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November 17: Problems at Twitch

Twitch is having issues since 06:20 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Buffering (34.33%)
  • Playback Issues (31.34%)
  • Sign in (19.40%)
  • Crashing (11.94%)
  • Video Quality (2.99%)

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  • OliverFaith11
    Wanye Kest (@OliverFaith11) reported

    @TwitchSupport Hello, I’m having some technical difficulties with streaming on Xbox. After a short period of time, it proceeds to crash and stop streaming and when I go to fix the issue, my Xbox freezes up.

  • Bennykins_TV
    Bennykins (@Bennykins_TV) reported

    Hey @Twitch fix your self! How does someone who doesn’t even stream get Twitch Sings, yet I’m still waiting on my invite and i stream 5 days a week....

  • Sizzlork
    Christopher (@Sizzlork) reported

    @AskJayne @Seagull_No1_Fan @Colugeisback If you can’t play by the rules, you can’t play. That holds true for Overwatch, Twitch, Twitter, or whatever game or platform you care to name. If you really like theses folks, help they play by the rules rather than condemning Blizzard for enforcing them.

  • Paddfoot05
    Paddfoot (@Paddfoot05) reported

    So no movie tonight. The only response I got back from @twitch was if I gotten an answer and I don't want my channel banned so no movie. Instead you guys can help me decided on a some new emotes for myself. Since I use the weekend to improve my own stream. #sorry

  • plant0gram
    Victoria 🦃🍂🍃🥧 (@plant0gram) reported

    @KingDecrypt @93Pharaoh @Washedupbrug @Vortex_OW lol xqc is the biggest overwatch streamer that both streams consistantly and offers quality content and keeps overwatch in the twitch directory. xqc has 30k rn and overwatch as a game only has 23k but toxic strimmer said bad word to actual retard on stream BabyRage

  • PlatinumRhythm
    Plat 🎧 R.H (@PlatinumRhythm) reported

    @H_BienAime We're variety streamers as well, and we know a good number of Twitch partners too, so that wouldn't be an issue at all.

  • TheColinGrey
    Colin Grey (@TheColinGrey) reported

    @TwitchVancouver @GrunkaMunka @Collidalot @Twitch Oh hai, it me. Laughing about how absolutely terrible I was at that game. Super fun though!

  • the_coulson
    Paul Coulson (@the_coulson) reported

    @MichaelSuppo Buffered a bit, not great quality and no app. There's always Twitch

  • eli_archgirl
    M2 🚀 (@eli_archgirl) reported

    Just over 6 hours in! Broke it who knows how many times, but Twitch chat 🚒 is awesome pitching ideas on how to fix this 🔥 #24hrstartup

  • LegendaryLeaTV
    Lea (@LegendaryLeaTV) reported

    @TwitchSupport I can't seem to change what category I am under from the dashboard. Ill type in the new one and hit save but it doesn't change it. I have to use the chat bots but sometimes they fail too. Please help, this has been happening for a few weeks now.

  • MrCasualGeek
    MrCasualGeek (@MrCasualGeek) reported

    @AMDRyzen If I was to win a Ryzen it would massively help me with my Twitch streaming allowing me stream a bigger range of games which would mean a lot to me. The money saved would go towards other streaming equipment. #RyzenAND #SweepstakesEntry

  • needyarreaga
    vic (@needyarreaga) reported

    the only reason why i have a twitch acc is cause last year my math prof literally streamed midterm help

  • thraxina
    the baffled king composing hawwewujah (@thraxina) reported

    god watching the twitch chat on this really shows off how ******* awful the community is

  • AlecBinks
    AlecBinks (@AlecBinks) reported

    @thejashe @TwitchSupport I’ve had that same issue before. I would have to restart stream in order to temporarily fix it.

  • TrooperAJones
    🐶Alexander Jones🎮🕹 (@TrooperAJones) reported

    Thinking about creating my own discord community rather than promoting my streams but help people on Twitch and Youtube content creators like if your below a number of subs or followers say below a thousand middle ground but if you have more than that off limits

  • bettyniixx
    Jingle Betz🎄 (@bettyniixx) reported

    @ItsMeGrizz That’s what I was thinking once they changed the monetization a while back. It probably much easier to make money on twitch if you got the quality

  • JosephMiller123
    ❄️TheDriver❄️ (@JosephMiller123) reported

    Trying to keep up with what's going to get deleted on Twitch is becoming a nightmare The anime is fine since it's on youtube but the problem is the manga

  • TheLuckyPyrate
    TheLuckyPyrate (@TheLuckyPyrate) reported

    @ShdVanguard Yeah dunno. Came home, kicked on twitch and got two sentences in before getting the ban hammer from a mod. Worst part is the mod messed up the code once so I saw it coming. Like when the executioner's blade doesn't quit strike true... One of my favoritist streamers too :(

  • SuperNerdZeLoz
    Cowboy Zeloz at Their Computer (@SuperNerdZeLoz) reported

    @Poeleveny Yeah, I thought SMW hacks were advanced once upon a time. Now there's, like, Twitch-input LttP, 2P Co-op LttP, LttP with CD-quality music, goddamn

  • HeyImBorder
    Border (@HeyImBorder) reported

    this is the guy who does all those scummy things. too bad reporting on twitch doesn't help.

  • TalesOfTetra
    Mya Mai (@TalesOfTetra) reported

    I don't know if it's just my internet or what but today I started streaming and there was quite a bit of problems. The frame rate was fine on the actual game but when it was broadcasted onto Twitch a lot of lag was going on. Once again, it might just be my internet.

  • m1tch0ntw1tt3r
    M1tch0nTw1tt3r (@m1tch0ntw1tt3r) reported

    Due to problems with the new @Twitch app I will not be able to use webcams as I have watched parts of my vod and my whole webcam is out of sync. I will get a Kinect so I can use that as a webcam on the old twitch app but it won't be as great as quality. #RoadToAffiliate

  • dizzymitchell
    Carla Mitchell (@dizzymitchell) reported

    @JackKrelle @AntArtist89 @RachelASongs He's awful!!!!! Can't even watch him without getting a twitch lol

  • Daniel_W43
    Daniel (@Daniel_W43) reported

    @zack_hample @Twitch A moderator can basically monitor the comments live and remove / kick people if they are causing problems.

  • MossyWasHere
    Rapper’s Angel (@MossyWasHere) reported

    @Twitch okay but when are you making Affiliate more worth it by letting them have two $5 emotes and one $10 emote that would both help them and make you a lot more money help me out here, Twitch

  • __REFORMED__
    RealBrugger (@__REFORMED__) reported

    Hey @DrLupo I asked If I could whisper you on Twitch, you said your whispers are closed. I’m genuinely feeling like Im going to kill myself. If you could help me out, I have no friends and no one to call. Please help.

  • Clintonsbn
    WibleyMAN (@Clintonsbn) reported

    @darkhero1389 In the mean time@until you get what you want, there’s a program online I think called adobe sparks that can help you design a twitch banner pretty quick and for free.

  • RipFede
    Fede 🤤 #SoaRRc (@RipFede) reported

    Can anyone help me get in contact w/ @Twitch @TwitchSupport please im trying to get my account back and i have not heard from them at all. #twitchsupport #twitch

    SCOTTISH 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (@ItsSCOTTISH) reported

    @KarlSmallwood If you want/need help with the set-up for Twitch I (and probably half of your followers) are willing to help. I doubt its just an Internet problem if youre getting close to your ISP speeds on WiFi

  • russianbotguy
    Not a Russian Bot (@russianbotguy) reported

    @nasomi How to get nas to fix something. Be the most popular streamer on twitch and say you'll pay him money on stream to fix the things you want

  • LegitimateTBAlt
    Tom (@LegitimateTBAlt) reported

    Bailing on Twitch London for a project was a terrible idea, I've sat here for 8 or so hours and barely made any progress on it, I'd rather be getting drunk with friends and fellow streamers and gamers 😔

  • JerpDoesGames
    Jerp (@JerpDoesGames) reported

    @Twitch @TwitchSupport worst part about it is that it shows you as "live" the entire time while the vodcast is dead, so it looks like your stream is totally messed up / probably turns people away.

  • JerpDoesGames
    Jerp (@JerpDoesGames) reported

    So it seems @Twitch vodcasts can die mid-vodcast, potentially during transitions to the next video. @TwitchSupport --- seems to never recover and just shows a black screen / error 2000

  • presjpolkrta
    Neil Stevens (@presjpolkrta) reported

    StopAd works for Twitch but not Youtube. Problem solved.

  • periwinklesoph
    soph (@periwinklesoph) reported

    more recently my arms twitch when im hallucinating/anxious and ive been SOO insecure about it but i literally cant help it and my mom has been like dont be embarrassed and to embrace it ugh shes just so pure <3

  • P4Psavage
    Thewhitebeast (@P4Psavage) reported

    I'm feeling awful probably not streaming hopefully feel better B4 the fights I don't know what's wrong with me sore troat dizzy headed Shakey not that anyone cares about my twitch lmao XD

  • iPP0_
    iPP0_🔜Canada Cup 2018 (@iPP0_) reported

    in discord nor on my twitch either. I'm unplugging myself or in other words resetting myself. It brings me to tears how much you guys care about me and it means all to much. i just want all of you to know that your words of help weren't unheard. i love you all:slight_smile:

  • raikou67
    Raikou67 (@raikou67) reported

    Note to self: Switching sub emotes and using the same code does not go well 😅😭 @TwitchSupport Please help! I tried to move my T2 "raikou4Love" to T3 and now I can't use the same identifying code!

  • AlliesAllAround
    Frontline (@AlliesAllAround) reported

    @Klautos9 Problem with YouTube streaming is that I want my stream archives to go onto my second channel. It's much easier to do that when streaming on Twitch.

  • ourlordKraken
    Kraken (@ourlordKraken) reported

    @Tatted_poodle @yakfrost @Twitch @TwitchSupport Jesus **** that’s awful :(

  • nQry_
    Christian aka Reyqn (@nQry_) reported

    Streamed with @SaberslayerG on twitch. We did a 1v1 on Halo ce on the worst map and shoutcasted it the entire game. It was 30 minutes, of shoutcasting. Omfg.

  • raycondones
    Bruce Ray (@raycondones) reported

    Need help setting up twitch timer so I can start stream.

  • BoundToWine
    Willow Demore (@BoundToWine) reported

    "Just realized I had a grammar error in that reply." Eye twitch.

  • jonasidmen
    jonathan (@jonasidmen) reported

    @TwitchSupport i need help

  • atPeteDodd
    pete dodd (at (@)) (@atPeteDodd) reported

    @Nvader Yeah. There's a number of issues here, not all of them his fault... like twitch prime. Also Epic not doing Twitch promotions like they were in the spring.

  • junkyard_dave
    David Mainwaring 🦆 (@junkyard_dave) reported

    @CLChambers00 I think it's honestly one of the worst features on Twitch. I want to interact myself with a streamer before I decide to follow them, but if I'm forced into following, I won't. Just shows me they're more interested in monetization/analytics. Follow-only should be for e-sports.

  • Nice_Killakris
    Killakris (@Nice_Killakris) reported

    @TwitchSupport im having issues with streaming error code 2000 the twitch machine got unplugged

  • VixyDashie
    Vixy (@VixyDashie) reported

    @TimpaniTV I think the Discord invite link on your Twitch is broken. I tried to tell you this morning but...I found out 10 AM your time was 3 AM my time haha.

  • KTaigara19
    Ken (@KTaigara19) reported

    @REALIcePoseidon The reason people are leaving Cx to go to Twitch is because twitch is emailing everyone who streams on youtube and giving them deals. You should do the same and get some quality content streamers who don't get a lot of views on twitch and offer them to join Cx.

  • BK_DiSCO
    DiSCØ (@BK_DiSCO) reported

    @radiatoryang if you consider 8 hours per month "working yourself to death" then you have issues beyond twitch affiliate requirements

  • Vasty_
    VASTY ♛ (@Vasty_) reported

    @TwitchSupport I NEED HELP

  • realyjhours
    Nick (@realyjhours) reported

    @f8cacc i dont even use twitch chat and i have to constantly check myself to not say pog or poggers in front of people. its terrible, but at the same time nothing displays the same emotion as a good pog

  • koakumoo
    Tenshimoo (@koakumoo) reported

    @Twitch hey there. I don't really know how to use twitter much. But i just got afilliated and its having trouble going through after its been telling me its good. My twitch is koakumoo. Would greatly appreciate any help been waiting almost two weeks

  • HeavensArcher
    HeavensArcher (@HeavensArcher) reported

    @PaladinsPro @PaladinsGame Mixer is still new. I believe that it would've been a wiser choice to just stick with Twitch. Barely any problems whereas for Mixer, people who get past the 8 hour mark drops all the way to 3 hours and 40 minutes.

  • VernardoLau
    Valentino Lau (@VernardoLau) reported

    @windscribecom, I'm having a problem here! My Twitch stream can't loaded despite I'm using the US server!!!!!!

  • ThatRandomTrex
    Christmas Merlin (@ThatRandomTrex) reported

    Mixer is having quite a few issues with reward drops... Maaaaaybe Hi Rez shoulda stuck with Twitch on this one.

  • celestial_nite
    ward (@celestial_nite) reported

    @TwitchPrime can you help me link my Amazon prime account toy twitch account

  • feloniia
    Feloniia (@feloniia) reported

    @TwitchSupport Hey there :) As I can't find anything else right now to report this, I hope his is the correct channel. I keep having the problem on the app (Android) that after ads the past broadcast I'm watching is playing as if it was muted. After reopening the app it's normal.

  • ProdigyDaPrince
    Yung AstroProd aka King Adugly (@ProdigyDaPrince) reported

    Not too many organizations support all its members. I’ve noticed on twitch there are a couple that support its “big streamers/members” but won’t reciprocate it down the chain. Support is free. You don’t have to be subbed to people to help them.

  • BillAegean
    Bill Aegean (@BillAegean) reported

    @AmazonHelp For some reason i cant log into my amazon account in order to buy bits on twitch...when i am clicking to sign in,the page just refreshes and keeps me there... #cmonBruh

Twitch Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 0x10331100
  • 0x10331196
  • 0x10331196
  • 0x1033119e
  • 0x103311a0
  • 0x103311b3
  • 0x10531192
  • 0x109311f2
  • 0x2000000b
  • 0x20B31181
  • 0x30231107
  • 400
  • 500
  • CE-35327-0