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YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California. The service was created by three former PayPal employees—Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim—in February 2005. It is currently owned by Google.

 Some problems detected at Youtube

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July 21: Problems at Youtube

Youtube is having issues since 02:30 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Buffering (51.28%)
  • Sign in (15.38%)
  • Playback Issues (15.38%)
  • Crashing (10.26%)
  • Video Quality (7.69%)

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  • Your_Class_
    Your Class (@Your_Class_) reported

    @TeamYouTube When will be the additional review done ?? I am waiting from previous six months to get monetized .. No community guideline strike till now.. Please help @YouTube @YTCreators @TeamYouTube

  • wdit4_
    Udre udre (@wdit4_) reported

    @drboycewatkins1 @YouTube pt1 - What hapened to Udre Gharvey ? I don' know, but I think I've been banned. Whenever I sig in,the first few posts go thru with no problem.

  • BriteBomber10
    Brite Bomber 🌈 (@BriteBomber10) reported

    @EVRMatt212 @YouTube Quality thumbnail

  • MariKxBTS
    Mari #LYTourFlorida (@MariKxBTS) reported

    @btstwt_______ @BTS_twt @YouTube Help trend #LYTourFlorida

  • MattHandon
    Saad Khan (@MattHandon) reported

    @GingernationG @YouTube Which is the easiest crash game? Is spyro this hard as well?

  • aman_gourh
    Aman Kumar Gourh (@aman_gourh) reported

    @TeamYouTube Hey YouTube, I don't know what is wrong with me, i think I'm the unluckiest YouTuber who is producing original, quality content with huge amount of subscribers base but not get monetized till now:( I think i should quiet youtube:( @YouTube @YouTubeIndia

  • Nurmacy
    Nurm (@Nurmacy) reported

    @xFayd @YouTube No problem brother

  • ChesnoidGaming
    Chris Wood (@ChesnoidGaming) reported

    @OfficialTiggy @CarloTuanDuong @YouTube Yeah i transferred Lafont. I had Onana at Southampton and he was terrible, also had Kluivert at Saints too

  • _Kozen_
    kozen (@_Kozen_) reported

    @YouTube Is the slowest most broken site on the planet. Fix your fucking shit.

  • Kade01
    bumble (@Kade01) reported

    @DereckWDew @YouTube Isn’t music opinion based? I get he says science is with him but this is just silly. I think he doesn’t like music and is yelling “that’s what’s wrong with your generation” like most people who don’t understand or like new things. There’s awful music in all generations

  • Soni45565012
    Shonu (@Soni45565012) reported

    @KEEMSTAR @youtube Keep extending the Trainwreck. Few YouTubers are manipulative & for money. Makes sense why Fouseytube etc r depressed. Now he found religion. If it's true good but it is deceptive to me as usual & Dealt with him up close. Get HELP. Be real then you will find peace. SAD

  • Kade01
    bumble (@Kade01) reported

    @DereckWDew @YouTube This video sounds like a old man yelling at kids saying “that’s what’s wrong with your generation”. He doesn’t get shit changes. I understand what he’s saying and I don’t like a lot of crap today either but I like a lot of it too. Modern music has many forms not all is awful

  • bunnymerlin69
    Whitefeather🐇👼💗👑🦄🏹 (@bunnymerlin69) reported

    @Fishtiks @YouTube If I felt REALLY down without knowing who I am, humanity would have a problem. But I’m aware and awake, so....

  • Augkash
    Augie🇺🇸 (@Augkash) reported

    @izzjarq @YouTube @cranium2001 People film everything lol. I always forget bc I try to help.

  • Marvel_Thalia
    Marvel.Thalia (@Marvel_Thalia) reported

    @YouTube y r my ads so jacked up! I pressed skip so I didn't have to watch it & you make me sit there for a full 5 seconds staring at a still screen? And the worst thing is not everyone has to suffer with me! My uncle's youtube ads are FINE! I don't wanna take part in your trial!

  • david_baldry
    Ashton Grate (@david_baldry) reported

    @ARWBS3 @ItsSmiiiiittth @RobbieSkeates @Nick_Amos @YouTube @WestHamUtd Agree Eisa is definitely quality. Don't you remember hugil bossing our defence with deft chest flick ons.

  • rykoonmesto7
    Ryan Meston (@rykoonmesto7) reported

    @bulldogger_22 @YouTube yo whats up with the quality 240p

  • xbluerendezvous
    xBlueRendezvous (@xbluerendezvous) reported

    @DaRealMastalin @YouTube lord, I'll have to hop on to see what parker thinks of social issues

  • Mathew30
    Mathew Lisett (@Mathew30) reported

    @dillywax @TeamYouTube @YouTube strange i had this problem and i dont think youtube ever responded. and its on a specific video of mine aswell.

  • ruleexe
    O'Rüle (@ruleexe) reported

    @dzaya274 @YouTube Youtube and copyright issues....

  • ZTrainZack
    ZTrain (Zack) (@ZTrainZack) reported

    @SkeemboyAr @YouTube Aye brother hit me up im a new rapper tryin yo make a name for my self i would love to do a gig if you can help me out im well ready it shows on ur page u do booking thats why i asked

  • amandaindiee
    manda. (@amandaindiee) reported

    @hassaanthedev @YouTube I tried doing that, for some reason all my videos and subscribers disappeared for a long period of time, and then just magically reappeared in the same channel. It doesn't help either because the channel is still tied to the same email, so I can't deleted it. Thank you anyway.

  • McGreedyx
    fish stance udyr 🐟 (@McGreedyx) reported

    @JJSFREETIME @YouTube I'm depressed can you help me?

  • WillThePianist
    WilliamThePianist ! (@WillThePianist) reported

    @YouTube Maybe you should fix #elsagate on Youtube Kids since it's seriously weird. Hitler worshipping and drowning kids. Maybe focus on actual problems with your site than the moon landing.

  • FastEddieLB
    Edgar Peddy (@FastEddieLB) reported

    @JediTimarick @YouTube Oh dear... I've tried reading her work and couldn't get more than halfway through an issue

  • tani_sana
    Aratrika (@tani_sana) reported

    @pratidintime @YouTube shame on Assam govt.Terrible.People outside Assam should know what is going on.

  • GrowlRoar
    (@GrowlRoar) reported

    @github @facebook @instagram @Twitter @reddit @YouTube @FLOTUS It's not the worst idea to create algorithms to block anyone acting like children and disable posting ANY negative comments about underage children. Kids trying internet harassment shouldn't be a rite of passage

  • Cho66573772
    Sxan$ (@Cho66573772) reported

    @ItsShake4ndbake @YouTube The sounds not working I can’t hear your video bro

  • Fahrid25719167
    Fahrid (@Fahrid25719167) reported

    @dijoni @YouTube There's no disputing the UK has issues as do many many countries around the world. I have myself been subjected to racism but 9 out of ten times here if it gets heated the worst you'll see is a fist fight.

  • Chennuriramakri
    Chennuri ramakrishna (@Chennuriramakri) reported

    @iamprasadtech @YouTube Anna nenu oppof5 ni reset chesanu success ga open aindhi lock screen lo finger print and password ni set chesi lock cheste display ni up cheste lock open aipothundhi kaani display lock ane symbel undhi daanini toch cheste ne password enter cheyamani aduguthundhi plzzz help chey

  • dijoni
    Don Salmon (@dijoni) reported

    @Fahrid25719167 @YouTube America is the worst.

  • WeZG2025
    SKUNNER 🌐 (@WeZG2025) reported

    @fousey @pewdiepie @YouTube @YTCreators what an idiot go get help

  • DomFire77777
    Dominic Miller (@DomFire77777) reported

    @OMGitsAliA @YouTube I found the NOMS sign in fortnite

  • JoeCarlasare
    Joe Carlasare (@JoeCarlasare) reported

    @CRInvestor @YouTube This is awful. He doesn’t understand the value principe in the network effect. The fact that I can send 10 million dollars across the world in 10 mins without a trusted intermediary is amazing.

  • Pxrxcetxmol
    Paracetamol (@Pxrxcetxmol) reported

    @TheTaxilan @YouTube yes. they don't even give credits, they just pick it up and worst of all they ruin the orignal song. bw they even copied dil dil pakistan and made dil dil hindustan

  • Jonatha97947998
    Jonathan (@Jonatha97947998) reported

    @elkepoley @YouTube Again your videos seems really very interesting but the only problem is that i don't understand german lol!

  • Sharooken
    🕵️‍♂️ (@Sharooken) reported

    @joelster79 @YouTube Bought the Vizio P65-F1 2018 series TV but I already tried 3 times with them and it always has some sort of problem with it like shadow vertical line, see fald zones during bright scenes. I was thinking of downgrading the screen sizes to an 55 inch and get 900F. What you think??

  • w1nds0r
    Di Perton (@w1nds0r) reported

    @pierredevos @YouTube It may just be the worst version of that song EVER!

  • Coop_520
    Adam cooper (@Coop_520) reported

    @Tigermanchris @YouTube @anniegreenmusic Idk it's stupid!! But I think it's that he has trust issues too! Cause he don't believe anything you say about women period smh lol but I just say whatever and move on I'm use to it

  • Boothy4444
    Nathan (@Boothy4444) reported

    @BaseballJunky33 @NCylon @Rand_al_Thor_19 @YouTube also switch won't win this month npd, do you research anything or just Slave and lie for Microsoft.... That's what it seems like, every tweet youve put out has been lies ? Wow these bots r worst than people thought ! OW and SONY has DOUBLED THERE 1st party BY increasing staff....

  • josephh01958666
    joseph hartman (@josephh01958666) reported

    @Marshall89HD @YouTube Watch tvm gamers review ....he fucking awful

  • Chellebee67
    Michelle (@Chellebee67) reported


    🤫 (@UGLYRAED) reported

    @andymcginlay777 @YouTube I can guess why the crew was so irritated on the gulf air flight. The new uniforms are probably the most uncomfortable flight attendant uniforms I have witnessed. There’s no quality control when it comes to service sadly :/

  • BigRican121
    Max Alexander (@BigRican121) reported

    @TheYoungTurks @YouTube Every time I say it’s hi worst week ever, he proves me wrong later down the road with something even more dumb.

  • WOHLF1
    Cameron Wohlford (@WOHLF1) reported

    @zswiggshi @YouTube They’re all bugged and what they allow to download/ upload is tricky. It’ll just take time to fix since they move at snail speed

  • LukeAFoley
    Luke Foley 🇦🇺 (@LukeAFoley) reported

    @brimahon @YouTube Listening to Funhouse just makes me realise how good music was and how bad current mainstream music is. Poor souls need to dig a little deeper to find out what real good quality music is. They have no idea.

  • BawstonBoy
    BawstonBoy (@BawstonBoy) reported

    @themagabeast @OANN @YouTube They will face this:. Sooner or later. They are their own worst enemy yet they don't see it!

  • cola_okc
    🦋NikkiJ🦋 (@cola_okc) reported

    @TheYoungTurks @YouTube Just when we think “this was the worst week”

  • LukeAFoley
    Luke Foley 🇦🇺 (@LukeAFoley) reported

    @brimahon @YouTube Real music mate, none of this bullshit modern day sugar coated crap that some people think is actually quality. Poor fuckers. This is real. This is Iggy!

  • chillkrazy007
    I don't exist (@chillkrazy007) reported

    @MumkeyJones @YouTube Oh no this is gonna be terrible