Is Ubisoft Uplay down?

Uplay is a digital distribution, digital rights management, multiplayer and communications service developed by Ubisoft to provide an experience similar to the achievements/trophies offered by various other game companies. The service is provided across various platforms (PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, etc).

 No problems detected at Ubisoft Uplay

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At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at Ubisoft Uplay. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Sign in (75.00%)
  • ▪ Online Play (16.67%)
  • ▪ Matchmaking (8.33%)

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Ubisoft Uplay Live Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Box Hill, Victoria  ▪ Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  ▪ Tel Aviv-Yafo, Tel Aviv District

Ubisoft Uplay Live Outage Map
  • Box Hill, Victoria
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Tel Aviv-Yafo, Tel Aviv District
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Ubisoft Uplay Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • robert (@yvngbxnitez) reported

    @Ubisoft @Rainbow6Game honestly fix these fucking wall glitches I don't even want to play bc every map someone is in a damn wall

  • Big Kush Nigga (@MemeGodDom) reported

    Honestly fuck ubisoft i just lost a game of r6 from falling through the fucking map fix your shit game

  • Michael Kimball (@michaelmkimball) reported

    @Ubisoft Fix the floor glitching

  • Michael Kimball (@michaelmkimball) reported

    @Ubisoft fix the floor twitching in rainbow six siege it's bs

  • Mark Mclauchlan (@CoD_is_Pish) reported

    @ForHonorGame Amazing, Centurion was broken on release and look, he's still broken. Ubisoft care more about money then their fans

  • Alex (@Alexm916Alex) reported

    @Ubisoft @Rainbow6Game fix the bank exploit/glitch please. Had to go against 3 teams today on ranked who abused the glitch.

  • FGFS (@B3NGFGFS) reported

    AgentVenom313 is in a wall of a glitch on consulate @Ubisoft @UbisoftSupport @Rainbow6Game

  • Robin (@XR0BiN1615X) reported

    @Ubisoft Fix for honor you hoes

  • MrNobodyCares (@NOBODY_CARES_71) reported

    *Sigh* lost my gold 3 rank because ubisoft is to lazy to fix rainbow sic and game crashed relaunched it and it said I abandoned the match.

  • Nguyen Thanh (@nguyenjoey88) reported

    @Ubisoft guys ! Theres a map glitch on R6 that's ruining competitive mode. Please fix it, I have it all recorded.

  • MagicalKrisp (@MagicalKrisp) reported

    @Ubisoft @UbisoftSupport Guys, you support the hell out of R6 and I'm happy you do, but please fix glitches like bank under the fall ...

  • Isander Gonzalez (@Isander_G) reported

    @Ubisoft rainbow six seige is broken fix the game immediately

  • Tyler Keene (@tykeene) reported from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    @Ubisoft @UbisoftSupport @Rainbow6Game fix your dang game. Never seen so many glitches in a game in my life. Operation health = worthless

  • Trevor Anderson (@A2BrutusCaesar) reported

    @Ubisoft instead of releasing more big block buster games. How about you fix the severs for your other games #FixRainbox6 #FixForHonor

  • Kits (@kitsandchips) reported

    Considering tonight's issues: Ubisoft in the head @msf_actual

  • "Kalup" (@clifford_kaleb) reported

    @Ubisoft will you fix rainbow six

  • Austin (@oJayyFTW1) reported

    @Ubisoft Can you please fix your garbage that you call a Rainbow six siege

  • Ant (@TheRandomAnt) reported

    @Romudeth @Kenji35Kt @SickHumorTV Nah there was a problem for sure. There was one recently with a Ubisoft game, they blamed Sony (then Ubi patched it, so Ubi problem lol).

  • Jorn (@UbiquitousJorn) reported

    @UbisoftSupport Kept getting this error even after re-starting uPlay and my PC.

  • Straitsy22 (@TexonGhost) reported

    Fix your servers Ubisoft

  • Rollin (@RollinYT) reported

    @Ubisoft fix Rainbow Six, it is soooooooooooooooooooooooo broken

  • deadthrill (@deadthrill) reported

    @Ubisoft So are you going to fix your games?

  • tM_predator (@tM_predator) reported

    @Ubisoft can you please fix your glitches in the bank because im tired of when i play bank people sit in glitches in order to win in ranked

  • Alex Abdul-Jabbar (@godisdisturbed) reported

    Please fix these wall/floor and window glitches. The game is currently unplayable. @Rainbow6Game @UbisoftSupport @Ubisoft


    So I'm playing ranked right? For every game I win I gain 28 points. For every game I lose, I lose 79?! Wtf @Ubisoft fix your ranked system!

  • Ink (@ColdInk) reported

    @Ubisoft can you guys please fix the bank glitch on @Rainbow6Game ? It's so annoying on ranked

  • Fabian (@bvbmasterft) reported

    @Ubisoft fix your stupid game maps (Rainbow 6) I lost a game that we could have won because people are abusing glitches

  • Jules (@njtan87) reported

    @Ubisoft can u fix the OUT OFF THE MAP GLITCH on BANK!!!! ITS RUINING THE GAME!!!

  • J-Spec (@Jase8314) reported

    Forget 1.8 just FIX YOUR SERVERS @TheDivisionGame @Ubisoft

  • a7 (@afloressv) reported

    My teammate has been stuck to a window for 2 min already , fix seige please it's so trash @Ubisoft @SamYPNW @traplordelian @justlalotho

  • Thomas James (@tom_gjames) reported

    @Ubisoft Next update please fix bank glitch spots

  • Jolts (@JoltsUS) reported

    WHY AM I LAGGING OUT WITH 60 PING @Ubisoft @UbisoftSupport

  • John John Turner (@JohnJohn_Binks) reported

    I’m straight up boycotting @Ubisoft until they fix monopoly plus

  • Jedisniper (@jedisniper76) reported


  • FitGaming (@FitGaming2) reported

    @Ubisoft when are you going to patch the glitch on bank ?

  • Nicholas Fortez (@Nicholas_Fortez) reported

    @Ubisoft fix these map exploits on Rainbow Six Seige bro

  • Matthijs (@M4t800M) reported

    @Rainbow6Game omfg Ubisoft, does EVERY MAP have GLITCHES now?! Bank, Kafe, Themepark, and Consulate are unplayable!!! Fix your mistakes!!

  • chris (@chris33013) reported

    @UbisoftUK @Ubisoft @UplayUbisoft can you update the far cry 4 arena app on iOS 11 I can’t use it please fix @AppleSupport

  • The Jake Falleur (@JFalleur88) reported

    @Ubisoft yo i am having problems with uplay. Please help me

  • Name cannot be blank (@Kungfu_Sam) reported

    People keep complementing Ubisoft for fixing their games rather then condemn them for constantly releasing broken shit

  • AznR6 (@Ethboi) reported


  • leyton mayne (@LeytonMayne) reported

    @Ubisoft when are you going to fix the bank glitch it's ruining ranked gameplay

  • m.shola huddin (@SholahuddinHrp) reported

    @Ubisoft Fix Your GOD dammt r6 s the map in the bank is glitch

  • Mr Banslide (@MrBanslide) reported

    @Ubisoft Can you help me? Im having a glitch in R6S where whenever I get close to level 51 it takes away my XP all the way back down to half

  • elrinconcurioso7 (@elrinconcurios6) reported

    @Ubisoft so many people are doing it, i too, pls fix it!

  • xX-DN2-OwNzZ-Xx (@DN2OwNzZ) reported

    @Ubisoft fix your stupid fucking game I lost 3 ranked matches due to glitches

  • ChEu (@Ch3uu) reported

    @UbisoftSupport Hey. Is there a fix when Ghost War wont start at all? Getting no error, it just opens the uplay launcher and nothing else.

  • Toha Habib Prince (@princeofdark572) reported

    @TheDivisionGame nice job the game lag like it's running on low configuration pc on ps4 take some tip from distiny servers Ubisoft.

  • Systemlordxxx (@systemlordxxx) reported

    @WorkWombatman @XboxQwik HAbout dam time... the more the build is updated the more issues happen... don’t be a Ubisoft Rainbow 6 crew...

  • Patrick Callaway (@pjizzlz) reported

    @Ubisoft there's a glitch on RB6S bank. Where you backwards crawl through stools in lobby and then glitches you in the map above the vault.

  • Patrick Callaway (@pjizzlz) reported

    @Ubisoft can you please fix the glitch on bank in RB6S?

  • Ameer Hamza (@Hacklikapro) reported


  • JihadJerry (@itsjihadjerry) reported

    @Ubisoft @Rainbow6Game pls fix the ps4 servers. All i get matched up against is japanese players with 200 ping. (I'm West coast US)

  • Joe Anthony (@kidwonder_) reported

    @TheDivisionGame What if I lost the info for the email I used too sign in but my new email is linked with my uplay account will it still work?

  • John John Turner (@JohnJohn_Binks) reported

    @Ubisoft This is the 3rd time this has happened. Fix this tragedy, or we’re never buying an Ubisoft game again.

  • Lyle S. (@NotNKVD) reported

    @DeMiGoD_Twitt >Ubisoft >No connection issues How can this be?!

  • Alberto plascensia (@albertoplasc) reported

    @Ubisoft How about y'all work on siege, the game seems really broken right now

  • uber bagel (@AztekAbel) reported

    @Ubisoft, fix your fucking hit registration in #RainbowSixSiege , y'all need to stop fucking up & actually work on the game.

  • Billi (@hiimbilli) reported

    @UbisoftSupport @Ubisoft @Rainbow6Game why am i losing elo when i win, it makes no sence fix the game

  • Mike (@MJS5811) reported

    @Rainbow6Game @Ubisoft I've loved siege from the beginning, but it's broken now. I'm done. Stop trying to be csgo/cod. Uninstalled.

  • Sticky (@GoD_sickypants) reported

    @Ubisoft how bout screw the glitches and fix the pingers ffs plz

  • Cad0297 (@Cad0297) reported

    @Ubisoft @Rainbow6Game Please for the love of all that is good update Siege and fix the glitches

  • RMYOARNROW (@worroM_nayR) reported

    @Ubisoft fix your game @Rainbow6Game

  • 🐼 (@moist_cake_) reported

    @Ubisoft fix yo damn servers it's fixed for attackers I been headshottin em but they don't get hit

  • Seth (@killedseth) reported

    @Ubisoft really I've had more issues trying to play #GhostWar then any game ever @ClancyElites @GhostRecon #waveformgaming

  • GothamJas (@Shaolin_Jaster) reported

    It's the deployable shield gadget that's the issue here & Ubisoft should just remove it from the game until they can fix it.

  • AznR6 (@Ethboi) reported

    @UbisoftSupport Fix hit registration Ubisoft! It's still not fixed!

  • JDS (@JK_DarkSide) reported

    How is Sokal's Paradise not on an online storefront already? Sinking Island is, same studio. Maybe a Ubisoft legal issue?

  • Windsorts (@Windsorts) reported

    @Ubisoft FIX YOUR SHIT

  • Sciamachy US (@bcvv912) reported

    @Ubisoft fix the fucking bank glitch god damn it. That shit is so stupid

  • Micael (@CardosoMicael) reported

    @Rainbow6Game 2 Matches in 1 day and in every match people glitch inside the map on PS4 ! Your game is broken ! #Ubisoft

  • JJ Swaq (@JJSwaq) reported

    @Magitroopa @SouthPark First thats a Nintendo issue, not South Park or Ubisoft & Second you wouldn't buy it anyway so STFU!

  • RED Panda (@Itz_ReD_PaNdaa) reported


  • Bipolar gamer (@dantekoskosky) reported

    @Ubisoft @Rainbow6Game you guys ever going to fix the huge amount of team killing in your game? Reporting doesn't work so people troll

  • Zurxel 15 (@Zurxel1) reported

    @Ubisoft @Rainbow6Game Fix your game i get kicked and banned for 30 minutes in ranked for getting 1000 ping for a few seconds

  • Real IIDSQII (@IIIDSQIII) reported

    @Ubisoft Please fix Ghost War beta :( game is dope but error oruro-01020 wont let me play :/

  • 🅱️🅾️🅾️NLESS MEME (@royal_inbound) reported

    @Ubisoft eill you guys ever fix the glitches on rainbow six seige, rip my comp rank

  • IkeaQuality (@IkeaQuality) reported

    @Ubisoft Does the "O" symbolize that always at least something is broken?

  • Apostal (@ApostalR6) reported

    @ubisoft @Rainbow6Game can you fix the servers im on a 60 ping the entire game and on the last round it removes me out of no where

  • Sly Miles (@SinMessiah) reported

    @shofu Nah nigga, world can't end until Ubisoft makes a game that doesn't glitch or lag