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PayPal Holdings, Inc. is an American company operating a worldwide online payments system that supports online money transfers and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods like checks and money orders.

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August 22: Problems at Paypal

Paypal is having issues since 05:00 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Errors (50.00%)
  • ▪ Website Down (41.67%)
  • ▪ Sign in (8.33%)

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Paypal Live Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Edinburgh, Scotland  ▪ Everett, Washington  ▪ French Lick, Indiana  ▪ Guadalajara, Jalisco  ▪ L'Ametlla de Mar, Catalunya  ▪ London, England  ▪ Manningford Bohune, England  ▪ Orangeburg, South Carolina  ▪ Smithfield, New South Wales  ▪ Spokane, Washington  ▪ Swindon, England

Paypal Live Outage Map
  • Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Everett, Washington
  • French Lick, Indiana
  • Guadalajara, Jalisco
  • L'Ametlla de Mar, Catalunya
  • London, England
  • Manningford Bohune, England
  • Orangeburg, South Carolina
  • Smithfield, New South Wales
  • Spokane, Washington
  • Swindon, England
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Paypal Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • Robert K LaSalle (@robertklasalle) reported

    @Wario64 I finally got the Gamestop app to work after checking out with paypal. the GS app threw an error but paypal shows the pending transaction

  • Tighe (@TigheLikeTie) reported

    @STP48315 @TonChrysoprase @GOPDawg @AmyDentata @PamelaGeller @PayPal Immigrants aren't the issue, a woman who makes her money spreading vitriolic misinformation about hundreds of millions of people is.

  • Jamie Todd (@wolfcrane) reported

    @scottjohnson @MoviePass @MoviePass_CS @mitch__lowe @FTC @CFPB @Twitter @TwitterSupport @PayPal @AskPayPal @morningstream @Coverville @currentgeek @Veronica Friday & today. Being disabled, & having multiple health problems, & in chronic severe pain have left me vulnerable. I was just trying to -4

  • America First! (@pscully1812) reported

    @FightNowAmerica #DefundAntifa Update: Multiple #Antifa crowdfunding accounts have been shut down. @IGD_News: Patreon and Paypal @Submedia: Paypal

  • America First! (@pscully1812) reported

    @RealJack @mcgilh #DefundAntifa Update: Multiple #Antifa crowdfunding accounts have been shut down. @IGD_News: Patreon and Paypal @Submedia: Paypal

  • 9th Wonder_NT (@devin__23) reported

    @iLxDon Yeah man.. I’m stuck at PayPal checkout.. I get through on PP but when it switches byke to GS app it freezes and says error during checkout

  • America First! (@pscully1812) reported

    @Holyfield67 #DefundAntifa Update: Multiple #Antifa crowdfunding accounts have been shut down. @IGD_News: Patreon and Paypal @Submedia: Paypal

  • America First! (@pscully1812) reported

    @DuaneSorensen4 @YouTube #DefundAntifa Update: Multiple #Antifa crowdfunding accounts have been shut down. @IGD_News: Patreon and Paypal @Submedia: Paypal

  • Watermelon Steve (@MrBladder) reported

    @rejectedjokes @NintendoAmerica I preordered off of walmart too then they cancelled mine cuz of "missing info" on my paypal which I've used with no problems for years

  • ashley denise † (@Beautiful_Dawn_) reported

    @MorpheBrushes @UginyVrt @Jaclynhill I'm having the same problem, so far my card has been declined, my address has been wrong, my PayPal isn't accepted. I just don't get it :(

  • Jamie Todd (@wolfcrane) reported

    @MoviePass @MoviePass_CS @mitch__lowe @FTC @CFPB @Twitter @TwitterSupport @PayPal @AskPayPal I feel like I am being taken advantage of here, and possibly being trolled. I'm disabled, I've multiple health problems, & suffer from

  • America First! (@pscully1812) reported

    @bfraser747 @Lg4Lg @foxandfriends @MikeTokes Via @FarLeftWatchOrg #DefundAntifa Multiple #Antifa crowdfunding accts have been shut down. @IGD_News: Patreon / Paypal @Submedia: Paypal

  • America First! (@pscully1812) reported

    @__0HOUR1_ @Sjnel77Jane @WhiteHouse #DefundAntifa Update: Multiple #Antifa crowdfunding accounts have been shut down. @IGD_News: Patreon and Paypal @Submedia: Paypal

  • Scotticus Maximus (@scottgeoffrey) reported

    @nickportman @lbabinz I tried paypal with the NES classic and i thought that's what screwed me with checkout issues. Oh well, I have one either way :P

  • Hawaiiiiiiiii (@VinBioDiesel) reported

    @MikeIsaac you can click and hold down claps! haha. Wait. Does this cost me anything? did I just clap money out of my paypal to you or something.

  • TwinkieSamurai (@TwinkieSamurai) reported

    @uber you ruined my life my not accepting my PayPal info. I missed my psych appointment. Doesn't help my mental issues.

  • JSon (@jS0N_4) reported

    @Franktroche @Wario64 You should check for any pending charges on your card. After I got this same error, I checked my PayPal account and it had 5 pending charges

  • uHMaYz (@uHMaYz) reported

    @MohameePS4 @aintnobodycool its alright im gonna dispute there shit on paypal and get them shut down

  • Francesco DiGirolamo (@FrancescoDiGi2) reported

    @KirstyMartin19 @Gandi2099 @SDGMasterglass @jihadwatchRS @AskPayPal @PayPal .....i think you don't understand that people who want to kill you need to be observed little closer. The problem will have to be solved.

  • Pixel (@pixel_pls) reported

    @RibShark Hmmm...anyways, with PayPal this shouldn't be a problem anymore :)

  • Michael Wolf (@Deadwolf4120) reported

    @AskTarget I preorder the classic NES got through check out. It tells me that paypal is unavailable and when I put in a CC it says unexpected error

  • Silibant&Covfefe (@silibantsisters) reported

    @PayPal Hey Paypal, how do we report hate groups that are using your platform??? I hear you take complaints now and shut people down?

  • So Says Adam (@N79C) reported

    @DWhitINger @mrs_pinky85 @PamelaGeller @PayPal what rules? have you read the rules? All she does is report on Muslim issues that the #MSM will not report.

  • Racist Duck 🇬🇧 (@racistduck) reported

    @PamelaGeller @PayPal The purge is starting. Rebel TV been taken down too.

  • KKKutie 🎮 (@KKKutieGaming) reported

    with all this censorship going on, i say we make something like paypal that won't get shut down. bitcoin is good but kinda inconvenient.

  • Ambrielle (@TheDamn_Bam) reported

    @PayPal is freakin TERRIBLE!!!

  • Mage of Mirth (@Mage_of_Mirth) reported

    @Phanatic4 @Target exact same situation here. got error for the CC and then when attempting paypal it booted me from the queue and back to the cart. total bull

  • Literate White Girl (@LitWhiteWoman) reported

    @abellvegeblog Lots of Patreon & paypal accounts getting locked down. Makes my head spin, honestly. Soros has his hand in Paypal

  • calvin (@calvinc_) reported

    @BBYC_GamersClub error'ed out after visa checkout. Shoulda done PayPal. nooooooo

  • Thomas Neudorf (@Tjn5150) reported

    @BBYC_GamersClub Ugh inbetween the checkout and PayPal login they sold out for me. Hope there's more preorders soon

  • Sarah M (@wrkreads) reported

    @AskPayPal is there an issue with the virtual terminal? It won't load, stuck on checking info screen.

  • Elliot Sadler (@whiteninja04) reported

    @dzulak @EBGamesCanada My order confirmation took a while to arrive, I thought it didn't go through at all cause I got an error after hitting "Confirm" with PayPal

  • Patrick (@Capitalist111) reported

    So fucking pissed off. Had the SNES Classic in my cart on Target. Went through the checkout; confirmed with Paypal; bombarded with errors.

  • Bernst Gunnar (@GunnarBernst) reported

    @PamelaGeller @bakedalaska @PayPal It's just the beginnin' and not the end No use in trying cause you can't win. We all going down the communist road. Buckle up time.

  • dbparvaz (@DanParvaz) reported

    @AskPS_UK Err. Error code comes from the console, and PayPal is pretty valid. Ps4 suggested it to me.

  • Dave Zulak (@dzulak) reported

    @EBGamesCanada @EBGamesCanada what happened I fully completed check out with PayPal and I got a cart error??!??!?

  • Nathan Moore (@lordpsi99) reported


  • Ryan Hughes (@race_ryan) reported

    @Brycer79 @BBYC_GamersClub I also had the same problem went to PayPal instead but then it said it was unavailable.

  • Mistress 29 (@ArtificyeolLove) reported

    Holy shit paypal are cracking down on fraud... never had to do this much verification and proof in my life. They a mafia now

  • CripplingDepression (@Noob420bleach) reported

    @OfficialAntifa Comrade i just got stone money from my parents where should i go to find the revolution if the PayPal account is down

  • Covfefe_au_lait (@HappyinaMini) reported from Everett, Washington

    @PamelaGeller @PayPal They have TOS. You did not comply with them. Maybe if you stop being a grifter it won't be an issue.

  • Megan Zana (@mzanaw) reported

    I start telling ppl all my problems when they tryna talk to me now. I be like I'm broke. My bank accounts in the red. My PayPal active tho

  • TheLiquidDuck (@TheLiquidDuck) reported

    @hudzGG @PayPal That sucks... how old is yours right now? Had similar issues with my old one, but not being able to get the new one due to paypal sucks.. :/

  • .:[WHH]:. IT-Sec.. (@DiamantOsmani) reported

    @AskPayPal check dm please still not fixed my issue.

  • klod frodo (@MarakuIin) reported

    @Jacamina1 @PamelaGeller @Norsu2 @PayPal — race, etc. Just took it down over content they somehow felt would hurt their brand. Therefore, no discrimination happened.

  • Within the Wires (@withinthewires) reported

    We're having a few issues with PayPal – prequel episode for $50+ donors will be sent out ASAP, but might be delayed until tomorrow.

  • デイDeii/Xiejin 👑 (@NukiiiAE) reported

    @ZAY_M8 @HaikuAe Lmao calm down, I was only saying you shouldn't have said that bullshit. And begging for money? That PayPal accounts been open for months-

  • Helen 47 (@Helen47) reported from Spokane, Washington

    @PamelaGeller @AZWS @PayPal I don't trust Paypal. Google Paypal horror stories. Tons of people have had problems with them.

  • {Captain Stabbin'} (@AllstarsYasin) reported

    Are there any sites I can use where the money doesn't have to go into Paypal? Or have you ever used Paypal and not had any problems with it?

  • ✭ Tapp'Challa ✭ (@ReggieTap7) reported

    @Beantown_OS Nope. Used to use mine with no issues. Use PayPal now.

  • Bethany Black (@BeffernieBlack) reported

    customer service at @paypal is terrible. Just repeating the question without answering it isn't answering the question. infuriating.

  • Hault Paz (@HaultPaz) reported

    @tomudding Error:Paypal login failed. Check your Paypal email adress And your passwort and try it again I did for like 50 times

  • Jax (@sesg13) reported

    @PrisonPlanet I'm shutting down my PayPal account today! screw that crap I don't need them they need me!

  • Words HQ (@wordsHQ) reported

    @KeEquityBank hi, I have a problem accessing my paypal account.

  • jessica ♡ (@mintfie) reported

    this is getting me worried ive heard of people getting banned bc paypal charges back when theres an error like this? lmao sims time

  • Paralethal (@Genifer_B) reported

    @PamelaGeller @PayPal Maybe you should try not being a terrible human being.

  • Love Yourself (@babyboijeon) reported

    My PayPal is having difficulties so I'm sorry to who ever is interested in the DMS I'll try my best to sort the issue fast

  • DerbyWorlds (@DerbyWorlds) reported

    Paypal are still having widespread issues accepting Credit/Debit cardsat the moment. In the meant time please use your paypal account.

  • TrumpIzANaziFukstik (@Evilgenius68) reported

    @PamelaGeller @PayPal Well if you weren't a miserable Nazi racist ,they probably wouldn't have canned your dumb ass . Now sit down and shut up

  • Dan Mullan (@Mullandan) reported from Manningford Bohune, England

    @PayPal, shocking that your payments pro system has been down since yesterday! People are trying to run businesses on this software....

  • morven (@odrumcreative) reported

    @AskPayPal Can't access my account, anyone I could speak to instead of a recording that takes me to a website error message?Round in circles

  • li (@aquelajapa) reported

    @AskPayPal im having trouble to login, just sent u a dm.

  • mitchel (@MitchKoD2) reported

    @NikeStoreEurope I see that Paypal is down. Snkrs app.

  • Steve"2scoops"Ortina (@hamp2529) reported

    @PamelaGeller @BasedStickPanda @PayPal 'risk management department' is corporate speak for legal department. in other words you got a problem with it talk to our lawyers

  • Jacqueline (@ConserveJayne12) reported

    @megamind1973 I'm sorry it's giving an issue all I want to do is just show how very sorry I am and to help anyway possible is there direct PayPal address?

  • Angel (@Angel14134851) reported

    @SFAntifa Good! Now as the first order of business, you guys need to let me fix this PayPal and being recognized as terrorist issue

  • Joelle✨ (@TatianaSestra) reported

    @ProjectLeda_Liv Ohhh but that's not an issue, i've send some to England and other countries. Payment goes through paypal

  • Dogz4Liberty (@Dogz4liberty) reported

    Speech being shut down in America People banned from Google Paypal leaving sites targeted by Soros groups History being erased .... #WeR1984

  • KevinKrease (@kevinkrease) reported

    @johannkaupen @BenedictEvans @modestproposal1 @johnolilly The problem paypal has is baggage. I always had legit confusion because of poor web ux and forgetting which acct was which and fees etc.

  • Chris Scullion (@scully1888) reported from Edinburgh, Scotland

    @roosgoff @masofdas @LaurakBuzz That's odd. I get an error saying I can't use a PayPal account from my country (UK). Maybe she's got a US account?

  • skot (@skoteh) reported

    Surprisingly had great customer service from @Paypal today. Problem solved within literally 6 minutes. Win.

  • Monsieur Verdoux (@JeanRobin54) reported

    @PamelaGeller @PayPal Er, you should read a history book. The problem with pre-war Germany was not 'leftists running amok'. It was morons spreading hateful ideas.

  • not telling (@Shammaamma) reported

    @OfficialMwave @RealVIXX @JUNGTW_LEO @AceRavi umm I seem to be having problems trying to place the order via paypal & paying with debit card

  • Hey Now (@OjJava) reported

    @moviepass who is having issues w signing up/not getting their money back on service not offered in area? @PayPal will not refund either

  • Aravind (@BinaryReverie) reported

    @AskPS_UK When will issues with paypal payment be resolved? Get ‘wrong credit card details’ error when making a purchase w/ paypal.

  • DelusionFX (@BakedCroutons) reported

    @LucozadeModz i need my bo2 fresh restarted. I have the ui error. Loading screen loop. I cant paypal. Im just asking for a favor bro pls

  • gio (@gionninanni) reported

    @th3Derek Yes,& Twitter,Fb,YouTube, I just read even PayPal is banning people,that's the way it goes,but in Google Play at least you can fix the issue

  • unicodemonkey (@unicodemonkey) reported

    @FirefoxScout It works with a new profile, but I still need data from my old profile. Moreover, there are other issues, e.g. Paypal checkout fails.

  • Don15639 (@Bon15639) reported

    @Area407Guy @LiberalRipper @PayPal They shut down David Horowitz's PayPal too.

  • Zigma (@ZlGMA1) reported

    This paypal shit storm will die down without anything actually being done people are wasting their energy with a hashtag