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January 23: Problems at ITV

ITV is having issues since 02:40 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from Glasgow, Sale, East Kilbride, Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Ilford, Maidenhead, Loughborough, Tamworth, Wembley, Melksham, St Helens, Newcastle upon Tyne, Sheffield and Chester.

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  • topvillafan David (@topvillafan) reported

    Disappointing news for a great broadcaster. Come on @itv would fill a nice quality gap before @thismorning

  • Railwayman1995 Scott Morris 🇬🇧 (@Railwayman1995) reported

    Years ago, solidarity payments were announced as a goodwill gesture by the PL to help boost income to FL clubs devastated in the wake of the ITV Digital debacle. We now know they were a trojan horse designed to introduce EPPP and U21 teams in the longer run.

  • nathlloydstone Nathan Stone 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 (@nathlloydstone) reported

    @ERJones_ @ITV THE worst attempt at a Welsh accent I've ever heard. It's genuinely ruining the series.

  • Amanwy Lee Waters AM (@Amanwy) reported

    @ERJones_ @ITV It’s truly awful

  • ekilgour2 Eileen Kilgour (@ekilgour2) reported

    @LizzieCornish @piersmorgan @PrivateEyeNews @GMB @ITV It really is the responsibility of the management of @ITV and @GMB for allowing the behaviour to continue. The British public deserves better even if he has followers and some may agree with his opinions. The problem is the way he treats guests, staff and it’s completely toxic.

  • medicalcoverup Medical Cover Up (@medicalcoverup) reported

    @welshbooky @BandaiGuy @WullieBeck @jbcampaignltd @Bambertweets If anybody has a copy of the July & August 1985 TVTimes (ITV schedule) it would help no end!

  • JayJacko Jay Jack (@JayJacko) reported

    @vicderbyshire Maybe an opportunity for @ITV @Channel4 @channel5_tv @skytv to steal you and your team away! Terrible betrayal by #BBC and to read about in the press! #theyarenotworthy

  • GrocottJanice JillyGee (@GrocottJanice) reported

    @kelechnekoff I could do one for ITV no problem 😂

  • Jamesy_2C Jay 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 (@Jamesy_2C) reported

    @TrixieLaBouche @My_Metro @ITV you have not shown any of these daily problems yet

  • harrywithdreams Harry 🍰🧁🍟🍕 (@harrywithdreams) reported

    Joking about abuse and ****. ITV really bring the worst out of the people. I didn't expect this from you. I am highly disappointed

  • panda_speedy SpeedyPANDA (@panda_speedy) reported

    @TylerFanuele @JaDyWaDy2009 @AkaRang3r @arjuna_shankar @QuickTake A man would and has done literally the same thing dude, people feel emotions, u cant help itv you'd cry as well if u were kicked out of something based on if u have a **** or not

  • kcwcw Kerry Chaney-weller (@kcwcw) reported

    @sajidjavid this is terrible.. and what worse you think it’s acceptable ... @TheSun @TheFCA @JohnGlenUK @sajidjavid @hmtreasury @BorisJohnson @Independent @BBCNews @ITV @piersmorgan

  • Ishita26199096 Ishita (@Ishita26199096) reported

    @zainabmakhnum01 @SandiipSikcand He could have easily shown all the drama but with Ronakshi handling it together. First time ever in ITV. But why he will do it as he is very happy following others. Also no one wants to make a first move, as its too risky & gusty. But in his case even old moves not working!!

  • zainabmakhnum01 zainabmakhnum023423 (@zainabmakhnum01) reported

    @SandiipSikcand #KahaanHumKahaanTum this show has so so many potentials, please make this show a turn event of ITV for better. it could be set a standard. Broken, Silent women portraying is not women empowerment at all. marriage is not complicated like this. please! please!

  • nishtiwari Nishant Tiwari (@nishtiwari) reported

    @virginmedia Yes, I need help you got that right but how are you going to help..:u suggest I make another call. Itv you really want to help , COM103902537 is the complain ID. Escalate it. Prove me wrong that your company can solve matters without the customer doing all the work.

  • GraceFrankliin E.T. (@GraceFrankliin) reported

    The voice moving to itv was the worst thing to ever happen and my life has been going downhill ever since

  • DancinlnCircIes Chels 🔮🦆 (@DancinlnCircIes) reported

    @thelondonblog I don’t know why ITV keep him on air. All he does is cause problems. Horrible man

  • alwaysrachel934 Rachel🏳🌈 (@alwaysrachel934) reported

    Was really looking forward to the #WhiteHouseFarm drama but it's SOOOOOOO slow I'm going to give up watching it. One of the worst ITV dramas. Very disappointing.

  • TheGandha paul clack (@TheGandha) reported

    @brady_bhoy @Garymckenzie7 I liked him as a player, was a great finisher, genuinely one eh the worst pundits for me in my 30 years of watching sky bbc bt and itv lol

  • DanielxRob Daniel (@DanielxRob) reported from East Kilbride, Scotland

    The ITV Hub is by far the worst app in existence

  • HeleneSian Hélène, drinker of Yorkshire Tea (@HeleneSian) reported

    I think @ryanmarkparsons may have crossed a line this morning on @ITV with koala fur sale idea. Awful. 😩😢 #GMB #AustraliaOnFire

  • Bobajobbob Bobajobbob (@Bobajobbob) reported

    @LouiseRhianDiva @simon_price01 As an 80s kid i loved it alongside Knight Rider, Blue thunder, Air wolf and Tales of the Golden Monkey. I guess ITV for the channel. Effects would probably look terrible now but back then cutting edge.

  • DianeDark2 Diane Dark (@DianeDark2) reported

    @urbanfox93 @darrengrimes_ @vicderbyshire @JeremyVineOn5 Agree but his TV programme is on Channel 5 and they seem to be supporting his bias. Then you have Piers on GMB on ITV. It's becoming difficult to find good quality reporting and presenting

  • ElkaDutta 💫 *•*ÉLkÄ Ðüťťâ*•* 💫 (@ElkaDutta) reported

    @nowabhijit @StarPlus @karanvgrover22 @ms_dipika @SandiipSikcand Exactly... And I don't have problem with high end drama , infact I loved Mahesh Track but the way they are giving senseless dialogues to the Leads, Making my favorite character #SonakshiRastogi into typical ITV FL... Only saving grace for me is #DipikaKakar that's it !!

  • Londonscot3 Londonscot (@Londonscot3) reported

    @BrianCathcart @BylineTimes @GMB Really sad times we live in when the corrupt such as @piersmorgan are rewarded with with a lucrative contract with a high salary by @ITV to peddle out more controversy just for ratings. Awful society we have that rewards the elite who don’t give a shit about what is coming for us

  • sychronicitybpd Chris limb is in (@sychronicitybpd) reported

    @piersmorgan you the big guns now @itv I have had a week from hell , my story for #MentalHealthAwareness @Channel4News @Channel4 , I can help with the campaign, I survived a week from hell with borderline personality disorder, there is help from @nhs @StLegerHomes @BorisJohnson

  • ShinyBlackShoe Calum Polwart (@ShinyBlackShoe) reported

    @MattC848 @shereenabhani @thismorning @ITV I think the presenters were wrong. I think they let themselves down by failing to engage their brains. But - if we are to fix this - we do it by fixing ACTIONS not by publicity. There are people doing good work - the challenge needs to be for those who are not...

  • lizyeld Elizabeth Yeld (@lizyeld) reported

    Power to Mark Newby. This terrible miscarriage of justice must finally be revealed for what it is. The ITV doc is not consistent with any of the real evidence but of course, people are squeaking "Oh the poor dog" An innocent man in prison for over 30yrs. Give me strength.

  • whatevawears Eva 🥀 (@whatevawears) reported

    wow this case is terrible but im also thoroughly enjoying the #WhiteHouseFarm series on itv! the fact this is a true story though, scary.

  • EmmanuelAdukwu Dr Emmanuel Adukwu (@EmmanuelAdukwu) reported

    Everyine commenting about @piersmorgan on @GMB #GMB attitude regarding the issues about #MeganMarkle & race need to take their conversation to the producers/ITV who allow such...! Don't ever allow anyone tell you to prove racism to them..its a futile, demeaning exercise.

  • MrStephenKane stephen (@MrStephenKane) reported

    When @ITV are promoting #britaingettalking for mental help @SkyFootball are promoting @krisboydcharity who's ambassador freely belittles a professional footballer who doesn't have troubles to seek. Due diligence please when employing hypocrites. @ScotlandSky take note

  • akvsua YAA ASANTEWAA (@akvsua) reported

    ITV are clearly scripting this drama but I’m here for Michael getting his heart broken! #LoveIsland

  • steherby herby (@steherby) reported

    Quality programme that @ITV #WhiteHouseFarm

  • KTonthebloc Kelly (@KTonthebloc) reported

    Right itv, you can’t tell me that there weren’t enough applicants for love island that YOU COULDNT GET ANY MORE NAMES. Connor & Connagh and now Luke & Luke. God help me pls #loveisland

  • gt23oct Graeme Tate (@gt23oct) reported

    @premierinn liking the Hub in Westminster, the rooms are spot on. Only problem is the TV! BBC iPlayer is dangled temptingly before you but the only thing which will load is Carry On films on ITV player!

  • summirmacc 𝕊𝕦𝕞𝕞𝕚𝕣 🍀 (@summirmacc) reported

    i hate how i saw it first is sponsoring love island because it’s the worst ******* shop ever like omg itv do better

  • Scotlandscreams Lez #TreatyOfUnionISNullAndVoid #DissolveTheUnion (@Scotlandscreams) reported

    It's clear what the British media strategy is ITV for instance if you were way laid in London and there was a terrible incident on a Scottish motorway you would be lucky if they mentioned it

  • PaulWickson Paul Wickson (@PaulWickson) reported

    @Imlisawisa @emmerdale Mrs W started watching the second one on catch-up and thought the ITV Hub was broken 🤔🤔🤔 Confusing but good she thinks.

  • strongbowpotts1 andi potts (@strongbowpotts1) reported

    @leahcuerden1 @ITV What’s my problem the way people like you speak you will never be able to criticise another black person ever again my kid gets ***** looks so what’s your reason for that if apparently it’s only racism based

  • leahcuerden1 leahcuerden (@leahcuerden1) reported

    @strongbowpotts1 @ITV This is exactly your problem. I’m so bored of this basic conversation.

  • WasntMe44862148 Wasn'tMe (@WasntMe44862148) reported

    @thatbwoyChaka @adam01966 @colonelstewart @BBCNews @BBC @vicderbyshire @ITV Hopefully it will replace the awful Loose Women

  • ben_pensant David Rutherford (@ben_pensant) reported

    @wantalongernick @tlitb I love all the snobby "apparently he's on some terrible ITV show called 'Lewis' or something" takes.

  • Link1709 Link1709 (@Link1709) reported

    @GAVBAlLEY @GMB @ITV Yep, but I'd rather not be. Racism isn't a hot topic issue we have been trying to stamp it out for decades so this kind of behaviour isn't helpful. I worry about his Meghan rants. He is a but creepy.

  • Link1709 Link1709 (@Link1709) reported

    @GAVBAlLEY @GMB @ITV If he had even tried to say what the guy in the Ad had said I wouldn't be bothered but instead he decided to come out with gibberish in a terrible chinese accent. So was merely mocking the way they speak. He's a complete and utter ****. I don't know why you like him.

  • miketw10 Cool Hand Mike (@miketw10) reported

    @JODIE21287410 @ITV @itvhub @AlexaLaura I wouldn't hold out much hope of any help with this series. The actual evidence suggests Jeremy is innocent. The writer of this series however had chosen to ignore the evidence and instead has gone on the word of unreliable witnesses #jeremyisinnocent

  • Aaliya1x 💫 (@Aaliya1x) reported

    @mehroof86050807 @Munz_i Ishani and Sidisha both will get bash if NV is shown mahan who'll sacrifice his love for her happiness. He's not working for me at all. Of course he shown to be a good husband who respect her but this is itv expect main leads no other characters can be trust.

  • StevenHuynh84 Steven Huynh (@StevenHuynh84) reported

    @Hengcredible @piersmorgan @ITV @BellamyJulian @GMB @MetroUK Ridiculous defence, the intent does not matter as it’s how it came across on screen and the broader impact/influence that’s the issue. The justification that Susanna’s response was a mitigant shows lack of judgement. #differentplanet #outoftouch

  • GAVBAlLEY Gav Bailey ✋☝️ (@GAVBAlLEY) reported from Melksham, England

    @Link1709 @GMB @ITV You're so woke Jon. I was expecting something awful. He repeated the Chinese line in the add. No one bats an eyelid at him putting on a German accent though. We're getting to a point where people are scared to say anything because everything you say is dissected. 🤮

  • Ishita26199096 Ishita (@Ishita26199096) reported

    @swasan_forver @KlayleyRonakshi No no not really! As a person I don’t like such things like manhandling, abuses, always all blames on FL in shows. These are not small social issues & i m pissed they take it as a pride in ITV. Thats Indian mentality as they get TRPs too. Sick it is!!

  • truckerjames123 James Green (@truckerjames123) reported

    @itvhub Hi there, I’m having problems using my itv hub on my LG Smart tv. It’s asks me to log in and then as soon I click on a program to watch it logs me straight back out . This happens everytime I log back in and try and watch something again. Thanks

  • truthswarm truthswarm (@truthswarm) reported

    @catovitch @bad_fido Yeah the 100% thing was overblown. He could probably have helped himself a bit by saying "Yeah there's still some racism" in UK rather than something that could be read in 2 ways. ITV blowing it up didn't help.

  • LazyLabourOut Lionel V.C. (@LazyLabourOut) reported

    @JacotheNorth ITV is the biggest 'problem' we have that devolution could solve. An unashamedly English TV channel, in terms of the content, the fact it treats Wales like an English region and the fact that it deliberately goes out of its way to avoid hiring anyone with a hint of a Welsh accent

  • Summer44719395 AluxTeja💕(Intezaar,KKK10,SCAL😍) #sahad (@Summer44719395) reported

    @soundariyuvaraj This used to be the best show on itv and now it seems to be the worst with no one cari about their partners and loved ones😢

  • bibi2be bibi (@bibi2be) reported

    @Ofcom says that it wants broadcasters to provide high quality programmes that reflect the diverse lives of people & yet @GMB gives Morgan a free rein to insult minority communities. No surprise that @ITV has the lowest minority ethnic workforce from across the TV industry

  • Anyagupta2996 anya gupta (@Anyagupta2996) reported

    @harrywithdreams That's the main issue with blind itv fans.They will end up liking any tweet where there favourite character is being defended no matter if they have to compromise their moral grounds.

  • tvark TVARK (@tvark) reported

    @DreamCargoes @the_questmaster The problem trying to find itv, ch4 and ch5 is you have to fight with 30 to 50 other channel's.

  • peterph54109210 peter phillips (@peterph54109210) reported

    on scholfield and willoughby this morning they asked if the royals were milking it.,what like itv and all the other tv companies and newspapers have milked the royals for the last 2 weeks, and itv have without doubt been the worst offender, the pot calling the kettle black,

  • AntonyWalton7 Antony Walton (@AntonyWalton7) reported

    @officialbarnesy @SueCllr This is getting boring now, ITV see no problem, the majority of Twitter see no problem. Let it go. Wev'e all moved on.

  • Goldwatch10 Goldwatch10 (@Goldwatch10) reported

    @GMB @alexberesfordTV @piersmorgan I have a problem with piers Morgan, he is an arcehole. Hope he gets sued along with ITV for employing such an evil ***. @PiersMogan @GMB @steelwatch1

  • rekrapyendis Lindsay Harris 🍍 (@rekrapyendis) reported

    @claire_violin @outlanderfan_nl @masterpiecepbs @ITV I just had a flashback to 13 October- forever etched in my memory - we need #sanditonseason2 to right this terrible wrong!! #sanditonpbs @masterpiecepbs @RedPlanetTV @PBS @jjonesy2904