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November 21: Problems at Twitch

Twitch is having issues since 04:40 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • brownwitch mari 🦇🦷 (@brownwitch) reported

    @SRivetz @wow_rokhir @MM_Revo @zacklombardo yes but the issue has been resolved between them & people are mad about the ban, which is twitch's doing

  • AutobotSimmerYT AutobotSimmerYT (@AutobotSimmerYT) reported

    @TheYorkieLad @missmani09 Problem is people like me aim to keep their videos family friendly. I haven't been able to record any videos and I think I'm not going to until January first and if sims is targeted, dream crushed cause it's impossible to have success on twitch without a following to begin with.

  • mcbelchington Snorty McBelchington (@mcbelchington) reported

    @JavaBlaque @DSPArchives It has nothing to do with ego. He just lies about making no money on YT to help him make more on Twitch. Just another tactic he uses to scam his fans.

  • Birdiex94x Scott (@Birdiex94x) reported

    I can download the Twitch VOD to get the first 10 games highlights although the quality won't be as good and it'll have my face on them so I'll have to decide what I do about that but potentially video recovered!

  • StinaSketchbook Stina Marie (@StinaSketchbook) reported

    I was wondering why I was having issues with lag on past broadcasts on my Twitch channel. My default bitrate was set at 6000. I fixed it, so I hoping playback works better for people who wish to catch older streams.

  • JTracenix Tracenix (@JTracenix) reported

    @gman007bond @haloofthoughts Please explain what you mean by this. Not a sarcastic remark I just don’t know how to interpret this. I’m not saying twitch was in the right, but neither was Flo for attempting to sick her following on a respectable person in a terrible community.

  • SRivetz Shawn (@SRivetz) reported

    @brownwitch @wow_rokhir @MM_Revo @zacklombardo Because there was a whole issue that happened before twitch even got involved...

  • neoronnie42 Ronnie42 (@neoronnie42) reported

    @MidnightFoksy @Halo Just no, Halo 5 is the worst in the series, feels more like Call of Duty. Hopefully Infinite goes back to being good, not some awful Halo 5 twitch shooter.

  • BertoFresh Berto (@BertoFresh) reported

    @St_Jeezy1 Will this program help with people like me who have nightmares about being too successful on twitch. I don’t think I can handle all the money I will get to move to Mixer.

  • AshennFox AshennFox 🦊on Mixer (@AshennFox) reported

    @TweckerTweets @discormonia Alright so i put twitch . com thinking it would make a broken link, now im one of them. i dont stream on twitch anyways i guess xD

  • chomrarara Chom-ra 🌸 Lan Qiren disapproves (@chomrarara) reported

    All the science in the world can't shake off this terrible superstition I have that when my right eye twitches something terrible will happen..........brain, whyyyy

  • TreadAthletics Ben Brewster (@TreadAthletics) reported

    @JB_GOTA @purplehayes122 Good question. The answer is I don’t exactly know. His tempo is faster here than 5oz throws. Could be driving more layback or higher FT fiber recruitment. Seems to be only in stronger slower twitch guys that you see this phenomenon. Could also be gun error but unlikely IMO.

  • YaBoiGergGaming 𝙏𝙝𝙖𝙣𝙠𝙨𝙜𝙚𝙧𝙜𝙞𝙣𝙜 (@YaBoiGergGaming) reported

    You know the @DeadByBHVR PTB is toxic as ***** when a very well known @Twitch Streamers/Fog Whisperer says he's about to switch back to the regular game. The SLUGGING is so TERRIBLE, this new KILLER is a SLUG MACHINE! Fix this shit DEV's this isn't ready for release.

  • LilWyitey18 TheOGWyitey (@LilWyitey18) reported

    @LilyPichu Lol you act like he’s a terrible person. He’s literally a channel that does updates on bans on twitch and news going on in the community. You literally made a twitlonger, that is public knowledge. Partnered streamer btw. Has to have people white knight for her btw. 😂😂😂

  • acid_rain Thomas Loupe (@acid_rain) reported

    @steverockan Yeah, this is my issue. I'm not gonna spend $1000 to spend $60 to play a new HL game. Guess I'll just watch other people play it on Twitch or something.

  • j4c3_h J4c3_H (@j4c3_h) reported

    i have written premission from an artist to play his songs on live streams and youtube videos. Twitch support said: we can't give u a definite answer pls look at TOS. can someone help me out here

  • BryceB_23 🇩🇪 (@BryceB_23) reported

    Help my twitch guys ... 🙏

  • youngbin_ah 我爱我的公主 || Stan Kimi (@youngbin_ah) reported

    @DanteClap @maxwellius_ @gobIinaz "eye for an eye" and sending her (not only) death threats too, how there's just this huge cloud of misinformation around this and last but not least how we're all just busy discussing Flocc when she's basically irrelevant for now, instead of focusing on Twitch and how to help

  • Lebon14 Lebon「犬走椛」14 (@Lebon14) reported

    @Lordmau5 @Twitch @TwitchSupport agreed but for now, ffz could fix that

  • BeastedII Beasted II (@BeastedII) reported

    They gotta fix twitch ended up glitching on my Xbox saying that I was streaming but I wasn’t this needs an update ASAP @XboxSupport

  • DottyHackTV DottyHack (@DottyHackTV) reported

    Hey @twitch the new Dashboard update looks awful and feels poorly designed. Just leave it be. Please and Thanks!

  • Lordmau5 Dustin (@Lordmau5) reported

    @Lebon14 @Twitch @TwitchSupport There shouldn't be a need to fix any of this with FFZ. This should be implemented on Twitch's end, period.

  • Lebon14 Lebon「犬走椛」14 (@Lebon14) reported

    @Lordmau5 @Twitch @TwitchSupport totally something you could fix with ffz

  • Nolan37216911 NolanZH (@Nolan37216911) reported

    @TwitchSupport I need help with linking a new account to my PS4.

  • DrToughGuyTV DrToughGuy (@DrToughGuyTV) reported

    @thatnerdviolet I wanna take Twitch Ads, roll them up into a ball, launch them out of a catapult into a field of broken glass. They ruin the emersiveness of live streaming.

  • Crunk520 Toxic_Crunk (@Crunk520) reported

    @EA_KRAELO i know you're a super busy man but idk who else to turn to about my twitch account not being able to connect for twitch drops tried multiple times and keep getting an error saying try again later

  • BreezyStarfish BreezyStarfish (@BreezyStarfish) reported

    Conflicted on Twitch now having ads appear on streams even if you have Prime. On one hand I wouldn't mind because ad revenue would definitely help the streamers, but not sure how much of a cut for ads streamers get.....

  • snomobeels E (@snomobeels) reported

    @OGE_ow @Twitch This is bs and under a misunderstanding that was manipulated for news like Jussie Smollet. The sad thing is that the trans community suffers too - when people make false accusations for serious issues like this, it makes people take it less seriously/at face value when it happens


    @EveryBodyIn2019 @BiggSteebo Yeah, this is all related. We started noticing these issues around the Jets/Redskins/Patriots events. We have engineers looking into this already with Twitch. Hopefully they can figure out what is going on.

  • PikesPeakGamer B&A Medina (@PikesPeakGamer) reported

    @TwitchSupport ok My Twitch Prime acct got hacked over to months and you guys have yet to fix it!!!!!!!!

  • ztokdo tok Do (@ztokdo) reported

    @Neat_Oz @Ajax1OW @Twitch There's too many people that just pick targets for their problems. The drama queens talk about things other than games and it shouldn't trickle into bans for players that don't get off topic about the quality of their practice like oge.


    @BiggSteebo Teams are investigating this issue. There seems to be an issue that we are working with Twitch directly on to see why Drops work sometimes and not others. Engineers are engaged on the matter.

  • ArisaBB_ Arisa (@ArisaBB_) reported

    Twitch ban system is bad, spam them and try to get some answers, harass a person isn't gonna fix anything.

  • forddeka Fordeka (@forddeka) reported

    @OGE_ow @Twitch You may want to appeal because a ban on your record could cause you problems in the future.

  • snomobeels E (@snomobeels) reported

    @TwitchBanned But it’s disappointing that with all the public evidence out there and the ability to perform even a cursory review that twitch as an organization was baited too. When we treat every misunderstanding as a terrible action it minimizes the truly horrible and intentional actions.

  • dungeonmusings Kevin B. Madison aka the Dungeon Muser (@dungeonmusings) reported

    @KnightErrant_JR Seems like a mass migration to Twitch may resolve the YouTube issue, as it appears that it was their aggressive ad-tracking algorithm that caused this settlement, and not the legislation. There are more nuances to this, but there is a reason Twitch streamers aren't freaking out.

  • Dairrik6 Dairrik (@Dairrik6) reported

    Mixer is just make the site worse and lots of streamers are going to twitch cause they have fixed the problems im moving to twitch cause i aint gonn stream on a platform that thinks partners are everything and dont get into any trouble and cause you guys have

  • Dairrik6 Dairrik (@Dairrik6) reported

    Mixer is just becoming a new twitch and there not even fixing the problems with the site cant stream barely any games, black screen, things slow there just adding things to partners snd small streamers but giving the partners more things what mixer should do is make it even

  • kapichinooo kap⋆˚.࿐ ✧ (@kapichinooo) reported

    @RemixOnMC @Flocculencyy the main note is twitch has garbage viewers 😔👎 and twitch needs to hire a social media manager so they dont make fking mistakes like this- theyve always had problems with their suspension situations in the past,so its not a surprise theyre like this.

  • plaZmaOW plaZma (insta: plazmagfx) (@plaZmaOW) reported

    just ******* take responsibility. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have made the OGE issue public until contacting him privately. That's my mistake. I'll do my best to talk to twitch and see if we can roll back his ban."

  • Allsaints112 Saint (@Allsaints112) reported

    Just had a terrible stream on #twitch I hate campers on #ModernWafare they ruin shit. Its full of people who can't play the game without sitting in a lil corner the entire match like a ***** 🙄 pathetic

  • Dust_747 Dust (@Dust_747) reported

    @Baaaaaart Twitch police are more broken than a McDonalds ice cream machine

  • FanatsyW Fantasy World League Championship Wrestling (@FanatsyW) reported

    They fixed it, they fixed it..... holy shiiiit working on running our first show .... watch it live on twitch.... Episode 1 ww2k20..... if she don’t glitch out

  • SayneHD Sayne (@SayneHD) reported

    @shroud Twitch link is broken.

  • ABanueloa Anthony Banuelos (@ABanueloa) reported

    @ssophiavictoria Just flip your eye lid inside out. Twitch problem solved

  • Snakester95 Jeffrey Lerman (@Snakester95) reported

    @ZoeCatfu @hildewereld @Twitch It sounds like an issue with western thought on ******* being *******. Definitely interesting that it wouldn't be allowed with more clothing as well.

  • KiraKennedyHNR Peter S (@KiraKennedyHNR) reported

    @ArcherSlamBam The thing about posting vids to twitch is that I think you need to be an affiliate first. As for Vlare, I'll check that out. If anything, I can at least hope the videos will be embeddable... which was a big issue I'd had with VidMe & Zippcast before they'd gone under

  • Mikeyb20162017 Michael Shane Bell (@Mikeyb20162017) reported

    @Mrs5000Watts I miss going to your streams. I might have to create a new account. I can't even get Twitch to properly reset my password. I don't know what the problem is. I don't have a problem resetting passwords on anything else, just Twitch. I really miss you though.

  • Reecy211994 Reecy21 GAMING 🇬🇧 (@Reecy211994) reported

    @AskPS_UK Why is PS4 party chat keep breaking tonight , 3 times in 1 hour please fix , it doesn't look good in my twitch stream

  • higo_ow Higo_ow (@higo_ow) reported

    @krystira Twitch's moderation team is also a joke which is why after Flocc and OGE "made up" there should be some effort to resolve this but Flocc has taken it upon herself to start blocking everyone that says she is in the wrong or even says that she should try and help out OGE

  • Grubber41010710 Grubber (@Grubber41010710) reported

    @EA_KRAELO twitch drops not working was getting them yesterday

  • Its_JazzYo 🎄Jingle Jazz Rock🎄 [🔜 PAX South] (@Its_JazzYo) reported

    @NfamizJay No dude, I was making fun of those people! Deleting your channel does nothing. I'm not going to Twitch! You gotta read my other Tweets because the mass panic has caused people to not see how much of this is NOT our problem. The FTC has stated more than once that YouTube is liable

  • LANights2 ⋰V⋰e⋰g⋰a⋰s⋰ ⋰N⋰i⋰g⋰h⋰t⋰s⋰ (@LANights2) reported

    @RicheyGames Happening to me as well on my desktop. Thought it was me, but my speeds and system are stellar. Can only be @Twitch @TwitchSupport issue.

  • LudoKYT LKYT (@LudoKYT) reported

    @Sweepsgg Entires are NOT working. It keeps singing me back and forth from Twitch to Twitter and keeps saying i HAVENT completed entries when i have over and over again! im missing out on entries cuz your system can identify that i have done the completed tasks. please address the issue.

  • velixfn velix (@velixfn) reported

    someone help me w tax info for twitch affiliate

  • Handsome_Stalin Handsome_Stalin (@Handsome_Stalin) reported

    @TwitchSupport @Twitch @AmazonHelp (6/12) My account has never had any strike or suspension before this and I have interacted with Support and Staff in order to report, applied for partnership, and went to Twitchcon using this username with no issues.

  • Handsome_Stalin Handsome_Stalin (@Handsome_Stalin) reported

    @TwitchSupport @Twitch @AmazonHelp (1/12) These are automated tweets because Twitch customer support is so shit and @Amazon should know about it. These tweets will show up until my issue is resolved plus every additional day @Twitch ignores this :)

  • umbral_wind beau @ LU'S HOUSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (@umbral_wind) reported

    "We have received and processed your DMCA notice and have removed the allegedly infringing material identified." ayyy @twitch is great thanks for the quick response and staying on top of the issue o7

  • thecutelilpups noah cant believe any of that happened (@thecutelilpups) reported

    @jacksfilms 3 yiays,,,,so much editing,,,,so lonely. maybe a twitch chat could help : )

  • AquariusBat AquariusBat 🎃Commissions OPEN🎃 (@AquariusBat) reported

    Wow, you know the Amazon Fire TV Twitch app is so broken (and quite shit) that I had to boot up my PS4 and watch Twitch on there....jfc

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