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  • BCBCouch
    Burnt Out Couch (@BCBCouch) reported

    Anyway, not going down the Jags/London tunnel today but interesting that Lamping addresses in-depth the team/league's outlook on the situation with The Guardian, the same week they are mute about the Dan Patrick report locally.

  • dokmartin2
    Jeremy M.Miller, Esq (@dokmartin2) reported

    Why the bloody hell is Hotmail and msn not letting me sign in? Anyone?

  • Rook211V
    Ryan Ives (@Rook211V) reported

    @ThrifterDaily Viewing it thru my work exchange server in Outlook.

  • MindyRae__
    Mindy Rae (@MindyRae__) reported

    Me, sitting here, quite buzzed because I had a terrible day and took some extra meds, and I am hit with this... How can this lady love something that is ravishing her body? How can she have such an outlook? How is it possible to love something that is trying to kill you?

  • theoldnat
    oldnat (@theoldnat) reported

    @80_mcswan @westcoaster711 C'mon! Ruth is right. Scotland can't dominate the world, or solve all the world's problems. We can run our own affairs better than anyone else, though, and contribute to helping rWorld solutions by our internationalist outlook. All it needs is indy (and dumping Tories),

  • emma_juettner
    Emma Juettner (@emma_juettner) reported

    @quietbonnie For sure, but I think those issues deserve a more nuanced convo than she puts forth. Because there are also reasons why some students have that outlook, and imo it's not helpful to reduce it to "oh these students are lazy" when there's more going on there

  • davidkevin0096
    Tahir (@davidkevin0096) reported

    Pakistan has now $ 9 billion foreign exchange reserves and Moody and all other indicators are explaining a negative economic outlook. In Pakistan, 10% would understand these issues and remaining don't even know what it is? There are many questions in Democracy.

  • Pete_Geller
    Peter Geller (@Pete_Geller) reported

    @TeacherLiberty @medwoman1 @DoreenRudolph3 It's called being a member of a society. You have no problem being told to spend for defense though right? Try being a member of a society rather than a shit stain and your outlook might improve...

  • ThWhisperCorner
    TheWhisperCorner (@ThWhisperCorner) reported

    @NetflixUK I just got an email stating that my payment hadn't went through this month. My Netflix email address is on gmail, the email I got today was on hotmail and when I tried to sign in using hotmail it said no such account existed. So what do I do? Ignore it?

  • ThWhisperCorner
    TheWhisperCorner (@ThWhisperCorner) reported

    I just got an email stating that my payment hadn't went through this month. My Netflix email address is on gmail, the email I got today was on hotmail and when I tried to sign in using hotmail it said no such account existed. So what do I do? Ignore it?

  • EmmalunaC
    EMMALUNA #IAMWHOLE (@EmmalunaC) reported

    @frenchie1309 @officialJ4G @ukblm Oh do stop with your privileged outlook, looking down on everyone else. As I said, I really hope life doesn’t twist on you - you will be clueless in how to survive! I’m now bored of reading your self absorbed & ill informed opinions. I value my time.

  • KSHamrick
    Karen Hamrick (@KSHamrick) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp Now Outlook and Android email app are sending and receiving. I just it's magic. I've done all that deleting and adding before when I've had this problem in the past, and it didn't help. I still think that @AOL is not acknowledging outages or other problems.

  • mikacids
    mikayla 🌿 (@mikacids) reported

    i should unfollow anyone with too much of a negative outlook on life because it really brings my energy level down

  • smartzone25
    akintemi akinola (@smartzone25) reported

    @olumadewa @ekomudoh @NOIweala Honorable abi na trophy make I call am you people should stand down n let Jah use #Buhari to change the outlook of Nigeria

  • Halsrethink
    Harald Malmgren (@Halsrethink) reported

    Fascinating that Bernanke's opinions on economic outlook and risks of negattive mkt conditions are still reported&treated as credible in spite of long history of serious mkt errors&inadequate knowledge of debt securitization risks

  • FloodTheMnstrm
    Flood The Mainstream (@FloodTheMnstrm) reported

    @ScotUKEU @scarycath @FunkyPMonkey @AlexMillan7 @ScotTories The independence movement is almost entirely devoted to a co-operative, internationalist outlook. We want out of the Union so we don't have to go down the xenophobic, isolationist route that England's voters seem to want. We would let the two populations both get what they want.

  • protyushachak
    P. C. (@protyushachak) reported

    @InspowerBooks @viviandsen23 @viviandsen23 Elder Brother!Walking away from bad habits or threats or problems for which you have to face threats or violates your outlook of honesty morality & loyalty or your rough&tough weighty strictness ... this is called real dignity

  • AsleAquino
    Asle Aquino (@AsleAquino) reported


  • StasyaJ
    summer stas 🍋💛🌻☀️ (@StasyaJ) reported

    I want to know what happened to my attention span it really went down the drain along with my life motivation and optimistic outlook on life

  • AlastairMullens
    Alastair Mullens (@AlastairMullens) reported

    @Microsoft my wife’s old Hotmail account has been hacked and is now being used to control Facebook login’s etc. How can this account be recovered. We’ve tried all the forms it doesn’t work. Thanks

  • FinBlair
    Queen Blair (@FinBlair) reported

    @dumbdumb_mg @goddesselizzy I can't find her. I do believe her profile is taken down now. And dang, that sucks about what she did. I hope it didn't ruin your outlook on Dommes. And I do hope you find the right one for you that isn't a scammer. Good luck

  • NickyNickykaru
    nicky karunarathna (@NickyNickykaru) reported

    @SteveScalise A very rosy word, isn't it? Is Everything is hunky-dory, there it should reflect in the general social outlook. But, unfortunately, nothing is visible nor form national statistics figures. It may be in the business sector where the stock market is galloping&not even trickle down

  • OneAnd_DONE
    Pretty Red ❤ (@OneAnd_DONE) reported

    If you don't fix your mindset/outlook on everything you face in life, I promise you will be nothing but miserable, depressed & stagnant

  • NeilMcMahon
    Neil McMahon (@NeilMcMahon) reported

    Logged into long and dormant Hotmail account I had from 1998 to whenever Gmail appeared, looking for couple of emails from 2001. May i advise you do not want to go down the rabbit-hole of 17-year-old emails.

  • DelzioEdward
    DelzioEdward (@DelzioEdward) reported

    "The (MMT) remedies for a weak, deflationary outlook come down to some combination of rate hikes, tax cuts, or spending increases." Warren Mosler, 09/22/15 Don't hold your breath for any #FAKEMMTers acknowledging that we've gotten ALL 3 of those during the current administration.

  • PaigeSmellsVGC
    Paige Patz (@PaigeSmellsVGC) reported

    @Pinknblu_Jake38 @Verliswolf No I know there's a problem. I just personally dont like calling out as much as the next guy. I just want to have happy and positive outlook so it isnt all too depressing. I do admit there is a HUGE problem otherwise, and I hope its fixed soon.

  • josephabbah
    Joseph Abbah (@josephabbah) reported

    @JamesRobsonMEN The only problem with Martial is he is playing for a coach who finds it difficult developing young players. As for his price, it depends on who is willing to pay. But sitting on the bench won’t help that optimistic outlook.

  • br3ndinski
    Brendan (@br3ndinski) reported

    @Smartnoys @itshannahdoe What a terrible outlook to have. Absolutely pathetic

  • sweetpotato10
    sweetpotato (@sweetpotato10) reported

    @Rubenbanerjee Tnx. Got a call from Outlook. Better to mail it, even if a delay of a day or two. I am ok with it as long as I GET the mag. receiving my copy of Outlook Money by post. No issues. It's the local guy who is the issue.

  • UltBearMaker
    Hayate Mori (@UltBearMaker) reported

    @SHSLGameDeve - That's not a good outlook." They shrugged. "We're all pathetic in your eyes, which is fine, I guess? Since it could also be some defence mechanism you've set up because you've been hurt before." They layer down, stretching out somewhat. "Am I right?"

  • Sayantan_Bain
    Sayantan Bain (@Sayantan_Bain) reported

    I submit my kyc with Hotmail id but is is not working .Not able to send the verification link or recovery password link.please solve the problem not able to sine up with my gmail and kyc @koinexindia

  • abplfc
    Andrew Pritchard💛 (@abplfc) reported

    @kennnzziiiiee What a shit attitude and outlook to have, I'm not even a fan of tattoo's on me or on anyone but that's just me, have no problem with anyone having them at all, it's your body and its your right to do with it as you please. not unprofessional in the slightest!!

  • SpathiTS
    Spathi (@SpathiTS) reported

    @Developer_Sal @IronMechKillerr You may not have it as bad as some people, neither do I. But everyone has the right to find parts of their life terrible, you can't be expected to hold a positive outlook 24/7

  • MLChadbourn
    Margaret Chadbourn (@MLChadbourn) reported

    “The chance of any permanent fix getting through Congress in the near future is slim...” @KevinFreyTV reports on the outlook for congressional action regarding family reunification.

  • ampersandepm
    Larry at Ampersand (@ampersandepm) reported

    Well that's an issue with @emclient then. If you want to use an automatic reply (out of office) you can't. I guess first job when I'm back will be installing outlook.

  • Aldk86
    Aravind (@Aldk86) reported

    Please fix your Android @Outlook app.. Getting delayed email notifications.. some of notification are for emails which are received 36 hours back @Microsoft @Office

  • Asderathos
    Asderathos⚜️⚔️🛡️ (@Asderathos) reported

    @haydentiff The problem with this outlook is that many normal common happenstances of life are misportrayed as 'oppression' by a conscious action or misportrayed as 'oppression' while denying a conscious action is not necessary for oppression. & it is used to attack the innocent.

  • rivhera18
    Katherine Rivera (@rivhera18) reported

    @JuanTrchz Uso hotmail and gmail... and the issue is?

  • Chris_Gigliotti
    Chris Gigliotti (@Chris_Gigliotti) reported

    @ECMcLaughlin You voted for a corrupt power hungry hateful misanthrope who has abused her position and status at every turn solely for the purpose of lifting her economic outlook. She fixed the primary and tried to fix the election, and still screwed it up. #congrats

  • miraculate
    🌇vole, mighty digger🌆 (@miraculate) reported

    @neet_telemachus My problem is that you don't seem to have reformulated your outlook at all in light of those thinkers and have just used them to buttress a very orthodox far-left outlook. I wasn't lying, I'm sure you could surpass me, but you want to cleave to an outdated model.

  • greyhixson
    Grey Hixson (@greyhixson) reported

    @MamaSchlink @CNN Their debt, their problem, don't get a degree with no job outlook.

  • NadiaaaaB
    nadia marisa barrie (@NadiaaaaB) reported

    @CHS_Warriors My outlook email password has expired and i don’t know who to contact to fix it. Tweeting at y’all is my only way to get in contact. lol pls respond or dm me bc idk my scheduleeeee

  • Ray_Devlin
    Ray Devlin (@Ray_Devlin) reported

    @MPasset This is really odd. I mean, if I was to put a reminder on my outlook calendar to raise this issue again, I'd probably go for early September rather than July.

  • nobodyhere23
    nobodyhere (@nobodyhere23) reported

    @redhotnerd @juliaioffe @NatashaBertrand You have to consider resources when you run Parallels. If your working complex excel/macros, & outlook together. God help you if you didn’t plan for it. Random crashes, it’s not pretty even for a pro. Terrible for a layman.

  • oGVexx
    oGVexx (@oGVexx) reported

    All of a sudden I'm seeing people have the same outlook as me on the current state of core-gameplay mechanics for #ShinobiStriker and it's crazy cus just earlier today ppl were at my neck for my opinion. I told ya'll first lmao. Anyway, this is something they can fix tbh

  • jayzus2x__
    Jus🤘🏽✨ (@jayzus2x__) reported

    I feel like most men get there heart broken at a young age and instead of taking that risk and trying again. they lock there heart up and throw away the key refusing to give another that love again that special someone comes by and changes there outlook on love

  • ShutUpPabs
    Pablo Laboy 🔜 🆒 (@ShutUpPabs) reported

    My IT department sent a company wide email about outlook being down. Then walked around and asked if we got the email. Bruh.

  • kingofaccra
    KING OF ACCRA (@kingofaccra) reported

    Young Kings please get money. You don't want your wife manhandled because of ¢270 at the bank. Her outlook should roar "bow down bitch" and you ought to put her in that position. Please go hard n make too much money. Happy weekend

  • NarumiSasaki10
    Narumi (♡.♡) (@NarumiSasaki10) reported

    @saraclourenco @JapanInImages I hope someday they change there outlook on this issue, considering the # of overall ppl that are fans of JP + for the market. It's good you don't care b/c you should do what you feel like doing for own interest/likes,

  • JaymesLackey
    tweets of fire alighted on Us (@JaymesLackey) reported

    @theboyonthebike My eternal optimism and general positive outlook on humans makes me think every new, smoking-gun scandal will finally convince white evangelicals he's not the one. I'm wrong every time. They double down.