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  • nkdblkstnr
    (@nkdblkstnr) reported

    Porn music is terrible and unnecessary. No one in the history of EVER has stopped jacking off and been like: “Let me Shazam this shit right quick.”

  • wonderluzt1
    StrangeLove 💔 (@wonderluzt1) reported

    @somiscellany Yeah james wan went all out on this movie. Don't mind warner bros. They were chasing a franchise that had started years ago, that was why justice league flopped hard. With movies like aquaman n shazam i think they r ready to calm down n make cool movies.

  • Bgamer90
    Brad Davis (@Bgamer90) reported

    Ugly People looks terrible. Shazam looks terrible. Overcomer looks terrible. A Dog’s Way Home looks terrible. Seeing Spider-Man Into The #SpiderVerse again and I’m still amazed by how bad these movie trailers are.

  • k43run
    k (@k43run) reported

    or green lantern LMFAOOOOOOOO IM ******* WITH YALL I absolutely love Hal Jordan as GL but the movie did a TERRIBLE job at displaying his essence and the plot is just downright stupid. Also Shazam is stupid & i will not spend any money on that garbage

  • Jasperness
    Mr. Online 2018 (@Jasperness) reported

    My Lyft driver just Shazam’d me playing “Buss Down” by Wiz Khalifa 👌🏼

  • F1ashPoint
    Portgas D. Ace (@F1ashPoint) reported

    This genuinely looks like a terrible film. Casting Zach Levi as Shazam looks a poor choice. Just the whole thing seems destined to flop

  • TjRuLz6298
    Tj (@TjRuLz6298) reported

    @iamgeek32 Shazam looks awful. I think the issue is they rushed the justice league movie. Marvel took 4 years and 5 movies to get to the avengers. DC tried to do it in 2

  • bpowell034
    Brandon Powell (@bpowell034) reported

    @snapchatsupport @Snapchat can you please tell me why Shazam is not working in snapchat I and loads f others use it all the time and for weeks now it has not been working!

  • Luxrray
    Luke (@Luxrray) reported

    There was a Halsey remix that played on @979WNCI tonight and I didn't Shazam it and I'm BROKEN

  • jenningsmichael
    Mike Jennings (@jenningsmichael) reported

    @Shazam please fix your app in @AppStore. @pandoramusic was just updated and it’s still interrupted when I open and close Shazam. My iPhone is up to date=so it’s youse guys causing the “fun” issue.

  • grace_wilhelm25
    gray eliz (@grace_wilhelm25) reported

    i couldn’t imagine anything worse than my snapchat shazam being broken and that’s my current situation

  • grace_wilhelm25
    gray eliz (@grace_wilhelm25) reported

    i couldnt imagine anything worse then my snap shazam being broken and that’s my situation rn

  • UrfadasFada
    E C X F G N O L (@UrfadasFada) reported

    They be playing mad bops in dis Starbucks I be wanting to Shazam it to sample but all these white ppl be talking abt irrelevant world issues too loud

  • ShutterDub
    Dave Knott (@ShutterDub) reported

    I have it folks. An app like Shazam for peoples faces. Cos I'm a forgetful bastard and terrible with names. I'll call it Shaface. As in "what's Shaface". Watch this space.

  • wavesblog
    Simonetta Vezzoso 🏝 (@wavesblog) reported

    Apple/Shazam-data issues- good that @EU_Competition looked at them @MauriceStucke #4thPower

  • ChristieAndoo
    Christie Erin (@ChristieAndoo) reported

    @laurenrebeccaG Alright Shazam calm down

  • bullthesis
    Hussein Wasiti (@bullthesis) reported

    @ErikJLarsen @richjohnston It’s just, DC DOES do fun which is why I took issue with the first part of your tweet. And if anything, from what I’ve read of Captain Marvel/Shazam, he doesn’t read like a Superman-type character to me, particularly the Geoff Johns/Gary Frank/Dale Eaglesham stories.

  • becs4216
    Becca Wyman (@becs4216) reported

    Dear neighbor, If I can accurately Shazam what you're listening to from my apartment, it could probably be turned down a smidge. Sincerely, I like to go to bed at 10 pm 😁

  • JDMiller14
    JD Miller {Dredgen} (@JDMiller14) reported

    @blockboi_4eva @theonlytroyever That’s the problem with him the last few years, someone else is finishing things he started. Either see it through or just let someone else work on it. Hell Shazam, Legion, and JSA have been ******* for years because Johns’ was “working on them”

  • ValesqueDidi
    DiDi Valesque (@ValesqueDidi) reported

    *sigh* had to restore my phone to factory settings because of my SD card problem... and in the end, I had to erase everything anyways. More than my photos/vids and texts im upset that all my shazam'd songs are goneeee

  • EricKleefeld
    Eric Kleefeld (@EricKleefeld) reported

    @ErikJLarsen They tried to title it, "Shazam! The ORIGINAL Captain Marvel," but apparently this was still a trademark problem.

  • CaseAiken
    Case Aiken (@CaseAiken) reported

    Anyway, what was interesting about the character was that it was a double down on the "youth in the body of a god" concept that #Shazam skirted. He was a 13 year old boy, so he had a very particular view of the world. He had a good heart, but was still learning how to relate.

  • GailSimone
    GAIL SIMONE (@GailSimone) reported

    Okay. I just read SHAZAM #1 by @GeoffJohns @daleeaglesham. The Marvel Family are my dream character assignment, the book I would most love to write. 15 years I have said this. Now I just want to read it. These guys KILLED on this first issue. It is downright magical.

  • AmonDrakeHF
    Amon Drake #Excelsior (@AmonDrakeHF) reported

    @P3NANCE They still have issue with how to make what Marvel is good at, i can see some hate this for reasons, sadly if we get the Wonder Woman treatment it maybe be Shazam or if they "reboot" the universe

  • daamiedwards
    Daami ✊😌 (@daamiedwards) reported

    @TheCollector198 I wouldve preferred goyer's GLC & zack & deb's shazam/flash/aquaman flavour. Becos even tho they was producing, flash was gonna be awesome, shazam/rock/cavill was gonna throw down in shazam & goyer wouldve mos up green lantern.

  • SolidRoar
    Saud Al-Mutawa (@SolidRoar) reported

    @_ChristopherM As I was watching #Aquaman last night, I immediately realized their problems are in the quality of the scripts. Unless they decided to dumb it down during production. I realize, though, that that was before Hamada took over. I hope #Shazam proves to be better.

  • zartasha_maryam
    LOVESHOT Coming Soon (@zartasha_maryam) reported

    @WWEXOL @weareoneEXO My shazam is not working for Love Shot. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Jake_itsjake
    Jake (@Jake_itsjake) reported

    I used Shazam to discover After The Disco by Broken Bells.

  • heydumdumdum
    Hey Dumdumdum (@heydumdumdum) reported

    @EXOUKC @Shazam @bryanherz @weareoneEXO Same problem. It started earlier after the music release #ItsTheLoveShot #LoveShot @weareoneEXO #EXO @B_hundred_Hyun @layzhang #weareoneEXO

  • MrTaiwo09
    Mr_Taiwo (@MrTaiwo09) reported

    @MegaboyDMW @Iam_semilore01 @iam_rillz @iam_Davido @KIDDOMINANT @billboardcharts @Shazam Them go get problem las las If them no free for their oga

  • vilecorvid
    👻 a corvid in a bare tree 👻 (@vilecorvid) reported

    I often think about that one time in high school I was in front of the class about to sharpen my pencil and my belt was broken so my pants slipped down and I think my Shazam popped out for a second

  • OilyWhisper68
    Kilo (@OilyWhisper68) reported

    @THE_Stefano_DLC I hear the first issue of Shazam is decent though this man ******* confuses me these days

  • armyeidyn
    Eidyn 💜 (@armyeidyn) reported

    explanations of staging, camerawork, graphics design, cyber security (lol), meme creation, social issues, a handful of rather dramatic body observations (😏), charting info, Shazam info, countless fancams, pictures, theories, book comparisons! I’ve learned at least—

  • x_Cinth_
    🦋 Cinth (@x_Cinth_) reported

    @nissababy2012 LMAO I just realized I replied to the wrong tweet 🙂🔫 hold down Snapchat as if you were using Shazam but have the camera pointing towards the object and then the info comes up automatically

  • JackJacksharpe5
    Jack Sharpe (@JackJacksharpe5) reported

    I put so much emphasis on Hawkman because I want more people to read this amazing book. Same as I'd like people to buy Shazam. Same as I'd like people to buy Martian Manhunter. Support these smaller characters if you like them. Hawkman's sales for issue 6 were nearly under 20k.

  • Sethmils
    Seth Milstein (@Sethmils) reported

    You know you’re old when you go to karaoke and there are 3 songs in a row you’ve never heard. Also, you know you’re terrible at singing when Shazam can’t figure out what you’re singing at any point in the song.

  • RedHoodOutThere
    Let’s talk about Jason Todd (@RedHoodOutThere) reported

    @LetsVenom At least Sony didn’t let us down with Spiderverse and Aquaman and Shazam are here to make me feel better

  • MrGrayhold
    Grayhold (@MrGrayhold) reported

    @polluxdioscuros @GeorgiosMits @theshazamcast @dcumoviepage @SEN1227 @letstalkjla @letstalkaboutDC @TheDCEUScene @LetsMultiverse While also retconning some stuff he estabilished in his original New 52 Shazam back up issues, - he won't admit his mistakes, but damn sure he at least tried to retcon some, lol.

  • MrGrayhold
    Grayhold (@MrGrayhold) reported

    @CarlShinyama Man, this pisses me off down to the void all over again, reminds me of the days when they announced the New 52 Shazam, that's how much it frustrates me. It's not just retcon, they pretty much are rewriting Stan Lee's works & Storylines. The lack of respect towards him......

  • OfficeSpax
    Spaxer (@OfficeSpax) reported

    My only problem with Shazam's portrayal of a kid is that theres acting like a kid and then theres acting like a present-time kid. The dancing will be outdated in a few years.. Just like the skeleton in Spyro, outdated within time.

  • BornHeel
    AJ (@BornHeel) reported

    @JesabelRaay Oh yeah, you can't beat a really good monster blockbuster. I'm a massive fanboy when it comes to DC but being honest they keep letting me down. I liked BvS, didn't like JL but loved Wonder Woman and I've got high hopes for Aquaman and Shazam. I love Star Wars &MCU but I know what

  • epickidronan
    Alex 🔥 (@epickidronan) reported

    @RunTheJewrls It is the DCEU fan base not all of them but it’s some. Shazam fanboys are terrible too and most DC directors only feed the hype to get clout and make it worse . Only dc directors that have been mature enough to not shade another studio is Patty and James.

  • egeaydiniz
    Ege the Drama Queen (@egeaydiniz) reported

    @Simykhuizaar damn shazam is not working

  • EMouadeb_
    (@EMouadeb_) reported

    Shout out to Shazam for making me feel less terrible about my very short term memory 🙏🏻

    BiG 🛡 (@WHYTRI_) reported from Everett, Massachusetts

    @Shazam should be able to scan IRSC codes on physical musical projects Viynls,CDs, dvds whatever links back to said album on a stream service Idk why that’s not a thing yet

  • Zakiyyah6
    ZAK wants to adopt Pikachu (@Zakiyyah6) reported

    When people argue about the Shazam and Captain Marvel name thing, I find it to be so ridiculous. I'm not talking about people who are making jokes or poking fun, I'm talking about these people who are really serious about the frankly confusing as **** issue.

  • CJWritesThings
    CJ Enters The SpiderVerse (@CJWritesThings) reported

    I never said Shazam came out of the blue. Contrary to what you might believe, I keep a close eye on pop culture news. The issue is with the folks who think the superhero acting like a kid when his alter ego is a kid is a bad thing.

  • AV32productions
    Anthony Valdez (@AV32productions) reported

    @wickedivy MOS was shockingly bad and bvs even worse Suicide squad at least had a fun cast. Wonder woman was genuinely good. Aquaman looks ok and Shazam looks incredible. I don't hate DC I hate terrible movies

  • LetIronman
    Let's Talk Iron Man ! (@LetIronman) reported

    @DeeCeeGrayson Same my friend. Like I'm understanding on it but it is nerve wrecking considering that yes Billy is a child but if you how his powers work than he shouldn't being acting like this. Idk I put more blame on the New 52 Shazam run being the problem.

  • carl_nobleza
    Pamy pH 🇵🇭 A.R.M.Y (@carl_nobleza) reported

    @BambiinaBTS @_chim2_ Stop this drama and focus to our boys please we need to increase our shazam to wiom. We are slowing down badly. Please army keep steeaming buying and vote.. do request radio rt are not counted. Thank u.

  • RLconroy30
    Ray Conroy (@RLconroy30) reported

    @ZacharyLevi Well I'm a server. So as a busboy. You have to do as I say.. charge my phone! Shazam!!

  • thejimg
    Jim Gorr (@thejimg) reported

    @DrFateTalk @DCComics Sadly DC has been trying to force the Shazam name down our throats for quite awhile now. While DC cannot title a book Captain Marvel, they can still use the name inside the book he appears in.

  • WaymoTheGod
    July Alsina (@WaymoTheGod) reported

    I feel like shazam is gonna be terrible

  • Smaug86
    Tim Marshall (@Smaug86) reported

    @FolkTaleGeek @cielodeusx @neilhimself Trademark =/= Copyright As long as they don't use the trademarked names, there's no issue. See Shazam/Captain Marvel.

  • sayce666
    Jamie Sayce (@sayce666) reported

    @__Caps_Lock__ Shazam looks terrible

  • mkgeiger1968
    The Alien Alliance (@mkgeiger1968) reported

    @tristen_just @staredcraft You chill, You are all having a fit over a concept that anyone can write and do. So not sure how you expect legal issues happening. Malibu comics made PRIME to have similarity to Shazam. It isn't something new.

  • Zach_Prosperi
    Zach Prosperi (@Zach_Prosperi) reported

    @ShazyReplicant Shazam is literally a CHILD that’s the whole point of the character. I have no problem with the floss dance.

  • __Beav
    Beav (@__Beav) reported

    @Dave_K_Flynn I'm so bad with my comics reading, I've got trades I've not touched, issues of Mister Miracle I've not even started, I need to try harder. But Shazam is one of my favourites, so I might pick it up

  • SimplyTome
    Jolly Cormac Browne 🎅 (@SimplyTome) reported

    Listening to a song playing in a coffee shop that I like but the internet's too bad to Shazam it so I'm just desperately trying to write down the lyrics as I understand them as fast I can in notes to Google later, but its R&B and she's speaking really quickly and I'm really white

  • TrueGoatKing
    George Dimitropoulos (@TrueGoatKing) reported

    @CollagingHP That sucks. Killmonger was really good. Also Shazam :D. I was a huge fan of the back up art on issue 1.