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Nintendo Switch Online Service lets the console owners enjoy online multiplayer gaming as well as a dedicated smartphone app that connects to the Nintendo Switch system and helps connect with friends for co-op and competitive games online.

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September 24: Problems at Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online is having issues since 04:20 AM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • Emms_3169 Emms (@Emms_3169) reported

    @BlackestNerd It was expected lmao, Nintendo cucked themselves with even more repairs now, ppl said there was a issue, nintendo just unwilling to listen

  • MarioandTMNT Chris Mike Perry (@MarioandTMNT) reported

    @NintendoAmerica @Nintendo #MK8D always has online problems and hackers and people using bad words as names please fix the online in #MK8D now and please get the hackers and bad words out of #MK8D now so #MK8D can be fun & fair & family friendly & playable. #NintendoSwitchOnline

  • tainkirrahe Funky Chunky ⭐ Megaytron ⭐ (@tainkirrahe) reported

    @84Gears I've bought two gaming consoles from CEX (Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS) and a Samsung tablet and all worked fine, came with good warranties etc. I know people are a bit iffy on the company but I've never had a problem using them so YMMV.

  • mimi_froofroo mimi (@mimi_froofroo) reported from Ripon, England

    @NintendoUK are amazing! My switch joy controllers were drifting. Out of warranty so sent for repair and they have replaced them FOC regardless of no warranty and have given me 12 months warranty on the replacements. Fabulous console and wonderful customer service.

  • milkstone Milkstone Studios (@milkstone) reported

    @tonyshafer26 @NindieNexusMike Hello, the add ons were properly tested when released. It was a later patch that broke them. The fix is undergoing certification by Nintendo.

  • MuddlingAlong Hannah Brewer (@MuddlingAlong) reported

    @sapphicapuella We’ve found the Lego games to be quite good - problem solving and not mindless violence. Mine are pushing for a Nintendo switch for Christmas...

  • secondmiltia Robin🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈🚩 (@secondmiltia) reported

    ok so we can analyze all the new mario parties until we die. but really i'd say most of the problem is this. nintendo keeps trying to change mario party to make people not murder each other over this game. thats bad. people SHOULD kill each other over this game.

  • hazemoky Haze (@hazemoky) reported

    @NairoMK @NintendoVS Nintendo thought it'd be funny for us to mix up k-spells with kaclang in the ditto and didn't do this on purpose. Well now we have a problem see

  • xMitsu3 Mitsu (@xMitsu3) reported

    @dyla_bell_sky WiFi isn't good at all, it can only help you adapt against playstyles you don't play against, and probably you won't even be able to deal with them since lag ***** you up Just put some ******* servers Nintendo god damnit

  • minuteodyssey OdysseyWorks (@minuteodyssey) reported

    Nintendo really wanted to make this remake special. Make it it's own beast. If this game came out like 4 or 5 years ago and had the same graphics and game engine as LBW I would have been happy, ecstatic even. Again it does not take a lot to fix LA.

  • CrimsonHiney CrimsonHiney (@CrimsonHiney) reported

    @CobaltBox2000 @nintendolife And I'm happy for you! But I've used my cons for less than 50 hours in total since launch, and the left is unusable. Let's make Nintendo better by having them fix this

  • BearOfTwitch Bear the Sleepy (@BearOfTwitch) reported

    🛑🖐 I've seen a lot of videos recently regarding the new nintendo switch lite having analog stick drifting due to an error in hardware. I'm not saying don't buy one, but definitely do some research before you invest your hard earned money. 👀🧠

  • ThisIsADictator Rafael Ark Sanchez (@ThisIsADictator) reported

    They know he’s Broken. Nintendo tried to warn Sakurai. But Sakurai refused.

  • ceylon_ger CeyloN (@ceylon_ger) reported

    @Patch19931 @NintendoAmerica @Nintendo @UbisoftToronto @StarlinkGame It seems a big problem is the fact that SF isn't getting anything really new in terms of story & content; no progress. It's all about the Lylat Wars. I think after so many retellings (basically 50% of the series tell that story), even the most hardcore fans are tired of it.

  • AnjelPotterus my name is angel (@AnjelPotterus) reported

    smoking broken windows playing my nintendo

  • SkyWindLight Wolf O’Donnell (@SkyWindLight) reported

    @MaxxyPat In Japan, you have to pay extra to have da peeps at Nintendo fix it. 😎

  • MSakurajima_ Mai (@MSakurajima_) reported

    Why is nintendo now better at handling competitive issues than actual TOs

  • Michal51012816 Ciekawy Michu (@Michal51012816) reported

    @GamemistressEU Wii and SNES is right behind because Wii was the first Nintendo console and i played it for years. But now the disk reader is broken :(

  • Chukkaque Chukkaque🌐 (@Chukkaque) reported

    @petersfay @LonelyGoomba Yeah that doesn't ALWAYS work But you can send them in to Nintendo And in case you missed that too The issue with that is many still break down again after being restored by Nintendo That's the true problem you seem to have missed

  • autumndust_ new horizons 💜✨ (@autumndust_) reported

    What!! Nintendo gave us 250 LT because of the problem with Gulliver 🤯

  • tonyshafer26 tony shafer (@tonyshafer26) reported

    @milkstone @NindieNexusMike well ya better fix it we all didnt paid the 2 add ons for our switch for nothing or u better get a hold of nintendo and tell them to give everyone there refund back with ya half ass game always test it out before u let the add ons out!!!!!!

  • justme96140463 justme (@justme96140463) reported

    @NintendoEurope Day12 Trying to email or hashtag any of the following but struggling to find them tried Customer service ( they really should change their name ! Perhaps disservice 😂) Anyone help Marketing Director Nintendo any country anywhere don’t care really Corporate Marketing digital

  • justme96140463 justme (@justme96140463) reported

    @NintendoEurope DY 12Trying to email or hashtag any of the following but struggling to find them tried Customer service ( they really should change their name ! Perhaps disservice 😂) Anyone help Marketing Director Nintendo any country anywhere don’t care Corporate Marketing digital marketing

  • justme96140463 justme (@justme96140463) reported

    @NintendoEurope Day 12 Trying to email or hashtag any of the following but struggling to find them tried Customer service ( they really should change their name ! Perhaps disservice 😂) Anyone help Marketing Director Nintendo any country anywhere Corporate Marketing digital marketing

  • justme96140463 justme (@justme96140463) reported

    @NintendoEurope @Tetris_Official Trying to email or hashtag any of the following but struggling to find them tried Customer service ( they really should change their name ! Perhaps disservice 😂) Anyone help Marketing Director Nintendo any country anywhere don’t care Corporate Marketing digital marketing

  • jloe_01 Jared Loe (@jloe_01) reported

    @loosenAaron @JettCYT @PandaGlobal This is an issue nintendo should've really taken seriously because if you can't at least replace the joycons, and don't know how to fix it yourself, you're gonna have a bad time.

  • Able_64 Hauteclere897 (@Able_64) reported

    @PoliteBoyy @CatgirlLia It’s not like nintendo wouldn’t fix it for free. But yes it shouldn’t have the problem to begin with

  • Shiroshu Shiroshu! ✨ (@Shiroshu) reported

    @SpaceyGee @Sergmanx I don't think so. I am almost positive that it's legit. You can tell by the way the stick stuck a bit when he moves it. It's a serious problem, Nintendo used to have great quality and completely lost it all this gen among other things sadly.

  • kmlkmljkl kml 🤠 (@kmlkmljkl) reported

    it's 2019 how do controllers still have drift issues. and in nintendo of all places.

  • TheSoundDefense Jim Avery (@TheSoundDefense) reported

    Starting to suspect that Nintendo was in denial about the Joy-Con drift issue because they didn't want to delay the release of the Switch Lite.

  • flowerpajamas2 the only person who actually likes fire emblem (@flowerpajamas2) reported

    @MojangSupport I'm sure you've received multiple complaints on this, but "Minecraft" on the nintendo switch fails to start up and will display the message "This software was closed due to an error" and I was hoping you could send some troubleshooting steps to help resolve this.

  • RyukyuCajun Ernest Molina (@RyukyuCajun) reported

    @NintendoAmerica please find a better company than @PowerA for accessories. Wired controller is useless. I spend more time trying to connect the stupid thing than I do playing. And it’s not isolated and apparently it’s a major issue!

  • magicisnotreal Coi (@magicisnotreal) reported

    @_Unionknight @TheRiseofTony @BayleeTrapp @LucasDiMenza @DeadByBHVR Nintendo literally has the cheapest online service in console, ps4 is 60. Its just a trend people were literally expecting for them to catch up on, and ill admit they dont have much to offer but theyre just people trying to make money like everybody in this world man

  • rodhilton Rod Hilton (@rodhilton) reported

    @skilldrick Yeah so far I haven't seen any "straightforward but challenging levels like you might see in an actual Mario game" levels. Mario Maker 1 had the same basic issue, but with MM2 the game is $60 and you can't do ANYTHING with it unless you also subscribe to Nintendo Online.

  • illage2 NANO_MACHINE77 (@illage2) reported

    The fact Nintendo put the same joysticks in knowing they have issues should open them up to a lawsuit. The joy stick should have been addressed before they released the switch lite.

  • LogikEmily regrettably, homestuck (@LogikEmily) reported

    the fact that the joycons still drift on the switch lite is ******* pathetic. like they intentionally chose not to fix that, there's no way they didnt know. i genuinely thought nintendo wouldnt be this scummy, idk

  • SluffyG SG (@SluffyG) reported

    @angel_fates99 @ZycronBarcomb @SP_Bryce @MaddyDMC Ah that’s true. Hopefully Nintendo fixes the problem


    @NintendoAmerica Fix the frame rate it’s not game breaking but my god it’s noticeable game would be epic if it had a solid 60fps which it should this day and age with any top down game and these graphics aren’t cutting edge by no means. Pls Nintendo drop a patch soon or fix this

  • somuchsodium averagecardinalsfan (@somuchsodium) reported

    @2KSupport I can’t play online for the Nintendo switch without the game saying a problem has occurred

  • pequenopeepo mat(a)heu$ (@pequenopeepo) reported

    smokin broken window is playing my nintendo

  • isabellefomayor スイカ🔞 (@isabellefomayor) reported

    I know I’ll probably get stabbed for this but links awakening remaster isn’t a masterpiece unless Nintendo fixes its issues with frame rate and such cause I don’t believe a console that can run breath of the wild or Mario odyssey can’t run a remaster of a game from 1993 well

  • roncates80 Ron Cates (@roncates80) reported

    Really tempted by the Switch Lite. Want to wait and see if there are analog stick issues, etc..., and maybe some other colors. A red one would rock! #Nintendo #SwitchLite

  • technourgos Technourgos (@technourgos) reported

    @Parappa_SSB The problem is that people are lazy or just not dedicated. You're clearly dedicated. Instead of settling for Nintendo to do something about it, you're making your own solution. If pros won't bother to learn, that's on their lazy asses.

  • Fortnitegayme1 Luigi369 (@Fortnitegayme1) reported

    Rip everyone who bought a Switch Lite and now there are reports of JOYCON Drift. @NintendoAmerica better offer Free Repairs or just a new system without the issue

  • LoveIyMemes Jak (@LoveIyMemes) reported

    @NintendoAmerica I love you Nintendo but holy shit... the fact you let the switch light release knowing full well it would have the same issues of drift as joycon is so stupid. You should be ashamed.

  • Cammiluna Cammi 💚 Late Knight Plagueposting (@Cammiluna) reported

    @PRGilland It's hard to put my faith in Reddit users, but Nintendo also never officially addressed the problem and techies confirmed the control sticks are the same quality. You can't trust launch day switch lites regardless.

  • Mercynary Mercy (@Mercynary) reported

    @SpawnWaveMedia Not shocking at all that Nintendo is this stubborn to Fix this

  • SavvyZer0 Savvy (@SavvyZer0) reported

    @NintendoAmerica just got switch lite and it has joycon drift after 2 days. I don’t want to exchange and set up a whole new one again to discover the same problem. So frustrating. And I know many people haven’t experienced it, but it exists everywhere.

  • senaiquiw Meta (@senaiquiw) reported

    @KooperTDUX @nintendolife switch lite should be $1 if Nintendo doesn't fix this

  • thomaswilburn Thomas Wilburn (@thomaswilburn) reported

    Frame rate issues aside, props to Nintendo for looking at physically-based rendering and declining "realism" in favor of "Link is now a plastic toy, Yoshi is made of crafting materials, and Kirby is a piece of yarn."

  • tlaynes Tim Smith (@tlaynes) reported

    @Devindra @JeffGrubb @garywhitta And sadly Nintendo has little incentive to correct any of the issues.

  • Peeko420 peeko • rejected (@Peeko420) reported

    how lazy nintendo, we thought the switch lite wouldnt have drifting because the point of it is that its NEW IMPROVED CHEAPER, and yeah no docking. but really... its an easy fix but yet you dont want to, listen, nintendo can make some good choises and listen to fans then this

  • a_chris27 Rebel27A (@a_chris27) reported

    @Immortal_Bud Lol not really. Xbox handles lag pretty poorly compared to Nintendo.

  • ChaseWassenar Chase Wassenar (@ChaseWassenar) reported

    @DoubleUHarrison Yeah, I'll admit the phrasing is weird, but I'm having a hard time telling if that's more because of a translation issue from Nintendo France's statement. You may be right, but I'm holding out hope that it's the latter rather than the former, at least for now

  • dissociatingbrb ❤️ Tankie Edelgard ❤️ (@dissociatingbrb) reported

    Why does every fighting game except Smash have like a big Soviet muscleman. Smash has a severe lack of Soviets. This is a balance issue @NintendoAmerica

  • aricmartin4 aric martin (@aricmartin4) reported

    @NintendoAmerica I wish I can play this, but my joy cons keep drifting, and I sold my old switch for a lite, please help, I'm having the joy con drift problem on my lite.

  • ramza76 Rusty Needle (@ramza76) reported

    @VersaceFalcon @Ryumoau_Juno Just call them in the morning they usually refund points, im having issues spending mine though lol, i think they took out rewards cant redeem nintendo 10$ they took everything from center

  • fugazi420 Jarmon 'Large Lunch' Jameson: Dog Park NPC (@fugazi420) reported

    Lol after the worlds saddest Nintendo Eshop outage (Mr Switch turned on 3 minutes after it went down for maintenance!!) Kit finally has the goose game! & within 5 min of DLing, I went to pee & came back to find her in bed honking repeatedly & fully sobbing 😂😭😍😫🥰😍 My heart!!

  • twinworld Shaun Edwards (@twinworld) reported

    That worked out well. Tried the free 30 day Twitch Prime in July to get the 3 mth free Nintendo online. Was charged for 1 month service @ $7.99 (+tax) since then. Activated the 9mth nintendo online service today and then cancelled prime. Got 1yr Nintendo online for only ~$8! :)

  • greylarke Larke🌱 (@greylarke) reported

    @marinPeixes It SUCKS when a button is broken. My R3 was broken a few months back and I couldn't play Splatoon without borrowing a pro controller from someone. Nintendo support was pretty great about fixing it though (once I got off my butt and sent it in lul)

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  • 2168
  • 2811