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Snapchat is a mobile app that allows users to send and receive "self-destructing" photos and videos. Photos and videos taken with the app are called snaps. The sender of a message is able to determine the period that a message can be viewed by setting a limit between one and ten seconds.

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  • MakiRoll_Bot Maki Harukawa (@MakiRoll_Bot) reported

    iruma modded all of the monopads to have snapchat but now angie keeps sending me blurry pics of shinguuji. help.

  • SLeex4 TüLee (@SLeex4) reported

    Facebook was the first thing down. Hate Facebook. The second was snapchat. Wack ass shit. Third was Instagram. Ain’t shit todo on that. So here I am on Twitter where I can see it all even porn 😂😈

  • trash_exe_ Riku says trans rights (@trash_exe_) reported

    @AAAAAAGGHHHHH Idea: kh character looking down with Snapchat bar that says ‘looking down at transphobia cuz that shit is wack’ posted on the kh characters twitter and comments from other kh characters

  • waffgang Jon Snow deserved better (@waffgang) reported

    @zedsdead Hold down on the screen when you have Snapchat open :)

  • Savannah00Davis Savannah Davis (@Savannah00Davis) reported

    @Snapchat i forgot my password and it won’t let me reset with my number pls help

  • calamitypayne Katie Payne 🏹 (@calamitypayne) reported

    @KingBristal Bristal message me what it says cuz I currently don’t have Snapchat help

  • Rogerthat0w0 John Tweetck (@Rogerthat0w0) reported

    @DarthLux This made me remember that time when a imbecile incel reported a girl for having a premium snapchat service. I wonder if people like that guy have ever had a friend or a life.

  • LuckyRhinoceros Kevin Vela 🦏 (@LuckyRhinoceros) reported

    My friend’s brother asked me who I was trying to seduce on snapchat after I posted a video of me listening to Al Green’s “How do you mend a broken heart” My response was “the grim reaper”

  • NathanBeesley11 Beesley (@NathanBeesley11) reported

    @Optus Missing out on some epic victory royals because of your guys technical issues. The boys are running a 3 man party and having to snapchat their wins to me. Pickup your trash service. 💩

  • Savannah00Davis Savannah Davis (@Savannah00Davis) reported

    @Snapchat i logged out of my account and forgot my password at the app says there is no number related to an account but i know that’s not true bc my contacts are synced :/ pls help i can provide proof that it’s my account

  • Z2_Y3 Zaed Yousuf (@Z2_Y3) reported

    Yo @snapchatsupport y’all locked my account for no reason. I’ve tried unlocking it and it still won’t work. Could I get some help

  • seventysevenn7 Tala Murad (@seventysevenn7) reported

    @snapchatsupport I changed my phone number and didn't update it in my Snapchat account, and now i try to login but it keeps sending a verification code to my old number which i don't have access to anymore. Kindly assist

  • its_michael_m ⭐Michael⭐ (@its_michael_m) reported

    I'm not sure on whose end this needs to be fixed, @oneplus or @Snapchat, but Snapchat currently uses the secondary/noise cancelling microphone instead of the primary mic. Fix this!!

  • 17Flux ㅤً (@17Flux) reported

    I think about her when i cant sleep and i cant sleep cause im thinking about her im legit in love and i dont even have her snapchat yet help

  • carlacampos_ 🌻C. (@carlacampos_) reported

    @snapchatsupport @Snapchat hi ily but y’all really need to fix the quality & zoom for iPhone X Max. It’s time.

  • carlacampos_ 🌻C. (@carlacampos_) reported

    @Snapchat hi ily but y’all really need to fix the quality & zoom for iPhone X Max. It’s time.

  • carlacampos_ 🌻C. (@carlacampos_) reported

    @Snapchat hi ily but y’all really need to fix the quality & zoom for iPhone X. It’s time.

  • DrFatass olivia from the maintenance closet (@DrFatass) reported

    there's a snapchat game where your bitmoji stands on blocks over a pool & random blocks fall down & you run to the other blocks to try to stay outta the pool.. please tell me why shityeb's stupid ass went & ran straight off the block & into the pool 😐

  • indira18334915 indira (@indira18334915) reported

    @snapchatsupport May you please please fix snap so it lets me log in !!!!!! please i need it before school

  • ekleinofficial Selfie Made Ethan Klein (@ekleinofficial) reported

    @snapchatsupport I have has this problem for like a long time

  • findinglucie mel (@findinglucie) reported

    He had the nerve to video call me on snapchat to help me set up my discord so we could video chat and BOY was I not ready for him to see my face my hair was a mess my face was ugly but I answered

  • Fateily 👑 (@Fateily) reported

    @snapchatsupport HELP!!!!

  • Danidontcaree D (@Danidontcaree) reported

    @snapchat fix the camera for iPhone XR it makes me look ugly 😾😾

  • gabrielsocute Gabriel (@gabrielsocute) reported

    I feel like the biggest injustice is that I used to get like 400 views on my Snapchat stories & then the update made me go down to like 140. 🤧

  • Mugres14 Y a n e t. (@Mugres14) reported

    Just got my heart broken... I gave my little bro an iPhone for his 11birthday and while setting it up I logged into his snapchat and I found out he has a girlfriend 😭

  • N__SANDERS ♦️SANDERS♦️ (@N__SANDERS) reported

    I’m a terrible at texting or having a convo on Snapchat.

  • voidprxtt 𝑅𝑜𝓃 (@voidprxtt) reported

    @ElmoIsNowGod I would join but the last time i had snapchat it kept crashing down even when i reinstalled the whole thing

  • PoolPork Paul (@PoolPork) reported

    @Snapchat fix this ******* front flash bullshit. I’m going to go blind

  • indira18334915 indira (@indira18334915) reported

    @snapchatsupport yes i have reise first him i shut down second time i restarted and still no luck

  • AlexisKarns Alexis (@AlexisKarns) reported

    I have literally unadded 30 people from my Snapchat friends list in the last 15 min. Because of them posting that stupid yolo shit. Like I don’t even have a problem with y’all, but your stories drive me INSANE.

  • indira18334915 indira (@indira18334915) reported

    @snapchatsupport yep twice first time i shut down second time i restarted and still not working

  • indira18334915 indira (@indira18334915) reported

    @snapchatsupport snapchat it worked 5 mins ago then i logged out and now it won’t work can you please help me or do something so i can log in again please bro i will do anything

  • Alayna_LJHS Alayna Schaal (@Alayna_LJHS) reported

    @MechanicCG @snapchatsupport did u ever get into your account im having the same problem

  • ItsLakeiah Lakeiah (@ItsLakeiah) reported

    Someone’s mcm sells drugs to people who can’t afford it & posts them eating faeces on Snapchat. Lord fix it.

  • Christo73975802 Christopher Trixner (@Christo73975802) reported

    @_john_lepore_ @snapchatsupport i can login with phones from my friends

  • _lemarocain2 oui c'est bien moi ✌ (@_lemarocain2) reported

    @snapchatsupport I tried to logging out then log back into the app. But it didn't work . Please help its an emergency

  • FanamHits fanamhitsmusic (@FanamHits) reported

    She still holding on to those snapchat memories y'all I think we getting to the bottom of what the real issue is here lol ... if you miss me just come over I mean we just ****** the other night so I see why you mad lol ... these are no lies... shit was bomb to ...... #flashback

  • Alayna_LJHS Alayna Schaal (@Alayna_LJHS) reported

    @snapchatsupport @MorgadoPadilla I wrote a support ticket 3 days ago and nobody has replied yet please help my account has been locked for no reason for days now

  • Badde_bhaiyaa Utkarsh Dixit (@Badde_bhaiyaa) reported

    @smyltr @sonamakapoor Differnt tweets merged together to show some stupid shit but okay. She supported during the snapchat issue in 2016. Atleast check the tweet dates. KOI BAAT NAHI

  • celenhle_g Celenhle Ginindza ♡ (@celenhle_g) reported

    These requests on my Snapchat are hilarious. I don’t need fake acc on my snap😂 it goes down there 🤞🏽

  • _lemarocain2 oui c'est bien moi ✌ (@_lemarocain2) reported

    Hello, i have a probleme with my android, i can not send chats on snapchat with mobile data , but i can receive chats from my friends and see my friends story. PLEASE HELP ME WATH SHOULD I DO !! @snapchatsupport

  • Alayna_LJHS Alayna Schaal (@Alayna_LJHS) reported

    @snapchatsupport I have been trying to unlock my account for days now and it got locked for NO reason! Please help I need my account back! I wrote a support ticket 3 days ago and no reply!

  • TriNiBaD_ Trini🌴 (@TriNiBaD_) reported from Newington, New Hampshire

    @michellekayy_ I was thinking this last night, imma calm down with Snapchat

  • xamyjohnson aimes 🖤 (@xamyjohnson) reported

    snapchat is the shittest, most broken app out there 🙂

  • jordii_b_ Jordin Baldari (@jordii_b_) reported

    Jabbers down so naturally @ClaireMcGrogan and I have convos on text, Twitter, and Snapchat instead

  • _olmg_ zoey with a y (@_olmg_) reported

    @snapchatsupport I LOST A 768 DAY STREAK!!! I AM NOT OKAY. PLEASE HELP.

  • Lindsjustchills 𝚕𝚒𝚗𝚍𝚜. (@Lindsjustchills) reported

    I was talking to my boo last night before we went to sleep & this fool said out the blue that he broke down & made a Snapchat just to see my beautiful selfies... OH & to make sure he don’t catch me slippin 🤣

  • lara_disco Lara Disco (@lara_disco) reported

    Honestly giving up on @linkedin I’ve had enough of creeps tracking me down on snapchat and WhatsApp

  • Enny_Tilde Enny (@Enny_Tilde) reported

    all my snapchat streaks burned down

  • bunnygirl1415 Rhiannon♥️ Williams💋 (@bunnygirl1415) reported

    Anybody who wants to bless my Venmo cashapp or paypal will get my premium Snapchat. Prices went down cuz **** it why not. $25 a month $75 a year $150 for lifetime DM me for Venmo paypal or cashapp.

  • marcum__2 marcum 🥀 (@marcum__2) reported

    @snapchatsupport i was just attempting to troubleshoot, but y’all support system is like kinda broken

  • MorgadoPadilla Karen Morgado Padilla (@MorgadoPadilla) reported

    @snapchatsupport I can’t unlock my account my username is @jarenmorgado200. Please help me

  • tiatalbot7 Tia 🌔🌙✨ (@tiatalbot7) reported

    @Snapchat stop showing me Jacob sartorius’ story!! I can’t get rid of that shit because I try to hide it and it does nothing! Fix your stupid app

  • CLE_SHONUFF Twin & her Hubs! (@CLE_SHONUFF) reported

    @verymarykate As a Black woman I gotta say: calm down, ppl. In the "fixed it" panel, she was doing a Snapchat trick. Look closely (the women look like their male counterparts). OF COURSE WOMEN OF COLOR ARE MISSING. She wasn't LITERALLY fixing the problem. That being said, watch what you twt.

  • Rave_All_Day95 James Clapp (@Rave_All_Day95) reported

    @snapchatsupport Everyone in this thread I will assist you since support is ran by dumb asses. They are device banning people with jail broken or tweaked snaps now. But in the meantime their AI is accidentally banning innocent ppl who don’t jail break and I’m sorry to say but snap doesn’t care

  • kane_bazza Kane Barry (@kane_bazza) reported

    @Snapchat @snapchatsupport really needs to add a feature that lets me edit the terrible spelling mistakes I put on my story without deleting the whole thing 🤙

  • WalravenJenna Snow White (@WalravenJenna) reported from Bay City, Michigan

    Who else havin problems with snapchat

  • TheKyleHardy Kyle Hardy (@TheKyleHardy) reported

    when Kim’s Snapchat is down

  • _DylanStuart_ DylanStuart (@_DylanStuart_) reported

    @snapchatsupport stop ignoring me this issue needs fixed !

  • KaliberAU Dylan | Kali (@KaliberAU) reported

    @snapchatsupport been having issues with my snapchat stuck on sending. I've had 1 snap been sent for last 2-3 weeks and I would like to delete it or remove it