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Twitch problems in the last 24 hours

Twitch Outage Chart

At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at Twitch. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Buffering 48.89% Buffering
  • Sign in 18.36% Sign in
  • Crashing 15.27% Crashing
  • Playback Issues 12.17% Playback Issues
  • Video Quality 5.31% Video Quality

Twitch Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
Santiago Sign in
Cali Buffering
Cali Buffering
Pleasant Hill Buffering
Gateshead Sign in
Athens Buffering

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Twitch Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • BushidoDeepest CO|Bushido🥋 (@BushidoDeepest) reported

    Wooooooowwwwwwwwww well great ******* twitch for psr goes out ... gonna take a break and reset wifi maybe that will help! Hopefully be back soon!

  • andsamwal Andrew (@andsamwal) reported

    I am in love with all the drag content that has been posted on twitch. So much better than another streaming drag show I just watched. Ugh. The well known drag queen jokes were very terrible reads. At least the stream price was used to tip other queens beside the ones recorded.

  • clairestanss claire | #bernie2020 (@clairestanss) reported


  • S00TINGS myla🔺 (@S00TINGS) reported

    @TEDNlVlSON remember when mine was a collage of,from what i remember, schlatt walk, wilbur saying "succ ur mum" in someones twitch chat, and just the worst things you could imagine

  • MsTrainwreck Pawdry Heppurrn, Rear Window Waiting to Happen (@MsTrainwreck) reported

    So apparently I now twitch really bad before falling asleep and of course it's in my bad leg the worst... I don't know what to do. Everytime I'm almost asleep, my leg jerks and the pain wakes me back up.

  • wraithwhitevoid Renee's void✨ (@wraithwhitevoid) reported

    I'm out of bit for a while. I wanna support yall that are wraith lovers on twitch but for now the worst situation in my country such as curfew times or in the middle of an economic downturn. I'm so broke but I hope I'll get wraith skin. being freelance is so hard for me. stressed

  • wraithwhitevoid Renee's void✨ (@wraithwhitevoid) reported

    I'm out of bit for a while. I wanna support yall that are wraith lovers on twitch but for now the worst situation in my country such as curfew times or im the middle of an economic downturn. I'm so broke but I hope I'll get wraith skin. being freelance is so hard for me. stressed

  • biggestjoel Big Joel (@biggestjoel) reported

    @Acharenus no, the transphobia would be the specific reason that the article doesn't mention in favor of generally gesturing at "edgy twitch culture." the point i was making is, specific and pointed problems make me even more frustrated with the article in question.

  • Brenden70546106 BRUV (@Brenden70546106) reported

    @Rainbow6Game FIX YOUR SHIT, Now Twitch’s recoil is to high, I can aim at a defenders feet and fire and get a damn headshot. I have a better chance winning a round with her dmr or her shotgun

  • perfectspade Carlos (@perfectspade) reported

    Well, went ahead and beat RE3 in one go, only took like a 20 min break to fix my stream sound but I did it, now time for food and bed! (PS: I liked it but it was easier than RE2) #residentevil3 #Capcom #twitch #RE2

  • olivyanora olivya (@olivyanora) reported

    i was gonna re set up my twitch stream n then all my widgets broke. somebody help

  • laniusrat 𐂂 𝑷𝑶𝑪𝑲𝑬𝑻𝑭𝑼𝑳 𝑶𝑭 𝑺𝑼𝑵𝑺𝑯𝑰𝑵𝑬. (@laniusrat) reported

    @ungravedtragedy with a clear head. Beck wasn't the problem. He noticed that twitch. Everything about Jason’s body language tells him that he is fighting within himself. Something tells him that this flexing of his hand and posture is a frozen statue of him hyping up himself for something —

  • L3KGaming Lethargic/Kitten (@L3KGaming) reported

    Halo specifically has had TERRIBLE problems with trend chasing. Infinite must stand on its own as a HALO game, not the next big twitch game or esports giant. The best thing halo can do is stay true to its identity.

  • mysislovesme ishawari brock📚🏐 (@mysislovesme) reported

    There is no !command I won’t code, no timeout I won’t give, no Twitch laws I won’t overlook, and no order I won’t obey to make my streamer happy. And if you become his problem, well, I’m sorry to say that I’ll become yours.

  • Anduu1 Andrew Robinson (@Anduu1) reported

    @TwitchSupport I am presently locked out of my account because my ISP SHAW Cable is holding your authentication emails for 15 minutes for review /scan. I have gone through their support and they say the problem is on your end. If you could look into that it would be great!

  • LandonHuffman Landon Huffman (@LandonHuffman) reported

    @TommyJoeMartins @iRacing @Twitch @XfinityRacing @RacingUnderdogs @TeamMartins @LogitechG Let me help you get her looking pretty

  • mmerrcci Mercy (@mmerrcci) reported

    pls help @TwitchSupport

  • xTheNikx xTheNikx (@xTheNikx) reported

    So...I found a couple drivers were missing on my PC, got them installed and so far so good. I'm gonna run some more tests tomorrow and see how it goes. IF we don't have anymore issues, I WILL be back on @Twitch on Monday! @EPID3MIK @pipelinegg

  • natedaowg natedaowg (@natedaowg) reported

    My roommate bet me i couldn't hit 21 viewers tonight on Twitch. Help me out! I don't want to lose this bet.

  • ElLocoUno26 ElLocoUno26 (@ElLocoUno26) reported

    Sorry but YT chat has been having issues but the stream will still be active, but Twitch and Mixer chats will be available.

  • ttvOmozu Donovan Hall (@ttvOmozu) reported

    @ruuuuuw @PlayVALORANT On 4/7/20 at 8 am (EST) i will be doing a 24 hour Valorant beta stream. If my internet doesn't die or crash at any point i should have a full 24 hour vod on twitch after i complete it. I will be taking breaks to shower, eat, stretch and rest my eyes throughout the stream. If my i

  • Tienager Tien (@Tienager) reported

    can you guys help me brainstorm for a new twitch name im not a Tienager anymore 😔

  • itshanklmao 6'4" human windmill (@itshanklmao) reported

    @zoocat There’s t pain going hit for hit against Lil Jon on insta live, Digital Mirage has another few hours today and a full day of virtual streams tomorrow, and the glitch mob has a set on twitch too rn

  • KrascheZ Krasche Z (@KrascheZ) reported

    Tonight's stream wasnt great, but wasnt terrible. It's only day 2. #twitch #newstreamer

  • rorza Rorza 1988 (@rorza) reported

    in 15 days time, I will be officially launching my Twitch, this means I will be streaming games from my Switch with a high quality mic and webcam and capture card from the 20th April (this is a target date, so it might get pushed back due to logistics) but yeah, that's the latest

  • hrtslikeheIl liviah🍒 (@hrtslikeheIl) reported

    id do so much voodoo shit for twitch to just break and crash right now

  • StokiezOK StokiezOK (@StokiezOK) reported

    @impostahh1 @Icychiller54 @Rutgers_Lou @ihyCaleb Fix your twitch link btw. Apparently it doesn't recognize you

  • Peaceman___ Benjamin Peace (@Peaceman___) reported

    @Xyph_Playz @RiotZiegler Yeah I’m sure they could if they wanted. Think that’s more of a twitch issue. Add that to the long list of issues I have with twitch lol. It would probably have been better for fans if they did it more traditionally key based, but having it tied to drops was genius marketing wise

  • SailrSpoopyMoon SailorSpoopyMoon (@SailrSpoopyMoon) reported

    So apparently this whole time my streams weren't running off of the Nvidia through Twitch Studios, so now I'm trying to transfer over to OBS. Hopefully I'll have it all figured out and ready by tomorrow since there were some tech issues today.

  • RY2N_ow Infectious (@RY2N_ow) reported

    @TwitchSupport my account just got hacked help pls

  • RY2N_ow Infectious (@RY2N_ow) reported

    some one just hack my twitch account @Twitch and my email account had to do so much just to get my email back and there is nothing i can do about my twitch cuz the hacker change the accounts email to smth else pls help @Twitch

  • ThomasEWoods Tom Woods (@ThomasEWoods) reported

    @DontFWithYaBoi1 Here's the problem: I looked everywhere to see if Twitch supported having up to 8 people on screen at once. Doesn't look like they do. When I went to look at their features, their site was a series of tutorials. No list of features. Awful.

  • Akara__ Akara 🍎 | Exiled for the good of the Realm (@Akara__) reported

    @trueprophetkane I spent 2 years on twitch, moved to mixer, have built up a following of 3700, but my viewers keep telling me they are having more and more problems watching over there, so this is my solution.

  • VumpWasTaken Vump 🍒 (@VumpWasTaken) reported

    @MapleSirYup Theres no instant fix I think you wait til twitch gets rid of bot accounts

  • KLJones_777 K.L.Jones (@KLJones_777) reported

    @Billy_5m1th @katie_honan @maggieNYT I admit I was not up to date on twitch raids. Wow. People are messed up. I still say they need to fix it or find a comparable solution.

  • enrico0831 Enrico (@enrico0831) reported

    Also all you people who think your tough because you are someone who can ban on Twitch Your NOT!!! I know I don’t belong in a community So Next Time I’m on a channel and someone says hey how to I get pass this and I help them out and you threaten me or whisper I’ll ban you

  • therealCZKraZe KraZe [B42] (@therealCZKraZe) reported

    @TwitchSupport what’s the point of having a contact or emailing y’all for help if you don’t respond

  • Spiderrbyte Spider ♡ (@Spiderrbyte) reported

    I love streaming on Twitch and even on OnlyFans. I do ask y’all bare with me since it’s been difficult. The whole medicine is supposed to help me but it’s been mean ;-; I feel so drowsy, I sleep for so much plus I feel constantly in pain. Send help and cute memes for ya girl ;-;

  • NateCreamer4 Nate Creamer (@NateCreamer4) reported

    @gaytwizard Nobody needs to hear your dumb, uneducated, uninformed replies to him. He has some power in the community and has used it to fix what happens to be a dying game atm. At least Sauce, a college student, is doing better at twitch than most streamers of this game.

  • Tiny55772002 TINY the T_REX (@Tiny55772002) reported

    @Twitch I have a frustrating problem with twitch mobile. Every time I go to another app, or search the web while watching a stream, i lose the chat... as a moderator i would appreciate a "chat pop-out" option for mobile 🤗

  • ReaganRevived Ronald W. Reagan (@ReaganRevived) reported

    @biden4pres T-shirts. Great idea. I'm afraid to wear bandanas in my neck of the woods, Joe. People think I'm in a gang. Itchy trigger fingers, the whole lot of em. Lost my friend Dave in a drive-by last week. Had a blue bandana over his face. Worst thing, I saw him twitch as I sped off.

  • TheRealWhiteJ pooʇsɹǝpunsᴉɯ (@TheRealWhiteJ) reported

    @ItsZombae No problem. There’s also some artists that have been streaming on twitch you just have to find them on there.

  • BCFLowsOfficial Brian Campbell (@BCFLowsOfficial) reported

    @Walmart @walmarthelp hey so you don’t carry any cameras available for streamers @Twitch #twitch .. I told him I had $30-40 & was treated rudely by managers. I would fix staff. No wonder no contracts yet.

  • MsEllaMaria 𝒆𝒍𝒍𝒂 𝒎𝒂𝒓𝒊𝒂 ♡ (@MsEllaMaria) reported

    they need to fix the “i need to pee” problem before twitch realizes what they’re doing. #sequestermini


    @KiXSTArTV i would much rather they fix other issues 1st. i just finished a game where i got TK'd off spawn twice, and on the 1 round i got to play i dumpstered a frost with at least 10rds from the twitch DMR and she only took about 35 damage. this season ubi messed up the game badly.

  • MaJarrett15 Mackenzie Austin (@MaJarrett15) reported from Denver, Colorado

    Everyone should do their drag shows on twitch or Facebook live cause insta live is TERRIBLE

  • BroadsideXVII Broadside17 (@BroadsideXVII) reported

    With no word back from Twitch support and the problem persisting I am forced to conclude that Twitch no longer supports version 8.8 of their mobile app and that the only fix is to purchase a new tablet that can run the latest version, since v8.8 is the highest I can run on mine.

  • onewingedbagel . (@onewingedbagel) reported

    Gonna have to postpone streaming until i fix these issues :( might be on and off today to keep testing so u might wanna turn off notifications from my twitch if u ever had em on

  • Ghost_Streams TA Ghost (@Ghost_Streams) reported

    @AverageJoeWo The struggle is real. I can't get the name Ghost on twitch and it really irritates me that twitch won't lift a finger to help cause its not a tag that's in use. JoeWo may not even be in use honestly there are probably millions of names either just in limbo or locked away

  • MachoHonkler MACHO MAN RANDY HONKLER (@MachoHonkler) reported

    @chinesedeath we need a jerry springer for twitch problems

  • PunkL lPunkRockGirLl_HGG (@PunkL) reported

    So, last week when I noticed that Twitch had added some new features to off-stream features. I asked my friend @HungMooseStudio if he would be willing to come up with a 60-second music clip. He said problem. 1st music clip I was freakin' sold and did not want anything...

  • kenijuana kenijuana💨🦆 (@kenijuana) reported from Lakewood, Colorado

    why won't the audio on my TV come out when I try to use twitch ;( pls help

  • RevoIver michael (@RevoIver) reported

    @spazzaneve17 people who use twitch emotes outside of twitch really just need to seek help

  • LiveSmallz VikkiSmallzLive (@LiveSmallz) reported

    @koolme666 It hits a plateau and gets so hard to stay motivated when life keeps going and bad things happen around you. But I look to Twitch to help me cope with real life shit. And it really has worked for me so I know I’m going to be streaming for a long time. I want to see you continue 2

  • RyanHillGames Ryan Hill (@RyanHillGames) reported

    All these latenight hosts trying to do interviews from home need to step their game up. Their laptop webcams and mics are trash quality. @Trainwreckstv and @RajjOfficial are able to host 10+ people LIVE on @Twitch , with millions times better production quality.

  • imbinci Binci (@imbinci) reported

    @Lil_Lexi @Twitch I don't really see the issue if someone uses affiliate for the sole purpose of getting their own emote. It doesn't harm anyone. Affiliate isn't a perk Twitch is giving us to be nice, it's just to earn money

  • InitialSkrymir Alberto Torres (@InitialSkrymir) reported

    @yuninja8 My twitch name is Skrymir39. I am shy so I don't talk much, but I will try my best to help 😊

  • 19bmontiel Bryan (@19bmontiel) reported

    @CakeybearUK Aw man I wish my twitch didn't crash

  • JLAndersen01_ JLAndersen01 🎙 (@JLAndersen01_) reported

    Sorry everyone, stream has been cancelled due to a continuing network error on @Twitch @TwitchSupport . I tried following all of their guidelines for a fix but it keeps cutting off. I'll look into it further. Sorry again for the cancelled stream. ~Have A Zombie Free Day!~

  • AR23NAL_ Micah Comfort (@AR23NAL_) reported

    @SassyyR6 @BikiniBodhi Especially considering that it's the worst gun in the game AND you're playing twitch geo

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