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Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging service. Telegram clients exist for both mobile (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Ubuntu Touch) and desktop systems (Windows, macOS, Linux). Users can send messages and exchange photos, videos, stickers and files of any type.

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Telegram problems in the last 24 hours

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December 17: Problems at Telegram

Telegram is having issues since 04:00 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Connection (63.29%)
  • ▪ Sign in (20.25%)
  • ▪ App Crashing (7.59%)
  • ▪ Multimedia (5.06%)
  • ▪ Glitches (2.53%)
  • ▪ Messaging (1.27%)

Telegram Live Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Baghdad, Baghdad Governorate  ▪ Hyderabad, Sindh  ▪ Islamabad, Federal Capital Territory  ▪ Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro  ▪ Singapore, Singapore  ▪ Yokine, Western Australia

Telegram Live Outage Map
  • Baghdad, Baghdad Governorate
  • Hyderabad, Sindh
  • Islamabad, Federal Capital Territory
  • Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro
  • Singapore, Singapore
  • Yokine, Western Australia
  •   Full Outage Map

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  • tythefox
    Ty the Fox (@tythefox) reported

    @AliothFox The problem I had revolved around the telegram desktop folder under roaming appdata. So the issue you're having may be a different beast. I'd also advise clearing out the temp folder if there are any lingering install files possibly.

  • AliothFox
    Alioth Daddyfops 🇺🇸 (@AliothFox) reported

    @tythefox Which Telegram folder? The one under AppData>Roaming? The one under Downloads>Telegram Desktop? I removed both of those with no problem. Are there other folders somewhere that I don't know about?

  • tythefox
    Ty the Fox (@tythefox) reported

    @AliothFox I had the same issue. Update nuked the permissions on the folder for some reason. Had to delete the whole telegram folder from appdata and run the installer from the telegram website

  • VatAttack
    Vatika🎄@ANE (@VatAttack) reported

    Help, I'm having telegram withdrawal lmao

  • AliothFox
    Alioth Daddyfops 🇺🇸 (@AliothFox) reported

    Fucking fantastic. I restarted my computer to fix an issue with Clip Studio, and now Telegram won't fucking open. And my original problem probably isn't even fixed.

  • jayfranky
    Jayant Mohapatra (@jayfranky) reported

    @red_pulse_china One of the best long term projects out in the market trying to solve a real world problem. Rpx believer since day 0. Holding stack full of rpx.. Go rpx. Go rpx Telegram :Neo41 Neo address :AYNpsAcBWYGcmVwb5zqHU4TbHHx7t4YtUL

  • Baharash
    Baharash (@Baharash) reported

    @telegram I contacted support through the app about my username but have not received any response. Can you help please?

  • Lola_Banal
    Lola Banal (@Lola_Banal) reported

    Belgium finally puts a stop to telegram service @Alexa_Banal

  • waleedsulehria
    Waleed (@waleedsulehria) reported

    @telegram is the web version down in Pakistan ?

  • cryptobuffsaur
    Cryptobuffsaur (@cryptobuffsaur) reported

    All I do is twitter>telegram>binance app and repeat $BTC $ETH $LTC think I’ve got a problem

  • Mobi_Husky
    Mobi the star surfer (@Mobi_Husky) reported

    @yipyote If you need to talk to someone message me on telegram. I hope i can help you get through it

  • RivkahWinter
    Anyone else hate really long display names? (@RivkahWinter) reported

    Hey I know this issue has sprung the "text RESIST to 50409" memes but did you know it costs @resistbot to text you, but messaging them on telegram is free?

  • JMSInfoGC
    JMS Informática GC (@JMSInfoGC) reported

    @telegram Hi! I have a problem. For security reasons, from the desktop version of Telegram I closed all sessions except the desktop version, and when I try to access to Telegram on the phone, the app told me: "Telegram limit exceeded. Try again later." Thanks in advance!

  • TheCornerHub
    The Corner Hub tips (@TheCornerHub) reported

    Have to announce something lads. I've just made a VIP service. It's via Telegram. I want to do this for a really long period so I have to put in all the time that's possible. I made 3 different kind of memberships: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months.

  • abu_ashley
    DON HABIB (@abu_ashley) reported

    @telegram Hey, wanted to report a problem with desktop app. Linked urls in chats lead to a blank web screen(similar to opening new window) instead of opening the link. Please fix

  • hbtalk
    hb (@hbtalk) reported

    @telegram Hi, sorry to trouble you, I can remember my telegram username, but I forget the phone number I use, so how can i login with username or how can i know which phone number i use? Many thanks.

  • ExYakuza
    Yakuza (@ExYakuza) reported

    @telegram any ongoing issue? App is trying to connect for so long. Location - South Asia.

  • CryptoRuben
    CryptoTogether (@CryptoRuben) reported

    @DavorCoin i cant help but notice that you only have a few admins in your telegram group i would be willing to admin there ;) Im having quite a lot of contacts and i check/monitor davor frequently

  • alexscater33
    Alex (@alexscater33) reported

    @Dr10tv @Dr10tv you know its people like you that use the good faith of others to put them down to make yourself look better than them. The reply above is the full message Ian sent out on Telegram, so unless your mistaken it was 2500k he started with. Go fuck yourself.

  • tejabytes
    TejaBytes (@tejabytes) reported

    @ry197089 @ry197089 constantly trying to connect with support team, it's the worst customer service I have seen in recent times, while other Indian exchanges available through telegram 24/7, @koinexindia removed telegram channel now users has to wait for weeks to solve their problems

  • gam_bit_
    - (@gam_bit_) reported

    @durov @telegram Hellloooo there! How can I report bug report to you so you could fix it and I can use telegram properly again? There are 2 bugs which driving me crazy

  • something_bad_X
    Pink Floyd Janeo (@something_bad_X) reported

    @hosseinito @telegram i have the same problem as you. Did your telegram account return to normal after 24 hours? please answer.

  • LeoGreenland
    ʟᴇᴏɴᴀʀᴅ ɢʀᴇᴇɴʟᴀɴᴅ (@LeoGreenland) reported

    @GeltyDrake I think your Telegram is broken or somehow it's blocked... Do you still remember that one thing?

  • Faridharoon
    Farid Ahmed Haroon (@Faridharoon) reported

    @telegram #application is not working its keep on connecting after the 8dec update even the website is not responding. If we use Vpn it start working otherwise no connection.

  • indrajithk2
    Indrajith K (@indrajithk2) reported

    Is there a email service similar to WhatsApp or Telegram which allows sender to send if both parties are mutually known to each other. Could be a solution for spams.

  • TN3931
    Thomas Nulty (@TN3931) reported

    Check it out - Belgium (a progressive country!) have just stopped their telegram service. Their what? I hear anyone under 30 asking.

  • 0101oclocknews
    Mark Ov (@0101oclocknews) reported

    Belgium finally puts a stop to 'Go' to telegram service

  • jmhamiltonblog
    J.M. Hamilton (@jmhamiltonblog) reported

    Belgium's telegram service is about to stop. Stop. @BBCWorld

  • JaniceYushi
    Janice Shi (@JaniceYushi) reported

    @Zessyking @mvs_org I would appreciate if you tell me what has this Telegram Admin done as this is the only way to solve the problem. Thank you

  • ico031305
    hai tran (@ico031305) reported

    @bitclave hi for some reason i can't access bitclave telegram. Can u help ? my telegram user name @duytranvu thanks

  • LuisOli87748377
    Luis Oliver (@LuisOli87748377) reported

    @GalacToken guys , im follow us, im on in group telegram, im retweet , but when im try to enter at bitcointalk says : An Error Has Occurred! The topic or board you are looking for appears to be either missing or off limits to you. D: , im write " ready to the moon,galactic :D"

  • hamstamh
    hui🍒 (@hamstamh) reported


  • something_bad_X
    Pink Floyd Janeo (@something_bad_X) reported

    @smstelegram "too many attempts, please try again later". please help me. my telegram account is important

  • something_bad_X
    Pink Floyd Janeo (@something_bad_X) reported

    @telegram "too many attempts, please try again later". please help me. my telegram account is important

  • oedtosorrow
    berry (@oedtosorrow) reported

    @smstelegram i couldnt connect with my telegram account so i log it out but when i tried to log in again for a few times a “limit exceed. Please try again” notification appears. Can you help me ASAP?

  • minix89
    Dominic Nalpon (@minix89) reported

    @telegram singapore server appears to be down

  • kahkitsays
    kah kit (@kahkitsays) reported

    @nicolegoing Hi telegram is down i think

  • shunALAN3
    shun (@shunALAN3) reported

    @telegram hello, is there a problem with the servers today? My account keeps appearing with the 'Updating...' status and I cannot receive any message. PLease help! Thanks

  • NicholasWangC
    Nicholas Wang (@NicholasWangC) reported

    @telegram My Telegram Desktop keeps loading, but only one account, another account working on -many -workdir "/xxx/xxx" is fine. Cannot receive Login code through any tg client but only sms works.

  • woah_haha
    wallaby (@woah_haha) reported

    telegram is down here again!! noo

  • TimoNowitzki
    Timo Nowitzki (@TimoNowitzki) reported

    when callig someone using @telegram on my mac, all other audio for example the one from a Youtube video becomes super quiet its not even possible to hear it anymore. Is this normal? And if so how can I turn it off. #help #Telegram

  • ariohendra
    Mahendra Karda (@ariohendra) reported

    @smstelegram I’m always updating. And when i reinstalled telegram i login with my previous number but didnt connect. Then it went to limit exeeded. Please help ASAP

  • nicoleshingz
    Nicole Hilary⚓ (@nicoleshingz) reported

    @smstelegram on ALL my devices. I've tried telegram web but it gives me an error 500 internal server error. please help.

  • nicoleshingz
    Nicole Hilary⚓ (@nicoleshingz) reported

    @smstelegram hi there, I've been trying to use telegram for the past 1 hour. it worked fine until 11.07pm (GMT+1) and now it's not working

  • hnphophalia
    Harshita Phophalia (@hnphophalia) reported

    @telegram is the app not working ?

  • ariohendra
    Mahendra Karda (@ariohendra) reported

    @telegram I’m always updating. And when i reinstalled telegram i login with my previous number but didnt connect. Then it went to limit exeeded. Please help ASAP

  • hamstamh
    hui🍒 (@hamstamh) reported

    Is telegram down now? Wow @telegram i trusted you

  • Desireeeelyp
    Desiree. (@Desireeeelyp) reported

    @BeavisJune @telegram I’m in singapore and its down too

  • BeavisJune
    AJ 🇦🇺🇵🇭 (@BeavisJune) reported

    @Desireeeelyp @telegram Im in Australia and it’s down :(

  • wonderflly
    Xuen (@wonderflly) reported

    hi telegram please help me. my telegram is not working for both my phone and desktop @telegram

  • Desireeeelyp
    Desiree. (@Desireeeelyp) reported

    @telegram helloo. Is telegram currently down?

  • RedTheRabbit
    The Fishing Rabbit (@RedTheRabbit) reported

    With AIM down, ICQ might make a come-back! I'm 4643791. Or Telegram Red_Rabbit.

    Jaslyn Ang (@JASLYNXO) reported

    @telegram hi im facing issues here in singapore (near the cbd area) is there something wrong?

  • Magarnon
    Tactical Floof (@Magarnon) reported

    Hmmmm, having issues with Telegram at the moment. Is it crashed for anyone else at current?

  • RobW0lf
    Rob (@RobW0lf) reported

    The timing of this being a problem sucks, I have most of the apps I need day-day but my Twitter app is outdated, Telegram is broken and I'm gonna be away in less than a week.

  • VentureCoinist
    Luke Martin (@VentureCoinist) reported

    @Crypto_Bitlord @CoinImperator @Crypto412 @ThinkingUSD @tailopez @TakeshiKovacs66 @MagUra_Crypto take a scroll down my twitter. its only two scrolls down. $EDG and $XZC both posted before I post less public calls because I don't want to deal with 50k people buying because I posted a chart. I also give more charts and calls for free in my free telegram. Don't be a troll

  • angelikahoft
    Angelika (@angelikahoft) reported

    @telegram is not working properly. All the time connecting:/ what’s the issue? Help

  • Hyenadile
    Keanu (@Hyenadile) reported

    Do any mutuals want to telegram call me and help me? I coming up with new ideas for my AA table for anime cons and I just need some fresh ideas that isn’t just me talking to myself XD

  • xfeelofa
    fee🖤 (@xfeelofa) reported

    why my whatsapp telegram all application calls people cannot hear my voice?????? CAN SOMEBODY PLS HELP ME but then my normal call is working well as in the other party can hear my voice

  • the_foun
    founder (@the_foun) reported

    @KenyaPower @KenyaPower_Care I have been trying to get my bill amount using your text service or Telegram with no success. Saidieni account number ni 2361019-01

  • SZAS4
    S_Z_A_S (@SZAS4) reported from Hyderabad, Sindh

    @telegram I am just receiving loading, when i am trying to login telegram.. Anyone can please help?

  • jeyencee
    ji (@jeyencee) reported

    @telegram :— hey guyz. please chk this —select more than one images from shared media. partially swipe from left to right (in iphone) and release. again try to select one more image from shared media. application gets crashed and wen reopen appln asks to send error logs.

  • CoinKings2017
    Matthew Weinman (@CoinKings2017) reported

    @KittehCoin I am having hard time joining the telegram chat! Please help!

  • vietanhbk91
    nguyen viet anh (@vietanhbk91) reported

    @telegram hj, admin, i was lost phone number. please help me recover account? thank admin

  • IsaacAlpines
    Isaac Alpines (@IsaacAlpines) reported

    hey! @telegram why is there no Turkish language in telegram? Can I help you with Turkish translation?

  • Golpicasso
    someone (@Golpicasso) reported

    @BOOM4Lee What does error log say mate? Telegram it me and ill let u know whats up

  • Archadvocate1
    Pete Dobson (@Archadvocate1) reported

    @telegram I am having trouble when i put in my secret code to start my account. can someone help me please?

  • WingsOfMimoja
    Mimoja (◕ᴗ◕✿) (@WingsOfMimoja) reported

    At least: Telegram pushed a fix for this the day it was reported, and I've verified the fix.

  • frankie_boggi
    fra (@frankie_boggi) reported

    @telegram Hey @telegram, I noticed a problem with the update on my LG G4 H815, telegram 4.6.0 1155: when recording vocal messages the vibration feedback is now barely sensible compared to all the previous versions, do you think it can be fixed to have a strong vibration as before? Thanks

  • wolfniya
    防毒面を着ているサイバーテロ狼 (@wolfniya) reported

    Is anyone else having problems with Telegram putting deleted chats back in the contacts list, or is it just me? >.>

  • TelegramBeta
    Telegram Beta (@TelegramBeta) reported

    @curbbcom @telegram iOS Swift Alpha v5.0 build 184 or newer are using new database (Devs info), logout and relogin should fix it, or reinstall

  • mcfee_david
    david mcfee (@mcfee_david) reported

    @FeryVN @crypterium i didn't have any problem either... try telegram, their customer support is 24/7 good luck

  • Johann46091374
    Johan (@Johann46091374) reported

    So now the very next day I got mail from the postal service a telegram so no I haven't read it sudenly but we all know when you get a telegram its importand to read but instead I did this

  • cryptoholics
    Cryptoholix (@cryptoholics) reported

    @strobi28 @jessecouch @Humaniq Yes, they issue a press release on Monday according to their telegram, then the word will travel far about the project

  • frims13
    fisayo olagundoye (@frims13) reported

    @housepanda_i have joined the telegram channel, but dnt knw hw to proceed, Pls HELP!!!

  • telegramdesktop
    Telegram Desktop (@telegramdesktop) reported

    @dylipe @Mexiicannn @telegram @durov I see the problem, thanks for your report. This has nothing to do with Telegram Desktop 1.2.1 release, this is a server-side bug :( I'll let you know when they'll fix it.

  • alykirmani
    Æłį Kîrmæñį (@alykirmani) reported

    @telegram is not working in Pakistan, it say connecting..... Can someone tell me what happened suddenly!!!!!!!

  • DileepaAnuradha
    Dileepa Anuradha (@DileepaAnuradha) reported

    @Rendang_Apple @bakzeit If @bakzeit cannot find the password telegram me @Rendang_Apple there is another new service to try

  • yesmylaw
    Lawrence (@yesmylaw) reported

    @telegramdesktop Please help me, been locked out of telegram for the past 24 hours and I need it for my work. Tried too many times - try again later. Please help. Nobody answering.

  • yesmylaw
    Lawrence (@yesmylaw) reported

    @telegram Please help - can't login for 24 hours - try again later, tried too many times.