Is down? is a web-based suite of webmail, contacts, tasks, and calendaring services from Microsoft. One of the world's first webmail services, it was founded in 1996 as Hotmail.

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March 22: Problems at is having issues since 08:30 AM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • ▪ Sign in (55.81%)
  • ▪ Website Down (30.23%)
  • ▪ Errors (13.95%) Live Outage Map

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▪ Madrid, Community of Madrid  ▪ Berlin, Berlin  ▪ Birmingham, England  ▪ Saint-Nazaire, Pays de la Loire  ▪ New Delhi, Delhi  ▪ Redmond, Washington  ▪ Tomlins Terrace, England  ▪ Toronto, Ontario  ▪ New York, New York  ▪ Bogotá, Bogota  ▪ Minneapolis, Minnesota Live Outage Map
  • Madrid, Community of Madrid
  • Berlin, Berlin
  • Birmingham, England
  • Saint-Nazaire, Pays de la Loire
  • New Delhi, Delhi
  • Redmond, Washington
  • Tomlins Terrace, England
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • New York, New York
  • Bogotá, Bogota
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota
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  • Rylie83
    Ryan Wylie ⚡️ (@Rylie83) reported

    @Outlook Yes, I am still having this problem. It occurs when I try to expand the 'reply' tab within a message which makes forward or reply all near impossible.

  • Thomtwjjames
    Thomas James (@Thomtwjjames) reported

    Day 3 no #facebook. Weather seems glum so assume the good weather wasn't down to me deactivating it. Battery now seems to last a day. Outlook on life is good. I think ill make it

  • yetholm
    mary wilson (@yetholm) reported

    @MicrosoftHelps Why am I being PERSECUTED by Password Problems with my HOTMAIL Acc., lost access to Yahoo for back-ups.???? 90yr Old User for over 20yrs.

  • yetholm
    mary wilson (@yetholm) reported

    @Microsoft I & millions of others really do HATE your coy., when losing control of passwords--your coy., are the PITS. Used Hotmail for over 20yrs now locked OUT over password problems. GET ME BACK IN MICROSOFT--90yr Old Lady

  • CJEradiCater
    Chris Cater (@CJEradiCater) reported from Minneapolis, Minnesota

    @jolondolo @Outlook Having same issue @Outlook 24 spam emails in my inbox in last 12 hrs, more than the past 2 yrs combined

  • lindalanders45
    Linda Landers (@lindalanders45) reported

    @AlexNovoseloff @hotmail If you've seen the colours hotmail have added looks like hundreds and thousands and I'm expecting a migraine every time I look at it, maybe that's one of their problems

  • forex113a
    forex113 (@forex113a) reported

    @TheVolawatcher @5_min_macro Yes. Also, to me, he sounded like he really wanted to emphasize the strong economic outlook while playing down the hawkish shift of dot point. So, not to upset the, dare I say, the stock market. He down played the shift of median FF by saying the spread is large but

  • kuwaitoffers
    Kuwait Offers (@kuwaitoffers) reported

    @inmotionhosting webamil and outlook is not working at all !! live support chat is not workign !!! what is the problem !!!

  • paulewart23
    paul ewart (@paulewart23) reported

    @Tom_Gann Or that Byline's reputation will go down the pan if they keep promoting his material. Sadly Peter Jukes shares his outlook.

  • bfleetwoodsmyth
    Ben Fleetwood Smyth (@bfleetwoodsmyth) reported

    @jonlis1 Don’t get me wrong, I can see it’s kind of funny (& probably some momentary comfort) to wind up the protectionist fringe, but sensible people have no issue here. They know UK has a global outlook which means global engagement.

  • Patchwork_Boy
    Craig (@Patchwork_Boy) reported

    You even complained that we had to move you from a decade old PC with Outlook 2003 to this system....a PC you said was incredibly slow....that you now claim was the fastest thing going. What is wrong with you?

  • Patchwork_Boy
    Craig (@Patchwork_Boy) reported

    A temporary fix was have you log into a computer without the Outlook plugin. Was this not good enough? Was this even followed through when I personally set it up? Because "put my foot through it" tells me nothing.

  • Patchwork_Boy
    Craig (@Patchwork_Boy) reported

    Because, quite frankly, you making the same complaint is slowing me down in fixing more important issues than your PC having a hard time handling SQL transactions through Outlook 2016's calendar. I have bigger fish to fry and meetings to deal with.

  • Porttikortti
    Miro Hämäläinen (@Porttikortti) reported

    @WiseStamp Hey, there is a problem with the new Outlook update and Wisestamp email signatures... When I try to compose a new message, I can't write above the signature, so I have to write below it, which looks stupid and is really annoying. Any way to fix this?

  • ahpdeb
    Horsepower (@ahpdeb) reported

    @zilevandamme @shapshak @dovijoel @Outlook I don't know iphone but on windows phone you change the details for logon to your mail server. It means that you "chose" f/book as the default server to access your mail.

  • EricRogal
    EricRogal (@EricRogal) reported

    @JVSantacreu @firefox I think it's a matter of money: to pay or not to pay... The same with microsoft and outlook: desperately slow!!

  • iloGik_
    iloGik_ (@iloGik_) reported

    @SparkMailApp I have troubles with my hotmail's login with the new update

  • aljen64
    Alan JENKINS (@aljen64) reported

    @BFism @VirginRadioUK Talking of outlook, lookout for Rory Mclroy making a charge down the back 9 here at Augusta.

  • 514JAM
    James Alexandre Merriman (@514JAM) reported

    @NOTORIOUSAALI @chibiuzivert_ If it has a negative impact then its not being positive, its closing your eyes to your problems which is basically being negative because you choose to see them as insurmountable but one can still have a positive outlook on a negative fact or situation 2 better find solutions imo

  • twilightex
    黄昏爆発! (@twilightex) reported

    @Outlook Your site is down like 3h now. Do you have any server problems, or what. Give out an information about your server data when it's down or something.

  • GlynPress
    Glyn Press (@GlynPress) reported

    @VishnuNath @Outlook @OriginalJoycey Odd. Outlook notification badges stopped working on my Nokia 6 (Android 8) a few months ago. Sought support. None forthcoming. This week the badges started working again. I hope your next fix doesn't reverse this for me!

  • VishnuNath
    Vishnu Nath (@VishnuNath) reported

    @Outlook @OriginalJoycey We are working on a fix for this - should be rolling out to the play store soon

  • mikk0417
    Mik👼🏻🥀 (@mikk0417) reported

    I’ve realized that people are gonna talk down about me whether I feel confident about myself or I feel like shit, so I’ve decided that it’s more productive to keep my own outlook positive regardless of outside negativity

  • collbeth
    beth (@collbeth) reported

    @logmaxwell I just wanna listen to a 9 year old talk about their problems and what stresses them. I don’t ever want kids but I think their outlook on life is interesting

  • Drueckhammer_
    Austin. (@Drueckhammer_) reported

    If you’re around the scene of a crime running from police at 4am then you are a possible dangerous suspect, hands down. Absolutely terrible that it had to happen but don’t trust the media’s outlook

  • MrSneakysneaky
    gavin / kingorvil (@MrSneakysneaky) reported

    @OfficeNews @Outlook Time to stop using this shit then you have completely ruined my experience with this something easy to understand and use is now so difficult. time to get a new email. Interface is terrible

  • MagnetPointeLTD
    Orane Carby (@MagnetPointeLTD) reported

    Beginner #traders know that they should click buy & sell everyday & all day. #Professional #traders know their job is not to click the mouse 24/7 but to generate #trade ideas & be patient with long a term outlook; they know when to sit on their #ass & when to put their feet down.

  • bookthi3f
    Soph (@bookthi3f) reported

    @Outlook I received my own email so it must be from this sender. I’ve contacted @instagram and they told me to contact you guys as it’s an issue with my email. Very infuriating as I’m locked out of my Instagram account because I’m not receiving the email to reset my password. Any advice?

  • beryroh
    Roheen Berry (@beryroh) reported

    @Outlook Outlook mail is quite slow, compare to gmail.

  • VivekAtMSFT
    Vivek Kumar (@VivekAtMSFT) reported

    @crisl_at @AppleSupport Cristian are you seeing this issue within Mac Outlook? If so, can you please reach out using In-App support (Outlook > Help > Contact Support)?

  • 280characterlmt
    Zach (@280characterlmt) reported

    Finally took a position in $PRL. I've been watching and felt like it was time with the 1:1 airdrop coming April 6th. Charts show it has been in accumulation since mid Jan, currently down 5x from ATH. Kucoin will support the airdrop.<100M supply, <$100M cap, I like the outlook.

  • awesomewillett
    CobraShark-7 (@awesomewillett) reported

    Just realized I can use the stock email app for my work Email rather than @Outlook.. If you didn't know, Outlook is the @tobykeith of email servers... Fucking terrible

  • thenewsinquotes
    The News In Quotes (@thenewsinquotes) reported

    “In the earlier period, strong head winds sapped the momentum of the #recovery and weighed down the path of #policy. Today, with head winds shifting to tail winds, the reverse could hold true.” —Lael Brainard, a #FederalReserve governor, on #US #economic outlook. #interestrates

  • NimishMadaan
    Nimish Madaan (@NimishMadaan) reported

    @saurabh0108 Difficult to say, I need more data for a year to give any outlook but all the new issues are really expensive but a good company.

  • PabstShepherd
    Pabst Shep at FWA (@PabstShepherd) reported

    @Outlook I am, although as soon as i got to my home Wifi it allowed me to sign in again. Not sure if it was on Verizon network or the other wifi i was on earlier

  • nancystaack
    Nancy Staack (@nancystaack) reported from Los Angeles, California

    Can anybody give me some feedback on their exp. with purchasing Office 365 thru #GoDaddy (as a "federated" partner) rather than directly thru Microsoft. Specifically, any issues with setting up Outlook email & and any other problems? It's already too complicated for my liking!

  • Zenoxx69
    Zenoxx Chrovnoux (@Zenoxx69) reported

    @novashepherd In the early 2000s, my dad used to work for the US DoT, & their eMail server & client was Novell GroupWise. Years later my mom is now an FAA contractor & the DoT had switched over to Microsoft Exchange & Microsoft Outlook. Also they switched to McAfee from Symantec Enterprise Ed

  • UnrollmeHelp
    Unroll.Me Support (@UnrollmeHelp) reported

    @StreetsAjed Hey Jed, we are aware of issues with emails not filtering in Outlook accounts. Our engineers are working to resolve these issues. I'm sorry for the trouble. Thank you for your patience.

  • Rush_Boy1237
    DP (@Rush_Boy1237) reported

    I just wanna take 1 girl from down here just to give her a better outlook on life

  • nikMithani
    Nik Mithani (@nikMithani) reported

    @cheapskateblog @Microsoft I am a super heavy user of Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook. I have Mac and Windows machines. All said and done, with all known MS issues in both Office and Windows, imo I would never select a Mac over a Windows machine. I consider my Mac as a pretty looking pos.

  • UnrollmeHelp
    Unroll.Me Support (@UnrollmeHelp) reported

    @joshuadw Hey Josh, I'm sorry for the trouble. We are aware of on-going issues with Outlook accounts and we are working to resolve these issues. I'm sorry for the inconvenience and I appreciate your patience.

  • MortonViews
    Stephen Morton (@MortonViews) reported

    @MarkYusko Outlook has strengthened because it has less far down to go

  • fix_your_face
    Golgotha (@fix_your_face) reported

    *starts composing an email, decides to discard* Microsoft Outlook: ok cool, this email, which you yourself started writing, is now classified, somehow, as an unread email. down is up, fire is cold, fuck you. me: oh damn ok wig

  • astrangerenters
    thx but no (@astrangerenters) reported

    @arashi_licious The problem is I get the little pop-up notice from Outlook so that usually has the first line in it. I could turn off the new email notification but I'm a masochist anyhow. I also hate having unopened emails in my box so I usually just open right away (responding takes time LOL)

    CommodityTradeMantra (@MONEYLINE_FCPL) reported

    Fed's Powell: No sense in the data that we're on the cusp of an acceleration of inflation. A number of officials did bring up the issue of tariffs, no thought that changes in trade policy should change policy outlook.

  • asalisbury
    Andy Salisbury (@asalisbury) reported from Redmond, Washington

    It's not even lunchtime yet and @IamPREZSTEVE is bailing me out of Outlook problems. In fairness - I didn't mean to outright *delete* the meeting invite, but if my trackpad turned off when I plugged my mouse in, I wouldn't be totally opposed to that.

  • PiratePete330
    Pete (@PiratePete330) reported

    34 votes and all with a positive outlook for animal welfare,next time you're out and see someone who doesn't understand the problems they're causing why not have a word with them...

  • airuzubieta
    Antonio Iruzubieta (@airuzubieta) reported

    As expected FOMC raises target fed funds range by 25bp to 1.50-1.75% - "economic outlook has strengthened" - "inflation will move up in the coming months -Barring a significant weakening in the outlook" the Fed will continue to wind down its balance sheet as planned, Powell says

  • joeyhinson
    Joey Hinson (@joeyhinson) reported

    @alex This is actually not a bad outlook. Only problem is housing. What happens when mortgages are at 8% and housing prices are at all time highs?

  • joeyhinson
    Joey Hinson (@joeyhinson) reported

    @alex This is actually not a bad outlook. Only problem is housing. What happens [email protected] are at 8% and housing prices are at all time highs?

  • sasicharlan
    sasiprapa charlan (@sasicharlan) reported

    Search function on outlook is broken. I literally cannot do my job.

  • VWeatherWatcher
    Vogt WeatherWatcher (@VWeatherWatcher) reported

    Hi all. I have family and school needs that need to take priority for the remainder of today. I may not be able to issue a formal graphic for tomorrow's prediction. However, I would say 75% Delay, 25% Regular Day is a reasonable outlook. Signing off for a while.

  • Office365
    Office 365 (@Office365) reported

    @ChrysalisTech Hi there! We'll be glad to look into this for you. May we know which version of Outlook are you using? When you click on "Send/Receive", do you get an error? If yes, what is the error message?

  • gloriaboboria
    Joey Joe Joe Jr Shabbadoo (@gloriaboboria) reported

    ah yes. the traditional after lunch 'outlook goes as slow as a snail' hour.

  • archiecoder
    Sébastien Lachance (@archiecoder) reported

    @msonenote Yes. That's OneNote server is supposed to send the email. It has nothing to do with Outlook. I could for example use the Outlook website to read my emails. The email is not sent anymore from OneNote's server. That's all.

  • HeavyMetalOma
    Amanda Van Quakebeke (@HeavyMetalOma) reported

    Okay, I'm gonna step aside from my Outlook problem for a while, got a message out to one of the guys at work... Gonna work on my story now.

  • pengbutpsycho
    11:11 Love thy Yoni (@pengbutpsycho) reported

    @xaidwithanx @thediyora @khatunetwork The fact people have been allowed to and still have this mentality in secret is the reason society is the way it is. Whole demographics of people being held down just because people in power have this skewed outlook and actually believe people different from them are beneath them

  • xPhoenixShadow
    Joe (@xPhoenixShadow) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp I spoke to soon, I was able to add the account, but now receive an unable to send error for the aol accounts. I cannot send to any email address now. I am using the latest outlook for android

  • GoldenNewsUS
    Golden News (@GoldenNewsUS) reported

    US Crude Oil Price Outlook Bullish After Break Above Resistance The price of US crude oil has broken above trendline resistance, suggesting that further gains could be on the wa...

  • raisingupdads
    Raising Up Dads (@raisingupdads) reported

    An authoritative (not authoritarian) parenting style can naturally give children a positive body image, problem-solving skills, self-regulation, faith, adaptability, positive outlook, and acceptance of others. #parentingtips #fatherhood #resiliency