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Nintendo Switch Online Service lets the console owners enjoy online multiplayer gaming as well as a dedicated smartphone app that connects to the Nintendo Switch system and helps connect with friends for co-op and competitive games online.

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July 18: Problems at Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online is having issues since 09:20 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • AustinDane2012 Astinoes (@AustinDane2012) reported

    @NintendoAmerica needs to FIX THIS!!!

  • DeltaGSSB DG (@DeltaGSSB) reported

    @miasarmpits @NintendoAmerica I’m starting to realize the error of my ways but I can’t just delete this I’m taking the L instead

  • jonas_splatoon Jonas (@jonas_splatoon) reported

    @Luigi86101 Literally 3 pairs I've had (including replacement for a pair I sent in to Nintendo) have had drifting issues

  • OpenMothersMale Traveling Salesman (@OpenMothersMale) reported from Henderson, Nevada

    @WdwCrane Sry I don’t trust myself to use that. This just reads as excuses to defend Nintendo for making a faulty product. No consumer should have to break open the product to fix an inherent issue that the supplier missed on and apparently refuses to modify.

  • GameEnderztweet What happens in VR stays in VR (@GameEnderztweet) reported

    @GoNintendoTweet It's about damn time! If Nintendo won't acknowledge this is problem or fix it a loss of money will. #Getmydamnjoyconsfixed!

  • OpenMothersMale Traveling Salesman (@OpenMothersMale) reported from Henderson, Nevada

    @WdwCrane I also shouldn’t have to purchase a kit to fix my controllers either. If Nintendo made a faulty product, the replacement should be free or significantly cheaper than a THIRD of the console price

  • OpenMothersMale Traveling Salesman (@OpenMothersMale) reported from Henderson, Nevada

    @WdwCrane Hell no, I wasn’t about to risk breaking my joycons neither should I have to. And I also wasn’t about to send my joycons to Nintendo and wait weeks to play my switch again. I did attempt to use electrical contact cleaner on it as instructed with the long straw. Short term fix.

  • GameEnderztweet What happens in VR stays in VR (@GameEnderztweet) reported

    @OBE1plays @NintendoAmerica If that is still a problem for Splatoon 3 then Nintendo needs to be called out for it. Remember I said (IF)! Splatoon 3 isn't coming for a long while.

  • violetgil Gil Olaes (@violetgil) reported

    @GoNintendoTweet As long as Nintendo offer some kind of warranty on their Joy-Cons, I'm not sure what the lawsuit is going to be able to argue. Yeah, it sucks that Joy Cons drift, but the issue isn't dangerous or harmful enough to force a recall or damages.

  • SparksEchidna ⚡Sparks The Echidna⚡ (@SparksEchidna) reported

    and if Nintendo Knows about this issue and Still isn't doing anything about it, then they're practically scamming their consumers. $80 down the drain every time the control sticks mess up. There's also calibrating but that doesn't even work half the time.

  • legocustomsnow 💻Code : Nitsa💻 (@legocustomsnow) reported

    @GameOverGreggy @BillRosemann @CassieRamirez @PlayAvengers @MarvelGames @nolan_north @TeamLiquid Ultimate Alliance is not even the 3rd game. It should be called a reboot. Its a total FU to OG ultimate Alliance players. This new one is WAY too cartoony. And it sucks its only for Nintendo or maybe I would give it a chance. I hope we get a 4 for all platforms and you fix it.

  • BraveRenegade00 Renegade Onion (@BraveRenegade00) reported

    @GoNintendoTweet I think only one of my joycons experienced this a few times, but it stopped after I tried something. Hope this lawsuit can make Nintendo fix this for people who aren’t me though.

  • SparksEchidna ⚡Sparks The Echidna⚡ (@SparksEchidna) reported

    @GoNintendoTweet @sevengranddad92 Good! Nintendo either needs to fix this, this is basically scamming people

  • EvilNarwhal Luke (@EvilNarwhal) reported

    @NinSwitchNews I own a first day switch and these issues led to me having to replace my left joycon. Oh yeah I want nintendo to pay

  • IronDragonGD IronDragonGD (@IronDragonGD) reported

    I can play Mario Kart Wii online with no lag at all. I can play Super Mario Maker 2 online multiplayer with lag every match. I use the same internet. Nintendo, a FAN MADE server can do better than yours. This is horrible. Please fix this.

  • NintyPrime Nintendo Prime (@NintyPrime) reported

    @Sunblaze25 Pro controller actually uses a different stick design than the joy-cons do. So that drifting is related to a different issue. The design. Is similar to the Xbox 360 in those but, Nintendo made an oopsie with the plastics making the circle shell harder than the stick, causing...

  • Lumpshat Nartee 🦌💛 (@Lumpshat) reported

    @GoNintendoTweet My first pair had drifting issues. I accept the blame for this one so i'll buy another pair. Second pair get the same issues 3 months after buying them, that's it wth Nintendo. I had to buy a pro controller and as of now its been working perfectly

  • Chad_Holder Chad Holder (@Chad_Holder) reported

    Both my joy cons that I got with my Switch, and an extra set I bought from @BestBuy , all 4 drift horribly to where my friends don’t even want to play Switch because of how annoying it is. @NintendoAmerica needs to seriously fix this for people. #joycondrift

  • MetaTai Order of the Meta (@MetaTai) reported

    Nintendo seriously needs to fix this matchmaking because I do not want to be paired with those with a level less than my own

  • MutatedAesthete 💥 Clay 💥 (@MutatedAesthete) reported

    @UbisoftSupport I’m having problems with linking my account with my Nintendo Switch account and y’all don’t have a phone number to call.

  • LiquidEvil LiquidEvilGaming (@LiquidEvil) reported

    @ShawnLong85 Nintendo....needs a lot still. Achievement system,non crappy online,better games with online service,virtual console,more third party....etc etc. I like the switch also but it definitely needs a ton still,still doesn't have themes FFS.

  • elasticguardian nervous vegetable (@elasticguardian) reported

    @SuperAj3 @ninsoup it moves on its own because it has some serious design issues plus nintendo didnt put a deadzone on the switch. this is why you turn backwards accidentally on smash or zelda or mario for example

  • toonman711 AutisticPhantomOtaku (@toonman711) reported

    @Sasori_113 @GoNintendoTweet yep, is really starting to annoy me! Glad to know that I'm not the only one dealing with this sort of problem but, I don't think filing a lawsuit to Nintendo is the right course of action.

  • tauruszard Chark Dragmire (@tauruszard) reported

    @stoicsquirrel78 @GoNintendoTweet @ArcadeGirl64 Why should we have to buy another controller to avoid an issue Nintendo refuses to even acknowledge

  • deltenshii adel (@deltenshii) reported


  • HylianTicipated Hylian Ticipated 💗 (@HylianTicipated) reported

    @arinaxism The Pro Controller hasn't drifted for me, but it does have other issues including the analog! HORI is a good brand. I'd pick one up myself, but I need my HD rumble, which Nintendo is locking away to third-party brands.

  • RansomReed67 Ransom Reed (@RansomReed67) reported

    @MoZiggly @DavidBe34950483 @SirProdigle @bwecht All I did was disagree with the initial problem cause. Yes a lot of people have drift but I don't think it's as simple as "nintendo's faulty design" which is what most people blame it on. Just my opinion, didn't mean to offend anyone.

  • OmegaAuron [Ω] アーロン (@OmegaAuron) reported

    @GunSlinger1110 @VCiPz I just gave up on the second pair and bought a pro controller Nintendo needs to fix this I miss playing in portable mode

  • TheSneakyZip Zip... (@TheSneakyZip) reported

    Honestly Nintendo needs to fix their god damn matchmaking system. I am sick and tired of getting paired up with complete dumbasses who r still level 30 or under and don't know how to play the game, while the other team gets all the stacked players.

  • AntonioHero99 AntHero @ Tsukihime/BOTW (@AntonioHero99) reported

    LRT Really hope that lawsuit goes somewhere or at least gets Nintendo’s attention. Kinda ridiculous how the Switch has been out 2 years and they haven’t addressed the drifting issue at all.

  • CanadianInsert *insert canadian name here* (@CanadianInsert) reported


  • SwiftwindGALE Swiftwind (@SwiftwindGALE) reported

    @mysstari Please, I love Nintendo, but the joycons control sticks are too frail and can't take too much The fact that 1 singular joycon costs like $50 (i don't really know the price) is what's keeping me from getting a new left joycon after trading my old one in for having drift problems

  • VCiPz V-CiPz™ (@VCiPz) reported

    @PlayerEssence @ShawnLong85 Because you don't know (in general) what is the majority or the minority when it comes to the NES games in the service. Nobody knows the exact truth of what is the majority and what is the minority. All we know is the Nintendo Online Service (& NES games) as a whole is garbáge.

  • SpectrumBlast95 SpectrumBlast Gaming (@SpectrumBlast95) reported

    @TheSwitchForce I have one I even sent to Nintendo and it came back and it’s still having drift issues

  • AlbertoLongfel1 Alberto (@AlbertoLongfel1) reported

    @RocketLeague Please fix the Nintendo Switch issues r/RocketLeague

  • Oswaldepic_ Os (@Oswaldepic_) reported

    I must be the Chosen One of Nintendo because I’ve actually never had issues with my joycons. They don’t drift or act weird- my other controller’s trigger has actually gotten issues before them. Not denying the drift issues exist, just feeling pretty lucky.

  • DanielC69525858 Daniel Castro (@DanielC69525858) reported

    @Topaz_Carbuncle @GoNintendoTweet Lmao I treat my switch like a baby and it still drifts. This problem is honestly ridiculous Nintendo has to fix this problem.

  • Jfa199494 Jeremy (@Jfa199494) reported

    not saying Nintendo is intentionally doing it just saying they should look into it themselves if that many people are having this problem

  • SNB_1985 SNB_1985 | Thank you, Desmond (@SNB_1985) reported

    Tbh I saw this coming. I got new controllers a few days ago because of drifting issues, and now my new ones are starting to drift. Fix your damn controllers, Nintendo.

  • Zyzoxing Zyzoxing (@Zyzoxing) reported

    @XionDevGroup @chrisakin76 @8bitforever @thisishipnotik @NintendoAmerica Of course you all didn’t bring it up. No one wants to blame themselves as possibly the problem or accept that their products degrade with time and use. It’s all about passing the buck.

  • CynicalEmo Cynical Emo (@CynicalEmo) reported

    @Tenvert It's been an issue for a while now, all we can do is get tweezers and blow out the dust from under the rubber peel under the stick It's sad how Nintendo makes such poor controllers after all these years..

  • Zyzoxing Zyzoxing (@Zyzoxing) reported

    @XionDevGroup @chrisakin76 @8bitforever @thisishipnotik @NintendoAmerica There’s no way to determine how rough/gentle anyone is with their product. It’s also clear the majority of this is happening around the 2.5 year mark as if it was an actual issue there would have been tons of complaints during the first year of Switch.

  • XionDevGroup XionDevGroup (@XionDevGroup) reported

    @Zyzoxing @chrisakin76 @8bitforever @thisishipnotik @NintendoAmerica I would agree if the issue wasn't happening in such high numbers and despite an apparent variance of use.

  • ImARealTuffy Brad @ never being in line ever again (@ImARealTuffy) reported

    I hate that I feel like I have to compromise by using shitty joycons just to play portably. The drifting issue has been there for over a year and now my right shoulder button doesnt work. Nintendo needs to build these with better parts if they're gonna charge 80 bucks for 1 pair

  • Slight_Talented obama (@Slight_Talented) reported

    @Topaz_Carbuncle @GoNintendoTweet I have been gentle with them; I've treated my ******* joycons like newborn ******* babies and they still drift on me. This isn't a problem with how I'm using them, this is a design flaw that Nintendo has been seriously ignoring. Nintendo needs to stop making shitty controllers

  • definitely_joey Definitely Joey (@definitely_joey) reported

    @LainWasTaken @GoNintendoTweet Tbh I’ve never had a problem with drifting and I’ve had a switch since day one the only time I did have a problem I sent my joycon to Nintendo and they fixed it for free

  • LainWasTaken Lain (@LainWasTaken) reported

    @GoNintendoTweet I've been wanting to buy a Nintendo Switch for a while now, but I hear a lot of bad things about the joycons. Just so much about the drifting. First thing I see with most of my google searches trying to find info on the Switch, is all about drifting, how to fix it, or what it is.

  • JohnYounggkong John peterson (@JohnYounggkong) reported

    @NinSwitchNews Makes you wonder if the Nintendo Switch Lite will have that same problem

  • treecko_the Grovyle The Pokemon (@treecko_the) reported

    One thing that I noticed is Minecraft for Wii U cannot transfer worlds to the Nintendo Switch, well you could but you have to get the older version of Minecraft for the Switch. It would be great if @4JStudios @Mojang @NintendoAmerica would fix this issue for Wii U users who has a

  • TanisCassidy Tanis Cassidy (@TanisCassidy) reported

    @SpawnWaveMedia I feel this would be a much cooler topic if Nintendo would simply acknowledge the drift as a widespread issue and publicly state that a fix is in the works. Still it would be an issue, but at least people would know their voices have been heard.

  • TanisCassidy Tanis Cassidy (@TanisCassidy) reported

    @SpawnWaveMedia I feel this would be a much cooler topic if Nintendo would simply acknowledge the drift as a widespread issue and publicly state that a fix is in the works. Still it would be an issue, but at least people would know they're voices have been heard.

  • pandora_hearts Courtney (Kallen) #Victuuri (@pandora_hearts) reported

    @defensive_basti Well its more then just a few people saying they are having this issue with their joy-cons. Nintendo really should be looking into it, especially since said joy-cons are like, $80 to buy new ones. I have the pink and green ones... haven't noticed drifting yet thankfully.

  • dylio930 DyliOwO (@dylio930) reported

    @GoNintendoTweet Maybe this will help Nintendo realize this is a major problem

  • jordanatkins97 Jordan (The Country) (@jordanatkins97) reported

    @Broojo @GoNintendoTweet I think it is more Nintendo is choosing to stay silent about the issue. If they admit fault that could look even worse on them. There is no way after so many complaints on every social media and repairs sent in they don't know about this.

  • lucasbrum the sequel to zelda botw is now in development (@lucasbrum) reported from São Paulo, São Paulo

    @BenjiSales Mario Maker 2 only physical above all three Crash versions digital and retail. 6 Nintendo exclusives 59,99USD only physical vs 3 from Sony starting at 19,99USD physical and digital. Nintendo is destroying.

  • XionDevGroup XionDevGroup (@XionDevGroup) reported

    @Zyzoxing @chrisakin76 @8bitforever @thisishipnotik @NintendoAmerica Thanks. I "didn't" know that. My point still stands. No one said anything about wear-and-tear until you did. Given that this is a FREQUENT problem suggests it's a product defect. You can leave now.

  • Anthony_SSBU Anthony (@Anthony_SSBU) reported

    @GoNintendoTweet Please! It's been 2 YEARS and Nintendo's yet to confront this problem.

  • HjartaSSB Hjarta (@HjartaSSB) reported

    I play someone across the country: *Nintendo online gives it only small spurts of lag* Play someone in my own state: *immense frame drops, eating inputs, etc* Why

  • riskedbiscuit JayE (@riskedbiscuit) reported

    No but seriously the joycons are so poorly made and the drifting problem is just terrible. And it costs 80 bucks just for another pair of the cheap thingies Oneof the woret controllers Nintendo has made in terms of quality and durability 🙄

  • JombyGeorgie JombyGeorge (@JombyGeorgie) reported

    LMFAO and this is a BIG “Ugh oh” for Nintendo. They better reveal that they’ve fixed the issue or offer free repairs/replacements. Also I swear to god the Lite better not have this problem

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