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AOL (America Online) is an internet portal as well as an internet service provider. As an ISP, AOL offers dial up internet through its AOL Advantage plans.

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May 20: Problems at AOL

AOL is having issues since 01:30 AM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • E-mail (89.64%)
  • Internet (5.88%)
  • Total Blackout (3.08%)
  • Phone (1.12%)
  • Wi-fi (.28%)

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  • EricInfoTech
    EricInfoTech (@EricInfoTech) reported

    @almostjingo @maddie1776 AOL? Holy shit we're screwed

  • MsPatsyStone
    Patsy Stone (@MsPatsyStone) reported

    @itscoldpadda @EmpireStateDev @NYGovCuomo They are PURE SHIT. If you liked AOL dial up back in 1997, You will absolutely love Hughesnet. The service goes out in the rain. Even if it is just drizzling. I live in the country. It's my only option. Hughes will tell you $40 for installation. The installer charges $80- $130

    🍸Ellis🕴️McPickle🍸 (@ACESandElGHTS) reported

    @Redpainter1 I spot weird uneducated rightwing blowhards all day 'cause they're typing shit like Kno how 2b 4 the rite side (lol smh)? etc. Like it's 1999 and AOL is shit-hot and they're convinced that infallible wisdom is cascading from their asses.

  • Randelly_IRL
    Black Space Ghost (@Randelly_IRL) reported

    @mattwhitlockPM “Hang up that house phone and pass me that aol trial cd.”

  • jaybday
    jay edwards (@jaybday) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp when i logged in tree days ago i was asked to verify my account but i have requested the code to be sent by text and phone call but i never received either can u help

  • JohnIkeSmith
    John Ike (@JohnIkeSmith) reported

    @ochocinco I think you have to fix the link - sends us to the general AOL page

  • XioNYC
    ⠓⠁⠉⠅⠑⠗ (@XioNYC) reported

    @0xMatt BTW, that's because $client.{CFO} "didn't like" Pidgin which was deployed specifically because AOL/IM 6 was running "just fine" on XP (not on W10x64). (I finally got $client onto Slack but ONLY because AIM shut down and after 100s of "I don't XMPP. Can we have AIM back?"s.)

  • MegaNewman
    Megan Newman (@MegaNewman) reported

    Social media is just one long AOL chat room that never ends.

  • pmanthorpe
    Pat Manthorpe (@pmanthorpe) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp problem with various mail folders when accessing aol mail via chrome. can't see old mail, sent items, deleted items or spam. please help.

  • chalilly42
    windi (@chalilly42) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp also how do I shut off the draft auto save ? It slows it down to much.

  • kp1isgod
    scaryterry 👽 (@kp1isgod) reported

    @Chimane_ @AOL Mines been down for 4 days can’t do anything so frustrating.

  • BonneMillie
    🐾 Planet Millie ⛈ (@BonneMillie) reported

    @DuchessStoHelit Ahh. I remember using a comp by then (my parents divorced in 2000 so it’s easy for me to remember pre-2000 activities!). We had one in my dad’s office and I had games on it. We had aol but it was really really slow and I don’t remember using it for anything other than Ask Jeeves!

  • radoptimist
    𝑺𝒆𝒂𝒏-𝑷𝒂𝒖𝒍 𝑺𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒓𝒆 (@radoptimist) reported

    will never forget the time in like 2006 when i posted about doctor who on the aol discussion forums and got a load of replies and my mum found out and accused me of talking to paedos on the internet lmao

  • jesz12
    Joe S. (@jesz12) reported

    @aolmail Recently, when in e-mail, if I delete an e-mail, etc. the focus of the Inbox throws me back to the top of the list when I'm well down into the list. I then have to scroll back down to find get back to my place, it's annoying. AOL® Desktop AOL® Revision 11.0.1805

  • mxriey
    lisa,, quitting (@mxriey) reported

    i need to make an aol account, the account orginally got deactivated due to inactivity but i cant re-make the account... someone help if you know how to bypass this????

  • bulldoggcon
    Nathan Connors (@bulldoggcon) reported

    @CNN These 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America .. GE does not own NBC (or Comcast or any media) anymore. So that 6th company is now Comcast. And Time Warner doesn't own AOL, so Huffington Post isn't affiliated with them. NEVER MENIONED BY U during 8 years of Obama huh

  • RyeAlanUlrey101
    RyeAlanUlrey (@RyeAlanUlrey101) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp when i contact aolsupporthelp com i am not getting a email back from your techians please help me.

  • GamerJew
    unoeme (@GamerJew) reported

    You deleted my email address fuck you @AOL

  • WGDuff
    WinnyD (@WGDuff) reported

    @LeeReynoldsDUP @SammyMorrison82 Come on Lee BBC is bad but see not worse than channel 4! Btw I have an aol email and forced to see huff post stuff, that is horid, RT might be better!

  • Lewdog6661
    🇨🇦Lew-Dog🇨🇦 🐻 (@Lewdog6661) reported

    @thatbilloakley Installing the internet from a disc! AOL SUCKS!

  • biffblisters
    Mr*Bli$ter*Biznitch🐧🕉 (@biffblisters) reported

    @neverquit40 @blackyngdave1 @acidmane419js @Awesomelysam1 @james_bong13 @rustman_the @LARRYIRBY6 @khyatt2876 @Bane4242 @X_V_G @kellyhart57 @migoodridge1 @BH28899118 @MarjofTheEarth @PerryLAnglin1 @420Africa @bhathaway311 @im420forsure @verdinerunions @_dopedaneille @duckinmagoo @ThurmanQuery @hazemorton @Slv64Susie @Jimi_Jammin @cannaverge @Shaun12361257 @and1_grant @afterdarkmusic @Hippie_of_Love @lisa19576 @Amznfrknaz @AlluraSBrites @hippieluvbud62 @CrossFollower12 @dOothedirt @woodlanmiguel @Michael57645022 @TheDailyCann @Davidjonesmahon @DanBraun19 @ArmyOfPotheads @WeedMafiaClub @MandiAfterDarkC @EmeraldZoo @medicinaltruth @ReeferMcGee @crazybatmanfan @NorCalStoner420 @D3viLsL3TTuC3 That is something that would be on the wiki for the song. Have you done that? AOL technical support, is the computer on?

  • acebennett_
    memento mori (@acebennett_) reported

    i know a lot of us are single.. but are we really single if we haven’t broken up with our aol boyfriends from 6th grade???

  • kikiMari3
    Christine Garcia (@kikiMari3) reported

    Remember back in the day on Aol when you would exit u would hear the door slam, damn I wish imessage had that shit Lmaoo

  • AberrantWhimsy
    Sanguinary eBook (@AberrantWhimsy) reported

    I'm looking at this cup and a goddamn packaging company HAS A GODDAMN AOL EMAIL ADDRESS FOR A CONTACT WHAT THE FUCK YEAR IS IT

  • ADarkKnightOOC
    Vincent the Broose (@ADarkKnightOOC) reported

    @ItsCaptainDisco In a way, I guess. It was a term used in older online RP to reference the player while in character. We used it a lot back on AOL, but I've never seen it in use on Twitter.

  • pnhmr
    ingeborg oppenheimer (@pnhmr) reported

    @VZWSupport cell phone would not allow access to email accounts – aol and gmail. when i try to sign in i repeatedly get the message “cannot connect to server. your server is not responding”.

  • UsedBodyParts
    Venita Ozols-Graham (@UsedBodyParts) reported

    @AOL Lovely. Perhaps he could support gun control too?

  • MrFazeFunk_
    Back when i was younger... (@MrFazeFunk_) reported

    Remember moviefone? Remember AOL tying up the phone line? Remember getting phone calls on the house phone and ya mom listening in on the other phone? Shit is mad different now

  • ecoralguy
    EC Oralguy (@ecoralguy) reported

    @GooglePlay why are all download so fucking slow. Hell @aol dailup was faster then this #androidsystem sucks

  • varungarg29
    varun garg (@varungarg29) reported

    It is not the problem which is difficult it is the mind which makes it difficult to adapt. #nothingisimpossible #perspective #changemindset #aol #authenticlife

  • chip403
    Chip Blakley (@chip403) reported

    I have no idea why in the hell my DraftKings app is taking so damn long to load. It’s like AOL 95 or some shit in terms of load time.

    SNN [email protected] (@SARVETS) reported

    @BeautifuldudeGG @souperfx you think thats bad i know some with an AOL man tattoo

  • blynn41
    Pick5 $wami (@blynn41) reported

    @baise085 @TommyG @MLBModel @GuruEliteDFS @BennyR11 Not true, I answer questions all day every day. You came in talking shit abouyt a 3-1 WP winner. You started off with "if you aren't hooked up with a trainer or hang out with jockeys, you know nothing" Then you were making bets I am down for the day, so go find an AOL chat.

  • Rootbrian_
    The Rooty's Tweeties (@Rootbrian_) reported

    I guess AOL by Oauth changed their IMAP settings and didn't bother to update them. The e-mail clients I use won't work even with the settings the website shows. Wtf is going on!? Do I HAVE to chance that POP3 will or won't work? #aol #oauth #mail #email #settings #notworking

  • Shamchi93
    Aurash Abrishamchi (@Shamchi93) reported

    @TomNamako This is not a time for possibly and maybe. WE KNOW WHAT THE PROBLEM IS AND WE ALSO KNOW THE AOL UNION IT'S NOT THAT DIFFICULT

  • IanGravett
    Ian (@IanGravett) reported

    @alanste99107353 Bet that Shit ain't from AOL either, probably All Samsung or Smeg, Loads of Free Stuff!

  • woody2237
    SilverFox (@woody2237) reported

    I am a Frontier customer. Before Verizon sold to Frontier they dumped email service to AOL. It is down again!! I wish Frontier had put us on their email server. What a bummer!!! @VerizonSupport @FrontierCorp

  • voreshkov
    Valentin Oreshkov (@voreshkov) reported

    Retweeted Martin Green (@marting): a corporate or nationally controlled cryptocurrency is like AOL using HTML inside its proprietary service in 1996: a checklist success, but misses the entire freaking point.

  • TommyHalliwell
    TheReal TomHalliwell (@TommyHalliwell) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp Still no emails #help #ukhelp #shalligetanewemailprovider

  • supersoul1970
    supersoul1970 (@supersoul1970) reported

    @AOL this young lady breaks my heart. I remember when I was in school and being bullied worrying if I was going to get punched, never worried about get shot. also being bulled myself NEVER thought of shooting anyone. whats wrong with our kids now? seriously WTF?

  • 25thThe45thPls
    🐍DontTreadOnMe🐍 (@25thThe45thPls) reported

    @ndaombwa No. AOL put a mix of shit on their news timeline. Keep up.

  • AwesomestOn3
    La Princesa del Prosecco 🥂🍾 (@AwesomestOn3) reported

    @BarkyBoogz Bruh. My parents bought the actual AOL service and I was STILL stockpiling disks...just in case

  • AwesomestOn3
    La Princesa del Prosecco 🥂🍾 (@AwesomestOn3) reported

    @BarkyBoogz The forever GOAT!! Having to stockpile all the 50 hour free AOL disks in order to make sure you got enough to get your shit talking in lol

  • AwesomestOn3
    La Princesa del Prosecco 🥂🍾 (@AwesomestOn3) reported

    @BarkyBoogz I had the fire crush spot. All my posts were hitting. But even worse, there’s people who will never know how live an AOL chatroom or a phone line chat could get. Sadness

  • Shainanicole
    Shaina Marsden (@Shainanicole) reported from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    @AlisonWerner Born down 30th st. Moved to 2st in the third grade. Changed his AOL screen name from Ginger3TO to Harry2st in the 4th grade. Met Meghan & completely forgot where he came from. #Sad #RoyalWedding

  • TalkTalk
    TalkTalk (@TalkTalk) reported

    @Joanne_Tippett Hi Joanne, AOL broadband issues would be dealt with by TalkTalk. AOL email issues should be raised to AOL directly. Em

  • Mr_Martin81
    McJulian,the Matador (@Mr_Martin81) reported

    @Disco_Squirrel Would be a good thread. People with AOL dont get the the Internet at all. Yahoo is for stupid people Gmail.....were you living in a cave to wait until Gmail became available? Hotmail was basically it in the late 90s!! #emailchat

  • TalkTalk
    TalkTalk (@TalkTalk) reported

    @Joanne_Tippett Hi Joanne, are you having problems accessing emails? TalkTalk don't look after AOL email addresses. Any problems with an AOL address should be reported to them directly. Em

  • Joanne_Tippett
    Joanne Tippett (@Joanne_Tippett) reported from Ilminster, England

    We are getting lots of reports that @TalkTalk @AOL Tiscali customers are having problems accessing emails, and even access internet in some cases.

  • IIIStrife
    IIIStrife (@IIIStrife) reported

    @MorbidComplexHQ Also having headphone jacks is not even the same ballpark of why AOL became obsolete and shut down... I think.

  • alok_chander
    Alok (@alok_chander) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp When a company is taken over, as AOL was, it should have a moral obligation to provide the customer a service based upon which they based their original selection particularly for something as basic as email - I joined AOL because they offered immediate telephone support.

  • alok_chander
    Alok (@alok_chander) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp I have had no email for several days and it is ridiculous that you don’t offer telephone support anymore - a Verizon owned company, you have the resource - just do it - awful management decisions with no regard to CUSTOMER impact.

  • babylouish
    L ♡ (@babylouish) reported

    Is AOL down?

  • bluegrasshaze
    HazelleLetItGo (@bluegrasshaze) reported

    @DTPORGE @AOL Hearing this twisted shit makes me beyond the heartbreak and anguish for those slaughtered tiday @#SantaFe...there must be punishment worthy of this horrendous deed. And yes I am saying my anger as Christianlike as I thru it!

  • CAP10621
    CAP1062 (@CAP10621) reported

    @TheGloved_One I never used msn. I used aol. At least I think I only remember MSN news.

  • Greylupine71017
    Greylupine710 (@Greylupine71017) reported

    @AllieMcCormackK @SageWolfsong Nice! I know, being on the BBS, AOL, Prodigy way back when did the same thing for me. Being sick, and unable to get around much, being online helped me deal with my health issues.

  • Sairiss_ED
    Sairiss (@Sairiss_ED) reported

    @_Desilou_ @cadya_ @CoxComm AT&T is a cancerous tumor that should be purged from the earth. Source:having at&t as well. Seriously, at&t is literally the worst internet I've ever had, this includes the days of dial up and aol back when I was little. Both were slow, but at least reliable.

  • GefahrMausFL
    Gefahrmaus (@GefahrMausFL) reported

    @RafiDAngelo Josh....that is the dumbest fucking thing I have ever heard. And I did 8 years of AOL tech support.

  • echo255thmarine
    L Vondrake (@echo255thmarine) reported


  • JayAvalos24
    Jay Avalos (@JayAvalos24) reported

    @TheNightmanSD Aol/Yahoo chat rooms were there shit tho