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Paladins: Champions of the Realm is a free-to-play multiplayer Hero shooter video game released on September 16, 2016 as an early access product by Hi-Rez Studios.

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  • Jaykelvik
    GGJay (@Jaykelvik) reported

    @AppleDaddy7 @PaladinsGame @PaladinsPro @SmitePro @SMITEGame Hae not been around Sadly , been dealing with Family issues

  • jasonlowfoon69
    Jason Low Foon (@jasonlowfoon69) reported

    Why does paladins on the Nintendo switch get error when looking for a ranked game. I’m getting discouraged playing. #nintendo #switch #paladins @PaladinsGame @NintendoSwitchC

  • shirotiddy
    Jingle Flukes 🐳 (S8 SPOILERS) (@shirotiddy) reported

    I feel like a movie could fix a lot of stuff. Get a low-stakes villain to take down. The lions find the paladins again and they brought allura with them! They found her! Retcon the wedding (if you can retcon 7 seasons of relationship, 2 secs of afterthought animation is nothin)

  • Ameahara
    ❄ あめあはら 💍 S8 SPOILERS 🌌 (@Ameahara) reported

    @HazawasCoffee The whole issue tbw is that they were "forced" to do it after the s7 backlash. They prob couldn't try to push for Keith in fear of backlash too. But tbh since Ezor & Zethrid were revived, they could have tried to work w that instead of destroying the Shiro/Paladins' friendship.

  • salomon_go
    🌌KenyteButCool🌌 (@salomon_go) reported

    I have a problem, I saw the direct and I don't have any mixer points... @PaladinsGame @PaladinsGameES @WatchMixer

  • marwanalkreny
    marwan (@marwanalkreny) reported

    @PaladinsGame Stop adding sht and fix the game terminus is invisable its embarrassing.

  • AfifAtmania
    MAdRiDiStä (@AfifAtmania) reported

    @PaladinsGame ihave problem on game i m always on party i leave it and it join me auto that means i cant enter customs or training bacause it say only party leader can queue plz

  • tiger_YOi
    Pike | klance endgame (@tiger_YOi) reported

    Oh please dont give this attention, i don't want to have problems with the paladins of ethics

  • park_aesung
    ₳leksandra (@park_aesung) reported

    @anerfthis @SMITEGame But really, after one crash I got my friend list reduced to 2 people and that was back at the end of October. Wrote 3 tickets about it, no response 😤 And due to my work and constant maintance I had to give up to paladins ;-;

  • Paladina9
    Paladina (@Paladina9) reported

    @PaladinsGame Please fix the mixerpoints._.

  • Elijah_22703
    👽E {He/Him}🐁 (@Elijah_22703) reported

    - both of us were trying to fix the paladins lives cuz we were like ‘this aint it chief’. So we firstly spoke to shiro and he spoke about adam and said he was content because he gave adam all the love he could and will carry him forever in his heart it was cute as ****

  • ingraxious
    AV1J17 (@ingraxious) reported

    @PaladinsGame fix mixer points distribution.....

  • pas5word01
    0x00nF (@pas5word01) reported

    @PaladinsGame Explain to me why your game crash every two minutes the connection bugs.But ******* made a serious nerve stuff the perso cancer drogoz, dredge, pip

  • _Music_Is_Lyfe
    TJ. (@_Music_Is_Lyfe) reported

    God paladins is such a terribly designed game. The problem is the other semi interesting ones are all garbage as well

  • Undertheh00d
    Ryan (@Undertheh00d) reported

    @PaladinsGame you'd think with all of these patch cycles and 1 month fixing the game things they'd fix the hit detection. We literally just lost a match on the bullshit hit detection. For ***** sake evil mojo/hirez whatever you wanna call yourself. It's been two ******* years

  • Yuumeda_
    Yumie Vii (@Yuumeda_) reported

    Why Term should be banned for now: Invisibily Glitch when ultiny Instant Respawn glitch No Damage with melee weapon Animation Glitches Power Siphon activating without doing anything Many more glitches... @PaladinsGame bans Furia and Lian for a sound glitch but not Term.

  • MeteoricCat3278
    Jon Patino (@MeteoricCat3278) reported

    I know Hi-Rez would rather make a game playable first and aesthetically pleasing later... But I'd rather have both when it comes to #Paladins. Please Hi-Rez, fix a lot of those glitches and make character portraits for all characters, because Paladins is glitchy as hell!

  • XiaomUberLaz
    Declan O'Reilly (Lazure) (@XiaomUberLaz) reported

    @PaladinsGame I'd like to report a glitch. I was playing a game WITH Drogoz and after Torvald silenced me once, Salvo no longer had cooldown, but it keep just shooting 1 rocket. I was using Reign of Terror if that helps.

  • MyronHosea
    Myron Hosea (@MyronHosea) reported

    Paladins have broken loose here in the 2nd half and will empty the bench at the media timeout with 3:23 left. Furman leads 87-44. UNCW came in averaging almost 81 points a game.

  • AlliraDreams
    Allira Dreams (@AlliraDreams) reported

    And then *the original paladins* go YEAH NO THANK YOU KIDS but no. It's *our turn*. Since this was a season so hellbent on giving villains redemption, Zarkon says how he might not be able to fix 10k years of pain but he can at least stop them. So the original paladins--

  • Imadavidus
    Dave (@Imadavidus) reported

    @PaladinsGame Lets fix this ******* bugged not optimized game together developers <3

  • SkyKrimsion
    spoopy oof (@SkyKrimsion) reported

    @Bomseoki1 @meganyx @PaladinsGame no problem

  • Pepzehhh
    Pepzehh (@Pepzehhh) reported

    @PaladinsGame please Nerf the koga it does not need to be that powerful , dashes and gets more health ,dashes is unable to hit when it does ... has a huge damage output ... Like come on ***** , we are unable to kill koga cause he dashes and gains health ... fix that shit

  • feralknights
    feral (@feralknights) reported

    @PaladinsGame Koga default is having audio issues, for an entire match it sounded like he was literally right over my right shoulder firing his guns regardless of position and range, it makes it almost impossible to play against him rn. :(

  • rukiscroax
    Rukis (@rukiscroax) reported

    2. Twisted Upbringing- Lotor has trust issues, and responds to most threats aggressively, as shown on Oriande. This isn't his fault, he was raised by two abusive psychopaths, but there are a myriad of reasons his trust, or the Paladins' trust in him, could have been broken.

  • morchnei
    🎅🌲Galaxy_Demon🎅🌲 (@morchnei) reported

    @PaladinsGame @EvilMojoAlyssa @EvilMojoMolly hi I get the deluxe pack in ps4 and i get everything but the I can get the voice packs whats the problem :(

  • SkyKrimsion
    spoopy oof (@SkyKrimsion) reported

    @Bomseoki1 @meganyx @PaladinsGame yeah, dude, no problem. i’m not famous or anything, obviously, but you deserve it.

  • Rafii2198PL
    Rafii2198 (@Rafii2198PL) reported

    @AshFlak @OracleSeris @AstralJenos @GhostStrix @PepperRealm @FuriaPaladins @ThunderBrush @PaladinsGame @Paladins_Polska @ImaniLastWarder @AssassinSkye @VivianCunning @TerminusPaladin I know about her! 😃 The problem is... I am not sure if she has in-game music... I know she doesn't have it in the champion menu and I never saw her in a match...

  • MrETrickster
    Mr E Trickster (@MrETrickster) reported

    @PaladinsGame They need to run out a hotfix to fix the broken battlepass challenges.

  • heeroyuy180
    Heero Yuy (VLD S8 SPOILERS) (@heeroyuy180) reported

    It kinda hurts that we are leaving this show with the knowledge that Shiro would have never given up on either of the paladins, while all of em besides Keith has given up on him. I was hoping they would fix it in S8 but the distance between him and the paladins seems ever greater

  • SharkBomb99
    Darth Vectivus (Current Boruto Arc is great) (@SharkBomb99) reported

    I will legit pay the people who made Paladins to actually fix these characters and their bugs. This game legit could be better than OW, but man they’re shooting themselves in the foot

  • baronessbamf
    Beth 🍩 s8 spoilers (@baronessbamf) reported

    And Allura is all "But.... might die too" but they assure her that it's a risk they are willing to take and they are a family. And they fix reality with their power combined and we think for a minute they've died but

  • mathews_m7
    Mathews Philip (@mathews_m7) reported

    @Faenex @PaladinsGame @EvilMojoMartini Lol @PaladinsGame they don't reply to any comments about bugs and issues....

  • ingraxious
    AV1J17 (@ingraxious) reported

    @PaladinsGame fix the mixer point reward..its bugged

  • Lulu_Minati
    The Saltiest Lulu (@Lulu_Minati) reported

    So I’ve had a sleep, and here’s what I think *my* biggest problem with s8 was: *nobody* was anything except a single character trait and an power/ability that would help them. So with the paladins, that was mostly one quirk + their ability to pilot their space cat.

  • CruelisB
    SHIRO THE HERO (@CruelisB) reported

    "Shiro finally left the battle" always gets me. He liked doing something good. It was captivity that was bad for him. Other than that he liked standing behind the Paladins and was honored to fly the Atlas. He's more than a broken war hero.

  • anv24
    kush (@anv24) reported

    @PaladinsGame Fix Paladin's broken ass maps... Bots stay at spawn the entire game... not surprising as it pushes players to play non NPC games... of course it benefits Hirez especially in the wake of cross play... keep pulling this kind of shit, I'm done playing your shit games

  • Dittolicious
    VoltronRewriteWhen (@Dittolicious) reported

    vld ending rewrite - the day after everything, everyones broken up, but they paladins start to realize theres this thing in the back of there mind, like a tickle, calling out to them. hunk points out that it feels like the entity, everyone agrees (except shiro who- 1

  • AerithBR
    AerithReborn | Kyle (@AerithBR) reported

    Man it's kinda dumb you can't sign in to your Hi-Rez account on the Switch, I just wanna play on my account that have all my champions unlocked :( @PaladinsGame

  • Metapusher
    Envy Metapusher (@Metapusher) reported

    @FaithLikeN0M0R3 @Ozon3TV @bagelw0w Dude I run the pug server as a volunteer service to the Paladins scene. I have never and most likely will never profit from the insane amount of time I've invested. I don't owe you or anybody else a dressed up PR statement just because someone threw a pug you were in

  • sheithnanigans
    dead just like... (@sheithnanigans) reported

    Just imagine how good s8 would have been if the Paladins hadn’t jumped the gun when the colony came to light, guess I’ll just fix this shit myself

  • vulpixed
    stone futch blues (@vulpixed) reported

    @korvva see like the problem i have is u don’t know bc u didn’t watch it! which is ok if u don’t want to but u can’t rly judge how they handled allura w/o watching it. he helped them pilot the lions w/ the rest of the old paladins.

  • d4imeiwaku
    law @ Danny Legendary DeVender (@d4imeiwaku) reported

    @paintedrecs They always had problems with emotional scenes and closeness between characters. Paladins never felt like family or good friends for me. Maybe it was lack of time, maybe it was just something that they couldn't do well. I think that they thought they established S/K friendship

  • Jear_Blast
    Jeremy B. (@Jear_Blast) reported

    @AskPlayStation Ark: survival evolved, dungeon defenders 2, paladins, smite and tera won't update and give me the error code

  • DanteInDaHouse
    Aqif Zahid (@DanteInDaHouse) reported

    @PaladinsGame The "Expend 15,000 ammunition" challenge is bugged. Please fix.

  • Astro_Latte
    👑💤 (@Astro_Latte) reported

    They couldn't kill Shiro because of toy sales but had no ******* problem killing Allura. They were both paladins, but one was male and the other female.

  • jinbeizaki
    I-vongola (@jinbeizaki) reported

    except for that final battle to feel like "hey look the 6 paladins are together that's cool!" but in the end it didn't feel that much different from when they're 5 so yeah this is one of the major problem I had with this season. There are few other elements that had me like "WTF"

  • TyrannoV
    TyrannoV (@TyrannoV) reported

    @PaladinsGame @PaladinsPro The mixer points is not working I spent hours watching videos in mixer an i got only 1 point Please someone help me to fix this.

  • Duality_Doom
    _-_-_-_-_ (@Duality_Doom) reported

    I am bloody salty as on paladins I had a game where my team was winning and my game decided to ******* crash and that caused to enemy team to stop our push and when I reconnected it was too late and my team ended up losing the ******* game

  • SColtrayn
    Shannon Coltrayn (@SColtrayn) reported

    Okay i am broken. I'm sad. I'm crying. Was destroyed by the ending of Shiro. Don't get me wrong. I'm glad that he's Happy. But it's Not with Keith. And i had high hopes after black paladins and s7e1. #sheith #S8 #voltron spoilers

  • sssnowheyohh
    Snow (@sssnowheyohh) reported

    @PaladinsGame Characters, and the maps are not working/loading right. Characters in the game are constantly disappearing and reappearing. Can't play with it like this. Please fix.

  • SDesu12
    Initial D (@SDesu12) reported

    @CommaKaiZ @BreadOfFire @PaladinsGame Like Every player does with Paladins Always buggy,New heroes OP to hell,Crashing servers that happens on a good Tuesday their servers always crash New heroes who are crap and add nothing to the meta OP Cards like dredges when he was released lmao.

  • BreadOfFire
    paladins better than overwatch (@BreadOfFire) reported

    @SDesu12 @CommaKaiZ @PaladinsGame Image number one is probably not a glitch, it looks more like a cheater, either that or they had literally 1 health left. image number 2, that's still doesn't effect gameplay no matter how many times you upload it

  • SDesu12
    Initial D (@SDesu12) reported

    @BreadOfFire @CommaKaiZ @PaladinsGame Well yeah That's the problem I care about PC chart I don't care about Consoles I care about the platform I play on. It's dying on the platform it was created on it is dying on a platform that made it somewhat good back in the days I don't care about Consoles And I never will.

  • CommaKaiZ
    ☃️KrampusKaiZ☃️ (@CommaKaiZ) reported

    @SDesu12 @BreadOfFire @PaladinsGame A “Poor Job” is exactly what I can call your broken form of the English language that you call me “illitirate” for trying to comprehend.

  • SDesu12
    Initial D (@SDesu12) reported

    @CommaKaiZ @BreadOfFire @PaladinsGame No they don't that's the problem they don't fix any bugs they left terminus bugged for 2 months before trying to fix him and he is still bugged.

  • CommaKaiZ
    ☃️KrampusKaiZ☃️ (@CommaKaiZ) reported

    @SDesu12 @BreadOfFire @PaladinsGame Rarely do people complain about bugs on Paladins, mostly because the devs do fix them if they become a serious problem. Also, you just said that you wished you could record it to show me the bugs, and now you’re gonna try to dodge that bullet by saying “Everyone knows the bugs!”

  • SDesu12
    Initial D (@SDesu12) reported

    @CommaKaiZ @BreadOfFire @PaladinsGame Give me a reason why would I want to do that Almost everyone know this game is full of bugs full of glitches and the Studio does nothing they are aware but they don't care. I mean lmao they opened another god damn studio just to fix bugs in this game and they still won't fix them

  • BreadOfFire
    paladins better than overwatch (@BreadOfFire) reported

    @CommaKaiZ @SDesu12 @PaladinsGame They have fixed a lot of bugs in 2 years, thing is, they mainly prioritize the more game breaking issues over minor texture bugs.

  • CommaKaiZ
    ☃️KrampusKaiZ☃️ (@CommaKaiZ) reported

    @BreadOfFire @SDesu12 @PaladinsGame Yep. RoboCop on the Commodore 64 had a bug that allowed you to glitch to the next level, which was unfinished and just random code. Paper Mario has assloads of softlock videos and glitch videos online. SPEEDRUNNERS USE GLITCHES IN RETRO GAMES ALL THE TIME, IN FACT.