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  • KiarraTee 𝓚𝓲𝓪𝓻𝓻𝓪 (@KiarraTee) reported

    I also tried to log in to 3rd party app CleanFox and got an error message and wasn’t allowed to log in there either! @Outlook

  • Nimesh22757430 NIMESH (@Nimesh22757430) reported

    @Pwn20wnd Outlook app still not working..

  • skilatchiw Billel (@skilatchiw) reported

    @Pwn20wnd i hope this will include the outlook problem

  • OfficeSupport OfficeSupport (@OfficeSupport) reported

    @Yogendras41 1/3 Hi again, Yogendra. We hope you're doing great upon receiving this follow-up message. Recently, you reached out to us with regard to Outlook that you said was not working. With this, we asked you some questions to narrow down the issue with Outlook, and to properly

  • LauraNieusma Laura Nieusma (@LauraNieusma) reported

    Felt guilty about getting to work late but Outlook is down, document management software is down. At least the internet still works.

  • nutrpedia John Apolzan (@nutrpedia) reported

    @john_thyfault If you login with Outlook or similar, your availability automatically propogates in Doodle. #Timesaver

  • Pr4xis5eizure ||PR4X!S$EIZURE:\\ (@Pr4xis5eizure) reported

    @groypster @NuanceBro Tim doesn’t think everyone else is a problem. But his outlook on dating is indeed bleak. The clip is misleading.

  • LibbytheLibster Libby (@LibbytheLibster) reported

    @Outlook I ended up just deleting the pinned outlook app on the menu bar. That stopped it. Don’t understand why but I’m not having problems.

  • thehazelbelle casey (@thehazelbelle) reported from Manhattan, New York

    NETWORK/OUTLOOK - Still Down

  • Veeoh Mark Thomas (@Veeoh) reported

    Hey @gmail Will you bloody release dark mode for ALL iOS devices. Uninstalled app because of an issue and now dark mode is GONE again. Back to Outlook. Lamers. How can a roll-out of a feature be done so badly. useless.

  • doddc85 Christopher Dodd (@doddc85) reported

    A question to people to both People that have learning difficulty and those that do not, for the first time I saw someone put at end e-mail "Please excuse the typos and errors from outlook "

  • karun_f7 Karun Mittal 👻 (@karun_f7) reported

    Seaborne iron ore prices were rangebound on Wednesday February 19 amid a murky short-term outlook for demand, FE 62% #Ironore prices @ $90 per tonne, down $0.18 per tonne. #MBIOI

  • hallisseypat Rory Connor (@hallisseypat) reported

    @RuthDE He criticised outlook tht sought 2 build majority by mobilising minorities. A majority could not b won “based on principles of solidarity & community consciousness which we need in Labour movement, if you try to enlist the single issue, egotism & selfishness of particular groups”

  • VirtualDom Dom on the Left (@VirtualDom) reported

    @margarethodge Leaders like you refusing to tackle the problem responsibly also caused unnecessary panic among people that Corbyn and Labour were an existential threat to Jews. Now we have a eugenics-spewing, anti-immigrant, hostile environment regime and a far worse outlook.

  • JamesGLA90 James (@JamesGLA90) reported

    @hey_itsmatt30 Outlook 2016 on an Exchange server. Using the in-client archive, both manual and AutoArchive. Seems to just hide the items, when you click that link to show server items or whatever at the end of the list, a load of old stuff comes back.

  • JAGLeMans Stewart Hart (@JAGLeMans) reported

    @dailysportscar @astonmartin @FIAWEC Hopefully Aston come to LMDh. Maybe as an engine supplier with new V6TT. A blow for next season but it doesn’t fundamentally change the positive outlook after convergence. Aston and others now have to double down on GT convergence. GTE/GT3 split is unsustainable. @AndyatAston

  • averykimball avery (@averykimball) reported

    @BonbonFork it’s belief in solutions in the face of problems positive outlook doesn’t even *need* problems- the strong and the weak alike can have a “positive outlook”

  • AmfufuNarda NardzChavez♠ (@AmfufuNarda) reported

    Starting an email thread as way of communicating to the user with known outlook email sync issue is way too smart. Slow clap support group, slow clap. 👏 👏 👏

  • RodneyHobson Rodney Hobson (@RodneyHobson) reported

    RPS down 13% but we already knew the results would be poor and the dividend slashed so it's hard to understand why the shares have had such a good run recently. Outlook a bit better but can't feel any desire to buy.

  • Gatsby_Not_Blue GatsbyBlue🏳️‍🌈 (@Gatsby_Not_Blue) reported

    But took care of my anxiety and my women issues. Don't hate myself for being female anymore. However, my interest hasn't changed. Just my desperation and outlook. Seen bs from all sides. People that take labelling to extreme levels just to single them out or hate others.

  • chakrax2 ChakraX2 (@chakrax2) reported

    @9_volt_ You're right, one joke. Thank god they took out this one joke, they are truly changing there ways for the better instead of catering to a demographic without changing there outlook on said issue.

  • Leidyjx3 mamí 🌺 (@Leidyjx3) reported

    Fell down a flight of stairs, but I’m tryna have a positive outlook on everything. So el diablo lo rápido que yo baje esa escaleras!

  • ohsixoneoh ohsixoneoh (@ohsixoneoh) reported

    @Outlook Seems to be a @Telstra #issue so over to you... #Outlook #IMAP #receiving #emails #app #fixit #Telstra

  • soc_bgm soc (@soc_bgm) reported

    @kontwentytwo @proteinkiss It's a whole different outlook when you're currently poor or come from poverty. Typically birth rate goes down when more people are able to have an education & sense of security, but when you don't see a future for yourself, maybe your kids will have a better one. It sucks...

  • mikeschramm Mike Schramm (@mikeschramm) reported

    @Outlook Here's the fix I landed on: I'll use a separate app for my other account and just mute Outlook entirely. Not as elegant as I want it, but it seems like an easy fix for them -- if it changes I'll go back.

  • cantcodeforthat ICantDecideStuff 🤓 Call me J (@cantcodeforthat) reported

    Today was a good day. I was really busy, but apparently my outlook stopped working at around 12:30, so I got no emails and a bunch of shit done. I’m gonna sleep easy. Unlike repubs who sold themselves and their country down the river to join a cult.

  • MrAgnel7 AnderAgnelli (@MrAgnel7) reported

    I understand the market doesn't need to make sense to me. But I need to have a sense of what I'm doing ie at least have some sense of the market. Stocks up, yields down, just can't merge the ambiguous economic outlook w what the market is doing; all artificial. Time for a break

  • EvansJamieevvie James Evans (@EvansJamieevvie) reported

    @TheATrader Results last May saw it sell down from $136 to $114 before ramping to $150 today, but in Feb they guided outlook for FY20 to be worse than FY19. Sign of the times I guess. Lot of money flooding into the big caps like $MQG and $CSL like they are going to Apple/Microsoft etc.

  • bill_moffit Bill Moffit (@bill_moffit) reported

    @williamdavies90 it looks like their mail server IP has been blacklisted by Hotmail and Yahoo and this is why you cannot send emails....

  • RFFJ44 Roland (@RFFJ44) reported

    "Every age has its own outlook. We can clear our minds of our current errors only by reading old books. Not that there is any magic about the past. People were no cleverer then than they are now; they made as many mistakes as we. But not the same mistakes." C.S. Lewis

  • TariqAlawadhi Dr. Tariq Al Awadhi (@TariqAlawadhi) reported

    @Outlook i’m having a problem with accessing my old personal email on hotmail due to security check. My emails are old more than 15 years and i can’t remember all the details for security question. I’m really disappointed

  • CharlieYPSP Charlie Wilson - YPSP (@CharlieYPSP) reported

    @40Rex40 @Outlook To be fair I’ve changed phones many time and had no problem with this it was only once coming from UK to Australia. Also once I finally got to chat with someone on live chat it was sorted within 15 minutes but it took 5 days to get to that stage and find the help I needed.

  • ThreeEyedImo Outer-Space Extravaganza (@ThreeEyedImo) reported

    I keep pushing and pushing and trying to change my outlook to be more optimistic but no matter what I plummet right back down to this somber, hopeless headspace. Every single time.

  • Gxgear Gxgear (@Gxgear) reported

    Down to a dozen emails spam on outlook. Good stuff.

  • gol_mia Victor Don Doom (@gol_mia) reported

    LOL first "bros" is erasure. second, you've dodged any questions regarding your issue with him and whom you favor this entire time. last, you don't know what's the worst of MAGA. You thinking its mean tweets indicates ignorance and a degree of insular and privileged outlook.

  • jesserushin jesse rushin (@jesserushin) reported

    Oh my god Outlook stop YELLING at me to sign in

  • MontelPerry JayAwesomeness98 (@MontelPerry) reported

    @11_mehtab @jscherkenbach1 @ericfisher I know. The problem is if you go under CPC 3-4 Week outlook precip it says below average precip tho

  • tevan2864 tim evans (@tevan2864) reported

    I try to maintain a positive outlook but sometimes I think I'm mentally broken in addition to being physically broken. I'll work thru it and I'm seeing a Counselor but I get so tired of waking up with the feeling that even though I am surrounded by people I feel so utterly alone.

  • ShaunRatcliff Shaun Ratcliff (@ShaunRatcliff) reported

    updated software on my laptop and a bunch of things seem to have broken. including outlook. and people wonder why I hate software updates

  • notify Notify (@notify) reported

    @LAXLIFEDREW We recommend using a Gmail as we have had issues in the past delivering license keys to Yahoo email, Hotmail, etc.

  • ___mikemikemike Mike (@___mikemikemike) reported

    @Shackelford1055 @40AcresBuilt I agree with the double down theory. If Sr. wins that would only help a Jr. Candidacy. If he loses it hurts...that’s not always how these things turn out but given the circumstances that’s the outlook on this one

  • usp8triot Common Sense (@usp8triot) reported

    @inminivanhell Yet another lost “resister” with a terrible case of TDS. Good luck with minivan “hell.” I’m sure your “crazies” love your outlook on parenthood.

  • drycleandolo Dolo (@drycleandolo) reported

    If you gotta find “shade” in everything, your life has to suck. And then to blame Twitter for your terrible ass outlook smh

  • Ask_Spectrum Ask Spectrum (@Ask_Spectrum) reported

    @lindan84 I apologize for any frustration with our web mail service. Our engineers are working as quick as possible to resolve this issue. Gmail isn't a bad option for now. Even using a 3rd party email client such as outlook mail or windows Live mail is fine as well. -SF

  • YahooCare Yahoo Customer Care (@YahooCare) reported

    @Avissurtou Thank you for the screenshot. Emails will only disappear if they were deleted form Yahoo directly. We do see this issue when a 3rd party app such as the iOS app and or Outlook are being used in conjunction with Yahoo. The client will pull these email off of our servers.

  • MissDahlELama Dahlia Adler (@MissDahlELama) reported

    I have terrible news about Kurt Cobain’s outlook on life, fellas.

  • yourelovedbeyou Trisha 💕 (@yourelovedbeyou) reported

    @GfromRM about our conversation earlier. I'm trying to keep a sunny outlook but it's not working. I'm very disappointed in 911 for the lack of Carlos and the lack of Tarlos (a ship they used to prop the show). They're lucky that I've already fallen in love with TK or they'd lose

  • Farathil Farathil (@Farathil) reported

    @CryptoDegen93 @cthulhu_ar15 @TreHype @lemigod @SkyWilliams @jakepaul I get that people need to be held responsible even if they got issues. It isnt as simple as saying "change". I accepted my lot, I never overcame it. Change happens when needs are met, my head was sick, saw a doc, my outlook was sick saw a shrink.

  • damitscott DAMITSCⓋTT (@damitscott) reported

    @WHATtheFERCH Someone getting so upset over that had underlying issues, but that’s my opinion, stemming from a previous relationship where the other person’s anger was volatile. *goes to a few therapy sessions, has new outlook on past relationships

  • SortofSalient MostlySentient (@SortofSalient) reported

    @PointlessSpike I agree money is a good metric as a general idea of who is "most oppressed". But I think that outlook is a bit of the problem. It shouldn't be about who is the most oppressed, but just tackling oppression wherever it exists. Irrespective of who is the most oppressed.

  • jakobesben Jakob Esben Hansen (@jakobesben) reported

    @pittner_manuel A3 If we turn the question up side down and think about people with no or only few international connections and how are very focused on their local and national identity, I think that all the benefits of having a global outlook becomes obvious. #AppleEDUchat #TeamPlanetEarth

  • nossorckered Derek C. (@nossorckered) reported

    @Juanita_Khumalo Or login to Google calendar on the web and view them in that account (you can manually enter them in Outlook)

  • FusionptCapital Arun S. Chopra CFA CMT🧐 (@FusionptCapital) reported

    At some point you realize these accounts just want the market to go down. Doesn't matter if it is a Saudi Attack, the ISM, Soleimani, or Wuhan. They will take whatever they can get. It's fine, it's just not how to build an actual outlook one can navigate.

  • ss6xin Uzumaki Chronicles (@ss6xin) reported

    Do your self a favor and delete, unsubscribe, or unfollow any page who’s sole purpose is to spread drama and tear down people. Its not good for your health or sanity. You’ll develop a real shitty outlook on life. You’ll see how much better you feel once you do.

  • JNKwhitlock 🎃🎃🖖🖖Cassie iley🖖🖖🎃🎃 (@JNKwhitlock) reported

    Hey @Outlook you may want to fix the bug in the email app where switching between accts causes it to freeze up and you have to restart it. Just kinda annoying.

  • Tejas91757021 Tejas (@Tejas91757021) reported

    @Pwn20wnd pls fix amazon music or office outlook issue it has been crashed several time..

  • flickthapolice Material Girl (@flickthapolice) reported

    @AndyOstroy @GraceSpelman oof! and referring to the "right to achieve" as if it's such an easy thing to do and us poor are just not working hard enough. What an awful outlook you have.

  • funchristX funchrist (@funchristX) reported

    @Pwn20wnd Outlook not working

  • Carleton_IT ITS (@Carleton_IT) reported

    @Carleton_U ITS implemented a fix for the Outlook/Exchange email issue last week and there have been no further reports since then. Email service is back to normal. Please notify the ITS Service Desk at 613-520-3700 if you encounter anything further.

  • CMehamlia ChamssEdine Mehamlia (@CMehamlia) reported

    @iCrackUriDevice did anyone of you ocured the crash of some apps after #unc0ver. My Microsoft outlook only works when I reboot. And pubg not launching when Jailbroken, and kick me out of in the middle of the match when unjailbreak. I have solved any other issues but this one 🤬🤬