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TalkTalk offers broadband internet (ADSL), television (IPTV) and home service. TalkTalk also offers mobile phone and mobile internet service as mobile virtual network operator using the Vodafone wireless network.

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Most Reported Problems:

  • Internet (59.11%)
  • E-mail (24.15%)
  • Wi-fi (7.26%)
  • Total Blackout (3.85%)
  • Phone (3.70%)
  • TV (1.93%)

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  • RedRobinUK
    Robin Breeds (@RedRobinUK) reported

    @HannahBlackburn @TalkTalk Sanity being the word, what customer service ? a man or woman in Philippines say's i was charged due to mobile usage, i do not have mobile with them, then it was home phone yet i never use the home phone, honestly this is a Joke gone to far.

  • Windy999
    Andy Miller (@Windy999) reported from London, England

    @TalkTalk Coverage in and out AGAIN! This is really not acceptable as a service - makes watching digital tv impossible. It cuts in and out, internet light goes red, modem takes ages to reset itself and then it’s off again in another 5-15 mins. Please don’t say you are sorry

  • HannahBlackburn
    Hannah Blackburn (@HannahBlackburn) reported

    @Chalmers_H @TalkTalk @Hyperoptic @SkyUK Yeah absolute nightmare, all I tried to do was move the service to a different address. My order is now stuck between 3 systems so none of their departments can help me so it’s just going to drag on & on forever. It’s been the worst experience I’ve ever had with a company.

  • HannahBlackburn
    Hannah Blackburn (@HannahBlackburn) reported

    @RedRobinUK @TalkTalk Save your sanity Robin and move to another provider ASAP. TalkTalk are the worst company I’ve ever had to deal with. Absolutely horrific customer service.

  • realthalanx
    Just Another Producer (@realthalanx) reported

    I'm sure @BBCNews would love to know that practically every TalkTalk customer can have their routers broken into in less than 5 seconds because TalkTalk fail to secure the WPS feature

  • HannahBlackburn
    Hannah Blackburn (@HannahBlackburn) reported

    @TalkTalk @lizzydiet Vicky I can tell you from experience that this is only the beginning of your problems. I’ve not had broadband for a month now. If you are out of contract then I would start the process of moving to someone else as your issue won’t be resolved anytime soon.

  • realthalanx
    Just Another Producer (@realthalanx) reported

    So here's the deal. If @TalkTalk pops up with one more ad suggesting they're amazing, yet here I am trying to get uninterrupted service for more than a few days, I'm going to approach every major UK media with evidence of how unsafe their Super Hub is by leaking WiFi passwords.

  • HannahBlackburn
    Hannah Blackburn (@HannahBlackburn) reported

    @stuart_thfc @TalkTalk Stuart, believe me, they are never going to ring you!! I’ve had no broadband for a month now.

  • HannahBlackburn
    Hannah Blackburn (@HannahBlackburn) reported

    @ms_kate_evans @TalkTalk I feel your pain Kate, I’ve had no broadband for a month. I spend 2 hours a day on Live Chat, countless phone calls & hundreds of tweets. They just don’t care. The worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. So bad that I almost don’t believe it!!

  • leyroters
    Ley 💋 (@leyroters) reported

    @HannahBlackburn @TalkTalk And your right the customer service is dreadful!

  • HannahBlackburn
    Hannah Blackburn (@HannahBlackburn) reported

    @leyroters @TalkTalk I feel your pain, I’ve not had broadband for a month now & TalkTalk have done nothing to resolve the issue that THEY created! Worst customer service I’ve ever experienced.

  • SnipeVortex
    David Green (@SnipeVortex) reported

    @talktalk getting sick of No Sync errors and having to reset the router every few hours to get the speeds we should be. Throttle us back much...

  • HannahBlackburn
    Hannah Blackburn (@HannahBlackburn) reported

    @MichaelScarlino @TalkTalkGroup @TalkTalk Completely agree Michael, they are literally the worst company I’ve ever had to deal with. Not had broadband for a month now.

  • Aovington94
    Amy Ovington (@Aovington94) reported

    @HannahBlackburn @TalkTalk No way?! That's awful. I defiantly won't be paying for something that I do not have. I have my fingers crossed

  • rosie_gaskell
    Anne Rosemary Gaskel (@rosie_gaskell) reported

    @ChiswickW4 Would someone recommend an internet service provider We have had TalkTalk which provides a poor service, very slow

  • HannahBlackburn
    Hannah Blackburn (@HannahBlackburn) reported

    @MarkKilbride2 @TalkTalk Absolutely horrific Mark, I spend 2 hours on Live Chat everyday & get nowhere. Customer services on the phone are worst I’ve ever had to speak to & do nothing to help and speak to you like you are something they have trodden in. Horrific.

  • HannahBlackburn
    Hannah Blackburn (@HannahBlackburn) reported

    @NaomiHalona @TalkTalk Good Luck Naomi, I’ve not had broadband for a month. TalkTalk will do nothing to help you with this. If your friend is out of contract then move to @SkyUK or @bt_uk as soon as you can, don’t think for a second that TalkTalk will do anything to resolve your friends issue.

  • colinbegley65
    tom fun (@colinbegley65) reported

    @HannahBlackburn @TalkTalk Texting them about 40 times a day im gonna go to the ombudsman to see if i can terminate due to poor service

  • HannahBlackburn
    Hannah Blackburn (@HannahBlackburn) reported

    @DigbyTW @TalkTalk Go to @SkyUK or @bt_uk as quick as you can!!! I’ve had no broadband for a month for TalkTalk and they’ve done nothing to resolve it. Absolutely appalling company & the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced.

  • HannahBlackburn
    Hannah Blackburn (@HannahBlackburn) reported

    @DonnaOrchard1 @TalkTalk I doubt anyone problems for sorted. Mine certainly didn’t.

  • HannahBlackburn
    Hannah Blackburn (@HannahBlackburn) reported

    @jeebo131 @TalkTalk TalkTalk can’t talk to anyone, I wouldn’t blame Sky it won’t be their fault. I can guarantee you that the blame lies 100% with TalkTalk. Worst company I’ve ever had to deal with. Absolutely horrific.

  • HannahBlackburn
    Hannah Blackburn (@HannahBlackburn) reported

    @madpoetuk @PuffinHart15 @TalkTalk @SkyUK DO NOT GO TO TALKTALK!!! Worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. Not had broadband for a month. Their customer service agents literally just bare face lie down the phone to you it’s unbelievable.

  • HannahBlackburn
    Hannah Blackburn (@HannahBlackburn) reported

    @colinbegley65 @TalkTalk Oh my god Tom you sound like you are having as much trouble as me. I’ve had no broadband for a month, absolutely horrific customer service.

  • HannahBlackburn
    Hannah Blackburn (@HannahBlackburn) reported

    @gingerfox77 @TalkTalk Lisa this company is absolutely horrific, the worst I’ve ever had to deal with. Not had broadband for a month now. I call, tweet, live chat everyday and nothing happens. They literally do not care at all about their customers.

  • paulhicks63
    twovests (@paulhicks63) reported

    @TalkTalk Yep, all day. I called the automated service yesterday, still waiting for my text message. I'm in work the next 3 days, and am unable to take my phone in with me.

  • S_Really1
    S_Really1 (@S_Really1) reported

    @TalkTalk Yes, so emails are gone and no new ones since 15th. Not connecting to mobile, tablet or online. Shit service.

  • colinbegley65
    tom fun (@colinbegley65) reported

    @TalkTalk Customer service is terrible

  • madpoetuk
    Elliott Rodgers (@madpoetuk) reported

    @PuffinHart15 @TalkTalk Thought Virgin Media were awful but @TalkTalk sound worse! No wonder you're thinking of going to @SkyUK

  • DonnaOrchard1
    Donna (@DonnaOrchard1) reported

    @TalkTalk Blimey. How many problems got sorted today?.. Obviously not mine..

  • Arsenalgiants
    Brian murphy (@Arsenalgiants) reported

    @B0bby11 @TalkTalk Mate 13 mths with a fault on my line I had to threaten them with Ofcom before they let me go for free joke of a company btw all Indians in the help centre reading from a script I knew more than them because I worked for BT faults

  • PuffinHart15
    Holly Hart (@PuffinHart15) reported

    @TalkTalk Yeah tell your call centre to stop lying about account restrictions. On to hour 30 now with now resolution.. getting sick of being passed pillar to post (17 agents now), being hung up on and lied to.

  • B0bby11
    Robert bell (@B0bby11) reported

    @Arsenalgiants @TalkTalk I got a phone call from them as I was driving either to help fix it.. asked if they could call me back in 10 mins as I was driving home.. guy said no Can’t call you in 10 mins will call you on Tuesday evening shocking @TalkTalk

  • lukedpickering
    Luke Pickering (@lukedpickering) reported

    @TalkTalk ‘s customer service is so bad I actually respect them!

  • NaomiHalona
    Naomi Markwick (@NaomiHalona) reported

    @TalkTalk It's my friends router but I don't think there is. His mother rang, the bill is in her name, andthey went through tests and told not n issue there end. This keeps happening.

  • GlennGerits
    Glenn Gerits (@GlennGerits) reported from London, England

    @TalkTalk Why can't you help me!!! #angry

  • NayfAnglesea
    Nayf Anglesea (@NayfAnglesea) reported

    @TalkTalk Between 2 and 13mbps it's always different, mainly it's the contract, I didn't sign up for a 24 month contract, I never would tie myself to a company for 2 years!!

  • RetroSesh
    RetroSesh (@RetroSesh) reported

    @TalkTalk Just checked and they're not unfortunately. What's the best package you can offer down copper? I don't think the building has fibre.

  • MaxWolfeUK
    Max Wolfe (@MaxWolfeUK) reported from Exeter, England

    @Twitter #Android intermittent #smartrouter connections slow down to 20secs in #UK . @TwitterMoments . #altnews #broadband @TalkTalk #talktalk #wewuzrobbed #Google #WWW

  • steveh529
    Steve (@steveh529) reported

    @TalkTalk We are having broadband issues here in Barrow any ideas ?

  • MarkKilbride2
    Mark Kilbride (@MarkKilbride2) reported

    @TalkTalk No they haven’t and we had an aggressive phone call yesterday saying we needed to give them a valid reason why we wouldn’t be at home!! We really want to cancel but nobody seems to be able to do that !! I’m sick of paying for terrible service

  • Violino1567
    Oliver Webber (@Violino1567) reported

    @TalkTalk Yet I was initially offered a deal *worse* than available online despite being several months out of contract and a loyal customer. That’s exploiting customer loyalty. Fortunately I spotted that it was a rip-off

  • MichaelScarlino
    Michael Scarlino (@MichaelScarlino) reported

    @TalkTalkGroup @TalkTalk Disgusting company.left hospital from serious back operation.nasty rude manager from foreign call centre, insinuating I should check mail even when bedridden in hospital.constant mistake's in billing, hidden charges, then removed.without Internet and phone for weeks..disgusting..

  • StuRobson
    Stuart Robson (@StuRobson) reported

    @TalkTalk do you and @Wix need to have a chat? A new site that’s working fine on o2 and via VPN is not working on my TalkTalk broadband. No I do not have HomeSafe turned on. Yes it is a custom domain. Any ideas?

  • MaxWolfeUK
    Max Wolfe (@MaxWolfeUK) reported from Exeter, England

    @zeninternet So why have #Android intermittent #smartrouter connections slowed down to 20secs in the UK? #wewusrobbed #broadband #zeninternet #talktalk

  • Effie_lm
    Effie Le Moignan (@Effie_lm) reported

    @TalkTalk Shoddy broadband that just stutters and drops out repeatedly for last week or so. Getting old - known issue for an NE29 located postcode?

  • TMRPsychosin
    Ronnie Jenkinson (@TMRPsychosin) reported

    @TalkTalk I am but its still the same ongoing problem that no one can seem to find the cause of it

  • TMRPsychosin
    Ronnie Jenkinson (@TMRPsychosin) reported

    Massive apologies to all who tuned into the show today, I am working with my provider @TalkTalk to try and stop these connection issues happening but so far not much luck. Hopefully i can get it 100% stable for my show next Sunday!

  • Peasie1965
    Peasie_Söderlund (@Peasie1965) reported

    @TalkTalk It's OK. I'm back in now and issue appears resolved. Thanks for your quick help. It was a scary experience thinking I'd lost them all.

  • ms_kate_evans
    Kate Evans (@ms_kate_evans) reported

    @TalkTalk customer services ❌ logging a complaint ❌ live chat ❌ Twitter ❌ I've never known such awful customer service and I can't even get through to leave, no one is dealing with my complaint or calls back #poorcustomerservice

  • wardj73
    John Ward (@wardj73) reported

    @TalkTalk I tried the chat option but they were unable to help. How can I speak to someone on the phone?

  • Chalmers_H
    Hannah Chalmers (@Chalmers_H) reported

    @SkyUK Well if the problem is with the line (which i think it is because it's not a problem with my router or at the exchange) surely ill have a similar problem with sky? Don't you guys use the same BT cables that talktalk do?

  • MairCollie
    Mair the Collie (@MairCollie) reported

    @CazzSD @bt_uk @BTCare We left them last year after a catalogue of issues. Mostly around internet speed and lack of service. The staff we dealt with were downright rude. Swapped to TalkTalk. Brilliant service and when we had a problem a couple of months back, they rang us to offer compensation.

  • AskJenBrown
    Jennifer Brown (@AskJenBrown) reported

    @TalkTalk internet not working because of an IP issue. No one will tell us why this has happened or even reimbursed for lack of service you are providing. Been on the phone for an hour. Terrible service

  • lizzydiet
    Elizabeth Stevens (@lizzydiet) reported

    @TalkTalk Message to say engineer couldn’t resolve the issue and it was being escalated but that was a week ago

  • TomHarringotn
    Tom Harrington (@TomHarringotn) reported

    @TalkTalk No the router is wired into fibre optic box, also into my smart tv. Things like ipad is wireless, plus Amazon Alexa. TV says no internet conection when it drops. Ipad just drops. Both come back for few minutes then drop again. Never had a problem, been with you since you started.

  • lizzydiet
    Elizabeth Stevens (@lizzydiet) reported

    @TalkTalk complained about having no internet 2 weeks ago -still not connected -come on talk talk where is your customer service -not good

  • K4R4_
    Kara (@K4R4_) reported

    Hi @TalkTalk Your broadband is awful.

  • RedRobinUK
    Robin Breeds (@RedRobinUK) reported

    @TalkTalk Send it in a letter like i have tried to Explain in the last 30 hour's of wasted phone calls to the Philippines or India ever since i moved house you have messed me around after being Customer for 15 years.

  • RedRobinUK
    Robin Breeds (@RedRobinUK) reported

    @TalkTalk Send me the Logging in details for my account is it that hard for you to understand English ? you closed my account when i moved house Ive never been able to view on line my account send me the Logging in details your bunch of clowns.

  • RedRobinUK
    Robin Breeds (@RedRobinUK) reported

    @TalkTalk @BainAlisha Every time you phone me you lie and waste my time, take those charges off my account as i never use my landline phone and i am not able to go over the broadband when i have unlimited usage.