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PayPal Holdings, Inc. is an American company operating a worldwide online payments system that supports online money transfers and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods like checks and money orders.

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March 22: Problems at Paypal

Paypal is having issues since 07:00 AM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Errors (67.03%)
  • ▪ Sign in (20.88%)
  • ▪ Website Down (12.09%)

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ London, England  ▪ Los Angeles, California  ▪ San Francisco, California  ▪ Roswell, Georgia  ▪ Madrid, Community of Madrid  ▪ Berlin, Berlin  ▪ Hamburg, Hamburg  ▪ Glasgow, Scotland  ▪ Chicago, Illinois  ▪ Toronto, Ontario  ▪ Tempe, Arizona

Paypal Live Outage Map
  • London, England
  • Los Angeles, California
  • San Francisco, California
  • Roswell, Georgia
  • Madrid, Community of Madrid
  • Berlin, Berlin
  • Hamburg, Hamburg
  • Glasgow, Scotland
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Tempe, Arizona
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  • antennas_2_evan
    Animal crossing on switch (@antennas_2_evan) reported

    Last night I had 35 dollars worth of slime in my cart from some instagram slime shop and I was on the PayPal checkout page but I resisted the terrible urge

  • knowingdom
    Knowingdom (@knowingdom) reported

    @freehandyman Problem solved, dm me for my paypal

  • TownIsDead
    Town Is Dead (@TownIsDead) reported

    @ASOS_HeretoHelp Hey guys, was trying to make an order through paypal payment today but doesn't seem to be working. I tried on app on phone and laptop browser. Is there a problem with connecting to paypal?

  • scampaboy
    Richard Bagshaw (@scampaboy) reported

    @MariaRainczuk @GrahamWP_UK @BorisJohnson @PayPalUK @PayPal @AskPayPal i don't see anything in those terms which forbids asking for donations, unless you would like to kindly point out the rule he has broken. In actual fact the only incitement to hatred I can see is a statement from Mr Johnson, and secondly your own blind hate

  • leighdarcy
    Darcy Leigh (@leighdarcy) reported

    @nationalexpress Your website just took my payment (I have paypal receipt) and then said there was an error and to start again. Your helpline costs money! Can you help with your error for free please?

  • Little_killer
    Mona 🍋 (@Little_killer) reported

    Finally paypal resolves my problem lol too late bro i already paid for that hoodie WITH CASH

  • therealtriple_e
    Mr Dandy (@therealtriple_e) reported

    @AskPlayStation Still didn’t solve the problem. I tried PayPal and my debit card

  • ClareMacraeUK
    Clare Macrae (@ClareMacraeUK) reported

    @robives Looks like a problem - I've paid the $30 via Paypal and received confirmation from Paypal, but got "PayPal IPN Request Failure" from the page where I paid... Will try to find an email for you

  • cdlfm
    CDL Fully Managed Solutions (@cdlfm) reported

    @Funky_Cushion Still not had my delivery of two covers but you've taken my money through paypal and your websites down what's going on????

  • Zetheros
    Sheng Zhong (@Zetheros) reported

    Hi @AskPayPal, sorry I sent a duplicate tweet to the normal paypal page. I'm traveling, and need a US phone number to verify my account. The problem is, I don't have one. Would a bank statement with the same address I registered with work instead?

  • InsomniaVBL
    Insomnia (@InsomniaVBL) reported

    @British_Airways my booking just got a system error. Payment went through in PayPal. It's quite urgent, flight tomorrow

  • Beefadin
    Dat Beefy Guy (@Beefadin) reported

    @SilentStylus I think you can argue against the charge back through PayPal. Plenty of streamers had that issue and would fight it and plenty have never lost. Just not sure how it works

  • Misheru_X
    Mish X 💙 [Commissions Open!] (@Misheru_X) reported

    Like.. it feels vacant in the least or maybe I'm just that oblivious. & there's also the problem in which I understand completely​ that people don't have money to commission me. Hell, I was even paid $30 (well.. $28 dollars because PayPal..) for a commission & I don't feel that

  • DeannaHopkins_
    Deanna Hopkins. (@DeannaHopkins_) reported

    @OfficialPLT_CS every time I order there's a delay or issue. I ordered Monday for next day and nothing! This is consistent bad service. The email you provide in paypal isn't even a real email!

  • adamrepa
    Adam (@adamrepa) reported

    @AskPayPal Hello I can't add/remove bank account details or cards. I get error messages for all attempts. :/

  • arkon
    Johnny Wong (@arkon) reported

    @arukas_io the problem is still exists.....and if you can support paypal,well down~

  • theamiearabella
    Amie Arabella (@theamiearabella) reported

    Hi @AskPayPal @PayPalUK is there a particular reason why my funds are still pending to go into my bank ? Have you had problems ?

  • jamesmadelin
    James Madelin (@jamesmadelin) reported

    @AskPayPal Hi GA, thanks.... but just stop sending emails with login buttons. It's TERRIBLE online security protocol and shameful behaviour for a company like Paypal. Emails with login buttons are indistinguishable from phishing fraud. I shouldn't have to explain this. Pls pass this on.

  • tuxedo_katt
    Cat! (@tuxedo_katt) reported

    @TGI_Skippy @TwitchSupport Constant twitch problems. They have issues with PayPal. Idk .

  • Yuen101
    Yuen101 (@Yuen101) reported

    @EpicGames @FortniteGame the captcha to let me buy when tryign to log in with paypal is not working. i have tried to reinstall and verify the game but it is still not working. not letting me proceed

  • RacheySparks
    Rachel Coles (@RacheySparks) reported

    @scottmhughes My card is blocked from PayPal because of an issue I had with it last year when someone used my card details

  • jaimidaw
    Jaimi Dawson (@jaimidaw) reported

    My 9 year old thought he was signing up for a trial and after 4 attempts and errors , he apparently got something that charged my bank account $49.99 through PayPal, yesterday ! I canceled and would like a refund ASAP. @discordapp

  • nannypickney
    NannyPickney (@nannypickney) reported

    @Printful I’ve raised a problem with your support staff and I’m yet to receive a response. I’ve called and email again. So far, I’ve found your “customer support” to be deplorable. I will be raising a claim with PayPal.

  • ficklampa
    Andreas/pocketlight (@ficklampa) reported

    @AskPayPal Hello, I sent you a PM regarding a pending payment issue.

  • cortezbigguwopp
    ✡️TRIGGA CORTEZ✡️ (@cortezbigguwopp) reported

    My paypal not working

  • DavidBermingha1
    David Bermingham (@DavidBermingha1) reported

    @AskPayPal Still waiting on a refund on undelivered goods from Xmas. You guys don't answer your emails.Terrible customer support

  • Ren1873Ben
    Ben Pathe (@Ren1873Ben) reported

    I've personally had the worst 5 months of my life because companies like @facebook @HSBC @PayPal @O2 care #MoreAboutMoneyThanPeople. @MarkZuckerbe1rg claims he wants to fix these issues but I don't believe him. They use #AI to monitor #multilingualcontent which doesn't work #l10n

  • TheBubbernaut
    The Bubbernaut (@TheBubbernaut) reported

    @CyberSkooma Thanks brother! I'm going to report it tomorrow to paypal in hopes that it isn't an issue.

  • Keizaron
    Keizaron (@Keizaron) reported

    @Lylat_R Issue is I don't know how our shipping works with Canada, so I was going to work on essentially an international "pre-order" eventually, where anybody outside of the states can PayPal me cost + shipping and I can send it myself. Or I can have it at a GDQ if you PayPal it, etc.

  • ianmichael
    𝕚𝕒𝕟 (@ianmichael) reported from Rancho Cucamonga, California

    PayPal sucks! They wanted to charge me a fee of $8 bucks to send a friend/family member less than $300. Everyone needs to hurry up and switch ovee to Square Cash, Apple Pay Cash, Venmo, whatever, and let that terrible company die.

  • kiryussideburns
    kazuma love mail (@kiryussideburns) reported

    @Phantomilian LMAO YEAH people selling yakuza merch have had problems with this like they can't put the word yakuza in their item description or paypal won't let u pay for it

  • Mykeruu
    FzN Mykeruu - FeaR Co (@Mykeruu) reported

    I got 4 Codes and I’m ready to Sell them I have it set to $3 each But will go down to $2 if needed dm me I’ll be paid first THIS ISNT A SCAM @Mykeruu @DisiredYT @FortniteGame #Paypal #Fortnitecodes #CheapFortniteCodes @SGH_RTs @ShoutGamers PAYPAL ONLY 20 Minutes left

  • ghost_desu
    hey there ghosts, it's me, ya boi (@ghost_desu) reported

    @downseung Also due to paypal reloading issues, they stole money from me (only a few cents at the time) and also very clearly overcharged me for shipping and (charged a second time as you were but for a few $ each time) and wrote a different weight on the package than i was charged for

  • Mykeruu
    FzN Mykeruu - FeaR Co (@Mykeruu) reported

    I got 4 Codes and I’m ready to Sell them I have it set to $3 each But will go down to $2 if needed dm me I’ll be paid first THIS ISNT A SCAM @Mykeruu @DisiredYT @FortniteGame #Paypal #Fortnitecodes #CheapFortniteCodes @SGH_RTs @ShoutGamers PAYPAL ONLY Notheing else

  • BambOnStream
    Johnathon Flores (@BambOnStream) reported

    @CanadianKittie @EpicGames thats a real email from the looks of it . Theyve had a security issue lately. Check your paypal / cards if you had them connected. My wife had 180 dollars stolen last week because of their crappy billing and login security

  • vmarks
    victor marks (@vmarks) reported

    @ericyoung_1 @bob_burrough @zcichy @OhMDee not really. Amazon and Paypal aren't logins you use to login into web sites. They're autofill for payment instead of typing in a CC number. They don't create an account for you at those sites the way FB or Goog SSO do. Not the same thing at all, really.

  • dannytrippz
    INFANT LEGACY (@dannytrippz) reported from San Jose, California

    Pre orders are available right now for a limited time till slots fill up DM me for an order! Have a new policy everything has to be paid for unfortunately i can’t do holds anymore due to issues in the past! Payments can be made in Cash, Venmo, PayPal, or Chase quick pay!

  • CrookedTricking
    MHB| Suga-wary @ COAF (@CrookedTricking) reported

    So @PayPal I got an issue with you all stating when I submit my paperwork for legal name change that you'll review it within 3-5 business days but I've sent it twice since January 30th with no acknowledgement. And I even have an internal email with support with no reply.

  • notgrubles
    grubles (@notgrubles) reported

    @DJ_Erock23 No, it does not. Bcash is client <-> server tokens. Is PayPal peer to peer cash?

  • darksecretplace
    Bryan Suits, Los Angeles' Anti Dude (@darksecretplace) reported

    Head's up to everyone who has registered for tomorrow's live show: I am really sick and I think a good night's rest will help. But if I have to resked for next thursday (March 29th) is that a giant pain the ass? I can refund $ in the event of resked no problem (PayPal)

  • ForgetAmnesia
    Doc 'Ace' Burford (@ForgetAmnesia) reported

    I had an issue with Microsoft the other day, where I made a purchase using my reward money and it somehow went to Paypal regardless. The Microsoft person gave me my money back and let me keep the purchase regardless. They're fucking SAINTS at Microsoft. Kind and wonderful souls.

  • vegancouple
    That Vegan Couple (@vegancouple) reported

    @SouthwestAir r.e. flight reservation KZMUOV. I paid via PayPal however the transaction only shows as a "temporary authorization" in my PayPal account - is this normal? My PayPal billing address is in Australia - is this the problem?

  • KaiitoKuroba
    ✞ Jesse ✞ @VANS WARPED TOUR HTX -109 (@KaiitoKuroba) reported

    @biskylover more work to tell paypal the order is digital cus if you dont supply a tracking number paypal might shut down your account or something

  • GoddesslilBaby
    Goddess Baby👸 (@GoddesslilBaby) reported

    Want to tribute? i accept a variety of different payment methods: paypal, venmo, circlepay, google pay & gift rocket. There is no excuse betas. Bow down & kiss my sweaty linty feet while i drain that loser cash #findom @BrokeRTPig @find0m @RTfaggot @slavetodoms @RTsubby @rt_feet

  • HiEverybody0910
    Andy Pokrajac (@HiEverybody0910) reported

    @AskPayPal @AskPayPal @PayPal @eBay Paypal never fixes the issue after I have provided valid documentation and service. Ebay is smart for leaving you. Stop lying with customer service online

  • AlexKnows__Best
    Alex Lane (@AlexKnows__Best) reported

    @19_Sixties_Papa @GaetaSusan @PayPal @AskPayPal @daniel_schulman No, it's already past that point. I had to wait for that too. It is now in a "security review" for an indefinite period of time. They say 3 days minimum but minimum means nothing. I've done thousands of transactions with PayPal..why is this an issue now? #frustrated

  • BNellyNelson
    nel (@BNellyNelson) reported

    @Pandur___ lynxx used to be a walking pot plant holding down spawns with an M8 on Yemen, ill dm you my paypal

  • TmathC
    TMathC (@TmathC) reported

    FYI - we are still working through an issue with PayPal and are delayed in getting out TMC18 invoices. Please be patient.

  • pxcer
    Pace🕊 (@pxcer) reported

    @LuckyCaymo @AlmightySneaky terrible terrible paypal balance

  • DustBirdEX
    birdie @ game drafting (@DustBirdEX) reported

    sees a great artist: :) sees they only take paypal payment: cucked once more by terrible customer service

  • CashtonIsFakeAF
    rude (@CashtonIsFakeAF) reported

    @GlassesGifts Is not a scammer, His paypal was simply not working. You guys are just hungry for drama. Grow up and stop assuming shit.

  • lavenderjgrace
    Grace (@lavenderjgrace) reported

    @AskPayPal my account has been hacked andyour résolution centre does nothing to help me report it please shut my account down

  • Jahleb
    Joseph (@Jahleb) reported

    @gcashofficial I just sent you DM about my unsuccessful issue in linking GCash to PayPal very frustrated with the issue.

  • JamesFlamestar
    Jimmy Flambé (@JamesFlamestar) reported

    @ladyhana I see PayPal getting a tonne of flack but I've never had any problems with them

  • MulamboMan
    i can't think of a good name (@MulamboMan) reported

    @CowctusDraws @Heltium @AskPayPal Whos to say this one isnt gonna get fucked again after they fix it

  • MulamboMan
    i can't think of a good name (@MulamboMan) reported

    @CowctusDraws @Heltium @AskPayPal Updating all your stuff is gonna be boring but i think it'll be less of a pain than trying to get them to fix your account At least thats how i see it

  • BillKottner
    Billy K (@BillKottner) reported

    @AskPayPal @PayPal I sent a DM at 10am Est this morning to PayPal Support. No response. Are these accounts monitored? Team responsive? Please advise. Thanks. #paypal #support #CustomerService #product #issue

  • East_
    V. Cadaverini (@East_) reported

    @__Beano__ Do you want any garden lights? @Milnerant I’ve just realised, because I paid with PayPal and don’t have account I can use the code again. Just found something for £16 and it discounted it down to £1...

  • NosencyRBX
    Nosency 😈 (@NosencyRBX) reported

    Does Anyone Know People Who will sell me Jailbreak cash for PayPal or robux Please Leave down a comment

  • KevBo2099
    KevBo_ISG (@KevBo2099) reported

    @AskPayPal I think the problem was resolved. Or at least it's being looked into. Thanks for getting back to me though. If there's an issue in the future I'll drop a DM