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Giffgaff is a mobile telephone network running as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator using the United Kingdom O2 network.

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May 22: Problems at Giffgaff

Giffgaff is having issues since 08:20 AM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • woodsman333 Adrian Venditti (@woodsman333) reported

    @giffgaff @O2 In London UK where @giffgaff should be automatic selection but network fault means my phone connects to @O2 by itself, sending an SMS text failed ; I thought @giffgaff hired cell tower capacity from @O2

  • nicbell Honourable Nic (@nicbell) reported

    Moved to @giffgaff a few years ago because I was told what good value it is. It's shit, in London it is definitely throttled by O2. So much so that's not usable. While roaming there is no way to use your allowance, other networks do this for a daily fee.

  • kimdaaavies kim davies (@kimdaaavies) reported

    @Mykiel_B @giffgaff Thank you! theres an issue with one of the phone mass's near me thats why it isnt working!

  • murray_hecht Murray Hecht (@murray_hecht) reported from Brighton and Hove, England

    @TraceyDeeBoss @bt_uk @EE @RosieDeeBoss @ConnieDeeBoss I used to be with EE. Now with giffgaff. No problems and they are cheap.

  • giffgaff giffgaff | The mobile network run by you (@giffgaff) reported

    @IamRobKemp Hi there Rob, this isn't a service we offer we're afraid. giffgaff Natalie.

  • AnaisBerinde Anais B (@AnaisBerinde) reported

    @TraceyDeeBoss @bt_uk @EE @RosieDeeBoss @ConnieDeeBoss Change network.. go giffgaff... works everywhere, never down xx

  • Mykiel_B MikeB (@Mykiel_B) reported

    @IamRobKemp @giffgaff Unfortunately giffgaff do not offer such service Rob. Sorry.

  • DaveMorris05 Dave (@DaveMorris05) reported

    @ruskin147 No, nothing from @giffgaff but then they only provide the sim and network, I wouldn't expect anything from them. Nothing from Huawei re updates.

  • Camilono Camilo A.Troncoso (@Camilono) reported

    @giffgaff I am having problems with my data, currently not working! I turned off phone and still not working

  • EssexJames1 James pearce (@EssexJames1) reported

    @RealHarrison17 @giffgaff Unfortunately technical problems happen

  • Cyb3rsph3r3 Be Safe Online (@Cyb3rsph3r3) reported

    I wonder what, if any, the response will be from the mobile providers, @VodafoneUK @EE @O2 @giffgaff in regards to Google cutting off support and updates to Huawei phones! Surely a price drop on all new handsets for a start

  • barton_paul Paul Barton (@barton_paul) reported

    2nd factor, it should not be happening. My own mobile operator @giffgaff, *still* does not support multi-factor authentication after years of being asked to support it. As an internet based company a only password sits between you and that sim swap request. Must do better!(2/2)

  • missnadinerose Nadine Rose (@missnadinerose) reported

    @giffgaff I was meant to have a 1gb boost of data which hasn’t worked therefore all of my airtime credit has been used which never should have been touched and still the data boost isn’t working so now I have no data and no airtime credit! Help!

  • ayesha1923 Ayesha🌸 (@ayesha1923) reported

    @giffgaff is your app still not working because I still can not log it and it’s locked me out for 30 minutes

  • DawnHFoster Dawn Foster (@DawnHFoster) reported

    @marxculture @VodafoneUK I’m with @giffgaff who are great - never had any problems: sent me a new SIM card phone was stolen and it arrived in under 24 hours. Whereas. Vodafone will not unlock the old phone my friend has lent me in over a week.

  • JoHYork Jo H (@JoHYork) reported

    @Its_Me_Ritch And 2 others in my house have left giffgaff/o2 recently because they were sick of issues (that just dawned on me as I was in chat with o2).

  • Its_Me_Ritch Ritchie McGrath (@Its_Me_Ritch) reported

    @Ashlih23 @giffgaff That sounds like there's been a glitch on your account. An agent will get back to you within a few hours and they will be able to perform a network reset and fix the issue - Ritch

  • moray_cottages Susan Mackay (@moray_cottages) reported from Forres, Scotland

    @giffgaff Still waiting for a SIM to activate - bought it for an emergency situation yesterday and so far it’s been useless. HELP I need this to work urgently any idea how long it will take.....

  • Yorksims John Woods (@Yorksims) reported

    @jldh99 @giffgaff giffgaff use the 800Mhz band (band 20) for their 4G service and the iPhone 5 was Apples last model that didn't support that band.

  • Llori_818 llorianne grace (@Llori_818) reported

    @giffgaff hi I need to change my goody bag but the site is down when will it be back up as I need to change it before midnight

  • allankellynet allan kelly (@allankellynet) reported

    @giffgaff your site has been out most of the evening. Now /support/lost is 404 just hope who ever has my phone isn't using it. /boiler-plate/contact also 404. So I'm resorting to tweets & going to bed

  • MsCGraves C G 🇭🇹🇺🇸🇮🇪 (@MsCGraves) reported

    @Nuubion I’m moving to giffgaff until Vodafone release 5G tbh. I’ve always had the best signal with Vodafone (I’ve had them for work phones and second phones in the past)

  • Dylosophize Dyl (@Dylosophize) reported

    As if giffgaff has gone down; I need that goodybag😫

  • TGVerkehr Johnathan Lewis (@TGVerkehr) reported

    @Mykiel_B @giffgaff Cheers, Mykiel! I didn’t know if there was a service outage (As it is) or if it was simply a bug in the app! 😊 kudos++ 😇👍

  • charlenehadfiel charlene hadfield (@charlenehadfiel) reported

    @giffgaff hello I'm trying to put a goody bag on my phone it wont let it will only let me add credit so help me plz

  • RealHarrison17 Harrison (@RealHarrison17) reported

    @giffgaff website down can't add goodybag so looks like I'll have no data tomorrow .... thanks guys

  • LUKEE95_ Luke (@LUKEE95_) reported

    them ones when your stress yourself out so much that you wanna cut the end of your **** off and sell it to some African family coz @giffgaff can't provide a decent enough service

  • Yorksims John Woods (@Yorksims) reported

    @gillieb66 @giffgaff There's your problem then,unfortunately all you can do is wait for O2 to repair it.

  • gillieb66 gillie bryant (@gillieb66) reported

    @Yorksims @giffgaff Ok thanks will do still currently showing no service

  • Mykiel_B MikeB (@Mykiel_B) reported

    @RacetrackLives @giffgaff Actually you don’t need to scroll down. Just enter message in box provided and agents will pick up.

  • shan_1696 Shan❣️ (@shan_1696) reported

    @Mykiel_B @giffgaff Thanks for the help, I’ve raised an issue with Giff Gaff and I will be reporting it to my bank tomorrow. The “automatic top up” was disabled so Giff Gaff had no right to take this money. I will also be issuing a refund for the £12 over limit charge I’ve got now

  • shan_1696 Shan❣️ (@shan_1696) reported

    @giffgaff absolute fraudsters! Taking money from my card that isn’t even set up as a direct debit, then charging for me to ring to get the issue sorted!! Fuming

  • anmollll_g pb10walajatt (@anmollll_g) reported

    Wtf typa internet is giffgaff

  • CaswellAdrian Adrian Caswell (@CaswellAdrian) reported

    @Its_Me_Ritch @giffgaff @O2 Thanks Ritch, I will do that. I can understand the network gets really busy at events, it’s just a little misleading to say we have 4g when we don’t. I would’ve expected by status indicator to decline. It’s good of you to come back to me, cheers.

  • Its_Me_Ritch Ritchie McGrath (@Its_Me_Ritch) reported

    @grantsama Giffgaff is a UK online only mobile network offering competitive mobile network plans for customers - Ritch

  • Its_Me_Ritch Ritchie McGrath (@Its_Me_Ritch) reported

    @marionpfallon @O2 Hey there! I'm from the giffgaff community. Often this is due to the network being busy during peak hours but if you do experience the problem on the train again, try turning airplane mode on for 20 seconds then turning the mode off - Ritch

  • Peatearslater Peter Slater (@Peatearslater) reported

    @richardosman My GIFFGAFF contract won't let me use paid numbers. But **** did I try.

  • neIoangelos laurence the thirst vicar💦 (@neIoangelos) reported

    giffgaff won’t let me vote in eurovision what ********

  • RepeatBeatPoet The Repeat Beat Poet / “Illmaster Ambassador” (@RepeatBeatPoet) reported

    If you’re not seeing as many tweets about Tyler as you’d expect it’s cos London’s ‘finest’ have blocked the 4G signals of at least o2, 3, giffgaff netwrks 👍🏾 they are *shooketh* and shut down his show.

  • ItsJxmes__ James (@ItsJxmes__) reported

    @trieslenney Giffgaff is 100% the worst one 😭😭

  • mrsaniat Mahmudur R Saniat (@mrsaniat) reported

    @ee @giffgaff @plusnethelp we do not have connection at E113RE area, no matter what your dashboard says, please fix it.

  • PThexton Paul Thexton (@PThexton) reported

    @HGVWolfie @BadassBoris @virginmedia When there was a that massive outage on o2 a while back @giffgaff let people choose to get the credit back or to put the equivalent amount as a charitable donation. Much better way of doing it IMO.

  • kemmklan Anna-Marie Kemm (@kemmklan) reported

    @Mykiel_B @giffgaff Thanks I've rebooted numerous times and I've credit as I've already said in my tweet original tweet, settings are all set to giff gaff.... Can't see any reason why they won't go other than possible network issue which was what prompted me to ask

  • kemmklan Anna-Marie Kemm (@kemmklan) reported

    @giffgaff hi any issues with being able to send a MMS (photo). Been trying since last night, just keep getting a notification about too many unsent messages although I've none waiting to go. I've £10 credit and in the year or so I've been with you it's never been an issue 🤔

  • AlexanderChrisS Alexander Stopher 🇬🇬 (@AlexanderChrisS) reported

    @ClaireHeffron @EE @O2 @ThreeUK @VodafoneUK @giffgaff DON'T use Vodafone whatever you do, abysmal customer service and I've just sent their CEO and private CR email address an email requesting immediate termination plus compensation.

  • matt_pilcher Matt Pilcher (@matt_pilcher) reported

    @giffgaff I’ll never hurt you again 😘

  • zarawinstanley Z (@zarawinstanley) reported

    @giffgaff Bought a iPhone from u to find out it was sent from the USA, therefore I couldn’t get any kind of service on the phone. After sending it back to receive a new 1, this one is ALSO faulty and I will therefore have to send this back also...Almost a month without a phone 🙄

  • Rory_Bond Rory Bond (@Rory_Bond) reported

    @M_McColl92 On GiffGaff mate. Different level of poor me

  • ImzCoD 𝐈𝐦𝐳 (@ImzCoD) reported

    yo bruv, I’m paying £25 a month for your bundles but the speeds I’m receiving for my data is shitter than BO4 kids on any other COD, please help me @giffgaff

  • isamamarracha Isa 🇲🇹🇸🇮🇳🇱🇳🇴🇮🇹🇪🇸🇮🇸 (@isamamarracha) reported


  • emmatreacyy Emma Treacy (@emmatreacyy) reported

    Hello I lost my phone and blocked my sim but now cannot sign into giffgaff to get e new simcard or even ask someone for help @giffgaff

  • AnchoorMe Yuanyuan媛⚓ (@AnchoorMe) reported

    @GothKatie @giffgaff Horrible. I have removed the app... Useless now.

  • JessicaMaySims1 Jessica-May Sims (@JessicaMaySims1) reported

    @giffgaff has cost us over £1000 in one week due to their shocking lack of security! Worst network ever and not helpful what so ever 😔

  • DenseTurnip ℓу∂ια (@DenseTurnip) reported

    @francescaelena_ @lokiodcnson @sophdoesnails That's cool. I honestly didn't know much about GiffGaff at all. But I do now :) and yes!! I remember that day so well. Me and my dad had no mobile network for 2 days. He's on tesco. He needed his phone for work :/ I do remember GiffGaff being mentioned now I think about it 🤔

  • LilTyTySOS TyTy Manliclic (@LilTyTySOS) reported

    @giffgaff I need some help trying to send my phone back for repair but when I go onto the website, on the my order section, all I see is “return phone” option that’s not what I want to do .. I want to return for Repair

  • PB_Mvnny Dr£ams2R£ality...🇬🇭 (@PB_Mvnny) reported

    Argh this giffgaff bundle man! Wtf is this 80% stuff 😤

  • francescaelena_ Fran🐰 (@francescaelena_) reported

    @DenseTurnip @lokiodcnson @sophdoesnails yeah they've been owned by them since the beginning I think, and I remember it cause when o2 went down a couple months back so did giffgaff lmao, it was horrible for both my boyfriend and myself being on both networks haha

  • gordonbruce7 Gordon Bruce (@gordonbruce7) reported

    Sad to request a PAC Code from @giffgaff - I liked their offer. Unfortunately, @O2 haven’t upgraded their network in our part of the word and 2G is no longer enough. Now @EE have come along and stuck up several 4G masts. It’s a no brainer. Sorry giffgaff!

  • jamie_telecoms Jamie Davies (@jamie_telecoms) reported

    @DHSchoolar @O2 @**** I'm on giffgaff and never had a problem - always perfectly reasonable speeds except when in the sticks

  • Mark_Aldcroft #simplyMark (@Mark_Aldcroft) reported

    @giffgaff hi there I’ve lost service and cannot log into my account either on line or via the app. Reset p/w not coming through to me Can’t accesss agent help without logging in !😫 help !!!