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  • Online Play (42.19%)
  • Glitches (25.78%)
  • Game Crash (15.63%)
  • Sign in (14.84%)
  • Matchmaking (.78%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (.78%)

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  • Awesomeguy59a
    LemonPower (@Awesomeguy59a) reported

    @DerpySquritle04 @jokes4lifex It’s not unplayable there is an alt place, and he already said ROBLOX can try to fix it, not him.

  • J9sWonder
    Jeanine H (@J9sWonder) reported

    @MicrosoftSuppo9 I have a HUGE problem w u allowing child-aacts to chat w other accts while on roblox Xbox one, but NOT allowing child acct to have "Fortnite Cross-Platform ENABLED"--bcuz thee greatest innapropriate behaviours chats bullying r--e & more r going on in Roblox; BUT NOT in fortnite!

  • shafi04535816
    shafi (@shafi04535816) reported

    @FCPDLawzGAMEDEV @rodvelloso @BSlickComposer No use I emailed them before they were aware of the glitch and bot declined my appeal 2 days later they addressed the issue and told everyone who was affected to appeal but now I can not appeal.. terminated for a roblox glitch... spent 10 years on my account I was devastated.

  • kiris_pet
    Malik Jones (@kiris_pet) reported

    @Roblox This new update is kinda crazy, some of my favorite games have gone into shut down mode for about 2-4 days now, can you fix this.?

  • HuShump
    HuWay (@HuShump) reported

    Assassins Creed. Naruto. One piece. Battlefield. CoD. Roblox. Nd Tryna cop this crash bandicoot.

  • Peronyx2
    Peronyx (@Peronyx2) reported

    @mingalexly I bought 500 diamonds in your farm simulator game. I left the game because of lag but when I rejoined I still only had 75 diamonds but I lost robux. Is this a problem with the game or with roblox

  • CoreyCherry0
    GeometryGamer (@CoreyCherry0) reported

    @LindonGamer The only sign in Roblox that makes suicide happen.

  • EllaTheCarrot
    Ella//TheUglyOne (@EllaTheCarrot) reported

    @JB_Firebrand RoCitizens rarely ever loads for me. It will either say "Error In Connecting" or just will "connect" for hours and I mean HOURS. Ik an update should be coming soon. But RoCitizens is my favorite and I don't want to never play roblox again.

  • DerpyHorseProd
    DerpyHorseProduction (@DerpyHorseProd) reported

    @Roblox You broke your game. Man up and fix it

  • BabymarioRBLX
    Babymariobebe @ home in Texas (@BabymarioRBLX) reported

    @vevibear @Evanbear1Twitch @Roblox I personally don't have a problem with them as long as they're GOOD

  • bellathebeat
    dan (@bellathebeat) reported

    @Roblox Roblox pls fix reports this kid is asking me for my email

  • NorthernLaw2
    NorthernLaw2 (@NorthernLaw2) reported

    @nudgenik @Portago_RBLX I love how we already gave up because roblox is not going to fix this

  • TheHyb_
    Isaac (@TheHyb_) reported

    @Verzical @Evanbear1Twitch @Toxinous It wasn’t a copyright issue. Name was not “appropriate for roblox”

  • PeeperDerp
    HerpDerp (@PeeperDerp) reported

    @Caelyn17711108 @Roblox more like very broken game

  • johitankawaii
    Johitankawaii^_^ (@johitankawaii) reported

    @Roblox_S_Saiyan Strogenst I want to ask you a favor that I missed an error esque I was level 1,350 a day between and I restart the level would you do me the favor of restoring my lvl if you can clear my name in roblox is: johanpasuy34

  • RealRyanRBLX
    RyanRBLX 🇺🇸 (@RealRyanRBLX) reported

    is roblox having issue with servers lately ????? #Roblox

  • LordJurrdRX
    LordJurrd (@LordJurrdRX) reported

    Anyone who is in roblox royale game please be aware of disconnect serverThank like meh game!!!!!!

  • Mr_Swagblox
    Mr. Swag Blox (@Mr_Swagblox) reported

    @Roblox fix your restrictions or I am quitting the game

  • Flaming31895463
    Flamingos (@Flaming31895463) reported

    @Roblox i just put on pauldrons of starlight and they are messed up please fix it they go off to the left and not in the middle i make alot of outfits with this and now this is bad i spent 1k on it please fix it please

  • Flaming31895463
    Flamingos (@Flaming31895463) reported

    Hey roblox so i was making a avatar and i put on pauldrons of starlight and they are off there not normal look at them i spent 1k robux on it and it is messed up can you please fix this its a bug and i like wearing these alot please fix it

  • breeziegal78
    Skylar (@breeziegal78) reported

    @asimo3089 Hey since I can’t message you on roblox but this is a request me and my friends are hoping will be fixed but the volt bike glitches a lot. Is that a console problem or a problem in the game? I just wanted to know if there will be an update where that is fixed. Thanks!

  • Hanrald
    Hanrald 🇨🇦 [TwitchKittens] (@Hanrald) reported

    in the mall and my daughter is playing Roblox on her tablet getting mad. d: aww lag no no no not the dreaded lag, lag i hate you stupid stupid lag grrrrr me: we're on public wifi sweetie.... d: i want real wifi. lag sucks. a real gamer everyone lol #twitchkittens

  • themlgalex262
    Themlgalex262YT (@themlgalex262) reported

    @Roblox FIX EXPERAMENTAL NOW ROBLOX PLZ FIX IT One like=one prayer for roblox to fix experamental mode so we can play old roblox games again

  • ashmariess
    ashmaries (@ashmariess) reported

    Roblox is broken again

  • artem_AI
    - artem (@artem_AI) reported

    @AbstractAngless because roblox is stepping away from the original game we have come to know. it's change into something completley different that no one asked for. no one asked for tix to be removed, no one asked for most of the things that happen. i get it exploiters are a problem but it ruins

  • DevKurka
    DevKurka #RDC2018 (@DevKurka) reported

    @cowboy_jus @Roblox Hey. Please stop complying. I realize that old games were cool, but you should look for other option. It is safety. Experimental mode games are dangerous. It doesn't matter that turning on Experimental mode is solving issues. You should make it compatible if it doesn't work.

  • Dued1_Roblox
    Dued1 (@Dued1_Roblox) reported

    @MemesterYT Hmm, strange. If you could send me a video of the glitch, that would be super helpful. What's your Roblox username?

  • Marfy_12
    『Marfy_12』 (@Marfy_12) reported

    Hey @roblox its very heart breaking when ppl try to say my name but its hashtagged :(( for example someone tried to say "marfy your a lonely fucking idiot" but it came out "##### your a lonely ####### #####" @roblox pls fix

  • bronk_ed
    henlo (@bronk_ed) reported

    @Roblox all you have to do is fucking add a captcha theres a fucking bot robux game on the frontpage, fix your shit.

  • OfficialEJCole
    EJ Uzumaki (@OfficialEJCole) reported

    Roblox has the most heartless customer service of this era, and the most stupidest.

  • Unbunnmakes
    Unbunn (@Unbunnmakes) reported

    @robloxdevrel can you guys please do something about copyrighted stolen meshes being used in Roblox games? Because people are making money off of something that isn't theirs and it's a really big serious issue.

  • oKaoic
    K (@oKaoic) reported

    Minecraft is broken, going bk to roblox

  • Anime_Waifu_69
    Stephen Barba (@Anime_Waifu_69) reported

    @Roblox My Username was TruNeptune_CPU, I currently can't login in because the password was changed and the email was as well.

  • David74832592
    David_fanboy (@David74832592) reported

    @badimo @asimo3089 @Roblox @badccvoid Can u plz fix the volt bike plz it flings me and everyone else that I see plss :(

  • datuna2510
    datuna2510 (@datuna2510) reported

    @ZachZaxor @Roblox Please Wait... Answer: False FPS: True Hacks On: True Comment: ClickBait DoZachlovespizza:True Comment gonna send: True Error: True doigonna murdererzach: False Comment: Error C0rp...

  • igoruzumaki12
    igorlimaduraes (@igoruzumaki12) reported

    @xPoloBear hello xpolar I wanted to know why the new code is not working in my account, or better in none of my accounts of roblox ... I hope you fix it know so I can continue having a good experience of this game

  • hipstapics
    therealbanksy (@hipstapics) reported

    @Roblox @InsideRoblox @robloxdevrel please do more to stop hacking of the game! Gotta who has spent so much time collecting stuff only to be hacked and lose it all! Customer service is a joke Monday to Friday! Don t have a problem kids at the weekend

  • cyri_tem
    CyriTEM (@cyri_tem) reported

    @JB_Firebrand hey firebrand i have been havng a problem in ro citizens when i try to join it, it says error while sending data please reconnect. that does not happen to me in other roblox games, only rocitizens

  • Resyncable
    Reclockable (@Resyncable) reported

    @SharkSweets ROBLOX Murder never saw the spotlight because of the following reasons; 1) Not enough content, only 1 map for 3 months and the time content was added the fate was sealed 2) Too advance for it's time the code used is extremely advanced for 2014 standards 3) Matchmakin had issues

  • Jayden98482352
    Jayden (@Jayden98482352) reported

    @Crazyblox_Dev Hey, I found a glitch on the Flood Escape game on ROBLOX. I had 13 wins and in the first section of the fires, I had 13 wins right? But I couldn't buy the higher 5's or 10's and I couldn't buy it.

  • RedOnyx50
    RedOnyx (@RedOnyx50) reported

    @Concurrental @Roblox Update: I think I might get some help from a scripter. He might fix my buggy mess of a game :D

  • HjalmarHyden
    Hjalmar Hydén (@HjalmarHyden) reported

    Hey! @InsideRoblox Im very often playing with my sister and my cousins. BUT they are on Ipad and there is one thing that I hate sooo much with roblox on ipad, there is no party function, why??? We can’t play the same games cause the most popular games is always full, fix plz

  • renilboss123
    Renil Roby (@renilboss123) reported

    @Roblox i cant play games and it says An error occured and roblox cannot continue. if problem persists please download a new version.

  • MissRileyLane
    Riley♡ Johnson (@MissRileyLane) reported

    Also what makes me upset is roblox's service they like almost make it impossible to get into contact with them constantly being ignored.

  • andrewman542
    andrew walton (@andrewman542) reported

    @SirMingRblx Hey, are you the guy who made Egg Farm Simulator on Roblox, if so Do you have a Discord Server to join. Or anyway i can message you? i have a problem in Egg Farm Simulator.

  • calicowhat
    CalicoWhat is trying YouTube (@calicowhat) reported

    failure to connect to the game something 17 something something on four different roblox games :/ is this my end or is this a roblox issue?

  • DehnewMB
    Mberrios (@DehnewMB) reported

    @PanikAttacc @Roblox I personally think this is just a way to prevent immature kids from joining and "trolling", but group games aren't really my cup of tea so whatever. This isn't a problem for me but might be for others. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • TheHoodedGuru
    Mymic (@TheHoodedGuru) reported

    @Roblox I'm serious af though.... real talk- FIX y'all damn phone app to work with custom-FUCKING-games. Can't even play the game with the squad because your developer ass cucks can't do shit right...

  • RedOnyx50
    RedOnyx (@RedOnyx50) reported

    @Concurrental @Roblox I am against it due to my game having the same problem. If i would enable FE it would break. Il have to test what parts of the game break due to FE.

  • XeanJan
    [email protected] (@XeanJan) reported

    @GabStudioRBLX i like your game of granny but too many codes are not working and that says: i finish the uses of this code its okie. Name of Roblox:XeantheGreat12 and i dont see you one badge i dont get in granny and its you i need to see you to complete the badge thanks :D

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  • 0x80072efd
  • 102
  • 105
  • 107
  • 108
  • 17
  • 400
  • 404
  • 500
  • 501
  • 6
  • 901
  • 906
  • 912
  • 914
  • 918
  • 918
  • dcc
  • id=17