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  • Glitches (7.69%)
  • Game Crash (3.85%)

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  • ChosenOfAshurha
    ⭕️ Johnny, the Trans Juggernaut 🏳️‍🌈 (@ChosenOfAshurha) reported

    ESports might keep the industry alive but it /feels/ like we’re going to implode again and Nintendo won’t be able to pull us out of the ashes. Because they’re part of the problem now.

  • josepauloovall3
    Phobos27 (@josepauloovall3) reported

    @2KSupport Guys please Answer me a question. Is there any new patch in the works for WWE 2K18 for Nintendo Switch? And is there any recommendations to fix the Online Mode? There is a second of delay when pressing the buttons.

  • FinallyRJ
    RJ 🔥Collision 2019: Sign up now! 🔥 (@FinallyRJ) reported

    @ksizzleNJ @NintendoAmerica Yea word. I guess my issue is that this pretty much means that motion controls are 100% needed for game functionality. Squinting at a small screen from a distance in table top mode isn't the most ideal imo. Would like the option to hold it up closer while playing.

  • GunnarLones
    Gunnar (@GunnarLones) reported

    @VIXIOUSKING @servbot_42 @_sparkie21 @NintendoAmerica its hardly even a service

  • TheDancingSlug
    Pete Terrorsaur (@TheDancingSlug) reported

    Nintendo must have an IP lawyer ready to throw themselves off a bridge after this week's #ToadDick problems. @LastWeekTonight

  • Sonikclaw2
    Steven W. (@Sonikclaw2) reported

    @NinEverything Well that makes this a no buy for me. Because my joy cons are broken, this game actually costs $140 factoring in the price of the joy cons. The worst decision Nintendo has made with a game on switch so far. So disappointed.

  • GreenSquidKun
    ᎥᏁᏦᏝᎥᏁᎶ 🦑/ ᎶᏒᏋᏋᏁ 🌲 [ 64 ] (@GreenSquidKun) reported

    @GGaiKingDGreat "Note the 2. That means it's better." "I AM ERROR." >"I am Error" is a Zelda 2 reference Guys Nintendo is acknowledging how ******* terrible Zelda 2 is lmao

  • SeanDeSQRL
    ショーンザスワイレル (@SeanDeSQRL) reported

    @CeeRawr How is reading the last issue of Nintendo Power and crying about it considered nasty?

  • Gabrielle3oo
    Gabrielle. Might just delete my account. (@Gabrielle3oo) reported

    I dont know but that tweet that said "Bowser's insider Story is fan service to furries" I'm like oh damn Nintendo furry represent ahahaha

  • Lucylveon
    Lucylveon (@Lucylveon) reported

    @Splatoon2inkbot fix this, the results stopped being fair @SplatoonJP @Nintendo

  • Scoots1293
    Scoots (@Scoots1293) reported

    @FlameLFH I hate the Nintendo Online service.. But Nintendo is sadly probably not going to do anything to change it. Their ignorance is what will kill them one of these days.

  • technofactoid
    Technology (@technofactoid) reported

    If you got an error while using the Nintendo Gameboy Camera, you would receive a distorted picture of a face, depending on the error

  • HouMoogle
    Houston Moogle (@HouMoogle) reported

    @SMetaldave64 I do know that Final Fantasy XIV director Naoki Yoshida has had multiple meetings since “Nintendo NX” was first announced. Those meetings centered around his list of pre-requisites for their eventual Online Service in order for him to bring FF14 to the Switch. Maybe relevant?

  • HouMoogle
    Houston Moogle (@HouMoogle) reported

    @SMetaldave64 From what I have read, Nintendo’s skeletal Online Service was considered a starting point as they phase more functions in once those new functions are deemed safe for the family-friendly infrastructure they seek. They want it to be much more child-safe than PS4 / XB.

  • AppleTheGreen
    apple (@AppleTheGreen) reported

    @ROBandGB tell that to people who pay 50 bucks a month for barely 10 mbits up speed in several states in the US, or people with that exact situation, several systems and only ever having problems with Nintendo. Yes, paying a fortune for 200mbps upspeed certainly helps, good ******* point.

  • DoctorWaddleDee
    Jonathan Pattison (@DoctorWaddleDee) reported

    @Saberspark Hey @Saberspark , do a What Ruined Nintendo, Warner Bros, Disney, HBO, Blizzard, Five Nights at Freddy's, Funimation, Crunchyroll, Anime, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, and many many more please. Cause things haven't been going good lately. >:(

  • HybridMisfit
    Jordan (@HybridMisfit) reported

    Also Nintendo is going to release a highly anticipated party game a month after its online service with no online play. Like they REALLY should have just waited till December and Smash Bros to cover up this shit show

  • ADVMediaNet
    Advanced Media Network (@ADVMediaNet) reported

    Wanna know something REALLY pathetic? My camcorder has more internet features than Nintendo Switch's online service... Think about that for a moment.

  • BDow413
    Brandon Dow (@BDow413) reported

    @Beluba @2K Nintendo switch is waiting for an update still like are you guys just ******* us over for $100 to not update or fix the servers @FortniteGame is free and does more support then you guys and thats sad

  • TheUncleAlShow
    Uncle Al (@TheUncleAlShow) reported

    So I had some Amazon gift card money to blow, so I decided to get Nintendo Switch Online to play some NES games with a friend. It. Is. Garbage. Soooo much lag, constant pop ups TELLING us that there's lag, its borderline unplayable. @NintendoAmerica you guys should be ashamed.

  • BR0chon
    Zach (@BR0chon) reported

    i still can't believe there are people who are actually upset at nintendo for having to pay for online services. like how cheap can you be that you can't part with $20 a year for a service that's definitely worth way more than that

  • dualscar
    ✨ Cure Parfait ✨ (@dualscar) reported

    Also why do I always get the shit chargers on my team? Why does every other team get the ******* pro eliter and I get the bamboozler who doesnt know how a ******* charger works? Anyways another game with a disconnect. I guess nintendo thought I was winning too many games so. Bed.

  • PrincessKooh
    Andrea -PlotCritic🌐 (@PrincessKooh) reported

    @ayachan_ayaG Also on the Nintendo side it’s this recent BS with the Switch Online Service I disagree with on many levels especially as I had hoped to be able to continue playing Pokémon Games in the manners I’m used to doing

  • TheSlothGiraffe
    The Sloth Giraffe (@TheSlothGiraffe) reported

    @groundislife @NintendoAmerica I mean that it definitely wasn't my internet that caused the problem.

  • GamerJosh2611
    GamerJosh2611 (@GamerJosh2611) reported

    @ragnarobb are you gonna be doing a video about Nintendo’s new and shitty online service membership? Because someone needs to yell about it loudly and make me laugh at the same time

  • _MoonlightP
    Moonlight 🌝 (@_MoonlightP) reported

    @Levit0 @TaleSpun @tyrantraveomega SE didn't even market octopath, that was all nintendo. iirc the game's had stock issues in japan for months since they just never believed in it dq has generally just had trouble breaking into the west though

  • bread_berries (@bread_berries) reported

    @CptAstro Because there's no mic on public/quick matches Nintendo has a lot of problems with their online that shouldn't be glossed over but mic being friends-only was the right call

  • LucilleGuignol
    lucille†guignol@I 💜 Laevatein (@LucilleGuignol) reported

    Decided to do a bit of Turf War before going to my classes and of course I get matched up against the more toxic parts of the playerbase. Nintendo, fix your ******* shit and ban spawn campers/base invaders.

  • GBAer64
    GBAer64 (@GBAer64) reported

    @juan0tron Feel you right there, that's a fear that I'm extra scared of losing tbh. I do hope that Nintendo can find their own way to fix through this since I sie with the belief that they do understand complaints (as exemplified by the improvements that Spla2n got in the new update)

  • Polarthief
    Polarthief (@Polarthief) reported

    I just honestly can't get over this. Right when I'm giving @Nintendo props, I turn around and oh yeah, they're still stuck on their stupid gimmicks and bad quality of life issues. Here I was thinking they learned their lesson after MP 9/10 with gimmicks, but nooooooope.

  • Wiiviewer
    The Wiiviewer (@Wiiviewer) reported

    Next review is the Nintendo online service. Is it going to be 4 weeks in a row without a positive review?

  • VaultedVagabond
    6969 cool street, weedsport Indiana (@VaultedVagabond) reported

    @functionangels He has issues with comming artists for porn of ur ocs but furry porn based on a Nintendo game is a ok

  • ShadowForks
    Dan Thompson (@ShadowForks) reported

    It's so sad to see kids on Splatoon 2 now that can't play online with their friends anymore due to the Nintendo Online service. If there's anything to criticize Nintendo about it's making their games inaccessible to those who enjoy it the most.

  • PokeGirlLana
    Lana Chan (@PokeGirlLana) reported

    @TerryTheBuneary It went from people freaking out about Nintendo's Online service to the new Pokemon being leaked and being everywhere and now all this Bowsette stuff? Man I love the Nintendo community. ;)

  • CurtisM40613460
    Curtis Martin (@CurtisM40613460) reported

    @bvriyer @Lexi_DSU @TRENTROCK777 @BrockESPN Guessing you work at Microsoft or Nintendo. Just remember you don't know why that service worker is in that job.

  • Stickynotes5555
    Stickynotes555 (@Stickynotes5555) reported

    Hey @nintendo I know its new and all. But fix your servers. I have dc'd in splatoon more times with the paid online service than I did without. Do something or you're gonna lose faith in all nintendo lovers.

  • ZarikZX
    Zarik (@ZarikZX) reported

    @NintendoAmerica should hop on this #bowsette train to help with their sales. Bowsette starts sponsoring the Nintendo Switch Online service. Depending on your subscription level grants you a Bowsette Icon you can use for your Profile. That idea is free Nintendo. Free.

  • Okiwont_Is_Bad
    diet cherry OKIWONT (@Okiwont_Is_Bad) reported

    thank you Nintendo for making my "lewds on main" problem ten times worse. NSMB was a ****** mistake

  • NinjaHylia
    Squinja (@NinjaHylia) reported

    It baffles me that Nintendo STILL allows people to super jump to teammates without dropping clams/the power clam. It’s so obviously a broken strategy with no way to stop it once they start jumping.

  • gryphon827
    Gryphon827 (@gryphon827) reported

    @Nintendo Please, for the love of god... FIX ICEBURN CIRCUIT CLASS S. it is WAY too hard to beat, and it the only thing holding me back from 100%ing this game. I love the game, and have spent over 60 hours playing, but this moon is just dumb.

  • GrimEmily
    Emily Raine (@GrimEmily) reported

    This makes me so happy I’m in tears rn! I know I was bashing Nintendo for releasing it’s paid online service, but that is nothing compared to this act of kindness Nintendo has done for this terminally ill cancer patient!!!

  • ChandlerTriHues
    ChandlerTriColors (@ChandlerTriHues) reported


  • lmacias619
    Luis Macias (@lmacias619) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Hi , we have one switch but two profiles. Only one of the accounts is subscribed to Switch online. The non subscribed account is not able to play the downloaded content the other account downloaded. What’s the fix for this ?

  • 0x106E46E8
    Pirlo (@0x106E46E8) reported

    @LightBlueSquid @LatiasLatiasLa2 its a glitch. nintendo accidentally messed up the path to the stream.

  • SoulFox504
    SoulFox (@SoulFox504) reported

    @RthePikmin @RoyTheLucario Yep! Nintendo wants me to pay 20$ for crap internet Service no voice chat and disconnects!!

  • JazzyJeff2891
    Jazzy Jefferson #BoycottSwitchOnline (@JazzyJeff2891) reported

    @SMetaldave64 Labo Cardboard became more of a priority than the Online Service for Nintendo... At least we knew more about it waaaaay before it came out on 420 this year. Absolutely absurd.

  • SockyMcPuppitt
    a sockpuppet account (@SockyMcPuppitt) reported

    @Copperblaster To be fair though, I think you were part of the minority using Miiverse the innocuous way Nintendo intended for people to use the service. I don't think it was worth destroying the whole platform for in order to save face, tho.

  • PommeofTalys
    TheoryPO™ (@PommeofTalys) reported

    @mancity_squid @mangothafruit You should consider buying a Nintendo switch I feel like it has potential, and given no online service..

  • RaymanFan1995
    Adam | #RaymanForSmash (@RaymanFan1995) reported

    @sevengranddad92 Sora’s owned by Square-Enix, and Nintendo obviously has no issues getting their permission (Cloud and the Geno/Chocobo Mii costumes), but I feel like Disney would be an entirely different beast. It’d be cool to have a Disney AT or something, but I think it’s highly unlikely.

  • DeetchTweets
    Big Ugly Bring Banjo to Smash Boy (@DeetchTweets) reported

    Nintendo didn't bother to backup my Undertale data but it DID manage to backup my data from my physical copy of Bayonetta 2 that I haven't even ******* started playing yet. The glitch is frustrating but I get that they happen. But this online service is such a ******* joke.

  • mrb1138
    Mr. B (@mrb1138) reported

    @Kenji35Kt @I_DO_JUEGOS I fail to see how you don't understand it. Nintendo had the right to sell their old games, just as I have the right to play games no longer being sold. The problem is that to protect the few, they are sacrificing the many. Get it?

  • iRuvRice
    🐝 (@iRuvRice) reported

    @KendallRaeOnYT If u do get a Nintendo switch, i suggest buying a screen protector. I work at gamestop and I've had customers tell me that their switch dock can sometimes scratch the screen when u take it out of the dock. I haven't had a problem with mine but just letting you know!

  • _KimHernandez
    kim 🔜 NYCC (@_KimHernandez) reported

    Also RIP my Splatoon 2 career because I cannot pay for Nintendo’s new paid online service :(

  • mrb1138
    Mr. B (@mrb1138) reported from Parma, Ohio

    @Kenji35Kt @I_DO_JUEGOS It's really not. They did none of the front end work to get the emulation working. They did none of the coding, to me that's far more the definition of stealing. Nintendo wants to make you pay 4 stuff you already own/bought. If you fail to see the issue w/ that I can't help ya.

  • Diinkly
    Diinkly (@Diinkly) reported

    It's crazy how people are still disconnecting even after paying for the Nintendo Switch Online Service. Nintendo, please fix this.

  • Jabo_Thunder
    JaboThunder (@Jabo_Thunder) reported

    @mightyfruitcake Not that I'm hopping on the "I'm unhappy with Nintendo switch online & have to pay for things bandwagon." But, I mean come on we're paying for the service right? So, we should at least have the video capture ability across the board now!

  • BVille618
    JWall (@BVille618) reported

    @_ZoeTwoDots It's all about marketing Let's Go Eevee and Let's Go Pikachu and to help sell Nintendo switches. Wasn't the marketing department head the one who confirmed it's not a error?

  • Jeman155
    Joey (@Jeman155) reported

    Okay me and @RealSMBC tried to play Mario 3 online from our Switch's and it was lagging like a **** Nintendo really needs to fix this

  • RScawt
    mr steal yo meme (@RScawt) reported

    @NintendoAmerica So yall sue Emuparadise but then release a shitty online service with only 20 nes games? Again the cost is not the problem. It's the way you've handled it. Bring back the virtual console

  • colinbuffum
    Buffum (@colinbuffum) reported

    @tedhubish @NESbot_OT What do you think Mike Pence thinks of Nintendo's online service?

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  • 20110
  • 2110
  • 2124
  • 2137
  • 2153
  • 2160
  • 2162
  • 2168
  • 2811