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TalkTalk offers broadband internet (ADSL), television (IPTV) and home service. TalkTalk also offers mobile phone and mobile internet service as mobile virtual network operator using the Vodafone wireless network.

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  • ▪ Internet (68.97%)
  • ▪ Phone (13.79%)
  • ▪ E-mail (7.76%)
  • ▪ Total Blackout (6.90%)
  • ▪ TV (2.59%)

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  • 8bitPing
    Ping (@8bitPing) reported

    @Satan_m8 @TalkTalk It's disgusting. Bizarrely, BT modem was awesome and had no issues at all with IGMP or streaming. No excuse whatsoever, treating customers like cash cows and palming them off with low-grade trash.

  • Satan_m8
    Satan (@Satan_m8) reported

    @8bitPing @TalkTalk Lol VeriZonist do the same cancer here. "only authorized network extenders can be used with our router" orly

  • OriginComplaint
    Complaints About ... (@OriginComplaint) reported

    @Firepower88 It's been awful since they started moving people to talktalk. Staff are leaving and they can't fix the issues as they have no money

  • pennwba
    Steve (@pennwba) reported

    @TalkTalk I need internet for work and cannot wait 72 hours for a decision on an Outreach Engineer call out. Their Engineer caused the problem.

  • GamerPauly
    Gamer Pauly (@GamerPauly) reported

    Was considering a switch from bt to talktalk but after reading numerous poor reviews on trustpilot I'll stay with BT :/

  • Muttonles
    John Nailon (@Muttonles) reported

    @TalkTalk Any reason why your download speeds in the Ipswich area are absolutely shit AGAIN!? Can't even get one decent day.

    Mulberry Dragonfly (@MULBRYDRAGONFLY) reported

    @TalkTalk I have poor service. I have my own business - please confirm does that provider better or rubbish service?

  • niamhethandarcy
    Freedom (@niamhethandarcy) reported

    @TalkTalk I have used the chat service before and spent over an hour explaining the whole situation again to 3 different departments. #Useless

  • Twonkee
    Eeeeyunn (@Twonkee) reported

    @TalkTalk Hi. My brother in south Bristol says his Talk Talk internet has been down all day, any ideas?

    Mulberry Dragonfly (@MULBRYDRAGONFLY) reported

    @TalkTalk Would I be treated better if I register my account as a business? I am a private customer, as a small business sometimes work from home

  • jabrock666
    Jason atkinson (@jabrock666) reported

    @TalkTalk There's been 4 engineers in last 2 month and they didn't fix it

  • AndrewTStephen
    Andrew Stephen (@AndrewTStephen) reported

    Ongoing horrible experience w @TalkTalk. Spending hrs on calls w support & getting nowhere. Been 3 wks w/out broadband now & no progress

    Matt Hepworth (@HEPPY_BOI) reported

    @TalkTalk also your customer service is appalling, one guy was actually laughing at the fact we can’t do anything about it #fraudsters

  • SiobhanMoore90
    Siobhán Moore (@SiobhanMoore90) reported

    @TalkTalk i'd love to know why my router thinks my wireless laptop is a wired device. but i think it's because the router is crap tbh

  • drizzydipper
    Jordan (@drizzydipper) reported

    @TalkTalk the internet keeps dropping/becoming super slow, is it due to the weather?

  • hollies42
    paul hollingsworth (@hollies42) reported

    @TalkTalk Yes WiFi being the problem

  • hollies42
    paul hollingsworth (@hollies42) reported

    @TalkTalk Hi all evening it’s dropped out then come back very unusual for talktalk not had problems before usually averaging 32

  • TheFerretLives
    Stu (Ferret) Ferrol (@TheFerretLives) reported

    @TalkTalk I couldn't get on to it, said try again 8am-10pm. I need to know about fault I reported, Internet still really slow

  • CharityUKNews
    🦋 Paulette Hughes (@CharityUKNews) reported

    Diabolical #customerservice Can't believe the complete and utter lack of respect, broken promises How do you get away with it? @TalkTalk

  • TheRealMapa
    mapadale (@TheRealMapa) reported

    @RachelBarnsby @OriginBroadband Theybmoved fron plusnet network to talktalk about 2 week ago, had nothing but problems since...

  • hollies42
    paul hollingsworth (@hollies42) reported

    @talktalk are you having problems with broadband speed in ng12 area keep losing broadband.

  • mjolnirthegreat
    Cornelius the 3rd (@mjolnirthegreat) reported

    @TalkTalk Hang on Mr Galloway isn't there a video clip of you calling Katie Hopkins a Bitch? @LBC

  • GorseYouCan
    Lewis Gorse (@GorseYouCan) reported

    @_JoshuaRF @TalkTalk The SM staff are helpful but can only put you in contact with the customer service team. Which is impossible to communicate with! [2/2]

  • carmslovesyou
    misscarmenevans (@carmslovesyou) reported

    @TalkTalk is anyone else having issues ??? Internet has just gone down and no luck when resetting? We are in Wales #talktalk

  • Mr_LITKL
    Mr (LITKL) (@Mr_LITKL) reported

    @TalkTalk They are rude, obnoxious and don’t take a polite no for an answer. Every. Single. Time. They. Are. There.

  • lethal_laddu
    Laddu Singh (@lethal_laddu) reported

    Do not join up with @TalkTalk worst company ever!! #Retweet #TalkTalk

  • Ellie_Gosling
    Ellie Gosling (@Ellie_Gosling) reported

    @TalkTalk have had a problem with our phone line all week. Have attempted to call but can’t get a through to a human #badcustomerservice

  • mazzalcfc
    Mario Hyde (@mazzalcfc) reported

    @TalkTalk @DanielK97593144 Im also with talk talk n have issues nobody ever wants to sort. After numerous phone calls im still having issues.No issue taking bill money

  • HMaester
    Howard Morland (@HMaester) reported

    @TalkTalk The engineer appointment was never made with Open Reach they said. This is second such communication failure. Pl Talk terms now or we depart

  • Mr_LITKL
    Mr (LITKL) (@Mr_LITKL) reported

    @TalkTalk your sales people in Oldbury are rude and aggressive.

  • OriginComplaint
    Complaints About ... (@OriginComplaint) reported

    @ispreview @OriginBroadband definately not their own network seem to be moving people off plusnet and voda onto talktalk back end

  • lethal_laddu
    Laddu Singh (@lethal_laddu) reported

    Do not use @TalkTalk worst company ever!! #DoNotUseTalkTalk #WorstCompany

  • DanielK97593144
    Daniel King (@DanielK97593144) reported

    @TalkTalk 2 engineers numerous phone calls and still no resolution. I’m expected to still pay for a service I’m not receiving. Terrible company

  • DanielK97593144
    Daniel King (@DanielK97593144) reported

    @TalkTalk No Amanda I’ve tried 5 times with your customer service staff and I may aswell speak to my 2 year old daughter. She speaks better English

  • jlevi53
    Thommas (@jlevi53) reported

    @TalkTalk Hi, I got my bill for my mibile acount for £6.61 intead of £5 any help? thanks

  • Ekkerjay
    Eric (@Ekkerjay) reported

    @TalkTalk why is my broadband down again. How the hell are you still in business?

  • lethal_laddu
    Laddu Singh (@lethal_laddu) reported

    @TalkTalk is the worst company in the UK! Worst service ever! Worst internet! #TalkTalkAreRubbish

  • lethal_laddu
    Laddu Singh (@lethal_laddu) reported

    @TalkTalk My internet is flipping slow & hardly works!! I’ve had 3 engineers out & they all say it will be faster! It’s still flipping slow as sh!t!!

  • HMaester
    Howard Morland (@HMaester) reported from Chippenham, England

    @TALKTALK #complaint about persistent unresolved #broadband #internet problems. Expecting engineer & waited 4 hrs no show, 1hr10 on tel hold

  • 874chris
    Christopher Leach (@874chris) reported

    @TalkTalk 40 minutes before the call was terminated by TalkTalk. I was told to make contact again using the chat room. What a great way to treat a...

  • 874chris
    Christopher Leach (@874chris) reported

    @TalkTalk A technical advisor went through the whole history of the issues and when I asked some questions regarding the delay in repairing the...

  • 874chris
    Christopher Leach (@874chris) reported

    @TalkTalk complaint and having cleared security I was put through to the technical department where I once again explained the issues....

    Stephen Anderson (@SMAFCA) reported

    @TalkTalk no show from Openreach this morning and 60 mins wait not to get answer from you. 10 days with no service! Not happy! Pls sort it.

  • Bluejetdude
    Earl Mills (@Bluejetdude) reported

    @TalkTalk I know that some like to attack @TalkTalk for customer service but they've been outstanding every time I've needed help.

  • Bluejetdude
    Earl Mills (@Bluejetdude) reported

    Wasn't expecting @TalkTalk to send me a new 2017 model Super Router when mine starting acting up! Once again, I've had great service.

  • _AthleteSupport
    Athlete Support (@_AthleteSupport) reported

    @TalkTalk Hi Vicky. Not had to use website before. Says doesn't recognise email. Bills comes through OK. Broadband should be 40-60mpbs Slow for 2 wks

  • ithilestante
    SPOOKithil 🍁🍂 (@ithilestante) reported

    So @talktalk how much longer than 27 mins do we have to wait to talk with somebody so you can tell me how you're gonna fix YOUR problem?

  • glenn_mcburney
    Glenn McBurney (@glenn_mcburney) reported

    @TalkTalk Ok, il get bk to you tomorrow if its not working, because that agent issued engineer, told me phonlines active but no broadband connection.

  • TessPipalota666
    Tess Wilson (@TessPipalota666) reported

    @TalkTalk A fault I think I wouldn't know what the problem is because she won't talk to me about anything I ask about she needs retraining

  • mike_godden
    Mike (@mike_godden) reported

    @TalkTalk No, these robots are NO help whatsoever.

  • orientalsue
    oriental sue (@orientalsue) reported

    @TalkTalk terrible terrible service, no phone line or broadband, at the moment still using virginmedia

  • sned13
    Dave Snelson (@sned13) reported

    @TalkTalk Hi. I have an engineer due to visit today, was told they would ring last night to give me an idea of a time but had no call. Help please!

  • priceybabes00
    Ryan Price (@priceybabes00) reported

    @JodieMarsh i dont blame you lol i had it with @talktalk charging me when half my tv chanels didnt work and internet was awful and so on still aint paid

  • antdyer2012
    unbelievable! (@antdyer2012) reported

    @TalkTalk Hi. Despite the promise of an update in 24hrs (on the 11th) still no direct contact. Please help

  • rubyhants
    Lin Warner (@rubyhants) reported

    @andywarner88 @SkyUK @BTCare @TalkTalk Avoid Talk Talk bad reputation.

  • glenn_mcburney
    Glenn McBurney (@glenn_mcburney) reported

    @TalkTalk She run diagnostics 4 times, even got me to screw of my socket to reach master socket, & reset, then she tells me its not working,

  • ivor414
    Ivor Robinson (@ivor414) reported

    Just been on phone 2hrs to #talktalk customer service ,just want to cancel account. No luck.been excustom 8 years. Still want money,crooks

  • OriginComplaint
    Complaints About ... (@OriginComplaint) reported

    @petermichaelw @OriginBroadband this move to #talktalk there doing is causing problems for everyone

  • SocialNybble
    Roger Warnock (@SocialNybble) reported

    @TalkTalk Also your NI engineer told me they knew there was a fault in the line and didn't do anything as per August issue as well - great service!

  • SocialNybble
    Roger Warnock (@SocialNybble) reported

    Just wondering is @talktalk the worst phone/broadband provider in the UK? 5 weeks with no service and then BT engineer doesn't turn up!!!

  • 8bitPing
    Ping (@8bitPing) reported

    @TalkTalk The fix included me buying a modem that actually worked, and then figuring out what the heck TalkTalk does with IGMP and how that nightmare creates a denial of service by flooding DHCP with IP requests.

  • 8bitPing
    Ping (@8bitPing) reported

    @TalkTalk Your support is appalling and resolves nothing. The supplied router you ship couldn't even handle 2 simultaneous streaming devices. I wasted hours talking to your support who had no idea, so I fixed it myself.

  • 8bitPing
    Ping (@8bitPing) reported

    @TalkTalk No, not yet. But now I've implemented a network hack to get around your IGMP usage, I'll be wanting my 70mb/s back now that I don't have to reboot the router several times a day.

  • danraybould82
    Daniel Raybould (@danraybould82) reported

    @TalkTalk Ive had over 60days of service disruption.20+ calls 2 a really poor non english speaking call centre. Callbacks that i never got!!

  • jahanak
    Jahana Khan (@jahanak) reported

    @TalkTalk I’m currently on the phone to the customer service team...who can I contact to complain?

  • mh7100
    Mark Hudson (@mh7100) reported from New Malden, England

    ANOTHER day waiting for ANOTHER #TalkTalk technician, this is literally the worst service in every aspect of the word, I have EVER received!

  • Az_A1i
    Az (@Az_A1i) reported

    @TalkTalk @TalkTalk can you please help?

  • Az_A1i
    Az (@Az_A1i) reported

    @TalkTalk Hi, I am working from my parents house and am told by my IT helpdesk that you does not support our VPN due to a firmware issue...

  • RachelMacGregor
    Rachel MacGregor (@RachelMacGregor) reported

    @TalkTalk It's vital we get this fixed asap so any help is much appreciated!!

  • TalkTalk
    TalkTalk (@TalkTalk) reported

    @veronicatls Hi Veronica, welcome to TalkTalk. If you need any help with anything please let me know. Vicky

  • JonathanStevns
    Jonathan Stevens (@JonathanStevns) reported

    @TalkTalk TalkTalk strike me as incompetent technically AND in their cust.service, communications & sticking to promises! How to get compensation?

  • OurSayMedia
    one voice (@OurSayMedia) reported

    @TalkTalk I was no longer your customer and didn't have access to my account - and if you can send a demand you can send a bill

  • PierrePouplin
    Pierre Pouplin (@PierrePouplin) reported

    @TalkTalk Bad service tonight in Wimbledon

  • niamhethandarcy
    Freedom (@niamhethandarcy) reported

    @TalkTalk And I won't be spending yet another hour on the phone to your inept customer service team either.

  • AdamOda1966
    Andy (@AdamOda1966) reported from London, England

    @TalkTalk worst broad band ever , it’s like living in the 80’s .

  • HollyHamlett
    Holly Hamlett (@HollyHamlett) reported

    @TalkTalk Internet stopped working for 2nd time in 3 weeks & spent 20 minutes listening to your canned music with no answer. Poor service.

  • Soccerjudge
    Big judge joe (@Soccerjudge) reported

    @TalkTalk One hour 30 minutes and he agrees it's the router which I said was the problem after 5 minutes

  • hyeranult
    annie (@hyeranult) reported

    @TalkTalk my WiFi is so slow lately, sometimes it doesn’t work at all, we renewed our plan recently, does that has something to do with it?

  • alexbuckland
    Alex Buckland (@alexbuckland) reported from Blackburn, England

    @TalkTalk Amanda, I haven’t got any fiber service at all. I’ve been told an engineer is booked to go to the exchange but can’t tell me when.

  • Kersh835
    Andy Kershaw (@Kersh835) reported

    @TalkTalk absolutely applauling customer service. 2 months same fault and managers that lie and fail. No one rings back so i dont expect a reply to this!