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  • THE2NDSTODD Sun Tzu & The Thirteen Chapterz (@THE2NDSTODD) reported

    Bro I Said I Disagreed But Thats Their Outlook. And Bell Been Great Off The Field and Handling How Bad They Are Right Now. Jamal Does Nothing But Go 100% Even When They down 27 Thats Leadership dawg lol

  • randianndoll Randi Ann Doll (@randianndoll) reported

    @KevinVuongTO @dugilbo Hotmail account, so probably Fortnite glitches is his real issue.

  • ever_golden Çiçek tomurcuk (grs) (@ever_golden) reported

    @TahirImran Throughout my life 95 % of people (men and women) with islamic outlook i have found shameless inhumane, biased and terrible liars

  • AHaleIII Alan Hale III (@AHaleIII) reported

    @brendandburns In addition to above, today I've used: Visual Studio Microsoft Teams Outlook Sublime Text Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio KeePass Spotify

  • trill5556 trill5556 (@trill5556) reported

    $CSCO it is not just outlook. FCF is down yoy and most likely it means no divvy increases or buybacks. This is still a good short

  • AllisonVacanti Allison Vacanti (@AllisonVacanti) reported

    @chandlerc1024 I hear ya. Frustration has been the theme of my professional life for the last couple of months and I need something to brighten my outlook...I've been letting it pull me down too much. Can't let the negativity win all the time.

  • DoNot_TrustThem DoNot_TrustThem (@DoNot_TrustThem) reported

    @arianasavci @MikeLoftus_ @cenkuygur I'm sorry but that is a stupid outlook on things. Drugs are illegal and are heavily used for example. Committing violent acts is an individual problem that needs to be worked on as a society. Blaming an inanimate object is lazy

  • JaneClemetson Jane Clemetson (@JaneClemetson) reported

    @btbusinesscare trying to open my btconnect email via another outlook account - I get the following: cId: 1088411E1A134CC58A43D0344A7ED991 app: Mail st: 500 reqid: null wsver: 15.20.2451.27 efe: AM0PR07CA0026 ebe: AM0PR07MB4532 1/2 remainder of error message to follow

  • muyiwacaleb Ogundele Caleb Olumuyiwa (@muyiwacaleb) reported

    @nnenna The implication is the likely increase in price cap for Not for Profit organisations who use .ORG domains. This can further spiral down to the new management loosing cash when NGOs decide to go buy ccTLD types of .org if they do not have global outlook.

  • HurricaneTey C Money (@HurricaneTey) reported

    Either outlook is down or nobody decided to harass my work account since yesterday 👏🏽

  • Misaengg Velvetrose (@Misaengg) reported

    When my outlook froze on me at work..& I switched to do something else..deep down my heart really said this.

  • LampardLateRun 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 (@LampardLateRun) reported

    @FtblElias @SkySportsNews Such a naive outlook. It's not even been twelve months. Yes it has its problems but that is expected with such a big change. It'll get a lot better, we just have to be patient

  • mudita83 AJ (@mudita83) reported

    @markram72 @Offkey2 @fumeing @timmyvoe @Chana9MUFC @jeremycorbyn The problem with your outlook is the assumption that working your way up is a possibility for everyone. You are a statistical anomaly, and it is dangerous to assume that anecdotal success stories are the norm. It's like premier league players saying -well everyone I know made it.

  • getminnow Minnow (@getminnow) reported

    Quick update: we’re working on fixing email validations on hotmail and outlook accounts. Thanks for your patience while we fix this.

  • Myxinglab Myxr (@Myxinglab) reported

    @Audible484 I never realized how negative my partner could be. I was always trying to help change that outlook but it affected and drained me. I worked really hard to be where I'm at today and I built my partner up only to be let down constantly. There was no motivation for him to evolve.

  • smellybughouse C (@smellybughouse) reported

    @KateAndrs An intelligent and completely fair outlook on the issue buried amongst the fake feminists and rage posts, very sad.

  • KenFarnaso Ken Farnaso (@KenFarnaso) reported

    Overheard someone on the metro this morning saying that they were 'living for the weekend.' I hate that — what a terrible outlook on life. If you're unhappy, quit complaining and do something about it. Life's too precious; too short to cruise to Saturday. /rant

  • SammiSamosa S. (@SammiSamosa) reported

    A few months ago I was in a terrible place because I was in isolation. I was emotional and my inner thoughts reflected that. Since moving my mental outlook has gone back to what it should be. I am calm. If a situation is getting the best of you, leave.

  • ac_i686 Aaron 0xcOffee (@ac_i686) reported

    @NetworkingNerd Agreed. Time ago at some company they just ended up applying a GPO to disable "reply all" button from Outlook. M$Exchange traffic dropped down by 64%.

  • ITSUofL UofL's ITS (@ITSUofL) reported

    We are currently monitoring issues with O365 Outlook this morning. Microsoft reports "sporadic and intermittent email delays." Will post updates. #ITS4UofL

  • Tradingtime2 Tradingtime (@Tradingtime2) reported

    MICROSOFT can't even FIX simple Outlook mail. The BLOCK SENDERs DO NOT work and customers are being flooded with SPAM/JUNK everyday...with NO SOLUTION in sight.

  • mattspurs10 Matthew Nimants (@mattspurs10) reported

    @TPointUK This is the problem for our country's future our kids are being brainwashed by a Left hating English outlook and it is quite disturbing, only yesterday they were talking about banning singing rule Britannia its dangerous heat next.

  • JasonOutLoud Jason Paul (@JasonOutLoud) reported from Denver, Colorado

    @Outlook Windows. There’s no error.

  • awkohn Andrew K. (@awkohn) reported

    I know 13.2.2 was supposed to fix the background app process death, unfortunately it doesn’t. @OvercastFM was just in background, not playing, for 10 seconds before it died. @Outlook does the same every time on my iPad. @AppleSupport please fix! (And 13.3 beta doesn’t)

  • Wolfmetric Wolfmetric (@Wolfmetric) reported

    K+S down 6.5% in Europe after cutting their production outlook due to weak demand for potash $NTR $CF $MOS

  • IBBoard IBBoard (@IBBoard) reported

    So, Outlook Web App sucks. The JavaScript is broken 99% of the time. I can't switch it to "Light" mode because the setting doesn't stick (probably because the JS failed). But then I open it in Chrome and it is in light mode and it's lightning fast and reliable 🙄

  • kainoeske Kai Noeske (@kainoeske) reported

    @npr247 Sharing the concern, not being a stranger to imposter syndrome myself... but also seeing the potential of this being therapeutic. I have certainly written down things I am proud of when I felt stuck and needed a more positive outlook on things.

  • SchadenCap Schadenfreude Capital (@SchadenCap) reported

    @KennethDredd Blindingly dumb move, and yet I feel terrible for him. Tip for first years running on no sleep and tasked with clerical work: type gibberish into the BCC line so that Outlook doesn't let you Ctrl+enter send by mistake.

  • bapimamuni Durga Prasad Sahoo (@bapimamuni) reported

    @realmecareIN @MadhavSheth1 dark mode is not working properly in outlook app. Please have a look into it. Letters are not readable when it is in dark mode.

  • atalaveraEcon Angel Talavera (@atalaveraEcon) reported

    If this is confirmed and with employment growth continuing to slow, the outlook for consumers in 2020 looks rather weak.

  • sligomicrobe Conor Feehily (@sligomicrobe) reported

    @Outlook And the comments on your tips page show I'm not the only one with this problem!

  • sligomicrobe Conor Feehily (@sligomicrobe) reported

    @Outlook Terrible system. Your tip: keep trying. Except there is a daily limit on this. I cannot remember what is and isn't set up on the account as I've only needed it for my windows. Any purchases I may have made are on a bank card that's long gone. Eugh

  • TheGeekHoard Iᴀɴ Bᴏʏʟᴇ (@TheGeekHoard) reported

    @TopHatGamingMan I remember flushing my mom's glasses down the toilet when I saw two years old. My dad said that "it would give anybody a shitty outlook on life".

  • war_poets Discover War Poets (@war_poets) reported

    14 November 1914 Charles Sorley writes ‘England–I am sick of the sound of the word. In training to fight for England, I am training to fight for that deliberate hypocrisy, that terrible middle-class sloth of outlook and appalling “imaginative indolence ” that has marked us out'

  • WendyNobleBW Luz Wendy Noble (@WendyNobleBW) reported

    Meanwhile, BSP trimmed down its 2019 inflation forecast to 2.4% from it's previous 2.5% outlook

  • argie_wizard Craig Stewart (@argie_wizard) reported

    @SuperkevFTM @sandancer18 He also said JR would be backed in the summer. He wasn’t. He said he could afford to run this club, even in the Championship, yet can’t afford to fix a lift or public address system. I wish I had your positive outlook Kev, but as a realist, it looks chaotic and shambolic.

  • mosesharding Moses Harding (@mosesharding) reported

    Being in India MPC is not an enviable job these days, unable to fix the outlook & trend properly with frequent shift of goal post & policy stance, and when efforts don’t lead to desired & set objectives, and what matters is the outcome & results & not what has been done!

  • DarylHornsby Daryl (@DarylHornsby) reported

    Nearly went to a cancelled early morning meeting with a client because I don't have office 365 Outlook on my phone. As much as I trust my bosses, the "We can delete all data on your phone" line in the login agreement is a real red flag for my BYOD.

  • reidrac Juan (@reidrac) reported

    @Indie_RetroNEWS hey Neil, your mail is broken. Hotmail is rejecting your email forwarder and you are not receiving emails

  • Whinterfell WhinterDragon (@Whinterfell) reported

    @Switchpoint @YourNerdWonder I wish more people had this kind of outlook. Yeah not everyone has to like it, and their issues with it are valid. Just don't go bashing on people who are excited.

  • kitfa Chris (@kitfa) reported

    @loubeelou_ @AnyaWood97 @BBC @ITV . My daughters has had problems for 3 hotmail email access. @MicrosoftUK very poor customer service

  • geektechIOT geektechIOT (@geektechIOT) reported

    Microsoft @outlook .com went had failure on me now it wont load said it had error *( invalid certificate )*

  • MizShannonS Shannon S. (@MizShannonS) reported

    @DrShark I feel the same way for you. None of us deserve this shit. You and I were CHILDREN. CHILDREN. My mom beats herself up about how she mishandled so many things back then. Thankfully it’s influencing her outlook on everything around us now. The victims are not the problem.

  • ldhjd 💧Bruce Pettit (@ldhjd) reported

    @1Hendorable1 Both #LNPfail and #Laborhire are very communist and lazy in outlook, if their is a problem they move catagories.

  • codykonior Cody Konior (@codykonior) reported

    @DavidSchenet @sqL_handLe @SwiftOnSecurity What this led to is every time Outlook broke or the Wi-Fi went down the entire office would start screaming, "OMG I'm being fired".

  • David90695427 David (@David90695427) reported

    @thehill @AOC Yeah, why don't you school us old folks on morality. Your simplistic outlook on society is the problem. You divide. You manipulate. You take from the middle class after making promises you can't keep and alienate the job creators. You're destructive.

  • LeeMilroy Lee Milroy (@LeeMilroy) reported

    @StephenGrootes @SAfmRadio Pathetic how the union is only interested in getting an increase, no long term outlook and clearly never had a problem as SAA hired more staff than required. Was never really a recipe for success. But this holds for all enterprises, government or private.

  • DahMickle MickleDahPickle314 (@DahMickle) reported

    @_ZMS_Winter I do need to fix that outlook on it and just focus on specifically what I'm doing wrong. Thanks for pointing that out lol

  • gambino_suzanne Jennifer Suzanne Gambino (@gambino_suzanne) reported

    @gambino_suzanne is now available and compiled and updated correctly by the police department OFFICIALS who have done the right thing to FAA and FSA do with the CIA and GLOBAL SECURITY issues and the fact that I have two innocent kids and I have

  • gambino_suzanne Jennifer Suzanne Gambino (@gambino_suzanne) reported @PayPal Elon Musk is guilty of murder charges against him TODAY2 and sec violations and using my credit cards and use of my signature business Model and DOMAIN NAMES and I waited until I finished the investigation into this issue today and the

  • Armand_Gman Pringus McDingus (@Armand_Gman) reported

    some people seem to be misconstruing my latest video, "The Problem With Dynamax" as some sort of complaint or negative outlook on the Dynamax mechanic or SWSH in general. please understand that my animations are purely parody and aren't meant to elicit any negative thoughts. ty<3

  • Danai_data Crunchie_Bar (@Danai_data) reported

    @Trinhnomics With all the recent economic indicators pointing south, this paints an ugly outlook for the back end of 2020 and 2021 when the impact takes effect/ filters down to the public. Scary thought!

  • StarkellTroy Troy Starkell (@StarkellTroy) reported

    @drex Drex c'mon the cherry issue could definitely be argued left and right but that's not what I am doing here. I just commented on your bizarre left minded outlook on things. This is what the left do. Turn things to suit what they think. I know your busy think next tweet.

  • moldbugman Mencius Moldbugman (@moldbugman) reported

    You approach your PC, warily. Miraculously... it works. You open Outlook with no issues. Due to being mostly offline for the last 2 days you have 2,407 unread emails. Many have red exclamation marks in the subject title. Others are written in CAPITAL LETTERS.

  • FlyByKnite Justin Russo (@FlyByKnite) reported

    Bright side outlook: Clippers should be down by a lot more than 12 points at the half with the way they've shot the ball. Dark side outlook: Russell Westbrook will get more minutes this second half, and we'll see how they handle that.

  • dalepuumala Dale Puumala (@dalepuumala) reported

    @carlomendoza @onedrive We have been having OneDrive sync issues on numerous users. And also Outlook keeps prompting for Needs Password on the same systems. Never connects. Sometimes after pw change but not always. Opening ticket tomorrow. Highly annoying. And unproductive for users.

  • DestineeMarie68 Destinee🥰 (@DestineeMarie68) reported

    I've honestly changed so much these past couple years. I've calmed down so much and finally stopped being who people wanted me to be and became who I really am and I have a much better outlook on life. I want to be a better person for me and for my child.

  • _twerkdaddy_ Joaquin Penis (@_twerkdaddy_) reported

    @smvkeythebear @timberlynshaw @Vizareno @imSadMane @carterkesan that’s an absolutely trash outlook on life lmao. there’s literally no reason why you shouldn’t help a stranger who’s in pain, and you’re a ******* terrible person if you say otherwise lol

  • ky_lael ky knoch (@ky_lael) reported

    me sending an email to my professor: okay this has to be PERFECT. no grammatical errors, no slang, only utmost professionalism! my professor’s response: k.(: Get Outlook for iOS

  • drroseanebarros Roseane Barros (@drroseanebarros) reported

    @NickJanczak Tell me about Atos! Used 2 have my e-mails downloaded on outlook,since Atos took over from previous ITcompany, been logging on calls with them for months, they can’t fix the problem.They said to go via NHS portal & attachments can only be opened if click using a private computer.