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Skype is an instant messaging app that provides online text message and video chat services. Users may transmit both text and video messages and may exchange digital documents such as images, text, and video. Skype allows video conference calls.

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At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at Skype. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Connection (37.04%)
  • ▪ Sign in (18.52%)
  • ▪ Glitches (18.52%)
  • ▪ Messaging (14.81%)
  • ▪ Multimedia (7.41%)
  • ▪ App Crashing (3.70%)

Skype Live Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ London, England  ▪ Monterrey, Nuevo Leon  ▪ Mexico City, Mexico City  ▪ Houston, Texas  ▪ Colorado Springs, Colorado  ▪ Great Dunmow, England  ▪ Hyderabad, Telangana  ▪ Madrid, Community of Madrid  ▪ Seville, Andalusia  ▪ South Croydon, England  ▪ Toronto, Ontario

Skype Live Outage Map
  • London, England
  • Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
  • Mexico City, Mexico City
  • Houston, Texas
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Great Dunmow, England
  • Hyderabad, Telangana
  • Madrid, Community of Madrid
  • Seville, Andalusia
  • South Croydon, England
  • Toronto, Ontario
  •   Full Outage Map

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  • midnightslacker
    midnightslacker (@midnightslacker) reported

    @fwosar @malwrhunterteam Escalate with your account manager if you haven’t done so already. Took me over a month going back and forth on emails to finally get someone knowledgeable enough to help troubleshoot on a Skype call.

  • joshuabeatty
    Joshua Beatty (@joshuabeatty) reported

    @SkypeSupport you are failing me big type today... Are there humans to talk to actually fix my account?!

  • JasonBoydWrites
    Jason Boyd (@JasonBoydWrites) reported

    @ShanghaiSix @discordapp My job uses Skype for everything and it's fucking terrible

  • sxa555
    Stewart X Addison (@sxa555) reported

    @Skype @WhatsApp @NottFoundation (If there systems were compromised via another mechanism, that may be slightly different, but sad if it does stop them offering help :-( )

  • MakaHatsune
    Souly 🐶🐟 (@MakaHatsune) reported

    -dark theme is cleaner i actually like this a lot -pretty much all of my issues from before are gone? they like reverted back to most of OLD skype's functions -share screen still doesn't let u share a single window -still can't quote more than one thing in a message

  • BillowySirius
    [email protected] (@BillowySirius) reported

    My character manages on 3 health to run his happy ass down the hill, and kill the final drau. All I hear on the Skype call is my DM groaning. “You guys, why do you never freaking ease up. You were supposed to be kidnapped! Go get the bard.”

  • galaxybounce
    galaxybounce (@galaxybounce) reported

    @SkypeSupport hi, i've been locked out of my account trying to reset the password and now Im in the rest loop from hell between 2 email addresses. Can you help bypass this rubbish so I can reset the bloody password please?

  • zll777
    Александр (@zll777) reported

    @SkypeSupport Hello. I have a problem with instalattion skype

  • foodiecommuter
    josephine coyle (@foodiecommuter) reported

    @SkypeSupport Thanks will consider it. Why didn’t Skype just tell me that instead of simply cancelling it and sending me wrong information about why? Can you feedback this poor service to directors?

  • fujifilmshooter
    Per (@fujifilmshooter) reported

    @lacesoutdan And I am trying to get my colleagues back to Skype instead on Slack. Skype is free with pretty much the same functionality we're looking for across all teams. But I know, deep down inside, that I will fail.

  • GretchenAMcC
    Gretchen McCulloch (@GretchenAMcC) reported

    @superlinguo @pewterbaw @chasing_ling (Unpaid, obviously, but I can use my network to help find people to interview, and then you get half an hour or so on skype with them and send me a write up for ATL, you can see what the style looks like from previous interviews)

  • whatawinona
    Winona Deagan (@whatawinona) reported

    @Skype Trying to delete decade old accounts that I made in High School is nigh impossible. I don't even remember my current pwds!! Why don't accounts w/out billing info have expiry dates? Or why don't you guys have a direct customer service contact?

  • Anandayogaajuz
    darmayoga (@Anandayogaajuz) reported

    @Poloniex any support phone number or skype ? want to call regarding my issue

  • Mina001
    MINA LOVES SPRING (@Mina001) reported

    @RealJamesWoods Heck no, let her keep rolling...she's a free commercial ad for REP. Coming soon hopefully via Skype at a lock down facility.

  • PeteNorth303
    Pete North (@PeteNorth303) reported

    @SkypeSupport I get system notifications when the message eventually arrives. It's the delay that's the problem and I know I'm not the only one with this problem.

  • PeteNorth303
    Pete North (@PeteNorth303) reported

    @SkypeSupport It's an ongoing issue and restarts don't solve it - but really more concerned as to why my Windows PC version it unreliable. Not getting notifications or anything so missing important communications.

  • gmanredfish
    Grant Moss (@gmanredfish) reported

    I have a Skype interview tomorrow which is right in that sweet spot of being just as terrible as a phone interview without any of the benefits

  • kingtim69
    Tim (@kingtim69) reported

    @Sask_Leafer Try to do some research. Find some support groups. Listen, this is 2018, you can skype, talk online. They don't have to be local to help!!!

  • idgaFaRR_
    Evan (@idgaFaRR_) reported

    @_Toaad Wat going down gene? Skype me

  • kimloveswjw
    kimannclark official (@kimloveswjw) reported

    @MyMusicExpert I need free skype singing lessons because I need help with my singing but I can't afford lessons but need lessons now

  • KrisKomar
    Kristopher Komar (@KrisKomar) reported

    @JonTronShow The fact that you're using skype is the base of the problem.

  • scorpio__love
    BLUE (@scorpio__love) reported

    Skype used to go down

  • Rjmartin127
    RJ Martin (@Rjmartin127) reported

    @_thepapajohn Skype: Go to the tools drop down menu and click on options and uncheck the Start Skype When Windows Starts or something like that. I am not sure on Spotify since I don't have it but I think its something similar to that.

  • VFarfan22
    MyExtraHelp123 (@VFarfan22) reported

    Due to snow days, I will be providing FREE online tutoring via Skype tomorrow 7am-10am. Not creepy at all bc I don’t need to see you. I have a document camera so you see what I write. Just trying to help! Middle School - High School - College #math #help #tutoring **Retweet**

  • CptPuffSSB
    AF | CptPuff (@CptPuffSSB) reported


  • VFarfan22
    MyExtraHelp123 (@VFarfan22) reported

    @ceechwe Nice! I will be providing FREE tutoring tomorrow via Skype with my document camera, I’m not creepy just trying to help. I will connect tomorrow morning 7am-10am ET

  • NollyHelson
    Holly McCartney (@NollyHelson) reported


  • theawcsomeone
    A L V I N 🤟 (@theawcsomeone) reported

    @ChaosofGrace / I literally just picked up my phone so say this If you got other people wanting to discord with you we can another time If not I’m down to Skype.

  • magical_bois
    magical boy ☆ @ GIVEAWAY (@magical_bois) reported

    coming up with terrible nicknames for my friends on skype is my career calling

  • Areopolis
    🐲 (@Areopolis) reported

    @SkypeSupport WILL YOU HELP ME OR NOT?

  • Tazzie_Dexter_D
    Tazmanian Devil (@Tazzie_Dexter_D) reported

    @SkypeSupport Well you're a lot of fucking help ain't ya? That link sends me to submit to a board on my issue in the Skype community. The community is not your support team!

  • CharlieCooper90
    Charlie Cooper (@CharlieCooper90) reported

    @ElizzabethJames It's not working for me on Skype I typed your name and it gives me a link and I press that and it takes me back to the start again :/

  • BhaktOfNone
    Bhakt Of None (@BhaktOfNone) reported

    @SkypeSupport : I'm long time user of @Skype for international calls and new app is terrible for it. For example, what I need: find a contact from my address book. What Skype does: searches for Skype users. I'm ready to leave.

  • ZetaTheXeno
    Your dude Zeta (@ZetaTheXeno) reported

    @JonTronShow If this is their best attempt to try and keep people using Skype, there's no hope for the service.

  • MadDog21589
    MadDog21589- (@MadDog21589) reported

    @Skype Thanks for asking but issue is fixed, I'm able to communicate using the old skype. The one from Microsoft store isn't working. you guys shoud should give us options. Classic & revamped on microsoft store and also both downloadable from website in .msi or .exe

  • shelhorowitz
    ShelHorowitzGreenMkt (@shelhorowitz) reported

    @SkypeSupport Just spent 15 minutes going in circles on your site, no way to get a rep. I just switched fm Mac to PC, can't get my Skype acct to show up on PC. Been PAYING customer for years. Cd probably fix in 10 min w an agent. Pls CALL 4135862388 or PM me with US/Can phone

  • aceinomnia
    official bram greenfeld defense agency (@aceinomnia) reported

    @gryffsirius dyou think rian and joanne ever sat down for tea together over skype to brainstorm their ugly ideas

  • homeboybrandonv
    はりねずみ (@homeboybrandonv) reported

    @ynnahs_ This one time I was in a video skype call and my drawer opened by itself. I heard it, turned around and it was open. Everyone looking at my cam said they saw it open by itself. My room is haunted. It also knocked down the top shelf of my closet before.

  • mathewinvisitec
    matthew (@mathewinvisitec) reported

    @SkypeSupport These might help "...Have you tried our FAQs? There might already be an answer to your question...". <<< this is NOT USEFUL links and links are no good ( google you can provide them with a phone number and they call you back and talk about a problem )

  • mathewinvisitec
    matthew (@mathewinvisitec) reported

    @SkypeSupport These might helpHave you tried our FAQs? There might already be an answer to your question. <<< this is NOT USEFUL ( google you can provide them with a phone number and they call you back and talk about a problem )

  • foodiecommuter
    josephine coyle (@foodiecommuter) reported

    @Microsoft why did you cancel my Skype subscription? Not happy. Please reinstate. Customer service inhuman. No way to contact you easily.

  • darkbeats51
    Agent T. 🕵️‍♂️ (@darkbeats51) reported

    Alternatives to Facebook Instagram =Flickr, vsco Messager =Skype, IM+ Music =Soundcloud Multimedia =bitchute, steamit Social network =minds. Com Livestream =Periscope, meerkat Remember if an online service is free, your data is the product!

  • WhatADeelite
    deelitefuldd (@WhatADeelite) reported

    We're closed today, but since this is my telework day, I'm working. I check my email & my new BC has sent me a message via Skype. Don't do this. I never log into Skype. And I telework in my pjs. You don't want those problems or that visual. #dontSkypemebro

  • p0esiedanslarue
    Gabriella Madisøn (@p0esiedanslarue) reported from Evesham Township, New Jersey

    @SkypeSupport hey Skype support! Can I DM you? Haven’t logged into my account in months and just found out my account was hacked. Just fixed my password and now there are contacts I need to get rid of. Please help/DM back!!! Thanks!

  • Naughty_Ned
    David Christensen (@Naughty_Ned) reported

    @bumfuzzlepod real question, answer on pod or Twitter is fine. You use "cast" now to record, right? What mic do you use and what program do you connect on(Skype, discord)? My friends pod suffers from many a quality issue.

  • DJHardwired
    Notanee Bourassa (@DJHardwired) reported

    @ratzlaff @AurorateamNL @Patrickm55P @CalgaryRASC @spaceyliz That's an issue. I don't have a phone. I have Skype.

  • Gamer15_ELF
    Kholoud🍁 (@Gamer15_ELF) reported

    Um little help here please! girls I just wanna know how should I apply ASC Hangout Do I have to have a Skype account or what?

  • pasavvas
    Panos Savvas (@pasavvas) reported from Surbiton, England

    @ShannonSavvas @SamingtonPowers Error... Don't bother, you haven't been anonymous for years. If you're concerned about your data, then throw away your phone, computer, Google, email, Skype, Facebook, etc.. welcome back to the iron age.

  • Maniac4Bricks
    Maniac4Bricks (@Maniac4Bricks) reported

    @MackDriver15 It's free to use. Skype I don't think works with Hangouts? Isn't it a different service and not a livestream?

  • Atiq_9875
    Atiqur Rahman (@Atiq_9875) reported

    @NewsHughs Dear sir/ma'am, I am atiqur from Bangladesh. I need your help about STI chipset set-top box cloning. If you have Skype or QQ id, please give me for discuss about this.

  • k_hub44
    Kristin Hubbard (@k_hub44) reported

    @Skype Yes I've been having issues with Skype and my headset for a month

  • scottgal
    ʎɐʍollɐפ ʇʇoɔS (@scottgal) reported

    Keep forgetting to set my Skype back to 'online' after my Friday night class. Wish it could schedule status changes. But as with Skype they just keep adding crap nobody wants not realising it's the crap it HAS that's the problem

  • allofshope
    Shopé (@allofshope) reported

    I can't even begin to describe how much I dislike Skype...don't think there is a single time in the last 4 years that I didn't run into some issue trying to use it!

  • mikemckayww
    Mike McKay (@mikemckayww) reported

    @SkypeSupport Maybe you could DM me, I could give you my account name and we could simply delete it? It isn’t letting me login.

  • slywashere
    SlywasHere (@slywashere) reported

    @SkypeSupport still cannot add a subscription for calling a country. Your website is broken. Cannot input information in billing address, or continue past it.

  • benbobagginss
    Ben (@benbobagginss) reported

    @SkypeSupport Hey again. I’ve been waiting in line to speak to an advisor for the last 2 hours. I’m currently number 1 in the line, and have been so for an hour. Please can you let me know why it’s taking so long? Is it one person on the help desk?

  • raremarcy
    HOLLYWOOD MARCY (@raremarcy) reported

    @ohShit_itsBri No my skype is down I used it to contact my clients in Indiana so I been on hold with tech for two hours

  • _Rbot_
    Rooben.avi (@_Rbot_) reported

    Im in a skype call called actual Mishas please help me

  • LilSilvio25
    Shadowwarrior (@LilSilvio25) reported from Bad Berka, Thüringen

    @SkypeSupport hello I got a Problem. Skype doesn`t open so i cant do anything.

  • greasygamergirl
    Greasy Gamer Girl 🌵 (@greasygamergirl) reported

    Back in my day... We didn't have @LetsRabbit to watch movies. @Jadey1138 and I had to Skype, pick a movie we both had, count down and hope we pressed play at the same time for our movies to be synced.