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Roblox is a user-generated massively multiplayer online social gaming platform developed and published by the Roblox Corporation.

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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • LadyAkina_ Akina (@LadyAkina_) reported

    @BexplaysR @RoyaleDemi @LadyJordii @nightbarbie @KateKa26317823 @Keisyooo @MeganPlays roblox still needs too fix their data stores, be patient

  • XSxouI XSoul (@XSxouI) reported

    @MrDiamondBoyXV I'll fix that Fortnite is cancer Roblox is Roblox Minecraft is Minecraft Games are games (But not Fortnite)

  • Ohh_Hi_ Dr3rr0r (@Ohh_Hi_) reported

    I need to be more professional....and kid friendly....and stop talking about my problems....and not sipping stuff all the time.....I also need to go back to drawing.....and not show my face....and stop playing Roblox and finish the game I have to release...I have too much to do

  • Mewtwonie LK Mewty 🔜 LISS (@Mewtwonie) reported


  • therubywithatw1 Ruby (@therubywithatw1) reported

    anyone have a problem to where when they try to close roblox it closes chrome or whatever is first behind the roblox app

  • itz_slxpsz Joseph H. (@itz_slxpsz) reported

    So I need some help with roblox, so in my game I have game across a issue where when you turn on your siren only you can hear it no one else in the server can hear your siren, so if someone knows a fix or what the problem is please tell me. Much appreciated. @Roblox #robloxdev

  • megasmatey megas (@megasmatey) reported

    Hey ditzy, this path which you're going down is not worth it for what you are going through right now. I've known you for years going back to when we made roblox videos back in 2011. What you're doing is solving a permanent solution what could possibly be a temporary issue.

  • kale566 Founder of Aigio Kale566 (@kale566) reported

    @Roblox idk if others seem to have this issue #RBXDev

  • kale566 Founder of Aigio Kale566 (@kale566) reported

    @Roblox Team create is broken for 5 of us. If you start a new place and turn on team create that place will no longer be accessible, I thought it was just me so i asked others, same issue.

  • AndrewH072008 Mick (@AndrewH072008) reported

    @roblox what the hell's your problem with getting rid of the dark wolf tail

  • BenIshTinyy Follow @RobloxianKrist1 or die (@BenIshTinyy) reported

    @dylanxroyale @nightbarbies Same!! I also asked him about barbie saying roblox wasn't taking the problem, he said it was hard to Get someone's attention then he said they have gotten to Talk 2 ppl now! i will tweet That Question Tomorrow. Someone Also Asked Him If Theres An Estimate date He Said-

  • 1Assassinator1 Assassinator (@1Assassinator1) reported

    @Roblox hey roblox me again, but I've been having loading issues ever science your update about 3 days ago. Building an characters won't load, I can't travel between games, and certain screens won't load. Can you see if it is on your side and not mine PLEASE

  • BeserkLeon99 Kaiser (@BeserkLeon99) reported

    @_vetex ROBLOX's customer service truly is amazing. You've got content creator's like you who make great games who can't get a quick response. I just play games, and I got my lost account back in half an hour.

  • MrNightfoxx NightFoxx🦊 (@MrNightfoxx) reported

    There is so many Roblox games releasing that I don't have time or days to upload them all. It's a great problem to have, but dang... I need more of MEs.

  • MrxxUltimate1 Mr xx Ultimate (@MrxxUltimate1) reported

    ROBLOX fix your stuff.

  • ProGame15272464 ProGamer (@ProGame15272464) reported

    @Kotaku_UK @InsideRoblox She did nothing :( come on roblox Our content monitors have determined that your behavior at Roblox has been in violation of our Terms of Service. Moderator Note: This account has been closed due to exploiting and/or botting behavior.

  • BabyDin38055489 Kween~Candy (@BabyDin38055489) reported

    @Roblox please fix this glitch it happen again I really wanna play royal high with my best friend :c please fix it please and thank you!

  • ThijsNinjaBoy Peguin Thi (@ThijsNinjaBoy) reported

    @NathanRoblox_YT @RbxBoostSite This is against Roblox terms of service

  • SquirtleLeaf _Squirtle (@SquirtleLeaf) reported

    @ROBLOX. There are some issues with gameplay experience. The lag was caused from Bricks (Parts). Graphic Rendering is pretty broken. Label in ScreenGui, would freeze when swapping to another. And, you wouldn't be able to go to Develop page on Mobile. :(

  • xyarianax 𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐟𝐚𝐧𝐨☽ (@xyarianax) reported

    im playing charmed on roblox and i went in a random server and i found out that theres this guy whos friend (molly) died at arianas concert in manchester and my heart is broken right now, don’t talk to me

  • BlTCHWlZARD noah is doing his 🅱️est (@BlTCHWlZARD) reported

    oh no gotta disconnect my twitter from roblox because my handle has a swear in it

  • Unicorn15332063 Galaxy Unicorn 🦄 (@Unicorn15332063) reported

    @nightbarbie @peoea2 OMG THX Night Barbie I was heart broken and devastated by the fact that it might shut down and yaaaaaaaaaasssssssss roblox is always gonna stay😄😅

  • LG_RBLX Lua_Basics (@LG_RBLX) reported

    @TaylorLeclairee @AsillaLoew It may be possible to use your own body to kill other players by breaking their joints. Roblox is really weird on how they handle humanoids. How would it feel if you could walk through and basically not interact with other people’s characters. Might prove to be a fix.

  • SeeyaGGs SeeyaGGs (@SeeyaGGs) reported

    @Bacob9 Nah yeah I completely agree lmao, I think in most games I have played this has been pretty much a non-issue, though I still think it would be fun to have some chaos sometimes. I understand roblox is popular tho trust me lmao im just a noob.

  • LegendsRoblox1 Legends_Roblox (@LegendsRoblox1) reported

    @Roblox @CaptainMarcinRX Roblox@I’m trying to reset my account password but it’s not working I forgot my password on an account and I clicked forgot password I did everything it asked and it put the password to a guest account can you please fix this or tell me if I did something wrong please

  • BurningDryIce BDI (@BurningDryIce) reported

    @redmchil1 @X0sebastianX0 @justa_robloxian @getgamerd @Ale_X_X_ @LegacyHunterx @FireflameWings @KijiRBLX @Roblox They also need to fix the anxiety bug, really sucks and annoying glitch.

  • KoalaTea_Draws Koalatea 🐨☕ (@KoalaTea_Draws) reported

    @itsAshleyosity I want to be a pink bunny in Roblox but I can't... I ran out of robux because I have a huge shopping problem 😂😂

  • micahny_ Milo (@micahny_) reported

    @robloxdevrel what if you wanted to make a game but studio said "An unexpected error occured and Roblox needs to crash. Sorry!"

  • Ravo_RBLX Ravogan (@Ravo_RBLX) reported

    @NyxunRBX @HanfianRBX @Roblox @robloxdevrel It was up for 10 seconds, deleted. Apologies were admitted. Dislikes were revoked. and you DDoS me. Mad City wouldn't DDoS.

  • Dogeplayz8 Doge playz roblox (@Dogeplayz8) reported

    Roblox hotel has is glitch I got stuck in elevated when I verily spawned back by paying 20 robux grrrrr

  • donobono18 Donovan Der (@donobono18) reported

    @Roblox There are sum fixes if this makes it into roblox.things such as flatter feet to walk on and one of his arms and eyes are off center which I’ll let roblox decide on whether they want to keep or fix some of the mistakes cause some of them kinda add to the design #RobloxRthroContest

  • bradenkelley4 Btkelley (@bradenkelley4) reported

    @Gohanso17573201 @SnakeWorl Ping is roblox problem

  • OhDear79576125 OhDear (@OhDear79576125) reported


  • bafd_d Bafd (@bafd_d) reported

    @carlos80434753 @JayJayboi9 @Roblox @downloader_bot stop trying to make people feel guilty its not working

  • Kuiper921 Kuiper zbelt ✈ (@Kuiper921) reported

    @slime12399 @Roblox @CaptainMarcinRX It's broken, so that won't happen :(

  • mactavsin mactavsin (@mactavsin) reported

    @slime12399 @Roblox @CaptainMarcinRX DSS II will be never going to opened again because the game scripts are broken and none of the developers can leave their jobs in the DSS III to fix the DSS II.

  • AdhamAh36902081 Adham Ahmed (@AdhamAh36902081) reported

    @DenisDailyYT fix this glitch every time I join superhero sim it freezes and crashes roblox

  • Nathan86135239 Nathan (@Nathan86135239) reported

    @Roblox there is a bug where when you type a username even if your friends with the person and you type in your username for me it tags it out every single time. can you fix the bug please thanks.

  • KineKreature Clayton Holt (@KineKreature) reported

    I don’t normally put this on my feed but a client of mine was recently terminated due to that whole botting issue that took place! Please send all the kindness and support you can to @Decabox_ as we work to try to get him unbanned so development can continue as before! #Roblox

  • Splidgy_ sᴘʟɪᴅɢʏ (@Splidgy_) reported

    @RblxTrue Ahh. Roblox is just broken nowadays.

  • G0ZrobIox Ice Cream (@G0ZrobIox) reported

    @RblxTrue @sluncelynaepic I think they meant “Roblox, fix this hat glitch.” But worded it wrong

  • maniac_derpy XDerpyManiacX (@maniac_derpy) reported

    @CryptonoxRBLX Hey dude I just got on Grand Crossing and tried to become Vanguard. I normally can but today I couldn't. I went to discord checked my honor and saw that it was way lower than it was. I had 42 honor and now I have 22. Plz fix this! My Roblox name is MinecartRider80.

  • BexplaysR SnowBunnywinter13 (@BexplaysR) reported


  • BexplaysR SnowBunnywinter13 (@BexplaysR) reported

    @Roblox Yall r trying to act pretty darn cool but yall wont fix datastores!

  • turn_q zzZzzzZi (@turn_q) reported

    I’m made out of broken qtips and roblox characters

  • matterulo435 Matterulo435 (@matterulo435) reported

    Roblox’s problem is more of a “suffering from success” situation. The game got to popular to the point that Roblox broke

  • NekoOfRainbow HᵃlfᴬslᵉᵉpTʸpᶦst (@NekoOfRainbow) reported

    @Ocleg1 @MentalEgg1 @Roblox @DiddleshotR well, those are people who are trying to trick you or people who have been tricked and are spreading the word. btw, if roblox would make a tweet about their game shutting down, it wouldn't be as straightforward and have spelling or grammatical errors.

  • foxmanthing Foxmanthing (@foxmanthing) reported

    @sean_saraza @Roblox Uninstall it then re-install it. I had the same problem.

  • twinklepink2k 🌷 𝚝𝚠𝚒𝚗𝚔𝚕𝚎🌷 (@twinklepink2k) reported

    @BlueDesigns5 This is purely disgusting I’m telling you this person has some mental issues. And the biggest thing is.... IS THIS IS ROBLOX

  • Doggy_The_Gamer Doggy The DogGamer (@Doggy_The_Gamer) reported


  • Lil_Izabel (っ◔◡◔)っ Ḯ̴̭̙̥̀͗̆̂̿͝͠z̷̤͕͆̅z̵̡̨̘͉̙̟̲̙͇̏̽̋ẏ̶̽̓̍̈́̿̕ (@Lil_Izabel) reported

    @thesafebear @nightbarbie It's ready, not out, to be released roblox needs to update/fix their datastore

  • NekoOfRainbow HᵃlfᴬslᵉᵉpTʸpᶦst (@NekoOfRainbow) reported

    @Ocleg1 @Roblox @DiddleshotR --roblox shutting down but it had several spelling errors.

  • NekoOfRainbow HᵃlfᴬslᵉᵉpTʸpᶦst (@NekoOfRainbow) reported

    @Ocleg1 @Roblox @DiddleshotR --roblox shutting down but it had several spelling errors.

  • djscott1304 david (@djscott1304) reported

    @ObIiviousHD @Roblox How much longer. Now are u still having issues or not cause I’m soo impatient for this to be out dude

  • JoeDaDino JoeYT (@JoeDaDino) reported

    @Roblox Can you PLEASE fix the glitch of "Same account launched from another device. Please rejoin if you'd like to use this device" something like that. Its really annoying and nobody else is on my account except me. I also use the "Sign Out of All Section" thing.

  • ShopMrBeAst7 Mrbread (@ShopMrBeAst7) reported

    @Roblox I’ve been having a glitch where it says not available when my friend invites me I’m on Xbox

  • SzZander Anonymous (@SzZander) reported

    This is why i love @Roblox so much. AND WHY they should fix the old Pokemon Bronze😑😑😑😑

  • iij0hnnyii Jay channel XC (@iij0hnnyii) reported

    @Roblox wtf me and @elijahotero972 were playing and said we were being hacked. Wtf roblox fix this shit.

  • elijahotero972 Elijah Otero (@elijahotero972) reported


  • EPixelx Electric_pixelX (@EPixelx) reported

    @KreekCraft To fix this STOP please STOP clickbat videos first off. Then make around 50% of the live streams public although this would mean you get less views on videoa however now you have all roblox audiences from jailbreak players to bloxburg players

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