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Super Mario Run is a side-scrolling, auto-running video game developed and published by Nintendo for iOS and Android devices. It was released first for iOS on December 15, 2016, and will be released for Android in 2017.

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  • RedFlameHero ѕρσσку мαяισ [#01] (@RedFlameHero) reported

    @GottaGoFast_STH The hedgehog often likes to drag Mario out for a run with him, though will purposely take it slow to make sure the plumber doesn’t get to exhausted.

  • CutieScorbunny 🐻🐦Nikki Roessler and the Impossible Lair🦎🦇 (@CutieScorbunny) reported

    @RobbyB3ll4s I had the Pac-Man games and Super Mario Run on my tablet before my tablet stopped working.

  • ChloeMS Chloë M. Smith PhD. (@ChloeMS) reported

    …“and you’ve got to make it stop. And you’ve got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you’re free, the machine will be prevented from working at all!” ☯ Mario Savio Sproul Hall, UC Berkeley, December 2, 1964

  • FuckleyB It’s a Planet Not a Star (@FuckleyB) reported

    @_GravityFails @daisylynndoc @sleepy8280 @ABC you’ve got to make it stop. And you’ve got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you’re free, the machine will be prevented from working at all! –Mario Savio

  • AdeniyanOmoniyi Adeniyan Temitope Omoniyi (@AdeniyanOmoniyi) reported

    @Josdy777 @iambolar Is not the scout fault some players find it difficult to adapt but Mario won't solve United problems at d long run

  • RetroRam The Clever Clever Parrot Show (@RetroRam) reported

    @MoeGrantHarris @The__Goomba People kicked off when super Mario run was €10. I’m not surprised by this. don’t see a problem with charging this, for an optional item that is obtainable for free with a lot of grinding. It’s akin to complaining about paying for dlc - alternative is base game costs more

  • Vonhunter21 Stephen Shelton (@Vonhunter21) reported

    @timelagstudio @Doctor_Cupcakes And that's fine. Problem is, that's STILL not a good thing! The transactions in this game are completely out of touch with what the big N was trying to achieve back when Super Mario Run was nearing release. They didn't want to "sell" their IP this way, and opted for a 1 time buy.

  • sisters_smash ⚔King Arthur 🛡 (@sisters_smash) reported

    Link would run away and do whatever he wants, while Mario would slow down and talk to me about pasta.

  • DavidGhirahim DavidGX (@DavidGhirahim) reported

    @sincespacies @B0820 The problem is. Nintendo TRIED to do things the correct way. They released Mario Run for one flat fee with no BS. People bombed them with 1 star reviews because it wasn't free. This is what the mobile market wants.

  • TweetsByDrae 💥Andrae💥 (@TweetsByDrae) reported

    @AnotherSFwriter @jchoss06 @SgtAguado @stromio1 @JHopkinsSD Show me where I said I was cool with it, show me where I said not fixing it until after Oregon loses. Hell, even Mario himself has said HE needs to fix the line and run game issues after Stanford. And before CJ got hurt, that looked like what they'd done. But, whatevs.

  • IamDMVixen Nope Likeshit. (@IamDMVixen) reported

    LMAO.. I forgot how Ramona thought she was gonna run the #RHONY S6 reunion & MAKE Andy talk about everything EXCEPT her marital problems. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 “Next topic Andy! I’m not doing this sweetie..” “Ok honey. So back to you & Mario..”

  • caliwavves フ乇乂ㄚ (@caliwavves) reported

    my dad said i drive as if i were playing mario kart in rl except i can’t run over old ladies when they’re driving slow lmao

  • josephcim_ Joey (@josephcim_) reported

    My math professor seeing people who got a tricky problem right: “Good job!” When she sees I got it right: *silently walks away as I go back to playing Mario Run under the table, secretly wishing she could’ve corrected me*

  • OctoPredo Predo (@OctoPredo) reported

    @w00myjpg @DannyPrickle @915owen @The_MaddestLad @Nintenerd987 @antdude92 And nintendo did try a regular method with Mario run and look how that went, it's a free mobile game so i dont mind the microtransactions that much, but if this was a full big game that i had to buy I would have all the problems against it having microtransactions

  • Aacro_X Spookro X (@Aacro_X) reported

    @TetraBitGaming @mayrowo The game is a success, but they could've done like Mario Run and make players pay for content only once. Oh and fix the RNG system

  • JLuis_Joni 🎃 Joni Quackula 🇵🇹 (@JLuis_Joni) reported

    Sounds more like an iPhone kinda thing to me. 'Cuz Mario Kart seems about as demanding as Sonic Dash, and my old phone could run Sonic Dash just fine with no hiccups or memory issues. Or poor visual quality.

  • I_Am_Med The Ave (@I_Am_Med) reported

    @Josuetinho Get of Bali’s d!ck 😄 everyone jumps on the same shit, before it was Santorini, now it’s Bali or going Tokyo for some Mario kart, It’s like everyone’s run out of imagination & that’s the biggest problem in society, we’ve stopped using our imagination & just follow like sheep’s!

  • YoBoiGeo Chris (@YoBoiGeo) reported

    About that... It's working now and... It sucks. Following the tradition Super Mario Run started, Mario Kart Tour has awful controls and broken mechanics. The graphics are mediocre at best and half of everything is locked behind a paywall. Probably the worst Mario Kart game.

  • Shinon17 José Guerrero (@Shinon17) reported

    @PearlteaRizzy Can't speak for everyone obviously, but I never had an issue with my joycons, mario kart tour is just a product of the mobile market and how they eat that kind of crap, Nintendo tried giving them something good with super mario run, but they complained it wasn't free (1/2)

  • Yawaru Bandit Yawaru .||Dedicated Resentful||. (@Yawaru) reported

    @justajustiguy @JimSterling Well, you could look at it as I don’t see the problem because I’m not addicted to waifus. Thing is, any game with micro transactions is designed to make you want to spend more, it’s just a matter of how. Mario Kart and Mario Run charge for modes (200CC) and levels, gatcha is xtra

  • PhillipsBarrie Barrie Phillips (@PhillipsBarrie) reported

    ..... and you've got to make it stop! And you've got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it — that unless you're free, the machine will be prevented from working at all!". Mario Savio 2/2

  • MrSpaceHeater 🦉The Joys of Mr. Space (@MrSpaceHeater) reported

    @LonelyGoomba @JoeySplats Personally I enjoy Mario Run and Mario Kart Tour. The problem with games like MKT is just that so much content is restriced cause they want to stretch your time on the app as much as possible. This makes the gem system predatory and damned tempting so you can progress faster.

  • KrispyKrabby Kristian • EDELGANG 🔨🌹 (@KrispyKrabby) reported

    @Stephen_Fremel @YongYea No, you see, that's where you're wrong. They tried that with Super Mario Run and it flopped. Massively. It was a bit too expensive for a mobile game, but at least it was fun compared to Tour. The problem is that people refuse to buy games, but they will download a free game.

  • RuseAoi Ruse Aoi (@RuseAoi) reported

    @The__Goomba I bought Mario Run but many more didn't. This is how many people like their mobile games. The market is the problem.

  • Carnivius Carn is a moron. 😒 (@Carnivius) reported

    tried mario kart tour on my phone. not too keen on it. just feels kinda slow and dull to control. Not feeling fun at all. Super Mario Run felt nicer to play.

  • heyitssamir 𝖈𝖗𝖎𝖓𝖌𝖊 𝖆𝖘𝖘 𝖓𝖆𝖊 𝖓𝖆𝖊 𝖇𝖆𝖇𝖞 (@heyitssamir) reported

    @TheNamesTipo @BigFella584 imo the game itself isn't even that fun, the controls are ass and the game is so incredibly slow, as in the races are actually slow. this will end up like Mario Run or Pocket Camp; definitely a dedicated fandom but the masses will ignore it a month after its release

  • MatthewThe_Kidd Matt (@MatthewThe_Kidd) reported

    @Conker_Rakun @LonelyGoomba I got Mario Run for $5 and played it a ton. It is easily one of the best mobile game they have released. But alas, they basically stopped updating it. Only updating to fix bugs and what not.

  • The_X_Button ジェノ・ネヴァー・エヴァー (@The_X_Button) reported

    @Dan4Neo its 64 with tank controls dude with a slow ass buildup to your run and you play as yoshi and have to switch between mario, luigi and wario but like, wario is just shitty, cant jump high and is stupidly slow, meanwhile cant do shit without becoming mario or luigi via level powerup

  • Kirvyx kirvyx (@Kirvyx) reported

    @TrueBlueSonic92 @LordMontio @SwitchSpeedster I mean Mario run for 10$ is at the same level of bullshit that new mario bros u deluxe is 60$ The problem is the company and their prices, not the people

  • fani2turnt estefania (@fani2turnt) reported

    ok why do Mario Kart Vehicles move as slow as I run in my dreams

  • Daridiculous1 🔮🧙🏽‍♂️✨ (@Daridiculous1) reported

    Man both Mario Kart and Mario Run trash don’t make no sense to have these games this slow

  • 27_dimitris Dimitris_27 (@27_dimitris) reported

    Hi.The past week I accidentally deleted super Mario run from my phone. Today I saw that and reinstalled the game. When I linked my account my data wasn’t restored, so I reinstalled the app and error 804-3905 came up. I can’t do anything to sign in now 😥 any help @NintendoEurope

  • garrettkidney Garrett Kidney (@garrettkidney) reported

    I have no time for people who give out about how Nintendo monetises mobile games. They tried to fix things. They tried to say “Give us $10 and you can have all of Mario Run.” The world scorned them. We created this monster.

  • 210Beard Code Red (@210Beard) reported

    @morgandanyelle_ Lmao I had issues with it when super Mario run came out a while back. Was such a pain in the ass

  • calcium_waste 𝒟.𝒜. (@calcium_waste) reported

    @upstreamcolors not as fun as mario run but honestly easy af to navigate. once they add more controls, fix up the menu, + fix bugs, it’ll be way better. mario run had the SAME ISSUES upon release, plus people were pissed we had to buy it. at least we don’t have THAT this time around....

  • My_Echo4 🎵🎻Echo's Awakening 🌴🐚 (@My_Echo4) reported

    @Nitomatta You see the problem there is that they did it perfectly with Mario Run but somehow ****** it up with MK Tour.

  • Jack_Enjiel Joshua Farrington (@Jack_Enjiel) reported

    @seancamus @PlayerEssence Yeah so I don't really see what the problem is then. I admit it's not for me but I also play no mobile games. For that crowd it seems to line up perfectly. Plus they spoke with their wallets when Mario run didn't sell well. I liked that format more but that's me.

  • fatalenic ashlee. (@fatalenic) reported

    the driving in mario kart is pissing me off like WHY ******** is my shit moving so slow. moving at the speed i run in my nightmares. this some bullshit. i’m still coming in 1st place but that speed is still some bs.

  • TryIgnition Ignition App (@TryIgnition) reported

    Got the new Mario Cart for mobile, it'll run and then crash after a few seconds, anyone know a fix

  • DoctorEspeon 🍄Lito🍄 (@DoctorEspeon) reported

    Why is it that mobile Mario games are really cheap Doctor Mario world got old fast Mario Run has a 10 dollar pay wall behind the full game Mario Kart Tour is far better but still suffering from bad issues.

  • LordKazuya1 Kaz | Failing the twinks (@LordKazuya1) reported

    @JamesSpook_ The issue with Run was that it wasn't really that good. But if they had that model for games that are worth a damn, people would eat it up. A budgeted mobile FE, Mario, Zelda, Metroid, etc with a cheaper price tag (10 USD is cheap but most mobile players want free).

  • LuckyLukester22 Luke (@LuckyLukester22) reported

    @realnanners The controls are so bad. Same issues as Mario run. Doesn’t even feel like I’m playing a video game.

  • Patrick_ORourke Patrick O'Rourke (@Patrick_ORourke) reported

    @TheRileyLittle Yup. Super Mario Run has issues, sure. It was still a pretty damn good game. Consumers just don’t want to drop that much cash on a mobile game and that’s the issue. It’s why services like Apple Arcade exist today.

  • Blazing_Yang Yang [Saiyan AU] (@Blazing_Yang) reported

    //So, I tried Mario Kart Tour and I have to say it's really fun Glad to see that Nintendo learned from the errors they committed in Super Mario Run

  • uglycorny Zach 🎃 (@uglycorny) reported

    @PoppyCheezycorn nobody bought super mario run for $10.. but people who play mobile games have no problem spending $$$ on microtransactions lol, don’t understand the logic

  • RunJumpStomp Bill (@RunJumpStomp) reported

    @rardk64 @nron10 Mario run not working os’s the fault of all the people that screamed bloody about paying $10 for a game. Mobile gamers seem to want everything for free or to be nickeled and dimed to death.

  • rardk64 Mr. 64 🐓 (@rardk64) reported

    @nron10 @RunJumpStomp my REAL issue is...I think I liked what Nintendo was doing at first with mobile games but obviously that didn't work in the existing market. Miitomo, while not everyone's cup of tea, was unique. Mario Run tried to make the premium one-time purchase thing work. It didn't.

  • dorkyraptor Dorkyraptor @ Hoarfrost Reach (@dorkyraptor) reported

    @nateynate_78 @Kotaku At least super Mario run was fun to play if you need a quick fix.This doesn't look like fun and apparently no multiplayer

  • tigerstripes85 ACEY🐯 (@tigerstripes85) reported

    @mariokarttourEN is cool but I’m probably not gonna invest too much into it, it makes my iPhone SE run hot, it lags a little and it drains the battery like crazy, and if I need my Mario Kart fix I’ll just whip out my 3DS for some MK7...

  • Solar_Lynxx Solar (@Solar_Lynxx) reported

    i half expected mario kart tour to run slow on my phone but its running great, this game is great!

  • Dilen53240515 Dilen. (@Dilen53240515) reported

    @NintendoEurope Hello I install mario kart tour on my iphone 6 and when I run the very first race the game crash while my iphone 6 is compatible with mario kart

  • Dilen53240515 Dilen. (@Dilen53240515) reported

    @mariokarttourEN Hello I install mario kart tour on my iphone 6 and when I run the very first race the game crash while my iphone 6 is compatible with mario kart

  • petebeckett1 Pete 🔜 EGX 2019 (@petebeckett1) reported

    @fyxpodcasts I would prefer to be able to control that myself is what I meant. Exactly the same problem I had with Mario Run

  • 1nuyhgnoj pb&j (@1nuyhgnoj) reported

    mario kart is not working i guess i’m gonna go download temple run or some shit

  • Ryandz_cx Ry_Bread🍞 (@Ryandz_cx) reported

    Everybody who is saying Mario Cart better run it at MarioKart cause I have a problem #MarioKartTour

  • danivegaa_ Dαɳι (@danivegaa_) reported

    Waiting until midnight till they fix dis... I downloaded Mario run and it’s pretty good 2

  • gwsmercy ً (@gwsmercy) reported

    my mario kart isn’t working so i’m playing mario run 😭

  • isabellefomayor スイカ🔞 (@isabellefomayor) reported

    I know I’ll probably get stabbed for this but links awakening remaster isn’t a masterpiece unless Nintendo fixes its issues with frame rate and such cause I don’t believe a console that can run breath of the wild or Mario odyssey can’t run a remaster of a game from 1993 well

  • PyroMaker3 💖 Futaba Sakura 💖 (@PyroMaker3) reported

    BAD QUALITIES: The story isn't all that interestin Game feels more like a mario game cuz it uses the generic world themes from New mario bros sonic moves slow when he goes any other direction the forward there's a run button some gimmick levels don't controll well

  • jschwanke84 Jason Schwanke (@jschwanke84) reported

    @johncanzanobft I don’t think it’s necessarily play calling, I think it’s more scheme issues in the run game specifically. Just too vanilla and predictable. Part of that is Mario’s philosophy, but Arroyo is the easy target. They need to get more creative with the scheme, but play calling is fine