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Twitch problems in the last 24 hours

Twitch Outage Chart

At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at Twitch. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Playback Issues (52.38%)
  • ▪ Buffering (23.81%)
  • ▪ Sign in (9.52%)
  • ▪ Crashing (9.52%)
  • ▪ Video Quality (4.76%)

Twitch Live Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Las Vegas, Nevada  ▪ Lincoln, California  ▪ Mansfield, New Jersey  ▪ Memphis, Tennessee  ▪ Meridian, Idaho  ▪ Quilpué, Valparaiso Region  ▪ San Diego, California  ▪ Baguio, Cordillera Administrative Region  ▪ Caracas, Capital District  ▪ Dover, Delaware  ▪ Gardiner, Maine

Twitch Live Outage Map
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Lincoln, California
  • Mansfield, New Jersey
  • Memphis, Tennessee
  • Meridian, Idaho
  • Quilpué, Valparaiso Region
  • San Diego, California
  • Baguio, Cordillera Administrative Region
  • Caracas, Capital District
  • Dover, Delaware
  • Gardiner, Maine
  •   Full Outage Map

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Twitch Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • DeadonDaveV
    WalkingDead...OnDave (@DeadonDaveV) reported

    Is Twitch having issues?

  • M_Mitch0408
    Mitch The Bitch (@M_Mitch0408) reported

    @Callux @YouTube Look at them copying twitch, how cute Maybe they should focus on fixing their broken monetization system

  • WhiteTermite
    WhiteTermite (@WhiteTermite) reported

    @TwitchSupport how long does a response take from the automated system? Charity stream coming and can’t access my page! Authy issue.

  • Dangerless
    Dangerless (@Dangerless) reported

    @JohnUK89 Twitch should have a feature that can detect this kind of stuff and give an option to fix it. But thank you it was driving me nuts.

  • Requiem1720
    Aug-Ghoul Church (@Requiem1720) reported from Gardiner, Maine

    @Isaac_Monks Oooh. But at least they allow it for twitch. I mean, and issue with the YouTube platform? Who doesn’t now? Lol

  • MTKplays
    MTK (@MTKplays) reported

    @Almost_Robot @TwitchSupport @TwitchEsports @Twitch To me it seems like an issue that needs to be looked at further

  • Benpaii_
    Benpaii (@Benpaii_) reported

    YO, im trying to change my name on Twitch! im switching off rawzzzyyy and doing something thats benpaii related but benpaii is taken. help

  • pwningpat
    🎃Trish-or-Treat👻 (@pwningpat) reported

    @DennyVonDoom @blackoni @Twitch @simplyundrea @TwitchBoston @JunaeBenne @TwitchChicago @TwtichLA Thinking on this further, I would like to take some time to discuss with you a very specific European problem I run into all the time

  • AnimayTiddys
    Heckin Spooky (@AnimayTiddys) reported

    @_Punky_Pie twitch has been broken ever since he was put in the game

  • _Punky_Pie
    Թยภ🌟ƙίєᴾᶦᴱ (@_Punky_Pie) reported

    @ashap3 Broken. Twitch is broken.

  • _Punky_Pie
    Թยภ🌟ƙίєᴾᶦᴱ (@_Punky_Pie) reported

    Why are people trying to tell me Twitches stealth is not broken.

  • iDogeApproved
    Marcel K (@iDogeApproved) reported

    @_Punky_Pie Also current ardent meta doesn't help. Twitch doesnt have any selfpeel so if you die to him 90% is your own fault.

  • iDogeApproved
    Marcel K (@iDogeApproved) reported

    @_Punky_Pie ever considered that twitch isn't broken and the people are just bad and waste cc before he shows himself or dont deepward/buy pinks?

  • CIeouu
    cleouu (@CIeouu) reported

    @_Punky_Pie Twitch is the most broken champ

  • _Punky_Pie
    Թยภ🌟ƙίєᴾᶦᴱ (@_Punky_Pie) reported

    Twitch has a 60%+ Win rate >Stealth isn't broken lol ok

  • Hi7ch
    🍌 Hitch 🍌 (@Hi7ch) reported

    @MrGreysGaming @IEhrgeizI problem is, nobody wants to sign up to another service. this is why Twitch and YT will always win

  • digital_nation
    Oliver (@digital_nation) reported

    @P2WFGC Twitch numbers are awful. the scene is NOT what it was during mk9 and injustice 1. Not enough returning characters (Zod,sinestro, etc)

  • xunk16
    Philippe Harvey (@xunk16) reported

    @FOXHOUND83 @Twitch Actually I really hope there is a replay later option, or a DVD merch or something. Problem with timing is, we can't all be there... :(

  • Hi7ch
    🍌 Hitch 🍌 (@Hi7ch) reported

    @MrGreysGaming Help? They are the exact opposite for viewers. I wish I could turn mine off on Twitch.

  • tearSs_CS
    Eric Dahlmann (@tearSs_CS) reported

    @OnFireAnders @OnFireMoses @lurppis Offseasons Probably wont help but stopping the Clusterfuck of Twitch/youtube and several online Seasons at the same time hopefully would

  • Ceryk
    Ceryk (@Ceryk) reported

    @Kaori_Kaotan Got the Twitch sub stuff in the mail today. Keychain broke in the mail. Think I can fix it. Like how the pic is a bit metallic

  • EmbeddedFox
    Fox 👻 (@EmbeddedFox) reported

    So tired but my body doesn't wanna rest, send help. XD I'm like half hyper / half tired, but still missing my twitch family.

  • thechosenwaffle
    TheSpoopyWaffle (@thechosenwaffle) reported

    Every time I hesitate on the idea of switching partially to Twitch all I have to do is remember all the new problems arising with @YouTube

  • UnhingedOculus
    ∆ Bill Cipher ∆ (@UnhingedOculus) reported

    He is just staring down at Mabel now, eye giving a slight twitch. "You don't /have/ to help. I was seeing if you would. But so be it-!"

  • tinadegenhart
    ShadowFoxx086 (@tinadegenhart) reported

    @ambrosfoxgmail1 Well lemme know if you need help after watching my video, I'll be doing another video after Twitch Con. And then I can go into details.

  • EmilyMoore111
    Emily Moore (@EmilyMoore111) reported

    @TwitchSupport How far behind are you guys? Emailed 10 days ago saying I still needed help and still no response.

  • afrikan_jonko
    Donald Lekgwathi (@afrikan_jonko) reported

    @Finegorko @TwitchSupport because it's a terrible app they threw together because they got jealous of discord's success

  • Manticship64
    Mantic-64 (@Manticship64) reported

    @PlayWarframe @Twitch I placed down the Prominence Wisp Totem and now I cannot Move it. Is this a glitch or intentional?

  • PndaRansom
    Ransom🐼 (@PndaRansom) reported

    I need Ark friends. @itskaiitoI've got us a base set with 2 trikes ready to go! After twitch con you gootttaa come help! xP

  • th4ldy
    th4ldy (@th4ldy) reported

    @RolliePollietv Sounds like a Twitch issue not a PUBG issue? Might be worth reporting to them.

  • catahstrophic
    WhooOOootney Lynn 👻 (@catahstrophic) reported

    @PyroInsane @Twitch They replaced the Ray-Ban logo with Twitch and a Glitch on the lens. It's just a total copy. But to even use the name. Damn.

  • chinoalphawolf
    Chino (@chinoalphawolf) reported

    @TwitchSupport it’s not letting me upload my emotes can you help?

  • PunyPudge
    Pudge (@PunyPudge) reported

    @TwitchSupport please fix twitch with chrome... I'm having two major issues lately and no one on your support team will reply

  • SkilledgamerJ17
    Jared (@SkilledgamerJ17) reported

    I am sorry to everyone especially the Twitch queen because of tech of tech issues I can't livestream on Twitch. #twitch #imsorry

  • Truegamer1994
    Jared Meny (@Truegamer1994) reported

    I am sorry to everyone especially the Twitch queen because of tech of tech issues I can't livestream on Twitch. #twitch #imsorry

  • lukar14
    Lukar (@lukar14) reported

    I have to work in 5 hours, but I can't sleep because I'm too excited for twitch con. I'm not leaving until Thursday. Please help.

  • HaitchELoL
    HaitchE (@HaitchELoL) reported

    @TwitchSupport I can't log into my Twitch account (HaitchE) because of I no longer have the phone or number I used for 2FA. Can you help?

  • PolskiTytan
    Polski.Tytan (@PolskiTytan) reported

    Anyone else having bitrate issues on @Twitch ? @TwitchSupport pls help!

  • abrekke83
    Allie (@abrekke83) reported

    OH, and TWITCH IS ONLY FOR GAMES. ANYTHING ELSE IS TERRIBLE AND RUINING EVERYTHING. Even though Twitch is spotlighting beauty...

  • Snugzmeow
    [email protected] (@Snugzmeow) reported

    @Twitch this would be funny, if it didn't mean that I basically can't use the mobile app to stream or access my profile LUL hopefully reinstall fix

  • BulletzQS
    👻 Boooooo-lletzQS (@BulletzQS) reported

    @DevaraJasper @TwitchSupport Select the issue "an account suspension" then you should be able to login for that issue so a ticket can be submitted.

  • SageModeVince
    Vince 📱📷 (@SageModeVince) reported

    @Twitch need any help at the con? I am free for 2 Days?

  • DevaraJasper
    Devara Jasper (@DevaraJasper) reported

    @BulletzQS @TwitchSupport can't because i can't even login to my account.

  • JodyFree
    gnarly davidson (@JodyFree) reported

    @TwitchSupport white screen issue is so consistent.

  • Shado_Temple
    Shado_Temple (@Shado_Temple) reported

    @Twitch I love my channel & streaming with you all, but damn if it isn't depressing that years of work can be undone by a mere glitch.

  • thetechtard
    The Terror Tard (@thetechtard) reported

    Most underrated command in Twitch chat is "ignore". If someone is annoying simply type "/ignore annoyingchatname" and problem solved.

  • Scott_Lenard
    Lenard S. Pumpkins (@Scott_Lenard) reported

    @sydsogood Idk, It was being weird with me for PUBG, then it got wonky on Friday the 13th. It was fine last Friday and I ran 720p60fps with no issues. I didnt change anything between then and now. I think some of it had to be Twitch-side

  • pitchingblack
    kevin (@pitchingblack) reported

    @TwitchSupport Whenever I pause the video and close my phone then open it to resume watching the "play/pause" button is missing and I can't resume. Help!?

  • Swanton_54
    Justin Elizondo (@Swanton_54) reported

    HIGH KEY TRIGGERED about this twitch follower glitch.

  • mdlaplante
    Matthew D. LaPlante (@mdlaplante) reported

    @uoregon @EcoNetLab The problem is that, in big animals, the fast-twitch muscles run out of oxygen before they can really get going.

  • TheoVasNormandy
    [TSS]TheoVasNormandy (@TheoVasNormandy) reported

    @PlayWarframe Hey, I linked my accounts for the Twitch Prime loot and not seeing anything in my inventory. Am I missing something? Help!

  • DreGPPodcast
    Dre's GP Podcast (@DreGPPodcast) reported

    Sadly unable to broadcast on Twitch tonight, studio wifi is not working!

  • WezsideOutlaw
    WezSideOutlaw (@WezsideOutlaw) reported from Las Vegas, Nevada

    @TwitchSupport may I get some assistance with an issue

  • WezsideOutlaw
    WezSideOutlaw (@WezsideOutlaw) reported from Las Vegas, Nevada

    @Twitch I need assistance still. Can you please help

  • MisssFame
    Tiffany Ray (@MisssFame) reported

    The terrible extra book we had to buy for Matthews APUSH class was the answer to a jeopardy question and I low key started to angry twitch

  • sethmofugg
    Garbage Lite™ (@sethmofugg) reported

    @TwitchSupport The HTML5 player won't stay disabled. It's causing issues because now my streams constantly stutter.

  • ArmanOkhovat
    Arman Okhovat (@ArmanOkhovat) reported

    @TwitchSupport I need help with my madden twitch prime rewards. I followed all of the EA articles instructions and everything and still no

  • ethanroebuck
    10% Ethereal (@ethanroebuck) reported

    Why am I so clueless when it comes to twitch? My god. HELP.

  • TheeAlphaRuss
    Russ at Talladega (@TheeAlphaRuss) reported

    can i get @TwitchSupport @twitch staff to dm me over some payment issues im having with canceling a sub and prime subs not one response!!

  • CASacramento916
    CaliforniaSacramento (@CASacramento916) reported from Lakeshore, California

    @TwitchSupport - Hey can You help me .. my AMD Relive is not letting me log into twitch ! Puts me into endless loading glitch? HELP!

  • MrFlaten92
    MrFlaten92 (@MrFlaten92) reported

    @snap_itsK No you dont suck! Twitch must be broken or maybe your not playing the games the "kids" want to see, PUBG and that stuff.

  • nba279
    Krystian (@nba279) reported

    Come check out NBAbeast278 on twitch he is playing some h1z1 by the way his mike is broken he is trying to collect donations

  • UHadMeAtZombie
    🍗Zombie🔜TwitchCon (@UHadMeAtZombie) reported

    @CEJAS_1_DEEP AAAAHHHHHHHHH ONE DEEEEEEEEP. @Uncanny_Phil you gonna help me scream his name at Twitch Con?

  • captainbkat
    👻bri👻 (@captainbkat) reported

    @duckerrzz not a problem twitch bestie! <3 sorry i couldnt tune in, i was at work. :(

  • ThesoldierG
    TheSoldier Gaming (@ThesoldierG) reported

    @TFAssault @Respawn @Twitch @Titanfallgame @Nexon_Mobile There is the error code to show the dev team the problems I’m having

  • NihilistZealot
    Not A Halloween Name (@NihilistZealot) reported

    @PlayWarframe hey, is there any support ticket help for those of us that haven't received any of our Twitch sync drops?

  • kidtiz
    tizz (@kidtiz) reported

    @ladyhana after 6 months on YouTube and too many problems I’m making the switch to twitch

  • HailBloocifer
    Bloocifer 💙 (@HailBloocifer) reported

    And that... Even with the way twitch ignored it, even with how fucked it was that it even happened... That hurt the worst.

  • CallMeWizz5
    Devante (@CallMeWizz5) reported

    Are twitch panels still not working? @TwitchSupport

  • Rwolfcomms
    Rwolf (@Rwolfcomms) reported

    The guy demoing GT Sport on twitch is a terrible driver.

  • mooklepticon
    PaJamas (@mooklepticon) reported

    @TradeChat @Ketsuki_WoW @Twitch Sounds almost Kafkaesque. How can you fix/obey a contract when you don't even know which one & you aren't dealing with honest people?

  • TheyCallMeDSP
    Phil (@TheyCallMeDSP) reported

    @sir__sandvich @TheCricket26 @ModalSoul92 @TwitchSupport @SusanWojcicki @3 Um, more like I've never broken the rules and you're just a bad troll. And now you're blocked here too, goodbye!

  • mlgvoice
    . (@mlgvoice) reported

    Can anyone help me unsub on twitch? I'm done with the app and the people on there

  • carlstromjonte1
    Jonathan carlström (@carlstromjonte1) reported

    @sykickvizualz @GINGAVZLZ @TwitchSupport I can't take your account though since I won't have my 18 month sub streak there :D I just have hopes twitch can help with this situation.

  • J_Hobz
    Jeff Hobson (@J_Hobz) reported

    @Bowie_Alexander When I was experiencing disconnecting issues though OBS recently it turned out Twitch was the culprit. Are others having the same problems?

  • GalacticCarmen
    Carmen (@GalacticCarmen) reported

    @Twitch my sub star is still the same size, send help

  • carlstromjonte1
    Jonathan carlström (@carlstromjonte1) reported

    @GINGAVZLZ @TwitchSupport Or they could fix their retarded shit?!

  • BigSmiteFan
    Imre Simon (@BigSmiteFan) reported

    @aceofpilotsgg @talofubes yes... And bad login twitch... Fk :)

  • SilentPanic6
    Taylor Smith (@SilentPanic6) reported

    @TwitchSupport has there been any issues with PS4 application log-ins besides me??

  • xfactor99
    Sean (@xfactor99) reported

    @TwitchSupport I'm subbed to stream on tier 3 but it says not subbed. When I hit the sub and try to go payment its say already subbed. Help

Twitch Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
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  • 0x103311b3
  • 0x10531192
  • 0x109311f2
  • 0x2000000b
  • 0x20B31181
  • 0x30231107
  • 400
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