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Nintendo Switch Online Service lets the console owners enjoy online multiplayer gaming as well as a dedicated smartphone app that connects to the Nintendo Switch system and helps connect with friends for co-op and competitive games online.

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  • GraviMystic Mystic❄- #SobbleSquad (@GraviMystic) reported

    I have like 7 Nintendo Switches LOL Help me i have a problem! #NintendoSwitchProblems

  • Toddyd85 Todd Dennis (@Toddyd85) reported

    @younghavok @TigerCA123 @XcloudTimdog And you don’t have to. If Nintendo’s sub is your thing then stick with it. I like it too but for me, Gamepass is more valuable. I won’t pay for all the subs out there just like I don’t for TV. If one service has a show I want and don’t want to pay the sub then I’ll buy the season

  • younghavok Kennedy Clark (@younghavok) reported

    @Toddyd85 @TigerCA123 @XcloudTimdog I’d rather not pay for an online sub, then a bunch of other subs on top of that to play the games I want. I actually love Nintendo’s approach to sub gaming. New games day and date on the service kills the value of the game and will hurt game quality in the long run imo

  • ChrisPerry1985 Chris Mike Perry (@ChrisPerry1985) reported

    @NintendoAmerica @Nintendo #MK8D always has online problems and hackers and people using bad words as names please fix the online in #MK8D now and please get the hackers and bad words out of #MK8D now so #MK8D can be fun & fair & family friendly & playable. #NintendoSwitchOnline

  • sjake333 Jake Baldwin (@sjake333) reported

    @dark1x @SebMartAguil29 @GachaCaswell @SolidSolo_ @zerowondering The bricking accusations are clearly nonsense, but the SD card corruption is linked to a larger issue that has been known for a while. Nintendo's exFAT driver is very poor. Homebrew is affected most and reformatting as FAT32 is recommended, but official software suffering is new.

  • makhi_jackson Makhi Jackson (@makhi_jackson) reported

    @FlameTheGamerYT @NintendoAmerica Pretty sure that was confirmed to be a faulty sd card issue, similar to the smash ultimate piranha plant issue

  • oak_math_lee_91 Lee (@oak_math_lee_91) reported

    @YourHomieDoug I don’t know what happened, I cursed Nintendo on twitter, and now my Switch can connect to the internet again. I better write this somewhere in case it’s acting up again. Seems like that’s the best way to do it (after days of watching youtube videos of how to fix it to no avail).

  • JustinYen13 Justin Yen (@JustinYen13) reported

    Wtf @NintendoAmerica you're not supposed to die when you are on the bottom part of temple btw. Fix your dogshit game @SmashBros

  • sephusThe2nd sephusTheSecond (@sephusThe2nd) reported

    @radiatastories @haywiretub999 @shadowjeric My bet is that it's just a software patch on both ends I don't think they would need to change the Pokemon cart, since if that was the case, the issue wouldnt be happening on the digital version Maybe this could require a hardware fix from Nintendo, but I think the chance is low

  • Toddyd85 Todd Dennis (@Toddyd85) reported

    @TigerCA123 @XcloudTimdog Progress. This is most likely going to be the new model in gaming. Sony and Nintendo can do whatever they want, I don’t care. Microsoft is not wrong with a subscription based service either. They’re following what everyone else in entertainment is doing.

  • PleasePayRendon Steven (@PleasePayRendon) reported

    Fix your ******* online for doing battle raids you literal retards @NintendoAmerica or just dont ******* release it at all

  • radiatastories I.V. (@radiatastories) reported

    @haywiretub999 @sephusThe2nd @shadowjeric I honeslty rhink they need to make a revision in the cart at a later date to fix this and as well nintendo fixing it' s hardware issue as well both gf and nintendo should do that.

  • BobbingheadYT Bobbinghead (@BobbingheadYT) reported

    @GoValorTeam Nintendo servers also contribute to the problem.

  • Kristina_Kalex Kristina (@Kristina_Kalex) reported

    @theyearofelan I feel like maybe you need a break. You can crash on the couch upstairs and play ropey with Cleo til you're feeling better. I also have my original Nintendo if that helps.

  • LasagamanYT DerpingmanYT (@LasagamanYT) reported

    @UrBFF5Nights @TheOrdonianHero @NintendoAmerica The glitch only happens with hacked consoles and games, also shoddy sd cards. Also save data isn’t even on the sd card all you would have to do is redownload your games while you sleep or something

  • KatyMontgomerie Katy Montgomerie 🦗 (@KatyMontgomerie) reported

    Trying to link my @Nintendo Switch @Minecraft account with my @Microsoft account is the single worst sign on experience I've ever had in my life. I couldn't put into words how bad it is. It's still not working. It's meant to be for kids. Unfathomably poor

  • TID3000 InfinityD4 (@TID3000) reported

    I left Nintendo out of this because they Seem to Be REALLY hands-off with Pokémon. Considering they Delayed ACNH for Polish and Anti-Crunch, and Completely Restarted Prime 4 and Handed it to Retro to do it Properly. They totally could be part of the Problem Though.

  • boxofhamsters rose m honeyboy (@boxofhamsters) reported

    it seems the B button on my nintendo 3ds xl is broken

  • Rezze1011 Rezze101 (@Rezze1011) reported

    @David__Jetta @XcloudTimdog @NomnomnMax I'm not about exclusives being anti consumer. I have no issue with either. If Microsoft wants to make multiplats, its their choice If Sony and Nintendo want to make exclusives its their choice Its their games, they can do whatever they wish with them.

  • Preston13781581 Preston Hall (@Preston13781581) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Gamefreak should have followed Paramount’s example and fixed the major problems players had before the games even launched.

  • burningzeroX TJ Scott (@burningzeroX) reported

    @Roku @NintendoAmerica @Pokemon I don't care whose fault it is, but fix it. Not being able to play this game without being in airplane mode or dealing with every Roku player and Roku TV in my house crashing sucks. I should have bought Fallen Order instead. #roku #pokemon #fixit

  • burningzeroX TJ Scott (@burningzeroX) reported

    @Roku @NintendoAmerica @Pokemon I don't care whose fault it is, but fix it. Not being able to play this game without being in airplane mode or dealing with every Roku player and Roku TV in my house crashing sucks. I should have bought Fallen Order instead.

  • LibraScopeYT LibraScope (@LibraScopeYT) reported

    @ReviewStiles I'm of two minds. On the one hand, I'm happy to finally see a major Nintendo game get some major criticism for logical reasons. Pokemon is enormous. There's no reason for some of the issues Sw/Sh have, let alone the many presentation shortcuts. It's not a cheap handheld --

  • CapainN 🎄☃️ Captain N ☃️🎄 (@CapainN) reported

    @leighwynne33 @NintendoUK Call Nintendo and get it fixed. My Switch was doing that at first. Then it would start over heating and constantly shutting down. I called Nintendo to fix it. It took a week but it was completely free.

  • orangeyoshi0800 Jacob Bday Doggo (@orangeyoshi0800) reported

    @ChickenRocko @DelArcadiaZZ @LinkMountaineer @NintendoAmerica I mean honestly most of the issues I really don’t mind I just hate when people demand that nobody buys the game or enjoys it

  • ChickenRocko Rocko’s Chicken Express (@ChickenRocko) reported

    @DelArcadiaZZ @orangeyoshi0800 @LinkMountaineer @NintendoAmerica I really don’t mind if people enjoy the game; it looks like it has some really fun elements. But the whole of it just has too many issues for me to just brush aside.

  • radiatastories I.V. (@radiatastories) reported

    @sephusThe2nd @haywiretub999 @shadowjeric the issue is in both game freak and nintendo sides if things either way the game access the Switch Intenal memmory(NAND) while autosaving and online functionality that it ******* wears out the internal system memory that it leads to it bricking the console.

  • PremFTW Prem Nag Reddy Somireddy (@PremFTW) reported

    @NintendoAmerica When you fix the games draw distance I will play it.

  • sephusThe2nd sephusTheSecond (@sephusThe2nd) reported

    @haywiretub999 @radiatastories @shadowjeric Honestly, you could just wait for the fix to come out and buy it then. I'm betting that Game Freak / Nintendo are working on a patch for the bug.

  • LinkMountaineer Pat (@LinkMountaineer) reported

    @ChickenRocko @orangeyoshi0800 @NintendoAmerica Ruby/Sapphire also had a lacking Dex, wasn’t an issue then. The animations look great, so I’m still not seeing where the lie is.

  • _sayutsuki Sayu (@_sayutsuki) reported

    Hope that Nintendo puts out a "Switch Pro" next year, I don't really care that the new Pokemon or FE games are rough to look at but still having performance issues on top of that is real bad. Even BOTW's framerate tanks in busy areas which detracts from the experience.

  • TooFantasticWow TFW (@TooFantasticWow) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Killed my cousin with shells and lag killed everyone

  • rantonioart Riconius (@rantonioart) reported

    I’ve had literally none of these problems; some “problems” are purely preference. Settle down. Also, the Wild Area lags if you are connected to online...which is expected seeing that it is still Nintendo’s terrible online service. Anyway, now the blind Zeronites will say this.

  • RubySakurai ΩZacianMaster♪ (@RubySakurai) reported

    @Calxiyn Hmmm. 🤔 Hoo boy. I'm not sure whether you should call nintendo switch customer service, or wait for an update to fix this. 😕

  • stelledair Alice @ SWSH spoilers (@stelledair) reported

    @StarVolt358 Nintendo online service is hot trash so yeah.

  • Goodra_King 🏀A.A.🏀 (@Goodra_King) reported

    Nintendo is a literal billion dollar company, that can't fix their hardware to not drift.

  • ImThePuggernaut Puggernaut (@ImThePuggernaut) reported

    @Zeraph11981 @NintendoAmerica The issue seems to be on Rokus end and they are working on it.

  • Khalbrae (((Tim Henderson))) (@Khalbrae) reported

    @marsclaws @w0wls I believe Nintendo put out a longer warranty for drift issues specifically.

  • supamirmir215 caz (@supamirmir215) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Its lagging through the video LMAO

  • GeistSC :( | Geist (@GeistSC) reported

    @BazTheSpaz yo fix the nintendo switch online family plan stoopid

  • updatepatch jo (@updatepatch) reported

    I wanted a Nintendo wii and a rice cooker, I got abandonment issues and procrastination :/ my life is tragic

  • kisikil rilie 'rats' kisikil [ETHEREAL] (@kisikil) reported

    everything involves using the nintendo wireless service >:(

  • radiatastories I.V. (@radiatastories) reported

    Somehow nintendo blocking pirae from playing online is the reason why ppl with a modded switch did not experience issues since i seems the EmuNAND protected them from problem and since no online the game was not constantly accessing the game data to **** up the switch NAND.

  • Civil_Anarchy Cadey, Witch of Donuts (@Civil_Anarchy) reported

    After talking with 6+ people at @amazongames about a missing pre-order code, they finally told me to just contact Nintendo. Problem there is that the pre-order bonus was Amazon-exclusive, so Nintendo can't send it to me. Great lol

  • Dragon_Beast539 Alex DragonFord (@Dragon_Beast539) reported

    /Even though i don't have a Nintendo Switch i'm pretty disappointed by Pokemon Sword/Shield. A lot of pokemon have been left out which is the main issue this new gen has. I've been a pokemon fan since gen 1 for Yellow. I rather play Let's Go Pikachu instead tbh

  • redgirlva Alison R (@redgirlva) reported

    You guys. My roku stopped working today. Go to trouble shoot... website says there is an issue with Nintendo switch/pokemon (new) game messing it up. So soooo weird!

  • whitewhittret lumi @ pokemon shield! (@whitewhittret) reported

    do i need the nintendo online service to do anything online in pokemon......

  • JamooDoodles JamooDoodles (@JamooDoodles) reported

    @ShieldHeroEN But maybe AFTER Nintendo sorts out the save data glitch.

  • greetingsvera vera blossom (@greetingsvera) reported

    @trash_canditoot You can send them into nintendo and theyll fix them for free

  • KinguNoKamo 流星Ozymandias (@KinguNoKamo) reported

    @iFelinoz || Not in my experience had a lot of super dead unused things that came back to life right away with no issues but naw I’ve read articles and videos everyone just says Nintendo’s power hardware is ass.

  • Chadlynn97 Chad Lynn (@Chadlynn97) reported

    @pikatoaster @TheSquishyBomb @NintendoAmerica The fact is they lied or were forced to lie and one of the things I value most is honesty and when you lie to me a game Company I supported for years it hurts me the trust is broken

  • VoltaireSurge Voltaire Surge (@VoltaireSurge) reported

    @sumolinked @BloodHawk_541 @G27Status As of now just have your SD card formatted to Fat32 amd avoid exFat. And if you want to be extra careful, turn off autosaves. Nintendo has had issues with the switch bricking since launch

  • P_Applejack Princess Applejack (@P_Applejack) reported

    @Brolyisstillst1 @SlyLock21 @billskilled17 @SkytreadIsMyBae Is not! she has copyright and she have sold many Sonichu Issues and not Sega nor Nintendo have say anything against it, in fact they know CWC and they are alright with it. Christine will keep making art for us.

  • DatElectricLoaf Gaming Badass: Electric Boogaloo 2 (@DatElectricLoaf) reported

    Further digging into the issue, it seems that Switch has a NAND problem that seems to exist since 2017, so... Nintendo likely told most game devs to NOT overload the NAND in the console itself. However, Game Freak wrote code that intentionally overloaded the NAND itself... 1/

  • elijahsalazar23 KingKnox (@elijahsalazar23) reported

    @UrBFF5Nights @TheOrdonianHero @NintendoAmerica The glitch is only from hacked consoles so you're probably fine

  • SageofAges_PPN Allen | Post-Halloween Sadness Until Next One (@SageofAges_PPN) reported

    @ArkerParker @progamer_01_ @Sinesjoe25 @NintendoAmerica I agree that TPC is the main issue. I think GF has some issues but the main is TPC

  • flameprincex akaashi from akoounting (@flameprincex) reported

    @bananyabai One girl came into our shop about 6 months ago and she had an entire vertical line of dead pixels, best off sending it to nintendo and they’ll fix it for you and extend your guarantee. Absolutely sucks that you’ve just got yours though and it’s like that 😭😭😭😭

  • PixelElixir Pixel Elixir (@PixelElixir) reported

    @ReelBrew I used to have almost every single issue of Nintendo Power & tossed most of them out during a move 10 years ago. 😔

  • EoinPouliot Eoin Pouliot (@EoinPouliot) reported

    @NintendoAmerica @Pokemon @Roku @RokuSupport The new Pokémon games when connected online mess with Rokus on the network. I have three Rokus and they go into a boot loop stuck on the loading screen when I play the games. The only fix is to disconnect the switch from the internet.

  • nefaerious 🕷🕸Amy🕸🕷 (@nefaerious) reported

    @saltandpink I’d say trade but now you have to pay for Nintendo’s online service to trade online 😬

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  • 2168
  • 2811