Is Snapchat down?

Snapchat is a mobile app that allows users to send and receive "self-destructing" photos and videos. Photos and videos taken with the app are called snaps. The sender of a message is able to determine the period that a message can be viewed by setting a limit between one and ten seconds.

 No problems detected at Snapchat

Snapchat problems in the last 24 hours

Snapchat Outage Chart

At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at Snapchat. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Messaging (47.37%)
  • ▪ Connection (26.32%)
  • ▪ Multimedia (10.53%)
  • ▪ App Crashing (10.53%)
  • ▪ Glitches (5.26%)

Snapchat Live Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Georgetown, New York  ▪ Chicago, Illinois  ▪ Statesboro, Georgia  ▪ Stony Brook, New York  ▪ Sugar Land, Texas  ▪ Surprise, Arizona  ▪ Tallahassee, Florida  ▪ Tempe, Arizona  ▪ Tunbridge, Vermont  ▪ Vista, California  ▪ Waco, Texas

Snapchat Live Outage Map
  • Georgetown, New York
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Statesboro, Georgia
  • Stony Brook, New York
  • Sugar Land, Texas
  • Surprise, Arizona
  • Tallahassee, Florida
  • Tempe, Arizona
  • Tunbridge, Vermont
  • Vista, California
  • Waco, Texas
  •   Full Outage Map

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Snapchat Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • abigailmcmullan
    Abbey Mac (@abigailmcmullan) reported

    @Snapchat my 491 day streak broke with my bff and we definitely snapped yesterday so I need you to fix it

  • softbutchkate
    melissa (@softbutchkate) reported


  • limshanqi
    shanqi (@limshanqi) reported from Singapore, Singapore

    so i saw my classmates drinking on Snapchat and i suddenly miss our chalet drinking moments so i went down and get 2 cans of beer lmao

  • tashiiiii
    ♡tash♡ (@tashiiiii) reported

    people mad! on Snapchat majorit votre they’d rather the turned down by their fictional crush than celeb crush!

  • NehaTime
    Neha Oberoi (@NehaTime) reported

    @Snapchat Hi I'm unable to verify my email address, the confirmation link is not working.

  • pip_cowan
    🌻pip🌻 (@pip_cowan) reported

    why does drunk me think it's okay to snapchat everyone like calm down hun x

  • saharalz23
    sahar alizadeh (@saharalz23) reported

    I can't login into my account. user: sahar22alz it says i have no internet connection but i have! please solve the issue! @snapchatsupport

  • weaponsforeyes
    dani (@weaponsforeyes) reported

    how does snapchat work. help. (i am actually an old woman soz)

  • phlplfr_
    phil (@phlplfr_) reported

    drop down your snapchat usernames!!!!

  • isai2291
    Mitch and Tits (@isai2291) reported

    @Snapchat ay every time I record a video it freezes before I can upload it to my story? Help

  • kevmarmol
    Kevin Mar (@kevmarmol) reported

    @floppy_donkeys It’s only £5 for 20,000 sq ft, problem is Snapchat needs to approve the filter first!

  • DavidBowles21
    David Bowles (@DavidBowles21) reported

    @saralisehowe @RSPCA_official No - @RSPCA_official tweet is correct ie Snapchat cruelty issues have increased but we don't know why

  • scanlanavia
    scanlanavia (@scanlanavia) reported

    @VirginMediaIE wifiproblem your truecolor router blocking Skype viber Snapchat linksys no problem on same home broadband connection.

  • lucykirk00
    Lucy Kirk (@lucykirk00) reported

    @snapchatsupport my snap isn’t working please help

  • rohankalra02
    rohan kalra (@rohankalra02) reported

    Please help my account is hacked and I am in trouble @snapchatsupport what's happening

  • rohankalra02
    rohan kalra (@rohankalra02) reported

    @snapchatsupport My account is hacked pls help

  • roslynandco
    Kylie Toynton (@roslynandco) reported

    @snapchatsupport need help with daughters hacked a/c. P/words &contact no. changed. Hacker may have sent graphic snaps in her name. Pls help

  • SiobhanLewingtn
    Siobhan Lewington (@SiobhanLewingtn) reported

    @Snapchat hey I love snapchat but it takes a really bad photo. It would be great if you could fix this!?

    boo (@AMYPLIERS) reported

    i put something on my snapchat story that basically said i don’t have a problem with anyone i had drama with, which is kind of a lie,, +

  • lucykirk00
    Lucy Kirk (@lucykirk00) reported

    @snapchatsupport my snapchat isn’t working please help!

  • Haleyx0
    Hales ♡ (@Haleyx0) reported

    i always get so nervous when i get random snapchat’s from dudes .. especially when they’re videos like i have to turn my volume down

  • dannicruse
    spoopy danni 🕸 (@dannicruse) reported

    got my sister a snapchat filter for her baby shower as a surprise, hopefully there’s no spelling errors considering you can’t view it after

  • dohboy31
    Ebreezy (@dohboy31) reported

    @Snapchat no sound for my videos on my iPhone 8. Help!!

  • ssmeding
    Sint Smeding (@ssmeding) reported from Wergea, Friesland

    @TheFLUXtrance Don't know about Snapchat, but no such problems with Spotify here using the default skin. Good luck!

  • rupaulsbutt
    bitchar (@rupaulsbutt) reported

    @snapchatsupport um I sent a snap to my streaks like 12 hours ago but somehow most of them are gone??? help I literally lost a 500 streak

  • sam_sword
    Sami Mohamed al-saif (@sam_sword) reported

    @builds_io Hi , can you fix the Snapchat.

  • cridd_r
    Chelsea Criddle (@cridd_r) reported

    I have a serious issue. I sleep text,tweet,Snapchat, and call people and one day it's gonna end up bad

  • Gevowithabeard
    Gėv (@Gevowithabeard) reported

    @Rosie_Avetisyan @lilykesh_ Snapchat has the worst customer service ever, they banned my snap before and blocked me on twitter for contacting them before

  • MUFC_Red_Army
    MUFC_Red_Army (@MUFC_Red_Army) reported

    @snapchatsupport this does not help my question

  • DCW1992
    Dan Watson (@DCW1992) reported

    If you don’t put the double down burger on Snapchat every time you have one do kfc not let you have it???

  • mercydoe
    lambo (@mercydoe) reported

    *no one replies to my chats* anyone having issues with Snapchat? I think it's acting up.

  • vijilKiwi
    Robert Smith (@vijilKiwi) reported

    @NicolaiThomson But Snapchat is rubbish... The user experience is terrible and the way content is presented is inherently boring. I have no idea how they managed it.

  • minhwanqs
    kat s/h (@minhwanqs) reported

    ...... i want to push my bff on snapchat down just because she never snaps back and its so boring.... im petty like that

  • _katepilgrim
    Kate👑 (@_katepilgrim) reported

    just curious but am i the only one having problems with this new snapchat update ?

  • haannnuuhh
    han ban🍌 (@haannnuuhh) reported

    I made two grammatical errors on my Snapchat tonight. I don't even know who I am anymore.

  • keyy_madison
    key🗝 (@keyy_madison) reported

    guess I'll go lay down and jump from Twitter to Snapchat to Facebook and continue to repeat the same cycle until my eyes close

    chyna whyte (@lLLNANA) reported

    that you in your header? @THVas13 youre ugly as shit and that snapchat cant even help you.

  • asxpsar
    sar 🌵 (@asxpsar) reported

    I lost service in the venue and literally couldn’t upload anything to Snapchat I was bitter.

  • mikerrezzy
    TrapBOY (@mikerrezzy) reported

    @snapchatsupport I can’t login to my Snapchat what’s the problem? My username is mikerrezzy

  • katinaamazzi
    katina (@katinaamazzi) reported

    Please fix ur fucking glitches I have not been able to read 3 messages today @snapchatsupport

  • Livvpaigeee
    Olivia Hudgins (@Livvpaigeee) reported

    @julia_lopez21 saw your phone is broken on @whitney_styles Snapchat, how are you holding up, it will all be ok

  • Boydie_15
    Capricorn♑️ (@Boydie_15) reported

    WHERE ARE THE FALL OUTFITS, BITMOJI?! WHERE ARE THE FALL FILTERS, SNAPCHAT?!? I’m not mad... I’m just disappointed. You let me down.

  • franco_c19
    Franco (@franco_c19) reported

    @snapchatsupport I don't have access to my phone anymore and they keep sending the text to my old phone number. I don't have a backup code. Help? 2/2

  • RizingChaos
    ShIZ (@RizingChaos) reported

    Me trying to figure out Snapchat is a comedy of errors.

  • BuyMeAScuf
    Zach (@BuyMeAScuf) reported

    @nesskinz Rip I've only had an issue with Snapchat and sometimes IG

  • NahMiguelsgood
    Fegan Floop (@NahMiguelsgood) reported

    Most of y'all are apart of my issue, but we on twitter Snapchat and shit so idk what I expect, y'all can still stop on stuff, also 'idc idc'

  • Misss_Nah
    Misss_Nah (@Misss_Nah) reported from Providence, Rhode Island

    @Snapchat I need help with my account...

  • BillyTheBrime
    Allison Seibel (@BillyTheBrime) reported

    No more awful Snapchat filters WWE. Honestly. Stop. It's terrible. #RAW

  • LilxDaya
    nessa ✨ (@LilxDaya) reported

    someone help me choose a Snapchat name tyvm

  • thebaemarcus
    Spooky Bae (@thebaemarcus) reported

    “Androids are better than iPhones” First of all, Android snapchat quality is beyond terrible Second of all, iPhone has OG emojis

  • Jay_BLVD
    Jay BLVD (@Jay_BLVD) reported from New Castle, Pennsylvania

    Ma you and your MCM on Snapchat gettin' lit to Chris Brown and you wonder why he been so terrible to you

  • brianaledan
    Briana (@brianaledan) reported

    If Snapchat freezes on me one more time, we’re gonna have a real problem.

  • oc_11
    Dr Kirbenstein (@oc_11) reported

    Fb has stories now too like snapchat because nobody asked for it and it's easier than dealing with actual issues on it

  • breabbi96
    Bre Howell (@breabbi96) reported

    Everyone that has Mynah on Snapchat probably thinks that all I do is sleep upside down on my couch all day

  • _bekshafer23
    Bek (@_bekshafer23) reported

    My phone went from 31% down to 20% all Bc of one Snapchat video. Fml.

  • bieberblah
    sage (@bieberblah) reported


  • Mg3oodii
    Mohamed AlFalasi ☻ (@Mg3oodii) reported

    Snapchat not working ?

  • sewallis
    Stephanie Wallis (@sewallis) reported

    Does anyone know how to actually contact @Snapchat customer service? Their email is not monitored, and I can't find a Phone# ! Ack!

  • gunthy_gunther
    Gunthy Gunther (@gunthy_gunther) reported

    @ItsCoreyScherer Yea it is, it could be a glitch, or Snapchat actually sees a face

  • sewallis
    Stephanie Wallis (@sewallis) reported

    @snapchatsupport I am having an issue with an event I'm running and the geofilter I set up. Is there a number I can call to talk to someone?

  • maylee0412
    Maylee (@maylee0412) reported

    People who see my story but don't open my snapchat are the reason why I have trust issues

  • duelking13
    Zion Johnson (@duelking13) reported from Statesboro, Georgia

    @snapchatsupport I’m trying to add a person and it showing an error message. The person I’m adding didn’t block me @Snapchat

  • duelking13
    Zion Johnson (@duelking13) reported from Statesboro, Georgia

    @snapchatsupport I’m trying to add a person and it showing an error message. The person I’m adding didn’t block me

  • tanyablovely
    tbs (@tanyablovely) reported

    Uh...anyone else's @Snapchat still down?!

  • wantingpenis
    Lars (@wantingpenis) reported

    i hope i remember my snapchat login in my next life so i don’t lose any streaks

  • JoeBaeBae
    Not getting a job (@JoeBaeBae) reported

    I keep snapping Team Snapchat and they keep asking me if I need help with anything

  • kmoxo18
    Kaitlyn Moyer (@kmoxo18) reported

    @caratoczek It was insane. I also almost tumbled down the stair master while I was laughing and trying to snapchat it

  • honestly_haven
    honestly.haven (@honestly_haven) reported

    If @laurenhammons15 doesn’t post a sunset picture everyday on Snapchat does the sun even go down?

  • FATomatoes
    Fatima S. (@FATomatoes) reported

    Have seen about 6 people on my snapchat take pics of the theater screen whilst watching a movie. Put your fucking phone down, you fucks!

  • ChristaKayGee
    Christa (@ChristaKayGee) reported

    Friends across the globe having issues with lagging in group conversation. Please update!!! Making communication frustrating! @Snapchat

  • bretucker_
    Breana (@bretucker_) reported

    Add me on snapchat for my meltdowns and terrible expressions: dearbre

  • kanigay
    🌙 WereWolfie🌟 (@kanigay) reported

    Ryder went down a slide It was glorious I forgot to snapchat it That's not glorious

  • lucykirk00
    Lucy Kirk (@lucykirk00) reported

    @Snapchat @snapchatsupport urgently need help!!

  • BigRiles25
    Alexa Reilly (@BigRiles25) reported

    @Snapchat fix the issue where video snaps send out of order

  • SamiWood_
    Sami Wood (@SamiWood_) reported

    @snapchatsupport are people having problems with logging into accounts?

  • cspotweet
    Courtney Theriault (@cspotweet) reported

    @Ben_in_yeg Apparently, we needed to have a #yegvote snapchat filter to fix voter apathy.

  • kirstjohnson_
    Kirst xxx (@kirstjohnson_) reported

    If u have that much of a problem about someone being on my Snapchat story tell me b xxxxx

  • JustSayNguyen
    Dimplesss (@JustSayNguyen) reported

    Anyone's Snapchat not working for videos?

  • _jaynestewart
    Jayne (@_jaynestewart) reported

    @Snapchat U have 10 mins to fix this @snapchat

  • Snapchat__Help
    Snapchat Help (@Snapchat__Help) reported

    Remember, Snapchat will never ever ask you for your password We don’t need it to help you out, no matter what your problem is!