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  • abracadabby27 SassySockMonkey (@abracadabby27) reported

    @Loserfruit help! I’m subbed and it says I’m permanently banned from twitch chat ;( I didn’t even do anything. Super sad please help ;( love your streams!!!

  • neveRShoxv2 eLeVire (@neveRShoxv2) reported

    @nathanias Stfu already, hope you never get to cast anymore since you're such a cancer for this game. If you have anxiety then seek for help instead of making excuses post every time you're getting called out. Also chill ******** out in twitch channel as a mod.


    A week today until my 24 hour #Livestream for @CR_UK on @Twitch. Spending a little time preparing for it today and quality checking cameras, etc!

  • QuepixFN Quepix (@QuepixFN) reported

    Can anyone fix Twitch Panels for me Discord: Quepixrr#9985

  • S0LEPHaSR S0LE-PHASER (@S0LEPHaSR) reported

    @wildkait I think however the more lucrative offers would be startup platforms or businesses trying to get exposure to these audiences. I think YouTube's reach is way too big to ignore. Twitch is great, but discoverability and reach also an issue in current format. Hard to 'Catch em all'.

  • joveerrs jovee jovs❥ (@joveerrs) reported

    Also if you know how I add stuff to my twitch please help me out lmao.... I’m gonna get a camera for my PS4 eventually, I just haven’t had time to get around to it.

  • jesseherlitz Jesse James Herlitz (@jesseherlitz) reported

    @alexmuench It’s all maturity stuff... stuff you learn by failing. Unless you’re twitch streaming your work all day as a junior the feedback loops aren’t going to be nearly tight enough. You can easily burn 1 or 2 days just being a dingus, unaware of when to ask for help.

  • NindoTTV Nindo (@NindoTTV) reported

    @TwitchSupport hi my twitch banner hasnt reset for the past 3 weeks and ive tried everything, please help.

  • Totoro_Hero トトロヒーロ (岡山) (@Totoro_Hero) reported

    @Sparta @maximilian_ @Twitch He uses a Framemeister, but I prefer the Open Source Scan Converter (OSSC). It’s cheaper and has VGA out. Problem is, it doesn’t have RCA cable inputs.

  • SEEKERWSP Anthony (@SEEKERWSP) reported

    @AmazonHelp I give up!!! Either you can’t read or your just ***************. I already said I reached out for help from twitch via that link.. complete waste of time. I’d have better luck finding water in a rock

  • KodakTTV KodakYT (@KodakTTV) reported

    its just sad because all i do is try and help others but i dont get help in return and i just work my ass off trying to grind on twitch just to be clowned on and taken as an excuse 🙁

  • YoItsJr (281) 330-8004 (@YoItsJr) reported

    @TwitchSupport yo sent you guys an help email 3 days ago still havent gotten a response

  • spy_incog_games Spy Incognito Games (@spy_incog_games) reported

    @Twitch @WatchMixer @YouTubeGaming That in itself was a problem because the number of viewers per channel is so much less. YouTubeGaming seems like it *could* be better as it has the numbers and the algorithm but its a mystery. I hate jumping around but its a very confusing time to get into it.

  • AlastorRDemon 🔞ȺŁȺSŦØɌ 𝕽𝖆𝖉𝖎𝖔 𝕯𝖊𝖒𝖔𝖓🔞 (@AlastorRDemon) reported

    @XRadio_DemonX "Oh dear is there something i can do to help you" *ears twitches*

  • conorandkanohi Conor&Kanohi (@conorandkanohi) reported

    Snapchat looks awful Twitch looks AWFUL Even the Icons looks like trash

  • Cloudie_13 Cloudie (@Cloudie_13) reported

    I have the twitch emotes version of country roads stuck in my head please send help

  • D_Crimson_Flash CE | Crimson Flash (@D_Crimson_Flash) reported

    @LV40Raichu @MetalMusicMan_ Ahh gotcha. I'mma reach out to Noodles tonight and figure some things out. Dojo should either have their own stream or I'm sure Heely would give you his login. Twitch isn't too intrusive

  • NilsBorg1 Jacksfilmsbot (@NilsBorg1) reported

    Made by Jim Miller new vid: Twitter for Android: Tell Stella California why the Starbucks Pineapple Poll is terrible Required viewing Bigfoot everything you can want for Halloween Twitch disconnected for good cause I think I caught them before I tried walk on yiayleased LIVE soun

  • AllieRX Allie-RX / アリーRX (@AllieRX) reported

    @Slippth0t There's also the financial stability issues, but YouTube and Twitch streaming aren't the only fields that have this problem. My problem is that a lot of YouTubers who complain about demonetization and censorship and stuff don't seem to have anything to fall back on.

  • BGerrude Boredfan Gerrude (@BGerrude) reported

    @KeiranMcEwen Seen it, the problem is that the dude is not even in visible in the Twitch chat at the time and it comes off more as a joke, a bad one but a joke never the less.

  • Connors707 Connors707 (@Connors707) reported

    @AnneEstellaRock EPs (I do 7) TOOL - ****** Ellesmere - Bail City @Hatakazetheband - ST @nineinchnails - Broken TheFatThing - FlyingElbowOfJustice @JebediahHQ - Twitch @Nirvana - Hormoaning Again. OTTOMH. Tomorrow that could vary slightly ;)

  • Lewis_Medeiros The One True Nobody! (@Lewis_Medeiros) reported

    I'm also tooling around with Streamlabs to implement some sort of Twitch layout. Main problem: I can't figure out how to mute the ******* widgets. I love the idea of the widgets themselves but a pet peeve of mine when watching streams is the constant jingling clamor they make.

  • PatriotGamerBoy Patriot (@PatriotGamerBoy) reported

    @WonderTTV @Rainbow6Game @Ubisoft they can't even fix Pro League servers, I don't expect them to fix public servers anytime soon. Falling off the map, FPS drops Clown fest but hey if you have twitch Prime, u can get Mozzie Cheese skin YAAAY!!

  • ItzMissterious itzMissterious (@ItzMissterious) reported

    This essay has me blank. So can't get off twitch streams. AHHH Send help. 🤪

  • BobbyVGaming Bobby V 2020 (@BobbyVGaming) reported

    @ItsYoshh @Pwny_Montana_ Started in October, it’s definitely been an adjustment. 40+ hours at work Girlfriend of 3 years Twitch streams YouTube videos I work later hours, so any day I accidentally sleep in even a little bit late I feel awful because I know how behind I already am that day.

  • Austin51442488 Austin (@Austin51442488) reported

    Tbh I'm actually begging for 1k followers, I'm trying my hardest to get a support a creator code for this game called fortnite. So I can grow my twitch channel. Any help would be appreciated.😓

  • TooBasics 2Basic (@TooBasics) reported

    @MandarinDima Now my family and I can’t pay for my dads surgery. Idk how you can help me, but i need some type of awareness from Morbid. I can’t talk to him because he blocked me on steam and twitch where we first met.

  • atinybirb Josie (@atinybirb) reported

    Did twitch crash or did my internet: a novel

  • andoresp drea 👻 (@andoresp) reported

    @ofgeography Gin and tonics can help with the eye twitch! My eye doc recommended it, the quinine in the tonic chills your eye out. You could skip the gin but I feel like it’s much better with it

  • F3ars_Tv F3ars (@F3ars_Tv) reported

    @TwitchSupport And now to fix the "Watch Ads" to get bits thing I haven't been able to do that for 2 years now LUL

  • _CnEY_ CnEY?! (@_CnEY_) reported

    cc @TwitchSupport I dunno if having separate emails I normally use for amazon vs. twitch would cause this problem w/ the tax site... wondering if I should re-do affiliate onboarding but it's a little unclear what exactly that wipes other than payout info.

  • RobKnight__ RobKnight (@RobKnight__) reported

    @booze1k @paperclipfn @EvadeCoop Unless u eat jolly ranchers and twizzlers when drinkjng coffee it shoudnt make u twitch or crash hard lol

  • GhostIced TA Ghost (@GhostIced) reported

    @beliflash Honestly people gotta eat and if they are comfortable doing it and it doesn't bleed into their stream then go for it. If they ate using their twitch to only promote their only fans then i.d say there's an issue but that's just my 2 cents

  • thelostowl_ 🎆 20Sarah20 🎆 (@thelostowl_) reported

    @thebarbariancnx @tiramisim It's regarded as a slap in the face from someone who is alleging to help us as an ally. To be an ally is to truly support us and listen to us when we say what you're doing is harmful. Not all this grandstanding on Twitter over semantics that "Twitch said it's ok."

  • KingVampire28 [EGC] KingVampire28 (@KingVampire28) reported

    Ok @TwitchSupport you guys really need to fix these dumb bots from whispering me and coming to my channel advertising their scammy website to bot follows n such.

  • murderang angelica (@murderang) reported

    wish twitch actually worked tho i forgot thats why i don’t watch anyone anymore ugh someone help jdjsjd it only shows black screens

  • TolleyPlays TolleyPlays (@TolleyPlays) reported

    @TwitchSupport Please allow people who have the 1st badge switch the the main sub badge within channels. I have 2 soon to be 3, 1 year subs who cannot show off the badge, please fix this.

  • VoltaInTheFlesh Matthew (@VoltaInTheFlesh) reported

    pretty ok stream tonight to finish hw but i interacted w some people also can someone help me with me twitch prime i want to resub to bugha but it says it's unavailable :(


    Toxic viewers are the worst. Especially what happened to me tonight. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone twitch and gaming communities aren’t supposed to this toxic. Guess that’s @Rainbow6Game for ya.

  • RainDieNasty raindyn ❼ (@RainDieNasty) reported

    @TwitchSupport yo i got botted to 30k should be around 5.6k if you could help me

  • ElusiveFanatic ElusiveFanatic🌹 (@ElusiveFanatic) reported

    @Jenna_Marbles trying to watch your twitch stream, but I'm late to it. Wanted to watch from the beginning but twitch isn't letting me. Please help😓 I love yours and Julian's content and like watching it from the beginning

  • Dantherias Dan 💍 (@Dantherias) reported

    only halfway to payout on twitch x-x such a slog to get my first payment (especially since I haven't been able to stream much due to inconsistent internet quality)

  • TophGames TOPH 💬 (@TophGames) reported

    @Nicholasvanj @justin_moore I think it’s important to try and at least educate certain people but others are clearly beyond that. And Twitch’s edgelord culture doesn’t help.

  • jayarrrr_ jeff (@jayarrrr_) reported

    Feeling really really passionate about twitch safety tonight but I’m gonna keep it short. PARENTS 👏 GET 👏 EDUCATED @Twitch we gotta do something. Don’t wait for the ******* lawsuits or think you can beat them. Do what’s RIGHT. My DM’s are open. You guys have BIG problems

  • stan_haikyuu 🖤 𝕭𝖆𝖗𝖇𝖎𝖊 🖤 ᴛʜᴇᴍ/ᴛʜᴇʏ (@stan_haikyuu) reported

    2) Damn, Osamu thinks. My mouth filter can be as bad as 'Tsumu's. "Oh, um..." Hinata twiddles his thumbs. "So..." "He's single. Unsurprising, considering his terrible personality." Osamu sees the corner of Hinata's mouth twitch into a smile. "His personality isn't terrible!"

  • EdgeOfCohesion EdgeOfCohesion (@EdgeOfCohesion) reported

    @_Piggotto_ That sounds interesting... I dunno what is allowed on Twitch these days. I can't imagine it would be a problem, but I'd hate to suggest you go for it and then get banned. I'd feel terrible. :( You should definitely showcase/preview the look here though. 😘

  • eIIslive ell🔜vidcon ldn (@eIIslive) reported


  • bashinskulls17 Joshua Wolfe (@bashinskulls17) reported

    @nikhtv @JackHuddo @Twitch My exact thoughts man i had people harassed me with fake accounts its the worst feeling especially grinding for soooo long and its tough to be excited for goals being achieved

  • sams__world Sams World (@sams__world) reported

    Might not even be able to be affiliate after twitch saying the can’t fix the problem I’m having with the tax form. Ridiculous that after all this hard work I can’t even be affiliate

  • vb_west Dexter west (@vb_west) reported

    Why did I get randomly signed out of @Twitch and now I can’t sign in or request a new password. Help

  • inkysparks Inky (@inkysparks) reported

    almost, bit not quite. Andd Hank aims to fix that. Immediately. When he snaps his hips forward, Connor whimpers. His entrance twitches just barely around the base of Hank's ****. "****," he sobs. "Hank. You're so big. God." Hank growls somewhere deep in his chest.

  • _joeboi s a d joe (@_joeboi) reported

    come watch the worst guy play the worst game after the worst day of school ever on TWITCH

  • Nateisawesome29 nathaniel (@Nateisawesome29) reported

    Twitch is giving me issues tonight so looks like i won’t be streaming... BIG RIP

  • sams__world Sams World (@sams__world) reported

    @TwitchSupport if you’re going to offer someone affiliate please make sure it works!! I can’t enter my tax information to complete step 3 it’s saying my address for my taxes isn’t correct but it’s the only address I’ve lived at since I was born. Please fix this!! #twitchsupport

  • Zenxolu Zenxolu 🔞 (@Zenxolu) reported

    @zscript775 @TwitchSupport Don't worry, what six hours of no subbing, the twitch cam ****** can fix in 5 minutes.

  • JackHuddo JackHuddo (@JackHuddo) reported

    @BriiJayx @nikhtv @Twitch Tier 3 subs* Let me fix that one for you 😉

  • phantomsfx PhantomSFX (@phantomsfx) reported

    @WeefreemenYT I couldn’t agree more, this is why the quality of Twitch in my opinion has fallen drastically. With affiliates being able to get sub buttons with their pet dog skip watching, it’s created an army of bedroom gamers with webcams not streamers and entertainers it’s a real shame

  • DivusFx Fear Divus (@DivusFx) reported

    making a twitch cam overlay come help me out

  • MiahCn Jeramiah (@MiahCn) reported

    @KingTemprie Idk why twitch hasn’t done anything with the botted views or follows. Little alone said anything about this issue

  • JaneDenton_CA 🇨🇦Jane🍀Denton☃️ (@JaneDenton_CA) reported

    Took a teeny break from social media.. then I thought I'd take a minute to see who's streaming atm on Twitch... it's down for me. I can see Twitch are working on some issues... but the site won't even load for me. I miss peeples! Oh well off to sleepy time I go then...

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  • 0x10531192
  • 0x109311f2
  • 0x2000000b
  • 0x20B31181
  • 0x30231107
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