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PlayStation Network (PSN) is a digital media entertainment service provided by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Launched in November 2006, PSN was originally conceived for the PlayStation video game consoles, but soon extended to encompass smartphones, tablets, Blu-ray players and high-definition televisions.

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Playstation Network (PSN) Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • NickVarney2 MyNameJeff (@NickVarney2) reported

    @AskPlayStation I cannot connect to Playstation Network and I'm getting an error called NP-40831-6. I have not been able to fix this for 3 days please help.

  • 69Pox Handsom man Pox (@69Pox) reported

    @SNLESS Since MW is broken what's ur psn

  • arbeOG arbe (@arbeOG) reported

    @Necca @AskPlayStation @ATVIAssist Dummy with ps4 once I they fix it lmao

  • GreyhamPed Gpeddy (@GreyhamPed) reported

    @CallofDuty @PlayStation Fix the call of duty 1.15 update! I have 65 free GB for a 7 GB update and it says I dont have enough free space. This game should not require this much space.

  • Atari2600gamer Atari 2600 Hero (@Atari2600gamer) reported from San Antonio, Texas

    @Motzarelle @PlayStation I gotta fix that, I was streaming L4D2. It's a bot that does that for me

  • makunijiiro jen #gowturgang (@makunijiiro) reported

    also i have no idea why there’s always some weird tone noise whenever i post videos from my playstation i am sorry it has been dropped twice that’s probably an issue

  • Nuvar180 Nuvar (@Nuvar180) reported

    @survivetheark For my PlayStation people. I found the fix to the "DLC Not Installed". You need to go to the Playstation store -> search for "Ark" -> Find "Genesis - Part 1" -> Choose Download

  • _xKatana 𝐊𝐚𝐭𝐚𝐧𝐚 (@_xKatana) reported

    @AskPlayStation I haven’t had problems with logging in from my console. I’ve made sure cache & everything else is cleared but the website seems to be doing the same thing.

  • iiotenki Tom James, The Daigo Umehara of Dating Sims (@iiotenki) reported

    Looks like Dengeki PlayStation's closing its doors after it publishes its last issue next month. Pretty much to be expected after the corporate merger with Famitsu last year, but definitely an end of an era; they've been with the PlayStation since basically the beginning in 1994.

  • unknown_words20 SY (@unknown_words20) reported

    @PlayStation When I try running from my problems but they keep catching up to me😂

  • VellMatic Vell Matic (@VellMatic) reported

    @mediamolecule #DreamsPS4 I lost all of my data today, I had a whole world of creations and dreams, and now it's all gone. All the hours I put into this game Is gone. Please, there has to be a way to restore it. Error code: NP-36006-5 PSN: Playgold23

  • jared_snyder96 blank (@jared_snyder96) reported

    @ComplexMinded there's a bug and if you got the pass youll get a no session found glitch or a you dont have this map. Go to the Playstation store, download Ark Genesis Part 1

  • anaabbas98 Ana Rizvi (@anaabbas98) reported

    @AskPlayStation Need help with an account ban error WS-37368-7. Please let me know how I can make the due payment.

  • MrPete1985 Pete (@MrPete1985) reported

    @AskPlayStation Error is CE-36244-9

  • MrPete1985 Pete (@MrPete1985) reported

    Hi @AskPlayStation I cannot download Days Gone update 1.61, at the last 300MB I get an error that the data is corrupt, retrying does not help. Tried DCHP and static IP with google DNS Happening on 2 different PS4s with internal and external hard drives

  • Ercoman Eric (エリック) (@Ercoman) reported

    Damn, this sucks. Always really enjoyed reading Dengeki Playstation, was really good Japanese practice when I first moved here. Got a sweet Trails/Kiseki poster from a recent issue.

  • AirborneMarburg Alex (@AirborneMarburg) reported

    @J0ANIEE_ @ComplexMinded Go to the PSN store and there is something there called ark genesis part 1, click download there. It will fix it.

  • Win_IRvasquez Irwin Vasquez (@Win_IRvasquez) reported

    @AskPlayStation I received an email saying i was suspended due to chargebacks. When i try and login it says im banned. I have never made amy disputes. I updated my payment method before all this and was charged this month.

  • frucix2 frucix (@frucix2) reported

    @icedherout It’s literally a lag switch no one is dumb enough to believe it’s hacks, if it were hacks you would’ve been banned on PlayStation already; this is just net work manipulation, simple

  • BrookeNikole06 🎮☕️Brooke Nikole06☕️🎮 (@BrookeNikole06) reported

    @blasiansbelike Yeah since I’ve been playing mainly on my PlayStation lately I’ve been having the same issue.

  • MysteryGamerMG ThatGuy (@MysteryGamerMG) reported

    @AskPlayStation I'm having a serious problem with my account. Someone Hijacked it and I'm trying to recover it so my backing info isn't affected in anyway

  • CrossRenRen A Femc Stan @DangItRonpa 1 (@CrossRenRen) reported

    Don’t you hate it when you go to the psn store see the game you want and it’s on sale but you don’t have money and you’re not the age to get a job and you’re scared to ask your parents if you can do anything for money Broken boi hours😔

  • SightlessPlayer BFGC Sightless (@SightlessPlayer) reported

    @Netflixhelps The error code I am getting on my PlayStation 4 is RNDTBQ 100

  • TheNinjaKuma Ninja Kuma 🔴 #ResidentEvil3 #Doom #DoomEternal (@TheNinjaKuma) reported

    @FabrisioBarroso @NextGenPlayer Xbox stayed relevant because of exclusive titles like Halo Playstation is doing the same with titles like Death Stranding Hardware isn't the issue, hype surrounding unique offerings is If i was leading Xbox I would focus on sustainable competitive advantages rather than timing

  • TheNinjaKuma Ninja Kuma 🔴 #ResidentEvil3 #Doom #DoomEternal (@TheNinjaKuma) reported

    @FabrisioBarroso @NextGenPlayer Xbox stayed relevant because of exclusive titles like Halo. Playstation is maintaining a lead with exclusives like Death Stranding. Hardware isn't the issue, hype surrounding titles is. If I was leading Xbox, i would focus on sustainable competitive advantage over a price war

  • Big_CliffHuncho Juice (@Big_CliffHuncho) reported

    @CallofDuty @PlayStation FIX THIS BULLSHIT MAN

  • realRussellDog Russell the Dog (@realRussellDog) reported

    @LinkGamerBOTW @tqmitch @PlayStation not working for me either. signs me out every time i login. i’m signed out on the playstation store suddenly, which i was signed in on like an hour ago also

  • seineclesis Eclesis (@seineclesis) reported

    RT> Dengeki Playstation magazine announced it's no longer publishing monthly issues and moving to mostly online only, which I guess is somewhat inevitable given current trends.

  • soul_societyy Soul Kiwami (@soul_societyy) reported

    Really unfortunate news. Dengeki PlayStation had many iconic covers and issues over its run. The magazine launched right with the original PlayStation's release

  • DreamGaminq new gamingvideo link below (@DreamGaminq) reported

    @PlayStation Wanna know what sucks . I can’t fix my PlayStation. And all that is wrong is it won’t accept disc . Oh and I’m sick 😭worst day ever

  • LinkGamerBOTW Josh #TheLastofUsPartII (@LinkGamerBOTW) reported

    @ChrisJAJD @PlayStation Still not working. I’m just gonna pass on this. Y’all enjoy it and just let me know how it goes.

  • ChrisJAJD Chris Dorris (@ChrisJAJD) reported

    @LinkGamerBOTW @PlayStation Look at the right side of the screen when you follow the link. It’ll say sign in. Sign in, then it will take you back, you can then register.

  • corpusbonds corpusbonds [SENTIENT SYMPATHIZER] (@corpusbonds) reported

    @PlayStation I literally can’t do it. It tells me to login and.. when I do, it continues to tell me to log in.

  • CarsonK13460169 Carson King (@CarsonK13460169) reported

    @AskPlayStation Hey I fixed it but I have a problem my birthday was set incorrectly for my account can you maybe change that

  • Static_Shxck Fuck It (@Static_Shxck) reported

    @Eviltrkeyslice @CaptainOctavia @trey_cobain @UmGamez @Polygon Digital also has disadvantages like if you run out of storage and have to delete a game you plan on playing again,you will need really great internet speed to reinstall it as fast as a physical copy. Also problems with the PSN or Xbox live can prohibit you from playing till fixed


    If u get glitch send me invite Psn CASHONGAME_YT

  • CrimsonMk3 Alex (@CrimsonMk3) reported

    Final regular issue of Dengeki PlayStation will be Vol 686 published on March 28th.

  • rcb32677822 rcb (@rcb32677822) reported

    @PlayStation Hello i have a problem i want to chage my region from uk to Canada and i dont know how

  • seahawks12girl Melanie - Hawkaholic (@seahawks12girl) reported

    Pretty consistently peeved with @YouTubeTV. Much preferred @PlayStation Vue, but they ended their service. Not convinced any streaming service will meet the same standards at this point.

  • tzylorr Taylor's gonna be inactive (@tzylorr) reported

    Few people who will sell there playstation to help there mum out . So tbh hard as **** life rn but when I get through these problems it's grind time

  • mark_kingdom Mark Morocco KH3+RB4 (@mark_kingdom) reported

    @PlayStation @XboxP3 @cerny I hope PS5/Xbox Series X are Gigabit compatible I get on ps4 2d 346.2kbps Xbox I get 100 d 25up and I get 1Gbps d 40up need to fix so we get what we pay for no matter what the speeds are AX wifi would be awesome to! No estimates on test actual speeds

  • MaxWinston44 Max Winston (@MaxWinston44) reported

    Rayman, The OG Playstation Would not being the same without Crash

  • trimble_jarrod Jarrod Trimble (@trimble_jarrod) reported

    @survivetheark I think I can speak on behalf of the whole community when I say y’all ******* don’t know when ur releasing this shit that’s fine PlayStation service I got hacked give me a refund there goes ur money from me

  • AngelVi09515715 AngelVillegas (@AngelVi09515715) reported

    @AskPlayStation every time I try to log on it says that I will be logged out of the ps4 because an error has occurred.

  • Rainsclouds_ Randy Chhun (@Rainsclouds_) reported

    @PlayStation the way you guys handled the situation is terrible. You guys need to do better. Stop using bots to deal with harassment issues.

  • ColeH1976 Cole (@ColeH1976) reported

    @PlayStation Your phone support for PSN sucks. I'm told one day that I'm not IP blocked, I call in the next day and suddenly I am. I ask to escalate the issue to have it unblocked and they state that it can't be unblocked and it is an automated system. What a joke.

  • BigGreyDonut Big Grey Donut (@BigGreyDonut) reported

    @blueisviolet If what you’re saying is true, PlayStation has a PROBLEM

  • lavender_blob Detto (@lavender_blob) reported

    @RobbyB3ll4s Crash is more remembered as the original mascot for the PlayStation brand and aside from the Naughty Dog games Twinsanity was pretty decent imo. Crash 1 was dogass though I'll give you that

  • Shaynekirby5 Kirb (@Shaynekirby5) reported

    @AskPS_UK @DanielSutton17 So what your saying is.. "we ****** up and had to fix the game. now wait two days to download it again." Or "were sorry you had to delete another game just to keep playing ours..."

  • Harker88 Johnathan Harker (@Harker88) reported

    @AskPlayStation my PS4 controller has just stopped charging and I’ve only had the console for 2 weeks any suggestions on how to fix this

  • 2kgod72343725 2kgod (@2kgod72343725) reported

    @AskPlayStation I was recently suspended I don’t know why i was suspended. When I try and login it says they sent me an e-mail but I haven’t received one. I was wondering if you guys could clear some things up

  • Cosomix CosoMix (@Cosomix) reported

    Anybody else having a problem seen your friends with this new update in @CallofDuty I'm playing on @AskPlayStation

  • BertTubbert Albert Tubbert (@BertTubbert) reported

    @oneshotkill13 @PlayStation @Activision I think I got a solution PlayStation has an optics problem in that the install process makes no sense to request so much free space to install an update of 7 gb. How about on the ps5 @sony adds in a second hard drive that is always kept free and clear just to handle the updates

  • greenehillian andrew charles (@greenehillian) reported

    @Activision first off. why ******** does my account want me to reset my rank. secondly. you give my playstation new updates ******* daily that can easily be put in the game and downloaded from there. and i have to waste 17 hours every update you ******* add and it’s so ******* dumb. fix it.

  • greenehillian andrew charles (@greenehillian) reported

    @CallofDuty first off. why ******** does my account want me to reset my rank. secondly. you give my playstation new updates ******* daily that can easily be put in the game and downloaded from there. and i have to waste 17 hours every update you ******* add and it’s so ******* dumb. fix it.

  • UM4Lyfe Jason Fanning (@UM4Lyfe) reported

    @ATVIAssist I had to uninstall and reinstall my game twice and I lost 1100 COD Points I bought that I have the PSN receipt to prove. It’s sad The game is so broken and just takes your money and a bad update isn’t their fault. My bank wouldn’t do the chargeback because it was shown used

  • MurrPhillip Phillip Murr (@MurrPhillip) reported

    @soelloo @PlayStation Even the devs don't want to play railjack. and frame rate is still broken... Railjack still broken. .... time to play something else that works and isn't buggy AF..

  • SavageYooger SavageYooger 「サビッジヨーガー」 (@SavageYooger) reported

    @objdadon Weird that he's saying "follow" because Playstation has had Backwards Compatibility before Xbox, Cross-Gen purchases before Xbox, and has had a Could Streaming service before Xbox. The Only thing listed that Sony could "follow" is day one exclusive releases on Streaming service.

  • oneshotkill13 Dan (@oneshotkill13) reported

    @salad15468 Same issue for me , had to have 150gb free to download 7gb update lol apparently it’s the way the PlayStation installs the update it copy’s the previous file or something like that. It’s going to get to a point where I can’t install it because I only have 500gb HD it’s madness

  • oneshotkill13 Dan (@oneshotkill13) reported

    @BertTubbert @PlayStation @Activision Same issue for me , had to have 150gb free to download 7gb update lol apparently it’s the way the PlayStation installs the update it copy’s the previous file or something like that. It’s going to get to a point where I can’t install it because I only have 500gb hd

Playstation Network (PSN) Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • CE-30774-1
  • CE-32889-0
  • CE-33676-5
  • CE-33945-4
  • CE-33987-0
  • CE-34335-8
  • CE-34632-8
  • CE-34861-2
  • CE-34878-0
  • CE-35287-5
  • CE-35406-8
  • CE-35486-6
  • CE-35489-9
  • CE-36244-9
  • E-80558337
  • E-8200002E
  • E-82000102
  • E-82000113
  • E-82000133
  • E-82000138
  • E-8200013A
  • NP-31730-4
  • NP-31730-4
  • NP-31739-3
  • NP-31952-0
  • NP-32062-3
  • NP-35000-8
  • NW-31194-8
  • NW-31201-7
  • NW-31205-1
  • NW-31246-6
  • NW-31247-7
  • NW-31250-1
  • NW-31253-4
  • NW-31294-9
  • NW-31297-2
  • NW-31374-8
  • NW-31453-6
  • NW-31456-9
  • SU-30696-4
  • SU-30746-0
  • SU-35931-1
  • WC-40382-7
  • WS-36782-6
  • WS-36812-0
  • WS-36855-7
  • WS-36856-8
  • WS-37337-3
  • WS-37338-4
  • WS-37368-7
  • WS-37397-9
  • WS-37432-9
  • WS-37501-6
  • WS-37504-9
  • WV-33898-1
  • WV-33899-2
  • WV-33907-2
  • WV-33917-3
  • WV-36450-7