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Origin is an online gaming, digital distribution and DRM platform developed by Electronic Arts that allows users to purchase games on the internet for PC and mobile platforms, and download them with the Origin client.

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  • Sign in (69.51%)
  • Online Play (18.29%)
  • Glitches (6.71%)
  • Matchmaking (3.96%)
  • Game Crash (1.52%)

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  • MorgumGaminG Morgum (@MorgumGaminG) reported

    @OriginInsider hi, why loading are so loooong, sometimes end by an error message about an update pilote (4445)

  • GTPsijic GTaichou (@GTPsijic) reported

    Hey @OriginInsider @EA please fix your system glitch that keeps resetting everyone's Origin passwords. It's getting really old. I added 2FA and get no notifications, reset trusted devices, sent an email that got no reply. Fix it.

  • Aildaris Ryan (@Aildaris) reported

    @OriginInsider @PlayApex i'm having an issue where Origin doesn't recognize my mic at all. it reads the mic in the settings, but it detects no sound whatsoever. It works fine on everything else but Origin/Apex. Any help is appreciated.

  • ajthompson89 Andrew Thompson (@ajthompson89) reported

    @OriginInsider hey Great game, but how about actually fixing the issues with it.... CONSTANT CRASHES !!! ABSOLUTE JOKE ! #EACASHGRAB #EAIDGAF

  • LegendG86432054 LEGEND G (@LegendG86432054) reported

    @OriginInsider It’s broken, just started the game and you can’t even get 20 feet before it clitches and throws you back 20 feet and then enemy’s are registering hits and will warp out of no where.

  • blackmagemasher Paul (@blackmagemasher) reported

    @OriginInsider This service has been declining as of late.

  • TheTokenGeek 🤓 The Token Geek 🎮 (@TheTokenGeek) reported

    @Ackros @anthemgame @EAHelp @OriginInsider I'm in now... But was getting connection error!

  • sbloom85 Scott Bloom (@sbloom85) reported

    @OriginInsider I keep getting a DirectX setup error when installing Mass Effect 2. I have the client running as administrator, I deleted the bad install and tried reinstalling it, but keep getting the error.

  • Leon80027678 xByrexツ (@Leon80027678) reported

    @PlayApex @OriginInsider Fix your game on Pc!

  • MerrowMan1 The Merrow Man (@MerrowMan1) reported

    @Captain_Falcore @anthemgame @OriginInsider talk about quality service lol seriously though nobody can beat rare

  • o0Raziel Raziel (@o0Raziel) reported

    @anthemgame Servers issues, can not get in game... @OriginInsider do not notify me to play the game now if it does not work....

  • MrPitiboy Petter Skogstad (@MrPitiboy) reported

    @CwispyAF @tententacles @OriginInsider @anthemgame A friend of mine has that same problem and restarted to no avail... I don't peronally have the problem though. I can launch the game, but can't ******* play though! Flawless launch I have to say :D

  • RougeHopper vichai lor (@RougeHopper) reported

    @tententacles @OriginInsider @anthemgame don't worry you're not missing much. just lots of "Connection Problem" "the Server has shut down" Connecting... connecting.... Please wait....

  • AirSalah79 Omar (@AirSalah79) reported

    @BenIrvo @anthem @OriginInsider Uh, PC players can't connect. Anthem Service is down, Server shut down, and a number of other things. Some communication would be helpful!

  • theycanseeme Eric 🌸 (@theycanseeme) reported

    @OriginInsider of course servers for anthem is already not working. Plus shouldn't be trying to matchmake me yet and take me to base

  • ImScoutingHere The Scout (@ImScoutingHere) reported

    @OriginInsider @EAHelp You guys really need to address the problems with Origin when they happen and not let everyone assume whats wrong.

  • rafalfaro_18 Rafalfaro (@rafalfaro_18) reported

    @drdisrespect Hi Doc I have the same problem with @OriginInsider 's login. I fixed it by stopping the app launching at startup. Now it remembers the credencials. Hope it helps.

  • rafalfaro_18 Rafalfaro (@rafalfaro_18) reported

    @drdisrespect Hi Doc I have the same problemas with @OriginInsider 's login. I fixed it by stopping the app launching at startup. Hope it helps.

  • MiNiSoTaN mini (@MiNiSoTaN) reported

    .@OriginInsider PLEASE fix your in game UI. I got a game invite notification while playing @PlayApex and my game froze and crashed while I was in the middle of a top 5 gun fight. I’ll just have Origin In Game turned off until an update comes out.

  • MiNiSoTaN mini (@MiNiSoTaN) reported

    @OriginInsider PLEASE fix your in game UI. I got a game invite notification which caused my @PlayApex game to freeze and then crash while I was in top 5. Very infuriating.

  • LXuelan Liu Xuelan (@LXuelan) reported

    @OriginInsider @PlayApex better fix it it keeps on kicking me. many times mostly when the game has only 5 squads left. and sometimes my movement is super slow like wtf.

  • Krypticc__ Paulie (@Krypticc__) reported

    @rapidfirestorm @EAHelp @OriginInsider @Cayinator Yeah because they fixed the issue genius.

  • JAYMIIEENZ JaymiieeNZ (@JAYMIIEENZ) reported

    None of us can get onto @OriginInsider, it takes us 5-35mins to find a normal match in @PlayOverwatch and some of us have to have an american to play blackout @Activision @ATVIAssist . So here it is. Im calling you lot out. We are sick of it. FIX THE DAMN PROBLEM!!!

  • SlybaconGaming Slybacon (@SlybaconGaming) reported

    @EAHelp @OriginInsider Alot Of Oceania People Cant Login To Origin Currently (myself included) Been this way for over an hour and no its not my end

  • AndreaDawnxx 𝔸𝕟𝕕𝕚 [TG] (@AndreaDawnxx) reported

    How is your game launcher always broken @OriginInsider. Get yourself sorted.

  • Krypticc__ Paulie (@Krypticc__) reported

    @Sequacious_ @jommy999 @EA @OriginInsider Yeah visual glitch my ass, the worst part is, using VPN to get into origin it STILL says 16th for US VPN point.

  • Sequacious_ Ben (@Sequacious_) reported

    @jommy999 @EA @OriginInsider Such a farce though, contacted EA support about it. 'Visual Glitch' was the reply I got

  • Sunshine_underG tim (@Sunshine_underG) reported

    @nosleepbob @OriginInsider Huge pain. Would be nice if they put some info up about the known issues.

  • LoliPat_ Don't do it (@LoliPat_) reported


  • Frosty0wl FrostyOwl (@Frosty0wl) reported

    @EAHelp @EA @OriginInsider me again, wondering when PR was gonna decide to make a statement on the 3+ hour long server outage in OCE. 99% of respectable companies would've apologised and explained in the first 10 minutes. Food for thought.

  • CookiezReturns cookiem8 (@CookiezReturns) reported

    @OriginInsider I CANT OPEN YOU PLS HELP, im getting this error saying : LOGIN ERROR You must be online when logging in for the first time. If there is a solution to this pls let me know.

  • yardbirdsuite1 Yardbird (@yardbirdsuite1) reported

    @OriginInsider Fix you Shit

  • cr0ssfire89 blayden robinson (@cr0ssfire89) reported

    @OriginInsider Any update on the connection issues happening to people says Login unavailable im from Australia

  • Krypticc__ Paulie (@Krypticc__) reported

    fix your shit @OriginInsider just tried to get log in and its ******.

  • LazerOCE Lazer (@LazerOCE) reported

    @OriginInsider @PlayApex Please Fix The Origin App, Currently Shows As Being "Unavailable To Go To Online Mode" Therefore Games Are Unplayable

  • lostdelirium Lost (@lostdelirium) reported

    @z_Wehrmacht_z @OriginInsider I've been unable to login for about half an hour with "Online Login is currently unavailable" error.

  • Klaempurplebutt Klaem (@Klaempurplebutt) reported

    @OriginInsider @EAHelp Hi guys, can you report this to servers tech support because it's really annoying: cloud flare DNS and FDN dns / cause compatibility issues on Origin website and client. I don't want to use google DNS. solve this please. thx

  • txemicatchemall Chema (@txemicatchemall) reported

    @OriginInsider It doesn't let me to redeem my futchamp token un fifa19 PC. Fix this pls!

  • NemesisHells Hells_Nemesis (@NemesisHells) reported

    @PlayApex @OriginInsider I know that others are having similar issues and despite all i have done it is still unplayable. Please let us know when a patch is ready for this fault. Many Thanks really want to play

  • cybirdpunk Rachel @ ONE WEEK TO HOTW (@cybirdpunk) reported

    @OriginInsider fix your shit

  • Sifiruis Sif (@Sifiruis) reported

    @JonIffingSnow @anthemgame @OriginInsider Oh they've been wonderful up until this point. With how they addressed the beta issues was a step in the right direction for all devs. Which is why I'm so surprised (angry) this happened

  • Sifiruis Sif (@Sifiruis) reported

    @JonIffingSnow @anthemgame @OriginInsider I know man, it's just embarrassing. I can understand a structured release to prevent server build up and issues, but this is actually ridiculous. For a new IP with so much potential, this is a ROUGH start including the beta and performance issues already

  • scopictv Scopic (@scopictv) reported

    @StevieSleazy @Mrnightlifee @anthemgame @OriginInsider Mine has downloaded with no issues. Just have to wait till Saturday morning instead now :'(

  • StevieSleazy Sleazy Stevie (@StevieSleazy) reported

    @Mrnightlifee @scopictv @anthemgame @OriginInsider I preloaded this morning only to get an error at 97%

  • AnthonyFlamand_ anthony flamand (@AnthonyFlamand_) reported

    @OriginInsider i’ve been waiting 2 hours for support to answer me and help fix an account issue. still “creating your case” is on my screen.

  • bdu_art D̸u̴a̵r̵t̴e̴ (@bdu_art) reported

    I'm uninstalling @PlayApex on pc for now. Can't even complete a 20 minutes of straight gameplay, connection servers (1....9) is always happening and it's frustrating. Hope that @EAHelp, @Respawn and @OriginInsider look up a solution for this problem.

  • bdu_art D̸u̴a̵r̵t̴e̴ (@bdu_art) reported

    I'm uninstalling @PlayApex for now. Can't even complete 20 minutes of straight gameplay, connection servers (1....9) is always happening and it's frustrating. Hope that @EAHelp, @Respawn and @OriginInsider fix this problem.

  • TrubsenTV Trubsen (@TrubsenTV) reported

    @IdiotMouse @OriginInsider PROBLEM SOLVED!! Just call Yourself "bearnaiseMOUSE"

  • dldarlingx Demi-Leigh (@dldarlingx) reported

    @OriginInsider Having issues with logging in! Trying to adjust my settings and it’s just saying I’ve tried too many times to get a code! Please help!

  • KenleyBrowne Kenley Browne (@KenleyBrowne) reported

    EA Games and @OriginInsider support sucks. My wife has been on the phone trying to sort out a pricing issue for Sims 4 and they have been running in circles. APEX just came out and she loves playing it... might even buy some loot packs. But doubt it the longer this shit goes on.

  • iAmThatMichael Michael Akopyan (@iAmThatMichael) reported

    @OriginInsider @EAHelp please fix notifications for the client as I keep losing focus (game minimizes) when a notification comes in.

  • eXtreme1808 teammat3 (@eXtreme1808) reported

    @OriginInsider @anthemgame Fix your servers pls.

  • essopsp Shlimbo (@essopsp) reported

    @OriginInsider @anthemgame @OriginInsider fix offline chat problem !

  • tywilcoxonn 6ixTy (@tywilcoxonn) reported

    @OriginInsider you’re servers are complete garbage but I love you’re game. Pls fix them.

  • ajlangsdon Andrew Langsdon (@ajlangsdon) reported

    @EAHelp @OriginInsider Please fix your servers so I can at least view games that I have purchased. As of right now, the servers can't be reached and my game library is empty. #OriginIsGarbage #UseSteam

  • java0841 java084 (@java0841) reported

    @PlayApex @OriginInsider @shroud @drdisrespect @CouRageJD @FemSteph @Ninja my game is crash.not open

  • timseeger7 Tim Seeger (@timseeger7) reported

    @OriginInsider origin online log in unavailable nothing is fixing this and my internet is completely fine. fix this, its on your end

  • drndes 송하나 (@drndes) reported

    fix ur servers plzzzzzzzzzz @Respawn @ea @OriginInsider

  • valhalliant ⚔️VȺŁĦȺŁŁƗȺNŦ⚔️ (@valhalliant) reported

    Hey @EA @OriginInsider, I'm not receiving any security codes to my email account. I think your shits broken.

  • GRosacroce James de Rosacroce (@GRosacroce) reported

    @OriginInsider Your Platform showed serious problems in managing credit card payments, purchases of FIFA points and then use of them, activation of wrong suspension for the account, very inaccurate investigation and a totally wrong communicated cause for the suspension! Be aware!