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  • adamparsons Adam Parsons (@adamparsons) reported

    @Nathc79 No problem. Interested in your calculation of how AA- with negative outlook will change your calculus of our bond obligations; predictions of other CRA reaction and maybe any data you’ve got (beyond the obvious) of long-tail predictions of our impending deficit.

  • StormyLTT Hermit the Frog (@StormyLTT) reported

    Lost forever because I can’t use my old phone number to recover my credentials and fix my account. So now I’m wiping my computer. Fun thanks guys ******* love that you made me make an outlook account for no reason and get a number because y’all are incompetent. Sooooo happy 🙂

  • Kittyvixen2 Kittyvixen (@Kittyvixen2) reported

    @NotsoScarySheri Exactly *** that's the only outlook to have even if them people are your 'family' if they just drag you down cut them off and fly free xx

  • Emre_C_Deniz Emre_C_Deniz (@Emre_C_Deniz) reported

    Moving forward for me this time around has no outlook, as luck would have it, the entire world is locked down. Resting a bit and riding out the pandemic is the plan. So I've been whittling away a personal art project!

  • kamoh_M KAMS (@kamoh_M) reported

    Moody’s down graded us; with a negative outlook.Citing weak structural growth, deteriorating fiscal position and they also mentioned the state of our SOEs. It was inevitable, everything they stated sticks and it’s a concern even the SARB’s financial stability report stated that.

  • thevirtualcat I'm a cat and I approve this message. (@thevirtualcat) reported

    I did briefly consider syncing my actual email to Outlook, but then I realized that I almost certainly wouldn't be able to use a new enough cipher suite to actually make it work. Also no. I'm not doing that even if I could make it work. That's a terrible idea.

  • ZizukeOfficial Zizuke (@ZizukeOfficial) reported

    @JakeFureyRosan @TareqBaconi Reacted too quickly, this terrible outlook that takes a look only at the surface level. Considering the oppression of Palestine.

  • TCommodity Gianclaudio Torlizzi (@TCommodity) reported

    JPM: stimulus offering is still not large enough to offset the damage from these lockdowns and we continue to revise down growth outlook. Moreover, there is a sense that the “V-shaped” recovery could be later to materialize and flatter as well.

  • hydroneil Tweetoplankton (@hydroneil) reported

    @YusufDFI While the govt. should do whatever it takes to fix this situation, migrants returning are certain to spread covid to the villages - the proverbial genie will have left the bottle. Appeals should be made to stay where they are. Having an empathetic outlook should not change that.

  • Kris_everytin C. I. D. D. (@Kris_everytin) reported

    @theOmoboriowo_1 @Imamofpeace You just gave yourself a terrible outlook. Conceiving this alone tells how lowly you are in your thinking. I have seen most religious unrest all my life in Nigeria and I still do not believe Islam made terrorists, rather, terrorists use islam as a cover up for their duncing.

  • JenLongshaw Jen Longshaw (@JenLongshaw) reported

    I have been unable to access Twitter and Outlook Mail since midday yesterday. Did all the usual, tried different browsers, rebooted the laptop, rebooted the modem. cleared browser history. Nothing worked. However everything came back just an hour ago so must have been an outage

  • dpvora Deepak Vora (@dpvora) reported

    As if working from home wasn't challenging enough, new #windows10 #bug hits #homeworking #Outlook, #office365 , #Teams can't access internet - #Microsoft is rushing to release an out-of-band fix in early April for this connectivity bug.

  • kannygrewal K Grewal (@kannygrewal) reported

    @rollerCD ODH started notifying courses today to shut down. Outlook is gloomy.

  • jordann_hhh jordan h (@jordann_hhh) reported

    fix your negative outlook and then we can talk.

  • AsianCowboy13 Eric C Jones (@AsianCowboy13) reported

    @Apple @AppleSupport After updating my MacBook and I can’t connect to my exchange server at work. I normally use apple mail but I even tried it on outlook as well. It still works on my iPhone so it’s definitely a Mac thing. I need help

  • brettkeohan Brett (@brettkeohan) reported

    @EASPORTS support is the worst. As I loaded Madden, my Xbox said, “Oh, you already have an account. Just login.” The problem is that the account was created with a Hotmail address. The “forgot my password” link goes to an invalid email. 2 support tickets closed and no resolution.

  • JamesMc25203943 James Mcmahan (@JamesMc25203943) reported

    @Raging_Red @AADVANTAGEPAINT @RealJamesWoods You're right I wouldn't take their advice either people who do those things are not fit to give advice to anybody they've got their own things mixed up inside them there their Outlook is terrible

  • BoredPostdoc Rock Doc (@BoredPostdoc) reported

    @OfficeSupport None of my Office365 products have been working since Thursday night (NZ time) - access on Android phone is ok, but iOS and Windows 10 fails. Cannot connect to server on Outlook, Teams, OneDrive, etc. I have an O365 Business account.

  • MizzouSportsPod Missouri Sports Podcast (@MizzouSportsPod) reported

    @dan_florie Yeah you mentioned all three games we talked about and it was crazy how different the outlook was according to the predictive metrics. Obviously the tournament bids come down to who the committee picks but the margin for error on wins/losses is razor thin!

  • ParametricCurve Rudi (@ParametricCurve) reported

    @Jakes123swanepo @chrisyelland It means that they don't think our bonds are worth buying because we can't pay back what we promised to when issuing them. (hence the "junk" status") Outlook being negative means they don't see government doing anything or able to do anything to fix it.

  • Nik_Storey Nik Storey (@Nik_Storey) reported from Nottinghamshire, England

    @zoenone0none But it's still a million dollars and it's not down to the rich to cure the ills that have be brought about by another super power that could easily have prevented it. You're bitter. Simple. Such an absurd outlook. You could just say thank you.

  • BoredPostdoc Rock Doc (@BoredPostdoc) reported

    @MSFT365Status Teams not working, Outlook not working, Sharepoint not working, OneDrive not working...

  • 5chw4r7z 5chw4r7z (@5chw4r7z) reported

    @frickindannie There needs to be a 👍👎 button in Outlook and if someone gets five down votes their reply all option is disabled

  • BetsyRi66304373 Betsy R💙🌊💙🌊💙🌊💙🌊💙🌊 (@BetsyRi66304373) reported

    @Musashi_Student @Brickfan @LilaGraceRose I don't know anyone who celebrates sin. What a sad outlook on life. Sorry, I'm in healthcare at a terrible time. I see heroes and good everywhere. We are all here risking our health for others.

  • connectd86 Cloud🇨🇦 (@connectd86) reported

    @Shelby67GT Yeah everywhere is locking down it seems. Which is good too at the same time. We have no confirmed cases in town here as of yet,and everyone seems to be doing their part in terms of social distancing and staying home. So thats one positive outlook at least

  • johanl28 johan 💯 😷 #stayhome (@johanl28) reported

    microsoft outlook is down

  • HTTR_UK Anders Clausen (@HTTR_UK) reported

    @Microsoft your latest version of Outlook for Android is buggy. It doesn't get the latest emails and resetting or reinstalling it doesn't solve the problem #Fixit

  • Tl0uM T L O U💎 (@Tl0uM) reported from Randburg, Gauteng

    @TboozeSA I was telling my manager this just yesterday and asking how exactly are we going to track overtime, because wow this is insane. Getting WhatsApp text at 21:50 asking you to login outlook to respond emails is ridiculous!

  • DiorAlesia Alesia Dior (@DiorAlesia) reported

    @tanamongeau I’m a huge fan of yours. I seriously love you and your outlook on life so much. I don’t even want to do this but I’m a single mom facing eviction since the place I worked shut down. Anything would help so much $Alesia97

  • _katehowe kate (@_katehowe) reported

    as much as this lock down or quarantine or whatever you wanna call it SUCKS ... i admit that there were so many things i was taking for granted. the gym, dinner with friends, outside activities. can say from the bottom of my heart that my life and outlook are forever changed

  • Cam15905916 Cam (@Cam15905916) reported

    @MicrosoftHelps please help me - I’ve been locked out of my Hotmail for nearly 3 weeks and it’s a terrible time to be so!

  • reyghafa rae is obsessed with six of crows (@reyghafa) reported

    @WesperCrumbs I try to keep a light hearted outlook on the series, because otherwise I would go back to ranting all day. I think when it comes to these issues, it's important to criticize and move on, only hoping for improvement. Which I believe Bardugo has accomplished.

  • earthmatrix Charles William Johnson (@earthmatrix) reported

    I have been making a few @earthmatrix slides about how gravity works (at least in my conceptual outlook) & why there is no need for the dark matter/energy theses. I thought at first that two slides would do it; but the task has expanded to 10 slides; trying to whittle 'em down.

  • ChrisLYanksFan Chris L (@ChrisLYanksFan) reported

    @OCpatriot123 @skeeter19592 I hope your optimistic point of view is correct. 2 weeks ago I thought the whole thing was a hoax. But I'm sitting here in NYC...with my wife of 30 yrs who is diabetic and has congestive heart failure. We have children who are Drs working the problem. Their outlook isn't good

  • rsatter42 Rabi Satter (@rsatter42) reported

    The new OSX update to Catalina fixed my email issue with my personal #Outlook account not being able to connect. I have one of the first domain email account dating back to when I was an employee of Microsoft. A change awhile back broke the Apple email client. Now if iOS works...

  • CoachTayGB Joe (@CoachTayGB) reported

    The recent 401k legislation that increases ability to take distributions and encourages suspension of loan repayments (e.g. not putting funds into a down market) are going to be devastating to the already-tenuous outlook for retirement income. Potentially catastrophic results.

  • megancorcoran91 Megan Corcoran (@megancorcoran91) reported

    I was feeling okay about things most of this week, but my outlook has taken a real nosedive today. Everything is absolutely terrible. There is no silver lining about this.

  • ladysaane Saanè (@ladysaane) reported

    I will never tone down my positivity, and spiritual outlook ever in a relationship ever again, I refuse to sacrifice my identity or true temperament to conform to someone elses life

  • LockerRLibrary Locker Room Library (@LockerRLibrary) reported

    @CommodoreOps @Teamworks @zoom_us @trello @googledrive @Outlook There are lots of services who do it but remote login apps/programs have been extremely helpful. Along with programs like @pulsesecure who allow you to see university share folders from home with a secure login.

  • novam1201 Misty Lynn (@novam1201) reported

    First world problems BUUUUUUT.... their system is old AF and they need a windows update. Their Microsoft outlook email is from 2007.................................

  • HHS_staff Hamilton Health Sciences Staff (@HHS_staff) reported

    @frontline_RN That was a technical glitch with an Outlook account. They were all the same email. Thanks for your patience!

  • jeblucas An argument for the pit (@jeblucas) reported

    @Rliyen my wife used a trackpad and overswiped something in Outlook and the whole interface changed and we can't figure out how to change it back. Microsoft will never not be terrible.

  • kylea92208627 kyle a (@kylea92208627) reported

    @toothlessgibbon @NateSilver538 I just wish people had a more balanced outlook on things... you have one group paralyzed by fear and another that thinks there’s no problem at all.. both are wrong and dangerous


    The baby boomer generation really knows nothing but being a sheep and inherently holding a negative outlook on all societal issues because they’re ******* sheep

  • Hubajube Ken Boone (@Hubajube) reported

    @brucewilson No. The important question is when will the exponential rate slow. The answer is a few weeks after lockdown. How quick, complete and successful the lockdown was is the biggest factor in each state's outlook.

  • CIORobPerry Rob Perry (@CIORobPerry) reported

    @elerianm Agree. Just tweeted this. Literally ZERO demand for today's 3-month term #REPO auction. People may be misinterpreting the lack of liquidity across markets as mostly a problem with the financial plumbing and instead should be interpreting it as mostly a dour investor outlook.

  • CIORobPerry Rob Perry (@CIORobPerry) reported

    Literally ZERO demand for today's #Fed 3-month term #REPO auction. People may be misinterpreting the lack of liquidity across financial markets as mostly a problem with the financial system plumbing and instead should be interpreting it as mostly a dour investor outlook. #COVID

  • disdatspla ‏ً (@disdatspla) reported

    stop tryin to change my outlook on “relationships” idc for it i want a million before i settle down

  • MissCapucho Ana (@MissCapucho) reported

    @Leandro8209 A chrome bot would fix this or a bot that randomly types outlook emails. Maybe I’m on to a new type of business 🤖

  • wwallace William Wallace (@wwallace) reported

    @ibogost I think some of it is reactive to a loss of impromptu catch-ups and the kinds of issues that could be sorted by dropping by someone's desk for a chat. The watercooler isn't a place right now, it's an Outlook invite and Zoom call from 3:30 to 4:00 and you're a required invitee.

  • kylelarryevans Kyle Evans (@kylelarryevans) reported

    I remember when this happened to us a few years ago. Shut down email for half a day as everyone replied without realizing it was going to 40,000 people and overloaded Outlook. It was one of my favorite days there.

  • ThePrem1eR the prem1er (@ThePrem1eR) reported

    @tryarrive also having issues tracking my packages from Barstool. Won't allow me to confirm my hotmail account.

  • pwsimerimiaw 🕷Buddug ~fbpe~ Remain 🔶⚫🕷 (@pwsimerimiaw) reported

    @alji76 @sainsburys If your parents live hundreds of miles away, no other family nearby & everyone isolating it is a massive problem. They just can't access food! They will get the virus if they try & get to a shop & the outlook for them is not good. They must be made priority

  • Leila1H Leila Hatoum (@Leila1H) reported

    S&P: #Kuwait Ratings Lowered To 'AA-' On Lower #Oil Prices And Slow Reform Progress; #Outlook Stable • Materially lower oil prices in 2020 and 2021 will have negative economic and fiscal implications for Kuwait, given the country's high reliance on hydrocarbon exports.

  • AllanSchneider9 Allan Schneiderman (@AllanSchneider9) reported

    @MiddleIsrael I think your off your Mark about yulli please provide me a law he broke when he closed down the knesset wed. I assume they might have included that info as to to which statue rule or reg he broke if there was one. It was a feeling or Outlook by the judges.

  • ziggysblues Ziggy's Blues (@ziggysblues) reported

    @meralhece I consider it a supreme act of karma that he now is infected. Any outlook that does not view this as a modern day potential plague is not in line with the facts on the ground and is helping to encourage the spread rather than slow it or help defeat it.

  • computingadvice computerbot (@computingadvice) reported

    Tip alert: Always edit a .msi file with Microsoft Outlook. Whew, glad that problem has been Solved!

  • BCGtheBOSS BCG the DAD (@BCGtheBOSS) reported

    @Margiii_ @KrasiFIFA I took China 4 months just to slow it down... And that's with sever lock downs and street sweepers disinfecting everything. 3 months is a minimum outlook.

  • youngp2 Paul Young (@youngp2) reported

    If things aren't going as smooth as you like at work don't worry. The makers of Outlook are having issues with email. That's not a dig. That's reality

  • LungeloN_Zulu Lungelo KaNdabezitha (@LungeloN_Zulu) reported

    @_Langaman It's a terrible thing, and the supply side domino effect will be huge. I contrast this with Edcon and it's a bleak bleak outlook