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Roblox is a user-generated massively multiplayer online social gaming platform developed and published by the Roblox Corporation.

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April 26: Problems at Roblox

Roblox is having issues since 12:20 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Online Play (35.21%)
  • Glitches (28.17%)
  • Sign in (16.90%)
  • Game Crash (16.90%)
  • Matchmaking (2.82%)

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  • TorpedoLynn TorpedoLynn (@TorpedoLynn) reported

    @EggtuallyRbx Roblox needs to get off their butt and fix it so Mobile users can complete the event instead of saying oh well try the other games for the event. They need to make sure that their users can get into the games for their events and not just some of us.

  • TorpedoLynn TorpedoLynn (@TorpedoLynn) reported

    @xKenis SO Many I know on Mobile that are getting cheated out of parts of the egg hunt and Roblox has attitude like oh well try other games for egg hunt. What they should do is fix it so they can complete the event. This is ridiculously unfair to Mobile users. Shame on Roblox.

  • CaudelRiley Riley Caudel (@CaudelRiley) reported

    @Roblox fix eggwick he keeps dropping me in the lava and the platform that i move keep getting flung

  • JinKano3 Afraidsoldier (@JinKano3) reported

    @Roblox Fix Escape room

  • h0nde h0nda" (@h0nde) reported

    roblox doesn’t accept reports for captchaless login checking methods yet they are constantly patching them once they see suspicious traffic

  • h0nde h0nda" (@h0nde) reported

    @ArkoseLabs @Roblox @kgosschalk The service has already made some profit and now that you guys are not changing anything it’s finally taking off. I wanna believe in funcaptcha but so far it’s been a huge disappointment.

  • h0nde h0nda" (@h0nde) reported

    @ArkoseLabs @Roblox @kgosschalk seems to have disappeared off the internet right when an automated solving service has started operating.

  • TrixFlamez TrixFlamez (@TrixFlamez) reported

    Bruh, I can't even play roblox without people saying "this person dies in the endgame" or "oh yeah he gets erased at the end" Like seriously, this is a BIG problem 😬😭 #DontSpoilTheEndgame

  • NitenityStudios Nitenity Studios (@NitenityStudios) reported

    @PyroMelody We cannot fix this; It is a roblox issue. Try contacting their support.

  • S_Imaginator SplendidImaginator (@S_Imaginator) reported

    @Roblox roblox i think the egg hunt scrambled in time has a glitch i have found all 58 eggs and it still says in the area with a dance floor that i only have 56 eggs ive checked my inventory and its 58 eggs

  • ImLikeAShadow Weeb Trash Forever (@ImLikeAShadow) reported

    @NacoRBLX @vasily28630440 Because devs have to have special powers to know when something is broken. Brilliant. If noone reports a bug in a game - noone can fix that bug - because devs have no idea the bug exists. Acting arrogant and asking for a refund (that is against ROBLOX TOS) is dumb.

  • drmuhammadagami Dr. Muhammad Agami (@drmuhammadagami) reported

    @Roblox Roblox i cant get the thor egg because the wall doesnt break can u fix this glitch

  • gamerbo08488038 gamerboy12 (@gamerbo08488038) reported

    roblox is broken for me I cant hear anything in any games

  • MashrifAlam2 blogging 2009 (@MashrifAlam2) reported

    @Roblox Your egg hunt is hard and sucks I got like 44 eggs and the boss fight is impossible and broken

  • Nick77283801 Nick (@Nick77283801) reported

    @Roblox I have all 58 eggs but in egg hunt 2019:scrambled in time, it only says I have 57 please fix this bug

  • DragonKiller311 DragonKillergames (@DragonKiller311) reported

    @Roblox could you fix your servers please its unplayable

  • Sajbran Sajbran (@Sajbran) reported

    @durrakhaled2 @Roblox @Tofu @StudiosNimble 1. Too much bloxburg. 2. You shouldn't share your password. 3. Now it's your problem, to rebuild your house. 4. Roblox didn't made Welcome To Bloxburg. Coeptus did.

  • qdvisch qudo (@qdvisch) reported

    @Roblox @Tofu @StudiosNimble That game is broken AF

  • JolteonTheElec1 Jolteon TheElectricEeveelution (@JolteonTheElec1) reported

    @Roblox i only have 6 and thats only because i am lagging on many roblox games because i am on phone +that my stable account got stolen and i cant get it back now i am playing on my old one so this egg hunt is garbag3 for meh Sorry For The Inconvinience

  • buttfart2008 Wesley (@buttfart2008) reported

    @Roblox I have a feeling that this is the most bugged and glitched egg hunt i want to kill the boss but if i die i don’t respawn please fix this.

  • AleksRBLX AleksDeveloperRBLX (@AleksRBLX) reported

    @MrShiftize @Roblox I think I know how to fix that, but not at the moment as I am going to school.

  • psykuk Spacial (@psykuk) reported

    if you have a problem wth roblox you have a problem with me

  • IRoyalhigh I_Heart_RoyalHigh (@IRoyalhigh) reported

    @nightbarbie @OceanOrbsRBX @lapz_g I just want to report a glitch every time I go to Royal high school it resets to my main roblox character no matter what I do

  • LordGu3st Gu3stJack (@LordGu3st) reported

    @Roblox Lag, bug... only those thing can make the egg harder than the mission to get the egg

  • MinecraftOG2014 SergeantCreeper (@MinecraftOG2014) reported

    @Sectime31 @Roblox No problem

  • animefecker Animefecker (@animefecker) reported

    @Roblox Fix xbox roblox

  • ExtorxOfficial Extorx (@ExtorxOfficial) reported

    Omg..Roblox has SO MANY bugs in studio. I swear their website is going down in statistics. @roblox LISTEN UP! FIX YOUR PROBLEMS! I will continue to tag @roblox until these bugs are fixed.

  • 101DeveloperRBX 101Developer (@101DeveloperRBX) reported

    @Roblox Roblox, can you fix Escape Room. The Enchanted Forest map is super laggy and some items you can't press on mobile. (The secret password pedastool)

  • YTLampster5 lampster5 (Max) (@YTLampster5) reported

    @Roblox @robloxdevrel #Roblox #RobloxDev fix your stupid studio engine, this is the simplest of simple meshes that is causing studio to crap out instantly................

  • icarus2007RBLX Icaro Mendes de Mora (@icarus2007RBLX) reported

    @Roblox I just want it to be smaller, like the other years fabergégg's. I hope it was a glitch and it wasn't made this big intentionally.

  • Maleek62477400 Maleek (@Maleek62477400) reported

    @Roblox cant play roblox on phone bc of update please fix this problem

  • imjhiggz Jhgz (@imjhiggz) reported

    roblox I lost my robux!!my 23 robux what happened please fix it and also im not using my own twitter account ROBLOX Name: IndubitableClone

  • rabbitmitors jane rabbet45 version 1 (@rabbitmitors) reported from Chicago, Illinois

    @Roblox @CNN must hurry the cart is going to underground before reaches end losing vehicle seats will be broken after 13 may 2019 major damage there last time

  • ParticularPart2 ParticularParticle (@ParticularPart2) reported

    *Tries to import mesh that I've imported into Studio for other games plenty of times before with no issue* Following message: "Sorry, Roblox Studio needs to quit!" There's no way to save your progress once you get that message, your only option is to click "OK" and accept defeat.

  • Phoenix42997387 Phoenix/BLUE_GANG200 RBLX (@Phoenix42997387) reported

    @Roblox OK ROBLOX I HAVE A PROBLEM THESE KIDS WERE BEING RUDE TO EACH OTHER AND I AM TELLING THE TRUTH I SAID EXACTLY THIS "just SHUT THE HELL UP EVERYBODY' THEN I SAID "DAMN" if you want to ban me go ahead if u want to temp ban me go ahead my name is BLUE_GANG200 got robux $20

  • FireAnd11260227 FireAnd Ice (@FireAnd11260227) reported

    @Roblox 36 cuase y'all Don't Give A Hell About Mobile AND @EggtuallyRbx Won't Even Care About the boss Maybe if they fix it It and make it so Mobile Can get the Computer Only then Yeah But for Now{No}

  • darkrai126 Dreneon 💀 (@darkrai126) reported

    Roblox being really slow rn My internet is fine rn and thats usually the problem

  • Toast732 Liam Matthews (@Toast732) reported

    @BMonkey68 @loterman23 @Fm_Trick That is the quest button it seems to have broken through roblox updates

  • Floofy_Boof DOG! (@Floofy_Boof) reported

    @Offical_SGames It's a problem with my maths and nothing to do with Roblox physics

  • Centauruss2 Centaurus 🏳️‍🌈 (@Centauruss2) reported

    I'm no businessman or entrepreneur but I hate seeing businesses, specifically Roblox groups, crash because the owner chooses to leave and choose another owner. So here's a tip: choose an owner that you have confidence will keep it active.

  • codesplsber aberham13 (@codesplsber) reported

    @Roblox Your eggwick boss fight is broken lmao

  • RYessofficial Robux_YESS (@RYessofficial) reported

    @Nathorix @Roblox I’m supposed to have 50 but My Eggy Vice is broken

  • iiGameTomasii GameTomas1000 (@iiGameTomasii) reported

    @plebsten @Roblox Apparently a glitch on a game made me loss something that I worked hard on and that glitch was used by Xbonex_x that scammed for that glitch :,[

  • rabbitmitors jane rabbet45 version 1 (@rabbitmitors) reported from Chicago, Illinois

    @Roblox @CNN oh no more collapsed bridge they is underground until monday the vehicle seats becoming broken sense is moving away another cart caused

  • YoTengo55091310 That One Fangirl (@YoTengo55091310) reported

    @DevUltraRBX @Roblox @robloxdevrel @EggtuallyRbx (2/2) pop up. I’ve been rejoining the escape room to make sure it wasn’t just the server or something. It didn’t work. So, if you see a lot of mobile users complaining, now you know why. xD Hope you can fix this, thanks! :>>

  • PurpleFastbolt Pasteila (@PurpleFastbolt) reported

    @Roblox pls fix video star egg badge. i got video star egg in the main lobby but i never got the badge because the counter was counting my eggs too slowly and never counted my video star egg. :( i have all 58 but it says i have 57!

  • alex2362898857 alex_23 (@alex2362898857) reported

    @Roblox I have a problem with the eggs, I managed to get them all but in the game scramble un Time . He told me that I only had 56/58 and that I did not understand why.

  • AaronArdowski InsanePenguin58 (@AaronArdowski) reported

    @Roblox 34, idk what peoples problem is, maybe there shouldnt be anymore egg hunts to keep people mouth shut about it being trash.

  • paper_2222 paper2222 (@paper_2222) reported

    @Roblox k but when ipad mini 5 fix

  • paper_2222 paper2222 (@paper_2222) reported

    @Roblox @Tofu @StudiosNimble k but when ipad mini 5 fix

  • paper_2222 paper2222 (@paper_2222) reported

    @Roblox @EggtuallyRbx k but when ipad mini 5 fix

  • Alessandro_1603 Alessandro (@Alessandro_1603) reported

    @LightFury02 @robloxdevrel @Roblox It doesnt even lag on low end PCs (trust me, i have a bad one) it runs pretty smoothly

  • GavinTheZavin GavinTheZavin (@GavinTheZavin) reported

    @4zy1twitr tried playing Roblox on a XP VM a while back. didn't work, I forgot the error that showed up though. it was probably just the generic error message though.

  • Foxzo_J Foxzo (@Foxzo_J) reported

    @vetexg Nobody: Roblox: Doesn't fix bug which is known and has been around for like 2 years

  • QuinnCampbell9 Quinn Campbell (@QuinnCampbell9) reported

    @StiphoutRick @Simbuilder There is a major difference between fixing and improving. Roblox was trying to fix something that needed no fix. Sin was trying to IMPROVE some of his ingame cars which he promised users he would do. That's about all I can really say. Roblox did an oopsie.

  • ZEN9TH ZEN9TH (@ZEN9TH) reported

    Going to keep this thread pinned and alive for as long as possible, if only as a record of @Roblox’s atrocious support team. If they do happen to see this thread I hope the message gets across that they have a good bit of room to improve in the customer service department.

  • Dracks34597348 Dracks (@Dracks34597348) reported

    @Roblox Can you please make games dont lag for laptops because i play on laptop and i cant win any event and i very hate it and when i play other games everything is perfect only 5 minutes and then everything starts to lag and when i press W to move and then it wont stop walking

  • Ash86911577 Ash™ (@Ash86911577) reported

    @EmilyBendsSpace I cannot enter your game "Club RAVEN" on ROBLOX cause it says I have been kicked from the game (error code 267). Someone might have reported me for no particular reason. But i'd like to be able to enter your game. The account I recently made is called "t1mr3k".

  • cleantoad toad #ToadGang (@cleantoad) reported

    @xyflup isn't that the roblox hack windows error song

  • mariomariophb Yujo Jacy Coyote (@mariomariophb) reported

    @iiKateIshGreat @Roblox It's cool, you probably do have 58 eggs. The problem is if you got either Eggmin or Video Star outside the hub/lobby then it won't count them - it only detects them through the lobby's badges. They shouldn't have done that, but here we are.

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  • 0x80072efd
  • 102
  • 105
  • 107
  • 108
  • 17
  • 400
  • 404
  • 500
  • 501
  • 6
  • 901
  • 906
  • 912
  • 914
  • 918
  • 918
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