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YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California. The service was created by three former PayPal employees—Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim—in February 2005. It is currently owned by Google.

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November 17: Problems at Youtube

Youtube is having issues since 03:00 AM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • Shahnawaz271191 Shahnawaz (@Shahnawaz271191) reported

    @rwac48 @YouTube If condemnations are enough then you shouldn't raise the issue of kps, as kashmiris are condemning that act of miscreants since 3 decades, then y we after 2 generations are still punished for those crimes which aren't even done by our Parents!!

  • NzNfree WildNfreeNZ (@NzNfree) reported

    @11_i_am_11 @YouTube Link to video not working 🤔🤔

  • shsoab Mahtab/ مهتاب (@shsoab) reported

    US tech companies can help the Iranian people by finding a way to prevent the internet interruption in #iran by mullahs regime. The #iranian people are hostages &they need help from all giant tech companies so they can be heard. @StateDept @SecPompeo @Google @YouTube @facebook

  • ChaudharyHami10 Hamid_chaudharyFx (@ChaudharyHami10) reported

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  • MBucked MustGetBucked (@MBucked) reported

    This latest YouTube Update may be the worst decision I’ve ever seen from @YouTube . Not only is my front page unbearable to look at, but it’s also filled with videos that I have already watched on this account.

  • WhoopWh58499521 WhoopWhoop (@WhoopWh58499521) reported

    What if @YouTube got a bunch of memelords and they asked them to help make YouTube rewind 2019

  • aaronjhill ᴀᴀʀᴏɴᴊʜɪʟʟ🧢 (@aaronjhill) reported

    @YTCreators This design is clunky. I am using a Chromebook and it is nearly impossible to scroll down in these popup windows. I want to change the video quality on my uploads to HD. I am stuck in SD hell.@YouTube

  • Cry0Gaming 🥐🦃Cry0Gaming🦃🥐 (@Cry0Gaming) reported

    @IKiddies @LilithNova1 @YouTube @TeamYouTube I don’t know if it’s the end of YouTube tbh. That’s what a lot of people said when they changed montization and started changing things around the site for the worst. And that was over 3 years ago or more. I think YT lives to see another day tbh.

  • SimonWhistler Simon Whistler (@SimonWhistler) reported

    @MizzCerise @DavidRWatson2 @spqrblues @YouTube That's legit. I had that problem while listening to a video in the shower. I'd have to shower through a 5 minute Masterclass video about cooking brisket instead of what I wanted.

  • EricAdamHovis Eric H. (@EricAdamHovis) reported

    @YouTube I'm totally going to add a club in my game where the uniform is like this, and it's kids who go around town unclogging drains, repairing water damage and broken pipes, etc. It's just fun to do this stuff, and glorifying and honoring this kind of work is a good idea for society.

  • ishideukie Ishideukie | #MOMO day 💕 (@ishideukie) reported

    @YouTube @YTCreators @TeamYouTube Please Respond to my problem

  • NabilM000 Nabil (@NabilM000) reported

    @YouTube E ) More clarification. In this case: The play change in White's interest. And any other moves, no problem. And If the two ministers end together, and if the two Castle end "the Black and White" together ,will be better. And therefore: White can victory. or will be "draw"

  • CaseyMoninghoff Casey Moninghoff (@CaseyMoninghoff) reported

    @YouTube be gold. Pay a channel who has posted nothing 🤯 what a concept......nah you pay the nogo channel for literal shit. Come on bruh, fix ya shit

  • cykes_revenge charles mitchell (@cykes_revenge) reported

    @YouTube no I don't want to help youtube by taking a damn survey. Piss off.

  • NabilM000 Nabil (@NabilM000) reported

    @YouTube E ) More clarification. In this case: The play change in White's interest. And If the two ministers end together, and the two Castle together "Black and White" ,will be better. And any other moves, no problem. And therefore: White can victory. or will be "draw"

  • CraftyMaelyss CraftyMaelyss (@CraftyMaelyss) reported

    @FTC @TeamYouTube Please pass this onto @YouTube as it would resolve so many issues if they were to do this.

  • BarkLogistic LogisticBark (@BarkLogistic) reported

    Trying to dispute the copyright claim on my Death Stranding playthrough video, but when I click the link to file a dispute (because I'm ******* angry at the copyright, and demonetisation, over 4 minutes of music) it comes up with this. @YouTube #youtube #help #copyright

  • SandeepBhosle1 Sandeep Bhosle (@SandeepBhosle1) reported

    @poojabeditweets @nsitharaman @FinMinIndia To be frank it's quite easy, believe me I had set-up it on my own and that too online, just need to maintain all documents and papers in order, and I file my GST on my own that too without CA just got help from @YouTube for all filing process.

  • ChaseBains Chase Bains (@ChaseBains) reported

    @Th3Jez @YouTube @YTCreators @TeamYouTube Sounds kinda like what happened with @ThatMumboJumbo he just had cut all the claimed music from his videos because YouTube failed to help its creators

  • MemeStealr NotoriousMemeThief (@MemeStealr) reported

    @f_bajjar @YouTube @TFDiet Fix your stupid mind before criticizing companies.

  • anotherdeep deepinder gharnal (@anotherdeep) reported

    @rwac48 @YouTube Terrible.

  • bumblespitz hannah (@bumblespitz) reported


  • TomsMom1997 Jennifer (@TomsMom1997) reported

    @YouTube @TeamYouTube @YTCreators This has got to stop! People doing missing people stories should not be punished for wanting to help. There ARE advertisers that would want their ads on this but you're choosing for them! Step up! Give these creators their jobs back!

  • Crimson00499774 Crimson (@Crimson00499774) reported

    @kojikomos @cippikus @MegamanRA @YouTube @clairepicsMusic Oh believe me, I KNOW. I faced this before Mark's community did, but all ended well and I got my accounts back. Regular people who actually do look at appeals will most likely accept them, and the issue is fixed by now I'm pretty sure.

  • ax1s8 ax1s (@ax1s8) reported

    I get it. No one likes paying fees. No one likes getting their privacy invaded. But this just isn’t fair. It breaks my heart to see some of my favorite creators have to leave youtube or change themselves. It’s terrible. Please try and reconsider, @YouTube . This has gone too far.

  • jefkay jef kay (@jefkay) reported

    @YouTube @gngnobody Fix YouTube

  • ax1s8 ax1s (@ax1s8) reported

    Rant time: let’s talk about the changes @YouTube is making. I can’t hate them for it. I understand they are trying to help the community, or at least I think that they are. But please, don’t do this. I understand that COPPA is trying to keep people safe. But this goes to far.

  • Tedakin Ted Bracewell (@Tedakin) reported

    @SPMYT2 @YouTube No one knows, and that's the whole problem..... @FTCPhillips

  • SavageTomas Tom Savage (@SavageTomas) reported

    @Lead1225 @craigreedholy @YouTube it is not only dawkins who claims this. physics long ago discovered that the universe is deterministic. there is still some speculation on the problem in quantum mechanics, but that is fundamentally a measurement problem as at the relativistic level, it is deterministic.

  • willroyratt william (@willroyratt) reported

    @YouTube oops. i ****** up, cuz i meant to put up some awful Devo thing. wait...

  • ManablazeMick Stuntman.Mick (@ManablazeMick) reported

    @pyr0lyZer @papa_neslo @LuCKyy10p @Th3Jez @YouTube @YTCreators @TeamYouTube To be fair, artists in my country are owed millions in royalties by our national public broadcaster of all entities. They need every bit of help they can get. Problem is, the labels track usage and don't necessarily pay the artists

  • Kelseymariebell Kelsey Bell (@Kelseymariebell) reported

    @najwamoses @VABarAssn @HeatherUrry @TuftsUniversity @TuftsDaily @TuftsPolice @ShermanTeichman @SanDiegoCounty @LLamaPathPeru @POTUS @USArmy @markmykleby @TTSAcademy @TheJusticeDept @CarrCenter @SecPompeo @SaugusPD @CoreyGoode @jcwasmer @TuftsALLIES @thejointstaff @brooks_rosa @US_Stratcom @hystericalblkns @CohassetPolice @AbbeyNormalOne @CIA @LeeHarrisEnergy @WhiteHouse @YouTube @VP @AdamRossRapopor @AaronGrossmanMD @TheHungerGames @skoltai @DeptofDefense @FBI @khal_aanghel @ratemyprofessor @StateDept @facebook so then, this person believes falsely I am the cause of all their issues, has some obsession with "winning," which is typical of #narcissisticabuse and then well,

  • OKGoodreview OK Goodreview (@OKGoodreview) reported

    @Clanker_Wanker @Soundout12 @EmGo316 @YouTube @MSNBC @maddow @CNN @CBSNews @NBCNews I probably wasn't as clear as I could be. I don't think you will get too many takers, particularly since this issue 1) doesn't affect people generally in a way they will care about and 2) nobody knows right now what will happen, including the FTC. Any story would be guesswork.

  • ludduofficial Luddu Official (@ludduofficial) reported from Hadapsar, State of Mahārāshtra

    @YouTube @clairepicsMusic Day 21, I will tweet daily untill I will get back my channel. It's more than 91 days I'm waiting to get back my channel @TeamYouTube #YouTube @YTCreators @TeamYouTube @SusanWojcicki @YouTube #fraud #Help #fraudonyoutube #BigilCensored #google #fraudongoogle

  • ludduofficial Luddu Official (@ludduofficial) reported from Hadapsar, State of Mahārāshtra

    Day 21, I will tweet daily untill I will get back my channel. It's more than 91 days I'm waiting to get back my channel @TeamYouTube #YouTube @YTCreators @TeamYouTube @SusanWojcicki @YouTube #fraud #Help #fraudonyoutube #BigilCensored #google #fraudongoogle

  • Kelseymariebell Kelsey Bell (@Kelseymariebell) reported

    @najwamoses @VABarAssn @HeatherUrry @TuftsUniversity @TuftsDaily @TuftsPolice @ShermanTeichman @SanDiegoCounty @LLamaPathPeru @POTUS @USArmy @markmykleby @TTSAcademy @TheJusticeDept @CarrCenter @SecPompeo @SaugusPD @CoreyGoode @jcwasmer @TuftsALLIES @thejointstaff @brooks_rosa @US_Stratcom @hystericalblkns @CohassetPolice @AbbeyNormalOne @CIA @LeeHarrisEnergy @WhiteHouse @YouTube @VP @AdamRossRapopor @AaronGrossmanMD @TheHungerGames @skoltai @DeptofDefense @FBI @khal_aanghel @ratemyprofessor Andrew: you are being strongly urged to get help, heal, apologize, and then do better.

  • writersflood Harley Bashaw (@writersflood) reported

    @Youtube, your site will die, slowly but surely if you don’t do anything about all the issues people are facing on your site. Do better, be better. Please improve your site, don’t just give all of us empty statements saying you’ll fix the issues. Act now and act soon.

  • Jordan_Croteau_ Jordan C (@Jordan_Croteau_) reported

    @YouTube yall need to fix this hacking shit, my boy @Astartes40k is just trying to grace the world with his incredible content and he's gotta worry some loser is gonna steal his shit and put weiners on the space marines or some shit and re-upload it. C'mon man! #freeastartes

  • MustafaSN_ MustafaSN_ (@MustafaSN_) reported

    @AngeloMessina02 @Twitter @YouTube Thank you 😊, I'm not going to commit suicide anymore. I received help from someone

  • Toast_Queen wheat (@Toast_Queen) reported

    @RentsPaid @memorie_holiday @YouTube I'm glad that it worked for you! I really don't think it will for me, though. If I thought it'd help, I'd go to one and deal with the costs, since my insurance won't cover it for me.

  • jason_scott XenoVerseYT (@jason_scott) reported

    Wow @TeamYouTube @YouTube Why are you abusing the small creators! Small creators make videos soo they can have fun but you want to remove there videos that don’t make money .. your new features are getting hella worst and also the COPPA thing well there’s a app call Youtube kids

  • sarahdoyle403 Sarah 🇰🇷 is seeing Niall & Louis (@sarahdoyle403) reported


  • Kelseymariebell Kelsey Bell (@Kelseymariebell) reported

    @najwamoses @VABarAssn @HeatherUrry @TuftsUniversity @TuftsDaily @TuftsPolice @ShermanTeichman @SanDiegoCounty @LLamaPathPeru @POTUS @USArmy @markmykleby @TTSAcademy @TheJusticeDept @CarrCenter @SecPompeo @SaugusPD @CoreyGoode @jcwasmer @TuftsALLIES @thejointstaff @brooks_rosa @US_Stratcom @hystericalblkns @CohassetPolice @AbbeyNormalOne @CIA @LeeHarrisEnergy @WhiteHouse @YouTube @VP @AdamRossRapopor @AaronGrossmanMD @TheHungerGames @skoltai @DeptofDefense He wanted to lead and help people, and then all that happened. Jeffrey Dahmer became Jeffrey Dahmer because he saw 1963 or 1964 in the #astral plane,

  • Sahand_Ava Sahand سهند (@Sahand_Ava) reported

    @MessageFromLen @girlnextdoor969 @Twitter @facebook @Google @YouTube @instagram Yes, yes That’s a big help Or provide satellite internet People only need internet to over-through the criminal dictators

  • DSartworks418 🦇🎃KHAOS ANIMA ~ Goddess of the Void 🎃🦇 (@DSartworks418) reported

    @EricDJuly @YouTube I agree for the most part. I would argue though that quality does play apart in Joker's success. Not in the subjective what story is better sense. More in a well made film sense. The difference in Captain Marvel and Joker illustrate Martin Scorsese's point imo .

  • Skip_tick Skipped Tick🧢 (@Skip_tick) reported

    @ScubaMySteve @YouTube This level of consistant quality defies explination. You must be cheating somehow.

  • Crimson00499774 Crimson (@Crimson00499774) reported

    @cippikus @MegamanRA @YouTube @clairepicsMusic Youtube has already stated in September that they'll be announcing the new stuff because of the COPPA sue in 4 months. They were already taking responsibility for the issue, so..

  • Kelseymariebell Kelsey Bell (@Kelseymariebell) reported

    @najwamoses @VABarAssn @HeatherUrry @TuftsUniversity @TuftsDaily @TuftsPolice @ShermanTeichman @SanDiegoCounty @LLamaPathPeru @POTUS @USArmy @markmykleby @TTSAcademy @TheJusticeDept @CarrCenter @SecPompeo @SaugusPD @CoreyGoode @jcwasmer @TuftsALLIES @thejointstaff @brooks_rosa @US_Stratcom @hystericalblkns @CohassetPolice @AbbeyNormalOne @CIA @LeeHarrisEnergy @WhiteHouse @YouTube @VP @AdamRossRapopor @AaronGrossmanMD I mentioned someone before, I believe they are/will help heal this.

  • ParkerGreen14 Parker the Aardvark (@ParkerGreen14) reported

    @YouTube You guys gotta help me out against the FTC, I submitted my comment on the rule, the parents should be the deciding factor on what children should be allowed to watch! Please back me up! I don't wanna go to jail!

  • Renee41085532 Renee (@Renee41085532) reported

    @Maca691 @YouTube @QTAnon1 @930 @mntcol @AWISHNSTAR2 @Lightworker2012 @peaceinamerica1 @P0A_Triot23 @bob_donoven @JfkJuni0r @TrishRichards4 @AskeaPhyllis @MAGAMNCD8 @mjams952 @_iAlyssa_ @JohnGrahamDick1 @EyesOnQ Ty Mac, need to know but tough to watch. The words of Q resonate , as those who you thought you could trust, were the worst of the worst! The Vatican , the royal crown, mass graves , the abuses weren’t enough , needed to terrify! Hell is not enough for them

  • AlexPocuca 🦌SillyGrapesPresents🦌ReinDeer (@AlexPocuca) reported

    @YouTube @TeamYouTube plz fix ur self, bczs nothing seems to load the YouTube app for at all and I can't seem to watch any vids today.

  • thejzboy James Zepp (@thejzboy) reported


  • thejzboy James Zepp (@thejzboy) reported

    @YouTube @TFDiet FIX YOUR ******* PLATFORM GET A NEW CEO

  • thejzboy James Zepp (@thejzboy) reported

    @YouTube I love how your shit company ignores the issues I hope youtube gets killed with a better competitor

  • thejzboy James Zepp (@thejzboy) reported


  • AndrewHoran77 Andrew Horan (@AndrewHoran77) reported

    Again @YouTube, if you could find some way to fix your algorithm so that people who watch comic book videos don't keep getting recommended videos from toxic nerds who lose their shit every time a title does something even slightly progressive, that would be great.

  • peachycobblerr Lee 🦄♐ (@peachycobblerr) reported

    @memorie_holiday @YouTube Umm excuse me but exposure to broken necks increases your immunity to leg injuries.

  • miroch16 MiKeY (@miroch16) reported

    @Habsterix @CoachsCornerDC @YouTube That doesn't exactly help your cause.

  • thejzboy James Zepp (@thejzboy) reported


  • thejzboy James Zepp (@thejzboy) reported