Is Youtube down?

YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California. The service was created by three former PayPal employees—Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim—in February 2005. It is currently owned by Google.

 Problems detected at Youtube

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March 21: Problems at Youtube

Youtube is having issues since 03:00 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Buffering (49.65%)
  • Playback Issues (25.75%)
  • Sign in (11.37%)
  • Crashing (10.67%)
  • Video Quality (2.55%)

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  • copperdale CowsCottage Antiques (@copperdale) reported

    @WernerT_Man @thehydrogenans @DirkLaabs @shahmiruk @carolecadwalla @ZDF @DamianCollins @EmmaLBriant @chrisinsilico @PeterKGeoghegan @YouTube @mrjamesob @EmmaKennedy @UKEUchallenge @Suewilson91 @c_anne_richards @abcpoppins @RobertCPalmer13 @eyejosh @JMPSimor @CarolineLucas @MollyMEP @derekvaughan @catherinemep @GeraintDaviesMP @BenPBradshaw @DeidreBrock @DavidLammy @IanDunt @NickCohen4 @julie4nw This is hilarious...the Germans are panicking because they’ll have to help fund the hole in the Eu finances when they lose our £12bn...suck it up 😂😂😂

  • ThugWookie Wookie (@ThugWookie) reported

    @OldMrGamerGuy @YouTube How I haven't got on trending is the biggest travesty in youtube history, so am told and i agree haha. Not one video when my worst is better than all the trash u see on that page lol

  • Zoyaelturki zoya elturki (@Zoyaelturki) reported

    @f_almatar @YouTube helppp! sherif needs ur help ASAP #savesherif #SaveSherifGaber #Helpsherifgaber #helpsherif

  • scumutd 찌끼 (@scumutd) reported

    @this_iManzi No brother, try @YouTube help a bro

  • BioLogicalEX1 BioLogicalExtreme1 (@BioLogicalEX1) reported

    As a member of @youtube like myself for almost 5 years I am going to say this one last time and I am going to say this in plain english...*PLEASE FIX YOUR WEBSITE & STOP SUPPORTING THE TROLLS, BULLIES AND BAD CONTENT CREATORS* it's not that difficult to.

  • marygrando4 Mary (@marygrando4) reported

    @spookyhollow @YouTube Its so weird, the one girl looks like she has some serious issues, as if she is not on this

  • FezNor 🖖 Oscar 🖖 (@FezNor) reported

    @RavenFoxAudio @YouTube No problems here

  • CindisPLace Cindi Lou Who #TeamPelosi ⭕️👠🌈🌊 (@CindisPLace) reported

    @DevinNunes @YouTube @prageru Well if your rhetoric wasn’t such hateful trash and wasnt inspiring terrorists this wouldn’t be a problem. But go ahead and keep whining.

  • BioLogicalEX1 BioLogicalExtreme1 (@BioLogicalEX1) reported

    From my last post on twitter from (my spare acc. terminated) part of this is also YT's fault. The biggest problem with @YouTube is that they're making criticism the same definition as cyber-bullying. Criticism and Cyber bullying are not the same meaning but that is what YT did.

  • itscdoe ℳass CDoe ღ #NewCDoe❕ (@itscdoe) reported

    @Shadow_Angel1k @YouTube fix your shit

  • annietul AuntieX (@annietul) reported

    @BenSwann_ @YouTube Private banksters are THIEVES. They use their illlegitimate privilege to issue credit, by bookkeeping entry, apply compound interest, & then steal the assets of those they have enslaved by debt. That’s how the transfer of wealth occurs from the producing 99% to the parasitic 1%.

  • Nammygirl68 YoonDoIsMyTreasure♥ (@Nammygirl68) reported

    @YouTube @johngreen @MichelleObama As long as you don't need a search filter because IT'S STILL BROKEN!

  • bloodynissan Nissan Silvia (@bloodynissan) reported

    Fix your ******* app @YouTube

  • LadyZamasuYT Lady Zamasu (@LadyZamasuYT) reported

    @RealGoten372 @VoiceOfMalzar @BloodyQueenCiel @ShareYourEnergy @n00bsabat @crossover_fan @Bulla_Briefs_28 @Xeno_KidBuu @FutureGohan_YT @DaringashiaKS @KoyMccloud @GOD984 @RealMJSmuv @oliverrain1 @JotaroKujo1017 @YouTube @TeamYouTube FIX THIS.

  • ArryyV Arryy V (@ArryyV) reported

    I feel like the quality of the videos put on @YouTube by my subscriptions are getting worse as time goes on.. Time to pick up a good book📖😁👌

  • GOD984 GOD984 (Nate) (@GOD984) reported

    @RealGoten372 @VoiceOfMalzar @BloodyQueenCiel @LadyZamasuYT @ShareYourEnergy @n00bsabat @crossover_fan @Bulla_Briefs_28 @Xeno_KidBuu @FutureGohan_YT @DaringashiaKS @KoyMccloud @RealMJSmuv @oliverrain1 @JotaroKujo1017 @TeamYouTube @YouTube @BaderKQ @SeraBroke @Remi_exe @rakurai_network Could you help us try and get this guys channel back, his channel got taken down for now reason

  • NikoWesttt Nick West™ 🤾🏾‍♂️ (@NikoWesttt) reported

    @flyboiiant23 @YouTube You are the WORST. You can never be like “yea Nick I see what you mean” ***** always gotta argue 😂😂😂

  • GhostRider_TV Old Paint Can (@GhostRider_TV) reported from Minneapolis, Minnesota

    I don’t know what changed, but @YouTube doesn’t show that I’ve watched a video anymore and keeps recommending videos I’ve already watched or selected “Not interested”. Please fix.

  • VincentRealestt Vincent🙇🏻‍♂️👾 (@VincentRealestt) reported

    @SelfishHook @YouTube Selling my renegade raider and og skull for 80 if u want it lol (would help get views)

  • welloldsteve Steve Keating (@welloldsteve) reported

    @tony_dunn1 @ististmusic @pauladunnmckee @penewood @wegowoody @MyCowbell @DRWilli59 @Nadine_SeaSky @jusblue2003 @Creative_Burns @LeeRoberts_BFL @steve6978 @YouTube No problem mate. If I’d been down at the front I probably wouldn’t have got them and the last ist ist Gorilla gig someone knocked my phone out of my hand while I was recording 🤔

  • emilyrodgers__ EMILY♥GRACE (@emilyrodgers__) reported

    @FriendsUnitedUK @JoeyGraceffa @YouTube @JoeyGraceffa fix this issue!

  • MaestroSlither Maestro (@MaestroSlither) reported

    @SuiciderSlither @volvic666 @WurmpjeN @YouTube Don’t use copyright music. Use YouTube free music library. That’ll fix it. Do it so we can watch suicider in action 😀

  • IrkallaOfGotham 𝓥𝓲𝓷𝓬𝓮𝓷𝓽 尊皇攘夷 (@IrkallaOfGotham) reported

    @YouTube new update sucks. Fix it back. 😠

  • IrkallaOfGotham 𝓥𝓲𝓷𝓬𝓮𝓷𝓽 尊皇攘夷 (@IrkallaOfGotham) reported

    @YouTube new update sucks. Fix it back. 😠

  • TheBigUglyGamer GAC (@TheBigUglyGamer) reported

    @rkyncl so is the strike system being abused time and again while @YouTube ignores it as not a big issue.

  • NintendoGeek94 Ngeek! (@NintendoGeek94) reported

    @TeamYouTube @YouTube @SusanWojcicki pls delete all sub-bots from YouTube. Pls Help Felix in the Pewdiepie vs Tseries war!!

  • _titch Sarah (@_titch) reported

    Can @YouTube please fix your search filters. You're making fangirling difficult.

  • Jack63941065 Jaffasours (@Jack63941065) reported

    @YouTube all my recommendations are ******* awful and couldn’t be anything further from what I actually wanna watch. You’re trying to make small channels get big by recommending click bait videos. Enough of that and actually put good videos in my recommendations.

  • marshatruth Marsha (@marshatruth) reported

    @CoffeeBreakTens @YouTube Matt,person is correct,intern probably does not know the rules,or it could very well B 1 of ur competitors(other tennis u.t. channels that do not want u to get an edge over them)regardless,u should continue/post highlights/commentary,get a letter from the ATP.(no rules broken)etc

  • gunner_fc14 - (@gunner_fc14) reported

    @YouTube video filter is not working , I am searching for a video uploaded today but only popular video searches come up , can you fix this issue ASAP please

  • KINGreatness Daniel G. (@KINGreatness) reported

    @YouTube I need help with my account.

  • KmanKevinYT KmanKevin (@KmanKevinYT) reported

    I'm getting really frustrated with Notifications not working or my content not appearing on the sub feed. Like why have a bell button to get notified of newer content of the creator your watching and receive nothing. It's ridiculous. Please fix this. @YouTube @YTCreators

  • ultimatecodpla1 ultimatecodplayer 21 (@ultimatecodpla1) reported

    @Nogame4321 @YouTube Nogame you do a game with no glitch spots it make it more interesting

  • Ellis69214304 Ellis (@Ellis69214304) reported

    @lennons_girl62 @YouTube I know that’s terrible. The girls should have been

  • banter_desi DesiiBanterTV (@banter_desi) reported

    @omgAdamSaleh @youtube fix this now 🥺🥺🥺

  • SoulRobba Soulrobba @ Momocon 2019 (@SoulRobba) reported

    @YouTube imma need you guys to stop deleting "The Story of Adidon" video like dang we knew Pusha T won but don't help that Sore loser Drake.

  • AbhayPandya1515 Abhay Pandya™ (@AbhayPandya1515) reported

    @TeamYouTube @YouTubeIndia @YTCreators @YouTube No Any Current Copyright Issue..

  • Mercenaryle9end Jacobie Brian (@Mercenaryle9end) reported

    @YouTube help with this issue, I'm getting tired of this and I just want to find new Yt creators that I actually find interesting. I just want these childrens videos to cease from my recommendations

  • mohsinmalvi19 Mohsin Alvi (@mohsinmalvi19) reported

    @Rabeyarabeya9 @YouTube Banigala is a different problem it was CDA which Creaed the Problem

  • doubleleterlady Double Letter Lady (@doubleleterlady) reported

    @KaylaDelores @YouTube No problem. I should have done it sooner, but they don't always listen to me so... I try to only do it when I think it's important.

  • SirKibble95 Xcessive Professor (@SirKibble95) reported

    @AtrocityGuide @YouTube No problem

  • AnthonyRBLX2 Anthony RBLX (@AnthonyRBLX2) reported

    @YouTube @johngreen @MichelleObama Hey Youtube i have problem in YouTube my Custom Thumbnails are not showing up on Mobiles

  • bigabeailesi BİGABE AİLESİ (@bigabeailesi) reported

    @YouTube @johngreen @MichelleObama help please

  • bigabeailesi BİGABE AİLESİ (@bigabeailesi) reported

    @YouTubeTV @YouTube help please

  • IAMISjp IAMISjp-Unwillingtowork-Much (@IAMISjp) reported

    @melly_stone @heartsabustin @cpjackson79 @IntellectShorty @AV_SardonicWaif @GentlemanRascal @meggymish @MingoNC @jr_bohl @WorldhopperVive @AllanKirkhart @IOurpatio @Ty_in_TX @TheRogue_Elf @EricMertz_KC @The_Kat_Roars @LadyGrammarian @VeroniqueSemtex @historybythpint @epeterd916 @djm1992a @StacyDmomof5 @El__Bohemio @secjr112 @wraithburn @vetjr89 @Loricatus_Lupus @olystubbies44 @Deputy_VanHalen @Emily30Red @iamisgo11 @mark_my_words @AWGecko @NAVYDAWG6119 @Shrike1988 @MeerkatYitz @The_War_Economy @YouTube @tugboatphil No, I have a terrible memory. It's just easy to look up with these things. My paranoid mind suspects it is actually an information gathering trick. You can zero in on a person's identity pretty fast if you have their birthday.

  • festool18 Gaz A / gab Gaza fes · @Gaza #Panodrama (@festool18) reported

    @PupspurJeanette @YouTube By the looks of it, jim jeffries has proper done himself , Good!! The likes of Tommy and Avi always have to do this now , 1. to help clear there names 2. To show people whats actually going on, when they see it they will realise how they have been duped.

  • AshHardell Ash Hardell (@AshHardell) reported

    @ElloSteph @YouTube Let me know if you have any suggestions for a fix! 💛 It’s definitely a bummer on the community aspect of the channel 😕

  • NicoSmokk 🐍 (@NicoSmokk) reported from Buenos Aires, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

    @kevforgan @YouTube Terrible 💣

  • EntryHazzard David (@EntryHazzard) reported

    @LegendBourbon @lizzo @YouTube So it's awful then 👀👀👀

  • Dony32918766 Dony (@Dony32918766) reported

    @NavyHelpline @YouTube I want to join the merchant Navy, please help

  • JPainter_ James (@JPainter_) reported

    @mattfryergolf @YouTube I tweeted about this a few times yesterday, it’s ridiculous, it’s terrible journalism there’s so much more interesting things to talk about when it comes to YouTube that would fascinate people that have children that watch YouTube every day and don’t understand it

  • OT7Peace95 Rob🌸 #Map_Of_The_Soul (@OT7Peace95) reported

    @sheesh_ing @YouTube @youtubemusic they better do something about it, maybe it's a glitch

  • ricalmeida96 Ricardo Almeida (@ricalmeida96) reported

    @YouTube youtube video filter is not working

  • FrozenDeliDon DONNIE THE JEWELER💎 (@FrozenDeliDon) reported

    @PeaceSincere1 @YouTube @HEVnamedmeGRAP @PeteRock Need a cd quality version 🙏

  • sassycassyL cassy 💖 🌟💖 (@sassycassyL) reported

    @andrw100 @YouTube they ruin everything...made the mistake of watching their Life on Mars for 5 mins...jesus, it was terrible

  • _GeminiComplex Double-Double Jeopardy. (@_GeminiComplex) reported

    @eb4prez @YouTube He is the absolute worst!

  • Emperor_Potara 🔥Saiyan👑Emperor👑Potara🔥 (@Emperor_Potara) reported

    @Twitter @YTCreators @YouTube @TheVGMLover @xXScarletRubyXx @Stevie_ROM @discordapp @reddit @GamemusicReddit everyone I tagged could have impact from this Article so please help us if you care about the internet!!!

  • HRH_Yvette Marozva (@HRH_Yvette) reported

    @nyasha_adler @gemmamusic_ @YouTube That's the worst choice a mother has to make. The guilt she'll feel for the rest of her life 😭😭

  • carriepricecox3 Carrie Price Cox (@carriepricecox3) reported

    @wdmoll02 @__SERIOUSLY___ @DavidMi35117220 @RealMattCouch @YouTube You’re right, William Moll. Ppl shouldn’t go there. We have no idea what it was like to survive that terrible situation. The Vietnam war was a terrible horrific tragedy. To this day, ppl on all sides suffering the affects of Agent Orange.

  • davecovich David Covich (@davecovich) reported

    @ARC4Freedom @SteveKe30353561 @nocoinerclub @tcp717 @letitbe1023 @Hazel45Haze @stryder1282 @nzpolice @YouTube Thats like saying, if buy from a company, they have to buy the same amount from you. that’s how the old bata system worked. Money is made to solve that problem