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December 18: Problems at Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is having issues since 02:00 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Online Play (60.00%)
  • ▪ Sign in (40.00%)

Nintendo Switch Live Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Binghamton, New York  ▪ Ciudad de México, Ciudad de México  ▪ Huntington Beach, California  ▪ Liberty, Tennessee  ▪ New Malden, England

Nintendo Switch Live Outage Map
  • Binghamton, New York
  • Ciudad de México, Ciudad de México
  • Huntington Beach, California
  • Liberty, Tennessee
  • New Malden, England
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  • DuBojangle
    RUSSELL GRISWOLD (@DuBojangle) reported

    @NintendoAmerica @zelda @NintendoUK the 1.4.1 update for WiiU version of BOTW has destroyed the graphics, texture loading etc. game now looks awful. Please fix or revert changes.

  • _Zeikku
    Jake Durasamy (@_Zeikku) reported

    I have confirmation by Nintendo that my Switch is having an operation to fix its mysterious cracks. Send flowers and eShop cards. I really hope all issues are fixed.

  • HypnoHypnotico
    Hypno Hypnotico (@HypnoHypnotico) reported

    I have a BIG problem with my Nintendo Switch - video coming later this week.

  • cinmcmillin
    cindy m (@cinmcmillin) reported

    Center of Hope, Charlotte NC - favorite toys? Come on Jeff, help, these kids dont even have a home. Skip the Nintendo's, power and tvs are a problem. #RossenReportsContest

  • FloorKidsCrew
    Floor Kids (@FloorKidsCrew) reported

    @Chocobalt @StewReview Hey guys, there's been an error in the exact launch time for Australia. It is at 4am on December 19th due to a date and time that was chosen in the global Nintendo launch system. It's basically our fault this happened and we are really sorry. Hope the additional wait is worth it.

  • TRedpanda31
    SS-Panda31 (@TRedpanda31) reported

    @BigMarioFan26M I know how you feel Mike. It's become worst and worst as the days go on. I'm taking a hiatus from now on (unless I play with people on discord). Hopefully Nintendo will fix tbis (even though I'm sure they don't care.)

  • FacialFungus
    Rob (@FacialFungus) reported

    @TeamKnowhowUK @curryspcworld I have a Nintendo switch with a broken joycon and have been told to take it in store to return and pick up a new one. Obviously, with it being pretty much sold out everywhere I just wanted to make sure they have one in store, or can order one in for me to pick up

  • TwinBladeX
    Tωίn (@TwinBladeX) reported

    The Nintendo Joy-cons are pathetic. I bought a pair a few months ago and suddenly the left joy-con is moving on its own without having me put inputs at all. I already tried to recalibrate, reconnect, and shut down the system but the problem still persists.

  • NicolasCM
    Nicolas (nicosico) (@NicolasCM) reported

    @flamingrumble That's really strange, I've never had an issue with steam, now Nintendo is a bit special with this, but I don't recall using vpn for my PayPal US account, and if you need one, hotspot shield for chrome should work and it's fairly easy to use

  • Weltenfeind
    Weltenfeind (@Weltenfeind) reported

    Is Input Lag er feature of the Nintendo Switch? Girlfriend and I was discussing getting one, so I went and tried out one in a store. Tried two games, both of them had heavy input lag.

  • flamingrumble
    Frosty ❄ Paprika (@flamingrumble) reported

    @NicolasCM Well, I have issues with US websites to make purchases (like Nintendo or Steam) because it doesn't accept buyers from outside the US. And when I created my account, I didn't do the whole VPN thingy-- That I don't know how it works

  • K3nnyLai212
    ⚜ Kenny ☿ Lai 肯尼赖 ⚜ (@K3nnyLai212) reported

    @TheRespawnables I’ve spent more than $200 in less than 2months in this game, yet it’s still lacking something. Just bought a Nintendo Switch for my own Christmas present to Merry Christmas and see ya Respawnables. It’s been great will all those sync errors!

  • malydeve
    ❄️ MAR-IGAYANG PASKO IT’S DECEMB-MAR ❄️ (@malydeve) reported

    I’m actually so heartbroken @PocketCampApp how can I fix this please help me I didn’t link a Nintendo account

  • merri_witch
    MerriWitch (@merri_witch) reported

    @ACPocketNews There’s now a problem with the ‘my Nintendo’ section. It wants me to create an account even though I’ve already linked to it, and when I click on it, it brings up an error code and throws me back to the title screen!

  • Espiohfuckmyass
    Espio the Chameleon (@Espiohfuckmyass) reported

    @EndeavoredAlarm I found yet another Nintendo magazine in his locker, yet, he's too convinced to admit he has a problem.

  • KiwloEbooks
    Kiwlo Ebooks (@KiwloEbooks) reported

    It's time i asked my Nintendo Switch leak has just started napping mid-fix

  • ncunhaA
    Nuno (@ncunhaA) reported

    @CokePokes Same thing for Nintendo. They actually put a patch in place to timeout the connection after opening the DS browser if no internet was found so you couldn't even login. My solution is to have a wifi extender type of router with me so I can always connect all my gadgets and login.

  • kinggeebs
    Jason De-Freeze (@kinggeebs) reported

    @Centipede_D maybe the problem is that they called it a vultpex like a year after nintendo put out an ice vulpix

  • VL13Tiger1347xx
    Tigger (@VL13Tiger1347xx) reported


  • pokephilia
    kargon of assad (@pokephilia) reported

    @sarugetchuu Jesus Christ, I really wish Nintendo went a little more in on storage space so that wouldn't be such a problem. I wouldn't mind multiple carts tho, they're small boxes

  • jorobee_
    amanda jo✨ (@jorobee_) reported

    anyone having issues with pocket camp?? it keeps telling me i have an update but when i go to look there isn't one... #acpc #animalcrossing #animalcorssingpocketcamp #nintendo #iphone

  • _MermaidEmily
    Emily Mink (@_MermaidEmily) reported

    @NintendoAmerica I lost all of my animal crossing pocket camp information because of your app update! Please fix this. I invested a lot of money and time in this game and am very dissapointed

  • RemedyG
    21/50 characters used (@RemedyG) reported

    Help @NintendoAmerica my girlfriend can't login to her 3DS my Nintendo information stuff. HELP!! she's crying...

  • DesertPogona
    DesertPogona (@DesertPogona) reported

    Does anyone else hear occasional audio crackling/popping in the Nintendo Switch version of Enter the Gungeon? This is a known issue with some games being ported to the switch. Can't figure out if it's just on my end or not, but I don't think it is after a lot of tests.

  • PKutz96
    Patrick Kutz (@PKutz96) reported

    Wondering why I have problems saving money when I constantly buy retarded shit like a nintendo switch for no reason

  • wowitskailyn
    🎄Kailyn🎄 (@wowitskailyn) reported

    i thought i hallucinated the fact that the tank in mario odyssey is called “sherm” but it’s real and no one is talking about it. incredible. nintendo’s fueling america’s drug problem tbh

  • Josuefromdrop
    Sway (@Josuefromdrop) reported


  • CubanVega
    A Valorous Brony Who Deserves Better (@CubanVega) reported

    @UltearSorrows Wow. Maybe I should try and check with another 3DS to see what's up. This is a reason I prefer physical copies. Plus my Nintendo 3DS is getting old so yeah, that turned out to be a definite problem.

  • tudsworthington
    - ̗̀ Tuddy ̖́- (@tudsworthington) reported

    @TakuaTheNinja Problem is, I think all the Nintendo money sank into Devil's Third might have killed his career, so I'm not exactly holding my breath for the triumphant rebirth of Itagaki as a game director or anything.

  • chromefox85
    James Hardman (@chromefox85) reported

    @NintendoUK The issue I am currently having for example is portal knights on switch for 25 quid where as for a download on pc I can get it for under 10 at this point the only incentive for switch is portability why the massive differences?

  • bigwalls79
    Michael Paredes (@bigwalls79) reported

    Hey guys. My Wii U has been shutting down, I believe it's over heating. How much do you charge to fix it? @NintendoAmerica

  • oeyjay
    joseph 🥡 (@oeyjay) reported

    @xsuisenx @hatelifeluvkpop @Analisse237 I had to uninstall the game and redownload it to fix this. Make sure your save is backed up to your Nintendo account first though or you’ll lost everything.

  • miranda_d_lange
    Miranda Lange (@miranda_d_lange) reported

    Phone broken, pictochat me on my Nintendo DS if you need me

  • Supa_Slick_Sikh
    F finals (@Supa_Slick_Sikh) reported

    @ChallengerDoob This wouldn't be a problem if Nintendo had their shit straight. Took forever for the yellow ones to be in stock finally too

  • ClarkeLloyd05
    Daniel Clarke-Lloyd (@ClarkeLloyd05) reported


  • baabekyuu
    BΛMES (@baabekyuu) reported

    @wooser69 if its the same one people had at launch then you can fix it with conductive foam. might as well send it in to have nintendo replace it though, they do it for free

  • darkkirby7
    AashawnFlareon (@darkkirby7) reported

    @NintendoUK See the only problem i have with this is...projectiles

  • Noh_fgc
    Noh (@Noh_fgc) reported

    @wolfy76700 I wouldn't say EVO has anything to do with nintendo, it's just such a stretch. I'd love to see Arms at evo but honestly the issue with nintendo is their best game is smash and yet they don't support it so it's more like smash is seperate from nintendo at this stage.

  • ZackStephens93
    Zack Stephens (@ZackStephens93) reported

    @BIFCUL81 @NintendoUK I was thinking the exact same. Actually I think many more things will be announced for the service, like Virtual Console and improved online function. My worry is, is that they will be slow to do everything. I hope all the coding/work is already complete and ready for release.

    Billy J Gonzalez (@SKDBGA) reported

    @WWE2K18_ should have all dlc free due to all the glitches and off topic conversations. @2K and @NintendoAmerica should do something. I can't even enjoy the game. It is in full slow motion all the time. #moneyback or at least fix the problem.

  • kownya
    кошニャ💖 (@kownya) reported

    i REALLY cant go like three splatoon matches without a disconnect on either team? or two.. or three.... or unstable connection purgatory for me... nintendo please..

  • MoryClark
    Mory Charles Clark (@MoryClark) reported

    @studentbeans trying to use the student discount on Nintendo but getting an error message. Is everything okay or an issue with my account? Thanks.

    TURBOSAD (@TURBOSAD) reported

    @DC_Gaming364 @ColieTV Sell first, fix later, every gaming company does that today, except Nintendo.

  • BIFCUL81
    James Cullen (@BIFCUL81) reported

    @ZackStephens93 @NintendoUK I can see this being included when details for the paid online service appear. Hoping in either a January direct, or E3. This will definitely arrive at some point. 2018 is gonna be killer!

  • Aeladya
    Aeladya (@Aeladya) reported

    @helloredpanda @NintendoAmerica I think if they had dedicated servers instead of peer to peer that would fix a lot of the problems.

  • Thoughtful_Salt
    Cynical Canuck III (@Thoughtful_Salt) reported

    My Elgato Game Capture HD has decided to stop getting signal from my PS4 Pro and Nintendo Switch. Both inputs worked fine a week ago but I keep getting no signal in the HDMI in. The TV connection works fine from each console, so the problem is the card. can anyone help?

  • chartier
    David Chartier 🥃 (@chartier) reported

    @dzaffrann Yeah, I’m surprised it’s been this bad for this long. As @frank_spin mentions, maybe turning Nintendo’s online/multiplayer service into a paid thing next year will bring some big improvements here.

  • levlakers
    LT (@levlakers) reported

    @NintendoAmerica horrible customer service!!!

  • JayceeSwain
    jay👽 (@JayceeSwain) reported

    I’m still so confused on how I could text my cousins on my Nintendo Ds across the road without any WiFi,cellar data, or service but y’all headasses at Att want me to pay almost 100 a month on a phone bill

  • TarksGauntlet
    Tarks_Gauntlet (@TarksGauntlet) reported

    @Rikuson1 That would be the c stick. It's Nintendo's attempt at putting dual analog controls in a clam shell system. Hardly had the space inside to fit another stick so this is what they done. They should retire the whole line. Make a new system. Im tired of them trying to fix the old one.

  • MistGuru
    BloodOracle (@MistGuru) reported

    @tweet_prproj @NintendoAmerica How would you do that have marina fight marina so marina can win? How is nintendo gonna fix something like player preference and skill?

  • leomonbutgay
    Helldump Success Stories (@leomonbutgay) reported

    @genesi5_1995 @SparksEchidna @ClassyHam @Hideki_Naganuma @WatchFale @YouTube also do realize that sonic's issue here is that his games have just been getting steadily worse and worse due to sega's mismanagement, with a few flukes here and there (colors, gens, mania) nintendo had literally nothing to do with it, leave that shit in 1995 where it belongs

  • frozenpandaman
    eli fessler ❄️ (@frozenpandaman) reported

    @TooGoodMules @SquidTracks I mean, it's technically possible to figure out how the new token needed for login is generated & replicate it (though it's not a simple task, multiple people have been looking into it over the past few months)—but reverse-engineering to that degree generally makes Nintendo mad.

  • MuLaFlaga01
    MuLaFlaga01 (@MuLaFlaga01) reported

    @ssaapodcast Hey I know all about it, got 4 N64 controllers that are broken need to replace the stick module bits and had a hand blister many years ago I don't know what Nintendo and Hudsonsoft were thinking back then.

  • MikePDaTruth
    KING MICHAEL: The DON of DELETION (@MikePDaTruth) reported

    @AnchormanV2 @nickodemus_x Let me fix this for both of you. "Nintendo and Bethesda the only AAA publishers putting out Single Player games that are worth my time right now."

  • CrustyNoona
    Anemone (@CrustyNoona) reported

    17. When I got 6/an A on my math exam. That's where I peaked in life. 18. My life is a problem 19. New computer, Nintendo switch, a drivers license for my boyfriend, a car for my boyfriend, a boyfriend 20. Loneliness 21. Good 22. I major in procrastinating 23. Happiness

  • HeyBrianRealty
    Brian Spain (@HeyBrianRealty) reported

    I've had one disconnect in a month and @nintendo bans me for 5 minutes. They should let me reconnect when @XFINITY is bad like #rocketleague does.

  • Trustin_Believe
    KING OLIVER ♐🇧🇸 (@Trustin_Believe) reported

    Was in first place on Mario kart online and then they wanna decide to say there is a network error. @NintendoAmerica some haters

  • MulpPlum
    Mulp (@MulpPlum) reported

    @NintendoAmerica @NintendoAmerica Great. Now fix your laggy servers! I have lost people in matches, the side was laggy as hell and sometimes the match would d's. It's fucking annoying and it gets worse on splatfest!

  • st1cky_k3ys
    Merry Christm-ASS and Happy New Year (@st1cky_k3ys) reported

    @TheLeitungVG Strange. I just thought the same thing as them. The problem with this though is that Disney is going to cost them trillions: Nintendo is 100+ years old. It is a legacy toy company, you can't just simply buy history like they're toilet paper and not pay a 100 billion at least.

  • irmgardevans343
    Irmgard Evans (@irmgardevans343) reported

    Great lizard squad is going to DDOS playstation when I get my ps4 I better get a Nintendo 64

  • TheZotmeister
    Adam R. Wood (@TheZotmeister) reported

    @LEVEL5_times Incidentally, I've already rated the game one star only on Nintendo eShop, and they don't let you change those ratings. The sooner they fix this puzzle, the sooner they'll stop getting bad reviews over it. The fact this busted puzzle is SO EARLY in the game is killing them.

  • MrGarry2u
    Baby Mag (@MrGarry2u) reported

    Running into the same problem with the Nintendo Switch that I had with 3DS and Wii U. There's a game I like, but then nothing else really appeals to me. What's your favourite Switch game besides Mario Odyssey?

  • Stubtastic
    Man from Del Monte (@Stubtastic) reported

    Relationships should always be like an old Nintendo games console. Every problem is easily fixed by blowing on it then sticking it back in. #WordsOfWisdom

  • _Falconbox
    Millennium Falconbox (@_Falconbox) reported

    @JamieMoranUK @slr904 they don't "let" them have a voice? nobody is really telling them they can't. I think the issue is that the voices just aren't loud enough. And in a great year by Sony and Nintendo, of course Xbox won't be in the discussion much.

  • JodieAzhar
    Jodie Azhar (@JodieAzhar) reported

    @DarthBurrit0 @PSVita I was trying to explain how awesome the Vita is to some friends at the pub the other day. I always manage to get Nintendo hardware to crash. And our Switch has an issue where the screen is sometimes black in portable mode. Apparently it's a software issue :S

  • brandrickbot
    Brandrick Bot (@brandrickbot) reported

    The second Rogue One with and the voice chat in Nintendo's Online app is a problem.

  • MarioVasquez18
    Mario Vasquez (@MarioVasquez18) reported

    @NICKMERCS I got banned from your chat for saying “Nintendo 64 is better!” One of your mods must have accidentally banned me! username: mario_vasq. Id appreciate it if you could fix that.

  • Sevrault21
    Santa Riolu (@Sevrault21) reported

    @helloredpanda @NintendoAmerica happened to me once, honestly Nintendo really needs to fix the broken Splatfest Power system

  • moldyclay
    🎅 The Clay Who Slept Through Moldsmas 🎅 (@moldyclay) reported

    @SarahRealm7 @Satomi_Famicom @NintendoAmerica Funny enough, the ARMS equivalent, Party Crash, lasts about 3 days? First one was on weekdays & the 2nd was all weekend. Granted, those only tally the "votes" of most played (and those who don't play one or the other default to the first one).

  • Jeaglez
    Jeagle (@Jeaglez) reported

    @ThePixelHamster @BalrogGameRoom Simply an untrue statement. The game has got many sizeable updates, there are about 50% more content now then at release. 4 New fighters/stages, 9 New Arms, badge system, party crash mode and balance updates. But Nintendo is also doing a great job supporing Splatoon 2 :D

  • HB_Bolt
    Julia Longo 🇩🇪🇺🇸 (@HB_Bolt) reported from Huntington Beach, California

    @lisapixie33 The problem is, UPS and FedEx also never even knock anymore. I'm home all the time during the afternoon and they just left 2 iPhone 8 at the front door. You cannot see it from the street but any dude pretending to pass out flyers can just pick up phones, nintendo switch etc

  • TooGoodMules
    Aaron Mueller (@TooGoodMules) reported

    @SquidTracks Is normal login expected to be possible or will cookie login be the only option unless something changes on Nintendo's side?

  • Dry_Kuri
    Dryoshkaiwho Kuri (Woody) (@Dry_Kuri) reported

    @PTKickass It’s due to old versions of systems being made in low quality then new versions of systems like how the Original DS had the top screen be broken in half by falling but not being a problem with the Nintendo DS XL or I

  • LittleToonCat
    Little Cat (@LittleToonCat) reported

    I was going to put "Immersion ruined." on there, but the Switch's share screen still has the 140 character limit. Fix this, Nintendo.

  • TentaWind
    Wind (@TentaWind) reported


  • DillyonNagano
    Cop Killer/THE END (@DillyonNagano) reported

    @japan @nintendo you passed them but theyre lagging me.. just fuck up the FAKE government geeze

  • Xepheerr
    ゼフィール (@Xepheerr) reported

    Anyone else getting errors every time a Splatfest Battle ends? Nintendo could you at least attempt to fix the problems with Splatfest????

  • sakamjchis
    sa·ra (@sakamjchis) reported

    @todororki there was an issue with switches back in march if you bought it around release, apparently the left joycon is missing hardware or st so mine bugs out too! i think i read that if you send it to nintendo they’ll fix it but i just use my pro controller now

  • Skywalker1729
    Bryce G. Fitzpatrick (@Skywalker1729) reported

    @elonmusk @Google @DisneyPixar @JeffBezos (4/n) "...A brilliant plan in theory, but in practice the problem came when Nintendo gave the retailers an ultimatum: us or them. Though Nintendo couldn’t legally threaten to stop supplying retailers, they had enough strength to use the power of what-if..." (Catch that Rabbit)

Nintendo Switch Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 2002
  • 20110
  • 2110
  • 2124
  • 2137
  • 2153
  • 2160
  • 2162
  • 2168
  • 2811