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July 20: Problems at Twitch

Twitch is having issues since 09:40 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • OrlandomagicFa8 Pr0digy3069 (@OrlandomagicFa8) reported

    @RaynWillow @Twitch That would help so many people!

  • Greg75830392 Greg (@Greg75830392) reported

    @Twitch I was wondering if I could get some help with my account I seem to be having problems signing in pls dm me

  • truongasm Mom (@truongasm) reported

    I bummed myself out immediately when seeing something trending about cats and twitch and was originally hoping it was just some adorable cat stream, only to find something really awful.

  • CampbellJudit Mukbang Judy (@CampbellJudit) reported

    @TeaSpillYT @AlinityTwitch She needs to be not only reported to the SPCA, but she needs to be banned from Twitch and any other streaming or video site. She is absolutely the worst human. I hope something is done. This should not be allowed at all! Disgusting!

  • SpideyGirlsLove Vergil (@SpideyGirlsLove) reported

    @MichiMidnight The issue is that there are some on here that act like complete retards when they post content look at twitch and their basically porn star section

  • CryssTodd Cryssy Todd🎮🍁 (@CryssTodd) reported

    @Smash4Sugar @stillgray @peta @TwitchSupport Garlic is toxic to cats, but the issue outside of garlic would be high amounts of sodium. Pickles themselves aren't toxic to dogs and cats, but the ingredients the pickles are made with are what is cause for concern. Maybe the video you watched wasn't seen by as many ppl as this

  • WPG1993 ₩ƗⓁⓛƤĻΔʎรᎶⒶϻ€s➀❾୨Ɛ (@WPG1993) reported

    so i got a wisper on my twitch say my stream sucks and its not worth my time to stream um i do it for fun even tho i do need help i do the best i can do with what i have since i kill my cpu by trying to stream since its pinned at 80-100% the whole time even with gpu encoding

  • mrGREEN1017 The Alabama Dream (@mrGREEN1017) reported

    @TwitchSupport help trying to make an account

  • Cryonical Cryonical (@Cryonical) reported

    Now this is the type of shit you don't do. You don't abuse your ******* animals out of your own problems. you could of just nicely just put the cat on the ground but you threw the ******* cat at the back you. this is the type of shit that @Twitch needs to look out for.

  • Post_U_Later Post U Later 🌐 (@Post_U_Later) reported

    OMG It's Happening Everywhere! This Is An Issue That NEEDS To Be Fixed. Come On Twitch, This Is Low, Even For You.

  • DarthNSK DarthNSK (@DarthNSK) reported

    I really let my pride get the better of me. I never want help from anyone, and I’d rather fail on my own then try reaching out. I see others network to promote their twitch, meanwhile I want to be the self-made success. Maybe I should reach out to some ppl to make opportunities.

  • glizzzymf 🤩 (@glizzzymf) reported

    @TweakBoxApp Fix twitch +++

  • kaptinkillem Travis (@kaptinkillem) reported

    @TwitchSupport I got multiple texts with security codes this afternoon so I changed my password and now it wont let me back into my account and says my phone number isnt tied to a twitch account. Pls help.

  • TLelewicz Trevor Lelewicz (@TLelewicz) reported

    @Twitch Tried to buy bits. Said transaction failed. Account was still charged for the bits. Your help section of your website is SHIT and isn't allowing me to either log in or submit the claim on there.

  • jesseballzy Jesse Ballz'y (@jesseballzy) reported

    @DipsGaming Welcome to the digital world! No one gives a shit especially twitch there support is worst I have ever seen @amazon thought they was professional but there not they just want your wallet. #truefacts welcome to 2019 peasants jus sayin’

  • IamDemonetized Demonetized (@IamDemonetized) reported

    @leinad4400 @AugieRFC She's also Broken Twitch TOS numerous times....Got banned and then came back with a slap on the wrist.

  • ahowse16 ❤Beeeaar❤ (@ahowse16) reported

    @ThreeDailey Omfg thank you!!! 🙌 This girl is awful. She gets away with alot, she's a twitch thot

  • EchizenMomoko 越前桃子🌸Ryoma's Waifu🌸 (@EchizenMomoko) reported

    @MaruiTheBunny @Tykiari Sadly @TwitchSupport seems to be all fine with Animal abusing v.v I really hope someone rescues these poor animals from this terrible person

  • XenoTekOfficial XΞNOTΞK (@XenoTekOfficial) reported

    @Onyxx666 @ZirobVG @Twitch The little toss of the cat wasn’t an issue for me, it’s the fact she poisoned her cat and this is just one of the things she has done. And I stand no animal abuse

  • SaintsOracle777 SaintsOracle777 (@SaintsOracle777) reported

    @Twitch How about you show some care and concern here is YET ANOTHER DAY WITHOUT A ANSWER FROM SUPPORT. Your Follower count is wrong. I even had a buddy set up a test account and same problem.

  • XoLDannerzm8 Daniel Orford (@XoLDannerzm8) reported

    @impulss3 @TwitchSharing @SupStreamers @RoseArmyGG Do not use your anxiety as a sympathy vote to grow your twitch. I have the same issue but I do not use it for sympathy.

  • johhnyjohhny4 johhnyjohhny (@johhnyjohhny4) reported

    @Twitch @TwitchSupport I need help. My twitch prime won’t activate.👀

  • crai_bun Crai (@crai_bun) reported

    you aren't living in an online safe space. he is only doing what he's doing for the reaction and yet still you feed the fire. if you really have a problem with it then report him on twitch, report him to osu! staff, if he's breaking any of the rules then they'll deal with it.

  • Pandavoc Pandavoc (@Pandavoc) reported

    New hilarious #SeaOfThieves gameplay video with @ItsEnRaGED and @IIapexnineII ! My character looks awful and we had to ram them, check it out! #SupportSmallStreamers #StreamersConnected #Twitch #Youtube @SeaOfThieves

  • deco1020 Danny (@deco1020) reported

    @lancefaltinsky You are... go find something better to do with your life. If someone throwing a cat on twitch is the thing that outrages you, when this world has human right issues far beyond comprehension. But a cat getting tossed is where you'll stand up like MLK.

  • Emperor_of_Beer MileHigh303 (@Emperor_of_Beer) reported

    @IRGRL @ASPCA @SaskatoonSPCA @SaskatoonPolice @AlinityTwitch She's ******* terrible! I hope she's off Twitch soon!

  • Deku_Siah_De Siah. (@Deku_Siah_De) reported

    @anything4views @KEEMSTAR @Twitch Belle Delphine: gets banned from Insta for posting Lewd content Alinity: Is still thriving on twitch even though she’s broken countless terms of service

  • RealDotCR DOTCR (@RealDotCR) reported from Montréal, Québec

    @andymilonakis @Twitch I’m also very concerned. This has affected you very much and twitch should absolutely fix this singular errors. Hopefully they will get to this mistakes. Hang in there bud!

  • TheRealNicki__ Nicki In Another World 🧸 (@TheRealNicki__) reported

    I’m done with YT cause I can never get any help with vids and I don’t want no excuses (you don’t have the right build to be helped) (I can’t play with slashers) well guess I won’t be doing YT. I’ll try my best to do Twitch but I highly doubt that

  • SacrificialMods SACRIFICIAL Jr. (@SacrificialMods) reported

    @SugarycupcakeTV I've read something saying that she exposed her body once on twitch & sometimes she does inappropriate things while livestreaming on it. -I don't have any problem with cam girls/guys as long as it's done in the right place, I think twitch doesn't mind either.

  • NothingOnQueen Tristen (@NothingOnQueen) reported

    @TwitchSupport SOMEONE HELP! And stop allowing the twitch prime loot to be stolen from me OMFG SO ******* ANNOYING

  • JacobTh60425096 Winterkarma (@JacobTh60425096) reported

    @TreWoozytre @BeyMuhammad2 @VaneioH @SenorJoseCatto @MyBadRabbit @peta @TwitchSupport @Twitch He’s just a white knight trying to defend her awful actions as a human being.

  • FerragamoBelt_ ▫️ (@FerragamoBelt_) reported

    @LosPollosTV - guy with the worst work ethic on twitch

  • yahboynaenae Nathan (@yahboynaenae) reported

    @RockstarGames I claimed the twitch prime deal for gta online but never received the money in game please help

  • DethStarCanteen Death Star (@DethStarCanteen) reported

    @pachimarci @KEEMSTAR @Twitch Ugh she's awful

  • shylandshearts Marissa Clifford🔺🕳️🐷👑 (@shylandshearts) reported

    Omg this is so messed up @Twitch @TwitchSupport I stand with @peta , this is animal abuse, this streamer Alinity needs to be removed from the platform right away! This is terrible, devastating, and disgusting!

  • Activvee Trystan (@Activvee) reported

    @JipperyMcCloud @RbNChubbz You’re making it seem like she’s the Michael Vick of twitch because of your personal views. I’m saying what it is and how it is. If she “abuses” them on a constant basis then obviously it’s a problem but for this instance it’s not anything out of the norm.

  • BenLowery17 Ben Lowery (@BenLowery17) reported

    @QuarkyDarkMatte @Docfreefun1 @peta @TwitchSupport @Twitch House cats have a unique ability to land properly. The cat could handle it with ease, not a problem. A dog, not so much. And I never said anything about that vodka, about which I agree with you. Giving a cat vodka probably isn't a good idea.

  • ii_AM_EnergiZed ii AM EnergiZed (@ii_AM_EnergiZed) reported

    I also have had streams on twitch buffer from time to time and sometimes would have to connect to chat. I had shut my xbox off and turned it back on at one point but wasnt connected to xbox live but was wired and all services where available.

  • KevynMate Ya Mate, Kevyn (@KevynMate) reported

    @peta @TwitchSupport @Twitch Go back to killing animals and leave it to people who actually wanna help Also **** off with "speciesism" and other ideologically bankrupt marxist bullcrap

  • Jesus_HMetal HeavyMetalJesus (@Jesus_HMetal) reported

    @KeybladeHero_05 @ZermistTV @Twitch This blew up well before PETA had anything to do with it, they just jumped on the bandwagon. SO many people want her gone, and she's caused loads of issues before.

  • Eidolon_86 Eidolon_86 [DUMPLING TRIBE] (@Eidolon_86) reported

    It truly bums me out to see twitch be selfish in many aspects. If you don't make money for them. They aren't available to you and your shit outta luck. I wonder if @WatchMixer keeps people hanging for help or not dole out punishments when needed.

  • benstillwell Beniswell (@benstillwell) reported

    The gist of what should probably happen to alinity: She should lose her partnership, and her account should be temporarily suspended. Twitch partners should be hilights of a community dedicated to creating quality streaming entertainment. Alinity is not that, she can’t be that.

  • SliWill SLIWILL 🎥 (@SliWill) reported

    @Colteq @Bizzwinning @OsP_Wintr @Bherksy @Twitch Would have no problem smashing that ***** face in aye, would much rather put trust into an animal that humans now days. Chur humanity 🤙

  • youngnotfamous bisexual commie (@youngnotfamous) reported

    had a brief idea that i, too, could do a twitch stream. i've had many a dumb idea in my life, but this is by far the worst. even i'm shutting this down.

  • MMotion_ Motion (@MMotion_) reported

    @Storm30O @PPerseting @CIumzzy I've been doing the money glitch so I can get some bread. If you have twitch prime I think you get it for free

  • ThisIs_Wack Sadie (@ThisIs_Wack) reported

    @Docfreefun1 @peta @TwitchSupport @Twitch Nono, thats not the problem. She threw the cat.

  • jaegerowttv jaeger (@jaegerowttv) reported

    @KEEMSTAR @Twitch @Metro_OW *says “mongoloid” Month ban from his livelihood Allinity - REPEATEDLY abuses her animals on stream, general terrible person, and still partnered on the service. I was once matched with her in overwatch and she was the hardest carry I’ve ever had to play with

  • FlamezDarkness Jordan Browne (@FlamezDarkness) reported

    @lancefaltinsky @AlinityTwitch @TwitchSupport @Twitch This is the worst use of photoshopping I've ever seen. Anyone who uses discord can immediately tell this convo is tweaked with edits.

  • holydot1 omegadie (@holydot1) reported

    @smashbrolink @JxhnAYY @tokengeek21 @Fractureee @peta @TwitchSupport @Twitch only problem is peta's clock is usually frozen

  • NarmayaWolf 💕 Narmaya 💕 (@NarmayaWolf) reported

    @MccallumXavier @TwitchSupport I know that getting mad doesn't help but I can't hide my feelings when some scumbags treats animals like this, those kind of people shouldn't run freely, they should get thrown in the prison 😡

  • CaptAssassin CaptAssassin (@CaptAssassin) reported

    @loriirosetv @stillgray @peta @TwitchSupport Well said! But I’ve heard the ******* forms an airtight seal around the neck, so she probably can’t here what people are saying about her awful behavior.

  • gamerman8359 Jason (@gamerman8359) reported

    @peta @TwitchSupport @Twitch What she did is terrible, but perhaps PETA can take a stand for cats by not euthanizing them consistently.

  • NarmayaWolf 💕 Narmaya 💕 (@NarmayaWolf) reported

    @MccallumXavier @TwitchSupport I know that getting mad doesn't help but I can't hide my feelings when some scumbags treats animals like this, those kind of people shouldn't run freely, they should throw in the prison 😡

  • KatiieMcCarthy kt (@KatiieMcCarthy) reported

    get her ******** off the platform. take her cat away. please. she also lets them drink VODKA FROM HER MOUTH! she’s horrible. girl you need help. @AlinityTwitch @Twitch @TwitchSupport

  • meat5ack_4life BD.Dela (@meat5ack_4life) reported

    @RockstarSupport I haven't received any of my gta twitch prime items after 48 hours, can you please help.

  • MccallumXavier Dark (@MccallumXavier) reported

    @NarmayaWolf @TwitchSupport I am very disgusted to the point that getting mad doesn't help

  • ZombieCupKake Zombie (@ZombieCupKake) reported

    @Fathead_on_bass @stillgray @TwitchSupport @peta Sounds like she’s got problems

  • trvpordie Riddim or Die (@trvpordie) reported

    @peta @TwitchSupport @Twitch @peta you should be cancelled. First of all before you say shit about other people. Fix your organization first. You kill millions of cats and dogs every year. Stop being hypocrites!

  • joe761 joseph williams (@joe761) reported

    @Twitch Disgusting work from @Twitch letting animal abuse continue just because @AlinityTwitch is a large streamer. What a joke. But keep posting these highlights instead of fixing the issues on your platform.

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