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  • ▪ Phone (23.08%)
  • ▪ Wi-fi (7.69%)
  • ▪ Total Blackout (6.15%)
  • ▪ E-mail (1.54%)
  • ▪ TV (1.54%)

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  • WaltonLaura
    laura walton (@WaltonLaura) reported

    @PostOffice that's not going to get me or my colleague our lunch breaks back. if your self-service isn't working you NEED to have more than 1.5 desks serving. what happened to the person normally looking after the self-service? I should have walked out as soon as i saw they weren't working!

  • Skewlgal
    Hi (@Skewlgal) reported

    True Story. Last time I was at the post office I saw a guy wait in a long line and buy a 1 cent stamp with a credit card. When the clerk ask is there was anything else he bought another 1 cent stamp same way #WTF #postoffice #work #carrypennies

  • sarah_church
    sarah (@sarah_church) reported

    @PostOffice hi, I’ve received a text saying Royal Mail were unable to deliver my package, & they’ve left a card, but there’s no card? #help

  • WaltonLaura
    laura walton (@WaltonLaura) reported

    . @PostOffice another long wait at Oxford main post office. Selfservice broken 2 counters sometimes serving when they feel like it!

  • WaltonLaura
    laura walton (@WaltonLaura) reported

    . @RoyalMail another long wait at main Oxford postoffice due to selfservice not working!

  • longtig
    Tom Longland (@longtig) reported

    @PostOffice evasive customer service. How do I speak to you please?

  • JakeHofficial
    Jake Hold (@JakeHofficial) reported

    @PostOffice Uxbridge london. Never seem to have any staff and when they do they are rude. Almost everyone there gets annoyed with the service.. or lack of.

  • vickyboyd11
    vicky boyd (@vickyboyd11) reported

    @PostOffice I have sent a message in regards to the false advertising of no upfront fees. False advertising is against the law. If it can not be sorted then you may have lost a potential customer

  • handffurniture
    H&F (@handffurniture) reported

    @PostOffice after my parents have bought travel insurance from you, they are left in a foreign country with little support, one in hospital the other left with no accommodation. I would expect a little more support. Older generation worry and this is unnecessary stress ...

  • paulssaini
    Paul (@paulssaini) reported

    @WeAreSTV2 @STVhalla It's becoming a real issue trying to find a RBS Branch these days with all the closures to pay-in to an account! PostOffice accepts RBS pay-ins but it's still taking 2 days to credit your account for cash which isn't 21st century banking

  • JonSnooks
    Jon Snooks (@JonSnooks) reported

    @PostOffice Preston Grange said parcel was too big for them to handle. I rang Chirton who said it wouldn't be a problem but when my grandson took it in they took it but also said it was too big. I also rang another post office who said it was too big but I can't remember which one

  • morrisgoodman
    Morris Goodman (@morrisgoodman) reported

    @sandtontimes @BenmoreGardens @mark_barnes56ets see if you are responsive like @HermanMashaba - Please fix South African #PostOffice

  • LeeC82
    Lee Courtney (@LeeC82) reported

    @PostOffice - please join the rest of other leading brands and deal with my problem digitally. You lost my parcel and won’t deal with the issue via email or twitter. Asking me to go to branch and get a paper form, fill it in and post it. Paper form?! Really? #poorcustomerservice

  • JonSnooks
    Jon Snooks (@JonSnooks) reported

    @ postoffice what a dreadful service they provide. Three of my nearest post offices are inaccessible by electric scooter. The staff are rude and unhelpful. Of three other post offices that parceline said would take my large parcel two refused and one did with great reluctance.

  • OnlyEzzy
    Daunt Ezzy (@OnlyEzzy) reported

    @PostOffice about 2 weeks ago i dont know if you guys are having problems with the internet service or not but they past week its been really bad

  • OnlyEzzy
    Daunt Ezzy (@OnlyEzzy) reported

    @PostOffice the fuck is wrong with your internets service it disconects me about ten times a day garbo

  • josephnoble70
    Joseph Noble (@josephnoble70) reported

    @PostOffice The latter, the lady stated she had contacted you to advise she doesn't offer that service and that it still shows up on your site. She was fed up with dealing with it, quite understandably ...

  • vivekhind
    vivek kumar hind (@vivekhind) reported

    @IndiaPostOffice @RamvicharNetam @rsprasad @manojsinhabjp #TwitterSeva Sanawal is a Village Panchayat in Balrampur-Ramanujganj Dist of Chattisgarh. Kindly start a Sub-Postoffice in Sanawal . we are facing lots of problems IN POSTAL services.

  • aitch_R_aitch
    Rach Aitch (@aitch_R_aitch) reported

    @PostOffice I explained 2 the cashier that itwad not on the banned list, I also told her out was an ornament. For her then to question me further - to quote her - are you sure, as you seemed reluctant to say? Well that I think is just rude and also implying in a liar! #badCustomerService

  • aitch_R_aitch
    Rach Aitch (@aitch_R_aitch) reported

    Wantd 2send package in #UK,went to local #PostOffice where I was #interrogated about contents! I said nothing illegal or explosive bt cashier grilled me further insisting I tell her exactly! I said 'ornament' she said 'r u sure, as u seemed reluctant 2 say?'! #privacy #rude

  • A_J_92
    Ash❗️ (@A_J_92) reported

    @PostOffice I don't know any further info I am sorry. I can assure you though that something should be looked into. Perhaps a secret shopper? See for yourself the service you receive.

  • MamaChick1
    Lisa Meyers (@MamaChick1) reported

    @PostOffice 3 self service machines not working at Romford branch. 3 of 6 counters open. Ridiculous queues. 20min wait to post parcel

  • lydiaruffles
    Lydia Ruffles (@lydiaruffles) reported

    @PostOffice Hello - these lights are still broken. Has anything been arranged to fix them and therefore make the post office accessible?

  • Kat6rin
    Katrin (@Kat6rin) reported

    @RoyalMail Sure, this is the dug-o-war you want your customers to play, always sending us to seek help from other establishments. I was advised to contact your delivery offices by the sending postoffice. BUT UNFORTUNATELY ROYALMAIL DOESN'T EVEN HAVE PEOPLE WORKING ON THEIR TELEPHONES!

  • jrfrank
    Jane Franklin (@jrfrank) reported from London, England

    @RoyalMail delivering wrong mail AGAIN - this happens too often and their complaints process is to contact a call centre in Plymouth and expect follow up within 28 days! Ludicrous. Woeful service repeatedly letting us down. Unacceptable #postoffice

  • B_Lachani
    Bhav (@B_Lachani) reported

    @PostOffice 200 Ealing road. When I asked why so much information was being captured (and that I’ve never had to give so much information), the agent said it’s to cover their backs. The agent next to her also ‘confirmed’ that was the case.

  • amitvermahp
    amit verma (@amitvermahp) reported

    @rsprasad sir in Bangalore Bellandur post office, they are not delivering our parcel because their postman is always on leave and when you visit to collect postoffice they asking money for tea and snacks and this is not 1st incident with me..can you pls help?

  • kailashwg
    Kailash Wagh 🇮🇳 (@kailashwg) reported

    @malviyamit @NandanNilekani yes @UIDAI is game changer! #FAQsOnAadhaar @ceo_uidai Sir, for last 1week early morning standing in queues at Postoffice,ust to update mobile number in #Aadhaar records.They issue only 20 tokens per day.Why not making updating mobile nos in #Aadhar online & save time of people ?

  • kailashwg
    Kailash Wagh 🇮🇳 (@kailashwg) reported

    @PiyushGoyal Sirji, yes @UIDAI is game changer! #FAQsOnAadhaar @ceo_uidai Sir, for last 1week standing in queues at Postoffice,CSC just to update mobile number in #Aadhaar records. They issue only 20 tokens per day. Why not making updating mobile nos in #Aadhar online & save time of people ?

  • annwebster21
    Ann Webster (@annwebster21) reported

    @PostOffice It gets worse Jess when we eventually got through the agent put the phone down on us. It’s the online saver 28- No ID numbers to use the account!!! May not bother now - poor customer service

  • nattthegreat
    Natalia Milena 🇨🇴 (@nattthegreat) reported

    @elsiebb15 @PostOffice Omg seriously! Always so fucking rude

  • quitcryingbitch
    🤡 (@quitcryingbitch) reported

    @fappy150 @PostOffice You miserable little prick Nicola. Hush the fuck up and let them do their job which funnily enough doesn't involve taking shit from old hags like you. Your twitter is just you complaining so clearly everyone knows how you act, fuck off Miss "Can I speak to your manager".

  • Natalie0880
    Natalie (@Natalie0880) reported

    Absolutely disgusted with treatment by @PostOffice customer services. Woman told my Dad she would terminate the call because he asked to speak to the manager!! He wanted to pay his partially blind elderly uncles phone bill.

  • ResCogitanz
    ResCogitanz (@ResCogitanz) reported

    @PostOffice Yeah I understand that, and I’ve tweeted them. I just want to know if the Post Office will no longer accept the payment slip to pay bills, catalogue accounts, etc. Not all companies have phased them out which is why it’s proving difficult to pin down an answer.

  • ChiefPoints
    Army Chief P (@ChiefPoints) reported

    I think I’ll no longer use the US #PostOffice for anything at all anymore, sick and tired of this crap.

  • sophie_coady
    Sophie Coady (@sophie_coady) reported

    @PostOffice It's 19a borough high street. Please please pass the praise to his manager and every corner of the world. Honestly I was a nightmare customer and he was an absolute angel.

  • sophie_coady
    Sophie Coady (@sophie_coady) reported

    @PostOffice Never experienced such great service in my life, he is absolutely a credit, turned what could have been a horrid experience into the easiest and most patient experience. I'm so grateful for him!

  • sophie_coady
    Sophie Coady (@sophie_coady) reported

    @PostOffice Stacey, he talked me through every delivery option, was patient and polite even though I'd made mistakes, then when I forgot my pin he waited with such patience, didn't make me feel silly, and even helped another customer with directions while waiting for me!

  • ResCogitanz
    ResCogitanz (@ResCogitanz) reported

    @PostOffice I’m confused about Transcash and hope you can help. Do you still accept the paper giro slips for things like utilities and catalogues? I heard Santander have withdrawn the service but info is so patchy.

  • ReginaSaysSo
    regîna (@ReginaSaysSo) reported

    My goodness @postoffice Benmore. There are two counters, only one opened to pay motor vehicle licenses. I shudder to think about pensions and grants. Up your #Service game before that.

  • jules8_s
    Julie mc (@jules8_s) reported

    @PostOffice yet again in slough branch. Both self service closed, huge queue and one person serving

  • unluckycomper
    Jodie🌟 (@unluckycomper) reported

    @PostOffice @HSBC_UK Hi. I've just been to my local PO to pay in a cheque but they said they didn't have the appropriate envelopes. I was told that I had to write to my bank to ask for some! Surely it's not down to me to provide them? Any help from either of you...? Thanks.

  • SamboUK89
    Sam (@SamboUK89) reported

    @PostOffice what time does your new Lancing branch open? Went in at 8am this morning & there was no one at the post office till able to help me with what i needed. Is there a certain time the actual post office staff start work? As the lady on the shop till was unable to help me

  • Ninaj84
    Janine J (@Ninaj84) reported

    @PostOffice Don't bother asking a PO rep how to trace a lost parcel, if it's anything like the person i spoke to they will just tell you they can't help and put the phone down!!!!

  • tufnellparkandy
    Andy Burrows (@tufnellparkandy) reported

    @PostOffice No, it was a walk-in. I'd tried to rearrange but the branch never picks up the phone...

  • DavidMorenoYoga
    David Moreno (@DavidMorenoYoga) reported

    T/F You never need to go to the #PostOffice or to the #bank except on a holiday when they're closed....

  • tufnellparkandy
    Andy Burrows (@tufnellparkandy) reported

    @PostOffice Old Street Crown. I waited 10 mins at the main counter to then be served at that counter anyway, and the staff member was atrociously rude. Appalling, frankly.

  • Ro_sheenay
    theycallme-ro (@Ro_sheenay) reported from London, England

    Why Is It Impossible To Talk To Someone @PostOffice Regarding A Complaint?

  • tufnellparkandy
    Andy Burrows (@tufnellparkandy) reported

    @PostOffice Why is Passport check and send service not offered at the Travel Services counter in a Crown branch?

  • JdaJosh
    Josh (@JdaJosh) reported

    @PostOffice I want to speak to someone about making a complaint about how I was treated in one of your branches?

  • Victoria_FitzG
    Victoria Fitz-Gerald (@Victoria_FitzG) reported

    @postoffice I've been trying since Thursday to transfer some monies online and it's still telling me your system is down... any idea when this will be resolved? Just moved to you guys - it's getting quite frustrating!

  • sashalankshear
    Sasha (@sashalankshear) reported

    Terrible rude service from @PostOffice counter staff. Rude and unhelpful

  • mads_unoxx
    Maddie Fletcher (@mads_unoxx) reported

    @PostOffice Hi, I sent a parcel from the UK to New Zealand on Wednesday 3rd January via Standard. I was told delivery would take 5-7 working days but it still hasn’t reached its recipient. Please can you help advise me on this situation?

  • trondborsum
    Trond S. Børsum (@trondborsum) reported

    @FairyLoot Hello. I just found out my desember box was returned to sender, because my local postoffice never notified me it had arrived. It was supposed to be a christmas gift for my wife and sat unclaimed from 22/12/17 until last week. Can you help me get my wifes gift back?

  • HaizeMak
    Haize (@HaizeMak) reported

    @PostOffice I had to direct message my response as it was too long to explain . Please google Postoffice , Mitcham. 57 Church Road . And read other customers experiences . They are extremely rude in there . We don’t need that kind of service in our community

  • dantheplumber2
    dan meskell (@dantheplumber2) reported

    @PostOffice I need help with £220 that has gone missing from a payment for car tax. Do you have cctv operating in your post offices?

  • goldhawkickz13
    goldhawkickz13 (@goldhawkickz13) reported

    Website just kept looping in pages that doesnt solve the problem nor let me file anything, postoffice say cs isnt their job please go website or tweet everyone just push the ball to another court

  • kimberleymross
    Kimberley Ross (@kimberleymross) reported

    @PostOffice can you please help- my broadband internet keeps cutting out!

  • HaizeMak
    Haize (@HaizeMak) reported

    @PostOffice your two agents that operate in the post office at Church Road , CR4 . Did they actually go through a recruitment procedure ? Or a different process was ? I’ve used that post office service for over 10years! They are rude and should not be behind that desk !!

  • PostOrifice
    Post Orifice (@PostOrifice) reported

    @thecraftylarder @PostOffice Generally, Kevin, the only reason a member of staff has to get involved with a self serve customer, is because they can't do it themselves. We cannot berate our staff for being abrupt with customers who are plainly thick pillocks.

  • handee
    Hannah Dee (@handee) reported

    @PostOffice Hi I can't get verify to work with the post office setup, is there a problem? I've phoned HMRC and they think it's at your end.

  • ChrisAnthony123
    Chris Anthony (@ChrisAnthony123) reported

    Hey @USPS, you are more than a little useless. This week marks my SECOND item never even to leave the sending location. @PostOffice #Florida

  • Icarebyproxy
    I care by proxy (@Icarebyproxy) reported

    @thecraftylarder @PostOffice No one likes a grass, in particular no one likes a grass that tries to get a fellow worker the sack. Bad kevin

  • youngmortimer
    Andrew Jackson (@youngmortimer) reported

    Good to see @PostOffice ignoring the trend for great customer service and instead treating the public like dirt.

  • DSR_F11
    ⚡️ Duncs ⚡️ (@DSR_F11) reported

    @GemmaRathbone @BeingBoycie @RoyalMail @PostOffice @hedgehogsociety Agree, I've never had to buy an elastic band... I just look outside my front door.

  • AJ_Twina
    CRZ Mugen (@AJ_Twina) reported

    @PostOffice just been told at Cwmbran post office that foreign currency is there bread and butter over letters and stamps. Is this true as they was allowing queue jumping to happen with people that was ordering currency. Is this how u treat Ur customers that r not buying money?

  • CarolineJosephs
    Caroline Josephs (@CarolineJosephs) reported

    @PostOffice Grimsby. A previous customer had left the paper. I didn’t get the ladies name but she’s working at the self service tills and really was lovely.

  • Lewjamew
    Lewis Parker (@Lewjamew) reported from Reigate, England

    So I returned an item to @empukofficial from my local @PostOffice just after Christmas and it never arrived. Now EMP, Post Office or @parcelforce (who apparently are delivering it) want nothing to do with me. Appalling!

  • TheEdThorne
    EdThorneRhythm&Sound (@TheEdThorne) reported

    Two people working the counters at @PostOffice #Acton today... really?! On a Saturday! #fail #PostOffice #servicefail #service

  • yutyut26
    Ian Budge (@yutyut26) reported

    @PostOffice do you have a credit card customer services postal address?

  • thecraftylarder
    Kevin (@thecraftylarder) reported

    Hey @PostOffice, the member of staff manning the self serve in your Clapham Common branch should be dismissed. His customer service skills are the worst I’ve ever seen. Rude, abrupt, very slow and dismissive.

  • solomonmail1
    Solo Manner (@solomonmail1) reported

    @PostOffice 30 mins and still waiting staff too slow and your clearly understaffed!

  • Balio_SA
    Babalo Sanqela (@Balio_SA) reported

    @PostOffice @PostofficeSa Thank you for showing concern, it's just that the level of poor service seems acceptable

  • Jo_West85
    Joanna West (@Jo_West85) reported

    @PostOffice I'll Pm you. There was bad language and he forced me out the shop

  • MikeyTheTowner
    Mikey Programmes (@MikeyTheTowner) reported

    @PostOffice any reason why I keep losing my broadband connection or just pure bad service?

  • LauraxPeace
    LauraPeace (@LauraxPeace) reported

    in New Cross and Deptford we've already seen what @PostOffice franchises become - the old NX sub post office and now Deptford Broadway became shabby and derelict and the former has closed. This is a deliberate running down of service @EveningStandard @LondonLive @eastlondonlines

  • Jo_West85
    Joanna West (@Jo_West85) reported

    @PostOffice There was bad language and even the postman apologised.

  • MaRaineyBlues
    Jojo (@MaRaineyBlues) reported

    @PostOffice please can you give me the phone number for Customer Services in Preston. It is related to closing the account of my recently deceased mother.

  • hewesyp
    Paul Hewes (@hewesyp) reported

    @PostOffice @RoyalMail Thanks for the reply. Both closed, both showing 5.3pm and no other staff who could help (even just dropping a prepaid parcel in). Thanks hopefully RM will advise on how to claim this.

  • KarenMcDonagh
    Kmac (@KarenMcDonagh) reported

    @PostOffice Without customer knowledge