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AOL (America Online) is an internet portal as well as an internet service provider. As an ISP, AOL offers dial up internet through its AOL Advantage plans.

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from Leighton Buzzard, Baton Rouge, Lititz, Surbiton, Cricklewood, Milton Keynes, Lincoln, Enfield Town, Bexleyheath, Nashua, Littleton, Derry, Frederick, Winter Haven and Morpeth.

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Leighton Buzzard E-mail
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  • TheGingerSide #BringBackTheBobcats (@TheGingerSide) reported

    Was too nervous to talk to this girl in middle school, so I used AOL Instant Messenger to talk to her and when I asked her if she liked me, she literally just typed ‘Ew, no!’ Then logged off. Had to hear that damn door shut in my face on the computer. That was rough.

  • NAMOBJPINDIA प्रेम हिंदुस्तानी 🇮🇳 (@NAMOBJPINDIA) reported

    @MoutusiBanerje3 Charges in dollars for courses ,teachers mis using funds.. openly. Only 10 % is gone for good work..but thats not my problem..why manipulate people but AOl needs world wide customers so its businesz

  • rlamartini R. Lamartiniere, MD (@rlamartini) reported from Baton Rouge, Louisiana

    @AOL Unbelievable that the company has not been able to maintain the safety of its infrastructure and now become a public hazard. Having to turn off power in the face of a wildfire risk is not a solution.

  • wanyinbot Jiang Cheng (@wanyinbot) reported

    Jin Ling. Come help me guess Wei Wuxian's AOL password

  • LilmoistTiny tiny (@LilmoistTiny) reported

    Thank you... that got computers that still run on AOL lmaoo that damn dial up no wonder they getting em

  • LeeAnnStar23 🌟LeeAnnStar🌟 (@LeeAnnStar23) reported

    @Hydrotine @Nicholas_DeOrio to be honest I had no idea wtf aimbotting was I thought ****** aol instant messager was back

  • lekurokami (Kah•Me) (@lekurokami) reported

    @ayanaaaariel Cause the internet is advertised as social friendly now.. But before this was just a porn box full of unsavory characters, aol chat rooms and askjeeves. It never changed, just got a new coat.

  • zookieterzi Zookie Terzi (@zookieterzi) reported

    You’re not an og if you never had an AOL account

  • mpcrider Michael Crider (@mpcrider) reported

    @cambartley @markpilip "No thanks, I've been meaning to cancel for a year and, now that I'm moving, I have a punch list of things to do and 'cancel AOL' is on it." /3

  • mpcrider Michael Crider (@mpcrider) reported

    @cambartley @markpilip I worked for AOL back in the dial up days. Customer Saves reported that the #1 reason people would call to cancel was that they were moving. /1

  • KathRella Kath Rella (@KathRella) reported

    @NetworkString @certsimple @AblativeHosting "Everyone is unsatisfied by URLs" [citation needed] I can't see how they could kill off the URL without turning the Internet into a 1994 Gateway-style service like AOL or Compuserve... and if they did that, yikes.

  • LuisACCruz1 Luis AC Cruz (@LuisACCruz1) reported

    @AOL, @CNN He doesn't needs to talks to him directly he use his staffers who use to be co-workers @ d WH-NSC Whistleblower never met or talked with Schiff:

  • Carloshll726 Marvel’s Bravery, Gothic-Man & Dr. Marvel (@Carloshll726) reported

    I just did an AOL search for the proper grammar for “DVDs” & “CDs.” Turns out, we’re never supposed to use a capital S! The correct grammar: DVDs, CDs, VHS tapes. Whew!

  • DrayxArt Drayx (Commissions are open!) (@DrayxArt) reported

    I heard "I want it that way" while stocking soda and I was suddenly kidnapped and taken back to 1999 If anyone can send help please do. I can't stand the boybands, chunky polygon graphics or the AOL dial-up much longer

  • TuxProwess Seagoat One (@TuxProwess) reported

    @oakieland Oh crap. I remember seeing AOL when I was not even in kindergarten yet.

  • gannonhockey42 Kyle Gannon (@gannonhockey42) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp Cool story I will never use you guys again big HOAX I'll be sure none of my friends do either

  • JCKC721 KCTheSociallyAwkward (@JCKC721) reported

    @theCarlaMarie Holy crap. I’m really lucky I’m alive. Back in the AOL days I used to have dates pick me up at my house. At night. I wouldn’t tell my parents! I was so stupid. I was lucky the two times I did that they were nice, harmless guys. Also, I met my best girlfriends on the internet.

  • longballwoods Jason (@longballwoods) reported

    @DOBrienATL Do you find it crazy that the Braves receive revenue sharing. Crazy with the market size yet the AOL/TW execs that signed a 30 Year tv should never have jobs again

  • NoireIvy IvyNoire (@NoireIvy) reported

    @BigIrishLIVE @s8n AOL was the worst

  • missQarnstein Miss Qarnstein ☔️ (@missQarnstein) reported

    Two decades later same old shit except the shit isn't called AOL messenger / yahoo messenger / icq / jabber or IRC anymore

  • mollyantonelli4 molly antonelli (@mollyantonelli4) reported

    @RepChuck scam as you get on your AOL and Email = Google bad and should never get into America get computers in America and change the white house and computers = Florida

  • Digital49r Marcus Livers 🧢 (@Digital49r) reported

    @votebleach2020 @BERNERSforYANG @JakeASnider1 @JoshthePagan @Daniel_NorCal Its not that gov is bad, its how its ran thats bad. We're still running 90s AOL level gov when our times require 2020 Tesla level gov. I liked Bernie in 16 when that was all we had. Now we have a better candidate this cycle.

  • bscrafford Bryan J. Scrafford (@bscrafford) reported

    As I'm updated database information for people, I chuckle to myself whenever I notice that people are still using their @AOL email address. By far, @gmail seems to be the most popular email service used among my volunteers

  • Matt_Paprocki Matt Paprocki (@Matt_Paprocki) reported

    I'm not blind that I was one of those ******* kids. Back on AOL gaming forums, I was hardcore for Playstation and bashed the 64 every chance I got. That said, I never messaged Nintendo or physically threatened anyone.

  • morgsy15 morgs (@morgsy15) reported

    the fate of whether i recover my hacked instagram account rests in the hands of AOL tech support for my 10-years-expired email so that feels right

  • Calltoart That American (@Calltoart) reported

    @AmyKremer @jack Please, They have already screwed up their software so bad it's like being on AOL in 1995..

  • AndreaCarlisle1 AndreaCarlisle (@AndreaCarlisle1) reported

    Many people have told me that after a parent passes away, they visit you in your dreams either to say hi or to send a message. Well, my dad keeps asking me to fix his AOL account so not sure what’s happening up there.

  • timouthy Tim (@timouthy) reported

    @micsolana if you didn’t grow up in the gutters of mid-late 90s PC gamer forums or didn’t download an AOL chat room hacking bot then I would strongly, and I mean strongly, encourage you to never @ me in my life with nonsense

  • DinoDiMuro Dino DiMuro (@DinoDiMuro) reported

    @elizabethgeno @alexadrian592 @jfruh That is hilarious. And yes, now I remember I had both AOL and CompuServe, and AOL bought CompuServe. I wrote about my "trying out this Internet thing" in a newsletter I sent out at the time, and concluded that the Net was too slow!

  • LMc10_SAFC It's Just Lee (@LMc10_SAFC) reported

    I don't think many people would be that bothered about "whatever ******** the $12m actually is" being secured against the AOL and SOL but to be told it's none of our business then to find out has rightly pissed people off.

  • RyanMaza69 Ryan Maza (@RyanMaza69) reported

    In this day of corporate data selling we forget AOL really cared about our privacy. They never sold our a/s/l’s

  • AuthorTiffanyF 🄰🅄🅃🄷🄾🅁 🅃🄸🄵🄵🄰🄽🅈 🄵🄾🅁🄱🄴🅂 📚 (@AuthorTiffanyF) reported

    I already dread doing my assignments now my damn textbooks loading like AOL dial up

  • nickfeely Nick Feely (@nickfeely) reported

    @BH_Orange44 @AOL No, Yahoo. But that’s still bad!

  • ItsLeonTV Tim Snowdon (@ItsLeonTV) reported

    This smells so bad. SD and CM constantly talk about being financially stable etc. Club has zero debts etc...then take out a loan and uses the SoL and AoL as security. First the Parachute Payments, now the infrastructure. We're being milked! @SunderlandAFC @RokerReport

  • Ridderz86 John Ridley (@Ridderz86) reported

    Well the SOL has a shit sound system and the AOL is nothing without a lift so jokes on them

  • W1986Andy Andrew Watson (@W1986Andy) reported

    @PeterJWhalen7 @JHunterChron I think: If we get promoted, Stewie and co pay back ten mil to the Americans. If we don’t get promoted, the Americans take ownership of the assets (Sol, AOL, other land) for ten mil. Which could turn out good or bad depending on their intentions.

  • feartomorrow hearty fall beef stew and Jiffy dumplings dot com. (@feartomorrow) reported

    @TabaskoSweet The internet is just becoming the cabletv system capital has wanted it to be since the AOL days, shit sucks

  • janieo janieB YELLING (@janieo) reported

    @David95309707 @Becca2400 I’m talking myself into trying to be optimistic. I can be pretty pessimistic too. I remember AOL chars but never did it. IM’s from time to time but usually work stuff.

  • johanastrand thankful joh (@johanastrand) reported

    @Bored_Alchemist I can’t believe what a dopamine hit just seeing the old AOL login dialog brings me.

  • surnell Suresh N (@surnell) reported

    He went to some Wrong DAV. Atleast in Chennai DAV School, where we had an AOL centre, never heard of any brainwashing. Kuch Bhi

  • PailOfAwesome Christopher[Awesome] (@PailOfAwesome) reported

    @AnnesNotOkay I miss the old internet too. Normies ruined this shit for us. We used to sit in AOL, Yahoo, or IRC chats all day and do shit, play games, talk on Voice like morons...Etc.

  • AnthonyDiGrazio Anthony (@AnthonyDiGrazio) reported

    AOL chat rooms, stupid screen names, three way calling, CD players, game boys, trampolines, manhunt... The good old days for sure.

  • mdzgoda live_fully (@mdzgoda) reported

    @AOL is trying to extort me. My account has been hacked. The recovery number & email have changed. I can answer all the questions over the phone but now need to pay for AOL service in order reset pswd. 30+ year costumer.

  • demonslayyer Morgan should be Nanowrimoing (@demonslayyer) reported

    @mspowahs My neopets are tied to my AOL account that no longer exists, poor creatures, stranded forever

  • lichtenbergian The Lichtenbergian (@lichtenbergian) reported

    @VOBOE @laurenthehough Damn. I used to host a couple of official AOL chat rooms, foremost of which was The Stage Door, open on Monday nights for theatre nerds from high school "Rent" fans to Bway stars. Good times!

  • _Cardano_ADA The Cardano Report™ (@_Cardano_ADA) reported

    @UDIWERTHEIMER #Tron is NOT about changing the status quo, it's a copy/paste, centralized, obsolete, #fakenews, patch-work may do relatively well, but it's certainly NOT the future of #Blockchain - think AOL, at the best...and MySpace at the worst.

  • 900MonsterDuc Gary Russell (@900MonsterDuc) reported

    So, it seems that some ******* at AOL did an unread script on my stored emails, so that it would make my system start to download them. All 50K of them. When I called them, you would think they would know how to fix that. They don't. Acct will be deleted.

  • joelsmith Joel Smith (@joelsmith) reported

    @LuizFiLiPiF @Cleavessss @2dead2passrush The last time the 49ers won a superbowl AOL hadn’t started offering internet service yet

  • Morgan2Kool Fendi Carpets (@Morgan2Kool) reported

    @NJSCUM666 @onesadknicksfan Lmfaooo nicca stfu.... I be on this shit for a week then take my hiatus.. ya Niccas be having maad social media’s prolly still got aol messenger...

  • fan_cornell CornellHockeyFan (@fan_cornell) reported

    @Scott_j_k @AOL Wow. Had no idea. Bet Walmart didn’t help either.

  • K_Danette Kendra C. (@K_Danette) reported

    So I thought I’d try to get into my old AOL account, then I remebered @AOLSupportHelp @AOL are all trash! Like they’re have the tightest security for a service nobody has used since they were 12! Clearly I’m upset because I accidentally send an email to this account. 🙄

  • GuessWhoMusic1 Guess Who Music (@GuessWhoMusic1) reported

    I have midterms this week which means I’m going to be working on this shit 24/7 if you need me hit my AOL messenger , I’ll try and respond when I can

  • bjornjeffery Björn Jeffery (@bjornjeffery) reported

    Stage 4 is when the new management decides that this didn't actually work out after all. Verizon wrote down the value of AOL & Yahoo significantly after just a few years. They sold Tumblr for next to nothing. It's time to go back to basics again. 5/7

  • Baldee_X Bad Baldy A Heel 🎮💎🇵🇷 (@Baldee_X) reported

    @TNTRevan @SavinTheBees Dude I have AOL!!! Dammit I ain’t never going to get that 0 interest loan now 😔

  • ebonielon Hoodoo Witch 🧟‍♀️🔮 (@ebonielon) reported

    Damn I wish AOL and/or the TWoP forums were still around

  • 900MonsterDuc Gary Russell (@900MonsterDuc) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp So basically, twitter AOL customer support is as ******* useless on your online and telephone support.

  • ZacharyLerner Zachary Lerner 🍊🐿 (@ZacharyLerner) reported

    @mo87mo87 @bhbradlow The amount of members we have with Aol accounts is too damn high....

  • lostnparadise__ Naomi.Sample.♏️ (@lostnparadise__) reported

    @_theantagonist You’re as slow as aol. There’s nothing to miss

  • vixxsinn66 Vixxi ‘s Foxy Crafts 🦊🧵♿️ (@vixxsinn66) reported

    Old phone number! That’s what I wanted to change in the first place! Aaaaaarrrrrrrggggg! I’ve been a customer since @AOL was born! I deserve better treatment than someone saying “ how sad for you “ in an uncaring tone!!!

  • vixxsinn66 Vixxi ‘s Foxy Crafts 🦊🧵♿️ (@vixxsinn66) reported

    @AOL Your customer service sucks like a Hoover on **** carpet! I have been trying for 3 days to access my account. I wanted to update my information read my email etc. but no matter how I try it won’t let me in! Customer service won’t help me because I don’t have my ...