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Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging service. Telegram clients exist for both mobile (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Ubuntu Touch) and desktop systems (Windows, macOS, Linux). Users can send messages and exchange photos, videos, stickers and files of any type.

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  • Sign in (11.55%)
  • Messaging (10.99%)
  • Multimedia (3.35%)
  • App Crashing (2.98%)
  • Glitches (2.98%)

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  • CharlesNader
    Charles Nader (@CharlesNader) reported

    @FeroxAdvisors Send a message to @chessnute on telegram to resolve this issue. Thanks for your support.

  • 2020retirement1
    @2020retirementfund (@2020retirement1) reported

    Just had a guy send me a message and his location in a telegram group. Sent me a picture of a dead middle eastern kid saying to me “die nigger”. Then sent me a hitler photo. Like REALLY!! What is wrong with some people. How do they end up broken like this. Sad really....

  • VonMirbach_1918
    Wilhelm Graf von Mirbach-Harff (@VonMirbach_1918) reported

    In the last paragraph of the telegram I expressed, that both positions would generate problems for our interests, given that within the framework of the current situation, the objectives proposed by our enemies are feasible to carry out. #1918LIVE

  • YuudiHoshi
    Yuudius Faux-シリウス (@YuudiHoshi) reported

    Still keeping it, but I really don't care that much about Telegram anymore apart from certain practical uses when it comes to, yeah, I'll mainly be using it to help sort various photos and images

  • TaoFox
    tao foxy (@TaoFox) reported

    @_Uro Hit me up on telegram I may be able to help.

  • rottweiler12345
    conrad lecompte (@rottweiler12345) reported

    @crassadon i have no way to contact u my telegram was shit down a long time ago by telegram use DobieMontanna1 took me allot to find u online .

  • badly_xeroxed
    ‎كودي (@badly_xeroxed) reported

    @rrujouleh Hope so anyway, Telegram finally took down an ISIS channel I’ve been monitoring for about a year the other day

  • bradz61
    Brad Zukerman (@bradz61) reported from Burnaby, British Columbia

    Someone should probably tell @hnicsimmer that Fleury doesn’t “telegram” out of his net but rather, “telescopes” out of his net, unless he is actually sending messages via a wire/wireless service from his crease. #awfulannouncing

  • topdogshares
    TOP DOG (@topdogshares) reported

    @ifernbol @VertChain Few things bother me about it, the lack of tweets on that account, the website not working and a closed telegram group only for feeding this airdrop and generally if it sounds too good to be true... in this instance got nothing to lose so worth a try

  • HowlrApp
    Howlr (@HowlrApp) reported

    @HoleProto @Stormy_AD We use Telegram for in app login, and you appear not to have it, we were gonna announce about that

  • CosmoSnowmew
    Cosmo Snowmew (@CosmoSnowmew) reported

    Does anyone know of a way to make @Telegram Desktop move unread private (1-to-1) message chats to the top, or at least move the group chats down? Getting a bit irritated about all the PMs I've missed due to noisy group chats...

  • FakeMarshmello
    😎 FLUFF @EDC!!! 🚀🚀🚀 (@FakeMarshmello) reported

    Haha receiving death threats and messages talking shit here and telegram just because I won't say we are mooning on $ocn. Sorry not sorry DYOR stop looking to shillers thst do raffles. Just my personal opinion on ocns current state, still think we are going down

  • thewuuf
    farofa totoro beatles (@thewuuf) reported

    @telegram fix your notifications please, i don't want to have to use that other messenger

  • GuardingWard
    She Shines (@GuardingWard) reported

    @/childofglitch (Glitch Stuff made using Photomosh Discord: Neonic#1985 (I’m on here a lot. Feel free to hit me up with a chat!) Telegram: SmolWoofer (Not as active as discord. Will still respond tho. Hit me up there too if u want) I have a soundcloud too but thas shit music.

  • cyklopediacc
    Cyklopedia (@cyklopediacc) reported

    Hello @officialmcafee this telegram channel is not working for anyone

  • Tramadol_50
    Tramadol (@Tramadol_50) reported

    @durov Are you even alive? Did you even notice the majority of your users are accessing telegram through VPNs? Are you going to provide some help at least?

  • Coinigy
    Coinigy (@Coinigy) reported

    @cryptodyor @CryptoCoyote As you would expect, this caused trades to fail and other problems. Constant attempts of communication with them (Telegram, email, etc.) have been completely useless so far.

  • nadihaaazman
    Nadi_ (@nadihaaazman) reported

    The little girl just could not sleep because her thoughts were way too deep . Her mind had gone out for a stroll and fallen down a rabbit hole. -- Dismiss Telegram:queenofpsycho

  • JishiMuhyo
    DazeFGC (@JishiMuhyo) reported

    @D0ncomatic D0n Are you aware of what kind of power that you have unleased ... The joke aside I am totally down for being buds and talking on telegram or discord

  • digitalmozart
    CK (@digitalmozart) reported

    @alexwmccabe @telegram Yeah, I pretty much have the same problem. :(

  • AmirEsmailzade
    Amirpirouz (@AmirEsmailzade) reported

    @telegram I’m getting the limit exceeded error. How should I resolve the issue? Thanks!

  • dcast777
    Dave (@dcast777) reported

    @ArmeF97 @durov @Afsal181 @Sw_novato @telegram @AppleSupport @Apple Ya if you don’t count all the security holes and problems of the Samsung phones.

  • Neon1777
    Carpe Diem (@Neon1777) reported

    @JeffoOne Is your telegram service part of the cards service?

  • ildella
    Daniele Dellafiore ⚡ (@ildella) reported

    @theonevortex Still to cleanup Gmail (easy, just lazy) , Google maps for certain use cases, WhatsApp (people are lazy but mostly on Telegram already). Well YouTube is not a big deal for now. Android.. That will be a problem. For the rest, Google and Facebook free. Oh and using @brave on mobile

  • RoundBoar
    Fat PowerBoar (@RoundBoar) reported

    Okay I'm making that Boar Pit group chat now. I'm just writing down all of the Telegram names that have contacted me. Invites will be in 35 mins. If I've missed you out, get in touch.

  • _theperfesser
    ⌥Thє Pєrfєѕѕєr (@_theperfesser) reported

    @trx_world Yep. I've been getting the basic verify your phone number lock several times per week. Yesterday they completely shut me down and from asking around yesterday on discord and telegram it happened to quite a few people. Let's hope these kinks get ironed out sooner than later

  • Clous_9
    편의점주인 (@Clous_9) reported

    @telegram When will error code 429 be released?

  • cryptodealingd
    CryptoDealingdesk (@cryptodealingd) reported

    Our trading signal service sold #WaykiChain with 4,32% profit. Connect with @CryptoDealingdeskBot on Telegram to trade like a pro yourself. #Crypto #Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin $BTC #altcoins #Trading 3048 closed trades / 60,17% wins / Total yield 5.332,74% since 2017-10-24

  • NoMoreBenjamins
    Where did the Benjamins go? (@NoMoreBenjamins) reported

    The @cryptodealingd signal service sold #WaykiChain with 4,32% profit. Connect with @CryptoDealingdeskBot on Telegram to trade like a pro yourself. #Crypto #Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin #altcoins 3048 closed trades / 60,17% wins / Total yield 5.332,74% since 2017-10-24

  • Torllay
    Torllay (@Torllay) reported

    @smstelegram Hi, yesterday i had problems with Telegram X on iOS and i reinstalled it a bunch of times till i can't log anymore now, can you please help me?

  • tinaa252
    @tinaa252 (@tinaa252) reported

    @telegram Please help

  • ThumbDevice
    Thumb Device (@ThumbDevice) reported

    @CryptoAirdrops Telegram bot link is not working

  • NoMoreBenjamins
    Where did the Benjamins go? (@NoMoreBenjamins) reported

    The @cryptodealingd signal service sold #RChain with 3,60% profit. Connect with @CryptoDealingdeskBot on Telegram to trade like a pro yourself. #Crypto #Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin #altcoins 3047 closed trades / 60,16% wins / Total yield 5.328,43% since 2017-10-24

  • FarnamAssassiN
    Farnam AssassiN (@FarnamAssassiN) reported

    @durov Help Iran ! We can't access to telegram it has blocked ! Release TON fast please thank you.

  • magfmur
    artie (@magfmur) reported

    if anyone thinks they can legitimately help me curve my mentality or mental state in general, I'm always up for talking. you can message me here or on my telegram @Magfmur.

  • neeteshbiswas
    Neetesh Biswas (@neeteshbiswas) reported

    @minhokim @helloiconworld The issue is there is no more telegram chat or announcement service. When is the last day to convert ERC20 tokens to main net coins? How uses are supposed to know all these info?

  • _MithunMaddy
    Mithun Maddy (@_MithunMaddy) reported

    @telegram_es the telegram image web search is not working When the problem will be solved

  • KwantumD
    Kwantum (@KwantumD) reported

    @telegram need help with the app

  • imoda11
    Airdrop Follow (@imoda11) reported

    Telegram > Connect account @bot > enter/start 1-Add members to Telegram groups > everyday 1 member 2-Help group members and get approval from admin > daily duty 3-Follow channel > one-time task Reddit > Click the reddit icon next to your account information and link your account

  • Ilya_Stolyarov_
    Илья Столяров (@Ilya_Stolyarov_) reported

    @Paflertulo @spacelordrock Цитата: "Perhaps they found some technical flaw in the way Telegram encrypts data, or, less exotically, intercepted login requests but not actual conversations — or maybe one of the alleged conspirators simply informed on his accomplice."

  • Mayor_01
    OluwaMayowa (@Mayor_01) reported

    @StreamNetworksc @Praisecrypto Hello. I need help. I didnt include my wallet address as the attachment before sending the Stream network tokens, I used my telegram username. Should I continue with the process? I'll be glad if I get a response. Thank you.

  • ActionMartini
    Arin (@ActionMartini) reported

    @weedshibe That happened to me with my old router, it was the absolute worst Also Telegram and Youtube had that same issue

  • quintinmusic1
    Quintin (@quintinmusic1) reported

    @Cryptopia_NZ Is there a telegram support?? This is no good service

  • AbidinGulcemal
    Abidin Gulcemal (@AbidinGulcemal) reported

    @OneLedgerTech very profesional Edwin Zhang! Even the telegram group is shut down ! Amators! Biggest joke in Ico!

  • WebdeveIoper
    Ƀ Dylan "Not giving away any ETH" (@WebdeveIoper) reported

    @ThePinkCrypto @discordapp Signal is fine, problem is, I can't even get my homies to download Telegram.... most of them are still on WhatsApp.

  • csch42
    Clemens Schrimpe ❦ (@csch42) reported

    @telegram I‘d appreciate it, if your service would stop sending me messages at wee hours (or at all), stating that persons I‘ve never heard of have joined said service. Alternatively you may, of course, notify other unknown people, who don’t know me, that I have left the service.

  • princexxbes
    princess nightingale (@princexxbes) reported

    @arawtoken help help i cant find araw telegram

  • stripedscribe
    Lexa (@stripedscribe) reported

    i'm just ready to give up. if you want my telegram or discord then DM me. i'm going to lay down. I haven't eaten because there's nothing to eat. i can barely see. why does life hate me? what did I do wong!? I'M SORRY!

  • Cryptomains
    CryptoMains ™ (@Cryptomains) reported

    @Telegram @durov Do you know about problem with telegram Channels? Images isn't loading in channels)

  • negina89
    Negina Khudyakova (@negina89) reported

    @jeff_fengcao PChain is great but closing the address submission without an email notification is a let down. Please hear your Telegram community and reopen it for a while.

  • adex_boi
    ibukun odusanya (@adex_boi) reported

    @ethernetcash I did not receive any airdrop and no response from your telegram group please help

  • kestenan
    Kèstènän Smäugsôn (@kestenan) reported

    @meg_a_moist @Animuskitty This curry might be perfect for you, then! Do you have telegram or skype? And yeah, I should have thought, nobody dating Anima could have any problem with the eating of animals! :P

  • h_rahimi1999
    Hossein Rahimi (@h_rahimi1999) reported

    @telegram i want using Telegram API to create a web client with node js. But i don't know how! Can you help? I'm beginner on it !

  • DavePang1
    DavePang (@DavePang1) reported

    @mr_cryptopia @CryptoGurus1 Yes it is. I just waited more than an hour for the 2nd round KYC and registration failed when I refreshed cos doc wouldn’t load! Telegram wasn’t any help, all messages deleted.

  • DavePang1
    DavePang (@DavePang1) reported

    @qasimhali @CryptoGurus1 Just tried KYC for @OneLedgerTech and it’s DISASTROUS. I kept uploading a doc and it failed. Repeated messages for help on Telegram deleted! @CryptoGurus1

  • trevin_javier
    Trevin Javier (@trevin_javier) reported

    @durov sir my telegram account is in danger i need help, my phone number is recycled and given it to someone else by the service provider and i have no access to it anymore but i only found out that yesterday and i don't want anyone else to access my account..

  • trevin_javier
    Trevin Javier (@trevin_javier) reported

    @telegram hello, i really need help, my mobile number is recycled and given to someone else but i have my personal data on my telergam account please what should i do ? i don't want them to access my data . i really need help

  • Jeebus89
    Jeebs (@Jeebus89) reported

    @FurFest Out of a telegram room of twenty, not a single one of us got a room. Passkey sucks, your hotel reservation process has sucked since 2013. Please either move to a bigger venue or get actually fix your reservation process.

  • yangmaoxiaobing
    羊毛小兵 (@yangmaoxiaobing) reported

    @telegram I'm trying to use my mobile phone number: 8615822423736 But Telegram says it's banned. Please help.

  • EdenTelehech
    Eden Telehech (@EdenTelehech) reported

    @TelegramHelp Could you please help me? The phone number I use as my Telegram number is no longer in service, my phone broke and I have a new number and cannot sign in, please help!!!