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TalkTalk offers broadband internet (ADSL), television (IPTV) and home service. TalkTalk also offers mobile phone and mobile internet service as mobile virtual network operator using the Vodafone wireless network.

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  • ▪ Internet (80.71%)
  • ▪ E-mail (8.80%)
  • ▪ Phone (4.87%)
  • ▪ Total Blackout (2.81%)
  • ▪ TV (2.81%)

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  • Sisterfucker69
    Bradley (@Sisterfucker69) reported

    @TalkTalk why in the earth is your internet so god dam shit !!! Your mugs the lot of you fucking scum

  • ItsAfy
    afy ✨ (@ItsAfy) reported

    @TalkTalk my internet speed has gotten so slow the last few days. Help?

  • miss_fr90
    Rachael (@miss_fr90) reported

    In tears. Harassed by @TalkTalk re billing 4 closed account. Gave #Ardent debt collector proof I did everything by the book. #talktalk #help

  • Cagetwiglet
    Yuri_Tard 🎮❄️🎅🏼🎄 (@Cagetwiglet) reported

    @TalkTalk try doing more then just testing the speed, and workout what’s actually wrong only so many times you can do tests, I feel you should be paying me a wage with the amount I’ve had to do in the last two days, service? What service #waisteofspace

  • MoSamuels_
    Mo Samuels (@MoSamuels_) reported

    If you want working internet I highly recommend never going with @TalkTalk. Absolutely shocking customer support based in India who tell you your “1mbps download speed” is working perfectly fine

  • MoSamuels_
    Mo Samuels (@MoSamuels_) reported

    If you want working internet I high recommend never going with @TalkTalk. Absolutely shocking customer support based in India who tell you your “1mbps download speed” is working perfectly fine

  • LizzSpoon21
    elizabeth (@LizzSpoon21) reported

    PSA Talktalk WiFi will always be Dog shit

  • BarryRichard
    Barry Richardson (@BarryRichard) reported

    @TalkTalk I don't have thirty minutes a day to ring tech support unless you pay me to ring them. #boredoftalktalk

  • Ta1kTalk
    TalkTalk (@Ta1kTalk) reported

    @1JACK_BARNES @TalkTalk hahaha fuck up gimp. we wont do fuck all

  • Darrenleppard
    Darren Leppard (@Darrenleppard) reported

    @TalkTalk my fibre speed is very slow. I don’t want to call c/svc as from experience they’re useless. Last issue was resolved on here can someone help please?

  • Theo10Doros
    Theo Doros (@Theo10Doros) reported

    Absolutely shocking service from @TalkTalk . Constant drops in the internet connection for a month and still no resolution despite numerous calls complaining. Absolute joke

  • d4rg
    UD 5️⃣5️⃣5️⃣ (@d4rg) reported

    @CharlesBristow @TalkTalk Forget about it lol worst provider in uk

  • SELondoner
    SELondoner (@SELondoner) reported

    @TalkTalk The poor infrastructure is the problem so I know you're dependent on BT upgrading the lines in this area to fix speed. What's really annoying me is that despite the lack of any investment in this area you're charging me more than others pay for fibre, & the price keeps on rising

  • magicgeeny2003
    Angelina (@magicgeeny2003) reported

    @TalkTalk horrid company since I got it I've had nothing but engineer visits and interruptions and all u want is money ..I haven't had any service no land line, TV or broadband for 5 days and despite numerous calls I keep getting fobbed off

  • d4rg
    UD 5️⃣5️⃣5️⃣ (@d4rg) reported

    @TalkTalk Of course I know you cant do it over Twitter nor you will help me with it.. you just want me to stop speaking the truth :(

  • Zoya_o1
    Zoya (@Zoya_o1) reported

    @TalkTalk 11 days with no service (no landline, no broadband, and now no incoming mobile calls) and when I call them they drop the call, no live chat available and no one giving us any information on when any service will return. Tell me what should I do?

  • elcrofto
    Dave Croft (@elcrofto) reported

    @talktalk and just had your adviser Elijah Salin hang up on me after refusing to deal with the issue too. This is absolutely appalling treatment. @ofcom

  • mrviolentj
    craig laing (@mrviolentj) reported

    @nigel_nigbob @richbun @virginmedia Found the opposite, with talktalk 38 mb not a buffer in sight,with virgin it's never ending, on 200mb too

  • elcrofto
    Dave Croft (@elcrofto) reported

    [email protected] Moved house recently and you're holding my landline hostage, stopping me from setting up services. Been lied to about not being able to fix this (I work for another provider so know you can) and promised 2 separate calls that haven't happened. Reporting you to @ofcom

  • Umsm11
    FUCK OFF!? (@Umsm11) reported

    @TalkTalk fix your Internet

  • TheOvenSpring
    Robert Taylor (@TheOvenSpring) reported

    @TalkTalk It's not acceptable, when a customer calls to discuss Internet frequently not working, to threaten to charge £65.00 if certain conditions are not met, rather than prioritising fixing the problem

  • jaxbarrett50
    Jackie Barrett (@jaxbarrett50) reported

    Just for a change in having to switch the bloody box off and on multiple times and still no channels. Seriously the worst service @TalkTalk

  • arroberts2002
    MrR (@arroberts2002) reported

    @FAIRLYONE @TalkTalk 2.5 hours on Friday. Nicola their outbound complaints customer service manager was patronising, rude, aggressive, sighed down the phone at me, blamed me, and had no answers. all recorded. the worst 'service ever. and still nothing from @TalkTalk talk on here

    Fairly (@FAIRLYONE) reported

    @arroberts2002 @TalkTalk @virginmedia @SkyUK We moved 24th Nov they didn't process the move, acct has remained open on old address and will do so until end Jan. Admin errors, nocustomer device and still no connection.

  • arroberts2002
    MrR (@arroberts2002) reported

    @FAIRLYONE @TalkTalk their @TalkTalk customer service agents absolutely do not listen. they hear but they don't listen. thanks @TalkTalk talk know I'm going to have a broadband free Christmas...guarantee it .

  • thegambler5
    steve (@thegambler5) reported

    @janebartlett100 @TalkTalk I totally agree with you, worst company ever for contacting, dealing with , and ignoring you. Good luck having this dealt with....

  • HarveysMill
    KelsaleHolCottages (@HarveysMill) reported

    @TalkTalk broadband ludicrously slow today less than 1Mbps restarted DSL which sometimes helps still horrendous. 01728603621 promised min 8Mbps usually get 1Mbps +

  • janebartlett100
    Jane Bartlett (@janebartlett100) reported from Cold Norton, England

    I have dealt with poor customer service in my time but @TalkTalk you are a disgrace Message me urgently please there is an elderly lady with no phone or broadband but you don’t see that is a problem???

  • babelfishwars
    Olivia Wood 🐻 (@babelfishwars) reported

    Learning lesson of not checking the breakdown of bills every month. Nov 2016, @TalkTalk 'kindly' added a £3.75/m 'phone extra' to bill, to reduce cost of my calls. Except - never had a phone; line's only for internet. Foolish to expect not to be given unfree stealth gifts?

  • halroberts87
    Hal Roberts (@halroberts87) reported from Sheffield, England

    @TalkTalk hi - I am consistently getting around 1-2mb download speeds but am paying for fibre broadband. Please could my service be looked at to either rectify this or put me on a more appropriate plan? Thanks

  • Peter_H_Todd
    Peter H Todd (@Peter_H_Todd) reported

    @TalkTalk My elderly neighbour is STILL WAITING for somebody to come back out to complete their job to fix her phone. What time TODAY will they come? They were suppost to come BACK yesterday, not a shock that they DIDN'T. She has NO home landline as you HAVEN'T fix it.

  • bbbcaterers
    Steve smith (@bbbcaterers) reported

    @TalkTalk Marvelous service. So basically I sit on my lap top repetitively typing the same info with no clue when someone’s available. No call back option Time to change !!

  • MissNadiax
    Nadia - (@MissNadiax) reported

    So phone lines been dead since Thursday and internet keeps cutting off! Such poor service - I need someone to fix this asap @TalkTalk

  • simon432
    SimonH (@simon432) reported

    @TalkTalk Hi there! My set top box is slow to start up and generally slow to respond. Could it be due for replacement?

  • nandos_king_
    Nandosking (@nandos_king_) reported

    Our phone line doesn't seem to work and out internet keeps dropping out any service issues in the London Area? @TalkTalk

  • bbbcaterers
    Steve smith (@bbbcaterers) reported

    @TalkTalk Brilliant that is exactly where I’m getting stalked I enter all my info and then it just says no one available and shuts down. Tried that 12 times so far gets a bit tedious

    Ben Pringle (@BATBLADE) reported

    @TalkTalk Internet service has been in and off for the last 24 hours

  • d4rg
    UD 5️⃣5️⃣5️⃣ (@d4rg) reported

    Never go with @TalkTalk a complete rip off... their mobile service is a con

    Fairly (@FAIRLYONE) reported

    @TalkTalk Please ensure she calls us in the next 5 minutes- @TalkTalk as you are on your final straw - a dissatisfied - fed up 'customer'- staff name available if u need it....

  • zipplet
    Michael (マイケル) (@zipplet) reported

    @BlueHairKei @TalkTalk Sorry to hear that. @TalkTalk FIX YOUR CONNECTIONS. I always hear about poor service from you; while the last mile connection is not your fault please improve your backbone connections between the exchanges and yourself. You'll be doing a good service!

  • AichaAzeddine
    aicha susan (@AichaAzeddine) reported

    @TalkTalk Sorry to say my INTERNET and playback often does not work I seem to be having Lott's problems not sure if my area of signal but does make things difficult and don't need that write now ! I think I need new router as its old and flashing all time

  • kaszkayek
    Kak Beeb III the Wall Master of Western Nambia (@kaszkayek) reported

    @BlueHairKei @TalkTalk TalkTalk are terrible indeed.

  • BlueHairKei
    Santa Kei (@BlueHairKei) reported

    Apologies. The internet tonight was beyond woeful. @TalkTalk are woeful. The service today was abysmal. Sorry for everyone having to put up with that insalubrious stream.

  • davesmithshaw
    Dave Smith-Shaw (@davesmithshaw) reported

    @O2 I'm a TALKTALK mobile customer. From what I can understand is that they're moving their services to you. How is this going to affect me as I've been unable to get a contract with you in the past?!

    Fairly (@FAIRLYONE) reported

    @arroberts2002 @TalkTalk Same problems here- hours spent phoning them- mishandled acct- dreadful customer service- absolutely at wits end with @TalkTalk

  • MatthewOckham
    MatthewOckham (@MatthewOckham) reported

    @TalkTalk Could you please stop being unbearable assholes and unblock team viewer your making it hard for me to access my home computer. PS your Routers are shit also.

  • enteirah
    Entei-rah Brekaythi (@enteirah) reported

    Seems TalkTalk TV (Blinkbox's ghost) is dropping Ultraviolet support now too leaving barely any way to play legit UV titles in the UK now. I think it's safe to conclude UV is dead & ripping your own DVDs/Blu-rays to stream them from Plex yourself remains the best way forward!

  • 19richie91
    Richard Anderson (@19richie91) reported

    @TalkTalk are the biggest bunch of conmen going. Shocking internet service, and an appalling customer service! Phone call to @Ofcom on Monday ☝🏻

  • alpinmacgregor
    Alpin MacGregor (@alpinmacgregor) reported

    @TalkTalk I have broadband but telephone is not working in SW9 0PZ

  • PrototypeCube
    Lament Cube (@PrototypeCube) reported

    talktalk in the charts almost instantly as "worst ISP i've ever used" and i've been here on the online since 33.6k dialup

  • PrototypeCube
    Lament Cube (@PrototypeCube) reported

    @TalkTalk so, ultimately after all of this you never called anyway. you're off to a super start, gang

  • GuestFamily
    guest family (@GuestFamily) reported

    @TalkTalk Would love to but having trouble signing in to the forum, have changed password and been accepted but still won’t let me sign in!!!!

  • mmctear
    Melanie McTear (@mmctear) reported

    @TalkTalk what a disgrace your customer service is.

  • hadiyagifts
    Arista (@hadiyagifts) reported

    What rubbish customer service and unwillingness to resolve incorrect product! totally not happy with @SkyUK returning back to @TalkTalk

    Fairly (@FAIRLYONE) reported

    @TalkTalk Yes, we were told by a staff member Brandon that he wld personally ring us as we have been given such a run around. He didn't deliver. We are fed up. Where do we complain about your co appalling service?

  • JSBlewettGlobal
    JS Blewett (@JSBlewettGlobal) reported

    I can't even run a speed test it is so poor. #TalkTalk = Broadband Price/Dialup Service

  • yippitty
    Kathryn Tregidgo (@yippitty) reported

    @TalkTalk still no internet after 2 weeks, failure to call me back to resolve the problem. I am very unimpressed #poorcustomerservice

  • EstherRaphael
    Esther Raphael (@EstherRaphael) reported

    @TalkTalk I keep saying... I want to be reimbursed. I think @talktalk s approach is just to grind you down until you give up. Just shockingly bad service

  • DanTurns93
    Dan Turns (@DanTurns93) reported

    Need some help guys, do i go with @bt_uk or @TalkTalk

  • qslikely
    Quentin's Backdraft (@qslikely) reported

    @karenpenf @virginmedia @NetflixUK Talktalk contracted to provide me a service. After 3 years of downupdownup downup, they agreed they'd proved unable to do so, and I left them.

  • melanie_and
    Melanie Anderson (@melanie_and) reported

    @TalkTalk I've only been a customer a week or so, but must say I'm not that happy. Internet connection is so slow, I can't watch Netflix and be on my phone at the same time. is there a problem in my area, or should this just be what I am to expect?

  • craigbeazley85
    Craig Beazley (@craigbeazley85) reported

    @peterje23537824 @TalkTalk I agree. So poor, cannot admit to their errors even after all the bad press they had. Having to decide between Vodafone and Virgin

  • JSBlewettGlobal
    JS Blewett (@JSBlewettGlobal) reported from Pontypridd, Wales

    @TalkTalk - Still having constant disconnections. Have been to remote locations in developing countries with more reliable service. Waiting for a manager to contact me to discuss official complaint (Ref: 5175788)

  • ItsCragg
    Emma-Louise (@ItsCragg) reported

    [email protected] so your broadband service is somewhat rubbish & I've been charged for phone calls when i don't even have a phone. Sort it out!

  • laurare35056076
    laura (@laurare35056076) reported

    @TalkTalk No,It's the same old story,I had a complaint going back to August which was only resolved on Tuesday.I told customer services that once the credits were applied to my account I would pay my bill on the 22.12 when I got paid.That was ok'd and my internet was ok.Then all of a sudde

  • Hifly747
    Paul Wyborn (@Hifly747) reported

    @TalkTalk Hi do you provide utility warehouse service I believe you do?

  • mumoften
    margaret (@mumoften) reported

    @TalkTalk Yes. Also my phone. They are connected to the router but the router doesn't seem to be getting a signal from the internet

  • rmn58
    A Morrison (@rmn58) reported

    @TalkTalk Worst service possible! Don’t anyone think of getting them! Useless!

  • tzuki6
    Barbara Armstrong (@tzuki6) reported

    @TalkTalk green lights on router..but low download speeds and very high ping in North there a problem in area

  • mumoften
    margaret (@mumoften) reported

    My Internet is not working. It shows as connected on my laptop but when I try to get into anything it says not connected @TalkTalk

  • gpinorthwest
    GPi (@gpinorthwest) reported

    WTF - @talktalk broadband down again - what shitty fucking service from them. When will @offcom get their ducking teeth out and punish these bunch of wankers!

  • TheChrisHodkin
    Chris Hodkin (@TheChrisHodkin) reported

    @TalkTalk have the worst customer service

  • superflygreek
    GreekGoddess28 (@superflygreek) reported

    @TalkTalk Y when trying to cancel John from phillipines had me on the phone for over an hr....bye bye talk talk hello Virgin

  • kennyalogba
    kenny (@kennyalogba) reported from South Croydon, England

    1hr 7mins and I am still on the phone with @TalkTalk how am I paying for a dead service please?

  • xLaBigMac
    Roadman Mac (@xLaBigMac) reported

    @TalkTalk are you having issues in the LE7 area of Leicester? Haven't been able to connect all day

  • robga_
    Robert Garrow-Pugh (@robga_) reported

    @Peter_H_Todd @TalkTalk Maybe their internet is down, (if they supply themselves).

  • sam285
    Samantha G (@sam285) reported

    @TalkTalk I never use the home phone. And the compensation policy doesn’t answer my previous question

  • kennyalogba
    kenny (@kennyalogba) reported from South Croydon, England

    @talktalk is the worst internet provider ever. Been without internet for 4days and a no show engineer.been on the phone 4 41mins, I was without internet for a month in the summer stil they won’t let me cancel my contract.

  • Wonder_Woman16
    C.C (@Wonder_Woman16) reported

    @TalkTalk I'm thinking of switching from @virginmedia to yourselves. I've been with them for over 10 years and the service is getting worse

  • robga_
    Robert Garrow-Pugh (@robga_) reported

    @Peter_H_Todd @TalkTalk Easily the worst ISP and telephony provider around!