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Snapchat is a mobile app that allows users to send and receive "self-destructing" photos and videos. Photos and videos taken with the app are called snaps. The sender of a message is able to determine the period that a message can be viewed by setting a limit between one and ten seconds.

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Most Reported Problems:

  • App Crashing (21.21%)
  • Messaging (21.21%)
  • Glitches (19.70%)
  • Connection (15.15%)
  • Sign in (13.64%)
  • Multimedia (9.09%)

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  • AzzyRaye Mamí (@AzzyRaye) reported from Denton, Texas

    My loyal Snapchat hype men are slowly one by one getting gfs and I am one less hype man down by the second 😪

  • AvenueLane Keeton Lane (@AvenueLane) reported

    I absolutely cannot stand people bitching on their Snapchat story asking for friends to hit them up. Like dude, make the effort to reach out to your friends yourself, don't make it other people's problem that you have no ******* self esteem

  • blm_molly94 Leticia Alegria (@blm_molly94) reported

    I’ve been feeling super lazy to scroll down social media. I literally spend less than a minute and then I leave the app. For Snapchat/IG stories I only see probably the first 10 and then I stop.

  • _lalaladonna_ Queen (@_lalaladonna_) reported

    Man I had my friends create my Instagram AND Snapchat account, idk my password or login 😭😭 lowkey just haven’t logged off in 4 years 😩😩

  • angelcphotos Angel Collins (@angelcphotos) reported

    Randomly busted out laughing at that 18 year old vine: #yanotspecial Snapchat video @AlxJames10 now I can’t find it 😭 #help #thoseweresimplertimes

  • vernoozijin laura⁴⁵⁴ (@vernoozijin) reported

    please help this dude is trying to get in my pants and now he’s blowing up my Snapchat send help

  • ddammnsam ♡ Sam Marin ♡ (@ddammnsam) reported

    ***** you ugly somethin Snapchat can’t fix

  • RainbowPikmin peach main (@RainbowPikmin) reported

    @SeinfeldFan43 I cannot express how not ******* funny you are you stupid scrawny little **** if you honestly want to step up then come to ******* yard I’ll turn off ghost mode on Snapchat and we’ll throw down you stupid ****** little **** you’re not funny and I honestly ******* hate you so much

  • b_hoehn7 Brenden Hoehn (@b_hoehn7) reported

    @idkaci Curtesy of Snapchat breaking down tonight and sending all of my snaps out of order 😂

  • _baileywalker bails (@_baileywalker) reported

    honestly i live for grant sending me a whole minute long snapchat of him walking down the street drunk af talking about how he’s gonna make a ham and cheese sandwhich with no bread when he gets home

  • buttery_milk ButteryMilkBiscuits (@buttery_milk) reported

    @snapchatsupport I can't find the animated heart crown snap filter on the snap camera program plth help

  • TiviniaPuamau Tivinia Puamau Moli (@TiviniaPuamau) reported

    @MrsRJT27 @square_bizzz Nia that’s what I think is HILARIOUS. Because her man been hitting females up for the LONGEST from ig down to fb and I guess it’s Snapchat now. She needs to stop defending him. If my husband didn’t block him and get rid of his dms from my old ig I’d post it all🤣.

  • gloriatupulua Gloria🏆 (@gloriatupulua) reported

    @SWWEETCHINXX @lionzden51 I find it funny how she re posted your pictures of proof but she left out the screenshot of his Snapchat 🤔. Whole family needs help .. prayers go out to them.

  • mixmastercole cole (@mixmastercole) reported

    @AppValley_vip @Aladdin_Cracks @DinoD7 Fix Snapchat++ please

  • danewilco Dane Wilcox (@danewilco) reported

    "You're going to have to teach me to do the Snapchat, whenever I open it up all I see is me looking down and it scares me to death" - my mom

  • IDonelle236 oky🎈 (@IDonelle236) reported

    @TweakBoxApp My snap account was revoked on snapchat++ is there anyway you can help

  • lolalovesalot12 Lisa, Mommy of ✌🏼 (@lolalovesalot12) reported

    There is no filter on IG or Snapchat to fix my face. Lol

  • claireNOTa_BEAR Claire (@claireNOTa_BEAR) reported

    people who video cars in ditches or car accidents during snow storms via snapchat WHILE DRIVING... ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM OF THOSE ACCIDENTS HAPPENING.

  • maleeyalichelle 🌹🥀 (@maleeyalichelle) reported

    My Snapchat memories be breaking my heart, all these folks I thought was down for me but played tf outta me. That’s so sad 😂

  • grandpa_berni grandpa berni (@grandpa_berni) reported

    they can’t shut me down when i have horny 12 year olds on my premium snapchat

  • sablynnrob sabrina (@sablynnrob) reported

    Hmmmmmmmmm still no fix @snapchatsupport

  • DownlnTheDM lukas (@DownlnTheDM) reported

    @snapchatsupport need help about a hacked account ASAP! Pls check dm

  • Jiminquas_ Will Chamberlain (@Jiminquas_) reported

    *stan beat starts* Dear Will, I wrote but you still ain't callin' I left my IG, my Twitter , and my Snapchat at the bottom. I sent two dms back in autumn, you must not got em. There probably was problem with the phone service or something.

  • babblinngbrooke Brooke ✼ (@babblinngbrooke) reported

    @the_sarah_rose Another dude downed a bottle of wine before dinner then shoved his tongue down my throat. A few days later he saw a snapchat of me home from work sick. This fool had the audacity to text me saying “you better not have gotten me sick” OH AND I FOUND OUT HE HAD A GF THE WHOLE TIME

  • KianaDaniels10 Ki (@KianaDaniels10) reported

    If any girl is ever going through rough shit and needs some time away or you need to get your mind off of things, I just want to say I’m a text, call, FaceTime, or Snapchat away!!!!! Whether we talk or not I’m down for a car ride, lunch date, or sleepover!!

  • DCowboys_Nation Cowboys Nation (@DCowboys_Nation) reported

    @therealscolby @snapchatsupport @AppleSupport Yea... just got into beta and it still has that problem... disappointed

  • kkbroussard Kameron Broussard (@kkbroussard) reported

    @jeclostio @lsdlol I’m still holding it down via Snapchat 👌🏻

  • Travaj12Johnson Travis johnson (@Travaj12Johnson) reported

    @CoburnJacob Coming from the guy who had to get rid of a diesel because he couldn’t handle it😂 if I post it on my Snapchat it can go on Instagram for everyone to see and I would never have an issue..

  • Snap_Ueyy فهيدان (@Snap_Ueyy) reported

    @snapchatsupport please help me

  • Njohn1313 Nick Johnson (@Njohn1313) reported

    "Fat finger" error blamed for making @kjohn10268's snapchat username "KHohn20168"

  • harmanjit_k harman (@harmanjit_k) reported

    why did snapchat just change all my filters and give me ALL the ugly ones ummmmm ..... @snapchatsupport can you fix this bro😤🤧

  • topheradkins Chris Adkins (@topheradkins) reported

    @cam_wallaceee Terrible take. The mass collect on Snapchat & other apps means, yes, they have all the nudes. Think about that though. They literally have ALL of them. There’s no way to distinguish yours from the other 10 trillion they have. Keep sending nudes to your husbands ladies.

  • kyler9522 Kyler Jacob (@kyler9522) reported

    Like. If this was a women’s bathroom I would’ve not only been given toilet paper but also a mf run down of her entire day and she woulda asked me about mine as well and we probably woulda added each other on Snapchat afterward. 😂💕 ****** hate men’s rooms. 🙄

  • TimothyBuffett Tim Badock (@TimothyBuffett) reported

    @RussCP @brentviatweets Really cool. I think the biggest problem is conveying this type of creative advertising to older people who run many companies. Only a matter of time until everyone realizes how fun advertising and most like rewarding advertising can be with @Snapchat AR.

  • danewilco Dane Wilcox (@danewilco) reported

    "You're going to have to teach me to to the Snapchat, whenever I open it up all I see is me looking down and it scares me to death" - my mom

  • Mykal_Smathers Mykal 🍁 (@Mykal_Smathers) reported

    Snapchat is an embarrassment of implementation and programming on Android... Like it's outright terrible because it's nothing but a shitty port.

  • AbercromDaniel Daniel_Abercrom (@AbercromDaniel) reported

    Dear Snapchat, if you could fix your billion dollar app that'd be great

  • xavierlettsome ǝɯosʇʇǝן ɹǝıʌɐx (@xavierlettsome) reported from Northchase, North Carolina

    @estrellitatb @snapchatsupport same fnrhdrhdbev someone help

  • y0ulittleshit Carly Bitch (@y0ulittleshit) reported

    Snapchat really needs to fix the thing where if you’re recording a video and your phone goes to 20% it deletes the video I’m so ******* pissed

  • H0neyswxxt Honey Sweet🍯 (@H0neyswxxt) reported

    @Snapchat @Snap Um excuse me I have a big issue

  • The_Best_Of_COD ThatOneGuy (@The_Best_Of_COD) reported

    @snapchatsupport Hi! I ended up losing a streak today that happened during what seems like the morning :( I've attempted to get this settled through Theresa but to no avail. I would appreciate any help since this streak holds a lot of sentimental value for me and my partner.

  • Giovanna_221 Giovanna (@Giovanna_221) reported

    I just posted the most ugly video of me on Snapchat rn LMAO 💀 idc I need help with my skin 😂

  • Krystal59378140 Krystal (@Krystal59378140) reported

    @snapchatsupport help I want my Snapchat back I didn’t delete it

  • qveenc___ 𝐂. (@qveenc___) reported from Houston, Texas

    if you 20+ & still typing on back screens on snapchat......there is a problem lmao

  • xavierlettsome ǝɯosʇʇǝן ɹǝıʌɐx (@xavierlettsome) reported from Northchase, North Carolina

    @estrellitatb @snapchatsupport ok same plz help

  • bolognaph0ny kellers (@bolognaph0ny) reported

    Found out today my coworker blocked me on Snapchat 🙄 I don’t have time or energy for drama bullshit. You wanna block me, go ahead. Your problem. I don’t have a problem.

  • RsGhostly Ghostly TV (@RsGhostly) reported

    @snapchatsupport @joshjns1 I have the same issue

  • Chum_Is__FUM It's Kay (@Chum_Is__FUM) reported

    Snapchat love "*******" stuff that was never broken🙄

  • mindoftiff tiffany (@mindoftiff) reported

    my snapchat memories showing me my selfies of when i went out and got dicked down by my old hoes lmao

  • Cait_Louise1 Cait (@Cait_Louise1) reported

    I legit fall for guys so quick, three Snapchat’s and I’m in love man HELP

  • parkerbetchan4 Parker Betchan (@parkerbetchan4) reported

    Whoever sends me another “streaks” on Snapchat, will have a broken phone.

  • tthinkley Therese (@tthinkley) reported

    remember when the Snapchat update was our biggest problem in life

  • amybrunton_ amy (@amybrunton_) reported

    @sicely_e @Ella_Cormie Loool love how I didn’t even help u off the floor and just let him roast u 😂😂 my priority is providing my snapchat fans with the story content they deserve x

  • Yung_Bonnie bRaT💍💕🍭 (@Yung_Bonnie) reported from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    @snapchatsupport I’ve done all that and nothing I’m really annoyed and frustrated everyday it’s a new issue with y’all app.

  • therealimpulse_ impulse (@therealimpulse_) reported

    ***** you ugly something Snapchat can’t fix

  • Nxthxniel540 Natty Staff (@Nxthxniel540) reported

    “His girl crazy. I had to call him on Snapchat one day because I saw him walking down the interstate.” 😂

  • landonreed151 lando (@landonreed151) reported

    @itskyyx @snapchatsupport Hey having same issue my iPhone 7 updated got new stuff my XR updated still old snap with same build number as the new one. This shits wack

  • kassburk kassandra 🍯💛 (@kassburk) reported

    every snapchat story right now is just people rolling down their car window & punching the ice that covered it

  • goforprez Gianni (@goforprez) reported

    @Snapchat @Bitmoji can u fix @DJPaulyD s hair smh

  • midget_tae invader zim. 👽 (@midget_tae) reported

    Hell yea.. she recorded me then rolled the window down & asked me if she could put it on her Snapchat.. I said sure since we were stuck in traffic lol