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WhatsApp Messenger is a cross platform mobile messaging app for smart phones such as the iPhone, Android phones, Windows Mobile or Blackberry. Whatsapp allows users to send and recieve messages, photos, and other information and is considered an alternative to text messages or SMS.

 Some problems detected at WhatsApp

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May 20: Problems at WhatsApp

WhatsApp is having issues since 08:30 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Messaging (52.11%)
  • Connection (22.54%)
  • App Crashing (11.27%)
  • Glitches (7.04%)
  • Multimedia (5.63%)
  • Sign in (1.41%)

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  • debutante_s
    simba. (@debutante_s) reported

    I just tried to answer 50 unanswered chats. I down to 7 and I give up already. I can. Not. With. WhatsApp.

  • mattwzeus
    Mr. Zealth (@mattwzeus) reported

    @AdrianTeamworks Yo my whatsapp is down. so wont be able to respond to anything in the group

  • jongpuppyhyun
    f(PINee) 🍍 (@jongpuppyhyun) reported

    I'm in a whatsapp group for the got7 concert and they're are Armys too, someone help me

  • teh_aimee
    aimee whitcroft (@teh_aimee) reported

    Love yer platform, @signalapp, but any news on when we might get a search feature? 'Cause would REALLY help, FB and Whatsapp have it, etc etc etc.

  • goldeanbae
    tom (bawang) holland (@goldeanbae) reported

    posted f*ke l*ve on my whatsapp status and an *rmy replied status saying that i should stream mpre so that the views naik. hello sis im here for a good song not to help yall with your delusional views

  • kindlycalls
    💀 💩 L (@kindlycalls) reported

    sorry if im not dming back! my phone is slowly dying nd dms is hell bc it slown down my phone for some reason... hmu at whatsapp if ur comfy w giving ur number

  • Pandacronic
    Pandacron has commissions open now and (@Pandacronic) reported

    The most freaking annoying about my phone not working is the dumb way Whatsapp works.

  • Sam_Mafomekoane
    Sam Mafomekoane (@Sam_Mafomekoane) reported

    @WhatsApp . Please help me download and install whatsapp on my blackberry 97ed

  • Babongi99715456
    Babongile Mzizi (@Babongi99715456) reported

    @TonyTrill40 Plz guys send me this video on WhatsApp if that is not a problem but I'll like to have his videos

  • TheWizKhalifa
    Wiz Khalifa (@TheWizKhalifa) reported

    Mediocrity will always try to drag excellence down to its level. Don't trade your superiority for their inferiority. #famousquotes #wiz #quotes #mondaymotivation #whatsappstatus #WhatsApp

  • TheJohnWright
    John Wright (@TheJohnWright) reported

    @FickerKlaus @KLM Don’t expect anything but bad service from @KLM @KLM_UK Klaus, I had to cancel a flight and was told I could use the EMD voucher via their team on whatsapp, then couldn’t use it again, shocking service

  • Meijinkage
    Ben Shaw (@Meijinkage) reported

    @VexingVixxen I'm not good to know either. I won't help you move or invite you to parties, but I'll WhatsApp you a meme at shitty o'clock because it amused me.

  • ShabbaCTJ
    Charley (@ShabbaCTJ) reported

    This Catching Feelings movie is so terrible and lacks imagination. Same WhatsApp group as Tell me sweet something

  • Vinto316
    Chris Vint (@Vinto316) reported

    @WhatsApp I’ve updated my app on my iPhone but I get a message and doesn’t say who it’s from. Is this a glitch since the update as has been working fine!

  • syfqhshra_
    Abee (@syfqhshra_) reported

    i meant to be a diary for some of my friends. all heartbreaks, problems etc gonna be spam into my whatsapp.

  • Chelp__Ang
    The waakye eater™ (@Chelp__Ang) reported

    Ah is whatsapp down again ? Or ebe ma phone wey make dry .

  • eBankeLal
    Veer (@eBankeLal) reported

    @Joydas @Marc__Me Madam gets fooled by Yasin Malik? Well, she gets fooled by her Whatsapp sources too often. I believe it’s not the problem of people fooling her, she is a fool waiting for anybody to fool her.

  • iamDEROH
    eyan sadiku (@iamDEROH) reported

    @EuginhoCortez I swear baba... Its like some of teams and akin alabi dey one secret whatsapp group. Na to dey help small scale businesses sure pass now, I'm starting with this beer parlor.

  • muradalimohmand
    Murad Ali Mohmand (@muradalimohmand) reported

    Join Pakistan welfare forum to help needy and poor drop WhatsApp no

  • 1_SteelMagnolia
    Masked Diva (@1_SteelMagnolia) reported

    I went so far as to compose a whatsapp in Arabic thanks to some wonderful translation by somebody who will remain anonymous (love you @Ph_Amool ) outlining the fact that Azza is at capacity and we all need to help her etc. I did not send it because I did not want to start WWIII

  • VatFrom
    Seoirsín ní Cianáin (@VatFrom) reported

    I will pay someone to open my whatsapp messages & give me a soft run down of what I won’t look at myself

  • Katlego_Skills
    Sir Katlego 007 (@Katlego_Skills) reported

    I think I need a break from social media. Especially whatsapp. Status messages are causing problems.

  • Vile_Inn
    roza bella (@Vile_Inn) reported


  • ProvincialView
    Ravi Bhat. (@ProvincialView) reported

    @nripatunga @bharathr002 Agree. We are producing a large number of WhatsApp University graduates these days. But then, monitoring any peer to peer messaging service goes against the spirit of free internet. I think self-censoring is the key.

  • JoJo_91
    Jodie (@JoJo_91) reported

    @LillyHodgson @WhatsApp And me. Did you find a fix?

  • MarkDotPeters5
    Mark Peters (@MarkDotPeters5) reported

    @mrcfield @MrVectrex I've uninstalled FB app from my phone, but kept messenger as I use regularly with some heathens that won't use WhatsApp. I only use FB on my iPad so it's drastically cut down my usage.

  • Darken_Knight7
    DesertFox (@Darken_Knight7) reported

    Hmmn. I jst gt dis frm a whatsapp grp dt succinctly says: "You can't please women" it says God gve dem nails, dey fix anthr, eyebrow, lashes, hair, dey still fix anthr, height dey compensate wit heels, boobs dey repackage. If God can't pls dem. Then who are you?

  • Rajni93Mehra
    Rajni Mehra (@Rajni93Mehra) reported

    @CHILDLINE1098 I found a video on WhatsApp where a woman is beating a baby brutally and someone is making the video, possibly they are the parents. I don't know how old this video is or where this video was recorded. But I want someone to help this baby.

  • Optionsrytnow_
    I Will Be On Air On UJFM 20/05/18 PLEASE Tune in🙏 (@Optionsrytnow_) reported

    @Suicide_ptm @ujfm we are having problems at the gate please check your WhatsApp

  • rishi_being
    RISHI YADUVANSHI (@rishi_being) reported

    By :- - Not answering every phone call, whatsapp, sms - Not saying YES to every, EVERY one who seeks our help - Not wasting energy in trying to make everyone happy & in ensuring that everyone thinks / feels good about you YOU OFFER YOURSELF THE BIGGEST HELP !!

  • dolatheexplola
    ↟Margo↟ (@dolatheexplola) reported

    I wont be able to use Whatsapp for the next two weeks due to problems with my phone. Jangan fikir aku eksyen pula tak reply.

  • DKsMum
    Tweeter Parker (@DKsMum) reported

    Really let myself down on the WhatsApp, there. Had a beer and thought I was the big man. Literally woofed at sonebody. I'll do better, promise.

  • NeerajS98435792
    Neeraj Sharma (@NeerajS98435792) reported

    @mahatmajitech need help please contact to help on my whatsapp no. 9996687138 or reply on twitter please

  • PranavS21022990
    Pranav Sharma (@PranavS21022990) reported

    Hye I am a consumer of fastway cable but from the starting I am facing the problem with the connection error number 104. Pathetic service and customer care support for more details call or whatsapp me on my no. 9855444116

  • Ananth_offl
    Ananth (@Ananth_offl) reported

    WhatsApp down ??

  • beccalikescats
    Becca (@beccalikescats) reported

    Anyone who might want to contact me while I’m overseas pls download WhatsApp!! My cell service will be turned off so I won’t receive any text messages

  • FaceXpression1
    Face Xpression (@FaceXpression1) reported

    Do your professional drum service? Call or WhatsApp 1876 529-3064

  • meloncarrier
    Bex (@meloncarrier) reported

    My #whatsapp not working!

  • KaamkiiBaat
    KaamKiBaat (@KaamkiiBaat) reported

    @aliusmani Havent Indians chosen a super world bank, shakha trained economist who has solution for everything? He ll fix it for them. Just like last time, he spoke to Saudi King and asked him to price crude at $30. (Bhakts sent this on WhatsApp as diplomatic miracles of modiji)

  • NicsMonique
    Nics 🧚🏾‍♀️ (@NicsMonique) reported

    Since my Whatsapp updated when I receive a message the notification just says “message” and not a name - has anyone had this issue before?

  • me_ganesh14
    Shenoy (@me_ganesh14) reported

    @singh_biswajeet I think it's difficult to ban porn & illogical too. Only thing govt can do is to regulate contents like rape child abuse etc. Problem is there are many WhatsApp group just dedicated for such things where they share clips which you won't get in Websites too.

  • Arunaurs
    Aruna Urs (@Arunaurs) reported

    @peas1212 Very good actually. It will only help turn the tide. For years now, Vokkaliga whatsapp channels were literally pushing out post card content.

  • BevinBanks
    Bevin (@BevinBanks) reported

    Hectic so videos recorded on whatsapp come out terrible. Lemme try /delete a normal video...

  • mohitify
    Mohit Agrawal (@mohitify) reported

    @raveeshbhalla @WhatsApp Texting apps won't do that. Have been a problem in iOS apps as well. You will get used to it.

  • riswambui
    Risper💙 (@riswambui) reported

    @Safaricom_Care I just bought 24hrs tunukiwa bundles,,barely 15 minutes later I have received an sms that I have depleted it na nmekuwa whatsapp tu, how? Please check if it's an error. Even 20mbs lasts longer.

  • riswambui
    Risper💙 (@riswambui) reported

    @Safaricom_Care I just bought 24hrs tunukiwa bundles,,barely 15 minutes I have received an sms that I have depleted it na nmekuwa whatsapp tu, how? Please check if it's an error. Even 20mbs lasts longer.

  • general_gaius
    Mr.Gaius 🇬🇭 (@general_gaius) reported

    @airteltigoghana @airtelghana Well u people can help fix your network issues.. After that we can talk abt sports.. I have an exam in a week's time & i can't even do a research on Google. No Instagram, WhatsApp, nothing.. U shld know how long it took for this before this comment was even sent...

  • Sadia_Mallick
    Sadia Malik (@Sadia_Mallick) reported

    One lady in my list want to start Free of cost #matrimonial Service in Pakistan.. #Suggest how twitter can help . I'll share her email/ whatsapp number after getting positive feedback. All those who are ruing paid matrimonial service please do not exploit. #RT for #Cause

  • saumilit
    Saumil (@saumilit) reported

    @ArvindK43707237 @Ram_Guha @sardesairajdeep @INCIndia The problem Is you only know half truth or what you only get on Whatsapp fwd..SC told they will hear governor' s decision after summer break in 10 weeks

  • GuptaHanu
    Shreyash Gupta (@GuptaHanu) reported

    Whatsapp should really add calling feature in their web platform. Would help me a lot. @WhatsApp

  • AngelMichael_7
    Nana Yaw (@AngelMichael_7) reported

    @JohnRaji10 @Alex_Unusual John, she won't. She and Tobi are in the same WhatsApp group when it comes to taking responsibility for their own errors. Blame anyone else but themselves. I'm not surprised at all.

  • ildella
    Daniele Dellafiore ⚡ (@ildella) reported

    @theonevortex Still to cleanup Gmail (easy, just lazy) , Google maps for certain use cases, WhatsApp (people are lazy but mostly on Telegram already). Well YouTube is not a big deal for now. Android.. That will be a problem. For the rest, Google and Facebook free. Oh and using @brave on mobile

  • zam_xam
    Zam ザム (@zam_xam) reported

    @TheRealPWB @WhatsApp Not happening for a friend with the same phone as me, so might be a corrupt data issue...

  • ashley_suresh
    Katherina Rose✨ (@ashley_suresh) reported

    Why is my whatsapp not working :((

  • muchman009
    Muchman multi-facet (@muchman009) reported

    LET THE SUN BE SOURCE. Solve power problem with our reliable alternative power supply through Inverter And solar. Call: 08099688232 or whatsapp 08067240665

  • Ifycalex
    SICK KAT (@Ifycalex) reported

    There is these girl I have been into lately She told her friend last night on whatsapp that she has found a new mugu But that won't stop me from feeding her cos it's written that we should help the poor Now am a poor guy helping a poor girl

  • Tobified3
    ToboG🔥#TOBINATION (@Tobified3) reported

    @oma910 OMG! Calm down pls.... Im not even in any whatsapp group again... DM

  • elroylouw
    Elroy Louw (@elroylouw) reported

    @GautschiL @novadee @SkyNews So y’all saying the Queen loves this kind of Church service and all races? She told yall this on Whatsapp huh?

  • dennyhaert
    DennyHaert (@dennyhaert) reported

    @ukscholarshipss Please help. My WhatsApp number is +263783550601. Advanced Level Certificate holder

  • dennyhaert
    DennyHaert (@dennyhaert) reported

    @Bwithbs I need a scholarship. WhatsApp number on +263783550601. Please help

WhatsApp Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 11
  • 110
  • 24
  • 491
  • 495
  • 500
  • 504
  • 924
  • 927
  • adjust time and date
  • al descargar
  • authentication is required
  • c101b000
  • date is inaccurate
  • en la descarga
  • en la verificacion
  • fail old version
  • failed out of memory
  • file format not supported
  • force close
  • version too old