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YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California. The service was created by three former PayPal employees—Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim—in February 2005. It is currently owned by Google.

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  • Video Quality (5.86%)
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  • Kuphyz
    Close Kuphy (@Kuphyz) reported

    Wtf Just uploaded my vid Twice and it’s still not up OMG I’m Mad @YouTube @TeamYouTube Please fix this My vid isn’t up even tho I uploaded it twice.

  • ProYT__
    SZ | Pro Jinx ❄️ (1 Day 🎉) (@ProYT__) reported

    @TeamYouTube @YouTube @YTCreators Literally the past month i have been losing so many subs i have lost up to 150 subs in 3 weeks and i have been doing normal content as usual - plz help :(

  • CitizenQ17
    THE RoseanneRosebud (@CitizenQ17) reported

    @1TechnoBuddy @JMaccabbee @YouTube You can't fix stupid, even though #Karma smacks it up-side the head now and again. 😂

  • Radioactive3D
    Douglas 3D [₿] (@Radioactive3D) reported

    @MichaelSuppo @BitTubeApp I'm still enjoying it. I'm on only a mobile device and I have little issues with the site. For someone whom doesn't have many options to use because of the lack of computer, @BitTubeApp is a great alternative to @LBRYio & @YouTube & @Twitch.

  • davidclowery
    davidclowery (@davidclowery) reported from Richmond, Virginia

    @aytgh @kylotan @kibokari @MirceaKitsune @RuffeytheKinky @crispinhunt @Fedevaona @loxatus @OARoverseas @netopiaforum @Volker_Rieck @Senficon @helienne @EPPGroup @AxelVossMdEP @Yiddishgirl @yashalevine @YouTube @EU_Commission This is the worst analogy ever. No I’m serious, in the *entire*history of the universe. The worst. I think you should get a publicist and go on a little press tour. “Coming up at the 6 o’clock hour the dude who made the worst analogy ever.” You have a real gift man.

  • cathryn3627
    Nelson Cotter 🇱🇷 (@cathryn3627) reported

    @YouTube Can't access YouTube on my tablet anymore. Tied to an old email that I lost password to. Haven't yet been able to correct this problem even after much trying.

  • BrianFarrow12
    BF65 (@BrianFarrow12) reported

    @ricdrasin @YouTube Glad your OK Mr Drasin. I’m fighting back here too from an awful illness. Everyday gets better n better #ricdrasin #noquitt #beyourbest

  • SGallagher37
    Shannon (@SGallagher37) reported

    @GeeksGamersCom @YouTube once social justice was about REAL problems that existed . im sorry but this generation and the idiots in mine who raised them should've been sterilized. entitled crybabies

  • wolfgirl_82
    Fiona⭕️ (@wolfgirl_82) reported

    @daz_black @YouTube Mate.. you gotta sort out the disc space problem it’s making you insane... more than you were before 😂😂😂

  • K_Seouls
    ҡ-ᎦOul (@K_Seouls) reported

    @YouTube #myviewcan is just another bullshit thing YouTube is using to "help others" how about stop using your platform for people's bitching and complaining and actually let people create CONTENT and stop BEING A HYPOCRITE by banning and demonetizing people's opinions

  • allicatttx
    Alli Fitz is Elegant (@allicatttx) reported

    Um hello @YouTube we’re trying to watch a premiere that i set for 3pm and its NOT WORKING HELP PLS

  • MatterZlt
    Bebe Boss (@MatterZlt) reported

    @dimko4444 @YouTube Help me follower.

  • DenisMorganti
    Denis Morganti (@DenisMorganti) reported

    @wookietim @YouTube Awful that’s all I can say. Just awful

  • Zohar_7
    Zohar_7 (@Zohar_7) reported

    @PAllenSmith @YouTube Youtube link doesn't work. (Error message that video was removed by user.) 😟 Too bad because Bama, the company that made the best apple butter on the market, is out of business. Will have to search elsewhere for a recipe I guess.

  • ozziemcoc
    Ozzie (@ozziemcoc) reported

    @2JAM3S @YouTube i lost all credibility in kabam they might release this champ he might be OP and few days later kabam mike will say that it was a glitch that was causing the champ to be OP and they nerf him so i'm not excited for new champs till i see the end result

  • CEB09121976
    Charlie (@CEB09121976) reported

    Yes, @YouTube has been friendly. Has license early on. Now it is like they are all helping. And some songs refer back to the entire crew. As if they picked them out, but the associations are clear, so they help, but never decide.

  • M4_WomanGaming
    [FσAɱ] M4_WσɱαɳGαɱιɳɠ💥 (@M4_WomanGaming) reported

    @whoopdatsmyname @YouTube Seen you having issues with bf5 just a few moments ago on your home screen it said to install early enlister offer you may wanna check into that

  • Denznumba9
    $𝔴𝔦𝔪𝔪𝔶 𝔅𝔲𝔱𝔩𝔢𝔯 (@Denznumba9) reported

    @madd_slander @5StarDieHard @threeletterman3 @YouTube Like i said terrible supporting cast... when the female rapper is the best out of a bunch of dudes .. the crew is weak..tony sunshine looks like a cracchead

  • NvR_Arsenal
    NvR Arsenal (@NvR_Arsenal) reported

    @KavosYT @YouTube You definitely did it to gain Clout. I do agree with the apology being awful though.

  • wagwanpiffting8
    wagwan piffting (@wagwanpiffting8) reported

    @SkyPs4Gamer @YouTube how long till everything for free glitch

  • the2kmessiah
    RIP LIL SNUPE 🙏🏼 (@the2kmessiah) reported

    @TyLeRdAGrEaT23 @YouTube Copyright issues lol good looks tho

  • RavenRayne1234
    The Red Queen (@RavenRayne1234) reported

    @ChloeXianah @MasterMissyX @YouTube I hate hospital's too, i feel more unsafe in a hospital then i do outside. The staff treat u like shit. Last time i was down the hospital was to help my mate with his step mum, i pretended to be her daughter to get her the proper care she needed.

  • Denznumba9
    $𝔴𝔦𝔪𝔪𝔶 𝔅𝔲𝔱𝔩𝔢𝔯 (@Denznumba9) reported

    @madd_slander @5StarDieHard @threeletterman3 @YouTube No the fucc they werent... terror squad gotta be the worst supporting cast ever ... along wit brave hearts

  • RavenRayne1234
    The Red Queen (@RavenRayne1234) reported

    @ChloeXianah @MasterMissyX @YouTube Thats terrible, that must of been so painful, yet doctors and nurses can be so ruff and don't care.

  • BeasleyAbeasley
    andy beasley (@BeasleyAbeasley) reported

    @cbreaden6 @YouTube Great job as ever Callum. No goal Barnstaple. Terrible decision lino. Wasnt even close

  • Martinagel85
    Martin (@Martinagel85) reported

    @HoneyBadger1866 @TuckerTx1776 @rightrights_sa @YouTube @JLPtalk @BreitbartNews @glennbeck @theblaze @resistance024 @Andre_Ronin @BigMark4America @buitendagjak1 @Cryosphear @NJPrinsloo1 @ULA_official @dustinama @OutlawRadioABS You guys have enought immigrant-issues to deal with already....just send us some help when the time arrives though...tnx

  • vallarry52
    harbagirl (@vallarry52) reported

    @NemoV8 @YouTube Dustin you said in a video that POTUS had a high IQ unfortunately I'm arguing with someone,bad idea, who said he has a low IQ and he is not shown fruit as a person of faith...please help me with some back up research...or anyone out there.... maybe a list of POTUS accomplishments

  • FixYouTubeBot
    Fix YouTube Bot (@FixYouTubeBot) reported

    Fix yourself before it's too late. @YouTube

  • ababeelfly
    Mohammad Kaunain (@ababeelfly) reported

    Changing the channel name, deleting the video, and changing the category can be a problem @TeamYouTube @YouTube @YTCreators

  • MasterMissyX
    MasterMissyASMR (@MasterMissyX) reported

    @ChloeXianah @YouTube In my experience they kick you out too early, often in the middle of the night, so you must have been bad. Take doctors orders! Usually the problem is the Doctors all bugger off for the weekend and they just leave you there in a mess.

  • ZeteticAdvocate
    Zetetic Advocate (@ZeteticAdvocate) reported

    @RonaldDPotts1 @YouTube My thoughts exactly, especially “the best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.” Yeats is one of the greats & this guy, Tom, is just a great reader. Unfortunately, I think, Tom stopped posting new stuff, but he posted a ton of stuff.

  • submittothis
    Know Your Place (@submittothis) reported

    @Reimos_Drevons @QuentinLarue @PandaZorde @Isak_Wolf @awz94 @Aidan66591040 @TrentonClifford @MattShea @ShirrakoGaming @YouTube @TeamYouTube @YTCreators @YongYea @JimSterling Women didn't have the right to vote, divorce, consent, own property, etc. Men still **** and murder women way more often than vice-versa. Saying that men in general were literally the worst people on earth doesn't seem like too much of a stretch.

  • ChloeXianah
    Chloë (@ChloeXianah) reported

    @MasterMissyX @YouTube Cannula's are never fun. I won't give you the bejeebies by showing you any photos of the hideous state of my arms after my last stay i. Hell, i mean hospital. I was a mess. My veins are terrible and they had to resight the cannula about 15 times. Yukky. No fun.

  • AnonyFishhh
    Fed Up Goldfish (@AnonyFishhh) reported

    @mercforce @AlexMayersLIVE @YouTube She doesn’t help people. She works to spread false rumors about people through her website no one watches.

  • djslamn
    Djslamn (@djslamn) reported

    @SlickGaming2 @YouTube Well fix it I wanna watch lol.

  • LMJ97fan
    Nikki (@LMJ97fan) reported

    @LaurenJauregui @YouTube Well I would love to come and watch you perform but the problem here is that I’m from Belgium and I have school and I don’t have the money to fly to the other side of the world 😢😪😫

  • SeanByrne1987
    Sean Byrne (@SeanByrne1987) reported

    @baronmad79 @YouTube Yes i most definitely will stay honest, it wouldn't help anyone if it was fabricated or dishonest

  • Sylentstil_TTV
    Sylentstil (@Sylentstil_TTV) reported

    @RofHD_ @YouTube Can you help me with that glitch

  • astronomerseyes
    👏👏👏 (@astronomerseyes) reported

    @artistrightsnow @davidclowery @YouTube That's the worst analogy I read all week. No, month. Good job.

  • BlakeMurphyBiz
    Blake Murphy (@BlakeMurphyBiz) reported

    @YouTube @YTCreators Your Team YouTube on twitter is very unhelpful for me. I reach out for help and they ignore me and reply to people before me and after me. Skipping right over me. It’s been almost 2 months now and I’ve received absolutely 0 replies.

  • walton_cs
    Harry Walton (@walton_cs) reported

    @jameel_ramadhan @YouTube Fix your twitter ffs

  • Anna66454487
    Anna (@Anna66454487) reported

    @claresiobhan @YouTube Clare i am so annoyed so yes, I still have the color glitch, I got MCCC back bcuz i was playing with the last exception folders but i got cats and dogs yesterday and the sims 4 deleted my WHOLE household all my progress and people i cried so much i had 35 sims @claresiobhan

  • Anna66454487
    Anna (@Anna66454487) reported

    @claresiobhan @YouTube Clare i am so annoyed so yes, I still have the color glitch, I got MCCC back bcuz i was playing with the last exception folders but i got cats and dogs yesterday and the sims 4 deleted my WHOLE household all my progress and people i cried so much i had 35 sims

  • PotatalArmy
    Vansh Sharma (@PotatalArmy) reported

    @YouTube I have this problem that I can’t seem to find a solution of. Basically on the mobile app (haven’t tried browser yet) LITERALS NO VIDEOS show up. I have a screenshot down below, please someone help me fix this because i spend a lot of my free time watching YouTube. Thx :)

  • BudFox84
    Bud Fox (@BudFox84) reported

    @BjornNyland @YouTube CC @elonmusk Please help Bjorn out.

  • PeterIsotalo
    Peter Isotalo (@PeterIsotalo) reported

    @TobiasEngelsbak @DANNYonPC @YouTube I can't really tell what's happening in the second one and the first one is missing a crucial sound effect. The maxed FOV certainly doesn't help...

  • MAGICKI604
    kristopher (@MAGICKI604) reported

    @iTankid @YouTube Plz help me xbox1 usa

  • dpwhite48
    ClaretandBlueB6 (@dpwhite48) reported from Smannell, England

    @B6Nigel @YouTube My first one was a 3-0 win at the end of the 70’s. And then the worst one I remember losing 3-0 and walking up Trinity rd in the rain after to catch the 51 back home late 80’s

  • targett_daniel
    Dan the man (@targett_daniel) reported

    @kimmyeels @YouTube Quality

  • 3ZFmhYLr9CPpCOn
    லோகுரு (@3ZFmhYLr9CPpCOn) reported

    @C4ETechTamil @YouTube How to download pixel camera for poco f1,your given one link 3weeks before but that file not working.

  • thenuke121
    Klaudio (@thenuke121) reported

    Just search "how to put on a ******" youtube this shit is just straight porn.Please fix this @YouTube @KEEMSTAR

  • TexasArabians
    Texas (@TexasArabians) reported

    @24SevenEyes @YouTube Chico is most likely a close as he could get or Secret Service would allow - and air quality is not good in Chico either.

  • griefmalice
    Lucy✦ (@griefmalice) reported

    @ibxtoycat @YouTube This is my type of quality content

  • TheHashtag0nist
    The Hashtagonist (@TheHashtag0nist) reported

    @caffeinehijinks @YouTube The problem for me is, she’ll click on a ****** up video and then gets very upset when I change it. This is especially annoying at 5 AM in the morning

  • _MyNameIsAdam_
    Adam (@_MyNameIsAdam_) reported

    How dare they delete the Queen of ASMR off YouTube!! Fix this at once @YouTube

  • KingHenry_IX
    Henry Jimenez Guzman (@KingHenry_IX) reported

    @YouTube Just crash and don't come back.

  • Unalert10
    Unalert (@Unalert10) reported

    @MeeZoid @YouTube The next Mr.Beast but help and next time make it with attractive streamers cough @Br0MC

  • tooswt34
    Kim Gordon (@tooswt34) reported

    @youtube other channels that post content that they don't own the rights 2 also include Size Revolution, ddasa dzds, NewsOne, TOAN HZ. I have, in just a couple of minutes, given you 6 channels that are monetized on content that they DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO. FIX IT!

  • TheHashtag0nist
    The Hashtagonist (@TheHashtag0nist) reported

    @caffeinehijinks @YouTube It’s the regular one. YT kids has a terrible UI

  • adil_na250
    Adil_NA250 (@adil_na250) reported

    @Haqeeqat_TV @YouTube The timing of those events tell us that they want to trnish our country's image so that we cannot go forward and be successful. They have a fix pattern of action....