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Roblox is a user-generated massively multiplayer online social gaming platform developed and published by the Roblox Corporation.

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September 25: Problems at Roblox

Roblox is having issues since 02:30 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Online Play (28.57%)
  • Glitches (25.97%)
  • Sign in (20.78%)
  • Game Crash (19.48%)
  • Matchmaking (3.90%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (1.30%)

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Roblox Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • KartersTweets
    KarterAntiha (@KartersTweets) reported

    @TomatithaS They'll go away eventually. We just need to inform Roblox of the issue.

  • iiOverseerX
    iiOverseerX (@iiOverseerX) reported

    @Drenzzla @Roblox Lol that’s your problem, don’t blame them because you don’t have Robux you poor *****.

  • ThePurpleDevs
    Danial (@ThePurpleDevs) reported

    @MrDEADBUSHonly Listen its hard to work as a Dev I'm a dev myself its not that easy to just remove and add something, you should respect Jailbreak how it is and if you have any problem with the bugs you can always report it in ROBLOX or Jailbreak Discord, so please stop!

  • indexofthings
    the ability to post tweets (@indexofthings) reported

    i swear twitter's search feature is broken now, like how the roblox forum search feature was broken

  • MalenaG48549921
    Malena (@MalenaG48549921) reported

    @IsabellaYUE0628 my clothes are broken too .. I hate Roblox

  • JailBreakFreakW
    TheChosenOne (@JailBreakFreakW) reported

    @TwinRailRBLX hey the game #TerminalRailways on #ROBLOX lags soooo much for me i turned the graphics on low i did everything and i still lag. can u pelase fix this for me and a few other people thank u.

  • JadeF_Lame_s
    JadeF_LAME_s (@JadeF_Lame_s) reported

    If you're outta salt! Ya really all three items I guess. I could use my theory roblox toy info. Is this Jailbreak is visit the issue in 2018,

  • Bannanajoe21
    Bannanajoe2 (@Bannanajoe21) reported

    @Roblox Roblox can you fix the back torso getting rid of my colthes

  • Eyrinnc
    Eyrings (@Eyrinnc) reported

    @DoubleJumpHQ DUDE! Dragon keeper on roblox is broken, no one can mine or gather rescourses, I cant even complete the tutorial quest

  • PatrickLoL1406
    Unknown (@PatrickLoL1406) reported

    @CheddarRB @Roblox No problem. I was waiting but nothing. Do you have a group?

  • ivanlaurencenic
    ivanlaurencenicolas (@ivanlaurencenic) reported

    @Roblox how can we buy RS cash in philippines Smart and globe load are not working anymore we need help ASAP

  • kiIIerxking
    lui (@kiIIerxking) reported

    i can glitch in roblox titanic so gg

    [SYD] INC. (@SYDINCROBLOX) reported

    I'm sorry to announce that I have found a designing error in my fall overall outfit I will be taking them off sale on roblox and deleting the tweets. I will upload a corrected version. Please DM me if you bought the old version. I will give you your Rs back! #SYDINCROBLOX

  • Fred_Bot_
    Fred Bot (@Fred_Bot_) reported

    Happy Holidays from a error with these #Roblox Catalog items!…

  • s27821487
    TheGuyWhoPlayRoblox (@s27821487) reported

    @Roblox I need help my account cant not talk to my Friends every time I says something it hashtags it can you fix it.

  • CaigLouis
    Louis Gabriel D. Caig (@CaigLouis) reported

    @badimo @badccvoid @asimo3089 Can you please fix how the roblox person hold the gun now it’s harder to use

  • MAlmosilhy
    Moh (@MAlmosilhy) reported

    @Roblox why don’t you just make a recaptcha (or whatever its called/spelled) when someone makes an account? It will fix everything

  • _randie_______
    Makoy_XD (@_randie_______) reported

    @DoubleJumpHQ!!! About Your Game in roblox....Dragon Keepers...It kept kicking me for hacking..but I WASNT HACKING GOSH DANG...pls... I love the game but pls..fix the error I WASNT HACKING I WOULD JUST FLY MY DRAGON AND BUY THINGS IN THE SHOP THEN IT WOULD KICK ME.pls

    IDKustoms (@IDK_RBLX) reported

    @RBXos_Tweets @Roblox Got same issues with those accounts

  • Jajami0mate
    Jajami0mate (@Jajami0mate) reported

    @NiniBlackJackQc Me trying to make a game: "An unexpected error occurred and ROBLOX needs to quit. We're sorry!"

  • mrsalphablue
    Mrspythagoras (@mrsalphablue) reported

    @patricialescri1 Well I went in to the real roblox site and mailed them from there and they say I have an account and that I can login and take it away. But I have never created it neither has anyone of my hooligans so I wonder who has. I have a unusual last name so it can’t be by accident

  • o_oLeander
    ᏞᎬᎯᏪᎠᎬᎡ (@o_oLeander) reported

    @greenlegocats @BloxburgBuild @Roblox Don’t act like this hasn’t been a problem for over a long time now.

  • SeanISonRBLXSt1
    SeanISonRBLXStudio (@SeanISonRBLXSt1) reported

    @Roblox dear Roblox im very sorry that i have gotten 2 warning from making t-shirts i apologies and im agreeing to the terms and service sincerely : Sean8651

  • TheKillerfromDK
    TheKillerfromDK (@TheKillerfromDK) reported

    Everyone on my timeline keep complaining about This bot problem listen ROBLOX CAN'T FIX ANYTHING IN JUST A DAY

  • TheKillerfromDK
    TheKillerfromDK (@TheKillerfromDK) reported from Silkeborg Kommune, Region Midtjylland

    Everyone on my timeline keep complaining about This bot problem listen ROBLOX CAN'T FIX ANYTHING IN JUST A DAY

  • HdiGamer
    XxPokemob99xX (@HdiGamer) reported

    @LordJurrd Bro Fix IT when i joiing server ROLOX got crash only in ISLAND ROYALE not in other game plz fix it ROBLOX got crash only in ISLAND ROYALE game not in other game what will i do?????

  • novanion
    novanion | comms closed (@novanion) reported

    wait nvm there’s still this glitch where i play roblox games on my laptop and it just appears white even though sound works???

  • OliverGIW
    D̶̖̀i̸̓͜s̵͖̏t̶̫͗o̴͓̐r̸̢͘t̷̤́i̵̯͝o̸̱͑n̶̜͊M̵̪̍a̸͚̓y̵ (@OliverGIW) reported

    @KixDawn1 So yesterday I spent quite some time repositioning a meloetta model and i was going to use it for a Roblox game but for some bonkers reason Roblox does not support more than one texture per model which is so stupid! that is NOT how 3D models work @Roblox fix this shit NOW!

  • Katsu66444777
    CyberDev- Roblox Developer (@Katsu66444777) reported

    @Roblox @Lolthedev I miss having the privilege of being able to comment on games and talking in groups. But those two options are out of the window now. Even us devs will offer to help out with this issue. We all are tired of it. We want them gone so our community has more if a social platform!

  • _jacketchan_
    Abel (@_jacketchan_) reported

    hey @Roblox do you need help with regex because your filter is broken

  • JadeFlames
    Cap'n JadeFlames (@JadeFlames) reported

    @SlEGHART @slenderchris228 Just going for the actual eggs unless I get permission to go elsewhere once all these are good and finished. Trust me, would love to be able to send the occasional "hey here's a fix, enjoy" version of a hat, but no clue if Roblox would want that.

  • S1mendes11
    Shawn is my favorite (@S1mendes11) reported

    @KateBJ02 @Roblox Yesss I have been waiting for it to fix and it makes my clothes look ugly

  • KateBJ02
    Katelyn Jones (@KateBJ02) reported

    @S1mendes11 @Roblox OMG yes finally someone who has the same problem as me ugh I hate it so bad

  • 4Sci_
    4Sci (@4Sci_) reported

    I can not work in Studio until this issue fixes itself or is fixed permanently by Roblox

  • AmberSt621
    Shae🐴 (@AmberSt621) reported

    @RBX_EmojiVIP ive been very inactive on roblox and twitter because my wifi was broken but its fixed now

  • abbey03793372
    abbey (@abbey03793372) reported

    @nightbarbie Hello idk if this is a issue on the game or roblox but recently me and my friend have been dealing with most outfits turn my body black and looks weird so there’s like only 6 outfits that works thank you for reading this

  • Mattr999626
    Meme God (@Mattr999626) reported

    I kinda just want @lando64000 and @tbradm to work on PBB again In some way, shape, or form. Not like a roblox game, but something else. Like maybe the FRLG/RSE formula in a fangame, away from Roblox. And I understand copyright issues, I just wonder sometimes.

  • JustinAncona3
    Miz Ancona (@JustinAncona3) reported

    @Roblox Quackityhq still has damage for roblox to fix

  • JustinAncona3
    Miz Ancona (@JustinAncona3) reported

    @Roblox Quackityhq still has damage for roblox to fix

  • nickr2222_RBLX
    Nick (@nickr2222_RBLX) reported

    Yo, while loading, does your screen freeze and then lose connection? If so, i have the same problem. If you live in the Northeast USA then it might be a server outage or something. I just want to get back to playing ROBLOX but I can't do to this bullshit.

  • LOLHaseeb
    Haseeb Siddiqui (@LOLHaseeb) reported

    @greenlegocats @Roblox @Roblox needs to fix this. the original maker item should only come

  • TShellenbergar
    Pennythedog13 (@TShellenbergar) reported

    I kinda feel like @Roblox is ignoring the black clothes glitch it been two game wide updates and still no fix @cybernova

  • taadoee
    Taadoee (@taadoee) reported

    @JML_RBLX Yeah Roblox changed something that's caused some of my planekits to become broken as well........

  • chessburn
    chessburn (@chessburn) reported

    @dxniel_333 @3culturekids @nightbarbie This happens to me as well but it is just the roblox filter. Unfortunately it’s nothing Barbie can fix

  • Matheus1234678
    MattPlayzYT (@Matheus1234678) reported

    @22Pilots_RBLX whenever I become a fire fighter and put out of fire, not even a second into it Roblox Game Client stops responding. I don't know if it's an issue with the game or the program.

  • Renee0101Renee
    Sarah Renee Swayze (@Renee0101Renee) reported

    @Roblox Hey, I'm trying to get $200.00 of Robux, and it's not wanting to work. I even tried $100.00 of Robux, and that didn't work. Are you guys having problems with your game? If so, than I will just not tried. Please, reply! Thanks, Sarah. :)

  • jake_flopper
    jake Flopper (@jake_flopper) reported

    Roblox is getting more players each day when will roblox end anyways its been on here for awhile they might stop playing after it gets this many bugs and updates! roblox fix your site make it better. please, we need more games and no more bugs!

  • S1mendes11
    Shawn is my favorite (@S1mendes11) reported

    @Roblox Roblox are you gonna fix the black torso when we put on an outfit?

  • JacksFilmsWoke
    FazeJevIsDad (@JacksFilmsWoke) reported

    @ThomasTheTank12 @TherealBDMoy @FortniteGame What? You watched a stream and got a beta key for a game, have a problem? Should roblox do the same ******* thing?

  • CrafteroTweets
    Craftero (@CrafteroTweets) reported

    Sent an email to the @Roblox Dev Relations team three weeks ago regarding a copyright issue in my game and I haven’t heard a word since... I think it’s time to hire some more peeps, Roblox!

  • Joanne_Prime
    AutobotJoannePrime(Only Member Of Autobots) (@Joanne_Prime) reported

    @Roblox Hey Roblox connection issues Can You Fix It Please

  • KingxRin
    King (@KingxRin) reported

    @PetriFyTV pf doesnt lag so it has to be either the code or roblox matchmaking

  • DrewLink2006
    Drew Link (@DrewLink2006) reported

    @Roblox The is a problem when i join games a little after anyone joins a roblox server they crash for some reason and its been happening to everyone on roblox

  • kammelissa1
    melissa kam (@kammelissa1) reported

    @banj00man hey I am having a problem with luffy in anime tycoon in roblox hes not using rubber punch whenever i click with my mouse

  • HeyItsMehey1_2
    HeyItsMehey12 (@HeyItsMehey1_2) reported

    @CaptainMuchlis @Roblox Happening to me too it's so annoying it's spamming my friend requests and since I got issues with clearing my friend requests it's hell for me...

  • PixelatedAngelz
    💝 Emma 💝 (@PixelatedAngelz) reported

    @bros8000_ @Roblox I know but they fixed the first problem and it stopped for awhile now it's back

  • bros8000_
    (@bros8000_) reported

    @PixelatedAngelz @Roblox they can’t constantly control this problem there’s already a recaptcha upon signing up filtering words would not be a permanent solution

  • SuVeeRBLX
    ❄️CrystalMoose❄ (@SuVeeRBLX) reported

    @Evanbear1Twitch @Roblox I hope so! The main problem with good games these days is that they just dont get enough exposure

  • DeveloperNorby
    Dev. Norby #StopPlagiarism (@DeveloperNorby) reported

    Anyone else having issues with 'GlobalShadows' not working? Before untick them, would make everything darker, now even messing w the brightness, it remains the same way! (#Roblox, #RobloxDev)

  • MonosaruRoblox
    Monosaru (@MonosaruRoblox) reported

    Unironically, @Roblox's scam bots are using tactics from back in 2017. I would have already taken care of that problem if I was an administrator at @Roblox. Now that I think about it... Roblox isn't doing a good job of getting rid of those dumb bots... (Extended thoughts below)

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