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  • IBBoard IBBoard (@IBBoard) reported

    It bothers me that newer versions of Outlook don't make it clear whether someone was on the To or CC line until you click the little drop-down arrow.

  • BoscoJankovic1 Crypto Adam AVFC🦁 12/15er is BACK!! (@BoscoJankovic1) reported

    @LisaNEdwards I like it, I just have a feeling we are heading to a BIG move one way or another soon. Usually when I get that feeling we go down 😩😩. So I prefer your outlook 😍🤣

  • the_douglaslife Amber 🥞 (@the_douglaslife) reported

    It warmed my heart knowing she went from crying and down to, “no matter what happens it will all work out.” More of an optimistic outlook and not so sad and drained.

  • SenpaiZenkai Jay (Do some fukin' research) Zenkai (@SenpaiZenkai) reported

    My outlook on people has changed dramatically in the past 2 months. Really trying my best to fix this damage.

  • wholigan1 wholigan (@wholigan1) reported

    @YahooCare My Yahoo mail is still not working so I will transfer to Outlook

  • Angus_McL Angus McLaughlan (@Angus_McL) reported

    @LBC @TomSwarbrick1 If you have a problem with Greta....then you really are a ****, and should re-evaluate your entire world outlook.

  • mountaintrekie Melbourne Crypto (@mountaintrekie) reported

    Whales going to make the #btc #bakkt optimists pay big time for the positive outlook by grinding the price down, hurting them, crushing their spirit, then jolting it down triggering their stop losses. And then... nothing for a while, flat, boring. And then... 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🐳🤣🐳🐳

  • AB_arpit Arpit Singh Badonia (@AB_arpit) reported

    With a slightly different outlook and solution towards the problem, I stand with you Greta. Earth is dying > People are dying Save the planet, no matter what the collateral damage is. #HowDareYou

  • DanJP21 Crypto Danny (@DanJP21) reported

    The problem with crypto is that it makes you hypersensitive to price movements and disappointed when prices move against you. Zone out and chill, the outlook is a thing of beauty 😎 $BTC

  • sathia_varqa Palm Oil Analytics (@sathia_varqa) reported

    @ImranSlote The FCPO market is in free fall. The fall is overdone. It may need to hit a low of 2125 first and if not supported then 2100 before attempting a rebound. Sept **** outlook is wearing down on prices.

  • imad01920695 mad (@imad01920695) reported

    @Apple very bad update, my i phone x become very slow , i have to repeat the order more than one time , i cant share outlook mail through the app #ios13bug

  • 0re0_YT 𝔸𝕝𝕒𝕤𝕜𝕒𝕟 𝕁𝕖𝕤𝕦𝕤 (@0re0_YT) reported

    @MrSutherland117 Well, that's your outlook and I have my outlook. I could understand if she were 9 or 10, but she's 16. Not saying there's no possibility for being used by her parents because... Well... I don't think j have to explain why. My point is she's old enough to understand issues...

  • mj_starchilde 𝙼𝙹 🇵🇷🧚‍♂️ (@mj_starchilde) reported

    Never fails after an ios update outlook has server issues on the mail app. 🥵

  • stefanschulte S. Schulte Strathaus (@stefanschulte) reported

    @R_L_Raymond @todoist @doistdevs That’s interesting because Outlook’s format is very proprietary and bloated unless you use plain-text. Doesn’t make it a lot easier for the Devs to track down the cause. 🤨

  • R_L_Raymond R L Raymond (@R_L_Raymond) reported

    @stefanschulte @todoist @doistdevs Outlook (web) causes same issue.

  • DavidG02986909 DavidG (@DavidG02986909) reported

    @CNN Get off of the drugs. The older generation is too trusting. They let big pharma medicate them into a slow death. Stay away from bad food, exercise, have a better mental outlook and stay the hell away from big pharma!

  • santakiin Santakiin (@santakiin) reported

    This outlook I have of myself isn't a good one, but, I'm not sure I have a middle ground between being humble and being arrogant. Overall, the ideal me would be the me that can be confident enough to get past my insecurities, but not enough to make me look down on others.

  • ArsalaiM Mohammed Harun Arsalai (@ArsalaiM) reported

    @maelduin_ross @Legible_M There's a problem with this outlook. It ignores and and takes away the agency of 35 million people. Afghanistan also exists.

  • DebraMullins Debra Mullins (@DebraMullins) reported

    @ATTHelp Tech Support helped me reset my emai password but then Outlook stopped working. It was working before we made the changes. Then they connect me to some tech guy who wants to charge me to fix it! Hell no. I have had it up to HERE with your inefficient service model.

  • mcuwrite ✎ i love you 3000 (@mcuwrite) reported

    "Hey, Pep. I'm a mess. Things in Siberia went awry, Steve Rogers is dead to me, Rhodey's on the up but the outlook is anyone's guess, and I need to not be alone right now. I know I let you down, but I can't stand losing you, too. Please call." ⁠— Parallels post CW, phone calls.

  • RossSmithIV Ross Smith IV (@RossSmithIV) reported

    @abelchior77 @expta Responded. Not specifically an Outlook issue.

  • PastParallel722 Starship Trooper (@PastParallel722) reported

    @CNN What a terrible outlook on life little girl. You will never get off the carousel of antidepressants when your parents do this to you

  • JBunn24 JB (@JBunn24) reported

    @rickyleepotts @Outlook I do, but I have a feeling we might have the same issues

  • vortex33 Vortex33 (@vortex33) reported

    @SammiiSue @happyheathen01 @Christi34354811 @bordwell_c @LeahNTorres You are wrong on all counts. You don’t know anything about me other than I was conceived accidentally. That isn’t enough information for you to guess what “the problem” is or that I have such a miserable outlook on life or that my parents are cruel or that I have self-hate.

  • thedunsh Dunsh (@thedunsh) reported

    @sapphorossetti Very optimistic outlook. I think he’s ******* terrible.

  • MaloRomanEmpire Marcus (@MaloRomanEmpire) reported

    @monkberrym00n @DoxyMom2 @Ilhan Your entire outlook it like putting the cart before the horse without properly engaging with the literature that studies these types of issues. Opportunity is heavily dictated by socioeconomic circumstances, which has often been manipulated through discriminatory policies.

  • a_j_w AJW (@a_j_w) reported

    @biblioracle A related problem: D2L Brightspace used to allow for easy BCC to email those students without submissions, but now I have to copy the names, open up Outlook and create the email there. Just seems inefficient.

  • GlennB52010963 GlennB (@GlennB52010963) reported

    @Ahoberg1Ahoberg @Calumets @parsifel43 @paulmasonnews @TWT_NOW @labourlewis Jolyon stated a fair opinion, gave no info about how or why he thought that way yet you jump in and claim to know everything about him. You have a bigoted outlook my friend, yr righteous attitude is what helped cause this problem by dismissing ppls opinions

  • TobeNative Proud Tobe Native (@TobeNative) reported

    @BigIndianGyasi @DrIbram just be kind to each other, unlearn the learned behaviors from parents/guardians... that's all we ask as the children of the parents taken away and spirits coming home broken, i am broken too but i am not in pieces i am just ready for the world with a more positive outlook. <3

  • ToadKingStudios Eric to NYCC 🔜 (@ToadKingStudios) reported

    A lot of things stem from my outlook that I should always do whatever is asked of me. That I could solve someone's problems by being nice enough. That someone treating me badly wasn't their fault. That it was my own failing when someone was angry/unkind/hurtful.

  • TomHChamp Tom Champion (@TomHChamp) reported

    @EscosPride well, it's mostly by the same people, and while Eva was a deconstruction of Gundam, turnin the trope of teens piloting mechas into a depressing nightmare, GL goes down a similar path but then has a positive outlook, fighting against fate rather than giving in to sadness.

  • samspearsevans Samantha Evans (@samspearsevans) reported

    @redcrew Three hours by phone and remote with MSFT trying to resolve an ongoing issue that crashes Outlook every 5 minutes. Good times!

  • ptickler Peter Tickler (@ptickler) reported

    Still not working with MS Outlook!

  • abialbonpaul Abialbon Paul (@abialbonpaul) reported

    The temporary login code takes hours to arrive in my outlook inbox. Please help @NotionHQ I guess this is happening only with Outlook mail.

  • parkerlucas4 Lucas (@parkerlucas4) reported

    @TJCarpenterShow Disagree wit the Jets on the future outlook list! They have a decent roster with what some to believe franchise QB, and a franchise RB. It's been just bad luck so far this year. The Broncos are far worse off for the near future with oqnership issues and zero direction.

  • maraisclownsgc marais clown gc (@maraisclownsgc) reported

    @psychedseavey that apology was shit, u left for that long and said ‘’ waiting for this to calm down then giving u a good explanation’’ bullshit! u lost so many peoples trust and just changed everyone’s outlook on you

  • FattGreening Future Wolverine in the MCU, RN (@FattGreening) reported

    @TJCarpenterShow I’d move the broncos down about 2 spots on the future outlook list

  • justerinnanana Erin Long (@justerinnanana) reported

    @BillGates if I have to render this email because of Outlook one more time we’re going to have some problems, my friend.

  • mclarenkv Karla McLaren (@mclarenkv) reported

    Windrush didn’t fall from the sky. Hostile environment measures are not solely down to Theresa May, the Home Office must be reformed in terms of outlook, ethos and culture @HackneyAbbott #LabourConference

  • mniehaus Michael Niehaus (@mniehaus) reported

    @markmorow @alphasteff @bsplittg @dready73 @Azure @azuread @ThomasMaurer @Microspecialist @PerLarsen1975 @nitz_d Hybrid AADJ is required for anything that needs an AAD user token: Intune, Subscription Activation, OneDrive for Business (although you can at least manually sign in this), Outlook (ditto), etc.

  • Vasownboss DJ Pat (@Vasownboss) reported

    @conorjschassler @SkinsRealm Only problem is, we're not on the field or in the front office. Tell them that. If they actually win something like a playoff game, maybe just maybe, the fans will have a positive outlook.

  • mattdagley Matt Dagley (@mattdagley) reported

    Skype call went really well. As an iPhone user it's been a while since I've used Skype. My sign in is still a hotmail address. lol.

  • JakeBuildsStuff Jake (@JakeBuildsStuff) reported

    @MelodyTheFolf Outlook had some pretty severe issues with sending emails outbound and stability for me. I'm on macOS, so I use Spark and would suggest that when they make a Windows build (@SparkMailApp, I'm looking at you lol).

  • Jerry_Blayze Infamous Infernape (@Jerry_Blayze) reported

    Going to the VO studio has changed my entire outlook on things. I want to start learning more from other content creators. If you have any advice on things that I could possibly add to my content leave it down below. I’m curious on the possibilities.

  • nhansen55 Nick Hansen (@nhansen55) reported

    @craig_steger @Slix_Kane @BernieSanders I'm not saying "less terrible" at all. I'm saying that within a decade, we could have a viable and solid HC program that has some flaws that will always require some continual tweaking (as no system is ever going to be perfect). That is my realistic outlook.

  • Of_Batgirl Babs (@Of_Batgirl) reported

    + her throat with blood from her nose breaking. Her past was catching up with her and she didn’t have a positive, sunny outlook on what was about to happen. “I’m going to put you into a coma that’ll make your daddy look ready to skip down the streets in a +

  • Angelo48413662 Angelo (@Angelo48413662) reported

    @Outlook @Outlook I have already contacted the support approximately more than 10 days and I will not solve the problem that I mentioned, The number of my case is as follows 672715...

  • Akr_Baby Andrew (@Akr_Baby) reported

    @Murda_Tv Sucks when they have issues, but when you have to tear it down, racers always have that glass half full outlook... **** it, gotta spend money anyway, lets make it faster!!!!

  • Oscarb1933 David Bance (@Oscarb1933) reported

    What a shambles and what a carve up I've watched many conference votes over the years, but never have I seen such a fix, composite 13 was clearly won, it sums up Labour's outlook on life generally, PARTY against the PEOPLE at all costs.That behaviour will cost labour the election

  • Cp_Rooks Alexander Price (@Cp_Rooks) reported

    @antenafaisuki @sandyhook Guns Really Aren’t The Problem, It’s People. Things Are Very Messed Up In Today’s World, And Sadly There’s No Outlook On Fixing It

  • chrisheuer Chris Heuer (@chrisheuer) reported

    @Yahoo @Flickr To their absolute credit, they had support team right on it, got it corrected and reset within just a few minutes. Not the slow drag on problem I expected at all. Now however, I screwed up my MS Live account trying to get into the hotmail account and getting caught in bug there.

  • shaphoebe Phoebe (@shaphoebe) reported

    When you're trying to attain a positive outlook to all the things you do but something is just dragging you down.

  • satanshomegirl bozo ass bitch (@satanshomegirl) reported

    @jayejens @ridiculoushan every aries man I have dated have either 1. broken my heart or 2. ghosted me or 3. ran away to another state and dated someone else and ruined my outlook on love

  • andr3w2011 Andrew Richard Foy (@andr3w2011) reported

    People should have taught teenagers today.... To fix their shit outlook on life

  • Wondermoon__ Wondermoon 🌚 (@Wondermoon__) reported

    I swear I’m living in a permanent mercury retrograde with work because I’ve had so many issues lately. Hard drive fail, computer issues, outlook issues, VPN issues. I hope my coworkers don’t think I’m making this shit up in order to not do my work 😭

  • Emma_LouiseMSD Emma Louise Delaney 🧙🏻‍♀️ (@Emma_LouiseMSD) reported from Kensington, England

    Complains that my work computer is so slow. Has 42 tabs open, Adobe photoshop, adobe pdf reader, Adobe illustration and outlook 🤣

  • smallshrike nancienne of tarth (@smallshrike) reported

    update: looks like this email was an error from outlook. when I tried to respond, the email was post marked early August (when I was working w/ her) so uh ignoring that!

  • cadence1591 cadence159 (@cadence1591) reported

    @BernieSanders Hold on, it looks like you have the same outlook on these issues. Congress passed a reform to curve the Master’s degree loophole employers abused in 2018, but if companies are willing to take away jobs from Americans, they should pay h1bs the SAME salary and benefits.

  • 90secondrice Danza Mrs. Banana (@90secondrice) reported

    I rlly think Microsoft outlook is gonna kill me...make my brain just ****** pop I hate this shit @BillGates fix it

  • exiledclevelndr Adam Copeland (@exiledclevelndr) reported

    @marc_solomon I like your optimism! I wish I shared it. But right now the Browns are a poorly coached team on offense & I'm not sure if they can magically fix that against a good BAL defense. That said, if Browns win next week, outlook changes significantly.