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YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California. The service was created by three former PayPal employees—Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim—in February 2005. It is currently owned by Google.

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May 20: Problems at Youtube

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  • chrissemchuk Chris Semchuk (@chrissemchuk) reported

    @bloodtribeelect @YouTube People are losing faith and that's a big issue.

  • Agave4all Barry (@Agave4all) reported

    @AudiophiliacMan @YouTube The "death" isn't the issue. In U.S. he audio is a tiny niche market and there is no trend that is changing. The number of people in the U.S. who care about sound quality is astonishingly low. Not surprising "major" speaker brands are focused on home theatre and bluetooth.

  • hayleyjef81 Hayley (@hayleyjef81) reported

    @MtnChippewa @GameOfThrones @YouTube Rewatched this episode on a better quality TV & visually so much better! Can't believe it is all over now! Endings are always a problem. Ghost stole the last episode for me 😢.

  • WindLight_WL1 Abyssal Demon the Yeet will always comeback (@WindLight_WL1) reported

    This is BS @TeamYouTube @YouTube FIX IT

  • NotoReaper Unl!m!tedkillz(Notorious) (@NotoReaper) reported

    @RexexYT @YouTube @Rapid__RTs @CC_RTs @Demented_RTs @LaZy_RTs @IntelPlayzYT @ItsWilsonWonder @TehTrueMaverick @Nathorix @nirav065_ @TheYoutubeBear im sorry i was in a hurry ill fix it

  • gnvrbyd Guinevere Boyd (@gnvrbyd) reported

    @angel_scoggins @Musicfreak78 @MarkRPellegrino @Kris_Kielbasa @TeresaRJ3 @YouTube Anyone who doesn’t want to pay taxes THAT badly can just stop working. Problem solved. Give their job to someone who is willing to pay their taxes.

  • Scienceofsport Ross Tucker (@Scienceofsport) reported

    @alexandrasaurus @wanderingwomb1 @Bodmassthe2nd @Morrayz @BryterLayter1 @CamilleLoftus @KenudaYouTube @LGowfer @MaryceChan @RachelT1722 @sharrond62 @YouTube …because you don’t know that your start point is good enough. Again, this fear about the tsunami of men who’ll transition is totally unfounded, because the man who transitions still needs to be quite good (very good in many sports). But the issue remains, in theory & practice

  • Scienceofsport Ross Tucker (@Scienceofsport) reported

    @alexandrasaurus @wanderingwomb1 @Bodmassthe2nd @Morrayz @BryterLayter1 @CamilleLoftus @KenudaYouTube @LGowfer @MaryceChan @RachelT1722 @sharrond62 @YouTube Now, a potential problem here is that it relies on these statistical models to equate performances between M and W, but the percentile method doesn’t (though it has one or two possible flaws too). Point is this is a reasonable male athlete becoming a good female athlete because

  • DS4KUHD Dhruv Srivastava (@DS4KUHD) reported

    @YouTube @YTCreators , this is legit broken

  • dkttech Divyakant Thaledi (@dkttech) reported

    @ThatMumboJumbo @TeamYouTube @YouTube Request to @TeamYouTube @YouTube @YouTubeIndia Things getting really serious, I myself faced the same issue with some of my old videos where I used Youtube's own Audio library music which do not require any sort of credits, even on that I got Copyright Claims. pls fix it soon!

  • Scienceofsport Ross Tucker (@Scienceofsport) reported

    @alexandrasaurus @wanderingwomb1 @Bodmassthe2nd @Morrayz @BryterLayter1 @CamilleLoftus @KenudaYouTube @LGowfer @MaryceChan @RachelT1722 @sharrond62 @YouTube No, not to cis equivalents. That’s the error that has been or is being made here. You need pre- vs post-comparisons against the right controls. If you compare to cis women the effect is to “hide” the theory because the person transitioning might simply not be all that good.

  • _concerned___ concerned citizen (like people) (@_concerned___) reported

    @gmmy2 @YouTube @NULOOKREFINISH You need to listen to the show Marf is going to have on discord tonight with faith and truth. They tried last night but technical errors prohibited it. It's about asteroids they are trying to split up and hiding...etc ... Marf will post on discord later.

  • bananafishYT ヘタレ外人 (@bananafishYT) reported

    @yaroslavik @YouTube Yea that’s why I did it I thought it would help me remember. I am also thinking to try to do the intros in Japanese...

  • ThehorseCapper ROBERT ZANGARA (@ThehorseCapper) reported

    @SonnieNeal1 @99freemind @YouTube Doctors want to Treat not heal no money in healing. People are Cash cows now that is the problem.

  • _ScottHawkes Scott Hawkes (@_ScottHawkes) reported

    Whatever part of the @YouTube algorithm decided I need to see videos about 'men's' issues with Ruby Rose's looks is severely, surely, and horrendously mistaken. I can't wait to see Batwoman. I can wait until past the end of time to see some of the horrendous horseshit being said.

  • CallyDay Cally 🍄 Day (@CallyDay) reported

    @KerryDaynes @YouTube Absolutely. If they just feel like a fist pump, then she knows right away. Also, kids who tittle tattle.Teachers should stop listening to that and ask kids to write down what happened. It may help them realise what actually happened and gain a better understanding of situations.

  • bigmaxportergm1 BigMaxPorter (@bigmaxportergm1) reported

    @YouTube your copyright system is broke. Fix it before you bring down my ultimate wrath upon you

  • IronEconomist Iron Economist (@IronEconomist) reported

    @BenChu_ @cjayanetti @BBCNewsnight @Dieter_Helm @YouTube On a broader point, the re-nationalisation discussion always centres around the most successful ones. NG is probably the second most successful privatisation after BG Group. Some of the water companies just seem terrible at their core business.

  • H4n3Xx Xx_$h4n3_xX (@H4n3Xx) reported

    @YouTube @BreneBrown maybe make better connections with you creators to fix all the problems on your site

  • GabeNewell7331 GabeNewell1337 (@GabeNewell7331) reported

    @YouTube @YTCreators if you help remove @MumboOfficial 's copyright claims I will buy Youtube Premium. #JusticeForMumbo #JusticeForMumboJumbo #firesusan

  • ThePlebLord2 ThePlebLord (@ThePlebLord2) reported

    @TeamYouTube @YouTube help this man

  • ashe_yv ashe (@ashe_yv) reported

    @TDM_Jesus @YouTube, need to real-human to evaluate content. Using AI is good, but a multi-dollar corporation needs to be alert of their broken algorithms.

  • TheGodDamnDM The GodDamn DM (@TheGodDamnDM) reported

    @YouTube Need some help getting my custom URL to work on a Branded channel (didn't migrate from personal one), but not getting the support I need from the YouTube Support Forums. Please advise on how I can get this resolved for my business.

  • IronEconomist Iron Economist (@IronEconomist) reported

    @cjayanetti @BenChu_ @BBCNewsnight @Dieter_Helm @YouTube I mean the obvious example is RBS - it paid large dividends 2000-2007. Hard to say nationalising it pre crash would have been a free lunch.

  • MarshallScott7 CMDR ConnorDBH (@MarshallScott7) reported

    @ThatMumboJumbo @TeamYouTube @YouTube Talk about a broken cc system, never seen so many in one place

  • IronEconomist Iron Economist (@IronEconomist) reported

    @cjayanetti @BenChu_ @BBCNewsnight @Dieter_Helm @YouTube By switching your capital raising to be by the way of the government balance sheet, you certainly lower your cost of capital. U.K. govt has lowest cost of capital. But, now you have no equity buffer, the government is the owner of all risks, and they are significant.

  • VivianLobo7 Vivian Lobo (@VivianLobo7) reported

    @LGElectronics @LGUK #YouTube app is broken. Needs updating. Does not load. #CustomerService #webos @YouTube

  • kennethfan4 . (@kennethfan4) reported

    @YouTube #SaveMumbo Hey Youtube, please review your copright strikes on Mumbo Jumbo. Your copyright system brings tons of problem!!!

  • JusticeMember MemberOfJustice (@JusticeMember) reported

    @SoloProtection @YouTube Jesus loves you a lot, bro. If you kill yourself you will go to a worst place than this world: Hell. So endure until the end and make peace with jesus so that you will have your sins forgiven and a place in Heaven <3

  • 8bitRaven NeoVictorian (@8bitRaven) reported

    @YouTube Fix your algorithm, @ThatMumboJumbo deserves better than this

  • alpacnologia drilganronpa meets ratkichi drilma (@alpacnologia) reported

    @ThatMumboJumbo @TeamYouTube @YouTube despite being the literal actual worst, most annoying youtuber i’ve ever had the displeasure of having forced down the throat of my recommendations no matter how many times i click “not interested in videos from mumbo jumbo” you’re clearly being screwed here

  • bizzlesab m 🌕🌘🌑 (@bizzlesab) reported

    @YouTube fix your shit.

  • ttiaat ^^^^ (@ttiaat) reported

    @PeterKGeoghegan @carolecadwalla .@YouTube you know this is a problem, please stop "recommending" hate

  • dreadytv _DreadyTV_ (@dreadytv) reported

    @YouTube Dear YouTube! Its Been few days sinc i last tweted to u and asked for help,and u said u gonna inform your team about it,...Well noting has been done in my case yet! Im not able to stream wich is very unfair couse i did noting wrong and dont have any strikes,FIX IT!

  • MoggBotherer Mogg Botherer (@MoggBotherer) reported

    @YouTube, fix your shit.

  • Eshcolecom (@Eshcolecom) reported

    @YouTube @YTCreators this is exactly what creators feared would happen with this copyright auto system. Please help this man!

  • koukla75 Lucky7 (@koukla75) reported

    YouTube needs to quit 😤 View count has been stuck for 1h30 on eclipse... Please youtube fix this!! @YouTube @GOT7Official @jypnation #GOT7__SPINNINGTOP #GOT7_ECLIPSE #GOT7_BETWEEN_SECURITY_AND_INSECURITY

  • gnvrbyd Guinevere Boyd (@gnvrbyd) reported

    @Musicfreak78 @Kris_Kielbasa @MarkRPellegrino @YouTube Capitalism doesn’t help anyone. Everyone is screwed in capitalism. But yeah, the poor and unhealthy are screwed the worst.

  • WriteEscape WriteEscape (@WriteEscape) reported

    @Kunipshun_Fit @YouTube The issue that @ThatMumboJumbo is going through sadly demonstrates that unless you know a composer or you only use royalty free music, the content id system will eventfully catch up to you and they will be the people who get your revenue and not you.

  • altamashmapari7 Altamash Mapari (@altamashmapari7) reported

    @YouTube @YTCreators I completed the 100k milestone of subscribers. And still I didn't get verified Please Solve my Issue ASAP My Channel Link is in my Bio. @youtubeindia @YTCreatorsIndia

  • footballgirl35 Heidi Smith (@footballgirl35) reported

    @soofriends @KMBoling @StarvinLarry @MrPetesonality @SpikeUnderFire @TheSarge11 @Jennife90117914 @JSG_54 @CLincoln65 @EmpressNorth @NickCarlin6 @Anthony4242 @CherylIsanogle @DawsonInga @SpicyPurritos @WickedDesire2 @Talkeetna101 @EqualityCouple @InPAINpatient @chorkygirl1 @DrJulienArbor @BostonBubbalooo @Rosesdaughter61 @rubin_judi @LadyAg72 @StopBadDocs @RogueWolf2001 @Irishbrat1966 @Angelsgal02 @LelenaPeacock @DeniseGeltman @lisabe65 @jmkillingnyc @RollinsLynda @corbjin84 @pill1pack @Chronic_FLKeys @Loves_ChiChi @Deeenst @VOpioids @AuntTritsy @Dsntslp @BeekMelodious @wren_lum @LeannRehm @Tami_KCD @ravensspirit68 @YouTube I did it all on my own ! I'm definitely getting a doughnut on the way to school! There's a DD next to our house and we never go there. I need coffee in the worst way! Every muscle in my body still hurts and I have to get the car packed, go to a baseball game and vote tomorrow.

  • 5unshine01 5unshine (@5unshine01) reported

    @got7co @GOT7Official It’s been frozen for close to 2 hrs @YouTube fix this!!!!

  • VaporPete Vapor Pete (@VaporPete) reported

    @bronwyn1140 @DeepStateExpose @YouTube London, England is a place not an academic institution. By “where” I meant the latter. I didn’t think you’d need that explained. If he wasn’t taught what a theory means in science as he’s studying science, I’d say that’s low quality and his education failed him.

  • RivalPlayzTTV Peter p (@RivalPlayzTTV) reported

    @ThatMumboJumbo @TeamYouTube @YouTube what the f**k YouTube copyright system is broken @TeamYouTube @YTCreators @YouTube

  • MoxxiPoxx MoxxiPoxx (@MoxxiPoxx) reported

    @ThatMumboJumbo @TeamYouTube @YouTube I hope you get this sorted. I know @CDawgVA was having the same problem

  • p0isonedyt puhoison (@p0isonedyt) reported


  • altamashmapari7 Altamash Mapari (@altamashmapari7) reported

    I completed the 100k milestone of subscribers. And still I didn't get verified tick along with silver play button redeem code. Please fix this issue . My Channel Link is in my Bio. @youtubeindia @YTCreatorsIndia @YouTube @YouTubeFanFest @YouTubeSpaceMum @YTCreators

  • itsnichkinbi san 🌕🌘🌑 (@itsnichkinbi) reported

    please fix GOT7 - ECLIPSE M/V views @YouTube

  • foxbabble Bone💀Head (@foxbabble) reported

    @NellyBlyAlibi @DDsulzbach @YouTube Court is the obvious answer and might be the only one if @TeamYouTube refuses to look into this. I just hope other larger creators help with spreading the word when a gofundme is created. Repzion won’t be the only one losing his channel if Greg is allowed to continue to run amok.

  • ahgaseSam ꜱᴀᴍ🌕🌘🌑 (@ahgaseSam) reported

    hey @YouTube please fix GOT7 "ECLIPSE" M/V 's views count. it frozed.

  • rantingtranny Elisabeth (@rantingtranny) reported

    @DDsulzbach @YouTube Please fix this! @Onision is absing your copyright system! The video clearly fall under FAIR USE!

  • DenaAlanna Ashanna Dennis *Alanna Dena* YT (@DenaAlanna) reported

    @SimplyNon_sense @ThatMumboJumbo @TeamYouTube @YouTube Youtube itself has become the problem, if it wasn't for a select few youtubers I watch there, and the small bit of content I create there myself as well as I haven't figured out a platform I would enjoy using, I would jump ship

  • DenaAlanna Ashanna Dennis *Alanna Dena* YT (@DenaAlanna) reported

    @MTLemon4 @ThatMumboJumbo @Dec_117 @TeamYouTube @YouTube I say that Youtube content creators need to unionize due to many issues like this, Youtube seems to have forgotten that The Creators are the only reason they make a dime, if every content creator big and small pulled all content from youtube today, youtube would fail in a week

  • Stevenj05229508 Stevenjustin (@Stevenj05229508) reported

    @sambahflex @YouTube Hmm it's very sad that Ghana no freedom because I brother win and want to the stage be came 🔫 gun problem yooo Ghana we day #### Mali #Bamako SM home##

  • PaylorLewis Lewis Paylor (@PaylorLewis) reported

    @YouTube @BreneBrown Fix your copyright system

  • PaylorLewis Lewis Paylor (@PaylorLewis) reported

    @YouTube Fix your copyright system

  • PaylorLewis Lewis Paylor (@PaylorLewis) reported

    @YouTube @hakeypham Fix your copyright system

  • PaylorLewis Lewis Paylor (@PaylorLewis) reported

    @YouTube Fix your copyright system

  • FixYouTubeBot Fix YouTube Bot (@FixYouTubeBot) reported

    Fix yourself before it's too late. @YouTube

  • AskARRONN AskARRON (@AskARRONN) reported

    @YouTube I need help with my account i was supposed to be paid out like $300 on my account. But it was demonantized i need help