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Skype is an instant messaging app that provides online text message and video chat services. Users may transmit both text and video messages and may exchange digital documents such as images, text, and video. Skype allows video conference calls.

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  • KulkarniApoorv
    Apoorv Kulkarni (@KulkarniApoorv) reported

    I am really tired of Skype. My parents can't use it half of the time properly, I have bought powerful simple to use devices on the planet to help them support these apps.

  • Rorymon
    Rory Monaghan (@Rorymon) reported

    After 3 weeks my sun worshipping mother who every weekend on Skype complained about the weather in Galway tonight told me she's looking forward to a bit of rain. She'll miss the sun but this heat is too much. Arizona in August has broken her spirit.

  • sirthirstyplane
    Me But thirsty (@sirthirstyplane) reported

    @MadisonC1997 I'm down for Skype

  • lekkutan
    Alex Rasmus (@lekkutan) reported

    @PLDT_Cares Hello! I've been having having problems with my Fibr connection for weeks now. It's very unstable and inconsistent, lags in game, buffers when watching streams and Skype calls are often choppy. Can I get my connection checked?

  • BelieveTyJoDaP
    Carmen|Riley day♡|TODAY (@BelieveTyJoDaP) reported

    I know we won't Skype for months cause they have work and who knows when we'll be free honestly.. idk what to look forward too anymore if you could reply with reasons y'all love me I'd appreciate it I'll write em down and yeah idk I feel people will now think I'm looking for

  • BellaLeigh_
    Isabella Leigh (@BellaLeigh_) reported

    Though, TBF, the scene of my latest fanfic idea that was writing itself in my head has solved that issue. Skype/facetime/some form of video chat service to the rescue! #amwriting

  • LoveLikeElena
    Lauren Rodriguez (@LoveLikeElena) reported

    Skype support i’m having trouble changing my password I’m blind I need help. Thanks

  • ITegoArcana
    Catweazle (@ITegoArcana) reported

    @NorbertElekes @LinkedIn @YouTube @netflix @facebook @Spotify @Skype @Google I managed to cut it down to 57 seconds...

  • tatsumairi64
    oikawa fish au (@tatsumairi64) reported

    @stpigeonations Im a nonthreatening feminist boy, come talk to me on Skype! talk to me on skype about your problems as a woman i sympathize i’m taking womens studies. I took women’s studies I know what ‘systematic’ means. Man I’m so horny today. Sorry. I’m sorry. I feel so bad. I just came

  • bluespacequeen
    Lillie Blue Lennox 💙 (@bluespacequeen) reported

    Look at @Skype. @discordapp came out and yeah it has its issues sometimes but it’s INFINITELY better than Skype, making Skype basically dead to everyone except business folks now until Slack offers an audio call option. I’ll never open Skype again. Why should I? I’ve got Discord.

  • carlrwebb
    Carl Webb (@carlrwebb) reported

    @LiquidTextCorp Yes no problem at all, think this is right but my Skype address is: live:23e4e8adf3fd850

  • fantastyfreak
    Justin B. (@fantastyfreak) reported

    @WizardWorld Can you please answer your customer service line? I need to reschedule my flight..and need to know times when @SamHeughan's Skype meetings are still available..very frustrated..too short of time for many of us to make travel re-arrangements.

  • fantastyfreak
    Justin B. (@fantastyfreak) reported

    @WizardWorld I need to reschedule a flight soon..and I do want to make it to Sam Heughan's Skype meetings, but there are no times available any longer..So frustrated right now, have tried calling your customer service number 8 times..

  • NemiruTami
    ✨Minty👑Monarch✨💙P5/P3❤@RRAU BURNED MY BREEEEEEAD (@NemiruTami) reported

    Polux is currently unable to create a ps4 party so we have resorted to skype for streaming but her skype is having volume issues so now she's reinstalling skype and let me just point out this is all a struggle for nothing because the prize is Akechi and who wants that.

  • CrediblePod
    CrediblePod (@CrediblePod) reported

    Hey @blogtalkradio is skype down? It wont go through when I try to call in on it.

  • MrIvvv
    Iv (@MrIvvv) reported

    @Skype not working with android accessibility -> TalkBack also, if i enter the user y password for onedrive, why skype ask me for it?. is the same Microsoft account

  • johnedba
    John Eisbrener (@johnedba) reported

    @equerystrian @grrl_geek @SQLEspresso @tonysebion @MADPASS @brijeetAkula We use Skype for Business at the moment, but honestly, it's pretty fragile (e.g. connection issues, camera adjustments, or a stiff breeze will cause it to crash). We're going to be experimenting with Teams soon and if that doesn't work out we'll be trying other solutions.

  • dyvinell
    Dyvinell (@dyvinell) reported

    @BlameTC Skype was always terrible. Discord master race

  • awaltzinfour
    Вик 🌈 @54 days until Gorillaz concert (@awaltzinfour) reported

    The Skype murdoc bot is so broken that it’s currently writing to me akahshhshsjs

  • JoeyFAFIA
    JoeyFAFIA (@JoeyFAFIA) reported

    Ya boi’s got a final interview after that hideous Skype shit that went down yesterday... get ready world I’m gna make me some cash xx

  • TafftheVoice
    TafftheVoice (@TafftheVoice) reported

    @JoxVox I did Stockton to Truro, from a base in Nottingham. Lord it was lovely at first....less driving! Less petrol! Same £ if not more! <Cue today> A live session every other day. Clients who turn down an offer of a Skype sess for a corporate (?) Gabbing like a loon in a petrol station

  • 0beybaby
    Mistress Kristine is back 🌹 (@0beybaby) reported

    “Iwant to tribute, but do you do Skype?” No you don’t want to tribute, you want to pay for a service that benefits nothing but your own selfish needs. #findom #efdp @SlimerRT @RT_Pup @RT_Pig @RTfaggot

  • jbinero
    Jeroen Bollen (@jbinero) reported

    @BabyWogue @Manuelgenoves @FlatpakApps It's a hit or miss with Flatpak, but they all have this issue. Spotify (when it works at all), Discord, Skype, Code. Even had issues with Firefox when I still used it on Flatpak. It does seem to be related to first daily boot though, but nevertheless unacceptable.

  • pitabr3d
    Mike (@pitabr3d) reported

    @piet4freedom Hey hey calm down now. I never once claimed you couldn't get a woman and I selected Skype as its known software. Just thought because you keep contacting me we might aswell have some And you call women whores yet you started this to defend 1 because I insulted a woman

  • Larzdk
    Lars W. Birch (@Larzdk) reported

    @matteoOJ Nats tomorrow here as well. Crash course - skype me?. Stay the hell out of green if you can help it. Only room for 1 at table. Color ranks RW > BW > UR/BR/UB - then a big gap down to the rest. UG is slightly better than the rest of the bad colorpairs. GR/GW avoid unless dragon.

  • richardgunther
    Richard Gunther (@richardgunther) reported

    @PodcastHelper No, I’m still having the problem. I even dove back into the settings file, which Skype 8.x seems to just completely ignore.

  • poskoczek
    .- .-.. .- (@poskoczek) reported

    @fattoads i dont know anything about things but skype was like utterly broken in a performance sense so maybe thats why…

  • lyndaroses1
    Lynda Shepherd (@lyndaroses1) reported

    @barbsherfinski @SamHeughan Barb, Did your Skype issue get worked out? WW customer service has been very helpful today answering my questions. (I wouldn't want their job today for all the money in the world.)

  • Nicky186_
    Nicky~ (@Nicky186_) reported

    @discordapp ''It's time to ditch Skype and Teamspeak. Discord is the only free and secure voice, video, and text app designed for gamers that works on your desktop and phone.'' I would love to ditch skype but man... You gotta fix those servers.. We have almost everyday a problem.

  • mtoto_lekgwathi
    Mapogo Lekgwathi (@mtoto_lekgwathi) reported

    @discordapp another outage? I think Skype is way more reliable than your service.

  • ChaseFlorell
    🅲hase 🅵lorell 🇨🇦 (@ChaseFlorell) reported

    This is AMAZING! I can consistently reproduce the terrible 2018 MacBook Pro audio issue by having a Skype conversation for 50 minutes. Every time we hit the 50 minute mark, the audio falls to crap, every . single . time. @AppleSupport

  • ZylohForReal
    Nightzone (@ZylohForReal) reported

    @Virxsii ill help get on skype on your ipad or iphone

  • viizionz_billz
    Ericmartinez (@viizionz_billz) reported

    @thahitcrew Can u help me I texted u on skype

  • drdivan55
    Ivan Ivanov (@drdivan55) reported

    @brandonleblanc @JenMsft @windowsinsider @SkypeInsider @peterskillman So my question regarding Skype UWP Preview builds: is the SMS Relay function for Lumia (Windows 10) phones removed for good or is it just a temporary issue?

  • mbyrne1963
    Mick Byrne (@mbyrne1963) reported

    @pifflevalve We have Skype and Outlook and it KNOWS. It even seems to know whether you’ve sat down or not. I dread to know what it tells my colleagues when I’m not there.

  • MrGagaOG
    上帝的力量 (@MrGagaOG) reported

    Nigerian network be steady spoiling fans' cruise on #PLfanzone. You can't just call in via Skype without network errors.

  • DaRajunKajun
    RajunKajun (@DaRajunKajun) reported

    I need to land an interview with @philiphanselmo - Either phone, Skype or in person. Help me out faithful followers!

  • PFEW_GenSec
    Andy Fittes (@PFEW_GenSec) reported from Hednesford, England

    @PC14398Naylor @Skype Not a problem sorry about the sound issues ! Hope you had a good course

  • ursus_blancus
    sum_guy (@ursus_blancus) reported

    @sirdiesel Where I work they'd just chase you down on Skype

  • hudsyisme
    🅝🅤🅡🅤🅛🅗🅤🅓🅐 🅝🅐🅢🅘🅡 (@hudsyisme) reported

    @Steam_Support my friends and I have been experiencing a lot of steam auto disconnection lately. and its not our internet issue because our skype call works fine when steam DC. Please have it checked. ty

  • luweitest
    luweitest (@luweitest) reported

    @SkypeSupport 1, About feedback and support, Twitter is not a good place for that, you should have a issue tracking system as Bugzilla or Github; "feedback" in the software should lead user to such a system, not like a black-box

  • uaatechsupport
    UAA IT Technical Support Center (@uaatechsupport) reported

    System Status: Some users may experience issues with using Skype phones, including not being able to transfer calls, caller id issues and intermittent inability to call long distance. Some users aren't receiving voicemails.

  • T1Thoughtseize
    TurnOneThoughtseize (@T1Thoughtseize) reported

    @AlexisJanson I had that problem with Skype mainly, I don't notice issues like that with Discord. (YMMV of course)

  • the_sounder_
    Avery (@the_sounder_) reported

    @MurdocGorillaz you really need to fix the skype bot it barely works

  • marniwillenson
    Marni Willenson (@marniwillenson) reported from Chicago, Illinois

    @jilleburke @WizardWorld Yes, from Twitter. I have not received any email from @WizardWorld or response to several tweets or my email to customer service even though I purchased a Sam Heughan autograph. I am very irritated that the people who purchased $80 autographs cannot do the Skype. That’s lousy.

  • namujeoja
    willow {writing commissions} (@namujeoja) reported

    sometimes ! i really want to ! befriend mutuals ! and skype them ! and rabbit stuff together ! but i’m literally so awkward and socially inept that talking to people online has become an issue for me. i’m afraid of anything past dms.

  • peakbrat
    in a transitional period (@peakbrat) reported

    Someone help me test my Skype

  • 20excalibur07
    2007e⚔calibur2007 (@20excalibur07) reported

    @Iiboharz my main issue with mastodon is how it's basically what Discord is to Skype. It's isolating you even further into the specific community you generally want to be in & that's kind of ech, because sometimes you want that bit of exposure from the different communities surrounding it

  • marniwillenson
    Marni Willenson (@marniwillenson) reported from Chicago, Illinois

    @WizardWorld I understand guests canceling, even at the last minute, but your customer service is terrible. It says we’ll receive an email. I received no email. There are no instructions for autograph holders and we can’t so the Skype? And no phone number to call. Come on...

  • chromabeams
    Yoza (@chromabeams) reported from Berlin, Land Berlin

    Skype's UX is terrible tbh.

  • ProfDaveAndress
    David Andress (@ProfDaveAndress) reported

    I am really happy to do this in any venue anyone cares to name. I do get terrible jetlag, so we might have to skype.

  • minniemarx
    MinnieMarx (@minniemarx) reported

    @socialmedia04 you must respond claims of your customers! You are not solving my problem and I have sent many many emails by now and Skype name is fake. No one is there never!

  • PamillaBAV1
    CroneAlone😼 (@PamillaBAV1) reported from Old Swan, England

    @johnjmarley Didn't help that I hadn't updated my phone with them, they had a number haven't used for years. Wanted to know who I'd contacted via Skype. Last used that about 4 years ago lol

  • saiberpink
    saiberpinková (@saiberpink) reported

    hey, @skype, where did the "disable automatic login" option go in 8.28.xx? I really don't want leaving my account active everywhere / having to manually sign out each time. that's a serious privacy issue, you should understand it.

  • PatriciaMbalwe
    Patricia M Mbalwe (@PatriciaMbalwe) reported

    So, how will GRZ know that I have WhatsApp, Skype etc on my phone? Furthermore, how will they know am making a call? I think every smart phone user will be paying that 30ngwee.. Or maybe every phone user. I need help understanding.. @BongoHive

  • DuthOlec
    Duth "Restore Net Neutrality" Olec (@DuthOlec) reported

    @mattwilson_g @MrNobre @DidrikSoderlind @classiclib3ral Monopoly somewhat built into the system, you might say. Unlike email, where you can easily contact someone using another service, or phones where you can call people using another provider. It's not even intentional. Though Discord might be a success story against Skype.

  • UnMech
    Unpopular Mechanics (@UnMech) reported

    @werenotwizards @Skype @discordapp Things that a decade of computing has proven are unworkable problems that probably require magic: * Windows updates not reliably crashing my laptop * skype's basic functions * literally everything to do with printers * accidentally opening Photoshop and losing 4 minutes of life

  • werenotwizards
    We're Not Wizards Tabletop Podcast (@werenotwizards) reported

    Would have thought by now that @Skype would have some kind of self diagnostic tool to pick up when it's broken. Honestly, the reliability has crashed into the sea. Used @discordapp last night and it was flawless. That will be me switching over then.

  • jnoronhahostler
    Prof. Noronha-Hostler (@jnoronhahostler) reported

    @chris_j_monahan Yes, Skype and Itunes are very annoying. I've been running into many WIFI issues but that's with Ubuntu self-installed on a Lenovo so I figure that would be circumvented by a Dell. How is your battery life on it?

  • kydshaws
    evelyn loves vanessa (@kydshaws) reported

    i’m literally about to breal@down on skype you guys im crying for WHAT