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May 22: Problems at Nintendo Switch Online

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  • Dave_J32 Dave J 🇰🇷🇺🇸 (@Dave_J32) reported

    @hakeemnpc @AlexPrime_86 Because Nintendo isnt Sony that kill off their old IPs for the sake of their new ones. That's Sony's issue, not Nintendo's lol

  • overtlyovert Ben Shapiro (Destroys my Anus) (@overtlyovert) reported

    Prediction time: Game companies will saturate the market with shitty streaming services that 85% of the world cannot access. This will cause the industry to crash like 1983, and nintendo will launch a console that will revive the game industry all over again.

  • crybleat kier | comms closed (@crybleat) reported

    @DespaciToby then dont play competitively where its required for you to do your best and have a decent internet speed where it doesnt hinder both sides in playing. but instead play casual its not only an issue with the players but also nintendo 4 even allowing the minimum speed to play so low

  • Wiikstrom #FaZe5 / SE Wiik (@Wiikstrom) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix the Nintendo switch fps. For hells sakes do you guys even play your own game on there. It literally runs at 15 fps when fighting ONE player. Imagine spending thousands of dollars into a game that you can't even play. It's pretty sad. I love your game but epic has shown..

  • SmashCastRadio Smash Cast Radio (@SmashCastRadio) reported

    Got the first submission to the #replaycontest in! We are excited to see what everyone else has to send in as well. Don't forget winner will receive either a 12 Month Nintendo Switch Online Service or $20 eShop card. Submission deadline on June 9 #smashbros #nintendoswitch

  • golden_nat nat (@golden_nat) reported

    I remember I told my brother that my Nintendo DS stopped working and I gave it to him so he could figure out what was wrong so this fool cracked my DS in half and said I said it was already broken so it didn’t DS was dead but the charger didn’t work 😔

  • LennyTheLuigi Lenny (@LennyTheLuigi) reported

    @KevBot_Supreme Said Nintendo going into Ultimate Little did they know they made it even MORE broken

  • raygank Raygan Kelly (@raygank) reported

    @GaryBuh I had this problem with my launch Switch. Was already over a year old when I finally got around to calling Nintendo about it. They had me ship it in and replaced it free of charge, and the new one is fine. Worth trying if you can be without it for a week or two.

  • Michael_Termini Michael Termini (@Michael_Termini) reported

    Low quality audio and visuals due to lack of space on a switch cartridge is a shame. Nintendo needs to lower the prices imo of higher capacity options and I still don't think the 64 GB is on the market. This should not be an issue.

  • JudgeM0rt1s Judge_M0rt1s_gaming (@JudgeM0rt1s) reported

    @SjohnX25 @KeyBladeGX @Senator_Cthulu @NintendoAmerica Capcom: I don't know if our games will sell on this system that's selling like hotcakes...better give them a port of RE4 from Xbox/PS4 instead of an HD port of the Wii version. Also leave in the glitch that was in the Xbox/PS4 versions, because the Switch is TOO UNCERTAIN

  • sliggooey Gio (@sliggooey) reported

    @bleh_ech @Anthiiese ok but the nintendo dual screen device won’t be the only thing that’s broken if this false accusation continues to plague my innocence

  • dinofama Fatimah🇺🇸🇰🇼🇯🇵ファティーマ (@dinofama) reported

    @Nerdyfan1 Oh so it’s not just me! Thank god I thought I wouldn’t be able to fix it bc I have the American eshop and a Japanese Internet connection so I’d be doomed from downloading stuff. I’m not exactly going back to America anytime soon. I called Nintendo and they’re checking it out 👌🏽

  • IppoDR US | Ippo (@IppoDR) reported

    Guys I saw a really top secret leak from a Nintendo employee and the next DLC characters are -Kappa Mikey -Drake and Josh (they work like ice climbers but there actually pretty broken) -Count Olaf -Gokus Mom (sakurai is trying to troll us)

  • MarkBraixen Markus ♡ (@MarkBraixen) reported

    Fix your platforms nintendo lmao I can't drop off the damn things


    @WarioBrose yall wouldnt undertsand the arguemnts IVE Had with morons on Here who believe in such a miracle - these fanboys & fangirls dont understand the relevancy in which they Have none & the legal issues in which Nintendo X Microsoft could mean nothing & the royalty fee Nintendo would

  • Mr_Good2 MrGood (@Mr_Good2) reported

    @VoltoMatte I don't know for sure if the law actually passed already tho. Nintendo calls it "uncertainty about some business models", maybe they just wanna avoid any problems in advance

  • basicmayor - ̗̀フータ ̖́- (blathers)@ポケ森🌱 (@basicmayor) reported

    @Chackbro1 nintendo (and other apps) deserve it. gambling is a huge problem! and its incentivising this lifestyle 😑

  • LustSora IAmDarkNess (@LustSora) reported

    @Punpun_Chuchu @theprinceofiris Well, the problem is that that game hasn't had the the success Nintendo expected for it, so it would be a miracle in my point of view if they release it on switch AND with a french translation... It's still possible tough.

  • gamkies The Gamkies (@gamkies) reported

    @TweetAaronMax @kart_tour @HaydenC_YT But if you will try to login with Nintendo Account that they didn't choose you will not be able to play

  • GhostKong25 Ghost Kong (@GhostKong25) reported

    I have the same problem with my Nintendo switch version of Minecraft it keeps crashing

  • rattlegoy Rattlebro (@rattlegoy) reported

    @TheSmashWaffle Frisk is from a one game long series that is alright but also fairly overrated. HWG and valve dont have a thing to do with Nintendo and isnt even important for valve anymore. Crash is a relatively bad 90s platforming mascot compared to say, the 90s mascot bear and bird

  • kaworuDejavu レスリー.チャン (@kaworuDejavu) reported

    @rockmanX103 @MTLSaiyan Very seriously. I don’t get why people think Switch can handle everything. Other than the spec problem just talk about the sell alone in japan. Switch sold like 8.12mil. What game other than Nintendo game sell more than 500k with that many owner. ONE. Mincraft. 300K also ONE

  • JesusMSantiago8 Taz (@JesusMSantiago8) reported

    @TranVinhNhat3 @charlemange93 "Following" is the wrong word to use. Sony and Nintendo aren't going the streaming route. They are simply securing their future in case streaming unexpectedly becomes huge. Streaming is just an optional service to them right now.

  • TotallyNotBatm1 Totally Not Batman (@TotallyNotBatm1) reported

    @LonelyGoomba The only problem I have with them is, like if MS bans your XBox Live account, for any reason, you lose access to all of those games--even if they're on the hard drive. And if it's a permaban, you're out all the money you spent on them, forever. Sony and Nintendo can do this, too.

  • thornkgame42069 komaeda kills the bourgeoisie epic weed style (@thornkgame42069) reported

    @soy_person like really, we need 1 zany platformer mascot at best, and if there is gonna be one it ought to be banjo, because yknow he's famous from a nintendo game, and also crash bandicoot looks like a pervert

  • romiking Romi😎 (@romiking) reported

    @DJK1NG_Gaming @Puertorock77_ Compare to all current gen console...switch dont have good 3rd party games support like ps4 have ... plus ps4 have more features and service then switch ... ps4 make like 5 times more gaming revenue then Nintendo switch...

  • nintendoemmet Nintendo E (@nintendoemmet) reported

    Nintendo is becoming a jackarse, they discontinue WC24, then the Wii U wasn't good, the Switch has problems, they kill like amazing apps, and copyright strike people for no reason. @NintendoAmerica Get your stuff together, because we all know you're doing this for Switch!

  • YoungLink4 Youmu Link 4 (@YoungLink4) reported

    @phantasm_nohma @yuukiiterumi Possibly also that. No one expects Nintendo games to fall in price much. Meanwhile certain other games just crash after a month.... or days recently

  • Gaigous Gaigous (@Gaigous) reported

    @era_Delirium @KittyCat_Cammy Yep, Microsoft is dead, Sony is Dead, steam can't make up its goddamn mind, Nintendo is hanging in there. The industry really does need to crash for any real progress to be made.

  • xSTiCKFiGAx STiCK 🍻🐍 (@xSTiCKFiGAx) reported

    @Italianclownz @SloMoBackSlap Streaming services success rely on content. Games take years to make. I think MS & Sony might have combined streaming service with the customer paying one subscription. I actually always thought it might be Nintendo/MS. Hell it might be all three, holy trinity of stream gaming

  • ecks_dea tvstatic (@ecks_dea) reported

    @NintendoAmerica fix online

  • Macuelos Lorenzo H. (@Macuelos) reported

    Nintendo Belgium is going to stop service for ACPC and FEH because of "the unclear current situation surrounding their earning models", so I feel it is safe to anticipate Nintendo NL following in their footsteps before the end of the year. Absolutely.

  • Macuelos Lorenzo H. (@Macuelos) reported

    Belgium is going to stop service for ACPC and FEH because of "the unclear current situation surrounding their earning models", so I feel it is safe to anticipate Nintendo NL following in their footsteps before the end of the year. Absolutely.

  • DabottIe Eoghan💙🏹 (@DabottIe) reported

    Nintendo just Ending Service instead of disabling purchases is very :// for people who've played their game for Years

  • raritastic 𝑅𝒶𝓇𝒾 (@raritastic) reported

    I rate "Guilty or Not Guilty for Nintendo DS": A Broken Marriage/10 (ProJared)

  • Tapu_Fini Jumin (@Tapu_Fini) reported

    @Wingy_Tunes @NintendoBE_NL @NintendoEurope It's so ridiculous they just don't want to put in any effort. We're a small country so it's not like they'd lose anything they just can't be bothered. This isn't a small service it's ******* nintendo they can afford it :/

  • JustinTLiger justin (@JustinTLiger) reported

    @LGUS @TMobile @NintendoAmerica **** you, **** your products, and **** your services. LG, you updated my tv and it no longer connects to wifi. Tmobile, your service is trash 100% of always. Nintendo, joycons are over priced, wear out too easily, and you should be ashamed. 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

  • raverush Dylan™️ (@raverush) reported

    @realPlusInsta @AkfamilyhomeAK @NintendoAmerica I feel like the concept was to have f2p style service games, except the currency of microtransations was going outside and being around people, and you can still at least play most of them with the step coins.

  • JaredMichael_ daddy chill (@JaredMichael_) reported from Portland, Oregon

    @NintendoAmerica ******* fix your SSBU servers or ******* just delete them already. I’m tired of getting ****** over cause people who have a toaster for routers are magically 8 steps a head of you cause lag. Playing the game online doesn’t even feel like the same game. Cowards.

  • MyLucidPills MyLucidPills (@MyLucidPills) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Fix your Splatoon servers!!!

  • Johnpage123456 Ben Page 👌 (@Johnpage123456) reported

    So while Nintendo has a good relationship with the guys who own dragon ball and with Namco working on smash currently (helps that dragon ball has appeared on almost every Nintendo console)...he’s not impossible. If anything he’s way more likely then crash ever will be

  • Yanksfan_03 Chris (@Yanksfan_03) reported

    @DETGabrielR Like I said, I get it. Nintendo's been pretty good about not being preachy though, and since I still like stuff like Mario Kart, Super Mario, Metroid, etc, I'll stick around. Unless their mobile division takes off and they go full-steam ahead into that and service-based games.

  • Nico_SSB Nico (@Nico_SSB) reported

    @MilkyOunces Nothing would be different, just that one of those buffed low tiers would end up being broken. Buffing low tiers and nerfing highs it what Nintendo did for the lifespan of sm4sh, it just resulted in a different character being the strongest each time, but never true balance.

  • MarioandTMNT Chris Mike Perry (@MarioandTMNT) reported

    @NintendoAmerica #MK8D has been having online problems & hackers for a very long time & this ain't the only time shine thief was unplayable because of online problems please fix the online in #MarioKart8Deluxe now & please get hackers out of the game now. #NintendoSwitchOnline

  • InfomaniacFox 🐋🐬Sherbert🦈🐊 (@InfomaniacFox) reported

    @ReptileGameplay @Fox_DefenseC I think the problem is Nintendo does not actualy OWN shadow lugias design from what I heard the game devs own it and require money for Nintendo to use it. So Nintendo being themselves hate to give out money so they just dont use shadow lugia or pokemon ;w;

  • DiabeticToyota RetroEthan (@DiabeticToyota) reported

    @gamesyouloved Maybe It’s because I’m American, but I’ve seen European gamers say that the video game crash in the 80s either didn’t happen or nintendo didn’t save gaming. I’m a little confused. I thought Nintendo helped at least in America and Europe was doing their own thing.

  • Koruton_99 Koruton (@Koruton_99) reported

    think I found out the problem Seems the new Nintendo DS XL has a hard time reading older cartridges so it doesn't work as well

  • JEFV19 JEFV (@JEFV19) reported

    @NintendoAmerica And for when they fix the online because it's very strange for me to play with people who are in other cities but I can not play with someone who is in my same city

  • SacredFroakie SacredFroakie (@SacredFroakie) reported

    @TheChrizen @XenoChu @SourBulba @RobotGuy405 @NintendoAmerica I don’t like the starters either tbh. My biggest issue is the male protag looks kind of shit. Especially when he walked in that soccer match. Soooo cringy tbh

  • thehylianotaku TheHylianOtaku (@thehylianotaku) reported

    I just started up my Switch to play Smash Online and as soon as the game found me a match, there's a connection error (keep in mind the game hasn't even started) and now I'm banned for 48 minutes. Please fix your Online mode for Ultimate. @NintendoAmerica #Nintendo

  • TheChrizen Mr.Zen (@TheChrizen) reported

    @XenoChu @SacredFroakie @SourBulba @RobotGuy405 @NintendoAmerica but sun and moon then had the problem with spilling everything, look at x and y that game was announced on Jan 13th and was able to have a good cycle by teasing things and giving us time to speculate, not cram everything in 5 months, heck sun and moon nearly spoiled EVERYTHING

  • TheChrizen Mr.Zen (@TheChrizen) reported

    @pikayama @SourBulba @XenoChu @golden_oats @NintendoAmerica oh for sure their are bigger ones, Sonic on GBA comes to mind as an example, my problem is this was a game pokemon consitered a good remake to yellow

  • BlackofNewLight Ⓓⓐⓥⓘⓓ Ⓢⓐⓛⓐⓥⓐⓝⓣ Ⓑⓛⓐⓒⓚ (@BlackofNewLight) reported

    @SayakanSash @MagicaRanger 5, 6 Nintendo please fix input on sticks

  • TheChrizen Mr.Zen (@TheChrizen) reported

    @SacredFroakie @XenoChu @SourBulba @RobotGuy405 @NintendoAmerica my problem is this was targetting an audience that didnt fully exist, the GO people, i can see it hitting the new players, but expecting the GO audience to drop 360+ for what was previously a free mobile game on their phones hard to belive

  • PeppaPigsPP Peppa Pig (@PeppaPigsPP) reported

    @FrisbeeNot @CCrewPlus @WallaceTheBigg @ElmoIsNowGod @FadeSlae @realtonytigerr @Dashsgonnakillu @imnabbr @cowboymarriott @NintendoAmerica @NintendoUK @NintendoEurope @NintendoNYC @Xbox @PlayStation @steam_games @TeamRazer @CORSAIR @DadOfSatan @FickerFriedrich @ThomasTomCat3 @HarleyNotHar @CandaceBerri_ @dumbassmeatball @CCrewOutOfCntxt @DuoLingoParody @fcbayrnmnchen @RealFirstHuman @stu_pot_ @PopukoWeebTrash @1Joker23 @SpideyParody @5_Souls_Dead @KrabsIsHot @AustinParody1 Yeah no problem

  • Artsy_GR ArtsyGamer (@Artsy_GR) reported

    @MrsVasectomy @momo_aab6a_bot Not really.. the joy-cons are poorly made in the joy stick, so it’s not a connection problem blame Nintendo if you want, but just go buy a pro-controller it’s better made :V

  • Pacmangirl1853 Pacmangirl1853 (@Pacmangirl1853) reported

    Since YouTube kept crashing on my 2DS XL i had to contact someone from Nintendo to help. Sadly there was no solution to fix the crashing, but the person i chated with just said to keep trying to boot up YouTube on my 2DS XL

  • bowlingotter bow-piuooo 🕹️ (@bowlingotter) reported

    Our Switch has been dropped so many times since Toddler Otter took a liking to it. I'm very impressed that it hasn't broken in any way yet. Nintendo built this thing tough.

  • NMorganelli Nick Morganelli (@NMorganelli) reported

    @SpawnWaveMedia Its directly from Nintendo so I don't see them being broken or in bad shape tbh

  • DavidCarrierP David Carrier-Patry (@DavidCarrierP) reported

    @DatDiscordBoy @TannerLPer Ok Nintendo, you give them Sans, now give me Izuku Midoryia or Master chief or Crash Bandicoot.

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