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  • LKodiac
    Lil Kodiac (@LKodiac) reported

    @Gamingwiz135 @Takahata101 I agree that's not just Mexico. How do we go about addressing this problem? If I migrated here from one of those countries, I'd probably lie about my nation of origin too.

  • WAGongaware
    Bunker Hill Bunny (@WAGongaware) reported

    @LeslieMarshall When will the parent, their country of origin, and Mexico ever be held to account for this? They are a part of the problem too.

  • TheMarshyBear
    ・ ᴥ ・ (@TheMarshyBear) reported

    @crinrict - Would you have any idea on how to fix the issue with ucrtbase.DLL and Origin? I have no idea which VisualStudio to repair if any, and AnswersHQ just moved my question to a "Solved" thread that.. really wasn't any use.

  • LiberalEcon
    John Allen Shaw (@LiberalEcon) reported

    @MoonBatsUnited @NadineNardine @nowthisnews @UNHumanRights Guatemalans living in the U.S. who started a Gang; then, to use familial roots to take over their Home Country of National Origin does nothing to move the needle over to America's Problem.

  • Izheet_Mdrurz
    Justin Kase 🇺🇸 (@Izheet_Mdrurz) reported

    @marcorubio Why not just send the entire family back to their country of origin immediately. No detaining of parents. No separating children from their parents. Problem solved. @POTUS

  • warsmatter
    William Spencer (@warsmatter) reported

    @trickcyclistraf @Voiceofaveteran @RUSI_org It appears that there have been/are cases of selective hearing. The issue is worth discussing further. The shrinkage of HM Forces in terms of manpower, will mean future reliance on historians of whatever origin.

  • amyphilo
    Amy James (@amyphilo) reported

    @CarmineSabia @jazziehill So many problems with this situation, if the children are illegal, they should be sent back to a housing facility back in their country of origin until they can be reunited with family. Even criminals have rights, even children of criminals. The US should not be taking those kids

  • MaryRShell
    Mary R. Shell (@MaryRShell) reported

    @JohnKasich Can the United Nations demand the countries of origin take responsibility for their own people and not be cruel? The immigration/refugee problem is horrendous and no good solution is apparent.

  • TheQueenLiberty
    The Queen Liberty - Canis caninam non est (@TheQueenLiberty) reported

    @ShepherdMao Hard to debate when the concept so complex. The root or origin of the issue must be questioned 1st & foremost. As a child kidnapped, my parents quiet about it - must raise questions. Malaysians are so oppressed not allowed to fight for basic rights. Children are pawns of Govt.

  • painttubes
    A Colonel of Truth (@painttubes) reported

    @pambesteder Put all of them, family integrity, on busses - return to country of origin. We have no obligation to create a solution for a problem we did not create. To the contrary, we have a duty to implement and carry out offensive actions to preserve our national security. Pretty simple.

  • KonradNordvik
    Konrad A. Nordvik (@KonradNordvik) reported

    @OriginInsider Hi, whats going on with Origin I can not connect any of my games through Origin and your website seems to be down/not working (all fields blank).

  • GOPTakedown
    GOP_Enable_Trump (@GOPTakedown) reported

    @George_WatsonGA @SDfreeto @SMBruno9 @burgessev @christinawilkie @gofundme People are being turned away at ports of entry due to over capacity issues. When asylum is denied people are sent back to the country of origin. How about we build humane dentention centers along the boarder as a barrier? Still cheaper & more effective than a ridiculous wall.

  • humble69483627
    humble (@humble69483627) reported

    @drizzyposh25_ Dey ve to be professionals to do there job just like our maths teacher will keep teaching us aw to find X even wen we don’t know the origin of the problem

  • SpartanMojo
    Spartan Mojo (@SpartanMojo) reported

    @ChrisCoons @PressSec You seriously need to stop posting this nonsense. They are illegal immigrants, they’ve broken the law and put their children at risk. We should send them all back to their country of origin.

  • rutrow67
    SteveG (@rutrow67) reported

    @SenJohnMcCain Give me a break!! If they cross the border illegally then they have broken the law!! Process them as a family, verify their status & then return them to their country of origin!! We need to stop the madness & start concentrating on fixing our own problems!!

  • SanctuarySimmer
    SanctuarySimmer (@SanctuarySimmer) reported

    Anyone know why I could be experiencing issues when trying to update The Sims 4 through Origin? It always says “Error: 327682:0” and instead of saying “Update” on the button, it says “Install”. A bit of help, please? @EAHelp

  • bluelight45
    Joan Brown (@bluelight45) reported

    @mistyrebeca You know that not everyone who arrived at Ellis Island was allowed to stay. If they were sick, did not have a sponsor, or would be a drain on society by not working, they would be sent back to their country of origin.

  • jeffayc
    Jeff, Pissedoff (@jeffayc) reported

    @BMLewis2 @mattyglesias @3lueDoggie Implying that if Matt calls himself Latino/x that he'd be wrong to do so? The cultural notion of passing as white is a totally different issue. I'm certain Yglesias, because of his physical appearance, is assumed to be "white" regularly. But country of origin of grandparents?

  • evitsa58
    Evitsa (@evitsa58) reported

    @BillOReilly Bill the parents are free to return to their country of origin with their children. Problem solved.

  • SenSai_R6
    OnO (@SenSai_R6) reported

    @EAHelp @OriginInsider PLEASE respond to my message and help me get my Origins access fixed and running. I've been waiting for a phone call and a supervisor to help me fix these issues for almost 5 or 6 months now! I purchased the year membership and it's broken I can't even play

  • Eclectic_Lee_S
    Lee Sweetapple (@Eclectic_Lee_S) reported

    Now for the rest of the story. Interference with our intervention in the countries of origin of the refugees to hunt drug dealers and terrorists has produced the situation we are faced with. Non interventionists on the left and right have created part of this problem. #borderkids

  • RobSpaghettios
    Keep Rollin' (@RobSpaghettios) reported

    @STOTTINMAD Solo wasn't a bad movie. The problem was, it was so self-contained that it didn't feel anything like Star Wars. And as an origin story it felt like it should have been part 2 rather than part 1. We don't really care for Han at all. He's just some dude.... lol

  • Jilliebee22
    Jilliebee (@Jilliebee22) reported

    @Rampage3980 Really? Hm. Try restarting origin. Someone had the same problem.

  • rowdy_tt
    Tina Trenner (@rowdy_tt) reported

    @jenrauls @akeel_6 @TheRealMaryFord @DykstraDame @TuckerCarlson @intelligencer Go to their country of origin and help.. or understand human nature is what it is and NOBODY can fix all of the awful problems out there. We have our own children who need our help. They need to fix their own country and we will fix ours. Then we will talk ..

  • lrichardson727
    SomeUserOnHere (@lrichardson727) reported

    @KRDONC13 Maybe it's because the origin of tipping is wrongful. Tipping was an up-front thing to get better service, not after. If the company paid employees a decent wage to begin with, not make their customers subsidize their salaries for "better service" then this wouldn't be a custom.

  • TheMarshyBear
    ・ ᴥ ・ (@TheMarshyBear) reported

    @crinrict Do you know how to fix the Origin crashing during the OriginThinSetupINternal.exe? I'm basically locked out of Origin unless I use older version which just force me to update Origin the next time and it continues to crash then onwards.

  • darius_roberti
    Glockamole (@darius_roberti) reported

    @peakbrat My problem is that origin is charging in FUCKING EUROS

  • Helldestroyer77
    HellDestroyer77 (@Helldestroyer77) reported

    @UplayUbisoft @CaiusTSR Probably because people are sick of having to use multiple drm platforms on PC. I've had way more issues with Uplay and Origin than I have ever had with steam. And fragmented libraries suck. Think if there were 4 or 5 separate stores on the ps4?!

  • Helldestroyer77
    HellDestroyer77 (@Helldestroyer77) reported

    @UplayUbisoft @CaiusTSR Probably because people are sick of ha ING to use multiple drm platforms on PC. I've had way more issues with Uplay and Origin than I have ever had with steam. And fragmented libraries suck. Think if there were 4 or 5 separate stores on the ps4?!

  • WAGongaware
    Bunker Hill Bunny (@WAGongaware) reported

    @RealAlisonPoole Only a short-term band-aide that addresses the "optics" of the problem. There's no solution to protecting our borders or preventing more of the same behavior from the parents, their country of origin, or Mexico.

  • Patriot16541
    Patriot1654 (@Patriot16541) reported

    @blaccoffee @DiamondandSilk U.S. has enough of its own problems taking care of it's own citizens. No more! Send them all back immediately with their litters. Charge back to Country of Origin. Sick of supporting illegals.

  • DaddyRolleda1
    Daddy Rolled a 1 (@DaddyRolleda1) reported

    Hawkman #1: 3.5/5 stars. I've never been a huge Hawkman fan, partly because of the myriad of conflicting origin stories over the years. This issue tries to reconcile all that, but as a character, Hawkman seems a bit boring. Madame Xanadu in this issue is much more interesting.

  • kaogenous
    trying to do the write thing (@kaogenous) reported from Jersey City, New Jersey

    alright, ignoring the rest of fucked-up immigration policy in the U.S., why aren't illegal families just deported? why are they detained, separately, in cages? if the so-called problem is "illegal" immigration, then let them go back to their country of origin?

  • BlatantBranding
    Karen Hogg (@BlatantBranding) reported

    On April 29th, 2018, Solstar demonstrated the first commercial wi-fi service in space + Tweet from space aboard Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket! Go @SolstarOFFICIAL, go @nmtechcouncil #futurethinking #NewMexico

  • db51rules
    John Mobley (@db51rules) reported

    @FOXSportsGOHelp No soccer or anything today? Just forwarded error message. Please help.504 ERROR The request could not be satisfied. CloudFront attempted to establish a connection with the origin, but either the attempt failed or the origin closed the connection.

  • ladymagpie3
    Margaret Sutherland (@ladymagpie3) reported

    @thehill Don't blame the bushes. Here is the problem. It was getting more unsafe for people to live in their countries of origin. It is not justCentral American countries being deported. It is any country who has brown skin.

  • PaulAMarketos
    Paul A Marketos (@PaulAMarketos) reported

    @mattyglesias On this issue, I agree with you. The @POTUS should be talking to those escaping to the US about what's going on in their country of origin, and figuring out what needs to be done to resolve the problem so they can live in their own homeland.

  • RealGOP3
    Real GOP (@RealGOP3) reported

    @WalshFreedom Your fixes dont solve this issue with children and its simple: If they are caught with US borders, they should be registered, housed, and then sent back to point of origin. All of this should happen with children NOT separated from their parents

  • PaulAMarketos
    Paul A Marketos (@PaulAMarketos) reported

    @mattyglesias On this issue, I agree with you. the @POTUS should be talking to those escaping here about what's going on in their country of origin, and figuring out what needs to be done to resolve the problem so they can live in their own homeland.

  • bpd5150
    bpd5150 (@bpd5150) reported

    @ABC7 @GMA “Forced separation” channel 7. Give me a break. Had these parents stayed in their country of origin there wouldn’t be an issue. But they chose to enter illegally putting themselves and their children’s lives in danger. This is a direct result of their actions.

  • NotPCCPA
    CPA (@NotPCCPA) reported

    @nellpost @fuLc_ @TomiLahren Perhaps the government of the country of origin should do something about that problem...then all of the conversations we are having about illegal immigration could stop.

  • Gregtechelp
    GoHawks (@Gregtechelp) reported

    @hairycaray I put the blame where it lies—on the parents. They could have stopped in Mexico and sought asylum, they didn’t. That’s not our fault or responsibility to fix. If people want to help them, then they should get to those countries of origin and help make them better to fix the root

  • Curiousferret1
    Curiousferret (@Curiousferret1) reported

    @CobaltDawg Send them back to their country of origin. Why waste our resources holding them in prison then sending them back as well as creating a moral issue over the treatment of the kids.

  • MMS5833
    MarkMizzou 🥃🏌🏼‍♂️🇺🇸🏝 (@MMS5833) reported

    @steelerfan6rngs Could not agree more. The fact people milk the system has nothing to do with race or country of origin. It’s about a broken system that needs fixed.

  • Mamato_Marcello
    Mamato Marcello (@Mamato_Marcello) reported

    @archcavalier @drnijee @spectatorindex Illegal immigrants are symptoms. Build wall will not solve the problem. Find the root cause and address it. Charge the origin country for every detainee caught, apply economic pressure or whatever. But NOT separating children from their parents. That's ducked up and inhumane.

  • CJMcG56
    CJ McGuinness (@CJMcG56) reported

    @WhiteHouse 314% increase in the last 5 months of adults & children arriving at the border fraudulently, claiming to be families? IF that were true, which I HIGHLY doubt,why don't you help countries of origin mitigate dangers/issues causing this massive uptick in desperation?

  • WAGongaware
    Bunker Hill Bunny (@WAGongaware) reported

    @BlakemanB My three major causes of this detention problem: 1. The parents 2. Their country of origin 3. Mexico #KeepFamiliesTogether

  • chuerta1
    Cheryl (@chuerta1) reported

    @CyrusMMcQueen It saddens me to feel that I must agree with you. It's one of those things in life that's happening in spite of just how badly you don't want it to be. There's a sadness & a growing anger that we can't overcome skin color/ethnic origin issues. What the hell is wrong with people?

  • myhomeland6
    Eileen Hall (@myhomeland6) reported

    have to say it again...the problem is not what we are doing to these children in our country...the real problem is in the country of origin where these children are being lined up for a march over our borders...CHILD ABUSE IN THEIR NATIVE COUNTRY IS WHERE WE NEED TO PLACE THIS

  • pinkygroove
    The Enemy Within (@pinkygroove) reported

    @LisaMei62 @prayingmedic They communicate over secret servers and issue their leftist marching orders while ignoring any suggestion of impropriety on their part. The useful idiot minions scurry to social media to spew "facts" without a thought to origin. "They" call "us" crazy. Marx would be proud

  • VojtaDrew
    AndyV (@VojtaDrew) reported

    @Jefferson_Locke @Rasczack @jellyfish2347 @Education4Libs @deemarlin17 We have a process you can easily do from the country of origin and easily prevent all this, but that’s not what they decided so to keep pointing the blame in wrong places keep this issue thriving and not fixing anything. It’s simple

  • hoddydod70
    Hoddy_tog #FBPE (@hoddydod70) reported

    @3dprintnscan @andreajenkyns How will you overcome JIT problems and rules of origin problems?

  • DeshNM
    Hind Desh 🇮🇳 (@DeshNM) reported

    @RahulGandhi Lets go back - had nehru accepted Kashmir Maharaja desire to b with Hindustan and if nehru had listened to Sardar Patel, and if nehru had not taken Kashmir issue to UN, u would not have required to tweet this. Hope u understand the origin of Kashmir problem now n it is FAMILY !!

  • d10sk0ur01
    Marco Di Paolo (@d10sk0ur01) reported

    @Fragic49 Did u watch #Irn #Mar and @Frosinone1928 "play off"? They r d 2 opposites:problems is school, the coaches ,the 'origin'of these "players", educations is scarce, training and culture worse. In the first game u get heavy weight divers,in second 1 criminals. #Money make it worse.

    Erik Schenck (@RAGNERIK) reported

    Instead of encouraging people to abandon their countries of origin, why don't leftists want to fix the problems there. Seems that would solve everything. Quality of life goes up, migration stops. Seems like there is nothing left over which to argue...

  • mallen2010
    mallen (@mallen2010) reported

    @molratty The solution will never be to just transfer populations from a failed country to the more prosperous. It's pretty obvious that the real solution is to fix the countries of origin. How? That's above my pay grade.

  • lipglossiping
    Charlotte (@lipglossiping) reported

    @The_Truthly @OriginBroadband We live in a rural area with patchy mobile signal. It’s our lifeline. Origin have told us it will take 10days to fix their mistake made within minutes of saying we won’t be renewing and wanted to cancel at the end of our contract. I don’t buy that it was an accident.

  • iainmclellan
    Iain McLellan (@iainmclellan) reported

    @naeweenippy Is it not about using labels they have...and being correct for Country of Origin! Weight - correct CoO - correct Perthshire in UK- correct. No issues to reply with. No error on packaging

  • woodward_curtis
    Curtis Woodward (@woodward_curtis) reported

    God that was pretty painful having to watch poor old Crash talk Origin by himself. Terrible panel #BackPage

  • glen_gmorri46
    Glen M (@glen_gmorri46) reported

    @TheDudeStevieD @AltNatSecAgency @perlmutations @CBP You and your 39 followers are having problems with your brains. Please return them to the store of origin for replacement.