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Xbox Live is an online multiplayer gaming and digital media delivery platform. Xbox Live is available on the Xbox 360 gaming console, Windows PCs and Windows Phone devices.

 Problems detected at Xbox Live

Xbox Live problems in the last 24 hours

Xbox Live Outage Chart

December 17: Problems at Xbox Live

Xbox Live is having issues since 02:30 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Sign in (60.71%)
  • ▪ Online Play (26.79%)
  • ▪ Game Crash (6.25%)
  • ▪ Glitches (4.46%)
  • ▪ Matchmaking (1.79%)

Xbox Live Live Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Denver, Colorado  ▪ Beech Creek, Pennsylvania  ▪ Seaham, England  ▪ Warszawa, mazowieckie  ▪ Ramsgate, England  ▪ San Antonio, Texas  ▪ Phoenix, Arizona  ▪ Birmingham, Alabama  ▪ Carthage, Missouri  ▪ Charlotte, North Carolina  ▪ Chicopee, Massachusetts

Xbox Live Live Outage Map
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Beech Creek, Pennsylvania
  • Seaham, England
  • Warszawa, mazowieckie
  • Ramsgate, England
  • San Antonio, Texas
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Birmingham, Alabama
  • Carthage, Missouri
  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Chicopee, Massachusetts
  •   Full Outage Map

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Xbox Live Issues Reports

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  • TBoanz3000
    Tony Benedetti (@TBoanz3000) reported

    Trying to open Amazon Video on my Xbox One and keep getting an error message with a code 5266. What's going on?? @awscloud

  • FA_Veeg
    Connor Van Gilder (@FA_Veeg) reported

    Im trying to like PUBG on Xbox but I can't endorse that yet. When basic movement and aiming is broken, the game is broken. I don't care what else it has going for it

  • AccyMac
    Marc (@AccyMac) reported

    @XboxSupport been having issues using messaging from the APP on my phone. No settings have changed though it keeps suggesting I check setting on privacy?

  • SKusbish
    Stephen Kushy (@SKusbish) reported

    @bethesda I can’t sign in to check out the Mods on my Xbox one, is there a problem with the server ??

  • KingSaiga
    BLANK⭐️ (@KingSaiga) reported

    @Xbox The game runs like dog shit. Should be F2P for releasing it in such a broken state. Smh

  • MikePlanty
    Michael Aaron Plant (@MikePlanty) reported

    @SHGames @Xbox Are you also aware of your shit sprint stop start and no sprint issue

  • KingSaiga
    BLANK⭐️ (@KingSaiga) reported

    @Xbox Big the game runs like dog shit. Game should be F2P for its broken state.

  • AlSharptonXXXXL
    OG Sharpton (@AlSharptonXXXXL) reported

    [email protected] can not login to Mods or CC on Xbox FO4. Been trying for an hour. Just getting $CreateAcct_bnet_server_error over and over. What gives?

  • Jasongr23991871
    Jason green (@Jasongr23991871) reported

    @GamingChaosAP @VaanSmith1 @7DaystoDie Get rid of your Xbox and get a PS4 you'll get rid of the md5error and be able to join whoever it's the Xbox error you have there junk

  • 0xKruzr
    A Christmas Jedi™ (@0xKruzr) reported

    @Granddad_Sr @icecoldnikita I'll be the last to go in my RV somewhere in the hills. Got a couch to crash on; bring the XBox.

  • LouieD72
    LFD (@LouieD72) reported

    @Yellowbug1969 @tnshingobingo @demon244 @XboxSupport Dont get it from GameStop where they could be out of business at any point as well. Go to a BestBuy or somewhere where they have real customer service. Its not an extended warranty. You should bave a brand new unit.

  • fish01856
    fish (@fish01856) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS when is there an update on Xbox to fix some of the bugs in game etc getting kick. sticking to walls. running lag. And so on

  • JD_Ammerman
    Jonathan Ammerman (@JD_Ammerman) reported

    @DestinLegarie even in its totally broken state, if you need a duo/squadmate I’m TOTALLY loving PUBG on Xbox One!

  • Side_thots
    side_Thoughts (@Side_thots) reported

    @awscloud I'm repeatedly receiving error code 5266 on my xbox one. I looked at your website and there is no mention of error code 5266... Can you help?

  • Azbat7
    Joey (@Azbat7) reported

    @XboxSupport need help with xb1s. All 4k/HDR content looks washed out- blacks look gray. UHD Blu-ray a and streaming apps don’t look right. TVs internal 4K streaming apps look fine so it seems like an XB issue. All black looks gray on all apps.

  • _Oskias
    Oskias (@_Oskias) reported

    @EntwinedPuppet @XboxSupport Just using this as an example, but Call of Duty has always had bad PC ports. Up until recently with WWII, which doesn't really seem have many of the problems the older ones did. CoD has always had problems on PC, but PUBG being a PC port to console, there is gonna be problems.

  • Jamez_57
    James : Dmnd (@Jamez_57) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS Fix Xbox servers! Sick and tired of dashboarding when I'm not even lagging.

  • newfieboy97
    Wesley Mccue (@newfieboy97) reported

    @XboxSupport @Cyrakohl I ever had issues till ur update came out

  • xxeagleeye23xx
    ✖️JK✖️ (@xxeagleeye23xx) reported

    @CraigHarris456 @PSR_yoshimax U must be very immature and butt hurt that it is zero FPS on the pony station. How about when u buy an early acess games on pc and it has a an issue, how come it’s not a problem. Also if u haven’t played the game on Xbox why are u commenting.

  • DerFilmer
    Max (@DerFilmer) reported

    Hi @XboxSupport, ever since the since the big Fall update, our Xbox One does not support the "Xbox select" command. How do we fix that please?

  • TrapnatiSensei
    †Father Sensei† (@TrapnatiSensei) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS hey fix your game on Xbox please we paid money too yaknow

  • Iron__Cow
    Iron_Cow (@Iron__Cow) reported

    @PUBG_help please fix crashing on Xbox ASAP it is really messing the game up to the point that it is almost unplayable

  • ZevrianRaos
    Zevrian Raos (@ZevrianRaos) reported

    Got to love updating the Xbox one on a sub-par internet service. After about six hours of waiting I am ready to turn the system off and not touch it again for awhile, new games be damned.

  • K1LR_Instinct
    Mountain Airsoft (@K1LR_Instinct) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS My game always crashes on Xbox. Almost every game I have to restart it. When can you fix this?

  • PapaAwakening
    Awakening (@PapaAwakening) reported

    @XboxSupport how do i fix the xbox app i can’t be in a party or anything and have tried multiple things to fix it.

  • FagoneTyler
    Tyler Fagone (@FagoneTyler) reported

    @Dat_Saintsfan I have 400k in gta. The most I have ever saved up is 1million.I have a spending problem. This money will help(my Xbox 1 account is barelcrib2345 let’s play)

  • DreadPirateRai
    dreadpiraterai (@DreadPirateRai) reported

    I love PUBG on Xbox as much as the pc version. But damn that lag and random game Crashes in the middle of matches. Suddenly died in the middle of a field, apparently I had been run over

  • hynekmaneuver
    Sarah Hynek (@hynekmaneuver) reported

    @FOXSportsGOHelp Only the Seattle game at 4:00. I've never had an issue getting it on our XBox app before today.

  • CraigBeck
    Craig Beck (@CraigBeck) reported

    @XboxSupport The problems are at your end, have you not seen all the posts online about games dropping out and server connection errors?

  • carpchronicles
    carpchronicles (@carpchronicles) reported

    @MattS_CICDTDD @Xbox No should of waited.The game is crap anyway.give it a year and they should have ironed out most of the problems.

  • Silv3rSurfer30
    Jessie (@Silv3rSurfer30) reported

    @PlayerUnknowns_ How about fix Xbox graphics before doing anything stupid like this!

  • DPinedragon
    Dragon pindragon (@DPinedragon) reported

    @skippy0330 oh do you know when they're going to do another update on the Xbox One and PS4 another bug fix or will it be feature update

  • ErinDudka
    ~JustMe~ 🏳️‍🌈🇨🇦 (@ErinDudka) reported

    @katynotie 5 years from now Xbox will be passé so don't panic. Wasn't ever an issue for us but when he wanted something expensive, we just explained how some people have more money than others and maybe at another time.

  • marbell379
    Mark Bell (@marbell379) reported

    @XboxSupport I would, but I’m not getting an error other than cannot connect. Network tests show Fine. Netflix works fine, Amazon Prime works fine. Just XBox live that refuses to accept I’m online.

  • Ironman6116
    Michael Spratt (@Ironman6116) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS Except no it hasn’t and every single game I’ve been in today has crashed me back to Xbox home screen. Is it that difficult to release a game that’s been on steam for so long getting bugs worked out and not have it release with these stupid server and graphic rendering issues?

  • AllenDelToro
    Allen Del Toro (@AllenDelToro) reported

    @MagicalPogba6 @Xbox Just a fan of putting money in things that work to be able to enjoy them. Unlike you kind sir putting money in broken things, like your mouth.

  • TheTrollPig
    TheTrollPig (@TheTrollPig) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS Is there any updates for PUBG on Xbox anytime soon, the game is always crashing and the weapon mechanics are really bad not to mention the lag and other bugs?

  • tynischasok45vs
    epica (@tynischasok45vs) reported

    Rainbow Six Siege: Servers down for maintenance ahead of HUGE PS4, Xbox One and PC update

  • TheTrollPig
    TheTrollPig (@TheTrollPig) reported

    Is there any updates for PUBG on Xbox anytime soon, the game is always crashing and the weapon mechanics are really bad not to mention the lag and other bugs?

  • iAmRAFA_23
    Rafa🎮⚽️ [TeEm] (@iAmRAFA_23) reported

    @XboxSupport seems a few of my achievements are not unlocking. I’ve had issues with two separate games. Any reason why this would be going on? #XboxOne

  • KarsonKelley
    Karson Kelley (@KarsonKelley) reported

    @Speak4I @ExoticButters84 @pipeworks @DragonGuard380 @randogaming05 Well keep in mind that the bugs on PS4 won’t necessarily be the same for Xbox. We might have a lot less problems than they do.

  • Tomfehst
    Tom Fehst (@Tomfehst) reported

    @Xbox Pls fix this game.

  • xLilSheWolfx
    xLil SheWolfx (@xLilSheWolfx) reported

    @TwinklingPlays Maybe Xbox Live are having issues again I don't know what to suggest.

  • Erick_Zappy
    Erick Ruiz (@Erick_Zappy) reported

    @SHGames hey can you guys fix the spectating issue on Xbox that would be great. It's been going on for far too long.

  • CraigHarris456
    Craig Harris 45 (@CraigHarris456) reported

    @ryanllandes Great point Ryan. Its really to bad that the same folks defending the game are ONLY doing it because its on the Xbox platform. Bottom-line is it RUNS HORRIBLE, folks should except it and move on, but they CANT EVERY talk about FPS issues AGAIN! Hope they are enjoying it.

  • HadesHalo
    HadesHalo⁰⁰⁷ 😈😇 (@HadesHalo) reported

    @BlizzardCS Well I’m glad it’s not a penalty, but I just restarted my Xbox, and unplugged/plugged in my headset again - same problem still...

  • AllenDelToro
    Allen Del Toro (@AllenDelToro) reported

    @Ozzyfootballer @MagicalPogba6 @Xbox Speaking about taking a reading class, in my statement I wrote that it inherited a lot of issues from its PC port besides the problem that it has with FPS, but hey what do I know I can't read...

  • joespeed52
    Joe Speed (@joespeed52) reported

    @putinologist @Xbox Sounds like a personal problem.

  • Tek_Hardy
    ⛄❄ Tek Hardy ⛄❄ (@Tek_Hardy) reported

    @TeamYouTube why can't I upload videos off your app on my Xbox anymore is this a new thing or a technical issue from @Xbox

  • _Oskias
    Oskias (@_Oskias) reported

    @EntwinedPuppet @XboxSupport Lol. It's not the Xbox One X that is having the problem. It's the port of PUBG. They rushed it so it looks like shit. Ever heard of bad PC ports? There's bad Xbox ports too and PUBG just has to be one of them. PUBG had terrible graphics to begin with.

  • Yellowbug1969
    Dave (@Yellowbug1969) reported from Seaham, England

    @utnapishtim_ @XboxSupport If we both have the same problem I’m sure there’s more. Did you happen to have any errors regarding your saved data and need to clear the cache before this problem?

  • Yellowbug1969
    Dave (@Yellowbug1969) reported from Seaham, England

    @tnshingobingo @demon244 @XboxSupport I think it’s possibly a software update issue. They’ll probably change the HDD and it will be good as new.

  • WigglesIntoYou
    Brandong Wiggle (@WigglesIntoYou) reported


  • young_tkl
    Tyler Lemm (@young_tkl) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS please fix the game and stop it from crashing on xbox. It's no fun. The game just randomly resets and we haven't been told why this happens. You need to get the ball rolling and fix this ASAP PLEASE!

  • MagicalPogba6
    MagicalPogba6 (@MagicalPogba6) reported

    @AllenDelToro @Xbox What would you do, Pay 30 for a broken game which will get fixed or pay 60 for the fixed game

  • utnapishtim_
    Bumin Kağan (@utnapishtim_) reported

    @Yellowbug1969 @XboxSupport I want to know that too. I think a general problem.

  • AllenDelToro
    Allen Del Toro (@AllenDelToro) reported

    @MagicalPogba6 @Xbox Your logic like the game you seem so fond of is broken. Justifying buying a broken game because it's gonna get fixed later, is like buying a car without an engine and then expecting it to be shipped to your home at some point.

    Mitch (@TMB_DIGGY) reported

    @MagicalPogba6 @theonlybrocave @Xbox Then that's a damn shame to make people pay $30 for a broken game right now but then make it $60 when it's fixed. Early access my ass. This game has been out for a year.

  • FailedToListen
    Icyrhythms (@FailedToListen) reported

    @JFonzerrelli PUBG on Xbox deserves more than constructive criticism. That game is an unplayable mess at times, mainly due to performance. I can't believe people thought a consistent 60FPS was possible. Hell, look at the disaster 30 is. Bluehole needs to fix this game

  • wazoodood
    wazoodood (@wazoodood) reported

    Please @PUBATTLEGROUNDS fix the Xbox crash to the dashboard! (Usually when driving). I have died due to this one toooooo many times to be still be having fun.

  • florazova9n
    fransis (@florazova9n) reported

    Rainbow Six Siege: Servers down for maintenance ahead of HUGE PS4, Xbox One and PC update

  • utnapishtim_
    Bumin Kağan (@utnapishtim_) reported

    @Yellowbug1969 @XboxSupport My xbox one x (Scorpio Edition) is broken and i am waiting 15 days for repair. Error code: E105

  • BamMiles
    Frost115 (@BamMiles) reported

    @TripwireInt Excuse me, I am having a problem with kf2 on Xbox, I have been doing the daily challenges and have not been receiving dosh for the vault.

  • Hoodholmes
    hoodholmes666 (@Hoodholmes) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS sort out the crashing and lag on XBOX ONE X, pretty please. At least 5 times today i have crashed out.

  • Kbeal992
    Beal (@Kbeal992) reported

    @youFamousEnough I’m on Xbox and have an elite team we’re 21-2 with no lag outs but 21-6 with lagouts need elite people with high iq Hmu with arch and overall

  • Cthulutulu
    Liam (@Cthulutulu) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS @xboxuk @Xbox please sort out this constant game crashing issue. Making this game unbearable to play.

  • Nasser_2024
    Nathan (@Nasser_2024) reported

    @HollowPoiint #PUBG is broken on Xbox

  • kelley_kayden
    kayden kelley (@kelley_kayden) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS on Xbox fix your graphic I died bc of a crat

  • AristoMaggio
    Aristo Maggio (@AristoMaggio) reported

    @XboxSupport Also sometimes is just starts lagging it of nowhere and I asked my friend I was playing with and he had the same problem. It also lags when I’m in a car too and it’s very hard to control it and hurts my eyes. I like the game and I know it’s still in development it just needs work

  • Yellowbug1969
    Dave (@Yellowbug1969) reported from Seaham, England

    @demon244 @XboxSupport They still won’t take it back. When I had initial issues with my PS4 pro I phoned them the day I bought it and they said I had to deal with Sony

  • GeekyGamer171
    Thomas Sullivan (@GeekyGamer171) reported

    @TrionHelp I'm playing on the Xbox One but I can't login as everyone I do it keeps saying waiting for session and then it comes up saying connection timed out what can I do to fix this?

  • AllenDelToro
    Allen Del Toro (@AllenDelToro) reported

    @MagicalPogba6 @Xbox Clearly you failed a couple of classes like economics and common sense kind sir which would explain why you fail to see why paying full price for a broken game makes no sense

  • chintu
    chintu (@chintu) reported

    @XboxQwik xbox one x Dolby Surround not working is stop receiving audio

  • AllenDelToro
    Allen Del Toro (@AllenDelToro) reported

    @MagicalPogba6 @Xbox Clearly you failed a couple a of classes like economics and common sense kind sir which would explain why you fail to see why paying full price for a broken game makes no sense

  • MartinTrick1
    Martin Trickett (@MartinTrick1) reported

    @Xbox Fix the crashes and this game will be immense imo

  • ajfaccini
    Tony Faccini (@ajfaccini) reported

    @Yellowbug1969 @XboxSupport Why would you send it off for repair?? Take it back to the shop and swap it. Sales of goods act means goods should be satisfactory quality. If it's broken after a month then it clearly isn't.

  • FrenchToasty14
    French Toasty (@FrenchToasty14) reported

    @Xbox Fix it

  • jedimasterjeni
    Jedimasterjenni (@jedimasterjeni) reported

    @ATVIAssist cod campaign is freezing up at same spot over and over. I'm on Xbox. Not like you'll answer me but had to let u know so u can hopefully fix it cause I would love to be able to play campaign

  • DanielBardsley_
    Dan (@DanielBardsley_) reported

    Got the xbox one s and what a load of shit. Spent all day updating it yesterday for it to crash and freeze about 20 times, and then it refuses to download any games. @XboxSupport

  • letrouf
    ⎛⎝Johnny BeGooD⎠⎞ (@letrouf) reported

    @XboxSupport Actually tested on an other controller. issue is only with my elite controller. Do I have to go with after sale assistance?

Xbox Live Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 08x7de0017
  • 0x800080206
  • 0x8004804E
  • 0x80070102
  • 0x80072ee6
  • 0x80072ee7
  • 0x8013153b
  • 0x803f8001
  • 0x803f9007
  • 0x807a1004
  • 0x80820002
  • 0x80830003
  • 0x80bd0009
  • 0x838601e7
  • 0x83950001
  • 0x8540000
  • 0x87c40001
  • 0x87c40002
  • 0x87c40003
  • 0x87c40004
  • 0x87c40005
  • 0x87c40011
  • 0x87dd0004
  • 0x87de0017
  • 0x87df2ee7
  • 0x87e00005
  • 0x87e0000b
  • 0x87e0000b
  • 0x87E0000D
  • 0x87e107df
  • 0x87e107f9
  • 0x8ca50004
  • 0x91d70000
  • 0x91d7000a
  • 1
  • 800701e7
  • 80151103
  • 8015402b
  • 8b010007
  • 8b050033
  • E101
  • E200
  • E203
  • E204
  • E206
  • E207
  • E305
  • SVC60017