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  • StayStackedUp ✨💵Tweet DeSe NutZ®✨ (@StayStackedUp) reported

    I ****** around and deleted half my playlist by mistake. So many months of Shazam’s down the drain 😩

  • imranhussain139 Imran Hussain (@imranhussain139) reported

    @patricjdennis Sorry but I thought Shazam was terrible. I loved ITSV though, I respect that

  • exhaIebws skye (@exhaIebws) reported

    @newrulestweets @Shazam no problem aw

  • StartingSith Aaron Virola (@StartingSith) reported from Levittown, New York

    @Thebatdaddy52 I have a lot of issues with the movie but my biggest gripe is that the Shazam and Billy Batson characters do not feel like the same person ( personality wise). I also HATE the power rangers moment at the end

  • tothestars17 To the stars (@tothestars17) reported

    @MarFarr2 The main problem I have characters I love other than Aquaman I stopped buying Aquaman comic & I rarely buy Batman but I love the terrifics , JLD & Shazam so I support them but I will never support what they are doing with Aquaman or nightwing etc

  • DotsSsj SSJ K-Dots Sanctum (@DotsSsj) reported

    @ReturnOfTheKool @blackthoughttt @_________jeremy @winslowonduty @JesabelRaay For your information I like man of steel, watchmen, 300, aquaman. Shazam, and wonder woman. BVS and justice league was garbage. Calm your die hard snyder fanboy ass down 3 hours + of a film that will not matter in the future. 😂😂 Waste of time when it wouldn't get a sequel.

  • bellamehr mehr (@bellamehr) reported

    adalah sangat menyebalkan ketika you humming to a song, don't remember any of the lyrics, and when you're trying to bring it back again it's gone from your head. also, sometimes I shazam it but my humming is just way too far from the real song. first world problem at its best.

  • SwaMusic_ S W Λ (@SwaMusic_) reported

    @Homo_Cakes As a maker of music this is much more difficult to reverse search unless registered through some sort of aggregation service through which people could then Shazam said music and have it point directly to the artist, which costs money. Posting a picture online however, does not.

  • Swifties_Blujay Buy YOU NEED TO CALM DOWN On iTunes (@Swifties_Blujay) reported

    @TSwiftNZ @headlineplanet US Swifties. Should keep on requesting in on @twitter, via call or text message request. Don't forget also to @shazam You Need To Calm Down while streaming in on @spotify or @applemusic and @deezer

  • GWF_1987 Damian Wayne Stan Account (@GWF_1987) reported

    @smcolbert @L00k_Around_You Also 6/16/19 - WB and Tobey Emmerich continue to ignore fans to please Disney shills who are going to hate anything DC that's not a dumbed down comedy like Shazam anyway so best stop alienating your actual audience

  • fakelindenfield 𝙇𝙄𝙉𝘿𝙀𝙉𝙁𝙄𝙀𝙇𝘿 (@fakelindenfield) reported

    shazam but for the insane videos playing at the kebab place down the street

  • Sonnybubba Carter (@Sonnybubba) reported

    @U1timate747 @RottenTomatoes Couldn’t agree more with Shazam. Didn’t see Alita. The other 2 tho........ dark Phoenix isn’t the worst comic book movie of the year so far (thanks hellboy ) but it’s a close second. Godzilla has good action and cinematography but has a garbage script and terrible characters.

  • DetectiveK1d 🕵🏿‍♂️🐝DetectiveFury🐝🕵🏿‍♂️ (@DetectiveK1d) reported

    @DokkanArt I loved Shazam so much...Only problem i had was the costume was Too Bright imo

  • BrianWatters15 Brian Watters (@BrianWatters15) reported

    @SuperWinterGirl @NextBestPicture That's basically the same answer, worded differently. The problem lies with the alternative, not with Disney. Both Alita and Shazam were derivative of an already over-saturated market. Since the beginning of cinema, audiences have voted with their feet.

  • MahfujulAllam Just another DC fan (@MahfujulAllam) reported

    @carloszman43 @TheComixKid 360*, that's a lot closer to be "about 400", also Shazam was hurt because of being sandwiched between CM and endgame, 450m wouldn't have been a problem otherwise

  • Eudaimoniash perfectly imperfect (@Eudaimoniash) reported from Bronx, New York

    The whole block is screaming at this jackass. And he turned it down one decibel. I can still Shazam his music from the 8th floor though.

  • jemalistrash GTMedia Reviews (@jemalistrash) reported

    @ComicPerch I think Shazam is better but the third act is terrible. Captain Marvel is just cringy mess throughout. At least Shazam had parts that were good. That's just my perspective though.

  • SamParkerMetal Sam (@SamParkerMetal) reported

    Terrible take when: Alita, Godzilla, Detective Pikachu And Shazam All came out in 2019

  • _1hipster 𝓜𝓪𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓪𝓼🍍 (@_1hipster) reported

    Shazam is terrible please

  • catwithslashes C/A/T (@catwithslashes) reported

    Wow 2 errors before Shazam figured out Aesthetic Perfection... 😕😕

  • Guari1x Guarionex Rodriguez (@Guari1x) reported

    @denzelgolatt if you tweet about shazam, shazam customer service will pop up

  • Guari1x Guarionex Rodriguez (@Guari1x) reported

    3 shazam tweets in a row summons the random customer service guy

  • O_Draws Otha Zackariah Edward Lohse (@O_Draws) reported

    @MrJosh79 @GaylyDreadful @MadDashiell @EnzosReviews @FilmToilet @AFinalBoy @sluts_guts @ZacharyLevi @jinworks_art @JonathanBarkan I have zero interest in seeing Shazam. Maybe because I'm not a DC fan. The mix-up is funny. That said, even though I thought that Captain Marvel was terrible, I don't understand the culture warriors who need to pit the two films against each other. They share a name. That's it.

  • dingus_bringus Dingus Bringus (@dingus_bringus) reported

    @Kyleharkins3 I have no problem with lighter toned movies or light hearted movies, Shazam is my favorite DCEU, and Shazam had his badass moments but the dialogue was just bad and Arthur and Mera has 0 chemistry

  • DiandraFleming Diandra Fleming (@DiandraFleming) reported

    My neighbor is playing their music so loudly that my Shazam picked up what song they are playing. Turn your shit down.

  • SleepyyBean_ McSauce 🌶 (@SleepyyBean_) reported

    Whoever wrote that shazam movie should be killed. Such a terrible movie

  • SuperWinterGirl Princess Winter 🧜‍♀️👸 #SnydersUniverse (@SuperWinterGirl) reported

    @LCodoter @TibiTogor @Ser_Jon_Arryn The tragic irony is that if WB had left SS & JL ALONE, #Aquaman & #Shazam would have been the exact same & they'd have no issue with it. The #SnyderCut means nothing without #SnydersUniverse & a lack of support for it is just as bad as trashing Snyder's DC Films. They're the same

  • SocMedGirlyyj SocialMediaGirl/Chel (@SocMedGirlyyj) reported

    @QuenchWines No, that's the term that was used. So I googled "Shazam for birds", and fell down a rabbit hole. lol There's articles on testing and comparing the various apps. The ones I read about cost $, but seems reasonable if they work.

  • jtraderco JTRADER - Small Cap Room (@jtraderco) reported

    @Jedi_Brah Working on consistency and applying rules: 1) if a trade is not working in the first 5m I'm in(sometimes less) i take if off 2) 2 attempts max on a trade and I do not continue fighting int 3) price action before thesis and own feeling (I'm no sensitive or shazam) 4) Discipline!!

  • cowboink ninj 🏜 (@cowboink) reported

    gotta sing this melody into shazam please don’t let me down it’s my last hope

  • CovenElizondo Coven Elizondo (@CovenElizondo) reported

    @AnnaReadsComics Read a few preview pages, they found an easy to make it work. I’m sure more answers will come with the final issue of The Batman Who Laughs. They def upped the ante with the choice of it being Shazam that laughs...also def milking the cow for all they can.

  • bcbranman Brandon Smith (@bcbranman) reported

    @FengyParks ☝🏾This. As of right now, Shazam is six issues into it’s epic ‘Seven Realms’ opening arc. So more than likely, Bat/Supes is taking place later on.

  • LT_Dynamicduo Let's Talk Dynamic Duo | Agent of G.I.R.L (@LT_Dynamicduo) reported

    Yikes I feel like I say this every single month but damn DC why do you do this to me, Flash fowards, Ivy and Harley mini, Flash and batman in September... Im only going to pick up trades of Shazam now and young justice Is missing from September. I only get select issues of...

  • howifeelmoonlit Fairy Angel (@howifeelmoonlit) reported

    I wish that I could just like imagine food was in my lap and it would be there like shazam- eat up ***** telekinesis at your service

  • symoneenomys 🧚🏽‍♀️ (@symoneenomys) reported from Landover, Maryland

    Only reason I be turning down my brightness is for Shazam 😂 **** whatever else you see

  • Davesater david ferrier (@Davesater) reported

    @laurenlaverne @Mark_Flanagan_ I caught the band name at the time but was frantically Shazamming it so I didn’t forget. First time ever Shazam’s got it wrong! Wrote it down instead #oldschoolisbest

  • Sumondakogi Professor Emeritus 🎓🇳🇬 (@Sumondakogi) reported

    @subzoverdubz Yea! We'll see. The live character or the anime version, which is going to be more of "A Joker 🃏"...more... Psychopathic! And i hope heavens they better not flop again, and Shazam was terrible! Urgh! 🙄

  • iamsamminer Samantha Miner (@iamsamminer) reported

    Shazam is the #1 app that actually solved an everyday problem of mine

  • greenbabYOSH 🐢simulated_YOSH🐢🏳️‍🌈 (@greenbabYOSH) reported

    @Great_Katzby @weta_digital It's an interest. And Rosa Salazar on insta said the home release sales are a factor (which means the sequel discussion has already broken through your "85 million domestic" point) , of which on Amazon it has stayed in very high ranking, topping Shazam thru both pre order sales

  • LollyLooWho Lolly (@LollyLooWho) reported

    @HundredAcreGirl Back then we didn’t have Shazam, or any form of service to help identify the music. You hoped you had enough lyrics to maybe find something in an old Archaic search engine. Or maybe someone in the fandom had heard it randomly before.

  • skds1433 Shea Sollars (@skds1433) reported

    @Shazam I would buy a standalone smart speaker, if only to provide what this service does in my living room.

  • FrankFlowerz1 FrankFlowerz (@FrankFlowerz1) reported

    @blackfuny1 As Soon She Pulled Them Tights Down,I Would've Appeared Out Of Kno Where Like "Shazam!!!!".

  • NimrodScamp Nimrod Scamp (@NimrodScamp) reported

    @VeniceMase @LAIreland problem with using your iPhone as your Shazam is it didn’t archive it... Shazam keeps a list to come back to

  • julieo25 Julie O ★ (@julieo25) reported

    On hold to @virginmedia. Their music choices so terrible even @Shazam won’t identify them.

  • Elessar_85 Elessar_85 🏴‍☠️🦩🌴 (@Elessar_85) reported

    Well I saw them all: #CaptainMarvel #Shazam #AvengersEndgame #DarkPhoenix and it's not superheroes' fatigue, it's that plots and scripts are stale and dumbed down while execution is shallow and botched - sometimes they're even copycats one of another 😒

  • PluralsP PriИce (@PluralsP) reported

    @mbuCfreshe use @Shazam or @SoundHound or this is not a actual problem but an attempt at being funny lloll

  • Arsenalroy2k Jesse Glaspey (@Arsenalroy2k) reported

    @uberbaldy On the upside, if we’re using DC as an example, the possible ruination would just be temporary. That their mistakes might have gotten us Aquaman and Shazam as a result. So this could get us better Trek movies down the road.

  • Tony_Bolger Tony Bolger (@Tony_Bolger) reported

    @davemark I stopped caring about Shazam when @Apple made it only work with @AppleMusic. It's essentially broken for us @SpotifyUSA users.

  • USInGodWeTrust By His Grace (@USInGodWeTrust) reported

    @JakeFayette @FreeSoilAndrew Haven't seen Shazam (though it looks fun), & I wasn't a big fan of Aquaman (maybe made it halfway through it). Honestly, they have had an issue with having engaging leads outside of Gadot, & likely Levi. Affleck & Cavill were a bit dull, Momoa didn't land & Miller was unbearable

  • JakeFayette Jake Fayette (@JakeFayette) reported

    @USInGodWeTrust @FreeSoilAndrew I mean Shazam was great too. I don’t think that has any continuity issues. And aquaman was fine but there was a JL reference so that might cause some trouble

  • yusuku13 The Chad (@yusuku13) reported

    @nowayneophobic @the_urbanl3g3nd @KristopherVier2 I take it you didn't read the final string of IDW comics and the direction they took Arcee in. Don't bother, it was awful. But I agree, Shazam worked because this was still Shazam, ditto for aquaman and WW. There was no watering down the character.

  • UltraInstnctAnt Savannah Talk to Haaaaa (@UltraInstnctAnt) reported from Garfield Heights, Ohio

    @DCFlashshill 6. Ezra Miller has always been terrible as the Flash and it's clear he doesn't care about the character. WB needs to fire him 7. The DCEU should've never introduced Bruce so early, we should've got Clark, WW, AM, Shazam and Cyborg first then introduce Bruce in JL

  • chassahontas Chassahontas 👸🏽 (@chassahontas) reported

    Go to snapchat and hold the screen down while the song playing. Its going to shazam it for you

  • adamkee97 нaeмaтocrιт (@adamkee97) reported

    @Marks_Tech Never used Apple products or services accept Shazam Encore (if you count that an Apple service), but I'm excited about that video.

  • felixc917 Felix Concepcion (@felixc917) reported

    @EdwardWestSumm1 @TheDCUniverse @DCComics Yeah. They definitely rushed justice league. It could have worked but they should have let the characters come together organically. Right not WW aquaman and Shazam have done great hopefully down the line we will see all these characters fight side by side.

  • JoAmmara habibi ting. 💎 (@JoAmmara) reported

    Shazam is a terrible movie.

  • Pink09YT Pink09YT (@Pink09YT) reported

    @Daisy_EmB3 A lot of trial and error with Shazam

  • texassizedsteve Steve (@texassizedsteve) reported

    Just got to the Godzilla reveal. So quick and leaves you wanting more. But for me it feels just like when Shazam! Showed Superman neck-down. What a tease.

  • kara_querl Supergirl and Brainiac 5 #SaveSwampThing (@kara_querl) reported

    @TedTschopp Lol it is a mixed bad in the TV dept lol. Captain marvel had less blatant death Mar Vell could be kinda played down . Shazam on the other hand was a travesty it never occurred to us it would be that bad in 10 mins. When the lady burned to death we had to leave there was no need

  • btsjhp_ sal | euphoria (@btsjhp_) reported