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RuneScape is a fantasy MMORPG developed and published by Jagex, released originally in January 2001. RuneScape can be used as a graphical browser game implemented on the client-side in Java, and incorporates 3D rendering.

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  • hobblets Hobblets (@hobblets) reported

    @andreas_rs @JagexSupport Yep good luck they denied mine twice, I finally got mine back and its perm banned, customer service is USELESS.

  • jayjahn03 jay jahn (@jayjahn03) reported

    @JagexSupport so I login to the mobile app for the first time and see my accounts disabled this is my first time back to runescape in a long while and check and see im banned for macroing major wonding what that is if you explain that would be helpful

  • Coytastrophe Coy (@Coytastrophe) reported

    @JagexHelpFrost @JagexSupport The emails arrive very quickly usually 3-5 mins if not faster, I have tried in Chrome, FireFox and Internet Explorer it won't work in any of those I get the same error message!

  • E_Le_ZaR Elezar (@E_Le_ZaR) reported

    @OldSchoolRS FIX YOUR GAME

  • RsnPur Pur (@RsnPur) reported

    @Reindeer_Hat @RuneScape Mine was stolen during a poh dupe glitch and never saw it again lol

  • Jesse__Neville Jesse Neville (@Jesse__Neville) reported

    @OldSchoolRS Hey! Just wondering why I'm getting a static 155ms to all australian OSRS worlds yet when I do a speedtest I'm getting 2ms, no one else I seem to talk to are having the same lag issue. Thanks

  • Herr_Niels Nielsky (@Herr_Niels) reported

    @JagexSupport Well I can’t because I got banned and have no access to my account, the strange thing is in the morning I could login maybe 10 minutes and buy some keys and then came the message. But I never did something wrong.

  • andreas_rs A_ndreas (@andreas_rs) reported

    @JagexSupport There is no help in this automated response, FIX YOUR SHIT security system.

  • VnJasper Jappieeeee (@VnJasper) reported

    @Tibo_RS @JagexSupport I've been having the same issue for 5 days now.

  • Shawn4291993 Shawn (@Shawn4291993) reported

    @JagexSupport The account is close to 15 years old and has a history of being recovered by someone else. The login is literally my name and birthday and I have the same name on my email. How are my requests being denied with no feedback. I can happily provide my driver’s license as proof

  • Shawn4291993 Shawn (@Shawn4291993) reported

    @JagexSupport My login is literally my name and birthday. I know the original password and creation date. My denials don’t come with any feedback now. I can provide a photo ID to prove my name and birthday but the form won’t let me submit that.

  • ofwgktadam Adam Angle (@ofwgktadam) reported

    @RuneScape I seriously just killed Vindicta 30 times and 13 of the drops were stone spirits. I get you tried to fix it but like cmon they are still worthless

  • DPDRosenberg Stephen Rosenberg (@DPDRosenberg) reported

    @B0atyOSRS Such shit 😭 @OldSchoolRS find a way to fix shit like this.

  • Renzodonquixote Godspell (@Renzodonquixote) reported

    @JudaiSenpai And the one who died there had an old account that died when he disconnected, made a new one and he died again through a disconnect after 100+ hours of work, and hes the biggest runescape streamer so theyre meme’ing him a lot

  • Alt_Codes Alt Codes (@Alt_Codes) reported

    @Japoolie @RsScarce @OldSchoolRS Oh thought I was just lagging last night, didn't notice anything today either though, have been 1t karams

  • Ryan_Star7 Ryan Starczewski (@Ryan_Star7) reported

    @ianspam @Mankedupmage Some of the “issues” they attack while ignoring real ones the community wants changed is asinine. @OldSchoolRS you’re doing a lot of damage the last few weeks

  • AddyzRS Addyz (@AddyzRS) reported

    @SpadilleSama @imkazahkstan @JagexMeadows @RuneScape Problem is their studio ends up 100% white men which results in a narrower band of creative input. Stop acting like the studio being 100% a minority would happen

  • seanthegamer120 Seanthegamer12 (@seanthegamer120) reported

    we will try to stream today if my internet will hold up from problems we will be streaming some runescape 3 from 4:30 to 7:00 @tilTruth @SirJahzeal @Kennethanlive @SprinklesMiner @MightyGracePG @MightyGracePG @EagleGarrett @ItsNerdyPanda @MandaPeron @Potttermoore

  • RuneScape RuneScape (@RuneScape) reported

    @Plahdo @Lee29827745 @JagexSupport The issue is now resolved, you can redeem your Valentine's Pack. Thanks for your patience!

  • RuneScape RuneScape (@RuneScape) reported

    @philrs17 @JagexSupport The issue is now resolved, you can redeem your Valentine's Pack. Thanks for your patience!

  • TotallyNotAMike Michael Brown (@TotallyNotAMike) reported

    @RuneScape @JagexHelpFrost @JagexSupport Just gave it a go, looks like the issue is fixed and I was able to claim my stuff. Thanks!

  • Plahdo Plahdo (@Plahdo) reported

    @Lee29827745 @JagexSupport Oh well, at least they know it exists I suppose. Hopefully they fix it soon...

  • philrs17 philip wilson (@philrs17) reported

    @JagexSupport I tryed to redeem the twitch prime valentines day pack. When I clicked the link on twitch that redirected me to the runescape page to link the accounts, i typed my user/ pass but then it said an error has occurred but my account still linked. I did not receiveperks

  • BrandonLeonides Brandon (@BrandonLeonides) reported

    @JagexSupport 14 days membs wasn't applied after linking my twitch. an error popped "Oops something went wrong, please try again later" but the account is linked now.

  • TotallyNotAMike Michael Brown (@TotallyNotAMike) reported

    @JagexHelpFrost @JagexSupport Yep, exactly that process. Once I click 'Get Loot', I'm followed by the error, or a login if I'm logged out.

  • Plahdo Plahdo (@Plahdo) reported

    @Lee29827745 @JagexSupport I've seen Reddit posts with the same problem from a year ago... bit ridiculous.

  • TotallyNotAMike Michael Brown (@TotallyNotAMike) reported

    @JagexSupport I'm having issues redeeming the Twitch Prime promotion. It returns an error 'Something went wrong'. The accounts have been linked for some time. Trying to get back RS but obviously as a 12 year old account I need my members to access my stuff!

  • yuyuy193 Tyler (@yuyuy193) reported

    @Rigondeaux if they can't fix clans in game they'll fix it irl am i right @OldSchoolRS @ianspam

  • Double_D_C Double (@Double_D_C) reported

    .@JagexSupport Hello, I have an issue. I've made my account roughly 12 years ago. And I've logged in every now and then to check up and it and stuff. When I tried to do that now I found out my stats seem to be reset. I used to be around Combat level 80 ( more or less), (1/2).

  • Twitch_Axman207 Axman207 (@Twitch_Axman207) reported

    @OldSchoolRS I need help please! My account got hacked and it was a skiller I lost my items but that is not the issue! The account was a lvl 3 skiller and the hacker leveled up my ranged and hp!!!! Now I am not level 3 anymore this makes me not want to play.

  • Twitch_Axman207 Axman207 (@Twitch_Axman207) reported

    @RuneScape I need help please! My account got hacked and it was a skiller I lost my items but that is not the issue! The account was a lvl 3 skiller and the hacker leveled up my ranged and hp!!!! Now I am not level 3 anymore this makes me not want to play.

  • bradBTE Brad Giffen (@bradBTE) reported

    @JagexSupport your customer service is problematic. @Jagex

  • TimeCollapsed ʀǟɨռʄʟɨք (@TimeCollapsed) reported

    @OldSchoolRS These are lame, please fix the clan chat problem

  • lMerlinxD Merlin (@lMerlinxD) reported

    @JagexSupport hello, I recently ventured into the HCIM world and unfortunately I died because of a sudden lag, and I was wondering if it is possible that I would be granted a second opportunity to be HCIM since the account is a bit advanced already and it would be annoying to

  • JagexAsh Mod Ash (@JagexAsh) reported

    @nicky_maack In the earliest days, yes, I did. The Support team took it over since then, since they can provide a more reliable service than I could have offered. I couldn't find the link you need, but if you tweet at JagexSupport, they should be able to sort you.

  • darth38 Jasmine 🌞🐍👑 #Kingdom #SaveShadowhunters (@darth38) reported

    Dude my damn Old School Runescape game is lagging

  • JagexAsh Mod Ash (@JagexAsh) reported

    @sebs8 If you're trying to report something that the Report button can't handle for you, the Support team's JagexSupport on this platform. Though you might like to right-click the 'Report' button in the game to find a bug report form where you can describe the gate issue to the testers.

  • SethHymore Seth Hymore (@SethHymore) reported

    @OldSchoolRS I need help with an account problem and I have been trying to reach out to you for days. Says my account is not linked to an email when it is. Cant sign in to website bc of this. I play on iPhone X through the mobile app.

  • PriestleyMarcus Marcus Priestley (@PriestleyMarcus) reported

    @JagexHelpFrost @JagexSupport no it was a temporary password for my account which i could login to the official runescape with, i can send you an exact copy of the email if you want to see, which directly contradicts what you said about not giving out temp passwords...

  • AlolanEevee06 Tamara (@AlolanEevee06) reported

    @JagexSupport I logged in via email and password to my account on OSRS app and I'm trying to login to it on the PC as it's the same linked account for RS3 but even trying to reset email it says account doesn't exist! I've just logged in with it on mobile. I've tried username too

  • WazzyRS Wazzy (@WazzyRS) reported

    @spidermash @JagexShauny @RuneScape @Shaunyowns Says the guy always complaining about his OBS not working

  • elliottinnit FRACK (@elliottinnit) reported

    @billy6160 @Sdf09j23kjsdfj @OldSchoolRS and that's the problem

  • Sdf09j23kjsdfj flpienfhaienfowmsd (@Sdf09j23kjsdfj) reported

    @OldSchoolRS Also, you still have done nothing to fix ice demon’s speed. Make it require a lot less kindling to bring it in line with ***** in terms of speed

  • KarmaRS_ Karma (@KarmaRS_) reported

    @OldSchoolRS fix the ******* australian servers

  • oldschoolpker ? (@oldschoolpker) reported

    @ianspam poor @OldSchoolRS cant afford 1 eu and 1 na pvp world and also cant fix some easy problems that has been in the game for 15 years now... jeezz

  • JitterbugRS Jitterbug (@JitterbugRS) reported

    @JagexHelpFrost @JagexSupport Oops, sorry Frost :) That's not a problem at all.

  • ddddddd91356374 Cdrers (@ddddddd91356374) reported

    @OldSchoolRS Fix your ******* servers

  • TheRiftLive The Rift (@TheRiftLive) reported

    Recently while streaming my internet has started to not want to cooperate again. So I'm going to stop streaming for a while and focus on making YouTube videos. Videos will be on but not limited to: Rocket league Apex legends Crash team racing (when released) Maybe RuneScape 🤷

  • ianspam Ian (@ianspam) reported

    @King_Jim_Z @P1stolsPk @Torvesta @OldSchoolRS You act like every one of them is dead :P Nobody wants to NH brid because combat triangle is broken, single clans, too many worlds to hop through, no wilderness updates. Edge PK style doesn’t exist in wilderness except for BH, PvP worlds bring a nice balance.

  • P1stolsPk P1stols🕺 (@P1stolsPk) reported

    @ianspam @Torvesta @OldSchoolRS This is why even though I have my disagreements, I agree that having both a US and UK world is fine. My problem is with the fact that every time the rota swaps to US all I see on twitter is complaining and people saying they won't be pking for 2 weeks.

  • ianspam Ian (@ianspam) reported

    @Torvesta @OldSchoolRS I just wish they gave more reasoning. They have Aussie PvP Worlds with like 20 players at a time but its to give them less lag. When BH is UK a lot of people experience too much lag so just don’t PK for 2 weeks at a time or face similar ping on 324. I really liked this update =(

  • lhewitt95 luke Hewitt (@lhewitt95) reported

    @JagexSupport Must be that my graphics card is not supported anymore, also while im here im having issues buying treasure hunter keys i get a text to confirm purchase and i reply y and it says sms failed ive allowed premium sms service and tried a new text to 7866p and replied y and still nowt

  • JagexHelpElf JagexHelpElf (@JagexHelpElf) reported

    @STGBloodstock @JagexSupport Hi Alexander, Community Helpers don't use private messaging so that @JagexSupport can oversee the advice that we suggest, but if you could outline your problem, without revealing personal or account information I will try to assist =)

  • kai40817513 kai (@kai40817513) reported

    @JagexSupport I have been trying to get a refund for 3 months I filled out the application multiple times and go no response. I don't know any other way to contact jagex about this problem.

  • rog_gy roggy (@rog_gy) reported

    @OldSchoolRS can you fix the clan chat bug yet you ******* monkeys it's actually cringe do your job retards

  • JagexHelpElf JagexHelpElf (@JagexHelpElf) reported

    @TheWaffanator @JagexSupport possible to hotfix it @JagexShauny often announces the fix on his Twitter too, so please keep an eye out for that. Sorry that you are having this problem. 2/2

  • JagexHelpElf JagexHelpElf (@JagexHelpElf) reported

    @TheWaffanator @JagexSupport Hi Matthew, thank you for submitting a bug report, it seems that several players have reported this bug, and Jagex will fix it as soon as possible, they don't normally reply to bug reports though, fixes will be notified on patch notes issued after Monday's update. If it is 1/2

  • Drewd1991 Drewman (@Drewd1991) reported

    @JagexHelpElf @JagexSupport Figured it out was a network issue on my end cheers though.

  • mallgawths korrin (@mallgawths) reported

    i want to get back into runescape so fuckingg g bad my heart is broken

  • RoseCorwinn 💛Rose Corwin (@RoseCorwinn) reported

    I wanna go back in time to where the only problems I really had was when I would die on RuneScape and lose all of my super cool rare items