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  • TyrenTiger Tyren (@TyrenTiger) reported

    Performance review this morning... Work laptop got slow sitting idle over the weekend *reboot*.... Work laptop won't connect to dock and monitors now *Fiddle till it works*, Work laptop wants me to change my password... *done* Need to reboot for Outlook to use the new password...

  • CryptoBiting CryptoBiting (@CryptoBiting) reported

    @StephenJGranier @lawrencehaines @RedState @streiffredstate The problem is people think we are supposed to be in the thick of things. Outlook of healthcare professionals say it keeps getting worse. Preventative measures and containment having too much is better than what we are experiencing now. Only the beginning.

  • mstea_ebooks oǝW ǝp ʎʇsıW (@mstea_ebooks) reported

    The librarian job outlook is really, really, really sure you know what the problem where typing in file dialogues didn't work *at all*

  • MissJessSmiley Jessica (@MissJessSmiley) reported

    @Google t there is not enough information to verify the account which makes sense cause my gmail is not the original recovery email I put down the hotmail account is. It would also be good to note at this point I entered my partners ‘hotmail’ email aCount also and it did not send

  • henkabma henkabma (@henkabma) reported

    @zersiax Currently no issues with either Excel or word (insider versions) Even outlook is finally acceptable after the last office update.

  • JackPrasad10 Jack Prasad (@JackPrasad10) reported

    . I hadn’t even realized I needed the encouragement, but suddenly my whole outlook changed. If that’s what my professor thought of me, then I was determined not to let him down.

  • JMarshallT James M Taylor (@JMarshallT) reported

    @RothkoWoofed I had this the other day when I swapped from OutLook web to app. Only solution I could find was literally scrolling down and ‘re-reading’ the supposedly unopened mail... sure there’s a proper way to do it but nothing else worked for me

  • Middlo89 Alex (@Middlo89) reported

    @THX1138_2014 @SprayisL @mwaringa @DCMS your a parasite of the mainstream narrative that is shitting clack down your neck which your spewing back up to form your vacuous outlook on the world! All you can do is parrot the shit your fed. More brains in a rocking horse! Can’t even question the mainstream narrative! 😂

  • Krillin23 Anonymous (@Krillin23) reported

    @Outlook @yahoomail I am trying to access my old mail accounts almost after 5-6 years and the problem is I am neither able to access yahoo nor outlook because both are sending codes for verification to linked emails. Please help.

  • nksingh0505 N. K. Singh (@nksingh0505) reported

    @TimesNow @INCIndia @DrAMSinghvi Your days are gone. Keeping in view you past performance and current outlook. Nobody believes you guys. Better help in this situation to overcome this problem. Secondly, if you have proof then just file a case. No jumlabaji or press conference is required to fool people.

  • NafisaShafiq Nafisa Ali Shafiq (@NafisaShafiq) reported

    Today, I deleted Teams and Outlook from my phone. I’m on annual leave for a few days and I’m craving down time.

  • SosoMunaChi Aunty Dinma (@SosoMunaChi) reported

    20mins to start of business and they tell us outlook is down. I'll go back to bed rn pls

  • Terez76 ✌️ (@Terez76) reported

    @CynnaAel @LibertySJustice I still have my hotmail. Yes, I’ve been mocked by millennials, but I don’t want to go down the road of changing literally everything.

  • legendofshelda Legend of Shelda (@legendofshelda) reported from Memphis, Tennessee

    I’m an optimistic person and the world has been trying my outlook on life more than ever. Between the shut down & my dog getting sick I feel like there isn’t a happy ending on the last page of this book and that ******* blows...

  • RiasXMachina K-Project (@RiasXMachina) reported

    @DimitreGT @KaoticDrew @sicknavis @donjonson10 @h3h3productions She quite right saying everyone isn’t one of those things is like calling a human being perfect. And just because someone has never failed you doesn’t mean they won’t. At the end of the day it comes down to circumstances. Your outlook seems quite naive sir.

  • amalatwaijri Amal Altwaijri - أمل التويجري (@amalatwaijri) reported

    The fruit of that meeting was an agreement among members to extend supply reduction from 1.2 Mb/d to 2.1 Mb/d and to revisit the issue further in March 2020.However,the outlook of the world’s economy continued to be deteriorated significantly in February, before the arranged time

  • HoR_102 Nicky Franco (@HoR_102) reported

    @jetmojica Should be no problem if one’s outlook/holding period is 12 months or longer. Also, saw an article which said airlines with strong domestic businesses are expected to perform better in a recovery.

  • AnilJChanchani1 Anil J Chanchani (@AnilJChanchani1) reported from New Delhi, National Capital Territory of Delhi

    @Outlookindia It seems that Outlook India stopped publications of their magazine as since last three weeks issues dated 30/003/20,06/04/20 & 13/04/20 we haven't received (Sub No.225382) & nor got reply of our complaints

  • Fuller_Si Si Fuller, a cautionary tale (@Fuller_Si) reported

    Working from home today. The laptop I have is so slow. I had to restart it because Outlook crashed, and the reboot has taken so long the laptop has tried to go into sleep mode twice now.

  • outandaboutjc1 Jeremy (@outandaboutjc1) reported

    @DavidWohl Because David Wohl is completely amoral, he sees a principled stand and assumes it must just be personal bitterness. This is the same broken outlook that caused to David to raise the hilariously incompetent scammer Jacob Wohl.

  • EricMann Eric Mann (@EricMann) reported

    Tried sending an email to a friend who is still using Hotmail as a provider ... and it was rejected. They claim they've seen too much spam from my server IP. I submitted a data request to verify - "we show 0 messages from this server marked as spam." Yeah ... unblock me then.

  • dgerogers David (@dgerogers) reported

    @ScottFordTVGuy Working from home but business is way down. Funny I had a stomach ache yesterday. But ok today. Still walking 3+ miles everyday to help keep my positive outlook positive. Thanks for asking.

  • tlogum3 Paul Wisehart (@tlogum3) reported

    I'm chasing down shorted wires to make make motorcycle headlights work. It's kinda of fun, and then I get so mad because it's not easy. My life is sort of like that. So I'm going to try and keep the "this is fun" outlook as much as possible.

  • Maxrun93 Max Maxwell (@Maxrun93) reported

    @marklevinshow Just tried to watch see in in. What a joke. Terrible outlook on all topics.

  • DavidOfromNJ David Obuchowski (@DavidOfromNJ) reported

    @ReddTrain No this isn’t fresh perspective or a new outlook or change. It’s a way for them to make themselves feel better, avoid apologies or dealing with massive underlying issues.

  • DiamondCyprain Diamond Cyprain (@DiamondCyprain) reported

    @renoomokri @APOSTLESULEMAN @DeleMomodu Sir please stop looking at people's picture or their upload when picking Pick as your spirit directs you Cos some of us in this platform knows how to package our outlook so that people will not look down on us but deep down we actually need the help. Appearance can be confusing.

  • mollyshewrote Molly Ariotti (@mollyshewrote) reported

    @laderafrutal This is the other problem! I constantly think I have new messages when I don’t and I lose ones I need to respond to because they get marked as read and promptly get buried. Outlook is atrocious.

  • EmpireCykesBack Cyke (@EmpireCykesBack) reported

    @cdavid0911 @DetriotSmash2 Peter is a pessimist. He has trust issues, he sees the worst in most situations, he’s been through so much that has worn him down. A pessimist doesn’t always need to have a negative outlook on everything, it’s just that when something goes wrong, it feels like everything i.

  • brinaaquafina Creamie🥧 (@brinaaquafina) reported

    I ain’t let the issues with my dad tarnish my outlook on black men in general.

  • Patrici82614447 Patricia Morgan (@Patrici82614447) reported

    @G88Gassi Ouch...I’m so sorry to hear that. I’ve got it, too. I think our weather today has made all head issues worse. Get well quick, because we need your beautiful outlook on life!

  • pupperio Stay home and wash your hands please (@pupperio) reported

    @THOTCrime @koaleszenz @jdcmedlock of course I acknowledge the special problems in health economics, I just think your solutions are not closely tailored to dealing with those specific problems. It seems like you’re using those problems to justify a much broader policy outlook.

  • slaferney SLaferney (@slaferney) reported

    @AndrewYang There is No reason for Asian-Americans to feel anything other than pride in accomplishments. You are Americans and most Certainly Not a virus. It Is the people’s problem who have trouble with you. They need to change Their outlook. Nobody should say otherwise. :-)

  • gbogiaris Guillaume Bogiaris (@gbogiaris) reported

    @mollyshewrote So I don’t know if this’ll help but I’ve noticed that my outlook Mac is wayyy worse at email archival and retrieval than my outlook PC (office computer). I haven’t found a fix either.

  • TremendoHendo72 Graham Hendry (@TremendoHendo72) reported

    @MBS1872 @parkovanbasten @NinjaMan54 Mark watches the weather forecast and when Sean Batty says the outlook is sunny and warm, Mark screams “it’ll be ******* raining the morra”. Fast forward, it’s pissing down. “SEE, AH WIS RITE”. He’s a lovely kid but FFS

  • jpellis2008 Jay Pellis (@jpellis2008) reported

    @miki123211 Password is correct, microsoft apps and services is authorized in my third party app access list. Error says couldn't sign you in, this browser or app may not be secure. This pops up as a web interface inside outlook inbox of all 3 of my accounts now. Had to do an office repair.

  • cwo1983 Chris Owen (@cwo1983) reported

    @thatsmytweet0 @SkyNews Then you just don't get it. You're part of the problem with that outlook. The message is clear. Only leave your house if its essential. This isn't a game, lives are at at stake. Them idiots on the beach will make others angry who can't see loved ones because others don't listen.

  • thegrumpyloaf Andrew Knight Ⓥ (@thegrumpyloaf) reported

    @jlhcorley @harmlesslife That isn’t trite at all. You can’t control what you can’t control. Worrying about that doesn’t fix things either. Sounds like a really positive outlook. I think @ashlou343 had a helpful graphic about this that might help too #notalonetalk

  • freddonato_ N.U.T.E. (@freddonato_) reported

    If you can't see I take the lessons I learn and teach then you the problem not me cuz I be coming with love. I can't control your negative outlook.

  • _ItsMeatieeBaby M🦂 (@_ItsMeatieeBaby) reported

    I hate that two-step identification to login to Outlook !! Why y’all gotta call my phone EVERY time

  • Abhishekpositiv Abhishek (@Abhishekpositiv) reported

    @samirism013 @Afghanistan_5 No problem if it settle you as it do the many others. but it causes many troubles and people do extreme violent things for their own greed with a mask on their face to show themselves accomplished as a religious scholar n pious person. Change in Outlook doesn't change interiority

  • 666XERODELUXE moss farm (@666XERODELUXE) reported

    @cinnamonbreads @rumbledome That goes into your own philosophical outlook. If you believe the material world lacks any influence regarding its inception then there's that. If you believe that there is a set of principles laid down by a sentient/sapient universe. Or if you believe that there're god(s)

  • Toiletpaperarmy Toilet paper soilder (@Toiletpaperarmy) reported

    @ParvaPower @SouthLeicester @Mr_Trubshawe @Tonyukr @squirrel_smid @MarkPepperm @SI6266 @DerbysPolice Paul if you worked in a shop or a key worker you would have a very different outlook on this photo. I see the is photo and I am angry, you don’t see a problem that there is the problem and until a close member of your family dies you will continue being a ****

  • bondj008 Jason Bond (@bondj008) reported

    Most of the time the short-term outlook stinks for the companies we end up buying, for company-specific or cyclical reasons... If you think those problems aren't really permanent, you can make very attractive investments if you turn out to be right. - Jean-Marie Eveillard

  • jpellis2008 Jay Pellis (@jpellis2008) reported

    All of a sudden, I am opening word or any app in a purchased copy of office 2016, get a dialog that says updating office please wait a moment than program comes up with "outlook.exe application error it was unable to start correctly 0XC0000142."

  • Inkdeath Calice Angel 👑 froot of the poisonous tree (@Inkdeath) reported

    Just made a new @Outlook email account and it won't let me log in lol keep getting an error page

  • traskun Taimur Ali Shahid (@traskun) reported

    @mxcaltrz But ask from tech support guys... Nobody respects timings... Some employees calling you 11 at night asking why the outlook is not working in their device. 😢

  • SuggestiveGames Suggestive Gaming (@SuggestiveGames) reported

    I will never understand why The Last of Us is so universally beloved. Cliche story, mediocre combat, and terrible "stealth". I've tried playing it with a fresh outlook like 4 times, and each time I just don't get it.

  • _NewMeWhoDis Yols (@_NewMeWhoDis) reported

    @Rumorif I agree. My problem is I open Outlook with silly questions then I’m motivated to go on LinkedIn 🤣

  • sccceo Small Charities Coalition - CEO (@sccceo) reported

    Might have just lost it a bit when I turned down an ask from a fintech company that uses a hotmail email address for us to endorse and promote their product to our members at a hidden charge

  • mikekelly85 Mike Kelly (@mikekelly85) reported

    @alistairmilne You are reaching. Your safe haven didn’t work. You’re also heading into the halvening with the difficulty going down. No way the short term outlook is positive right now for Bitcoin.

  • lowellheddings Lowell Heddings (@lowellheddings) reported

    @balajis I’ve been following Zerohedge for a long time and they spent the last 4 years publishing incredibly negative outlook on the economy despite obvious evidence to the contrary. This is a case of a broken clock being right.

  • cjs76 Carl Sumner (@cjs76) reported

    @Arron_banks Lives mean more than money, plain and simple. Economies recover with clear strategy, time and a more altruistic outlook from people of privilege. If you're peddling the line that lives are expendable then you really are a part of the problem #Covid_19

  • NoLoneRangerz Les Kelly (@NoLoneRangerz) reported

    This ideology, IMO, is a major problem in our society. We have a calloused, individualized outlook. When rules are instituted for the good of everyone- follow them. Don’t take the ‘except me’ approach. The rules are not aimed at curtailing civil liberty- rather at saving lives.

  • BodhiMcclory Bodhi McClory-Preston (@BodhiMcclory) reported

    @RB_London_RB @gooner145 @ELdotB @Pigeon37889092 @mrhanks @RachelT1722 @bryanhaylett @JuliaHB1 Don't ******* want you to be me either 😂😂 And my outlook is just that, not my issue if people get offended by it

  • DaveW_1878 Dave (@DaveW_1878) reported

    @FirBob22 The argument is not whether it makes good business sense - clearly it does. If anyone can get money for nothing despite having millions of their own then clearly it is a good 'business' decision. The issue is its morally wrong. You have a very Tory outlook

  • nirabdaboss Nirabdaboss🇧🇩 (@nirabdaboss) reported

    @DevonshireDanUK @CBSNews No you shouldn't be punished. I was just praising your outlook I just wish my ancestors had the same outlook. And it might seem like age of empire because Brits squandered it all but it isn't that old for us who are left with a broken economy

  • Ervingb_ 🇭🇹🇭🇹 (@Ervingb_) reported

    Fix your outlook

  • UzairGhani Uzair Ghani (@UzairGhani) reported

    Installed Skype after many years to see how it has grown as a service. I saw the Outlook login screen and just deleted the app. Don’t need this sort of complication in life.

  • Kwezilomso_ #MambaForever #TheBestOrNothing (@Kwezilomso_) reported

    @sibumabena Cabanga nje no more Outlook, emails are down 🤣😂😭

  • akkwildlife Keith K. (@akkwildlife) reported

    @BillLankfordDG Cheers Bill. I think we have the same outlook on that. I’ll always try to fix first and I realise this probably won’t work but gotta at least try once. I have Dunlop’s at work and the soles are almost pointless. I’ll sort something