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AOL (America Online) is an internet portal as well as an internet service provider. As an ISP, AOL offers dial up internet through its AOL Advantage plans.

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August 22: Problems at AOL

AOL is having issues since 04:40 AM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from Unadilla, Mason, Stanfordville, Atlanta, Charleston, London, Yorkville, Fort Lauderdale, Montgomery, Ramona, New York City, New Braunfels, Scottsdale, Denver and Littleton.

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  • BNayisha Nayisha B (@BNayisha) reported

    So upset with Google right. My account was hacked and I reached out to them and NO ONE has called or fixed my issue! 🙄🙄🙄🙄 I'm ten seconds from going back to AOL never had such foolery happened there.

  • BNayisha Nayisha B (@BNayisha) reported

    So upset with Google right. My account was hacked and I reached out to them and NO ONE has called it fix my issue! 🙄🙄🙄🙄 ten seconds from going back to AOL never had such foolery happened there.

  • Homicide730 Nelson Johnson (@Homicide730) reported

    @MicheleRoberts9 @AOL Right,and there's many kids doing life sentences at a younger age. I can't stand people making excuses. If they don't know any better then maybe the parent should treat em like a ******* baby and keep a constant eye on them til they " know better ''. Yet wanna talk bout our ppl

  • vitamin_D17 Chinola 🍊✨ (@vitamin_D17) reported

    Oh man the person who called me ugly because of my physical appearance the same person who told me to go look on her page to see her FACE is now trying to switch it up on everyone. Lmaooooo your fun to talk to wow slow as AOL.

  • shockleysmith Sam Hockley-Smith (@shockleysmith) reported

    @mollylambert the only time the internet has ever helped me was when I was 9 and used AOL to ask for help getting through difficult puzzles in King's Quest VI

  • laurenornot yeah i'm cranky (@laurenornot) reported

    never 4get, the creators of #winamp sold it in 1999 for EIGHTY MILLION AMERICAN DOLLARS. and that's not even the punchline. the best part is the buyer was AOL. just imagine that meeting: "WHAT A PURCHASE, AOL'S FUTURE IS SET FOR AT *LEAST* THE NEXT 20 YEARS, PROBABLY" 🤣

  • Ant_campin Anthony Campagna (@Ant_campin) reported

    @Devin_Blom Yeah Ik I’m bouta tell tone to upgrade. Netflix like aol it’s complete shit

  • HanaMichels Hana Michels (@HanaMichels) reported

    @amandadeibert Automated voices. That "if you'd like to make a call, please hang up and try again" voice, the old AOL "you've got email!" etc

  • lindslovesbsb lindsey 🦴 (@lindslovesbsb) reported

    @LindzDDub Oh believe me. Back in the AOL chatroom days I totally thought JC was messaging me. I’d definitely fall for that shit now, too, at that age. Sad.

  • judge_reid Judge Reid (@judge_reid) reported

    @Codi_Vore Sounds like some virgin got upset. One day he will grow up. I mean, who’s stupid enough to use AOL in 2019. That should be the first red flag

  • Skybuster187 Skybuster (@Skybuster187) reported

    @cappymar @AOL If talking shit was a crime in the 80s, I’d still be locked up...

  • msindydee Indy ✊🏽 (@msindydee) reported


  • e_munro Evan Munro (@e_munro) reported

    @RgSoletzky @AOL @POTUS How bout we wait to see what happened. MIGHT be gang related. Cops said it was 2 groups attacking each other. These students were in the crossfire. If it is gang it wouldn’t be a gun problem. It would be a gang problem.

  • LandmanLife Landman Life (@LandmanLife) reported

    Working on a contact list for this charity party (I don’t ask which one anymore…just smile and nod) and I see people with @yahoo emails…ew! Worst mail interface since AOL, which ironically is also on this list…

  • cappymar Cathy (@cappymar) reported

    @HMcfapp @AOL I have no problem with "watching" anyone like that .. of course ... but this young man has been vilified so much on #newsmedia his life can never be normal ... he will never be ok ... it's horrid (if indeed it was just joking)

  • must_devil I Must Be A Devil Worshiper (@must_devil) reported

    @cappymar @AOL Happens in my country to, only ever see kids in the news when it's the shit ones.

  • must_devil I Must Be A Devil Worshiper (@must_devil) reported

    @cappymar @AOL Teenagers are emotional and shit, doesn't make them a threat to anyone.

  • TweetbyAndy Andy (@TweetbyAndy) reported

    It’s happening guys. I’m getting old. I made a joke ablout an AIM screen name and my new teammate said “what is that”. She’s never heard of it. Or seen an AOL logo. Sigh

  • laReverse64 Ido (@laReverse64) reported

    @compound100x You know it is a poor quality analysis when they compare the FANG stocks to AOL and Yahoo.

  • Binraker Tony D (@Binraker) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp Hi can u help me to sign in to my aol account please

  • newspolice1 Jim wetz (@newspolice1) reported

    so what with that AOL Customer Support @AOLSupportHelp i pay my freaking bill every month for their shitty service and can't get an answer for question because for some reason I'm blocked WTF

  • Lord_nosugar lord_nosugar (@Lord_nosugar) reported

    @JannaWilkinso69 @AOL Mmm she that dumb she’s never heard off contraception, That figures she’s as thick as shit....

  • Niurka_Official Nicky (@Niurka_Official) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp what is the email for customer support. Someone is using my credentials in your server . Thank you 🙏

  • underscore_b _B 🎣🐧 (@underscore_b) reported

    Brain: Someone you like made a request. Me: Okay. Brain: You may begin. Me: Okay. Brain: ... Me: Okay. *AOL Dial-up sounds* ... *Draws one line.* "Everything sucks I'm a failure **** everything I'm a disappointment-"

  • jovicat Patty from Napa 🙀 (@jovicat) reported

    @NickBarbella1 Yikes! Verizon has bought yahoo and aol I think...both are crap, but my yahoo is tied with everything....hard to let go.

  • PallasTweet Pallas Tweet (@PallasTweet) reported

    @CharlesMcNulty @Lynnbrooklyn It's like a nasty AOL chatroom on steroids. Bad for the soul.

  • pizzeri16488671 pizzeria (@pizzeri16488671) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp @Rwabigwi Please help me, you’ve deactivated an account of mine and it’s connected to a lot of stuff of mine that I need to get into! Apparently I was inactive too long but I just need you to reenstate the name!

  • barelyamelia Barely Amelia (@barelyamelia) reported

    Seeking fall I have a slow news day already. Verizon buying AOL.

  • wanyinbot Jiang Cheng (@wanyinbot) reported

    Jin Ling. Come help me guess Wei Wuxian's AOL password

  • santa961allen allen mills (@santa961allen) reported

    @AOL What a idiot run fast jump high and be stupid

  • montazer_a Dr A Montazer (@montazer_a) reported

    @KLGLASS2 @nana4MANY @AOL Newt is an IDIOT with a PHD. His thesis was about some stupid topic in Germany and not anything about American culture or history!

  • helloellesutton Elle in NYC (SF Aug, SEA 9/5-8, NSH 11/7-9)❤ (@helloellesutton) reported

    @SteveStevenLA I'll admit, sometimes I miss AOL a was nice having a browser that was also a chat service AND a news service AND everything else 😅

  • MatahariLied fatova (@MatahariLied) reported

    @KLGLASS2 @AOL Bill today has been like a horrible ice cream sunday but it really feels like the moment is at hand ffs! What else is left good God.

  • JoeRandazzo_Sr Joe R. (@JoeRandazzo_Sr) reported

    @KLGLASS2 @AOL Let's put Newt "in context." **** off Newt.

  • KIVERELLl adi | guy #1 (@KIVERELLl) reported

    @DemMelonz3 @peraltafilms BROTHER UR LITERALLY LIKE 4 that shit from aol sorry if ur too young to get the reference

  • theRockLizard Rock Lizard (@theRockLizard) reported

    @KLGLASS2 @AOL Newt Gingrich is an awful person. He left his first wife when she was in the middle of chemotherapy for his mistress , then cheated on her. Most people agree he was the beginning of extreme incivility on Capitol Hill. Do not listen to anything he says. Irrelevant.

  • AmbrizChristine Christine Ambriz (@AmbrizChristine) reported

    @TheWoodyShow 😂😂Sry i just thought it was funny this person never heard of AOL Must be Generation Z thing

  • santa961allen allen mills (@santa961allen) reported

    @AOL Therapist killed Williams with a bad diagnosis and medicine

  • hypnobeast The Hypnotic Beast Podcast 🏳️‍🌈 (@hypnobeast) reported

    Xennial Fur "***** Tail Furs" - Found refuge in AOL chatrooms after being abused for being painfully queer before later coming out in college. Shel Silverstein & Roald Dahl messed with their heads. Never as hip as other furs.Fall leaf on Eternal September.Anxious & soft-spoken.

  • Charles83639920 Charles (@Charles83639920) reported

    @marieclaire @facebook I am so done with your LAME AI banning me for stupid shit. I'm out. Enjoy becoming AOL, and an echo chamber for OLD WHITE MEN. <That would also get you banned.

  • alexisxstetic Alexis Carroll (@alexisxstetic) reported

    @ChaoticJersey Yes! About the same time for me, I think! Wait, maybe earlier because there wasn’t MySpace yet. 🧐🧐🧐 Never AOL chatrooms. Just forums.

  • AaronSBell Aaron Bell (@AaronSBell) reported

    @MagsVisaggs I wish i never watched the show, instead of seeing every episode about 500 times each, to where I was unstoppable in AOL saved by the bell trivia chatrooms.

  • MademoiselleSkw MOMMIANA.Skrew (@MademoiselleSkw) reported

    @All_That_Jas__ @HMG_BIG_MIKE @TweetItHowULive It’s an issue as a WHOLE do what you gone do this ain’t it tho! It’s the same as anything else that’s PRIVATE. My momma about beat the skin off my skeleton bc I came home w/ a C she wasn’t on AOL fax/emailing the footage to people to see it. None of this shit is it. BOTTOM LINE

  • gnnabgib Richie (@gnnabgib) reported

    @eitm had a teacher who made himself available on AIM (AOL instant messenger because I'm old) if we needed help with homework or had questions

  • nachos1162 Jet Edge in 8k Ray tracing HDR (@nachos1162) reported

    @t8styham I'd buy p5 multiple more times on other platforms. However sony is stupid, they could make bank if they asked altus to port p4g to ps4 (and other platforms, but its Sony AOL I'm saying ps4 for now) but nooo they left it to die on a system that sold like garbage cuz 3ds was better

  • royalmiser Vic Damone Jr. (@royalmiser) reported

    If I have kids the shit I’m gonna be able to tell them about is gonna be hilarious...waiting on the internet to load via AOL.....the chicken war of 2019

  • wanyinbot Jiang Cheng (@wanyinbot) reported

    Jin Ling. Come help me guess Wei Wuxian's AOL password

  • peanuttom Tom Hagins (@peanuttom) reported

    @skyred1970 @CrazyCatLadyFL @AOL Thoughts and prayers. Actually, I don't give a shit

  • TennesseeDonkey Classified Tennessee Donkey ™️ (@TennesseeDonkey) reported

    @JimVol75 @LoneNutVolFan I was hacking shit with AOL Dial Up

  • 1fIying fly (@1fIying) reported

    noah literally uses only aol emails wtf

  • Nat_B2304 Natalie (@Nat_B2304) reported

    Need an app like Timehop that pulls up all of the idiot away messages I made from 2002-2008. Conversations would be hilarious too. @AOL

  • EatingKatieOut Eric aka Yara’s dad (@EatingKatieOut) reported

    Don’t get me started on the slow readers fam I remember I read fast and people were laughing at me Like it’s not my fault my brain doesn’t run on AOL like them :)

  • assbott1 assbott (@assbott1) reported

    @Moose_Bigelow Aol wrestling chat rooms (1997) -> irc (1997) -> irc (1997) -> irc (1997) -> something awful (2004) -> twitter (2009, but really full time 2012….

  • oakparkwm Daniel Doyle (@oakparkwm) reported

    @Rick_Ferri @behaviorgap I used to pay for dialup AOL, cell phone time, cell phone data, and long distance by the min/hour. It was terrible. AUM (like democracy) is the worst system, except for everything else.

  • jackcharlt Build-a-Bear Group Operative (@jackcharlt) reported

    @AntonioChavezSN Y’all need to act like this is new. RIAA openly acted like a racket shaking down boomer grandmas who got an aol account. This is just copyright mafia 3.0 . This is how the world is Socio . All mafias

  • david_hoverman David Hoverman (@david_hoverman) reported

    @Machine_Emotion @maxkeiser AOL was once a powerhouse generating millions in revenue, then adjusted their business model accordingly going forward. The problem is these alt coins are going broke because they cannot make a penny after raising millions of dollars off an idea on a white paper.

  • XP420DJ XP_DJ (@XP420DJ) reported

    @TheWeedTube1 The hell uses AOL anymore and Yahoo sucks ever since messenger is deleted

  • aebniala aebniala (@aebniala) reported

    @AOL You never microwave eggs. Read the instructional or cooking booklet... It was your fault..... Good to unfreeze and worm food. Mostly...

  • JFDSFla John DeGregory (@JFDSFla) reported from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    @AOLSupportHelp I had the best technical support person, ever, help me. My Desktop, my tablet, and my phone are all connected to my email again. Two days, but the best guy helped me. We laughed and he was very supportive. Yikes. I get laughed at for still having an @AOL email. All's well.

  • JFDSFla John DeGregory (@JFDSFla) reported from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    @AOL @AOL Fix your service Fix your phones Get off Twitter Help access my account