Is Ubisoft Uplay down?

Uplay is a digital distribution, digital rights management, multiplayer and communications service developed by Ubisoft to provide an experience similar to the achievements/trophies offered by various other game companies. The service is provided across various platforms (PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, etc).

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At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at Ubisoft Uplay. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in (70.97%)
  • Online Play (18.43%)
  • Matchmaking (7.37%)
  • Glitches (2.30%)
  • Game Crash (.92%)

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  • R4C_XBL
    ℜ4ℭ ℜ6⚡️ (@R4C_XBL) reported

    Fix ur ******* shit game u ***** @Ubisoft

  • TheMagoosha
    Lucas Arndt (@TheMagoosha) reported

    @Ubisoft still getting kicked from your R6 servers and being unable to join back. You ever gonna fix that?

  • maxs2607
    max smith (@maxs2607) reported

    @Rainbow6Game @Ubisoft. I play on Xbox and when load into a game it freezer and then takes me back to the Xbox home screen. All of my other games work fine I'm just wondering if it's happening to anyone else if so how do I fix it

  • SOMEONE2119
    SOMEONE 21 (@SOMEONE2119) reported

    @Ubisoft uhmm there’s lots of game crashing for no reason in ps4 can you guys fix ASAP(rainbow siege six)

  • DanuMunasinghe
    Danuja M. Munasinghe (@DanuMunasinghe) reported

    @Rainbow6Game @Rainbow6Game Dear ubisoft, now game sounds are very weird after grim sky update. Some times there is no sound coming from near footsteps, smoke grenades and can't say the enemy direction exactly from sounds. Please fix this issue. Thank you.

  • gourmet_pr
    #G2ARMY (@gourmet_pr) reported

    @Krysis_R6 @MasterYodaR6 @Ubisoft Rank system is broken, deal with it

  • adeadturtle1
    adeadturtle (@adeadturtle1) reported

    @UbisoftSupport I have a problem With the assassins creed origins season pass. i bought the game through steam but i bought the season pass through uplay but it doesnt appear to be working and after a google search it appear not to work and a refund would be needed?

  • amir92884790
    amir (@amir92884790) reported

    @Rainbow6Game @Ubisoft fix the close app bug on ps4 its fking annoying

  • Sale_Freux
    Nephalès (@Sale_Freux) reported

    More than two and a half years that many of us ask the question : Why @TheDivisionGame was it coded with the ass ? Why hundreds of bugs still persist such an alpha version ? Why the worst hitbox problems in the history of video games ? @UbisoftSupport @Ubisoft @UbiMassive

  • szczech_jakub
    Jakub Szczech (@szczech_jakub) reported

    @Rainbow6Game Give Jager and Bandit Acog again and fix weapon sight alignment please and bring back University. Ela needs impacts and her recoil needs to be nerfed. Fix Consulate lighting on Xbox you cant see reflex sight its as if you are EMP. @Ubisoft @Rainbow6Game

  • daniel92660144
    daniel (@daniel92660144) reported

    Fix the ranking system keeps kicking people and putting them in different ranked games @Ubisoft @Rainbow6Game

  • SlightlySalty24
    Salty🔜PAXSouth (@SlightlySalty24) reported

    @SynysterGaming1 @TheElneache Ubisoft is a joke. I’m glad they brought in the double authentication. But I am currently paying for a VSN protection service for less than $10/mo so I’m down

  • GFAnBi
    AnBi (@GFAnBi) reported

    @RSBlackrose Ubisoft is giving you a 50.000 (75.000 if Lion is banned every time) discount on operators when they implement pick/ban into ranked. Customer service!

  • owenryne
    Owen Sutton (@owenryne) reported

    @Rainbow6Game @Ubisoft Are you going to fix when u get kicked from a ranked match, then you start ranked matchmaking and get into a completely different game? It’s happened to me like 5 times now and I get an abandon penalty mid game

  • GHGtudoubing
    葱花土豆饼 (@GHGtudoubing) reported

    @Ubisoft @Tinyacb807 @Rainbow6Game Mr potato,why i can't connect to your potatoes after the update,uplay says the potato,s service can't available,why why why

  • SeamussPower
    Seamuss (@SeamussPower) reported

    @Ubisoft @UbisoftSupport Hey, hey!!! once again I opened Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Siege (@Rainbow6Game) to play with friends, and the servers doesn't work. This happens so frequently that I'm starting to get used to it. Quite disappointed with Ubisoft service.

  • kronosmnf
    zawa (@kronosmnf) reported

    @Rainbow6Game @UbisoftSupport @Ubisoft r6 servers down?:(

  • ognite214
    OGNITE214X (@ognite214) reported from Brooklyn, New York

    @divisionforums Ubisoft should put out betas on certain Maps when it comes to visual effects definitely survival people that wear corrective lens have problems do you think about that

  • AE_Guss
    GussMan (@AE_Guss) reported

    @Rainbow6Game Please fix this : When I tried log in into game it will be no connection ( login and manual patch from steam ) it says 'A ubisoft service is not unavailable' and it happens more than a week. Btw, I am from Indonesia and play R6 on SEAs Server. Thanks

  • Lee_M
    Lee🇬🇧🇪🇺🍃♻️#FBPE #Remain #FBPEparty (@Lee_M) reported

    @UbisoftSupport the Ubisoft club password reset isn't working. Can you fix please? Tried several times but no reset email has arrived.

  • SlightlySalty24
    Salty🔜PAXSouth (@SlightlySalty24) reported

    After careful digging, and a help from a friend. We now know my @Ubisoft account was hacked. Not through steam, but through Ubisoft. I didn’t set up 2 factor authentication, until now. Ubisoft I have always spoke up for you when your servers were bad, fix this.

  • ZacEmmerson0
    Zac Emmerson (@ZacEmmerson0) reported

    @Ubisoft=@EpicGames Both make broken games

  • vereybowring
    verey bowring (@vereybowring) reported

    New record for shit customer care. Opened a ticket with @Ubisoft about the division, took them 11days to answer. So long in fact I ditched the title and got a refund. Don't buy from this company - they couldn't care less if their games have issues or not.

  • MojoTeaz
    MojoTeaz (@MojoTeaz) reported

    @Ubisoft is too worried about the upcoming paid dlc to fix the servers. Was disconnected for the last time. #Uninstalled #ForHonor

  • _FixYourGame_
    FixYourGame (@_FixYourGame_) reported

    @Rainbow6Game so when our team have a Retard, who shot us to 1% HP, and we kill him bcs of this in ranked, we will banned. OR: my team have an autist like an ubisoft developer - who cant fix a crashing glitch in 3 month - run before me while im shoting, i banned. GG loosersoft, GG

  • saresh42
    Иван (@saresh42) reported

    @Slashtiger87 @Ubisoft @SouthPark Most of the fans screamed "it's OK" when anyone brought up Switches internal memory problem.

  • _FixYourGame_
    FixYourGame (@_FixYourGame_) reported

    @Rainbow6Game so when in our team have a Retard, who shot us to 1% HP, and we kill him bcs of this in ranked, we will banned. OR: in my team is an autist like an ubisoft developer - who cant fix a crashing glitch in 3 month - run before me while im shoting, i banned. GG loosersoft, GG

  • rievalerlangga
    Rieval Erlangga ✈ (@rievalerlangga) reported

    @UbisoftSupport i did it,unistalling and reinstalling but still the same "A ubisoft service is currently unavailable. you can try again later or switch to offline mode" can you please fix my problem sir ? thank you

  • ballistica01
    Stephan Smith (@ballistica01) reported

    @jdnguyen @UbisoftSupport @Steam_Support @Ubisoft @steam_games Lol its broken

  • daniellee9913
    Daniel Lee (@daniellee9913) reported


  • Drazurik
    Keven Bouchard (@Drazurik) reported

    Finally!!It's gambling and even if they try to say it's not Guess What it is.@EA,@Activision,@Ubisoft and @2K We the Gamers and our Countries will win over the MTX and Loot-Box gambling problem.

  • BmanWin1212
    Brady Sewell (@BmanWin1212) reported

    @Ubisoft the servers are down plz fix

  • ReaLBaIIeR
    Austin (@ReaLBaIIeR) reported

    I got Banned for quitting my game. Thanks Ubisoft can’t fix your best game and ban player for your problems.

  • bo3_ass
    Rony ramos (@bo3_ass) reported

    @Ubisoft hello i have some problems with my email(cant access)and would like to change it

  • turtle10mikeg
    DankBeanerMemerCreamer (@turtle10mikeg) reported

    @Rainbow6Game @Ubisoft fix ur game

  • danielhkwan
    Daniel Kwan 🔜 @ Metatopia (@danielhkwan) reported

    I love playing Rainbow Six Siege, but the community has some serious problems. It's not often that I'm bombarded with Asian racial via voice chat. Not only does @Ubisoft needs to moderate the community better, but parents need to start spending more time...parenting

  • danielhkwan
    Daniel Kwan 🔜 @ Metatopia (@danielhkwan) reported

    I love playing Rainbow Six Siege, but the community has some serious problems. It's not often that I'm bombarded Asian racial via voice chat. Not only does Ubisoft need to moderate the community better, but parents need to start spending more time...parenting

  • OliversEscape
    Unloved Escape (sadboishours) (@OliversEscape) reported

    Somebody tried to login to my ubisoft account from Thailand

  • Nxbsii
    R6Nxbsii (@Nxbsii) reported

    Dear @Ubisoft, It has come to my attention that your matchmaking system is ******. Why am I, playing at Plat 3, 1 game off of plat 2, getting matched with Gold 3s, and Silver 1s. They have no thumbs. Please fix it. Sincerely, Nxbsii

  • BeterLoliTiddie
    Tool (@BeterLoliTiddie) reported

    @Ubisoft Fix clash, and get the new map out of ranked.

  • warpdecoy
    rhys (@warpdecoy) reported

    i just emailed ubisoft with screenshots with the issue im having i hope they get back to me i was super excited to continue playing assassins creed

  • mrb1138
    Mr. B (@mrb1138) reported

    @JayDubcity16 If they treat it how Bungie handled Destiny on PC, it'll be great. That's the level of quality I expect. I've had no problem with anything on W10 w/ cheaters & MS has been FAR better than I expected making PC ports. Ubisoft could learn a thing or two from them in that department

  • N0TedHD
    N0Ted.zG (@N0TedHD) reported

    Ok... I logged out of a ranked match and I went to join back and it said I got an abandoned sanction It was round 1 ALSO I haven’t been able to reconnect causing me to have over 20 abandon sanctions Fix your shit @Rainbow6Game @Ubisoft @UbisoftSupport

  • Graydon_is_cool
    Graydon (@Graydon_is_cool) reported

    @UbisoftSupport He also deleted his game, and re-downloaded it, and I am redownloading the game as well. Why is it that I only have these kinds of problems with Ubisoft titles?

  • DavidDDavidso16
    ✈♚ David D. Davidson (@DavidDDavidso16) reported

    Rainbow Six: Siege matchmaking is fantastic •First game, put in too late to pick operator, 4v5 •Second game, put in too late to pick operator, 4v5 •Third game, Error: the game you are attempting to join is full But at least Ubisoft is banning people for saying naughty words.

  • _TheHighGround
    Lane 🔰 (@_TheHighGround) reported

    @ZitroRage @Rainbow6Game Ubisoft decided to take the worst operator (blitz) and decided to basically merge him with montagne and make it a defensive op. Broken af

  • _Flaunty_
    Flaunty (@_Flaunty_) reported

    @Ubisoft your servers on R6 still suck fix them ASAP

  • King__Crank
    Joey (@King__Crank) reported

    @Ubisoft I’ve been kicked out of #RainbowSixSiege 3 times tonight!! Because of an “Error” SORT IT OUT FS!

  • Samuel_me_
    Samuel (@Samuel_me_) reported

    @Rainbow6Game Fix your ******* game Ubisoft. Every goddamn match i join i get disconnected and cannot rejoin so please do something about this ******* shit

  • JIsaacs_91
    Joshua Isaacs (@JIsaacs_91) reported

    Either I get voted out for play Maverick or I get team killed.. @Ubisoft @Rainbow6Game yall have some issues

  • _ChrisXMichael_
    Yung God (@_ChrisXMichael_) reported

    @Ubisoft can you please fix rainbow six siege. I get kicked out of ranked for lag then when I try to get back to my original match I’m put in a different match then I’m banned for 15 minutes. This is annoying because it didn’t work like that before grim sky.

  • LegitTvHD
    Pip Squeak (@LegitTvHD) reported

    @Ubisoft you said you fixed shot accuracy, but my headshots still aren’t registering and I have people shooting my arm and it’s a headshot! Fix it please!

  • thesniper_747
    THESNIPER747 (@thesniper_747) reported

    Hey @Ubisoft why does Clash from rainbow six siege have a smg that looks like the one from HALF-LIFE 2 and a quick thing to fix is jackles's a pea shooter XD

  • jthomson891
    Jack Thomson (@jthomson891) reported

    @Ubisoft @Rainbow6Game fix the ******* blue screen problem

  • PerryARoachII84
    Perry A. Roach II (@PerryARoachII84) reported

    @Ubisoft how many times do I have to ***** until you fix R6S

  • Speedynek
    Jan the Man (@Speedynek) reported

    @Ubisoft @UbisoftSupport @UbisoftUK @UbisoftUplay Any idea why @StrikeForceGen is not able to login into Uplay? For some reason he can't get there and he would like to try and get into @Rainbow6Game , any chance you could help him out? Thank you!

  • kendrickdavid01
    Kendrick David (@kendrickdavid01) reported

    @UbisoftSupport I'm seriously having issues while playing #Watchdogs2 it's logging me off Ubisoft servers and forcing the game to shut down

  • Zommbiebby
    Zommbiebby (@Zommbiebby) reported

    @Rainbow6Game @Ubisoft please fix stream snipes suck so bad we want fair fights add streamer mode

  • ThatguyDaltn
    Dalton Shelton (@ThatguyDaltn) reported

    My friend just got an ace then got removed for connection then tried to join back and was put into a whole new ranked game, lost both matches and got double demoted, fix you're potatoe @Ubisoft

  • Nitro32959
    Nitro32959 (@Nitro32959) reported

    @KingBates_HTTR @Muthead @XboxSupport @EAMaddenNFL @Sooner_Krayzie They gonna release new content so people buy packs to put players in token sets but not fix the problems the people want solved. EA worse than Ubisoft I swear