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Paladins: Champions of the Realm is a free-to-play multiplayer Hero shooter video game released on September 16, 2016 as an early access product by Hi-Rez Studios.

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  • avalonazu Avalonazuria (Ava for short) (@avalonazu) reported

    @Koldovox awesome..just wish I could stream paladins without the lag..That and creativerse just seem to lag Twitch and lag in game when I stream them lately..nothing else does that..

  • Re_Voltron Re: Voltron (@Re_Voltron) reported

    completely fails at making Shiro suspicious here. Everything about the Paladins in this scene is horrible and makes no sense, and Shiro's frustration with them is absolutely warranted since I'm also frustrated with them. The problem here, though, is the framing of the scene. The

  • Beircheart_ Beircheart👖🗿 (@Beircheart_) reported

    @LegendHarv2000 @PaladinsGame Its been broken Since way before thay

  • Re_Voltron Re: Voltron (@Re_Voltron) reported

    actively sabotaging the universe's best hope to achieve peace! And the problem gets even worse—this isn't even in character for the Paladins! Maybe for Hunk, Lance, and Coran, but not the girls! Allura is not a cautious person! Allura should be fully capable of recognizing that

  • Lissli_Lak Kodahh (@Lissli_Lak) reported

    @PaladinsGame Hey could y’all do something about the buttons not working randomly on console, I’m tired of the deserter band. Also, could you find some way to limit the amount of people that leave/throw games in ranked Ik I can’t be the only one w these issues

  • gayscorpia → ally ☆ thinkin about allura (@gayscorpia) reported

    i have a lot of issues about how s8 handled the og paladins (specifically with the forced paralells between zarkon/keith and alfor/lance) but those two episodes were sick as hell

  • athenaltena Rosemary CG (@athenaltena) reported

    I feel so bad for one of my NPC Paladins because over the course of this campaign he's had his arm broken and he's been temporarily blinded. Mostly because it's been necessary to Nerf the 15th level Paladin.

  • oldmanm0nk3y m0nk3y (@oldmanm0nk3y) reported

    @Aaroneous11235 @RealmRoyaleRTs @RealmRoyale It's just a cash grab. They can't FIX Paladins first

  • TryHardTrainer santana padron (@TryHardTrainer) reported

    @weavinatior @PaladinsGame Gotcha, yeah she's io the broken goddess

  • Fishing_4_honor Fishing 4 Them Honors (@Fishing_4_honor) reported

    @PaladinsGame fix your game

  • BuchuDank Dank Buchu (@BuchuDank) reported

    @PaladinsGame please fix pc servers.. can’t even trust playing ranked its so glitched out..

  • NoMicGAMER NoMic (@NoMicGAMER) reported

    @Doxstarr @__Fuu___ @PaladinsGame it being broken would cause the same effects, cause A) his mass would decrease thus yes it would affect the tides, and B) the broken bits would be pulled to the nearest powerful enough gravitational pull... aka the earth :)

  • switch9182736 🐻孤独なクマ🐻*ScorbunnySword* (@switch9182736) reported

    People who main buck and only play buck in #Paladins suck at aiming or technique. Hes so braindead and broken it's not even funny 😂 day one players who never played a shooter could do decent with him thats how easy he is to play.

  • blazeymc91 Am0rP3rN0x (@blazeymc91) reported

    @PaladinsGame i liked this game the only thing i would say is of it was that tanky characters that do similar damage to dps ones are never gonna be balanced, you are gaining too much and losing nothing, but most games have the same issue, health balance

  • polydinshiro Fonbella ✨ it's sheith hours 24/7 (@polydinshiro) reported

    I had a bad dream where they decided to release a "last" episode to address the problems fandom found with S8 except it made it worse by having Shiro be in a love triangle with Adam (who was somehow alive) and Rando, and Allura wasn't actually alive, the paladins were just

  • NicheComics Niche Comics (@NicheComics) reported

    @POCGamer We have 2 druids and 2 paladins in our group (and a wizard and a cleric). I liked the way 4e had Roles so it wasn't so much of an issue.

  • wWee_D_AcruuX wWeeD (@wWee_D_AcruuX) reported

    i m fluckin done with the trashy servers the game runs on, especially SEA srvers @PaladinsGame the ping spikes are so ****** high, like it goes from 90 to straight 3k or 7k ping. It isnt my net's fault as my whole team has such problems

  • SilentN3ko SilentN3ko (RT Pinned) (@SilentN3ko) reported

    @pimentel_ethan @ViiZiionRL @cbpara @matthew09235205 @Armaan74558843 @Jesus25807969 @AskPlayStation i kinda stopped playing brawlhalla and paladins because for some reason i started to lag on those 2

  • serdarsivari Serdar Sivari (@serdarsivari) reported

    Game crash = ban for 30 minutes @PaladinsGame what a ******* joke...

  • jahmearbrony jahmear shivers (@jahmearbrony) reported

    @PaladinsGame when I mouse over a cosmetic it should say equip, but it doesn't its not possible to equip a cosmetic at all. please fix this because I cant even try out different skins in the shooting range and I have been waiting to try these skins(I just bought all the valentines chest items)

  • KrewReaper ReaperKrew (@KrewReaper) reported

    @z1unknown_ My paladins messed up a couple times today also. We had a 2 gb update. Don't even know what it was for but it's causing issues.

  • Dootnut sleepy (@Dootnut) reported

    @syberbolt paladins servers are lagging or chat is bugged again

  • Cheetahwind13 Cheetahofthewind (@Cheetahwind13) reported

    @JayFlare132 @kreepers26 @PaladinsGame @EvilMojoMartini @EvilMojoMolly Considering the supp that aren't heal bots aren't that viable.... or more accurately niche, i think the problem is hi rez keeps hadding in supports that just heal bot and can't do other things like old ying before she went to the gutter becuase of a ton of nerfs and seris

  • boomupboomdown WHODATWHODAT (@boomupboomdown) reported

    @JayFlare132 @kreepers26 @PaladinsGame @EvilMojoMartini @EvilMojoMolly It would be fine if Damba didn't had an ability to stun when reloading. Like this... it is the problem. Snake Pit lvl 5 Damba is in much better position compared to his enemies from the start. Hope you understand what i mean.

  • rayyano0 raed rayan (@rayyano0) reported

    @PaladinsGame ok there is a new issue,, i changed the jump button to L3 then changed it back to B (default) and it wont changes back,, i tried to do (restore to default) also not working

  • BrewsterCogbern Brewster (@BrewsterCogbern) reported

    The hit boxes in Paladins are so broken.

  • QuirkyPIrate Quirky Destiny (@QuirkyPIrate) reported

    Really annoyed at @PaladinsGame, I got booted out of the game to the main menu and found the /reconnect command doesn't work 😒 can you please fix the command, it's so dumb how it doesn't work, especially in party play

  • kreepers26 kreepers (@kreepers26) reported

    @SYouknowtherest @PaladinsGame @EvilMojoMartini @EvilMojoMolly no listen. I understand that certain cards must remain, and that in order to trigger them most if the times you need to do an action. but dredge card was removed and it actually required something to activate. stun damba is an issue in early game. we cant even get rejuv that fast

  • Malentis D (@Malentis) reported

    @maheshan25 @EvilMojoAdanas @PaladinsGame @EvilMojoGames That’s a good question the game right now is playing worse than it did before this hot fix. Never fix always break.

  • ConagherRadigan Radigan Conagher (@ConagherRadigan) reported

    @DatBoiNappana Paladins, that game gets almost no attention. And the attention it does get is for the same three fan service girls.

  • CipYTCops Cip (@CipYTCops) reported


  • Kabrosh76 Kabrosh (@Kabrosh76) reported

    Even for non-esport players this is really annoying to get deserter and get banned. Since I started Paladins I lose AT LEAST 400TP only because of getting disconnect, draft lagging, deserter cuz i press the button and nothing react.

  • Kabrosh76 Kabrosh (@Kabrosh76) reported

    Even for non-esport players this is really annoying to get deserter and get banned. Since I started Paladins I lose AT LEAST 400TP only because of getting disconnect, draft lagging, deserter cuz i press the button and nothing react.

  • PwnstarOnMixer Pwnstar (@PwnstarOnMixer) reported

    @FriendlySpatula @PaladinsGame @WatchMixer No thats borked too. Creates an issue for platform retention and balance issues in the directory where actual streamers are working hard to be left down the ranks to a guy in a menu screen. Lots of issues with that.

  • FriendlySpatula FriendlySpatula (@FriendlySpatula) reported

    @PwnstarOnMixer @PaladinsGame @WatchMixer Oh, I thought it was an issue of leaving up AFK Paladin streams 24/7 for people to farm sparks. My b.

  • Andrew_FR20 Andrés Rodríguez (@Andrew_FR20) reported

    @EvilMojoGames @PaladinsGame there is some chat in ur anoying lag

  • EvilMojoMolly Molly Joseph (@EvilMojoMolly) reported

    @just_Lycielle @HiRezRomanova @PaladinsGame This hotfix exclusively addresses Switch Audio issues, so no notes necessary.

  • TurnClown4What TurnClownForWhat (@TurnClown4What) reported

    @MilitantGlint @PaladinsGame Yeah they need to fix that stuff :/ disconnecting shouldnt count

  • KathyElizab3th KathyElizabeth10 is offline (@KathyElizab3th) reported

    also, both streams tonight were a complete mess! overwatch decided to disconnect me from their servers, and then i moved to Paladins and every viewer left since it wasnt OW :(

  • ElmDudd Chad Smith (@ElmDudd) reported

    @PaladinsGame You guys need to fix your game please. The bugs and crashes are really getting bad. I really may stop playing the game soon for good if it continues to be this atrocious.

  • LauSmurf LauSmurf (@LauSmurf) reported

    @PaladinsGame PLEASE FIX YOUR GAME!

  • LauSmurf LauSmurf (@LauSmurf) reported


  • plopmecall Plopmecall (@plopmecall) reported

    @PaladinsGame @SMITEGame @RealmRoyale Do I have to sign in again or do I just login to paladins/smite and it is there

  • joshquixote RaisonDetriment (@joshquixote) reported

    @ClericKnight Only problem is I can't see Big G granting powers to followers, while Mothra and Ghidorah would. ....which means OATH OF GODZILLA PALADINS. RADIOACTIVE SMITE, YO.

  • Fishing_4_honor Fishing 4 Them Honors (@Fishing_4_honor) reported

    @PaladinsGame fix your game

  • BrigFranke justice of toren@ECCC (@BrigFranke) reported

    6. Pretty sure when I started Emperor's Service I made some reference to Alfor and Zarkon being Lotor's parents, bc shapeshifting, and then immediately forgot I'd done that. Also p sure when I started writing it ALL of the paladins were enslaved, not just Keith and Lance. Oops.

  • Mendroid_Origin Mendroid (@Mendroid_Origin) reported

    @FuriaAurora @IzanamiGG @PaladinsGame lol had the same problem, tagged @PaladinsGame XD

  • Mikey66625803 Dead_MouseYT (@Mikey66625803) reported

    @PaladinsGame That she isn’t broken like the rest of the sword champions

  • HiRezStatus HiRezStatus (@HiRezStatus) reported

    [Hi-Rez Status] Paladins Crossplay Emergency Restart: Jun 9, 21:42 EDT Update - We are continuing to work on a fix for this issue. Jun 9, 21:39 EDT Identified - We will be performing an emergency restart of Paladins Crossplay. The game will be back shortly.

  • Kabrosh76 Kabrosh (@Kabrosh76) reported

    @Doomblud2308 @Jaykelvik @RidiculouslyAv @PaladinsGame Ignoring don't fix the anything, the player will still be toxic.

  • Ahnaf_Reza69 Ahnaf Reza (@Ahnaf_Reza69) reported

    @PaladinsGame Fix your game or else we'll be FURIAs

  • ryan_dudgeon Ryan Dudgeon (@ryan_dudgeon) reported

    @PaladinsGame your game is broken to hell and you know it. I hope it dies fast and hard.

  • TheBlossomYing γιηg, τhε βlσssσm 🏳️‍🌈 (@TheBlossomYing) reported

    me: wants to duo queue with @TyraUntamed @PaladinsGame: kicks me out of the group all the time. YOU HAVE SERIOUS PROBLEMS WITH YOUR GAME

  • RidiculouslyAv RidiculouslyAverage (@RidiculouslyAv) reported

    @Jaykelvik @PaladinsGame The problem here is that when you report someone, You dont know what happens or if it even worked! Paladins should take a Page from Riot and Inform you if they've taken action an Give that player an actual written citation Sometimes a warning is all it takes!

  • ike32mike ike32mike (@ike32mike) reported

    @PaladinsGame Fix the Friends list, party system and mic issues please. kthnxbye

  • ElleRyuzachi Elle Ryuzachi (@ElleRyuzachi) reported

    @PaladinsGame improve graphics game and fix bug

  • DigDougXD DigDougXD (@DigDougXD) reported

    @leighwynne33 I think the problem is this is really aimed at being played in teams. So theoretically you would have a sniper of your own to take them out. In paladins its the flanks job to take down snipers but im not sure if that's a class in Realm.

  • saiyanscout SaiyanScout (@saiyanscout) reported

    @PaladinsGame Just spent my hard earned money on skins, only to have game lock up, kick me off and give me a 30 minute deserter. Thanks for that, please fix your game or give me my $$ back.

  • beinthemy ur furious b*tch 2.1 (@beinthemy) reported

    @PaladinsGame @FuriaPaladins Fix ur chat first, it's disappeared again. Friends list too.

  • MrCocoaProvata Provata (@MrCocoaProvata) reported

    @DimStorm i love sneezing. but it kind of depends on when it happens normally its fine but if i'm playing paladins where i can't take a second away from the screen while in-game then its a problem