Is Pokémon GO down?

Pokémon Go is a free-to-play, location-based augmented reality game developed by Niantic for iOS and Android devices.

 Problems detected at Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO problems in the last 24 hours

Pokémon GO Outage Chart

April 07: Problems at Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO is having issues since 11:40 AM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • App Crashing 44.75% App Crashing
  • Sign in 37.04% Sign in
  • Glitches 12.96% Glitches
  • Online Features 4.32% Online Features
  • Microtransactions .93% Microtransactions

Pokémon GO Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
Paris Glitches
A Coruña App Crashing
Leipzig App Crashing
Carcassonne App Crashing
Nancy App Crashing
Toulon App Crashing

Pokémon GO Comments

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Pokémon GO Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • murphyps18 Padraig Murphy (@murphyps18) reported

    @HazzaBlast @Adam49657016 @PokemonGoApp Still havent gotten a working GBL and it's been months...

  • tboake2000 Terri Boake TL40x4🇨🇦 (@tboake2000) reported from Toronto, Ontario

    @mikestinctively @PokemonGoApp One step forward and 5 steps back. Really a punitive system when it’s acknowledged that people are losing many due to @NianticHelp own server and app issues. Your status should only increase if slowly.

  • DutchmanOG Kevin Buitenhuis (@DutchmanOG) reported

    @PokemonGoApp Fix samsung s20 freeze!

  • yeahokayalex alex (@yeahokayalex) reported

    @PokemonGoApp fix pvp

  • WeamAD4 WeamAD (@WeamAD4) reported

    @PokemonGoApp Fix your game.

  • LouPoGoOfficial LouPoGo (@LouPoGoOfficial) reported

    @PokemonGoApp Me running away from my problems

  • krumufc22 Krutik (@krumufc22) reported

    @PokemonGoApp Me making my way to Rank 8 dodging all the "Connection error" and toxic players.

  • nAitsY na1tsy (@nAitsY) reported

    @NianticHelp @PokemonGoApp please fix samsung s20 problem! We can't log in and play, daily streaks will reset, gyms will fall... etc!

  • _charlesLLS ic e e e (@_charlesLLS) reported


  • jimmykayy13 James Kelly (@jimmykayy13) reported

    @PokemonGoApp Me running away from my problems

  • Marshadowman90 MarshadowMan90 (@Marshadowman90) reported

    @PokemonGoApp When Nintiac ignores the community and doesn’t fix the battle system and servers

  • mikestinctively 𝕄𝕀𝕂𝔼 - PGO TL40x68 (@mikestinctively) reported

    @PokemonGoApp Fix go battle issues. The point drop is depressing -_-

  • XxJAMRAMxX Johnathan Marma (@XxJAMRAMxX) reported

    @CamellasMom @Spenguin9 @NianticLabs @_ZoeTwoDots @PokemonGoApp If you have iOS you have to go to the official Pokémon go website and sign in. Then then have a code redeeming tab.

  • JGhetbak Jack Ghetbak (@JGhetbak) reported

    @PokemonGoApp Your app won’t work on my iPhone 7 keeps shutting off FIX IT!!!!

  • Mclain003 Toni J Harding (@Mclain003) reported

    @PokemonGoApp Alas, my avatar and fearless team are in the clutches of the evil Landorus, who will not be captured, will not run, and will not let them escape! Y’all need to fix than glitch. Just sayin’

  • OuterCityMatt Matt Smith (@OuterCityMatt) reported

    Pokemon don't go to the polls you're endangering yourself and others please god why is our democracy this broken

  • green_knight green_knight (@green_knight) reported

    It's a good thing I'm not playing a lot of Pokemon Go right now: the latest update completely broke on my phone. Instant crash; never starts

  • CheezyMcWang Cheezy McWang 🔹 (@CheezyMcWang) reported

    @PokemonGoApp Fix the goddamned Battle League server lag issues. I went from being up 3 pokemon to 1 to losing because of "weak connection." I'm on wifi and didn't move, the issue is on YOUR END. Get your shit sorted out.

  • EcbJackie JackieECB (@EcbJackie) reported

    @PokemonGoApp Fix the lag please.

  • adityafakhri aditya fakhri yahya (@adityafakhri) reported

    @PokemonGoApp useless update. GPS error most of the times. so much for activate incense in spotlight hours

  • DimSim74 Deme Mylonas (@DimSim74) reported

    @NianticHelp the latest update for Pokemon Go has caused issues with gameplay. Now the screen doesn't stay on when playing plus unable to edit the name of a Pokemon as before. Tested on Google Pixel XL, Pixel 3XL, Pixel 4XL on Android 10 using Gbord keyboard. Please fix ASAP

  • BlameChampagne Stephen Bains (@BlameChampagne) reported

    @PokemonGoApp not working on the s20...please fix it.

  • Blatsoz _Blatsos_ (@Blatsoz) reported


  • DonnyUK2 Tom (@DonnyUK2) reported

    @PokemonGOHubNet Unfortunately Pokemon Go is still not working for the S20 so cannot play

  • Hawnu Héctor Aubalat (@Hawnu) reported

    @PokemonGoApp Fix the game for Samsung S20 players.

  • jackalmuse Samuel Jack (@jackalmuse) reported

    @the_web_guru @xGermz @B0wlN00dles @PokemonGoApp @NianticHelp They certainly don't. Imagine if all IOS had the same issue. I'd give them a week max.

  • ARTicWolf33c linda oconnor (@ARTicWolf33c) reported

    @robbyrules124 @PokemonGoApp Me either, and it's annoying. Took ages to even get a Rufflet, and after doing so last night, I'm done with battles for a while, until they fix this thing.

  • MannyCFC26 manuela matern (@MannyCFC26) reported

    @PokemonGoApp I have reported to you that it is not working on the Samsung S20 series, but you continue to ignore this! Instead tease with offers when a lot of people cannot use the app! I lot of money has been spent on this game.

  • Reynan241 nan24 (@Reynan241) reported

    @PokemonGoApp please fix your game always weak connection even though my Internet is stable😔😔

  • PsyenceProject Garrett Davis (@PsyenceProject) reported

    @jackalmuse @xGermz @B0wlN00dles @PokemonGoApp @NianticHelp This is exactly what it is. For some reason it's the Exynos chip sets that are having this problem. Apparently the U.S. ones are fine

  • brother_d78_ D (@brother_d78_) reported

    @iseewonderland @PokemonGoApp @NianticHelp Someone must have access to your google account mate. The perpetrator has used a A50 phone to login to it.

  • AcerAlford Liam Alford (@AcerAlford) reported

    @PokemonGoApp Can you fix the crashing issue then on Samsung s20 series as I cant get in so ill not be able to join in.

  • Wesley_Weten Wesley de graaf (@Wesley_Weten) reported

    @PokemonGoApp Nope i can't because your game crashes on my s20 plus!!!!!!! Please fix this!

  • PatLikesCats Pat Cat (@PatLikesCats) reported

    @Jar3y7 @PokemonGoApp @NianticLabs @NianticHelp Broken since 0.171.0 and now we have a forced update to 0.171.3 which still is unplayable with any #S20 device.

  • TheManArthur Arthur (The Man) vH (@TheManArthur) reported

    @NianticLabs @_ZoeTwoDots @PokemonGoApp I still have another problem... My new Samsung Galaxy S20 ULTRA wont play Pokemon go :-( PLEASE @NianticLabs @NianticHelp @NianticEng update the app for me and other S20 ULTRA gamers... #PokemonGO #PokemonGOhelp #samsungs20ultra @

  • Whiskeysilver1 Whiskeysilver 🇦🇺 (@Whiskeysilver1) reported

    @PokemonGoApp I won't be doing anything until you either roll back the 2 APR 20 update of fix what you broke for Samsung S20 Users!

  • jackalmuse Samuel Jack (@jackalmuse) reported

    @xGermz @B0wlN00dles @PokemonGoApp @NianticHelp Nope. Didn't fix it. Thanks heaps for the tip though, it's more than Niantic have offered.

  • SammyGunz10 Samuel calleja (@SammyGunz10) reported

    @Skyscorp94 @mikesletsplays @PokemonGoApp Isn’t too bad if you get them in the right matchup. That’s always the problem for me though

  • CamellasMom Lynzee Smith (@CamellasMom) reported

    @Spenguin9 @NianticLabs @_ZoeTwoDots @PokemonGoApp I can’t even do that on an iOS device and the link they put isn’t working either.

  • theskript bjd (@theskript) reported

    C'mon guys, 2 weeks here fix it Other than asking for shared DMs, there's no update from @NianticHelp @PokemonGoApp

  • denis1553 DGFX (@denis1553) reported

    @PokemonGoApp @NianticLabs @NianticHelp I just put an incense on for an hour and got only Voltorb and Foongus spawns, I got ONE Sudowoodo and ONE CROAGUNK... please fix this!!! :/

  • ramm0713 Rube (@ramm0713) reported

    @PokemonGoApp FIX YOUR ******* GAME!!!

  • CPlusGamer Stephen Hine (@CPlusGamer) reported

    @PokemonGoApp Please fix Glameow’s broken hit box. I love that kitty and I hate to see the pokeball fall so far from the target.

  • CKairyu Cat - Leak 3030 🐈 (@CKairyu) reported

    @PokemonGoApp Game is broken on s20 ultra. So ill miss it.

  • LupoJack Lupo Jack (@LupoJack) reported

    @NianticHelp My Pokemon go keeps flashing in and out on the over world map. I'm being given an error 6 message. This started right after my friend and I finished battling.

  • KimbaWhiteLion Aaron Bettridge (@KimbaWhiteLion) reported

    @PokemonGoApp @NianticHelp @NianticLabs The last 3 updates have BROKEN Pokémon renaming and screen timeout. Please roll back the updates until you find a fix 🙏

  • saintwilko oliver wilkinson (@saintwilko) reported


  • Chileariel_ Ariel Fernández (@Chileariel_) reported

    @PokemonGoApp Fix for s20 series please !!!

  • M_Doctorpants MrDoctorpants (@M_Doctorpants) reported

    @PokemonGoApp No, cause you can't train them. We have to use stardust which there just isn't enough of. I wish we could train them though. I made a whole video on how to update the system to add in training to help with the TM and Stardust issues

  • AlVo10838487 AlVo (@AlVo10838487) reported

    @NianticLabs @_ZoeTwoDots @PokemonGoApp app ver.1.137.3 IPhone SE IOS 10.3.1 Game crash at niantic logo I can't run game after update 7 Apr. Please help.

  • AlVo10838487 AlVo (@AlVo10838487) reported

    @PokemonGoApp app ver.1.137.3 IPhone SE IOS 10.3.1 Game crash at niantic logo I can't run game after update 7 Apr. Please help. @NianticHelp

  • ImmaLimelight27 Alyssa ♡︎🍋💡 (@ImmaLimelight27) reported

    @PokemonGoApp It says my GPS isn’t working, but my location is on and even when I’m at my house with the WiFi on, Pokémon Go still says that. If you could inform me on what to do to fix the problem, that would be very appreciated.

  • GregoryAurand Gregory Aurand (@GregoryAurand) reported

    @PokemonGoApp @NianticHelp won't bother until you fix the atrocious battle league issues. The game lags just LOADING UP now, so you've made the whole game worse.

  • gl0412 Green Lantern of Sector 0412 (@gl0412) reported

    So I did an update for @PokemonGoApp and guess what they still didn't fix the phone going to sleep issues.. every other game keeps the phone awake and now suddenly this one cant. @NianticHelp get it together. @NianticLabs about say screw it. I ll play other stuff.

  • GregoryAurand Gregory Aurand (@GregoryAurand) reported

    @PokemonGoApp @NianticHelp won't bother if you don't fix battle league issues. Lag, missing moves, everything is awful. This game has turned to complete garbage.

  • AndysHadjis Andys H. (@AndysHadjis) reported

    @airgibbs @PokemonGoApp Bro you've been posting the same shit comment for weeks now. If you are that desperate for a pokemon game where you control your player play literally ANY OTHER POKEMON GAME EVER! The obvious fix is you realising what is going on in the world and stop being an entitled brat!

  • HBeffers41 HeathMaloney(Beffers41) (@HBeffers41) reported

    @NianticHelp @NianticLabs @PokemonGoApp even with the latest update the problem still persists. Please look into fixing as soon as possible.

  • Blayk133 Jay Blayk (@Blayk133) reported

    @Axcel35274843 @atodoso420 @shiny_julian @PokemonGoApp Fek it, I'm out, I tried, but not my job to educate the handful of idiots who can't process shit when over 30 others are having no issue

  • RafaelSouzaMS Rafael Shikamaru (@RafaelSouzaMS) reported

    @PokemonGoApp fix Galaxy S20 freezer bug

  • skyblueoz Austin Swift (@skyblueoz) reported

    @PoGoAlexR @PokemonGoApp @NianticHelp @MYSTIC7 @REVERSALx7 @johnhanke @JTGily @trnrtips I raised the issue with ZoeTwoDots last week and niantic are aware of the issue, they just won't officially comment on it.