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Steam is a digital distribution platform developed by Valve Corporation offering digital rights management (DRM), multiplayer gaming and social networking services. Steam provides the user with installation and automatic updating of games on multiple computers, and community features such as friends lists and groups, cloud saving, and in-game voice and chat functionality. Available on Window, Mac OS and Playstation.

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  • KarltheKami The Real Karl Marx (@KarltheKami) reported

    @steam_games I already tweeted @csgo with this issue but please please please please remove my cooldown it wasn't my fault my mom told me to shower and I was gonna get in trouble if I didnt please I literally got unbanned yesterday this isnt fair please I'm begging you

  • DrunkJug CG (@DrunkJug) reported

    @GearsofWar @steam_games Expect lock ups and freezes and a generic response from the developers that they are working closely with nvidia but it is extremely complicated and the issue never gets resolved. Truth.

  • BossCyan1d3 Boss Cyanide (@BossCyan1d3) reported

    @LOLGotYerTags @Steam_Support 2fa. Now and forever. Ive changed my password 10 times this year, and i still see failed login attempts, and it dosnt matter how complicated i make my PW. Either there is a leak at steam, their security is HIGHLY flawed, or both.

  • blakeyrat Blakeyrat (@blakeyrat) reported

    @JasonBrubaker9 @enigma0x3 @SwiftOnSecurity @steam_games An alternative would be for Valve to create a "Steam User" on install and give permissions to it, and run its service as "Steam User". This would still let them modify files in their own Program Files folder, but be far more secure generally.

  • blakeyrat Blakeyrat (@blakeyrat) reported

    @JasonBrubaker9 @enigma0x3 @SwiftOnSecurity @steam_games UAC is fine; the problem is that Steam bypasses it by, once it gets the first UAC approval, giving itself full permissions to all the local resources it uses. (Actually giving ALL USERS full permissions to it.) That's the problem, not UAC.

  • lininsane [트친소 무멘팔중]리카 (@lininsane) reported

    @Steam_Support I cannot find the 1:1 counselling menu, so I tweeted to here. I have a problem inviting friends when I play Overcooked2. A lot of users have suffered from the same issue. TEAM17(the developer) answered the (reportinga problem porum that it's Steam problem.

  • ixit Ix It. (@ixit) reported

    @steam_games Fix it. You know what I mean. #ZeroDay

  • indarkened GeeGee (@indarkened) reported

    @TacticalRatTail @steam_games mine isn't linked and still getting an error while trying to link it. god knows what the issue is.

  • honestduane (((Duane))) - 🧙‍♂️🖖🦁 (@honestduane) reported

    @steam_games If true, You really should give this guy a legit way to be a whitehat instead of forcing him to act like a greyhat due to not having any other option to professionally submit issues.

  • lininsane [트친소 무멘팔중]리카 (@lininsane) reported

    I hope the problem would fix asap. thanks for working hard. @steam_games

  • The0nlyChip Carter A Manning (@The0nlyChip) reported

    @steam_games You broke your friend invite system with the new update. Please fix this asap.

  • AverageG4merYT The AverageG4mer (@AverageG4merYT) reported

    @KATURATION @berserkx33 @steam_games No i didnt take urs as an anti-epic take lol i was liking your "look at all sides" sorta attitude. If more people did this then maybe steam would step up and fix its glaring issues that are causing devs to leave. The toxicity lately is making the games industry unbearable

  • MaskedGEEK_YT MaskedGeek 🤓 (@MaskedGEEK_YT) reported

    @Steam_Support Also, I tried using the Steam Support website, but all I get is that this is a 3rd party app so Steam cannot provide support, but I feel this may be an issues with the Steam client, so Value should investigate.

  • QNA84961021 QNA (@QNA84961021) reported

    @Steam_Support There's a problem with my refund because the game i have has crashed and wont let me close it and I cant refund it now. can you help in some way.

  • KATURATION kat (@KATURATION) reported

    @AverageG4merYT @berserkx33 @steam_games you might have thought this is the anti-Epic take, but i am saying here that the fact that they decided to make the reviews optional means that they are fully aware of steam's massive problem with review bombs and want to tackle it themselves

  • KATURATION kat (@KATURATION) reported

    @AverageG4merYT @berserkx33 @steam_games not related to the issue at hand, but it ain't a bad take. i watch a lot of jim sterling to not have bad takes on videogames

  • NJolski Lucky4Leaf (@NJolski) reported

    @hunttis @Ahayzo @N1ndzya @JoeCortez @MTG_Arena @EpicGames @steam_games People hated Steam in a different time for entirely different reasons. We have to keep in mind back in 2004 people weren't all too accepting of games starting to be stored in a digital library that could vanish in a few years if the service collapsed.

  • bigchris2344 💀Chris C.😂 (@bigchris2344) reported

    @steam_games please help me in recovering my account. I'm an original user of steam and have both my username and password, but since I haven't used the email I set steam up with back in like '05 I can't login. When I login to the email it says deactivated due to inactivity. HELP

  • martifenosa Martí Fenosa (@martifenosa) reported

    @MikeDierickx @GoogleStadia @tfoutrein @steam_games @CyberpunkGame Games that they already have and I already bought, hence you would be playing *on their* platform. And cmn is @Google, don't think that computing power is going to be an issue. Maybe just allow @GoogleStadia pro players but cmn, it has to be a way to not lose it all.

  • YtKillo DeadshotKillo (@YtKillo) reported

    @steam_games @Steam_Support my steam account was hacked I let you guys know and you guys have yet to do anything about it I wish for a refund if anything is lost or broken thank you sincerely Killo

  • JinxNever J𐌉𐌉𐌍𐌗𐌄 𐌃𐌄§ù (@JinxNever) reported

    Hey @Steam_Support i have a problem

  • GunsNGlue Acc4FreeStuffGoAway (@GunsNGlue) reported

    @SenatorIvy @GearsofWar @steam_games Now we just wait until they port over the rest of the franchise to steam, maybe fix 4’s shit card system and replace it with 5’s before they bring it over to steam.

  • nerdy_bells Allie (Bella) (@nerdy_bells) reported

    steam game invites not working -_- @steam_games

  • TheShawnHAHA TheShawn 🦝 (@TheShawnHAHA) reported

    @steam_games @Steam_Support Huge issues with CSGO: 1. still no 128 tick servers 2. insane amount of hackers (easily over 20%+ of the playerbase)... 3. hitboxes are still completely trash and mysterious to what the player is actually doing 4. trust factor is a joke

  • nightdazer22 Holo the Wise Wolf (@nightdazer22) reported

    hey @steam_games, every couple of days my steam would suddenly think that csgo isnt installed even though it totally is, meaning that i have to install it again. pls fix this shit especially since i cant have speedy internet all the time

  • Mauricio_Magus Mauricio (@Mauricio_Magus) reported

    @stillgray @GamerFoxem You were not reviewing the game at all, so I don't see the problem. Good Job @steam_games

  • tainocoqui777 2020 ways to empty my pockets (@tainocoqui777) reported

    @Steam_Support I’m frikin locked outta my damn account and no way to speak with someone about issue your customer service are anti consumer and not helpful

  • Sc_Meerkat Scept Meerkat (@Sc_Meerkat) reported

    @christianhujer @steam_games I once spent some time in a company that had full CD and deployed every time a “pair” committed the change. What worked in their favour was that nobody cared much if the system was down for an hour (a heavily cached website) so if something was wrong they would just fix it :)

  • Patow070 Ryōta Kise (@Patow070) reported

    @steam_games Fix your App.

  • My1xT My1 (@My1xT) reported

    @harkwhogoesthe1 @steam_games @ncose okay the age verification no idea when it spawns but try with games that actually have 18+ content these give you a text requiring you to sign in if not already. but I also saw normal yes no confirmations on countless games, especially in the community section.

  • giovannovisk Giovanni (@giovannovisk) reported

    @steam_games @dota2 fix your ******* game

  • NiiKoR6 NiiKo (@NiiKoR6) reported

    It's been more than 7 years of me using @steam_games and I've only had a connection problem once, whereas for @UbisoftUplay I have connection issues to the launcher like 10 times per year IF not more

  • Homer_Morisson Homer Morisson ಠ_ರೃ (@Homer_Morisson) reported

    @KingArtGames @steam_games @GOGcom @PlayStation @Xbox The thing that must not be named... obviously! ;) It is heartening that you have engaged with this post at all -- shows, to me at least, that you devs aren't backing down so easily when faced with publisher pressure and controversial issues. GOG is the way to go! #FCKDRM

  • Ahayzo Andrew (@Ahayzo) reported

    @hunttis @N1ndzya @JoeCortez @MTG_Arena @EpicGames @steam_games Oh I know it’s expensive. My comment was referring to all the problems we are still dealing with that should have been fixed long ago if they spent money on getting better developers. My point is that they seem to be skimping everywhere they can, Arena’s quality be damned.

  • TheKixg TheKixg (@TheKixg) reported

    @steam_games @Steam_Support So they won't give me a refund because I exceed the playtime for the base game. They aren't even looking at the playtime for the DLC itself. Steam needs to fix this broken policy.

  • TenD_Afc WD40 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ➡ (@TenD_Afc) reported

    @iptv_the @NVIDIASHIELD @NVIDIAGeForce @steam_games Im ok for iptv i have two subs already its the vpn I'm having problems with It used to work on zegemma now nothing tried everything

  • xtye_ Tyler (@xtye_) reported

    Well @Steam_Support has a broken refund system. Played a shared game. Then I bought the game myself. Played under an hour since purchase. But because shared games count playtime, you're screwing me out of my rightful refund... Guess I'll escalate this...

  • TheRealOrRaviv oʁ ʁvʌᴉʌ (@TheRealOrRaviv) reported

    @ohnePixel @TDM_Jesus @steam_games VaLVe PlEaSe FiX

  • StonedKrows StonedCrows (@StonedKrows) reported

    This is why for all the issues anyone might have with @Steam_Games, the platform has NEVER tried to gatekeep what YOU can do with YOUR computer. They don't force you to use a specific OS nor to buy from them via exclusivity, unlike the @EpicGames Store. #PCGaming #GameDev

  • phl3gmatic Phl3gmatic (@phl3gmatic) reported

    @VOIDInteractive Ty for the Info but i have steam 15 years ago i know how to activate a Game . The Problem is steam Support sucks rly Bad and i Can’t take a specific sup. Ticket because it says Game is Not released for Now @steam_games And for my opinion it Sounds like a Problem of you both

  • meodai D∆VID Λ. (@meodai) reported

    I can not buy anything from @steam_games anymore. The support is not helpful because I can not send them video's of my issue... I'm basically in a payment loop no-one can help me out of...

  • filb33 Phil B (@filb33) reported

    @vs_evil @WorldofEternity @steam_games Agreed - Anyone thinking of buying on Switch should wait. Released in a totally unplayable state, they have my money and I have a game that crashes constantly, has corrupted text and graphics, and core game mechanics that are broken. Avoid.

  • TastefulToastie Tasteful Toastie (@TastefulToastie) reported

    @RealBisqwit @steam_games My profile is private purely due to toxic Rocket League players leaving real nasty comments. Never had this problem with any other game...

  • Repodreptiles Rahul Gunasekera (Repodreptiles) (@Repodreptiles) reported

    @steam_games please fix your support, my account got hacked, the dude changed the email to my user, please send help :I

  • SlayboLIVE Slay (@SlayboLIVE) reported

    trying to change my email on my steam so i can logon, and support won’t reply to my service request emails, @steam_games heeeellllllppppp

  • _yungvegeta saiyan gang (@_yungvegeta) reported

    bought No Man's Sky on @steam_games and the app isn't letting me login

  • MeMeBigOof T-Pose King (@MeMeBigOof) reported

    @steam_games take my ******* posting error away

  • CidMaik Michael Cortorreal (@CidMaik) reported

    @coldarcticsound @PlayStation @steam_games @Xbox Issues with PS4 platform I got an notification that if I want a refund I can get one for this game There is no VIP access but you should still get the pre order bonuses when it releases on the 20th

  • mattleslie74 Matthew Leslie (@mattleslie74) reported

    @steam_games Noticeable how you're very quick to tell me I can't access my account @steam_games but how slow you are at resolving this issue. I'm sure the Indonesian hacker is very proud of you.

  • virtual_blitz VirtualBlitz (@virtual_blitz) reported

    @Contori_ @steam_games Steam: shit due to epic games our sales are down! Random weeb in the corner: I know how to fix this

  • pierreledutch Pierre van Weperen (@pierreledutch) reported

    Steam @steam_games must be one of the most unsafe platforms possible. I get emails about login efforts at least once a day and @steam simply do not reply to@my requests to close my account.

  • Ncaicedo93 Nelson Alejandro (@Ncaicedo93) reported

    @steam_games you have a serious problem with the recaptcha on your platform, it never appears

  • ntbol Nate (@ntbol) reported

    How can @steam_games mobile app be so bad... brb gonna fix this

  • Gasgara Gasgara (@Gasgara) reported

    @MatMvB @steam_games This is the problem right here. It IS an actual multiplayer game and it's FUN-The fact that you're comparing a CPU boss fight to a multiplayer experience makes me sick. I hope they never make a sequel to that joke of a game that was made to make people with THAT mentality happy.

  • _Aemony Aemony (@_Aemony) reported

    @enigma0x3 @404death @general_nfs @PsiDragon @steam_games It seems to use the CVE-2015-7985 vulnerability and Steam Service's behavior of replacing its own files to enable the registry vulnerability again by tricking the current Steam Service to replace itself with older copies of those file which has the vulnerability.

  • mceier Mariusz Ceier (@mceier) reported

    @steam_games Add Minion Masters first (it's f2p) and then Might of the slither, if you get error.

  • smarslike Mars「マルス」♪ (@smarslike) reported

    @steam_games "There was a problem adding this to your steam account."

  • rajkamal_panda 🇮🇳 ✯✯✯ MαnD↺ ✯✯✯ 🇮🇳 (@rajkamal_panda) reported

    @steam_games Why this coming since 5 hours. Fix this pls

  • BeefyAgent AgentBeefy (@BeefyAgent) reported

    @steam_games I get an error when I add it to cart.

  • villi1996_ villi (@villi1996_) reported

    @perrito000 @Steam_Support @Steam_Support the account of my friend was stolen this morning, he yesterday thought about to download a game in his account , and today he cant login, the account of his steam guard mobile also was closed and he needs help to recover, i have just seen someone in the account pls