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YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California. The service was created by three former PayPal employees—Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim—in February 2005. It is currently owned by Google.

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Youtube problems in the last 24 hours

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December 17: Problems at Youtube

Youtube is having issues since 05:00 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Buffering (42.86%)
  • ▪ Crashing (28.57%)
  • ▪ Playback Issues (28.57%)

Youtube Live Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Candor, North Carolina  ▪ Jonesboro, Arkansas  ▪ Sale Marasino, Lombardia  ▪ San Diego, California  ▪ San Jose, California  ▪ Schorndorf, Baden-Württemberg  ▪ Surrey, British Columbia  ▪ Toronto, Ontario  ▪ Tracy, California  ▪ Vícar, Andalucía  ▪ Westmont, Illinois

Youtube Live Outage Map
  • Candor, North Carolina
  • Jonesboro, Arkansas
  • Sale Marasino, Lombardia
  • San Diego, California
  • San Jose, California
  • Schorndorf, Baden-Württemberg
  • Surrey, British Columbia
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Tracy, California
  • Vícar, Andalucía
  • Westmont, Illinois
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  • heymerlin11
    marlene silva (@heymerlin11) reported

    @gladend2012 @YouTube I was on a travel site today and they said that the fictional Holy Grail location is in Jordon. I have a problem this site calling it fictional

  • Get_Flanked
    Get_Flanked | Hive (@Get_Flanked) reported

    @Gardenshire59 @YouTube Administrative error. Didn't get signed up in time. RIP

  • fandom_strike
    🎄FestiveGarak🎄 (@fandom_strike) reported

    @YouTube Oh yea and see the worst vids of the week no thanks

  • MaxxFroelich
    Maxx Froelich (@MaxxFroelich) reported

    @TeamYouTube @YouTube @SusanWojcicki Idk what to say but sub boxes are completely broken rn.

  • Shadow_of_WB
    Padhraic Ó hIcheada (@Shadow_of_WB) reported

    @Seb081987 @Pragmatic_chick @Gregory_Malchuk @KTHopkins @YouTube @Foregen Check out @HiboWardere Seb, she suffered the worst, type 3 as a six year old poor darling. Hibo works tirelessly to educate about FGM. Follow her and you will learn all about the vile practice.

  • Sith_Nath
    Nath (@Sith_Nath) reported

    @SithTrmy @YouTube not a problem, youre a beast

  • ItzOpTicCob
    Cob the pokeman freak (@ItzOpTicCob) reported

    @KEEMSTAR @YouTube @KEEMSTAR the song clips were so fucking bad my ear buds broke plz send help plz

  • KellAF18
    Kelly (@KellAF18) reported

    @Hamburg_klein @SonofGod2Iam @SavingAmerica4U @YouTube She’s a terrible person!

  • IIFunkyFingerII
    Funky Finger (@IIFunkyFingerII) reported

    @spoki83 @jackfrags @YouTube I so hate the spastic player movement in BF1. Its terrible. And unrealistic.

  • Rygista
    Ryan. (@Rygista) reported

    @ElMedianoFM @YouTube 1st goal look at his positioning terrible terrible as always. 2nd goal yeah I agree, not his fault got confused up there

  • LunarIover
    Dan👻 (@LunarIover) reported

    @myuusic @YouTube YouTube is really weird recently, I don't have sub feed problems (as far as I know at least) but I have upload notifications on for a fair bit of youtubers and sometimes the notifications don't roll out for sometimes as long as 5 hours, this video was one of these cases.

  • MasterMissyX
    MasterMissyASMR (@MasterMissyX) reported

    @BeyondAPearl @YouTube You make a lovely teacher, the fact I can watch this despite my utter hatred for authority figures and bad life experience with awful teaches is a credit lol

  • Shadow_of_WB
    Padhraic Ó hIcheada (@Shadow_of_WB) reported

    @Seb081987 @Pragmatic_chick @UncutBits @BSR163 @Gregory_Malchuk @KTHopkins @YouTube It should never be an issue Seb, blame the bloody Victorians for starting it all.

  • prys77
    yann (@prys77) reported

    @CSRRacing @YouTube You don't win enough $ per day to make a playable, stable version of your game??? DO YOUR JOB !!!! Nougat 7.1.1 : game crash a lot!!!! Remove the snow and put the previous version available not the last one...

  • whoisclare
    c l a r e ☁️ (@whoisclare) reported

    @TeamYouTube @YouTube Are you able to help me on this please?? Is there an email or phone number for Adsense support, in order to speak to someone directly?

  • TheGeekGetaway
    TonyTGD❤ (@TheGeekGetaway) reported

    @DiversityAndCmx @YouTube Worst...hero.....ever

  • ShotGunRaids
    ShotGunRaids (@ShotGunRaids) reported

    @AvivZaberko @YouTube the glitch is being deleted not the video xd

  • mandujanosal3
    goku black (@mandujanosal3) reported

    @SethMPTP @YouTube Maybe i should naruto and boruto when it came to anime i mainly watched dbz gt and super and db but thats it.i cant seem to get my sign on youtube for some strange reason so i cant comment or like i have to fix this but really good video the effort was worth it

  • Ashley26624305
    Ashley (@Ashley26624305) reported

    @Juwaniie @YouTube Hy I'm graham and I need your help with gta5 license key plz I need one

  • Whitneyfan90
    wrestlingfan1999 (@Whitneyfan90) reported

    @therealroseanne @YouTube Really Roseanne? Y retweet this non-sense? Were you trying to get a rapist elected? I’m sorry but anyone who wanted that pedo elected has serious issues!

  • rockbanddude
    Rockbanddude (@rockbanddude) reported

    @Direwolf20 @YouTube Please, please, please fix your glowing glass. It's still off center.

  • JaleesHadvaid
    Jalees Hadvaid (@JaleesHadvaid) reported

    @rahulkanwal @facebook @Twitter @YouTube @aajtak @IndiaToday Wht is d problem in counting of 20-30% vvpats? We must keep n eye over #EVM . Cant b trusted blindly. #SupremeCourt #GujaratElection2017

  • altageno
    AJ Elicits (@altageno) reported

    @RossMcWillett @YouTube Yes, they also try manipulating opinion and they're gonna censor "fakenews" to help with depression apparently... lol

  • Espo7731
    Philip Esposito (@Espo7731) reported

    @4L3Xk @Eminem @YouTube You sound retarded calling someone part of a problem because they are white... clearly you are the problem

  • vlc_jr
    WATCHMAN (@vlc_jr) reported

    @ToiletOfWisdom @EthanVanSciver @YouTube Sometimes ignoring problems don't make them go away though, and in the rare case that the person turns out to be dangerous, better to be forewarned.

  • SkoochyDenis
    🎄MERRY SKOOCHMAS🎄 (@SkoochyDenis) reported

    @BandiRue @YouTube How do you never have spelling errors?

  • Adiga_LK
    Hazem Bagh (@Adiga_LK) reported

    @YouTube your new app update on Android is awful!

  • RoseMarie2002
    Rose Marie (@RoseMarie2002) reported

    @YouTube ~ Your app on @RokuPlayer sucks. It's not realistic to have to log in every single time you use it. It's a horrible disservice to your customers. @Google should fix that nonsense.

  • pagesn61
    Page Designs' (@pagesn61) reported

    @YouTube satan puppets, hillary has been satans bitch ( female dog in heat for greed ) since i was in my early 20's, she just got worst,

  • jammychap
    jammychap (@jammychap) reported

    @YouTube So apparently the 3 of coins are broken and everyone is complaining that they get zero during the 4 hours, with this in mind i'd hold off using them for now

  • NeoNetizen
    neonetizen➲ (@NeoNetizen) reported

    @spardaxyz @YouTube broken video bro

  • falcon1777
    Nozomi Matsushima (@falcon1777) reported

    @YouTube *fixed mono audio issue

  • squazzoni
    Flaminio Squazzoni (@squazzoni) reported from Sale Marasino, Lombardia

    @Akbaritabar @YouTube Does it help in writing good?

  • squazzoni
    Flaminio Squazzoni (@squazzoni) reported from Sale Marasino, Lombardia

    @Akbaritabar @YouTube Does it help in writing good?

  • Ohdem1
    POPOUT (@Ohdem1) reported

    @YouTube hit me up, i found a glitch on your site

    David (@ITSLOLBOY) reported

    @Antster @YouTube Ant it was my birthday yesterday and I thought I could get some robux from my parents but they didn’t so can u help me I only have 6 robux I wasted it on one of your mouth

  • iJakeWWEFan
    Future Champ🏋🏼‍♂️ (@iJakeWWEFan) reported

    @YouTube @poppy They post poppy but don’t fix there demonetization problems hmmmm

  • Tazzer60
    Tazzer (@Tazzer60) reported

    @RolleezY @YouTube I just need someone to help me can you

  • JetStarz_
    JetStarz✈️🎄🎁✈️ (@JetStarz_) reported

    @ToadKingStudios @YouTube Most of the YouTubers I watch go through this problem,even another SCP Guy (@ZenithStrife I think) had the same issue.

  • kateemma22
    Kate Murray 🏳️‍🌈 (@kateemma22) reported

    @vicenews Well, as long as it’s not as awful at @YouTube Rewind...

  • LowBrassDude93
    David F-W (@LowBrassDude93) reported

    @MattGeorgeKHTK @YouTube Reality is they've underperformed, been out coached, and outworked. Carr hasn't delivered because he's still nursing his leg that he broke last year, Del Rio doesn't gameplan well, and the defense isn't capable of playing smart. The leadership is awful and the team is awful.

  • Seb081987
    Seb Rampley (@Seb081987) reported

    @Pragmatic_chick @intactive @UncutBits @BSR163 @Gregory_Malchuk @KTHopkins @YouTube I believe they should give you all the available options. Even if they think it won't help fully. They should always do the best. Also the surgeons will only act on what the doctor has referred for.

  • Seb081987
    Seb Rampley (@Seb081987) reported

    @Pragmatic_chick @Gregory_Malchuk @KTHopkins @YouTube No amount of £££ would make up for what is lost. But if it could help future generations then it's a bonus. Your son could always look up @Foregen. I have some hope they will come through.

  • Pragmatic_chick
    elizabeth garden (@Pragmatic_chick) reported

    @Seb081987 @intactive @UncutBits @BSR163 @Gregory_Malchuk @KTHopkins @YouTube What's annoying is that options were available. I should have done independent research. Parents always feel guilt! I will try to help disseminate information so others can make a more informed choice in future tho.

  • Seb081987
    Seb Rampley (@Seb081987) reported

    @Pragmatic_chick @Gregory_Malchuk @KTHopkins @YouTube I asked my dad a few times why. And got met with the worst responses including it looks better! Went to mum a couple of months ago after 2 years after trying with dad. She gave me honest answer apart from age. She never mentioned it again. Though step dad did when I was there.

  • Pragmatic_chick
    elizabeth garden (@Pragmatic_chick) reported

    @Seb081987 @Gregory_Malchuk @KTHopkins @YouTube He did yes. He went to GP without telling me for creams, which is absolutely fine. I knew it might be an issue and had discreetly mentioned it to him a few times post adolescence. It is difficult to discuss genitals with parents at any age! His foreskin did not retract at all.

  • leomonbutgay
    Helldump Success Stories (@leomonbutgay) reported

    @genesi5_1995 @SparksEchidna @ClassyHam @Hideki_Naganuma @WatchFale @YouTube also do realize that sonic's issue here is that his games have just been getting steadily worse and worse due to sega's mismanagement, with a few flukes here and there (colors, gens, mania) nintendo had literally nothing to do with it, leave that shit in 1995 where it belongs

  • thats_so_nick69
    𓅓Nickøłas 𓅓 (@thats_so_nick69) reported

    @YuBPlays @YouTube mmmmmmmmmmmm fix the this

  • FuturistDog
    Futurist Dog, world's #1 Teen Titans Go! fan (@FuturistDog) reported

    @DiversityAndCmx @YouTube Given your propensity to like awful movies this movie is probably hot garbage. ;)

  • Pragmatic_chick
    elizabeth garden (@Pragmatic_chick) reported

    @UncutBits @Seb081987 @BSR163 @Gregory_Malchuk @KTHopkins @YouTube There needs to be a lot more education around options for this! I had no idea & feel terrible that my son went thru all this when less dramatic options were available. I don't take much info/advice at face value, need to strike NHS doctors off my automatically believe list!

    TH3 SQUIRREL4 (@TH3_SQUIRREL4) reported

    @PaiceLees @CarbonMeister @YouTube There are plenty of streamers that i know would love to help. Check out my twitch channel. We were helping people last night. Stream mostly evenings. Prestige 10 Elite Ranked. 4 confirmed Predators KIA'd lol. GT: TH3SQUIRREL4 (XBOX). I know a few great streamers who would help

  • Vaughn_Wahl
    The_Wahl (@Vaughn_Wahl) reported

    @BMWGames @DarkPrevails @YouTube He let the worst character (Jeffy) take over the channel. It attracted kids, and I think it’s stupid that he’s wondering why kids are watching the series and causing his demonetization.

  • 58Kate
    Kate Ep (@58Kate) reported

    @RoyMooreSenate @YouTube It’s time you don your cowboy suit, grab your tiny pistol, and jump on your horse and ride off into the sunset. Literally dude, GO AWAY! You’re an embarrassment to the whole country at this point. And a terrible reminder for some ladies.

  • OfficialKonSite
    KON™ (@OfficialKonSite) reported

    @johnR_13 @YouTube That’s true, I think the main issue is people are pushing their agenda over other serious problems. Like unarmed shootings and police brutality. But you can barely convince them of that.

  • StumblingUnicrn
    Wanderlust_Untapped (@StumblingUnicrn) reported

    @jej3831 @FyneAles @YouTube The tap room is cozy & the staff amazing! It would really suck to have to go to work there everyday. Such a terrible location after all...

  • manish916249
    manish kumar (@manish916249) reported

    @RailMinIndia @YouTube Sir train number which day will not train number 12379 difference 12328 i confused my reservation is 12370 and haridwar to patna time 23 : 50 but which train number is fluctuate and 12328 will show please help me

  • bbrayin
    BRAYIN ♡ (@bbrayin) reported

    i have not had a @youtube video buffer in like 3 years... now that net neutrality is announced to be gone soon, my videos always fucking buffer. am i the only one??

  • AhBaloul
    الأستاذ/ بطاطسポテト先生 (@AhBaloul) reported

    @xshunin @YouTube Ah, but it's still crazy for anyone to smoke 10 cigarettes in a row. Though I've seen insane people like that, and smoking is terrible in general. But those kind of videos don't really reflect what's truly going on x.x

  • JalaJacob6
    Jala Jacob (@JalaJacob6) reported

    @DrPaulEnenche @YouTube MSN of God am a pastor 48 unmarried dad died mother old 75 had two brothers mentally depressed no own house had a debt of 145,500$ just help me with this amount in Jesus name became am in lots of problems I will pay my debts and continue with my Pastory help.

  • IamLaique
    Saifi Laique Ahmed (@IamLaique) reported

    @SureshChavhanke @YouTube @SureshChavhanke concept of "hum 2 humaarey 2" is correct but discussion of your show is completely anti-religious. Unfortunately #Sudarshannews promoting anti-national and anti-religious issues in name of news.

  • hazeeqsyazmy
    Haxeeq_Syaxmy (@hazeeqsyazmy) reported

    @LispyLeaf @YouTube Please Lispy, we need a solo money glitch......

  • munro277
    Peter dixon (@munro277) reported

    @WalkWithWallace @YouTube I had same problem on my last trip was toasty on the long walk in

  • jake_paul1234
    Jake Paulers RULE! (@jake_paul1234) reported

    @YouTube @YTCreators @TeamYouTube @Youtube @YTCreators @YouTube @TeamYoutube @Youtube @YTCreators @TeamYoutube @[email protected] NOTICE THIS: JAKE PAUL HAS BEEN HACKED! 12-13mil JAKE PAULERS ARE MAD! FIX THIS @YouTube ! @JakePaul Jake Paulers retweet so they KNOW we are strong!

  • Angelo_da_Silva
    Angelo da Silva (@Angelo_da_Silva) reported

    @AskPlayStation is there some issue with sharing to @YouTube or @Twitter currently going on? I'm not able to upload to any of those.

  • reannmax1
    reanntriska1 (@reannmax1) reported

    @YouTube hey jakes YouTube and Insta is hacked and all of team 10 soical media's are hacked so he was wondering if u can help me and team 10 of getting there soical media's back ASAP please because him and team 10 would really want there soical media's back

  • VtZeke
    ZekeVT (@VtZeke) reported

    @TheYoungTurks @YouTube Being able to afford the highest quality food and choosing what could be argued to be the absolute WORST quality food.... Yet another indication of what an absolute idiot this man is...

  • Willwsx
    Will (@Willwsx) reported

    @YouTube Fix youtube

  • whoisclare
    c l a r e ☁️ (@whoisclare) reported

    @TeamYouTube @YouTube Hey, I’ve looked through the Help centre and am still unsure of how this issue can be resolved. There is no mention of what to do if the verification pin hasn’t been received after 3 requests and I’m worried my account will not be verified.

  • DaveGreco33
    David Greco (@DaveGreco33) reported

    @henricus_heh @YouTube @GovJVentura @RonPaul @AWAKEALERT @Icon99558924 @kurt_nimmo @RT_America @Ian56789 @Partisangirl @Morpheous_one describe the menace to the world as"The Jewish Mafia".While this is less than 100% accurate,it more than gets the point across,as to who the criminals are,as the leaders are the Jewish Banking Cartel, & some of the worst mass murders in history, most of whom happen to be Jewish.

  • NorrisBegtyme
    Norris Begtyme White (@NorrisBegtyme) reported

    @TiffanyHaddish @YouTube Worst video in history.

  • Manectopop1
    Diego yepez (@Manectopop1) reported

    @NNSCRASports52 @YouTube One of the worst start of the season ever, to be the best(maybe) the best underdog win in the series

  • M0Skhan
    MK Efendi (@M0Skhan) reported

    @rossimone77 @KTHopkins @YouTube They likely dont know who she is. She said shes wants to help. Like she wants to help white farmers in south africa. Sitting at a keyboard typing words is one thing, she should haul ass to the area she is concerned about.

  • rossimone77
    Simone Rossi (@rossimone77) reported

    @M0Skhan @KTHopkins @YouTube Assuming they want her help

  • DeyWriteitt
    Tapas Dey (@DeyWriteitt) reported

    @peterxing @YouTube Nice. Decentralized resolves problems?

  • Pragmatic_chick
    elizabeth garden (@Pragmatic_chick) reported

    @Seb081987 @BSR163 @Gregory_Malchuk @KTHopkins @YouTube My son had signs of phimosis from that age & earlier (closed foreskin, clearly different to his brother's). GP said he would prob grow out of it, circumsicion not offered at that point but they did say it would be required if the condition caused later problems.

  • fazzietweets
    fazzie (@fazzietweets) reported

    @TeamYouTube @YTCreators @YouTube my channel is called Fazzie and it just recently hit 10,000 view and it still wont let me enable monetization can u fix that please

  • gwenstefani_net
    Gwen Stefani Fan (@gwenstefani_net) reported

    @shefanilove22 @YouTube I wish she could have done one for her Christmas album, that would help the record this week!!!

  • AdamTigerBomb
    AdamTiger (@AdamTigerBomb) reported

    @andre_corbeil @YouTube This was hard to watch. I really hope he goes back for help.

  • rinaz
    rinaz (@rinaz) reported

    Dear @youtube you should fix your videos. Its been a couple of weeks that I see advertisements but as soon as the actual video starts, I hear the auditor but it's all black

  • cherry_okamoto
    Keila OKamoto (@cherry_okamoto) reported

    @momijikeitoru @YouTube i gave her a link but it seems like it is not working on her phone the same with how it worked with me...