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AOL (America Online) is an internet portal as well as an internet service provider. As an ISP, AOL offers dial up internet through its AOL Advantage plans.

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from Paradise, Luton, Sheffield, Cardiff, Ames, Glenrothes, Hackensack, Warren, Glasgow, Milwaukee, Balham, Saltash, Cabot, London and Brentford.

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  • JonathanHarisFC Jonathan Harris (@JonathanHarisFC) reported

    @gmail @EdwinAsante78 I use to use AOL like 12 years ago. But then when I found out about Gmail and that all my google accounts were in one place I never turned back. GOAT e-mail app.

  • KDtheFullest KDTHEFULLEST (@KDtheFullest) reported

    hi @PlayStation im having an issue resetting my account cause it's been deactivated on AOL can you please help

  • duvallmike michael duvall (@duvallmike) reported

    @asmrglow_ YouTube will go the way of AOL in a few years if they don’t get their shit together.

  • AmberlyPSO Amberly Rothfield (@AmberlyPSO) reported

    Random dm conversation - I guess I am a bit jaded, considering when I first got started... I used to hoard AOL free disks and chat to guys for pay in AOL/Yahoo chat rooms. The hustle was REAL then! *if you do not remember AOL free disks, ... damn it I got old!*

  • pops3284 Coffeemaker Effect (@pops3284) reported from Paradise, Nevada

    @stilldefjeff time warner/aol not keeping wcw under their umbrella was so stupid

  • topquark topquark (@topquark) reported

    In 2019, it's harder to cancel an @nytimes subscription than to cancel an AOL dialup in 1999

  • JulieWalks Julie Bagel (@JulieWalks) reported

    (And yes, I’ve tried to find the deleted email. It’s gone. The AOL deleted mail gremlins ate it.). Oh! And I was told by the @ATT agent that the new line would only be an extra $35/month. Now, if you know me, you know I have a terrible memory. 5/

  • positivelydt positivelydt (@positivelydt) reported

    @ItsAirplaneJane "Neither one is really a super healthy vegetarian option" - nailed it Jane. I think of these "alternative meats" as the AOL and Netscape of browsers. So much better, healthier stuff coming down the road. 5

  • pops3284 Coffeemaker Effect (@pops3284) reported from Paradise, Nevada

    damn shame aol/time warner didnt want wrestling after the merger. WCW Monday nitro should be on to this day

  • SirSkippp the marathon 🏁 (@SirSkippp) reported

    @the_1st_mimzee God the beginning of IT was so bad. I remember how slow AOL was lol

  • WilliamVenomous William "Big T" Larrity (@WilliamVenomous) reported

    @KatzCheer Sometimes I wish I'd never logged on to AOL the first time

  • AdriftSWVA Continuum (@AdriftSWVA) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp I cleared everything, NEVER seen anything like finally just went away, I was afraid I'd been hacked but a full, deep scan showed nothing.

  • disnycrayz Caryn (@disnycrayz) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp I accessed the account about 2 months ago, so it was still active. I called your support team and they told me that since the recovery email address is no longer active, I cannot access the account any longer. Sorry, but I'll be going to gmail from now on. Very disappointed.

  • bannon1975 Kevin McLeod (@bannon1975) reported

    @VodafoneUK We had internet.... For 6 minutes. 6 glorious minutes. Then it died a slow and painful death. I'm currently reminiscing fondly about AOL dial up and wishing we could have that level of internet. #Vodafonedown

  • disnycrayz Caryn (@disnycrayz) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp I am trying to access my email account but mail is telling me that it needs to verify me due to odd activity. The only verification on the account is an email address that is no longer active. I cannot get the code to access the account. UN: bythebooknj1 Help!

  • theresaerika_ Theresa (@theresaerika_) reported

    I still use an aol email address ahaha it’s hard for me to let shit go 😂

  • TheBogHawk BogHawk (@TheBogHawk) reported

    @JamieMoranUK Yes it was awesome lol i used to sneak downstairs to get on the family cpu at 6am and would get busted by the whole aol stupid crap lol

  • Books_n_Crochet BNC (@Books_n_Crochet) reported

    @AOL [2] tragic! Way to spread the stereotype that being different must be the worst thing ever. Stop spreading discord!

  • GoddessNeo ⚰️Ghoulia Grave-Roberts⚰️ (@GoddessNeo) reported

    @Tw33ky_NSFW See, I don't mind that. I'm so old that I lost my "cyber virginity" back in an AOL chatroom in the mid-to-late 90's. I was TERRIBLE and thankfully my partner was kind enough to sort of be a lewd senpai to me and teach the proper ways to cyber

  • drnasrine nasrine (@drnasrine) reported

    Please @aol I need my access to my data (old emails) I have been trying for years #legal issues at hand #IP and I realize I need to pay or whatever but you gotta give me access!

  • fearless10 fearless10 (@fearless10) reported

    the flag and the USA doesn't stand for capitalism, its just one country that still uses it, like AOL... the worst platform out there

  • brownielovereal PBS SPECIAL: A Tun’d in World (@brownielovereal) reported

    If she never grabbed an AOL Internet trial disc, she’s too young for you bro

  • lumpy_dory Wan Ebbulience (@lumpy_dory) reported

    Google Voice is ******* dum as shite sometimes, I use it to communicate with my students and the shit is so routinely frustrating and just craps out on me when I'm in the middle of sending 25 separate individual msgs like smh i could send these way faster if i was using AOL

  • AllenYork IG: HomelessMillionaire (@AllenYork) reported

    @djyounglegend That shit look like a 99 Aol message board

  • salik Salik Shah (@salik) reported

    "I don’t know how you fix [Yahoo/AOL]. This is my first publishing gig. I’ve never been a publisher before and I think we, out of arrogance or whatever you have when you run things, I showed up and thought this was going to be an easy thing to fix.

  • TonyYoull TY I 92 (@TonyYoull) reported

    LITERALLY THE NEXT FIGHT Opponent has 256k AOL dial up, game lags at the start, comes back and I'm in a health event. FIX YOUR SHIT

  • scrottie Scott Walters (@scrottie) reported

    @LumpyLouish Sorry. I don't know what came over me there. I guess my AOL was acting up. Seriously tho I unmapped my caps key so I had to hold down shift with my pinkies to do that. Being old and cranky is hard work.

  • TravisSMcClain Travis S. McClain, Dilettante and Raconteur (@TravisSMcClain) reported

    @gmail @AOL Look, I clearly hadn't updated the @AOL account. That's on me, I get it. But having such an asinine system that requires you to email support from the account you're locked out of is a [redacted] [redacted] with a [redacted] on top.

  • myjourneymyself Me, Myself & I 🇺🇸 (@myjourneymyself) reported

    @clovis1931 @AOL Exactly. This can never happen again. 😡

  • TravisSMcClain Travis S. McClain, Dilettante and Raconteur (@TravisSMcClain) reported

    @gmail @AOL The "help" page from @AOL is brilliant, too. If you want to chat with someone, you need a premium account. If you want to email someone, YOU HAVE TO DO IT FROM YOUR AOL ACCOUNT. Their next best answer is, "Make a new account." Well, I could, but THAT DOESN'T HELP WITH @Gmail.

  • djkieraw 7*GeneraloftheArmies. (@djkieraw) reported

    slow internet or slow processor idk but either way... youd think i had more patience growing up with aol and dial up.... but when youve worked for companies and their internet is crazy fast.

  • Vicki_243 Victoria Martin (@Vicki_243) reported

    @nomes3112 That’s horrible :( You should get your money back if you’re AOL protected and then you can rebook with another airline as soon as you get the refund

  • wanyinbot Jiang Cheng (@wanyinbot) reported

    Jin Ling. Come help me guess Wei Wuxian's AOL password

  • adamharkins Harkins the herald angels sing (@adamharkins) reported

    It has since largely done itself little service. I still believe the platonic ideal here is better than most alternatives. FB still seems like a 15% better AOL

  • YDSA_ECU YDSA at ECU (@YDSA_ECU) reported

    @_Credible_Hulk >implying aol isn't the glorious email service of the vanguard

  • beardedlegend bearded legend (@beardedlegend) reported

    I really do miss the days when going on the internet was like a whole event. Getting on AOL for an hour (if even) so you didn't hold the phone line up too long, eager to hear that "you've got mail" notification to see what friend or crush from school sent you some dumbass shit

  • BickleKun Bickle bork (@BickleKun) reported

    @XboxQwik AppleTV will only succeed due to captive audience. The excl content is awful. Disney will succeed because it’s Disney and now owns 1/2 of Hollywood. Mark my words, t AT&T WB buy will go abt as well as the AOL merger. They’re destroying HBO creative, and it’s already imploding

  • AdriftSWVA Continuum (@AdriftSWVA) reported

    @AOL is aol mail down, it says my account is deactivated due to inactivity but I've been in it today.

  • Yami_sha1 Yasmeen ✨🌹 ياسمين (@Yami_sha1) reported

    @skylineghosts I NEVER HEARD ABOUT THAT I just looked it up and I... I'm very excited if this happens. It's Inti Creates... If Grezzo gets to make an LA remake, Inti Creates should be able to make an AOL remake as well 😌

  • allytogoodimage Patience (@allytogoodimage) reported

    @fenmori Some /vr/ guys and I tried to make one a few years ago. It was gonna have a Kid Dracula review, kusoge ("shit games") section, an old Commodore64 WW2 Bomber micromanagement game, and a subversive review of Zelda AoL. Sadly it folded over disagreements on direction/audience.

  • livewire3791 🇨🇦Canadian Eh!🇨🇦 (@livewire3791) reported

    @JeannieG40 I heard all they have down there is dialup and aol instant messenger

  • PollyandAndy Polly & Andy (@PollyandAndy) reported

    @MrsDeise 390!!! Holy shit. Orla did we work with him in AOL. I’m convinced of it.

  • inf1nitecha0s .allisøn (@inf1nitecha0s) reported

    @supershayne my old aim address is tied to my fb, and i remember i had to keep changing my password because i had too many different aim accounts and couldn't remember them all, so now whenever fb sends me a receipt/email, i have to go to aol and signin w password 'yousuckcock'

  • Drewsefer89 Drew Tynan (@Drewsefer89) reported

    @BeatemupsWood @badatgaminggrl @ShawnLong85 I never realized the 85 in RGT85 was his friggen birth year. Man he really is a product from MySpace or actually AOL.

  • baggy_gablino gabrielle (@baggy_gablino) reported

    then waiting by AOL instant messenger for them to get on but they never do... #2009

  • younggyosh yo-sh (@younggyosh) reported

    Im about to make a AOL **** gmail

  • RochelleZhane Zhanè 💕 (@RochelleZhane) reported

    These old shows be having me crying g. They be on AOL & shit with them big block ass computers 😭 Getting set up like a mf

  • ANBMJB Nancy (@ANBMJB) reported

    @joannbowlin05 @AOL I seriously think he needs help from those who care about him

  • EmeraldFire1967 EmeraldFire, Queen of Nothing Special. 👑 (@EmeraldFire1967) reported

    @xrey1 @macruadhi Verizon sucks.... But AOL email is cool, I've had my AOL email address since around 1995....

  • JayDee1 JayDee1 (@JayDee1) reported

    @RRRawlings Hit me up on my aol email address...on file with your main business contact page....where you send e mails to customers service

  • odungareh Kate Odunga (@odungareh) reported

    ******** is this bullshit. Aol.

  • 3yma_x AH (@3yma_x) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp It keeps saying enter valid email address for alternative email address and the email account I'm trying to get help with. The alternative email address is still in use so should be acceptable.

  • Fight4Fairness Fight for Fairness #F4F (@Fight4Fairness) reported

    @birdieglad @AOL @_palmae @Ireland0828 @pannlewis44 @KelliSmith15 @veterans_i Oh, damn. This just got real.

  • Acidsmooth J. Austin Graham (@Acidsmooth) reported

    There is a reason all the marxists eventually block me. It’s the same reason I used to get banned from Christian chat rooms on AOL. I know how to tear down dogma.

  • bowseratediddy Snap, Crackle, Pop (@bowseratediddy) reported

    @marcelinesteeI @kunikoisrel Ahh yes. I still remember, with bike riding in my mouth, being 13 in AOL chatrooms with middle aged men trying to groom me. Luckily, I was smart enough to do no more than chat. Devil's Advocate though: I learned the manipulations men try and I didn't fall for that shit in RL.

  • offstage_news 😭🙏🦑🔑🍷 (@offstage_news) reported

    @savetheOApls @hannah_syzygy @Random_Reynolds @clairekiechel haha, the first thought which came to my mind was: "we won't go there", as if the OA is a bad thing. (makes OA sound like an absence of leave abbreviation: AOL) Just then I got it, that you meant: "We wont go! OA!" Still I think it's a good tag, cause this impression lasts once.

  • nancylasocki Nancy (@nancylasocki) reported

    I met my hub on aol 40s love chatroom. He in Illinois me in Indiana so we planned to meet.I had no clue what he looked like but he saw my pic. The restaurant we were to meet in parking lot & I pull up & the bldg was knocked down😩he was to be in white truck & me in mom mini van

  • rebelgabe Bushido Brown (@rebelgabe) reported

    AOL IM Was the shit

  • boomerpanicbot BoomerPanicBot (@boomerpanicbot) reported

    Help! Millennials Tyrannized My AOL !

  • the_ktbug katie (@the_ktbug) reported from Warren, Michigan

    @zoolegs 1. Told someone I was from Michigan and that the weather here was nice. 2. Called someone an *******. Both times I tried to lie and tell my grandma I didn't do it and both times AOL ratted me out with the receipts.