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  • traceywalker82
    Tracey Walker (@traceywalker82) reported

    @AndyGibsonTV @itvcorrie @ITV Such a terrible character in corrie

  • ymick60
    Mick Yates (@ymick60) reported

    @mjsimpsonfilms @SalenaWest7 @onairmatthew Not even showing on any of the other ITV channels! I think it's awful for you guys still to be aired!!

  • FunWorksWorldUK
    Jamie Lewis Rennie (@FunWorksWorldUK) reported from Leicester, England

    Sad news that my favourite @ITV Teatime Chat Show Presenter, @PaulOGrady @PaulOGradyShow have had his beloved dog, Olga put down after battling with Kidney Problems. My condolences are with Paul and his Family and Friends at this difficult time. #RIPOlga #ThePaulOGradyShow #ITV

  • Glenn_Mango
    Glenn Mango (@Glenn_Mango) reported from Chester, England

    Anyone else in Hoole having problems with the tv reception ? BBC is fine but itv & ch4 crackly

  • RoseAChild
    Rose Child (@RoseAChild) reported

    @itvhub I can't watch any ITV1 programmes on my TV! I'm signed into my account and can view ITV 1 progs on my iPad but not on my TV. I can see all other channels. Please help as its driving me nuts!!

  • MISSD1638
    Sara(McCartney) Dunn (@MISSD1638) reported

    I mean really @ITV is there nothing better than wall to wall repeats on Sunday..I use to think you pride yourselves on good tv but its getting terrible and @BBC is no better .Comes to something when you're showing repeats of celebrity chase

  • DelicateDoom
    Charlie (@DelicateDoom) reported

    @AbilityDrain So we have a tablet each, I have a pc which rarely works online even when it says its connected pages just dont load, youtube on all devices randomly keep stopping to buffer, netflix/itv/ch4 players on tv randomly decide not to work/constant buffering...

  • CabsBrighton
    andyp (@CabsBrighton) reported

    Brighton and Hove Uber renewal application. Monday April 23 10am. Live Twitter feed depending on signal from council chambers which is usually terrible. ITV at event

  • trace_ingpaper
    Lady Jane (@trace_ingpaper) reported

    I don’t what utter tripe i’ve just come across on @ITV but it is fucking awful. People who can’t sing have coaching & still can’t sing. #changeyourtune

  • dearden_91
    Ste Dearden (@dearden_91) reported

    Wow, that Change Your Tune thing on ITV is by far the worst thing I have ever seen in my life. Fuck.

  • Ethdhelwen
    Ethdhelwen (@Ethdhelwen) reported

    @OwenSmith_MP "Owen Smith told ITV his party should have done more to oppose a tightening of the 2014 Immigration Act which had had "terrible unintended consequences" for people... Mr Corbyn, John McDonnell and Diane Abbott, voted against it." I thought you hated rebels, Owen?

  • VeracityTV
    Veracity (@VeracityTV) reported

    @555Husker @virginmedia I have exactly the same issue - sync seems fine on ITV - I’m 150 miles from Cardiff so this is not a local problem.

  • Ian56789
    Ian56 (@Ian56789) reported

    @WeCon14 @Grattan_H @Partisangirl We haven't been able to find the actual UK gov Press Release. The Guardian, Sun, ITV & Sky said the UK gov issued one. We are still trying to find a record of it to take & keep a copy. If we could find it on a gov website that would be awesome. Can anyone help find it?

  • 13shannonxx
    Shannon M 🤪 (@13shannonxx) reported

    @Firstplacelast @slinehan1 @ITV @BGT They should encourage anyone to keep doing the things they love even after such a terrible thing but surely just saying that they’re inspirational and brave should be enough encouragement not winning the show when they don’t deserve it

  • suzysasha
    elizabeth scott (@suzysasha) reported

    @theannediamond @BBCBerkshire @onairmatthew @ITV Oh my gosh,I'm sorry but I can't stand this show,its unbearable! Tried watching the first and only lasted 20mns and had to switch channels. Awful! Good luck to your friend though.x

  • AllyDUK
    🇪🇺 🏳️‍🌈 Ally 🏳️‍🌈 🇪🇺 #FBPE #WATON (@AllyDUK) reported

    @watfordfocus @ITV ... care to help the @bbc out with their live broadcasts??? Shocking technical issues #LondonMarathon

  • ryanscfcx
    ry. (@ryanscfcx) reported from Stoke-on-Trent, England

    Obviously I won't ask stuff like "Ask him y dus he always fix races cus that Pyle on da pressure is crap" But at the same time, we don't have the restrictions that ITV or ATR would have, so any hard hitting or thought provoking questions I'll do my best to ask!

  • Cricketdel
    Mark Shannon (@Cricketdel) reported

    WTAF is #changeyourtune @ITV It’s a joke right?? Worst tv show I have EVER!

  • Frankel_20
    Frankel (@Frankel_20) reported

    @ITV 2018 and I can't stream live to Chromecast? Fix your s**t ITV.

  • Steravo1
    Steravo (@Steravo1) reported

    @PaddyMcGuinness @ITV Just turned off fukin awful lad honestly?????

  • KyleJoneskj
    Kyle Jones (@KyleJoneskj) reported

    Sorry but this is the worst #KeithAndPaddyPictureShow I have seen hope next weeks episode is better. @itv

  • Mr_Ree_
    Mr Ree ッ (@Mr_Ree_) reported

    Next on ITV, a bunch of adults producing school production quality shit and calling it entertainment. #KeithAndPaddyPictureShow

  • jlsg03
    Juan Santana (@jlsg03) reported

    @ITV Is there any way for me to get to see your channel if my antenna doesn't get the signal? I live in Spain, and obviously, it is quite hard for me to capture your channel. I cant watch you online because of my postcode, help please!

  • JoshMorrell
    JM (@JoshMorrell) reported

    @GaryRWard I knew ITV were scum (P. Morgan, that’s all I need to say on that one) but this is a low no-one should experience or do to any promoter in the world, I definitely stand with the Knight family (WAW) on this one and I will now make an effort to seek their content out to help. (1/2)

  • JordanEFC1989
    Jordan (@JordanEFC1989) reported

    @ITV @BGT He makes me feel embarrassed about my problems when he looks happy and has massive disadvantages. Great guy

  • Sammyhynes24
    Sam Hynes 🤷🏼‍♀️ (@Sammyhynes24) reported

    @ITV I’m in shock at what I’m watching at prime time on a Saturday night. Harry hill is not even funny and what even is the show about terrible terrible show #itv #whatson #saturdaynight #wheresthefun

  • TeddyboyHannan
    jacqueline hannan (@TeddyboyHannan) reported

    @BGT @AmandaHolden @ITV @WeAreSTV Bring back the voice.Missing my @ollyofficial fix on a Saturday night

  • DWhitehouse88
    David Whitehouse (@DWhitehouse88) reported

    @SkyHelpTeam I have been having issues with the signal on ITV and BBC HD channels break in the last week. I was wondering if you knew why this was?

  • lostindisco
    Penny Stuart (@lostindisco) reported

    @fascinatorfun Yes indeed they are, but shouldn’t be. It’s lazy journalism and won’t help people understand the scope of the disinformation campaign waged by bad actors. See the interview with said “bot” on ITV yesterday.

  • SirJamieH
    Jamie Hickman (@SirJamieH) reported

    @notthematcapewe band camp was ok, the rest terrible. Shame ITV aren't showing reunion next week after they had the first 3 films on past few Fridays

  • phykick
    genie 'sarollah' (@phykick) reported

    @Nickiewood7 @LBC but what about Uk s armed moderate rebels that UK GOV MP s and MSM support BBC LBC ITV C4, the rebels have been murdering women children for britain in Libya Syria for 7 years. They are the new filthy british army and need our help?

  • jasonkane975
    Jason Kane (@jasonkane975) reported

    @pestononsunday @maureenlipman @Peston @ITV Hope so, it's not as if there's been racial profiling problems this week has there?

  • EskerL5907
    Martin Hynes (@EskerL5907) reported

    Some parts of ITV racing can be awful cringe.

  • UpperGwladysBlu
    UpperGwladysBlue (@UpperGwladysBlu) reported

    @aaron24wood @themib True, the Preston thing was a fiasco. But that was more due to Anthem I believe, not ITV. If they’re using EPIC Studios, that’s where WWE taped last May. Ticket sales won’t be a problem. 3 days of tapings indicates at least 6 tv shows I’d imagine.

  • stephenlang8
    Stephen Lang (@stephenlang8) reported from Dumfries, Scotland

    @itvhub Been told to contact you by Freesat. ITV Hub on our box is not working but all the other on demand services are. Humax HDR-1100S . POSTCODE DG11 1GB.

  • joejealxxx
    joe syer (@joejealxxx) reported

    @ZoeTheBall @ITV @AlbinLeeMeldau @CharlieBrooks0 @EdGambleComedy @zbos What the hell was that horrendous band just on this show?! Jesus awful

  • charlieox123
    Charlie (@charlieox123) reported

    @ZoeTheBall @ITV @AlbinLeeMeldau @CharlieBrooks0 @EdGambleComedy @zbos Albin lee dont give up ur day job...simply awful

  • GeedonBruce
    Geedon Bruce (@GeedonBruce) reported

    @WilliamPMack @relovedreams I wish I knew: something must be done. There are enough of us to make a commotion if we bend our minds to the problem long enough, hard enough. Permanent protest outside Broadcasting House? Sky News & ITV might enjoy covering that...

  • BrianTweedy43
    brian tweedy (@BrianTweedy43) reported

    @BGT @ITV Quality

  • AishuHasini
    Aishwarya Moorthy (@AishuHasini) reported

    @neethuaz As per itv, once MS s broken shaadi s over that's it... Don't go too much into this, soch soch ke we'll become mad... Let's c nk gives reasons 4 this n upcoming epis r not.. ;-)

  • sehol
    Sean (@sehol) reported

    Can’t believe ITV are still showing that awful Lethal Weapon TV show on prime time Friday night.

  • mmhabla
    M Wilson (@mmhabla) reported

    @BBCNews @itvnews Watched both your national broadcasts tonight and then switched to @Channel4News - contrast in quality of content amazed me, had forgotten how good the C4 team is in comparison....that's if their fair, unbiased reporting could ever be compared to what BBC/ITV do

  • ChildlessHour
    World Childless Hour (@ChildlessHour) reported

    @DrHilaryJones @lorraine many of us who can explain on @ITV what infertility means to us. To skip over this doesn't help those of us who are working hard to bravely speak out. Please do not undermine us, learn from us. You do not seem to realise how hurtful your responses are.

  • tefltheatre
    Pete downey (@tefltheatre) reported

    @pestononsunday @maureenlipman @Peston @ITV Yes, type of interview with the premise that there is a colossal problem with AS. And that the only question reamaining is how to deal with it. I take this opportunity to congratulate the Israeli lobby - Friends of ..., Guardian Opinion bods & t'others on doing a spiffing job.

  • thejimsmith
    James Cooray Smith (@thejimsmith) reported

    @EddieRobson @richard_littler Help! and A Hard Day’s Night were on either itv or channel 4 early 90s, because I taped them. Help! was afternoon weekend & A Hard Day’s Night in a late slot the same day. This annoyed me, as it meant they were in the wrong order on the tape.

  • Markojones81
    Maj (@Markojones81) reported

    @marksandgran Being the BBC, they’ve probably decided to do another series of that awful porridge remake. There’s so much a goodnight sweetheart revival could do. I’m just off to pay my licence fee now and watch ITV....

  • TjayJT
    JayT (@TjayJT) reported

    I like Carl Foggerty, but on this occasion he should be ignored. Men must talk, seek help, professional help - silence is a killer. Perhaps Carl could be educated re male suicide as a start. #Project84 #This Morning #ITV

  • simoncp3
    SNBY (@simoncp3) reported

    @kh4l1d23 @BumbleCricket What utter drivel.. Terrestrial coverage? Don’t make me laugh, it’s either free on the BBC, terrible, or you have adds on ITV/CH4/CH5. In any case, the cash flow is lower and so is the standard of punditry.. Sky have done more for sport that can possibly be imagined...

  • blepharon
    (((Rab Nesbitt))) #NHSLove (@blepharon) reported

    @charlesarthur @BBCNewsPR 40/50 years ago I had BBC radio & BBC/ITV TV & mainstream printed media. THAT was an echo chamber. Now we have MORE sources to compare BBC to & quality "broadsheets" like Times/Telegraph are not what they were. My horizons are broader than they were & that is context for my post

  • EddieRobson
    Eddie Robson (@EddieRobson) reported

    @outonbluesix @richard_littler Maybe it dropped out later because ITV more or less stopped showing black and white material in the 90s - my much-watched copy of Help! was from ITV screening in about 1995.

  • dantom999
    chris green (@dantom999) reported

    @GMB #LittleBigShots is back will definitely not be watching worst program on ITV

  • Inputseeker
    David Brown (@Inputseeker) reported

    @TatonkaScot @ITVTonight @itvnews @ITV Baby bottles made of plastic, a chemical which was used known as BPA, causes health problems and which is now banned in the EU and Canada.

  • purebirder
    Red (@purebirder) reported

    @MargaretBabiie @TheSun Oh and the chap Stuart that was on BBC and ITV, Sky news that is actually homeless in the bus stop, blocking the entrance to the bank,has an ASBO cause he was running a drug den and people were stabbed, nobody wants him as a neighbour and he won’t take help

  • nickheathsport
    Nick Heath (@nickheathsport) reported

    Jamie had recently won “Best Body” or something equally god-awful for True Lies, awarded by ITV. I suggestively asked, “Does that award mean much to you?” I recall Jamie replying, “Who are ITV? Independent TV or something?” I nodded.

  • rootshaws
    yugioh on main (@rootshaws) reported

    @newtsgeiszler not that itv is usually known for its quality tv lql

  • algibbo261
    alan gibbons (@algibbo261) reported

    openbxworld2015 hi. is the system down? my box is not working even on itv and bbc. i have done a reboot but still nothing.

  • travelnotcomple
    Angie (@travelnotcomple) reported

    @PrincessCruises @ITV Oh I forgot about that I have it on my google fire stick now also, may have to binge watch to get my fix thanks #TheCruise xxx

  • Kenylikiz
    Moth' Wa Ka Batho (@Kenylikiz) reported

    The way I never knew the way was gonna miss having iTV. . .this way is not working. I miss my TV shows. Now I watch TV on twitter. . . Mxim

  • BevFlannery
    B (@BevFlannery) reported

    @katrinaroseb @ITV It’s terrible!

  • Moneytrainers
    Moneytrainers (@Moneytrainers) reported

    @TatonkaScot @ITVTonight @itvnews @ITV There is some movement. Personally I think it's a responsibility thing. No one feels it. It's everyone else's problem. Only... Change is coming. I'm positive of that.