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AOL (America Online) is an internet portal as well as an internet service provider. As an ISP, AOL offers dial up internet through its AOL Advantage plans.

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February 16: Problems at AOL

AOL is having issues since 08:40 AM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • E-mail (97.00%)
  • Internet (1.64%)
  • Total Blackout (.68%)
  • Phone (.55%)
  • Wi-fi (.14%)

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  • zxyfinancial zxfutures (@zxyfinancial) reported

    Kim Kardashian shuts down nose job rumors once again - AOL

  • Nighthawko7 bryan sondburg (@Nighthawko7) reported

    @AOL Carter one of the worst

  • _dezmo_ ⚚‡Ⲧ // 👁 (@_dezmo_) reported

    @ATrendall @cybreco what a bunch of poops. eat up my Telephone Line, think it died, horrible screenching sound. AOL American Online terrible product 0/10

  • glorypth R (@glorypth) reported

    on the page where theres little blinkies of mcr and green day n shit there obviously arent gonna be any for bands that got bigger after like 2005 bc all of those i think were for aol or myspace but now they are forme:)

  • stompykins John Bear (@stompykins) reported

    @justearlh @AOL i'm just gonna take a guess and assume he votes just like you when you spend all day spieling hateful shit on the internet, dont be surprised when shit like this happens

  • BotleyRyan MrBotley (@BotleyRyan) reported

    So looks like my email has also been hacked and all @AOL can say is to email them to discuss the issue. I would if I could get onto my ******* account.... useless ******* company


    @avichal Oh the days of AOL and dial up. I remember my parents paid $2.99 a hour for internet. And all I did was hang out in AOL private chat rooms picking up girls. Most likely 50% of which were probably guys faking as girls. Oh those were the days! 😂😢🥰@APompliano @jungleincxrp #xrp

  • hotbumgif Dolls' Last Beef (@hotbumgif) reported

    **** i miss aol #Pen15

  • ericaperebijnos Erica Perebijnos (@ericaperebijnos) reported

    @AOC @ltthompso You can give someone a subscription link to your google calendar without making them a damn govt email address. He could have subscribed to that shit with an AOL account

  • fadingdecay that Joy needs therapy (@fadingdecay) reported

    There was pretty bad ******* uncalled out **** shit back then too but apparently early 90s AOL and newsgroups, etc. Everything was like a hub for pedophiles.

  • l8dm2016 Lady M loves BTS (@l8dm2016) reported

    @SqueezeLike Hahahaha... I’ve found some gems along the way but then I got into a bad spell of just lukewarm ones until I hit Hwayugi and #ashesoflove ... now, I’m stuck on AOL🤣😂🤣😂🤣... it’s like I’m in a deep freeze! I can’t seem to go on..bwahahaha

  • AnnaMariaVilla Anna Maria Villa (@AnnaMariaVilla) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp they say, they’ve escalated the issue three times

  • AnnaMariaVilla Anna Maria Villa (@AnnaMariaVilla) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp your tech support shares my screen and we clear everything and try to sign in and then we get the same 504 message

  • AnnaMariaVilla Anna Maria Villa (@AnnaMariaVilla) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp Your response is not helpful. I need the problem fixed immediately, not in the future. My browsers show “504 gateway time out”.

  • 718Shaun 🇩🇴 Jesse Jackson (@718Shaun) reported from Manhattan, New York

    When that happened I said “AOL set me up! This computer has a virus, all these damn pop ups” lol

  • AnnaMariaVilla Anna Maria Villa (@AnnaMariaVilla) reported

    @aolmail I purchased plan, same diagnostics steps continue, same don’t know response. PLEASE HELP

  • AnnaMariaVilla Anna Maria Villa (@AnnaMariaVilla) reported

    @aolmail My mail has not been working since aol went down last week. I called support and I was told that unless I purchase $14.99 tech support, I could not get help. Each time I call, we go thru same diagnostic tests and response they dont know and have to wait 24 hours. PLEASE HELP

  • taywiddthejuice young heartthrob 🤯. (@taywiddthejuice) reported

    aol know they wrong for this shit

  • LikeMyDucks Monica (@LikeMyDucks) reported from Bellflower, California

    @noobfatherof1 @Fritz588_ @AOC Well, if Amazon would have set up shop there, that community wouldn't be so poor, cuz jobs! And they were going to build a new school & upgrade existing schools with high technology. @AOL blew it! You haven't the foggiest how they would have upgraded the whole community! #idiot❄

  • _anncakes annika (@_anncakes) reported

    It makes sense I spend a shit ton of spare time on this app chatting with strangers since I used to spend all night in AOL chat rooms in my preteen years

  • privilege_wyatt Wyatt Privilege (@privilege_wyatt) reported

    @charliekirk11 @AOC @KamalaHarris AOL and Kamala will solve the US illegal immigration problem using the Green New Deal. But Canada and Mexico are gonna have one hell of a problem with all the people trying to leave the US.

  • intel_jakal Jakal (@intel_jakal) reported

    @IamNomad @mdudas @Ripple @bgarlinghouse But AOL's best play (the M&A play of the decade) was using its overvalued paper to take over Time Warner back in 2001. To be honest I never followed it after that but I'm assuming those assets you mention were hived down out of the merged conglomerate.

  • PaidRussianBot Paid Russian Bot (@PaidRussianBot) reported

    @SCHOENAMYYY We are old enough to remember @AOL chat rooms and how people were connecting and spreading the love, now the internet is a tool to tell massive amounts of people to **** off! Or ask for money for medical reasons.

  • BirdsNetsDevils D'Angelo Steve Russell (@BirdsNetsDevils) reported

    @JMartinezBKN Agreed, and I'm sure social media makes it even 10x worse at that age. We didn't grow up with this we only had aol instant messaging 😭. It's so hard to prevent because parents are never actually seeing their kid bully or what they're at school and what not

  • TheWire2 Morgan In 2019 (@TheWire2) reported

    @OurWorldIsNuts @Danieloopspedro FWIW, I remember being in AOL TeenChats talking about the Clone Wars cartoon (which I loved) and being told by adult fans that because I was a kid, I was too dumb to realize how terrible and insulting "new" Star Wars was and my opinion didn't matter. But everything changes.

  • graubart Barry Graubart (@graubart) reported from Manhattan, New York

    @dancow In the 90s I had an AOL account so I could test our software on their proprietary browser. Couldn’t cancel online. Had to call in (but long wait on hold). Instead, I switched to cheapest (4.95) plan until credit card finally expired.

  • pringle3 Charlotte Pringle (@pringle3) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp This is not our system. Our computers are turned off every night. You are still having problems.

  • SeanLeonaired Sean (@SeanLeonaired) reported

    @A_Strit23 I know! Might have to blow the dust off my aol login

  • SkeMaster SuSpEcT_zErO (@SkeMaster) reported

    @dbongino @AOL This is even stupid even for you, how do you stop @POTUS from filing and Emergency Declaration when congress gave POTUS the right. His job to protect the USA, your jobs to support his efforts to do that. Fine to fight for other countries but not for the good old USA!

  • praphulo Praphul Ottathayil (@praphulo) reported

    @SriSri Gurudev, Since Govt authorities are not always capable of providing proper Waste Management System and security, we need regular arrangement for proper Waste Management and security with the help of sincere devotees at AOL events and courses. JGD

  • pringle3 Charlotte Pringle (@pringle3) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp Some customers are STILL having issues signing in. All we get is ‘server connection closed’ or ‘inactivity timeout’ errors. AOL is our main account. Fix this!

  • RobertW55801368 Truth&Justice (@RobertW55801368) reported

    @AOL Sick bastard should have his male reproductive ***** cut off and drop in a pit 9f shit for the rest of his worthless life! No mercy just brutal justice!

  • at0micb00m Autumn (@at0micb00m) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp He has business cards with his email address on it, he knows a bunch of contacts he sends emails to through that address, and still they can't help.

  • at0micb00m Autumn (@at0micb00m) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp Yes. My grandpa got a new phone yesterday and up until that point, he was able to access his email perfectly fine. Now he has no access to his email at all, and support sends him through the same loop of questions and won't help him recover it a different way..

  • Gemayelmyahooc1 (@Gemayelmyahooc1) reported

    @MaxxAtom Shit i forgot my aol names

  • Double17Darts Double 17 (@Double17Darts) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp I can try it. Reentering the password solved the problem temporarily, but it's happened 3 times where I had to do that, so maybe this will be a permanent fix.

  • at0micb00m Autumn (@at0micb00m) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp You guys are bullshit. My grandpa has used AOL for YEARS, he's locked out of his account and you guys provided zero support to him. His entire business was run through your email. He will never be using you guys again! STAY CLEAR from @AOL

  • PrettiYoshi Cupid Arrows (@PrettiYoshi) reported

    I remember catching Trevor side chick on AOL AIM when he left that shit up one day. I read the feed and told ole girl I lost the phone so I needed her number again

  • SavageTomas Tom Savage (@SavageTomas) reported

    @apetivist you do you. years ago on AOL, i traded insults with a random guy and the old fart outwitted me. we became great friends. years later, his family was even kind enough to broadcast his funeral so that i could watch it from the other side of the world. we never did agree on god.

  • CatOfWallSt CatOfWallSt (@CatOfWallSt) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp Literally done all of that dozens of times, I have a masters degree in computer science for Gods sake. Look at how many people are complaining daily about this same issue! We don't all have incorrect settings. Something is clearly wrong on AOL's side, and it's not getting fixed

  • MattQuanstrom Matt Quanstrom (@MattQuanstrom) reported

    @vincenzolandino It’s all too common. And seeing the realtor in the mirror for a bathroom photo. It’s so bad. But tons of them still use aol, sbcglobal and yahoo email accounts for their professional use 😂

  • JCKerrigan_LA John Kerrigan (@JCKerrigan_LA) reported from Los Angeles, California

    @Pvelkovsky @senatorshoshana I still have my AOL account. It’s 22 years old now! Damn......

  • MaRicky8675309 MAGA PATRIOT (@MaRicky8675309) reported

    @TLCEddie @SenGianaris The idiot @aol just screwed 25k new yorkers out of GOOD jobs and paid benefits not to mention all the city and state taxes workers would have paid on $125k a year positions .. CITY AND STATE WOULD HAVE MADE 10 Billion in 10 years from Amazon ...

  • Bigroosterwho Russ Turner (@Bigroosterwho) reported from Shrewsbury, England

    @TalkTalk Hi Andy I set up the account on my iPhone my other account is AOL and never have a issue. I’ve downloaded a email app and set my Talktalk account up there and was able to delete all from . Luckily there not downloading again

  • FXKML FXKLM (@FXKML) reported

    @matt_levine "Cornell performed a financial analysis and concluded that the fair value of the AOL stock was $68.98 per share. The Court determined, however, that this was merely part of a terrible pick-up line involving Dr. Cornell "tossing in his two cents.""

  • patfives Pat Fives (@patfives) reported

    @R_Tyler_Smith And AOL bought is going on

  • designergirla Bonnie Boden (@designergirla) reported

    @FullThrottle62 Hey Full Throttle, thanks for responding. Very grateful. Figured the issue out ... well, not really ... but got it to work by using AOL instead of another browser. THANKS SO MUCH FOR TRYING TO HELP ME. APPRECIATE IT!

  • jasonzig32 Jason (@jasonzig32) reported

    @AppleSupport I had to delete my aol mail and reinstall it. It kept asking me to put in the password which was right, but it was telling me it was wrong. This was also before the last update. Another situation that not updating the software caused issues. But thank you for getting back to me.

  • 21GMH GMH (@21GMH) reported

    @QTRResearch @TweetLeni @AOL math on display once again. I think this is the "New math" that I could never understand.

  • letybuug letter (@letybuug) reported

    @Juangishere @melli_fluouss You can pay 10/month at aol and they stop all telemarketing calls. At one point I was getting 25 missed calls a day, so i had to use the service for a couple months

  • RyanDenns ry (@RyanDenns) reported

    one of the worst things to happen to me at 16 was seeing an AOL news headline "the best band you've never heard of," hoping against hope it would be about four year strong. instead it was about grizzly bear.

  • Twentytwintwi20 Twentytwintwin (@Twentytwintwi20) reported

    @APompliano How Brad Garlinghouse said, introducing a closed network today is like launching AOL after Netscape’s IPO.

  • hanibeybi_ hani🔴♡ || RESPITE (@hanibeybi_) reported

    @dianne28cutie Took me 3 days to finish AOL. Lol but it's really worth it. I've read that there will be a season 2 next year. Too bad we won't see much of Xufeng and Jinmi as it will focus on the next generation.

  • PattiChanatry Patti Chanatry (@PattiChanatry) reported

    @AOC AOL you are such an idiot.

  • BBricketto Brígette (@BBricketto) reported

    @TheLoveBel0w @AOC NO negotiations were attempted for changes to avoid problems @AOC spoke about. A deal goes well due to smart forethought for negotiating. A win-win. Basically, protesting Amazon from @aol gave no chance for negotiating the needed infrastructure, money, & jobs-a missed opportunity

  • hanibeybi_ hani🔴♡ || RESPITE (@hanibeybi_) reported

    @dianne28cutie Apparently, yes. Never been a fan of historical fantasy drama before. AOL got it all. The visuals, storyline, and CGI. I'm rewatching 😂

  • stevereneshow @steveo&reneshow (@stevereneshow) reported

    New York your Village Idiot #AOC just lost 25,000 jobs for you avergaing $150,000 and $3 Billion in new revenue. Can you imagine just the lost in airfares of people coming to New York to call on AOL. She will bring down NYC

  • ggIzento Izento (@ggIzento) reported

    Mr friend had tried to deny his time roleplaying in AOL chatrooms in the world of Rhydin. Get ******** outta here. I was more nerdy than those muthafuckas doing DnD.

  • FoxxFiles CHRIS FOXX (@FoxxFiles) reported

    BBM was filthy! and people were subbin’ in their statuses on some AOL messenger shit lol

  • taxworep snax (@taxworep) reported

    @EC4895 @AaronBlake I wish your great grandkids never showed you the internet Old Guy. Then you wouldn't have gotten tricked into acting this way by an AOL Chain Letter. It's time to check into Assisted Living.