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AOL (America Online) is an internet portal as well as an internet service provider. As an ISP, AOL offers dial up internet through its AOL Advantage plans.

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  • ▪ E-mail (90.97%)
  • ▪ Internet (5.66%)
  • ▪ Total Blackout (2.65%)
  • ▪ Phone (.53%)
  • ▪ Wi-fi (.18%)

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  • PeteRFNY
    Pete Sayek (@PeteRFNY) reported

    @elisabethlehem Imagine if this kid had ever tried to cancel AOL or a gym membership back in the 90s. #MediaHogg

  • peted22082900
    pd (@peted22082900) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp oh dear . as i feared. they couldn't help at all! replied from a US email, with US phone no. . +they didn't have access to aol accounts from that 'forum' . what a ridiculous carry on . disgusting customer "support"! if only i cd click 'forgotten password' on website .but can't

  • YardleyShooting
    Mike Yardley (@YardleyShooting) reported

    @TalkTalk A week ago last Friday, my TalkTalk internet connection went down for the day again... today problems with AOL email... again. From a customer point of view it's beyond frustrating. Then, as I was cut off again this morning, an AOL telephone rep told me AOL was not for business..

  • TalkTalk
    TalkTalk (@TalkTalk) reported

    @YardleyShooting AOL email isn't associated with TalkTalk, Mike. If you need help with an AOL email address please contact their support teams.

  • YardleyShooting
    Mike Yardley (@YardleyShooting) reported

    So fed up with AOL/TalkTalk I've has so many problems with their services. Why should one waste one's life phoning their call centres and spending hours on the phone. It's intolerable. Sort your systems out. @AOL @AOLSupportHelp @AOLNews @AOL_inc @TalkTalk

  • willbradley
    William O'Brolachán (@willbradley) reported

    @JoolzDenby @RGod8855 @the5thColumnist @timberners_lee It's a pain to switch but remember these are the same people who we thought would never get off AOL. Give them credit. Give them something worth signing up for.

  • YardleyShooting
    Mike Yardley (@YardleyShooting) reported

    For the second time in 10 days my AOL email has fallen over. This service just does not work properly and I am thoroughly fed up with all the continuing problems. I cannot open my email - again. My business has stopped. @AOL @AOLSupportHelp @talktalk

  • SaraJanePonting
    Spidergirl (@SaraJanePonting) reported

    @AOL_inc @AOLSupportHelp terrible security and customer service, no support when my account was hacked

  • SaraJanePonting
    Spidergirl (@SaraJanePonting) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp worst customer service, I was hacked and I got rude and unhelpful service

  • utterlybutterly
    DT (@utterlybutterly) reported

    @fgautier26 Francois Gautiers stupid comment about people(Hindus) who do not oppose Amir Khan playing Krishna's role in some two bit movie are abandoning their religion and embarrassing Islam. Coming from an author and an AoL teacher this was the funniest logic ever read.

  • mewantf00d
    Girth Brooks (@mewantf00d) reported

    Anytime I see something with AOL I can't help but to lol.

  • yamthatiam
    Matthew Brown (@yamthatiam) reported

    @steaks @anildash I didn't have AOL, so no. I can remember being pissed off that I couldn't access "exclusive AOL content" for some comics that I was reading in the UK. That's probably when I decided that walled gardens were bad.

  • JaneJnthom467
    Jane Thompson (@JaneJnthom467) reported

    AOL. Shame on you for showing a turtle being Abused! That was Sick! AOL. needs HELP!

  • bgappl07
    bgappl07 (@bgappl07) reported

    @tmshelfer Mine is so slow that I get those circles with the points coming out that I haven’t seen since the beginning days of AOL it was speed tested as well it’s ridiculous

  • BunBunMoi
    🌺MiMi🌺 (@BunBunMoi) reported

    @MDGirlLovesFall @wontchathink @JimCarrey Remember when you called AOL to try and cancel? And it was like trying to escape a damn cult !?!

  • implee
    🖤ӿᴩᴪ.ᴐo🖤 (@implee) reported from Tambon Bot, Chang Wat Nakhon Ratchasima

    @punksafetypins @CoachBourbonUSA @Chairman_kitteh @darealava_ @anticrisis73 @ItalianOranges @datderegopher @baethiest @lovelulz @WooBennyNMU @CockuulousRipht @Muuurrrrr @BotLowkey @EpicSashimi @Xu0ut @canadianglen @EmperorPing you bet - internet circa like 95 or some shit, that shit was one of my bookmarked / goto websites back in the day of AOL n such

  • JayBush2
    Jay Bush (@JayBush2) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp why are we being charged $4.99 for service we do not want?

  • nomakeupmetria
    Amanda (@nomakeupmetria) reported

    @lil_skyscraper_ I remember going into the aol group chats it was real bad

  • seriouslyfit
    Sandy (@seriouslyfit) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp do not let techs from AOL take control of your computer they do not know what they are doing @seriouslyfit my computer went from bad to worse Apple does not know what they did!

  • RandomChick75
    Kelsee Ellis (@RandomChick75) reported

    Damn I remember AOL #damnimold #911onFOX @911onFOX

  • AlbaMac77
    Allan MacBitcoin (@AlbaMac77) reported

    Twitter bans #Crypto ads yet keeps allowing companies to spam Me with paid ads asking me to fill out surveys or read books for $5 a time... This is the type of shit you used to see back when AOL was your main ISP.. no thanks Jack.

  • hclinefelter
    Heidi N. Clinefelter (@hclinefelter) reported

    @CatsAreLoud @stopautopreview @netflix @Netflixhelps Thank God! I forgot all about the people who warned me of auto preview, for a new preview on *everything* auto preview is the rudest thing since AOL Messenger. The worst!

  • tobyhill1234
    TobyHill1234 (@tobyhill1234) reported

    @JTSantucci @ABC Mueller is so freaking stupid he called IT to find out where to insert the floppy disk. He wasn't sure his internet was working because when he clicked on AOL he didn't hear "you got mail".

  • RepublicanGold
    Conservative Candor (@RepublicanGold) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp Yes, I am able to login. I have tested that and even changed the password of my AOL account and still an unable to configure the email address through the Blackberry.

  • DustinMartian
    mr. marshall (@DustinMartian) reported

    i’ve been flooding prodigy, AOL chatrooms, myspace, facebook, twitter, tumblr, instagram, peach, every dumb app that comes out, flooding the internet with podcasts and total garbage for decades so it’s beyond annoying to even try and go thru my shit.

  • LawrenceHughes
    Lawrence Stern (@LawrenceHughes) reported

    @aolmail not working on Chrome right now

  • catz1123
    AC (@catz1123) reported

    @carlantoine7 @ChadHipHop Pricing not bad? It's free... I saw more value in the lemonade stand they had at the NRF. Let's take an Atari type game and code it for your company's site so we can track people's email. I'm surprised I didn't get a swag bag with an AOL CD.

  • ArmyMongoose
    Mongoose Army (@ArmyMongoose) reported

    @laura_e_chap @AOL @slpng_giants Please don't support hate.

  • Geo_Kazan
    George Kazanjian (@Geo_Kazan) reported

    @SteveCase I'll never forget when you @SteveCase address the problem with AOL. I was so impressed I bought AOL. I use you as an example to this day.

  • Hank007a
    Henry Murphy (@Hank007a) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp AOL chat rooms r not working well. Many people take hours before they can log on. Others get kicked off just as easy. Last few times i loged on the chat, the opening screen had windows in it but nothing on the windows, for several minutes.

  • GriecoVin
    Vin Grieco (@GriecoVin) reported

    @lrozen Oh, for fuck's sake, can you imagine one of Mueller's cybercrime experts asking Gates and Manafort about COMPUTERS? "No, goddamnit, I don't mean the faxes about PDFs you morons were sending each other, and for the last fucking time NO THIS IS NOT "LIKE AOL," ok?"

  • jeffool
    Jeffool (@jeffool) reported

    @thedangerface The Internet was always a public pool with a hefty amount of piss and shit... But in its infancy, only the children went into the deep end. The adults stayed in the shallows of AOL and CompuServe.

  • peted22082900
    pd (@peted22082900) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp i sent tweet as unable to sign in - can't get a 'forgot password' link or follow links to any 'articles' . please could you send a human reply. i'm in the UK . i trust that in addition to an automated msg u can please get someone to help me. pls understand,

  • DylanWaller
    Dylan (@DylanWaller) reported

    @That1Polly My parents pay $10 a month for an aol address sans any other service. the same one I made up when I was about 14. I've tried, but they don't like the idea of changing it.

  • peted22082900
    pd (@peted22082900) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp can someone pls tell me how to sign in to email ? haven't checked it for several years. i can't simply click 'forgot password' and reset , some complicated article link appears / why can't this just be straightforward? been going round in circles

  • step1_d
    David Stephens (@step1_d) reported

    @jessewilliamsjw @AOL Idiot who should also be under arrest

  • mosspuppet
    Walt Mosspuppet (@mosspuppet) reported

    @Glutzie @thurrott I don't recall having everyone I know connected to AOL all day, every day, and for all major sites integrating with AOL's non-existent login system.

  • Glutzie
    Mike G (@Glutzie) reported

    @mosspuppet @thurrott So you can't go on the internet without Facebook? They are the aol of today. I never loaded that without issue

  • 2FBS
    Grumplestiltskin (@2FBS) reported

    @colinfry666 I remember sitting in on a talk by the CEO of AOL when adsl 1 had just kicked off and he said there would never be a need for speeds faster than 512/128k.... And look at AOL now.

  • sleepyhallowni1
    Brand😃on Pitt♨man (@sleepyhallowni1) reported

    @NASAHubble @Space_Station @Astro_Feustel I'm not shure but over the head might be bad even for an aasternout. I'm talking about all the info above the picture Hello AOL

  • smh_999
    Lizard42K (@smh_999) reported

    I actually hope this is the beginning of the end for Facebook. Too much data, too much integration, too much power. If you're saying to yourself 'it'll never happen!' ... MySpace, AOL, ICQ...etc. #DeleteFacebook

  • KnutsonKenny
    Kenny Knutson (@KnutsonKenny) reported

    @aolmail you haven’t helped me understand what’s going on with my email. I convinced the problem is on your end !!! I deleted my account and then tried to add it again on my iPhone using my email and password (which works on your web page) and i just keep getting the same error

  • destroythismsg
    Cameron Donahue (@destroythismsg) reported

    "According to a Disney spokesperson (in response to then recent AOL - Time Warner merger), 85% of AOL users never leave AOL territory; according to The Economist, almost 40% of the time Americans spend on the Web is within the confines of AOL's walled garden." [email protected]

  • maseditor
    Melissa Ann Singer (@maseditor) reported

    mom's current email provider is AOL (was Verizon until an AOL takeover). currently mom can't send email at all and isn't getting everything sent to her. AOL doesn't provide any free support. mom is 85 & isn't going to pay for tech support.

  • PaulBieganski
    Paul Bieganski (@PaulBieganski) reported

    @ezraklein @mattyglesias Not all - for many young people FB is the new AOL. Flip the model and make it truly a public utility - share revenue with users (they are the product after all). In order to be paid users get verified as humans (solves the bot problem).

  • beccas1434
    BeccaLynn (@beccas1434) reported

    @cubfansince76 @Kokomothegreat @txgalresist99 @AlwaysMe_84 @jwheels74 @WhyThisFuckery @Areopagitica1 @KevasRobert @DebAdadj71 @Nottoofondofyou @WuckieDuck @PhyllisMarion7 @srmduke87 @Fk__45 @boogykas @MamaRose2017 @grammaTam52 @heretical_1 @randallpink17 @akeblay Holy crap i havent seen that since i had to use aol.....

  • KnutsonKenny
    Kenny Knutson (@KnutsonKenny) reported

    @aolmail I haven’t changed my user name or password but this error message keeps coming up and I’m unable to send emails now from my iPhone. What’s up?? How do I fix this

  • ChucklesMontana
    Charlie Shain (@ChucklesMontana) reported

    @WalshFreedom Have you spent any time wondering about Mike Pence’s email practices? Because the last I checked, he used his AOL account for official correspondence while governor of Indiana, including for homeland security issues.

  • ABCBTom

    I was on AOL and leapt to like, daily kos and heard about 4chan as an adult. I missed a lot of the awful.

  • sysOFsys
    System of Systems (@sysOFsys) reported

    Network Solutions is such crap. They've designed their interface to make it difficult to end services. What is "Site Lock" and why is my client paying for it? Why can't I end it easily? Such garbage. Shame on #NetworkSolutions. They're the AOL of domain registrars.

  • VVnewds
    Free-Pie fighter👻 (@VVnewds) reported

    @boatboyfiggy @NathanLerner For me the Joke is that he is using AOL, do you get Oregon trail on a floppy when you sign up? Never mind AOL sucks too bad to give you Oregon Trail

  • Damocleansword
    Kingsley (@Damocleansword) reported

    @dgrtgooner Bullshit. Colin Powell had a fucking AOL account he was using, as did Mike Pence. Were they trying to "hide shit?" And unlike the State Department's email server, hers wasn't hacked.

  • itsMeLlama
    ilana (@itsMeLlama) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp Some people have been emailing me and I haven't been receiving them but I receive other emails. Any way to fix this?

  • MilaaNoRookie
    Milaa Imani Rivera 🎨 (@MilaaNoRookie) reported

    I remember Tay was like “ let me see your laptop I got to check my email. “ This nigga pulled up a AOL account. I busted out laughing that old ass shit.

  • xPhoenixShadow
    Joe (@xPhoenixShadow) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp are AOL email services down? I'm getting an error on mobile connectig via IMAP that the certificate information is invalid and I cannot form a secure connection.

  • LASTCOKE1000
    TAMAYO (@LASTCOKE1000) reported


  • jgerity
    James (@jgerity) reported

    @scanlime @Gadgetoid cosmic brain: the AOL keyword system never went away it just became modern DNS

  • LASTCOKE1000
    TAMAYO (@LASTCOKE1000) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp Problems logging in

  • LASTCOKE1000
    TAMAYO (@LASTCOKE1000) reported


  • Tradeosaurus
    Tradeosaurus (@Tradeosaurus) reported

    @XFINITY won't stop sending spam emails to me, but when they remove my auto pay forcing me to have a past due bill they couldn't even bother to tell me. Worst ISP I have ever used and I had AT&T and AOL in my lifetime.