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Spotify is a Swedish music, podcast, and video streaming service that provides digital rights management–protected content from record labels and media companies. It is available in most of Europe, the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, and limited Asian countries.

 Some problems detected at Spotify

Spotify problems in the last 24 hours

Spotify Outage Chart

October 17: Problems at Spotify

Spotify is having issues since 09:00 AM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Errors (83.33%)
  • ▪ Sign in (16.67%)

Spotify Live Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Toulouse, Occitanie  ▪ Vancouver, British Columbia  ▪ Wergea, Friesland  ▪ Abertillery, Wales  ▪ Bangkok, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon  ▪ Beech Creek, Pennsylvania  ▪ Beveren, Vlaanderen  ▪ Birmingham, Alabama  ▪ Chicago, Illinois  ▪ Ciudad de México, Ciudad de México  ▪ Hull, England

Spotify Live Outage Map
  • Toulouse, Occitanie
  • Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Wergea, Friesland
  • Abertillery, Wales
  • Bangkok, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon
  • Beech Creek, Pennsylvania
  • Beveren, Vlaanderen
  • Birmingham, Alabama
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Ciudad de México, Ciudad de México
  • Hull, England
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Spotify Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • IlPanama
    massimiliano leone (@IlPanama) reported

    @SpotifyCares I've a problem with my fam account.I resend the invite to the member but they can't confirm address as the same of mine. Why??

  • hopelessrass
    BRITT ✨ (@hopelessrass) reported

    @SpotifyCares There isn’t any error messages and it’s all of his songs

  • BarryHarbour
    Barry Harbour (@BarryHarbour) reported

    My Spotify account dropped back down to a free subscription today. It's not a good feeling.

  • airplanes2k17
    Muzze 👻 (@airplanes2k17) reported

    My Spotify is acting so weird, does anyone else have the same problem?

  • Umbongoed
    WhatsApp Ricky (@Umbongoed) reported

    @SpotifyCares please can you resolve this issue by deleting all his music?

  • AnxiouslyMeBlog
    Anxiously, Me (@AnxiouslyMeBlog) reported

    Spotify not working & Chrome crashing. What else is going to go wrong?

  • _saifallah
    Saifallah (@_saifallah) reported

    Spotify; kickass playlists and matching, terrible UI Apple Music; terrible playlists and matching, better UI.

  • Temppuri
    Tému (@Temppuri) reported

    Got my account back with no damage done. Thank you @Spotify @SpotifyCares for resolving my problem so quickly <3

  • theprojectclub
    Steve Lee (@theprojectclub) reported

    Random Spotify Play: Feathers & Down by The Cardigans. (Slumps) Oh my gaaaaawd. Always. Hurts. o_O

  • Humza_Khann
    Humza Khan (@Humza_Khann) reported

    @SpotifyCares having problems logging into my account and when I try to reset the password it doesn't let me?

  • silverrstorms
    小画家///// @ lacoste (@silverrstorms) reported

    I miss pandora :/ I've been using spotify and it does have more music but it lacks the thumb up/down feature

  • chesitiamira
    Ami (@chesitiamira) reported

    @SpotifyCares Hi, i tried inviting a member to my family but when clicking the invite link nothing happened. Other members had no problem

  • momohime_sama
    Momo @Azeroth ♥ (@momohime_sama) reported

    @Creator_Meapi @SpotifyCares seems like spotyfys service is not really good.

  • Creator_Meapi
    Archmage Meapi (@Creator_Meapi) reported

    @Spotify It's ok though, gonna try to solve my problem via paypal then and never use spotify again. Really don't want to deal with that ever again

  • Creator_Meapi
    Archmage Meapi (@Creator_Meapi) reported

    So angry at @Spotify Customer service didn't even read my message and just answered smth copied from their homepage

  • smoulderingson
    Robert Brown (@smoulderingson) reported

    @topleftbooking Spotify are thieves! And a big part of the problem that's getting worse.

  • rorylikealion
    Ror Formales (@rorylikealion) reported

    My biggest (and only) issue with Spotify is that it's missing two whole Switchfoot albums. SADNU

  • CharlmaineTan
    Minyang💖 (@CharlmaineTan) reported

    @Spotify can you please help me? My problem is don't have account

  • AmandaRamsay
    Amanda Ramsay (@AmandaRamsay) reported

    @SpotifyStatus Spotify hasn't worked since Sunday, don't know why. I attempted uninstall then download but it comes up with error message 18

  • OrphanRapist
    OrphanRapist (@OrphanRapist) reported

    Can't reset my Spotify password because it says I'm logging in with FB credentials, which is clearly not true. Had same problem a year ago.

  • CapnKirk89
    LeanneK (@CapnKirk89) reported

    @Spotify is there anyway to get your ads turned down. One minute I'm having an emotional moment to @cher and then BOOM incredibly loud ads

  • iAmCorin
    Corin (@iAmCorin) reported

    @spotifycares keep trying to reset my password, says CSRF has expired, won't let me login with my actual password and can't reset

  • StiofanOb
    Stiofán (Stephen) (@StiofanOb) reported

    @SpotifyCares I have a problem: I changed my email used by facebook but spotify never updated. When I tried to sign in on a new device, I..

  • JackyAllTimeLow
    jacky (@JackyAllTimeLow) reported

    @hannahwithc0n @SpotifyCares change your password. there's people selling the login data of spotify accounts after hacking them o_o

  • Destinywlf
    Destinywlf (@Destinywlf) reported

    @SpotifyCares need to fix the issues with @Chromecast audio. No issues with @SlackerRadio.

  • andoriax
    Y00ㅋ (@andoriax) reported

    i hope spotify doesnt take this album down unlike the others lmao

  • kempius
    André Kempe (@kempius) reported

    @WhyTooShy @Spotify @amazonmusic Ah nice - is that also a free service? Or for prime only? :-)

  • Schlayygs
    Cole Schlegel (@Schlayygs) reported

    @ripironi Spotify error

  • BeeQuing
    ✒️⌨QuingBee♛☕️ (@BeeQuing) reported

    @bradspeare find a free service... stream it... many offered. Personally, I use spotify and don't pay to upgrade to "premium" service.

  • sunflwrboy
    lily eve (@sunflwrboy) reported from Abertillery, Wales

    If anyone has the same problem as me I do have a screen recording but once ur spotify is working or whatever pls try to stream it cause -

  • krosas303
    uglygirlscallmepapi (@krosas303) reported

    @sushitrash Not working for spotify

  • sportswriterkev
    Kevin Colindres (@sportswriterkev) reported

    @sushitrash not working on spotify yet

  • Chappie_king
    Andre Nel (@Chappie_king) reported

    @Spotify After Grooveshark shut down, I couldn’t get a nice online streaming website, so this is why I am wondering.

  • taranss11
    Taran Sidhu (@taranss11) reported

    @sushitrash spotify not working :(

  • ZeraxonHD
    Zeraxon_公式 (@ZeraxonHD) reported

    Oh man I didn't knew that @Spotify has one big problem

  • ssmeding
    Sint Smeding (@ssmeding) reported from Wergea, Friesland

    @TheFLUXtrance Don't know about Snapchat, but no such problems with Spotify here using the default skin. Good luck!

  • sunnysiiiide
    Sunny ☉ (@sunnysiiiide) reported

    @SpotifyCares I have tried clearing my cache & deleting history, but neither has worked. The problem persists on Chrome & Firefox

  • sunnysiiiide
    Sunny ☉ (@sunnysiiiide) reported

    @SpotifyCares I've had many issues w/ things not playing properly, but usually refreshing the page fixes the problem. Not this time

  • MySuitcaseLife
    arabell. (@MySuitcaseLife) reported

    @SpotifyCares Using Spotify on an Android phone with Android 6.0.1. - I dont have the Problem while using Spotify on my Macbook...

  • rhettsnell
    Rhett Snell (@rhettsnell) reported

    @JonRobinNZ @SpotifyCares Google tells me this has been a common problem since 2014. So I guess we might know in a couple years.

  • krnsux
    🎃👻 scare-n 👻🎃 (@krnsux) reported

    @ndlnat if its a spotify one im down

  • hannaahmorgann
    Hannah Morgan (@hannaahmorgann) reported

    should def be studying and not going down a related artist rabbit hole on spotify but i’ve also been up since 5:30am and i deserve luv

  • Emily5essohess
    Emily Bell (@Emily5essohess) reported

    Anyone else having problems with @Spotify? My ads just won't go.

  • 2ButtonHero
    2 Button Hero (@2ButtonHero) reported

    @JimColesy I've had so many issues with Spotify lately. All they keep telling me is delete the app and reinstall it, works for a week then repeats.

  • DylanAdler
    Dylicious (@DylanAdler) reported

    @TheOddBallGay @ralpo67 Also Spotify is terrible to the artists

  • soshikurus
    sooy (@soshikurus) reported

    Zhxry Hey! That's not cool. Are you getting any specific error messages? Can you also your device/OS and Spotify version? /YM

  • everydaydinah
    jorjana👻🕸 (@everydaydinah) reported

    why is my Spotify not working

  • LoveRoaldAlot
    strawberry baby (@LoveRoaldAlot) reported from Louisville, Kentucky

    They need to have control z undo on Spotify! I just thumbed down a song I wanted more info on cuz I liked it!!!

  • ScottiChooch
    CHOOCH (@ScottiChooch) reported

    @SharkMark22 @Glazed_Rooster @Spotify @NashvilleStutz I offered to work with you twice and you shot me down.

  • KiyomiKawana
    Kiyomi Kawana (@KiyomiKawana) reported

    @Spotify Dowe the student price include premium service with limited commercials??

  • 5haf27
    Leslie❤5H,1D,Z,SG❤ (@5haf27) reported

    Spotify played Down out of nowhere and now Dimple omg yess

  • kylieknur
    Gandalf (@kylieknur) reported from Mount Auburn, Illinois

    Honestly trying to work with @Spotify & @hulu over this promotion not working wasn't even worth $4.99

  • TheHorselord
    HorselordEvan (@TheHorselord) reported

    @SpotifyCares Same issue, tried different browser and incognito

  • wesleysmiley
    Bandit. (@wesleysmiley) reported

    @SpotifyCares Having problems with one of my spotify playlists only on windows. DM

  • DavesBackOnline
    DaveIsBackOnline (@DavesBackOnline) reported

    @spotify hey I can’t reset my password because of your CRSF token problem. Fix this now.

  • yikpingpg
    koay yik ping (@yikpingpg) reported

    @SpotifyStatus some of the artists I followed do not appear in my library/artists column. Is there a way to fix this issue ? Thanks

  • bigman22222267
    Hi (@bigman22222267) reported

    @SpotifyCares would you be able to send me a message. I am having issues with the app since the new update ?

  • sammynickalls
    Sammy Nickalls (@sammynickalls) reported

    spotify led me down the trail of listening to counting crows' 'films about ghosts' and i know this is my worst opinion but it jams

  • betorgx
    C. Roberto (@betorgx) reported

    @Spotify I’m having problems to join on family account premium. [3. Oops, something went wrong. Try again]

  • 66Betty
    Cathy 🍸🎃 (@66Betty) reported

    @cody_k Nope. I just want @Spotify to refund her money and not charge her again. And maybe have contactable customer service.

  • 66Betty
    Cathy 🍸🎃 (@66Betty) reported

    @Spotify She does not HAVE premium, and has nowhere to go to "cancel" and make sure her card isn't charged again. Contacting cust service impossible.

  • AUdean95
    Carson Dean (@AUdean95) reported from Birmingham, Alabama

    @SpotifyCares I updated my Spotify and the problem is solved. Thanks

  • JejuneAllan
    Allan Heredia (@JejuneAllan) reported

    @SpotifyCares I'm trying to have only my email to sign in to my account. Can't reset password because I deleted my Facebook account.

  • bboydmeetsworld
    Brandon Boyd (@bboydmeetsworld) reported

    @SpotifyCares Did this and still not working :/ I've had local files work in past but can't get this

  • monetberm
    ana (@monetberm) reported

    i wanna listen to residente but my spotify is not working :(

  • schristine90
    Samanthaaa (@schristine90) reported

    @mrBobbyBones Which music service do you like better? Apple Music or Spotify?

  • astromeetsevil
    ؘ (@astromeetsevil) reported

    eu clamo por trust issues do the weeknd no spotify

  • sinvocals
    shan ; WE DID IT ! (@sinvocals) reported

    don't forget to stream DNA on spotify as well, bts is down to 87 in the Hot 100, they could drop out any time ! @BTS_twt #MPN #BTSShow

  • roa_boo
    bean day!!! ❤ (@roa_boo) reported

    yo who the FUCK does spotify think it is playing sistar as if i wont break down in fucking tears

  • jeffwilsontech
    Jeff Wilson (@jeffwilsontech) reported

    @SwiftOnSecurity Now they're killing off that service too and pushing me to Spotify, which has a shitty windows client and thrashes my SSD

  • _jacobcohen_
    Jacob (@_jacobcohen_) reported

    @spotify, I'm disappointed in your service, I am not feeling valued as a customer!!!!!!!

  • _jacobcohen_
    Jacob (@_jacobcohen_) reported

    @spotify, I'm disappointed in your service, I am not feeling valued as a costumer!!!!!!!

  • _jacobcohen_
    Jacob (@_jacobcohen_) reported

    @SpotifyCares your customer service is a joke.

  • SponchMan
    Dillon Herrero (@SponchMan) reported

    @TylerHendrix I like Spotify but the biggest issue is there is no good way to import any of your own songs, Google Play music does a better job of that.

  • JeromeRobbins9
    Jerome Robbins (@JeromeRobbins9) reported

    @SpotifyCares hey I need help. I forgot the email I used to sign in I know the password is there anything you could do

  • hfkhrry
    alexis🎃 (@hfkhrry) reported

    spotify rlly let me down today bc they don’t have the version of want u back with astro and that version is the best

  • stylestryst
    mila ♡ (@stylestryst) reported

    is anyone else having a problem with spotify?? it plays a song and doesn’t change so it just goes silent for me!

  • dfriend
    David Friend (@dfriend) reported

    @SpotifyCares @snelson144 It's not working for me either.

  • mariecuttle
    Vampire Squid 🧛🦑💚 (@mariecuttle) reported

    Very innovative of Spotify to put "Look What You Made Me Do" in their commercials, actively paying to make their own service less appealing

  • dylanschenker
    dyland of the dead (@dylanschenker) reported

    The fact that you can't see Spotify (or any non-Apple Music streaming service) in the control deck anymore is maddening.

Spotify Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 101
  • 117
  • 126
  • 14
  • 17
  • 18
  • 2
  • 3
  • 403
  • 404
  • 404
  • 408
  • 501
  • 509
  • 52
  • 6
  • 8
  • 802
  • 909
  • 912
  • 914
  • 917