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Nintendo Switch Online Service lets the console owners enjoy online multiplayer gaming as well as a dedicated smartphone app that connects to the Nintendo Switch system and helps connect with friends for co-op and competitive games online.

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July 21: Problems at Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online is having issues since 01:00 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in (28.57%)
  • Online Play (28.57%)
  • Matchmaking (14.29%)
  • Glitches (14.29%)
  • Game Crash (14.29%)

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  • Breakfast_NBTS
    Breakfast/Go Team Octo! (@Breakfast_NBTS) reported

    Oh my fucking god we cant have a splatfest with out connection issues, fix your shit nintendo, i need to support team octo!!

  • FergieMIC
    Stuart (@FergieMIC) reported

    @devolverdigital hi guys, downloaded enter the gungeon on switch and the sound got really weird on co op, then it all cut off. Nintendo switch menus had sound but not the game. Is this a common issue ?

  • IPGSecondary
    Daniel (InvoxiPlayGames) (@IPGSecondary) reported

    why is installing bootmii on newer wiis such an issue smh can't you just downgrade boot1 #epicfail #stupid #nintendo #homebrew #wii

  • 83tropicstorm
    83TropicStorm (@83tropicstorm) reported

    @pliggett @NintendoAmerica So? If the 2DS isn't getting new releases, it won't sell because it will loose relevancy. And the Switch has alot going for it, dont you dare tell me otherwise. Let's also not forget the issue of oversaturation which is a very real thing.

  • K1ngCal
    Calliope (@K1ngCal) reported

    Ffs fix your goddamned matchmaking system Nintendo!!! I was just paired with a lvl 20, 15 and 5 and yes, we were obliterated

  • RealAIrider08
    Angel (@RealAIrider08) reported

    @PsychoNara_prod @NintendoAmerica What connectivity issues? Haven't had a problem after having this game for a year.

  • MielL0rd
    MieLlol (@MielL0rd) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Instead of tweeting this, why don't you go fix this ridiculously broken matchmaking service?

  • PsychoNara_prod
    Psychonara Prod. (@PsychoNara_prod) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Sorry, too busy being unable to play Splatfest thanks to the game having horrible connectivity issues you have still refused to fix.

  • cmzoid
    Cody McClain (@cmzoid) reported

    @Stealthstrike20 @AnotherBioGrad @Nintendo @SplatoonJP Pretty sure nothing nintendo will just make what we currently have a paid service with no improvements at all, and only change if there is enough backlash

  • PsychoNara_prod
    Psychonara Prod. (@PsychoNara_prod) reported

    @NintendoAmerica It'd be nice if they celebrated a year of Splatoon 2 by fixing their connection problems.

  • Anceptical_
    anceptical (@Anceptical_) reported

    @JuniperGD a giant fidget spinner tried to kill me but i killed it with my broken nintendo switch but then a giant tree tried to kill me but i said: kys lol - and the tree died,ok thank for hear story

  • kar1no
    мiкєу 🐙 (@kar1no) reported

    Take a shot every time Nintendo servers disconnect your lobby before a Splatfest match 🌞

  • alex_kaijuru
    Origami swoop (@alex_kaijuru) reported

    @JohnnyBuschi @g_stanczak @NintendoAmerica @amazon Jeff Besos is evil, even if he had perfect service and prices i would go elsewhere. Ive left whoke foids since he bought it.

  • lightupth3night
    BLINDED BY LIGHT (@lightupth3night) reported

    @HatokTalk If Nintendo would quit dropping the ball on VC we might not have this problem, tbh I mean, look at SEGA, they've embraced ROM hacking and fan games, most all their Genesis stuff has been rereleased a hundred times

  • Starlinkx_Shade
    Bruce Clawson (@Starlinkx_Shade) reported

    @OFFICIALDGC89 Not yet, but this seems to be a recurring issue that's popping up amongst Switch owners. I have a feeling its only a matter of time for mine to crack. Nintendo really needs to set up some way to back up are game saves soon in preparation for the worst.

  • Nebpewdu
    Kinkgobernable de Caelondia (@Nebpewdu) reported

    Not putting pressure on Nintendo to provide a good service in preservation of their games while saying emulation is illegal is shitty You are either stuck with insanely high prices on the retro market, nothing, or Nintendo who milks this dry and barely brings back anything

  • ronald_2008
    Ronald_2008 (@ronald_2008) reported

    @Trev71_MUFC That’s why I gave up on windows and went for Mac. For gaming we bought the kids an Xbox and Nintendo wii. Saved me many many hours of re-installing the pc after the kids made it crash again and again.

  • HatokTalk
    Hatok (@HatokTalk) reported

    dogmatically sticking to the "noooo but emulation is illegalllll" helps nobody apply pressure to nintendo to provide a worthwhile service

  • HatokTalk
    Hatok (@HatokTalk) reported

    so like it's a service problem nintendo isn't providing anywhere near the service to validate taking down rom sites, especially since they're probably doing it just to protect their 20 NES games releasing on the Switch soon

  • JombyGeorgie
    [TEMP] JombyGeorge (@JombyGeorgie) reported

    That would be amazing actually, only issue is that (and this is really just for Nintendo) some games wouldn’t be able to be ported over without extremely significant downgrades. Idk I wish all consoles could be equal power wise and then just do their own thing on top of that

  • Jacbros
    Jac Jakob "Mad Duck" Oatson Brothers (@Jacbros) reported

    @HatokTalk See I wouldn't have an issue with this if Nintendo even TRIED to give easy ways to play a fraction of the good games. The SNES has so many fantastic games, where the value has been driven up to ridiculous degrees.

  • techdogbot
    Tech Dogs 🔌🐶 (@techdogbot) reported

    We put a Nintendo Switch on a Chihuahua and she'll fix all your problems.

  • elleryscelery
    ellery 💫 (@elleryscelery) reported

    @Pantality @discordapp @PlayStation ok but CONCEPT: in the final Nintendo Online service voice chat is powered by Discord which is why it’s been taking them longer than expected to introduce it

  • ThatKageZ
    Kage (@ThatKageZ) reported

    Did they just drop my squid power cause there was a connection issue that made everyone leave? Thanks nintendo

  • soul_societyy
    Soul Kiwami (@soul_societyy) reported

    @The__Goomba Impatient Nintendo fans again, I think we will get one in August though or just any time before the online service launches

  • Yoshichao
    TAY⭐ (@Yoshichao) reported

    anna only being able to s-support with the main character but not having a gay option is immensely frustrating. nintendo please fix this in your next fire emblem game

  • etdragonpunch
    etdp (@etdragonpunch) reported

    call me crazy but maybe if Nintendo managed to offer their older games for platforms like the Switch for people to buy, it wouldn't be such a major issue it's incredible how their distribution for retro games has gotten *worse* gen over gen

  • PepVerbsNouns
    Pep (@PepVerbsNouns) reported

    The Switch Online service (with the classic NES library) launches in about two months. So the fact that Nintendo went after these places -now- means they don't want people using ROMs as an excuse to not pay for the service.

  • SwingRocket
    Chris 🏳️‍🌈🇪🇺 (@SwingRocket) reported

    @InklingMario Communication errors exist because Nintendo doesn’t have dedicated servers for #Splatoon2! Stupid peer-to-peer connection.

  • _NinoFrown
    . (@_NinoFrown) reported

    Nintendo switch pro controller is one of the best controllers ever but I don't know why @Nintendo just doesn't fix the damn dpad

  • JohnDanielDepa
    John Daniel Depa (@JohnDanielDepa) reported

    ... though, in other switch news, the sheer amount of Nintendo titles with online multiplayer upcoming are ridiculous. Really selling up that paid online service in September. Excited to capitalize on it to kick @LeWayshow's butt in Mario Party tho :P

  • ZarithZulaikhaZ
    ᶻᵃʳᶦᵗʰ (@ZarithZulaikhaZ) reported

    Nintendo switch is very tempting but need to fix my laptop first uwu

  • DodgeRollBrent
    dog roll brent (@DodgeRollBrent) reported

    @Sorrow_TV @DodgeRollGames This is a bug, we've got a fix deployed for it, just waiting for nintendo to clear the patch. Sorry!

  • daehruoyserehw
    Sue Donym (@daehruoyserehw) reported

    My second set of Joycons now has the right stick drift issue. :| @NintendoAmerica

  • DodgeRollBrent
    dog roll brent (@DodgeRollBrent) reported

    @LGarbage666 @DodgeRollGames Got a fix for this coming -- just waiting on Nintendo to approve the patch. Thanks, and sorry!

  • TheRamenDon
    TheRamenDon (@TheRamenDon) reported

    LMAO in my first Splatfest match I got a communication error during the judging sequence so I checked the app and the whole match didn't count but it still took a match off my placements LMAO THANKS NINTENDO #Splatoon2 #Splatfest

  • RealDankiel
    Dankiel (@RealDankiel) reported

    @AminaSync does Nintendo have like a factory return where they fix it for you?

  • slashersam01
    Monster Hunter Sam (@slashersam01) reported

    @hildewereld @siritwitch You should be able to get your Nintendo account switched over if you call the Nintendo help desk, your game data will be gone but you can redownload all your games...i had a similar problem with my switch about a month ago

  • SwitchAndThings
    SwitchAndThings (@SwitchAndThings) reported

    This Minecraft realm issue on Nintendo Switch is genuinely taking the piss now. The hot fix has only broken my game even more... I’m tempted to delete and reinstall the game but I’m not sure if that means I’ll lose my worlds... Any thoughts @MegaVPrime @MarioManiacYT

  • newalbacore
    team 🐙 • s/h 📌 (@newalbacore) reported

    take caution! if you get put into a game like this, IMMEDIATELY disconnect to avoid being IP banned by Nintendo & also take the names of the people who you suspect might be hacking.

  • Radiant_Enigma
    [email protected] Mickey In Smash 2k18 (@Radiant_Enigma) reported

    I wish Nintendo would leave the funner glitches alone in their games, like the pac man pause screen glitch comes to mind

  • LimitOfBot
    LimitOfBot (@LimitOfBot) reported

    How do i feel that before i recognize some "big issue" that is. They have made that tweepy makes up to tweeting before the first exposure to get talked down a handful of the 3.2.0 patch notes for Nintendo Switch has burnt out of writing

  • FSMellon
    Mellon Man 11 (@FSMellon) reported

    @Genowhirl910HQ Official Nintnedo Magazine, or ONM for short. A UK Nintendo magazine that stopped printing sometime in 2015 I believe (this issue's from 2014) It's extremely well written and fun to read actually but...yikes

  • FairysHuff
    FairysHuff (@FairysHuff) reported

    @marvelous_games If #Nintendo fix the heating issue warping and breaking the plastic casing only then will I consider buying a switch but not before.

  • nostalgiatriggr
    NostalgiaTrigger (@nostalgiatriggr) reported

    @Official_FGR Initially. Steam has a huge audience and the API is nicely exposed. Haven’t looking into PSN or XB, I do know that Nintendo doesn’t expose _any_ data (so no “sign in with Nintendo” to fetch user games). I’d like to add all systems - which in particular are you inquiring about?

  • VorpalSchiavona
    Schiavona (@VorpalSchiavona) reported

    @LittleNaviFae Nintendo please fix your game

  • jwiechers
    Jens Wiechers (@jwiechers) reported

    cross-promo visual novels; that is, VNs that are essentially made as goodies to promote JAV actresses. Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with this, it's just "strange" in terms of Nintendo's traditional positioning, especially since they feature front and center in

  • dave_crooks
    DodgeRollDave (@dave_crooks) reported

    @awesomejames371 @devolverdigital @DodgeRollGames fix for this is already with nintendo, just waiting for it to clear cert, it will go out automatically. sorry for this.

  • DodgeRollBrent
    dog roll brent (@DodgeRollBrent) reported

    @awesomejames371 we've got a fix for this submitted to nintendo, just waiting for them to approve it. sorry, and thank you for your patience!

  • saxbot
    Eric (@saxbot) reported

    what Nintendo should do if they want to make a lot of money is start a service where you can buy a 3DS/2DS with custom colors

Nintendo Switch Online Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 2002
  • 20110
  • 2110
  • 2124
  • 2137
  • 2153
  • 2160
  • 2162
  • 2168
  • 2811