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Steam is a digital distribution platform developed by Valve Corporation offering digital rights management (DRM), multiplayer gaming and social networking services. Steam provides the user with installation and automatic updating of games on multiple computers, and community features such as friends lists and groups, cloud saving, and in-game voice and chat functionality. Available on Window, Mac OS and Playstation.

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  • Michael16034589
    Michael Hamilton (@Michael16034589) reported

    @Steam_Support FSX keeps crashing fix it

  • AvalonWarrior66
    Ya Boi Avalon (@AvalonWarrior66) reported

    @Steam_Support I wanted to play some of my games and I realized that my games weren't loading. I checked this with other games and I had the same issue. I even went into the steam app itself and I loaded a game and it said, 'Running' then not even 1 second later, 'Syncing' (pt.1)

  • filiped09264742
    Filipe Dias (@filiped09264742) reported

    @Steam_Support Hi, I have a steam account, and I´m trying to get to play warframe on steam but the store doesnt let me get the game, it just shows me like an image error and gets me to the store again, cant download the game, and I´ve already played it before

  • apkyofu2
    Bryce Mitchell 🔜 PAX South (@apkyofu2) reported

    @ErrnieGerrn @steam_games It does have the option of reducing it by a lot. But the fact that it happened so easily because one of my friends got compromised, while steam also knew this as well and had proof. And took no action, gives me the problem with steam and their authentication system.

  • DemonWarHero
    Xaos (@DemonWarHero) reported

    @Subnautica @Steam_Support My subnautica game keeps crashing on launch on steam and I have no idea on how to fix this issue. Would like some support, thanks.

  • Blindimpulse
    Dovah_Sil_Kridd 🇺🇸 (@Blindimpulse) reported

    @Steam_Support would be really cool if I could reach some kind of support. Instead of the self help links that dont solve my current issue. Currently locked out of the account. Changed the password. Etc. Still tells me to wait awhile to try again. It's been about 10hrs.

  • satorudo
    Satoru (@satorudo) reported

    @Ebicentre @draginol @steam_games If “devs” stopped lying in their submissions this wouldn’t be a “problem”

  • Nath57732199
    Nath (@Nath57732199) reported

    @Steam_Support I'm trying to create a steam account but I keep getting "There was a problem creating your Steam account, please try again later."

  • bernardusdhana
    bernardusdhana (@bernardusdhana) reported

    @steam_games @PdxInteractive hey mother ******, what ******** just happent with this acces denied bull shit. fix this shit, you trash

  • Maplesurps
    ʜᴜᴍᴀɴ™ (@Maplesurps) reported

    @ajaromano @steam_games is a community that seemingly has a near monopoly on the computer gaming industry, where most gamers have an account with the service. Steam allows any picture that is SFW to be used and people can play with anyone they want. Complain about steam, not pewdiepie then

  • ConstantWarfare
    Constant Warfare (@ConstantWarfare) reported

    Starting to see ads for games in the @EpicGames store. I'm hoping they succeed. Don't have a problem with @steam_games, but competition is good for the industry and the consumer. Not looking forward to another launcher, but that's another opportunity for the industry to innovate.

  • Taishou_124
    ν大将 (@Taishou_124) reported

    @OneAngryGamerHD @Steam_Support @Steam_Games I've used Steam for over 11 years and have bought just shy of 600 games, but I'm done with their service. They treat both users and developers like trash and the last few weeks have really demonstrated it. They're a complete mess.

  • abonsaitree
    abonsai (@abonsaitree) reported

    People who need to be stopped... ... ... ... Whoever would make you pay money on an otherwise potentially free service in order to use a friends list. @steam_games

  • p33pin
    blank (@p33pin) reported

    @steam_games i don't see the problem to me honest could someone explain

  • mattdmarshall
    Matt Aquila (@mattdmarshall) reported

    Sigh, there was a time when @NvidiaGFN could download a game from @Steam_Support at nearly gigabit speeds. Now it's crawling along at a couple MB/s at best. If this was a paid service I'd be cancelling.

  • KatieCollinsRBM
    Katie Collins (@KatieCollinsRBM) reported

    @steam_games I am trying to play GTA 5 and because of a update I can't. It is a offline game so why can't I play it offline . But the worst thing about it is every time I load up steam is says I have to login or install the game again.

  • InputMapper
    🎮 InputMapper (@InputMapper) reported

    @galyonkin Everyone is coming hard for @steam_games! Good, they have been taking their users for granted and ignoring their issues for far too long.

  • RobbieLennon
    Robbie Lennon (@RobbieLennon) reported

    Wow, first @EpicGames, now @discordapp aiming to fix the rev split % for devs to work in todays landscape. Your move @steam_games .....

  • wraggs17
    wraggs (@wraggs17) reported

    @Steam_Support why there is vertical aiming problem while playing CS GO with controller

  • SuprSneakyShrub
    Shrub (@SuprSneakyShrub) reported

    @steam_games Really great customer support, honestly. My favourite part of their service is when they refuse a refund because of when the game was purchased when you spent the entire time troubleshooting the damn thing.

  • Rob1178
    Rob (@Rob1178) reported

    @PitLanes @JCaetanophoto @AC_assettocorsa @steam_games I dont think it’s lag, as usually with lag the FPS counter stays at the same level while the game gets choppy. In this instance it was dropping the FPS counter.

  • Zorphes
    Zorphes (@Zorphes) reported

    @Apple @Steam_Support I have a false V.A.C ban please send a DM to fix.

  • WhitNate
    Whittier Strong (@WhitNate) reported

    @Steam_Support Friends playing #NBA2K19 and I can't. Account prob with '17 and '18; games quit saving anything after 10 hours of gameplay. Microsoft and 2K both investigated extensively; the problem is with Steam. Would buy '19 if this problem could be solved. Thx

  • BeeBoBoopTW
    BeeBoBoop (@BeeBoBoopTW) reported

    @Steam_Support "There have been too many login failures from your network in a short time period". My account has been saying this for almost 12 hours now. I can't log in, which means unless this is fixed I can't stream the game I wanted to today. Please tell me what I can do.

  • jonathan1995953
    anthro furry jesse (@jonathan1995953) reported

    @Steam_Support steam client,login and password work fine steam browser,login and password suddenly DOESN'T WORK so ok,yet another reset,long ass page to fill in,to find out it's a manual checkup so gotta wait, wtf is wrong with that , client accepts , browser doesn't at all!

  • Nerdlotto
    Vince (@Nerdlotto) reported

    @steam_games @Steam_Support i've been unable to log in on my phone or on my pc into the steam support site for over 6 hours now since getting too many login failures

  • Martin76x
    VR MARTIN (@Martin76x) reported

    @Joost_Kivits @Steam_Support @steam_games @SteamVR @Marcus_INVR It's an issue with @SteamVR

  • Marcus_INVR
    Marcus Valles - "IN|VR" (@Marcus_INVR) reported

    @Martin76x @Steam_Support @steam_games @SteamVR You're not done Bro. The answer is out there. I just have zero WMR experience. When I have some free time we can dive into this problem again. I am more then positive something simple is being overlooked.

  • Martin76x
    VR MARTIN (@Martin76x) reported

    When your #Pcvr gaming comes to an end due to a ******* 306/400 error and @Steam_Support @steam_games @SteamVR won't even get back to you to help .. Sorry but I guess I'm done I just wanna thank @Marcus_INVR for trying to help me ...

  • TCrusaderr
    Artsi (@TCrusaderr) reported

    @SBass_T_ @steam_games @hellogames It was shit at launch but they managed to fix it somewhat

  • FatalityX0
    FatalityX0 (@FatalityX0) reported

    @Biffa2001 @steam_games I was able to find a few of the assets on the workshop and they stopped showing up in the not found list. There's like 4 more I couldn't find but at least I know what the issue with that was. Just need to find the mod that the remaining items are linked to and it'll be sorted. 👍🏼

  • Marcus_INVR
    Marcus Valles - "IN|VR" (@Marcus_INVR) reported

    @Martin76x @steam_games @Steam_Support @SteamVR Not sure man, I know at some point my Vive gave me a similar issue it had to do with the OpenVR app. After re-installing the app it worked. Not sure if you use OpenVR though..

  • Martin76x
    VR MARTIN (@Martin76x) reported

    @Steam_Support can you help me !!! I'm getting a 306 error in #SteamVr

  • TheChaosmeister
    Marcus "Chaosmeister" Burggraf (@TheChaosmeister) reported

    @elliotkolhi @KhaosByDesignUK @GothSeiDank @steam_games @epicstore @RebelGalaxy And unplayable mess very often means people are not actually good at keeping their PCs in shape. I grant you there needs to be a better refund policy at epic. That's the one thing I have a serious issue with.

  • TheChaosmeister
    Marcus "Chaosmeister" Burggraf (@TheChaosmeister) reported

    @elliotkolhi @KhaosByDesignUK @GothSeiDank @steam_games @epicstore @RebelGalaxy Steam communities and reviews are often a hive of scum and villainy. Pretending otherwise is either lying to yourself or being a part of the problem. I am not a publisher or dev, just an enthusiast. I have hundreds of games there. I loved steam once. But not anymore.

  • Martin76x
    VR MARTIN (@Martin76x) reported

    @Steam_Support I can't launch @SteamVr says an error 306 compsit is needed

  • dingbat91
    Matthew Hanson (@dingbat91) reported

    @Aldowyn @steam_games I wish I could believe that. But after multiple issues where the games industry have been willing to push a boundary to nearly breaking point thanks to player apathy. I remain HIGHLY sceptical of the move.

  • keepawake2
    Tom Bayer (@keepawake2) reported

    @boleckbaffo @ShonenStyle @PlayArtifact @steam_games I didn't say what my strategy is for buyig cards, so I guess you're just replying generally. No problem.

  • TechnoMasterBro
    TechnoMasterDude (@TechnoMasterBro) reported

    @vs_evil @BannerSaga @steam_games @GOGcom Oh my, such a broken artifiical intelligence. It probably will accumulate digital dust on my unplayed single player Steam game collection, just like TBS3. I would pay three times the price of The Banner Saga 3 for a multiplayer and/or a player vs player version of this series.

  • Aramati_
    Aramati, the llama (@Aramati_) reported

    @Steam_Support hello. I can't login. Changed my password but still say it's incorrect

  • NumericHippo594
    Gunns4hire115 (@NumericHippo594) reported

    @Steam_Support Having a problem adding a game to my steam library as the portal 2 code key I have for the game from when the game was released will not work. The key is active since it will go through, however, the key will not finalize

  • craig_wiltshire
    craig wiltshire (@craig_wiltshire) reported

    @steam_games @FocusHome Ok this new update has made a big difference in frame rates in a good way. Turned SS to x2 and still 100fps. However just playing a round of Refinery and after a respawn everyone lagged out massively. Pings were fine but lag made it unplayable. Didn't correct itself.

  • Friegolit
    Snowy (@Friegolit) reported

    @GothSeiDank @steam_games @epicstore @RebelGalaxy Considering that Steam has turned into a bloated, unchecked mess that pretty much only rewards AAA games that have a shot at breaking the millions of units sold barrier, I have no problem with Outlaw releasing on another service first.

  • GageyJackpot
    Gagey (@GageyJackpot) reported

    This shit be crazy.. @steam_games fix this shit now

  • MotetSebastian
    sebastian motet (@MotetSebastian) reported

    @steam_games fix matchmaking in csgo plz

  • bestpersonevaar
    Best Person (@bestpersonevaar) reported

    @A44games @kasavin @SupergiantGames @EpicGames so far, the epic game store is terrible. Been trying to buy both Ashen and Hades and I keep getting a 404 error, the other games on the shop work fine. What a POS store. Not even worth going against @steam_games

  • ZaiusExMachina
    The best movie review channel on Youtube (@ZaiusExMachina) reported

    @Steam_Support Tried to refund #JustCause4 because of continuous crashes. You denied that refund because I had more than 2 hours of gametime. The only reason I had that was because I kept booting the game to try and fix it. Now I am stuck with a $90 game that I can't play.

  • DashaunWoodruf1
    Dashaun Woodruff (@DashaunWoodruf1) reported

    @aztop009 @IdeaFactoryIntl @steam_games I said before I’m not into games on PC so I’m skipping out on this. I know Sony is being stupid with that policy but I’m more of a Nintendo guy. The Switch doesn’t mind fan service games on their system at least

  • TrueShawnBW
    Casual Gamer (@TrueShawnBW) reported

    . @steam_games How to improve Steam and stop devs/publishers from leaving: 1) Steam UI scaling 2) Revenue matching: if a competing service, such as Epic Games, offers higher revenue, match the offer 3) Filter-out search options in Steam store, rather than just filter-in

  • simseekertv
    SimSeekerTV (@simseekertv) reported

    @Steam_Support I am having an issue with my steam account after I had it stolen from someone. I have sent documents upon documents to steam via their site and no answer yet....please please help

  • Prez_poll
    Preston Pollock (@Prez_poll) reported

    @steam_games the reason I went over the alotted time for a refund is because I have early onset dementia. I would try to fix fix it and the next day i might not even remember if i own it. I know you could care less. I would even threaten never to do business with you again 1/2

  • jacoban70533979
    AndersonGrayson3 (@jacoban70533979) reported

    @steam_games My account was hacked and I have sent an password change request and tweeted the support page but have yet to see even a hint of action my sign in username is cr8z4bama and my regular username is andersongrayson3

  • Epicgrumpyfucka
    Duncan Disorderly (@Epicgrumpyfucka) reported

    @desgracapura @Lockerzinvites4 @Steam_Hardware @Steam_Support Me 2 but just keeps coming up network issue

  • TheNexanteria27
    Nexanteria (@TheNexanteria27) reported

    @Steam_Support I have a problem with my steam. All the games that I try to play lag like crazy, but only the steam games. I've tried everything that I can think of but nothing worked. So if you know some ways to repair it, please tell me.

  • TNLPSteam
    Brian Halipchuk (@TNLPSteam) reported

    @failurenut @Steam_Support Actually, I had reported this through valve's contact forms, had been told a day after I resolved the issue myself (thanks to mentioned thread) that it was the first they've heard of it. Sent the info in hopes it'll help them figure out what could've caused the issue

  • Josh9494D
    jad (@Josh9494D) reported

    @steam_games What is this download stopping bug. I have 100gb free and it wont do a 300mb rl update. Fix this now!

  • The_DarrenS
    The_DarrenS (@The_DarrenS) reported

    I personally load @steam_games when I need it as do I have the #epiclauncher @EpicGames and start it up when I play the game I want to play. I do not see the need to have a problem with it @steam_games @EpicGames #indiedev #indiegames #epiclauncher #debatethelauncher

  • DamianFitas
    Fidojunior (@DamianFitas) reported

    @Steam_Support i really hope that's you'll able to help me! I wrote about my problem to Steam support on Poland but i still Sony get any response. My account was takeover by some hacker! I've got everything against him! Please help me, youre my only Hope...

  • NapsAndSarcasm
    Napping until Santa wakes me (@NapsAndSarcasm) reported

    @LukahJones @Friday13thGame @steam_games Their answer to me on that was, the lobbies get closed out to "refresh" the server. Now, as they only seem to have ONE dedicated server, I can see it being a problem.

  • Guilherme_R_B5
    ZeroGRB (@Guilherme_R_B5) reported

    @Steam_Support please help me, my phone is broken and i miss my phone number, i dont have acess to my steam guard. please help.