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Freeview is the United Kingdom's digital terrestrial television platform. It is operated by DTV Services Ltd, a joint venture between the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky and transmitter operator Arqiva.

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  • JSmithCricket Jonathan Smith (@JSmithCricket) reported

    @Balr0g @JamesMelville Same. Plus original drama, music,sport etc etc. I prefer Sky News which is on both Freeview and a free app. Good luck to anybody who thinks they can watch any TV or streaming service on a connected TV set without a licence. They might want to check that,

  • kiIIingboys_ 𝕁𝕖𝕞 ☾ ★ (@kiIIingboys_) reported

    @chelebeee @MrMJCox I only have prime and netflix! I dont have normal tv, my freeview sucks and i missed out on iPlayer! Ill catch up eventually!

  • Carti_Mandua LadyAnniSpiceInCognito#aliasCountessMirchiofSpice (@Carti_Mandua) reported

    @MargotLJParker @SuzanneEvans1 @CliveMyrieBBC I never watch BBC programmes now .... I have Freeview ...the only Beeb channels I would prescribe to are the Parliament and BBC4 .... the sometimes have some good docus etc ...... the rest I wont miss......mostly watch Yesterday, PBS America etc on Freeview

  • AndrewRWhite Andrew White (@AndrewRWhite) reported

    @jimwaterson The detractors will say by 2027, we'll have sorted that... but it's a huge ask to suggest the market and demand will change every STB and TV set to a Freeview-based subscription service within 7 years, when standards for whatever scrambling system to do used haven't been decided.

  • jimwaterson Jim Waterson (@jimwaterson) reported

    Problem with turning BBC into a subscription product is that you can’t stick Freeview behind a paywall. So you turn off BBC1 and 2. Suddenly you’ve got a load of upset elderly Tory voters who can’t watch Countryfile, while gran has to get a new TV and can’t work out how to login.

  • ftakeith richard parkes (@ftakeith) reported

    @rogermosey Head of digital tv UK told BBC radio 4's the media show months ago, it will take 10 years to switch off freeview because it needs full fibre broadband service for the whole of the uk

  • AvifaunaLux AvifaunaLux (@AvifaunaLux) reported

    @BorisJohnson Please by all means scrap the BBC licence fee, but do not make them become a subscription service. There's a thing called Freeview that provides about 80 commercial channels free to watch, including ITV, FilmFour, Sony Movies. BBC should fund with ads, like them.

  • RealSquidInc Alice Fee (@RealSquidInc) reported

    @LRichmond78 @BlessingMuseki @AndrewMcDermot1 @redundantuk Because those are provided to you BY THE BBC. THE TV LICENCE FUNDS FREEVIEW. You want FREE ACCESS to a PAID SERVICE.

  • RudhSorr Blow Against The State. (@RudhSorr) reported

    @paullewismoney This is the sort of crap I expect from non technical people trying to make a technical point about something they know diddly squat about. Switch off freeview indeed. All that is required is a small "TV card reader" with a loop through hdmi/scart/coax whatever connection.

  • paullewismoney Paul Lewis (@paullewismoney) reported

    So it seems BBC can’t become a subscription only service while people watch TV through Freeview.

  • LRichmond78 Lisa Richmond (@LRichmond78) reported

    @RealSquidInc @BlessingMuseki @AndrewMcDermot1 @redundantuk Netflix is the only subscription service where you don't. Sky tv - licence. Freeview - licence. Now TV - licence. It is your choice to add Netflix to your basic service.

  • chucksall Steve (@chucksall) reported

    There are other consequences to getting rid of the BBC. Freesat - the TV service which people who can't get Freeview rely on, is co-owned between BBC and ITV. Get rid of the BBC and that leaves people who can't pick up freeview (including me - yes i am biased) with no TV at all.

  • christine_imo Christine🦊🎉🇬🇧🇺🇸 (@christine_imo) reported

    @BXPDiary Not a problem really. If it can't become a subscription service, then just cancel the fee and let it fund itself through advertising as Freeview does.

  • sgc929 𝐒𝐭𝐞𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐭 (@sgc929) reported

    @BXPDiary There’s a really key point in there though. 18 million homes use Freeview (that’s roughly 75% of all TV Licenses). You cannot run a subscription service through it. It’s not cables or phone lines, it’s aerials. It’s commercials or starve them into cuts, that’s the only options.

  • Johnmfitzp John Fitzpatrick 🇮🇪🇮🇪 (@Johnmfitzp) reported

    @mayerandrew Thank you, further to this it would appear that subscription is a long way off. Because the only way to go down the subscription route would be to switch off the freeview signals and deliver services over fast broadband. Which means that a lot of the country would miss out 1/

  • SoberScouser Sober scouser (@SoberScouser) reported

    Teenage lads these days will never understand the excitement of the 10 minute freeview on television x on sky. Who said men can’t multitask. I used to have one hand on the remote, one eye on the tele, one eye on the door and well...........

  • Glostermeteor Glostermeteor 🔶 (@Glostermeteor) reported

    @PromisesRust @val_tigress @Zobyismyname @BorisJohnson Ok so they live like hermits and dont have anything then. The reality is to get TV you are going to have to pay someone. And the idea of choice is in reality a false one. BBC isnt just a service it also pays for the delivery mechanisms i.e the transmission sites and Freeview

  • weefree John MacCulloch (@weefree) reported

    @talkRADIO @Iromg @the_tpa I would cancel my Sky subscription as most of the channels are rubbish and nonsense use the money to follow the BBC and Freeview

  • OnlyAnOpinionOk Rob Davis (@OnlyAnOpinionOk) reported

    @JamesMelville The problem with your list is they are all optional the bbc fee is not. I buy a tv and it has freeview. Except it’s not free because even if I watch the other 100 plus channels and don’t watch any bbc I still have to pay the bbc.

  • TDKReturns 🦇The Dark Knight Returns🦇 (@TDKReturns) reported

    @Dande_Lion55 @Jet3W @Snaplord_TMT @ARTEsnapmatic @RockstarGames Some of the episodes air on Freeview down here. Come to think of it I haven't been catching up on the show for a while due to how busy I've been. 🤔

  • JudyWeb92176381 Judy 🌹🕷️☮️🕊️🌿🐶🐾🇪🇺⭐🕯️#ClimateEmergency🔥 (@JudyWeb92176381) reported

    @classicrox @timspencer1 @buster_g_ @RichardDawkins As I have already explained, the continued existence of Freeview as a service would be jeopardised by the destruction of the BBC. Freeview would no longer be there for to access ITV, Channel 4 etc.

  • GilesMeredith2 Giles.Meredith (@GilesMeredith2) reported

    @GillianFTaylor1 @cinnamonmel @silentsonata13 @Femi_Sorry I choose not to pay for sky, and if I watch Freeview I am not legally obliged to pay Sky. I am however obliged to pay the BBC, and as such am paying a tax through threat of prosecution. If they cannot survive through subscription/sales that is not my problem.

  • Paul_McCormick_ Paul McCormick 🇪🇺 (@Paul_McCormick_) reported

    @JosephL05091815 @joer_j @Fenmonkey @JamesMelville @BBC Their news coverage was appalling. I agree. The BBC is not perfect. But you can’t get an equivalent service of radio, TV and local news for 45p a day. Which also contributes to Freeview, Freesat, S4C and rural broadband.

  • Paul_McCormick_ Paul McCormick 🇪🇺 (@Paul_McCormick_) reported

    @JosephL05091815 @joer_j @Fenmonkey @JamesMelville @BBC Not do I pay directly to watch the BBC. My licence fee is used to pay for the BBC as well as the Freeview service overall.

  • JosephL05091815 Josepi Lion (@JosephL05091815) reported

    @Paul_McCormick_ @joer_j @Fenmonkey @JamesMelville @BBC No because the bus service is vital to some people, the BBC is not and there are about another 50 channels available on freeview, probably not that many bus’s

  • JosephL05091815 Josepi Lion (@JosephL05091815) reported

    @Paul_McCormick_ @joer_j @Fenmonkey @JamesMelville @BBC Sky produce lots like that, and to say the elderly can’t afford it, well now they are being forced to pay the licence fee again maybe they could choose to another service or watch one of the multiple channels available for free on freeview.

  • catterall_simon Simon Catterall (@catterall_simon) reported from Ashton-under-Lyne, England

    @Prof_Quiteamess Oo that’s clever. My Freeview recorder has broken :(

  • NamesOfLondon Phrases.for.Sale シ (@NamesOfLondon) reported

    @Falwall @aljola @shaftoflame @JamesMelville I think you should also be allowed to watch non-BBC freeview channels without a license It's not a level playing field otherwise one service can compel you, with the force of the criminal law, to subscribe but the others can't

  • sweetysquadoff2 sweetysquadofficialmerchshop (@sweetysquadoff2) reported

    >Money spent on billboards advertising their TV shows when they have TV and radio stations, and a website that can do that. >Money spent on an advertising campaign for a broadcasting service with 100% market share (freeview). #DefundtheBBC

  • sweetysquadoff2 sweetysquadofficialmerchshop (@sweetysquadoff2) reported

    >funded by taxpayer >Programming isn't in the public domain. >Gets resold to public who paid for it to be made >Advertising campaign for a broadcasting service with %100 market share(freeview) on ITV. #DefundtheBBC

  • KatieLouisePx K a t i e L o u (@KatieLouisePx) reported

    @Ron17W People are logging onto the cam where u can see freeview and just trying to have a full blown convo with me for free. Or asking me to show my outfit. Its seriously rude! I dont work for free. I've sat in my room freezing in lingerie and made no money & I'm just sick of it Ron x

  • Birminghamfbsm Massage Birmingham (@Birminghamfbsm) reported

    @devon_breeze @brumgirlshanice @ClientEyeApp It doesn't help that their main marketing is freeview... anyone can advertise freeview to draw people in but it's the wrong type of people, it's like free entry to a lap dance club, we need paying customers not scroungers

  • electrodrummer David (@electrodrummer) reported

    @CliveMyrieBBC Then don't transmit an unencrypted signal. If the content is good, let people freely pay to unencrypt, same as subscription channels on FreeView, Sky, etc. Or use ads. And, it's "your"

  • rdeluca64 Roberto Deluca (@rdeluca64) reported

    @curryspcworld Then I bought a LG 55SM8600 nanocell, the picture after I try expesive aerials, settings, restart the tv is blurry and after I try get some help from the Currys customer service I was told to watch more 4K movies instead freeview.

  • 1984Mathew Ash ™️ 🇬🇧 (@1984Mathew) reported

    @HappyxManda @VMaledew @KayBurley I cancelled about 2/3 years ago and never looked back. Now it is Freeview, Netflix, Amazon and Kodi. With a TB harddrive plugged into my TV I can record and rewind etc. Saves us £80 a month. We realised we were only watching Freeview, anyway.

  • JudyWeb92176381 Judy 🌹🕷️☮️🕊️🌿🐶🐾🇪🇺⭐🕯️#ClimateEmergency🔥 (@JudyWeb92176381) reported

    @Arcane_Asylum @SpaghettiBadger @buster_g_ @RichardDawkins No they wouldn't. The Freeview service requires ongoing support to maintain it, and none of the commercial sponsors have the large organisation clout and resources to do this.

  • JudyWeb92176381 Judy 🌹🕷️☮️🕊️🌿🐶🐾🇪🇺⭐🕯️#ClimateEmergency🔥 (@JudyWeb92176381) reported

    @SpaghettiBadger @Arcane_Asylum @buster_g_ @RichardDawkins The Freeview service is a shared enterprise but it would not be viable without it's leading stakeholders, the BBC and Channel 4 (which is partially subsidised by the state - Channel 4 News is wholly funded by the state).

  • GregCross82 GC, Esq. (@GregCross82) reported

    Make iPlayer a subscription service as you can't really change Freeview (clue is in the name). You have the best online hub for your services, charge for that instead. Thanks a lot.

  • DavidPaulBooth1 David Paul Booth (@DavidPaulBooth1) reported

    @FreeviewTV Hello. Just moved house. The only cables I have coming out of the wall are two black ones with the F type threaded connections. These don't fit my Freeview box 'aerial in'. I wondered if a converter would fix it, or if the cables are part of something else and won't work.

  • asjmcguire Is this still Hawkins? (@asjmcguire) reported

    @russty_russ @JamesMelville No, we don't have Sky (we do have NowTV) - our new 4K Freeview Play TV, when we signed in to Netflix it suggested we upgrade to the UltraHD service - which is £11.99 a month, allows 4 simultaneous streams and has 4K content. (Night on Earth is stunning in 4K)

  • stewartcarr2 stewart carr (@stewartcarr2) reported

    THE BBC SHOULD BE AN SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE like all the others thy should compete and earn there monies on what people like-NOT ON A ROBBERY TAX-I have a 100 channels on freeview but I an forced to pay for the licenced just for ONE of those channels(I NEVER WATCH BBC )its robbery.

  • numero1troll NOT AN EMPLOYEE - DON'T TAX ME LIKE ONE (@numero1troll) reported

    @u_muggle @P_H_I_L_L I am aware. But my point is just to own a freeview box even if you never intend on watching BBC you need a licence. Hugely outdated. Just put up a paywall.

  • JensFallesen Jens Fallesen (@JensFallesen) reported from Hounslow, England

    @leksi_p Correct. If you do not have Freeview, Sky or Virgin (or any other cable service), you should not need to pay if you never watch it.

  • _SmartUK Martin (@_SmartUK) reported

    I could write out quite a long list of “essential” TV shows that “everybody’s” seen that people like me with “only” Freeview won’t have but it’ll probably just look like a cry for help.

  • carriewarrie1 What day is it? 🎄🦌🦄🧚‍♀️ 💚😺🌈🐰🐹🤷 (@carriewarrie1) reported

    @IronKew @rubygates71 @Jay_Beecher No you don't. If you want to watch ITV/C4/Sky/Freeview you have to have a licence, even if you never use BBC services.

  • rdaborn Richard Daborn (@rdaborn) reported

    Further to my previous tweet. I don't want the BBC scrapped and reduced down to some cheap commercial channel like ITV or Freeview. Reformed yes, maybe a mix of a much cheaper licence with a subscription for additional services. For me it's lost it's way, that why I gave it up.

  • rdaborn Richard Daborn (@rdaborn) reported

    Further to my previous tweet. I don't want the BBC scrapped and reduced down to some cheap commercial channel like ITV or Freeview. Reformed yes, maybe a mix of a much cheaper licence with a subscription for additional services. For me it's lost it's way, that why I gave it up.

  • Stephen47763256 Stephen Church (@Stephen47763256) reported

    @Taylod61 If you sneeze SKY wont £10 from you. I used to have sky years ago long story but never subscribe to them again. Happy with my freeview/freesat

  • timakempton Tim Kempton (@timakempton) reported

    @Xbox @BleedingEdgeNT @XboxGamePass What about broken xbox software that Microsoft won't fix! Three and a half months and no action! Fix the Oneguide Freeview Australia problem! @XboxSupport #xboxsupportsux

  • kerrycakesl Kerry Cakes Lovatt (@kerrycakesl) reported

    @theamycoop @king_clayton @Jordeo @mrjamesob It's the only service on tv that you have to pay for by law, you cant choose not to have in your package, if say you have freeview or sky or whatever so you are then told you have to pay whether you use it or not. I dont use bbc, nor do I want too, but still I have to pay for it

  • PlexNetflix Martin Phillp 🔶 (@PlexNetflix) reported

    I rarely watch the obscure Freeview channels, tried to watch Food Network and the picture is so bad. I'm so used to watching HD channels and Netflix that I can't tolerate such bad picture quality any more.

  • BlueArmyFaction Blue Army Faction QC (@BlueArmyFaction) reported

    @JandJNaylor @reeniederv The problem is most of the people who think it offers good value have some sort of tie to it. Users comparing it with Netflix or Amazon Prime, which are both considerably cheaper will mainly disagree. Then there's Freeview which should be free, but for BBC TV Tax.

  • ronnyuk Ronny (@ronnyuk) reported

    @Johnmfitzp @AndrewRWhite @cjsnowdon @BunkerGraeme Try watching an adult channel all available on freeview, the BBC always used the analogue signal as it's way of making people pay. Netflix debt is nothing like the BBC, it has shareholders and zero starting content.

  • GeekyShev Shev McG (@GeekyShev) reported

    @TheRamblingElf I'm talking about the families that have a TV with say freeview, who CAN NOT afford such luxuries as Netflix or amazon prime and are FORCED to pay a 'TV tax' and the BBC is not a national culture, don't be so ridiculous, they take from the poor and the elderly!

  • ronnyuk Ronny (@ronnyuk) reported

    @AndrewRWhite @cjsnowdon @BunkerGraeme No technical challenge, lots of freeview channels have pay walls and Netflix started with nothing so it's apples and oranges, the BBC has enough back catalogue to never go into debt.

  • twittyhaj Lady No BS 🌱🐶🌍💖 (@twittyhaj) reported

    TV license is ridiculous. Cable & TV license prices continue to increase. People are trying to save money by not having cable but to watch freeview, they have to pay tv license. Getting Netflix, Prime is to help them reduce cost, so get Ads on the BBC or subscription #savethebbc

  • Will81894756 Will (@Will81894756) reported

    @mrjamesob The thing that bothers me is that the Freeview service is the only thing that a lot of low paid people can afford. They can’t afford cable or satellite, Netflix, Amazon prime, Britbox, Apple’ etc. The tvl is good value for money. 🧐

  • _chalkie_ Graham White (@_chalkie_) reported

    @Trutown @marklittlenews 2/2 ...Freeview and all the extra channels on it, the BBC website & Apps, BBC World Service Radio & TV in English & around 36 languages, & has also been used to pay for high-speed (fibre) broadband rollout across the country. All of that for £150 a year; suggest how to do better.

  • BarryJM_Guitar Barry J M(Fox-Balls) (@BarryJM_Guitar) reported

    @thinking_poet No, I’d rather you have to opt in like you do with every other service you pay for that you actually watch. Also, the license is for watching freeview through the tv, which is again unacceptable. I might want to watch ITV that don’t force me to subscribe.

  • chrisbardell Chris Bardell (@chrisbardell) reported

    @JanneyNick You have just broken the subscription model you were championing a moment ago. There won't *be* Freeview because you want the BBC to go to a subscription model. Also, the govt removed the over-75s subsidy, not the BBC