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PayPal Holdings, Inc. is an American company operating a worldwide online payments system that supports online money transfers and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods like checks and money orders.

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December 17: Problems at Paypal

Paypal is having issues since 02:30 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Errors (63.64%)
  • ▪ Sign in (27.27%)
  • ▪ Website Down (9.09%)

Paypal Live Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Airdrie, Scotland  ▪ Berlin, Berlin  ▪ Coventry, England  ▪ Denver, Colorado  ▪ Elgin, Scotland  ▪ Forrestdale, Western Australia  ▪ Gilbert, Arizona  ▪ Grânari, Județul Brașov  ▪ Guadalajara, Jalisco  ▪ Houston, Texas  ▪ Ipswich, England

Paypal Live Outage Map
  • Airdrie, Scotland
  • Berlin, Berlin
  • Coventry, England
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Elgin, Scotland
  • Forrestdale, Western Australia
  • Gilbert, Arizona
  • Grânari, Județul Brașov
  • Guadalajara, Jalisco
  • Houston, Texas
  • Ipswich, England
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  • Brybry69_
    Bry (@Brybry69_) reported

    Commision me its like free until I fix my paypal wyd

  • mikeappletoncom
    Mike Appleton (@mikeappletoncom) reported

    @envato Is it really acceptable to lock my account and withhold access to $1000's to try & bully me into not accepting a refund? Truly shocking behavior and I won't back down. All evidence has been submitted to PayPal and escalated. A disgruntled EX regular & loyal customer.

  • Ryan_YiWei
    李翊瑋 (@Ryan_YiWei) reported

    @DasheIO does it matter if my shipping address wrong but my email is correct @DasheIO Does the wrong address but correct email have a problem? I have been received a confirmation email from PAYPAL

  • lippiecouture
    tahira 🍓 (@lippiecouture) reported

    @fathercams Uhh that's terrible PayPal is a terrible service now... I hope they change their policies cause that's not fair

  • ShowThrowaway
    Alec’s Kicks (@ShowThrowaway) reported

    @DasheIO Even if I get chosen I still can’t sign into my PayPal to purchase, Fucking ridiculous. Fix your system.

  • Ndiy_Cyprian
    🌻It's Ndifreke🌻 (@Ndiy_Cyprian) reported

    @_ynut Yea but you still have to pay through paypal which is not working

  • BarclaysUKHelp
    Barclays UK Help (@BarclaysUKHelp) reported

    @shenxiangyu123 Okay – did you get a specific error code or message when it was declined by PayPal, and have you tried to use your card directly online, in store or at an ATM to see if it works there? Nic

  • LukeShaneL
    VooDooSymptoms (@LukeShaneL) reported

    @AskPayPal @adamgokcebay Same here I'm hoping adidas will fix it because it's on my PayPal credit and I did get a pair from another site and I dot even wanna mess with it until that pair ships for fear that the wrong order gets cancelled.

  • Chunk410
    E (@Chunk410) reported

    @GoodfaceLAB @YaBoyMighty @Dro_Imante @chrisguadagno1 @ItsXarxy @osy_wald @RhettVan @theyeezymafia Yeah for some reason PayPal was not working kept taking me back to delivery details lol checked out as guest boom it worked

  • JHannaMUFC
    John hanna (@JHannaMUFC) reported

    @AskPayPal I just purchased an item on eBay the seller has cancelled and he says his PayPal is not working. How can I get my refund?

  • ReeceDay8
    Reece Day (@ReeceDay8) reported

    @SyndicateOG Yeah everytime i i try to order either throuh the site or even on paypal it always shows an error and my payment failed

  • WeArePawing
    Pawing (@WeArePawing) reported

    Our PayPal for donations is currently limited right now. Please wait until we fix it or create a Venmo for any donations you would like to send us.

  • morrismalosno
    mario del real (@morrismalosno) reported

    A little complain i tried like 4 times checking out with paypal but at last click,you gave me an error or try later an hour trying and trying now the discount code is expired can you fix this can you honor me the discount and fix the error thanks @lovephilosophy

  • warnersharry
    love, jackie (@warnersharry) reported

    @bookdepository Hello! Is it possible to cancel an order before it gets sent out? I only wanted to sign in with Paypal, but then the order was placed before I could enter an address or check/confirm it and now it entails wrong items and I would like to cancel it altogether! Thx

  • aelonius
    Michael Roeling (@aelonius) reported

    Alternatively, would it be possible to set up a maximum amount to accept and have everything above that bounce from the Paypal account, simply to prevent mistakes and the dispute issues that come with it?

  • enigzah
    zahoor (@enigzah) reported

    @AskPayPal I have ,since yesterday I am explaining this through email to you guys . What's the problem?

  • stan_gate
    Stan Gate (@stan_gate) reported

    Note to Mike Ashley. If you stick the club up for sale on eBay, even they and paypal will knock you down by 34% in commission from your original ssking price, so just sell up now eh? #NUFCtakeover

  • kyleprohaska
    Kyle Prohaska (@kyleprohaska) reported

    Old @PayPal account. Can't close it. Error. Go to contact center to send email to close it. Can't send email. Error. @AskPayPal your site is broken.

  • westendtaxi
    Bye Bye Uber 👋👋 (@westendtaxi) reported

    @davebenidorm166 @bigboybubbalulu @drinkwater_paul @sumup @PayPal If you said the card machine is not working it looks bad on the trade seriously it does

  • DooDahDaze
    DooDahDaze (@DooDahDaze) reported

    Tried ordering stuff from @ThinkGeek paid w PayPal. Money gone from my acct, but order not completed. They say it will be 3 days to fix. WTF

  • CakeAlts
    CakeAlts (@CakeAlts) reported

    ❕PayPal is currently down while we work on replacements and quick email fixes, should be back shortly sorry for the inconvenience :)

  • keanehorse
    Jack Detonate Keane (@keanehorse) reported

    @PayPal now I’ve just been hung up on I hope your fucking head office burns down

  • GracieMayGreen
    Gracie May Green (@GracieMayGreen) reported

    @malikinsupriyon Its ok babe, i like that you care. My paypal getting shut down made me sad for a bit but its fine

  • IshB147
    Ish (@IshB147) reported

    @PlayStation Its kind of dumb how it doesn't let me sign into PayPal on the PS4 but it let's me sign in on my phone.

  • milbhatguy
    KC Jones (@milbhatguy) reported

    @Hat_Tweets @jaylaw22 @DaKoolKidzKlan @dlock13 @NickWallace210 @Muzixndmd @GMaclagan @Taylz_77 @Swartzy16 @annapickel @ArizonaHiggins @mbressler13 @prinzs_diana @kylewhy2 @Interstate19 @SFHatDad @HatClub @MYFITTEDS @MyDopeHatGame @Green_Gecko11 @BRKCP_ @lids @CapEaters @AnaheimHats @JaxShrimp @ECAPCITY @jmswyo @Broncos @RocketLaval @legendsleague @DionicBrand @RCQuakes @ABL @MelbourneAces @OMAStormChasers They have a spend 50, get a $10 gift card. I'd be willing to drive over if people wanted, and purchase and mail it to them to cut down on the shipping costs. You'd have to paypal me the money of course.

  • aviationhighs
    vic (@aviationhighs) reported

    @AskPayPal hello, please check dms! I sent a problem to you

  • Dorkyppanda
    믕지PinkVicton (@Dorkyppanda) reported

    @pabbochomii Yeah, as long as you have something to pay with (credit card/paypal or whatever), you just have to go to ch+ to subscribe and that's it. The problem is mostly the payment method not actually subscribing I think.

  • AlexTheMasterYT
    Alex The Master (@AlexTheMasterYT) reported from Grânari, Județul Brașov

    >orders a vps >it doesn't work >contacts support,they told me that i need a verified paypal >i say that i can't verify my paypal >they say to request a refund then >i request the refund >the billing support guys say "we'll make an exception" >they start my server installation

  • iFreeiCloudBeta
    Beta (@iFreeiCloudBeta) reported

    We’ve patched a bug that was throwing fatal errors when using PayPal’s Guest Checkout. You can now order single checks without a PayPal account, as well as buying credits or subscriptions.

  • PeterCabello727
    Peter❤️Camila CC1isComing (@PeterCabello727) reported

    @holdoncarpenter @dt051001 @Camila_Cabello @rogerhgold Ok on US site click the basket when something is in there... click paypal then click the basket again ... go to the drop down to GBP

  • ElissaS16
    Eℓissa S/#99 #21 #04 (@ElissaS16) reported

    @happyhimbaek I prefer PayPal...but if its causing issues, then I understand the need to switch.

  • espressosupreme
    Arrest for stubble on main (@espressosupreme) reported

    @klynt_eastpud Just tried again and PayPal’s still down. Sorry pud :/ I’m trying to pay 25

  • northbox2001
    Aryan Singh (@northbox2001) reported

    @XXXtaze Yo taze me southbox here I think there was an issue with PayPal I'll send you 5$ more it will get covered into 3$ and 50 cents which is more than what I'm suppose to give so please unblock man please you have my 18$ too.

  • AskHalifaxBank
    Halifax (@AskHalifaxBank) reported

    @_AlexJones__ Hi I'm PM. That's odd. What happens when you try to move money to your Paypal account? Do you get an error message?

  • goddesskloexo
    💎💍MistressKloe&GoddessAbs💍💎 (@goddesskloexo) reported

    Think my PayPal account is getting closed down!!

  • Shahid78607860
    Shahid ghani (@Shahid78607860) reported

    @paddypower hi. Why is the Paypal method is down. I have been trying to deposit/withdraw since yesterday. This is ridiculous.

  • lenhug
    len hug (@lenhug) reported

    @cdkeyscom Hi. Getting knocked back every time try to buy with ccard and even PayPal. 'Declined by payment processor...' Normally no problems. Help?

  • usernameduno
    Name (@usernameduno) reported

    @AskPayPal have been waiting 4 day for a reply for a serious issue!

  • 71Boro
    Boro (@71Boro) reported

    @RoyalMail I need a refund after your website didn’t provide an online postage label (no confirmation received, error message instead), yet money was taken via PayPal. Please assist.

  • Sophia_Crypto
    Sophia Rose [LTC] 💋 (@Sophia_Crypto) reported

    @smartbrain This is one issue with crypto. It’s not like PayPal where you can use an email or reply back. Once it’s sent or received that’s it.

  • thethesadhatter
    Dirk Diggler (@thethesadhatter) reported

    Okay so I found her profile two posts down from this picture and apparently she asks people to PayPal her money all the time and just LMFAO

  • s_a_m_w
    sam (@s_a_m_w) reported

    @AskPayPal did you receive my DM? Is PayPal withdrawal service down?

  • TrickTMT
    Justin ❄️ (@TrickTMT) reported

    Goodnight hopefully I can fix my PayPal

  • benfloro
    Ben (@benfloro) reported

    BPMe app setup: Download Login with PayPal (promising) Select linked CC Get told to click verify email link Create app password! Set pin!! Prompt to use TouchID!!! PayPal fails to find CC and have to go through the whole linking process again!!!! 5 steps too many!

  • germanieee
    👑 (@germanieee) reported

    @Mrgrey_ i can use PayPal bc my clash app not working?

  • hyukjeas
    nintendo pauly ds © (@hyukjeas) reported

    @oralcigarettes Goddammit my paypal account isn’t soon as I fix it I’ll pay u!!

  • kartikarg
    i wish i were a bird (@kartikarg) reported

    @AskPayPal hey paypal, please follow me back to dm, i need help with my account, i no longer have access to my old phone number, and now, i cant even login to paypal account

  • nopu1337
    nOPU (@nopu1337) reported

    @infamouswatt want the paypal logs? still make around a grand a month off altshops n servers that i dont even have to login for, what have you done w your channel?

    _gottaloveme_ (@SMASHMY__OLLE) reported

    Ima just go to sleep annoyed asf PayPal is irking my soul keep saying there’s a problem with changing my password like I’m annoyed

  • hanjosi
    simon (@hanjosi) reported

    I'm having big problems with paypal (name/date change). I'm unable to change some of the details on my profile. (It is a business account) If anyone can help me with my problems please dm me thankyou!!

  • BunnyBrina
    👽No one cares Brina💀🌈 (@BunnyBrina) reported

    Hey so I'm having like a crisis and if anyone could help me with money issues that would be super:: heycharlie3 on redbubble, ko-fi and PayPal even I think

  • Heerokun01
    Heerokun (@Heerokun01) reported

    @Hitomi_official @DanzoJames @busty_hitomi Contact PayPal company and tell them problem. I think they will freeze the account.

  • macmutha
    just musa (@macmutha) reported

    @AskPayPal well it seems like it was a temporary fix or reset because the error is back. . check DM please and assist

  • iam_annrice
    Ann Rice (@iam_annrice) reported

    @PayPal I am APPALLED at your customer service. I was lied to and my money was held hostage without explanation. Then I was mocked for being uncomfortable w/ giving my SSN. I am cancelling my account. TERRIBLE.

  • prince_of_boost
    P_Ö_B (@prince_of_boost) reported

    @ctailz @adidas Belugas had so many issues with cc tryin check out. But PayPal was fine. So just went right for PayPal this time. And have all these issues now crazy. 80k pairs and nothing but trouble tryin check out 1 pair after sittin on splash for hours. Not right @adidas

  • JinwooJinkiLuv
    고춧가루 아들 & 진기 사랑 (@JinwooJinkiLuv) reported

    @bloxmarket hey bought roblux but didnt get anything and my paypal is already charged... ur email is not working... wth

  • CallidoraBeach
    Callidora Beach™ ن (@CallidoraBeach) reported

    I have sent you several emails regarding the program not identifying me as a PAID registered user. One over a year ago. I have my PayPal receipt Same email. Your email identifying server gives an error every time I try and enter my email getting a bit Ticked... @autotweeter_in

  • coolMtheman
    Mitch Patin (@coolMtheman) reported

    @EducationHelpz @HYPEBEAST @theyeezymafia I got 4 payements. You did not get the shoes unfortunately. I called Adidas, and their horrible company said that paypal was not working. However, the payments will not go through, so at least that is a plus.

  • aquarianqueen17
    alina (@aquarianqueen17) reported

    @AskPayPal exposing you guys for your terrible customer service and failure to provide your users with protection and making failed promises

  • lilita_yaya
    Lili Chin (@lilita_yaya) reported

    @servicedogsoc I used to use Mint years ago but I recall there were issues with importing from paypal...

  • teenangelbrat
    angel 🌈 (@teenangelbrat) reported

    hi if anyone can buy me $60 worth of halsey merch rn that would be great also ill give u all 70 of my premade vids (valued $500 !!!) pls ?? my paypal's not working :((

  • ImSnagCuh
    TRUST x SNAG🐴 (@ImSnagCuh) reported

    If anyone knows how to fix the black bars while streaming on elgato please hmu I have paypal ready

  • zpr_media
    zpr_media (@zpr_media) reported

    When you're trying to PAY 4 a reading and the financial links are not working @astrology_witch Trying to pay. Need link. Want 2 give u money. Funny, not funny..... lol

  • shandiditbetter
    Ca$h Only💰 (@shandiditbetter) reported

    @daprincesschoc Long ago, they charged me for sumn I ain’t buy so I got a refund. Their policy is to issue the refund then ban the card. So I linked my PayPal to my Apple account & my PayPal uses the same card that they banned.

  • Shingekicorn
    Skell (@Shingekicorn) reported

    I really need to fix this beef with PayPal so I can open up donations or offer commissions or something

  • JenniferRuas
    Jennifer (@JenniferRuas) reported

    @AnimeFeminist This link worked. The PayPal link on the Two Podcasts page is broken.

  • TheSpeedGamers
    TheSpeedGamers (@TheSpeedGamers) reported

    @WeAreTiltify Having some Paypal issues, not sure if it's on your end or Paypal's.

  • PepperQTSupreme
    PEP (@PepperQTSupreme) reported

    Why doesn't Paypal work? It never send me that confirm money and now it told me to re-register my bank and I type the IBAN and it says I cannot do this right now?? But PayPal is not even reported being down rn??

  • graiz
    Greg Raiz (@graiz) reported

    @nickbona @dickclucas Blogpost coming on this. I expect steady growth but the tech is not ready to replace paypal or banks because it's too slow. Sure it'll crash but it'll still grow 10x in the next few years. So you're both right.

  • Vznoms
    ⚡️ (@Vznoms) reported

    "We can’t send your payment right now. If you keep running into this issue, please contact PayPal. If you continue to encounter problems, please contact customer service." LIKE FUCK PAYPAL DUDE!!

    Dub (@DrWMIII) reported

    I have 5 pending charges @adidasUS @PayPal still. Fix it

  • PrisonLibrarian
    Cheryl Canning (@PrisonLibrarian) reported

    @newrock Placed order 60003954 - PayPal shows payment 'completed' but order status is 'error with payment'... help?

  • vtownkickz
    Sneakaround707 (@vtownkickz) reported

    @JayZaldo Copping off of adc is frustrating w their broke checkout system... It's always been a problem. No clue why some releases they disable PayPal option. @adidasoriginals @adidas

  • bbbb0x
    b0x (@bbbb0x) reported

    Bought 12 month gold twice because of an payment error. Bought again but even through it said error in first try it still bought it. Anyway, anyone wants to have my 2nd 12 month key? DM or reply, 42€ over Paypal.

  • bbbb0x
    b0x (@bbbb0x) reported

    Bought 12 month gold twice because of an payment error. Bought again but even through it say error in first try it still bought it. Anyway, anyone wants to have my 2nd 12 month key? DM or reply, 42€ over Paypal.

  • louislagalante
    Louis Lagalante (@louislagalante) reported

    @AskPayPal I've spent over an hour on customer service calls to get my mobile number confirmed. Spoke to one person for two minutes who couldn't help me. Mostly I just heard the same six facts about the website that I've already scoured from your hold message. Any way to fix?

  • Oneblessedmama8
    Angie Davis (@Oneblessedmama8) reported

    @AskPlayStation I am trying to subscribe to a package on PlayStation vue and an error keeps coming up saying I need a credit card on my account. I do have one and also linked my account to PayPal, but it still won't work.

  • adamgokcebay
    Adam G (@adamgokcebay) reported

    @AskPayPal @ES_FTW @AskPayPal I had the same issue with the Yeezy Boost release today paying with PayPal. Can I DM?

  • swaggy_rpii
    GucciBandz (@swaggy_rpii) reported

    @JohnnytheFlynn @AskPayPal @adidas @JohnnytheFlynn wassup I was wondering did you ever get a email from adidas for your yeezys because I had the same problem with my paypal

  • swaggy_rpii
    GucciBandz (@swaggy_rpii) reported

    @JohnnytheFlynn wassup I was wondering did you ever get a email from adidas for your yeezys because I had the same problem with my paypal