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AOL (America Online) is an internet portal as well as an internet service provider. As an ISP, AOL offers dial up internet through its AOL Advantage plans.

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September 25: Problems at AOL

AOL is having issues since 01:30 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • E-mail (93.18%)
  • Internet (4.09%)
  • Total Blackout (2.27%)
  • Phone (.45%)

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  • madinatoure
    Madina Touré (@madinatoure) reported

    "Right down to that AOL email account."

  • dcjohnson
    Dave Johnson (@dcjohnson) reported

    @Barbara85441055 @Amy_Siskind Good luck. They're as hard to cancel as AOL used to be.

  • C_JustinRich
    Justin Rich (@C_JustinRich) reported

    Simultaneously best and worst - 15-yr-old me got all the "Growing Pains” era Leonardo DiCaprio comparisons. I made the mistake of putting that in my AOL profile. Turned into a whole “send me your picture” debacle in the 15-yr-old AIM demo. Had to temporarily suspend my profile.

  • Virginia___Rose
    Virginia Rose (@Virginia___Rose) reported

    @heyyguido On the AOL chat room, I was 12 or 13 and talking to men over the ago of 25, didn’t realize until later on how creepy that was. I just wanted people to talk to. Numerous times they would try to meet up with me. Thank god I never did.

  • BradOsborne5
    Handsome Brad (@BradOsborne5) reported

    @HuffPost Arianna Huffington ran for governor of California against Arnold Schwarzenegger and dropped out due to a lack of support. A few years later she founded the Huffington Post then sold it to AOL for $315 million. Forbes named her one of the most influential women in media in 2009.

  • dlggospel
    Douglas (@dlggospel) reported from Lansing, Michigan

    Hey Greg Carr, the justice system has failed here in Lansing,Michigan. I reached out to Roland Martin , over a year ago he didn’t respond yet. Greg I need your help. DLG Gospel@. AOL. Com

  • brdwaydancer
    Maria Pettola (@brdwaydancer) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp I drafted an email & tried to send it, got an error message saying it was experiencing problems sending right now. Tried to save it in drafts & got a message saying having a problem can’t save drafts right now & it deleted the draft that I had since yesterday.

  • Catastrophany
    Catastrophany (@Catastrophany) reported

    @oldladyisback42 @AOL Thinking to himself, "damn I wish *I* were a real boy, too".

  • jonhoneyball
    Jon Honeyball (@jonhoneyball) reported

    @halberenson Better question still, wtf is she on aol???

  • Kenwhite4444
    Ken white (@Kenwhite4444) reported

    @MichaelAvenatti is like that customer who came once AOL lowered its rates, he is IMHO a "punk" who is trying to buy in whole America hangs low, we must never become so low as to allow this kind of person to represent decency and power in our Nation, we can do better than this.

  • Kenwhite4444
    Ken white (@Kenwhite4444) reported

    @BoSnerdley @MichaelAvenatti is like that customer who came once AOL lowered its rates, he is IMHO a "punk" who is trying to buy in whole America hangs low, we must never become so low as to allow this kind of person to represent decency and power in our Nation, we can do better than this.

  • BabyBreezeBlog
    Amy (@BabyBreezeBlog) reported

    @AOL @aolmail I am not receiving an email from a particular email address. I have contacted the person who has a sent and received log on the email sent to me. However, it doesn’t reach my inbox. Are you able to help please.

  • trishidae
    TrishGirl (@trishidae) reported

    The determination was that "unpopular kids lie for attention" despite the fact I never told anyone other than my sister after she made me tell her, despite physical evidence, despite countless saved messages (threats) he would send me on AOL. So my mom went to the police.

  • 44
    Menotti Minutillo (@44) reported

    @joshelman maybe AIM? starts as a simple messaging addon tool for AOL users only - gets released standalone, big network effects, lots of development on top of the product

  • skyhighphil
    Phillip Garcia (@skyhighphil) reported

    @AOL hey there, a big chunk of my emails is missing from my inbox, and trash box. Is this a problem isolated to me, or is there a glitch in the matrix? Thanks!

  • skyantelope
    endeavor stans rnt valid (@skyantelope) reported

    i said all might doesn’t have any social media just an aol he never got working because he tried to call someone to help but you can’t use the internet at the same time as ur phone so he just never did

  • Carpophores
    Sasquatch (@Carpophores) reported

    @sgtwheels @stopthenutjob Kavanough graduated in 1987, making him a Freshman in 1983. Like HELLO....Our Macs & Apple II computers didn't even send email. AOL didn't even exist until the 1990's. What ******** are they talking chains in 1983 between students? Nope, Never, Not Possible, No way

  • Wond3rMuffin
    Wond3rMuffin (@Wond3rMuffin) reported

    @JasonSamfield @wht353 @RightOnQ3 @jack Dude, that's part of Cybers claim that the court ruled against in summary. They said they agreed online wasn't a traditional public square and it didn't matter the content or what AOL blocked. That's it's not a 1A issue. They cited Marsh and Tate and lost.

  • Wond3rMuffin
    Wond3rMuffin (@Wond3rMuffin) reported

    @JasonSamfield @wht353 @RightOnQ3 @jack No it's not. People have to accept receipt of your content. That includes searching on site. The summary judgement said AOL can block anyone they want on their network and it's not a 1A violation; their site, their servers (their property) plus alternatives exist.

  • munchkincurry
    payton a. curry (@munchkincurry) reported

    @sdpallstar @AOL Do U crazies all meet in parks and just make shit up to feel better

  • JTMartin32
    Jordan Martin (@JTMartin32) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp Can't get into my account! Email randomly stopped working on my phone and then when I tried to log on on a computer, it asked me to answer a security question that I didn't know the answer to cause I answered it 8 years ago. Can I please get some help with this?

  • FlorianSit
    Florian_SIT (@FlorianSit) reported

    @aolmail I try to open AOL pages by incognito mode in chrome. Doesn't work

  • FlorianSit
    Florian_SIT (@FlorianSit) reported

    @aolmail hello, the Webmail is not responding. Another problem at #AOL ?

  • bloodygir666
    Admiral Kikan (@bloodygir666) reported

    @NintendoAmerica lol AOL had better service than this shit show. xD

  • ZaddleMarketing
    Liam Lally, Zaddle (@ZaddleMarketing) reported

    @CyrusShepard *Me : tries to remember what year it is, works out actual age after a minute as I'm never sure, takes 20 off my worked out age = 26 (and I can remember buying a PC magazine with the headline "Top 10 new search engines" and Google was no.4 - was bored of AOL discs from Asda)

  • StaffordChase
    Chase Stafford (@StaffordChase) reported

    What ******** did gmail do? I don’t have space for an app and the website looks like a aol chatroom now

  • MaresaFriedman
    Executive Cat Herder (@MaresaFriedman) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp how do I claim my first ever in the universe email address. I tried to sign up and I have none of the old phone numbers etc... help. This would make my year!

    🤬 (@xSHOGUNDo) reported

    @AutoMattock I remember my first chat experience was around 1996 through this online service called Wow! which was ran under Compuserve. Eventually that got phased out by AOL when they bought Compuserve

  • obryanjf
    Ancient Age (@obryanjf) reported

    @DeanIrving2 @grw1177 @Tazman9Tazman I've been in SRPT for maybe 6-7 yrs, I've never wanted to look back to remember. I feel fatigued at 6-7 yrs, I can't imagine what 16 years would feel like. I do remember Amazon at $15(think it was $15), Global Crossing, AOL, etc and many others that I was going to retire on.

    OLDBOY (@DJ_OLDBOY) reported

    @REDLECTROID im so frustrated lol my phone died!! This ipad is slow as AOL *****. Incant charge my phone ill call when i get homes

  • jaybunzy0
    Spooky Jenn 👻 #SaveShadowhunters (@jaybunzy0) reported

    Anyone else not getting notifications from certain apps since updating their iPhones? Notifications are on but I don’t get YouTube and AOL (so far). Idk what to do to fix it @AppleSupport

  • sherryjchasteen
    Sherry Chasteen (@sherryjchasteen) reported

    @BertShowBert lmbo I am old, 58 years old, would never dream of using an AOL email for anything!! The email indicates D-A-T-E-D

  • jonzilla99
    Jon Schwab (@jonzilla99) reported

    Either the answer, or 100 hours of free AOL Dial Up service.

  • DJaNox
    Kevin Lance (@DJaNox) reported

    @svembu @zoho I'm not able to receive emails sent from AOL email addresses. Gmail seems to be okay. Not sure of the issue but don't believe related to DNS, which seems to be back up for me. Can you look into it and test? #zoho #ZohoMail #ZoHodown

  • georgiag1991
    Georgia Graham (@georgiag1991) reported

    @virginmedia when you pay for fiber optic and aol dual up would work quicker #shit #pathetic

  • LibOhMatters
    Believer n Liberty (@LibOhMatters) reported

    @ntaylorcollins @nytimes OMG!! If we are talking Email from his days at Yale - check this: The first major commercial Internet Email Service Providers hit the scene in the early 1990s - 1995 was the year AOL, Prodigy, and CompuServe all show....years after Kavenaugh was at Yale....NO!!??

  • NorthernBurdee
    Birdlynn (@NorthernBurdee) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp @aolmail @AOL Help! I switched devices and now I can't get back into my account. What can I do to reset my password?

  • MildredHerbert5
    James&Mildred Herbert (@MildredHerbert5) reported

    @Flowerstoall @AOL My husband never ever smoke he's now suffering with dementia.

  • emmadxvii
    emma davis (@emmadxvii) reported from Portland, Maine

    at work today a grown ass woman gave me her email. It was “dogloverMara” and it was at AOL. I am never again listening to an adult who tells me anything about being professional on the Internet. Dog Lover Mara seems to be doing just fine.

  • Morph96070
    Ben Moore (@Morph96070) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp Imap and SMTP servers having issues in US? Outlook and Windows Mail are unable to authenticate

  • DominiquexSx
    Dominique Bleasdale (@DominiquexSx) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp I can’t remember my email passwords and it won’t let me retrieve it any way can you help

  • LoneXI
    larry birdman (@LoneXI) reported

    I actually feel bad for Kawhi. Genuinely trying to open up and all that comes out is an AOL startup noise

  • JoeKearins
    Joe Kearins (@JoeKearins) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp URGENT need help my dad has terminal cancer and has locked himself out of his email. I can’t get to any phone support in the UK and I can’t wait 24-72 hours for email support. Please help.

  • joebush_joebush
    Joe Bush (@joebush_joebush) reported

    I haven't paid for America Online in years 'cause I stockpiled all those 100 free hours discs back in 1997. I pity my peers who pay for their AOL service

  • TrevKillick
    Trev Killick (@TrevKillick) reported

    @Lost_Droids @Android @Google I was 10 so pretty sure everything was through the god awful @AOL browser...

  • the_letdown
    delusional drummer (@the_letdown) reported

    @geronimoproduc1 @AOL ******? damn near killed 'em.

  • TonyDofat
    Tony Dofat (@TonyDofat) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp On your help forum there are tons of complaints about this same thing, surprised you don’t know about this issue

  • TonyDofat
    Tony Dofat (@TonyDofat) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp I can sign in through the web yes! Just cannot add an account via IPhone. Tried for 2 days

  • TonyDofat
    Tony Dofat (@TonyDofat) reported

    .@AOL mail does not allow you to integrate with iOS mail service or forward to other email accounts. They want you to DL their wack app to access your #aol #email #iphone

  • Manyletters1
    Rachel Manyletters (@Manyletters1) reported

    I found an email service that gmail doesn’t recognize and won’t deliver too. AOL will, maybe I need to make the jump back in time and rejoin my internet roots.

  • sarahj2384
    sarah richards (@sarahj2384) reported

    @aolmail hi I need help I’ve tried logging in all day and it’s locked me out and I can’t get access to it now. I’ve had to reset password kept saying there was an error

  • ShadHinds
    Shad Hinds (@ShadHinds) reported

    @Bhramma5 @CryptoVanessa @justinsuntron @VitalikButerin IMO, #eth needs to do a better job at adapting to the market. Future startups will choose cheaper, better, faster to enhance the customer experience and their bottom line. AOL was the first and a pioneer once, they didn't adapt and they are dead.

  • McBittypaws
    💖Unoffical Disney Princess 💖🔜@AZFC (@McBittypaws) reported

    @AshesUndying I only had MSN with like 2-3 friends lol Never had AOL

  • JayarOnTV
    Jayar Flores (@JayarOnTV) reported

    @markb Is it bad for me say that @AOL is still my primary email ?! Lol

  • pacholiejb
    Judy Brown (@pacholiejb) reported

    WARNING: there is a site on AOL that has a news piece, which is not exactly news (but what would you expect) called Boredom Therapy. It was started on Facebook by some cretin but is being displayed as actual news. It is crap and today the worst junk yet. I hope someone sues them

  • corinwills
    vampire hunter c 💀 (@corinwills) reported

    @MagsVisaggs The funniest thing about EVS calling ppl bullies is that I knew him online in the mid to late 90s and he was a bully back then, too. He spent a lot of time in Wizard chat on AOL and was rude and mean to everyone but Wizard staff.

  • BTiBeauty
    Charleston Girl (@BTiBeauty) reported

    @Verizon Please dump AOL mail. Go back to your own service. Even with its faults, it was better than AOL.

  • MoviePaul
    Jags Movie Guy (@MoviePaul) reported

    @PolitiBunny That sucks. I battled insomnia in college. That was in the 90s so all I had was AOL to keep me entertained, though I did use the extra time to pull some great pranks.

  • nnaderyy
    نادری (@nnaderyy) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp Hello. I forgot my account password and aol does not help me

  • g_dynamo
    GoHomeRoger (@g_dynamo) reported

    I remember when social media was to the point. You was never on AOL or MySpace for over a couple of hours. Now, we’re in a virtual social setting. People forget you exist if you’re not frequently using a some sort of social media platform.