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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • RivProbably 🦄 Rivioli 🐾 (@RivProbably) reported

    I looked to see to who's live on twitch and Chad's face looks so red, is he ok, does he need help

  • LmameGeek Laurent Matheo (@LmameGeek) reported from Los Altos, California

    @EricTTung That sounds like a terrible idea actually. 1) YouTube TOS 2) this is artificial 3) check bots on Twitch... some channels have a great number of views but no interaction This would be for me to insta ban the “creator”

  • Ridiculous24_7 INFINITE (@Ridiculous24_7) reported

    @EA_KRAELO It ain’t right I watch every game of the madden challenge on Friday and didn’t get any twitch prime packs this isn’t right @EA_KRAELO that’s major training right there I need some help on getting my packs this is not cool

  • blazer_woods BLAZER--BTW (@blazer_woods) reported

    need some borderlands 3 twitch sub emotes!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wzaoooXD wzaooo (@wzaoooXD) reported

    @EvZGames @Twitch @Twitch @TwitchSupport help please

  • ironbearm3ch Moze (As the Gunner) (@ironbearm3ch) reported

    @zaneflynthitman The leg gave the faintest of twitches but she didn't really mind seeing as how she couldn't feel too much. "I don't mind. I think we would make quite the pair to be honest." She couldn't help but chuckle. "And the best goddamn maliwan killing team out there."

  • Focuzed Focuzed (@Focuzed) reported

    @TheHaleyBaby @kellyjeaaann @TwitchSupport They have said this, plenty of times. Your cosplays can be seen from either side of the fence including the soliciting of tiers that include NSFW & “ludes” There’s no issue if you want to do that content, you just can’t use your Twitch to solicit it.

  • DANJARUSSnCALI SacTownNative (@DANJARUSSnCALI) reported

    @EA_KRAELO Man really upset about not receiving any Twitch packs after watching every game on Friday I mean hours upon hours of watching & nothing usually I’m not trip’n cuz it’s usually a pack but this was multiple packs that I should of received .Can u help me out @EA_KRAELO

  • Unknown__Cipher Shun (@Unknown__Cipher) reported

    @KylarAlice Listening to twitch chat is probably the worst decision you could do. Ignore them. They're pretty much toxicity personified

  • G0ldWidow Kay; Ultimate Furry (@G0ldWidow) reported

    Bruh im gonna cry i thought twitch clips were broken on my phone but theyre not i just found my old clips from a few of wilburs old streams and even one from the goop lifelink event i ,,,,

  • RlandowWhijman Rlandow_NL (@RlandowWhijman) reported

    @_kentendo @REALIcePoseidon Twitch is worst since all has gone to mixer and that's bad to better YouTube ... Twitch is for kiddos

  • SafwaneWagui Safwane WAGUI (@SafwaneWagui) reported

    @Glyphee @TwitchSupport @TwitchSupport @Twitch takes so long to answer and they need to fix that problem

  • spiderbanditTTV spiderbandit (@spiderbanditTTV) reported

    Just cancelled a bunch of subs on Twitch and other services since I'm going through a bunch of financial issues. I'll be back soon guys. 😥

  • DouglasRod226 Douglas Rodrigues (@DouglasRod226) reported

    @EvZGames @Twitch @TwitchSupport @Twitch help pls

  • MTLxSpider MTLxSpider 🏳️‍🌈 @ Magfest2020?? (@MTLxSpider) reported

    Twitch chat is terrible. Sub-only chats for Big events please.

  • Flebsy Flebsy (@Flebsy) reported

    @ske7ch It will be a big, big mistake to cap the game at 60 on launch. First impressions are everything, and you don’t want hundreds of twitch streamers slamming the game at launch due to it being capped at 60, even if it has input lag problems.

  • JustifydWarrior JustifydWarrior (@JustifydWarrior) reported

    @Twitch fix your gifting... I just paid for 2 gifts that were not recieved... Then I tried to buy again for the person who didn't get it and it said I already own the item Absolutely not gifting anymore... At all... FIX THIS NOW

  • BruhItzBoen SwampSox (@BruhItzBoen) reported

    @Spydr_ I subbed with Twitch Prime but my app crashed. Sorry I can't stick around for the stream because of data issues and my location.

  • LpG_VeLoCiTy LpG_VeLoCiTy (@LpG_VeLoCiTy) reported

    @Twitch you need to get your shit together with your guidelines. No wonder why people are switching to @WatchMixer. Literally suspended @TheHaleyBaby for ******, exposure, etc and she is the last person you would catch doing this. Do something about this issue.

  • AvorMania Avor_mania (@AvorMania) reported

    @SCrystallux Exactly and the worst part is players like eve twitch shaco teemo who have invisibility or camuflage will benefit sooo hard from this + assasins like taloon khazix and rengar

  • WhiteLlamaShow WhiteLlamaShow (@WhiteLlamaShow) reported

    Fun short cast of CSD2! Been dealing with some frustrating frame issues the last week or so despite my net being yeah, need to figure out whether it's me or Twitch servers... Back tomorrow with the start of Control!

  • S1N3N S1N3N (@S1N3N) reported

    @WatchMixer I also know it isn't a hardware issue because I tried @Twitch again and had no issues. So it has to be something going on server side

  • S1N3N S1N3N (@S1N3N) reported

    @WatchMixer I also know it isn't a hardware issue because I tried @Twitch again and had no issues. So it has to be something going on server side

  • DylanScreen Dylan of Screen Time (@DylanScreen) reported

    @twip98 Yeah, it’s really upsetting! I guess we should all move over to twitch now. If YouTube can’t fix itself, then I really would like another video sharing website as a job to take YouTube’s place, and fast! I honestly don’t know what else to say...this is just so sad.

  • Tyrrant25 Tyrrant (@Tyrrant25) reported

    @pathofexile Awesome event , great announcements and display of game play. Unfortunate the twitch drops were not working correctly.

  • xTheOnlyAJ AJ😈 (@xTheOnlyAJ) reported

    Ima be honest I scammed 2 ppl out of they money bc i was struggling in life living i helped my mom and dad pay the bill for the house while buying my brother and sisters sum clothes so I wanna grind utube and twitch and get paid to help my family 😔

  • Ljoseph5454 Rick720 (@Ljoseph5454) reported

    @SurpriseBoops @konvikttv Aww waaaah im so sorry for you :( Life must be so hard, men have it perfect and have no problems of their own so I feel so bad for you women. Plus your example is so ******* stupid. Shes on twitch not in a grocery store you retard

  • armapopuli ARMAPOPULI (@armapopuli) reported

    I need some friends to start to support my twitch so please help

  • boy__lag Boy Lag (@boy__lag) reported

    @_Aragorn___ If I had the money I would. Problem is. I physically cant work. All my possible energy goes into twitch and youtube.

  • PhoenixNitro Dalton Derrick (@PhoenixNitro) reported

    once i cop the fire pro dlc i'm missing in the next day or two, i plan on getting back to streaming fire pro daily on twitch working on edits and stuff. can't wait to have @Dawnbr3ak3r & @OfficerBrightly yelling at my awful edit making abilities lmaooo.

  • KbartTV KBartTV (@KbartTV) reported

    There are days i really just get tired of streaming on twitch. It seems like the people that randomly join your stream always just do it too talk shit. Never had that issue with Mixer.

  • lsu_branburr Brandon Burroughs (@lsu_branburr) reported

    @EAHelp so for all club championship streams on Friday there were no twitch drops done. Can anybody help me or point me in right direction to get these packs

  • Manic020 Manic020 (@Manic020) reported

    @TwitchSupport help please

  • AutumnMaeTV Autumn △⃒⃘ (@AutumnMaeTV) reported

    Been thinking for a bit & I’m not sure if I can keep streaming regularly. Twitch is good & tbh the money isn’t terrible. The instability and inconsistent amounts of money make things tough some months & I wonder if putting the same amount of time into another job would be better.

  • ShadowLight615 [LT3] Shadow ⚡ (@ShadowLight615) reported

    Great, I can't sign into @Twitch cuz of the stupid two-factor authentication cuz I don't have my old phone anymore, nor can I remember the number I used, I need help 😞

  • davidkinloch7 david kinloch (@davidkinloch7) reported

    @TwitchSupport i need help I keep disconnecting from your server while I am streaming and it’s annoying and I have a ps4 and my internet is fine can u guys help me fix it please I wanna keep streaming ty get back to me

  • jisunglyz ★☆★cas (@jisunglyz) reported

    super and chan just went live exactly one minute apart that was so awful of an experienc getting a notif that said “찬이의 “방” 🐺 Ep. 45” during my mf twitch ad

  • Ribonchan59 Ribonchan (@Ribonchan59) reported

    For all unmonetized channels, please SAVE your videos and go to a different platform like Bitchute, Storyfire, or Twitch. Youtube will never stop being broken or corrupted. They've made that very clear. It's now a decaying corpse of what it used to be.

  • SndrewAheldon The_Hip_Barista 🔜 Taco Bell (@SndrewAheldon) reported

    Twitch friends! I am working an absolute ass load this week and next week, because Thanksgiving week and my birthday week I’m not working a lot. Balancing working full time while trying to grow my channel is hard as hell and I miss you all. Thank you being with me while I do this

  • The_Narwhal13 Narwhal (@The_Narwhal13) reported

    I seem to have been banned from Twitch with no email regarding it. I woke up today and my account is Non-existent.. please help! @TwitchSupport

  • pastelwife ♡ silver fox ♡ (@pastelwife) reported from Los Angeles, California

    i will literally pay someone to help me set up OBS so i can stream my switch on twitch

  • Dreapa4 Dreapa (@Dreapa4) reported

    Twitch literally has the worst customer service I have ever seen and they will not fix anything with the website. They only care about riding the biggest streamers *****

  • fishCutterThGr8 BarryBBenson (@fishCutterThGr8) reported

    @KylarAlice This communities twitch chat is awful, constant back and forth insults, regional competition in a bad way, calling out balance and making excuses it's horrible to read I couldn't imagine being the target of it

  • Claudia1836_TTV Jaime C. (@Claudia1836_TTV) reported

    Signal boost, a Twitch friend needs some help.....losing his place to live and he's got animals so it makes things really hard. Especially on a very limited income. Anything helps! 🐶🐱🐶

  • DeltaBaka IRequestADuel [Alexander_Yoshida] (@DeltaBaka) reported

    @TwitchSupport Update username isn't working it just reloads the page, please help

  • KGDrayken Drayken (@KGDrayken) reported

    @pathofexile Great, can't wait to get nothing because your heads are so far up your ass you don't realize people are having ******* eligibility issues because of a twitch drops bug which has been happening since its inception.

  • miss__slaughter 𝖘𝖑𝖆𝖚𝖌𝖍𝖙𝖊𝖗 💀 (@miss__slaughter) reported

    @ThomasHayward Yeah I’m streaming directly from the console using the Twitch integration. It’s usually fine but certain games seem to trigger this issue.

  • Zangames Zanrise (@Zangames) reported

    The whole bra controversy now seems like a bunch of streamers have jumped on a hate bandwagon. It's good that she can be more comfortable on stream, she knew what she was doing. Which is fine, she can use whatever she wants. The problem is how unclear the rules are on Twitch.

  • DannyDynamite6 TWITCH STREAMER (@DannyDynamite6) reported


  • NalaWu master of dungeons @ WINTER BREAK (@NalaWu) reported

    I kind of want to start a twitch stream series where I play popular video games for the first time bc i've never played anything haha problem is idk how twitch works,, and i have no money (or computer space) to buy games #someday

  • JessixOW jessix (@JessixOW) reported

    Yeah. My shit just isnt working today. No idea what the problem is. Exchanged my modem, still having issues. Speedtest says my internet is fine, OBS and Twitch say otherwise.

  • y2keiji axel @ outlast 2 (@y2keiji) reported

    this is the worst i wish i was a twitch streamer it'd be so much easier if i had a bunch of mega boobs and gamers watching me and cheering me on

  • SSBJunji Junji (@SSBJunji) reported

    @HazmattRules @AdenSnake TOP TEN WORST TWITCH FAILS

  • beckw1n Beckwin (@beckw1n) reported

    If I have to see this Crash Bandicoot Racing ad one more time on Twitch, I swear to God.

  • oneblkbutterfly BlkButterfly (@oneblkbutterfly) reported

    I have been quietly sitting in @AuroraVR_ stream for the last 20 minutes... I have seen maybe 5 minutes of gameplay..... ******* @Twitch so damned broken for me

  • Laitington Egg-suckin' Plane @ MFF (@Laitington) reported

    @Introdile people on the reddit thread are saying it's a twitch issue, because all of our accounts say "Twitch Prime drop eligible" but not "Twitch drop eligible" so.... I suspect they'll just give us all a bunch of free stuff lol

  • QueenMomo__ QueenMomo (@QueenMomo__) reported

    @TwitchSupport @PlayStation for some reason when my friend tries to stream it doesn’t show he is live on twitch and the stream cuts off after a few minutes. Who does he need to contact to get help because it should be this hard to get it. #TwitchStreamer #retweet

  • ArvuReBantra Arvu. the Astralgender Lynx (@ArvuReBantra) reported

    Tomorrow I will be streaming Celeste on Twitch to raise money for a new PC. Please do me a favor and help me out! Spread the word #fundraising #twitch #Celeste

  • Robbie38105464 Robbie (GAMEBOY H) (@Robbie38105464) reported

    It’s 2am and I’m trying to figure out how to change my twitch name to my twitter username, but I’m my phone and I can’t sign in on my laptop! Halp me pls! 😫🤣

  • SCHLOOTT 𝐚𝐧𝐚𝐢. (@SCHLOOTT) reported

    i changed my twitch username to the worst thing ever and now i cant change it for 2 months i gotta make another ******* account now .

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