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  • ArtcoreCosplay
    🧜‍♀️Elli🏳️‍🌈@GuildGames (@ArtcoreCosplay) reported

    I had an unauthorized login to my @OriginInsider Account @EAHelp I seem to have been fast enough to avoid any damage but change/check your passwords everybody

  • AndrewOHagan3
    Andrew O'Hagan (@AndrewOHagan3) reported

    @mrjamesob No planes flying No ground vehicles Insurance must be purchased within the EU along with having a licence valid here. No trade with anyone see above. Assume we fix the first two above customs, tariffs and origin of goods. Speak to @JasonJHunter or @EveryCountry

  • vixticator
    🎬Days of Dreams 😴 Nights of Cinema🎬 (@vixticator) reported

    Prime video could really use some human curators to fix the multitude of problems with... everything. Wrong directors listed for movies, wrong year, wrong language or country of origin. You name it.

  • RahilZulji
    Aniums (@RahilZulji) reported

    @MrProWestie Someone tell origin to fix their shit download

  • SvenHeimbuch
    Sven Heimbuch (@SvenHeimbuch) reported

    @JASPStats Updating: org.jasp.JASP/x86_64/master from org.jasp.JASP-origin Error: Failed to update org.jasp.JASP/x86_64/master: Server returned status 403: Forbidden :-(

  • cybernoelie
    Noel Dolan 🎭 ⭐⭐⭐ (@cybernoelie) reported

    @elouai Foucault describes how in the past if you caused problems for certain powerful people they could have you deemed mentally unfit and literally have you put on a ship out in the harbour separate from society (where we get Ship of Fools from) - it's the origin of mental asylums.

  • shekiarzaga
    dεv • シェキ (@shekiarzaga) reported

    @PinguisMina @syx_phantom @Nikkolit_ I don’t disagree there. It’s where u said that people shouldn’t use the term. I admit I wasn’t aware of its origin story but that word obv has had an evolution. I’m just saying silencing that conversation to save face won’t do anything in addressing the issue a lot of pinoys have

  • rameshmadaan92
    Ramesh Madaan (@rameshmadaan92) reported

    I am travelling through Amritsar - Nanded 12716 dated 11.12.2018. The train coaches are are newly built. However flush buttons are not working.Toilets are totally *****. Our PM is giving slogan of make in India however material used is not of indian origin & not repairable.

  • bcgift
    belinda cardoso (@bcgift) reported

    absolutely nothing wrong with free trade but there is a huge problem with the WTO 'country of origin' rules.

  • Dethtool_74
    Keith Horton (@Dethtool_74) reported

    @Alienware Don't waste your time or money. Customer service is a freakin joke. If they screw something up on your brand new pc they will replace the parts with refurbished ones. Personal experience speaking here. I'm looking into Origin PC. I'll never buy another Alienware again!

    benzo amore (@TOSHPOINTBRO) reported

    @corybutcher @armchairlb @davemeltzerWON HH blocked me when I asked him the question which is the origin of this issue

  • catrastrophe
    nina (@catrastrophe) reported

    vld soon... optimistic watchers will either 1) fixate on like three good scenes and eat those breadcrumbs up or 2) crash hard and voltron becomes part of their villain origin story

  • macker_da
    Da Macker (@macker_da) reported

    @thrawniejoe @thehill You don't know that. Only way to tell is check the postmark and origin. I got my ballot 5 weeks before the election. Mailed it 2 weeks later. It got counted. There needs to be an effort from the voter. If there are problems, fix them ahead of time.

  • tattsjane
    Tattsjane (@tattsjane) reported from Toronto, Ontario

    @CWSmets We need an origin story for Vincent Cassell's character. Any of his characters for that matter. Come to think of it, I'd watch an origin story on TLJs character and Treadwell. Beats watching Damon mope around with his "my daddys in the CIA" issues....

  • MonicaSpencer
    Monica Spencer (@MonicaSpencer) reported

    @NicolleDWallace Making my own. So not a problem. In my family, raw cookie dough is known as mushka. It has no origin, other than the imagination of a seven year old who is now 30. It's still mushka. It's a mantra.

  • Shadow_USA
    Shadow 🇺🇸 (@Shadow_USA) reported

    @Daervon Well our service doesn't allow you to rent games, you would own your own cloud PC and the games would be your games. You would install via your own steam, Battlenet, origin, etc.

  • SarahMick15
    Sarah Mick (@SarahMick15) reported from Austin, Texas

    @basedcam Like this: I know the world’s a broken bone, but melt your headaches and call it home. (do not google origin, it will ruin it)

  • _Lt_Elvis_
    A to the K (@_Lt_Elvis_) reported

    @EA @Origin guys what is happening. A bunch of us can not login at origin and your website ist not accessible. Origin Launcher: ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT

  • JackChin32
    Ressler (@JackChin32) reported

    @OriginInsider I am having issues logging in. I keep getting a message stating I need to be online. Any advice. Just bought a game and keen to use it!

  • Rem_sleepy
    Rem (@Rem_sleepy) reported

    @Shayeeeeyn Actually, the origin of the phrase means what I said; the progression or "evolution" though is the problem. Since people's understanding of it most likely diverge the phrase from its origin.

  • zewt
    zewt (@zewt) reported

    @TwitchSupport all streams broken in Chrome blocked by CORS policy: Response to preflight request doesn't pass access control check: The value of the 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header in the response must not be the wildcard '*' when the request's credentials mode is 'include

  • blackpoolwhite
    MarkJ (@blackpoolwhite) reported

    @LUFC_Harry1919 @BillyKeville True but all roads lead back to the point of origin where minority groups are abused,because by and large thats what happened first. Without the initial prejudice there wouldnt be a problem which prompts the initiatives.

  • the_bob_barrett
    Bob Barrett (@the_bob_barrett) reported

    @FedExHelp No. You had your chance to help. Instead of helping, you hung up twice and left the phone on a desk for a third call. I’m taking this package to it’s company of origin (@Walmart ) and they said they’d be more than happy to fix your error.

  • cybersqyd
    morgan pyre 🦒 (@cybersqyd) reported

    Origin is a service that makes me feel like i'm being exploited even when i'm just playing a game i already own on it

  • wingod
    Dennis Wingo (@wingod) reported

    @jeff_foust This is simply not true. Blue Origin is offering to shoulder much of the cost of a lunar direct service.

  • Life_wars
    Whorecrux (@Life_wars) reported

    @ambrosia_omG @amadeusfletch @saymantix My main issue is if Thanos could disrupt the origin of Manhattan. Then theoretically his existence could be blocked

  • OnFireGaspy
    🎅🏽❄️❄️🤶🏽 (@OnFireGaspy) reported

    even a broken clock is right twice a day origin

  • lwsnbaker
    lawson baker : 88发 babafa (@lwsnbaker) reported

    @JustSwart As for Ari's comments on generalized mining being like investing in airlines as they are poor investments due to no differentiation of service (Fly from A to B), this misses the entire point and that is the origin of my thread you linked above.

  • siobhansabino
    Siobhán (@siobhansabino) reported

    @EA I have disabled @OriginInsider from starting on my computer at least a half dozen times and yet it continues to start at login.

  • Oscarsol_acc
    Oscar Sol (@Oscarsol_acc) reported

    @Pagina924 avoid to re install the upgrades...that maybe the origin of the problem

  • AlexIsUpdating
    AlexIsPlaying (@AlexIsUpdating) reported

    @TheYoonz More competition is good for everyone. Having almost all my library on Steam scares me shitless to be honest. I have no issue using GOG, Discord, Origin, Epic, uPlay and BNet because the last thing I want is for Valve to have a monopoly.

  • JP317
    John-Paul Hoare (@JP317) reported

    @skamp13 Venom was fun, ignore the fact that his original origin is heavily tied to Spider-Man and they’ll be no problems just a fun and somewhat crazy film 😄

  • JuliusWaller
    Julius Waller (@JuliusWaller) reported

    @UxbEconomist07 These depend on uni-lateral measures by the EU and UK. You overlook chemicals, medicines besides agriculture. Then there are the supply chain issues and the rules of origin. Lets see - roaming of telecoms and the energy inter-connectors , everyone on secondment etc... Unrealistic

  • fullerd1606
    Dan Fuller 🇺🇸 דניאל (@fullerd1606) reported

    @garyhjanzen @Prophecy_YEC @JohnJon43924480 @Through_Science @BillyPhysics @AiG Only the forms of dating that have a smaller error ratio will date the earth between 10 - 30k. And after the mt st Helens aftermath, objects of known origin were dated with radiometeric with error ratios of clearly you stick with that to promote a false theory

  • BN2187
    Jolly Ol’ Saint Ben (@BN2187) reported

    The only problem is that it never manages to convince the viewer that it is telling a story necessary to the Saga. Solo is weighed down because it’s an origin story about a character who is made better by his interactions with the characters around him.

  • seize_the_beat
    SeizeTheBeat (@seize_the_beat) reported

    @Jaryn211 @MurdaMan09 @Nassergamez @GodUhWar @MMORPGcom @OriginInsider @EA Has nothing to do with bravery as much as not dealing with an obnoxious person hurling insults because he has a problem with a company who has every legal right to destroy the NDA breaker’s finances. The streamer signed the NDA, but his greed for viewers cost him. Good!

  • skinslip
    skinslip™ (@skinslip) reported

    @BradFHenderson You see, when Godzilla was first brought back in 1985 he was larger but by 1991 he was dwarfed by many buildings in Japan and so the 1991 movie has a ridiculous time travel plot to fix this and make Godzilla bigger by literally retconning his origin Marvel Comics style.

  • esc0rtd3w
    Jason Borowski (@esc0rtd3w) reported

    @roXyPS3 @YouTube Last year I had that same issue with super long YouTube ads. After testing, it was the adblocker I was using and Firefox that made them the longest, chrome did not have long ads, even with adblocker. I use ublock origin and never see ads now! Sorry guys lol

  • MvaRogier
    Rogier Mva Buurman (@MvaRogier) reported

    @zerohedge @wmiddelkoop The problem is of local origin and was there even before 1672. Pointing at ethnic groups, religious groups and free thinkers.

  • badbotsdonebad
    Bad Bots, Done Badly (@badbotsdonebad) reported

    { "origin": "time", "adjective": ["problem #other# #verb# big all problem", "#adjective# #adjective#"], "noun": ["her #verb# few #preposition#"] }

  • MinorIrritant
    AlexisStewart⭐⭐⭐ (@MinorIrritant) reported

    @barmore27 Send them to point of origin. Problem solved.

  • Tirahanis
    Athinas (@Tirahanis) reported

    So, for all food ingredients and additifs used, which can cause doubt for its origin, it is advisable to STATE CLEARLY. So the problem for this product is that, it is not stated.

  • TrueBackupGamer
    The Narrator (@TrueBackupGamer) reported

    @KuarThunderclw @Stalltt @StreamerSquare Because when you utilize a service platform, such as Origin or Steam, you agree to the EULA, which acts like a contract. You are agreeing to be bound by all conditions met within that agreement. Break it and you get met with the consequences set therein.

  • MadDeniels
    MadDeniels (@MadDeniels) reported

    @SkullyBoots @Marcrakee @bethesda A crapy launcher that can cause insatbilitys, crashes, lag and slowdown. I prefer steam because it rarely has those kinds of issues. Origin is going to get deleted aswell as soon as i played trough dragon age, as an example. Those lauchers are a joke in 99% of the cases...

  • saeghtesadi
    SAE (@saeghtesadi) reported

    @aemon_targ @lostcauseh1b The reason for GC backlog is issuance of too much temporary worker visa by some companies from south Asia. They r not separate issues. U r not seeking to solve the problem from its origin, thats why its not going to solve it in long term. I dont think u care about that though.

  • FreezingWolves
    FreezingWolves (@FreezingWolves) reported

    Hey @OriginInsider , need to check your auto updater for your client. It's broken, had to do a clean install to get anything to work.

  • netlifystatus
    Netlify Status (@netlifystatus) reported

    We are currently investigating problems connecting to our API and Origin. Cached assets on our CDN are being served.

  • GregorySBerry
    Gregory Berry (@GregorySBerry) reported

    @tarchon7 This is fine. The only problem I have with this chart is I think it misplaces Bernie and Hillary. You have Hillary right down the middle, and Bernie significantly to the left. Your issue about *scale* is fine with me. But I disagree with how you've moved the origin.

  • DanHinz65
    Dan Hinz (@DanHinz65) reported

    @Knightmoved @GoodShepherd316 @Lead1225 Your myth has been around for awhile. The more people dig into origin of life issues, the more they realize that nothing doesn't cause something, let alone living organisms.

  • FreezingWolves
    FreezingWolves (@FreezingWolves) reported

    oh yeah... I forgot that @OriginInsider hates my old windows 7. I may not be able to play today boys. Looking into a fix for drivers and getting battlefield 5 to launch instead of loop back to origin each time I hit play.

  • NewerDeal
    To This Day! To This Day. To This Day! (@NewerDeal) reported

    @PRMurewa @tammikas @Thisizhowwedoit @Wale @BreakingBrown It is but I will say it is for us still different, if you can endure me a bit more, you have knowledge of origin. It isn't vague or uncertain. Being a stranger in a strange land has its own problems but it isn't the same.

  • barf_captain
    Captain Barf (@barf_captain) reported

    @seize_the_beat @Nassergamez @GodUhWar @MMORPGcom @OriginInsider @EA The problem is you don't own your games on Origin, but EA really does not make any effort to make you understand that.

  • ianlaytham
    ian (@ianlaytham) reported

    @ChrisSeddon2 @WayneMizen @Lord_Sugar willing to work for not real term wages as the English pound translates into far more multiples in their own country, if this was reciprocal I wouldn’t have a problem, the only option for me is to find another career & retrain which I’m not prepared to do in my country of origin!

  • mannixme2
    soulsurvivor (@mannixme2) reported

    @tongodeon @ProximaOne @J1jonesJones @Buckshotgutsho1 @westland_will Your confused-I could care less what color the person was that he hit. This is about Judge and jury and the bias that's prevalent against whites and nationalism. The origin of this bias comes from a variety of inter-sectional groups and globalist interests. This is a bigger issue

  • chiragjagtiani1
    Chirag Jagtiani (@chiragjagtiani1) reported

    @Battlefield On PS if you could offer such a feature to us as well by saying get Origin access n get to play ea games and that to no ps plus required anyways Sony says they take ps plus for running the service or servers but if I'm paying u n ur running the server I may not need ps plus

  • nviyof
    Nick Vy (@nviyof) reported from Fort Worth, Texas

    @antonioguterres The problems should be countered at the source: country of origin from which people flee dictatorship, abuse and #HumanRights violations, insecurity, poperisation and bad living conditions. Mostly caused by self-serving ruthless regimes sometimes backed by the developped nations.

  • cathyby
    Cathy Barry (@cathyby) reported

    @sevanslux @pbergsen @JohnDonker Anything short of ignoring the law entirely is going to cause problems. "Overly legalistic" just means "more law than I like". Plus the law means some border issues will be mitigated. UK has to be approved as origin for food imports for ex. That will reduce port issues...

  • DurbanChamber
    Durban Chamber (@DurbanChamber) reported from Durban, Province of KwaZulu-Natal

    WE ISSUE CERTIFICATES OF ORIGIN A Certificate of Origin is an international trade document that attests that goods are wholly manufactured and produced in a particular country. #DurbaMustRise #GrowYourBusinessInternationally

  • AlexBrangwin
    Alexandria Brangwin (@AlexBrangwin) reported

    @SkillUpYT EA deleting the NDA breakers Origin collection made me so mad I will never use the service, never give a **** about Anthem and never give EA another ******* cent ever again!

  • SixoTF
    Sixo (@SixoTF) reported

    @maroyasha @kgorman1979 Case in point, a character will pop up in a story of US origin, then get a focus in a UK original story the next issue. However the one runs directly into the next.