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Super Mario Run is a side-scrolling, auto-running video game developed and published by Nintendo for iOS and Android devices. It was released first for iOS on December 15, 2016, and will be released for Android in 2017.

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  • TiDanRich Ti Rich, Hero of the Stars (@TiDanRich) reported

    @Teslarossa3 Yeah, but the issue is that by that time the Sonic fanbase will retroactively start hating the film. The turnaround point for post-release hatred is becoming shorter and shorter for Sonic fans. If Mario doesn’t hurt Sonic’s long-run reputation with a smash hit, the fans will!

  • jbf1982 Jameion B. Fowler 🇺🇸🤳🏽 (@jbf1982) reported

    2)...and you've got to make it stop! And you've got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it — that unless you're free, the machine will be prevented from working at all!" #ADOS - Mario Savio at Berkley

  • DotEleven DotEleven (@DotEleven) reported

    @Knight0fTheWind @wersterlobe I believe this is regarding Super Mario Sunshine where it sounds like they've decided to start using a hacked file so they can skip the large cutscene at the beginning of the run. The only reason I don't see a problem with that is because it's not changing gameplay.

  • LancelotSSB PHZ | Orylot ✈️ EVERYWHERE (@LancelotSSB) reported

    Prodigy played so well wtf, Mario is broken tho Leo got this losers run tho :)

  • SamChaplin Sam Chaplin (@SamChaplin) reported

    I'm sure Dreams is as amazing as everyone says it is, but I fear I will run into the same problem I had with Mario Maker, which is that I haven't had a single creative idea since about 2011.

  • KitMinus7 Cait 💕 🏳️‍🌈 (@KitMinus7) reported

    @XenoNew I have issues with how Tour is run. I bought and played Run, it wasn’t perfect but for a mobile Mario experience it was a start. Tour only wants to scavenge every last penny from its playerbase.

  • situationist 𝔰𝔦𝔱𝔲𝔞𝔱𝔦𝔬𝔫𝔦𝔰𝔱 (@situationist) reported

    upon all the apparatus, and you've got to make it stop! And you've got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it — that unless you're free, the machine will be prevented from working at all!" — Mario Savio, Sproul Plaza, 1964

  • str0bI str0bI (@str0bI) reported

    @ParSpec I remember playing Mario Kart in college. Getting hit by a lightning bolt made you small and slow. Getting run over and smashed would reset you (after a delay) to regular size. We sarcastically referred to it as "doing you a favor" No idea why I'm reminded of that just now

  • AnastaSakuraSan Svetlana Menikile-Kuznetsov (@AnastaSakuraSan) reported

    ... tablet it's an okay tablet actually, I tried out Mario Run on it, worked great actually, much more better than on my old tablet. Well, after having checking out my old tablet I've managed to fix it completely. so now I'm owning three fully working tablets.

  • wolfxsquad_ dan (@wolfxsquad_) reported

    games i really wanna see remastered: -mario 64 -vice city -simpson’***** and run -croc -crash twinsanity -max payne 1&2

  • DrLoveBits Lovenzo (@DrLoveBits) reported

    @elonirak He's literally Mario but stubbier, you run away and lame him out the entire time I never once had a problem with Squirtle in my life Ivysaur on the other hand is a ******* pain in the ass

  • NSuperGamerGuy SuperGamerGuy64 #DontSpoilTheRoyal (@NSuperGamerGuy) reported

    @WadeRoach8 @ThePhanSite The only games that have had issues online are Nintendo's first party mainly 2 games being Mario Maker and Smash I think Atlus would get it to run fine

  • Watch Neighborhood 👁 (@Watch) reported

    @games_yeah so they tie Sonic's running as an easy metaphor from running from your problems, until he learns to face them and run at them directly. For Mario - in the last movie they even somade Luigi the protagonist. It's hard with Mario. Our main character has to have some sort of wound

  • JesseSm35891131 Jesse Smith (@JesseSm35891131) reported

    I was sitting on the phone with Apple for an hour just to fix a purchase error. Man I’m just tryna purchase Super Mario Run. They had to connect me to an advisor, redirect me to another advisor then redirect me to the head of advisors just to let me make a purchase 😭

  • RequiemGxn requiem sin azucar (@RequiemGxn) reported

    @wivsteria Crash, The simpsons hit & run, dragon ball bt3 y nose el Mario galaxy

  • biadrum Beatriz Fernandez (@biadrum) reported

    @ProZypher Crash 2 Simpsons hit and run Mario Galaxy NSMB DS

  • PazyLeaks Pazy 🌱 (@PazyLeaks) reported

    Problem with alot of team owners there scare to loose players, if you scare cant run a team, i have run Sage alone for 1 year and half , i have lost good players and manage to get back with better ones #Facts🌱 alot of you scare to loose players so go run mario car teams.

  • ProfTheurer Prof. Theurer (@ProfTheurer) reported

    @nintendolife I never played a crash game, but from what I've seen it looks like he would work with this. Katamari had a game like it and it was pretty good. It's just a mobile adaptation like Super Mario Run. Not a big deal.

  • nicooriia Nicooriia the Chimera (@nicooriia) reported

    @travis_dragon00 Personally thing it fits the crash style pretty well. That or a Rayman/Mario run (whatever its called) side scroller run instead.

  • JustPeople77 Indiana Steve (@JustPeople77) reported

    @antdude92 I think it's namely because they always do the same thing it's expected they're going to do with mobile. Very little variation or creativity. I think Nintendo did a decent job with Mario run, but the problem is, the updates are killing all of the older phones off.

  • KSmarties KSmarties (@KSmarties) reported

    @Nibellion I think if it was me I’d prefer a side-scroller auto-runner like Mario Run which keeps its platforming origins yet does it in a way that appeals better on mobile. Mario Run was cool, just not many people wanted to pay the price. Crash would work great like that.

  • 64SuperYoshi 64SuperYoshi (@64SuperYoshi) reported

    @PasadenaPassion Well i wouldn't say it envolks hype, but i feel it shouldn't involk anger and frustration either. People should know that this isn't the next major crash game, its just a fun side project like Mario Run. Plus im sure it'll be fun, especially since it has multiple characters

  • Uncle_Sugar_ ((( Where’s the War on White Supremacy ))) (@Uncle_Sugar_) reported

    and you've got to make it stop. And you've got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it that unless you're free, the machine will be prevented from working at all. - Mario Savio

  • jamiemgalea Jamie Galea (@jamiemgalea) reported

    @McGarnical Pretty much the same as the Gamecube emu. You'd need a few extra things to get a Wiimote working, and I've never gotten it to work right, but it runs pretty well. (there's ways for you to run Mario Galaxy using an proper controller).

  • PurpleSunSR PurpleSunTAS (@PurpleSunSR) reported

    An issue with crystal floating in SMG2 ABC - Mario can't seem to run up the crystal to spin onto it like Luigi can. This would mean that, in a full run, we can't use the trick to save the Peewee Piranha and Gobblegut star grab A presses, since Luigi isn't available early on.

  • NaminB4Gamin wanna (@NaminB4Gamin) reported

    @Ace_Ta_Space_ @Prof_Temporal @mildraingames Still a pretty simple idea for MARIO. Run and jump to place and you win. Zelda took a lot of time and focus while pokemon had a lot of stuff they were working on at once. I will say that swsh were prolly rushed because of this and that said lack of focus

  • tribdinosaur Dieg’oat (@tribdinosaur) reported

    @anotherbluhusky I’m gonna be really general about this, but here goes - Club Audition* - Card City Nights - Super Mario Odyssey * sadly I haven’t been able to play this one in yeeeeears ‘cause my computer’s too slow to run it, but boy do I love spending hours on this one

  • Gay_Furby morgan 🌙 WOOOO 2020 YEAR OF THE GAMER (@Gay_Furby) reported

    we really let mario run crash and burn so we could pay the same amount of money monthly for a shitty fire emblem subscription

  • starflash24 Buu arc rewrite #69,420 (@starflash24) reported

    @jycompany_ I had a problem like this with these Mario games. I don't know what's the deal with them. But I think the rom itself might be the problem. I couldn't make Advance 4 run on any emulator until I got a rom from somewhere else.

  • InkDragonWorks Cleave (@InkDragonWorks) reported

    @corekismet Apply for a 1 year subscription of Mario Jump for only $15.99 to enable the run button for those tricky challenges. Give yourself the power to solve the problems we created, today.

  • HedgeonIndigo MSE | Hedgeon (@HedgeonIndigo) reported

    @PowPowSmash - its a SLOW game. Sonic cant run enough and is always interrupted by wisps and clunky 2d sections. Feels like a Mario game

  • EdgarFriendly17 Quato (@EdgarFriendly17) reported

    upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you've got to make it stop! And you've got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you're free, the machine will be prevented from working at all! Mario Savio

  • TheERaichu Ultimate Unlucky Student (@TheERaichu) reported

    @Cheesychinchila Update: I tried each disc and all of my old ones worked first try. Mario Sunshine (which I had to get off of Amazon) only had to be wiped down once, so it worked on the second try. Simpsons Hit & Run (the other Amazon one) is the only one I can't get working atm

  • cozmic_SSBU Cozmic (@cozmic_SSBU) reported

    Day 3) played really well today! Got sauced by a mario by the tag of maze but he was really good so I won’t deny that. I finally beat Sytonix and am consistently going to last stock last hit vs him instead of being 2 stocked. Working on up tilt out of run and DONT PANIC vs mario.

  • billybandicoot Wigglybandicoot (@billybandicoot) reported

    @PasadenaPassion Mario kart walked so crash team racing could run

  • TroyIsLyco Lyco (@TroyIsLyco) reported

    Run up to Sega and tell them to get their stuff together Run up to Sakurai and politely ask him to fix sonic's up air and spin charge Run to a secluded area since by then the world would want to either kill me or use me for tests Get depressed and wish l had a Mario pfp.

  • ScottAllRubin Scott (UnfriendlyAllied) (@ScottAllRubin) reported

    @Incogneko @MB_091_ Wii N64 emulators can't even get to run Mario 64 without graphical problems just stick to N64 VC imho

  • ChloeMS Chloë M. Smith PhD. (@ChloeMS) reported

    …“and you’ve got to make it stop. And you’ve got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you’re free, the machine will be prevented from working at all!” ☯ Mario Savio, Sproul Hall, University of California Berkeley, December 2, 1964

  • LucasRos46 Passionate RoF hater 💩 (@LucasRos46) reported

    @Terez27 - It moved back to a 12:30pm slot mid Cell Arc, finishing the original run there - During Q1 2014 Toei said the final chapters were going to be distributed on latam, and fan voicing caused the recast Goku VA to get fired and Mario to return -TFC aired without issues along Super

  • YoSniperGames YoSniper (@YoSniperGames) reported

    @PeregrineMemes @BaritoneBones If the sprites in Mario are anything like how they work in Game Maker, it was his entire body. Just which image of the sprite was shown depended on game conditions (ie which run image or the jump image.) If your game idea is on the level of NES or Candy Crush, I see no issues.

  • GND1101 GND (@GND1101) reported

    @HylianHero98 Honestly I want Sora Steve Crash Waddle Dee Shadow And a Goomba from mario because I think it would be funny as hell seeing him run around

  • TheRobster2014 TheRobster (@TheRobster2014) reported

    @NathanielBandy1 I was watching your Mario Kart backwards videos, and got an idea. Maybe you could do all the Crash Bandicoot racing games seems how CTR Nitro Fueled is still relatively new. See how many of those tracks can run backwards.

  • BillMil11181871 Bill Miller (@BillMil11181871) reported

    @TheBeatWithAri It's time that we make it stop! And indicate to the Coporations run it, to the Coporations who own it, that unless we are free, the Coporation will be prevented from working at all! Mario Savio kind of...

  • outatime_1985 We Kinda Need Roads (@outatime_1985) reported

    Nintendo needs to slow their roll with ******* Mario games. Literally every year we get something. They should focus on the smaller titles, or come up with new ideas. Like- imagine a free-roam Captain Falcon game where you can drive or run across Mute City to stop Black Shadow.

  • itlu4climate Jessie Maran (@itlu4climate) reported

    And you've got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you're free, the machine will be prevented from working at all! (Mario Savio, 1964)

  • FearfulGreen 𝐋𝐮𝐢𝐠𝐢 (#𝟎𝟗) (@FearfulGreen) reported

    He gulps and begins to run away as fast as he can. ❝M-M-Mario! Help!!❞ He shrieks as he runs away. His face was complete pale due to all the fear he was experiencing. He didn’t dare look behind him since it would slow him down.

  • Pokefan30453 PokeFan30453 (@Pokefan30453) reported

    trying to beat the super expert no skip world record isn't even a thing in Mario Maker 2. Just that endless run crap I'm not even interested in seeing someone try. The problem is the game update probably made the game harder and the record was set when the game was new.

  • krismeetsworld KRIS MEETS W🌎RLD (@krismeetsworld) reported from Doctor Phillips, Florida

    @schmelty @SuperWeenieHtJr So your issue with Smugglers Run is that the buttons are in their accurate spot, as they would be in the films and require you to look back n forth from the viewport and the controls, just like characters would in the movies. FYI: Never seen a four seater Mario Kart before.

  • NicholasNWR Nicholas Bray (@NicholasNWR) reported

    @TweetMLee Maybe it actually didn’t apply right, even though it said they did. Didn’t seem to run in emulators either. Been having random issues trying to get some patches working dunno why. Also, apparently to patch Mario 64, you need to use xdelta3 from the command line.

  • Dragonogon 🏳️‍🌈Dragonogon🏳️‍⚧️🐲 (@Dragonogon) reported

    I'm working on like 4 mario maker levels at once 1 is a Link level, 1 is a level that is garbage at the start but gets better and fair near the end, 1 where you use the mario world cape in wind, and another that involves the theme where items run away from you.

  • Brandon45312601 Lets get real (@Brandon45312601) reported

    @AhmmonR2 Mario would fix it quick Canes run by wannabes Alonzo and Mario bleed the u Manny is only temporary until he’s fired

  • PacDraws Pacc (B-day on Feb. 3rd) (@PacDraws) reported

    @Fuz_Ghost @MrDegradation @The_Sketch_Fox Even tho I have a switch and online for it, I agree it does suck a lot. There's so many games out there that just don't run good on the service. The only game that I find that works well is Mario Kart and that's it. Smash Bros and Splatoon really tend to have a lot of issues.

  • LFP35715687 LFP (@LFP35715687) reported

    @mariokarttourEN Seriously, if Nintendo doesn’t fix the difficulties of Ranked cup, this game will become the 2nd ‘Super Mario Run’(u guys may know what I mean 🙂)

  • LFP35715687 LFP (@LFP35715687) reported

    @mariokarttourEN Seriously, if Nintendo doesn’t fix the difficulties of Ranked cup, this game will become the 2nd ‘Super Mario Run’(u guys may know what I mean 🙂)

  • miriamthewitch miriam’s new account (@miriamthewitch) reported

    therapy better fix all my problems today i couldnt watch the mario and luigi superstar saga run because of it

  • Luigi8MarioChan 💚Melody of Nature💚 (@Luigi8MarioChan) reported

    And get help.....I was depressed too much this month....I was hopeless and broken.. I fell my knees down and began to scream his name "Mario" because I was too anxious because my heart is crying inside so I run to find him.... 2/3

  • thomasisasian yibby (@thomasisasian) reported

    @Judeusername @PeakByron @HVLCYON @imaurabtw @numbton @mybchickee @jamescharles The problem was, Mario Run was overpriced so it fell face first

  • Tallo505 Tallo (@Tallo505) reported

    the biggest issue is just the resolution tbh. mario land 1's proportions were way better for the game boy it feels like it's constantly about to fall apart tho. what's with mario's run cycle, it's uneven and weird

  • FluffyChikorita snow goblin (@FluffyChikorita) reported

    Mario kart hell version: there are no karts. It's just you, running, and you can't even run bc the whole level is made out of water. and if you slow down wario's gonna beat your ass

  • SNESdrunk SNESdrunk (@SNESdrunk) reported

    In addition to my usual Christmas Mario World run I'm also working on a Secret of Evermore re-do video and dear god this game can be infuriating. There's so much to like here but so much frustration