Is Ubisoft Uplay down?

Uplay is a digital distribution, digital rights management, multiplayer and communications service developed by Ubisoft to provide an experience similar to the achievements/trophies offered by various other game companies. The service is provided across various platforms (PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, etc).

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  • TaylorxX03 Anxyty (@TaylorxX03) reported

    Please tell me this is a glitch. I lost half of my operators somehow and it’s saying I have to repurchase them 🧐 @Ubisoft @Rainbow6Game

  • WifiIsDown Wifi (@WifiIsDown) reported


  • THUND3rR6 Edgar.🕊 (@THUND3rR6) reported

    @Ubisoft @XboxSupport having some problems with my @Rainbow6Game season pass; didn’t receive everything that was included in it.

  • JimmyNu19265753 JimmySkimmy (@JimmyNu19265753) reported

    Hey, @Ubisoft, my friend is having a bit of an issue with his operators, the ones he bought with the Y1 operators package, they aren't allowing him to use the operator's that came with it.

  • PhxGamer24 Leo (@PhxGamer24) reported

    @baundiesel @TheDivisionGame @Ubisoft @UbiMassive Not a bad problem to have 🙃

  • CMXSneedle CMX Sneedle (@CMXSneedle) reported

    @UbisoftSupport your account security is horrible i constantly get New login location detected with your Ubisoft account: We have detected a login with your Ubisoft account from the following country: Country/Region: Indonesia

  • DaveDC666 Dave (@DaveDC666) reported

    @UbisoftSupport BEWARE of UPlay they stole all my games because I cant access my email anymore took my whole UPLAY account The support or lack off is 3rd world country stuff, asking me to login, but when I do it says this account not verified. They get back to you 2 weeks later if you are lucky

  • Raheemx11 Raheem_x_ (@Raheemx11) reported

    @UbisoftSupport @Ubisoft Why aren’t you guys doing anything about this missing content bug on rainbow six siege it’s almost been a week FIX THE DAMN PROBLEM

  • Yum_xren The cannoli God (@Yum_xren) reported

    @TheDivisionGame @Ubisoft I'm running in to en issue where I cant change my second skill slot and it keeps saying that my shield is active or on cool down and I've deleted and re downloaded the game and it still wont let me change it

  • Ryan94338904 Ryan (@Ryan94338904) reported

    @Rainbow6Game @UbisoftClub @Ubisoft I have completed the Ubisoft club acer rainbow six siege skin and I have been waiting 20 minutes and still not received this is this a problem with everyone or just me

  • Snow_Baron King of the Wigglers (@Snow_Baron) reported

    @AdmiralWorld @tew_jayce Plus, I heard that massive had to get help from another Ubisoft studio to unfuck the Division 1 for update 1.8. I sincerely doubt they can fix the mistake that is the Division 2 on their own

  • dirtdiver303rd Mack Gerhardt (@dirtdiver303rd) reported

    @Alyosha18099581 @Rx_Geezy54 @GhostRecon @AMDGaming I am glad thst people enjoy the game, but am more glad there’s so many unhappy fans that they’re going to fix it. Much respect to Ubisoft and @GhostRecon for owning where the game fell short.

  • IzRizen IzRizen (@IzRizen) reported

    FIx Yall Nat type problems we can play any game that isn't Ubisoft online its 2020 come on man @Ubisoft @realUNOgame @UbisoftUplay

  • reactorleakSF ReactorLeakSF (@reactorleakSF) reported

    @thesixmadeone @XboxSupport @Ubisoft @TheDivisionGame No worries. Just a heads up, as of a couple of hours ago, the same digital usage outage was reported on the Xbox live server page....FYI

  • shadowlord1213 shadowlord (@shadowlord1213) reported

    @UbisoftSupport Once I do get it downloading it stops literally at at 56.1 GB Then I get the download error I have been going into the uplay files and the division 2 file is there I click on the division 2 icon and it finishes but won't load up properly

  • zEgxr 𝙀𝙜𝙤𝙧👶 (@zEgxr) reported

    @FloIololo @Trezzmiester @Ubisoft @UbisoftSupport Brooo u get my money after tournament and u buy ddos

  • yussik_nmr yussik (@yussik_nmr) reported

    @Charles_smith_ Rockstar games : gta v Naughty Dog : tlou Ubisoft : rayman legends From Software : bloodborne Capcom : dmc 4 Konami : mgs v phantom pain Activision : crash EA : i don't play BS

  • LeadingTeacher Leadingteacher (Ben) (@LeadingTeacher) reported

    I can't believe this is still an issue on console @UbisoftSupport @Ubisoft wont ban these cheaters and Sony is useless. #RainbowSixSiege

  • DawnVeilz AOD_RACCOON_3 (@DawnVeilz) reported

    @division_uk @Ubisoft @UbiMassive I was having that problem

  • itsarafatopu Arafat Islam (@itsarafatopu) reported

    @Rainbow6Game Screen Freezing Problem. While playing and also in menu plz fix it @Rainbow6Game @Ubisoft

  • ZXO579 SCARFACE 🖤 (@ZXO579) reported

    @Charles_smith_ Rockstar games : RDR Naughty Dog : GOW Ubisoft : Assasins creed From Software : - Capcom : resident evil Konami : metal gear Activision : crash bandicoot EA : fifa

  • __drib .🏳️‍⚧️ (@__drib) reported

    @UbisoftSupport Hey I know this is a very small issue but when I change my avatar and restart uplay my avatar doesn't change even after I clear my cache

  • mahddyboy Mahdi Sidi-Ali (@mahddyboy) reported

    @Ubisoft please fix the link to connect gamer's account with @EpicGames

  • Sgt_uur TrValarMorghulis R6 (@Sgt_uur) reported

    @Rainbow6Game ddos is back on ps4... When they are losing the game (especially Arabic players) they use ddos and servers are broke. And funny part is we got 30 min abandon section. So freaking funny. Well done ubisoft!!!

  • zDivinePain Pain (@zDivinePain) reported

    @UbisoftSupport I purchased the year 5 pass and have yet to receive my R6 credits and alpha packs, I haven’t gotten a response from Ubisoft support in the direct messages yet and it’s been 2 days now, please resolve this issue I payed $25 for this pass

  • Pat59738220 Pat (@Pat59738220) reported

    @SharpieSkunk @Ubisoft @EpicGames @assassinscreed I’m not getting it free. I own my account and all the content keep your 2 cents if you don’t know what my issue is

  • Pat59738220 Pat (@Pat59738220) reported

    @UbisoftSupport @Ubisoft @Rainbow6Game @UbisoftSupport @Ubisoft @Rainbow6Game GIVE IT ALL BACK this is all my content RIGHTFULLY PURCHASED between both my personal Xbox live accounts that I have full sign in and ownership rights to. What ******* right do you have to revert all the shit I paid my hard earned money for

  • meepsandbeeps wubble-bubble (@meepsandbeeps) reported

    @UbisoftSupport I can't login to uplay because google authenticator is still not working.

  • D4dduX D4dduX (@D4dduX) reported

    @Rainbow6Game @G2esports 1) im missing S. I. 2020 ubisoft club skin on valk on console 2) fix gameshare on ps4, i want my Pro League on other account, i spent money and gameshare worked for 4 years.

  • dailyreem Reem (@dailyreem) reported

    @Charles_smith_ Rockstar games : RDR 2 Naughty Dog : Uncharted Ubisoft : Watch dogs 2 From Software : bloodborn Capcom : RE Konami : Silent hill EA : Error 404

  • dailyreem Reem (@dailyreem) reported

    @Charles_smith_ Rockstar games : RDR 2 Naughty Dog : Uncharted Ubisoft : Watch dogs 2 From Software : bloodborn Capcom : RE Konami : Silent hill Activision : Crash EA : Error 404

  • Moha_AK15 محمد (@Moha_AK15) reported

    @Charles_smith_ Rockstar : RDR2 naughty doge : Crash Bandicoot 3 Ubisoft : Assassin creed 2 - Rayman Legends From Software : Bloodborne Konami : MGS 3 Activision : MW 2007 EA : Titanfall 2

  • BeeStreamt BeeStreamt (@BeeStreamt) reported

    UGH @Ubisoft just bought your ******* new game (Modern Warfare) and its ******* broken, fix your game (Dev error 6328) or just ******* refund me😠😠

  • discosamurai The Almighty Disco Samurai (@discosamurai) reported

    @Ubisoft @ubisoftsupport @UbisoftLatam - I have no interest on purchasing any of your products as long as you have the shady, sketchy #Boacompra for your sales. It's problematic, untrustworthy and it asks for VERY PERSONAL DATA that is irrelevant to the purchase. Fix it, please.

  • Moha_AK15 محمد (@Moha_AK15) reported

    @prog_ali Rockstar Games : RDR2 Naughty doge : Crash Bandicoot 3 Ubisoft : Assassin creed 2 - Rayman legends From Software : Bloodborne EA : TF2

  • TBartcode TheFATTBartcode (@TBartcode) reported

    @UbisoftSupport Hello Ubisoft support team, I have an issue with buying the Year 5 Pass for Rainbow Six Siege. I tried to buy it, after the payment went trough, it said failed und took my money from my PSC and just didn't give me the Year 5 Pass.

  • YODAXPT Paulo Silva (@YODAXPT) reported

    @Ubisoft playing ghost recon breakpoint crash freeze , playing Division 2 crash freeze , now playing nothing from UBISOFT thanks UBI 👎

  • xGearFreakx Kevin Dempsey (@xGearFreakx) reported

    @SpecGenie @Ubisoft I have been trying for a week now, but i have had the problem for weeks and even have a ticket open on it

  • josephlg04 lolololol (@josephlg04) reported

    im tryna log into my uplay account and it says a ubisoft service is unavailable

  • chazzee23 Charlie (@chazzee23) reported

    @TheDivisionGame @UbisoftSupport @anyone at ubisoft that gives a shit about customer enjoyment. Please fix division 2 clan servers constant online offline

  • xGearFreakx Kevin Dempsey (@xGearFreakx) reported

    @Ubisoft I just wish someone @Ubisoft would help me with the problem I'm having with Bravo 09

  • PirateGames8 Pirate Games (Official) (@PirateGames8) reported

    @czrulez85 @AskPS_UK @Ubisoft Its nothing to do with DLC, the issue is they claimed they wouldn't be splitting the playerbase, but they are.

  • SeanMcD43475730 Sean Mc Donald (@SeanMcD43475730) reported

    @Ubisoft u guys really need to fix the lag switching, d dossing and booting really does ruin the game

  • xtherealjnastyx Justin Medlin (@xtherealjnastyx) reported

    @reaperRandy5 @Damo_kb8 @TheDivisionGame @TheDivision_UK @UbiMassive @UbiReflections @ULucipus @UbiLeam @ClancyElites @division_uk @jgerighty @rxlyaT Yeah and ubisoft support doesnt seem to have any help on the issue either. 😂. Alot of people are having issues though.

  • LiamJM Liam Marcon (@LiamJM) reported

    @UbisoftSupport Legend @FiCan found a fix: 1. Close all Ubisoft launcher. 2. Copy the files from within the 4 digit folder within "uplay_download" to the parent folder "Tom Clancy's The Division 2". 4. Startup the Ubi launcher again. 5. Locate the Dev 2 game and click "download".

  • Thundasotdot Cooper Nayda (@Thundasotdot) reported

    Ayo @Ubisoft And @UNOMobileGame fix your trash game I keep getting ****** by the AI

  • BenRose98818689 Ben Rose (@BenRose98818689) reported

    @STEVEtheP1R4TE Yeah honestly I think it’s Rockstar, they’re so unhelpful, and they have poor customer service. There’s a couple of times they’ve been ok, but they’re not great. But then again I don’t know much from Ubisoft, I’ve only played trials and ac.

  • TheNippyOne Nippy (@TheNippyOne) reported

    @M1ssnuttie1 @UbisoftUplay @UbisoftSupport @Ubisoft_UK @Ubisoft It's odd it's just shut you out overnight. Saw they were having issues with console servers.

  • r6loot R6loot (@r6loot) reported

    @Weish7 It's as close as we can get given that we don't have access to Ubisoft's data. If there's anything you think isn't in the current rotation, please tweet at us or use the contact form and we'll fix it !

  • Pazzist0301 Jacob (@Pazzist0301) reported

    @Ramin96873930 @WarThunder ubisoft rly need to fix they shit cuh

  • CDardy CallMeDardy (@CDardy) reported

    I know you guys said there wasnt going to be maintenance this week but there should be an emergency maintenance to respond to the new armor glitch where people can make themselves invincible @yannickbch @Thylander @Ubisoft @TheDivisionGame

  • NikySama666 Niky Sama (@NikySama666) reported

    @AskPlayStation Bought For Honor Battle Pass. Unable to access it in game. PlayStation CS refuses to refund me because "I used it on date of purchase", when the issue is that I can't access it. After some emails they just said "We don't know what is happening, contact Ubisoft" Case 200218-005851

  • Raheemx11 Raheem_x_ (@Raheemx11) reported

    @Ubisoft when are you going to fix this damn console bug that takes away year 1 ops and other cosmetics don’t tell me you forgot

  • sociokind Jerson (@sociokind) reported

    @Ubisoft @UbisoftSupport Have the you diagnosed the problem

  • reactorleakSF ReactorLeakSF (@reactorleakSF) reported

    @SweetFlipss @itsAndyyB @XboxSupport @UbisoftSupport @Ubisoft There’s known issues currently with purchased and downloaded content so digital games and logins are a bit wonky

  • HiceEu Hice 🔮 (@HiceEu) reported

    @mqnace lmao they said on the post it was an issue that you get more content SO WHAT ******** DID THEY TAKE ALL THOSE YEARS TO FIX THAT , ******* SOYBOY UBISOFT , TRASH ASS COMPANY SERIOUSLY

  • XBrussow Xander Brussow (@XBrussow) reported

    @Ubisoft is the issue fixed yet I really want to play

  • sirjaydee Joakim Duf 🇸🇪 (@sirjaydee) reported

    @UbisoftSupport I have one issue: Not so long ago Uplay+ was free to try for a month and my gaming friends signed up to try @TheDivisionGame 2 with me, but no-one stayed with Uplay+ nor bought the game. But I am still unable to invite them to this program. They own the game, it says.

  • BraveNewDan1 BraveNewDan (@BraveNewDan1) reported

    @Ubisoft just bout R6 for your stupid login security to block me from playing it ******* idiots

  • ShadowRB6 Jared 🏠 😢 (@ShadowRB6) reported from Lakeland, Florida

    I just made a macro to login to my uPlay. I have reached the apex of laziness. I can go no higher.