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  • ▪ Sign in (40.00%)
  • ▪ Glitches (40.00%)
  • ▪ Matchmaking (20.00%)

Nintendo Switch Live Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Beaumaris, Victoria  ▪ Wausau, Wisconsin  ▪ Xàtiva, Comunidad Valenciana  ▪ Zapopan, Jalisco  ▪ Alcalá de Henares, Comunidad de Madrid  ▪ Alpharetta, Georgia  ▪ Aveley, Western Australia  ▪ Barbadás, Galicia  ▪ Belfast, Northern Ireland  ▪ Boituva, São Paulo  ▪ Cambridge, England

Nintendo Switch Live Outage Map
  • Beaumaris, Victoria
  • Wausau, Wisconsin
  • Xàtiva, Comunidad Valenciana
  • Zapopan, Jalisco
  • Alcalá de Henares, Comunidad de Madrid
  • Alpharetta, Georgia
  • Aveley, Western Australia
  • Barbadás, Galicia
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Boituva, São Paulo
  • Cambridge, England
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  • CWadeTheSequel
    Christopher Wade (@CWadeTheSequel) reported

    @stevenchase87 If Nintendo sees BK making bank again, I'd like for them to buy back Rareware and take another stab at a new Banjo-Kazooie. I mean, Crash Bandicoot is coming to the Switch now. Why not BK?

  • cal3m_
    とり🐔 (@cal3m_) reported

    @noonskytower U just have to call nintendo and tell them the problem in detail, they'll prompt u through some things to confirm troubleshooting if i were u I would only call if it's consistently interfering with gameplay and i can tell u they don't want the box it came in cause of thieves-

  • cal3m_
    とり🐔 (@cal3m_) reported

    @noonskytower THAT'S WHAT MINE DID A WHILE AGO,,, only the r stick turned itself only when i first entered the square in Splatoon It could be calibration issues but if u caibrate a few times and it stops that's good but if it worsens then u probably have to call Nintendo and get them replaced

  • Paint_SSB
    🌻🐝/Paint (@Paint_SSB) reported

    @Ron_Swanson7978 @Creeperbrine102 @JoelEsc69 @NintendoAmerica The best way to avoid being criticized is to stop doing things deserving of criticism. I've already said that looking at the replies isn't the best idea, but I've also said that there being a risk is no justification for being part of the problem.

  • Fapyfarty1
    Nintendo Hates Me (@Fapyfarty1) reported

    @MagolorMudkip @mattyoukhana_ @kenjiro_misaki @VanbarrigerDon @Norman_000 @yungpun_ @NintendoAmerica I like ports because I don't have to boot up my old systems but it can be a problem. I wish we had GameCube ports

  • SamOxnar
    SamOxnar (@SamOxnar) reported

    Spyro- I think that he has a chance, however I think Crash is more likely for some of the reasons I mentioned before. Skylanders did do really well on Nintendo consoles, but Spyro became less of a mascot as the series went on.

  • SpannerDaniel
    Duncan (@SpannerDaniel) reported

    @UbisoftSupport hello, my rayman legends daily challenge scores are not registering on Nintendo switch, how do I fix this please?

  • mariobitsize
    Chris Mike Perry (@mariobitsize) reported

    @NintendoAmerica #MarioKart8Deluxe still has online problems big time in races/battle mode as far as battle mode esp shine thief and sometimes hard to find people in renegade Roundup because they don't show up on the map please fix the online in #MK8D now so the game can be fun.

  • ih8league
    👻 im dead inside👻 (@ih8league) reported

    *having xbox problems* noctis voice: "hey guys- nintendo switch is a great console"

  • PriestOfGaming
    Andy: The Priest of Gaming 🎮 (@PriestOfGaming) reported

    ...of using a second Twitter account. However, then it's not easy to directly upload from my Nintendo Switch or PS4. My biggest issue is, I have way too much going on in my brain, and thinking about things like this, leads me to more and more complex solutions, and burn out.

  • mattclementsjr
    Matt Clements Jr. (@mattclementsjr) reported

    @GooGivers @Okyr07 @XboxP3 Which I'm not at all opposed to. Just an example. It's stilly to die on the hill of "Conker is too inappropriate" when Nintendo had no problem publishing Bayo 2 and is actively working on Bayo 3.

  • DavidGX
    DavidGX 🎮 (@DavidGX) reported

    @NNobody94 @splatebot You aren't supposed to post stuff like that, so I'm going to report it. This is a video game. This isn't the place for identity nonsense. Just play the damn game. If you have a problem with the rules, talk to Nintendo. This isn't negotiable.

  • Monodi
    .𝗗𝗶𝗲𝗴𝗼 (@Monodi) reported

    Hey I have a favor to ask anyone here that has an SNES Classic: Is there a customer service number printed on the box? Is it just the normal Nintendo of America line?

  • joeyflannel
    Joey (@joeyflannel) reported

    I have blue slip-on Vans for PlayStation/Sega and red slip-on Vans for Nintendo. Now I just need green slip-on Vans for Xbox and I'll be all set. Of course the only problem is the only ones I can find are a disgusting and dull shade of green.

  • traviss84597369
    travis smith (@traviss84597369) reported

    @WayForward @NintendoAmerica speaking of pirates what are the chances rare puts sea of thieves on switch yes? no? or would Microsoft be a problem with that?

  • Golducky
    Grace 👾🔪 (@Golducky) reported

    “But grace it’s only $25 for 3 months!” Yeah and Nintendo’s online service is gonna be $20 for a year, miss me with that expensive bullshit.

  • RewindSSB
    ❄ Rewind ❄🌬 (@RewindSSB) reported

    @BizzarroMK smash wiiu is p2p, switch will be dedicated servers. online lag in smash 4 isnt really nintendo's fault

  • twittysuch
    Let's Make a Ha-Deel (@twittysuch) reported

    @RianSygh Just call Nintendo! They'll fix it for you! It won't be fun to be without it, but Nintendo's repair team is second to none!

  • zandravandra
    Alex Zandra 🐭 the familiar mouse (@zandravandra) reported

    @RianSygh Can you poke Nintendo support to have it repaired? It's a known issue, they fixed mine a few weeks ago!

  • lalo20021
    lalo gzz (@lalo20021) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Mine is not working

  • KuchingKing888
    ★_NEKO_VIDEO_GAMER_★ (@KuchingKing888) reported from Doña Remedios Trinidad, Central Luzon

    my 3DS XL broken..Good thing I own another Nintendo 3DS!Doing a system transfer now..

  • MagicYang0730
    (@MagicYang0730) reported

    @NintendoAmerica I buyed bayonetta 2, and my bayonetta 1 download code gave me an error that it is not working... error code: 2813-6561. How can I contact you?

  • Maroki_01
    Maroki (@Maroki_01) reported

    @NintendoAmerica sadly, i will need more joycons, and the only ones that I have (the ones included with the switch) are not working properly anymore :(

  • ToeSandri
    Sandri Toe (@ToeSandri) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Cardboard box that cost 80$ and that can easily be broken if you have a smaller sibling or a pet

    Leviathan Slugger (@I_DO_JUEGOS) reported

    @___AUG___ Yes I’m a hypocrite the only problem is that I don’t go around defending Sony, you do that with Nintendo, look how you got as soon I said Nintendo LMAO you was all cordial now you calling me a hypocrite LMAO

  • hanafilight
    Hanafi Light @ cubex (@hanafilight) reported

    @illumelnati there was once my house was broken in by a burglar. Luckily he didn't take my Nintendo Switch and DSLR. I bring my consoles and DSLR with me everyday ever since the incident. hur hur T.T

  • SlayerRevanche
    Revanche (@SlayerRevanche) reported

    SEGA: You may have Mario, Nintendo, but we have Sonic! Nintendo: Yoink! PlayStation: You may have Mario and Sonic, Nintendo, but we have Crash Bandicoot. Nintendo: Yoink! Xbox: You may have Mario, Sonic, and Crash Bandicoot, but we have Master Chief! Nintendo:

  • AngryExpo
    Angry Expo (@AngryExpo) reported

    @LonelyGoomba Kirby games just seem too "casual" for me. I guess as long as Nintendo fans like Kirby they'll stay keep it the same. After all, if it ain't broke don't fix it.

  • JerrodAMogan
    Jerrod A. Mogan (@JerrodAMogan) reported

    I have a serious hoarding problem with A/V and data cables... why do I still have 15 RCA cables? Because one day if someone needs to hook up a Super Nintendo to a 1995 CRT TV or a stereo receiver to a record player... I can make that happen

  • shahpr57
    Parimal Shah (@shahpr57) reported

    @ambermac @NintendoCanada Travellers to note for weak signal or no signal n high drop call in mumbai Area india of Vodafone and zero service to customer and advise to make alternative arrangements

  • PerilousPeanut
    Peanut (@PerilousPeanut) reported

    @Yarumasi @LiquidSquid_ I believe Goku was voted for a LOT during the ballot but like Bayonetta was the most legally possible for Nintendo or something? Either way Crash and Rayman have good chances yeh

  • _akirafudo
    ✨ Ash ✨@OLIVIA IN FE: WARRIORS!!!! (@_akirafudo) reported

    @moonremixrpg I'm beginning to think they never will. I mean I thought they would when Nintendo revealed you can change your username on their service......

  • crazybizow
    Derek (@crazybizow) reported

    @survivetheark Awesome...another "Great Migration" to free up servers for Nintendo lol. Just pull the plug already on us Legacy players. The ones who got you where you are...broken and abandoned.

  • JakeStarGames
    JakeStar @ Waiting for Shutocon (@JakeStarGames) reported

    @Jawaddles This Is the problem with my Nintendo

  • DairrickJordan
    Dairrick BDay Boy Jordan (@DairrickJordan) reported

    @DanielCat11 bc Nintendo LOVES to ruin peoples day with lag! Nintendo Why?

  • SaraAB87
    Sara (@SaraAB87) reported

    @gamesyouloved The problem with Toys R Us is that they were overpriced, in the tune of $10 per item sometimes compared to other retail stores. They were also known to mark up the prices on Nintendo games so a game that was 49.99 everywhere was 59.99 just cause you are in a toy store

  • skip2mylizzle
    Skip2MyLizzle (@skip2mylizzle) reported

    @2KSupport the linking Nintendo switch to the @MyNBA2K app error is at least on own and being worked on right? I was so excited to face scan and earn vc

  • indiealexh
    TopHatDeveloper (@indiealexh) reported

    So... @Google works... But when I search "Nintendo" it 500's... Anyone else having this issue?

  • _hakashin
    aric ashley ♂ (@_hakashin) reported

    @ElReySheeno @RobloxLv1000 @NintendoAmerica But I’m not? Keep repeating yourself like a broken record tho

  • WesleyMcCraw
    Wesley McCraw 📚 (@WesleyMcCraw) reported

    My Nintendo Switch is all packed up to be sent off to be repaired. Customer service was fast and pleasant.

  • SamuelDecoske
    Samuel DeCoske (@SamuelDecoske) reported

    @MarioManiacYT @NSwitchShots @Nintendo That doesn’t negate the fact that people are still abusing game breaking bugs and wall glitches that Nintendo needs to fix. I tried for almost three minutes to get in there and it wouldn’t let me roll in there. And I don’t think being able to break the game is “getting gud”

  • Uzoka_Aoi
    Olu Uzoka (@Uzoka_Aoi) reported

    @PlayerEssence But I also want Nintendo to address these issues before 2018 ending to give 3rd parties less of an excuse.

  • mario77047
    Mario (@mario77047) reported

    @WWEgames @JEFFHARDYBRAND @MATTHARDYBRAND @TheBethPhoenix I just downloaded the DLC for Nintendo Switch and most of the DLC characters theme won’t play. The Big Bossman entrance is still broken and DX theme song is not in the game at all. The game is broken and the DLC is broken. I didn’t want to give up hope, too late!

  • JPsupper
    supper (@JPsupper) reported

    @omelettecounty my issue's more with too many FE characters, all the third parties they added are huge video game icons regardless if theyre humans or not. i dont count bayo because shes on the same boat as pokemon for being "basically nintendo but not really"

  • CribbinsMH
    Ian 🦑 (@CribbinsMH) reported

    Nintendo Support sent me a pro controller for free after my last one messed up. Once again, gotta love their customer service! :D

  • Llydis
    The Red Menace (@Llydis) reported

    Apparently it's easier, and better, to find indie games on Switch than Steam. Which either shows how broken Steam is or how Nintendo is actually interested in selling video games.

  • holdendepardo
    Holden DePardo (@holdendepardo) reported

    @Dinfire @michaelpachter How vital are game specific stores such as GameStop to a console maker such a Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo? Some have suggested that a digital only future is hindered by the relationships with those types of stores. Can’t imagine a store like Best Buy would have the same issues.

  • EvoDeus
    Darren Terwilliger (@EvoDeus) reported

    @vivicarol0200 Like...the PS3 ACTUALLY screwed up the Light Dash because there's two buttons that do the same thing. On a Nintendo controller back on Gamecube, I would dare say it pretty much fine-tuned my issues w/ SA1's controls (ESPECIALLY fixing the Chao attacking issue ;v;) to perfection.

  • garydbz25
    Gary Chandler (@garydbz25) reported

    @SEGA_Europe None as i only have a Nintendo switch and ps vita....... Back to the snes mini for me i guess for my retro fix.

  • RaccoonViolet
    Violet (@RaccoonViolet) reported

    i just had a random thought about the fact that nintendo now has the rights to stick crash bandicoot in mariokart, and also possibly tracks from crash team racing

  • SammyArtBun
    SammyArtBun (@SammyArtBun) reported

    @TheWonPMK @SEGA not to mention that Cloud's game, FF7 was originally suppose to be on N64, but couldn't fit on the cartage, so Square moved to the Play Station, leading to that disconnect between Nintendo and Square Enix.

  • TheWonPMK
    TheWonWhoKnows (@TheWonPMK) reported

    @SammyArtBun DuckHunt is still a Nintendo franchise so that rule wouldn't apply to them. Sonic was @SEGA mascot for 10 years before going 3rd party. Crash 3 to 4 years before going 3rd party. Not the same legacies or clout. Still your right if he want them they will be.

  • NaughtyNarut0
    Naughty Naruto @ #NYCC2018 (maybe) (@NaughtyNarut0) reported

    @AskTarget when is crash bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy being released on nintendo switch?

  • maximillionsizz
    King Arceus™ (@maximillionsizz) reported

    @Civence51 @SmashBros_Nin You are ignoring 2 facts: 1. Nintendo fans lack of support for 3rd party 2.Nintendo's history of bad blood and disrespect of 3rd party these 2 have always been a problem

  • subakuryu
    Sgt. Dragon (@subakuryu) reported

    @CristofferLange You can if ya have the Nintendo Switch Online app. Though it looks like the fella disconnected. Lots a folks just get unlucky with a connection error/unstable connection so unless they were purposefully foolin around, it ain't worth reporting.

  • e10withadot
    e10. (@e10withadot) reported

    @CherifDragonfly @sevengranddad92 @LonelyGoomba There are problems. It might totally ruin the Kirby franchise. Nintendo has been keeping it safe with Kirby, maybe it should stay that way.

  • CathyCoquette
    Catherine (@CathyCoquette) reported

    @toph_bbq @NintendoAmerica @kuraine IKR? I had a subscription from the second issue onward for much of its run and just discovered this too.

  • NickSantangelo
    Nick Santangelo (@NickSantangelo) reported

    Looks like Nintendo rolled out the patch to fix the lost playtime on Switch games. I'm back to 155 hours played on Zelda.

  • Nintendoshi
    Nintendoshi (@Nintendoshi) reported

    Okay I said Crash will likely not be in the new switch game, but thinking on it, now that nearly every video made includes him, he's a big mascot, and has had a much broader history with Nintendo than I thought, he has a good chance.

  • kattasambal
    Choco (@kattasambal) reported

    I could've bought a Nintendo Switch with the money I spent for the last car service ffs y lyf sah expensive omg kilmenau

Nintendo Switch Most Common Errors

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  • 20110
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  • 2124
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  • 2168
  • 2811