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Origin is an online gaming, digital distribution and DRM platform developed by Electronic Arts that allows users to purchase games on the internet for PC and mobile platforms, and download them with the Origin client.

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August 21: Problems at Origin

Origin is having issues since 12:30 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • Online Play (8.16%)
  • Game Crash (4.08%)

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  • TheKevin8082
    Kevin8082 (@TheKevin8082) reported

    hey @CriterionGames thanks for still asking for money on the Burnout Paradise Remastered, the game crashes because it wants to, you have to put origin in offline mode to pass the EA login screen but it still crashes on the DMV screen, shoud have given it for free

  • bulletfever409
    BulletFever409 (@bulletfever409) reported

    @93418 @GOGcom That's a good point actually. Origin I don't have the same error message. Only steam. Something between the two gets mixed up and thinks its never been activated before.

  • SpeedrunsRS
    Speedruns (@SpeedrunsRS) reported

    @JagexChaose Pal Park Retire Glitch causes Arceus to be 'legitimately obtained' and infinitely farmed as you are able to use it to call upon the 'Battle Arceus' trigger by if you void into one of the incredibly few tiles that are labelled as 'Hall of Origin' by using Retire menu option.

  • miithinks
    Mia Marci (@miithinks) reported

    @PrinsipeNgPoot Objectifying queers in fandom is a very real problem, but I'd make the case at how hypocritical fans are, like your friend na ayaw sa yuri pero patay na patay sa yaoi -- not the term fujoshi, which is just so layered and complex because of the land of its origin. (2/2)

  • Dhruvsh36687360
    Dhruv shukla (@Dhruvsh36687360) reported

    @RailMinIndia got seat near to to toilet.. coping with bad smell, not able to breathe, even at origin of train ,toilets are not clean.. please do needful or change my seat ..I have breathe problem. PNR- 2730568219, train no-12428

  • TheSmike
    Jan | Smike (@TheSmike) reported

    @EAHelp I cant login into my origin account the whole day. Iam always getting an "origin login is currently unavailable please try again later" error. I already tried clearing the origin cache, reinstalling & also changing my password.

  • llhowj
    Howard Rosenberg (@llhowj) reported

    @Uber I am receiving ride receipts with origin and destination info from another rider. Not only is this annoying, it seems like a security issue as it is exposing a lot of information about another user. Please contact me to fix this...I cannot find any way to contact you.

  • nerdi_nikki
    Nikki 🏳️‍🌈 (@nerdi_nikki) reported

    @Eluminella It is! I’m going to try to find out if there’s anything I can do to fix it other than repairing the game through Origin which worked last time but not this time.

  • BarDol10
    Bar Dol (@BarDol10) reported

    @Nigel_Farage @LeaveMnsLeave Could never understand why the EU didn't agree free movement of people with the proviso that you can only claim benefits in your country of origin. Would have solved many of the problems we have today!

  • luigitec
    LuigiFrankSinatra (@luigitec) reported

    @cloudfront Hi, was there any kind of temp outage during this timeframe? 8:30 am - 8:45 am, we got this message on diff servers: ERROR Failed to contact the origin. Generated Tue, 21 Aug 2018 13:41:20 GMT Request ID... Edges were:,,

  • OverUnderClover're in danger, girl (@OverUnderClover) reported

    @BethLindstrom @AUdebm @SenWarren @MAPOLICECHIEFS @massfop @MasscopAFLCIO She's absolutely right. If you deny this then you have no awareness of history. Setting bait trucks in poor neighborhoods, pulling guns on people and saying it's bc they aren't white. Racial profiling has been built into practice since it's origin. Better to fix it than deny.

  • indigosky42
    IndigoSky42 (@indigosky42) reported

    @Say_NO2China @paqurin @BattleOfChelsea @hipriestesskang @AlexWhitcomb He could start by enstating country of origin labeling and truth in labeling laws reguarding food products...that would be nice. He could ban products that test positive for toxins too. There are a ton of specific things he could fix.

  • klepzig_stacie
    Stacie Klepzig (@klepzig_stacie) reported

    @TwBookClub @Ruth_Finnegan A complex and well researched book about the origin and use of quotes sounds useful for a particular audience. The grammatical errors are surprising and unfortunate for a book of this nature.

  • SweetValley_
    Sweet Valley Online (@SweetValley_) reported

    @EAHelp It only took three cache clears and reboots to fix it today. This is fun. And if I shut it down again, I'll have to repeat the process. I'm getting fed up of running Origin every second of the day because if I don't, it will error out.

  • WillPatII
    𝒲𝒾𝓁𝓁𝒾𝒶𝓂 𝒫𝒶𝓉𝓇𝒾𝒸𝓀 (@WillPatII) reported

    If you paid for and read Omarosa’s ‘Unhinged’ and have not read books like Darwin’s ‘On the Origin of Species’ or Rawl’s ‘Theory of Justice’, 𝐘𝐎𝐔 𝐀𝐑𝐄 part of the problem...

  • kitKAT_dc
    Fly On The Wall (@kitKAT_dc) reported

    @MadeNChynna Not entirely. I think black is generic. Because everyone's from Africa at some point. So when do you stop. Every culture has a prior origin. At some point they left by choice or force and created their own. And that's what they chose to go by henceforth and I don't see a problem

  • Duisi_
    Duisi (@Duisi_) reported

    @EAHelp Im not able to sign in into my origin account. Do you know what the problem is ? Already changed my password, but im still not able to log in!

  • MuneebKhanIdiot
    Muneeb Khan (@MuneebKhanIdiot) reported

    @need_user_name_ Though its a different thing, same kind of problem i hav wid the concept of secularism here. Secularism in its origin was never to be honouring every religion alike, it was to be indifferent, have a regardless approach to all religions alike. U hav to hav equal irrelevance for al

  • SJhaoligirl
    SJ (@SJhaoligirl) reported

    @AiG "The origin of beauty has long been a problem for evolutionists, ..." Kenny, Kenny, Kenny. You mistake the desire to understand our universe as problems standing in the way of some perceived agenda. That's not how science works, dude!

  • AnnieMonney
    AnnieMoney (@AnnieMonney) reported

    @PaddySteen @DCMS Get your landline supplier to stop all calls that don't have their origin shown. Then if you get an unexpected call just say "Hello". If the person takes an abnormal time to reply, put the phone down. The time lag is due to satellite delay from Asia etc.

  • politicalME2016
    Data tracked lab rat (@politicalME2016) reported

    @KielRobinson @karlmeyer @LiamFox One particular example of this, Doctors. EU origin Dr's are leaving, Indian Dr's fighting to take up positions. ALL should be very welcome. FoM was a problem due to borderless EU and free passage of illegal immigrants. Ironic as some EU countries now close to reinstating borders.

  • swalesey_LUFC
    Alan Swales (@swalesey_LUFC) reported

    @mrowebot I went for the Buffalo chicken wrap. Made sure to check the origin of Buffalo chicken first so not to offend anyone. Unless they are offended in which case I apologise. Maybe @McDonaldsUK could introduce a turnip flavoured wrap for native English to eat without causing issues.


    @hvgoenka origin of letters&words of any of languages- As vocal chord&organs involved in producing a sound were jumbled as letters(alphabetic) than letters were jumbled in live words. Some enjoyed many meanings. New sharp brains resolves new patterns&all problems until loss of sharpness


    origin of letters&words of any of languages- As vocal chord&organs involved in producing a sound were jumbled as letters(alphabetic) than letters were jumbled in live words. Some enjoyed many meanings. New sharp brains resolves new patterns&all problems until loss of sharpness

  • HypPioneer
    ❌ Hyperborean Pioneer ❌ (@HypPioneer) reported

    A blue wave means throwing open the gates to low IQ migrants who will import the broken culture of their shithole countries of origin. No thanks.

  • pcartisHD
    pcartisHD (@pcartisHD) reported

    @EAHelp why should that help? Origin has just logged out where to go and I do not think who several people have the problem that it is up to me are your servers online?

  • ontwoplanks
    Andy B (@ontwoplanks) reported

    @Fuzzyness @OriginBroadband I was with BT for 6 years, 0 problems ever, switched to Origin because of a BT price rise, had nearly nightly outages for an long time and still pay for a backup connection as it dies once or twice a week. All they did was blame my line

  • ZRogerMBARGA
    Zacharie Roger MBARGA (@ZRogerMBARGA) reported

    @LandrySigne @BrookingsInst Great Professor. But did we solve the problem of the origin's rules so as to create a fundamentally AfCFTA? How do we finance BIAT plan?

  • GameboyLuke
    luke @ heir (@GameboyLuke) reported

    @Fuzzyness Totally understandable, dropouts are stupid. I'm currently on Origin Broadband which I believe piggybacks off of Vodafone and have only had one drop out since moving here in January. Might be worth looking it mobile service providers that are doing Internet rn. Might be good.

  • pcartisHD
    pcartisHD (@pcartisHD) reported

    @EAHelp Hey, Why can not login in Origin ?

  • RupertFoxx
    Rupert Fox (@RupertFoxx) reported

    The worst part is that the woman who is of Indian origin is claiming she's not getting proper care because of her ethnicity. Yet there is three other Southern Asian woman on the ward. And they seem grateful of this amazing service. #savethenhs #healthcareforall #multicultural

  • danielhop1996
    daniel hoppe (@danielhop1996) reported

    @EAHelp are the Origin Login Server down? can't login here in germany

  • Duisi_
    Duisi (@Duisi_) reported

    @EAHelp Hey, I got some problems to connect to Origin. Any things to do?

  • Sappholopoda
    Far Beyond the Stars (@Sappholopoda) reported

    @ponettplus God I can't wait for Barber to just completely dropkick Furman's origin in the last few OP Issues.

  • barlaventoexp
    barlaventoexp #saveukfrombrexit (@barlaventoexp) reported

    @JamesMelville I've been pointing this out for several years now! The origin of and blame for the problem lies squarely at the feet of successive (now proven) xenophobic Home Secretaries & the Home Office, the greatest offender being #theresamayhem herself who was Home Sec for 6 years!!

  • AlanHar45142012
    Allons (@AlanHar45142012) reported

    @heatherm999 The problem is so bad that the government can't handle it ; there would be riots, the legal costs would be astronomical, impossible to identify the country of origin, who wouldn't accept them necessarily. Only an authoritarian state could do it. Either way democracy is finished.

  • HaverburghTimes
    ℌ𝔞𝔳𝔢𝔯𝔟𝔲𝔯𝔤𝔥 (@HaverburghTimes) reported

    That's the problem and they know it. In this day and age it wouldn't be difficult to label ALL meats origin/slaughter method.

  • EEnuph
    EnuphsEnuph (@EEnuph) reported

    Did you know that companies can detect a mobile phone no. at an address? I'm on holidays & staying in a house on LPG gas. I just got a call from Origin trying to sell me LPG gas. At home I'm an Origin customer with natural gas. Now turning off my phone's location service.

  • marcushewitson
    Dr Marcus Hewitson (@marcushewitson) reported

    Medicine’s failure to diagnose complex cases but then imply psychogenic origin adds insult to injury. Patients deserve better. As a Profession, we need to fix this...stat. #epistemicarrogance #HippocraticOath #DoNoHarm

  • Sandy1one
    Carolyn (@Sandy1one) reported

    @Hells4Heroes It’s disgusting, something has to be done! Our justice system is broken and not dealing effectively with these foul child rapists. Those that aren’t from here should be kicked out and sent back to their country of origin to serve their time in their prisons not ours.

  • pankil18sbm
    Pankil🙏🇮🇳 (@pankil18sbm) reported

    @JK2107TW @TajinderBagga I see why you miss the origin to every problem. Bcz the entire generation lyk urs of tamilians have been uprooted frm d original sanatana, vedic, cosmic concepts. I pity u. Tc. Hope you get the required enlightenment

  • MHaruna
    Momodu ARUNA (@MHaruna) reported

    @Fact Not very correct. The question really is does the Bible sanction such celebration? Why did Jesus Christ not celebrate his own? What's the origin of the celebration? Our service to God should be based on His direction not on our convenience.

  • EDPC66
    DanielPierre (@EDPC66) reported

    @akalamusic Sounds like a rich and poor problem, haves vs have nots, this happens across the world, has happened throughout history and is not limited to rich West Africans against poor African Americans. Money is the problem, what causes divisions, not nationality or country of origin.

  • angeI_xcx
    𝖆𝖓𝖌𝖊𝖑 (@angeI_xcx) reported


  • poppagio
    sustainable dick energy™️ (@poppagio) reported

    @bagelwife do you want my origin login?

  • Suzi3D
    Suzie Dawson (@Suzi3D) reported

    @UmfuldCares @wirt_dan @EvaKBartlett @caitoz @VanessaBeeley @Partisangirl 3. Jake himself repeatedly raised concerns about US Navy origin & State Dept (NOT DoD) funding of Tor 4. Jake outed a CIA agent infiltrating Tor, prior to Jake being ejected from Tor 5. I have extensively written about the problems with Tor & how it support the drone program/USMC

  • blackcatb00ks
    joyce carol nopes. (@blackcatb00ks) reported

    Working a customer service job is my super villain origin story.

  • keving139
    Giles Crackstone (@keving139) reported

    @cookiedusterden @SpencerStraub Your point illustrates the problem with doing origin stories of heavily established characters. Most ppl have an idea of what the characters s/b and can't or won't accept a difference.

  • sevichex
    sebastian agurto (@sevichex) reported

    @AskEASupport I'm having some trouble trying to install The Sims Medieval via origin... it gives me this error: 327682:0

  • amsteelpres
    #InTrumpWeTrust (@amsteelpres) reported

    Dear .@SadiqKhan For the suggestion box. Go after the criminals, without regard to religion. And if they are not citizens send them back to their country of origin, without regard to religion. Trust me, that will go the furthest toward dealing with your problem. #MBGA

  • PanelsAndPizza
    Adam Vermillion (@PanelsAndPizza) reported

    @MagsVisaggs Freshman year of high school I wrote a TMNT parody, Juvenile Radioactive Judo Wombats. My friend Brent drew it. They were mutated by radioactive beer. The best part was Issue 2, which explained their origin, was subtitled "The Secret of the Booze."

  • MaddHattPatt
    Patt🌱 (@MaddHattPatt) reported

    Oh geez, I just got an email saying my origin account had a login from japan. Never have I rushed so fast to change all my settings LPT: 2FA EVERYTHING

  • Gergo777
    Gregxus (@Gergo777) reported

    @StellarEnts BP Remastered on PC crash right after Connecting to servers. It works when Origin is in offline mode, but as soon as I try to join the servers it crashes. Any fix?

  • GodzillaMendoza
    GodzillaMendoza (@GodzillaMendoza) reported

    @dailyspideyig @dudewitavoice @andrexman_ >Making reference to the single most important part of a character's origin in a film when he's still becoming a hero >calling that fan service. You strike me as the kind of person who groans and gets uncomfortable in his seat in the theater if a Superman movie says "Krypton"

  • GhilDirthalen
    Caitie (@GhilDirthalen) reported

    Public Service announcement: If you have a Steam Link and want to play Origin games on it while using a controller (if the game has controller support): Add Origin (not the game) as a game on Steam. Then open Origin through steam link and start the game you want to play!✨

  • KrissyLionz
    Krissy 🦁🇬🇩 (@KrissyLionz) reported

    @DeOrigKing @Spocaccino Lmao sir? You’re not making any sense. Origin of soca was not the argument. Go back to the drawing board and get the point of issue then come correct. All for now, yuh head stick up yuh anus.

  • SweetValley_
    Sweet Valley Online (@SweetValley_) reported

    What's awesome about @OriginInsider? Well, gosh, I really do love encoutering a "Well, that didn't go as planned!" error EVERY SINGLE TIME I LOAD IT UP, no matter how many times I clear the cache and reboot.

  • tilosloboda
    Tilo Sloboda (@tilosloboda) reported

    @githubstatus $ git push origin head ... packet_write_wait: Connection to port 22: Broken pipe fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

  • YoungsColin
    ColinG (@YoungsColin) reported

    @CarolineTiley1 @RantAndRun Before paranoia takes hold of your fragile minds, I was referring to the high unemployment rate amongst young people in the Med countries. I was not referring to their desirability as people or any other issues relating to their country of origin.

  • Ohcrit
    King Crit (@Ohcrit) reported

    @ivyleaguepunk As a consumer, speak with your wallet. Use ad-block (Ublock Origin is best) if you're angry. You are provided a service, and if it can't be replaced by a better service, or have a justified cost increase, then you can communicate it clearly by NOT buying Turbo.