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Nintendo Switch Online Service lets the console owners enjoy online multiplayer gaming as well as a dedicated smartphone app that connects to the Nintendo Switch system and helps connect with friends for co-op and competitive games online.

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January 24: Problems at Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online is having issues since 02:40 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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Game Crash

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Oberengstringen Online Play
Bolton Sign in
Salt Lake City Matchmaking
Villahermosa Online Play
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Nürnberg Online Play

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Nintendo Switch Online Issues Reports

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  • nofryingpans mtex (@nofryingpans) reported

    @LordSpinduh maybe then Nintendo would fix it

  • EricGuru air (@EricGuru) reported

    Smoking broken windows playing my Nintendo

  • CanadianAniGuy Canadia (@CanadianAniGuy) reported

    @NatOfPats @DemonEmperorV @GamecubeGrant @NintendoAmerica My point was that if the ESRB required changes they could have just raised the rating. There is precedent of a similar game with an M rating selling well. Again, my take is the negative stigma surrounding the censorship issue did more harm than good. It was unnessesary.

  • Korudoyc #So what / get well soon Haseul ❤️ (@Korudoyc) reported

    @CoreDesign_com Yes, as I did for the switch! Too much problems. But Playstation games are less expensive than Nintendo's like wtf

  • rtemp_onioN onioN (@rtemp_onioN) reported

    When I was 12 I came home to see my dog chewing up my Nintendo 3DS, Switch, and 2 Pro Controllers Got the switch itself fixed, but the pro controllers forever have drift, my 3ds completely broke, and the left joycon is broken.

  • MrToastyGuy Mr. Toasty (@MrToastyGuy) reported

    @glorious720p @glueyouback Damn man. Same here. But I still don't think we need Miiverse. If Nintendo put dms on the switch I'd be fine with that but the whole service is just unnecessary imo. But hey, we both have our opinions

  • PKavvoutas ぱの (@PKavvoutas) reported

    @SirokamiStar @FrostBackYeti @StormYorha The problem is that Nintendo fans spam this shit on Twitter. You'd have to LOOK up Sony characters porn but for Nintendo you'd just need to open Twitter. I'm not telling what to enjoy tf I'm just saying keep NSFW content from your Twitter's.

  • Personano133 Personano (@Personano133) reported

    @chuggaaconroy Please Nintendo, just make a music streaming service or something. We're dying out here.

  • TechnoTejay TechnoTejay (@TechnoTejay) reported

    @chuggaaconroy Nintendo could have their own streaming service at this point

  • sagittayystar Pokemon Master Benma (@sagittayystar) reported

    @chuggaaconroy You’d think they’d put out a Nintendo music service or something by now, but no

  • melia_im me, im melia (@melia_im) reported

    @citigroup06 @GenuineMilk @TeddyRoseKidd @gujingujin1 Ya know what. Fair. I'll give ya that. Ngl idk why it never occured to me that nintendo my actually have a terms of service condition that states no modding any Nintendo game. It would explain why sega is super lenient on modders for some of there big games like Generations.

  • jurekmatlosz Jeureeka (@jurekmatlosz) reported

    @Twitch hi a few days ago I was trying to get my additional 9 months of the Nintendo online service and I couldn't find it anywhere in the store

  • DrKutejikashi Dr. Kutejikashi (@DrKutejikashi) reported

    @Clickteam @dawkosgames @NintendoUK @NintendoEurope @toucharcade I got the same problems in PS4!

  • sky_magpie SamSkyMagpie (@sky_magpie) reported

    @StephEffy @MojangSupport From what I've seen. Switch and ps4 versions of minecraft are currently broken. Nintendo seem to be aware of this but Mojang haven't fixed it yet. I cant even play mine anymore as it always closes.

  • mariofan48 Shadowking58 #RaymanForSmash (@mariofan48) reported

    @TrueFearChaos @2BforSmash Crash is kinda like, the poster boy for the PlayStation back in the day. He went to ******* Nintendo headquarters to brag about his game

  • ChrisRighteous Chris Righteous 🇵🇷 (@ChrisRighteous) reported

    @samarzQC @nyanspida @kidsmoove Nope this also includes sony and nintendo if its a new ip also. But only when it comes to a NEW IP. If its an existing IP I can see why people would get hype. I have no problem with ppl being excited for halo infinite with no gameplay cause its halo so you know what to expect

  • awkc63 Andrew Clement (@awkc63) reported

    @THEREALRTU Because Nintendo doesn't HAVE to. I've always enjoyed @XBOX customer service over ANY other company for anything.

  • AydenSmall Ayden Small (@AydenSmall) reported

    @ghdywgsvhd @NintendoAmerica Lol wow I don’t hold this opinion whatsoever anymore. I actually like the amount of FE characters we have. My opinion now is that there is no such thing as overrepresentation. Underrepresentation of other series is still a problem but no I’m glad we have all 8 FE reps

  • Psychostiefel Stiefl (@Psychostiefel) reported

    @crabclawz Ohh that sucks... Try to contact Nintendo support, maybe they will replace the joystick for free since that's a general issue from the joycons that the joysticks start drifting at some point

  • Warren_Zaccaro Razalon (@Warren_Zaccaro) reported

    @chuuballoon @VLONEJTH @Kaymyu @NintendoAmerica There comes a point when you should take fans’ feelings into consideration. Smash Bros is a giant healing of fan service, so if the fans are actively rioting against a characters’ inclusion, it was probably a better idea not to include them.

  • Ultimate_Zholt Zholt! (@Ultimate_Zholt) reported

    @AceStarThe3rd @Sora_Sakurai @NintendoAmerica @NintendoVS Yes please fix this. It's not even fun to watch

  • Luvie_MT Olivia (@Luvie_MT) reported

    @FE_Heroes_EN It won’t let me sign in to my Nintendo account :( I would’ve voted for Leo! Damnit

  • JasonMCobley JMCobley Writer (@JasonMCobley) reported

    Hey @virginmedia We had a problem with YOUR router not connecting to our @NintendoUK Switch. So, after 3.5 hours on your online chat, you make us PAY £20 PLUS £5 PER MONTH for a fix that took 2 seconds when we already pay you £60 per month. Thanks SO MUCH FOR THE BLACKMAIL.

  • TheNamesBigZ Zach (Big Z) McDaniel (@TheNamesBigZ) reported

    @AndySlater @RapSheet This is giving me weird vibes of Etika man, we should take this seriously (for those who don’t know Etika was a Nintendo YouTuber who died of a suicide after months and years of notable mental issues displayed online, people made jokes of him calling him a clown etc same as this)

  • JoeG_LTE Joseph Govreau  (@JoeG_LTE) reported

    @GoNintendoTweet Fix the Joy-Con issue and I would feel more inclined to stick to Nintendo harder

  • Gotanygr8pes Gotanygr8pes (@Gotanygr8pes) reported

    @non_fox_media_ @soysaucedude30 @NintendoAmerica Hey I'm here to help. But I see the issue. Not forcing anything it was just a kind gesture 😊

  • RangoSSB Rango The Mercenary (@RangoSSB) reported from Augusta, Georgia

    People who say Switch is the best console love the software, but gloss over the fundamental flaws and mistakes Nintendo keeps making. Lack of features, not being user-friendly (can't quit matches you don't want to play, matches you with lag, no Switch themes) hold them back.

  • pdspam2 pdspam (@pdspam2) reported

    @PsycheMax @Spatu1o @Stealth40k @NintendoUK In all fairness Nintendo online as a whole is shit. No one can excuse it. The app they're using is all thanks to Nintendo treating us like kids. Idk about your DLC problem, you should have bought it for one game not both if it bothers you

  • DaxHalo Hany Gohary (@DaxHalo) reported

    @Michael_French I assume you mean "right now", and I've noticed that too. My only explanation is stock of cartridges is very low rn. 32GB ones probably more so. Hopefully just temporary and Nintendo don't have a supply problem.

  • Calebtolbert201 Calebtolbert2001 (@Calebtolbert201) reported

    @NBA2K can you please tell me how to fix the codes on the Nintendo Switch

  • Ranmzoxe LapMan [Bot] (@Ranmzoxe) reported

    @STWVideoBot * This is not the problem of the Nintendo Consoles. This is the Nintendo Problem...

  • sugarplum_stars Tiffany Albany (@sugarplum_stars) reported

    @kia_lynee That was like yesterday it made me relog into my nintendo acc!!! I was in a panic that my entire game was gone!! They seem to be having buggy issues

  • Jane_DoeTF2 @Mr.GamerONLINE (@Jane_DoeTF2) reported

    @bethesda @NintendoAmerica i wanted to sign into the slayers club on DOOM 2016 on switch so I can get some slayer points so I can get some skins for doom eternal but when I got to sign in it give me a error page. What should I do to sign in to the slayers club on switch

  • NastyCasio Baby Camo (@NastyCasio) reported

    @bone_apart_ @softbaphomet I can't state enough though how great an experience I have had every time I have ever called Nintendo customer service, they are truly the nicest people

  • MilesSeltzer Miles Seltzer (@MilesSeltzer) reported

    Switch good cause sales no problems whatsoever gimme gimme the games I finally realized what a good game this is after playing it on my Nintendo Switch is that a physical version of a 15 dollar digital game gimme gimme

  • nickaboo92 Nick (@nickaboo92) reported

    Nintendo needs to hire me as a strategist. I have many great ideas, like: Virtual Console on Switch (with 64, GC, and Wii) Music Streaming service for all their music

  • Atcon Reuben Strong (@Atcon) reported

    @davidscottjaffe Sony has a subscription service! You know its called PS Now. So maybe nintendo should get into the subscription game you wise ass. Gives the gamer more options which is always a good thing.

  • Ohayosoro Ren The Bearwolf 🐺🐻 (@Ohayosoro) reported

    also nintendo time to put that NSO service to work and put GBA games i need to play sacred stones in something else that is not an emulator

  • Tubbst4r_ 𝕄𝔸ℝ𝕂 𝕋𝕌𝔹𝔹𝕊𝕋𝟜ℝ (@Tubbst4r_) reported

    @hippyadam Possibly but bought the Switch 2nd hand from Cex, got suspicion that @NintendoUK would not repair due to it not being under 1 year warranty even though controller drift is a known problem so onus would lie with @Cex as they give 2 year warranty on everything.

  • JoshBal64547956 Josh Ball (@JoshBal64547956) reported

    @Mevans2703 that's why i'm making a transcript of what i think mario kart 9 should be. still working on it though. and speaking of ctr i did include crash and spyro as a dlc if nintendo chooses to accept along with some other stuff i thought up

  • geekretropl 🎮 #nindyki (@geekretropl) reported

    @MagicDesignGame I would choose code for Nintendo Switch version if it's not a problem 😉

  • Italia71410199 Italia riley (@Italia71410199) reported

    @ACWorldBlog Thank you so much the stupid nintendo website says its locked in my area but the website you offered let me download it with no problems 😊

  • herebewonder c.norman 🤖 (@herebewonder) reported

    Only problem with this change: no Mysticons. I need to do some updated Mysticons figs. RWBY, Nintendo, and Skullgirls getting some good representation though...

  • CharlyMaxim Clix (@CharlyMaxim) reported

    @cesovski @Stealth40k Just a few weeks ago. The issue is that 3rd parties mostly want to re-release their old titles on their own and there’s only so many Nintendo first party games.

  • Literature_Yasu Distance Demon (@Literature_Yasu) reported

    Before i sold mine, ive had a playstation for nearly 5 years, and the same controller it came with had no issues whatever, except a not so ideal battery life, which is reasonable flaw for a device to have after 5 years of use. Nintendo needs to revise the pro controller.

  • playajay98 Jason Jones (@playajay98) reported

    @elonmusk Model 3 broken into, backpack stolen. Sentry mode helped me get their plate number and they were arrested 24 hours later. Thanks Elon. Got my Nintendo Switch back.

  • VidGamesPete Pete 🎮 Okami HD (@VidGamesPete) reported

    @Stealth40k I love that xbox has done this for the most part. Nintendo wants us to keep buying the same games every 5 years or we have to go back to older systems to play. I think they are trying to get their service going for older titles but I really wish they would port them instead.

  • HKT3030 Nick Thorpe (@HKT3030) reported

    @Stealth40k I feel as though the Wii U, in historical context, will probably be judged as the bigger misstep. The Dreamcast's problems came from an accumulation of past failures, whereas the Wii U followed Nintendo's best-selling hardware ever.

  • SoIcy_Jeffrey FENTANYL RODRIGUEZ (@SoIcy_Jeffrey) reported

    Smokin broken windowz playin my nintendo

  • Skunkhead100 Alex Stoddard (@Skunkhead100) reported

    @SolarFlairYT @ElliotRitchey Thank nintendo are poor netcode design nairo had issues on stream because his switch didnt register its ethernet

  • AzuraRacon Azura Racon (@AzuraRacon) reported

    @BrachyZoid @KingZaffy In small ways yeah Literally every game that could connect to Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire had an option built in to the communication program to patch The Berry Glitch, Including Emerald, Fire Red, and Leaf Green Nintendo themselves would even patch it for you as recently as 2012

  • katreenawhh katrina (@katreenawhh) reported

    the only contents in my bag are: a singular biscuit wrapped in paper towels, a pink nintendo switch, and a broken cigarette. i feel like that really sums up my life

  • GGeorgallas86 George Georgallas (@GGeorgallas86) reported

    @humph2585 @NintendoUK Mate got switch for my daughter at Christmas after couple days the left joy con stopped working watched couple YouTube videos how to fix but didn't work , now I've had to send it because @SmythsToysUK sold out they was blaming Nintendo. Gutted for my daughter S

  • HazeldenAiden Aiden Hazelden (@HazeldenAiden) reported

    @EAHelp please fix career on Nintendo Switch if possible, doesn’t let me adjust the difficulty when starting a career, and when I change it in settings in the middle of my career, it closes the application saying there is an error

  • Blink3123 Blink (@Blink3123) reported

    @Elininis Only Sony and Microsoft. It’s huge problem to polish Nintendo fans😢

  • DarwinElegant Elegant (@DarwinElegant) reported

    Temtem (new and highly regarded Pokémon style game) devs offering refunds if you are having issues with their product. At the same time: Nintendo wins a lawsuit that prevent people from canceling pre-orders in Germany and Norway #Nintendo #Temtem

  • Lachryma12 ⌈Lachryma⌋ (@Lachryma12) reported

    @Raynful I don't think game freak or Nintendo cares enough to fix it. It's pokemon after all, they know it will sell no matter what and won't put effort in it.

  • esmBot_ esmBot (@esmBot_) reported

    Fun Fact: nintendo switch broken in half

  • StephEffy Stephanie (@StephEffy) reported

    @MojangSupport I have called nintendo and emailed them they said it was a Mojang problem as it's an ingame issue... I still can't get my coins or purchases to appear on my switch account. I have tried logging in using my pc and my phone browser. I've emailed Mojang, called microsoft and xbox.

  • HeyOnlyDarren Darren Lewsey (@HeyOnlyDarren) reported

    @JeffreeStar can you help @NintendoUK see this they aloud £160 to be stolen from me I reported this as fraud on the 29th December and they still haven’t refunded me they desperately need to learn some customer service skills. #fraud #refund

Nintendo Switch Online Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 2002
  • 20110
  • 2110
  • 2124
  • 2137
  • 2153
  • 2160
  • 2162
  • 2168
  • 2811