2FA support, which is great. Until you reset your phone and discover there's no way to recover your account, and live chat requires a prior order number to reset 2FA. I don't have any old emails with prior order numbers. Grr.

  • 1ConanEdogawa
    1Conan (@1ConanEdogawa) reported

    @iBSparkes @sticktron @namesilo Found out they have around the same price as namecheap. But hey, domain privacy is included. (Namecheap has it as a paid service)

  • pandoras_ebooks
    Pandora's Bot (@pandoras_ebooks) reported

    ...NVM, some mod's phone ring through namecheap's support to get 2FA removed from my account, since their app broke and locked me out of my account :/

  • jstenn13
    Joshua Schoen (@jstenn13) reported

    @Namecheap i think the issue is on your end. i tried all of that, tried a different browser, tried on my phone, and still nothing working

  • jstenn13
    Joshua Schoen (@jstenn13) reported

    @Namecheap You guys having server issues? Can't fully load your site...

  • cdeutsch
    Christopher (@cdeutsch) reported

    @Namecheap @iamchuckhawley Does your login even work? I've reset my password twice and still can't login

  • Namecheap (@Namecheap) reported

    @iamchuckhawley Hello Chuck, please contact us via Live Chat (it is not necessary to be logged into the Namecheap account to do that) and our guys will help you.

  • devinscorner
    Devin (@devinscorner) reported

    @Namecheap Granted I could reload funds then pay with that balance, but why go through all these extra hoops for that, ya feel? First world problems. :) That's all - done picking on you now!