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  • Buffering (24.27%)
  • Crashing (18.45%)
  • Sign in (1.94%)
  • Video Quality (1.94%)

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  • BigDaddyGmr76
    BigDaddyGamer76 (@BigDaddyGmr76) reported

    Hey guys Twitch and OBS are not connecting...ill post when the issue is resolved...

  • TheTSCNetwork
    RealmOfDarkness - Possible 2K19 MDC Competitor 💵 (@TheTSCNetwork) reported

    @dansalvato I changed my name on Twitch and FrankerFaceZ Support Icon is gone, I need help

  • WeekendWarlords
    Weekend Warlords (@WeekendWarlords) reported

    Do you have an Amazon Prime account? If you do you have access to Twitch Prime for FREE! Each month you get a free Twitch Prime Subscription, if you could use that Subscription to Subscribeto the Weekend Warlords Twitch Account that would help us with more streaming.

  • schottr
    Ryan Schott (@schottr) reported

    @SebastianWolff @HoffyMusic This is the worst thing that could happen to video games. Recording societies would destroy video game coverage on YouTube and Twitch quickly. It’s a good thing those work for hire agreements exist to protect the rights of the publisher to control the exhibition of their games.

  • MikeTiderington
    MuD (@MikeTiderington) reported

    @ionbeammemes @insurgencygame @Twitch @shroud If that's the case, maybe it's a GPU driver issue? Are they outdated?

  • Link0ps85
    Link0ps85 (@Link0ps85) reported

    @TwitchSupport I assist a streamer having a view bot issue and am cataloging all the accounts associated. Please, can I have a better method of notification instead of individual user reports? I have 49 accounts in just 2 streams and this is getting tiring to do individually

  • TimMEsports
    Tim Masters (@TimMEsports) reported

    Over the weekend, a prominent #streamer revealed that they are well over $100k in debt to the US government for unpaid taxes. Seems like the sort of problem that is only going to grow if @Twitch and others can't help their 'partners' work more intelligently.

  • ianjgould05
    Ian Gould (@ianjgould05) reported

    @iTankid I’m am a small streamer on twitch put it is hard because I don’t even have a gaming pc or monitors because i just can’t afford all of the equipment. I have to use my phone as a monitor and when I’m playing games I have to keep it on the lowest quality.

  • Crash0_
    Jonas Fjeld (@Crash0_) reported

    @TwitchSupport Hi, ive just updated the Twitch app, and now, when the app starts, it freezes, then its restarting again, shows the loading screen, freezes again,.. I have tried to uninstall, remove leftover files, but still the same problem, WTD?

  • MJDaay_Official
    @MJDaay (@MJDaay_Official) reported

    @Z1BattleRoyale hey guys how can I disabled my twitch account from h1? I can’t by twitch cuz I disabled my account . Help please!?!

  • TimMEsports
    Tim Masters (@TimMEsports) reported

    Over the weekend, and prominent streamer revealed that they are well over $100k in debt to the US government for unpaid taxes. Seems like the sort of problem that is only going to grow if @Twitch and others can't help their 'partners' work more intelligently.

  • mosesshiferaw12
    🥕Moses 2K 2K19 (@mosesshiferaw12) reported

    When grinding career watch 1 viewer streams on twitch help yo self while helping another on they grind

  • Symbiote__Venom
    Venom (@Symbiote__Venom) reported

    @GothamQueen_HQ Whoever you are I should just warn you following me or an attempt to rob me will end very bad for you. -he says to you as sees you appearing towards him while he twitches a little from his issue-

  • streamlabs
    Streamlabs (@streamlabs) reported

    @SHEEKEYCSGO Sorry to hear you are having some issues. So you have added an Alert Box widgets to your scene in Streamlabs OBS and when someone subscribes to you, no alert is shown? Is this a Twitch, Mixer, or YouTube subscription you are talking about?

  • Mbaty90
    mBaited (@Mbaty90) reported

    @KingChizz @MLGSundance Just because Twitch hasn't worked out for you, doesn't mean its a terrible career choice bud.

  • Mbaty90
    mBaited (@Mbaty90) reported

    @MLGSundance Just because Twitch didn't work out for yourself doesn't mean its an awful career choice bud.

  • Mbaty90
    mBaited (@Mbaty90) reported

    @MLGSundance Just because Twitch didn't work out for yourself doesn't mean its an awful career choice bud.

  • JakeDaleyy
    Jake'Daley (@JakeDaleyy) reported

    @JaceHall was thinking, is there a way you could incorporate random twitch streams into the main menu? Help promote people who stream your game, but rather than just picking the big name streamer, it is random? Have a video player, similar to what CSGO does during majors?

  • shaunonsite
    SHAUN (@shaunonsite) reported


  • streamlabs
    Streamlabs (@streamlabs) reported

    @EfferoFPS That would be an issue on Twitch's end, unfortunately :(

  • Whipflash191
    Whipflash191 (@Whipflash191) reported

    @jdude_tv @TwitchSupport IINET. Never had issues with twitch before but definitely been noticing it the past couple of days :(

  • Astara
    ❤️Astara (Sinaea)💙 (@Astara) reported

    Nevermind! Twitch decided it's broken. I could, like, ACTUALLY STREAM or something.

  • benfphillips
    Benjamin Phillips (@benfphillips) reported

    @ahhhdi If that was the worst thing said in your stream then I think we can safely say it went pretty well vs the average twitch stream.

  • Frayyed1
    Frayyed (@Frayyed1) reported

    Help me get to 50 twitch followers!!

  • Bamerkel
    Brandon Merkel (@Bamerkel) reported

    @TwitchSupport I have been getting websites that load the message {"status":401,"message":"invalid csrf token"} when trying to authorize sites to Twitch, what can be done to resolve this issue?

  • Jxllen
    James (@Jxllen) reported

    Twitch is broken, but don't tell anyone.

  • Hoeprah_
    oh shiz (@Hoeprah_) reported

    @Jenna_Marbles Hey! So i've been banned on twitch? My user is @Auncilla and i'm honestly not sure at all what i did wrong. I got no warning or anything.... just straight up ban after being in the stream for 5 minutes....Please help, thanks :(

  • _Bing_Bong_3D
    Drakey (@_Bing_Bong_3D) reported

    @Twitch unable to fill out the " Twitch Affiliate " Form , saying my address is wrong for Street Address 2 and I've left it blank , this might be a problem you need to look into , Uk not Us need a tax from for us as well :)

  • GPM_ebooks
    ɑاex (@GPM_ebooks) reported

    this is the worst idea twitch has ever conceived

  • Dicologero
    ✞Đł₵ØⱠØ₲ɆⱤØ✞ (@Dicologero) reported

    @OGBakerr @ItsNOTO You kids are literally pieces of shit must suck to never had won anything and trying to FF people for $13.50 you kids are awful randoms Noto look at your bio “twitch affiliate” haha you’re a random no one would EVER watch you awful ass bot.

  • nibbledbyducks
    LieseInWonderland (@nibbledbyducks) reported

    I think I’m honestly looking for reassurance I AM Twitch enough as feeling super fragile through exhaustion (sitting up for 6 1/2 hours typing during the D&D replays yesterday has broken me today)

  • misiaki89
    misiaki89 (@misiaki89) reported from Edinburgh, Scotland

    I need #help when I have my #LIVE there's no #options to change #quality for people who want to #WATCH my #livestreams it's only 720p. I know when you have #mobile #internet it's cost lot of data. Maybe you #kow tow to #CHANGE it on #twitch?

  • NathanGambleNG
    Nathan TubeUrlife🔥 (@NathanGambleNG) reported

    @Ask_Spectrum I had so many people came in my apartment try to fix it... I got all the same answer that is there’s no problem with my internet! I’m a twitch streamer and I my stream are looking connection and my game are upload packet loss... you guys give me the same answer is no problem !

  • johnny1989john
    elemeno (@johnny1989john) reported

    @ionbeammemes @insurgencygame @Twitch @shroud Then you have some serious problems going on...

  • ARLivingston
    ALivingston - Horror Historian (@ARLivingston) reported

    So, what's the worst game you have played that you absolutely love? #gamer #games #questionsthatmatter #horrorhistorian #twitch #twitchstreamer #TwitchAffilate

  • StratusNova
    Stratus (@StratusNova) reported

    @AllPerspicacity @RockzillahTV @Twitch @Justice__Shake A different background for the other host would be a GOOD thing wouldn't it? I'm not sure what you're talking about with your accent. I never had a problem understanding you in Discord

  • leblancj10
    Johnny LeBlanc (@leblancj10) reported

    Im not real into watching twitch streamers but @DrDisRespect is so god damn funny I cant help myself

  • cmhogel
    Cory Hogel (@cmhogel) reported

    @matthewmercer I'm trying to help my guy out on Twitch and am blowing up your emote. So far we are having no luck. Can the real thing work?

  • ItsTinaTTV
    Tina Kelly (@ItsTinaTTV) reported

    Not sure if it's on Twitch's side of things or if it's a software issue, but I figure I'd tag @TwitchSupport in case it's something other people have reported, too. :) <3

  • iSlickk_
    Armani (@iSlickk_) reported

    @realmaxpowr @DYNAMIC_RTs @Twitch Im in no position to give credible advice but building your brand on social media outlets with definitely help, as I see you have an under devoloped twitter page. Not sure if you do on other platforms as I just followed you

  • slurm316
    Euan Taylor (@slurm316) reported

    @ItsTinaTTV I reckon like you say it must be the software being used to broadcast or some funky encoding glitch at Twitch’s end

  • ItsTinaTTV
    Tina Kelly (@ItsTinaTTV) reported

    @slurm316 I dunno if it's due to a specific broadcasting software, or if it's twitch's problem, or what - but it can't be a local mic problem. And yeah, I thought it was my earbuds or something, but EVERYONE is hearing it.

  • BwareGamer
    BwareGamer (@BwareGamer) reported

    Twitch has been having some serious issues for me recently. Super choppy, really slow load times, long chat delay, etc. Anyone else?

  • Dauntless_thg
    divergent (@Dauntless_thg) reported

    @Larawithabird That's quite understandable . For me I try to being nice as possible. I'm human I make mistakes but I do try to make nice to the Musicians. The only time when I have problem is when somebody makes it a problem. And by the way good job to you magicians on Twitch.

  • ogtundy
    OGTUNDY (@ogtundy) reported

    Help me get my twitch to 50 followers!

  • Reckkz
    Reckkz® 🌐 (@Reckkz) reported

    In need of twitch sub badges and an emote! Help!

  • MyPlanetPS
    Planet PlayStation (@MyPlanetPS) reported

    I think it's very shortsighted to blame streaming for this. Telltale has had money problems for a while now and not to mention other heavy narrative based games sold extremely well despite being trending on Twitch. This is just unfortunate they couldn't manage their money better.

  • EagleEy39711250
    Eagle Eye (@EagleEy39711250) reported

    @bloodredcharles Maybe you're stressed and not realizing it. That tends to be my issue a lot of times. I begin to notice that I am when my skin breaks out, I'm paranoid, have odd or terrifying dreams and develope an eye twitch

  • QuiteGoneJin
    ..... (@QuiteGoneJin) reported

    @TwitchSupport Is twitch blocking prime subscribers from watching Critical Role VODS? Error 5000 on chrome, FFox with adblocker turned off.

  • thisisntroberto
    Roberto Hernandez (@thisisntroberto) reported

    @iTankid Bro every time I stream on twitch and I watch it over before uploading, it always glitches and looks absolutely terrible it would be a dream if I could actually get proper equipment cuz I can’t afford the good equipment

  • GekiZolda
    Samuel Speight (@GekiZolda) reported

    @Count_Jackula Unfortunately my net has issues with twitch. Hope you guys have fun though.

  • Micah_Wooten
    Micah (@Micah_Wooten) reported

    Does anyone happen to know how to unlink a twitch account on ps4? My account got banned on psn and is stuck to my twitch account with a sub button. Need help ASAP.

  • tomyycastillo
    Tomaco (@tomyycastillo) reported

    @AskPlayStation Twitch app on PS VITA is not streaming any videos. I unninstalled and reinstalled it but the problem Still exists.

  • AnimeNinjaKing
    A Remade Man (@AnimeNinjaKing) reported

    @Lmaozeus I want help on twitch.

  • Froliccc_
    Twitch.Tv/Froliccc_ (@Froliccc_) reported

    I’ve been trying to change my twitch username to get it without the underscore and they person who has that name taken is inactive ive been trying to whisper him but no response can anyone help me out??? @TwitchSupport @Twitch #TwitchStreamer #Twitch

  • JonathanxX56Xx
    Jonathan Diaz (@JonathanxX56Xx) reported

    @madebygoogle YouTube and netflix are working fine it's just twitch that's not working every other app runs perfectly

  • UseYourMap
    Alex Cowan (@UseYourMap) reported

    Ok I’ve finally came to it and said I wanna stream more either on twitch or mixer (could do both) but I ain’t really sure what kind of game I wanna play first so can some one help me pick between the all famous fortnite or Destiny 2?

  • xgorexpunkx
    GoriestPunk (@xgorexpunkx) reported

    @JonathanEvans79 @Twitch @streamlabs I had this problem from update! It's cpu. The only way I fix it was Make sure my cache was fresh like deleted so it starts a new one. Also my video bitrate was at 4500 now it's at 6500 now I get 25-35 cpu I'm using a HP laptop the star wars gaming one

  • CatterzMang
    CatterzMang (@CatterzMang) reported

    @LegacyKnows @R3D_N3CK_STYL3_ @kezzahappygamer @ShawnAbner @EleeteDemon cheers dude. im doing alright just trying to get myself a new job. but not working does give me some extra time to share some twitch love around

  • Jadon95897229
    Poot (@Jadon95897229) reported

    @TwitchSupport I was trying to get the R6 items and accidentally put my laptop instead of my Xbox so I was see if u could help me

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  • 0x10331196
  • 0x1033119e
  • 0x103311a0
  • 0x103311b3
  • 0x10531192
  • 0x109311f2
  • 0x2000000b
  • 0x20B31181
  • 0x30231107
  • 400
  • 500
  • CE-35327-0