Is Youtube down?

YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California. The service was created by three former PayPal employees—Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim—in February 2005. It is currently owned by Google.

 No problems detected at Youtube

Youtube problems in the last 24 hours

Youtube Outage Chart

At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at Youtube. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Buffering 56.28% Buffering
  • Playback Issues 20.24% Playback Issues
  • Sign in 13.36% Sign in
  • Crashing 8.10% Crashing
  • Video Quality 2.02% Video Quality

Youtube Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
Houston Buffering
Oberursel Buffering
Bogotá Buffering
Montréal Playback Issues
Haywards Heath Crashing
Houston Sign in

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Youtube Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • bigredsasquatch Matt W (@bigredsasquatch) reported

    @DCRANGERFAN @YouTube Went to this show. Seth had a throat issue and didn’t sing very much. Scott almost dropped his guitar when he threw it in the air.

  • e2bfutbol E2B FUTBOL ⚡️ (@e2bfutbol) reported

    @YouTube @TeamYouTube does event ticket error have anything to do with video placements

  • chicagopothead1 cedric cole (@chicagopothead1) reported

    @OddFutureRebel @YouTube Fix that hashtag this ain’t got shit to do with vi

  • BenedictMPWhite Benedict White (@BenedictMPWhite) reported

    @JohnPlayerNo6_1 @YakaShinobi @GhostofShirgar @YouTube The east Germans were running coal fired engines up until reunification which may explain that. However we can and do build road steam. There may have been an issue with waiting list and price. Also the boiler was built wrong.

  • zhynaryll Dr. Z (@zhynaryll) reported

    @Suggie4JC @Ascadian1776 @HouseMusicTV @X22Report @YouTube Apparently only some areas are having problems with overcrowding, meaning the rest of the country can go about their business normally. Let's drop this 'stay locked up' crap and open our country back up!! We've been closed long enough!

  • JaimonFoppesVA Jaimon Foppes @ GAME✘0VEЯ (@JaimonFoppesVA) reported

    @yash06911133 @YouTube @ytcreators @YouTubeIndia @YouTube Please help

  • 2001scuba Bauer (@2001scuba) reported

    @mgbdesign @YouTube Bats are the biggest problem. Hey China STOP EATING BATS!

  • therocketwild breakfast (@therocketwild) reported

    @quietcoolkid @YouTube Makes me wonder if sponsored youtubers are getting more high quality/better curated boxes bc this was a mess I wouldn’t spend more than $15 on any of that👀

  • wakesidevision Chris P (@wakesidevision) reported

    @YouTube @TeamYouTube @GooglePlayMusic @youtubemusic been trying to get some help from @google and @youtube since Feb 19 and all I see is news of revenue-generating accounts getting immediate help.

  • KarenChristensn Karen Christensen (@KarenChristensn) reported

    @Suesue2point0 @Cheshire3301 @GeoffSalamander @VeltmanLee @YouTube I honestly dont know much about him as well. I do my best not to get involved in the drama surrounding all of this. I just want to help people wake up from the conspiracies surrounding MAGA/Qanon cult conspiracies. This is affecting families, including mine.

  • usmade1001 usmade1001 (@usmade1001) reported

    @queenalmamarie @YouTube I'm on the fence, but I do pray to God, this is true and they are able to help as many as possible! This I pray in Jesus' name. Amen!

  • Suesue2point0 Suesue2.0 (The Whistleblower) (@Suesue2point0) reported

    @KarenChristensn @Cheshire3301 @GeoffSalamander @VeltmanLee @YouTube I hate to drop this here but Lestat aka Cheshire3301 has a serious problem with Apophenia. Everytime I point this out he blocks me though.

  • TSault5 The "RED" Pill, a FAITHFUL Watchman, OATH KEEPER (@TSault5) reported

    @RagingPatriot78 @GrantFelldin @X22Report @YouTube HOSPITALS ARE NOT ACCEPTING VISTORS.......and The sick are instructed what to do on the phone...and only come in when they REALLY NEED's to stop/mitigated the spread...

  • jaimiegradus Jaimie Gradus (@jaimiegradus) reported

    @stephensajdak @YouTube Everything chazz goes through just culminating in that moment where he can finally say I’m not ok to this person he loves and needs despite how awful he’s been because it’s his parent. It’s all too much.

  • theedailyboomer David Dorner Groyper, PhD (@theedailyboomer) reported

    @trueaspenblue @RandomGroyperr @pornhub_premium @AsaAkira @getongab @TwitterSupport @YouTube @Pornhub They actually don't care at all. That's the problem.

  • TheBlackMage5 The Black Mage (@TheBlackMage5) reported


  • neeneenat Georgia Girl (@neeneenat) reported

    @JayleneMarie7 @Sharon25361553 @Avenger2Toxic @X22Report @YouTube It is. The Deep State is our enemy too. They do terrible things in secret.

  • realSteve1234 Steve J (@realSteve1234) reported

    @GlenneDrover @AndyMal68 @manifesto2000 @KCTaz @ozhomeschool @SaferStone @markp1950 @HVACPerformance @RedDragonFly19 @OfCalla @0Sundance @no2wind @markcojuangco @Michael_D_Crow @AlbertStienstra @JBW227 @AreWeThatStupi1 @johnsta04633925 @GeraldKutney @John2017abc @GillesnFio @manlyvibemark @bazakel @RoyPentland @MartinBrampton @BettyMatt1 @realJoeDick @Barbarajdurkin @Robin_Hagues @shesmegg82 @MedBennett @JesseLonnen @DougieG @Tony03382773 @japett @DrakeTwgdadrea1 @TQMKA @Leynad777 @Blackbody88 @GWLarsson @novakglobal @FoWLChi @pattena1 @acreage1 @powerglobalus @spock246 @KipferMile @tcw_team @farmingganja @YouTube Glenne, you've fell for & bet UR entire life (which only fools do) on this hoax, while also making a serious vocational error. So I understand your voracious attempts 2 try 2 convince others of your beliefs. You "just SO need it to be true". Unfortunately 4 U, it's still a hoax.

  • Gellyfsh Jax (@Gellyfsh) reported

    @cat_in_a_mosh @YouTube 😂😂 I grew up with country music - always got a place with me. We’ve just done Alice Cooper....he’s gone now. Apparently my singing is terrible 😁

  • Tanner90235897 Tanner (@Tanner90235897) reported

    @AndrewDakemp @X22Report @YouTube No problem just wanted to get some info about it.

  • olmanflores6760 (@olmanflores6760) reported

    @eckoxsoldier @YouTube Hay ecko minecraft is broken the swimming wont work normal can you report this bug

  • snowboard74 Steve McDonald (@snowboard74) reported

    @Music_Kitts @YouTube Quality again miss k

  • 9ERSorBUST Case Case Case Cluster Cluster BOOM (@9ERSorBUST) reported

    @ledzepfan400 @YouTube I can't play Youtube on my laptop, getting tons of other error messages too. It's 6 years old and dying, backing up already! Have to use phone for music and other yt videos. ONLY YOUTUBE doesn't work.

  • realSteve1234 Steve J (@realSteve1234) reported

    @GlenneDrover @AndyMal68 @manifesto2000 @KCTaz @ozhomeschool @SaferStone @markp1950 @HVACPerformance @RedDragonFly19 @OfCalla @0Sundance @no2wind @markcojuangco @Michael_D_Crow @AlbertStienstra @JBW227 @AreWeThatStupi1 @johnsta04633925 @GeraldKutney @John2017abc @GillesnFio @manlyvibemark @bazakel @RoyPentland @MartinBrampton @BettyMatt1 @realJoeDick @Barbarajdurkin @Robin_Hagues @shesmegg82 @MedBennett @JesseLonnen @DougieG @Tony03382773 @japett @DrakeTwgdadrea1 @TQMKA @Leynad777 @Blackbody88 @GWLarsson @novakglobal @FoWLChi @pattena1 @acreage1 @powerglobalus @spock246 @KipferMile @tcw_team @farmingganja @YouTube Which tells us quite a lot about our so called "Universities". Quite frankly, it's embarrassing. The fact that the university establishment has been converted/engulfed by Marxist/Leninist theory is the real issue. But the leftists were clever in doing so, I'll give them that.

  • ksg91 Kishan Gor (@ksg91) reported

    Till yesterday, YT was defaulting to 720p but still allowing me to select 1080p. From today, max available quality has been 480p on my iPhone X. So much for being a @YouTube Premium subscriber. #India @YouTubeIndia

  • dinesh_kolagani D I N E S H . K (@dinesh_kolagani) reported

    Dear @TeamYouTube help me.. 35days completed since My channel hacked.. no response from YouTube. @ytcreators @YTCreatorsIndia @YouTube @Google @GoogleIndia

  • neosan2018 Neo (@neosan2018) reported

    @PassagesTime @YouTube @P0A_Triot23 @charliekirk11 @VincentCrypt46 @RealJamesWoods @LoveBling6 @VFuska @StormIsUponUs Video link not working ... Will retry again later #PatriotsInControl

  • RealDill_Pickle Dill pickle (@RealDill_Pickle) reported

    @MHeyhoe91 @YouTube Seen this coming.... that pack is just terrible

  • Mappy9233 Mappy (@Mappy9233) reported

    @bawbagerry1 @JonathanCoys @mamayid @YouTube @mikelw88 Hes beyond help

  • confettimerrell Clair (@confettimerrell) reported

    So, I have to unsub and resub to the twins and Aaron because I don’t get any of their posts or stories in my feed! Hopefully this fixes the problem... @YouTube

  • bawbagerry1 Georgie Boy (@bawbagerry1) reported

    @Mappy9233 @JonathanCoys @mamayid @YouTube @mikelw88 When auto spell ***** up the shits you know civilization has broken down 😂

  • bawbagerry1 Georgie Boy (@bawbagerry1) reported

    @Mappy9233 @JonathanCoys @mamayid @YouTube @mikelw88 Wow auto correct picked up the shots, civilization has broken down

  • SubToAfrice africe (@SubToAfrice) reported

    @Matty4598 @ArkanAh32644493 @Itshaber @YouTube Wdym lmao thats a huge dub he is broken

  • AfterMoscow XiVirus (@AfterMoscow) reported

    @NewYorkCityGuns @YouTube Nothing Vitamin D couldn't fix

  • ArbTrees Pat (@ArbTrees) reported

    @Brookranger @YouTube Broken glass everywhere, people piss in on the stairs you know they just don't care.

  • GerardjMaroney G J Maroney (@GerardjMaroney) reported

    @FiatLuxGenesis @YouTube Listening to this MD and to his description of symptom presentations, this is an oxygen-uptake issue. Consistent with the reported molecule disruption by 5G millimetre-wavelength. Or something else. He says its not consistent with virus.

  • daratancredi Scientists, show your work! (@daratancredi) reported

    @wikileaks @YouTube The left still hates you cuz Hillary lost. I don't think this is going to help you much.

  • GBdemocracyOne Pangolin Aids 🇬🇧 (@GBdemocracyOne) reported

    @Iromg @emirates @YouTube Thet really don't practice what they preach. Emirates is the worst offenders when it comes to stealing peoples money and refusing to refund them.

  • trishieb371 Trish B. (@trishieb371) reported

    @X22Report @YouTube My SIL is a Dr in NJ. I told her i wondered why my dr hasn't offered Hydroxychloriquine for my lupus dx 3 yrs ago and how it might help prevent getting virus. Also asked about treatment with hydroxy. 1/2

  • SkitsoFanActs SkitsoFanActs (@SkitsoFanActs) reported

    @YouTube our account has been hacked and the hackers changed all of our passwords and deleted our recognized devices. We need better ways than a website with automated responses to get in contact with people to help this situation.

  • ye4presidento yo (@ye4presidento) reported

    @SocialDemEsq @AerThreep @sammedwich @kenklippenstein @YouTube 1. I know, my argument is that his use wasn’t fair use. Tv shows must have permission because their use also isn’t fair use. 2. Letting dr drew sue Twitter doesn’t solve any problem, and would discourage people who’s copyright is being infringed on.

  • timmydikko Ada Shufflebotham (@timmydikko) reported

    @Brookranger @YouTube Over the worst & on the mend now. Take care bud. Your music posts have been great too. Thanks 👍

  • JulieOr74202916 Julie Ortiz (@JulieOr74202916) reported

    @GelvinJanelle @aDeo_creata_est @YouTube This made me laugh.... I have the same problem. It's difficult to shut out the truth and try to blend in to avoid heated arguments.

  • islesail aandrews (@islesail) reported

    @X22Report @YouTube I just spoke to my friend who is an ER doc at cedars which was filmed for this video and she’s got over 150 patients with covid there right now. I don’t think that evidence of no cars or people is evidence of no problem. I think that’s the result of most of us staying home.

  • islesail aandrews (@islesail) reported

    @EdcLawson @X22Report @Jinger_Ellie @YouTube I just spoke to my friend who is an ER doc at cedars which was filmed for this video and she’s got over 150 patients with covid there right now. I don’t think that evidence of no cars or people is evidence of no problem. I think that’s the result of most of us staying home.

  • Country_otp CountryQ_TSW (@Country_otp) reported

    @YouTube can you please look into my hometown of St. John Parish in Louisiana. It has already been labeled “Cancer Lane” & since the virus has hit Great people of character have been taken away from their families way to early. I beg you to please help to get them help. Ty

  • pixelhandler Bill Heaton (@pixelhandler) reported

    @YouTube why are there some many errors "this video is restricted. Try signing in with a G suite account." please loosen this up #StayHome

  • julielkaye Julie (@julielkaye) reported

    @JoeNBC @YouTube Hi Joe, can you let people know that 1/3 people get false negatives like I did but had many symptoms breathing problems heart palpitations. Then go shopping thinking they’re ok..

  • eosfuturedesign Emer O'Siochru (@eosfuturedesign) reported

    @jackson_donal @YouTube There is no danger of inflation in this emergency. Money should be simply distributed as a gift. If inflation at a worrying level does arise, it can be taxed away. A little inflation would be welcome in any case to help pay existing debt.

  • organicdot Dorothy Dent (@organicdot) reported

    @cameronks @BlueLionBlog @YouTube Oxygen therapy may help!

  • buffer_me washableSharpie (@buffer_me) reported

    @AndyMal68 @charliekirk11 @YouTube Secondly, doctors are still allowed to prescribe and try whatever they want (to an extent). Doctors can even off label prescribe hydroxychloroquine. He is not wrong about the national security issues in research institutions right now, don't conflate the two cuz not the same.

  • JoeyBold16 Joey Bold (@JoeyBold16) reported

    @TroubleNameis @tonDoubleOh8 @X22Report @YouTube I’ve been running 5G since October on my new phone - no issues either

  • EthanSVG Ethan (@EthanSVG) reported

    @annestate @friendlysmilepi @YouTube No problem. 👍

  • YABUnreasonable You Are Being Unreasonable (@YABUnreasonable) reported

    We seem to have fallen afoul of an issue that a lot of @YouTube streamers have been facing recently where our stream was repeatedly being stopped for breaching guidelines around copyright despite nothing being obviously wrong. We'll look into it and look at Twitch as alternative.

  • LordBrexit TimAWells (@LordBrexit) reported

    @Blubberguts @AngelaH08745929 @YouTube Notice how Iran has a lot of issues.

  • m_suyaib_apon M Suyaib Apon (@m_suyaib_apon) reported

    @scs_gamer @YTCreatorsIndia @YouTubeIndia @YouTube @ytcreators please help scs gamer

  • nerfcrazy10 Kirk young (@nerfcrazy10) reported

    @mrfreshasian @YouTube @YouTubeGaming fix this this is bull crap!

  • adawg67 Adriane C (@adawg67) reported

    @DianeDJohnston @YouTube OK so just to be clear it’s important that people who need help Are clear if they need help and those who don’t shouldn’t say anything

  • davehill_56 Dave Hill (@davehill_56) reported

    @AnnettePowell14 @YouTube Oh no love, I know. They’re always tough days aren’t they. Would have been Mum & Dad’s 65th wedding anniversary Thursday just gone. You just can’t help thinking can you xx😢😞😘😘

  • turlodales Paul Turley (@turlodales) reported

    @QueenGem__ @YouTube 2 people who I know maybe interested am currently building iOS app for them to try and help them out better and it would be interesting information so I have say yes it would be better then just PayPal or Amazon for your content hence why I’m try to make the app for them