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Skype is an instant messaging app that provides online text message and video chat services. Users may transmit both text and video messages and may exchange digital documents such as images, text, and video. Skype allows video conference calls.

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June 21: Problems at Skype

Skype is having issues since 03:30 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Connection (50.00%)
  • Sign in (25.00%)
  • Messaging (18.33%)
  • App Crashing (3.33%)
  • Multimedia (1.67%)
  • Glitches (1.67%)

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  • identitytank
    Identity Tank (@identitytank) reported

    @Skype Fill out a form and wait after I frantically tried to get help on a hacked [email protected][email protected]#[email protected]## Only service where you account gets hacked and you're treated like a second hand customer. No wonder people are no longer using Skype. Lost ALL OF MY CONTACTS.

  • kilborn_noah
    Noah Kilborn (@kilborn_noah) reported

    @iDeviceHelpus the iPad app for Skype is still not working on iOS 12!

  • kilborn_noah
    Noah Kilborn (@kilborn_noah) reported

    @Skype @ericfgould I’m on iOS 12 the Skype iPad app is not working please fix it.

  • PaulJoyceUK
    Paul Joyce (@PaulJoyceUK) reported

    @redeemedHacker @SkypeBusiness Do they not offer any kind of password on their meetings? How did people respond when you joined? I'm guessing if you joined as some kind of 'customer service agent' for Skype, people wouldn't bat an eyelid

  • bluecrinklepaws
    Bline crinkle Paws (@bluecrinklepaws) reported

    @Inu_Chu there's a new online service that lets you talk to a professional over the internet (Skype i assume) that Philip DeFranco has had as a sponsor recently. they apparently also deal with most insurance

  • Texas_Rambler
    Eric Huntley (@Texas_Rambler) reported

    @bdsams Not to pile on, but the app is garbage. This happens to a lot of people and it is unreliable if trying to do anything other than Skype to Skype. MS always provides the helpful "fix" of...."Have you tried installing the Skype Desktop app"....

  • ishabazz
    Ish (@ishabazz) reported

    @film_girl There are a couple of banking apps that don’t work and Skype is still broken. For most people I’d say wait, but for you I say “What are you waiting for?”

  • naughtyplantgrl
    ✨💛 (@naughtyplantgrl) reported

    Not in my budget right now, but baby really needs a new phone or a camera for better content Help me start an extra side savings just for it ✨ #Content and #sessions on sale all day! #xxx #tease #horny #skype #snapchat #tease #touch #kikme #kik #bookme #tribute #sugarbaby

  • Wolvenreign
    Wolvenreign (@Wolvenreign) reported

    This is entirely the wrong time for @Skype to glitch out horribly on me.

  • Wolvenreign
    Wolvenreign (@Wolvenreign) reported

    @SkypeSupport My Skype seems to think that the Tab button is being held down, it constantly moves to the bottom option of whatever I'm using. This makes it impossible to talk to anyone, and I DESPERATELY need the use of Skype right now, talking to a partner.

  • TheRichWoods
    Rich Woods 365 (@TheRichWoods) reported

    @film_girl Netflix might crash. Skype does crash unless you have the preview. Twitter might display a blank login screen (I haven't experienced this one)

  • Abfabtravels
    Abfabtravels (@Abfabtravels) reported

    @BFbackpackers Germany. I was 19, it was my first time abroad and I went to work in a motorway service station. Had to use classroom German! So different in those days: no mobile phones, expensive to use a landline to call home, no internet, no email, no skype and mail took for ever. #travel

  • RafaelMelano
    MĘĹÂŊŊŊŊŊ ♥ VI (@RafaelMelano) reported

    @hraaat Through which messengers can I contact u? I can help with that. Do u still have that skype?)

  • imhassan
    Imran Hussain (@imhassan) reported

    Hi @Skype, Thank you for fixing the app crash on iOS 12 so early during the beta. I thought we would have to wait for the final iOS 12 release for the fix, so this was a great surprise. Sincerely, iOS 12 beta testers everywhere.

  • ChrisphertoP
    Christopher G Purkis (@ChrisphertoP) reported

    @Skype and @SkypeSupport I can't believe you have no customer support number to call. I am dealing with a problem, calls are not working on my account, your list of automated answers doesn't help. This is really not a nice experience at all. Please help.

  • AnimeProtagSB
    ThatSnowMan (@AnimeProtagSB) reported

    Just got a random video skype call from some old guy in Austria, that was attempting to speak broken English, and had no shirt on but seemed like he wanted to have an honest conversation. That had to be the most awkward yet kind feel bad moment of me hanging up on anyone ever.

  • Duffnet1970s
    Amy Freeman (@Duffnet1970s) reported

    Filming for the new Skype for Care Home service happened today. So excited @TorieOHiggins @andrewRavenscr2 @MidCheshireNHS

  • AzXango
    iPablo (@AzXango) reported

    Just a heads up to anyone thinking of getting Straight talk wireless. The carriers are great, but their is no video calling. You have to use an app like Skype or Snap...etc. Other than that, the service is great.

  • NoRamsy
    Vla ™️ (@NoRamsy) reported

    @elliesteinmetz Rob and I skype twice a week. It’s cause he’s a terrible texted and he practices all day lol

  • pepesilvia91
    Matt (@pepesilvia91) reported

    Sometimes, it's possible to overutilize technology. I have a meeting coming up with two other people. One works out of the office, so she needs to use Skype. The other one has an office that's pretty much right down the hall from mine. She wants me to use Skype as well...

  • Eddy9091
    Eddy (@Eddy9091) reported

    @SkypeSupport Yes, i checked the status on your website all looked good. I had no error message, i just couldn't use IM, message couldn t be sent or received. This was tested on different networks with the same result. Currently it is working without taking any action.

  • redmeepleryan
    Ryan Peach (@redmeepleryan) reported

    @EltonG31 @WhiteCaneGamer The Skype desktop app is being sunsetted and has a vulnerability MS won't fix. The Skype App is useable, but clunky to navigate. No dedicated chat windows and it will fight you if you don't use the default audio hardware.

  • Eddy9091
    Eddy (@Eddy9091) reported

    @SkypeSupport are skype servers down? I can't connect from anywhere mobile/ios/android desktop/win/mac webbrowser etc

  • Cbrown32879
    N4RC_tv (@Cbrown32879) reported

    @ToddJAwesome Your podcast is so similar to @HDTGM with the difference that they talk about terrible movies and you talk about horror. Your format and how you discuss them are so close. I wish you could guest for @paulscheer via Skype.

  • _McSkin
    Michael Ruskin (@_McSkin) reported

    @SkypeSupport please fix the issue where the mic can be controlled by the user via device properties,mic is always at 100% and cause feedback on my pc as well as my friends and makes it unusable due to feedback issues,i tell it not to control it in exclusive mode and still go up

  • coryballard
    Cory Ballard (@coryballard) reported

    When using Skype with JAWS, JAWS volume goes down so low I can't hear it. Unable to use JAWS while on a call. Changed to Do Nothing Under the Communications tab of Sound properties but still no go. Ideas?

  • amlaurentbh
    mountain dew in a can (@amlaurentbh) reported

    I wish the ppl I help at work realized it hurts me when they say “thanks” instead of “thank you!” in our skype chat

  • AzXango
    iPablo (@AzXango) reported

    @Jay2284 I just brought the insurance and a leather phone case holder. I'm good. The only thing I don't like about this service is no wifi calling or video calling. I have to use an app like Snap or skype.

  • GolfTourEngland
    Golf Tourism England (@GolfTourEngland) reported

    @SkypeSupport Hi, I am signed into my account, and want to make a Skype to Skype call, but the call button is not engaged? I have no problem sending texts?? Thanks

  • FireFlame2020
    Alex (@FireFlame2020) reported

    @Sophie_fennec I can help you with MSI if you show me screen by skype or QQ, wechat, whatsapp

  • lin_rodgers1050
    Lindsay Rodgers (@lin_rodgers1050) reported

    [email protected] why with each update do you remover basic functionality like add phone numbers as a contact ? then make users waste time tracking down and wadding through all the wrong info you left all over the web about how to do this task!

  • QuantumLeapGolf
    AP O'Neill (@QuantumLeapGolf) reported

    @paulmckenna37 Also I'm offering some free 1on1 SKYPE sessions. Maybe you'd like to work on the problem you asked me about?

  • GosiaBorzecka
    Gosia Borzęcka (@GosiaBorzecka) reported

    @SkypeSupport I'm using Skype for Business. The issue is when for some reason network is not working during sending message and even if network is back the conversation is frozen (I can still talk with other people but not with this one that message was not send)

  • AppleSWUpdates
    Apple Software Updates (@AppleSWUpdates) reported

    @zntfdr @Skype Indeed. They were probably too excited they fixed the issue…

  • artists4healing
    Dave (@artists4healing) reported

    Im terrible at Twitter Walter,lol,not even sure if this is going to you directly or God forbid up on the web,.I hope it's just you,my Skype is corkman49 so you can see I'm bona fide and so I can have a brief chat to share an idea or two you might connect with..many thanks,Dave

  • amyleecupoftea
    Amy (@amyleecupoftea) reported from Buckingham, England

    @SkypeSupport @Skype Hiya, I'm having real problems with my Skype not getting messages through/not notifying me of messages, can you help me with this?

  • RuqqieT
    Ruqqie Thompson (@RuqqieT) reported

    @SkypeSupport Before this login with your microsoft account, i could access my skype account (bissups). But now when i login with my micorosoft account, it displays a different skpe account (ruqayah thompson) for me

  • RuqqieT
    Ruqqie Thompson (@RuqqieT) reported

    @SkypeSupport Thankyou for your response. I get error messages of invalid username/password. I have done a password reset a couple of times successfully but im stil unable to sign in. What i realised is that another skype gas been created for me (prob due to this microsoft account thngy)

  • YeahRrrrright
    YeahRrrrright (@YeahRrrrright) reported

    @macus @joebelfiore Or just put it out of it's misery. Seriously, Skype is just an embarrassment now, and MSFT is so good at killing stuff, so it shouldn't be a problem :-)

  • jkarpsportsfan1
    Jeremy Karp (@jkarpsportsfan1) reported

    @Benjamoofin I've always used Audacity to edit, but right now the issue is regarding the recording. I use Skype to make the call, Pamela to record the call, but for some reason the other end of the call never is recorded, even when it technically is.

  • ThatMartinAllen
    A. Rickless Marty (@ThatMartinAllen) reported from Londonderry, Northern Ireland

    So, yesterday's Windows update took more than 4 hours to complete. Today, browser is non-responsive, Skype won't open, Excel and Notebook also not working correctly... Some update, Microsoft... How's about next time, try testing before release... #noobs #bantyWindowsUpdates

  • zaraysky
    zaraysky (@zaraysky) reported

    Update for Skype to fix issues with iOS 12 beta released just in 3 weeks after WWDC. Apple’s magic. Microsoft is changing too.

  • _Rbot_
    Rooben.avi (@_Rbot_) reported

    Im in a skype call called actual Mishas please help me

  • RuqqieT
    Ruqqie Thompson (@RuqqieT) reported

    @SkypeSupport hello team. please i need help! im having difficulties accessing my skype account

  • macus
    Lukáš Mačí (@macus) reported

    @joebelfiore I am using Feedly for years. I don’t need editorial based US centric Microsoft News… Please fix unreliable Skype instead!

  • jidawns
    louie ✈️ kcon TOMORROW (@jidawns) reported


  • 384hen
    i am lesbiand (@384hen) reported

    yeah maybe discord is the better chatting service but does it have the lesbian pride flag as an emoji? no . discord 0, skype 1

  • xReigningEmpire
    Dessie ♡ (@xReigningEmpire) reported

    Is anyone elses' Skype not working?

  • morphaty
    ItzTypo (@morphaty) reported from Meriden, Connecticut

    Guys for every9ne who wants to collab with me I figured out the problem if you wanna call and rec. We have to be both on a phone/tablet for Skype or it won't work! THIS ONLY works for Skype!

  • XNatybebelindaX
    Naty (@XNatybebelindaX) reported

    pff Skype is terrible without builds :c

  • Velverin
    Thomas Jakob 🇪🇺 (@Velverin) reported

    My Skype account has been hacked. So please ignore any message you received from me within the last 6 hours. I already initiated the shut down process, so there should be no new messages.

  • brandovader
    ⚡Brandovader ⚡ (@brandovader) reported

    @Jake_Lionheart If I had any real knowledge about D&D and had a bunch of people I would be down to do stuff with you via skype or something, but I know absolutely nothing about it

  • SpigetReviews
    Review Simulator (@SpigetReviews) reported

    Are subclaims are dumb, please fix and my server is set up the quest. I say? Wonderful plugin is a plugin ._. Skype: Vaentex(Wenn es nicht

  • fisch_bot
    derFisch Bot (@fisch_bot) reported

    don't I them help it if about wanna of accessible skype professional as me ever I. wanna

  • MullaBK
    Kamikaze (@MullaBK) reported

    @silverzcrow I remember having a problem with skype nobody could hear me and gues what was the reason :)

  • bigrobbot
    Big Rob Bot (@bigrobbot) reported

    So if I pay $100 for this Skype session, I choose to help work with overnight projects at my store.

  • L3_Pxrsxna
    Danny (@L3_Pxrsxna) reported

    Issues with Skype, anybody a skype expert?

  • Skype
    Skype (@Skype) reported

    @M1KEMARK Let’s sort this out, Mike. Please provide us more details about the issue you’ve encountered in adding credits on your Skype account.

  • FxSql
    Good Girl Roxy 🌟 (@FxSql) reported

    if you ever wondered, the only chat service I use is Discord and sometimes Furcadia. If you see someone on Telegram, Skype, or any of those? it's not me I DO have steam but I NEVER talk on there

  • ubersoft
    C. B. Wright (A Madman Unhing'd) (@ubersoft) reported

    Is there a kind, brave soul with Skype out there who is willing to help me test a new Skype/Linux/Podcast setup? Essentially: we will talk, probably rather awkwardly, on Skype. While that happens, I will be attempting to record it using OBS.