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Roblox is a user-generated massively multiplayer online social gaming platform developed and published by the Roblox Corporation.

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Roblox problems in the last 24 hours

Roblox Outage Chart

At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at Roblox. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Sign in (36.36%)
  • ▪ Online Play (25.62%)
  • ▪ Glitches (25.62%)
  • ▪ Game Crash (9.92%)
  • ▪ Matchmaking (2.48%)

Roblox Live Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Mexico City, Mexico City  ▪ San Salvador, San Salvador Department  ▪ Tijuana, Baja California  ▪ Titusville, Florida  ▪ Velika Gorica, Zagreb County  ▪ Walsall, England  ▪ Arlington Heights, Illinois  ▪ David, Chiriquí, Chiriquí Province

Roblox Live Outage Map
  • Mexico City, Mexico City
  • San Salvador, San Salvador Department
  • Tijuana, Baja California
  • Titusville, Florida
  • Velika Gorica, Zagreb County
  • Walsall, England
  • Arlington Heights, Illinois
  • David, Chiriquí, Chiriquí Province
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Roblox Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • TheLordGhostly
    Lord_Ghostly (@TheLordGhostly) reported

    @Roblox please fix this

  • Spike_Woody123
    Mr Scrooge (@Spike_Woody123) reported

    Why do i always have problems with roblox!!

  • MCPlayer1020
    MC (@MCPlayer1020) reported

    @KreekCraft @Roblox That is so wrong. Roblox needs to fix a lot of things, they only care right now about their view of their company. Making them not listen to complaints or fix issues.

    F L Q M E Z Z (@FLQMEZ_C4D) reported

    @TheHappyTrader_ Lol that issue was like last year ... Roblox wants money xD

  • YouFoundJxy
    YouFoundJxy (@YouFoundJxy) reported

    @Roblox Please fix the hackers, they are hacking most famous people.

  • Guestgodas
    BlueRedly (@Guestgodas) reported

    Thanks for ruinding my dream roblox really thank you for that i feel like im nothing now it was the only thing i wanted i wish the errors on my roblox account was fixed... but it has to be this ending well well thats all bye roblox it was fun making on your platforms

  • IObtainGamesYT
    RealGamingObtaining (@IObtainGamesYT) reported

    @AshDubh you want lag? play Roblox in a basement. Play ripull games.

  • shanerockstarYT
    shane (@shanerockstarYT) reported

    These errors are terrible a lot of pages are broken on roblox and now my group is one of them now I guess rip

  • NICKTheplayer13
    goldensta (@NICKTheplayer13) reported

    @Defaultio Hello defaultio i have a problem. I bought something for my base and when i startetteload my roblox crahsed and i lost everythint! please help me !

  • EquillexYT
    Equillex (@EquillexYT) reported

    @ZephPlayz sorry bud better follow the ROBLOX terms of service next time

    🎃IMightBeTrying🎃 (@RBX_IMBT) reported

    @Roblox can you fix this bug where , you unlink your account, I cant use my account from my laptop. I h8 it because I don't want to use another account! Please fix this

  • TheKing2219
    The King (@TheKing2219) reported

    @herbeeizkool @Pokediger1 @asimo3089 @badccvoid Accully no it’s bugs in there system or scripted and many youtubers have experienced this because they have reached a “limit” in roblox capacity so it’s not their fault they will fix it for him because they have fixed it for forstaken and many others

  • JadeF_Lame_s
    JadeF_LAME_s (@JadeF_Lame_s) reported

    He also help fund up with "g" if Roblox getting the error is, I could instead of p…

  • ScottHowland12
    Scott Howland (@ScottHowland12) reported

    @Roblox your website wont let me login recaptcha just keeps resetting, ive ibben clicking on pictures of signs and cars for 30 minutes, still wont let me login

  • TheKing2219
    The King (@TheKing2219) reported

    @JunaidPrince189 The packages are dealing with roblox it self asimo can not fix it unless roblox dose plus its unpachable be cuz the suit used is fat allowing for the slide affect

  • Therealtae3
    tae (@Therealtae3) reported

    Check out my Roblox game I made ALONE it's Dayon e basket and it's a basketball game no balls yet there very glitchy so I have to fix them but you can still check it out it can be a roleplay game No ONLINE DATING so can you favorite BTW this is a Roblox game:)

  • rolo_last
    LastRolo (@rolo_last) reported

    @Defaultio hey, why do you never respond to messages on Roblox LT2? Can you fix my missing Lt2 game save to slot 4, it vanished on the 1st December when you did the presents update. Many thanks LastRolo


    @Roblox PLZ help me When ever i play a Game it Just lags out and crashes (BTW my computer is fine cus everything else works fine) And that is taking all the fun of roblox PLz Fix my account PLZ!!!!!!!

  • MasterKitty11
    Xenomorph_1979 (@MasterKitty11) reported

    @asimo3089 @badccvoid I hate how they set up the links for the options. When I clicked them to look at the options then went back it submitted by its self so I was never able to finish the vote; I was only a 3rd of the way done. Asimo could you please ask ROBLOX to fix that.

  • TripleWorx
    CraftyPlumb (@TripleWorx) reported

    @Roblox The servers seem to be a little... broken, any chance you guys could fix that?

  • 3D03_RBLX
    3D03 (@3D03_RBLX) reported

    @PandaWithNoName i would like to report that i recently lost 4,583,483$ in ur game and i was rank 50 can i please get my stuff back or i will have to contact roblox about this hacking issue.

  • AaronTheRBXDev
    ☃️❄NightSoBad🎄🎁 (3 days🎂!) (@AaronTheRBXDev) reported

    The Email... ROBLOX, I am sorry if I have broken the rules and bothering you. But the day you guys ban me. My Grandma has bought a 2 ROBLOX cards and she spent $77.89 at her nearest gamestop. And I am just deeply sorry. Please forgive me Erin (I assume Erin will respond) I just

  • AaronTheRBXDev
    ☃️❄NightSoBad🎄🎁 (3 days🎂!) (@AaronTheRBXDev) reported

    ROBLOX, I am sorry if I have broken the rules and bothering you. But the day you guys ban me. My wife has bought a 2 ROBLOX cards and she spent $77.89 at her nearest gamestop. And I am just deeply sorry. Please forgive me Erin (I assume Erin will respond) I just really want m

  • caitccc
    caitlin (@caitccc) reported

    @Toad901 @_Skylightly_ @TremityR @Romvnly @Steven89334795 @Roblox @McDonalds you're means you are. you said "fix you are grammar". also, it's *sense. sence isn't a word.

  • CriticalSyrome
    Kaleb Patrick Sutton (@CriticalSyrome) reported

    @TrustMeImRuski @biggranny000 ROBLOX IS TOO REALISTIC DOES NOT COMPUTE ERROR 101010010001111101

  • Toad901
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ︻デ═一 (@Toad901) reported

    @caitccc @_Skylightly_ @TremityR @Romvnly @Steven89334795 @Roblox @McDonalds Fix you're grammar I've doubt that you're a 16 year old he made allot of money by little kids who like to have online girlfriends/boyfriends

  • enoch_liu
    EnochLiu (@enoch_liu) reported

    @Roblox If there is anything you guys can do to help fix this, please help!

  • HackTrap
    ArtistInDisguise (@HackTrap) reported

    @Roblox @InsideRoblox For some reason I cant get to the Toys page on ROBLOX. I want to redeem these codes but it says "502 Bad Gateway" Any way to fix this?

  • xXBrokenChrisXx
    Broken Devitt(RIP whatsupmynword25) (@xXBrokenChrisXx) reported

    OfficialBrokenDevitt On Roblox Official Broken Chris On Roblox

  • abdul_u21
    sagelord2111 (@abdul_u21) reported


  • specialopsgamer
    Sheldonsang (@specialopsgamer) reported

    @asimo3089 their is a new no clip glitch please fix I was on roblox and now I can some how no clip please fix ASAP

  • EssexOwner
    EssexOwner (@EssexOwner) reported

    @InsideRoblox roblox there is a server bug where it says your not friends and your screen glitchs please try to fix that

  • KeelieROBLOX
    Melody Dashwood. 💫 (@KeelieROBLOX) reported

    laptop not working so probably won’t be on Roblox for a couple of days.. Christmas Wya ?

  • zodyonroblox
    zody (@zodyonroblox) reported

    Innactive due to Account problems, - i was terminated Why? Innapropriate decals, But i didnt create them roblox had mistaken them as there was an alt that was hacked. It was created from my IP adress though, Roblox had banned that account for 13 days and terminated mine.

  • _Joeleon_
    Joel | SAVE THE INTERNET (@_Joeleon_) reported

    what if someone makes a roblox game called "The war of the twix" a faction-like game where you choose one side of ( Nerd Twix ) leader : @twixmaddi. and ( Loser Twix ) leader : @xLordAlienx ? I have a very broken imagination lmao

  • _SkylarBowen
    Skylar Bowen (@_SkylarBowen) reported

    @BoatbomberRBLX I can guarantee you all the code I've tried works and that it's an issue with Roblox. API Access is on, and no errors.

  • GameN_Fun
    Andrew Mein (@GameN_Fun) reported

    @Roblox i have been playing roblox for a while and i got this problem before: roblox never started and i tried alot of stuff and it fixed but this time it didnt work

  • PixelGamezRBLX
    BananaHimself (@PixelGamezRBLX) reported

    To all roblox developers, I made a game and it won't let anyone join. It goes like 'waiting for available server (a random number)', is there any possible away I could fix that in studio?

  • MaximumV1RBLX
    MaximumV1 (@MaximumV1RBLX) reported

    @RPlusNotifier get it from a google emulator like bluestacks and download roblox then login to your account and buy it from there lol

  • FireDragon_Ro
    FireDragon7938 (@FireDragon_Ro) reported

    More fake hackers.Soul watch. Ok how about all you fake hackers stay away from Roblox for a while, if you want to scare little children you have problem. There better not be no god damn targets.

  • HomingBeaconRBX
    HomingBeacon (@HomingBeaconRBX) reported

    I saw bacon hairs able to do a speed glitch/hack on Roblox and I've been searching for a total of 3 hours and still can't find what they're using, anyone know a speed glitch on Roblox?

  • ImTylerL
    Tyler L (@ImTylerL) reported

    I am level 196 in MMX Roblox. I am close to prestiging, but I want to take a screenshot when I get there. The problem is I am on an old laptop that can't screenshot. So, I think I am going to get to prestige 2 when I am on my better computer.

  • Mrgamingknight
    Adam Taiki Santellano (@Mrgamingknight) reported

    @NovalyStudios Hello my name on ROBLOX is MrgamingknightYT and i bought like 7 effect but when I click effect but then it uneffect's itself if you can it will really help if you give me back the effects or just give me my robux back please. Please fix this as soon as possible.

  • Fred_Bot_
    Fred Bot (@Fred_Bot_) reported

    Here are only allowed to everyone at 1PM PDT and earn exclusive prizes, sponsored by Christmas I have a error with ! #ROBLOX

  • ZippyTtkam
    Kamran Ahmed (@ZippyTtkam) reported

    @Roblox Hello roblox I was wondering how I would fix roblox infinite install looooooop any advice?.....

  • CaptainMarcinRX
    CaptainMarcin (@CaptainMarcinRX) reported

    @titanicfan244 A Roblox issue, try to join a different server a few times.

  • XxSniperNightxX
    XxSniperNightxX (@XxSniperNightxX) reported

    @Abstract_Alex Alex in in roblox your game (SB2) in Hidden WIlds the miniboss and boss door when you enter you die plz fix that bug

  • TeamBloxYT
    Westdrum Gaming (@TeamBloxYT) reported

    @KreekCraft @Roblox, I get you have a lot going on but get one of your minions to fix this. Y'all clueless my dudes. #roasted

  • nobcheez
    djskd fb (@nobcheez) reported

    @CIoneT1019 yoooo! The super nostalgia game on roblox? The zombies in stealth pilots "the undead coming" is broken. Meaning only humans can kill zombies. been trying to get in contact with you but it isnt working. Please fix this!!! it would be the most played game. thanks! -NC

  • WallnutPig
    wibblywallnutpig (@WallnutPig) reported

    NEWS FLASH: Roblox is still broken

  • ZebbePowerYT
    ZebbePower (@ZebbePowerYT) reported

    @Alexnewtron Why would it lag? Oh i know! 9/10 roblox players play on shitty laptops or phones! #PCMasterRace

  • Bobisman2
    Benjamin (@Bobisman2) reported

    @badimo @asimo3089 @Roblox Hey, I am benhel05 from Roblox I got a hacker on jailbreak he teleported and the handcuffs are not working

  • Jamezy8090
    Its ye Boi Jamezy (@Jamezy8090) reported

    Broken laptop with no Bluetooth and roblox time lapse

  • WallnutPig
    wibblywallnutpig (@WallnutPig) reported

    This is not even funny now @Roblox needs to fix their game bacause I am starting to lose time off of the time I am not recroding! I finish at recording at 10:00 but I still have 2 to record because of the stupid lag! NEEDS FIXING!!

  • NikoDanelia
    Niko Danelia (@NikoDanelia) reported

    @Roblox Please fix the reporting system, please.

  • ArmoRBX
    ArmO (@ArmoRBX) reported

    @KreekCraft Maybe roblox can solve this problem :/ Stay strong kreek

  • PlatinumOof
    TalentedPlatinum (@PlatinumOof) reported

    @LonnieAdolphsen @Roblox I was so tired of all those script errors,So i diden´t wanna try spelling everything out beacuse of all those errors @not_trippypiggy

  • CityPoliceRBLX
    City Police (@CityPoliceRBLX) reported

    Our founder @GeorgeWolfeRBX has today been banned by @Roblox for absolutely no reason, leading for us to believe that he has been hacked. An appeal has been sent out, but whether @Roblox have a heart depends if we get him back. Fix this. @InsideRoblox @ROBLOXChangelog

  • Ashley_Flash
    Trust Issue (@Ashley_Flash) reported

    @danikaangel21 Roblox wont let me play the app on my laptop anymore. Crash, Crash, Crash.

  • ogidrapic
    ogi (@ogidrapic) reported

    @Roblox i am having a problem with error code 6 and i cant live stream now. i cant play. please help me :c

  • JasonTheSwordAL
    Jason Herrera (@JasonTheSwordAL) reported

    @kakitadelbarrio @InTheBox_ @Jo_Blox @Roblox @InsideRoblox Anthro is nothing but a problem to the ROBLOX community, mostly because about 99.9% of the community doesn't want it added.

  • swaaqqq
    Swaq / Jimukana (@swaaqqq) reported

    @Roblox plus im not the only one having this problem a friend of mine and a couple of others are having the same issue

  • swaaqqq
    Swaq / Jimukana (@swaaqqq) reported

    @Roblox fix your game bc everytime im tryna play a game it times me out even though im not afk and im playing the game, then when i try to rejoin it doesn't let me play again... can yall like fix this, its getting on my nerves

  • Pr0to2
    Pr0to (@Pr0to2) reported

    @Roblox Fix your moderation shit my brother can't even type in one

  • ArBKody
    ArB Kody (@ArBKody) reported

    @AlienParadoxINC please go after @Roblox,@steam_games,@Xbox,@OriginInsider and @PlayStation on Christmas any game service #apu

  • BrickGamerTUBE
    Mystery._.Tom (@BrickGamerTUBE) reported


  • GuestDeveloper
    Guest (@GuestDeveloper) reported

    @TremityR r.i.p ROBLOX gave me 4 differnet answers when my old account was terminated and when i tried to pay back the money he don't want it they want to keep me banned because they say no more emails about this issue or something

    Jack the stickman (@JACKWILLDIEALON) reported

    @GlofishRBLX that keeps happening with roblox studio for me but I can only imagine how horrible with roblox player not working

  • TFFCoreyClemons
    Corey Clemons (@TFFCoreyClemons) reported

    @RBX_Coeptus I built my house and it says that my progress might not save and then crashed. So I rejoined the game, And my house was gone... but my money that I spent on it was gone as well! If you read this tweet,is there any way that you can fix this. Roblox Name: FuriousFox_99

  • NDU_Josh
    Joshua Kermond (@NDU_Josh) reported

    @Hayabusa_RBLX @Roblox @journeys Fix The Stupid Filter.... I know.. Im with ya

  • YodaxvaderRBLX
    daxmas (@YodaxvaderRBLX) reported

    @SLEYERRRRR @Roblox so normally when you click, it sets a bear trap. that whole thing just doesn't work, and i get no errors. it doesn't work in a server with filteringenabled on or off.

  • robonick426
    Robonick426 (@robonick426) reported

    @wishRBLX Plz fix the game every time I want to join project pokemon it just keeps me on the roblox loading page ;-;

  • TriskalJM
    Jeremy Morgan (@TriskalJM) reported

    Now roblox has strict policies against nude avatars and content not appropriate for children, but this seems like a much bigger problem that should have been caught. Regardless, we’re done. Also, I believe I’ve reported it thru roblox’s appropriate channels.

  • HomingBeaconRBX
    HomingBeacon (@HomingBeaconRBX) reported

    People in my game know how to do this Roblox speed glitch but won't explain it

  • HomingBeaconRBX
    HomingBeacon (@HomingBeaconRBX) reported

    There's an R15 speed glitch that I can't figure out, why is Roblox so inconsistent

  • RobloxGaming012
    Roblox Gaming (@RobloxGaming012) reported

    @EndorsedModel Hey dude, I was wondering if you could fix the garage that you have in the Roblox studio. I have an issue when testing and my testers drive into the garage and it comes off the railing, can you please tell me how to fix this? Thanks.

  • SgtSuspense
    Gentlemann (@SgtSuspense) reported

    @Roblox So, sometimes when I search for someone's name in players, it safe chats it. Thats a problem.

  • MusicalArtGamer
    MusicalArtJudgeGamer (@MusicalArtGamer) reported

    @Roblox Elemental Battlegrounds, Reasons for i didn't choose others : Assassin is hard, Jailbreak frustrates me with Lag and reset me to other places with no weapons, epic mini games makes you wait in lobby instead of insta vote, and i don't know what to say about Knife Capsules

  • MusicalArtGamer
    MusicalArtJudgeGamer (@MusicalArtGamer) reported

    @Roblox Elemental Battlegrounds, Reasons for i didn't choose others : Assassin is hard, Jailbreak frustrates me with Lag and reset to other places with no weapons, epic mini games sometimes have other modes, and i don't know what to say about Knife Capsules

  • TheSinisterSin
    TheSinisterSin (@TheSinisterSin) reported

    @Roblox in my game no one can chat/talk can you tell me how to fix it?

Roblox Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
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  • 0x80072efd
  • 102
  • 105
  • 107
  • 108
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  • 400
  • 404
  • 500
  • 501
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  • 906
  • 912
  • 914
  • 918
  • 918
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