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  • Ali_Leith alison leith (@Ali_Leith) reported

    Oops, I think I've broken the outlook interwebby thingamibob.

  • jespertejlgaard Jesper Tejlgaard (@jespertejlgaard) reported

    Spent the morning fixing #Outlook ost file. Wonderful. Best fix. Kill or process reading it (more than I thought, then delete file and start Outlook.

  • jawchiin 🌹 (@jawchiin) reported

    @riatomlinson_ trying to express opinions is different from degrading and invalidating other person's perspective/outlook in life or misleading the main thought of the issue. sometimes, it's not smart shaming, it could also be a reflection to everyone who thinks they're dominant to others.

  • Francesc_Forex Francesc Riverola - 🎗 (@Francesc_Forex) reported from Barcelona, Catalunya

    Deutsche Bank 1/2: Stronger GDP growth in Q1 still results in a technical upgrading of our 2019 #euroarea GDP growth forecast from 0.9% to 1.1%. However, the upgrade flatters the outlook. We expect rising uncertainty to keep underlying economic momentum slow in the coming months.

  • aid4disabled Patrick Burke (@aid4disabled) reported

    @lancelotspram Sorry to hear about your problem but pleased you still have such a positive outlook

  • roryben Rory O'Malley (@roryben) reported

    @JimMFelton People with more extreme opinions have always existed and this lady's outlook is nothing new. Part of the problem is that social media gives them a platform, and amplifies and encourages their views, because of society's seemingly endless morbid curiosity for conflict

  • BurgerrB Bee (@BurgerrB) reported

    My MS Outlook is acting up (for months now) and once it even stopped working. "Search" isn't working. I am unable to add signature in "Options". So on. There is also the issue of these License pop ups on mt year old Lenovo. 1/2

  • cryptic_musings Azlan Tiwaz (@cryptic_musings) reported

    @Ilovehyderabad @seemagoswami They will rewrite history to suit their own skewed views, but will contribute to the present issues positively to write a progressive and habitable future. Such a blinkered outlook, they’ll sink in their own quicksands and drag us down too.

  • olgeni Jimmy Olgeni (@olgeni) reported

    I had to "restore" my stupid iPhone to get some performance back after a ton of OTA upgrades, and now Outlook will not sign in 🙄

  • Tbrainerd Tom Brainerd (@Tbrainerd) reported

    Using Outlook 2016 in Office 365 as an IMAP client. Please FIX this. Make it go away.

  • sard1d sardid 🎗️ (@sard1d) reported

    @tyrell_turing @roydanroy Mmm, I don't see why this should be a problem in Thunderbird. Boston University also uses Outlook (office365), which works fine with Kmail (KDE). I would expect Thunderbird would work fine too.

  • sircontraire Sir Contraire (@sircontraire) reported

    @Cyclops_Trader True. And the problems have been reflected in the selling pressure that has turned me off it as a buy. But the buying pressure is building now and perhaps the outlook and sentiment will carry the chart past its issues. Ultimately the market is just as much emotion as logic!

  • shopNicoleKaine Nicole Kaine (@shopNicoleKaine) reported

    @MicrosoftHelps Hi Thank you for following up. I did contact outlook that way on 5/16 and even provided them with a different email to contact me since my hotmail is not working, no one has contacted me yet. I don't know what else to do. I have been using this email for 15+ years ;-(

  • DTradingAcademy Day Trading Academy (@DTradingAcademy) reported

    Major U.S. retailer Kohl's share price is down nearly -12% on Tuesday morning at $55.49, after a quarterly earnings miss & releasing its full year profit outlook.

  • hdmoore HD Moore (@hdmoore) reported

    @mrisher @christiaanbrand @laparisa I went through it again with support; the reissued Order Replacement Device links are still broken (trailing > when clicked in Outlook), but work once trimmed.

  • adamcurry Adam Curry (@adamcurry) reported

    @voidzorro @getongab New data point, this now only appears to be a problem with Outlook 365. Links from other apps like 'Mail' and Skype open in the Dissenter browser as expected.

  • purrfectlyyappy PurrfectlyYappy (@purrfectlyyappy) reported

    Update: We have an issue sending order notifications to hotmail email addresses - if you have placed an order but received no order notification this may be why - Please DM us if you need an update :)

  • mulder_george George Mulder (@mulder_george) reported

    @CharlieDance18 @ErnstRoets In returnresponse2Your remark I guess both sides have a different outlook towards the issue. So equality to one might just not feel the same to the other side.

  • TheAgbeko chief_Omezogbezo (@TheAgbeko) reported

    Huawei should be treating the issues with the us government with some positive outlook. They have a chance to replace Rim as the third mobile OS force or possibly the replacement to iOS or Android.

  • fx_advisor fxadvisor (@fx_advisor) reported

    12:30 GMT Heads UP! Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia issues Nonmanufacturing Business Outlook Survey for May . . . #fed $usd #US

  • GreatNorthLodge Great North Lodges (@GreatNorthLodge) reported

    We are aware there are some issues with emails going to Hotmail addresses at the moment - we have raised it with our webhost who is looking into the issue. In the meantime, if you are expecting an email from us and it hasn't come through - please let us know.

  • SsyStatus SSYStatus (@SsyStatus) reported

    Issues when sending email with Outlook .

  • RAnachro Refurio Anachro (@RAnachro) reported

    @SchreiberUrs @Niels_Tuning @seanmcarroll I can see why this might annoy you. He favors relativity over QM because he believes that it gives a better outlook on the problem of why entropy was so low.

  • SsyStatus SSYStatus (@SsyStatus) reported

    Issues with Outlook - Please Use Front -

  • gary_priestley Gary Priestley (@gary_priestley) reported

    @marc_blaxill Your email is msn part of hotmail and its them that are having a problem so I’m told 👍

  • tigertuffmark Mark (@tigertuffmark) reported

    Is it just me and my bias outlook to the Tigers, we cop a bad deal, terrible free kick against us for 3 years, can’t but a rising star this year with great consistency from 5 young players. Martin, Grimes, Soldo all suspended where others get off... AFL conspiracy #gotiges

  • TitlesTireMe 🅑🅘🅝🅐🅗/ MSD📌 (@TitlesTireMe) reported

    This whole thing with this fansite is hella confusing, and some of her comments here are aggravating personally. But I guess it just ends with the outlook of a person, although trust has surely been broken.

  • CosmoSnowmew Cosmo Snowmew 🔜CFz2019 (@CosmoSnowmew) reported

    @Scotiacon Seems to be a "Hotmail thing", we've had the same issues with Furcation registration emails. Best guess, someone marked one of our emails as spam and it's been applied site wide. Asking folks to get another email address seems to be the easy fix, sadly :(

  • SsyStatus SSYStatus (@SsyStatus) reported

    Current Issues with Outlook - Please use Front

  • MunchsMuse Munch's Muse (@MunchsMuse) reported

    I need acting lessons or to get somewhat better; my partner is being dragged down by me drowning. I am not to sure that this is a backwards outlook or not. Feeling slightly positive today. Possibly because I was unwell for a few days and didn't realise it was a standard bug.

  • ballaz360 01.08.2018 (@ballaz360) reported

    Zion Williamson was turned down by Anthony Davis for an autograph when he was a kid and it changed his outlook on dealing with fans. “I don't want to turn a little kid down because I know it will hurt them because it hurt me. Anthony Davis turned me down."

  • fagboi44 Scottish fag boi to use (@fagboi44) reported

    Anyone like to expose me on my Hotmail will give u my login details

  • umang Umang Jaipuria (@umang) reported

    @jamiequint Spot on. It doesn't seem like a prioritization issue even -- they seem to be only looking forward 90 days (at least per the article). Even 10,000-year old agriculture needs a longer term outlook!

  • kanon06 Bryna - Detective Pikachu (@kanon06) reported

    I am legit so upset because it means I can never get rid of my old phone because I literally can not login to the Hotmail

  • _sayuriin 🌷 misses 🐿 (@_sayuriin) reported

    @_anadiine i'd like to think happiness /is/ a choice to some extent bc having a positive outlook on things does help a lot. but it's unrealistic to say it's the solution to all our problems

  • Murph_Locc Locc (@Murph_Locc) reported

    Lol. Just lol. Go back to Provo with that soft ass outlook, there’s an office down there that helps keep kids “in line” while someone else pays for their schooling. That mentality is one of the reasons why I’m advocate of paying kids.

  • kamidon74 Kyle Amidon (@kamidon74) reported

    @benshapiro I remember reading some article talking about people who have endings or other plotlines exposed before seeing the rest of a show actually had a more positive outlook on the show. Likely due to having a heads up before a let down or sad or normal happy ending...

  • BlackbirdFrost Blackbird (@BlackbirdFrost) reported

    Well screw @Microsoft and their BS. I guess after some kind of update, my Outlook wants me to sign into Live and save my credentials onto my PC. Won't let me sign in otherwise. Uninstalling Office and going back to Libre Office/Thunderbird. Glad I didn't pay full price for this.

  • pharris667 Harris Market Trends (@pharris667) reported

    IBD Big Picture May 20, 2019 Monday Action Chips Lead Market Lower Current Outlook Market in Correction Leaders up in Volume $HDB HDFC Bank $FIVE Five Below Leaders Down in Volume $KEYS Keysight Tech $XLNX Xilinx $IPHI Inphi $FN Fabrinet $BABA Ali Baba $AVGO Broadcom

  • singhonsecurity Rishi Singh (@singhonsecurity) reported

    @divinetechygirl Most likely not far off. I've worked at companies before where we had to educate tens of thousands of people that Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo were "external" to our company to try and avert data leakage issues with them forwarding all their emails to personal accounts.

  • Shavis74 Shawn Vis (@Shavis74) reported

    @AgronomyBrad I have a solution to your Outlook problem.

  • valderami MY FRIENDS ARE MY POWER (@valderami) reported

    So I will need some time to process my complete and total feelings about #GameOfThonesFinal, What I do know however is that I have a much more positive outlook on it than just about everyone else and I am definitely satisfied. I do understand peoples, very valid, issues however.

  • iamcee_1 CPCB (@iamcee_1) reported

    @Microsoft @Outlook please pretty please with sugar on top, FIX THE EMAIL SPAM FILTERS!

  • bc3tech Brandon (@bc3tech) reported

    Meanwhile, mind you, the entire time this was happening in Outlook desktop, the Windows Mail and Android Outlook apps all worked just fine with the setup that'd been working for years. So, just in case you're having issues - that's what worked for me.

  • bc3tech Brandon (@bc3tech) reported

    I have the e-mail address I use w/ my custom domain set up as an alias on my @microsoft account, and the primary one at that. To fix the 'Disconnected' error (it wasn't fetching mail or appts from outlook .com either), I thought I'd just delete & re-add the account. Wrong.

  • ronaldcarvalhoe ron don deplorable (@ronaldcarvalhoe) reported

    @nutsaboutknittn Please don't destroy yourself with any tattoos, God being unique is now a clean look please just have a positive outlook on yourself I hate to see you down you seem to have SO much to offer somebody

  • zboarda Tim Kist (@zboarda) reported

    @todoist @RossKingII Same issue in Outlook. Would like to know when this can be fixed

  • quinn54 quinn54 (@quinn54) reported

    @dbongino Very sick outlook when the only answer to every problem is government control

  • emazobaide ema alzobaide (@emazobaide) reported

    @radvolk @Zhuhuomingmie @RODENT950 @fouadromieh @Android @gmail @Outlook we hope this problem will end caus all huawei users are confused

  • Karmageddon67 Roadkill Wallaby Reef Foundation 💧 (@Karmageddon67) reported

    @martinrev21 Same everywhere across Australia. New suburb near Cairns now being advertised on TV called ‘Outlook’. Apparently ‘living in the rainforest’. But they cut the rainforest down for the suburb. Yes, a few trees left, but they’ll go too when they drop leaves & residents complain.

  • JichaMan1974 Tiger Daddy (@JichaMan1974) reported

    @Outlook yep. I am in the process of doing so just fine. I just had to delete the ones that had errors in them.

  • HoneyBeeAlaina alaina (@HoneyBeeAlaina) reported

    For everyone watching this nonsense go down because I feel morally convicted to drag the person putting my friend in danger: I’m either very sorry for being annoying on your feed, or you’re very welcome for the free entertainment. Depends on your outlook.

  • ChristosMatskas C:\hristos.matskas @ Techorama (@ChristosMatskas) reported

    @kvaes @TomKerkhove @Outlook I don’t think it does...I schedule emails for next morning all the time..never had any issues with sent mail. Outlook on Windows and macOS

  • AutumnRinaldi The Real Autumn 🌷🌷 (@AutumnRinaldi) reported

    @Owlkenpowriter I use hotmail and people laugh at me, but I never have problems with the service, nor do I ever lose emails.

  • Gabe_Lopez18 Gabey (@Gabe_Lopez18) reported from Des Moines, Washington

    No matter how down in the dumps you are, always maintain a positive outlook

  • NW_Horadam Nathaniel Horadam (@NW_Horadam) reported

    The problem with these arguments is companies like Facebook and Google are already so transnational in composition and outlook, and most of their employees don't give a **** about US national interests.

  • tawnyhottie jamila 🦋 (@tawnyhottie) reported

    Could’ve predicted how terrible this morning would go, but I tried to have a positive outlook 🥺

  • dannyhshin danny shin (@dannyhshin) reported

    the problem w/ this american-idol-esque outlook is, you know... the 90 MILLION people who didn’t vote last time.

  • TypedSilence Derrick (@TypedSilence) reported

    My grandmother died this morning and man I ain't never seen my mom break down like this. Y'all clown ass gang bangers need to sit down and plan a funeral with a grieving family and y'all may have a different outlook. This shit hurts and I can't imagine killing someone stupidly

  • Bill52801608 Bill (@Bill52801608) reported from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    @MPalermiti @Apple @Outlook Could you guys please fix Outlook iOS so we can sort internal Contacts by last name for gods sake....never heard of database that cant sort by last name