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Skype is an instant messaging app that provides online text message and video chat services. Users may transmit both text and video messages and may exchange digital documents such as images, text, and video. Skype allows video conference calls.

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  • Gaabshe3 Ahmed abdi abdulahi (@Gaabshe3) reported

    Yassin Abdi Said, one of several Somali students who spoke to VOA's Somali service via Skype. "The city is on lockdown, most shops are closed. Authorities are not allowing anyone to go out or come in." Wuhan is the epicenter of the epidemic

  • CamgirlIshmet Ishmet (@CamgirlIshmet) reported

    Never mind I’m laying down doing Skype or FaceTime for the next hr $50 min /20 min toys included 😘

  • Dark_Princess86 Dark Princess 👸🏻🎮 #OctopathTraveler (@Dark_Princess86) reported

    I knew it was only a matter of time. Finally broke down crying about Kobe on Skype tonight with Sean. I started talking about a different time in my life and how much it meant to me and I just... I think I need to write a whole blog post about this 😕 maybe it'll be therapeutic

  • TotalSecurily Henny '#TrumpResign' Roggy (@TotalSecurily) reported

    @GoogleStadia Maybe closing all browsers but the one with incognito helped. Also, I had skype running in the background. I'm not sure if it should affect the game stream in any way, but I closed it as well. I still have issues. But they are much less now.

  • arcanasphere Arcanasphere (@arcanasphere) reported

    Skype just throttled my hard drive. Service host: connected devices. Disk usage was in the red again.

  • whatsthebuzz_1 ✨💫MS IRONICAL💫✨ (@whatsthebuzz_1) reported

    Someone opened my Skype. The last time that happened there were phone numbers in my drop down to foreign countries that I never made.

  • UshaNirmala UN (@UshaNirmala) reported

    @gchellappan Tolled providers in India are always blamed for signal and lack of infra issues. This feature allows interconnectivity of internet and traditional telecom to improve that. OTT like WA, Skype are not tolled providers yet..

  • flatlinetastes s (@flatlinetastes) reported

    I’m so horny right now if anyone is down for Skype tonight or tomorrow dm me

  • BreakingBrown BreakingBrown (Yvette Carnell) (@BreakingBrown) reported

    @Sweeney_DBarber Chased Jordan Peele down and begged for a Skype call to win the “Get Out” role. SMH

  • M1UIRUMA 𝚏𝚊𝚠𝚗 ! ♡ taking a break !! (@M1UIRUMA) reported

    i have to do this skype tutoring thing in like 40 mins and i am nervous 😳 idk what exactly i need help with and like i’m scared the dude’s gonna think i’m dumb i am not vibing with this

  • britthehippie Nude Rude Dude 🤙🏼 (@britthehippie) reported

    I had to help my older coworker set up a skype account so she could skype her daughter while shes on her mission. & I may or may not have set her password to bjlover69. I showed her how to change it but she said she is keeping it 😅😅

  • ianlewins Ian Lewins (@ianlewins) reported

    @BritSPED No. Done using Zencastr which simply involves clicking a link. Nothing to download and then works like a Skype call but much better audio quality. I can email this to whoever you think best to discuss and fix up a date and time.

  • itsJoNada Jo (@itsJoNada) reported

    Skype for Business been down for two days so my efficiency at work is down by exactly 1.38%, thinking of taking the rest of the week off until they fix it.

  • Weeaboo__Bot Weeaboo Bot (@Weeaboo__Bot) reported

    Im a nonthreatening feminist demon! talk to me on skype about your problems as a woman i sympathize i’m taking womens studies. I took women’s studies I know what ‘****’ means. Man I’m so horny today. Sorry.I’m sorry. I just came out and said it.

  • MVjanuary ✨January✨ (@MVjanuary) reported

    Skype got shut down a second time. I’m done using skype fr I can’t even have a single call on there anymore without them banning my account

  • goddessjae69 Fart Goddessjae69 💦😽 (@goddessjae69) reported

    Well guys, I got the job 🎉🎉🎉 Now I just need some help until I get my first check! Buy some vids, order a custom, set up a Skype!!

  • Kristen_Hwang Kristen Hwang (@Kristen_Hwang) reported

    @SkypeSupport Thank you. No one would get back to me and I’ve tried every avenue of customer service avail on website. Glad this is resolved.

  • wiredprairie Aaron C (@wiredprairie) reported

    @LeroyD20 And Discord was the clunkiest experience for us. Inconsistent audio. Weird UI for this usage. Skype was better overall. We now use paid service from Zoom. 200% better than free Skype offerings. We use video too now. Just "voice" was too much like a business conference call.

  • _Rbot_ Rooben.avi (@_Rbot_) reported

    Im in a skype call called actual Mishas please help me

  • callumhighwy theo (@callumhighwy) reported

    @sIeeperspilots @larrehomfg hi my laptop is broken and skype doesn’t work on my phone but i can try get it to work i miss u both🥺🥺

  • Skype Skype (@Skype) reported

    (1/4) Hello there, Piero. You've recently contacted us with regard to your Skype app that stuck on the login page. We've sent you probing questions for us to isolate the issue. As an initial troubleshooting, we've recommended following the steps indicated on this link to fix the

  • mattski2000 mattski 2000 (@mattski2000) reported

    Just a quick note to @skype that after stealing my £14 credit, I will now never use your service again. It was shit anyway. Thanks.

  • summoneralisha Noelle@tired (@summoneralisha) reported

    @skydragondive Big yikes! 😖 yeah I get that. Before I finally quit RP all together, I winded down to only RPing with a small and very specific group of friends in chatrooms or in skype, cuz I was so tired of the childish people. I hope you’re able to figure something out that’s less stressful

  • DebsCarr Deborah Carr (@DebsCarr) reported

    @AndreinaCordani I can't help with Skype, but you could maybe try Zoom, it's similar, but easy to use, I think it's free to set up and you send a link to the other person's email address and they just click on it for it to download and begin the meeting.

  • AndreinaCordani Andreina Cordani (@AndreinaCordani) reported

    Help! Have sent a @Skype invitation to someone in Canada, she has sent an invitation for me. Now we both have screen saying "waiting for xx to accept your invitation" but can't actually see each other's invitations. I have a 30 minute window to speak to this person. VV frustrated

  • shezza_t Shezza (@shezza_t) reported

    Just off a Skype call with tech support who wanted to see me log in, reset my password, retype my new password and get the same error message; just to be sure I wasn't havering.

  • emiliotakas Emilio Takas (@emiliotakas) reported

    @MTLFORBRKFST Hit me up to set a skype call. I can help!! :)

  • Mayneiak Mayneiak (@Mayneiak) reported

    @MetroSupport mobile data is not working. Missed a very very important sales call via skype which in turn made me lose money. Thanks Metro. I will be switching to a more reliable service today.

  • CloudChaosNet CloudChaos (@CloudChaosNet) reported

    Easy solution. Drop you like a bad habit. You're service is nothing compared to Skype, which has been around for alot longer and and has way better features. You should rebrand to grASShopper™.

  • Evil_Prevails ѕαιηт ℓυ¢ιƒєя (@Evil_Prevails) reported

    @shahahax Skype call testing service >.>

  • KinnarasKink ✨ K i n n a r a ✨ (@KinnarasKink) reported

    @Davemzzyyzz Don't be obtuse, Dave! I'm talking to the people begging for Skype sessions, etc. & To answer your question; it could be considered a service! I like to think of it more as me going to the bank & withdrawing money. Little effort on my behalf, but a big reward. As it should be. 😌

  • tiptopiptv meister (@tiptopiptv) reported

    @Crackiacracking is there any way of getting an invite code at all ive trye'd paying keeps getting error and sent message to discord and skype thanks

  • GodDiNo_BL DiNo (@GodDiNo_BL) reported

    @EminTB DiNoGoesHam is my user. I need to play on Skype since my discord is bugged as of right now. If that’s cool with you guys then I’m down.

  • SmoochSomeCooch 卡約翰(LV:100) (@SmoochSomeCooch) reported

    @UltraBaller Skype is probably best bet... problem is everone has to be on lan to have a decent audio. You can probably keep it strictly audio instead of video so it would be less choppy

  • LumpyFatRoll Lumpy Fat Roll (@LumpyFatRoll) reported

    @UltraBaller Google or Skype would probably be your best bet. That being said, there is a delay so talking over each other would be an issue. I’ll just drive over for a podcast, homie.

  • KPG_ KPG👩‍👧‍👧 (@KPG_) reported

    .@Microsoft @Skype y’all have the worst customer service. Not helpful at all. I’m ready to beat y’all ass.

  • chikacheriesoda amazing travel sti (@chikacheriesoda) reported

    Im a nonthreatening omegaist boy, come talk to me on Skype! talk to me on skype about your problems as a omega i sympathize i’m taking omega studies. I took omega studies I know what ‘systematic’ means. Man I’m so horny today. Sorry. I’m sorry. I feel so bad. I just came out

  • allenrmason1 allen r mason (@allenrmason1) reported

    @GPolishOfficial get it skype fix of get a new 1 from allen r mason

  • allenrmason1 allen r mason (@allenrmason1) reported

    @GPolishOfficial get skype fix of get a new 1 from allen r mason

  • LaurenTheShort LaurenTheShort (@LaurenTheShort) reported

    @Strax_the_15th @shade_box you must rage until they switch, skype is terrible

  • timboxall Tim Boxall ♿🇪🇺 (@timboxall) reported

    @Ixzianna I understand totally. I tried to hold down a long term relationship with a (now understandably ex) fiance. She was teaching long term in Germany, and my heart ached every day I couldn't be with her. I still have all her letters, shame this was way before Skype..

  • acai_bowll T 💛 (@acai_bowll) reported

    @finallyblocked @RosePoseOp even so, sometimes those are over skype and depending on who her’s was w it would make sense for it to be a video chat. it’s just the fact she felt the need to show her “business call” clothes and it’s literally loungewear, i can’t help but laugh

  • Sparks_N_Zeros Sparks N Zeros (@Sparks_N_Zeros) reported

    @ReplayRetro It's Skype but differently broken

  • davidbix David Bixenspan (@davidbix) reported

    It looks like the Skype call recorder app I use has been having sync issues the last week or two, albeit not on every recording for some reason, which explains this week’s WCW section of @BTSheetsPod. @joegagne did a server-side Skype recording, too, so I’ll see if that helps.

  • oliviasolon Olivia Solon (@oliviasolon) reported

    @cirrius_tech No. My Gmail is pretty locked down & I've gone back through all my emails from Skype & haven't found anything odd

  • hannahctweed Hannah Tweed (@hannahctweed) reported

    @VictorianMasc @BizarreVictoria These silly people knew who they wanted to employ - a clever person who'd worked there for years. But they didn't want to admit that they wanted to employ her, so they asked the Quietly Angry Woman to travel all the way down from Scotland, because they didn't understand Skype

  • hannahctweed Hannah Tweed (@hannahctweed) reported

    @VictorianMasc @BizarreVictoria These silly people knew who they wanted to employ - a clever person who'd worked there for years. But they didn't want to admit that they wanted to employ her, so they asked the Quietly Angry Woman to travel all the way down from Scotland, because they didn't understand Skype.


    @LASurfer1 I am down to Skype!!

  • ktrogolo Kathy Trogolo (@ktrogolo) reported

    @roojeezy @lossless @mitrealityhack @brkInteractive @TejasXR Oh a Skype call would be great if we can work it out. Would love to hear you share your experience of the hack and the project with the meetup. If @lossless or @TejasXR are not around I could probably get the glitch up for people to see it.

  • Parkerwaves P A R K E R 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 (@Parkerwaves) reported

    @ftbljosh Griezmann would crawl through a mile of broken glass and shit to be able to see Bobby whiten his teeth through a Skype call on edge internet

  • LouLingod LouLingod (@LouLingod) reported

    @Lellycon @FoxyKami Yeah uninstalled it fully down to the code from my pc. Hate Skype. Discord is way better.

  • PoisonxGoddess 🌸Size ✨Queen✨ Mizuki🌙❄🐰🔞🐍 (@PoisonxGoddess) reported

    Sub on Skype just came to my ***** lips through my underwear. Loser couldn't help it when I humiliated him for being addicted to IR porn 😜😂 we had 30 mins left, but he had to go after spraying his inferior seed. All I had to say was ********** and he was done for. #Humliatrix

  • Solomon43578330 Solomon (@Solomon43578330) reported

    @did_lane another dumb Millennial. Stick to what you know how to do best text Skype and post down replies to people’s comments when you have no clue what you’re talking about idiot

  • hurshah Syed hur Abbas (@hurshah) reported

    @Zahraa066 My boss on skype and everyday i am in that kinda problem :(

  • PeterJFoote1 Peter J. Foote - Author (@PeterJFoote1) reported

    @TheDorkery Thus far... a service dog in training, two old friends reuniting, and some dude on a video conference/Skype with his laptop that is getting annoying.

  • spine_of_iron 🍞📈you are gay (@spine_of_iron) reported

    @newlyretro I can't see those words without thinking about a Skype call I was in YEARS ago with an online friend who was routing their voice through Logic and they pitched it way down and started loudly yelling ****, AND, BALL TORTURE and I had to rip out my earbuds cause I was about to pee

  • sleepyseas ocean (@sleepyseas) reported

    I have a skype call in 20 mins and I do not have the energy to talk to anyone pls help

  • Skype Skype (@Skype) reported

    @island_41 (1/3) Hi, Piero. We don't have any ongoing issues with logging in to Skype. Do not worry, we are more than glad to assist you. There are many possible reasons why your app is stuck on loop. One of which is that your Skype app might not be updated or not on the latest version of

  • Skype Skype (@Skype) reported

    @drjeff_feinman (3/4) 3. A Virtual Agent will open. Don’t type anything for 5 minutes and wait for it to load. 4. A Select your product and Select your issue screen will show. 5. Select Skype and Account. Profile, and sign in. 6. You will get another screen to Talk to a person. Select Chat.

  • hidinginyemen natalie 🍄 (@hidinginyemen) reported

    @GENERALGOLDIEZ I’m trying but people keep asking for more stuff giving me more work I’ve shut down my Skype lmao