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The Elder Scrolls Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by ZeniMax Online Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. Available for Xbox, Playstation and Windows.

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  • maruhkati DaGOTH Ur (@maruhkati) reported

    @pop_arena It is my favorite game of all time despite the fact that the combat that constitutes much if not most of the gameplay is donkeyshit. There are mods that at least attempt to fix this, some more successful than others. Combat's not what I play an Elder Scrolls game for at any rate.

  • esoAgogo esoAgogo (@esoAgogo) reported

    When it's faster to have transmutation stones than the set piece you need #eso @TESOnline #pathetic "thousand" medium, heavy divin chests/pants in volenfell and 0 light since weeks, month #ithinkthereisaproblem fix that shit 🤬

  • hanFREAKINGsolo ☠️ hanFREAKINGsolo ☠️ (@hanFREAKINGsolo) reported

    Sorry about the lack of content this week. Been dealing with being sick and SLOBS not letting me go live. Thankfully I’m feeling better today and am pretty confident that I solved the SLOBS issue. I’ll be stream Elder Scrolls Online tonight. I made my warden into Green Arrow

  • SageTim Timothy Winegeart (@SageTim) reported

    @TESOnline fix the game!!!! Load screens all the dam time and y’all want people to buy stupid houses and content. Fix the fukcing game first

  • columbineXX Southwest (@columbineXX) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline Login was better today 👍😉

  • DonaldFeaster Donald Feaster (@DonaldFeaster) reported

    @GearboxOfficial since the latest update today my xbox one X has crashed SIX TIMES. You've made the problem worse. THANK GOD GUNS GOT NERFED THOUGH. Seriously, fix it. Until then @bethesda is going to have me rocking fallout 4 and elder scrolls 5 At least they craft a good story

  • wudety wudet (@wudety) reported

    @SypherPK good job ******* idiot. Now everyone is using your glitch and hardly even fighting you stupid ****. Go back to runescape and elder scrolls online. Jesus.

  • AdamMenhennett Adam Menhennett (@AdamMenhennett) reported

    @AlcastHQ @TESOnline @SlashLurk I think you need kneepads if you have carpet burn problems.

  • Mikeofuk Mike smith (@Mikeofuk) reported

    @TESOnline @Sage__Tanner @Enikka_Huntress @glitter_girl25 Would you like me to sign an nda, your forums are worse than a dictatorship, you can't take criticism, you only allow positive feedback because you have such frail egos. Zos is anti gaming but pro make as money from a broken game, clearly f2p gets you off providing actual fixes

  • machinegunsam77 machinegunsam (@machinegunsam77) reported

    @XboxSupport @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline I am having issues getting to the character selection screen on the NA server on Xbox one for ESO. Sound cuts out on initial loading screen and never loads into char. select. Tried all troubleshooting steps. Please help

  • RAT3336 333 333 (@RAT3336) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline Still having issues on Xbox

  • Alec_McGregor Alec McGregor (@Alec_McGregor) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline Wow! You guys can resolve a login issue for thousands of Americans in a day but I cant get someone to contact me after a week to tell me why my account has been suspended. Great Customer Service!!!

  • 1Tones1 tre (@1Tones1) reported

    Seems kinda pointless that @TESOnline is now riddled with annoying little problems that theyre struggling to fix all for a ******* prologue quest. I just feel fortunate to not be one of those who cant even login!!!

  • LOOKINGxGLASS Mercenary (@LOOKINGxGLASS) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline Yup, saying make sure you have a valid internet connection. Another epic fail by Elder Glitch

  • LOOKINGxGLASS Mercenary (@LOOKINGxGLASS) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline Been like that for over an hour, saying make sure you have a valid internet connection. Another epic fail by Elder Glitch

  • LOOKINGxGLASS Mercenary (@LOOKINGxGLASS) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline Bern like that for over an hour, saying make sure you have a valid internet connection. Anotger epic fail by Elder Glitch

  • WDNTULK2KNW Tokkat (@WDNTULK2KNW) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline I had the same problem but got in after my 4th attempt. Didn’t need to re-boot or anything (on PS4)

  • SehtsApprentice Almsi Sotha (@SehtsApprentice) reported

    @TheElderMemes To stare at an Elder Scroll is to stare into the eyes of the sun. I stare at Elder Scrolls all the time and my eyes are fine. As for my sanity, you can't break what's already broken.

  • Meathook49 Meathook49 (@Meathook49) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline Login failed... Unexpected internal error bs. If this takes all day, I expect a day added to my ESO Plus subscription.

  • deeglazerdesign Dee Glazer (@deeglazerdesign) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline Says internal error..

  • laurenashley513 LaurenAshley (@laurenashley513) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline Is this for PC or Xbox cause I'm having "internal error" and can't login

  • RileyCesmiles4u Black_Clover-Noelle&asta (@RileyCesmiles4u) reported

    @TESOnline Fix your shit this is why you get players are leaving oh wait u don’t give a shit all u care about are new players

  • ZoltanRises Eric Ury (@ZoltanRises) reported

    @amor_pyara @Bethesda_ANZ @bethesda @SlashLurk @robwhittakermma @FurySevenSix @TESOnline Did i ask for your comment about how your system runs.This has been going on with consoles since the expansion dropped.And everything else i run dosen't have that problem so please.

  • ZoltanRises Eric Ury (@ZoltanRises) reported

    @amor_pyara @Bethesda_ANZ @bethesda @SlashLurk @robwhittakermma @FurySevenSix @TESOnline Did i ask for your comment about how your system runs.This has been going on on consoles since the expansion dropped.And everything else i run dosen't have that problem so please.

  • purplepeoplee18 purplepeopleeater (@purplepeoplee18) reported

    @TESOnline You can shove your pets up your arse. Please for the love of god just fix the lag!!! #eso #lag #shoveyourpets

  • brellom 9th Circle of Brellom (@brellom) reported

    @Mechfried Breaking a weapon is SUPPOSED to suck and pose a challenge. This gives the player an opportunity to use one of their OTHER weapons or to pick up a new one. But fortunately, a weapon doesn't STAY broken. Older Elder Scrolls let you repair broken weapons, so it's only temporary.

  • Delongest_tv Delongest (@Delongest_tv) reported

    Im sorry but im trying to play @TESOnline again but holy **** is it a dog shit of a ******* game. @ZeniMax_Online im coming back soon which is t he worst thing for you! Fix it. Or Else

  • TheElderMemes The Elder Memes (@TheElderMemes) reported

    @Scarylatinword @TESOnline I had some choppiness streaming it, hoping to nail those issues down and jump into some ESO soon!

  • brellom 9th Circle of Brellom (@brellom) reported

    @CodyJones004 I'm fine with that. I know it's not for everyone though. With BotW, weapons were literally everywhere, so it wasn't an actual issue. Though with something like The Elder Scrolls, it might be a bit overkill. Especially since some weapons are unique, so maybe some won't do that.

  • Mowens24 Mark Owens (@Mowens24) reported

    How to tell if you have an Elder Scrolls Online problem: Spending a precious afternoon off creating a spreadsheet of your alts to determine optimum crafting assignments. @LoreseekersCast

  • etherstorm80 Brandon Spurrier (@etherstorm80) reported

    @TESOnline Just wish you all would fix the server issues plaguing the xbox1. Every loading screen is "this may be an unusually long load time..." I really want to support this game but you are not making it easy

  • turgenev Joseph A. Schweinzer (@turgenev) reported

    @TESOnline ... You misspelled "Skyrim." Plz fix.

  • BrandonSaiga Brandon (@BrandonSaiga) reported

    @GILLHUHN @XboxSupport Having same problem on my brand new Xbox One X. Tried Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind. Fable 1, 2, and 3 and none will work. I haven’t gotten to play the games I bought it for once. Took it to a Microsoft store, they exchanged it for another new one and it STILL happens. Infuriating.

  • MeIguess81 seasonably spooky man (@MeIguess81) reported

    @flangy Elder Scrolls life isn’t bad bc u can rifle through people’s belongings all the time and purchase a wife and house because you killed some rats (pros) that balance out the repetitive buggy NPC dialogue and daedric problems (cons) bc theyre fairly accurate to real life either way

  • EntPlague PlagueDoctorEnt (@EntPlague) reported

    @TESOnline and we had several other issues where a green version of the boss would land before the boss actually landed that we couldnt attack

  • sergioobro Sergio Rodriguez (@sergioobro) reported

    @TESOnline Dude, I bought this game 2 days ago and ever since then it has been nothing but issue after issue 🙃 I bought the game directly through your website but I’d like a refund because this game is soo broken it’s unbelievable lol.

  • JustinLamb33 Justin Lamb (@JustinLamb33) reported

    Lol @TESOnline will make it so doing writs in Elsweyr doesn't make you double gold in a matter of days but won't fix game breaking things like necro bash builds or now the new dot meta for months at a time. That's petty honestly.

  • S1NFULbyN8URE The Guy From That Place (@S1NFULbyN8URE) reported

    @TESOnline it would be nice if y'all could fix your game so there were not endless load screens requiring resets Everytime you went into a dungeon or trial

  • kattyjaxx kattyjaxx (@kattyjaxx) reported

    @Hrothgar_952 @TESOnline @LoreseekersCast THE SPOOP-METER DOTH BEEN BROKEN! WELL DONE, SIR!

  • OMFGBBQ1 OMFGBBQ1 (@OMFGBBQ1) reported

    1. Broken Sword: The Shadow Of The Templars. 2. The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind 3. I turn off music in every other game.

  • razberry9876 Theresa Ferguson (@razberry9876) reported

    @LordPlastic @TESOnline This is how they're getting out of paying $200,000 ... I encountered broken dragons on Xbox1 NA as well.

  • AbsoluteINSANO sihlala ku (@AbsoluteINSANO) reported

    The issue with dragons I’ve gone over, the return of those mythical beasts of legend could only occur with the return of alduin- which as legend foretold, would only happen after key events played out. Said events took place in elder scrolls 1 through 5.

  • Seanthaniell Sp00k33 Sean 🎃 (@Seanthaniell) reported

    Been having a fun time in ESO. I wish I had people to play with on Xbox (or even PC if Xbox wasn't an option). It's a good way of getting an Elder Scrolls fix without having to play Skyrim again or trudge through Oblivion or Morrowind.

  • PopeWaffles Pope Of The Waffles (@PopeWaffles) reported

    @TheElderMemes @TESOnline And then that hero ends up sacrificing you to fix your own mess.

  • dartr180 Phil (@dartr180) reported

    @TESOnline I have installed Catalina before I knew there was an issue. I deleted and redownloaded Steam. Still doesn’t start the game

  • BrighTuatha Dorothea Lensink (@BrighTuatha) reported

    @TESOnline Yes, this has been a problem, BETHESDA, please fix!

  • dartr180 Phil (@dartr180) reported

    @TESOnline I’d love to, if only the Steam/Catalina issue was resolved

  • SageTim Timothy Winegeart (@SageTim) reported

    @TESOnline fix the game and stop releasing dumb ass content. There’s so many bugs in the game

  • danie_testerman Danie Testerman (@danie_testerman) reported

    I think 90% of my problems will be solved once Elder Scrolls 6 is released

  • Charizard_AE Firetail Taevarth (@Charizard_AE) reported

    @TESOnline If you are going to make these things a ridiculous amount of Crown Gems: •Start giving lit more crates in the login tracker, or crown gems outright Or •Let us turn in all the useless poisons and potions from the tracker into gens as if they were from crates

  • Charizard_AE Firetail Taevarth (@Charizard_AE) reported

    @WellReadLady @UltraM3L_NZ @TESOnline PLEASE I HAVE THOUSANDS OF POTIONS AND POISONS FROM LOGIN TRACKER. And research scrolls that I'll never use because I'm a 9-trait crafter

  • Stephanie010871 Stephanie ABT (@Stephanie010871) reported

    @PlayStationUK I have a number of serious health issues, when really in pain i turn to Elder Scrolls Online, if not too bad Destiny 2

  • AskRetroMod 不気味なのロトム!👻⚡️@ SW/SH Spoilers! (@AskRetroMod) reported

    gmornin everyone! i should have the next glitch-pokemon post done either today or tomorrow! art’s been a little slow since my fixation shifted to elder scrolls lore, whoops

  • HellsbunniesTV HellsbunniesTV (@HellsbunniesTV) reported

    @angels3nvy @TESOnline Woohoo! Go Team Angel! To the rest of the @ESOStreamTeam, I'm so so sorry. I phone number will be available to all those effected by the issues, in this post. :P

  • TheInc0g Incog (@TheInc0g) reported

    @CoffieeLion Speaking of, if you still want to scratch that card game itch so you can better stand by your decision, The Elder Scrolls Legends is pretty good as a free alternative. Even if you don't like it as much or there ends up being problems with Zenimax this time no money will be lost.

  • CyberSkooma Skooma (@CyberSkooma) reported

    @layne_rice @QBlockGaming @LukasDoubleD @xwing_t65 @BethesdaStudios It's not really a non-issue. They know that a lot of people that play the Elder Scrolls games are huge into lore and people would REALLY appreciate it if they would just own up to mistakes.

  • elsucio2507 Raymundo Sanchez Jr (@elsucio2507) reported

    @TESOnline Sob well there lies the issue ok thanks

  • Enigmatic_ Beard Facé (@Enigmatic_) reported

    @TESOnline @Ninja Whoa... Calm down ESO, you have PVP frame rates to fix first lol

  • HagermanDean Jaydee (@HagermanDean) reported

    @Jammet66273469 @TESOnline I’ve had this probably the passed 2 days, I go to log in and my game freezes for a sec and says an internal error has occurred

  • theAirie theAirie 🔞 (@theAirie) reported

    @usermechanics Bruh, I'm just here for my Elder Scrolls fix and some porn.