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Spotify is a Swedish music, podcast, and video streaming service that provides digital rights management–protected content from record labels and media companies. It is available in most of Europe, the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, and limited Asian countries.

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  • DanSloan
    i regret all my tweets (@DanSloan) reported

    Did you know that setting up a playlist without Icehouse's 'Great Southern Land' on it violates the Spotify Terms of Service in Australia and New Zealand?

  • BradleyDowell
    Dadley (@BradleyDowell) reported

    @AbstractLife is Tidal worth the cost my good Fred? We have Spotify premium and I like the service but I wouldn't mind having better sound quality. Just assumed Tidal had way less titles

  • PogeyNarc
    Bryznasty (@PogeyNarc) reported

    @SpotifyCares My Spotify keeps switching off shuffle and repeat when I change to a different app on my phone. Is anyone else having a similar issue?

  • abhisinthe
    Abhijit Bhelande (@abhisinthe) reported

    @chandradawn1 @ThirdCoastFest @spotify and @RadioPublic. Former has issue while driving volume fades instead of pausing. Latter has good suggestions. I was whining about the iTunes feed. I’m defn being elitist - in general just biased towards efforts for quality production.

  • Ky__Rebel
    KY-REBEL (@Ky__Rebel) reported

    @SpotifyCares i am having problems again with my premium status

  • Ewado12
    Eduardo🐝🇲🇽 (@Ewado12) reported

    @soulfulsunset @AverageGoal Get an Android and get the Spotify premium apk I've had it for the past 2 years no problems

  • hey_itsaaronnn
    A-Aron 🙂 (@hey_itsaaronnn) reported

    @jasmineephelps @Ievonce i don't have a playlist for the bon iver song. the name of the playlist was off spotify. i don't know a playlist w bon iver on it. stop looking for problems when there aren't any at all. i'm minding my business.

  • CatherineWard7
    Catherine Ward (@CatherineWard7) reported

    @SpotifyCares honor 8 app frozen on login page. Refreshes instead of logging in. Reinstalled, not solved.

  • unpleasantnerdz
    unpleasant Nerd (@unpleasantnerdz) reported

    @SpotifyCares seriously guys! Im paying for your service since a couple of months. Why the hell do you send me an email offer of spotify at .99 for 3 months since i cant use it because im in quebec and im already on premium? Thats shity...

  • Melly32
    Melissa (@Melly32) reported

    @SpotifyCares Randomly Can’t login to my account for some reason. And when I try to reset my password it’s says my email address isn’t associated with an account. Beyond frustrated, help please!

  • cstnaa
    christina (@cstnaa) reported

    @SpotifyCares My Spotify account on my iPhone has no browse tab, but on my iPad it does. I use the same account on both devices,and both devices have the same recent update. Please fix this problem. Thanks Spotify!

  • cstnaa
    christina (@cstnaa) reported

    @SpotifyCares My Spotify account on my iPhone does not have a browse tab, but in my iPhone it does. They both have the most recent update. Please fix this problem. Thank you Spotify!

  • itsunicorn_rain
    Itsunicornrain (@itsunicorn_rain) reported

    Spotify that scary commercial is terrible #Spotify

  • felixs89xy
    Felix S****** (@felixs89xy) reported

    @Spotify why the fuck am I paying for your service since years and now I get this fucking Spotify prekmium adverts? And seems that I am offline #spotify

  • Lazy_skittles
    Kate O'Donoghue (@Lazy_skittles) reported

    Spotify premium for 3 months for 99c, will do me fine as I will be back to work soon so can pay the 10 no problem then!

  • bingocat1994
    Bingocat (@bingocat1994) reported

    Why can't @Spotify have a permanent private listening mode for their service? I'd love to switch away from Google Play Music to Spotify but not being able to listen to songs privately without having to manually toggle a switch every few hours is keeping me from doing so.

  • chicagomedic
    chicagomedic 🌹 (@chicagomedic) reported

    @dmedic49 between youtube, pandora, spotify, amazon prime, and cloud drive services like google play and cloud storage like google drive and dropbox theres certainly a ton of steaming options to justify the lowest storage options unless you're deathly afraid of no wifi or service.

  • jamiebarkwell
    JLBarks (@jamiebarkwell) reported

    @SpotifyCares so apparently my "trial" has expired. Only issue, I never signed up for anything so I didn't use it. I only ever listen to a song or two until there is a commercial then I turn it off. Maybe one day there might have been fewer commercial, is that the trial????

  • poplaythings
    Jerry Cook (@poplaythings) reported

    @SpotifyCares hi trying to update my payment info as a unlimited customer but is now only giving me the option of premium which is double the price, i though unlimited customers were allowed to continue this service?

    ✨ 😎 𝕿𝖄𝕰 😎 ✨ (@TYEKlNG) reported

    why spotify thinks i want to auto play ALL THE SONGS WITH THE WORD I SEARCHED FOR is a good idea? like youll be bopping to work then itll switch to WORK for it from high school musical then down under by men at WORK? NOT HERE FOR IT SPOTIFY!

  • Daegurlx
    D-Girl-from-Dtown (@Daegurlx) reported

    @army_loubna @BTS_twt I've been streaming 24/7 now. I think my house is gonna burn down when I come home because I left my laptop streaming YT and Spotify together ㅤ (\__/) (='.'=) Ɛ| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄|3 #iVoteBTSBBMAs  for @BTS_twt |________|

  • TheAgera
    Agera (@TheAgera) reported

    Just ended my trial of Tidal after no more than 2 days. Spotify really is the best music streaming service.

  • taliara_
    Alia (@taliara_) reported

    @SpotifyCares I dont have any credit/debit or payhal whatever, that’s my problem. If i do have one, it aint gonna be a problem

  • Tenpekka
    Tenpekka (@Tenpekka) reported

    today i experienced one too many spotify ads and finally broke down and bought premium again

  • amdev
    Amro Mousa (@amdev) reported

    @ryleyherrington I’m using google DNS at home and wondered if that could be the issue, somehow, so I tried LTE and had the same issue. Gonna give Spotify a try

  • ryleyherrington
    Ryley Herrington (@ryleyherrington) reported from Beaverton, Oregon

    @amdev Yeah. I keep giving it a try. Spotify is still killing it. If I go through a tunnel Apple Music stops playing (any network change from lte-> 1x for example). Spotify has zero issues for me.

  • vgirl_95bts
    베로.95🐯 (@vgirl_95bts) reported

    I’m trying to do my Japanese homework and it’s not working at all since I’m listening to #LoveYourselfTear @BTS_twt on Spotify like...... #IVoteBTSBBMAs

  • sunslushed
    june (@sunslushed) reported

    @Spotify how many times do i have to thumbs down a banes world song in order for yall to stop recommending his music to me

  • Xiuzhenzhu
    Leylin-TearsofSingularity (@Xiuzhenzhu) reported

    @paradysemyg Loona 1/3 and odd eye circle have debuted, (odd eye circle are also on spotify), and the last subgroup is debuting this month actually, and they will be called yyxy, I believe. And no problem. :))

  • canbyamber
    Amber (@canbyamber) reported

    @SpotifyCares did I mention your customer service chat doesn’t work?

  • canbyamber
    Amber (@canbyamber) reported

    @SpotifyCares now your customer service closed the wrong account and I don’t have access to my own account. I’m going back to Pandora!

  • canbyamber
    Amber (@canbyamber) reported

    @SpotifyCares your customer service sucks!! I’m being build twice, there are two accounts in my name being used by other people and I’m paying for it. I want a phone number!!

  • djames2399
    Team Bananas (@djames2399) reported

    @RTRFND Whenever someone hacks your Spotify it’s always to listen to something terrible that screws up your Daily Mix for WEEKS

  • Ocean_mars
    Veronica Torres (@Ocean_mars) reported

    @SpotifyCares hiya! Question! I have Spotify premium, and I’m having problems accessing my account. The right amount has been deducted from my account but I am unable to access the perks. I have also just lost all my saved music ( as I logged out and logged in again) dm?

  • sparklygodzilla
    rayna 💘 (@sparklygodzilla) reported

    ok my Spotify isn’t working AT ALL this is a problem

  • ItsJeffaOnYT
    Jeffrey (@ItsJeffaOnYT) reported

    @MasterCheepShop hey man i bought a spotify account but i dont get a email with the login

  • yvng_lilo6
    l i l i (@yvng_lilo6) reported

    Spotify’s shuffle is terrible lmao

  • xkimjoonx
    hiba // new accnt (@xkimjoonx) reported

    My heart is broken. Spotify lied.

  • BeatsEncode
    Sub Zero 🍁 (@BeatsEncode) reported

    So nice that I can use SongShift to import my Spotify playlists to Apple Music. No way I’m paying for more than one subscription service.

  • Scottytotty89
    Scotty Mac🐒🎈 (@Scottytotty89) reported

    @MichaelM238 Fair nuff I'm using Apple free trial atm and have Spotify free service

  • pjmtroye
    neha (@pjmtroye) reported

    Jimin didn’t risk his life standing while water rushed down at him and Yoongi didn’t risk his life standing in the middle of real fire for you not to stream Fake Love om Spotify and try and get our YouTube views back #FakeLoveStreamingParty #iVoteBTSBBMAs for @BTS_twt

  • ShiitsNJiggles
    WBG ShiitsNJiggles (@ShiitsNJiggles) reported

    My Spotify is all jacked up and my sleep schedule is scuffed more than usual. Just a perk of falling down this rabbit hole of feels

  • CallMeLOVE_01
    Shaye | shadowbanned (@CallMeLOVE_01) reported

    @YouTube stop taking views from @BTS_twt FAKE LOVE Gosh this is so frustrating please stream on Spotify because apparently YT seems to be broken or something #iVoteBTSBBMAs

  • BigHomieZach
    Zach-A-WOOOOO!! (@BigHomieZach) reported

    6) Wash less loads of clothes, turn off lights you’re not using, and try to cut down on your monthly subscriptions like Netflix/Spotify/Amazon Prime, etc. You gotta be real with how frequently you actually use those services, otherwise it’s wasted money you could save.

  • robbouhuis
    Rob Bouhuis (@robbouhuis) reported

    @SpotifyCares What did you change in the sound recently? Is there more compression or something? The bass in our studio set up sounds terrible now.

  • Cooper__jr
    Gonzalo Vega (@Cooper__jr) reported

    @Spotify what's up with the error code on Samsung 7 series? Ever going to fix that?

  • pattern_shift
    PatternShift (@pattern_shift) reported

    @CheddrMusic My distribution service aggregates all stats at track level, streaming on Spotify far dominates. Second highest is Apple Music. Others are only a tiny drop in the bucket, so basically all streams minus Spotify = Apple.

  • bPuckett_studio
    bPuckett Studio (@bPuckett_studio) reported

    @SpotifyCares Why does the annoying song, 'HardlyArt/SP'(by La Luz Overlay) called keep playing every 15 minutes on Spotify?! I can't get it to turn off!!! If they are advertising, it IS NOT WORKING!!! STOP IT NOW!!!

  • m_ajwt
    mike 🔅 (@m_ajwt) reported

    @SpotifyCares Hiya! I seem to be having an issue with my student premium payment. I seemed to have been charged €9.99 rather than €4.99?

  • tittysalt
    303badguy🤡 (@tittysalt) reported

    Someone should hook me up with your Hulu login and I'll add you to my Spotify account?!

  • youngkuih
    alyssa🐰 (@youngkuih) reported

    I just installed spotify just for you @BTS_twt ajsjdjdkd the thing is i cant create account it says there's errors hugh #iVoteBTSBBMAS

  • thatwhorehaley
    h a l e y (@thatwhorehaley) reported

    if we can't get the youtube problem fixed we'll have to direct them to other platforms like spotify and apple music since streams count better there

  • talkfastswm
    jaxlyn wants love | 17 (@talkfastswm) reported

    my service is so bad i can’t listen to spotify and i’m @ annoyed

  • overcapslock
    redflag (@overcapslock) reported

    @AndroidPolice Spotify, cause I'm down to black interfaces....

  • mAttMingle15
    Matt Mingle (@mAttMingle15) reported

    Don’t you just hate it when your jamming to Spotify and you go through dyer and it just quits because the signal is so terrible

  • VinceValholla
    Vince Valholla (@VinceValholla) reported

    I’m interested to see if the app will be good (and easy to use). The service may never get as many paid subscribers as Spotify or Apple Music, but it can at least serve its audience. On a sidenote, They also need to pay out to artists/labels more per stream.

  • unrealparkjimin
    sas (@unrealparkjimin) reported

    Youtube is a WHOLE MESS right now, thus we can‘t just rely on that big mv number anymore, we need to focus on Spotify, sales and airplays in the meantime until they fix that issue, please buy Fake Love on iTunes and stream on Spotify until we have clearer insight #iVoteBTSBBMAs

  • Mooza_Kemono
    Charon-3 (@Mooza_Kemono) reported

    any service that can sync spotify playlist to apple music? a free one. I don't want to paid for this type of services because it's more like... simple task. This is bullshit

  • rakasta_
    Enterprise Goose 🐧 (@rakasta_) reported

    The combo of having a Spotify subscription & switching to listening to podcast on commute means I practically never listen to music on my phone again. I just realized some files are broken for whatever reason.

  • ManaBotExe
    ManaBot.exe (@ManaBotExe) reported

    *at function* Me: “Look At Em“ is on Spotify, Apple Music and jus about every other streaming service there is Follow me on AIM.

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