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YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California. The service was created by three former PayPal employees—Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim—in February 2005. It is currently owned by Google.

 Problems detected at Youtube

Youtube problems in the last 24 hours

Youtube Outage Chart

October 17: Problems at Youtube

Youtube is having issues since 10:00 AM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Buffering (28.57%)
  • ▪ Playback Issues (28.57%)
  • ▪ Video Quality (28.57%)
  • ▪ Sign in (14.29%)

Youtube Live Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid  ▪ Sanford, Florida  ▪ Singapore, Singapore  ▪ Soest, Utrecht  ▪ Swindon, England  ▪ Taunggyi, Shan  ▪ The Village, Oklahoma  ▪ Washington, District of Columbia  ▪ Widnes, England  ▪ Wombourne, England  ▪ Málaga, Andalucía

Youtube Live Outage Map
  • Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid
  • Sanford, Florida
  • Singapore, Singapore
  • Soest, Utrecht
  • Swindon, England
  • Taunggyi, Shan
  • The Village, Oklahoma
  • Washington, District of Columbia
  • Widnes, England
  • Wombourne, England
  • Málaga, Andalucía
  •   Full Outage Map

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Youtube Issues Reports

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  • BigRob154
    Robin Rowinski (@BigRob154) reported

    ... but with the help of @YouTube I managed to just replace the pneumatic-spring.

  • paolinda99_2
    Paolita Bruce (@paolinda99_2) reported

    Omg #scientology just use the $ ur using on YouTube to help someone and leave @LeahRemini alone #ScientologyTheAftermath

  • tremensda
    Fernan D' Aragorn (@tremensda) reported

    @KRLS @YouTube What an offense for Ukraine! Not ashamed of yourselve? If someday day Catalonia needs help, nobody will come! It's so disgusting.

  • strawbini
    Rachel (@strawbini) reported

    @inthemomentmag YouTube can be useful, but I've seen people really struggle (and start causing themselves physical problems) by not having real-life tuition

  • morieldavid55
    David Lister (@morieldavid55) reported

    @evanrachelwood @YouTube Its hard 4 victims 2 speak out victim humiliation shame & fear = silence I learned these emotions cause that response Offenders reinforce these feelings by things they say & do 2 victims They use shame & fear 2 bind the victim 2 them & isolate them from others who might help them

  • TheKurtDC
    NO 💩+s Given (@TheKurtDC) reported

    @DJIGlobal Again, this may start my youtube career plz help. Me desperate.

  • Ajarncom
    Phil / (@Ajarncom) reported

    @TeacherDanMax @YouTube But I have noticed the word 'university' gets capitalized an awful lot for no fathomable reason. Not to me anyway.

  • 21Kiloton
    21Kiloton (@21Kiloton) reported

    @mckrackin5324 @YouTube Gz on your good luck mate. My luck is terrible. I reckon Matt made a "special" personalized algorithm, just for me.

  • cryoblasphemy
    Hooper (@cryoblasphemy) reported

    @Tyr0din @YouTube YouTube is broken, no need to apologise. We got chu fam

  • izabellan3
    Izabella Nerodova (@izabellan3) reported

    Guo Wengui in the live often foul language insult to help others? and now YouTube has stopped his live video.

  • itzsalty
    itzSalty (@itzsalty) reported

    @Tyr0din @YouTube Hey Youtube, fix your fucking shit

  • M_Mitch0408
    Mitch The Bitch (@M_Mitch0408) reported

    @Callux @YouTube Look at them copying twitch, how cute Maybe they should focus on fixing their broken monetization system

  • brookeleighIRL
    Brooke Leigh (@brookeleighIRL) reported

    @obadiahradiou i really live sleeping and watching youtube so uhhh a professional mattress tester. Maybe I can help @IKEAUSA out there

  • Physi_
    Sam Welsh (@Physi_) reported

    is youtube broken?

  • Jackgtr59
    GTR 59 (@Jackgtr59) reported

    @FGG108 @YouTube no problem FireGuy I didn’t know u had a twitter until now!

  • UnseeableNinja7
    UnseeableNinja (@UnseeableNinja7) reported

    Youtube fix your shit, I cant even request a manual review!

  • Horribleadam
    Adam Burke (@Horribleadam) reported

    @CaseyNeistat @YouTube Casey I love you but please deal with YouTube directly about this issue. I'm sick of seeing everyone going on about not getting paid. All of sudden it's all about money and not the content. I've made lots of mental health videos that I've not got a penny for. You have plenty.

  • Unuser4
    Andy (@Unuser4) reported

    @YouTube @YTCreators @TeamYouTube Fix your monetization or I'm calling my mom

  • sklonigs
    SK (@sklonigs) reported

    @hhendersonmedia 1. You obviously have no idea what a sharia court is. 2. You use some random youtube video to back up your claim? Terrible :)

  • Johnny567g
    John Paul Guay (@Johnny567g) reported

    @xsmashx88x @YouTube That’s crazy, hopefully they find the cause because it’s hurting you in the end, how can you make a living, come on @YouTube find a fix

  • lewismarshall07
    Lewis Marshall (@lewismarshall07) reported

    @ace_ofshaq @YouTube What does it mean by Red Limb Damage? I’ve gotten it too dark red it said I failed... please help...

  • andr3a11_
    Andrea (@andr3a11_) reported

    @KahlanKhaos @sailorgoeswild @hotshoes @BlippiOfficial @netflix The mpg Peppa pig are the worst! I haven’t seen them since I put restriction mode on. But my kids share a YouTube account..

  • ItsJSilva
    Melo (@ItsJSilva) reported

    There has been issues with Youtube for the smaller creater since ever, but @CaseyNeistat just complains when it hits him, well...that’s fake

  • Snpham3
    Sơn (@Snpham3) reported

    @LaserOnlineLLC @YouTube hello,please help me change eth wallet plz

  • _MWAURA_
    Che Guemwaura (@_MWAURA_) reported

    @ItsThatGirlElla @gweth_ Hi Ella, I currently don't have accounting material that could be of help, but yeah YouTube tutorials could help.

  • Asfikipatient
    TumSaathHoGiTo💃 (@Asfikipatient) reported

    @namalitah @ahadrazamir @YouTube no it was posted by someone else.but yeah he said thanx to the maker so i dont have any issue regarding stealing...they both liked,i m happy

  • Xtreme_Project
    XTremE PRojecT (@Xtreme_Project) reported

    @YouTube can't even get it reviewed because it doesn't have at least 1000 views Guess it's a way to kill off the smaller channels & not help them

  • TheIslandWolf
    Aleyah 🐺 (@TheIslandWolf) reported

    @ReflexTheGOAT @YouTube No problem

  • Rheecy
    Wanda Lenihan (@Rheecy) reported

    Teacher to student when asking for help "did you check YouTube" seriously she does not deserve a paycheque.

  • KingKrankor
    🇺🇸 John B. 🇺🇸 (@KingKrankor) reported from Milo, Maine

    @ZekeJMiller That's not what he said, said he hardly called and wrote letters. Go watch it on WH Youtube. The media are the worst I've ever seen them.

    elvis demars (@MONARCHSFAN90) reported

    anyone having a problem with youtube keeping you sign in?

  • Renshxw
    Ashley Rennziee (@Renshxw) reported

    @bexomondo @ThisIsHaden But its still not really royalty free... its just copyright free from youtube, which doesnt help me :( Just gonna have to pay for it haha

  • MayuriTrivedi80
    Mayuri Trivedi (@MayuriTrivedi80) reported

    @dr_nbbbb @YouTube @edgarvlermamd @askrenal @akshayakeerti @arvindcanchi @NephRodby @kidney_boy @rheault_m @toates_19 @Nephro_Sparks @VijayKher8 @wittykidney god help us seriously.....

  • potterfolklore
    HarryPotterFolklore (@potterfolklore) reported

    @cedarsjwsurvey @YouTube Same issue for me... so it’s definitely across the board

  • BlairJCampbell
    Blair J. Campbell (@BlairJCampbell) reported

    Couldn't sleep so I spent the night watching stupid YouTube videos of instant karma, video games, and ASMR clips. I need help!

  • utterbasterd
    HarryTheBastard (@utterbasterd) reported

    @magicworlduk @YouTube Any word regarding my issue with my order?

  • vladimirkuprii6
    Владимир Куприянов (@vladimirkuprii6) reported

    Guo Wengui in the live often foul language insult to help others′ and now YouTube has stopped his live video.

  • ltitl3
    Lyudmila Titlyaeva (@ltitl3) reported

    Guo Wengui in the live often foul language insult to help others′ and now YouTube has stopped his live video.

  • Tylerwify1
    Tylerrr (@Tylerwify1) reported

    @YouTube I re-edit then re uploaded & they kept sending a "error in system" msg repeatedly when trying to monetize it. WTF are they doing.

  • DTonywise
    T D (@DTonywise) reported

    @TruthSeeker____ @YouTube ONLY CRAP!!!! That's a terrible feeling to have such name in this 21st century. I don't bame her.

  • Requiem1720
    Aug-Ghoul Church (@Requiem1720) reported from Gardiner, Maine

    @Isaac_Monks Oooh. But at least they allow it for twitch. I mean, and issue with the YouTube platform? Who doesn’t now? Lol

  • NinaMinina657
    Нина Минина (@NinaMinina657) reported

    Guo Wengui in the live often foul language insult to help others? and now YouTube has stopped his live video.

  • jungreji
    jungreji💚 (@jungreji) reported

    its hard to bypass blockings from youtube urgh tried my old trick but its not working anymoreeee

  • MerzlyukovaLada
    Lada Merzlyukova (@MerzlyukovaLada) reported

    Guo Wengui in the live often foul language insult to help others′ and now YouTube has stopped his live video.

  • PsychoEnigmaYT
    Ryan | McMetalface (@PsychoEnigmaYT) reported

    Yeah sorry for the rant. I went all over the place with that. But seriously, The number of issues with this platform keep growing by the day. Manual Review is an issue, Demonetisation is an issue and Notifications are an issue. How did YouTube get this bad?

  • PsychoEnigmaYT
    Ryan | McMetalface (@PsychoEnigmaYT) reported

    The way i honestly see it is that YouTube has STILL not sorted the notification issue. This has been going on for more than a year now. It's getting a bit ridiculous. But hey, Fuck the small channels on YouTube. Amirite?

    I DO JUEGOS (@I_DO_JUEGOS) reported

    @topdoog11 @YouTube In my opinion DS2 was the worst of all DS games but still better than most action RPG’s, but the downgrade was massive though

  • lottyburns
    Lotty Earns (@lottyburns) reported

    @CouponQueenEmma @WiserWealthier @TheMoneyShed @YouTube @_bronni I'm wondering why you aren't manifesting a slap in the face for Carl at that awful impression of you! Ha.

  • RightSide81
    Rob Clark (@RightSide81) reported

    @RealNewsX2 @YouTube Your actions have consequences. Something the younger generations are failing to learn. It’s everyone else’s fault. And the govt shld fix it

  • snowcap_hijau
    NoPe (@snowcap_hijau) reported

    Derp: Having problem with his/her laptop. Searching for solution at Youtube Asshole: Try delete your Windows 32 Derp: **Autistic Sreeching**

  • ninareza88
    Nina Karena (@ninareza88) reported

    @CridaDemocracia @YouTube what is actually happening there? Help me to understand the situation

  • mtanrisevenn
    Mehmet Tanrıseven (@mtanrisevenn) reported

    @AppleSupport hey. i have a iphone 6s. but when i got ios11 update i have some problems for example. i wanna watch youtube video my wifi alwayd unconnected. please help me

  • i_am_the_mack
    Mack Taylor (@i_am_the_mack) reported

    @CaseyNeistat @YouTube @YTCreators @TeamYouTube fix this

  • SqueeDeeLee
    ❤ฬเςкє๔lєє🎃 (@SqueeDeeLee) reported

    @YouTube By the way there still is a need every day! DBSA always needs more help because there is always a need to help...

  • MichelleSBrand
    Michelle Brand (@MichelleSBrand) reported

    @RenatoZX2 I have windows 8.1. Some videos HTML5 and my Spectrum isn't working. Facebook videos/twitter videos, all not working, but most of youtube

  • SezzaBezza2001
    SezzaBezza (@SezzaBezza2001) reported

    What do you guys think I should do for my next video? xx #youtube #ideas #help #SezzaBezza

  • f5b4799ad972473
    ash (@f5b4799ad972473) reported

    @LonelySoul_ @YouTube This Link is not working

  • ZakD07
    Pandaz (@ZakD07) reported

    @MCLeaksNetwork @YouTube Hey mcleaks i cant open it up again but it says its Running! Help me please.

  • ArtfulHighlight
    Artful Highlights (@ArtfulHighlight) reported

    @TeamYouTube thanks, but i really need to remove the yellow mark.. youtube is my full time job its getting ruined, until u fix plz remove the Yellow mark

  • topdoog11
    Zacl - Bethesda GOAT (@topdoog11) reported

    @I_DO_JUEGOS @YouTube Yeah it was a big deal but us souls fanboys don't really care that much about graphics dark souls 2 had so many other problems...

  • DJGaryBaldy
    DJGaryBaldy (@DJGaryBaldy) reported

    Number of videos on #YouTube telling you how to pirate SAM Broadcaster 2/3/4 only problem is they won't install on #Windows10

  • TechJayinator
    TechJay (@TechJayinator) reported

    @thisguythatgame @YouTube I just got a video from 2 years ago demontized, fornusic i got from nocopyrightsounds meaning: i can usr the sing no problems. Apparentlynot

  • Emilybiggart11
    E (@Emilybiggart11) reported

    @SACCONEJOLYs What's the worst thing that's happend to you because of YouTube ?

  • lobotomixxs
    Mix 🌌 (@lobotomixxs) reported

    @YouTube And then they tell us it's for our """health""" excuse me?????????? How about help these people?

  • mikhailepifano4
    Михаил Епифанов (@mikhailepifano4) reported

    Guo Wengui in the live often foul language insult to help others? and now YouTube has stopped his live video.

  • sanhaster
    ann ♡ #baram (@sanhaster) reported

    @YouTube nvm but you should really fix it thanks

  • sanhaster
    ann ♡ #baram (@sanhaster) reported

    @YouTube Listen here- First this happened with You Are (GOT7) and now it’s happening with Baby (ASTRO)! You need to fix your view system

  • gingermumstyle
    Amanda (@gingermumstyle) reported

    @YouTube HELP! My YT channel says no content but Ive got loads! Please can I have a contact to help me out asap? HEEEEEEELLLLLLPPPP!

  • Holgaman
    Craig Roberts (@Holgaman) reported

    @YouTube Tried to contact u twice via online email (someone copying my channel). Need additonal help other than your standard webform. How?

  • gweth_
    Kareem Said (@gweth_) reported

    @ItsThatGirlElla YouTube tuitorials or @_MWAURA_ could be of help

  • Canibehealz
    Chadd/Spoopybehealz (@Canibehealz) reported

    @healiocentric @kenjeong I'm having trouble getting my Community fix outside of youtube clips of the best episodes ever because they took it off Canadian Netflix. :(

  • RomanKozlov6862
    Роман Козлов (@RomanKozlov6862) reported

    Guo Wengui in the live often foul language insult to help others? and now YouTube has stopped his live video.

  • DarkAcoustic
    Dark Acoustic 🎃 (@DarkAcoustic) reported

    @gamerluxe Sadly theres a whole bunch of issues with Youtube at the moment

  • milkbreadtoast
    id die for kurama (@milkbreadtoast) reported

    hfdghdg i have the sudden awful urge to make a shitpost where the punchline is a youtube poop explosion

  • mosesboyo
    spooky margiela 👻 (@mosesboyo) reported

    @BenGataric @YouTube fix.this.

  • DYKbot
    Did You Know? (@DYKbot) reported

    Why is it that cars are the worst parent in commentary YouTube?

  • PromisedLaand
    MkhaliphiLtd (@PromisedLaand) reported

    @SubVwaRusty lol Sorry hey...But youtube Excel videos might help

  • rondlite
    Ron D. Lite (@rondlite) reported

    @KRLS @YouTube Help Catalonia to become the poorest part of Europe. Good job.

  • ARuVxp7Qlus06I9
    Вера Колесникова (@ARuVxp7Qlus06I9) reported

    Guo Wengui in the live often foul language insult to help others? and now YouTube has stopped his live video.

  • Kovich_fam
    Jacob Baltins (@Kovich_fam) reported

    @NetNobody why does your iTunes broken ring sound different then the YouTube version.. or is it just me?