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Spotify is a Swedish music, podcast, and video streaming service that provides digital rights management–protected content from record labels and media companies. It is available in most of Europe, the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, and limited Asian countries.

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March 21: Problems at Spotify

Spotify is having issues since 02:40 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • Errors (36.65%)
  • Playback Issues (28.69%)
  • Sign in (25.90%)
  • Buffering (6.77%)
  • Audio Quality (1.99%)

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  • BtsMvStatistics BTS Mv Statistics! (@BtsMvStatistics) reported

    [ SPOTIFY STREAMS ] Love Yourself TEAR total streams: 716,610,608 The most streamed song is Fake Love. @BTS_twt (if you want me to keep up with the updates of Bts Streams on Spotify, comment down! I never updated about Spotify so I Don't know if you want or not )

  • ZephyBeeblebrox Zephod Beeblebrox (@ZephyBeeblebrox) reported

    @MissJennifer116 @ResAlien @EricBnoRakim @Kno Yeah i use the free Spotify service but the poor audio quality is rather annoying. Thanks for the info, just makin sure I don’t look like a mouth breather if I use Prime lmao

  • whatupkj K.J. Jackson (@whatupkj) reported

    @kennnyabstract I got so geeked when I opened up my Spotify yesterday and got a notification for free Hulu. What a service

  • BiggarsInParis Tom (@BiggarsInParis) reported

    @RK98v2 @JayJBomber Spotify is way better than Apple Music for the social media side of things, they’ll fix the issue soon I reckon

  • _Chris_Magee_ Chris Magee (@_Chris_Magee_) reported

    @SpotifyCares got a problem logging in, and all of your recovery methods require logging in. Don't use facebook. I have emails from you but password refresh link has expired in them and entering that email for a new password you say it isn't recognised. I can't contact you!

  • Slaktus Erlend Grefsrud (@Slaktus) reported

    Google is in the data centre business. It wants games to live at least in part in data centres. It doesn't want to own Spotify or Netflix because it already sells cloud capacity to them. They don't want exposure to the raw market. They put down road for the rubber to meet.

  • DJ_Zephyr102 DJ Zephyr (@DJ_Zephyr102) reported

    @SpotifyCares Device: LG Stylo 4 OS: Android 8.1 Spotify version: Also, I've tried again after work to DL my main Songs collection, and it seems to finally be DLing. Will report if I encounter issues with further playlists.

  • track11njh jas (@track11njh) reported


  • AzaleaBalls Azalean Reed ⚰️ (@AzaleaBalls) reported

    @Spotify add “Sally Walker” to your playlists and be an unbiased streaming service or I’m canceling my membership

  • sevenw0rds JDUBS (@sevenw0rds) reported

    @SpotifyCares @eldsjal No offense, but that is a dumb decision, whether analytics were used or not. You should have just kept the Starred songs like you had ages ago, and kept Saved Albums. Problem solved. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel!

  • lilsunsets (@lilsunsets) reported

    id 10/10 rather use spotify, the only reason i’m with apple music is bc the music automatically starts playing in my car through blue tooth but with spotify i have to open the app to get it to play:( small problem i know but i like to just get in my car and leave lol

  • 95ellerae Elle-Rae (@95ellerae) reported

    @Sophiepullen_ I'll make one on Spotify mate. Not a problem 😉

  • Landoo120 👁rlando (@Landoo120) reported

    Spotify shits on Apple Music hands down

  • _fiery_kat_ Kate (@_fiery_kat_) reported

    Honestly, you can look at YouTube ads like those on Spotify or Pandora. If you use the free service, you get ads and limitations on how you skip. This isn’t Patreon or the membership on YouTube, so we’re not really paying for anything. Sister needs to make money, so let’s let him

  • mijustin Justin Jackson (@mijustin) reported

    This is why I'm bullish on Apple's new streaming service. If they can bundle everything together, in one attractive price, they'll have an edge over their competitors (Spotify, Netflix, etc...) Competing with Netflix's original content will by tricky, but not impossible.

  • pablobirukov Pablo Birukov (@pablobirukov) reported

    @freetonik @OvercastFM @Spotify I-always-ready-to-update notification on desktop. I hate it. If you have decided to give a try to micro-frontends or whatnot, please, figure out the way to make it work. It's your problem, not mine. Don't you dare update anything on my computer without showing the a changelog

  • colemancade Cade Coleman (@colemancade) reported

    @mikegcoleman @Spotify @Xbox All of their apps outside of the phone app and web browser are trash. It’s not just an Xbox problem, my Fire Stick can’t handle it either. I just use my phone app as a remote now if I want to use Spotify on anything other than my phone.

  • polyopinionated bamerang (@polyopinionated) reported

    Spotify suggested a playlist called 'Calm Down' to me today....,,,ok spotify

  • neoIhadalesbian 💀🖤🌙 (@neoIhadalesbian) reported

    shoot out eng ver is my top scrobble atm because when it came out i put it on loop on spotify n turned my volume all th way down n left it while i slept bc i was like haha streaming :)

  • EleanorSkittral eleanorskittrall97 (@EleanorSkittral) reported

    Showed my dad how to log into his Spotify and he was so ecstatic he screamed ‘I love you’ 3 times down the phone so really I’m no longer worried about having to impress him with a degree

  • vaingloriouspug 🔺🔮the hermit (reverse)🦋🔻 (@vaingloriouspug) reported

    I locked the keys to the liquor room and my phone (which was loudly playing dubstep) inside the liquor room. There are no spare keys in this restaurant. I'm tweeting this from the office computer, where I was at least able to login to spotify and stop my music.

  • PixelatedCheese Jordan (@PixelatedCheese) reported

    @SpotifyCares That doesn’t work. This is a known issue that has been affecting everyone with the current update. Whenever I go to the albums in my recently played or albums list, all the songs in those albums are displayed despite the fact I had only saved specific songs from that album.

  • WoodyJakob Jakob Woody (@WoodyJakob) reported

    @SpotifyCares I need help with my account login it’s not letting me log in

  • DejaGuinevere Deja Rasch (@DejaGuinevere) reported

    @EricBnoRakim @vtttd Imagine arguing this. Like who cares the worlds literally dying and people are arguing about whether Apple Music or Spotify is better when they’re practically the same. Honestly just comes down to preference

  • ananaszka Vincent (@ananaszka) reported

    @SpotifyCares That’s my whole problem, that the saved albums do not show up in that playlist, and that’s why i miss the saved tracks feature, and not like the new ‘liked songs’ stuff. I have at least approx. 700 tracks saved, including saved albums.

  • EndlessModeLP Endless Mode 🕹🎮 (@EndlessModeLP) reported

    @pbondoer @Enichan @itchio Even if the platform works with none of the infrastructure issues, theyll control distribution and likely get a Spotify-like model that pays for crap unless you are one of the few breakout hits. Musicians have talked about streaming cutting into sales its a good comparison.

  • quingreen55 Quinlan Green (@quingreen55) reported

    We’re really out here forging informal relationships with our favourite literature professors smelling like stage makeup lining up a slapping Spotify queue walking down Sherbrooke with our jackets **open**.

  • jimmyinthegym Dominik Ernst (@jimmyinthegym) reported

    @SpotifyCares I got problems with my account. Am still an student but am charged with a regular fee. Also can't switch user names and can't disconnect my facebook acc without loosing all my playlist. pls help

  • transynd Greg Klein (@transynd) reported

    @ebonyaster I'd be deep down the Destiny 2 hole and want to end it all if Bebe Rexha hadn't showed up on my Spotify.

  • Afo_B AB (@Afo_B) reported

    @ Oh no this isn’t a Spotify vs Apple thing, I just don’t like Apple Podcast for a couple reasons, episodes won’t play for a random reason despite being uploaded and I’ve been in contact with them for work and they’re just rubbish in terms of customer service.

  • freetonik Rakhim (@freetonik) reported

    Cancelled my Spotify subscription after almost 5 yrs. Multiple useless redesigns, removal of features every update, senseless limitations and push for pop/rap everywhere. I no longer feel any personalization. It’s basically a radio you can fight to behave like a streaming service

  • ItsFlareWare FlareWare (@ItsFlareWare) reported

    Spotify has slowly been taking down Ozma albums one at a time and i'm gonna have to ask for that to STOP

  • primalanomaly Primal Anomaly (@primalanomaly) reported

    @mdewater Fortunately, whilst I’ve seen #Spotify make a lot of terrible design choices recently, I’ve also seen them listening when users complain, so I’m gonna keep doing so whenever they make idiotic decisions like this in the hope that they see sense @Spotify @SpotifyCares

  • lureithleon Justice (@lureithleon) reported

    @SpotifyCares "You are currently set to offline" Please go online to connect to Spotify But I can't, because I can't sign in :|

  • lureithleon Justice (@lureithleon) reported

    @SpotifyStatus "You are currently set to offline" Please go online to connect to Spotify But I can't, because I can't sign in :|

  • raoluxwh GOGOBEBE OUT NOW 🚀💕 || Alex 🐍 (@raoluxwh) reported

    @lawless523 @thealexocho @TamarWrites Exactly. Spotify wants to have everything they can available for their users, as this thread replies shows that can make an user change to another service. It's simply that SM didn't want to pay to make former releases available, probably, because they thought demand was none.

  • eschwartz99 Eric Schwartz (@eschwartz99) reported

    @gina_mariee1 I switched and it’s definitely a better deal, but I miss being able to look down on the Spotify plebeians

  • NewMySpacePage a moot point (@NewMySpacePage) reported

    @nicregis @Spotify @spotifydesign they missed the mark on fandom. They have the music marketplace down and discovery is getting better, but complete whiff on fan groups and feeding them.

  • MicahSingleton Micah Singleton (@MicahSingleton) reported

    @chriswelch @Spotify Few things I want more from a streaming service than a "ever play this song/artist again” option.

  • andreaxchiasson andrea 💛 (@andreaxchiasson) reported

    @itscarterjames i wish lay down in my grave was on spotify, it’s so good 😩

  • elistamstad yung lamb chop (@elistamstad) reported

    Except for that fact that Spotify pays artists less money in royalties than any other streaming service

  • lisharox777 elisha fillis (@lisharox777) reported

    @MattKenney20 @ZakkWyldeBLS @Spotify @iTunes @AppleMusic @amazon @WyldeAudio @DeathWishCoffee @jimdunlopusa Thumbs waaay down Kenney 👎👎

  • titeknots Titeknots (@titeknots) reported

    @TheWrongtom @laurent_fintoni … but the major issue is how little Youtube still pay per stream. So in a BR set of 20-30 tracks, even with millions of views, the payout will be tiny. Benefits are elsewhere. E.G. people who make Spotify playlists of Boiler Room tracklists.

  • AlexWtkns Alex W. (@AlexWtkns) reported

    @SpotifyCares I don't even know if maybe I'm overreacting here, but the technical issue I have needs, you know, technical support. And since I don't work at Spotify that means I'm in need of assistance. Not responding for hours when I can't store music offline for 2 days is annoying af!

  • __Youngovo Alex🦍 (@__Youngovo) reported

    @ortizbrittany_ Same problem here but i got Apple Music and miss Spotify :,(

  • iamJamesMicheal James Micheal (@iamJamesMicheal) reported

    @SpotifyCares I can’t log into my account or recover password as I joined Spotify thru Facebook and since deleted it, and your websites FAQ isn’t solving the problem 😒

  • YuJianDH YuJi🌻 (@YuJianDH) reported

    Spotify and Hulu linking and not being available in Canada is honestly the biggest let down of 2019 so far...

  • NAEEMmusic N/A/E/E/M (@NAEEMmusic) reported

    Spotify, Amazon, Pandora, and Google showing wild evil corporate greed trying to knock the first major increase of pay to artist for streaming music back down to where it was

  • eastbayjay510 Jay Johnson (@eastbayjay510) reported from Carrboro, North Carolina

    @SpotifyCares they are also not working right on my MacBook pro.

  • thebigmak93 M Gon' Give It To Ya (@thebigmak93) reported

    I'm not gonna tell anyone they're not allowed to have Spotify, Apple Music, or whatever other streaming service. What I will say is this. If you love the artist, buy the album. Physical, digital, whatever. Merch is cool as well, so are live tickets. But buy the album.

  • ShuriBear ShuriBear (@ShuriBear) reported

    @Riek_lt Actually the reason why I do not use any streaming service like Spotify is for that reason. As a former artist I know how hard it can be to make money off of it.

  • IAreZack 𝕀𝔸𝕣𝕖ℤ𝕒𝕔𝕜 (@IAreZack) reported

    @JagSays @cassiemcclendon UI come down to what you're used to. Spotify is messy to you because you arent used to it. And not every issue apple has is just people hoping on the hating apple bandwagon.

  • TTroyminator The Troyminator (@TTroyminator) reported

    @woot If you ever use the Internet, Connect my way, use the device that's ther best. Get your net with Router 66. It winds from Spotify to Hulu, More then two-thousand k-bits up and down. Get your net with Router 66.

  • NETFLlXUS magikarp and chips (@NETFLlXUS) reported

    spotify is the superior music streaming service

  • joshstitched ✨elif (@joshstitched) reported

    nah i dont want free hulu. spotify turkey is doing enough for us by making their service 8 turkish liras for month. that’s not even 2$

  • LittleBoPeach Lauren Bonsell (@LittleBoPeach) reported

    @getjukebot We just installed your app but are having some issues. When we try to use any of the "Spotify Premium" commands we are told "Sorry, but this feature is only available to Spotify Premium users" even though we do have a Spotify Premium account. Please help!

  • cbenard Chris Benard (@cbenard) reported

    @Green_Recruiter @PandoraSupport @Spotify @pandoramusic Google Play Music does. Thankfully I get it for free with YouTube Red. I've been using it today. I've been paying for Pandora for over a decade though. It knows me well and does a really good job of recommending music. I just need them to fix their service. Still down for me.

  • tjadegoke Jaylen Gaines ⚰️ (@tjadegoke) reported

    @BeyIloveYougirl @PopAlarms_ @IGGYAZALEA Untop of that, on the New Music Friday playlist, they put her down in the low 20’s and put songs that had NOWHERE near the amount of streams as Sally Walker 1st day at the very top. When a fan asked @SpotifyCares , they said “they use taste” to do playlists. Not actual success.

  • SadieKCornelius Sadie (@SadieKCornelius) reported

    Matchbox 20 just came into my Spotify and I ain’t mad…going down a 1996 music rabbit hole for #ThrowbackThursday

  • warr_gaye_bai Syeda Mahnoor Fatima (@warr_gaye_bai) reported

    @SpotifyCares You guys are are the best... Come here sooner so i can rate you 5 stars on customer service 😂🙈 #bait

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