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AOL (America Online) is an internet portal as well as an internet service provider. As an ISP, AOL offers dial up internet through its AOL Advantage plans.

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from Glasgow, London, Charlotte, Philadelphia, Gainesville, Revere, Okatie, White River Junction, Coventry, Warren, Fort Lauderdale, St. Petersburg, Manhasset, Quakertown and Bridgeport.

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  • XuFengsLeftEar My Grapes Are All Sweet (@XuFengsLeftEar) reported

    I'm at the point in this AoL rewatch where I have to pause every 5-10 minutes because things are going to get very horrible soon

  • ScotsmanGrumpy 𝐆𝐫𝐮𝐦𝐩𝐲 𝐒𝐜𝐨𝐭𝐬𝐦𝐚𝐧 (@ScotsmanGrumpy) reported

    @_DontActYourAge Dude I’m not even sure my Amiga was internet capable, but damn if I don’t remember those AOL days with my first PC

  • Saturnpizza26 Ronald Acuña SZN (@Saturnpizza26) reported

    @Thot_SZN 😂 nah bro we on that aol shit

  • rappersdelite Rappers Delite (@rappersdelite) reported


  • ChaudhriTaimour Taimour Chaudhri (@ChaudhriTaimour) reported

    @neeratanden Stop bringing this up as a negative of Bernie and using it to claim that he should not get the support. Its the internet, people have been unfiltered on the internet since aol chat rooms were a thing. Stop using this to hide your anti semitic hatred for Bernie.

  • wanyinbot Jiang Cheng (@wanyinbot) reported

    Jin Ling. Come help me guess Wei Wuxian's AOL password

  • gm_palmer G.M. Palmer 🦚 (@gm_palmer) reported

    @zarchasmpgmr @xandersherry @oclsc @sundhaug92 @marypcbuk @micheinnz @907tothe703 @TheRealProcyon @DrCuriosity @6502_ftw @havochaos @TyreJim @dvdfreitag @brouhaha @diddykang @compuguy @NoTheOtherNick @sbisson @vmyths @yortw @bynkii @CatBailey @browofjustice @q_aurelius @bertjwregeer @ComradeEevee @Wintermute21 @sylv3on_ @funranium @theDawgCr8 @MelanieLybarger @staatsgeheim @callum90ish @iWasSaynBoourns @nealeferguson @kmwilcox_ @SynStalker @pvineetha @frozenpypes @TwitringMachine @krisis86 @shenmaxiu @RightToaster @johnlimouze @n1vux @mdhardeman @noghiri @drahcir_rahl @MarkSzili 😅😅😅 I would assume said person is still saving their AOL cds just in case. They probably remember their prodigy login.

  • JimiGriggs Jimi Griggs (@JimiGriggs) reported

    Damn twitter quiet everyone talking shit done got grounded at 19 to 35 years old told y’all bout ******* round on the AOL.

  • HumanBeing2019 Human Being🌊🌊 im🍑 #ImpeachDonaldTrump (@HumanBeing2019) reported

    @apathetic_NY @HeatherHunny63 AOL is probably never hacked. So there's that.

  • i_c_crazy_matt Matthew Broach (@i_c_crazy_matt) reported

    @MrDougWilliams @AOL That sad. I hope it was quick. What I mean is I hope they died when they got something, not dropping 2000 feet and then dying. Either way it sucks for all those families. I think about the coach wife and daughter. They have 2 children still at home. It all sucks.

  • JMC31337 Justin Credico (@JMC31337) reported

    @Verizon @Facebook @Apple @Skype @aol @paltalk @youtube @Microsoft @Yahoo @Google you fuktards handed the govt the backdoor into everyone’s shit no questions asked ... keys to the castle no fukin questions no fight ... and you want trust now

  • aroc6 Angelo (@aroc6) reported

    @VZWSupport wasting my night at your store due to incompetence within your “aol” department. Simply moving my phone number to a new plan seems to be quite the issue. Def not helping your customer retention rates.

  • UnoBrettski BrettskiUno (@UnoBrettski) reported

    @inkedtater @CBSAllAccess #1 would be a world-changer today. Also, AOL milked the #2 for all it was worth. They made it SIMPLE to sign up online for your 'free' 100 hours, but cancelling the service often required hours on hold because they needed to verbally verify.

  • Captainspire1 Jason Henley (@Captainspire1) reported

    @AlfonZoRachel No, I remember how ever since AOL I never subscribed to a single service like that.

  • ElkeHassell ElkeMariaHassell (@ElkeHassell) reported

    @Google @GoogleTrends AOL Instant Messenger collapsed for 40 minutes. AOL called it a seminal moment in Internet history,' adding, 'We've never seen anything like it in terms of scope or depth.' Around 15 percent of Twitter posts (or 5,000 tweets per minute) mentioned Jackson when the news broke

  • marybssellers Mary B. Sellers (@marybssellers) reported

    In other news, my mother has started forwarding me those “send this to 10 people or something terrible will happen to you” chain emails in 16 pt comic sans font from her aol address because yes she still has one of those thanks for asking

  • canadian_cousin 🇨🇦Canadian Cousin🎶🐾 🍑🕯 (@canadian_cousin) reported

    @KLGLASS2 @AOL what could U.S.possibly have to help China right now. Every shipment and every human from there should be monitored for illness BEFORE boarding planes and ships. We already have it here. Too late and its BULLSHIT.

  • MaryRay42617188 Mary Raymond (@MaryRay42617188) reported

    @Zegdie @tarheelwolfpack @AOL I still recognized him from a good distance away (I have extremely good eyes for recognition). But he was coming towards us in the opposite direction, and in an awful hurry.

  • MrBob9000 Chris (@MrBob9000) reported

    @Daniel_Rubino Bad understanding of regulation in the corporate space. At home I think it's like the people who were still paying for AOL dial up service while they had broadband.

  • GeorgeLiros Lapsteelsbygeorge (@GeorgeLiros) reported

    @LittleMissAngr1 @audible_com I remember like 30 years ago, trying to cancel AOL over my phone. (Landline) we were watching a movie while I held the phone to my ear for over an hour.

  • bestfilly Silver Spoon🐎🗺️ (@bestfilly) reported

    @STP_KITT @cjsv0 @kdecommunity don't pay for a license for my MPEG's MP3s, neither for my JPEG's JPEGs, AOL's GIFs, Adobe's PDFs, or buy a WinRAR license to open RARs! I like PNG tho. It's like saying I should learn Esperanto and never speak French or English. It's nonfree but it works, and is not a problem.

  • OmegaMysteriums Tom is not a tory 🌱 (@OmegaMysteriums) reported

    @_simonrood rose is decent end of the world is good unquiet dead is boring aol/ww3 is good deep breath is okay into the dalek is bad robot of sherwood is dire listen is shit time heist is quite crap

  • Owen_Lars_2 Owen Lars 2 (@Owen_Lars_2) reported

    Catching up on @nitpickingpod and wanted to throw down my #Rensona. Owen Lars 2- a clone of Owen Lars, Luke's Uncle, who will farm the moisture out of any who dare taunt his inability to speak Bocce. His/my weakness is picking a username in 1997 when signing up for AOL.

  • jshackstone1 MMJ PROMO NO MINORS (@jshackstone1) reported

    @_jena4n AOL server problems windows 10 identity theft on the bright side SAMSUNG CHROMEBOOK ENGAGED

  • xo_pinkishheart dawnya 💕🌸 (@xo_pinkishheart) reported

    as someone who was using AOL dial-up back in the early 2000s: innocence is underrated and i am really sad that people think coming across really awful shit when they're 13 makes them "cooler" we're not cool, it's actually ****** up that we were ever in a position to see that

  • RedrumMistress Ms.Murder (@RedrumMistress) reported

    @PolitiKilter Never had a myspace page, no hotmail, no snapchat, no tik-tok, only had my cousin on AOL messenger, no kik and no facebook. I was in college for 3 years before I even had a youtube account. Yet I am somehow still anti-social, a shameless meme thief & a complete perv. LOL

  • mlnangalama MarthaLeah Nangalama (@mlnangalama) reported

    @GAhabwe @MinofHealthUG @MoLGUganda @asiimireritah @TheUMAofficial @Kayinda8francis @OribaDan @Tatian27 But if I were earning $10,000/mth in Uganda as them useless MPs, I would spend $9,000 fixing the damn hospital myself instead of cry crying. AOL is the opposition leader in the useless parliament. So her salary is double. Making it $20,000/mth. Then let her fix the damn hospital.

  • TheNotoriousLIZ Liz Davidson (@TheNotoriousLIZ) reported

    So I think me telling a white woman to stop silencing black women's grief by using another womans trauma as a weapon, got me my first official blocked on Twitter. I have arrived. And I thought telling someone to **** off in an AOL chat in 97 would be the highlight of my life.

  • 24hrmadmackem SAFC Shaun (@24hrmadmackem) reported

    @Ridderz86 Just seen Carlos Quaver Oats, ex Real Down Hill doing sit ups in the Colliery Tavern. Apparently he’s a free agent, I mean spirit and is close to agreeing a 2 year deal to cut the grass at the AOL...

  • ActorDavidChen David Chen (@ActorDavidChen) reported

    @leReelmccoy Unfortunately this is the world we live in today. Back when I was younger and there really wasn’t any social media (AOL) people weren’t as bold (damn I made myself sound old smh)

  • wanyinbot Jiang Cheng (@wanyinbot) reported

    Jin Ling. Come help me guess Wei Wuxian's AOL password

  • nayakvr Vivekanand Nayak (@nayakvr) reported

    @ColSanjayPande @bdun53 @TheSatishDua @dpkpillay12 @simply_mixed_up @Soldier_forlife This definitely needs to be addressed. Parents , Children, wife should be brought out of the trauma they suffer from. Maybe AWWA can work with AOL , Isha to help the soldiers families at least at that crucial time in their lives

  • AllanBell247 Allan Bell (@AllanBell247) reported

    This is important. I went MONTHS scared internally about opening up. Thankfully, someone opened their arms and convinced me to talk. Call me, text me, AOL ME i don’t give a damn it’s between you and me, just know I’ve been scared too. REACH OUT, I’ll handle the rest.

  • nehasippy Neha Agarwal (@nehasippy) reported

    @ArtofLiving plz don make @BangaloreAshram so polluted & congested that visitors feel they are on the main road even when inside. GURUDEV @SriSri plz help! They are commercializing everything possible inside the #aol ashram. We miss the #peace offlate #JGD

  • PatJD Patrick 🤖 (@PatJD) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp we just spent 45 minutes on the phone with somebody who seemed willing to help, the call dropped. We called back only to get a recording the that the office was closed. Not cool.

  • badish_matt Matt Badish (@badish_matt) reported

    ok, i do remember AOL and the others tho i never were on them. lol

  • Midnight_Blaze_ Midnight Bl△ze (@Midnight_Blaze_) reported

    @danwolfgang_ But it was so much more than just Usenet, of course, in the end. It completely shaped how the internet worked and how the personal computer was marketed. AOL marked the transition from a network of enthusiasts to a society connected.

  • mj_fortaleza Michael J. Fortaleza (@mj_fortaleza) reported

    I can’t anymore .. I’m putting my phone down for the rest of the day. Brb back y’all aol away message for a bit.

  • trvp__life Lizzo’s Dietitian (@trvp__life) reported

    You’re literally the dumbest clout chasing ***** I’ve ever encountered, grow up, I saw better nudes on AOL 15 gears ago, **** you.

  • Midnight_Blaze_ Midnight Bl△ze (@Midnight_Blaze_) reported

    @danwolfgang_ I think the MS/Apple dichotomy didn't help, but what *really* screwed things was AOL.

  • PaulRod75898360 Paul Rodriguez (@PaulRod75898360) reported

    @JesseBWatters Rep Henry Cuellar is running in South Texas a young demo is chasing him Jessica Cisneros We cant afford to have her run under cover for AOL Bag Lady it might seem innocent but turn out bad rt.

  • JMC31337 Justin Credico (@JMC31337) reported

    @caliber_global @cybersec_feeds Circa. 1990’s - dialup 56k days Reminder: Neither AOL not its TOS members will ever ask you for your password or billing information. And people were still robbed... never ending conundrum

  • Stormguardist White Stormcloak (@Stormguardist) reported

    @CanisAzureus @SouthernZoomer2 @ReiRespecter I don't think they have. They never got the AOL CDs either. Heck, they don't even know what a CD is.

  • OhenewaDotNet Ohenewa Buckle (@OhenewaDotNet) reported

    @JenMsft Got a job at AOL back in the 90s.... worked my way up from tech support to development

  • zoe_kassell Zoe (@zoe_kassell) reported

    Just ate a bunch of cookie dough, 3 dumplings, and some Thin Mints and then cried to the AOL tech support person on the phone because she wouldn’t let me into my inactive account. You already KNOW what time it is! *biologically male friendos this is not for you*

  • MainstreamDecoy Mainstream Decoy (@MainstreamDecoy) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp the last person hung up on me. i don't see them as much help

  • All_N_Yo_Tweets Ashley Ja'Terria (@All_N_Yo_Tweets) reported

    My first Aol screen name was "Kobegurl" 😢 I don't think I'll ever get over this shit.. I'm still in shock..

  • vanillaraccoon Youthful Optimost (@vanillaraccoon) reported from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    After much mediation and soul searching, I figured out what my New Years resolution for online stuff is... get better at replying to messages on Twitter, Instagram and Discord. I have not seen so many messages not replied to since I checked my AOL in 10th grade...7k email!

  • K_Freudenberger Kurt (@K_Freudenberger) reported

    @YoPaulie28 @mattravis Ah, there it is. Classic. I see you’re a grown ass man with kids. I hope they never discover how their dad acts like a 13 year old in an AOL chat room when he’s online, because that would be pretty embarrassing. Log off, Paulie.

  • HankChinaski27 J. Goodman (@HankChinaski27) reported

    So Windows 10 is a pos operating system. First time using it. Have been a tech guy for 20 years and have never been more confused. Also, **** the tiles. This whole shit looks like 90s AOL.

  • betrayeoI 𝚕𝚒𝚕𝚒𝚌𝚘🔜superm (@betrayeoI) reported

    i didn't even get internet in my house (beyond aol free trial discs) until i was like 16 and i had to lie to my parents that my teachers said it was required for me to do my homework anyway i never did homework and just looked at digimon fanart and jrock pics

  • lnxchk Pumpkin Spice DevOps (@lnxchk) reported

    @jaydestro @TMZ Oh dude. Back in the day. When Anna Nicole Smith died we had shit storm on the AOL channels because of one (1) long running query to the (very super new at the time) video site. I could pinpoint big news days on the historical traffic graphs.

  • lindsayrose13 Lindsay (@lindsayrose13) reported

    My first AOL screenname was PUkobesgirl13 (PU = Placer United soccer) until my dad told me it looked like "puke obese girl" and my Sac Kings loyalty grew. So sad for his wife and four daughters, including one only 7 months 😭😭 Horrible!!! R.I.P #BlackMamba

  • Ayotrav_ Travis Shypell 🇳🇬 (@Ayotrav_) reported from Gainesville, Florida

    Damn @aol just confirmed it 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 #ripkobe

  • bigo206509 OSCAR (@bigo206509) reported

    Unbelievable. Was an honor to watch his whole carrer. From reading his scouting report on AOL sports in 94-95 calling him the next Jordan. I wanted so bad for him to be a Laker. Devastating. RIP Kobe.

  • Truly_Defective Andrew is the No. 1 Candy Baby (@Truly_Defective) reported

    TMZ get this sort of shit right all the time. I’m just saying, don’t put aOl your hopes in a debunking.

  • DunstanShgon Shgon Dunstan (@DunstanShgon) reported

    @thedustywheel Possible, but the Forskaen and the AoL never really seemed all that knowledgeable of "magic" to me. AoLers disbelieved the Horns power for instance, and Aginor didn't even know how many of the Shadowspans abilities worked.

  • uglyflackojodye ‏ًㅤㅤㅤ (@uglyflackojodye) reported from White River Junction, Vermont

    damn i would be aol lmao

  • heather_k96 heather feather (@heather_k96) reported

    @godforbidfate I feel that I’m summerlvr smh. And the worst part is it’s an AIM account...and I also have an AOL account I still regularly check but thank god the important stuff gets sent to my gmail...😅

  • geminibutts 🦝♡Ellen♡🦝 (@geminibutts) reported

    @Elvencloud You you can be saved for having such a damning job ofc. You're practically killing Jesus right now and the only way to save yourself from hell is to fix it so they can comment on aol and Yahoo news