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  • bbananalashes
    zoe (@bbananalashes) reported

    one of my nintendo switch controllers just keeps jerking characters to the side even though i’m not moving it, does anyone know how to fix this or how i can get it fixed? #nintendoswitch @NintendoNYC @NintendoAmerica

  • Deuce_Gamer
    Spidrmnky (@Deuce_Gamer) reported

    @BritishPlaying @SpawnWaveMedia Switch wasn’t last and sold decently for the month when we look are recent April’s. The issue is the Sony nearly had a top 10 April of all time. Nintendo is doing fine, it’s just that Sony is selling shockingly well for the month of April.

  • contingent99
    Wizard of Legend (@contingent99) reported

    @dezscarz The controller issues were definitely not intentional and we've already submitted a fix to Nintendo! We hope to get this patched very soon. Really sorry about the inconvenience.

  • diego_war_2020
    Diego War (@diego_war_2020) reported

    @alpharadtv You got this my guy, do what makes you happy and healthy, many others such as myself will support you always! Also, if it wasn't obvious enough in the Nintendo community, video suggestion: new online service and no Virtual Console

  • woofmute
    clash up clam (@woofmute) reported

    @Nintendo @NintendoAmerica @NintendoEurope @AC_Isabelle please fix

  • Ciudecca
    Ciudecca (@Ciudecca) reported

    @joeteach I imagine you can’t sell any of these because of legal problems with Nintendo . . .

    Tupapa (@BIG_D_RELL) reported

    E3 predictions that I'd like to see Sony - ps5 teaser (I still think it's a year too early even for a teaser) Microsoft - Halo Online/5 for PC Nintendo - Back compat (virtual console) and revision of the Switch (to quietly fix the hack)

    Tupapa (@BIG_D_RELL) reported

    E3 predictions that I'd like to see Sony - ps5 teaser (I still think it's a year too early for even for a teaser) Microsoft - Halo Online/5 for PC Nintendo - Back compat (virtual console) and revision of the Switch (to quietly fix the hack)

  • RogueMClone
    Liam (@RogueMClone) reported

    Realtalk, if a Kid Icarus: Uprising port is announced at E3 (or even a random Nintendo Direct!), I'll pop off hard. It deserves a console port so bad, it's not even funny. It's control and health issues would be fixed, and the visuals + performance would be better than ever.

  • Joes0s
    Joe's O's (@Joes0s) reported

    Xbox live goes down. Nobody can sign in. No digitally downloads game can be played. Times like these I’m thankful for Nintendo.

  • hatch_ns
    Neil Hatcher (@hatch_ns) reported

    @maximoXjd @DeathByDerek @RetroStudios Why make an action/adventure either? That would be a spinoff. Star Fox is a 3D shmup, that's all it should have ever been. The problem is that Nintendo can't just make a simple sequel to a game, there always has to be a wacky twist. Star Fox lends itself very poorly to twists.

  • sonicman4321
    SonicmanTheBest (@sonicman4321) reported

    @NintyPrime Black Ops 4 will be multiplayer only. It will probably require an online connection at all times. Nintendo Switch Online surfaces do not launch until September. Maybe it didn’t give them enough time. Remember, Crash is single player only and is coming to Switch.

  • sonicman4321
    SonicmanTheBest (@sonicman4321) reported

    If MW2 Remaster is confirmed and confirmed to not come to Switch without multiplayer, than that would change my oppnion. In this case, Nintendo would need to talk to Activision. But Activision is publishing Switch games. And Crash is only singleplayer.

  • pitaman
    ✏️ Carlos Pita 💫 (@pitaman) reported

    @netflix Will you be releasing your service on Nintendo Switch?

  • pitaman
    ✏️ Carlos Pita 💫 (@pitaman) reported

    @Crunchyroll Will you be releasing your service on Nintendo Switch?

  • BlandrewYT
    Blandrew (@BlandrewYT) reported

    @darealphil247 @WhipperSwipper Persona 5 isn't a franchise. It's a game within a franchise. If Nintendo decided to ride Star Fox 64 for like the 4th time, best believe people would have a problem lol

  • darealphil247
    Darealphil123 (@darealphil247) reported

    @WhipperSwipper @BlandrewYT We really gonna act like any nintendo fan has a problem with milking?

  • kingdom_finder
    TheKingdomWayFinder (@kingdom_finder) reported

    @DestinationMarc OOOF better not. Then yet again if those Nintendo E3 leaks are true about Spyro and Crash I doubt Nintendo has learned from last time

  • lukejamesbgn
    Luke James (@lukejamesbgn) reported

    @VGArtAndTidbits Such a good game. Back then, not much felt better than having a game and the corresponding issue of Nintendo Power!

  • SpaceF91
    Miguelヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ (@SpaceF91) reported

    @ItsZenoox @NintendoVSUK @NintendoUK @TMNT yeah that's the problem. it seems to count losses as well as wins so when people are losing to their own team it's screwing up the numbers.

  • splatnoises
    splatnoises (@splatnoises) reported

    @InkyMary There's something wrong with your internet. I'd call Nintendo support to get tips from them then call your internet provider to fix it.

  • sonicman4321
    SonicmanTheBest (@sonicman4321) reported

    My computer, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and so on never have issues. It’s the iOS software.

  • sonicman4321
    SonicmanTheBest (@sonicman4321) reported

    @AppleSupport Maybe I will stop buying your products if you cannot get a working update to fix the Wi-Fi. I actually stopped updating because it causes so many problems on my new iPhone X. Restarting doesn’t work either. And none of my devices; computer, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

  • NiseChuuni
    Mocatastic Iyashi (@NiseChuuni) reported

    @chafos what mode? I had an issue with my dock to TV the other day and Nintendo troubleshooting on the website just said to unplug everything and replug it all and somehow that made it work again..

  • hetslayer
    bite this onions (@hetslayer) reported

    say what you want about boobies and whatever but nintendo has MUCH worse character design problems than boobies. fates was a flop though thats why i quite ltierally threw the game out

  • SpaceF91
    Miguelヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ (@SpaceF91) reported

    @NintendoVSUK @NintendoUK @TMNT so i see the splatfest system is still broken so that the choice that is actually popular never wins. cool.

  • fkalui
    Lui (@fkalui) reported

    I rarely disconnect, but yet I get a penalty???? @NintendoAmerica you’re fr bugging rn

  • KeeroGames
    Keero16 (Dan) (@KeeroGames) reported

    Pretty late on this topic but I pay for an internet service, and then I have to pay PlayStation in order to even use the service I’m already paying for, and eventually I’m gonna have to pay Nintendo for the same thing too. Paying to use something I’m already paying for is stupid

  • ShinyQuagsire
    Shiny Quagsire (@ShinyQuagsire) reported

    lol so apparently if your Switch gets banned it no longer uploads errors, because it won't generate dauth tokens. Thanks for the WebKit vuln dev machine Nintendo? Guess they're not snooping on me any more, lol.

  • NoahChillz
    Pyramid Jew (@NoahChillz) reported

    @QuasarDFlames @StryderVS nintendo online isnt the best but i know it isnt nintendo here messing up/having issues

  • lall_e_pop_man
    Brian Lall (@lall_e_pop_man) reported

    @mjames_84 @NintendoAmerica Mark, you still have time to turn from your treasonous ways. You have until Animal Crossing Switch to fix this or I will be forced to take your Nintendo card.

  • IsItEmpty
    Micah (@IsItEmpty) reported

    @KontrolFreek I can easily switch from an Xbox to a PlayStation controller no issue but when it comes to Nintendo controllers I always get the buttons mixed up because I’m used to Xbox layout.

  • Harasielite
    🧢 (@Harasielite) reported

    @bandoreIo True true, but surely in this day and age that wouldnt be too big an issue, mobiles have great oppurtunities, i.e Fortnite on iPhone, and Nintendo Switch is soon to get it’s online service

  • AnswersNof
    NofAnswers (@AnswersNof) reported

    @cadejohnson121 NoA: We have nothing to announce regarding our legacy content in our Online Service at this time. Regarding Virtual Console: We have no plans to release Virtual Console as it was previously on other Nintendo platforms.

  • TheRealAgent37
    Joey Batts (@TheRealAgent37) reported

    @Atlanta962 I'm curious to hear about this "video game crash" of the 80s. Umm, you mean the decade that gave us the Nintendo...?

  • PlatinumLucario
    Davin Ockerby (@PlatinumLucario) reported

    I've heard that #NintendoSwitch users have been getting error code 2124-4007 after modding their console, indicating a ban. But some have also reported that their non-hacked Nintendo Switch is also banned. Shocking and frightening indeed... >.< I haven't hacked my Switch (yet)

  • JoelTheHyperG
    Joel (@JoelTheHyperG) reported

    @ShinyQuagsire do u know a way of deleting my error log? nintendo switch

  • rabbids4eva
    Kamil Drews (@rabbids4eva) reported

    I heard the new CoD "sequel" is NOT coming to the Switch. It's for the best, anyway. We don't want any predatory microtransactions and loot boxes on Nintendo consoles. Pre-Order Crash for the Switch instead.

  • MinecraftWitha
    Michael Pruden (@MinecraftWitha) reported

    @TrendanBrendan @NintendoUK I'm sure they will fix that in a patch down the road

  • femmesabaru
    Hana Femme Sabaru ✡ (@femmesabaru) reported

    I accidentally (or not) updated my Wii and apparently it encountered an error. Anybody knows if it's possible to factory reset it? Or will it still be error? #nintendo #wii #help #desperate

  • TheKootj
    kobus (@TheKootj) reported

    @MissBlow Have had this problem too with other switch games. Hope nintendo announces some dead battery games at E3

  • YvngScoobi
    Él Patrón 🚀🌏 (@YvngScoobi) reported

    Our relationship should be like @Nintendo 64 classic, fun to spend hours with, and every issue easily fixed by blowing on it then shoving it back in.

  • mariobitsize
    Chris Mike Perry (@mariobitsize) reported

    @NintendoAmerica #MarioKart8Deluxe still has online problems in races/battle mode and there's still hackers in the game please fix the online in #MK8D asap and please get the hackers out of the game asap. #NintendoSwitch

  • mariobitsize
    Chris Mike Perry (@mariobitsize) reported

    @NintendoAmerica #MarioKart8Deluxe still had online problems in races/battle mode and there's still hackers in the game please fix the online in #MK8D asap and please get the hackers out of the game asap. #NintendoSwitch

  • MikeFortune4
    designer ✂️ (@MikeFortune4) reported

    I’m just patiently waiting for crash bandicoot to come out for the Nintendo switch...... patiently

  • Coffey256
    The Bepis (@Coffey256) reported

    @ShinyQuagsire it seems to be an IP based issue, since I know that a Brazilian and a Korean commented that they got the same error code on that reddit post that was tweeted to your original tweet. As far as I know, Nintendo doesn't support either regions at all for some strange reason...

  • hwdanny
    dannyh (@hwdanny) reported

    @Grape95676568 @NintendoAmerica @Nintendo @NintendoUK Maybe they can fix their servers and stop punishing players for teammates DC’ing as well.

    Sean Ellis (@STAGES3V3N) reported

    @GamerGeeksTodd @verdict4489 Caring about the state of Xbox means that I care about gaming in general and not just Sony and Nintendo (whom are doing fine).Sony has less problems where it counts. Xbots tend to sweep under the rug an issue that is persistent with Xbox.

  • youssef93171971
    youssef (@youssef93171971) reported

    @Marcus_Sellars @AustendoTV @Doctor_Cupcakes @Marcus_Sellars Do you know what the problem is? Since when did you announce that you would come to Nintendo, my hype was in the highest, nor I slept right I could because our cod bo 4 on nintendo on the go? it would be too fucking like that! more simply did not happen! day 17

  • ohitsmerenz
    renz bernardo (@ohitsmerenz) reported

    @iAm_erica @AnkerOfficial Oh if you put it that way, you really need a battery pack. Also, would love if Nintendo would address this issue and release an official one

  • xHardlyNormal
    Lucy ❝Relm's Adoptive Mother❞ Branford (@xHardlyNormal) reported

    @tmoreforpaul 1a. What does Undertale literally have to do with this? 1b. What did the game personally do to you? Have a bad fandom? So many other NIntendo games coming to Switch do too. 2. "Fix bugs and glitches" would basically be taking away the only appeal of the game, just sayin'.

  • gogojira_
    Gogojira (@gogojira_) reported

    Anyone ever have issues flying international with a Nintendo Switch? Shouldn't be a problem, right? Ireland for one, Algeria the other.

  • drnuke
    Go Nuclear and #MAGA (@drnuke) reported

    @evegpt @AFreeBlackMan Is Facebook the problem? Plus Nintendo, Xbox, cell phones, other distractions that get in the way of normal human interactions? What is wrong with us?

  • studiohoofnail
    Studio Hoofnail (@studiohoofnail) reported

    @fwong I mean there are some legitimate complaints but, if people are getting super bent out of shape over it then that’s definitely their problem. Plus, this is like when people were complaining about the Nintendo Labo not being made specifically for adults

    Sean Ellis (@STAGES3V3N) reported

    @kidsmoove Denial is not the issue. Initial omission of critical thought to the original post was the issue. Microsoft started all of this and we (those who frequent non Xbox gaming)all dreaded the day Sony and Nintendo would follow.

  • TommyManiaDX
    TommySX (@TommyManiaDX) reported

    I am no longer a PC gamer My dog pees on my Nintendo switch and it's just fine my PC has a malware protection software that I don't renew my license on and now it's broken console gaming for life

  • SaikoWaifu03
    SaikoWaifu03 (@SaikoWaifu03) reported

    @t8styham @RealBulletBarry I watched that video by Barry myself, and while I can see where he's coming from, there are numerous factual errors: 1. The examples of Nintendo's non-inhouse exclusives have been given by someone else here, and as for Sony, Japan Studio, Bend, Santa Monica, San Diego etc are...

  • PrismaticBowtie
    im rude now (@PrismaticBowtie) reported

    @SplatoonJP @NintendoAmerica please fix your match making, level 15 shouldn't be at 2100 ranked

    Caliiforniia Kiid... Be Best (@CAL1SUPERSTAR) reported

    @kidsmoove we have the only amazing online service... psn is garbage and nintendo online is not the same level of service... not even comparable

  • Williord_
    Williord (@Williord_) reported

    @sevengranddad92 This is so fake. No description of any game would address the issues of past games as their selling point. I’m looking at some of these and they sound WAAAAAAAY too obedient to fans for even Nintendo to consider.

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  • 2162
  • 2168
  • 2811