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YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California. The service was created by three former PayPal employees—Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim—in February 2005. It is currently owned by Google.

 Problems detected at Youtube

Youtube problems in the last 24 hours

Youtube Outage Chart

March 22: Problems at Youtube

Youtube is having issues since 07:00 AM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Buffering (47.37%)
  • ▪ Sign in (19.30%)
  • ▪ Playback Issues (19.30%)
  • ▪ Crashing (10.53%)
  • ▪ Video Quality (3.51%)

Youtube Live Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Forrestdale, Western Australia  ▪ Toronto, Ontario  ▪ Allerton Bywater, England  ▪ Bristol, England  ▪ Burlington, Ontario  ▪ Cheektowaga, New York  ▪ Chihuahua, Chihuahua  ▪ Columbus, Ohio  ▪ Córdoba, Córdoba  ▪ Craigsville, Virginia  ▪ Dambulla, Central Province

Youtube Live Outage Map
  • Forrestdale, Western Australia
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Allerton Bywater, England
  • Bristol, England
  • Burlington, Ontario
  • Cheektowaga, New York
  • Chihuahua, Chihuahua
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Córdoba, Córdoba
  • Craigsville, Virginia
  • Dambulla, Central Province
  •   Full Outage Map

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Youtube Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • The_Dinessh
    Dinesh (@The_Dinessh) reported

    @YouTube I think there is some glitch in Recommended NEXT Video option! Because while playing some videos, then other video is auto-played and then again the previous one starts & again previous of it... See LOOPED between two videos one after another.

  • CCCuration
    Classic Car Curation (@CCCuration) reported

    @Carpervert @YouTube The #Mini auto was a decent car, which in this condition is well priced. The TC was a good unit, without issues. What’s not to like!

  • supertrucker
    Justin Martin 🐻🚚📫 (@supertrucker) reported

    @GadSaad @YouTube @YTCreators You should try to find out if you’re getting any part of the $10/mo I spend on YouTube Red. If not that’s a problem that needs to be fixed that I don’t see anyone addressing as well.

  • MyNameIsJefry
    FusRoDonkey (@MyNameIsJefry) reported

    @YouTube Fix the subscription feed, channels I'm not subbed to have content show up in my feed

  • MakaMakaVid
    MakaMaka Vids (@MakaMakaVid) reported

    Just got 7 of my old subscriptions subscribed again on @YouTube . Let me know if anyone else is getting this problem.

  • shawn_wolfie03
    Shawn laurence (@shawn_wolfie03) reported

    @CourageDark @YouTube Please help me when its night i go to the lamp it wont blink :( Please help.

  • Grim_Phantasm
    Grim (@Grim_Phantasm) reported

    @GoodKhaos @Bungie @DestinyTheGame @YouTube I'm so sorry I didn't get a notification! I feel awful!

  • Shane_Moncus
    Shane Moncus (@Shane_Moncus) reported

    @foxnews You know society is broken when you get a warning message that Dirt Road Anthem by Jason Aldean is deemed “inappropriate and offensive” from @YouTube but Ni**as in Paris by Jay-Z and Kanye is ok.

  • GadSaad
    Gad Saad (@GadSaad) reported

    Given the "This channel does not exist" problem that I had with my @youtube channel last night (seems to have been resolved), I went through my full inventory of episodes (614) & realized that an extraordinary number of them have now been demonetized. @YTCreators?

  • Downstream01
    TA (@Downstream01) reported

    @TomWaitsALot @jordanbpeterson @YouTube Fix your listening comprehension. You're not even trying to understand what is being said.

  • adamdrakon
    Adam (@adamdrakon) reported

    So at this point, I'm pretty sure @Youtube have deliberately broken their playlist "random" feature, just to fuck with me - sounds paranoid, I know, but, there's no logical explanation for the literal repetition of 3 songs due to their position in the playlist. Fix it you cunts.

  • FearedGamingVid
    Feared Gaming (@FearedGamingVid) reported

    ok @YouTube i am really fucking sick of this error when trying to upload a thumbnail using Google Chrome.. "Unexpected token f in JSON at position 192" Having to use IE just to upload a damn thumbnail is pissing me off. @YoutubeHell

  • battala_satthi
    SPECIAL STATUS FOR AP! (@battala_satthi) reported

    @bolisetti_satya @YouTube Dear Satya gaaru, Our support will always be there for a person like , whether you are in Cong or JS . BUT, are these necessary? Please focus on the issues, policies that should be adopted and the failures of the current Government. Let us not repeat the mistakes of PRP !

  • ThunderhorseCTL
    Mick Dundee (@ThunderhorseCTL) reported

    @YouTube your policy on gun content and the fact it is going to allow an entire subculture of uneducated anti gun kids police channels to “flag” content is a witch hunt. Gun channels on YouTube help educate people on many things. Proper safety, equipment, how to clean and so on.

  • VicxoxoTok
    Victoria-Tok (@VicxoxoTok) reported

    @KatiMorton @YouTube Hi Kati! I came across your YouTube video only a week ago. Since then I’ve been watching all videos I can find. I live in Japan and whenever try to access to your website I get error message :( thank you for your positive vibe. I wish I had found your channel earlier.

  • JulyTheGinny
    July The ginny (@JulyTheGinny) reported


  • EXOJuhwang
    BaekhyunYoja (@EXOJuhwang) reported

    @AKB4R_Reactions @YouTube oh, there is no copyrights issue as far as i know. i just wish that we can spread our own music the same way as kpop has spread through reaction channels. will wait until you work out the details.

  • Bumbleberri
    Chiara (@Bumbleberri) reported

    @SkyXInc @TheJohnDiMaggio @YouTube This guy has a serious problem omg

  • SWBFUpdates
    BattlefrontUpdates (@SWBFUpdates) reported

    @MrProWestie @YouTube Yeah I saw that, you're completely right! They are really nailing every expect of Fortnite atm.. I think the problem with expectations is that you can't expect to put the amount of resources they have on a game unless you get the massive amount of players that they have haha

  • KeoTheCube
    Keo (@KeoTheCube) reported

    For some reason I'm subscribed to a bunch of people I didn't subscribe to, but used to be. When I unsubscribe they still show in my feed. How do I fix this? @TeamYouTube @YouTube

  • AdamJohnAshford
    Adam J. Ashford (@AdamJohnAshford) reported

    @cubmoth @YouTube This is maybe the second time ever I've had a problem with my sub box. Much annoying.

  • YKEminence
    SYF Reef Galloway (@YKEminence) reported

    @ArnauVidal_ @YouTube I wasn't frustrated I quit CoD, because I didn't have to do it. My job would've allowed me to play for however long I wanted to. I love the game and the community just as much and want to see them succeed, that means i'm shedding light on issues at hand.

  • ArnauVidal_
    Arnau Vidal (@ArnauVidal_) reported

    @YKEminence @YouTube If you are frustrated because you had to quit I think is not nice to be constantly talking shit about CoD, it won't help to the people is still involved with it.

  • mydeepwaters
    eve (@mydeepwaters) reported

    @trixiemattel @YouTube fix my astigmatism then

  • Fizan38918435
    Fizan (@Fizan38918435) reported

    @YouTube This solo advertisement always comes up and its glitched kind of. Because I can’t watch the advertisement and that means I can’t watch the video. This is only happens to Norwegian YouTube users. Please fix it it is very annoying to have.

  • NavoduttSharma
    Navodutt Sharma (@NavoduttSharma) reported

    @RailMinIndia @YouTube My pnr 444-2863877 ac not work properly so plz help me

  • whiskeywoman
    Jennifer W (@whiskeywoman) reported

    @YouTube You admit that videos of gun demonstrations are a problem but you still allow violent music videos. Why? #hypocrisy isn’t pretty.

  • Squig_TK
    . (@Squig_TK) reported

    @NepentheZ @YouTube Did EA stop you from doing the upgrade packs? I’ve done 90 bronze upgrade packs and now EA won’t let me submit anymore. Just keep getting error messages every time I try to submit an sbc

  • playz_fan
    KBDennis (@playz_fan) reported

    @troxygamer @Landonsn @YouTube I have the same problem, I play roblox and a few other people in NY class

  • LegoMania27
    William (LegoMania) (@LegoMania27) reported

    In the midst of all of the @YouTube accidental unsub glitches, I managed to get a RESUB glitch - 100% of channels I purposefully unsubbed from somehow got into my sub box and subscriptions tab - some I've completely lost interest in.

  • casuallyceline
    celine (@casuallyceline) reported

    @jackobrazier @YouTube sight** !! fix it

  • GeoTenor96380
    geo georgson (@GeoTenor96380) reported

    @youtube Why don’t you guys confront the REAL problem head on and ban all videos promoting violence including violent game videos too? @potus #maga #foxandfriends @foxnews @cnn

  • julkip
    julkip (@julkip) reported

    @YouTube Yesterday you resubscribed me to many channels I have unsubscribed from many weeks ago. After I unsubscribed from them again, you AGAIN resubscribed me to them all. Please fix this.


    Tossing my name into the pile of people who @YouTube decided to reverse the unsubscriptions of. Hey @TeamYouTube you shouldn't even be storing who someone has unsubscribed from in the first place. The only reason you could want that would be even more of your god-awful telemetry.

    SJJDEMON demonz A/T🏳️‍🌈 (@SUPERKADZ3) reported

    @Buckfast_Fast @DJGTheAwesome @JarvisDavis27 @YouTube No it's not a good thing It's worst thing in the world

  • Buckfast_Fast
    LSD🥛Dunk (@Buckfast_Fast) reported

    @SUPERKADZ3 @DJGTheAwesome @JarvisDavis27 @YouTube He hates that he hates Jarvis? Isn't that a good thing? A step in the right direction for thinking wrong about him? or was that a spelling error?

  • royphilipose
    Roy Philipose (@royphilipose) reported

    Pewdiepie, why don't you make videos on white nut jobs in America who like killing and shooting people? Don't you want to tell the truth? Or you make videos on assumption only, so you can get ratings? You're a terrible social media publisher and @YouTube doesn't care either.

  • mystarmyangel
    Mystarmyangel-융융 (@mystarmyangel) reported

    @itsakyo @YouTube ikr hahaa but luckily so far all the people around me love durian so nvr have an issue of not being able to eat it when we have craving lol

  • fatglubbs
    ur mom gay (@fatglubbs) reported

    @TeamYouTube @YouTube Hey, I've got a problem right now where I'm subscribed to people I do not watch, do you have any answers?

  • Steven_Bake_la
    Steven (@Steven_Bake_la) reported

    @cindycowan1000 @YouTube to not comprehend the actual situation,of over population by humanity,countries with poor governance ignore the problem & export the over burden of humanity,while the natural world is 25% into the 6 mass Extinction event which may equal the Permian event contraception???

  • PDKishan9
    DBS Chronicles (@PDKishan9) reported

    @NegusSaiyan @YouTubeIndia Dear @YouTube PLEASE give @NegusSaiyan a last chance!! Please help him! I on behalf of all my fellow creators, request you to please activate his channel!

  • Arch_LP
    Patrick Archibald (@Arch_LP) reported

    @YouTube @Xbox which one of y’all is the reason for why every time I try to go onto YouTube on my Xbox I have to re-sign in through YouTube activate?

  • SincerelyOghosa
    Pronounced O-wo-sa (@SincerelyOghosa) reported

    @YouTube @YTCreators I can’t access my unapproved comments? On the comment section under creator studio it keeps saying ‘uh oh something went wrong here’. Help?

  • Lord_L_Plumtree
    Lord Plumtree (@Lord_L_Plumtree) reported

    @Lopan_86_ @UniqueMazique @YouTube Can confirm I received that message in uk. Takes being able to play into after midnight here been duped again thinking no problems with servers this year. Outside USA always treated poorly i.e. sweepstake on streams US only there are fans outwith. Poor show #theshow18

  • BeratAhmetaj02
    Berat Ahmetaj (@BeratAhmetaj02) reported

    @YTCreators @YouTube @TeamYouTube Why am i being subscribed back to old channels ??? Channels i havent even watched with years... And its a lot of them (iballisticsquid,stampy,React...) Anyone else has this problem ?

  • Opuswerk
    Opuswerk (@Opuswerk) reported

    @solemeillour @YouTube terrible.

  • Kiki_nava10
    Kiki (@Kiki_nava10) reported

    @YouTube help

  • HussamBarouqa
    Hussam Barouqa (@HussamBarouqa) reported

    @NorthernlionLP @YouTube Signals are just conditionals that check if there is a train on the track after it, the existing oil train all the way down the track is what is making it red. To help figure out signals, you might want to look into Open Transport Tycoon rail tutorials. Might help a bit.

  • super_jaredS
    David Jared (@super_jaredS) reported

    Fuck @YouTube for being part of the problem with internet cencsorship.

  • swagger65474641
    swagger654746446 (@swagger65474641) reported

    @Tatyfig @YouTube am serious about what am saying please I need help

  • InteriorsAvenue
    ΙΑ (@InteriorsAvenue) reported from Beaumaris, Victoria

    @Sharris76 @YouTube What an incredible powerful voice. Shame on the ppl who did not help her.

  • marczak_rob
    Robert Jay Marczak (@marczak_rob) reported from Albany, New York

    @LinneyLara @rosemcgowan @YouTube Rose blocked them on MY recommendation. If you have an issue about the blocks, your issue is with ME. Rose's only culpability is that she accepted my recommendations.

  • ediemaejohnson
    edie-mae (@ediemaejohnson) reported

    @TeamYouTube @YouTube please help me i keep getting mine craft creators videos in my sub box and it says I’m subscribed and i literally just watch dan and phil and shane

  • Aspireeee
    Aspireeee (@Aspireeee) reported

    Stop subscribing me to channels that I have subscribed to before! Fix your shit @YouTube

  • Shawstill
    理路夕 (@Shawstill) reported

    @YouTube fix your site, stop subscribing me to channels I don’t even watch, I deleted more than 200 subscriptions yesterday and there are all back....

  • cwisst
    ESKETIT (@cwisst) reported

    @YouTube this one ad called Solo superfrisk keeps not playing and We cant see the videos, please fix

  • Thatlifeofgames
    Chris (@Thatlifeofgames) reported

    @YouTube randomly subscribed me to channels I have not been subscribed to for years. Yet another issue with YouTube, stop destroying your company.

  • griffin_pyle
    Griffin (@griffin_pyle) reported

    @MnemonicTutor @superchloeone @YouTube Still doesn't help in the long run.

  • griffin_pyle
    Griffin (@griffin_pyle) reported

    @superchloeone @MnemonicTutor @YouTube I know right. I agree with you, it doesn't help anyone.

  • MendesLover8898
    Seℓiηi (@MendesLover8898) reported

    @YouTube please fix the views numbers on #InMyBlood it’s been on 496,251 for like an hour! Shawn Mendes