Is Telegram down?

Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging service. Telegram clients exist for both mobile (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Ubuntu Touch) and desktop systems (Windows, macOS, Linux). Users can send messages and exchange photos, videos, stickers and files of any type.

 Some problems detected at Telegram

Telegram problems in the last 24 hours

August 22: Problems at Telegram

Telegram is having issues since 05:30 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Sign in (66.67%)
  • ▪ Connection (25.00%)
  • ▪ Multimedia (4.17%)
  • ▪ Messaging (4.17%)

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Telegram Live Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Accra, Greater Accra Region  ▪ Bandung, West Java  ▪ Kenmore, Washington  ▪ Lechería, Anzoátegui  ▪ Orgaz, Castilla-La Mancha  ▪ Providence, Utah  ▪ Shinjuku-ku, Tōkyō-to  ▪ Shiraz, Fars Province

Telegram Live Outage Map
  • Accra, Greater Accra Region
  • Bandung, West Java
  • Kenmore, Washington
  • Lechería, Anzoátegui
  • Orgaz, Castilla-La Mancha
  • Providence, Utah
  • Shinjuku-ku, Tōkyō-to
  • Shiraz, Fars Province
  •   Full Outage Map

Telegram Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • Dempstar (@dempstar11) reported

    @tttinplay Telegram is like a message service like what's app I believe

  • Laura LaPieuvre (@Laura_sidler) reported

    @durov I use Telegram on Windows Phone and I have some issues with it like double/triple message,... Is it possible to fix this ? #telegram

  • Jennie Eclipse Flint (@RealLilJennie) reported

    @Rollarwolfcub I'm always wanting to help littles be littles, but unfortunately I don't use telegram

  • Afsal Madhukkal (@Afsal181) reported

    @telegram @durov server down? UAE

  • Rishabh sethi (@Rishdoon) reported

    @Dream11Logic @Chethan9810 Telegram app Ll solve this problem

  • Nilesh (@nileshgr) reported

    @shantanugoel @telegram Additionally there's an external cron based monitor which will tell me if both internets are down.

  • Shantanu Goel (@shantanugoel) reported

    @nileshgr @telegram How do you know its down? Or infer it if there's no response?

  • Zed (@Zedbits) reported

    @KyberNetwork D whitelisting spsd to b closed on 22 August, 2pm GMT, but cant access the form & telegram channel says not found,pls help

  • booster🤷 (@blakboost3r) reported

    @telegram l have a problem with opening my account because there is too many attempt, n how do l get my account back?

  • haolu (@pphao) reported

    @telegram hi, I signed up my telegram id yesterday night. but i can not login it today. the message shows "PHONE_NUMBER_BANNED". how can ido

  • Rashid (@Rashid86798033) reported

    @telegram am hia..... Jst enjoyn yua service

  • genwral (@genwral) reported

    @EnigmaMPC still wonders how telegram got hacked, because when you login on new device somewhere, telegram need to validate via phone or sms..

  • Definitely Not Dan (@Def_Not_Dan) reported

    @telegram after about 10 minutes of running it goes up to 50%+ CPU usage and doesn't go back down until I restart it.

  • 씹사탄보지년 (@kimchiryeon) reported

    @telegram but the messages are not displayed in the chatroom. I have few contacts on Telegram who's currently experiencing this. Please help

  • 씹사탄보지년 (@kimchiryeon) reported

    @telegram hi there, is your server down? It's keep "updating" for about an hour now. I still get push notifications

  • Crypto Jesus (@CryptoJesus666) reported

    @EnigmaMPC Telegram disappeared, website goes down, pre-sale gets hacked. Give them your email address & don't get a reply. So much for MIT geniuses.

  • Norfolk History (@NorfolkHistory) reported

    1911: A dispatcher in the New York Times office sent the first telegram around the world via commercial service, taking 16.5 minutes

  • Legit (@Legit_Service) reported

    Pleas check the #Moneymaker telegram group if you need download link of the app. Host is also fixed,cant have weekends withut problems lol..

  • Sohail (@CaptainCigar) reported

    @super_trampp Also please install telegram, I need your help for something. Do it now if possible

  • Mai Edwards (@MamaIndulgences) reported

    @telegram having trouble with logging in to my telegram app. help

  • geal_ebooks (@geal_ebooks) reported

    Contributing issues and patches is great, but there's also a process to wait for Telegram to break itself

  • James Terpstra (@JamesTerpstra) reported

    Still waiting for customer service to contact me,,, I should go to the local telegraph office to see if they sent me a telegram instead!

  • Alexander Voronkov (@alfred361) reported

    @Liqui_Exchange Guys! have problem with ZRX withdrawal! Answer me in Telegram or freshdesk. You gave me nonexistent TX number!

  • TJ Horner (@tjhorner) reported

    @araujocabeyo @telegram Telegram doesn't manage the Uno bot, so they can't really help with that

  • HENOK PHILIPOS (@henokp50) reported

    @Liqui_Exchange hello I need help I tried to contact you on telegram no one is there

  • Anna Fich (@fich_anna) reported

    @telegram hi, I have been trying to recreate my account after deactivation but it's still impossible. Could you help me ?

  • ☆Queen LeDiefa☆ (@HurrDurrDief) reported

    So as I've previously mentioned. Both of my phone's cameras are fucked. But it usually works in telegram, apart from the selfie cam. Help?

  • Nathan Brooke (@ImNathansTech) reported

    I've had this issue on my iPhone 6 for a while. The mic works in Telegram but doesnt work in siri or messenger. ??

  • Ronaldlee (@Ronaldlee819) reported

    @telegram aye I tried to add some bots in my grp but after I typed the command I got no responses from them. Please help :)

  • Jonatan Lamhamdi (@jonatanlm21) reported

    @cornersbychris i pay your service! Please, what is the link for telegram??

  • God (@Matwxx) reported

    @PropyInc Your customer service showed a really professional way of kicking me out of telegram. This is the worst experience I had with ico.

  • велоцираптор Ванюша (@unbreakab1e) reported

    @telegram nope, only the mobile is OK, for landline the issue still persists =\

  • joo (@ElyseNeo) reported

    @youjinai My telegram got problem now, I text you inform you alr!!!!

  • велоцираптор Ванюша (@unbreakab1e) reported

    @telegram Today everything is fine! Seems that the issue is resolved.

  • TJ Horner (@tjhorner) reported

    @SelenaKitsu @telegram But basically, this error is saying that the ID of the person you're trying to message is invalid, so I think it's a TWeb bug

  • CryptoShiva (@iamcryptoshiva) reported

    $xvg #verge started their transfer over #discord service don't care how cheap it is im #hodling next step transfer over #telegram $btc $eth

  • Tozan Southerpacks (@TSoutherpacks) reported

    Telegram is still not working on computer

  • Ruan MedGar (@RuanMedGar) reported

    @telegram @durov The @stickers bot still not working properly. I can't publish new sticker packs. One month this way. Too sad.

  • Wayno (@wayno_70) reported

    @MePiikanLzBolaz @BlackBerry @BBM @telegram I have to agree, the new update looks terrible. Quoted comments are awful and the wallpaper is shocking. At least give us a choice to change

  • Spyke TFoxcoon (@vulpesprocyon) reported from Kenmore, Washington

    New proposition: all Spyke telegram chat. Who's down? @SpykePine @spyketyranno @Spykiepie

  • Olde Wrestling (@oldewrestling) reported

    @USindywrestling @JillBauerLESI @ShoresIslandsOH @IndyPowerRankin @MustacheTalk @artofmanliness @SupportIndySlam @IndyMania @Wrestledelphia @WrestlingArticl @UnitedFund When is the broadcast? Did we miss it? Sorry, our telegram service had been delayed. We'd love to chat about any Olde thingz

  • MaxTrader official (@makskoma) reported

    @Ivan_Spizizen Cryptoping service or telegram?

  • Saeed Paseban (@00989155174688) reported

    @telegram please help how is it possible to take it again or not?

  • Moze (@gichohiMoze) reported

    @KenyaPower_Care your telegram bot is not working whats the problem?

  • Moze (@gichohiMoze) reported

    @KenyaPower_Care help out with last token for meter... your telegram bot is not working

  • Ugly naked guy (@Uglynakedguy95) reported

    @durov We have serious problems to reach telegram in iran, plz check it out

  • Helen van der Sluijs (@Kort_Pink) reported

    @telegram.... Problems in the Netherlands... Cannot connect to server on Android

  • 🤖Nariman نریمان (@NarimanGharib) reported

    @durov Some users in #Iran are currently experiencing problems accessing @Telegram . Can you please have a look? #تلگرام

  • Mohammad (@MhmdRah) reported

    @durov @telegram can't connect in some cities in Iran, is it a technical problem?

  • Amir Karimi (@amirkarimi1997) reported

    @durov Mr. Durov we have some problems in Iran! telegram had a hard time getting connected.

  • Wipp Nai 8 (@WIP_NAJ8) reported

    @durov friends from Japan have problems connecting to Telegram, do you know anyhting?

  • Battle of Arsehole (@umknicken) reported

    @MARILYN19556 @QueeniesSoapbox @TRobinsonNewEra That was the evening after the van attack in Spain. 5 more were taken down that night. Not my footage - taken from the telegram app

  • Zahra (@f2cf002bc5434d7) reported

    @telegram I have problem with my account, it's not connecting to Internet, what should I do?

  • V.I.P Numbers UK (@V_I_P_NumbersUK) reported

    @telegram Hi Im not getting the activation code by SMS or call, can you help please

  • Sarah 🌷 (@sancty) reported from Shinjuku-ku, Tōkyō-to

    @telegram Is Telegram down in Japan? Just seeing "Updating/Connecting" every time I use it

  • kerjunkiest (@kerjunkiest) reported

    @telegram If you don’t shut these pricks down, you are evil

  • Hollow (@Hollowmein) reported

    @smstelegram Having major issues in connecting to Telegram on three separate clients. Advice?

  • kerjunkiest (@kerjunkiest) reported

    “Pro-Islamic State accounts on the @telegram messaging service shared news of the attack.” FUCK YOU @telegram.

  • Eddie Sltn (@Eddie_sltn) reported

    @HuaweiEMUI Any chance missing notification issue of EMUI be fixed. what's app, telegram, line. changed all setting possible(perms, battery)

  • OneWayToMars 🐣 (@1Way2Mars) reported

    @telegram is it just me or your servers are having some issues today? If can't connect to Internet but my connection is working just fine.

  • Alexandre 🍜 (@alexandrezfs) reported

    @Izanameowe @telegram Same for me in Tokyo, what's your internet service provider ? It works on VPN.

  • Izan Mikoto Soul OS (@Izanameowe) reported

    @telegram is your service down in Japan right now? I can't connect at all

  • salt queen (@HelloChelllo) reported

    @siminiblocker I'm from Arlington, also thought they'd taken it down. The Star Telegram brought it to my attention that it wasn't. Completely outrageous.

  • Shugnussy (@Shugnussy) reported

    @telegram Using a dollar sign $ in the user bios creates errors!

  • Mehran Letafat (@mehran_joy) reported

    @smstelegram I have problems with logging in, it says : too many attempts, Here is my telegram username: @mehranletafat

  • brian of zero one (@aghasagha) reported

    @durov Hello, Mr. @durov I found a problem a few times in the telegram. When I upload my photo profile, the photo is unprinted why?

  • Vanamali Mateti (@ONEMALI) reported

    @BeingChatterjee There's temporary server issue. Don't read too much into it. Try telegram if u wanna try something new. #freeadvise

  • Judy Raymond (@heyjudeTT) reported

    @PatrickFrench As a recovering classicist, still can't help a sneaky admiration for the "peccavi" telegram. Sorry.

  • Dmitry (@dsemenyuk2) reported

    @durov Telegram's been experiencing connection problems for a last few days. Works fine for a time after you turn internet on&off.

  • lol (@idiotbicht) reported


  • shaleymoon (@fort_minor_ali) reported

    @telegram I am facing a problem in a group, I am the admin and converted the group to super group and now users are being removed from it

  • lol (@idiotbicht) reported


  • Abubakar zubairu (@Abubaka73975132) reported

    @telegram @komaru_u I want create a new tegram account but I didn't get confirmation code still please help.

  • Ket Monny Vathna (@KMVathna) reported

    @smstelegram can you help activate my telegram +85567555393 My account was accidentally banned. Thanks!

  • tim (@daiziaa) reported

    @loi_luu i want to join the telegram. and wechat group,Would you help me?

  • Matt J. Lion (@reallymatty) reported

    @rihanna @telegram I just said welcome to @telegram, now I'm blocked. What's ur problem?

  • Charge Ebooks (@charge_ebooks) reported

    there are blue knots in a telegram group plz send help

  • vernal (@verenal_22) reported

    @telegram_es The Telagram Farsi software has broken the privacy And owners of personal channels threaten to remove members

  • Zebra crossing (@RJ_Pilot) reported

    @Lewdblockify This gif is terrible. I resolve to use it in telegram group chats at least once per day from now on.