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  • Evelynaliciax3
    Evelyn Alicia 👑 (@Evelynaliciax3) reported

    i wish i never had daddy issues growing up smh, that really ****** up my outlook on love & other things.

  • JStave_NreALife
    JasMiNe sTAVe (@JStave_NreALife) reported

    That changed my whole day. My whole outlook on the way that I was looking at my “problems” I put them in quotations cause it’s not anything that bad.

  • GailLangellotto
    Gail Langellotto (@GailLangellotto) reported

    On vacation. Deleted the Outlook app from my phone. Did not bring a computer. Best. Decision. Ever!!!! I’m actually relaxed!! And not working on vacay, for the first time in memory. #AcademicTwitter

  • pacorob
    Robin (@pacorob) reported

    @SparkMailApp Such a shame the Astro will app working so quickly. Will you guys now finally give the option to show attachments above a message like Astro and Outlook do. I hate scrolling down in long emails.

  • Morph96070
    Ben Moore (@Morph96070) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp Imap and SMTP servers having issues in US? Outlook and Windows Mail are unable to authenticate

  • killdeercat
    Rob McKinney (@killdeercat) reported

    @senorweezer @SlimKimmel @gregrachac My issue with this whole thing is the outlook on football. You either think football is a game where two teams line up and try to play cutesy and score more points than the other by anyway necessary. Scoring more points than the opponent is all that you are looking for.

  • Smokey_pawsback
    Smokey Cat (@Smokey_pawsback) reported

    @MissJules5x @rebeinstein Not my intention to criticize her- like I said that was a genneral comment. A general outlook on the problem people have with saying 'hey I made a mistake. What happened in '91 was wrong and what is happening now is wrong- investigations need to be done'

  • jrank0012
    Jeremy (@jrank0012) reported

    @TomiLahren She also said her and Barry were like “good parents” ... there’s the problem with their outlook: government isn’t your parent.

  • neiljmcevoy
    Neil McEvoy AM (@neiljmcevoy) reported from Cardiff, Wales

    @nopidgeon @HMorganThompson @ifanmj @garethdwr @llinosprice @mattyoude Like many of her type, she has real issues with people of colour expressing opinions. Very colonial in their outlook. Myself & Jonathan Edwards said the same thing. None of that type condemned him. Why not?

  • SebastienPage
    Sébastien Page (@SebastienPage) reported

    @danii_velaz2 Yup, that’s how it used to work. I’ll try with my own Hotmail account later to see if I have the same issue

  • hoeyannie
    Annie Hoey 🦄 (@hoeyannie) reported from Dublin City, Leinster

    @cuppatealove We don’t have a microwave anymore and it has totally changed my outlook on cooking. Now it is slower, requires more planning. I am more careful with portion sizes because reheating is an issue which means I actually have LESS waste. More mindful in general which is great

  • flowerblushy
    michaela (@flowerblushy) reported

    the forecast for all of from now until October 8th is just raid and cloudy every day. I don't want to live here it's killing me it's scaring me this gray sky gives me a terrible outlook I miss the birds and children and lawnmowers and happiness

  • chelev123
    mvg2 (@chelev123) reported

    @Outlook What is happening in Outlook live? It loads and then it shuts down and says to refresh the page. Happening in firefox and chrome. I cannot get to my hotmail inbox!

  • LDNEnergySurvey
    LondonEnergySurveys (@LDNEnergySurvey) reported

    @svembu What’s going on?? I can’t access my emails on my iPhone, PC or Outlook. I’m losing business !!! Even your web site is down

  • farms_phat
    PhatFarmsUnlimited (@farms_phat) reported

    @townhallcom @hughhewitt Hey I notice for someone who was recently railing against the blue bubble that you only post stories from two or three sites that confirm your own outlook. Maybe you’re just a big ******* hypocrite who should go lie down in the mud and eat worms?

  • OLO_BCO_Comms
    OLO/BCO Comms (@OLO_BCO_Comms) reported

    This flawed report provides the rosiest possible outlook of how a carbon tax might work in theory: Step 1 - collect lots of money. Step 2 - redistribute it to everyone. The problem is that’s not what Justin Trudeau has proposed at all. 2/n

  • northerngrin
    Northern grin (@northerngrin) reported

    Anyone any idea why I can’t sign into hotmail on my computer please? Even tried signing into fella’s account and still getting error message constantly

  • LombardiHimself
    David Lombardi (@LombardiHimself) reported

    Well there’s your answer. The 49ers’ moves or lack of moves here will reveal their outlook on 2018. It seems much more likely, given the tackling/drop/penalty issues so far that are indicative of a team still early in the building process, that the 49ers stand pat at starting QB.

  • utekkare
    Pranay Srinivasan (@utekkare) reported

    @miten @sbyrnes @AntarYaami @gmail @SuperhumanCo using gmail with @mimax online and outlook on iPad / Apple Mail on iPhone. @superhumanco rejected me because I don't use a macbook pro. so far shit's still broken and @slackhq aint done shit to reduce email yet.

  • malderi
    Brandon Haber (@malderi) reported

    @erikjfranks Another BigCorp, probably. A few friends have addresses and say good things about the UI. Can't escape it too much, but at least fragmenting across companies will reduce the chance of a single change like this causing big problems.

  • Erutan409
    Michael Keyser (@Erutan409) reported

    @Outlook @Microsoft Issues with your spam filtering server(s), I take it?

    VIP Platinum LOL (@FOXHOUND83) reported

    IP titles that really should have been focused on tbh. I'm alleging that a publishers and board members are doing something shady. Something just ain't right here tbh, Doing a different outlook and change maybe even series from buying chapters vs a whole game was the problem ijs.

  • RyanTyler23
    Ryan Tyler (@RyanTyler23) reported

    @BillyCostags Before this season began they kept saying that in 1-2 years this team would be great because of how much youth was on the team. FSU won changed this seasons outlook, but as we know now l, FSU is terrible. Going to be a long season. Just hope all the young players get better.

  • IamRomeP
    R O M E (@IamRomeP) reported

    Outlook not working. Internet running slow. Stomach growling. Today ain’t my day

  • robertgkok
    Robert Kok (@robertgkok) reported

    After @newtonmailapp and @inboxbygmail shutting down my favorite email app @astro is now also shutting down after being acquired by @SlackHQ. Not many options left besides @SparkMailApp @joinhop or @Outlook Also considering moving to @cloze

  • OfficeSupport
    OfficeSupport (@OfficeSupport) reported

    @RhythmToTheGuns Hi, Alana. We're here to help. Just to confirm, are you using Outlook personal or Business? Please also tell us the email domain you're using. Have you encountered any error message when you change your password?

  • Outlook
    Outlook (@Outlook) reported

    @RhythmToTheGuns Hi, Alana. We're here to help. Just to confirm, are you using Outlook personal or Business? Please also tell us the email domain you're using. Have you encountered any error message when you change your password?

  • DavidWalden2
    David Walden (@DavidWalden2) reported

    @AaronNagler How about the defensive performance in the second half? Honestly don't think the game as a whole was as terrible as people are making it out to be. We started terribly, but if we make those routine catch's on 3rd/4th down the outlook is totally different.

  • pvanrens
    Peter van Rens (@pvanrens) reported

    @CFlat Not bad. Typically I only have outlook, notepad++, file explorer x3, visual studio x2, IIS, sql server, 10 tabs on chrome, 3 on ie. I worry about that sometimes and then do it again.

  • wayofne1
    Way Up (@wayofne1) reported

    On the edge of breaking down because I’ve lost it all... I’ve lost myself. I have no control, no outlook, no sense of self-respect or love. I don’t know who I see when I look in the mirror or when I think to myself. How does one be happy, or know what to do?

  • vijayankit
    Ankit Vijay (@vijayankit) reported

    @atbigelow @__apf__ Don't you think Google is using its monopoly with Chrome browser here? Why my google account is treated differently to a fb or Outlook account? After all they all are websites. Additionally, as a user I never complained or faced the issue google is trying to solve here..

  • Carolin47994866
    JessicaJonesIsMyHero (@Carolin47994866) reported

    @SCFounderDavid Im worried for the fact her daughter could be and if she's got this outlook her daughter would never even tell her it's vile I hate white privilege and the stuck up ******* who look down their nose at everyone like their shit don't stink shitty parent all round imo

  • yazfacee
    yaz✨ (@yazfacee) reported

    I hate 13 year old me for making a hotmail email and not remembering the damn password to login

  • EricIslander
    Eric Islander (@EricIslander) reported

    @allghilliedup88 @StapeAthletic our entire bottom 6 are slow PK guys. Dont forget how he changed the entire 2nd half outlook of the team in 16-17. He showed he now has a more complete game.

  • SabreWingBelize
    SabreWing Travel (@SabreWingBelize) reported

    @zohocrm is there a problem with webmail for desktop right now? It's working on my phone but I can't access on my lap-top or desktop and outlook isn't synchronizing

  • Vo0rheez
    Jason H (@Vo0rheez) reported

    ESPN has like 2 maybe three good/credible analysts. Unfortunately, they get watered down by all the dead-weight trash analysts. How OKC gets ranked so high year after year is a product of them wanting Russ to succeed and not an accurate gauge of the teams' actual outlook.

  • MrUnpopuIar
    Bobby Brown 👌🏾♦️ (@MrUnpopuIar) reported

    Outlook is just terrible in general

  • batanball
    cricketfan (@batanball) reported

    @Microsoft EVERYONE says that Outlook is TERRIBLE at searching especially in iPhone. On my i7, search for an email in Outlook simply does not work. This is really awful

  • legboots
    the enigmatic phlegmatic (@legboots) reported

    azure; slow outlook; slow tfs; glacier

  • Chassafrassss
    Chasity D🎃ster (@Chassafrassss) reported

    Gone thru it. No 1 is perfect, & we all have our own vices & issues. I have had to delete FB as all of these insulting posts have impacted my self esteem, outlook on life, and faith in humanity. Sometimes i feel like theres no use in being sober when I'll always be a "druggie" in

  • SmileForNetTa
    Ro ♥️ (@SmileForNetTa) reported

    @ThatCaliSigma My outlook shut down after this, I wanted to go home lol

  • tamjak
    Tammy Jakubowski (@tamjak) reported

    @1and1help No, your help is not effective. We STILL have email issues. Every single day, we have situations in which our exchange users are not receiving email in outlook clients. I have been told that since I can't reproduce it on demand it doesn't happen

  • terence_brmi
    Térence B (@terence_brmi) reported

    @Outlook @LukeMathers3 Hey @LukeMathers3 have you been able to get you account back ? I have the same issues since 3 weeks, and outlook can’t fix anything

  • Cosmic_Slice
    Leanne Davis (@Cosmic_Slice) reported from Orillia, Ontario

    @MicrosoftHelps just got a message that my hotmail was being removed "by server request" with ZERO notice. WTF?? There are emails on there I need and had no warning this was happening.

  • DWKight
    Donny Kight 🏁 (@DWKight) reported

    @NameWasTaken09 @keselowski Until you're the one sitting in the car looking out the window, we can't tell anyone who they should be mad at, just because we see it on TV doesn't give us a professional outlook on the situation. This is the problem with NASCAR fans.

  • JReidNFL
    J Reid (@JReidNFL) reported

    The present and future outlook for the #Chiefs is so bright. They have Mahomes on his rookie deal for multiple years. Once they fix that secondary, they are going to be scary good.

  • SearchKira
    Kira (@SearchKira) reported

    Eff dude watch Carte Blanche and watch ur outlook get turned upside down

  • ssharwood
    Simon Sharwood (@ssharwood) reported

    Trying a Surface Go. It can't reach an Exchange server with the native mail app or Outlook or even OWA. Same server works fine on iPad and Android. WTF??!!! Such a Microsoft of an experience

  • carlclare
    Viscount Jonkeer (@carlclare) reported

    @nfbenson @thedicemechanic @richgreen01 @oilpainting71 @rumleech @DissectingWrlds @mockman @BudsRPGreview @appendix_n @mikemearls @GoodmanGames Another GM makes you roll for everything - it's not game critical let it slide. My issue is too much of the OSR diaspora (as far as I have seen) are fundamentalist in their outlook on dice rolls.

  • flourish_ious (@flourish_ious) reported

    Trying to send out Monday emails and outlook web is NOT working

  • _FrankMichaelis
    Frank Michaelis (@_FrankMichaelis) reported

    @XimbleApp Is there currently an isssue with the export to outlook function? If I click the button, I see the 3 dots for some secondes, but nothing happens afterwards. Issue on Mac with Safari and Win 10 Opera, Firefox,

  • MsGenevieve_
    Gen (@MsGenevieve_) reported

    Is it me or is Outlook down this morning? Emails freezing all of the gaff

  • CasparSalmon
    Caspar Salmon (@CasparSalmon) reported

    I am back on the dating websites with a couple of different photos and a slightly new outlook in that I'm no longer opposed to settling down with someone horrifically ugly and solvent.

  • NicoVera_13
    Nico Vera (@NicoVera_13) reported

    @alphanumerals @edgedestroys This type of stuff is harmful to our fandom. We should never treat issues that are present in all of humanity as exclusive to furries. It only hurts the outlook of our fandom. People outside the fandom will see this "**** the fandom" and assume everyone is reprehensible.

  • whos_statan
    NWOdispatcher (@whos_statan) reported

    @Thriftygamer83 @dwsNY @stevemwilcox @BillyArmagh Tell me, Christian, would you ever hound anyone down who was proud to be a Jew or Indian? How about *********** pride? Im sick of you weak willed Christians that refuse to universalize their moral outlook to include all walks of life. Surprise, that damn well includes white folk.

  • ThePieBoi
    Anthony (@ThePieBoi) reported

    Gonna try this wacky thing tomorrow called “having a positive attitude/outlook” and seeing if it helps. I’ve tried it before, but the problem is keep at it. A lot of times, this kind of shit is like rock climbing in the rain.

  • alelo
    Alelo 🏍️👌 (@alelo) reported

    things i hate most about @Office @Outlook : folderarea minimizes sometimes just cause it wants to (no way too 100% fix it) and typing into the mail search area -> enter so that it just starts to search for a previous searchterm - having to type the search again

  • PaulGambles2
    Paul Gambles (@PaulGambles2) reported

    @GemmaActon @cnbcKaren @SPGlobalRatings Dear Australian friends, I'm sorry about this terrible news - as if the Aus economy didn't face enough headwinds without a credit agency AAA rating + outlook upgrade #NailInCoffin

  • luce_13
    Lucita (@luce_13) reported

    so there are errors with my Outlook now I can click but my browser is fine so dont blame me if I check in here now

  • rebeccabardess
    Rebecca Bardess (@rebeccabardess) reported

    @OYLNERD @CoachKorey3 So set up a new account. It’s in beta. It’ll glitch. I wouldn’t wait two weeks. Use gmail not Hotmail.