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AOL (America Online) is an internet portal as well as an internet service provider. As an ISP, AOL offers dial up internet through its AOL Advantage plans.

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  • Internet 7.07% Internet
  • Total Blackout 4.04% Total Blackout
  • Wi-fi 1.01% Wi-fi
  • Phone 1.01% Phone

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from Arcadia, Burke, Stevenage, Linden, Ennis, Easton, Dallas, Baton Rouge, Liverpool, Peoria, Brooklyn, Hove, Chicago, Caerphilly and Marstons Mills.

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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • TeriinNc Teri Nichols (@TeriinNc) reported

    The loved ones of all the people who will die because DJT was slow to act deserve answers. GOP oversight of DJT has been AOL. That's what majority would call ridiculous!

  • OtherFiles Other Files (@OtherFiles) reported

    With AOL Time Warner, you had less problems with children, but more problems behind the scenes, no matter how nostalgic those scenes in question were. (Toonami, PPG Movie, @AdultSwim, etc.) Nastier than toxic babies back then was the $99 billion loss that happened in 2002.

  • woodysalaskan Woody (@woodysalaskan) reported

    @Neeseface I started on AOL lol still same crap just new players

  • kelsey_dano Kelsey (@kelsey_dano) reported

    @_CPOnline Y'all don't support aol but then won't accept my Gmail account so I'm big sad

  • kyotto Nano (@kyotto) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp Hey, i'm having a problem with the service, my email has been hacked and when i try to login, it says that my account has been disabled due to inactivity please i need help

  • proshares1 Bobby Basdeo (@proshares1) reported

    Man **** the NBA for selling out to Disney/AOL.

  • IAmOnlyMe89 IAmOnlyMe (@IAmOnlyMe89) reported

    @lady10314 AOL is the worst. That's really a misleading headline.

  • 602Erik Deep State Establishment Democrat (@602Erik) reported

    Shit, if AOL was still a thing they'd be raking in the money.

  • DwyaneJaede J’d (@DwyaneJaede) reported

    The drug dealers I knew growing up would never post what they selling on AOL message boards

  • kronekodov wear a fucking mask (@kronekodov) reported

    @maridahdotcom yes I remember the awful bishounen pairing thread on all the phpbb's during the AOL era, don't remind me

  • PXLpainter 🅿️🅸🆇🅴🅻 🖌𝓟𝓪𝓲𝓷𝓽𝓮𝓻 (@PXLpainter) reported

    Warning to anyone considering signing up with @Exede or @ViaSat - DON’T!!! Most unreliable shit internet service!! NO connectivity if it rains and their satellite is way too low in the horizon for a consistent connection! I’d rather have AOL dial-up over this worthless service!

  • GreatWhiskahs Jo (@GreatWhiskahs) reported

    @bhaviklathia I remember sitting up all night on AOL talking with people online as the clock ticked down. The consensus was if something was going to happen we’d know right away because we’d probably start dropping off the internet in droves every hour as midnight moved around the globe.

  • MartySugar Mad Dog Marty Sugar (@MartySugar) reported

    Clarence Mason finally calms Vader down. As we cut to Goldust and Marlena. Goldust is harassing the guy working AOL Chat, or whatever they were using back then.

  • Wired2Jam Better Call Paul - Better Stay Safe! (@Wired2Jam) reported

    @divinetechygirl I'll ask my grandpappy to help through the AOL instant messenger. But I have to wait for grandma to get off the phone so he can log in.

  • BarrelJumpist but doctor, i am (@BarrelJumpist) reported

    @olivia_alt_ It’s partially laziness by the platform and partially because these sickos give them a numbers boost on the site so they can sell more ads and such. AOL had a major problem with adults grooming children in their chat rooms and they knew but didn’t care until a court made them

  • TheLethalLatina Danielle Lopez (@TheLethalLatina) reported

    @EavanMaloneyRP @ReynaCarterX @PremiumBrownlee @TheMyaLopez // My issue stems from using an AOL based email address, and AOL cutting said email off at the knees, with no way to change it (it leads me to the password change process first).

  • Red_Bud_IL Red Bud - Illinois (unofficial) (@Red_Bud_IL) reported

    Random person in Red Bud: Staying home isn't that bad. We have internet, the ability to work from home, and entertainment. Kids have an endless amount of educational content ... and @tiktok. HTC: Give everyone "AOL speed" internet.

  • bytemonkey ByteMonkey (@bytemonkey) reported

    It's too bad that @AOL can't bring back the old AOL Chat Rooms. This quarantine time would have been the perfect time to roll something like that out.

  • oldman_fifa Old Man FIFA (@oldman_fifa) reported

    There should be two divisions in #FUT WL. Put all the laggy shit AOL dial-up internet people in one division. And put all the people with good internet in another. #FIFA20

  • Mars2Titan Mars (@Mars2Titan) reported

    @YOJIMBO_KING Same then my mum got the internet search history from AOL and hasn’t looked at me the same since. Happy @AOL has gone to shit they deserve it.

  • journeyingalong amanda (@journeyingalong) reported

    @jr88freak @adaywithcoffee @H50Europe not to mention when you make your lead say a line that actor verbatim said he wouldn't do cause he'd be a idiot and it's a cry for help,aol was very vocal about cat wasn't the one to get away,yet he made aol say that very line

  • MooreForAll Tanner (@MooreForAll) reported

    Learned that shit in the AOL chat days

  • journeyingalong amanda (@journeyingalong) reported

    @BertHayling @jr88freak @H50Europe never going to happen cause lenkov would never willingly employ scott and if aol did anything related to him I would be shocked after how he screwed him over by betraying his wishes cause aol knows steve better than a hack

  • kimalexapr Kimberly Alexa (@kimalexapr) reported

    He still playing that game where he leaves his girl upstairs and he runs outside does whatever he wants comes home eats dinner wants to fall asleep and **** her and she’s not complaining! The Internet is alive baby! And you lost 700 million before AOL was sold for 600M 🤯

  • f0rcryin0utl0ud f0rcryin0utl0ud (@f0rcryin0utl0ud) reported

    around the world) - I choose to believe AOL's words. That he would play this if he had to (Steve and Catherine getting back together at the end) but that to him, if it happened, it would be a CRY FOR HELP. Which would, frankly go PERFECTLY with Lenkov' PTS narrative. #H50

  • sandyhockey32 SandyAlexander (@sandyhockey32) reported

    @BeaudoinCharlie @Bamdude90 @AOL this is so bloody wrong. Again another awesome service person taken down and Generals alike do nothing.

  • Banshi131 Banshi13 (@Banshi131) reported

    @celspi That's how I'm going to choose to see it. Cath has walked that same road before, I think. My problem is I know how PL thinks about it, his intent, so that's tainting it for me, but we also know AOL's thoughts too, I guess. So we can easily ascribe AOL's intent to that scene, too.

  • shiftysub shiftysub (@shiftysub) reported

    @photopupnyc @EdenDominatrix Years ago. . . I was chatting with a dominant woman on AOL. She asked me about it. I never had tried it or thought of it. She suggested that I do and then she quizzed me on it after I tried it on my own. We never met, but the first time it was forced on me by my domme....

  • sneakyfudge Josh Farinha (@sneakyfudge) reported

    @Town_of_Wolves aol got taken down December 2018 :/

  • SonnyPFontaine Sonny P. Fontaine (@SonnyPFontaine) reported

    @joshtpm EarthLink was great. Never had to get near aol

  • saltyairsweetT1 saltyair&sweetTea (@saltyairsweetT1) reported

    @RafaelCasal That was my AOL login song... 🎶Here comes Men in Black! 🎶 “Welcome to America Online!” I was so cool

  • AyeJayTX AyeJayTX (@AyeJayTX) reported

    @Drewsefer89 @ZeldaUniverse Dang. I know MM is a love/hate game. But id never put AoL before it.

  • faiyazasm faiyaz ahmed (@faiyazasm) reported

    @nuts2406 @Savarkar19 These jamatis are actually lucky. While they brought bad name to the community, each and every one is getting tested on priority. AOL and Isha attendees are the real losers

  • boris_macy Boris for Macy (@boris_macy) reported

    @EmilieRaex @HayleyDoll_ I was more an AIM man myself. AOL was a horrible company but their messenger was pretty good!

  • faiyazasm faiyaz ahmed (@faiyazasm) reported

    @Savarkar19 @nuts2406 I didn't know those who attend AoL and Isha events don't contract corona. Sorry my bad. Btw, if Jamatis were "hiding" as you claim in the heart of Delhi, that only proves how incompetent and inefficient the Home Minister is. You need to get him replaced. Good bye.

  • officialandriey Andriey (@officialandriey) reported

    @luxuryaerozona Damn, didn't buy this month's AOL ahhhh

  • nguy0035 Nguyen Tat Thang (@nguy0035) reported

    In order to compete with Netscape, Microsoft partnered with AOL (biggest Internet online service provider), CompuServe (2nd biggest) and AT&T’s Worldnet Internet service and NETCOM to make IE default web browser. - reading “How the Internet Happened."

  • dyschrono Rynn Welsh (@dyschrono) reported

    more i **** with it the more it sounds like... aol dial-up. is that a good thing

  • ChenaultJerry Jerry Chenault (@ChenaultJerry) reported

    Aol's everybody to commit fraud so can I register my car by mail and never see anyone can I send you a bank draft for $1000000 is without ID I'm just asking

  • _maybeshannon Maybe:Shannon (@_maybeshannon) reported

    @TMobileHelp my network connection sucks so ******* bad right now im getting flash backs of AOL...

  • f0rcryin0utl0ud f0rcryin0utl0ud (@f0rcryin0utl0ud) reported

    AOL smiles - the one on the plane, that was a, "I'm being forced into smiling" smile. The very idea that you think fans are going to buy your line that Steve is suddenly only "finally" happy now with Catherine of all people is god damn LAUGHABLE. And your idea for their

  • Dengony Dennis Gonzalez (@Dengony) reported

    @TimKennedyMMA @tanner_roscoe My concern is it's like AOL, where they won't let you cancel.

  • TajNoMowry Corona, there’s ppl that are dying.💀 (@TajNoMowry) reported from Baton Rouge, Louisiana

    I remember this was on yahoo or aol or msn or some shit.

  • tracyewalker Tracy Walker (@tracyewalker) reported

    @WonderKing82 I never was on AOL.

  • _FatNick The Real Fat Nick (@_FatNick) reported

    This 5 g conspiracy is stupid Y’all grind my gears Y’all have fun with y’all aol dial up service And I’m gonna have super fast Internet livin my best life

  • eyebrowmom Emily 🖤 (@eyebrowmom) reported

    @runs_away thank u aol tech support

  • luzenlafrontera Nicole Elizabeth Ramos (@luzenlafrontera) reported

    Do not leave your house tomorrow. Do support the work of @AlOtroLado_Org & check out @launtala's live DJ stream dance party from 3-5pm PST. All proceeds help support AOL's fight against the fascists currently masquerading as the Department of "Homeland Security."

  • f0rcryin0utl0ud f0rcryin0utl0ud (@f0rcryin0utl0ud) reported

    after ending that relationship in a way that AOL was happy with - where both Steve and Catherine agreed they were better off friends, that them getting together was the worst thing they did to their friendship. That's cold, brah. So nope! I'm out for tonight man.

  • f0rcryin0utl0ud f0rcryin0utl0ud (@f0rcryin0utl0ud) reported

    before I can bring myself to finally watch the end of #H50 and see Lenkov pander to a small section of fandom, himself and ignore most of all Alex's own views on that ship. Even if #McDanno never became canon (and I never expected it to), to so disrespect AOL in the end

  • cathystevenson1 Cathy Stevenson (@cathystevenson1) reported

    @bloisolson @AOL Had an older employee not able to connect to our VPN network from home because he uses AOL dial up services. Still in use!

  • NCheeneey21 Nayte Cheneey (@NCheeneey21) reported

    @The_jDub I thought they shut down AOL addys

  • HowEmbarrassXD How Embarrassing (@HowEmbarrassXD) reported

    @Chris_arnade Reminds me of my childhood. We used typewriters for reports & used white out to try to fix a typo xD. AOL was experimental but hardly anyone used the internet. We mainly studied through text books at home. Not many ppl played digital games but board games & had family craft time.

  • CarverCoGuy Carver Co Bulldog (@CarverCoGuy) reported

    @bloisolson @AOL I will see if I can track down a few of the AOL mailer CD’s to aid in this historical teaching lesson. Should have a few minutes left on each CD! 😜🤣

  • AerThreep Crashing and Burning (@AerThreep) reported

    @BereftOfTheDial @travis_view Back in my day, all there was outside of AOL was Rotten and Geocities webrings dedicated to Fushigi Yugi. AND WE LIKED IT. But yeah, I don't think they entered the internet being able to parse good from bad information.

  • BereftOfTheDial The Friday Night Music Party (@BereftOfTheDial) reported

    @AerThreep @travis_view These people should never have been let outside of the AOL ecosystem. Their brains cannot handle the open internet.

  • RealDanYohannes DanielY (@RealDanYohannes) reported

    @TaylorTwellman LOL...AOL was my first email account and internet service provider at 14.4 dial up modem service on my Compaq big box computer. I still have that same email account I use. LOL.

  • TMuss TMuss (@TMuss) reported

    @TaylorTwellman Worst sound in the world on AOL was hearing your modem click and then “GOODBYE”. This after trying to dial in for HOURS. 😩

  • tjscott978 Tiffany Nasty Scott (@tjscott978) reported

    I feel the most ironic thing about this whole social distancing thing is that all that time as a Genxer on AOL Instant Messanger are finally paying off. The big problem is remembering LMFAO, is not appropriate work language.

  • PikkleRikk Rikk (@PikkleRikk) reported

    Sure hope America 2.0 is better then AOL 2.0, that was horrible!

  • get_mad_at_me 175 lb champ 🐐 (@get_mad_at_me) reported

    @dixiecrl7 @AOL Says the one who thought Andrew Yang (who has a net worth of roughly 1-2 million) was a BILLIONAIRE!! You are a complete idiot Carol and need to lay off the alcohol