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Paladins: Champions of the Realm is a free-to-play multiplayer Hero shooter video game released on September 16, 2016 as an early access product by Hi-Rez Studios.

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  • SoulOverCaos Anonimo (@SoulOverCaos) reported

    @PaladinsGame uuh look, if pts had that many problems you could have just waited a bit more to make it work properly... I get you are trying to make "longer pts cycles" but this won't get you anywhere

  • DimeLusho7u7 FakeLusho (@DimeLusho7u7) reported

    @elonmusk Buy hirez and fix paladins's bugs

  • UncrownedBlade Valeera (@UncrownedBlade) reported

    “I hate paladins and all their righteousness.” “BUT.” “If Lady Liadrin wanted to save me from a pack of demons and sweep me off my feet, I wouldn’t have any problems with that.” “Of course I would have to repay her...”

  • anonymo97541280 Koga The Lost Hand (@anonymo97541280) reported

    @HiRezRomanova @yuuki_png @TheDragolf @PaladinsGame Can you at least fix it by monday

  • _Lonesouls nerf moira im scared (@_Lonesouls) reported

    i got a network error and cant play paladins for another 30 minutes please kill me

  • MarioMasterFR MarioMaster (@MarioMasterFR) reported

    @EvilMojoGames fix ******** bugs man,please i love paladins but these bugs disturb all players please,stop release skins and fix the game

  • atweeteder Real Name (@atweeteder) reported

    @0Stick @PaladinsGame you are insulting them over an unforeseen error

  • dribbleondo Dribbleondo (@dribbleondo) reported

    @DevukDelta @Jeff_dank_meme @PaladinsGame ...but I've just sown you DDOS'ing the PTS servers is a near-impossibility, due to how few people actually use it. login issues, would never happen. Also using "Practically" the way you did means you thought that was the case.

  • WY8wjHQ0iYsoGeZ Михаил (@WY8wjHQ0iYsoGeZ) reported

    @PaladinsGame What happen hi rez is this problem is big

  • DevukDelta DevukDelta (@DevukDelta) reported

    @dribbleondo @Jeff_dank_meme @PaladinsGame You also didn't understand that "practically" in my statement wasnt me saying they /were/ ddos'd but the situation had a similar result to one. Aka denial of service due to a flood of requests

  • dribbleondo Dribbleondo (@dribbleondo) reported

    @DevukDelta @Jeff_dank_meme @PaladinsGame It didn't go down to a denial of service attack or "a rush of players". It went down due to some bugs they missed relating to how Raum reacts to certain champion abilities (correct me if i'm wrong here). So again, they shouldn't keep a promise which they cannot deliver.

  • ShadowLorddd Shadow (@ShadowLorddd) reported

    @TheDragolf @Mrs_Trottier @BuckalewJesse Lol paladins did have some critical bugs before but you don't see people complain about it since they get fixed, we get patches like every 2 weeks or so and they consistently fix bugs, remember that one koga bug that would make you do the ult animation and plays the sound 1/2

  • Shadow_H1 shadow (@Shadow_H1) reported

    @Vex30_YT I’ve had this problem since my entirety of playing Paladins professionally ):

  • RadicalRift Rica (@RadicalRift) reported

    My internet is just the slightest of worse today and Paladins decides it's going to crash halfway through all my matches. And now PlayStation won't connect to my internet. I want to game end myself

  • Xlll_Wolf Xlll_Wolf (@Xlll_Wolf) reported

    @PaladinsGame so like...I got banned from playing twice because your game crashed. Please fix

  • SpellicanGod Spelli @ DOOT (@SpellicanGod) reported

    @magnusrenford I wouldn't bunch League or Smite into it The "Different characters with different abilities" is there but that's where the comparisons end The issue with comparing it to Paladins is, Paladins may be fun, but it was just a cash grab by Hi-Rez to enter the Hero Shooter market

  • eliii_graham Xebra (@eliii_graham) reported

    @PaladinsGame fix your shit game it’s unbalanced and unplayable

  • IanKowalski8 Ian Kowalski (@IanKowalski8) reported

    @PaladinsGame This is so annoying how have you had issues to let people in pts for this long.

  • KnoxvilleDaniel Daniel Santos (@KnoxvilleDaniel) reported

    @RedGuard153 @PaladinsGame with hi-rez bugs and problems are expected. i'd be impressed if there was no problem with the new patch.

  • TheDragolf Bane of the Night (@TheDragolf) reported

    @asel_vb @2_Dimensional @PaladinsGame That’s not the issue but ok

  • MAGGRENINJA Thiago José Barzotto (@MAGGRENINJA) reported

    @PaladinsGame I really don't want to hate this game,but you guys really gave me the motivation to it,everything in your game is broken or crap,the community don't have a voice to talk,you ignore all the comments and recommendations,i really want to like this game,please make it a reality

  • matheusuu3 matheusuu (@matheusuu3) reported

    @yuuki_png @HiRezRomanova @TheDragolf @PaladinsGame But saying that only make senses if the issue is on live

  • Jadavantes Jadavantes (@Jadavantes) reported


  • IceHedge IceHedge (@IceHedge) reported

    @badmagick7 @elitez_88 @kidsmoove @CoalitionGears Paladins has the bigger issue with afks. But the toxicity is no exaggeration. I had video proof for awhile but every topic I would post with it got shut down because wItCh HuNtInG.

  • HighMiZe Twitch/HighMiZe (@HighMiZe) reported

    @TheDragolf @PaladinsGame That's what PTS is for. To find bugs and fix them. Not an "early access" to updates

  • juan59687409 juan (@juan59687409) reported

    @HiRezRomanova @TheDragolf @PaladinsGame if they take so long to fix the sts as the base game will be

  • fabioecco Fabio Esteves (@fabioecco) reported

    @asel_vb @alexlikesjazz @PaladinsGame Idk where did u get that info cuz I've installed it as soon as it was out and nor me or anyone on discord server could login. There were about 300 hundred person trying to play it on Steam stucked on loging in screen.

  • tpdmagic TPDMAGIC (@tpdmagic) reported

    @Cheesecakenewb @HaileyyDawn @Xaisunen_Rye @PaladinsGame @WatchMixer nope, pretty much monopoly with Cox, we have centrylink but the speeds are useless even for netflix lol.... They found the issue and was able to recreate it a few times yesterday all day while here. So now its a wait game for the fix.

  • HiRezRomanova Evil Mojo | Romanova 🔜 #HiRezExpo2019 (@HiRezRomanova) reported

    @TheDragolf @PaladinsGame Unforseen issues with it happen. It will eventually be back up and we have longer pts cycles now so you'll still have time to play

  • otakugal42 Avory Arcoite (@otakugal42) reported

    @PaladinsGame All you people in chat being disrespectful, please stop. They're trying to fix the problem, and it's not like it's the actual game. It's PTS. So calm down and stop giving them crap. Go play the actual game and be patient.

  • TheDragolf Bane of the Night (@TheDragolf) reported

    @KamieKarla @anonymo97541280 @PaladinsGame It’s not like they listen to any feedback or fix the bugs from the PTS anyway, so not allowing us to test wouldn’t make a difference.

  • AegiS_Ultima AegiS Ultima (@AegiS_Ultima) reported

    @grandmask20 @PaladinsGame Well let's wait till they fix it

  • nexusnie 🖤nexusi♥️ (@nexusnie) reported

    has to be to be canon, would have to be long as hell to 1. Have another villain pop up 2. Bring the Paladins back together 3. Find a way to revive Allura 4. Find a way to stop the villain 5. Fix that bullshit they did to Keith and Shiro's relationship.

  • CameronZimos Cam (@CameronZimos) reported

    @Dazu_x @PaladinsGame I’m having the same issue, I’m getting much less xp than past battle passes

  • _Lonesouls nerf moira im scared (@_Lonesouls) reported

    ✨paladins ✨ No moira shields arent rlly a problem hardly any cc 🤢overwatch🤢 has moira shields are the worst *gets cc’d every 5 seconds*

  • _Lonesouls nerf moira im scared (@_Lonesouls) reported

    ✨paladins ✨ No moira sheilds arent rlly a problem hardly any cc 🤢overwatch🤢 has moira shields are the worst *gets cc’d every 5 seconds*

  • _Lonesouls nerf moira my dudes (@_Lonesouls) reported

    ✨paladins ✨ No moira sheilds spent a problem hardly any cc 🤢overwatch🤢 has moira shields are the worst *gets cc’d every 5 seconds*

  • prxmptus laurinha do prusprus 💫 (@prxmptus) reported

    @Dazu_x @PaladinsGame no problem!

  • anonymo97541280 Koga The Lost Hand (@anonymo97541280) reported

    @stacdaed_ @PaladinsGame Bruh why open it and get us all hyped when it wasn't even ready yet they said they will fix it in the morning it's been like 10 hours

  • arny_lucky Arny_Lucky (@arny_lucky) reported

    @PaladinsGame I don't care. Fix PTS alright so we play! 😤

  • 0xVENx0 0xVENx0 (@0xVENx0) reported

    @_Bjak @PaladinsGame only problem is that it doesnt look like he throw the weapon in first person bc he does it off screen, unlike koga when he use dragon stance

  • VohLambaLadka Kishor Sonawane (@VohLambaLadka) reported

    @PaladinsGame It is already morning here... JK ...take ur own time and FIX IT

  • RegulusGP RegulusGP Paladins (@RegulusGP) reported

    @PaladinsGame cant even loging to pts. fix it pls

  • rivaldialdi91 Rivaldi (@rivaldialdi91) reported

    @PaladinsGame logging in is take period pls fix

  • Jessilyn_K Jessilyn (@Jessilyn_K) reported

    @PaladinsGame I am one more crash away from uninstalling

  • mjsilfver MjSilfver (@mjsilfver) reported

    @tpdmagic @PaladinsGame @WatchMixer Sadly I relate to this a lot and it sucks big time, hope all problems will work out fast for all of us. Until then just fokus on your Health and what makes you happy 💕

  • AverageG4merYT The AverageGh0$t 👻 (@AverageG4merYT) reported

    @onlyatroller @AzorAhighh @Bigseats12 @98thCorvius @melvinchand @IdiotMouse @BagginsTV @Gl0ckN9ne @AdaMaZeTTV @dr_rutger @DemonMost Who knows it may get a resurgence like paladins. I don't even really think it's a game issue causing it so much as the day of BR is about over. Hell takes 15 minutes to find a solo match on RoE with 20 people 😕

  • JordanMelvin95 Jordan Melvin (@JordanMelvin95) reported

    @PaladinsPro @PaladinsGame @Envy @Renegades Fix the freezing/crashing on PS4

  • GayDC_ Tristan 💖 (@GayDC_) reported

    My biggest issue with paladins is the constant "I'm gonna lock damage everyone else fill for me" which results in 6 games where I'm forced to play tank or heal and be lacking on the other. There should be role lock or something to prevent this tbh

  • phoenix_mystery YoungDetectiveHeadaches (@phoenix_mystery) reported

    @PaladinsGame Raum looks ******* op. The playstyle definitely promote aggressive plays and you get heals per 6 hits, unkillable. I feel like its more broken then any champion that has ever frustrated me before. But he isnt in the game yet so i may not know what im ralking about.

  • LibraScopeYT Welcome to the family, son. (@LibraScopeYT) reported

    Also, if you want an alternative to Overwatch so that you don't have to support Blizzard, might I suggest trying Paladins. Its bad reputation for being a poor knockoff is unfounded, so it should be able to give you your Overwatch fix.

  • korrundum Korrundum (@korrundum) reported

    @PaladinsGame fix your damn game, it's extremely unbalanced and the respawn times are wayyyyy too ******* long

  • Velkhan_WoW Vahagn (@Velkhan_WoW) reported

    @Wowhead Nice! Another chance to fix Turalyon as a character. His lore was awesome but they turn him into this weak lame fanatic. We need another badass paladin with us again. These paladins act like soft priests not warriors of light as they should be.

  • ShurimaOf GuardianOfShurima/TwistedFox (@ShurimaOf) reported

    @Hai it is dope wish i was able to login tho been stuck playing Paladins and runescape

  • BooyahBree AgentBree (@BooyahBree) reported

    i played paladins a ton at first bc it was free and the gameplay itself was really fun, but it was soooo buggy and issues were never fixed and characters were constantly nerfed to shit so i stopped cold turkey. i do miss it sometimes but it isn’t worth the bullshit #notsplatoon

  • IdiotThatDraws IdiotThatDraws (@IdiotThatDraws) reported

    @SavageCabbage32 @Buttsupremeart Also I can't really install paladins but it didn't work, but that was a glitch in the programming. It was just the anti cheat

  • kdochii HowDee (@kdochii) reported

    @PaladinsGame @HiRezAnna Hello Hi-rez. There has been broken into my hi-rez account and i can’t login. I think it’s not deleted yet. Please check support e-mail bc i really want my account back :( Thank you!

  • ZenoKagemaru Zeno Kagemaru (@ZenoKagemaru) reported

    -is STILL too stupid to nerf. All this could avoided by just nerfing the dozen or so broken champions into the ground, but since that'd make #Paladins playable, @PaladinsGame would avoid it like the plague.

  • SanicGTGF sanic (@SanicGTGF) reported

    Paladins has better fan service #Blizzardboycot

  • Splatoonier DR / Walt3r Whit3 (@Splatoonier) reported

    @PaladinsGame The patch notes don’t say anything about the updated mixer store so please fix that