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  • Buffering (39.74%)
  • Playback Issues (23.08%)
  • Sign in (17.95%)
  • Crashing (15.38%)
  • Video Quality (3.85%)

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  • superanimeturbo steven johnson (@superanimeturbo) reported

    Yu-Gi-Oh duel links is updating so what I’m gonna do is to play Twitch in the morning around 10:30 am on Thursday I got a fix to the Bad internet connection.

  • tenacious_br Tenacious (@tenacious_br) reported

    @TwitchSupport please help!!!!!!

  • k0whunter Kyle (@k0whunter) reported

    Short stream tonight because I lag and Im trying to fix my sleep schedule. Come say "Wubalubadubdub" #Twitch #Fortnite

  • heshamk93 Hesham Kausar | FUT Analyst (@heshamk93) reported

    @imkikosuarez @Twitch I dont stream but 720 seems like the better option since not everyone can buffer a 1080p stream. I mean you will lose a bit of quality with 720 but you will get more people watching a 720 stream when compared to a 1080

  • vancitysmok3r Smok3rr // MOTACLAN (@vancitysmok3r) reported

    @Twitch i cannot sign into my account, ive sent multiple emails trying to solve the issue, but get now response. i’d like to start streaming again! #signmeinchief

  • igtshapes Shapes (@igtshapes) reported

    @TwitchSupport why not fix the payout info, it's so confusing. give exact dates and what you were donated/subbed.

  • yurimegumi Lilly (@yurimegumi) reported

    People who use twitch are geniuses, see people complaining about broken decks exactly 1 day after a set released and saying they ruined the game lol

  • Tony_Sacto Anthony Donnelly (@Tony_Sacto) reported

    I want to hear the streamer say my unpronounceable and/or obscene gamer name. But if they're busy, no problem. #Twitch

  • Strandable Connor | Strand (@Strandable) reported

    @Guqrdian @MrTehBanga @Twitch_ANZ @Twitch One thing you should know about domestic violence is... There's various types. Common known ones are emotional and physical violence. Physical wounds heal, no problem.. Unless it goes too far.. But the mental state of someone may always be affected by what occured.

  • Noscut7 Craig Ganoff (@Noscut7) reported

    @Ninja @GuyFieri No one cares @Ninja. Make a difference as a streamer...use the legitimately "free" twitch prime money you've accumulated to actually help treat people in this world who aren't so fortunate. "Charity" streams don't count since you're profiting off of the publicity.

  • ghostflaneur Gavin Bennett (@ghostflaneur) reported

    @KiennaS *twitch* sorry, that's awful and its a fecking shite evening for it to happen on.

  • MrTehBanga Anthony Banga (@MrTehBanga) reported

    @Guqrdian @Strandable @Twitch_ANZ @Twitch its disgusting the and guy clearly has some issues handling his own self. Most likely due to being over stressed which is common in all cases. Guy needs some counselling for sure, hopefully can resolve his issues.

  • Hitstick88 Zachary Cummings (@Hitstick88) reported

    @EA_KRAELO Hello I’m having problems with the game. And twitch is not working for the game.

  • KCGOAT913 KCGOAT913 (@KCGOAT913) reported

    @TwitchSupport I'm having issues receiving my drops, when watch madden on twitch. It shows I have three and it's not downloading them to my PS4. Please help with this matter

  • KCGOAT913 KCGOAT913 (@KCGOAT913) reported

    @Twitch I'm having issues receiving my drops, when watch madden on twitch. It shows I have three and it's not downloading them to my PS4. Please help with this matter

  • SmashKing_ Smash King (@SmashKing_) reported

    I really do have to fix the whole, Twitch not tweeting out when I’m live problem tomorrow. Lucky you can catch my streams after the fact, on my 2nd channel. Smash King 2, (ps. I kept my old logo the on there)

  • Zynniii ℤ𝕪𝕟𝕟𝕚𝕚 (@Zynniii) reported

    @aureylian But can you fix my emotes so show anything remotely close to my twitch name because everyone is confused. No I don't need custom ones just default names that have my handle ☹

  • KrisFromTwitch KrisWithTheBeard 🌎 (@KrisFromTwitch) reported

    @NewOwlHooDis Biggest facts of Twitch right here. Without the knowledge of flaws and shortcomings, we cant fix them and correct. Have to take that criticism to heart, not to the chin, and use it for your own good 🙌

  • twinworld Shaun Edwards (@twinworld) reported

    @YouTube @TeamYouTube @YTCreators Edited even more videos today and the same crap happened. On top of the videos not being edited, the 'edited' videos pause every few seconds to buffer. Also the audio randomly repeats itself in spots. Good thing I can export my vids from Twitch to YT for a clean re-edit attempt.

  • ItsGrubb ItsGrubb (@ItsGrubb) reported

    Will be streaming on Twitch tomorrow around 9:30 or 10am so swing by and help me become a twitch affiliate!

  • wadewalker22 Wade walker (@wadewalker22) reported

    @PoorBoyOnline @CaldyGaming @Twitch It’s 2k fault they don’t fix shit

  • iAisuness iAisu (@iAisuness) reported

    Hating @Twitch, no help nor response. Going back to @WatchMixer!

  • Bernier_et_Fils Shayne R Bernier (@Bernier_et_Fils) reported

    I ALWAYS shout “Stop choking me!” while I slam my own head into the cage in the police cars. I also like to twitch my foot violently. @UNTPolice You should probably at least TRY to issue a believable statement.

  • BryanThePirate 𝔅𝔯𝔶𝔞𝔫 𝔗𝔥𝔢 𝔓𝔦𝔯𝔞𝔱𝔢 (@BryanThePirate) reported

    @theRSSfeeds @OriginInsider @EAHelp I actually have a similar problem with Twitch. Changed it and it asked for verification yet never sends the verification email :(

  • iAisuness iAisu (@iAisuness) reported

    @TwitchSupport HELP! IM GETTING ERROR CODE #5000! Its your website! I stream anywhere else and no error, when i stream on your platform, its nothing but issues! Please help!!

  • hellobeccarose Rebecca Ceglia (@hellobeccarose) reported

    Um so last night I took a pic with @JakeChams and said “I watch you and your friend Zach on Twitch” and he was like “oh you mean my cousin” and instead of just admitting I had a slip of the tongue I pretended I didn’t know they were related @ZachVenture 🙃👏 Help my awkwardness

  • miss_angeliquew angelique w. (@miss_angeliquew) reported

    @rogerwinn1 @xxAnoubisxx @Twitch Rules broken for guy streamers too so irrelevant

  • ErizabesuKuro Made in Japan🇯🇵 (@ErizabesuKuro) reported

    @TwitchSupport when are y’all going to fix game chat in streams on Xbox One 😒

  • alanaballard_ alana (@alanaballard_) reported

    does everyone's boyfriend twitch in their sleep or is mine just broken

  • iAisuness iAisu (@iAisuness) reported

    @Twitch PLEASE HELP! I cannot solve this error code #5000. No matter what I do, it won't fix itself! Please help! #twitchhelp #streamingproblems

  • tsl452 tsl45 [GSF] (@tsl452) reported

    Laptop was having problems so I had to restart! We’re live again!! #fortnite #streamer #twitch

  • Stapr_ Stapr (@Stapr_) reported

    can anyone help. im trying to stream stretched on streamlabs obs and everytime i go into fortnite the twitch screen goes black.

  • ItsYojimbo ItsYojimbo (@ItsYojimbo) reported

    @88mphTim @imaSpaceboy Anything that takes away your control of what you show on your channel is not ok. Especially with how terrible twitch has been with monitoring the content on their site. What if the “recommended live channel” is a toxic **** and people visiting your channel think you support that

  • J4CK_O_R34P3R J4CK O R34P3R (@J4CK_O_R34P3R) reported

    Stream was canceled due to technical difficulties. Sorry, soon hopefully I can stream the way everyone deserves to see and work on said technical issues. #twitch #SupportSmallStreamers #Xbox #gaming #learning #Grinding

  • KaddykinsEbooks misskaddykins_ebooks (@KaddykinsEbooks) reported

    Now that twitch is having issues. I have made it to me on the vet.

  • HotSwapGaming Hot Swappable Gaming (@HotSwapGaming) reported

    @AuroraKGames @acxaxvanitas @hikari_demon Let me sum this up - I received a legit copy a legit way. I googled for issues with streaming and saw none - didn't realize twitch had one. Now I do. Also, had plenty of viewers. Don't high and mighty yourself as a 'true fan.' I'm happy and I understand why I've been suspended.

  • symphonicbraver virgin pimp cane WHM (@symphonicbraver) reported

    to tell you how bad android notifications are no matter how much i try to fix them: i just got a notif from twitch saying a streamer i like went live! 2 hours ago

  • Zepisthegreat K Hwang (@Zepisthegreat) reported

    @TwitchPrime @NeverwinterGame I emailed support through twitch to find out why my arc is now unlinked. I was able to get the purple owlbear from before. Arc support is trying what they can but the issue is on Twitch's end. Hope to hear from twitch support soon.

  • hyunjinheart [ % X ] (@hyunjinheart) reported

    i wish i used twitch i know im probably missing out on quality miryo content...

  • Maleaha01 KLB (@Maleaha01) reported

    @Jauffins @mariusb40c @MagzGamerGirl @Twitch @Twitch @TwitchSupport Fix your shit.

  • Vaecon Dan Vaecon (@Vaecon) reported

    @SantaDevs @Twitch @aribeee_ viewers are having the same issue on my channel. One thing i'm not too sure about is how it selects the streamer to advertise on my "offline" section. Like on me its apparently been completely random streamers. I'd rather I could pick or disable that.

  • AdsForHope Brian at Ads For Hope (@AdsForHope) reported

    @msteib The lack of space between 'Mueller' and 'took' in this article made my eye twitch...if only someone on the internet knew about one weird trick that could fix that sort of thing...

  • VenomousFatman1 Jakejames Lugo (@VenomousFatman1) reported

    It's been exceptionally difficult when I've tried many things to make the Twitch stream I do practically every day grow and expand. Have gone to others for help, mixed things up, but haven't been met with anything but disappointment & empty promises... #realtalk #streaming

  • Michael_Benton_ PeterPumpkinEater69 (@Michael_Benton_) reported

    @YassuoNA @Twitch @LeagueOfLegends No problem bud.

  • GalaxyRCG Galaxy (@GalaxyRCG) reported

    @SusanWojcicki And this is why streaming on YT is broken because ya'll to busy worrying about Youtube TV to fix notifications, copyright system and the streaming platform! no wonder streamers are leaving YT and going to twitch and mixer 😪

  • Codedion The Guy Who Snoops (@Codedion) reported

    The problems I'm currently facing are as followed... 1. I can't never find time to make good decent thumbnails 2. Videos are piling up from previous Twitch streams (in which it's eating up most of my storage drive & it's piling up. I'm still working on videos from August of 2018)

  • 9bunbunn FREE 9BUNBUN (@9bunbunn) reported

    @Lizbethbobomb I had someone sit in my twitch (while blocked) almost every day for FIVE MONTHS! Twitch needs to fix this

  • chais22 Chais (@chais22) reported

    I got a new sim card and no longer have my old number. I cant get into my acc because my 2fa is on my old number please help me @TwitchSupport

  • TerranceKozak Terrance W K (@TerranceKozak) reported

    @Konnan5150 I just heard Abyss and Dutt are off to WWE and you're now on Impact creative. Christ, good luck. Starting to look like they need a priest to help. WTF! No new talent, twitch 8k viewers. Sorry but looks like the Titanic. Not a good situation to build from.

  • CFB_Moose Moose Jester (@CFB_Moose) reported

    @SkolVikingsfan5 @OccupyFantasy Not sure about the podcast; Brian will know more about that. However we are working on getting a twitch stream up to help make a few lineups for the pro bowl. Also never be feel bad about asking those questions! The more degenerate we sound the better lmao

  • Aidan15031 Aidan1503 (@Aidan15031) reported

    @FortniteGame Why whenever I hit connect twitch to fortnite it does not send me a verify code and this has happened before someone help

  • Jack_Moffat17 Hustle Spydr (@Jack_Moffat17) reported

    Won't be able to stream for the next couple of days or so. Lots of issues regarding my computer and now twitch. Still keeping my stream because this shit doesn't count.

  • nastudillo ❄️甘いけど心理🔥 (@nastudillo) reported

    Someone help me find twitch emotes as whatsapp stickers I need some monkaS to spam in my chats

  • SymphonyofSkies Skya KH3 HYPE!! (@SymphonyofSkies) reported

    Once i get the next twitch check i'm just never streaming again that shit is way too terrible for my anxiety and you just don't have an audience if you take intermittent breaks, my medical shit is too unpredictable for it I''ll do something else as a skill

  • MattRetroYT Creator Code: TheMattRetro (@MattRetroYT) reported

    REMEMBER THIS. If stupid 12 year old me wasn't delusional and greedy, I'd be a Twitch partner now without a sweat, all the while doing stuff I adore. Rectifying my errors with my proudest work, @AnthemCentral, but you all should learn from my mistakes. ENJOY IT.

  • Icarus_726 Learning and proud (@Icarus_726) reported

    @Seraph_Ultimate Actually I'm stripping to help pay for my streaming on Twitch

  • LemonadaAroma Lemon 🍋 (@LemonadaAroma) reported

    @realcarloskills @nowuseealy or the people who have no clue just how much of a problem boobie streamers are in twitch.

  • BungoTaiga TORA (@BungoTaiga) reported

    twitch machine got unplugged error 2000 please die

  • xb0shi3x Brandalf the Blonde (@xb0shi3x) reported

    Do me a favor help me report this to @twitch. Harrassment is not okay, and twitch ignoring it for two months is ridiculous. Tag them. Repeatedly.

  • Kratez2k Kratez2K (@Kratez2k) reported

    @SnorrLaxZ Hahahaha i mean "howto actually build a teamcomp = howto be good, where to set your defence = game knowledge" all of which they get through experience,trial and error or by watching good players on twitch 😂 thats gotta be one of the dumbest posts out there

Twitch Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 0x10331100
  • 0x10331196
  • 0x10331196
  • 0x1033119e
  • 0x103311a0
  • 0x103311b3
  • 0x10531192
  • 0x109311f2
  • 0x2000000b
  • 0x20B31181
  • 0x30231107
  • 400
  • 500
  • CE-35327-0