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Plusnet plc is a British quad play internet service provider; providing broadband using DSL and fibre technology, landline, digital television and Mobile services. Plusnet is part of BT.

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  • Internet (70.33%)
  • Wi-fi (9.89%)
  • Phone (7.69%)
  • E-mail (6.59%)
  • Total Blackout (4.40%)
  • TV (1.10%)

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  • IvanWooll
    Ivan Wooll (@IvanWooll) reported

    @plusnethelp The router plusnet supply is pants guys. I had one of their support guys admit as much this weekend. I replaced mine with the BT homehub 6 for 16 quid on eBay and now have +60meg in every room.

  • StartARiot_95
    CharlotteMarshall🌸 (@StartARiot_95) reported

    Been with you guys #plusnet since 2014, and to be treated like that by customer services for your error, currently looking for new Internet providers who will actually want my custom #talktalk #sky #virginmedia

  • StartARiot_95
    CharlotteMarshall🌸 (@StartARiot_95) reported

    @samj2014 @Plusnet Ridiculous! When mine got set up in October I was waiting until end of December for my WiFi and even then it was poor. Then had the cheek to charge me for them months yet made next to no effort to sort the issue

  • StartARiot_95
    CharlotteMarshall🌸 (@StartARiot_95) reported

    When plusnet charge me twice for this month due to their faulty update, queried it had them hang up on the phone only for them via online chat tell me to contact my bank for a refund. It's their fault not mine! #plusnet #badcustomerservice

  • emilytedford
    Em Tedford (@emilytedford) reported

    @Plusnet @plusnethelp please sort your internet out. it’s just cut off whilst I was watching the bodyguard finale, do you see the problem here?

  • wildcraftbrews
    Wildcraft Mike (@wildcraftbrews) reported

    @Micky_Martin_ @Plusnet @plusnethelp Wow, that IS poor!!

  • Micky_Martin_
    Michael Martin (@Micky_Martin_) reported

    @wildcraftbrews @Plusnet @plusnethelp Mine is beyond poor. I get about 4 -8 mb download and 512kb - 1mb up. Might go back to freeware.

  • thecyberbear2
    THECYBERBEAR (@thecyberbear2) reported

    @josher_09 @Gemma03518519 @StupidInvaders @Plusnet @Twitch I have been looking around and it's not just me tonight, it's took a nose dive everywhere. But it's the first time in near 2 years I had a major issue. Apart from the crappy router that I had to replace lol

  • Micky_Martin_
    Michael Martin (@Micky_Martin_) reported

    @wildcraftbrews @Plusnet @plusnethelp They really do have the worst customer service ever and the engineers are useless.

  • wildcraftbrews
    Wildcraft Mike (@wildcraftbrews) reported

    And you’ve done it @Plusnet @plusnethelp, you’ve managed to steal another hour of my life on hold! 6 hours and counting over past week and the dept I need goes home at 9 so I had to hang up! Brilliant customer service.

  • Gemma03518519
    Gemma (@Gemma03518519) reported

    @josher_09 @StupidInvaders @thecyberbear2 @Plusnet @Twitch Mines gone down too!

  • StupidInvaders
    Chris (@StupidInvaders) reported

    @josher_09 @thecyberbear2 @Plusnet Ikr, get your shit together @Plusnet, ruining our scheduled @Twitch stream #FeelsBadMan

  • maffbm
    Maff Mace (@maffbm) reported

    @Plusnet @plusnethelp can you see what's caused our phone and internet to be down? LS18 5BZ, master socket only 2 months old, has built in filter, got no dial tone and no broadband connection. There's a 30 minute wait on your phone lines to speak to someone.

  • _SonOfACunt
    Josh Coates (@_SonOfACunt) reported

    @Plusnet only turned your broadband on for us today and you’ve been throwing 3mbps at us all day and now it’s a 30 minute wait one the phone, sort your shit out.

  • kxthleen
    KT 🌱 (@kxthleen) reported

    coming down with the plusnet plague so becky took me to ikea for veggie ***** and a ride on the trolley. bought an ice cream scented candle and a stupid dragon called jam

  • racingtom_
    Racing Tom 🏇🏽⚒ (@racingtom_) reported

    @shanemcleod87 @Plusnet @plusnethelp I’d understand that if it went from 35 to 20ish but not down to 1mb. It’s basically unusable!

  • Terry79023669
    Terry (@Terry79023669) reported

    @Plusnet Do not expect 2 resolve any issues with this Cowboy provider any time soon. 2 wks No service=No compensation been waiting 17 months CEO never replies, No customer service. Plusnet 2 be avoided at all cost!!!!!!

  • vanesawoodfield
    kelsey (@vanesawoodfield) reported

    bye why’ve i seen a collective two minutes of this episode and missed charity rightfully snap because my internet is so shit, plusnet you had one job

  • eaglestaff1
    Di (@eaglestaff1) reported

    @plusnethelp Sporadic connection fed up of getting in from work and having to use mobile data... Why do I have to do this when good hard earned cash is spent on a substandard service? Who do I blame? Plusnet or BT?

  • MaeveyMc92
    Maeve McCoy (@MaeveyMc92) reported

    @plusnethelp drop in connection every few days sometimes multiple times a day. Never had this problem with @SkyUK :( #plusnet #shit #internet

  • marshgate24
    Andy Marsh (@marshgate24) reported

    @racingtom_ @Plusnet @plusnethelp Go virgin fibre, much as it pains me to give money to Branson, the service has been excellent

  • MaeveyMc92
    Maeve McCoy (@MaeveyMc92) reported

    @Plusnet is going to be the end of me. No Internet - again! Absolutely shambolic service! #plusnet #nowifi #firstworldproblem

  • jennyscakes1
    jennyscakes (@jennyscakes1) reported

    @Plusnet is there a problem with broadband today in lanarkshire?

  • JuliaR1982
    Julia Rundle (@JuliaR1982) reported

    I spent 45min on hold until someone answered at lunch. They now tell me there is no engineer appointments available till 9th Oct! Appalling customer service. I will have to pay for mifi or dongle as plusnet won't offer me anything. You can't live with internet these days!

  • plusnethelp
    Plusnet Help (@plusnethelp) reported

    @shawscorner Hi Rick, I'm sorry to hear you having issues paying your bill with John Lewis. As this is a Plusnet support channel, we can only advise the John Lewis support number - 0800 022 3300. - Maddy

  • PenholderArtUK
    Dan (@PenholderArtUK) reported

    the Wifi has been so slow lately!!! @plusnethelp @Plusnet not even a speed test will work!

  • CharlotteNewst1
    CharlotteN (@CharlotteNewst1) reported

    @plusnethelp Too late. I couldn't be less impressed with Plusnet's response. It took me 8 days to get through. I tried online chat, phoning, direct message from my account and tweets. Outrageously poor. I finally got a response from the complaints page. I will never renew my contract.

  • ThruxtonJay
    ░P░o░c░h░S░p░u░r░ (@ThruxtonJay) reported

    @stephenpay444 I have plusnet. Easily the cheapest, usually ok, sometimes issues but for the price still good.

  • bobshopcharlie
    richard berenger (@bobshopcharlie) reported

    oh dear #Plusnet ... seven clicks on your website to find a contact number .. thirty minute wait on hold. Online chat not working. No link to raising an online query/order. Same old, same old poor customer service and totally useless website.

  • SimonRossyRoss
    Simon Ross (@SimonRossyRoss) reported

    @Plusnet for almost 10 years I've been a customer, I've shared on social media how happy I've been and I've referred new customers. Today, I csme to renew and there was absolutely no attempt to keep my business. How disappointing.

  • LukeScrivin
    Luke Scrivin (@LukeScrivin) reported

    @Plusnet are taking the biscuit been waiting since Thursday for a call back from a manger and still nothing. However they’ve managed to put my bill up to 55£ . Tryed for half an hour to get through and nothing !!! Pile of shit

  • saxbrilliance
    Project Grow (MIoEE) (@saxbrilliance) reported

    Being driven insane with @Plusnet customer support this past week. 15+ hours on phone trying to sort technical issues. Time to let them go now. New provider sought

  • RalfPearson
    Ralf Pearson (@RalfPearson) reported

    I'm in a @plusnet groundhog day. Service isn't live, phones @Plusnet 'we've escalated it and it will be live in 1-3 days, definitely'...waits. Service isn't live. Phones @Plusnet. 'we've escalated it and it will be live in 1-3 days, definitely'...waits. Service isn't live....

  • aotns
    𝕬𝖙𝖍𝖊𝖓𝖘 𝖔𝖋 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝖓𝖔𝖗𝖙𝖍 (@aotns) reported

    @Plusnet @HMRCgovuk Plusnet are refusing to issue me with VAT but are charging me VAT. Told me they don't have to. Is this lawful .

  • roytho01
    Roy (@roytho01) reported

    @Plusnet awful service, taken money, my refund is well overdue and yet all I'm being told is you have billing system issues and CS will email Billing, but there is NO updates or communication while you sit on my money. Shocking. 2 x45m calls no further on

  • gazzathegamer23
    Gary.the.gamer. hulk (@gazzathegamer23) reported

    @Plusnet you can always tell when the internet is bad when you ring up and get told there is a 40 min wait im still waiting for you to call me this has been on going since the 2 december

  • Catheri58520191
    Catherine (@Catheri58520191) reported

    @Plusnet spent the best part of 2 hours today on the fone every time I get put on hold I am disconnected all I want to do is cancel a couple tract that I never even renewed

  • BogieOnPatrol
    David Bogie 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (@BogieOnPatrol) reported

    @TalkTalk Well, I was kind of hoping @Plusnet could since I've already paid them to switch me over to their service, saving me £20 a month.

  • eHMCS
    eHM (@eHMCS) reported

    @swaggyavi @virginmedia They ****** up their EU routing again? I swear this happens yearly around this time at Virgin. Moved to BT -> plusnet, 0 routing issues, just half the download speed:(

  • mattimessi
    matthew stewart (@mattimessi) reported

    @Cultural_Bag @plusnethelp @Plusnet Ha I'm just about to shut mine. After 3 weeks I got through on the phone. They know you can't print the invoices off. I said it's 3 weeks now. They are still working on it. Hahahaha never known anything take as long

  • Cultural_Bag
    Marina Norris (@Cultural_Bag) reported

    @mattimessi @plusnethelp @Plusnet Second time I’ve sent a message via twitter and no response yet. Looking at other providers as broadband is too important not to have excellent customer service.

  • cmstretton
    chris stretton (@cmstretton) reported

    @Plusnet Thank you for the excellent support after 35 minutes on hold and after a 5 minute conversation the Tech Support cuts me off. I am now on hold with another 30 minutes wait time. #BADSERVICE

  • richard15997887
    richard clarke (@richard15997887) reported

    @Plusnet without doubt the worst bb service provider we’ve ever used!Spend more money renewing my EE data to allow me internet access than ever since getting this useless bag of shit service provider. Months of shite service and complaint after complaint, still nothing #shitisp

  • drkirmani
    Bil Kirmani (@drkirmani) reported from Warrington, England

    Hey @Plusnet @plusnethelp - still waiting on a £75 refund six weeks later. Every time I call customer services, you assure me it’s going to be sorted immediately. C’mon now. Do me proud.

  • TheCarnells
    TheCarnells (@TheCarnells) reported

    After three missed broadband installation dates, we were given a month free as goodwill. Now our service is restricted because PlusNet haven't received payment for the first month!!!

  • Cultural_Bag
    Marina Norris (@Cultural_Bag) reported

    @plusnethelp No online help available. Been told I have to wait 30 mins for help if I call. Waited 48 mins on Saturday before giving up. Is there actually anyone working @Plusnet ?

  • imheathertaylor
    Heather (@imheathertaylor) reported

    @plusnethelp How do I get an online account for my plusnet mobile? I got my sim a while ago and can see how to login but not register?

  • DrValvePunk
    John Buxton (@DrValvePunk) reported

    @Plusnet Perhaps you should put these resources into reducing the 50 minute phone call wait for your support team? Or perhaps get the online support working on Sundays. Broadband has been broken for 5 days now........

  • dvdweddings
    Wynne Jones (@dvdweddings) reported

    Lost my internet, anyone else having problem with plusnet?

  • CorkGourmetGuy
    Dave Ahern (@CorkGourmetGuy) reported

    @ChefWayner @EE @O2 @Plusnet There are tribes deep in the amazon who have never been discovered by western civilization who could provide me with better broadband service than EE.

  • raquellebear
    Rachel (@raquellebear) reported

    @plusnethelp @Plusnet - pls can we have urgent help. My friends mum is 96 and needs phone for her emergency buzzer as she lives alone. She’s being told it can’t be fixed by u till wed. Please help her.

  • johncwdicks
    John Dicks (@johncwdicks) reported

    Anyone thinking of using @Plusnet, don't believe their legendary customer service claims. Over a week since I was alerted to my order being inexplicably rejected (but charged for), I've only experienced legendary rudeness as every attempt to contact them has gone unresponded.

  • HeresHerridge
    Elizabeth Herridge (@HeresHerridge) reported

    @Plusnet 40-minutes on hold to cancel contract, crazy! Hold message telling me to go online but cancelling contracts can only be done via phone or ye olde post! Terrible customer service, wonder why I'm leaving?!

  • dmcclymont1975
    Duncan McClymont (@dmcclymont1975) reported

    @Paul42980402 @StopFundingHate @Plusnet @plusnethelp @Plusnet Do we need to cancel ours??? Small drops add up to big floods??#StopFundingHate

  • ljob81
    Lee (@ljob81) reported

    I recommended plusnet to family. The phone line transferred but haven’t received their router. 50 minute wait on the helpline live chat is down, but they bang on about ‘award winning customer support’. What good is it if you can’t get through?! @plusnethelp

  • CryptoGirlYorks
    CryptoGirlYorks (@CryptoGirlYorks) reported

    @Plusnet @plusnethelp Pontefract West Yorkshire, I have the flashing orange light of doom on my fibre router. Website states no known issues. Any known faults? WF8 2UX

  • ldpjones
    Laura Jones (@ldpjones) reported

    @Plusnet terrible broadband this weekend with full loss and over 50 minute wait times to call #notgoodenough

  • AppleSupportEN
    Apple Support EN (@AppleSupportEN) reported

    @sarah_bangs @AppleSupport Hey Sarah. We’re sorry you’re experiencing issues with your new iPhone. Your ISP will provide a default Wi-Fi channel, in this case it looks to be 2.4GHz. @Plusnet, @EE, @ZyxelUK @BT and @UKInternet can be contacted to change this.

  • colm25
    FreeThinkingAtheist #FBPE (@colm25) reported

    @plusnethelp @plusnet Hi. My broadband speed is 1/100th what is usually is. I’ve tried calling you today but there’s currently a 50mins + wait time. Is there a widespread problem? Would someone be able to call me when they’re free? Thanks.

  • colm25
    FreeThinkingAtheist #FBPE (@colm25) reported

    @plusnethelp @plusnet Hi. My broadband speed is 1/100th what is usually is. I’ve tried calling you today but there’s currently a 50mins + wait time. Is there a widespread problem? Would someone be able to call me when they’re free? Thanks.