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  • Felix_Manyindo
    Tooro Viking (@Felix_Manyindo) reported

    @iMiaSanMia This bringing in of Ozil's origin as the excuse for why he's criticized has been the problem.... Since 2010 German has had a Tunisian, a Ghanaian, two poles and enough Turks.... But Ozil is criticized because he's Turkish.... Absolute stupidity I call it....

  • Collinstaxacct
    Jeffrey Collins (@Collinstaxacct) reported

    @gracels I'm not entirely sure what the discussion was about. However, my understanding is that the courts have pretty consistently held that unless citizenship or country of origin is Central to the legal issue at hand, all us residents are entitled to be treated the same.

  • ChrisAn11912948
    Chris Andrews (@ChrisAn11912948) reported

    @NewTSage I don’t see the issue the character isn’t a household name, the movie will be most peoples first time seeing her, so they are making the comic fit more of the films story of her origin so people can jump in to the comics better.

  • bunny_wheeler
    Bunny Wheeler (@bunny_wheeler) reported

    @kb_maga @MsAvaArmstrong 40 yrs ago after I had been here a yr I failed to ensure that personnel renewed my visa....I went home for a visit and discovered my error upon return...I had to go home and straighten things out from my country of origin. those were the rules...and you had to have a needed skill

  • fishytaste
    Mr H (@fishytaste) reported

    @mpl1spalding @frankotron @pjie2 @PickardJE I recommend you look in to this - it is a huge issue for JIT manufacturers and processors - companies who bring raw mats in from EU, process them in the UK then sell the processed products. Under RoO, when UK leaves EU, they will not be EU origin, but neither will they be UK 2/

  • dunelycan
    JOE (@dunelycan) reported

    As I see it the problem lies in the point of origin deal with that and your silly wall will be mute !

  • Rix_Ronday
    Rix_Ronday (@Rix_Ronday) reported

    @DanzhizzLe Used to have a logitech g700s and an asus rog gladius 2 origin. The origin 2 mouse however has a problem where the left mouse or right mouse click can get extremely buggy, so i have to get a new one

  • LetIronman
    Let's Talk Iron Man ! (@LetIronman) reported

    @Geek_Analyst @multiTASKmedium I'm solely speaking on her origin and backstory as how she became ms.marvel and got her powers. My issue is the retcon something that didn't need to be retcon.

  • mj_cotton
    Matt Cotton (@mj_cotton) reported

    @Bergmann_Mat @uk_domain_names @scottyburen EU could agree zero tariffs, no quotas and a recognition of standards - this would not be to the detriment of the SM. I accept UK would need to apply rules of origin - which could onerous on UK businesses (but that would be our problem).

  • kshahrooz
    Kaveh Shahrooz کاوه شهروز (@kshahrooz) reported

    @jonkay @mcgillu Generally with you on these issues, but more torn on this one. Whatever the origins of the name, it's hard to understand it as anything but an insult now. Unless McGill really emphasizes the non-FN origin of the name, your average person will just assume it's a derogatory term.

  • tumtumtum
    tumtumtum (@tumtumtum) reported

    @KaraChrome @cpskeetmom @Barbara62141093 @sarasiobhan @willcpowell @ActCarers @TheSliverEllie @ZedTrafficker @C7RKY @stendec6 @DanielBayley80 @MagnaCarta300 @rosemaryhopkin @YVMatters @AnthonysJustice @phsothefacts @RightsTruth @alexander_minh @neilgchurchill @Imonlyslightly @marionste @ashkarmstrong @kateheydonorg @dden65 @lhsaapso1 @ann_poppy @ang__johnson @MowatMoet1 @robertBird5 @paulfitter @drjonesaa @WB_UK @withoutstigma @CareQualityComm @PHSOmbudsman @CoastalLadd @curetheNHS @ZeroMilly @Amazonnewsmedia @CompassnInCare @JasonGinnelly1 @MedicineGovSte @JoinedU1 @KenZeroHarm @AJustNHS @katemasters67 @ShaunLintern @DrMurphy11 @sjparis @follyscorner Absolutely. It still shows its origin as an institution designed to serve the crown/state rather than the public. However multiple reviews & reports as well as the position of both Chief Coroners have made it clear where everyone thinks the coronial service needs to end up.

  • ProfSamirDani
    Samir Dani (@ProfSamirDani) reported

    @j_p_webb @j_p_webb, If the product is edible, is made from appropriate ingredients, safely and at low cost that is excellent for the consumer. The issue as in many recent food cases is the communication to the consumer in terms of the origin of the product and the ingredients used.

  • MJSeventeen76
    M.J. Seventeen76 (@MJSeventeen76) reported

    @michaelshermer Those who are slaves to sin will seek any validation for their rejection of God and inevitably adopt a religion of fools. Macro-Evolution is an unscientific, data selective religion which avoids the issue of origin a it violates the basic tenants of thermodynamics...and reason.

  • SapphyDragon95
    Jay Spooky Dee (SapphireDragon95) (@SapphyDragon95) reported

    The problem with origin stories and prequels is that we know what's going to happen to the characters for the most part. And Gotham is quite predictable.

  • tikudzi
    Not thinking about it yet😚 (@tikudzi) reported

    @xan_xen @boredjdc Origin and poto are in minority, I think I have problems with v neck and tight ones xDD

  • Elijahm3
    Bill Rowen Medalist (@Elijahm3) reported from Empangeni, Province of KwaZulu-Natal

    The #OmotosoTrial Lawyer you complaining about is paid by monies collected as tithes. There will be a special offering to assist "Daddy" financially. Our problems are rather systematic, not an isolated episode. It's got nothing to do with country of origin. There are good ones

  • Jay_aka_Jordan
    Jordan aka Queen Mera’s Lover (@Jay_aka_Jordan) reported

    @VicSav2 @MrNiceGuy18_58 @TheAnnaDiop @nationofnerds @multiTASKmedium @_BrooklynBatman @deadletterpoets @jared_webb1 @CJWritesThings @lizzylynngarcia @DoYouEvenComic @Josh2Gud4U I mean it would if that’s how she crash lands she’s an alien any outfit she wears is hers to have. This star doesn’t have the same origin as comics so this look fits I guess

  • RyanRee37299978
    (@RyanRee37299978) reported

    So you can refuse service as long as you’re not refusing it because of race,color, religion, or national origin just googled if it’s legal and yes it is

  • MrScottKing
    Scott King (@MrScottKing) reported

    I know having a KEY would be an issue in this case, but if I had a "Quadratic with vertex at the origin" as a category they could create 3 cards with graphs and stack them.

  • W7VOA
    Steve Herman (@W7VOA) reported from Washington, D.C., District of Columbia

    Under mechanism overseen by @UPU_UN, postal service from country of origin compensates the agency that performs the overseas delivery of shipments under 2kg with a ‘terminal dues’ fee.

  • GlowMother
    The Fairy GlowMother✨ (@GlowMother) reported

    The disconnect with Hip Hop today, is that its Literally classifying as POP and everyone forgot the origin of it... the streets... have. no. rules....

  • itz_arp
    Abhishek Pandey (@itz_arp) reported

    @myntra @MyntraSupport I have ordered shoes and tee through your app. Status is return to origin and refund is initiated. But the problem is order got cancelled due to some technical issue on your side.

  • Rebeckaht
    (((Anta Bexter))) (@Rebeckaht) reported

    @TrueWhipsnade @WelovePetexxx Please stop tagging me in broadband posts - I don’t care about your issues with origin

  • thesignature01
    Arc. Duru C. E. 🇳🇬 (@thesignature01) reported

    @DrChiemeziem My brother leave talk o😂 If I mention her state of Origin here eh, at this rate my phone will just crash😂😂

  • Glostermeteor
    Glostermeteor (@Glostermeteor) reported

    @New_Westphalian The problem is keeping supply chains intact and no hard border in NI without CU. While the SM does most of the work it doesnt take care of things like rules of origin and tariffs. Noone has been able to solve this without both.

  • LetIronman
    Let's Talk Iron Man ! (@LetIronman) reported

    Ahhh I remember this issue before they ruined his origin before Marvel showed me that they will drop the ball again and again and again.

  • Wisconsin_Idea
    The Wisconsin Idea (@Wisconsin_Idea) reported

    @enjoy_murph The public has no idea what the origin of the drama really was. The blogger spreads the drama out into a fuzzy commentary on some societal issue we're all expected to care about. But really it began with being pissed at another woman for sleeping with her boyfriend or something.

  • BrusselsParking
    BruxellesParkeren (@BrusselsParking) reported

    @nicdas13 You need to talk to parents. Recently I explained to a friend that the reason her son needed ventolin was the pollution caused by vehicles. She looked shocked, she assumed child respiratory problems were just an unavoidable fact of life of unknown origin... (continues)

  • UB5simon
    Simon Bye 🇪🇺🇬🇧🔶 (@UB5simon) reported from San Bartolomé de Tirajana, Canary Islands

    @GarryAbbott @localnotail @peterki14624412 @michaela_sm1th @lambeth4leaveEU @daviesghd @AdrianinYork @Femi_Sorry @JuliaHB1 Hmm. Any treatment we give to EU citizens can be charged against their country of origin. The fact we are crap at doing that is a domestic issue. The health tourism issue is not with EU citizens and was always controllable.

  • emmajcollyer
    Emma (@emmajcollyer) reported

    @TheSims @steph0sims @JamesTurnerYT @Drgluon @SimGuruKate How can i play my game. So many errors come up on origin

  • StripeyMiata
    Jonathan McCormack (@StripeyMiata) reported from Lisburn, Northern Ireland

    @OriginBroadband I left Origin after 3 years earlier list week. Not because anything was wrong, in fact in those three years I had only 2 hours of downtime, due to a PlusNet DNS issue that they no longer use. Virgin Media just cabled up my street (continues)

  • Nairs20
    Nairs (@Nairs20) reported

    @Mohamme74670741 @TarekFatah @ATripiti @DharmicEthos @HarbirSingh_ @myogiadityanath the problem you people have with Tarek is diffrence in view Tarek knows his ancestors were not Turkish invaders. but his ancestors who chosen islam but origin Hindu and your mindset people believe your ancestors were turkish invaders bas yehi root cause hein sab prob ka

  • headsmoon
    Chandrasekharan LR (@headsmoon) reported

    Read the origin of the issue, was created by a non Hindu about a Hindu temple..

  • 1to1WorldConnct
    Aaron Green (@1to1WorldConnct) reported

    In my opinion the immigration plight must first start by holding the country of origin completely responsible with the promise of painful penalty. It is a US National Security issue to hold governments accountable so as to make refugees want to return home.

  • looperd5
    Elle B (@looperd5) reported

    @Black04483507 @carnenamelo @CNNSitRoom @CNN I bet arrogant, self righteous Obama is the origin of your anger...he left a legacy of loose ends. Clearly he could not care less about dropping the ball on many open issues, nah, he just left it for someone else to clean up. Like his bs excuse for “affordable” healthcare! LMFAO

  • desertbloomsux
    jaz ☼ (@desertbloomsux) reported

    figured out the issue with origin ... there’s multiple accounts on this computer and for some reason windows 10 likes to sign in (in the background) on the last account used before the computer was switched off, which means origin opens on that account so i get the

  • LastoftheYaws
    Chale Verde (@LastoftheYaws) reported

    @job_dominique @SaintP1neapple @illwillie_ @xnianzax @1stxfxn But then comes the problem of knowing your exact origin which is near impossible. Those ancestry test seem fufu to me and a lot of Africans have been fallen into the mindset of thinking of Americans as other rather than kin. A ******* dilemma

  • sneakdotberlin
    twiterated prisoner’s dilemma (@sneakdotberlin) reported

    filling out rental applications for a second flat. the credit check service everyone uses requires via TOS that I agree to binding arbitration and give up all class action rights,and does not support use of ITIN instead of SSN, resulting in national origin discrimination, illegal

  • KurtBusiek
    Go Dunwich Leviathans! Resists (@KurtBusiek) reported

    @RustyIdols @Amuly21 I pretty much pitched that once, for an issue of BIZARRE ADVENTURES. But though the editor liked it, alas, the story, called “The Origin of Lockjaw” came back from the FF writer/artist with the note “This is fine as long as it doesn’t reveal the origin of Lockjaw."

  • RyanTaylorSport
    Ryan Taylor (@RyanTaylorSport) reported

    @MattAldridge31 Apparently his Basque origin & affiliation to Spain has caused problems. Had trouble picking between the two.

  • atroooix
    Atroix (@atroooix) reported

    And no, adblock / ublock origin are not working. No clue why, just started happening today out of nowhere.

    Chemistry (@KMTSTREE) reported

    Every action you take that feels like a mistake is doing the same thing muscles do...the insertion moves toward the origin and an action is made. Its nothing more than an area leading us to the root cause of a program/issue. If the programs are harmful dismantle them. Recode.

  • LimaPapaPC
    LimaPapaPC (@LimaPapaPC) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA another year, another glitch filled cash cow. Everyone scoring using glitches and faults in the gameplay. That penalty system don’t even get me started. Glad I didn’t buy it and it comes with @OriginInsider anyway. #Poor 5/10

  • RTSupplies
    Richard Taylor (@RTSupplies) reported

    @freddie124 @GREENCarolM @LizKershawDJ Norway is not in the Customs Union and I worked for a Norwegian company for 4 years. There were Country of Origin, duty and VAT issues bringing product in to UK. But we managed it. It was actually easier bringing in from China!

  • pro__pagan__da
    Maulana Modudi (@pro__pagan__da) reported

    @ahindu_ @sanjayuvacha Their country of origin or ethnicity was not the problem but the ideology that made them invaders and marauders in the first place.

  • JujunluluJudy
    JudyC.@CJudy (@JujunluluJudy) reported

    What he's saying is the next flag he is rising up the flag pole. He's done it with caging babies-got away with it. Deported military to their country of origin after many years of service-got away with it. now he will remove actual u.s. citizens. VOTE.

  • Robo_Elk
    Robert Elskamp 🐐 (@Robo_Elk) reported

    @latimes These people need to go back to their countries of origin and solve the problems within them.

  • thomas_lord
    Thomas Lord (@thomas_lord) reported

    @uhshanti @RevClown @natogreen This geographic fix though -- I don't know of any origin of it other than from urbanists and their various classist and white supremacist historic antecedents (e.g. the long history of policy problematics around the "ghetto".)

  • PlasFron
    John Bell (@PlasFron) reported

    @StuartBudd1 Of course, none of the WTO members have manufacturing rules of origin, and just in time manufacturing or service industries..

  • eywu
    Eric Wu ❤️💐 (@eywu) reported

    @ckenst For Google I provide all my data. I willingly exchange my data for a free and better utility in products. For general ads, UBlock Origin and Disconnect mostly. For true paranoia, I have a clean box with a VM I rebuild after each use.

  • MagickalFarmCat
    nyan 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 (@MagickalFarmCat) reported

    @Wisconsin_Idea @DougTenNapel Evolution as a theory of the origin of human existence on earth is not a testable hypothesis. You can't turn back time and observe evolution occurring. You have epistemology issues.

  • travis
    𝚃͓̽𝚛͓̽𝚊͓̽𝚟͓̽𝚜͓̽𝚏͓̽𝚎͓̽𝚛͓̽𝚊͓̽𝚝͓̽𝚞͓̽ (@travis) reported

    @KeyBank_Help I got that message on the website, I had to disable the uBlock Origin browser extension in Chrome and then I was able to login again, thanks.

  • PaulSgtstag
    Paul Underwood (@PaulSgtstag) reported

    @Alyssa_Milano Well if we would just send them back to there country of origin asap we would not have that problem at all.

  • Thilolg
    TLO (@Thilolg) reported

    @SkyNewsAust @rowandean Ofcourse it’s ok to be white quite literally but I see that these clowns are trying to make a mockery of the actual meaning it represents. The origin of these words are what the issue is. It’s used by supremacists and whoever in the US and other places which makes it what it is

  • RobinJack0r
    Robin Hielscher (@RobinJack0r) reported

    Steam, Uplay, Origin, Battlenet, Bethesdanet, EpicLauncher.... the problem

  • tomwaterloo3
    Tom Waterloo (@tomwaterloo3) reported

    @johncampea loved the show today man, totally agree that the rethinking of magnetos origin could work! Only problem is, that would still leave magneto as a 60-70 year old man...

  • TheYorkieLad
    Yorkie 👻🎮 (@TheYorkieLad) reported

    @ConnorM94294334 Try relaunching origin and go to redeem product code again. If that doesn’t work you might need to uninstall origin and reinstall. Still doesn’t work contact EA using there live chat service

  • robotcountry
    im banky. (@robotcountry) reported

    gonna do a bare-bones summary of the good doctor to make me feel better - born in 2024 - father was very successful in the country of origin but when they moved to america they struggled, the family-life was unstable, his mom ran a decent store - as a kid had major anger issues+

  • JUKPM2022
    Jason4PM2022 (@JUKPM2022) reported

    I agree! All deported illegal immigrants should be flown home from the UK to their countries of origin from Brize Norton in numbers large enough to fill the planes departing. Not on commercial flights where they can disrupt and cause problems. 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  • gurkle2
    Gurkle (@gurkle2) reported

    @quirksilvers I'm fine with people being upset over the MCU origins, but my problem is acting like the comic character has only one origin and set of parents, instead of many, and deciding Magneto isn't important to her origin (IMO it isn't) is not just wrong but evil.