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  • Matchmaking (6.25%)

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  • BKrispinsky
    Krispy (@BKrispinsky) reported

    @KimRN30 Anytime! 😊 If the card itself is still good, (and you don't mind wiping out any data already on it), following Nintendo's directions for formatting it should clear up any problems.

  • GeogWest
    Lindy Westenhoff (@GeogWest) reported

    >Eyes a refurbished Nintendo Switch >Car gauges/dials suddenly refuse to work >They can’t fix it for two weeks and I am driving to SEDAAG tomorrow >Gonna drive J’s car bc the other student doesn’t have a car at all >THUS: a Switch is not likely in my future anytime soon 😓

  • sonicgenfan
    Nathan (@sonicgenfan) reported

    @TheRealGlitchTV @SplatoonLag @NintendoAmerica @SplatoonJP if this is a one time issue, you have nothing to worry about, but Splatoon doesn't use servers, it is p2p, meaning all traffic goes directly between your router and everyone else in the match. there is no single host, so these issues are caused by the router dropping the signal.

  • RufusHewitt21
    Rufus is ready for Smash Ultimate 🤩 19 days (@RufusHewitt21) reported

    Maybe I should learn how to become a games developer or something and make Indie games for Nintendo!! Only problem is, my imagination is awfully terrible 🙃

  • ItemShopDX
    ItemShopDX (@ItemShopDX) reported

    @DigDougXD @NintendoUK Well if people are dumb enough to support that kind of lameness, they're just part of the problem.

  • Samitian
    Samitian (@Samitian) reported

    **** nintendo and their worthless ******* system and their worthless ******* internet. Every GOD DAMN day my switch disconnects from my internet randomly, and today it just decided not to come back. EVERY OTHER DEVICE I OWN ******* works with no issues. Every. Single. One.

  • NoirZillaGaming
    ショーン 🐲 (@NoirZillaGaming) reported

    @LethalxMinx Well, maybe if you had it on switch it'll give you a reason to play lol. It has built in voice chat like Fortnite. That way you don't have to have their Nintendo online app or service.

  • Tim_Two_Tats
    The Avaricious One (@Tim_Two_Tats) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Fix this.

  • Magical_Worker
    Magical Worker (@Magical_Worker) reported

    . @THEREALRTU :we can't defend apple for the iPad pro bending issue Also @THEREALRTU :the Nintendo switch bending issue is not big deal

  • doremylover
    Munyu (IT’S FRICKEN HERE ALREADY) (@doremylover) reported

    People who make up excuses for this are falling into their PR traps and are only part of the problem. I am calling out Nintendo Fanboys and Facebook lovers for this, but those are the two biggest problems; be vocal about their problems, and do not stand for them.

  • doremylover
    Munyu (IT’S FRICKEN HERE ALREADY) (@doremylover) reported

    And Finally, @NintendoAmerica is NOT a monopoly, but they LOOOOVE to think they are with their "being different" mantra. Their service is poor because they do not think they have to compete with the other services.

  • bohaganbacon
    SWITCH FORTNITE BLOWS (@bohaganbacon) reported

    @EpicGames okay I’m bugging you guys everyday about this until it’s fixed.... please fix fortnite for Nintendo switch.... please for god sakes. Please. My bullets are still blanks and the RUBBER BAND LAG OH GOD THE RUBBER BAND LAG GOD HELP US SWITCH FORTNITE PLAYERS🙏🏼🙏🏼🙄🙄

  • blueye95
    Twan | Blueye (@blueye95) reported

    Wired pro controler in wired only mode has so much more input lag than wireless connection. WTF nintendo

  • MarkValadez3
    Mark Valadez (@MarkValadez3) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix fortnite ln nintendo switch. Or else us switch players are moving to warframe

  • Sir_Pridey
    Charlie Pride (@Sir_Pridey) reported

    @DandyLion514 @NianticHelp @PokemonUKGo @Pokemon @NintendoUK I was transferring pokemon from my phone to my switch and while they were sitting next to each other, without touching them, there was a connectivity issue at the end of the transfer. Pokemon gone from phone, but not on switch.

  • MarkValadez3
    Mark Valadez (@MarkValadez3) reported

    @DonaldMustard @Jazwares Please fix the framerate on nintendo switch. Do you know how many nintendo switch players are angry. You guys are a billion air company. Its not hard. Warframe is a less pop game and they porting it on switch and runs amazing and graphics are good. Fortnite on switch is terrible.

  • _Johnboy1000_
    Johnboy1000 (@_Johnboy1000_) reported

    @IntroSpecktive Nice video but one issue. Having all Nintendo is likely but unwise. Nintendo is trying to expand on adding 3rd parties to the Switch. NINTENDO ADDS ALL NINTENDO CHARACTERS. I think we'll a far share of 3rd party reps. At least two.

  • TGA_Officialy
    TheGoldenAnimations (@TGA_Officialy) reported

    @dantdm @NintendoUK @Pokemon Hi, I appreciate it if I win but if do not win isn't that a problem too.

  • TheRealGlitchTV
    glitch (@TheRealGlitchTV) reported

    @sonicgenfan @SplatoonLag @NintendoAmerica @SplatoonJP Actually my router is running fast and fine,I’m able to play all my online games a-ok, and I’ve been able to play Splatoon 2 online way before nintendo online came to play.The real issue is nintendo hasn’t been able to fix the servers in 2 months

  • Super_Crip1994
    Grant Stoner (@Super_Crip1994) reported

    @JimSterling I wrote about this very issue, and Nintendo's lack of a response. It's pretty disheartening seeing all these videos about the game, and people like me are unable to play it.

  • uvlyy
    Aly (@uvlyy) reported

    i remember when i was younger i went to the bowling alley with my dad and cousin and my dads truck got broken into and i had my nintendo in the truck and some pills cause i was sick and they only took my pills 💀

  • izret101
    Anthony Terzi (@izret101) reported

    @Nintendo fix this

  • Ging33rsnap
    Ginger (@Ging33rsnap) reported

    Wondering if I should have my joy con replaced by Nintendo, or just buy new ones and sell the old ones. $40 for Nintendo to fix it, or $70 for a new set... I have terrible phone anxiety so calling Nintendo to set up a replacement is really hard...

  • purplepinoffica
    Purplepin (@purplepinoffica) reported

    my phonecabel is broken and now i´ve been using my nintendo 2ds for twitter hehe

  • sonicgenfan
    Nathan (@sonicgenfan) reported

    @TheRealGlitchTV @SplatoonLag @NintendoAmerica @SplatoonJP I really love your router that you spend more money on, which is the actual issue

  • JadeFlames
    Cap'n JadeFlames (@JadeFlames) reported

    They released yesterday, for the Nintendo Switch, and yet we've already got quite a few models. I could download any of these right now, and even upload them to Roblox if I was bold enough to beg for legal issues to be sent to my inbox.

  • Leckom123
    Austin Terry (@Leckom123) reported

    @BilalPrinceAli @TheEmpBruh I consider Sony skipping E3 to be a problem with E3, not Sony. And I'd be saying the same thing if Nintendo or Microsoft skipped it. E3's steadily declined over the last few years and companies are starting to realize its better to host their own events for this stuff.

  • Tombeetoile
    Volatile Aeon (@Tombeetoile) reported

    Dear @NintendoAmerica please before you end your updating of @SplatoonNA I ask for two updates to Splatoon. #1, please allow bypass The Off the Hook. Dont need that everytime. Also, fix the back end to cloud save the game. It sucks losing everything if you get a new switch.

  • _minhyoongi
    nia. ~ (@_minhyoongi) reported

    @__yoongis actually idk tbh i asked my friend irl who also has nintendo and they play the old games thru emulator too and they didnt have a problem with it

  • cyberrb25
    Cyberrb25 (@cyberrb25) reported

    @JonComms I think the issue is that reviewers post the code online, people like to hack into the games and neither Nintendo, TPCi nor Game Freak are fast enough to counter all the people trying to break into the games. Let's not forget Denuvo antihacking systems get broken into days.

  • Brauner02
    ❄️Brauner the Merry maker❄️ (@Brauner02) reported

    my switch is a toddler after the update to the controllers it had object permanence issues, get your shit together nintendo

  • technofactoids
    Technology (@technofactoids) reported

    Nintendo provided service support for the NES console for over 24 years

  • smolbeaniweeni
    chloe❕@ LG EEVEE (@smolbeaniweeni) reported

    i didn't get an email from nintendo so it's not like they locked my account or anything what is the ******* issue i am not about to miss this splatfest

  • Frostwraith0357
    Frostwraith @ Lisboa Games Week #PlantGang (@Frostwraith0357) reported

    The Nintendo panel at #LisboaGamesWeek had plenty of criticism towards the Switch's online service. With Nintendo reps listening and kind of failing to respond to it. Embarrassing!

  • SyndicateZA
    ★LTR★Syndicate ZA (@SyndicateZA) reported

    @NintendoAmerica I CANT WAIT TO BUY YOUR PRO CONTROLLER OMG OMG Because you're joycons are literally the most defective part of the entire switch. Never have I ever had an issue with your controls until the 3ds circle pad and and the switch.

  • WritingZoroark
    - ̗̀Fox ̖́- (@WritingZoroark) reported

    @LucarioOcarina If Nintendo gave us a way to access these games this wouldn’t be an issue. However Nintendo can’t sell games with dead licenses and dead companies attached to them. Besides even if they tried they’d not get 12mil. Nintendo disappoint!

  • SeanTheFiesta
    Sean Ford (@SeanTheFiesta) reported

    Remember when your biggest problem used to be your Nintendo DS running out of charge when you hadn't saved in a while.

  • SDHero
    Justin Harwood (@SDHero) reported

    @midnight_te4 @JimSterling Sometimes Nintendo takes the wrong lessons from a success. They’re not alone in this, but their general trend towards stubbornness compounds the problem. “If we force them, they’ll see this is better.” And some games benefit from motion, but it adds nothing here.

  • CRH_54
    CH (@CRH_54) reported

    @NintendoAmerica had to send a brand new system in for repairs because of “ the software has closed due to an error” on 3 brand new games.. the smash ultimate system highly dissatisfied customer right now

  • BobbyAmanek
    sweetfeathery (@BobbyAmanek) reported

    @Evilpanda303 @ArloStuff @PatNesPunk Played them all. This who issue is overblown. To be fair if Blizzard just showed a number 4 at Blizzcon like Nintendo did with Metroid Prime we wouldn't be having this conversation.

    ★ @ KUROO DAY (@TAISHIR0) reported

    my problem is that i want a nintendo switch but i suck at saving money cause i buy shit when im depressed and im always depressed

  • dallonviklund
    Dallon Viklund (@dallonviklund) reported

    @PokemonGoApp @NintendoCanada I'm trying to transfer Pokémon from Go to Let's Go Eevee through the Go Park and I get a communication error. It says Pokémon were being sent, but the connection was lost. I reinstalled PoGo and now lost the ones that transferred. Please help.

  • AydenHeight
    Ayden Height (@AydenHeight) reported

    @dantdm @NintendoUK @Pokemon I wish I could have a Nintendo switch 🤩🤩🤩 but my mom doesn’t have a job and my dad died before I was born so my family has money problems and I have always wanted a Nintendo switch I hope that I win it but it’s fine if I don’t

  • YankyMK
    クラウド (@YankyMK) reported

    Daily reminder that Nintendo’s online service is trash

    Eduardo Javier Paz (@EJPBDK) reported

    @NianticHelp I have a problem trying to connect to peripherals. I get a red pop up that says "this device is not supported" when I try to synchronize my Pokemon GO account with my copy of Let's go Eevee on my Nintendo Switch. please don't tell me I've to buy another phone.

  • BlazetwitDragon
    Blaze the Dragon (@BlazetwitDragon) reported

    @DustinPuffs @LugiaBerry These games are not sold. There is no way for anyone to play these games without emulation. Nintendo are not "owed" anything and were not "stolen" from. The law is broken, because it's so ******* flawed.

  • screenplayjams
    Nathan (@screenplayjams) reported

    It's too bad that 99% of Wii owners weren't aware of the service, because it was truly the iTunes Store of retro console gaming. Having Commodore 64, Genesis, and Nintendo 64 games on there was pretty wild. It probably won't happen again.

  • Zalno
    Some lombax @ MFF (@Zalno) reported

    @crygus Actually, this is a Nintendo/Niantic problem. :/

  • LugiaBerry
    Kinachi @ MFF (@LugiaBerry) reported

    @DustinPuffs @CrinkliestCat I rarely play my switch because I'm not happy with Nintendo's business practices tbh Like I said when paid online launched, I'll pick it up again if they can provide a worthwhile service

  • LegendaryLass
    DanieLLe // LegendaryLass (@LegendaryLass) reported

    That said, this is the minor-bug-iest Nintendo first party release I've ever seen. Lot's of text errors and the weird controller thing.

  • East_
    V. Cadaverini (@East_) reported

    @Azard3 I want a Pokemon game to coop on. Nintendo games always lagging behind.

  • ZanDat5u
    Gavin Fletcher (@ZanDat5u) reported

    @D3monwo1f @Nintendad_ The only problem I have with Nintendo releases is the lack of money to buy said releases 🤣🤣 Bloody kids have to come first I guess hahaha

  • jeffere08324898
    jefferey (@jeffere08324898) reported

    @FortniteGame fortnite please fix the sound on the deagle and the RPG. Also please when you are getting sniped at it will make noise snd when you shoot the bolt it makes a sniper. These requests are only for Nintendo switch Fortnite and Mobile Fortnite.

  • johnsebastian
    John Sebastian La Valle (@johnsebastian) reported from Doctor Phillips, Florida

    I’ve had my @NintendoAmerica Switch for less than a half hour and the Joy Cons already disconnect during updating 😂😂😂😒 #switch #nintendo

  • nonsensicaldrea
    nonsensicaldreamer (@nonsensicaldrea) reported

    @Failboat103 Smh nintendo fix yo shit

  • eiritana
    Eiritana ᚖ (@eiritana) reported

    Switch power connector is broken used only the official Nintendo chargers with it ugh

  • prismpiece
    silver (@prismpiece) reported

    my left controller is also broken for whatever reason and im shipping out my switch for them to fix it but i know they wont fix the led display cause nintendo sucks

  • BenDavi39314647
    BenGamingHD (@BenDavi39314647) reported

    @FortniteGame Dear epic games, can you try and fix/optimise fortnite nintendo switch edition as the game has constant lag and frame drops even downgrading the graphics to mobile will help, maybe remove shadows, thanks

  • Chris_Dring
    Christopher Dring (@Chris_Dring) reported from Saint Neots, England

    @Toadsanime Nintendo has been having stock issues in the UK ever since they shut their UK warehouse and starting shipping from Poland

  • GloryOfGodney
    Anita Dick (@GloryOfGodney) reported

    @Grimmbae @base_com I ordered from Very and didn't receive mine either. Seems to be an issue with Nintendo stocking the Eevee&Pokeball bundle.

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  • 2168
  • 2811