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RuneScape is a fantasy MMORPG developed and published by Jagex, released originally in January 2001. RuneScape can be used as a graphical browser game implemented on the client-side in Java, and incorporates 3D rendering.

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March 22: Problems at RuneScape

RuneScape is having issues since 07:00 AM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Cambridge, England  ▪ Eastleigh, England  ▪ Hokuto-shi, Yamanashi-ken  ▪ Ninove, Vlaanderen  ▪ Oxford, England  ▪ Port Pirie South, South Australia  ▪ Sarnia, Ontario  ▪ Schoten, Flanders  ▪ Toronto, Ontario  ▪ Vancouver, Washington  ▪ West Chester, Pennsylvania

RuneScape Live Outage Map
  • Cambridge, England
  • Eastleigh, England
  • Hokuto-shi, Yamanashi-ken
  • Ninove, Vlaanderen
  • Oxford, England
  • Port Pirie South, South Australia
  • Sarnia, Ontario
  • Schoten, Flanders
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Vancouver, Washington
  • West Chester, Pennsylvania
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  • E3lven
    Ben (@E3lven) reported

    @OldSchoolRS Yet no action taken against obvious DDOS attacks where thousands of dollars were up for grabs. Priorities :)

  • Glvco
    stupid white boy (@Glvco) reported

    @suupguys @OldSchoolRS nothing of what you just suggested is good game mechanics lol... everyone is used to a msssive xp drop equaling a high spec, why fix what isn’t broken

  • JagexHelpHugo
    JagexHelpHugo (@JagexHelpHugo) reported

    @K_evinrs @JagexSupport It's your choice to believe or deny it. Jagex will not communicate any further on this issue, a denied ban appeal is final.

  • khaliddd95
    I Roll In Sweets. ☃ (@khaliddd95) reported

    @OldSchoolRS hello, is there any way to contact you guys beside through forums? I do have an issue regarding my account.

  • suupguys
    Andrius Bendoraitis (@suupguys) reported

    @OldSchoolRS Why not just make a visual which shows how much damage you are about to deal? If you don't want to show it directly, you could go for "Good hit", "Insane hit", "Bad hit" instead. Instead of fixing the source of the problem, you are fixing its results.

  • JagexHelpHugo
    JagexHelpHugo (@JagexHelpHugo) reported

    @WOLF_STORM12 @JagexSupport The only way to look for an account (login) is in the way I described above.

  • DeadBotting
    Dead Botting (@DeadBotting) reported

    @Lokotutoko @OldSchoolRS i didnt ddos, and i havent done any rule breaking ever since that chain ban for the dfs scam LUL, any rule i broke i was punished for. i won that tournament legitimately and fairly and broke zero rules during it, or during the finale.

  • sufiajd
    javier david sufia (@sufiajd) reported

    @RuneScape Greetings, I am from Venezuela .. since two days ago there are problems to create new accounts of the game, the option to create accounts does not work, I hope you can solve this problem

  • sufiajd
    javier david sufia (@sufiajd) reported

    @OldSchoolRS Greetings, I am from Venezuela .. since two days ago there are problems to create new accounts of the game, the option to create accounts does not work, I hope you can solve this problem

  • SnickersTV
    Acra (@SnickersTV) reported

    @JagexHelpHugo @JagexSupport A lot of scam attempts start of by saying 'Hi' or 'Hello.' Will players get muted for that? I feel that is a dodgy thing. I can't understand why you can understand why a mute was applied. Clearly no rules were broken but yet i still get falsely mute ban. I proved my case to you.

  • Regicelle
    Regicelle (@Regicelle) reported

    @RSNKatsae Mobile seems fairy odd though, I don't know if it's people lagging etc or I'm just considerably better on mobile haha. This is what happens when I forgot my laptop for Runescape in work ;)

  • JagexHelpHugo
    JagexHelpHugo (@JagexHelpHugo) reported

    @SnickersTV @JagexSupport There are no false bans. An account can only get banned for macroing after someone has broken the rules on it. That means you can guarantee not being banned for it by: A) Never cheating yourself. B) Properly securing your account to make sure nobody can access it.

  • JagexHelpHugo
    JagexHelpHugo (@JagexHelpHugo) reported

    @WOLF_STORM12 @JagexSupport No, sorry. Accounts are never deleted. You will need a new unique login for a new account, but after that you can set your current email as the contact email.

  • SnickersTV
    Acra (@SnickersTV) reported

    @JagexHelpHugo @JagexSupport Well i'm too afraid too login myself all these false bans... Let me know when it is safe to play. By the way, i have 2 temporary mutes on my own account that are false/fake from 2014. So I know your system is flawed and hands out incorrect bans and mutes.

  • DeadBotting
    Dead Botting (@DeadBotting) reported

    @OldSchoolRS paying a blatant ddos 2nd place, $10,000, bad idea.

  • JagexAllstar
    Mod Allstar (@JagexAllstar) reported from Oxford, England

    @Bert_Montfort @JagexLyon @RuneScape Yep we were aware of that as a problem but never received your ticket. We’ll solve it by going full eventually :)

  • JagexAllstar
    Mod Allstar (@JagexAllstar) reported

    @RuneScape Gota be the hoops we have to jump through to fix @JagexBoko bugs #JustBlameBoko

  • JagexHelpHugo
    JagexHelpHugo (@JagexHelpHugo) reported

    @Kevin17038180 @JagexSupport We are only able to return items as a result of having experienced a technical issue or service disruption which caused items or wealth to be lost. If you have lost items as a result of a third-party gaining access to your account, we are unable to return any items lost.

  • JagexHelpHugo
    JagexHelpHugo (@JagexHelpHugo) reported

    @Kevin17038180 @JagexSupport Ah, the tipoff email. That's exactly that, a tip-off. You will never get a reply on emails send to that address, it's just to notify Jagex of people who have broken the rules so they can investigate. Support isn't given through that address.

  • JagexHelpHugo
    JagexHelpHugo (@JagexHelpHugo) reported

    @toxicwasters @JagexSupport Heya Damien, An instant deny can mean three things. 1) Using a VPN. Easy to resolve -> don't use it. 2) You are using an incorrect login. The login for an account can never be changed and depending on the age of the account, is a username or an email.

  • EnziiGG
    Enzii (@EnziiGG) reported

    @RuneScape I think you need to fix the path finding system for MM, you can't get out of the jail cause he just stops...... EVERY TIME

  • Odablock
    Odablock (@Odablock) reported

    @Aidanfields @OldSchoolRS @TwitchSupport @Twitch @JagexSween @JagexArchie @RuneScape I have the same problem bro. I have two impersonators "odabiock" and "0dablock" and they both continue to scam my viewers.

  • JohnsonNathan99
    Nathan Johnson (@JohnsonNathan99) reported

    @JagexHelpHugo @JagexSupport I can't access my account through the rs website because I can't remember my login info.

  • 70to120
    70to120 (@70to120) reported

    @OldSchoolRS Was 21 health and 71 prayer, a clan of 15 d spear me and spec me out with bgs and all the damage stacks at once. Died and got smited, not sure how you can fix it but its so broken

  • NinerAnalysis
    Caz (@NinerAnalysis) reported

    @cattails713 @OldSchoolRS @JagexArchie @ianspam @JagexSween Shoutout to the code-monkey cucks at Jagex for paying a DDoS'er and funding his leaks and basically telling the community DDoS'ing is the new meta. @JagexArchie @ianspam @JagexKieren

  • snelsti
    Esti (@snelsti) reported

    @cattails713 @OldSchoolRS @JagexArchie @ianspam @JagexSween wheres the screenshot of the login page ;)

  • kingofp2p
    Its_LilRyan (@kingofp2p) reported

    @JagexLyon @JagexHelpFrost @RuneScape @JagexAllstar What about the infinite log in loop bug? If you leave your account logged in on the forums for a few hours and come back and reply to a post it will send you to a login page that just loops.

  • Jake_Bono
    the Box Ghost {beware} (@Jake_Bono) reported

    Runescape's been out for 15 years and I still can't disable the login menu music.

  • Drachensz
    Joshua Varney (@Drachensz) reported

    @JagexSupport I was recently unbanned after being wrongly banned and ended up missing a few days of my membership because of it, Is there anyway to get that time back since I missed it due to an error on jagex?

  • sexyjutsu231
    Jacka231 (@sexyjutsu231) reported

    @JagexSupport So I submitted the request, and it was denied because it was not a error. Which is correct because it was my friend that did it, like Samos was saying, if the account was hijacked, it would get asecond chance. This is the first time that it happened and it wasn't by me.

  • ShadowSangre
    Jack (@ShadowSangre) reported

    @RuneScape @JagexOsborne so while I enjoyed the Pieces Of Hate quest, the boss fight might be better off with a warning. A lot of the people I talked to seemed to have the same issue with being very dizzy/nauseated after. It was a fun quest though so thanks!!!

  • HeadWrinkleRs
    Joshua Johnston (@HeadWrinkleRs) reported

    @RuneScape #worldpoetryday Roses are red, violets are b... CONNECTION LOST udhdbdyckeosnhxkenehx PLEASE WAIT ATTEMPTING TO REESTABLISH Hopefully the lag will be better on Tablets

  • Lifey222
    David Thwaites (@Lifey222) reported

    @OldSchoolRS last night my account got hacked i secured it and not worried that they stole everything but my issue is it looks like they botted woodcutting on it and was worried they are going to get me banned IGN lifey2222

  • UpwardsRs
    upwards (@UpwardsRs) reported

    @JagexSupport I've submitted 4 appeals and they've all been denied. The login to the account is my email address and the email address the account used to be registered too is also my other email address. when i had the account the last RSN was Q7C but the hacker has changed it to Trlm all day

  • Pigmoneyyy
    Pigmoney (@Pigmoneyyy) reported

    You've just encouraged EVERY person to start DDOS'ing in the next tournament, absolute fucking disgrace. @OldSchoolRS @JagexArchie

  • VosOSRS
    Vos (@VosOSRS) reported

    @KS_Rhys @Fools_Justice @OldSchoolRS @JagexSween @JagexArchie @JagexAyiza Keep paying them @JagexSween @JagexArchie they know they can just ddos to win gjgj proud

  • JagexLyon
    Mod Lyon (@JagexLyon) reported

    @MissLionessRS @Not_a_Cow @JagexShauny @RuneScape @JagexAllstar We've just launched a fix for the quick poll. Thankfully something @JagexAllstar was able to pinpoint very quickly :) Any other bugs let me know.

  • EricBerry09
    My Info (@EricBerry09) reported

    @JagexSupport Turns out I was already in comparability mode with the messed up textures. When I change it to normal, I have a lot of lag and my mini map has a pinkish hue over it, but other than that the textures appear to work like normal. Switching back causes the textures to act up again

  • MissLionessRS
    Miss Cubness [Iron] (@MissLionessRS) reported

    @JagexLyon @Not_a_Cow @JagexShauny @RuneScape @JagexAllstar Well, I've been trying to replicate the bugs I encountered. Haven't been able to, so either it was just a one-time glitch, or it got fixed already X'D.

  • frozice
    Karmo (@frozice) reported

    @JagexLyon @JagexShauny @RuneScape @JagexAllstar Triple login, in case buying membership.

  • beka250
    beka betsunaidze (@beka250) reported

    @JagexArchie @OldSchoolRS can you guys fix rune icon so that if you click on it, it actually works cause if you click on the run icon top right it doesn't register. please.

  • JaydenKieran
    Jayden (@JaydenKieran) reported

    @JagexLyon @RuneScape @JagexAllstar Hey Lyon. How does the site decide when to time you out? We're trying to scrape some data from RuneMetrics pages for the wiki using a script, but after a little while (never really the same amount of time), we get logged out and redirected to the login page again.

  • dtrobo13
    VivaLaRobo (@dtrobo13) reported

    @JagexHelpHugo @JagexSupport Yes I understand. But out of the options on that page, none of them match “VivaLaRobo” it’s literally my username. I just don’t understand why it’s not working.

  • themrrobert
    Robert (@themrrobert) reported

    @OldSchoolRS @jagexWeath I'm sure you've already considered this, but just in case, what about going to the bot developers and asking them to cease and desist, and possibly taking legal action against them? I realize it wouldn't solve the problem but could make a dent.

  • leeroy15717339
    leeroy (@leeroy15717339) reported

    @JagexHelpHugo @JagexSupport idk i didnt sign in to my account yet lowic4 is my account names it been like a year since ive played but ive put alot of time into that account iv had it for years and year ud think if i was botting it would be the worst bot in the world the amount of times its taken to stat up

  • opentdb
    OpenTDB (@opentdb) reported

    On the 6th of June 2006, what was the name of the infamous glitch that occurred in the MMO RuneScape? 🇦 #Party-hatDuplicationGlitch, 🇧 #Noclipglitch, 🇨 #TzHaarMassacre or 🇩 #TheFaladorMassacre?

  • connorgates
    Connor Gates (@connorgates) reported

    @JagexSupport I just sent another. Is there a way to confirm a follow up is being sent to my contact email and not my login email? I unfortunately don't have access to the login email anymore.

  • JagexHelpHugo
    JagexHelpHugo (@JagexHelpHugo) reported

    @PlatinumV3 @JagexSupport It asks for your login, which it sounds like in your case is a username.

  • JagexHelpHugo
    JagexHelpHugo (@JagexHelpHugo) reported

    @PlatinumV3 @JagexSupport An account has only 1 login. For accounts created in 2010 and earlier, this is a username and for accounts created after that it's an email.

  • dgberry39
    Dean Gullberry (@dgberry39) reported

    @RuneScape All I can post is the login screen. You banned my account for something I didn’t do so I can’t log in. Thanks

  • PlatinumV3
    Antonio Gonzalez (@PlatinumV3) reported

    @JagexSupport I can't login into my Runescape Account with my Username, Email or Password. I fear someone stole the account and deleted it. I played it yesterday on Old School Runescape. My username is TheVader66

  • PlatinumV3
    Antonio Gonzalez (@PlatinumV3) reported

    @RuneScape Excuse me, I can't login into my Runescape Account. Even with my email address, username or password. Who do I contact for help?

  • Baamoo7
    Trent Wiese (@Baamoo7) reported

    @JagexHelpHugo @JagexSupport While I've got you here.. Is it possible that you could help me find one of my first ever runescape accounts? I've been trying to remember the login to it since the dawn of time and all I remember is that my name was something along the lines of "69trent69"

  • Nath5005
    Nath (@Nath5005) reported

    @Faux_Freedom @OldSchoolRS I thought the problem was that you could get them stuck in buildings, and splash on them. Why not just make them teleport after a minute or not go into buildings?

  • JagexHelpHugo
    JagexHelpHugo (@JagexHelpHugo) reported

    @Baamoo7 @JagexSupport You will indeed have to remember a new login, but after that you can change the contact email of the new account to your old address. The contact email doesn't have to be unique.

  • JagexHelpHugo
    JagexHelpHugo (@JagexHelpHugo) reported

    @Baamoo7 @JagexSupport From a technical point of view it's simply not possible to change the login of an account or to in any other way 'free up' a login. It's as simple as that. Nobody will ever find out your email is linked to a banned account, so I'm afraid I don't really get the 'infuriating' part

  • JagexHelpHugo
    JagexHelpHugo (@JagexHelpHugo) reported

    @Baamoo7 @JagexSupport No, sorry. The login will forever be tied to the banned account, as login's can't be changed.

  • MyWorldisinPink
    Kelly Jackson (@MyWorldisinPink) reported

    every time i get the urge to play runescape again, i remind myself of my clocked login time on one of my accounts & realize that was enough lol

  • Tuckerr_Morris
    tuck tuck (@Tuckerr_Morris) reported

    just hoping one day I wake up and remember my old Runescape login.

  • Joe_Shmooo
    Joe Castania 🌐 (@Joe_Shmooo) reported

    @JagexHelpHugo @JagexSupport I activated it a long time ago and I want to remove it but the Authenticator is giving me issues.