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  • yashlovemj Yash/Shinichi(工藤新一) (@yashlovemj) reported

    @Miss_LinkinLady I can relate to that! Something always bugs when you're doing something important. I still haven't watched Shazam cause my friends didn't even care to ask me if I wanted to come along! And Batman ninja is just begging me to sit down and watch!

  • SirThomasGWhite Thomas Gabriel White (@SirThomasGWhite) reported

    @akasan The only problem I had with the movie was that he was supposed to have the wisdom of Solomon, but that wasn't shown in the movie. Shazam is one of the only comics I've read and the wisdom made him seem like a completely different person.

  • ExcellentMkhont IAmExcellent♋ (@ExcellentMkhont) reported

    @Koketso__n Switch off your data and Shazam the song it will give u an error message that u are offline but it has saved your Shazam then switch them ON back it will give you the name of the song within 20min...😉 @Koketso__n

  • TomasAli14 Tomas Ali (@TomasAli14) reported

    @ScottMendelson @shivampercy @Forbes There was no issue with quality in the DCEU (excluding JL). It just wasn’t made to suit the taste of critics. You guys think you speak gospel & you can’t fathom that a lot people enjoyed the DCEU for what it was. Shazam’s numbers are low because DCEU fans are not supporting it

  • Planet__G Planet G 🌍 #untilitwasnt (@Planet__G) reported

    @SonOfElTheBat @BigMonkeyLuvr25 It's just ham, and that's what WB thinks will sell, ham. Now with the under performance of Shazam they'll probably double down on the ham, because they'll think "we need even more jokes, and to make our iconic characters even more parodies of themselves" or some shit I'll hate

  • AubertNiniane Niniane Aubert (@AubertNiniane) reported

    @the_moviebob If history refuses to remember Shazam I will personally sit history down and have a very stern word.

  • LewdStarlight Starlight Glimmer (@LewdStarlight) reported

    Shazam! *Glimmer opens her eyes and looks down in disappointment to see that she didn’t transform into an alicorn* ...Dang, that worked so well in that one movie.

  • summonwizardry 𝐁𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐲 𝐁𝐚𝐭𝐬𝐨𝐧. (@summonwizardry) reported

    ⇒ proximity, realizing no one was in sight. He'd clear his vocal chords, saying the word in a extremely low tone. "Shazam!" The adolescent exited the corner as a god-like being, the attire he sported completely matching the description run down she'd given Billy. Amongst ⇒

  • Shpeshal_Ed Nick Stone, Axel’s brother (@Shpeshal_Ed) reported

    @Cade_Onder They were both kinda average for me. I think my issue with Shazam was everyone hyping it up like crazy. Had I gone in with lower expectations I would have enjoyed it more.

  • MishtiJK T🦋 (@MishtiJK) reported

    ..all i remember from last night is that shazam rebirth only has 4 issues so far ;__; n there is. an actual. tiger. i mean i knew there would be a tiger but THERE IS A TIGER!!!!!! he's gorgeous he was there for approx. 3 seconds but he's my fave now :')

  • RetroRevelation Retro Revelations 🐉 (@RetroRevelation) reported

    It's really too bad that Shazam (IE the REAL Captain Marvel), hasn't made more $$$ at the box office. I have issues with it, but it was still MUCH more entertaining (and deserving of that $$$ IMO) than "Captain Marvel".

  • azulgris27 Just Me (@azulgris27) reported

    @nerdist I wished that the Zach Levi would had tried to channel the kid more than he did. The weight of his issues disappeared when he became Shazam, the melancholy, the loneliness. It was like they were 2 different people. You don’t lose trauma ‘just cause you have powers

  • Brah_Of_Steel The Perry-fect Ten (@Brah_Of_Steel) reported

    @SoMiskeen Yeah the problem with the whole "every kid gets one of Shazam's powers" thing is it didn't leave much of anything for Mary. All the other kids got the important abilities. lol Darla was a highlight though.

  • opebin opeb (@opebin) reported

    Went to see Shazam and missed strike time :dab: Pretty good movie! The humor was moooostly hit (for me at least) rather than miss, they cut down on a lot of that DC edge too

  • wretchedTim Tim 𝒾𝓈 regretful (@wretchedTim) reported

    @TheRadicalJawa 1. I've seen Shazam twice I know 2. Having a mostly black cast in a PREDOMINANTLY white-led genre makes the whole genre more diverse 3. This is a very dumb discussion. you've made up rules for when you think diversity is good, when not and see problems where there are none bye

  • woahitsrosy R O S Y 💝 (@woahitsrosy) reported

    i’ve gone to the movies 3 times in the last 24 hours, i think i have a problem ... but i watched la llorona, shazam, and pet semetary 🤩 btw pet semetary is actually really scary

  • Dinok0618 DinoYT (@Dinok0618) reported

    @joshodlin Joker is the only good villain in DC. DCEU is terrible besides Shazam.

  • fayettevamp Chloe (@fayettevamp) reported

    @thehex52 Well it has the same problem Justice League did. They hired a fantastic character actor to be there villain, and then they covered him over in bad CGI. What Shazam did different was they hired Mark Strong to be their villain, and he owned every scene he was in.

  • tone_paul ⚒ Hammer Paul ⚒ (@tone_paul) reported

    @SKERRYVORE this might sound REALLY patronising, and if so, I apologise; but we were just in a restaurant in Tongue, and I tried to Shazam what was massaging my ears, but to no avail. The waitress wrote it down for me ... “You Were My Friend” ... brilliant 👏🏻👏🏻

  • itsrichplusbaby #playboy plus 🌍 (@itsrichplusbaby) reported

    @OnePerfectShot Shazam was the kind of bad movie people think other good movies are It betray its characters, was tonally inconsistent, had continuity issues, huge plot holes The ****** was more geographically and tonally incoherent and tension deficient than any ****** in any other DC movie

  • ShackAndretti Tommy Vercetti (@ShackAndretti) reported

    Damn Shazam really is terrible

  • Tiffceline tiffany (@Tiffceline) reported

    Shazam was a terrible movie I won’t lie, ended up sleeping through all of it and I’ve never done that lmao

  • Metalfan26 Brian (@Metalfan26) reported

    That Shazam movie looks terrible.

  • Stickless9 EMP | Stickless (@Stickless9) reported

    Saw Shazam, and it was just a DC quality movie with terrible child actors. Started off well and then kept blue balling you until it slowed to a screeching halt. The villain was also literally sans undertale. Definetly put M&Ms in your popcorn for this one.

  • TyDugganWrites FutureSpiderScribe (@TyDugganWrites) reported

    @urbanbohemian Its frustrating these movies, with the singular exceptions of WW & Shazam, have been so terrible.

  • SDelanster Sean Delaney (@SDelanster) reported

    “Shazam” is the most realistic superhero movie because the villain is motivated by daddy issues. It is also the least realistic because it was set in Philadelphia and not ONE person said “Go Birds”. #Shazam

  • zer0sanctum Mort (@zer0sanctum) reported

    @Jayhaerys Shazam was good too, DC should just embrace the corny and not try too hard to be edgy. The edge will come later, first they need to get their fundamentals down Esp. Characters. Like how marvel really shines with non-earth plots (GotG, Thor:Ragnarok)

  • ThreePatchCocoa Drinkingcocoa (@ThreePatchCocoa) reported

    Aaaauugggh. I involuntarily ended up sitting through the Shazam movie with my kid for the *second* time and now my head is stuck on the intentionally terrible filk of "Eye of the Tiger" from that movie. 😂

  • Luiz_Fernando_J Luiz Fernando (@Luiz_Fernando_J) reported

    @BlackMajikMan90 @Planet__G @TaurooAldebaran @ponysmasher @ZacharyLevi @DCFUnited @DaveePena @dcumoviepage @_BrooklynBatman @PortalZacLevi I mean, theatrically. None of them were profitable during their theatrical runs. MoS and BvS just made into the break-even point money after the home video release. JL not even with the home video release could save its monstrous costs. Shazam won’t have this problem.

  • CinematicReturn Cinematic Return - Hamada Reborn father of Campea (@CinematicReturn) reported

    @youngshilldon Neither. Aquaman has terrible script issues, some awful jokes, and i found the camera work a bit shit. Its not going to age well, and for me has no repeat viewing potential. Frankly its mediocre. Shazam is another kind of mediocre, safe, none threatening and a cheap tv movie

  • Dreamer_Vikrant Vikrant Sharma (@Dreamer_Vikrant) reported

    @PVRSupport Please I so wanted to see Shazam in 4D in PVR Pacific at 3:10om show. But for last one hour dur to some technical issue not able to. An urgent solution will be appreciable.

  • MaiaFranklyn Squalid Snake (@MaiaFranklyn) reported

    I think Thor Ragnarok and Spiderverse and Shazam! work so well because they're not embarrassed about being superhero movies The biggest problem with, say, Man of Steel is that it was made by dudes who clearly saw the concept of Superman as something that needed to be Fixed

  • PauloVolDotVIII Paulo Perocho (@PauloVolDotVIII) reported

    Shazam is now no. 2 and the rest go down by 1 spot.

  • MasterSwrdRemix Master Sword (@MasterSwrdRemix) reported

    I finally watched Aquaman and it was as terrible as all the DCEU films before it. I really don't know how it got more of a pass than the others. The action was pretty good but the worst part was the music choice/soundtrack imo. Might see Shazam tomorrow. That actually looks good

  • PrithviDa1 Prithvi Heller (@PrithviDa1) reported

    @BBally81 @J69701749 @suunymaxi @Sharito742 @Luiz_Fernando_J I guess; some ppl have a general issue with DC having any success. Their brain can't handle the fact that DC has made some of the greatest comicbook films ever made. Shazam is a successful film whether they like it or not

  • youngshilldon Professor Pineapple (@youngshilldon) reported

    @NicholasMoore16 @chriswashere321 Wonder Woman was good. Aquaman was medicore. Haven't seen Shazam. Wonder Woman 84 looks like it might have serious issues.

  • SinemiaScam SinemiaScam (@SinemiaScam) reported

    @MrBobert It only seems to not work when people want to use the service they paid for, especially on big movie weekends. Captain Marvel, Shazam, and likely #Avengers End Game will have issues. I’m no fortune teller but the pattern is obvious 🔮

  • Caesar63BC Augustus Caesar (@Caesar63BC) reported

    @jtf18james I don't remember Shazam having so many moments are bad CGI. The problem is we haven't figured out how to do "weightlessness," especially when it comes to underwater scenes.

  • SHAAN87989064 READY for #ENDGAME (@SHAAN87989064) reported

    @Bosco685 @DAlter007 Lets face the facts...xmen:DP tracking even lower than shazam..which is one of most popular superhero has done a terrible job.

  • __ELITEDUHH Ken Ken (@__ELITEDUHH) reported

    @Yuey_J4 Movie look terrible plus they picked wrong person to play Shazam

  • NTBKompy Thou art a very ragged Kompy. (@NTBKompy) reported

    My brain in a nutshell, everyone. oh, and this human follicle we collectively call 'the sane side of our brain' said she went to see Shazam with her dad today and had fun. ... don't ask about the frazzled wig in the corner whining about job issues. That's just My Anxiety.

  • powerfulpunches toni. (@powerfulpunches) reported

    || haven't seen any DC movie except Shazam because I'm a Marvel fanboy. I'm nervous to join the Fandom because of how many problems appear in Marvel -- unsure if those cross into DC.

  • BBally81 Badr Bally (@BBally81) reported

    @J69701749 @suunymaxi @Sharito742 @PrithviDa1 @Luiz_Fernando_J Into the Spider-verse made around that rate last year and it more marketing than Shazam but nobody had an issue calling that film a success

  • itslisae Lisa ‘Double Nickname’ Fuqua (@itslisae) reported

    I didn’t know John Glover was in #Shazam, but there he was doing what he does best: being a terrible parent to a DC villain.

  • PatrickJosephB Patrick Brennan (@PatrickJosephB) reported

    So I’ve just found out that the hero known as Shazam used to be called Captain Marvel before copyright issues, and now I don’t know what to believe anymore

  • UCMJOATH Poppin Off (@UCMJOATH) reported

    I've been waiting 99yrs for THE ONLY SUPERHERO Captain Marvel--no pissing around just Shazam and ready to kick ass: one problem: same problem past 30yrs: shitty color cuz Hollywood rather than pay PG&E, went to large flashlights. Seen only 2 so-called recent color movies

  • ZL1_Johnny Johnny (@ZL1_Johnny) reported

    @AngelH_27 I mean I’ll let it slide that your scared but **** it I’m down for Shazam

  • ThatWightGuy Travis Wight (@ThatWightGuy) reported

    Just saw Shazam. To the guy who kept getting up to buy his obnoxiously loud kids popcorn: I hate you and your kids. People like you make the theater experience terrible.

  • Only_Grey *NotThePopularOpinion (@Only_Grey) reported

    @SuperWinterGirl @Snydercutshill Billy feels bad about this and makes it up to him by not only showing up as Shazam but by bringing Superman. I see it as an issue for me because it's making Billy feel responsible for Freddie being kind of a douche and making promises on behalf of other people.

  • willbrooker W I L L B R O O K E R (@willbrooker) reported

    @georgegustines @BTdocs Yes, sorry I just mean the movie version. I feel that when he becomes Shazam, he forgets the quest he's been on for the past several years, and just wants to goof around, making cash and enjoying minor fame. I felt he would use his powers immediately to track down his mother.

  • cdverse nilo (@cdverse) reported

    i have my issues with dc movies because the >:(everything’s dark and i’ve been bad at keeping up with the latest ones but i really liked shazam idk if this makes sense but YEAAA i liked it

  • kathfyt k. (@kathfyt) reported

    Hey it seems like your counter is broken @bryanherz @Shazam when I try to Shazam Heard It All Before by @dinahjane97

  • kathfyt k. (@kathfyt) reported

    @maaare It’s not working for me when I Shazam the number isn’t going up

  • MasalaNoodles MasalaNoodles (@MasalaNoodles) reported

    @Mister_BatfIeck After the Titans S1 and Shazam set leaks and the subsequent unnecessary meltdown from the fandom, I'm not going to judge Iain or #DCUTitans from leaked set pics. I'll wait for the show to air...and I hope the show shuts down whoever was using their mobile phone.

  • 1ntegr1ty Lohith K V (@1ntegr1ty) reported

    Cooling down after a red-hot work week with #Shazam! on @_PVRCinemas #IMAX

  • DudesofCinema ©ody (@DudesofCinema) reported

    Shazam deserves to make so much more money. Throwing it in the middle of April was a terrible marketing decision. They should’ve released it during the summer.

  • Luiz_Fernando_J Luiz Fernando (@Luiz_Fernando_J) reported

    @DevanshMDesai A late August/September release could be good for #Shazam, but terrible for the #Joker. Doesn’t make any sense to kill one of your own movies in order to improve the other’s chances. Believe me, regarding the US release, there wasn’t any other options viable. WB did it right.

  • gwcherubpatd K-money 🐢 (@gwcherubpatd) reported

    Shazam is probably the best DC movie hands down tbh

  • ReverseDJM ReverseDarr19J'onn #ARROWISOVERPARTY (@ReverseDJM) reported

    @jelani82 I agree. I have my own issues with SS, specifically the editing, Enchantress, and the 3rd act but it was entertaining for me. Shazam is imo up there with MoS and BvS for me

  • fvckmondays_ mozambique here (@fvckmondays_) reported

    @GoDiegoGo82 I want to watch Shazam :( but I’m down for whatever time you wake up