Is WhatsApp down?

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross platform mobile messaging app for smart phones such as the iPhone, Android phones, Windows Mobile or Blackberry. Whatsapp allows users to send and recieve messages, photos, and other information and is considered an alternative to text messages or SMS.

 No problems detected at WhatsApp

WhatsApp problems in the last 24 hours

WhatsApp Outage Chart

At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at WhatsApp. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Connection (44.83%)
  • ▪ Messaging (37.59%)
  • ▪ App Crashing (7.24%)
  • ▪ Multimedia (6.55%)
  • ▪ Sign in (2.76%)
  • ▪ Glitches (1.03%)

WhatsApp Live Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza, Puebla  ▪ Mumbai, Maharashtra  ▪ Naucalpan, State of Mexico  ▪ Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra  ▪ Providencia, Región Metropolitana  ▪ San Rafael, Mendoza Province  ▪ Sandton, Gauteng  ▪ Santiago, Región Metropolitana  ▪ Savkhede Bk., Maharashtra  ▪ Singapore, Singapore  ▪ St Albans, England

WhatsApp Live Outage Map
  • Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza, Puebla
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Naucalpan, State of Mexico
  • Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Providencia, Región Metropolitana
  • San Rafael, Mendoza Province
  • Sandton, Gauteng
  • Santiago, Región Metropolitana
  • Savkhede Bk., Maharashtra
  • Singapore, Singapore
  • St Albans, England
  •   Full Outage Map

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WhatsApp Issues Reports

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  • StaaMorrr
    Hinnah Chaudhary. (@StaaMorrr) reported

    Whatsapp is down.

  • simplykech
    KECH (@simplykech) reported

    Whatsapp down?

  • smaugwithablog
    Jolly Ol' Livia 🎅 (@smaugwithablog) reported

    If y'all need to contact me this week pls DM me or download WhatsApp to call or text me bc I don't have an international service plan

  • clementmaosa
    King Clement (@clementmaosa) reported

    ...also its December can we please be understanding enough not to correct each other’s spellings and grammar errors on Twitter & WhatsApp. There is absolutely no time to reread and correct before posting because we are commonly in some state. Let’s better each other next year!

  • hartng
    Sam Hart (@hartng) reported

    You receive a lot of WhatsApp Broadcasts? Make it a duty to periodically go to your gallery and delete all the pictures and videos that automatically get saved on your phone and weigh down your phone memory. You're welcome.

  • cristynhoward
    𓆨 𓆈 (@cristynhoward) reported

    So apparently my phone bill didn't auto-renew like it usually does. For the last two weeks my phone service has been shut off... but w/ iMessage, WhatsApp, pre-loaded podcasts, and constant wifi coverage... I just straight up DIDN'T NOTICE!

  • rpsadarangani
    Rahul Sadarangani (@rpsadarangani) reported

    @MumbaiPolice A person is irritating and Hrassing me a lot from past 20 mins on WhatsApp Can you help in

  • liciousdee22
    💋🤪 (@liciousdee22) reported

    I give up WhatsApp before 2018 even come down

  • GaselaLesy
    LessyLee (@GaselaLesy) reported

    Hi @econet_support im experiencing problems with my whatsapp i cant download vid or pics with watsapp bundles. Is there something you can do to help??

  • vickbester
    The Observer (@vickbester) reported

    @FlySafair The call center terrible. No response on whatsapp. How do you get prober flight info if you cant get any response.

  • Truebharatiya
    Zyana Lakdawala🇮🇳 (@Truebharatiya) reported

    Is whatsapp down?? #WhatsAppDown ??!!!

  • itz_Niles30
    K🇯🇲 (@itz_Niles30) reported

    @Sanogology had me shutting down my WhatsApp regarding ozil for no reason FFS

  • manisharma89
    manpreet sharma (@manisharma89) reported

    @idea_cares very poor internet service..even WhatsApp is not working Facebook or Google function normally

  • FarwaTCheema
    Farwa T. Cheema (@FarwaTCheema) reported

    Dearest Justice Baba, Behind every excessive explanation and swearing, there is always some other explanation. Regards: Whatsapp Service

  • zeehphoo
    IG: zeehphoo (@zeehphoo) reported

    Since 3 days back, mtn has been giving me problems here. Difficult to access my social networks especially facebook and whatsapp

  • makingthebest09
    ahmadbaari (@makingthebest09) reported

    Do you need help with your eating or workout plan? If so, let me know. I consult online. Skype or WhatsApp !

  • ooginboogin
    Laura Turner (@ooginboogin) reported

    @cass316 Is your WhatsApp not working Cassidy?

  • sumzi_Xo
    Sumzi Xo (@sumzi_Xo) reported

    @ForMe_ToKnow @_Taalibah94 Yeah but the only down side I think is not having WhatsApp. You don't really NEED social media, you can just stick with the news to keep yourself informed..

  • ponnithesh
    B.PONNITHESH (@ponnithesh) reported

    @D_Roopa_IPS @IASassociation @IPS_Association sister i ask one whatsapp number 9524104657 please accept for your whatsapp .............

  • Adjmajdmj
    NAVEEN (@Adjmajdmj) reported


  • 786Tanwir
    Malik Tanver Awan (@786Tanwir) reported

    @MaryamNSharifwish Y DIDNT BABA G took notice of allegations of Javed Hashmi, & @AnsarAAbbasi whatsapp calls issue, Noorani & @UmarCheema1 allegations of JIT secretarialed by ISI,?

  • ImNawaz
    Nawaz Ahmed (@ImNawaz) reported

    @BlackBerryHelp is there any way to get whatsapp service after 31st December 2017,if there we're ready to pay for whatsapp #whatsappforbb

  • Mandokero
    MANDO-QUEER⭐️🎄 (@Mandokero) reported

    Is @WhatsApp not working or is it just me? My internet is working fine btw. #WhatsApp is the only thing with a problem right now.

  • ranamalas
    getYoFries (@ranamalas) reported

    Legit this girl asked me to ask my sister to help her in her final exam tomorrow since my sister is proctoring the exam and I haven't opened whatsapp since the morning

  • DanielDaaz2
    Fake £20 notes for sale (@DanielDaaz2) reported


  • DanielDaaz2
    Fake £20 notes for sale (@DanielDaaz2) reported


  • dnlmccnghy
    DJM (@dnlmccnghy) reported

    Is WhatsApp down or am I embarrassingly unpopular?

  • pratiktotla29
    Pratik Totla (@pratiktotla29) reported from Savkhede Bk., Maharashtra

    WhatsApp down?

  • Pakcccam
    C_line (@Pakcccam) reported

    Original Cline Available No Freezing No Cutting All Time Full Guarantee All Sat Full Ok HD Lines Available Note:::: No shearing pannel only cline,,, original line fix rate,,,,, 1 Month 100 3 Months 250 WhatsApp ::: 0333-2945240 )) Jazz 0304-9091-910 Telenor 0343-7594004

  • freekdeman
    Freek de Man (@freekdeman) reported

    @_j3lena_ I can see why you wouldnt want metadata on these matters in the hands of Facebook. That constitutes an entire privacy issue on it's own. But the content sent via end-to-end encryption on whatsapp and signal is hard to breach. Back-ups in plaintext are not.

  • nicktendo
    purpl papi (@nicktendo) reported

    Is WhatsApp down?

  • sadnsassyy
    عدینہ (@sadnsassyy) reported

    Fucking awful when your friends don’t answer to your WhatsApp and solve all your problems

  • ThanksMadzaram2
    Thanks Madzaramba (@ThanksMadzaram2) reported

    @econet_support @EdmoreBwititi How are you the econet zimbambwe. I have a problem with whatsapp bundles. They are not downloading whatsapp videos, only there are downloading photos and documents. May you pliz help

  • GjordyC
    TooT (@GjordyC) reported

    Anyone else having issue with whatsapp?

  • MrsMBanjo
    Margaret Banjo (@MrsMBanjo) reported

    'Paja yake ija' (you know what she is like) are all excuses I have heard my people, including women use to shut me down for causing trouble. #gender #gbv #whatsapp #vawg

  • sahil5170
    Sachin Sharma (@sahil5170) reported

    @MicrosoftHelps @Lumia I am having 640xl LTE, struggling with applications problems like camera, whatsapp Facebook etc. After upgraded to win 10(all new updates), ver 1703

  • ThanksMadzaram2
    Thanks Madzaramba (@ThanksMadzaram2) reported

    @econetzimbabwe How are you the econet zimbabwe. I have got problem with whatsapp bundles.They are failing to download videos on whatsapp, they are only downloading pictures and document only. May you plizz help

  • johnanuawali
    Alone (@johnanuawali) reported

    @WhatsApp my iphone 5s back camera not working then how i can use whats app web do have any solution

  • johnanuawali
    Alone (@johnanuawali) reported

    @WhatsApp my iphone back camera not working for this situation how can i use whats app web? im using iphone 5s it's not east to type, for that whats app web is better to me, please find better solution for me

  • _KATTUNnoHyphen
    ♡上田の嫁☆ハイフン👑VIP♡10ks (@_KATTUNnoHyphen) reported

    Talking with crush on Whatsapp cus he texted me saying he was a bit down so I tried to cheer him up But, well, I ended up being brought down as he said that yesterday he had to go out with a girl and he wanted to make out with her. He wasn't up for sth serious, but still...

  • ConteTweetss
    ConteTweets (@ConteTweetss) reported

    @TheMakeleleRoIe @Bakarata_ @Cooonteke I may have known them personally WhatsApp group has been 2 years - 0 issues until now so it’s definitely someone I used to know

  • Roisin_Sullivan
    RoisinSullivan (@Roisin_Sullivan) reported

    @KLM Hello! Our bags didn't arrive in DUB on our early flight yesterday. SHP in Dub Airport told us they'd be with us shortly but haven't contacted us & aren't answering their phone number for 24 hours. Can you help? We contacted you on whatsapp number provided but got no answer.

  • Hafizbulatt
    Muhd Hafiz (@Hafizbulatt) reported

    They already ask in the whatsapp group than you didn't reply so is that my problem?

  • Captaincue
    Eze Nnunu (@Captaincue) reported

    Growing up, I loved quantitative reasoning & word problems. I thought that, naturally, I would grow up to have sense. Here we are. Can't even solve a WhatsApp puzzle concocted by a simpleton. Wish I could punch myself right now

  • 121MagsRoss
    Margaret Ross (@121MagsRoss) reported

    @adidasEUhelp order status ‘waiting to be packed’ since 12.12. No reply to WhatsApp or messenger. Order auk11099002. Please help.

  • ScottThomasDale
    Scott Thomas Dale (@ScottThomasDale) reported

    I am not using WhatsApp anymore due to technical problem.

  • omaribneali
    Ibn e Ali (@omaribneali) reported

    My Whatsapp and SMS app are not working but why???

  • ashrimaulida
    A.M. Rahmawati (@ashrimaulida) reported

    I have trust issue with someone who hide his/her read receipt in whatsapp

  • Manujluv
    Anuj Sharma (@Manujluv) reported

    @paavangandhi Hi.. plz help Me out in knowing What is the battery life on normal usage ( 4g .. wifi .. WhatsApp .. browsing ) .. !?

  • pavanjino1
    PAVAN AGRAWAL (@pavanjino1) reported

    @WhatsApp hey there my friend lost his cell phone yesterday, his sim has been locked now but the theif is misusing his whatsapp account thru wifi...can you help?

  • abaayoidil
    إديل (@abaayoidil) reported

    @irenicpoet yo, it's yaz! I started the business with my family and was wondering if you could help promote/support it? I don't use whatsapp anymore and don't know any other way to reach you! :(

  • CphoNyathi
    Hlelo (@CphoNyathi) reported from Sandton, Gauteng

    @BkSelala Bro login on whatsApp please

  • rindon2rindon
    Papa Rie (@rindon2rindon) reported

    @kwesetvzw 0772964896 that's my call and whatsapp number. I am hoping to help with tips were l see errors on the ground

  • indrajithk2
    Indrajith K (@indrajithk2) reported

    Is there a email service similar to WhatsApp or Telegram which allows sender to send if both parties are mutually known to each other. Could be a solution for spams.

  • makingthebest09
    ahmadbaari (@makingthebest09) reported

    Do you need help with your eating or workout plan? If so, let me know. I consult online. Skype or WhatsApp !

  • MishalFatima080
    Mishal Fatima (@MishalFatima080) reported

    Seeing a grammatical error in someone's WhatsApp status and resisting the urge to point it out

  • MantuKu30928680
    Mantu Kumar (@MantuKu30928680) reported

    @arbaazSkhan @ManjariFadnis @AshmitPatel @MaheckChahal @mukulldevv @NirdoshTheMovie Sir I writer mp. Singh Bollywood film name colonel mp. Singh and romance love film story very nice story please accept my film sir my contact nu.9576761603 please call me sir send your WhatsApp nu. Charting send to film story sir I help me sir wel come sir

  • syuk_ta
    🙂 (@syuk_ta) reported

    Why i can't login into my whatsapp?it always pop up about updating it but i have updated it to latest version #whatsapp

  • syuk_ta
    🙂 (@syuk_ta) reported

    Why i can't login into my whatsapp?it always pop up about updating it but i have updated it to latest version#whatsapp

  • JaniaForbes
    . (@JaniaForbes) reported

    Whatsapp down or something?

  • makingthebest09
    ahmadbaari (@makingthebest09) reported

    Do you need help with your eating or workout plan? If so, let me know. I consult online. Skype or WhatsApp !

  • Fandomobsessed0
    I♥spn.sherl.phan (@Fandomobsessed0) reported

    @rougelester @danielhowell By the look of it, it looked like it was a free call service like Whatsapp or something

  • RachakondaCop
    Rachakonda Police (@RachakondaCop) reported

    @VallapuKrishna5 @She_TeamRCK1 @gsaikrishna sir, any other issues please dial 100 or send whatsapp to 9490617111 immediately

  • VijayMaddhesh12
    Vijay Maddheshiya (@VijayMaddhesh12) reported

    @rahulbanna765 @Priyank55389074 @IndianEmbRiyadh @paruljitendra @SKSingh54972708 @Gen_VKSingh @ajxtopcop Give me whatsapp number vikram singh rathaur help my team

  • WaleedZidan
    Will (@WaleedZidan) reported

    Watching your name going deep down the whatsapp chat list,makes me sad.

  • Abenapee_
    Ohemaa Abena 👑 (@Abenapee_) reported from Fairfield, Ohio

    @Travis_jnrr @1realAvi_Doe @miiss_chriiss why will Oko post on WhatsApp about been broke when his dad is the richest man in Ghana....please help me ask him

  • WaybackBot
    Wayback Bot (@WaybackBot) reported

    WhatsApp reverses premium paid service

  • kasecoke_
    Kahiel Coke (@kasecoke_) reported

    @fosho_Lee Tell him to start use whatsapp web and download grammerly maybe it can help

  • LisaOfZamuda
    Lisa McDowell (@LisaOfZamuda) reported

    WhatsApp not working. I’m going to sleep.

  • Dave_in_718
    Dave (@Dave_in_718) reported

    Do you use WhatsApp? Not sure if it would work when you don't have phone service?

  • multivitaman
    Aman (@multivitaman) reported

    @WhatsApp Notifications on the Mac desktop client don't persist anymore. They're displayed but deleted immediately. Please fix. macOS Sierra 10.12.6 WhatsApp Version 0.2.7315

  • Alhadi52
    AL-Hadi,Mohammed (@Alhadi52) reported

    @WhatsApp Someone hacked my whatsapp account I tried to login to my account but I couldn't because he added a verification code ( two steps verification code) what shell I do

  • OzoyaSilas
    Silas Ozoya™ (@OzoyaSilas) reported

    Public Service Announcement: attn: Clients, Prospects, Family & Friends. MY SMARTPHONE HAS BEEN STOLEN! In case you get any messages (esp on Whatsapp, and Imo) please note that it isn't me. I would update you if & when the phone is recovered or changed. #AskSilas #Selah

  • WebDesignerVoN
    VoN (@WebDesignerVoN) reported

    Ok, yeah that's it. Need my help or service? Just buzz me here on my DM or message me on WhatsApp on +2348173200964. And really, I'm here to help. So really really really feel free to contact me and I'll do my best to help.

  • deejay_blaque
    IG deejay_blaque (@deejay_blaque) reported

    @Ndosi213 ola boi my WhatsApp is giving me problems ma G zithini?

  • carlosgomzv
    Carlos Gómez (@carlosgomzv) reported

    @whatsapp Please your Help! I'm migrating from android to iphone, I did a backup but this is saved on google drive when I install whatsapp on the iphone, it tries to find a backup on icloud that doesn't exist. What can I do?

  • Commoditymcxtip
    Crude Expert (@Commoditymcxtip) reported

    For paid service WhatsApp me- 7063171663

  • moonIiqhtbieber
    anique misses ariana (@moonIiqhtbieber) reported

    my whatsapp is still not working

  • S4IFF
    S4IF 🐺 (@S4IFF) reported

    Why message someone first and then not reply? You're playing knock down ginger on my whatsapp

  • Affii84
    Aftab Khan 🇵🇰🇸🇪 (@Affii84) reported

    @MaryamNSharif Whatsapp ki tu app expert hay Mam Down leaks kay baad aap kafi experienced ho gai ho. "How to call on whatsapp video tutorial by professor Maryam Nawaz coming soon on youtube"

WhatsApp Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 11
  • 110
  • 24
  • 491
  • 495
  • 500
  • 504
  • 924
  • 927
  • adjust time and date
  • al descargar
  • authentication is required
  • c101b000
  • date is inaccurate
  • en la descarga
  • en la verificacion
  • fail old version
  • failed out of memory
  • file format not supported
  • force close
  • version too old