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Roblox is a user-generated massively multiplayer online social gaming platform developed and published by the Roblox Corporation.

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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • TheStevieTV StevieTV (@TheStevieTV) reported

    @Roblox I now can’t distinguish between my Pornhub Premium and Roblox Premium memberships. Please fix this!! 😰

  • TJStack2 TJ_Stack (@TJStack2) reported

    @Roblox Ok roblox here is the thing can you please fix the ping thing if i move my mouse around just a bit i get over 120 ping for no reason. Please fix it

  • ZKatNS Zoelovepop (@ZKatNS) reported

    Hey @Roblox I know if y’all know about this issue there is a lot of white some black and some gray is Roblox goin always look this boring or is this just something y’all are trying out Your logo look happy and fun but now it looks sad and now this do y’all don’t like color

  • Burkino_1 Burkino 🥇‏ (@Burkino_1) reported

    @LilyandGia @WooflesYt Because what Roblox really needs is fancy new icons instead of working more to fix actual problems or at least give the community what they want, actual events back

  • Ianaisaway 𝐥𝐚𝐧𝐚 (𝐟𝐚𝐧 𝐚𝐜𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭) (@Ianaisaway) reported

    I literally have nothing to do Roblox is boring Imvu doesnt let me login I cant play minecraft on my pc I cant draw because i dont have my pen HELP

  • Carl56813739 Carl (@Carl56813739) reported

    @Roblox Can you fix the mouse I cant see my mouse in games

  • roblox_etc CJAirplaneRBX Roblox And Etc (@roblox_etc) reported

    And Yes I Tries Of Roblox Doing, Like Being Non-Made Developer, And Bad Trolls And Exploiters, And Roblox Never Try To Fix, So Will See I Can Work On Ever Better, Even With Hire Job Maybe.

  • AriannaEstada Arianna Estada (@AriannaEstada) reported

    @newfissy u know it’s ur fault that the roblox outage happened

  • Kylierylie3 Lemonade mellons (@Kylierylie3) reported

    @flower1093 I assume it, it been a long time since there is no trading testing. It’s either roblox had a problem or it’s not coming out.

  • CrackerTower KRAKATOA (@CrackerTower) reported

    @Waluigi_Legit I need to borrow you for a minute, 2 of my roblox accounts have been unfairly terminated and same with my friend, roblox is ignoring this issue and ignoring support emails, Please spread the word #RobloxBanWave

  • isostae Isosta (@isostae) reported

    Pushing a datastore change that should address the infinite loading error soon. We realize this has been a super prevalent problem the last two weekends. This should fix this problem, and we'll be adding a skip loading button as well for good measure. #Roblox #RBXDev #RobloxDev

  • SilverSilvia10 ~Silvia~ (@SilverSilvia10) reported

    @Roblox Good Evening, I would suggest you and your company may need to update your game. It has more lag, glitches, and takes more time to load. Love, A ROBLOX player

  • isab9lla Isabella_928 (@isab9lla) reported

    @LierriaROBLOX it looks so bad. i dont like how it looks. @Roblox FIX IT PLS

  • tehSarcasmican sarc | ikea stan acc (@tehSarcasmican) reported

    @TheGloop_ @oslad53 @Roblox it was a membership what made it seem childish roblox could easily fix the second option by adding tutorial elements on the homepage that say "go to the create tab to make your own games for free!" or something like that

  • scrawlmin scrawlly (@scrawlmin) reported

    i mean roblox friends. don't worry. i might come back sighhh @roblox sorry about mentioning you btw, im prob just being a problem

  • TigerCaptain_ TigerCaptain (@TigerCaptain_) reported

    I figured out the stuttering issue I posted yesterday. Turns out the Roblox Client wasn't added to my list of NVidia applications. I added it and set some configurations, then restarted my computer. Now its smooth. 👌

  • Joy24627506 brooklyn ♡ (@Joy24627506) reported

    roblox: melbournemoonlight I had to make another account because Roblox couldn't fix the issue on my last one... sorry angels 😟💗

  • kwalisen bacon hair (@kwalisen) reported

    @Roblox fix your game i cant play a game with 13898 and 20 ping fix your game everytime i play a game it lags and i have a fully wifi and i cant still play and i played in my mobile and yeah i played on my ipad it work perfectly on my mobile fix your game

  • guywiththepie GuyWithThePie (@guywiththepie) reported

    @Roblox Alright, after looking more into it, it actually doesn't seem that bad. As a longtime player I always felt that TBC and and OBC were unnecessary, so it's good that they're going back to just one premium service. Getting all the R$ at once is also far better than being drip fed.

  • hopelessSoulxo Star (@hopelessSoulxo) reported

    @Bethink_RBX If ye are whining so much about robux then get off the game or create your own if it such a problem. Obviously good stuffs will be in robux, should be damn lucky he updates frequently and adding amazing things into it unlike other roblox games

  • AlexAstralRBLX AlexAstral (@AlexAstralRBLX) reported

    There are no weird fees or anything like that--the outfits are sold directly through the marketplace service. With the ROBLOX catalog being cluttered with tags that have made it harder to find Halloween outfits--this just makes it easier for users to find your clothes.

  • AlexAstralRBLX AlexAstral (@AlexAstralRBLX) reported

    There are no weird fees or anything like that--the outfits are sold directly through the marketplace service. With the ROBLOX catalog being cluttered with tags that have made it harder to find Halloween outfits--this just helps make it easier for users to buy your clothes.

  • Shaka01439100 Shaka The Weird Person (@Shaka01439100) reported

    @LM_loleris if you see this tweet, please update thead murderer on Roblox. I loved to play that, and now it's gone to shit and most people try to play it... But it's trash as shit now. Please fix it.

  • SeanPlayzRoblo1 SG (@SeanPlayzRoblo1) reported

    @DrDMRoblox @Roblox Maybe roblox is broken

  • SlGHFl Sigh-Fi (@SlGHFl) reported

    @waterfromtap no problem!! YEAH roblox has.......... optimisation issues for sure dgsghjsdhj,, my current computer is more than capable of handling it, but as someone with a bit of a weaker laptop, i feel that...........

  • SlGHFl Sigh-Fi (@SlGHFl) reported

    @waterfromtap if your lappy's having issues, try turning the graphics down!! you'd be surprised how performance-hungry roblox can be sometimes dgshgshd

  • Craixzo Craixzo (@Craixzo) reported

    Tweet 4 of 4: But this possibility could be true. I can see how this could be a problem towards the developing community. If you want any further reasons, evidence or something else reply to one of these tweets. I will gladly answer them. #RobloxDev #Roblox @robloxdevrel

  • ShadowMyth2 T0x1c_Revolver (@ShadowMyth2) reported

    @Roblox_Downtime Roblox am having some audio problems. The audio is extremely low and i can barley hear anything. Please fix it.

  • TheModelGal1 Model🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 (@TheModelGal1) reported

    @Roblox Btw they didn't even give me a warning Roblox fix your website!

  • MyUsernamesThis Use code "BACON" 🥓🥓🥓 (@MyUsernamesThis) reported

    i am shook at how broken some Roblox games can be...

  • 0CROWNED 0CROWNED (@0CROWNED) reported

    Glad roblox can't fix one single accessory even know me including many of other people have been reporting that it has been broken for over a year now. Feels like nothing I say or do will change anything. #Roblox

  • Eduardo555elpro Eduardo Sanchez (@Eduardo555elpro) reported


  • ivan_rblx IvanRBLX (@ivan_rblx) reported

    @SMscen It began after the Roblox servers got ****** up the other day, i really hope they fix it, because i can't just start losing 2 minutes everytime i want to open the Studio

  • Xxlaylax_X 🇨🇦♡layla♡🇨🇦 **online** (@Xxlaylax_X) reported

    @GladlyGabe Tbh.. idk o>o maybe when Roblox has loading issues and kicks me out of the game. Otherwise, everything is understandable and fun úwù

  • AteBotBo AteBotBo (@AteBotBo) reported

    @RobloxBattles When I go to your official event page on Roblox, it takes me back to the Roblox home screen. If you want I can take a screen recording of what happens. Please fix this!

  • Pineapple_Playz Pineapple_Playz (@Pineapple_Playz) reported

    @Roblox The next updates you guys need to roll out should NOT be quality of life. You guys need to focus on optimization and functionality. I think it should say something when a PC that is capable of running triple A titles at Max settings, has issues with #Roblox !

  • Pineapple_Playz Pineapple_Playz (@Pineapple_Playz) reported

    @Roblox The next updates you guys need to roll out should NOT be quality of life. You guys need to focus on optimization and functionality. I think it should say something when a PC that is capable of running triple A titles at Max settings, has issues with #Roblox !

  • CJ_Oyer CJ Oyer (@CJ_Oyer) reported

    @BinaryC_ @lordbere I think the issue is that discord puts the burden on the server owners. Like imagine if Roblox made creators monitor every person who joined to make sure they're over 13 - it is just not sustainable at scale

  • SecurityHotels Sander_rr (@SecurityHotels) reported

    @CxcoaMoon @Roblox @Chadmandudeguy Most likely something happened with servers and they were trying to fix the situation the whole day. It was Saturday, more people are wanting to play. KonekoKitten's video will explain it more.

  • RealRobtheTNT RealRobtheTNT (@RealRobtheTNT) reported

    @madattakRBLX @Rolijok IAB BUG REPORT: Yesterday I was playing IAB and the temperature reached 1750K, then out of nowhere the meltdown started. My guess is this is a legitimate bug or someone did the glitch where you freeze your roblox screen at the right time. (continued)

  • Monicalets_play ♡Mσɳιƈα♡♂️ (@Monicalets_play) reported

    @LightAngelique That happened to me once but no one's in your account it's all the ROBLOX glitch thing or whatever it is you should only play on private servers (by the way i'm sad you unfriend me lol)

  • kamal08315570 kamal (@kamal08315570) reported

    @Roblox @Chadmandudeguy Fix roblox and will play

  • CalebEES2 Caleb Army Leader EES ALT 2 (@CalebEES2) reported

    @dogs_savannah @CalebArmyURA She is an ODer and is one at fault for causing the problems we have one Roblox

  • KamikazePickle2 Aidan The Gamer (@KamikazePickle2) reported

    @jakepaul fix roblox

  • xoNaz_Coffee10 👻 Cσffєє~ ρℓαуz 👻 |:| SMALL GIVEAWAY! 🥀 (@xoNaz_Coffee10) reported

    the dog and the cat face is gona cause yesterday roblox was broken ;w;

  • IvanLee22247940 Graywind (@IvanLee22247940) reported

    @Didgadely @robloxdevrel @Roblox @ObedientMas A lot of lag would be certain

  • FazeWeng FaZe Weng (@FazeWeng) reported

    @Roblox I wanna play boku no Roblox so canbu fix it so everybody can play

  • Rekkuwu Rekk 🥑 (@Rekkuwu) reported

    @Kylee_Dungo @Dinuwu_ I didn't even said That They should Re fix the Mes, I just said add some stars, And Roblox can Retexture it with another Color or add new stuff in the Texture, It's not really unfair if Roblox will do it to other Hats

  • SMscen Scenario@Termed :( (@SMscen) reported

    Well Roblox is way further away from the community than it was 10 years ago Apparently there will be improved moderation later in the year (twas said at RDC) But you are right they have a ton of shit they need to fix, not just serverwise

  • AyushmanGamer ⛦⛦Ryan⛤⛤⛤⛤⛤ (@AyushmanGamer) reported

    @MightySkek @The_Doge22 @FTLmanYT cOz RoBlOx Is BrOkEn

  • SnowdogbroYt SnowdogbroYT (@SnowdogbroYt) reported

    @RawanChan_editz @BloxburgNews I was so close to 30 day trophy but then roblox was broken and I lost my streak because it wouldn’t let me play

  • Eleanor41122551 Star (@Eleanor41122551) reported

    @angelsdeliight @LightAngelique Yeah roblox is broken

  • HiddoDev Hidde (@HiddoDev) reported

    @DutchDevelop @Roblox I have the same problem, turns out one of my games is not showing-up on the games-page. 🤔

  • TheNexusAvenger TheNexusAvenger (@TheNexusAvenger) reported

    @TigerCaptain_ I had another game experiencing this problem, but not Roblox. It could be a graphics driver problem.

  • Sadie_Rider 💜🐎Sadie_Epic_Rider🐎💜 (@Sadie_Rider) reported

    @ProfRBLX123 @paulie1984 They extended it newfissy said they did for 3 days because of the 12 hour issue with roblox

  • MMinion13 MrMinion13 (@MMinion13) reported

    @Roblox Fix your game lazy Dev I only lost contact

  • Fred_Bot_ Fred Bot (@Fred_Bot_) reported

    The site should now available on dealing with #Roblox at 1PM PDT on the Jade Key has ever played because there a error with

  • igalantaRBX Baku-Chan 🎃💢 (@igalantaRBX) reported

    @BloxPiece never once have i used exploits on blox piece but ever since yesterday (roblox bug from yesterday) for some reason it said that i was using exploits and reset my levels. I then rejoined because I thought it was a glitch but was perm banned.

  • KrxveR KrxveeRBX (@KrxveR) reported

    @Lit_CandIes @Lana_rblx "Virus". I would also like to say that, well, literally anyone can say they "talked to a trusted Roblox Staff member". Then make up some bs. Like seriously, they were most probably fixing a site issue NOT A MOTHERFRIGGIN VIRUS!

  • MM1GUYYT MM1GUY (@MM1GUYYT) reported

    YouTube Ads are so broken I just got a ad on how to use a bot maker type thing to bot Roblox or YouTube Subs/Likes so I said I'll try it on a new account it worked that random account got 100,000 Subs in 3 days with a video on it @TeamYouTube

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