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AOL (America Online) is an internet portal as well as an internet service provider. As an ISP, AOL offers dial up internet through its AOL Advantage plans.

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  • meralee727
    Meredith Lee (@meralee727) reported

    @HeidiNYC @AOLSupportHelp Deleting and reinstalling doesn’t work....already tried this step a bunch of times. Hopefully AOL fixes this problem soon

  • meralee727
    Meredith Lee (@meralee727) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp @jmw20008 This step doesn’t work, probably shouldn’t advise people to do that as I’ve deleted it and reinstalled it about four times and it’s still not working so hopefully you get it fixed soon

  • WeeWillieK
    Jeff O (@WeeWillieK) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp Fyi, just tried on tablet. At first dropdown "+" for quick find was there. But after sync it disappeared before my eyes. I will give you a chance to fix it first. Please keep me updated.

  • transizuru
    stan rosekira (@transizuru) reported

    someone: this website is so slow >=( me who lived through AOL dial-up: you don't know what slow is

  • chianticonn
    Caryn Rickel (@chianticonn) reported

    @aolmail pls send me link to direct message you my problem

  • gauravlath_19
    Gaurav Lath (@gauravlath_19) reported

    @SumanSh58123278 That's what I told Mam, they r doing their silent work within their limitations, I know VKA is fairly active in Eastern Bihar (Bhagalpur n surrounding areas), Coonch Behar in WB, Assam, Chattisgarh in parts coz of huge Naxal issue, in JH around Ghatshila, there even AoL run..

  • Grndma211
    Beth Najberg (@Grndma211) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp not helpful! Heidi in Philipines can't help, referred to Romanian tech supervisor, not helpful after 1:47. DM me for case number. not happy at all.

  • Grndma211
    Beth Najberg (@Grndma211) reported

    Terrible customer service from AOL! On phne 1:25, still no answer to simple question.

  • 5M23129
    M (@5M23129) reported

    @AngryandAsian @AOL They've NEVER had a replacement plan. They've never had a plan for healthcare for the citizens of this country. Cuz the rich make dividends off Big Pharma and Big Insurance. Hellowwwwww!

  • KevinSaysThings
    Kevin Shively (@KevinSaysThings) reported

    If you weren’t managing a brand’s presence in AOL chatrooms by 1993 **** with that entry level application this shit is for real pros.

  • dixiecrl7
    Carol Murray (@dixiecrl7) reported

    @Colleenr63 @AOL I hear what you're saying & Anita Hill wasn't treated as she should have been but that was so many years ago I don't think Biden should not be considered now as a Pres candidate. I would hate for my horrible mistakes years ago to be held against me now

  • Jedoais
    Jose (@Jedoais) reported

    @coindesk If @coinbase does not add XRP they most certainly will go down in history as the AOL of crypto.

  • PhilipSpratt3
    Philip Spratt (@PhilipSpratt3) reported

    @ABC This is why we VETO BETO he is as stupid as AOL only difference she got elected and he didn't.

  • RosevilleMajdo1
    Roseville Majdoleen (@RosevilleMajdo1) reported

    Approximately 2 million Americans still use AOL’s dial-up internet service. #pizza

  • 52G66
    52JimG66 (@52G66) reported

    I never liked AOL or Yahoo.

  • FactsProfessor
    Facts Professor (@FactsProfessor) reported

    Approximately 2 million Americans still use AOL's dial-up internet service.

  • k31kTV
    🎃 sp8c3k31k 🎃 (@k31kTV) reported

    @MollyMcIsaac i feel bad for all the kids who werent teenagers during the 90s with AOL & IRCQ. blame the internet

  • BGBrigham86
    Brandon (@BGBrigham86) reported

    @mma_bjj_wrestle @elwinter As recent as last year, 2.3M people still paid for AOL... trust me, people will forget to cancel and continue to pay. Maybe not a vast majority but it would be more than you’d think

  • aewierb
    Amanda Wierbowski (@aewierb) reported

    If this were an AOL IM away message, I would write the following right now: It’s a damn cold night tryna figure out this life #Avril

  • MEBrooks3
    M E Brooks (@MEBrooks3) reported

    @sprintcare @sprint it was easier to cancel AOL than it is to cancel Sprint Cell Service.

  • survive_thrive
    U_S_Thrive (@survive_thrive) reported

    @germanICOgroup @SmartContracter I am not tied to projects. But can give you few examples. Google/Facebook were launched after the .com bubble was burst. Many of the .com era stocks like #yahoo #aol never recovered !

  • DaleDedoorknob
    Post Humorous (@DaleDedoorknob) reported from Cameron Airpark Estates, California

    @Contigo131 Yeah AOL is super slow tonight

  • Twidder_Rob
    Troy Robinson (@Twidder_Rob) reported

    @AOL I think I will stick with the original To Kill A Mockingbird movie. Hollywood & directors & actors have run out of new fresh ideas for new movies that have never been made before, so they have to go around & steal old movies & re-make them & live off the proceeds of them. So sad.

  • chianticonn
    Caryn Rickel (@chianticonn) reported

    @DougGollan did your aol link problem get fixed, I am working with them to no avail

  • gellisjr12
    George Ellis Jr (@gellisjr12) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp @chianticonn I’ll get on it and try to replicate the problem

  • gellisjr12
    George Ellis Jr (@gellisjr12) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp @chianticonn No it was not. The problem is actually on my wife’s computer.

  • Pastor_Jill
    Jill Joiner (@Pastor_Jill) reported

    they were too far ahead of there time. Only accepting online only donations and applications. Problem was this was when AOL was king and most of the dial up was for metro areas. One thing I want it to be is disability led and run. Unlike orgs we all know that have boards that do

  • KabrisLite
    Kabris (@KabrisLite) reported

    @blkmoneyDOTcom @GemCrypto @PeterMcCormack I think AOL had 60 day free trial CDs. On the 59th day I would cancel and then sign up again. I got free AOL for over a year until they banned me 😂

  • blkmoneyDOTcom
    Buzz Łitecoin #LTCSpaceTeam (@blkmoneyDOTcom) reported

    @GemCrypto @PeterMcCormack Damn NetZero CDs and AOL Spam mail all the time.

  • 1zaqxsw
    Sue (@1zaqxsw) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp Again. This never ends

  • artisticdream79
    The Artistic Witch Elf (@artisticdream79) reported

    @Rachninjah @SpaceMonkey111 @ABranesample @NSAAtheist Oh damn! AOL CHATROOMS! Blast from the past. I think I was the one that mentioned it to Ciara before.

  • brookeb6279
    brooke b (@brookeb6279) reported

    1. AOL does not respond and doubt they will restore an 8 yr old account. 2. Tumblr support is completely useless. They told me I'd have access to my acct nearly 2 months ago and have done nothing to help since. :) thanks though!

  • ABranesample
    Festimus Branesample (@ABranesample) reported

    @NSAAtheist "New atheists" tend to be angry/hateful little monkeys who are irritated that they've been fooled for as long as we(they) have been. I lashed out like a prick, too. But, it was on AOL and no one remembers that shit. ****, I'm getting old.

  • HeidiNYC
    Heidi (@HeidiNYC) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp email is down again #aol #email #downagain

  • HeidiNYC
    Heidi (@HeidiNYC) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp Mail is down again!

  • HeidiNYC
    Heidi (@HeidiNYC) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp my mail is down again , imap error ! #aolmail #fail #downagain #wtf

  • jgordonshare
    John Gordon (@jgordonshare) reported

    Tried to help elder with Apple ID setup in 2013 on 4s with an AOL address that wasn’t properly verified ...

  • Gogoro7
    Ro (@Gogoro7) reported

    @AOL Seriously because your husband can’t defend himself, he needs a woman to threaten back, OH BROTHER!!! Sit down @KimKardashian

  • TkashasTreasure
    Tracey K. Ammons (@TkashasTreasure) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp Can't remember my password for an old acct. get to the security question & then the name page, but tells me i can't sign in now. plz help!

  • JerkyLeBoeuf
    Jerky LeBoeuf (@JerkyLeBoeuf) reported

    @HowardxBloom You REALLY need to move away from AOL, sir! Try @ProtonMail! Free encrypted PRIVATE online email service.

  • LadyCecilyNevil
    Lady Cecily Neville (@LadyCecilyNevil) reported

    @whatmegwore @AOL She doesn't have a bad look.

  • Iamtochi_
    BŁÅÇK KĪŃG 🤴🏿 (@Iamtochi_) reported

    @AOL support handle pls

  • Cyn____
    Cyn____ (@Cyn____) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp 27 hours down....

  • Bingelish
    Bridgette (@Bingelish) reported

    @calvinstowell Agreed because I’m an @nsync fan and all I ever did was argue with bsb fans over who was the better group in aol chat rooms lol. It never got personal. I don’t understand how we got here.

  • Cizzurp215
    Drake Type Tweets (@Cizzurp215) reported

    the next big social network needs rooms. back to aol style. I don't care for all this noise all the time.

  • brookeb6279
    brooke b (@brookeb6279) reported

    can some1 who knows about #internet #tech #help me get back into my #tumblr acct i was locked out and my #AOLMAIL is 8yrs old/no access to it. i know my tumblr password but they wont let me sign in+forcing a #password reset even after saying i could log in #pleasehelp #replytweet

  • PKMNTiana
    T$ (@PKMNTiana) reported

    @PragProgressivs @AvaGG @iFooYa Damn, for someone who doesn’t game you sure do know a lot of weeb phrases. Turn up. Must be from all your experience dating online in AOL chat rooms. Have a good day James, I hope someone in your real life notices you today. Even if it’s just your favorite cashier from McDonalds

  • stevewhiteraven
    Whiteraven (@stevewhiteraven) reported

    @jonathon793793 @LevingeJulie @wilde That is an old trick AOL was one of the worst for it years ago

  • chianticonn
    Caryn Rickel (@chianticonn) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp @aolmail I have been unable to download any attachments to AOL mail for a few days. Also unable to send attachments. I've tried diff. restarting, also browsers, as well as different machines. Help! also others have reported this recently...need a status

  • Rainraey
    Rain (@Rainraey) reported

    @Blueshirts102 Dang that must be a huge game. Or its time to cancel your AOL dial up Internet buhahahahahahaah :p

  • deskspud
    BMac (@deskspud) reported

    @DanGlover1 @AOL Bad breaks and misunderstandings....these guys just can't bear the public scrutiny

  • JGriceEnt
    JGrice Entertainment (@JGriceEnt) reported

    @SteveCase This feels so much like the herbal life case, where the billionare investor was short the stock and talking it down. A billionare long an idea and trying to talk it into existence. He'll never read this anyway. Used like my aol though.

  • oatesfan
    Kassius (@oatesfan) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp AOL's ISSUES LEFT US UNABLE TO ACCESS OR SEND EMAIL FOR A DAY. NOW WE CAN RECEIVE IT BUT NOT SEND ANY EMAIL. Error message: We encountered a technical issue. Please try again.

  • AaronDayAtlas
    Aaron Day (@AaronDayAtlas) reported

    Being a #BTC maximalist makes as much sense as being an AOL, Geocities, Excite, or Netscape maximalist in the 90s. First mover almost never ends up the big winner. To do so requires quick learning. The opposite happened with #bitcoin #crypto

  • fadingdecay
    Ⓙⓞⓨ (@fadingdecay) reported

    Imagine not even being on Twitter and loading up some AOL shit and going to read the newsgroups on Usenet or st in 1993... I don't think much has changed in some ways, tbh.

  • fadingdecay
    Ⓙⓞⓨ (@fadingdecay) reported

    Imagine not even being on Twitter and loading up some AOL shit and going to read the newsgroups on usenet or st in 1993... I don't think much has changed in some ways, tbh.

  • fadingdecay
    Ⓙⓞⓨ (@fadingdecay) reported

    Imagine not even being on Twitter and loading up some Aol shit and going to read the newsgroups on usenet or st in 1993... I don't think much has changed in some ways, tbh.

  • MercuryNitride
    Optimistic Nihilist (@MercuryNitride) reported

    Me: *has not used AOL IM since 2007* Also me: *reads this* Excuse me what ********

  • shortclips1
    $CashMeIfYouCan (@shortclips1) reported

    @toomuch72 sounds similar as to how bitcoin came to be while everyone else failed at creating it. why not let aol build their services in bitcoin if its possible.. don't see any problem here. perhaps bitcoin was the answer to so many security problems after all

  • Flea
    Roller Derbflea (@Flea) reported

    People are all up in arms over the current state of censorship on the internet. I’m old enough to remember when you could get banned from AOL (and therefor the entire internet) for saying “****” once in an instant message or chat room.