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Spotify is a Swedish music, podcast, and video streaming service that provides digital rights management–protected content from record labels and media companies. It is available in most of Europe, the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, and limited Asian countries.

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September 19: Problems at Spotify

Spotify is having issues since 08:20 AM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • AbhiG26 Dr Abhishek Gupta (@AbhiG26) reported

    @JioSaavnCare There is no error message When I tap to open the app it just crashes. Other apps like Spotify and apple music are working fine.

  • puffertato Insa (@puffertato) reported

    Gosh, Spotify, why do you make it so hard to play my local files. I don't understand what your problem is, but the more I run into this issue, the less I want to actually use you. UGH.

  • codeputer Richard Reukema (@codeputer) reported

    @Jason @Disney @netflix @Spotify They will all beat cable because customer want choice not bundles. It will evolve to "micropayments" for content..question is who will give service for free... Search is free, FB is free, social media is free...each have the same business model...targeted relavant (hopefully) ads

  • byke_slider_ paula jai parker stan account (@byke_slider_) reported

    spotify really keep playing in my face with this remake of she's out of my life that ginuwine made like they don't have the original one on their service. they want me cancel them for tidal so bad.

  • ignoranceburns Jonathan Giraud (@ignoranceburns) reported

    @SpotifyCares Please respond to my DM. I’ve been logged out of all of my devices, the password I was using a few hours ago is now not working, and I can’t access the email address my account is set up under. I’m concerned that my account was hacked.

  • kidfromkarachi Z. (@kidfromkarachi) reported

    @Shadow_F_ @chaiandkimchi It used to be good I thought the problem was with my phone Other than that it's Spotify or Pocket Casts

  • D24tic1 D24tic (@D24tic1) reported

    @App_Valley_vip Hey Spotify++ is not working :(

  • winterbearhyuna ana ❀✲ (@winterbearhyuna) reported

    @loonathetrends yes, + there was the change in his stage name from rap monster to rm so a lot of his collabs end up on random pages. its rly messy and fans try to bring awarness to this issue and are trying to use the report feature on spotify but it doesnt bring any results

  • leerosle Fazle Rosle (@leerosle) reported

    @SpotifyCares pls read ny DM ASAP. Major problem

  • RTGCoin RTGCoin (@RTGCoin) reported

    Amazon Music Streamer Relegates Apple and Spotify with Its New HD Service | #Coin

  • gbolahanhitboi KBGinjah»»»TGP ENT (@gbolahanhitboi) reported

    @_Syree Y’all shouting come closer y’all should calm down, BMM is just a month old and already doing numbers on both Spotify Na YouTube, y’all know one on one Wizkid no fit do Davido numbers dats why una Dey say him buy ham 😂Wiz don do ham but Davido Dey do ham beta 😊Iluv em both doe

  • JoeParkr Joe Parker (@JoeParkr) reported

    BBC: “We’re not Netflix, we’re not Spotify. We’re not Apple News. We’re so much more than all of them put together.” – and yet the BBC is the one service I won't pay for.

  • Matthew_Madsen_ Matthew (@Matthew_Madsen_) reported

    I have too many songs on my Spotify and I never thought that’d be a problem

  • ameliandrkrs Amel (@ameliandrkrs) reported from Tawangsari, Jawa Barat

    i still think of you too if only you knew when i'm feeling a bit down and i wanna pull through i look over your photograph and i think how much i miss you, i miss you -now playing spotify ngadat

  • cinahzz Cinah (@cinahzz) reported

    Spotify++ is down 😭😭

  • aimnnjwa najwä 🍀 (@aimnnjwa) reported

    my spotify is not working right now . shit la hahagdhshsgsgs

  • jimeekay Jimeekay #lyingbyomission (@jimeekay) reported

    @hrrmpf @Jim_Cornelius @mattforde @darrengrimes_ @Spotify @SoundCloud I can’t give you much of a generic answer, because it comes down to the details, but tariffs are generally very low or zero on most of the types of goods that we import from those two countries. They’re not part of EBA because they’re not that poor any more.

  • liora_ (((Liora))) (@liora_) reported

    "Spotify for journalism" would have a clickbait problem - journalists are incentivized to generate cheap clicks. Instead, medium style likes (0-50 thumbs up per piece per user) could help users allocate more towards quality content, rather than treating all reads equally or 1/

  • eurovision_twt irene (@eurovision_twt) reported

    noooo my spotify keeps randomly playing if i had good music taste this would be no problem but i don't 😭 i'll be sitting in class and my phone will decide it's gonna be an eung eung-ing today

  • garciajoel29 Joel Garcia (@garciajoel29) reported

    @PandaHelperApp please fix spotify ++ for android its not working after the update on panda helper app..

  • GotMaybe Maybe: got y’all in a tiz-Zee 🤪 (@GotMaybe) reported

    I have both. Spotify is a top tier steaming service to me.

  • kevmacuno kev (@kevmacuno) reported

    spotify has the best customer service i've encountered so far omfg

  • joshkezzz josh kez (@joshkezzz) reported

    i wanna create a spotify playlist called “down and *****” and fill it with Christian hard metal in the hopes that some high school couple plays it on shuffle and they 69 to some electric guitar and a guy screaming about the disciples with no way of turning it off once they know

  • tearsawake (@tearsawake) reported

    the person who put all of bts unreleased songs on spotify’s profile got taken down which one of you bums reported ha

  • DrodyBoy Alejandrooo (@DrodyBoy) reported

    Night King came on on Spotify playlist and it reminded me of how terrible the ending was to Game of Thrones and now the rest of my night is ruined.

  • garciajoel29 Joel Garcia (@garciajoel29) reported

    @PandaAPK please fix spotify ++ its not working after the app update...

  • morpheuse morpheuse (@morpheuse) reported

    @YouTube Not on Spotify or Apple Music. Only reason I have both are some artist are on one service but not the other, now apparently its on Pandora... 😭😭😭

  • DylanRHB Dylan Walker (@DylanRHB) reported

    The problem with @XibalbaCA is that when an album finishes on Spotify none of the other bands that come on are half as heavy. Real buzzkill at the gym

  • ayleen_yaritza zad bicth (@ayleen_yaritza) reported

    @angellbethany I’ve been having problems w Spotify this past week. Since I can’t log in it better not charge me on the 26 since I canceled premium.

  • RobertA53915265 Robert A (@RobertA53915265) reported

    @Tweakbox_App @Tweakbox_app I’m from ny and I’m still having a problem with Spotify please fix it soon my premium just ran out and it’s weird

  • cafebleus dill 🗝 (@cafebleus) reported

    forgot that i connected spotify to my discord and ppl can click my name n see what im listening to JFKJDKJSK hope nobody in this server does bc well...if they did right now they might get mad at me for the song title LOL

  • Marvs13 Marvs (@Marvs13) reported

    Hey yo @SpotifyCares I've been having trouble with my mother-in-law's account. She pays for premium every month but the problem is, she no longer knows what the account name is, and doesn't use it anymore. But since I couldn't figure out the account name, I can't cancel it. help!

  • WaybackBot Wayback Bot (@WaybackBot) reported

    Spotify shuts down piracy

  • jatohl_txt Reassembled Air Anchor (@jatohl_txt) reported

    @AlexRob93 @ff14forums_txt // iirc, spotify doesn't have it, no streaming service does. you can buy it on itunes tho, so :/

  • Jordan_Cunn_20 Jordan (@Jordan_Cunn_20) reported

    I genuinely think the worst part about not working for Starbucks anymore is that I have to pay for Spotify premium 😭 rip

  • hophead38 Mike Ball (@hophead38) reported

    @FullyChargedDan @Tesla @BenSullins @Model3Owners @Teslarati @elonmusk One of those things that isn't as much of an issue as it sounds. Temperature is controlled from the steering wheel. Spotify music is voice selected. When I change radio stations, that's on the steering wheel too.

  • ShineOnnWesson 𝒯𝑜 𝐿𝒾𝓋𝑒 𝐼𝓈 𝒯𝑜 𝐹𝓁𝓎 (@ShineOnnWesson) reported

    Had a down day mentally At work tonight needed something to feel better so listening to @zachlanebryan on @Spotify -

  • toperculosis Tope (@toperculosis) reported

    @usetweakbox Spotify++ is not working

  • ShopifySupport Shopify Support (@ShopifySupport) reported

    @AvetisStepanian @Spotify Well, I need to have more context so that I can see what might be going on. Since this isn't a current issue that we're dealing with over a large number of stores I need to gather more context to give a solid answer. - Dallas

  • therandomkid__ 🍁🍁Joseph Linares🍁🍁 (@therandomkid__) reported

    why is it that every ad I get on spotify is some ***** trying to tell me why my cell service sucks or i need premium. i dont need some dumb *** telling me shit **** off

  • GIDSelling Mark Kosoglow (@GIDSelling) reported

    @SpotifyCares - I get an error every time I try to verify my address. I select the correct one from the Google Maps supplied list and then get an error. I can't add someone to my account. If I can't add family members to my family account, I'm just gonna cancel it.

  • Iss_poppin Iseah (@Iss_poppin) reported

    Anyone know where I can get that Spotify++ shit from cause tweakbox broken an ill do crack fore I pay for premium

  • riskai_ Riskai (@riskai_) reported

    hey spotify stop showing me advertisements for your service that i'm already paying $10 a month for on youtube

  • krogerbranded 会長ちゃん (@krogerbranded) reported

    @IWriteAllDay_ I get free hbo as a student, spotify comes with free hulu and i share netflix. Literally any other streaming service not even 100000 miles close to my radar

  • WBraccin WatzBraccin (@WBraccin) reported

    @usetweakbox Literally put everything down and focus on Spotify this SoundCloud shit ain’t it

  • nataliegallops natalie keller reinert 🐴 (@nataliegallops) reported

    @JulFromFL My Creative Cloud is a work need, Prime is for shipping and saves on driving expense and shopping time wasted in stores, Spotify is because I work at home and need to break the silence and also my car radio is broken

  • PikaChalupa PikaChalupa 🐒 (@PikaChalupa) reported

    @Dseo17 It’s the same with Apple Music, they’re like almost literally the same service, almost same libraries, I believe. It’s just Spotify offers more “cute extras”.

  • noloveformylove pj 🧨 (@noloveformylove) reported

    @katmoxies @NVRNDRs4Frnk they dont have it on spotify because of some payment issues. hambone told a fan a while back it was really shitty and wasn’t exactly a good contract or something along those lines. my advice is to use apple music instead and rip it from youtube 💀

  • alaw_music A. Law (@alaw_music) reported

    Tw, IG, YT, Spotify etc are cracking down on fake followers, plays, likes, comments etc so you're better off getting out the mud organically or risk your account being banned. You can't outsmart the algorithm. #watchmework

  • nikki9696 🐾 ~Nikki~ 🐾 (@nikki9696) reported

    @DiscussingFilm Whichever ones I get for free as part of my exorbitant cable bill or free bundled in with some other service I already have (Spotify and Hulu example)

  • PirateQueenKate Pirate Queen Kate #wwdd 🏴‍☠️ (@PirateQueenKate) reported

    @exsk8pnk I'm not 😬 I had to make a choice between Spotify and Apple Music and the latter won out. I figured you'd have a hard time narrowing it down to one album 😆

  • hellspawnmotel LΣO (@hellspawnmotel) reported

    i made a playlist of every song i ever saved on spotify and its 3,200 songs long and when i click on it my computer slows down

  • kukkurovaca Nick (@kukkurovaca) reported

    (I still like Tidal despite it being kind of terrible b/c it is marginally less hostile to album listening than Spotify)

  • wreckingpedro lana correndo com um frango assado (@wreckingpedro) reported

    @Jaylen73267435 @BrandonSilv @Normani @TheGNShow actually nah the song is not doing good on US, itunes is terrible, spotify meh and radio ok, i was just asking if they have any plans to promote in the us

  • luvlyyeri nat | kinda ia (@luvlyyeri) reported

    that unseen spotify account got taken down :((

  • MarioPapworth Mario Papworth (@MarioPapworth) reported

    @SpotifyCares It's not working day my account is a free one just been billed 9.99 via PayPal!!!!

  • jakeclelandVEVO jake cleland (@jakeclelandVEVO) reported

    @chartchatcast @Spotify they love it! but it's all hidden in the API :( yr right about it being a problem though. the door is open for developers to build microservices around all that data but they don't seem to exist, or at least finding them is hard.

  • MarioPapworth Mario Papworth (@MarioPapworth) reported

    @SpotifyCares @tenpabo143 Want to cancel my account can't login and when I do it say join premium fed up want out please

  • khvl1l khalil (@khvl1l) reported

    if “the lion king: the gift” is not in my most played albums of the year/music rewind/yearly summary thing that spotify does for us, i will be severely disappointed in myself (idk how it couldn’t be bc i listen to it LITERALLY everyday...but still) i will have let Bey down

  • legallybummed pixie titz (@legallybummed) reported

    For example: the first time I heard the new pop banger by LDR,MC & AG it was by watching the video clip and IMO it was so terrible, I really didn’t enjoy the song. Now, re-listening nearly a week later via Spotify, my perspective has changed and I’m more partial to it.

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