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The Elder Scrolls Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by ZeniMax Online Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. Available for Xbox, Playstation and Windows.

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  • chubbyninjaktty Chubbyninjaktty (@chubbyninjaktty) reported

    @TESOnline HALP! I found the forum thread that tells me to pm the admin, but I’m unable to sign in to the forums to do it! @TESOnline WE NEED TO GO HAAAALP 😭

  • jeroll3d Jerônimo Collares - Lula Livre - Fora Bolsonaro (@jeroll3d) reported

    @TESOnline @yosoyeldaddy @FarmerGeorge56 @CheeseBiscuits3 @NestorNaime @P3nguinP33ps @GeistFLY @lmkalush @MaksPlayground @Ikari_Monster @Ryan13892207 FIX U DAMM GAME!

  • jeroll3d Jerônimo Collares - Lula Livre - Fora Bolsonaro (@jeroll3d) reported

    @TESOnline And more one crash, 3 in 15 minutes... and NO ZENIMAX oficial statment about it.

  • Jow32276215 J_ow (@Jow32276215) reported

    @TESOnline Can u fix the lag and not lie about everything thanks

  • Jade_Diam0nd 🌻🏳️‍🌈 Jade 🏴‍☠️ Stephanie 🏳️‍🌈🌻 (@Jade_Diam0nd) reported

    @jeroll3d @TESOnline Yeah, cyro us a joke ATM. Campaigns are a farce and based on rng ATM , whoever is lucky enough not to crash is doing best

  • Freeman_1972 Freeman (@Freeman_1972) reported

    Well, hit CP300 on #ESO NA today - nice little milestone. Shame that lag for Australia is still ridiculous - over 310 ms even with WTFast (over 400 ms without). This is 50 ms worse than early last week. #ElderScrollsOnline @TESOnline

  • Jade_Diam0nd 🌻🏳️‍🌈 Jade 🏴‍☠️ Stephanie 🏳️‍🌈🌻 (@Jade_Diam0nd) reported

    @jeroll3d @TESOnline They said they'll fix it Monday, which to me as unacceptable. A full week of crashing every ten minutes

  • dbentzjr David Bentz Jr. (@dbentzjr) reported

    @TESOnline Pvp in its current state is UNPLAYABLE in Cyrodiil. Please FIX YOUR GAME.

  • Jade_Diam0nd 🌻🏳️‍🌈 Jade 🏴‍☠️ Stephanie 🏳️‍🌈🌻 (@Jade_Diam0nd) reported

    @TESOnline Game is utterly broken atm. Crashing in cyro every five minutes. freezes, the list goes on. Fix your game. We wont let you bury this.

  • WRicardo9 WilliamR (@WRicardo9) reported

    @TESOnline Fix the game

  • jeroll3d Jerônimo Collares - Lula Livre - Fora Bolsonaro (@jeroll3d) reported

    @TESOnline FIX U GAME U CRAP COMPANY!, Stelionataires! Answer the community about crash's

  • Jade_Diam0nd 🌻🏳️‍🌈 Jade 🏴‍☠️ Stephanie 🏳️‍🌈🌻 (@Jade_Diam0nd) reported

    @TESOnline I'm looking for a functional game. Fix it

  • BRILBRO C Dawg (@BRILBRO) reported

    @TESOnline Fix ballista desync, I know you guys don’t play your own game but please try!

  • skorroheim SGR 1806-20 (@skorroheim) reported

    “Sorry, that name has been taken. Sorry, that name has been taken. Sorry, that name has been taken. Sorry, that name has been taken. Sorry, that name has been taken. Error. You have been booted for inactivity. Roll your character again.” Thanks, Elder Scrolls. You ****.

  • n0kturnyl mp (@n0kturnyl) reported

    @TESOnline Hey why dont you guys fix the ******* battlegrounds ques. Sit in game for 20 minutes and they won't start. Then get a 20 minute leaver penalty when thats the only ******* choice you have. Great job people, great ******* job.

  • I_Speak_Eliksni JDC (@I_Speak_Eliksni) reported

    @GoogleStadia @TESOnline (2/2)This problem is localized to just my main highest leveled characters. I went to play on a new character and my other low level characters and did not encounter these issues.  Please help me. It only effects my mains and it causes the game to be completely unplayable.

  • I_Speak_Eliksni JDC (@I_Speak_Eliksni) reported

    @GoogleStadia @TESOnline I NEED HELP. When playing on my veteran leveled characters all the audio except for footsteps cuts out and come back in 3-4 seconds after.  It happens mostly when I kill enemies or enter a new area and the issue is most prominent in my Khajiit, which is my main. (1/2)

  • thomaspendino Thomas Pendino (@thomaspendino) reported

    @BethesdaSupport has an issue that when one console is logged into @TESOnline and another console logs into xbox live it disconnects the game every time! Can't submit ticket it crashes game every time too!

  • thomaspendino Thomas Pendino (@thomaspendino) reported

    @BethesdaSupport has an issue that when one console is logged into @TESOnline and another console logs into xbox live it disconnects the game every time! Can't submit ticket it crashes the game every time!

  • thomaspendino Thomas Pendino (@thomaspendino) reported

    @BethesdaSupport has an issue that when one console is logged into @TESOnline and another console logs into xbox live it disconnects the game every time!

  • WoeWolf Lord wolf bone (@WoeWolf) reported

    @TESOnline well, if the game would stop lagging and having crashes when I try to visit my house, then maybe I would.

  • InspectorBumble Inspector Legrasse (@InspectorBumble) reported

    @Veleanoria @TESOnline I hope you manage to get it fixed, lass. I used to get a solid 60 fps in most places, but that has dropped down to 35. Particularly, near the writ area, in Alinor. My main problem though is that I keep getting disconnected. It's bery bery frustrating. 🐱

  • hexinandflexin 𝒶𝓇𝒾🌙 (@hexinandflexin) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline i can’t login

  • jgregory137 TheMauler (@jgregory137) reported

    @TESOnline What happened with the last update. Frame-rates have plummeted. I have disabled SLI turned everything to low just to see if it was me, and still frame-rates are sub par. A couple friends I am playing with are having the same problem also a couple streamers i talked to.

  • LateralusXs Mike Thompson (@LateralusXs) reported

    @TESOnline @ZeniMax_Online Sure just keep packing stuff in to make money but not fix the horrendous lag in this game. It is so bad at times that I literally have to sign out and back in. This is unacceptable @Zenimax and people have been complaining to you about it for the longest time.

  • thatCHARM3R Darick Oswalt | CHARM3R (@thatCHARM3R) reported

    Seems Elder Scrolls Blades is having some login/account issues. This is just a PSA.

  • DoeCringe Doe Cringe (Bambii) (@DoeCringe) reported

    Now that I've finished reading the #HiveswapFriendsims I need to find some other #Homestuck content to continue this drip-feed of Homestuck content. Either I read #VastError or I get my Elder Scrolls and semi Homestuck fix and reread #Prequel or Making a Cat Cry : The Adventure.

  • Coolio_Wolfus Coolio Versipellis Wolfus (@Coolio_Wolfus) reported

    @ZeniMax_Online @TESOnline @SlashLurk @thefinninator @Tuttle_Power @GinaLBruno @JessFolsom @Viewtifuljay83 Code Red SHF situ, EU Server Multi-Bid gold trillion+ gold refund SNAFU, Guild leaders bought out market with the extra gold from broken bid refunds, EU players on rampage.

  • Jade_Diam0nd 🌻🏳️‍🌈 Jade 🏴‍☠️ Stephanie 🏳️‍🌈🌻 (@Jade_Diam0nd) reported

    @TESOnline EU servers are broken AGAIN, this is getting old now.

  • SirAzriel Sir Azriel (@SirAzriel) reported

    @TESOnline if ya'll don't fix pvp you're gonna lose a shit ton of players, even BG is ****** up now smh... don't listen to anybody just add more stuff to the crown store, money hungry asf!

  • InspectorBumble Inspector Legrasse (@InspectorBumble) reported

    @Veleanoria @TESOnline That's pretty good going, lass. I tried nMA and got stuck on the strangler level, because I didn't know the mechanics. You're right, though, the lag has been horrendous, recently. I've been struggling just to get my writs done in the mornings. (._.)

  • Gregory08281907 Gregory Christopher (@Gregory08281907) reported

    @TheMightyMacky @TESOnline Surely hand over your monies and you can lag out with your fake pet.

  • CorvusGod Snowdrift (@CorvusGod) reported

    @TheLordTomato @Patrickglobe @eorsdalas @BSF_SAGE I can see how it would be confusing considering all of the games mentioned belong to a singular universe (DoA/NG, The Elder Scrolls [Oblivion/Skyrim], Crash, FF, Sonic)

  • 0hJenni Jenni (@0hJenni) reported

    @TESOnline I play mostly solo. I’ve done normal dungeons with the finder and have had good times. But also a couple bad ones. My anxiety is terrible when it comes to talking to strangers online. But in the real world I have no problem. Weird i know.

  • JamesIsover9000 James Fleming (@JamesIsover9000) reported

    @BethesdaSupport but this is a fallout 4 thing not a elder scrolls online problem.

  • thomaspendino Thomas Pendino (@thomaspendino) reported

    @TESOnline adding content to a broken game still equals a broken game.

  • gunshot1 Justin Case (@gunshot1) reported

    @TESOnline Been kicked out the game 7 times in half an hour with the message "Unable to connect..." I just want event tickets. Fix your damn broken game!

  • WoeWolf Lord wolf bone (@WoeWolf) reported

    @TESOnline well, perfomance went through the floor. the game is lagging, the enemies are lagging,. the visuals and audio dont match up.

  • thomaspendino Thomas Pendino (@thomaspendino) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline A lot of people on xbox getting Error 307 booted form server today

  • Fa1ko_ Andrii S. (@Fa1ko_) reported

    @TESOnline if only it wasn't lagging there

  • MikePalmer217 Mike Palmer (@MikePalmer217) reported

    @Trailblayzer_ @elonmusk He would probably have to bail out Bethesda games or pay them for the development of the game himself. They were having some financial issues after the unsuccessful release of Fallout 76 last I heard. The next Elder Scrolls would have to do pretty well to make up for it.

  • AGDDavies Alexander Davies (@AGDDavies) reported

    Moving on, I've only played one game from: GTA (DS very briefly) FIFA (98) Elder Scrolls (Morrowind) Tomb Raider (GoL) Star Wars (Pod Racing) Battlefield (1943) Crash Bandicoot (1st) Monster Hunter (4, briefly)

  • RoeisPerfect Nocturnal🦉Princess👸🏻 (@RoeisPerfect) reported

    @TESOnline @BethesdaSupport Me or @yoimtrevor can’t login because the Eso server cannot handle the people this past 30 minutes #SCALEBROKEIT 🤣

  • ChurchillLowe Winston Churchill (@ChurchillLowe) reported

    @Lemon423458 @Skizzi6 @bethesda Hold up Unity is not the problem here. A free community made Unity port of elder scrolls 2 daggerfall runs like a dream while also updating the game to look significantly nicer. Unity isn't the problem with the doom ports it's the developers.

  • carvaoak MEGA STACKER 4.0 (@carvaoak) reported

    PS1: Crash Team Racing PS2: Naruto Ultimate Ninja 5 PS3: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim PS4: No Money - Rose of Serasa

  • Spunt1nk Kirt Anderson (@Spunt1nk) reported

    @TESOnline Heal people, because your Australian service has it near impossible to be able to be competitive in nearly any manner in a raid for dps, now I just sit and listen to my raid group do it all without me because you changed the healing style up so much that I may as well dps

  • RikoXiii Riko_XIII (@RikoXiii) reported

    @TESOnline Everyone: fix performance issues, bugs and 5 second ping. Zos: here's another pet at the Crown store.

  • ant07041776 ant (@ant07041776) reported

    @TESOnline you all have got to do something about the lag, fps, stuttering... its just awful over here on console... awful... NO OTHER GAME I PLAY HAS THESE ISSUES.... NONE

  • ant07041776 ant (@ant07041776) reported

    @TESOnline ya know... when ya cant kill a world boss because theyre invisible for half the fight, theres a problem

  • WoeWolf Lord wolf bone (@WoeWolf) reported

    @TESOnline I'd actually prefer it if you sat down and addressed to the amount of perfomance issues on console. extremely long load times and I can no longer fast travel to any place with out the game either crashing or a'extremely long load time screen' that eventually freezes.

  • WoeWolf Lord wolf bone (@WoeWolf) reported

    @TESOnline going to be honest, these performance issues are really starting to reduce my enjoyment of the game. every 5 minutes or going into a building I get the same 'this may be a unusal long loading time' and it's starting to really piss me off.

  • gingabreadman77 Gingabreadman77 ESO (@gingabreadman77) reported

    Dear @TESOnline Stop releasing “fill in” content for patches all together and fix the unplayable broken game you’ve created. No one cares about 2 extra dungeons every 3 months. All we want is a game that works. Please...

  • Asmoden3 Silaf (@Asmoden3) reported

    @ScrumpyPiPUK @TESOnline Werewolves were overpowered in pvp. The problem eso have is that pvp skills have the exact same effect in pve making it really hard to balance.

  • thomaspendino Thomas Pendino (@thomaspendino) reported

    @TheConchum @TESOnline @ZeniMax_Online @bethesda @BethesdaSupport this is the only response you will ever get from @TESOnline @BethesdaSupport they will never fix the game due to its age the crown store is more important to them!

  • Flipnflopp Flip’nFlop (@Flipnflopp) reported

    @TheEyesSeeYou They’re talking about the Horse Armor DLC Bethesda put in one of the Elder Scrolls games. Compared to that, I don’t see a problem with giving an insensitive to those who want to shell out a little more dosh for both Pokémon games at once.

  • Surragard Surragard (@Surragard) reported

    @BladedMischief @TESOnline I also collect game guides. Literally never read more than a few pages (usually) but just collect the nice hard covers. It’s like a weird personal problem I have not figured out how to get past lmao

  • tlhildebrand Tony Hildebrand (@tlhildebrand) reported

    @ZeniMax_Online @TESOnline I've tried to reset my password off and on for the past couple weeks. Website always says "You cannot reset your password at this time." ... I can't login.

  • AussieElders Aussie-Elders (@AussieElders) reported

    @TESOnline Raise your hand if your still having ping issues after the Scalebreaker update.... Oh pick me!! Hoping the performance updates in Q4 or Q1 fix AU ping rates.

  • NamShabOfEnki Чужой Салат (@NamShabOfEnki) reported

    @glittersnicket Killing monsters, and thieving like there is no tomorrow, while solving problems of the kingdom and saving the innocents. And buying all the houses. It's one of the Elder Scrolls series.

  • Noire_Barbe Barbe noire. (@Noire_Barbe) reported

    @PlayStationUK PS1: crash bandicoot PS2: Timesplitters 2 PS3: The elder Scrolls Oblivion PS4: Red Dead Redemption 2