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  • Zombie_GirlieTV Zombie_Girlie (@Zombie_GirlieTV) reported

    @catnyaps @Twitch When my pc get fixed I might be able to help! Hopefully the new motherboard will be here by tomorrow night!

  • bIackpinknct max | june 5 (@bIackpinknct) reported

    i think i just spent $155 on LCS jerseys + twitch streamers' merch. HELP ME

  • VinxGaming Vinx 🍁 (@VinxGaming) reported

    @Golem501 @sgtcurrypants @TwitchSupport I usually get the same when I alt tab away from the tab that has the stream up and when going back there would be this error. Refreshing the page helps but I'm not sure how this occurs :/

  • The_Whiskeyz I Got Whiskeyz (@The_Whiskeyz) reported

    This is on my xbox one x twitch app. It updated recently and it logged me out and everytime I click log-in I see the screen with the six digits then boom this error

  • MissLiddles Liddles (@MissLiddles) reported

    Also Im really sorry if Twitch isn’t working for Anz viewers. It’s not you, it’s the website and ISP issues. 💜

  • smellyheadz Joel (@smellyheadz) reported

    @TwitchSupport Never mind. Turns out it's an Australian ISP issue.

  • wonbunni elizabeth (@wonbunni) reported

    why is twitch not working i just want to want my favourite streamer :((

  • belcarra bell ᶘ •̀ ᴥ•́ ᶅ✧ (@belcarra) reported

    @AO3_Status in my canadian province we had an issue with ONLY twitch from my ISP because of some weird ping problem, best way to fix it is send (nice) tweets to their support teams until they're made aware it's an issue with them

  • Cruiizin Cruiizin 💎 (@Cruiizin) reported

    OKAY, So after all the messing around with Streamlabs and also OBS, it turns out there is a problem with the Twitch sign in portal. @Twitch @TwitchSupport Please investigate..

  • BachPatu Pat Cook (@BachPatu) reported

    TOMORROW (I'm thinking NIGHT), I'll play my Three's Company Challenge in #TheSims4 AND stream it on #Twitch (I'm thinking if I DO NOT try to resize the screen resolution, I won't have the game lag issues I had tonight when I tried resizing it in my #Titanfall2 stream) #TheSims

  • AnotherCrumpet [TZS] AnotherBritishCrumpet (@AnotherCrumpet) reported

    Ok I’m 2 away from 600 on twitch here holy crap. I’m streaming this evening and it’s damn well happening come hell or high water! High water first given the climate issues we’re facing, but still... #Zealites

  • monzaa27 Monza (@monzaa27) reported

    Hey guys! Question for the group. I can’t seem to chat on other streamers channels, nor see their comments. How do I fix this issue. @Twitch

  • WayaSnow WayaSnow (@WayaSnow) reported

    @MrBeastYT I mean for say some people like me who don't have the monetary amount you have, and can barely afford every day things, it's nice to have those days. I donated a good bit of the little birthday money I got to a twitch streamers fundraiser for st. Jude. We try to help where we can

  • MHHisapenguin98 ♡𝑀𝒶𝓇𝒾𝒶𝒽♡ (@MHHisapenguin98) reported

    @optus fix ya shit bruh @tannar’s Twitch Live Stream is scuffed as hell so plz fix ya issues

  • boccHABN Bocc~ (@boccHABN) reported

    @catnyaps @Twitch ME HELP

  • XeroCreator Xero (@XeroCreator) reported

    @dmpeyer @Twitch @WatchMixer I mean, truly not everyone uses the options anyway. Twitch is a pretty wealthy company all in all, I don't feel like it will be a big issue, but at the same time... if someone has good speed internet now they usually have 20-30Mbps and have no issues streaming and watching 720p.

  • Flailmorpho_ Alicia 💜🛡️💍 Goddess of Hell (@Flailmorpho_) reported

    Please retweet this, I desperately need help getting my twitch account back and hope this tweet can get to someone who works for twitch support. I've tried contacting twitch and they haven't gotten back to me in over four days

  • nvrmyst James (@nvrmyst) reported

    @TwitchSupport I cant see/type in multiple streamers chats, nothing loads or is displaying a chat timeout message. I have also logged out of my account to try and fix the issue and cant seem to log back in (displays "Something went wrong, please try again"). 1/2

  • clowxp_ Clow (@clowxp_) reported

    @Dwerg17 @LounaTuna @Twitch It's not working for me either 😭

  • MuniOCE m (@MuniOCE) reported

    @SheepAU @TwitchSupport For me and others, the problem is coming from Optus. If you are with Optus then that is probably also the reason.

  • MajinDaburaOCE Majin Dabura (@MajinDaburaOCE) reported

    @muZcsgo Lots of people complaining about many issues with Optus net atm. Some people can't load Twitch chat from what I've been reading.

  • FeymidDK Feymid (@FeymidDK) reported

    @TwitchSupport I'm having an issue with twitch chat not loading, i have tried using mobile, twitch app, different browsers and chatterino. All of these wont load the chat, it will load the actual stream most of the time but not the chat, I've tried restarting my pc and router.

  • kheynsaints Kenneth Santos (@kheynsaints) reported

    @Arteezy bruh fix your replay at twitch, we can't view it

  • IsaacFi01164790 Isaac Fisher (@IsaacFi01164790) reported

    @TwitchSupport I can't log in on my PC, my phone works fine, but anything to do with twitch on my PC just doesnt wanna function. Please help

  • OnlyBuns OnSight Buns (@OnlyBuns) reported

    Calling a Tech to come out ASAP to fix my internet, but when I reach affiliate on Twitch I'm gonna do a Stream wearing a Hockey Goalie Mask @OnSight_Gaming @StreamerPlanet

  • sukekiyoizumi Sukekiyo Izumi (@sukekiyoizumi) reported

    @Multilnsight @jd3mf @Lil_Logamer @MangledN @rokkit88 @SUBSCRIBEMEize i swear i am trying to return to twitch but i cant get any help with my ISP or finding a new one

  • Mbootie101 Amanda P (@Mbootie101) reported

    @TwitchSupport hi ummm my chat hasnt worked at all.. I have tried other browsers. cleared crap and stuff and still not working.

  • ThatBandYouLike Matt is drawing dungeon stuff (@ThatBandYouLike) reported

    @SporkLove I lazy streamed it. Like, I played for a bit, I pointed a camera at myself, but I didn't really do any commentary. This week is a crash course in Twitch streaming for me. Just trying to figure out the basics

  • Rdot89 Sean G (Rdot89) (@Rdot89) reported

    @corrupt_steven @Twitch Seriously though, I am considering stretching out to Mixer. I contacted them about an account issue and had a community member response in 30mins, and a Mixer support reply after escalating within 24 hours

  • SheepAU Matthew (@SheepAU) reported

    .@TwitchSupport having issues seeing chat load in Australia (I think it's just us) already tried flushing DNS etc etc

  • TheDemonSteven DemonSteven (@TheDemonSteven) reported

    Yo @streamlabs and @Twitch cant see my chat on my creator dashboard or in a popout window, loads the top 3 bit cheerers but doesn't connect to chat - not even on my own channel, and streamlabs your stuff is broken too cant go live with SLOBS #raging

  • TheDemonSteven DemonSteven (@TheDemonSteven) reported

    Yo @streamlabs and @Twitch cant see my chat on my creator dashboard or in a popout window, loads the top 3 bit cheerers but doesn't connect to chat - not even on my own channel, and streamlabs your stuff is broken too cant go live with SLOBS @raging

  • DaHomieNelson Nelson 🕊 (@DaHomieNelson) reported

    cant even sign in twitch, cause I cant get the text to my phone lol yeah GG

  • FroggerOW 🇦🇺 #Frogger4WC 🇦🇺 (@FroggerOW) reported

    so twitch chat doesn't want to load today idk if this is an internet issue or what and i literally have no idea how to fix it please help inb4 omegalul australia internet!! xD srsly pls help

  • TridentPandi Pandi (@TridentPandi) reported

    Ok imma need help. So my browser on pc isn’t loading twitch streams let alone chat. Cleared cookies and data but still happening. even on iOS. What do I do D: apparently couldn’t even load websites earlier today.

  • djcmic1116 Cbone (@djcmic1116) reported

    @ThatKevinSmith @TwoRiverTimes I am going to contact Joe & Donna. Maybe a Twitch or Mixer Channel can help out bringing in money.

  • s8anicballerina satanicballerina (@s8anicballerina) reported

    @LounaTuna @Twitch @alli90 mentioned similar issues. Pretty sure it's not just you.

  • NosnerosGaming Nos+Gaming (@NosnerosGaming) reported

    When you wish you had 400 ducks to rip smh, quality! #twitch #SupportSmallStreamers #StreamerNetwork

  • StephenWago Stephen Wago (@StephenWago) reported

    @mrpaden @TwitchSupport @eshear @JeffBezos @ClemensSara @justinkan @mjdipietro 41+ days with zero help for a compromised account. Wow @TwitchSupport just don't give a damn.

  • HassanBokhari Hassan Bokhari (@HassanBokhari) reported

    @Jaxerie @Pinkwardlol @TwitchSupport @TwitchPluto Neither of us do anything with suspensions. Our moderation team exclusively handles this and all other suspension issues. You file an appeal and then wait for a response.

  • chaeyvnqs ɪᴠʏ (@chaeyvnqs) reported

    hi i can’t stop watching anime someone pls help. it’s all @Twitch’s fault for giving twitch prime users 30 day memberships to @Crunchyroll

  • DonaldDuck_MT Donald Dopierala (@DonaldDuck_MT) reported

    @Mindgimmet @LSXYZ9 The issue isn't the person that did it. The issue is that @Twitch would actually ban someone for that.

  • Vinny460 Vince (@Vinny460) reported

    @TwitchSupport hi hows it going i'm having an issue with twitch on my computer i can't talk in chat and other peoples messages wont show but the video player plays fine and i can only seem to communicate on the mobile app on android please i need help thx

  • AfterMidnightGL After Midnight Gaming (@AfterMidnightGL) reported

    @Wolfysbane91 They may only make a couple dollars, but watching an ad is something I can do for free that helps benefit someone else. Every dollar counts if Twitch or YouTube is your main income. I have no problem with others using an adblocker, but that's my opinion.

  • DamnFrax Matt (@DamnFrax) reported

    I actually hate twitch streamers who dont read chat. been trying to help this guy try to beat a boss in a ff7 mod forever and wont read my advice, which he tries himself like half an hour later and realizes if he wouldve read chat, he would be better off

  • finks_k KFinks (@finks_k) reported

    @SpidersOwl @Twitch @TwitchSupport Yeah it's taking a while even on Mobile for it to load, but it's a least loading, though my sister just said Netflix isn't working either so might be an nbn issue

  • Ventifer Adam England (@Ventifer) reported

    Kinda funny how I have anxiety when talking with people face to face but I can stream on #twitch with no real issue. #mentalhealth

  • Yitomic Yitomic (@Yitomic) reported

    I used the @Twitch app on my phone to help me get through the long nights alone. A month ago my work cut my hours and the place I'm renting from gave me notice. Then today I get the email. Sometimes the universe just doesn't want people to be around....

  • alli90 Alli Flanagan (@alli90) reported

    @vyapada Even mobile was a little patchy for me. It seemed to batch send / receive messages. I'm wondering if it's a server issue on Twitch's end.

  • Scrxtchy Scratch. (@Scrxtchy) reported

    @SirCrest @Twitch ubisoft used to use rounded profile pictures in uplay. They reverted back to squares They remained squares in all their games, so reverting it back kept it consistent. Origin don't do this, it's a circle in the laucher and square in games. As expected by the worst desktop app

  • OnlineShitHead_ irl moron (poaster's curse) (@OnlineShitHead_) reported

    I want to play odyssey but I want to keep twitch pulled up on my xbox or else ill feel lonely 😔 1st world problems but also poaster's curse

  • SuperMomBomb 💣SuperMomBomb💣 (@SuperMomBomb) reported

    @RQ_Machines Weird ...twitch did mute the video of the full stream due to copyright issues from two of the @TwitchSings songs. Still waiting hear back from @TwitchSupport about it

  • Xurg_ Ash (@Xurg_) reported

    @IcyMindRacer @Petarkco There's your problem. Optus is acting up for everyone right now. Having the same issue with twitch btw.

  • IcyMindRacer IcyMindRacer (@IcyMindRacer) reported

    Twitch Chat isn't working for me at all on anything. Even on mobile data its not working. I just wanted to stream today

  • GameOvaGamer GameOvaGamer (@GameOvaGamer) reported

    @lylovir @Twitch @discordapp @CrazeRetro Wow, what a terrible way to conduct business on their part. @CrazeRetro, I see what you’re trying to say, but encouraging someone to basically look elsewhere because of sharing a personal side of themselves on stream is shameful and you really need to re-evaluate your policies.

  • wered0g alex 🐾 (@wered0g) reported

    residentsleeper is the worst emote on twitch

  • twitch_reaper 👾The Twitch Reaper💀 (@twitch_reaper) reported

    @MadPrimal @7Roses_Twitch @Twitch @TwitchOnline @TwitchSIE @share_stream @RemyReverieTV @TwitchKittens @FSUnite Uh does she even want the help

  • karuppiah7890 Karuppiah (@karuppiah7890) reported

    I'm going to start live streaming when I contribute to Open Source Software. May it be docs, coding, filing issues, reproducing issues, debugging issues, anything I do! And I chose @Twitch for streaming. Stay tuned ;)

  • TimBits91 Tim GameDev Ingles🎮💻📱😀 (@TimBits91) reported

    From here on out, I'm not even gonna panic anymore about what #counterproductive changes #YouTube makes that don't help #creators or #viewers anymore. after 2 yrs of it its becoming the norm now lol. I do plan on posting to YouTube again soon #twitch #TikTok

  • TheGarbageMan8 The_Garbage_Man (@TheGarbageMan8) reported

    why is my twitch chat invisible. help.

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