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Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. In Warframe, players control members of the Tenno, a race of ancient warriors who have awoken from centuries of cryosleep to find themselves at war with different factions.

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  • Grundy90023236 Grundy (@Grundy90023236) reported

    Lol I never realised how shitty the drop tables were for archwing enemies were until I saw ammo drops for rifle etc. even though you can't use rifles etc. #warframe needs to fix this

  • KobieTeeth KobyTeeth (@KobieTeeth) reported

    @Brozime What you're talking about is a problem with the genre as a whole, not just Warframe. Games like WoW, The Old Republic, GTA Online, etc, have the same feeling.

  • VariantX David Jackson (@VariantX) reported

    @Brozime Raids were tacked on content, and the game neither did anything to lead up to it narratively and mechanically. They're completely divorced from what is normally expected of players. Its indicative of a persistent problem with content integration that plagues Warframe to this day.

  • WickOrWhiskey Beercans and bullshit (@WickOrWhiskey) reported

    Breh watching warframe crash and burn is something. Player base just keeps getting lower. That's what happens when you listen to a whiney community and push out half assed content.

  • rwp0079 RWP (@rwp0079) reported

    @Brozime IMO Warframe's biggest problem for years now is that DE hardly ever polishes their stuff. Instead of refining their systems they keep trying to invent new stuff... and then abandon it if it doesn't instantly catch on.

  • NorVerso NorVerso (@NorVerso) reported

    @PlayWarframe Hi! I received a message in Warframe about a negative balance in my platinum and it does not let me log in, about two or three weeks ago I was playing and there was no problem, in fact years ago I have that account and I don't buy platinum ...

  • Sabuuchi Saboogus #CEOofSad (@Sabuuchi) reported

    @QuiteShallow If you close/crash the game in the modding screen on a Warframe or weapon it'll have all the mods stripped when you restart it. I've been reporting this bug since 2016 and despite it being 100% replicable nothing has been done.

  • jackdaws_1999 Eli Blyth (@jackdaws_1999) reported

    I am assuming that this is an individual issue, rather than a Warframe issue. But will capture a few areas during our stream later on if we come across them. Will edit it down and link it in the forums (where I maybe should have posted this... But wasn't at home)

  • EpicJPach Metpach420 (@EpicJPach) reported

    @JustABearGuy @A_dmg04 Warframe run really well actually. The problem I see is Nintedo's shitty online mixed with Bungie lack of dedicated servers....yeah better hold off for a switch pro or D3 lol.

  • dbhands Danny Barleston (@dbhands) reported

    @PlayWarframe void hole update. Day 33 of playing for five hours and still no void hole. New glitch where the warframe ran away from the screen while on a crew ship and died now stuck on the dead screen won’t let me revive. Played with randoms on Xbox that don’t pic up loot. Smh

  • KuroSHiMADiyYT TimeBreakerSprites (@KuroSHiMADiyYT) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Hey, i keep constantly get DC from the game. I tried other online game such as Warframe and i got no online problem. Pls help. PC from SEA/Asia server.

  • TheLeggyEggy The Leggy Eggy 🥚 (@TheLeggyEggy) reported

    All I want for Christmas is for the warframe servers in switch to fix.

  • ramzaXI Ramza Wyvernjack (@ramzaXI) reported

    @dekain1989 @WolcenGame Doubt it. The whiners never actually do anything like that because they want to game so bad. Despite these issues, game been at stable 65k, peaked at 95k yesterday. 65k during 14hr+ maintenance. That's on par with active warframe and rocket league or rust.

  • Darthmufin Darthmufin (@Darthmufin) reported

    @PsyCoCinematics It's strange timing, that's for sure. Warframe is dropping fairly fast due to railjack issues and lich issues, then this drops.

  • nerothehybrid Nero the Young Devil Hunter (@nerothehybrid) reported

    Me and the bois who explained to me that I got a problem that who kill the enemy one hit in warframe

  • CptDumplin Old Fashioned Hurgusburgus (@CptDumplin) reported

    @DesertPogona The problem is that they obviously didn't. It came out on switch first and it's like they barely even tried to optimize it. ****, look at Warframe, that game looks stellar and it runs well on switch. There has to be some kind of base line.

  • accessiblegamer Brandon the Broken (@accessiblegamer) reported

    OK the problem is definitely NOT my #Warframe client, but rather my computer so if I can get some diagnostics done, I will definitely stream but the way it's acting now is no good for gaming much less streaming, so I will keep you posted, twitter (more detailed convo in discord).

  • W_Ylthin Whining Ylthin (@W_Ylthin) reported

    @StarBomber @DAIROCKETTO @DumbCerb @envinyon Warframe didn't even pull off a ARR, it just grew over time from a proof-of-concept released to public to an MMO... with all the issues and trappings of one, unfortunately.

  • WaffleRainbow RainbowWaffles (@WaffleRainbow) reported

    @AcolyteSynpai I think the issue is that part of 'being good' at warframe is muscle memory.. The other day, I hit X on a larvaling while trying to spawn a new lich without thinking. Saw the mercy symbol, hit X on reflex.

  • DweeboYT Dweebo (@DweeboYT) reported

    @Matthew_Gessese @Travis_McCoy @JacobWare76 Let's do Crash at some point. Warframe we'll be playing online for PS4 in the coming weeks so stay tuned for that one!

  • Nihilus45 Giuseppe Carretta (@Nihilus45) reported

    @Rahetalius "I have 99 problem and it's called Warframe"

  • corpusbonds corpusbonds [SENTIENT SYMPATHIZER] (@corpusbonds) reported

    Danielle PM’d me on the forums (thought I was in trouble oop) and asked me more about the FPS and crashes. I have all the info I could and I’m REALLY hoping it helps her and the team fix it. I really, really wanna play warframe again.

  • rainbowdashlov8 jacob hunter green (@rainbowdashlov8) reported

    Will redownloading warframe fix my matchmaking issue it messed up again 2 days after the rail jack and litch changes a guy on the forums said it fixed it plz I need answers

  • chrisperfett Chris Perfett (@chrisperfett) reported

    @brown_tony1 yeah I'm gonna mess around with it then decide if I want this new DLC coming down the pike. Destiny 2 and Warframe are both slowing down with giving me the grind fix

  • ThomasFabrizio6 Thomas Fabrizio (@ThomasFabrizio6) reported

    @Lord_Orpheo @DSR_Joker Warframe’s latest updates have been very disappointing for how the devs hyped them up, with progression systems broken because of the terrible enemy scaling and said systems consisting of layers and layers of RNG, that alongside the bugs (cont.)

  • CidMaik Michael Cortorreal (@CidMaik) reported

    @AshleyAsh1249 @PCFPeopleCanFly From the looks of it...seems like its a live service game akin to Warframe, Destiny, The Division and Anthem. So I won't hold my breath

  • SloshySquirrel Pink Squirrel (@SloshySquirrel) reported

    Laying on the floor and remembering how when Warframe launched on Switch there was a months long problem with the relic drops that they never acknowledged or fixed, but kept selling the vault packs

  • ThatHollowGuy Jack Newell 🏳️‍🌈 (@ThatHollowGuy) reported

    @DE_KickBot This is something I’ve been wanting to talk about for ages. I play less Warframe nowadays because my admittedly aging laptop has huge performance issues on open worlds, railjack, infested ship tile sets and Earth tile sets.

  • XD_YawnZ Josh (@XD_YawnZ) reported

    @LiKeBuTTeR9 Or you know have 2 builds for the game, there's no cross play so there should not be an issue. And Massive is back by Ubisoft so they have to money to do this in the future. Look at DE, they have 2 different builds for Warframe. So I know it can be done.

  • T__Moneyzz Tony (@T__Moneyzz) reported

    @smok3ygaming1 @KurtVosburglar @Bungie Warframe does it all the time when there's problems. Free XP boosters, crafting materials, etc

  • askkboutshea SHEA ™ 🦋 (@askkboutshea) reported

    I’m so sick of this game i’m literally about to invest all my time in Warframe or Overwatch. BROKEN DEAD GAME, SAME SHIT EVERY ******* TUESDAY!!!!!!

  • rainbowdashlov8 jacob hunter green (@rainbowdashlov8) reported

    @PlayWarframe you said you fixed matchmaking yet I still see hundreds of players on warframe not being able to join squads explain the fix

  • HitsuSan_Design Alessandro Sarritzu (@HitsuSan_Design) reported

    @SoMuchMonsters @PlayWarframe Thank you for the effort but it seems quite buggy. It could be that i'm using my own customized warframe materials to already do all the stuff you are trying to simplify but i have no discrepancies between Painter and TennoGen, with this shader though my colors are not working.

  • BeigeGrae 🇦🇺 BeigeGrae 🔞 (@BeigeGrae) reported

    @raiyndirt I have the same problem but it’s writing furry porn or playing Warframe...

  • IIISixStringIII Matthew “Six” Patrick (@IIISixStringIII) reported

    @TitanfallBlog Was seriously about to boot this up and play a few matches after downloading the “fix” they pushed out. But now I see this... Guess I’ll just roll around my ship on Warframe or somethin’. I dunno. 😕

  • camilzf Cameowla (@camilzf) reported

    @pudgerro the issue with warframe is pretty much that, its a good game for its gameplay but there is nothing special about it, everything looks generic and after some time every mission even the new ones are basically the same, and you have to grind the same maps over and over again

  • camilzf Cameowla (@camilzf) reported

    That online games are never going to be released as a good product because they need time to adjust warframe fix was free destiny 2 gameplay fix was free, you only pay to see story division 1 fix was free I'm in no way saying that expansion pass is what you need, I said time,

  • OminousClouds Matt🐝 Fuck the MTA (@OminousClouds) reported

    @DenfyrFenrir I enjoy the foundations of "free to play, payment optional" because more often than not its a passion project WORTH supporting. It's something with longevity and they deserve that because of their service being provided free. And major dlc updates for warframe only ever impress.

  • pavus_ ✨🐍 ❛C H E L L .™✨ (@pavus_) reported

    like i stated time and time again: i've sat through the BEGINNING of warframe and all of destiny 1. waiting is no factor. it just means they saw where they failed and want to fix it.

  • SuperSamZero64 Kamen Rider Shogeki (@SuperSamZero64) reported

    @jtfen86 @TheQuartering @bioware It was the closest thing ya got to a bitchin Ironman game an they ****** it up with false advertising. Shit behind the scenes issues an just not having alotta content or a good story. Unfortunately not every game can be the second coming of warframes FREE

  • Multicolourmodo A currently untangled lizard (@Multicolourmodo) reported

    @Zarphus warframe kinda always has had a problem with its story and hasn't really done anything otuside of comics to expand the story and im gonna be honest if you need to not play the game and read something *outside* the game to get story, there's a problem

  • BagelVon Halofan105 (@BagelVon) reported

    @FrostyNovaPrime I’m under the opinion that DE should just take a stand and fix the majority of bugs and polish their game, even if there is some backlash. I feel it will make Warframe better in the future

  • Jumikana Jānis Akots (@Jumikana) reported

    @Pammy_Jammy117 I disagree - i think that the problem is that the ideas they have are getting progressively more complicated and time-consuming the story even more so and the fact that cant be escaped is that the games like warframe live and die by the flow of content


    PSA- #Warframe community! BEWARE! The Kuva Bramma has some sort of massive load pull issue, if not addressed, WILL cause system damage. Probably the insane amount of particles, I'm not DE. Looking forward to continuing it's use, and a plat reward for spreading the awareness.

  • sonswpg therealSONS twitch and stuff (@sonswpg) reported

    mine was World of Warships where i kept having connectivity issues and there game crashing they punished me with game leading and leaving creating unbalanced games and was given a 2 year ban i was like yea **** you guys to never came back... the birth of warframe run that day

  • SuckItDryLosers InSoMnIaC TrAcKs (@SuckItDryLosers) reported

    Its gonna take me hours to fix my warframe errors since I been gone so long

  • thefinestpiece Kyle Tyler (@thefinestpiece) reported

    This burn out thing on #Warframe is so real I only finally felt it now after like 2 months. I only login to get my daily tribute. I even stopped doing Sortie altogether. The last 2 major update, Kuva Lich and Empyrean has been an experience. It got really stale after a while.

  • RamseurANANT Eric (@RamseurANANT) reported

    Also you introduced more bugs into standard warframe due to fixes in Empyrean (which some still appear to be broken) — I’ll be happy to do QA for platinum. I go through far worse criticism on a weekly basis trust me:)

  • RamseurANANT Eric (@RamseurANANT) reported

    The code is still subtracting intrinsics rewards on complete of mission. Players still have to leave group to check on their reward losses. At least give an affinity booster so we can make up for it. Resource boosting can’t cover all the code errors @PlayWarframe #Warframe

  • Anime_women1 Pearl (@Anime_women1) reported

    @PlayWarframe Ever since we got these new kuva lich changes I haven't been able to see my friends online and they can't invite me when they see my name displayed. The only way to fix it is to continuously get off and on the game. Please fix this. #warframe #switch

  • KihariH KihariH8 (@KihariH) reported

    @PabloPoon My twitter is mostly a Joke, as is my favorite warframe, (Being Nyx) I understand how you feel about Saryn, honestly she seems too powerful with certain builds, but I hope you can fix Nyx, she’s near useless, fun for a while but lacks practical uses. Please Dm me

  • shin_swing_ SHIN PRSWING (@shin_swing_) reported

    True warframe end game is the most broken thingme, a sports video game intellectual:

  • dog_fluid 𝚍𝚘𝚐𝚏𝚕𝚞𝚒𝚍 🐺💦 (@dog_fluid) reported

    @beboobzu Warframe is fun to play but I do not like the excessive time gating a lot of different parts of it have. I’m told it becomes less of an issue but It still just kind of annoys me

  • Xironium 👀 Xironium™ (@Xironium) reported

    @Tetsedah @Krytonss Considering it's GeForce NOW, i've been a beta tester for a while now. And the lag/delay is neigh non existant. I've tried it with destiny, warframe, remnant, and a few other games, and had no noticable input lag. Of course that all depends on your internet.

  • discofish Shad:F👁r Hire (@discofish) reported

    @PezRadar NGL, although working out brings me zero joy, I'm actually pretty eager to get back to it (after having to take 2-3 weeks off due to medical problems). I hate the process, but I'm liking the results. I want to pitch a Warframe 'GET SWOLE' couchto5k program/app...

  • TheWarFist The War Fist (@TheWarFist) reported

    I'm running into so many issues with games on @Steam today. Just trying to get most of them started is a pain. • DOOM launches kinda. • Warframe wouldn't install stuff it said it needed. • Darksiders Genesis and Final Fantasy XII won't launch. I'm struggling.

  • TheGunz77 Gunz (@TheGunz77) reported

    @Sabuuchi I mean, I dropped Warframe because I'm stuck on the vastly inferior Switch version with awful load times, terrible matchmaking, connectivity problems, and delayed updates. Liches were the last straw for me though. They're just not fun on any level.

  • ZzVinniez VinnieDraw🔞 (@ZzVinniez) reported

    @I_Quillian the theme this time is Grineer ...i still have problem drawing warframe themselves but i will get a hang of it

  • UwUgin Kala (@UwUgin) reported

    As a result of the repeatedly delayed bug fixes that don't actually work, my inability to play with my friends due to a matchmaking bug that's been in the game for months, my inability to play this bug riddled, nightmare fuel of a game. I'm quitting Warframe, until they fix it.

  • SteampunkSergal Möuse-Rabbït (better name pending) (@SteampunkSergal) reported

    A Warframe issue. Self damage isn't worth it, which is why nobody uses weapons with self-damage. The ogris, the zarr, tonkor are all great examples. @Triburos made a video about it, he's much more knowledgeable on the subject, I'm just speaking from personal experience.