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Steam is a digital distribution platform developed by Valve Corporation offering digital rights management (DRM), multiplayer gaming and social networking services. Steam provides the user with installation and automatic updating of games on multiple computers, and community features such as friends lists and groups, cloud saving, and in-game voice and chat functionality. Available on Window, Mac OS and Playstation.

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  • DarthBuzzard DarthBuzzard (@DarthBuzzard) reported

    @dillzilla99 @DeusMach84 @GhostTechGaming @valvesoftware @steam_games It's still an issue that needs to be fixed for longer usage after an hour. It will be fixed, and it will be a watershed moment when it happens because monitors/TVs have the same conflict but by the nature of 2D displays cannot fix it. The difference is you can look away briefly.

  • dillzilla99 dillzilla99 (@dillzilla99) reported

    @DarthBuzzard @DeusMach84 @GhostTechGaming @valvesoftware @steam_games For most people this isn't an issue though. Usually it's the latency that causes issues.

  • dillzilla99 dillzilla99 (@dillzilla99) reported

    @DarthBuzzard @DeusMach84 @GhostTechGaming @valvesoftware @steam_games Most modern headsets have already fixed this issue.

  • TDEnochi Chris Collier (@TDEnochi) reported

    @Steam_Support Hello, i'm having problems with my account regarding a competitive cooldown and hackers.

  • JacobsenBrysen Brysen Jacobsen (@JacobsenBrysen) reported

    @Steam_Support your support page doesnt have anything close to the problem im having. Please pm me

  • LEX__4b LEXUS (@LEX__4b) reported

    @Lethamyr_RL @ScrubKillaRL @Steam_Support @Steam fix your bullshit WeirdChamp

  • Cryhzz Chris Rodríguez González (@Cryhzz) reported

    @Steam_Support Can´t refund Wolcen because i have played more than 2 hours, but this game is totally broken, you sell the game as a Gold game and is an Early Access, you are cheating your users, must be considered refund the game regardless the hours, this is a Early Access.

  • iTzAudro iTzAudro (@iTzAudro) reported

    @Steam_Support @Steam can you guys fix your download servers. My game is downloading at 0bps. I can't download anything no matter what server I use.

  • this_is_yes (@this_is_yes) reported

    @Steam_Support Hi steam, this morning (EU time) i was just playing rocket league but then the game crashed and i could not login anymore. Later i got an email saying that something (the mail or password) had changed. I don't have a single idea what it might be but i lost my games

  • CabbotTTV Cabbot (@CabbotTTV) reported

    @Neekems @Strobel09 @Steam @Steam_Support I don't know guys maybe you do something about this. 6 Months is a long time to ignore a problem like this.... Just saying.

  • viva_violas alexandra g (@viva_violas) reported

    @Steam_Support I just flushed 40 dollars down the toilet in form of your $20 gift cards that were activated at the register but show as inactive on your end. Im very frustrated/unhappy with the lack of help and support options available, I want this issue resolved.

  • viva_violas alexandra g (@viva_violas) reported

    @Steam_Support I just flushed 40 dollars down the toilet in form of your $20 gift cards. Im very frustrated/unhappy woth the lack of help and support options available, I want this issue resolved

  • evwoft jake (@evwoft) reported

    @ScrubLEL @mxttsly @lenyawoo @Steam_Support Its worse because this exact scam has been around for a year or so now and steam hasnt done much to fix it ._. i hope something comes of this even tho steam support is really lacking....

  • Nathannc123 Nathan (@Nathannc123) reported

    @Steam @Steam_Support is there an issue with your servers because I have good internet but if I’m downloading a game at 10 mb/s it’s using 85% of the bandwidth

  • Faiz_exia Ahmad Faiz (@Faiz_exia) reported

    @Differentology7 @steam_games @RockstarGames @Steam_Support Sometime the problem solve but its all depend the rockstar server

  • videogamebuddy Buddy (@videogamebuddy) reported

    @Steam_Support I’ve been using your service for over 16 years and have never once reached out to support about a technical problem. Your customer service agents are blowing me off and trying to force me to do their legwork for them. This is insane. Ticket HT-GPKH-H98M-QK9G

  • SvenLentz1 Sven Lentz (@SvenLentz1) reported

    @_TheToastGamer_ @Steam_Support same problem. looks like problems from steam

  • _TheToastGamer_ ᴛᴏᴀsᴛ (@_TheToastGamer_) reported

    @Steam_Support hey I have a problem with my steam download speed. If someone could help me out I would appreciate it more than literally anything

  • dudsbalzs6 dudás balázs (@dudsbalzs6) reported

    @gabeslovetub @steam_games web site is HTTP ERROR 500 meseng way

  • ik_kuwa 桑原 一功 ( Ikko Kuwabara ) (@ik_kuwa) reported

    @Apple @Steam @Steam_Support @Microsoft Lying, hiding, is some of those examples. A decade ago when password/passcode was the only to verify identification, I could make an excuse about creating "secondary account" that, "That's because of concerning information security issue. --.

  • ik_kuwa 桑原 一功 ( Ikko Kuwabara ) (@ik_kuwa) reported

    @Apple @Steam @Steam_Support I know you want to delete the account because ... the stolen cracked softwares are registered so many that you think it's a shame for the service. I've turned 2FA (Steam Guard) on, and the telephone number whom verification SMS is to send is alive.

  • juicemourne Trash Bandicoot (@juicemourne) reported

    Hey @Steam_Support All of a sudden in 2019 my Final Fantasy 7 game stopped launching. Error 51. I don't want a refund, I want you to tell people how to fix this error. There are unanswered threads from 2012 and you've seemed to ignore every single one.

  • nuclear_weasel Nuclear Weasel (@nuclear_weasel) reported

    @Steam_Support Hello! Help I cannot open a support request, it loops me back to all the same Steam Help portal web pages and I have a specific and particular issue about adding funds to my wallet.

  • Fruitonice Ian Johnson (@Fruitonice) reported

    @Steam_Support how do I get my password reset if your website password reset page is not working and telling me I have had to many failed attempts after trying just once to reset my password

  • NsaneWolf NsaneWolf (@NsaneWolf) reported

    @Steam @Steam_Support a friend in the USA wanted to gift me a game and I'm in the UK and they can't because of the region is this something new as we haven't had this issue before please let me know asap as this is disheartening

  • SithLord2005 Sith (@SithLord2005) reported

    @Steam_Support still can't login or reset :/

  • KingVampire28 [EGC] KingVampire28 (@KingVampire28) reported

    @Steam_Support Hello steam, I would like to purchase premium for fishing planet but your store is acting up really hard and I cannot buy it due to the problems.

  • punchinyobunz Megan (@punchinyobunz) reported

    @Steam_Support Please fix your servers, I want to play the game I just bought

  • zackmasters_26 ZackVentura (@zackmasters_26) reported

    @Steam_Support trying to reset my password on new pc and I keep getting an error.

  • MikkoPuhakainen Mikko Puhakainen (@MikkoPuhakainen) reported

    @Steam @Steam_Support ok, official you guys suck at customer service. If I get anything back, that will be the last I buy from you guys

  • David24096674 David (@David24096674) reported

    @Steam_Support I've been waiting 19hrs so far for a response to my log in issue come on guys your not normally like this.

  • CourageAJ AJ Stewart (@CourageAJ) reported

    The amount of time it is taking to get my account back from @Steam is absolutely ridiculous. It shouldn't be this hard to login in after you forgot your password. @Steam_Support

  • adrian08617874 adrian (@adrian08617874) reported

    @Steam_Hardware @Steam_Support Hello, I have a problem logging in to steam as I type in the username and password I am showing an error please help

  • LifelessDane Joachim Bach (@LifelessDane) reported

    Today I got an email from @Steam_Support, informing that they started shipping a #VR basestation to replace my current broken one! I am so excited about returning to the virtual world! Also, a huge thanks to the support team for their efforts in helping me through the process!

  • dadofPandB Mike C. (@dadofPandB) reported

    @Steam_Support I need help with an error message I got while trying to load money to my account. It says the code has already been redeemed, but I scratched the back of the card myself. I have my receipt from @GameStop .

  • Emma_Frost_Cam 👑Emma_Frost👑❗ONLYFANS❗ 50% off 1st mo (@Emma_Frost_Cam) reported

    Wow @Steam @Steam_Support what is up with me having to log in 3-5 times before my 2 factor steam code prompts show up!!! This has been going on for weeks!!!!! FIX IT!!!!! 😫😵😡

  • musicclassicdos ilovedoomandolderstuff (@musicclassicdos) reported

    @GreenWitchCraft @Steam_Support Sigh....2020 and support is still not working

  • WE_LIVE_SOCIETY M4ximus (@WE_LIVE_SOCIETY) reported

    @Steam_Support I'm sick and tired of the fact that my steam account isn't remembering my password even when I click the remember my password box It also doesn't help that I can't go on steam when I have no Internet access because I have to log in Please fix this

  • MrNateDevlin Nate Devlin (@MrNateDevlin) reported

    @Steam_Support I'm having issues getting a refund for a game that is unplayable. My refund request was denied, but I have less than 29 mins played on the game because it is literally impossible to get into a multiplayer lobby. The game shouldn't still be listed on the store

  • Baacoy lil Poroo (@Baacoy) reported

    @Mark_the_man_89 @Steam_Support I have a same problem for apple Tv :(

  • Pilviaika Pilviaika (@Pilviaika) reported

    @linuxgamecons @eigoMANGA @steam_games Hopefully the Linux version is actually native this time around. The wine supported release has some major issues with timings. Or at least had on my PCs.

  • moistsalami691 moistsalami69 (@moistsalami691) reported

    @Steam_Support he also can't change his password. Confirmation error I think.

  • HokaguGaming Richard Bedford (@HokaguGaming) reported

    @Steam_Support I got kicked off my profile and now i cant login. saying my email and phone number dont exist. Need help

  • Phildawg9000 Phil (@Phildawg9000) reported

    @Steam_Support I cannot sign into Steam after changing my password. The new password registers as incorrect. I've changed it 3 times and have the same exact problem. Help!

  • ChackoSupreme Chacko Supreme (@ChackoSupreme) reported

    Hey, there's a problem where people are intentionally queuing as support roles and not playing supports for stacked teams - in order to get role queues. @DOTA2 @Steam @Steam_Support

  • SpiderMatt88 SpiderMatty (@SpiderMatt88) reported

    @Walmart @Steam_Support @ATVIAssist @BethesdaSupport @SamsungSupport @TwitterSupport @AppleSupport @luckydaysupport @XboxSupport @hqhelps @TwitchSupport @RockstarSupport @2KSupport @NianticHelp @FitbitSupport @ShopifySupport @4sqSupport Hello, i'm having an issue with my product.

  • Imarealbignerdd Nerd (@Imarealbignerdd) reported

    @Steam_Support @VRChat so i can sign in to another account (i just made one) just not my steam account in vrchat otherwise it freezes and is all glitchy as if it has been blocked. Pls help me :"(

  • davidtuning1 David Santos (@davidtuning1) reported

    @maniacalgamerz @spenjak18 @JLJman233489 @Steam @Steam_Support The problem is that people just fall for this kind of move because when they see something that may compromise their account in some kind of ways, they just panicked and try their best to resolve the issues. Nobody from Steam support will contact you from the Steam chat.

  • maniacalgamerz chaoswolf89 (@maniacalgamerz) reported

    @spenjak18 @JLJman233489 @Steam @Steam_Support Sadly. It really is garbage but unfortunately we all had to. Steam needs a better service to deal with this. It may seem like forever but you will get it back. Meantime i'm hoping those responsible are found out and are dealt with properly and not just a slap in the wrist.

  • FatCatTPK Evan D. DenBesten (@FatCatTPK) reported

    @Steam_Support You my account got stolen and the support website is just leading me in circles how can I get incontact to get help with this problem

  • divinedestinies Alyssa (@divinedestinies) reported

    @Steam_Support So you guys sell worthless copies of Elite Dangerous and will not provide support. Of all the years I have been a customer never had an issue like this and you won't fix it.

  • theomichaeljr Theo Michael Jr. (@theomichaeljr) reported

    @Steam_Support Hello, I have problem with my GTA V on Steam. The game doesn't start when I try to launch it. I have checked the verify integrity of game cache and still the game didn't start. I have contacted the Rockstar game about they couldn't help. I hope you can help me. Thx

  • UberKaiserSosse ÜberKaisaSosse (@UberKaiserSosse) reported

    I have never bothered with praising a service but @Steam_Support came through! even tho compared to all launcher support they are genuine and listen if truly asked! A key i wanted to gift which i activated accidentally on my steam they reverted it now i can make that kid happy

  • ValorB Расстроен (@ValorB) reported

    @AnomalySfw @Steam_Support Oh hey man, I just send you a message on Deviant Art (and following you now). If you are having problems, sorry dude, just thought it weird cause I haven't sent anything random your way nor have we played the video games. :S

  • Alexbotofan1 Alexbotofan (@Alexbotofan1) reported

    @Steam_Support why i cant get help with logging issues without logging in its like i cant do that and i cant even dm you guys please help i tried to log in tru browser but it isnt working now even on the app i cant log in

  • bighatpaul Big Hat Paul (@bighatpaul) reported

    @Steam_Support he adds: opening the library on his very low-spec laptop crashes Steam. viewing his game page on his main PC causes CPU usage to jump to 50%. main issue is it being unusable on his laptop.

  • benlunato Benlunato (@benlunato) reported

    i NEED you to contact steam support @Steam_Support be nice and keep it short subject ben lunatos beyond crimson stars removed from steam due to error

  • phoenix100k PhoenixSteel (@phoenix100k) reported

    @monsterhunter @dubindoh @Steam @Steam_Support Since Steam's UI update, receiving a friend request while playing MHW forces the Steam overlay open and you must make a choice to close it. I've been carted many times due to friends & spammers sending requests. Please fix it ASAP.

  • A3_Melle Melle (@A3_Melle) reported

    @kmdrfarsight @Papa_Bear56 @S20UL @Steam_Support That I have heard before........ luckily I never came across a issue like you on steam (did on EA launcher tho).

  • hathematics Hathematics (@hathematics) reported

    @BandaiNamcoUS @Steam_Support LOL. It didn't record the bug. It's a Fatal Error bug. Game freezes immediately after.