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AOL (America Online) is an internet portal as well as an internet service provider. As an ISP, AOL offers dial up internet through its AOL Advantage plans.

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  • ACMGaSongBird43
    sandra f burk (@ACMGaSongBird43) reported

    @ms_defied @rcjhawk86 Blacks got their own AOL, OWN Businesses own this that and the other and now they want it ALL. All Judges are black w white Baliffs except for the left over midgets I've never watched. Every frame has a black in it like a 'white' gathering of 100 with one black couple there? GAG

  • doctorsynth
    DoctorSynth (@doctorsynth) reported

    @TrueFactsStated Hillary used a private server to avoid FOIA requests - that was bad. Pence used AOL because he’s an out of touch dummy — still bad though because State IT couldn’t make backups. Pence was not a federal employee at the time, so different laws apply - but unethical in both cases.

  • txnxdx
    —taylor (@txnxdx) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp i am locked out of my acc & stressed. i emailed in on thursday- from my business email- with full details of the issue and the only response i got was a customer experience survey on friday. i understand from your bio that you can't really help with password/account issues ):

  • txnxdx
    —taylor🌈 (@txnxdx) reported

    if you have an aol email, i suggest just doing yourself a favor & deleting it. besides the fact that something's always wrong with the website, the customer service is extremely slow & unhelpful.

  • GrowMap
    Gail Gardner (@GrowMap) reported

    @aparnark30 @zoom_us I'm talking to Zoom, but that really isn't a workable solution. I wonder if any other chat solutions still exist (Yahoo! Messenger, AOL Messenger, anything like that?)

  • beastOburden23
    Aarrghh! (@beastOburden23) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp is there an issue logging into aol mail today? Keep getting “can’t connect to server.

  • da_meikle
    Baghdad Dave (@da_meikle) reported

    @STACEY_SCHAEKEN Where do all the digits go? Those poor little 0's and 1's. Do they hang out with aol & MySpace lost digits?

  • Yojimbo615
    Michael (@Yojimbo615) reported

    @StewMcDizzy @avillanueva3rd @darrenrovell So you grew up in a time where social media wasn't, and AOL is dead so no proof there. Good for you, you beat the courts on circumstantial evidence not on innocence of never doing it...good job.

  • KSHamrick
    Karen Hamrick (@KSHamrick) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp Now Outlook and Android email app are sending and receiving. I just it's magic. I've done all that deleting and adding before when I've had this problem in the past, and it didn't help. I still think that @AOL is not acknowledging outages or other problems.

  • DigitalNomadInv
    DigitalNomadInvestor (@DigitalNomadInv) reported

    @douglaskphoto @BGIradji @APompliano Yeah, um, no. BTC is too slow to transfer, controlled by four Chinese miners, and too expensive to use. It will be a nostalgia crypto, like AOL is to the current internet landscape. You'll be saying "Remember when we thought BTC was so cool?" and then you'll have a good chuckle.

  • doG_the_nrU
    Urn or Jimmy Pe$to Jr. (@doG_the_nrU) reported

    I want my aol days back... before shit got weird... actually the internet might be the blame for that

  • KSHamrick
    Karen Hamrick (@KSHamrick) reported

    @verizon @VerizonSupport Why did you stick your internet customers with horrible @AOL email? Aol email outage - 2nd one this weekend. Washington, DC. Instead of addressing the outage, @aolmailhelp just says to check settings.

  • KSHamrick
    Karen Hamrick (@KSHamrick) reported

    @AOL @aolmail @aolmailhelp aol email outage - After my email was out for 12 hours yesterday, I finally got email service back, and not it's out again. Don't bother suggesting that I check settings--all my setting are current and correct. Washington, DC.

  • chrisbliss_solu
    amrish penshanwar (@chrisbliss_solu) reported


  • NastyWoman1008
    NJN (@NastyWoman1008) reported

    Yeah - 'Dense' Pence used his personal AOL email account and got hacked. Duh. So Mike set up a new email account ... on AOL. What a fucking idiot!

    Panda (@SIDNIIE) reported

    @AlanPattersonMD @acog @ACOGAction @Bayer @AOL Unbelievable. What's too bad is thousands of women's lives have been destroyed.

  • WinglessRobin
    Terren (@WinglessRobin) reported

    "Pfft. You've never heard of herpes?" She clicked her tongue. So innocent. "Hermes is a terrible name. He really should've picked a better one. So he like what, helps with stuff like aol or Yahoo?"

  • we_locusts
    A Friendly Slacker (@we_locusts) reported

    @cow_surfin @torpedobeats @demonicalien666 @theultrahand @punksandwitch @xenogoth @nutslings @FendersonGote @jimmy_cromwell @MDingwick @hasya23 @NarchoVig @808sNdMindbreak @makeitsnowondem @snakegirlV2 @INeverLogOff @koalalampour @YVNGCRACKDEALER @SuperEur0beat @MuskYutaniCorp @Star_Commune @shotaconmunism @played_straight @supaessjaydub @DanielxXxGarcia @laurelai_bailey @Manateejay @marxismcat1 @eczech2 @dagotron @_VolvicWater @ashleypissdale @Bigheals @BonusEruptus @36placebo @subtlpalindrome @Skotchamo @BenIsYourHero @thesportsjunk @PizzaGateLibya @Dwavenhobble @TheHojer @dickbutt_2020 @aSinister @ConcernedLeft @WhateverOprah @JABinjail @Justin_Case333 @Husaria @vonhonkington The problem with hellthread is the urtag. You were tagged in it before twitter ever existed (heck, even before AOL chatrooms). So you can't untag but are only able to reaffirm the originary urtag.

  • blazedgeek
    blazedgeek (@blazedgeek) reported

    @LouCypher17 Hey its ok Lou sometimes our anger gets the best of us. Have you tried emailing AOL support?

  • LouCypher17
    Lou (@LouCypher17) reported

    @blazedgeek Hello again, "BlazedGeek"! I'm having trouble accessing the service. I've gotten a little angry and really upset my wife and my Jack Russel Terrier "Barry". I am a very even keeled guy and hate acting out in anger. I may mention this in my letter to AOL! -Lou

  • LouCypher17
    Lou (@LouCypher17) reported

    @blazedgeek Hello, "blazedgeek" I just "ReTweeted" this as a token of my appreciation. Very kind of you! I am FED UP with AOL's customer service and am contemplating sending them a letter via the US Postal Service. -Lou

  • tammy_claiborne
    Tammy Claiborne (@tammy_claiborne) reported

    @AlanPattersonMD @acog @ACOGAction @Bayer @AOL @AlanPattersonMD I would love to show you what has happened to me after having the #essure device implanted!! 37K other women with similar issues can tell you their horror stories!! Would you feel comfortable implanting your patients and watching them deteriorate and not know why

  • LouCypher17
    Lou (@LouCypher17) reported

    Hello? Hello? My name is "Lou" is there anyone that can help me with this website? I can post my AOL email account if that helps. Thanks in advance, "Lou" -Lou

  • ckrishna
    ckrishna (@ckrishna) reported

    @AlanShipnuck Most shocking part of this article - Bamberger can be reached at an AOL email address?? WTF, it’s 2018.

  • loon
    loon (@loon) reported

    @jilljubs It was a good time of rooting Solaris boxes all over the world and trolling the shit out of AOL ...

  • BrickRubin
    my stummy hurt (@BrickRubin) reported

    @BobbyDieMond Fax, shit was established in the AOL days

  • AprilsCurse16
    Nat (@AprilsCurse16) reported

    @DavidSouthern_ I’m dyiing AOL damn old man I’m better off writing a letter.

    Joey Timmons (@JTX_LOBO) reported

    @TheLoboLair @peaceseller Make a website with a trackable goal. 2 million dollars. Make it easy to donate and see the progress. Donating should be easy like GoFundMe. The lobo club site is terrible. Unmtickets site is terrible (1998 AOL level technology).

  • truthbwithyou
    MaytheTruthbewithyou (@truthbwithyou) reported

    @JennMGreenberg That’s hilarious and awful. Did you remember slingo on AOL? Did you grow up in the OPC? Sorry for the random questions!

  • netscapenow
    Colm (@netscapenow) reported


  • SeanTAllen
    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (@SeanTAllen) reported

    @jilljubs never had AOL. had AIM and I aint never telling any of those names.

  • addiction82
    p hill (@addiction82) reported

    @Gray_DM @RoyCalbeck @The_RunicKnight @unmundig @AcidOverlord Not blocked but I agree disagree. I just see this as nothing more then the same shit I have pushed back in whatever way I can. Allowing it to continue no matter what side does it just hurts everyone. I know for a fact the AOL chatroom logs and backups are long gone for my youth.

  • KSHamrick
    Karen Hamrick (@KSHamrick) reported

    @aol outage, Washington, DC, 2+ hours

  • CaptPat48
    Patrick Phillips (@CaptPat48) reported

    I’m referring to how you screwed your customers when you got out of email business & migrated our accounts to AOL... will be moving soon & won’t be transferring your service because of this...

  • MCEmile15
    Mark Emile (@MCEmile15) reported

    @TylerIAm You mean to tell me you never lied about your a/s/l in an AOL chat room? Lies I say!

  • danepaws
    danepaws (@danepaws) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp My POP Mail isn’t working on my phone or computer. I’m in Maryland. Is there an outage?

  • royhoward11
    roy howard (@royhoward11) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp I am a 20 years+ AOL customer. In all that time my router has not been upgraded. I am now losing internet connection several times a day. It's proving extremely annoying, causing more and more problems. How do I get a new router, or do I have to go to a new ISP?

  • Naisby
    Alex (@Naisby) reported

    @AOL 2months since GDPR and after numerous emails to your customer service including passport and driving license copies you still can’t reactivate his account despite this being an error on your part #aolfail #scaredoldman #agistpolicy #badcustomerexperience

  • VinceTaglia
    Vince Taglia (@VinceTaglia) reported

    @UberShouts It isn't a vintage email account unless you are still paying for AOL. Get outa here with that weak shit

  • arsehole77
    Not Mine🐧 (@arsehole77) reported

    I checked for an AOL address, but I guess Hotmail is just as bad.

  • donholley0
    Authentic Don Holley™ (@donholley0) reported

    @wittwitbarista I never got it. I was on AOL.

  • dances
    Jawn Whosmansdes (@dances) reported

    @DavidLaSoul IF ANYBODY HAD MY RAPS FROM AOL CHAT ROOMS OR ANYTHING shit if anybody had the hollerboard MY LIFE WOULD BE A HELL

  • Kwhits1one
    TWK (@Kwhits1one) reported

    @HuffPost Businesses go out of business ONE customer at a time! AOL was on top with “You’ve got mail” Now do they still exist? Lost all their business ONE customer at a time. Why would you fire him? He was probably the only black employee you had at the store. #HomeDepot

  • JohnDawkinsEsq
    John Dawkins (@JohnDawkinsEsq) reported

    Twitter is the AOL message boards of the new era. Just a lot of shit talk and little substance.

  • _Dan_Ryan
    Dan Ryan (@_Dan_Ryan) reported

    @rortensie70 The only good thing about email moving to the cloud is I now get an inbox capacity that's not stuck in 1995. Other than that its slow as 1995 AOL.

  • __usernotfound_
    ctrl+shift+c:rosebud (@__usernotfound_) reported

    I will never get to walk into my grandparents' home to find my grandma trying to recover her forgotten AOL & Amazon passwords ever again. And that's something that's hard to accept. It's weird, but that was normal life. I'll never get normal life with her again. Or life at all.

  • NeoWestchester
    Bob Clark (@NeoWestchester) reported

    @untitleduser @MysteryMason Publicly, privately? Where's the line, I wonder. I don't even remember half the shit I used to chat and PM about on AOL.

  • john_dough55
    john dough (@john_dough55) reported

    @ms_milf Im a yahoo chat guy. Never was into AOL

  • not_MPG13
    MPG13 (@not_MPG13) reported

    @DennisBednarz @iospackixrepo what about support for AOL and MySpace?

  • _palmae
    Palma Edwards (@_palmae) reported

    @birdieglad @AOL @Ireland0828 @abronxchick @veterans_i How awful!