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  • HelenaWayneBlog Helena Wayne Huntress (@HelenaWayneBlog) reported

    In news of Shazam #7 getting delayed, I went ahead and caught up on issue #6. I kind of feel as though the Magiclands storyline should’ve concluded by now. But I guess because Johns has four storylines going on at once, it’s probably going to take up to issue #12 to conclude.

  • TheFallenTitan President Trump 🇺🇸 Tw!tter is corrupt (@TheFallenTitan) reported

    Ok i watched #Shazam now and i can honestly say its the most competent DCEU movie (but not the best) the major problems came at the end with the terrible end fight and CG, the ridiculous looking super family and that downright insulting "Superman cameo" 8/10

  • SeanShards The SeanShards Show (@SeanShards) reported

    I'm pretty sure we all just dreamed the first few issues of Shazam came out and nobody wants to admit that they never existed.

  • The_Meatball_84 Brandon Valenza (@The_Meatball_84) reported

    @DiamondSpiderP I love him as Superman, and would love to see him again, but 2 years without a word and that terrible Shazam Cameo tells me he's done. And personally, if he's not really the same Superman I loved, then I would rather them start fresh.

  • projectsabbath salem 🦇 @ 11 (@projectsabbath) reported

    ignore my shazam shirt i didnt do laundry yesterday and im down to my hot topic shirts

  • Christi91211990 The Greatest CVR123 (@Christi91211990) reported

    @shield1991 @GraceRandolph WB Could be setting up (for once) a Shazam Vs Black Adam movie down the line

  • _Paul_P Paul (@_Paul_P) reported

    @ZodWriter @Kalio1456 @RonDiesel12 @dingus_bringus @Superman0621 @FloweringPine Felt the exact same way. I actually really liked kid Billy. It was Levi‘s act as Shazam that was the problem for me.

  • Superman0621 Louis Centeno (@Superman0621) reported

    @dingus_bringus @RonDiesel12 @Kalio1456 @_Paul_P @ZodWriter @FloweringPine You like the tone dingus becuz ur a Disney fan and that's was the issue in the 1st place. The studio are catering to Marvel fans instead of DC but again, in my opinion, Shazam would had been better recieved because I believe you can have more than 1 tone.

  • Kalio1456 Kalio #releasethesnydercut (@Kalio1456) reported

    @ZodWriter @RonDiesel12 @dingus_bringus @_Paul_P @Superman0621 @FloweringPine I don't think billy's character arc in shazam was bad. Billy was still just a kid who needed to learn to be better. He wasn't perfect. But The Levi and Billy characters was a major problem and it makes me wonder how did the writers come up with that.

  • ZodWriter ZodWriter #BlackSuitEdition #sWo #QuixoticWarrior (@ZodWriter) reported

    @RonDiesel12 @dingus_bringus @_Paul_P @Kalio1456 @Superman0621 @FloweringPine That was my biggest issue with the movie too and I got a lot of shit for it. In the comics and other iterations of Shazam, Billy always played up to being a hero. He was clumsy and immature as a kid, but when he became Shazam he strove to be better than who he is!

  • RonDiesel12 Ron Diesel🎧💪🇦🇬 (@RonDiesel12) reported

    @dingus_bringus @_Paul_P @Kalio1456 @ZodWriter @Superman0621 @FloweringPine Billy should have acted more like a kid but came across mature compare to shazam, that's the issue I notice people were saying and I agree with them. that can be fixed i sequel

  • KevinNelson84 Talkin' Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues (@KevinNelson84) reported

    @BrianStack153 @daveweigel Before Shazam was a thing, my GF's mom paid some service to figure out what that song was. Then, she burned a CD that only had that song. 13 tracks that were all Drops of Jupiter. We borrowed her car to drive from Mankato to Madison and found that was the only CD she had

  • dancwilson11 Daniel Wilson (@dancwilson11) reported

    Going to go ahead a say...Shazam was a terrible movie. Fight me. @nerdist

  • FlyingRodentMan Flying Rodent Man (@FlyingRodentMan) reported

    @GraceRandolph @BrandonParkes01 I feel like The Rock is pulling the same stunt with the 'Fast and Furious' series with Shazam; needlessly veer away in service of his own stardom rather than to serve the core narrative of the franchise.

  • _Maddiieebella 🌼Madd$ (@_Maddiieebella) reported

    really wanna know what this song Andrew playing and snapchat’s shazam not working... can’t let him know he put me on

  • jxsticeleagues bri #1 Z stan (@jxsticeleagues) reported

    @meracvrry problem 1 is that i desperately need to do laundry. problem 2 is should i dress it up some or do shorts and my shazam t shirt 😳😳

  • NPCenpiecey Dan the enpiecey (@NPCenpiecey) reported

    @Q_Review It pretty much comes down to people liking MCU movies so much that they now only trust Disney to make superhero movies. People like that should get out and see Wonder Woman, Aquaman, or Shazam

  • Jitzau Josh Woods (@Jitzau) reported

    Marvel movies are the same plot just a little different each time. It got boring after the 4 movie. Now DC is making amazing movies that are all different like Shazam, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman. DC started off terrible and got better and Marvel started of amazing and went to shit

  • FtblTim Tim (@FtblTim) reported

    The MCU has officially peaked. Only down hill from here DC better get it together now. Aquaman was a box office success. Shazam was good. Joker most likely really good...Hopefully Batman will be good. (I'm talking about DC in general, not just DCEU or whatever)

  • wattsth3problem ak1080p (@wattsth3problem) reported

    @CNHWILL_ @plappedcrackers @5ivves @weedallergens @stxmford The only underachieving DC films I'd say are justice league and maybe Shazam. Otherwise the movies have done exactly what they were supposed to do and turn a good profit regardless of quality(and I have my issues for sure). So we disagree again. But I get what you meant now.

  • KennestryPKMN BG | Kennestry (Squad Strike King) (@KennestryPKMN) reported

    @Spooky_2001 I disagree that man of steel and aquaman were terrible. Man of steel did a fantastic job with explaining superman and his backstory. The only bad part was when zod came towards the end and the fight was awful. Aquaman was dope and shazam had comedy plus action.

  • alexgp87 alex (@alexgp87) reported

    @Valiuz Lmao yeah right. JL was terrible but Batman vs Superman was also some straight trash. And o m g wtf was suicide squad. Green lantern LOL, man of steel eehhhh. Shazam was corny AF. Aquaman was just ok. Wonder Woman was decent. Endgame was 🔥🔥

  • TylerMoliterno Tyler Swift (@TylerMoliterno) reported

    @nolan_mcbride @ZachWWMovies I loved Shazam but also I still can't get over how terrible and generic the deadly sins looked. They only bothered to make one of them visually interesting and distinct and it stood out even more cause i really enjoyed everything else about it

  • Superman0621 Louis Centeno (@Superman0621) reported

    @dingus_bringus @ZodWriter @FranksFandoms Dingus it's not you liking Shazam that's the issue because Zod knows I like Shazam, it's the other stuff that's the issue. I know a lot of people who doesn't like Zack movies but want his cut to be released because they believe integrity and don't constantly bash Snyder.

  • DaveyPeppers Davey Peppers (@DaveyPeppers) reported

    Booksmart is the whitest, yuppiest movie this side of Noah Baumbach. Captain Marvel is a 2 hour ad for the US military. Shazam has some problems with body image. Midsummer is “AH FOREIGNERS” the movie. High Life is so brutal and cynical it’s almost unwatchable at times.

  • musicflag Musicflag (@musicflag) reported

    Apple Music has launched a new featured playlist that leverages data from its Shazam music recognition service. “Shazam Discovery…

  • vsandbrook Victoria Sandbrook Wears Dangerous Coats (@vsandbrook) reported

    *She may be channelling the timeline dissonance with the Kazaam/Shazam error. 👀 👀 👀

  • killingjoke32 Mr. J #ReleaseTheSnyderCut (@killingjoke32) reported

    @Jeremypetit117 @Walk1ngParAd0xX @getFANDOM I mean the first problem is you put Shazam under a box of great films and left out the two best... already have no credibility with this crowd!

  • GreekoLeonidas Grieco (@GreekoLeonidas) reported

    @BlackMajikMan90 @stebob1984 Its a mess there is almost no continuity at all since aquaman follows the event of the sc, shazam seems to be in the same world of bvs and mos, but josstice leafue doesnt fit it even ignores events in mos and bvs, the new dcu has the same problems of continuity.

  • Partizan_Niksic PartizanNiksic (@Partizan_Niksic) reported

    Seen #Hellboy last night, i don't see what's the problem with it. Sure GDT's movies were better but this one is not that bad. It's better than Shazam for example. Too bad there won't be sequel.

  • 3hunnidnel ITS MY BIRTHDAY BITCH (@3hunnidnel) reported

    ion kno wat hurts more between shazam not working or me getting hung up on.

  • MilkyJohnWick Julian🤷‍♂️ (@MilkyJohnWick) reported

    @DC_Flash_Fan Probably not as much as you do, but I really like Shazam too. It's the 3rd act that drags it down for me. I enjoyed it a little in the beginning, but then it kinda drags on with not a lot of interesting stuff and when there is, it's not paced well. I agree with the $ thing too.

  • NewfieMikey 爪丨Ҝ乇ㄚ (@NewfieMikey) reported

    @_BrooklynBatman @BBally81 So bad, I loved the first two acts and then it went to shit. Bad cgi, bad acting, etc. Shazam had the same problem as well.

  • 7MoJo Mohit Jhawar (@7MoJo) reported

    @Shazam any response, or just like your service you can't identify what's being said!

  • pmohasoane Palesa Mohasoane (@pmohasoane) reported

    @Shazam my app is not working for the first time in years. It's just "listening" until the track ends.

  • SwaroopOruganti Swaroop Oruganti (@SwaroopOruganti) reported

    watched ‘once upon a time in hollywood’ yesterday, the movie was good but the only problem is I had to open Shazam like 25 times. #QuentinTarantino #soundtrackatitsbest

  • D1G1T4LD4NNY Danny James (@D1G1T4LD4NNY) reported

    @ManxAxeMurderer #OOC It's the best one up until Shazam, but it's a little dull. I think it tie's with Wonder Woman, which is not terrible, but still dull. BvS might be one of the worst movies I've ever seen, Suicide Squad was rough with good elements, Aquaman is one of my favorite bad movies.


    @DonFeliu Bro…terrible. Even Shazam wasn’t as bad as Aquaman.

  • xellemay ❤️ (@xellemay) reported

    Wish shazam worked if I hum a song instead, i have 1/10th of the beat down

  • StamMustapha Stam Mustapha (@StamMustapha) reported

    @jannahtesl Shazam should know better than to promote a watered down The Postal Service wannabe

  • JeffGSpursZone JeffGSpursZone (@JeffGSpursZone) reported

    Finally saw Shazam. Didn't think it was horrible. Some cgi issues Nice departure from the dcu grittiness. One of the better dcu movies. @TexasRex1982 @TheGoodspodcast @RodimusBowtie @twoshotspodcast @sweeptheleague @therowdymexican

  • jill_d35 Jill Davies (@jill_d35) reported

    @ladiegiz @psiplus He would tell you that it was an underlying condition that hadn't been identified before. Nothing to do with the antidepressant, of course! Shazam! Problem solved.

  • SuperWinterGirl Princess Winter 🧜‍♀️👸 #SnydersUniverse (@SuperWinterGirl) reported

    @ZmanGmail @DDayCobra @thatstarwarsgrl Not even remotely. With #WanBillion the critical & financial success of WW & #Shazam, which play by the rules set by MoS & BvS & with Cavill possibly returning, a reboot would cause FAR more problems than it would solve.

  • sakash16 steve katz (@sakash16) reported

    @BATMANONFILM @maufagundes47 People freaked when Shazam went back for reshoots too and if you watch the original scenes on the blu ray every single change made the movie better. Ppl need to calm down.

  • MWDanvers Mark Danvers 🌈 (@MWDanvers) reported

    Having just rewatched Shazam, my main problems still lie with the seven deadly sins with them being the most generic monsters and the scenes they appear in are shot like horror movies, they should of done major edits with the boardroom scene

  • shawnlunn2002 Shawn Lunn (@shawnlunn2002) reported

    Freddy's terrible with the hero names but the training montages are genuinely funny #Shazam

  • KiaraCasts Kiara Ashanti (@KiaraCasts) reported

    @GraceRandolph The issue here is the same 1 that they’ve always had WB never wants to allow the comic book characters to just be what they are. the three movies they’ve allowed that wonder woman Aquaman and Shazam have done well and fans have loved them. Ditto for the nan films. The rest sucked

  • apaulbullock Paul Bullock (@apaulbullock) reported

    Only real criticism is that it doesn't explore its ideas of power and weakness as much as it might have. Sivana is a victim as much a villain and the choosing of a new Shazam is horrifying to say the least. But it only scratches the surface of those issues.

  • rileywrittens Riley (@rileywrittens) reported

    @tenthevillain Imo: if it's something you just sampled as is and just looped it, then it's a problem. But if you blend it in to the point that you HAVE to shazam it, it shouldn't be much. This is not me advocating it (for apperance) but there's backdoors to it.

  • kristenkbates Kristen Bates (@kristenkbates) reported

    Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was cast as Black Adam before Levi was cast as Shazam! Originally, Levi turned down the role because he didn’t think he would be able to portray the antithesis of The Rock.

  • irene123fromao3 theon deserves better squad (@irene123fromao3) reported

    i'm sure mark strong was busy with shazam or whatever, but walton goggins can't act for shit and whatever potential season 2 might have had went down the toilet when they cast him on top of that i had to go through the trauma of a bloody joe dempsie again

  • coldesign_ltd coldesign (@coldesign_ltd) reported

    @ManMadeMoon Dont get me started on down fall,my nemesis...god i love pizza . My son and i did pizza and shazam last night .....i feel so guilty today....but i had too !!!!!

  • JamesMendur James Mendur (@JamesMendur) reported

    @HNTurtledove If he's Superman, the guy (#84) who ran him down after starting ten yards behind him and running AROUND the guys in his way must be frickin' Shazam (since they can't legally call him Captain Marvel any more).

  • JamesMendur James Mendur (@JamesMendur) reported

    @HNTurtledove If he's Superman, the guy who ran him down after starting ten yards behind him and running AROUND the guys in his way must be frickin' Shazam (since they can't legally call him Captain Marvel any more).

  • nonplayablekyle Nonplayable (@nonplayablekyle) reported from Clarksville, Tennessee

    @abrissverlierer I can only assume that someone high up at WB is working under the impression that the only tonal options are Nolan's Batman and Schumacher's Batman. That trickles down into even the new movies I like, like Shazam, which was tonally *weird*

  • 76c8ab8a6ef94cc im not a bot ffs 😂 (@76c8ab8a6ef94cc) reported

    @spideysclark Shazam made $364M, that my friend is terrible, especially in 2019 when superhero films are so big. The fact that the mcu was able to build up 23 films and the dceu was is cancelling films after 7 really says something about the difference in quality between the 2.

  • ddddestinylove desss 🌻 (@ddddestinylove) reported

    ****** be like “this shit trash” but turn they brightness down and try to shazam it 😂😂

  • KyleBronson2 Kyle B (@KyleBronson2) reported

    @SamParkerMetal @Jonatha48585033 @AKARELK People said the same about Shazam. Low budgets don’t excuse sloppy filmmaking and terrible commercial choices.

  • J_Dub23_1 Johnny Walker(best food takes and super classy) (@J_Dub23_1) reported

    @imdanzeleniak liked shazam. my only issue is what theyre doing with black adam, it shouldnt be that hard to make movies that can link them. they just sit and wait on things and its stupid.

  • polluxdioscuros Pollux Dioscuros | Eternal Freaks. (@polluxdioscuros) reported

    @Sean42AZ @LaceyField9 @DCComics @letstalkjla @tsujigo @BlueWorldComics @ShazamRebirth @GeorgiosMits @DanSchwent @CrispyWesterosi @ColeMooreOdell @HasgardDivx @allthingshulk Hopefully, as I know many people are liking it, won't mean that. I don't think this means that, because of this, the #Shazam (ir)regular series will end... In any case, in this 2nd example, it might end up been cancelled because the lack of consistency on gettin' new issues. 😛