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Nintendo Switch Online Service lets the console owners enjoy online multiplayer gaming as well as a dedicated smartphone app that connects to the Nintendo Switch system and helps connect with friends for co-op and competitive games online.

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  • Online Play (67.44%)
  • Sign in (16.28%)
  • Matchmaking (9.30%)
  • Game Crash (4.65%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (2.33%)

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  • Reccamn Kevin Walker (@Reccamn) reported

    @Just_A_Prodigy for Nintendo's internet service, its kinda the only reason why i didnt buy smash, spilting the cost would make me think about do it tho

  • parallel_ender ParallelEnder (@parallel_ender) reported

    @MrPopoTFS @FortniteGame Server lag and Quality Nintendo Switch Multiple times, worsens each season and update. The server lag can go for up to 100 ping, glitch out switch players in a position, and at one point I couldnt even build, shoot, or anything and I died a minute later after someone shot me.

  • gknight702 gknight702 (@gknight702) reported

    @IGN Nintendo: lets make a console with last gen graphics ensuring no AAA games and a rehash of the same games we've been making for 30 years, why not it worked for the Gameboy and the Wii splendidly. Wii u comes out and flops hard... Nintendo: we have learned the error of our ways

  • xix_sun Ken HD XX.19 ReMIX (@xix_sun) reported

    i don’t wanna be that “can i talk to the manager” ***** but i’m p sure it’s bullshit that the store told me they couldn’t help with my 2ds problem and directed me to nintendo customer support. like i’m p sure the law is on my side and... i don’t wanna pay $50 postage to send it

  • Hardcore__inc Steph (@Hardcore__inc) reported

    Convinced me of getting a PlayStation or Nintendo console next generation. Why well put it simply that every Xbox that i have owned except 1 360. All other consoles have had an issue with disc tray i know I'm not alone but persistent since the og Xbox and well my xbone disc

  • Slimeyphuk Slimeball (@Slimeyphuk) reported

    @NickRequiem @NintendoAmerica It’s Nintendo by the time they fix the game next smash will be a month out

  • ThierryRodgers0 Nick Walby (@ThierryRodgers0) reported

    @codymyersmiller Good luck! Mine seemed totally fine. I played it on and off all weekend and when I took it out again it had an error message up that disappeared before I could read it and now it won't boot past the Nintendo logo.

  • OhDeerZeph Zeph 🍩✨ (@OhDeerZeph) reported

    And Jon's Smash tourney rn is why I didn't pay for Nintendo online while at my parents' house with spotty wifi, it's lag city rn

  • KingKienzan Tarran (Kingo) (@KingKienzan) reported

    @RotomRouter The problem is, the new games, especially Awakening, are ones that you get the most flak for criticizing. And not even the game on it's own, but the whole concept of it. So many people get mad when you callout Nintendo/IS for using the same games, and constantly throw out the...

  • DevATyus Devin Tyus 🎙 [PSVG] (@DevATyus) reported

    @PlayinNintendo @ThatChaufie No one said anything about moving anything, and having a free music service so people can send you recommendations to listen to before you purchase is a normal thing. Nintendo peeps always wanna be different LMAO 😁

  • CarlosDaring Carlos Garcia (@CarlosDaring) reported

    @NintendoAmerica how is that o own two Nintendo switches and both joycons are having issues with the left joystick drifting #NintendoSwitch #Help #Nintendo

  • hkazecosplay Dani 》Overworked @ Retail Hell 🎄✂《 (@hkazecosplay) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Probably going to have to contact customer service soon...I registered it at the end of December and I still haven't gotten my code yet :/

  • xj2z9 Ramen (@xj2z9) reported

    I had to make a new switch profile because I can only use an australian nintendo account to buy the online service. That means I have to get all the characters in Smash Ultimate.... all... over..... again.......

  • Lylatroid 🌸Spring Pasteltroid🌸 (@Lylatroid) reported

    @retrofox_gaming I thought Zero was pretty good. The only issue is the controls. So maybe if Nintendo can try again only we can choose the options of the controllers.

  • DunkMasterT 「D.M.T」 (@DunkMasterT) reported

    @Bladebrawl Could be your opponents. Or Nintendo in general 'cause I've been having lag spikes recently and my net is pretty good most days.

  • ArthurHolt6 Arthur Holt (@ArthurHolt6) reported

    @OctoLink88 Nintendo Lag Switch

  • 6lackRaikage Broly The Legendary Super Saiyan🐉 (@6lackRaikage) reported

    @NintendoAmerica y’all are trash af for this lil petty 30min. I didn’t even disconnect. Y’all stay tryna *** somebody

  • AbtxnTV A 🌊 (@AbtxnTV) reported

    I’m excited for Nintendo to fix the lag on their online, it’ll actually be lit if they do

  • Yanksfan_03 Chris (@Yanksfan_03) reported

    @JennyMKGames @farmingsim @AskPlayStation @Sony @PlayStation This is one of several reasons I'm not looking forward to games going all digital. Especially on Sony's platform. I believe Steam and MS at least have some kind of refund policy, but Sony doesn't and I'm not sure Nintendo does either. That's a major problem.

  • Lentertained Theo (@Lentertained) reported

    @GideonOnGaming @TheGuardianJrdn @PlayStation They are related. Steam has censored games recently as well, and Nintendo has done the same with how they treat their fans and began suing them. They are shutting and censoring all the work they did so no one else can the same. Thank you for seeing why I had an issue though 👌

  • PandaGlobal Panda Global (@PandaGlobal) reported

    @WingZ79 Same input lag as the original Nintendo Adapter!

  • merckseys Merckseys (@merckseys) reported from Indianapolis, Indiana

    @SpaghettiOsSSB @NintendoAmerica Aye let's go! Items on low nbd. Smash ball is the real factor. Some final smashes are broken. Just straight free kills vs some characters just barely dmg you.

  • JasonElsner Jason (@JasonElsner) reported

    @gameinformer Nintendo is trash. After Super Nintendo they no longer cared about gamers. 1. Third Party’s 2. A decade late to online play 3. Sale’s are a joke 4. Released the Wii U as a test product 5. Online service and store are very poor

  • okkelsey kelsey 💿 (@okkelsey) reported

    like im talkin phone, car, laptop, nintendo ds all broken in some way at the same time

  • SardonicPickle Sardonic Pickle (@SardonicPickle) reported

    I'm more excited about indie games coming for Switch this year, than Nintendo titles. Not just because I'm poorer, but because Nintendo are so far up their own asses, I'll wait until they pry themselves out. Online service is shit, half baked games all last year.

  • FelixRi76955384 Xilef (@FelixRi76955384) reported

    @righttheleft2 @NintendoAmerica Disney says they have no problem to use him for smash

  • righttheleft2 that right guy (@righttheleft2) reported

    @FelixRi76955384 @NintendoAmerica Disney is the problem for not letting that happen

  • justrich1121 Rich (@justrich1121) reported

    @CoastalMichelle @ccgamesceo @tigheklory @_BLEEDGREEN_ @Yun1t0 @blkdog7 @VGOPodcast that's a Nintendo's excuse for having such a crappy service they say must be your connection. They did promise ethernet connection by 2025.

  • Yung_Chuckles Chuckles (@Yung_Chuckles) reported

    @ChakuuFoxDragon @amiiboAlerts @NintendoAmerica Fair enough. Most likely the joycons could fix the problem too

  • jamesk800 James Koenig (@jamesk800) reported

    1. Any and all Nintendo Switches that are used for Smash Ultimate NEED to be checked to see that all of the characters are unlocked. Not all the characters were unlocked, and that honestly caused a few problems.

  • FriskyBizArt Frisky うつ病 (@FriskyBizArt) reported

    ngl i would instantly start trying to compete if nintendo removed that headass wired controller input lag from the game because that input lag makes it feel like im wading through mud everytime i play

  • metalsystem761 Dan (metalsystem761) (@metalsystem761) reported

    @NintendoAmerica @FEHeroes_News Bath units but strangely no where near the fan service as summer banners

  • Isher_Roth T4TL2 on streaming (@Isher_Roth) reported

    @NewBreed_Dexx And nintendo never had a good server where lag wasnt there. So no.

  • colawwize Hound | colaw (@colawwize) reported

    @JaxterTS I can't get my Off The Hook fix on Spotify unfortunately (Seriously Nintendo, do that)

  • DanteSlaton Danté 🎄 (@DanteSlaton) reported

    @Rnew23 @NintendoAmerica You still can. I’ve done it just a few weeks ago when I didn’t get an email from Nintendo through my AOL. So the moment I changed it I immediately got the code a day after I contacted customer service.

  • beastknockoff I Don't Know A Name To Do (@beastknockoff) reported

    @NintendoAmerica fix your ******* online I DC because of you and your bullshit no we won't make servers first splatoon2

  • Jesse66668502 J.A.M (@Jesse66668502) reported

    @SubnauticaXbox This may not be what some want to hear, but Unknown Worlds Entertainment isn't a powerhouse studio like EA, Nintendo, Bungie, etc. I hate getting going and discoverinf a broken game too, but I'm sure it's being fixed as fast as possible.

  • JamesOdono Jim (@JamesOdono) reported from Ilford, England

    Bad batch of Nintendo switch bowser controllers being sold by @Argos_Online had 2 with exact same problem now!

  • NostalgiaNinja Nostalgia Ninja (@NostalgiaNinja) reported

    I'm thinking of modifying the Nintendo wireless keyboard to low-profile clicky switches. Unfortunately, there's a problem: The housing is probably too small for the modification I want to do and I'll have to make a custom housing for it.

  • Creepin1837 ImNotCreepin (@Creepin1837) reported

    @AppStore @FortniteGame Can @FortniteGame PLEASE FIX----> The low performance on the Nintendo Switch: @NintendoAmerica, WE ARE AT A DISADVANTAGE when it comes to close gun fights and mid range because of the insane amount of frame drop. AND MOBILE CAN PLAY 60-FPS ON A PHONE AND NOT A CONSOLE-SWITCH!!!

  • MikeMerriamORG It was Waluigi's Piranha Plant! (@MikeMerriamORG) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Please get the artist to fix the proportions of the Camilla character artwork! She looks odd in 3/4 of the units art!

  • Im_Cyablox No running in my lobby. (@Im_Cyablox) reported

    @STG_Nate @NintendoAmerica That ‘could’ be a problem, due to USA’s version of Mario 2 was a reskin of Doki Doki Panic. Japan’s Mario 2 (the lost levels) was the same art style as Mario 1 pretty much. However, I am not sure how the company 100% handles stuff like this.

  • light_brand pudding e-boy (@light_brand) reported

    Out of all the lords, Leif has some of the best character development, the problem is that most people don’t get to see that, and most of it is shown in obscure material + subtext!! Its a crime that he (and the other Jugdral lords!) are overlooked by both Nintendo AND the fanbase

  • omegazio Horizon Zero Omega (@omegazio) reported

    @BeastFireTimdog @KBG_Garrett900 Tim get over it Sea of Thieves was a ripoff it flopped it's score made the Xbox look more like a joke Microsoft has killed Rare which is why im still mad at Nintendo for losing them but as of right now Microsoft will make cheap games that come for their gamepass welfare service

  • Raym9n6 Raymond. (@Raym9n6) reported

    @KimChi_Chic Literally @Nintendo FIX IT

  • 8BitSuckerPunch Jupiter's Cock! (@8BitSuckerPunch) reported

    Nintendo Switch Online: Communication Error Communication Error Communication Error Communication Error Communication Error Communication Error Fix your shit @NintendoAmerica

  • Zelda4Prez Moose’d (@Zelda4Prez) reported

    @death_b4digital @StitchJoker @S1_SSB Yeah definitely P2P. Was really really hoping this would change with the subscription service. Mario Kart and Splat are able to hide the lag and input delays a lot better. Like I said though go read Nintendo’s support site on DNS issues that at least can help a ton

  • FlodotelitoKifo FlodotelitoKifo (@FlodotelitoKifo) reported

    @FortniteGame fix the nintendo switch port you dorks

  • QueerLazy QueerAndLazy (@QueerLazy) reported

    @bigboydolphinz @NintendoAmerica @Nexusswagon Like I have no problem with that but-

  • T_C_O_ TCO (@T_C_O_) reported

    @LiquidHbox Ok, I can understand the major problem with Siege, if Nintendo cleaned up the foreground so there isnt a blindspot, its be ok. Also, the prob with Ware, its actually too small, you can get koed at around 30% if you get edge guarded. So if anything, ban Siege now, unless its fixed

  • idk_a_name69 Idk | LET ME DRIVE MY VAN INTO UR HEART (@idk_a_name69) reported

    @NintendoAmerica wtf is up with the internet sksksksk. the internet doesn't work on my 2ds or switch fiX tHis

  • PhillyTCS Phil (@PhillyTCS) reported

    @NintendoAmerica has a great tech support team, just got off a web chat with someone and they helped fix the issue within 5 minutes

  • D_DiscipIe D.DiscipleBDay1/31 (@D_DiscipIe) reported

    @speedygus23 @NintendoAmerica sadly wasn't there just got off customer service with them so we good.

  • Psainox Lumi Loser (@Psainox) reported

    @NintendoAmerica Pls fix online :(

  • anw2018 anna (@anw2018) reported

    I really wanted a Nintendo switch pro control so I got one from amazon. Right out the box, the L analog stick was stuck going down even when it wasn’t in use. I returned and noticed there were a lot of reviews that said the same. @NintendoAmerica please fix this problem.

  • movofosho swarlos (@movofosho) reported

    Might **** around and get a Nintendo switch now that I know crash bandicoot is available on it

  • Angelolara1170 Thebeneb (@Angelolara1170) reported

    @NintendoAmerica why is there no Ethernet cable, I keep lagging

  • Sugar_Crap The bad thicc stuff (@Sugar_Crap) reported

    @Malfeasance__ Maybe when i buy the nintendo online service....even so, i could use my free 7 days!

  • Harvey12361043 Mr.57 (@Harvey12361043) reported

    @NintendoUKVS @NintendoUK Error code 2002-4153 is OP please nerf

  • CPFC_Adam Adam (@CPFC_Adam) reported

    @NintendoUKVS @NintendoUK I dunno there is too much bloody lag to play it online!!!

Nintendo Switch Online Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 2002
  • 20110
  • 2110
  • 2124
  • 2137
  • 2153
  • 2160
  • 2162
  • 2168
  • 2811