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TalkTalk offers broadband internet (ADSL), television (IPTV) and home service. TalkTalk also offers mobile phone and mobile internet service as mobile virtual network operator using the Vodafone wireless network.

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Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Internet (68.90%)
  • ▪ E-mail (11.89%)
  • ▪ Wi-fi (7.16%)
  • ▪ Total Blackout (4.42%)
  • ▪ Phone (4.42%)
  • ▪ TV (3.20%)

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  • Probet32
    J Budd (@Probet32) reported

    @TalkTalk That is the story of my life.... endless talk and chats.... never.... ever gets anywhere.

  • BlogOverCoffee
    Beata (@BlogOverCoffee) reported

    @TalkTalk Your tech support person I spoke to reached pinnacles of unhelpfulness. I need a firmware upgrade (which apparently is available) for my router and he acted as if he didn't know what that was. He wouldn't even tell me if my router is the latest version. Utterly useless.

  • garlicbreadaddy
    garlic bread daddy (@garlicbreadaddy) reported

    @TalkTalk I did this for a hour last night and got nowhere she couldnt help as i couldnt test as i was chatting to her

  • emmalouiselane
    Emma Lane (@emmalouiselane) reported

    @TalkTalk They will be here between 3-6 & coincidentally my internet started working but not allowed to cancel my visit without being charged although told by advisor I could and wouldn’t be charged as app made yesterday and a note would be added to my account stating that!

  • YardleyShooting
    Mike Yardley (@YardleyShooting) reported

    I lost the service completely Friday a week ago. It came back the next day. This had happened previously too. @TalkTalk

  • TalkTalk
    TalkTalk (@TalkTalk) reported

    @YardleyShooting What problems are you having with your TalkTalk services at the moment?

  • gavisconal
    alan scott (@gavisconal) reported

    Landline phone rang earlier, automated message from talktalk, fault with my broadband it is going to close down any second. Press 1 on my keypad...doh er okay. Hate scammers.

  • garlicbreadaddy
    garlic bread daddy (@garlicbreadaddy) reported

    @TalkTalk I mean its still not improved but if it doesnt by monday i will be switching providers its stupid what im meant to be getting yet im not getting anywhere near

  • Gonzodonz
    Donna Russell (@Gonzodonz) reported

    @TalkTalk Also loss of service in Milton Keynes area since Thursday 15 March! :(. Engineer can't come out until Monday 26 March!..... In addition, loss of service in Leighton Buzzard since Wednesday 14 March... Technical hung up or lost call 3 times on 3 separate calls....

  • T28YNE
    Tayne Netherwood (@T28YNE) reported

    @TalkTalk What about the whole service including customer service.. seems you can't give customers any service at all

  • YardleyShooting
    Mike Yardley (@YardleyShooting) reported

    @TalkTalk A week ago last Friday, my TalkTalk internet connection went down for the day again... today problems with AOL email... again. From a customer point of view it's beyond frustrating. Then, as I was cut off again this morning, an AOL telephone rep told me AOL was not for business..

  • TalkTalk
    TalkTalk (@TalkTalk) reported

    @YardleyShooting AOL email isn't associated with TalkTalk, Mike. If you need help with an AOL email address please contact their support teams.

  • BwithBlueblog
    BwithBlueBlog (@BwithBlueblog) reported

    @TalkTalk Is this a joke, clearly we have not managed to cancel the contract as your customer services team turned around and said to pay £100 to which we said to go through the recorded telephone calls of when the order was made & it was clearly stated we had 20 days to cancel #talktalk

  • Cedwardodrums
    Callum (@Cedwardodrums) reported

    @TalkTalk No. There was a "glitch in the system", and they didn't attend. Wasted 5 hours of my day sitting around, during my last week of uni, only to be told it would be another 48-72 hours before you would get in touch again. You, and your customer service is shocking.

  • YardleyShooting
    Mike Yardley (@YardleyShooting) reported

    So fed up with AOL/TalkTalk I've has so many problems with their services. Why should one waste one's life phoning their call centres and spending hours on the phone. It's intolerable. Sort your systems out. @AOL @AOLSupportHelp @AOLNews @AOL_inc @TalkTalk

  • EllenDoodles
    Ellen (@EllenDoodles) reported

    @TalkTalk Any news on when your 'team' is getting back to me? Was suppose to hear back Monday and have had no response. Pretty shocked that you think it's ok to injure wildlife who keep falling down the open holes you are leaving open overnight.

  • PeteDTrainer
    Peter D Trainer (@PeteDTrainer) reported

    @TalkTalk I turned callsafe off on line 8 days ago still on. Spent hours on phone. Urgent calls not getting through. Disgraceful service. I have been lied to so many times. This is how you treat loyal customers #shame on you# worst service ever# lied to

  • ThisIsCheungy
    Claire Cheung (@ThisIsCheungy) reported

    @TalkTalk Hello, you can help by offering an explanation about why your offer such a poor service. I have since cancelled my order because I'm so disgruntled

  • sarahguest7
    Sarah Louise McMahon (@sarahguest7) reported

    @TalkTalk Husband is at home done as you have said. Still not working

  • BwithBlueblog
    BwithBlueBlog (@BwithBlueblog) reported

    @SkyUK Thank you but I think I need to first sort out where we stand with @TalkTalk who are currently not very helpful and making things very difficult. All we want to do is cancel after so many calls and hours wasted we don’t seem to get anywhere closer to cancelling our contact

  • BwithBlueblog
    BwithBlueBlog (@BwithBlueblog) reported

    @SkyUK Well from what I understood we have 20 days to cancel from the point of the order being placed in this case it’s been 6 days since the Oder was placed via phone -there was no mention of early termination in the call. #talktalk

  • aviddcxnt
    shit memes (@aviddcxnt) reported

    @TalkTalk I did schedule one visit when the engineer never showed, I stayed home from work especially for this. I should really bill you a day's wage.

  • aviddcxnt
    shit memes (@aviddcxnt) reported

    @TalkTalk I have an ongoing complaint (~2 months) at which point I have scheduled engineer visits, which I have been present for. The visit in question was never communicated to me, and now I am being charged for this.

  • aviddcxnt
    shit memes (@aviddcxnt) reported

    @TalkTalk I'm being charged £65 for missing an engineer visit that I wasn't told about and now your support team are just dicking me around. It's a different story every time I call. I will be contacting CISAS shortly and looking for a new provider.

  • BwithBlueblog
    BwithBlueBlog (@BwithBlueblog) reported

    @TalkTalk To leave our contract which we have 20days to cancel according to the correspondence you have sent to us and now your customer services complaints department have turned around & said we have to pay £100 to leave -there have been lies upon lies & no action from ur side. #talktalk

  • emmalouiselane
    Emma Lane (@emmalouiselane) reported

    @TalkTalk Horrendous customer service from your ‘advisors’. I was lied to twice about engineer costs being waived and then fobbed off by a very rude manager!! You are the worst internet provider there is!!!

  • Mikeal51353695
    Mikeal (@Mikeal51353695) reported

    @HollyJohnsonfan @SkyHelpTeam @TalkTalk Doubtful about TTs speed. They cant resolve mine. I am paying for half of the service I paid for. Crooks!

  • Karenbayfield
    Karen Bayfield (@Karenbayfield) reported

    @TalkTalk URGENT - just had a call with recorded voice saying my internet will be terminated today - i asume a con but have others received this. It asks you to press 2 to continue service, i hung up. Pls confirm.

  • sarahguest7
    Sarah Louise McMahon (@sarahguest7) reported

    @TalkTalk After spending 45 mins on the phone resolving my complaint I was given 3 months entertainment boost for free. Not working still says I have to set it up.

  • philj904
    Phil James (@philj904) reported

    @TalkTalk The issue is my 83 year old father has been without a landline for a week because you have no record of his account!! Numerous calls and emails and still getting nowhere

  • BwithBlueblog
    BwithBlueBlog (@BwithBlueblog) reported

    @TalkTalk can you please explain to me why after 5 phonecalls equating to over 6hours we still have not been connected to our services. FYI we are a customer who have started a new contract with you? #badcustomerservices #talktalk #Thursday #london #nowifi #internet #blogger

  • FizzyFiFlowers
    FizzyFiFlowers (@FizzyFiFlowers) reported

    @TalkTalk Been offline now 5 days really disappointed in your service, fault still ongoing Help !!

  • Darren_G_dub
    Darren G-dub (@Darren_G_dub) reported

    @TalkTalk Your customer service is pish, none of them speak any English. Every time I call, it's like banging my head against a brick wall. Oh I cannot wait, until my contract end date.

  • pcwakeup
    PC Wakeup (@pcwakeup) reported

    Please be aware that we’ve heard a lot of reports recently of scam phone calls. Popular ones include people claiming to be from Microsoft, TalkTalk and Virgin Media. They may claim you are due a refund or there is a problem with your computer. This is a scam!

  • biggants267
    Billy Ganter (@biggants267) reported

    @TalkTalk our internet been down for 12 hours now what is going on

  • ShadesN1
    Shades N1 (@ShadesN1) reported

    We have been without broadband since November 22nd 2017. We still pay £55 per month for no service. No one at TalkTalk seems to know what they are doing.

  • djbray94
    Daniel Bray (@djbray94) reported

    @TalkTalk I'd give you a clap But your service is crap Leaving me the month with no web You've done in my head But the end is in sight Of my miserable plight With fingers crossed tight That you actually might. Sort this out by tomorrow.

  • djbray94
    Daniel Bray (@djbray94) reported

    @TalkTalk I'd give you a clap But your service is crap Leaving me the month with no web You've done in my head But the end is sight Of my miserable plight With fingers crossed tight That you actually might. Sort this out by tomorrow.

  • ajmather85
    Alex Mather (@ajmather85) reported

    @TalkTalk quality text service. Waiting nearly 16 hours for them to reply as the said they would #service #poorservice #whatsYourSVP

  • carbsnotvargs
    Craig Carby (@carbsnotvargs) reported

    @TalkTalk Abysmal customer service...had a fault since Saturday.and have been told to wait 48hrs 3 times....can you please just send an engineer out!!!! ☹

  • gedmason
    Ged Mason (@gedmason) reported

    @TalkTalk Any news on an ETA for the fix?

  • 24doubleshuffle
    ⚡Czar Slim⚡ (@24doubleshuffle) reported

    @TalkTalk Roses are red, violets are blue, @TalkTalk are shit, we hate you. #WorldPoetryDay

  • _KimAllen
    Kim (@_KimAllen) reported

    @TalkTalk are there any problems with emails atm? I can't log in to my f2s account through the internet and my phone won't sync either

  • MrBoyce
    Christopher Boyce (@MrBoyce) reported

    @TalkTalk you: you want speed? Me: yeah super speed! You: here you go..... Me:’s shit?!? After 2 weeks???? You: ........... Me: well???

  • aviddcxnt
    shit memes (@aviddcxnt) reported

    So, not only are @TalkTalk continuing to provide absolutely disgraceful customer service, they are now charging for it...

  • Rachel_Bert
    ✨Bert✨ (@Rachel_Bert) reported

    @TalkTalk Hi, having problems with my internet signal. Tried switching off and on but while using Netflix it keeps pausing and loading due to a poor signal...any tips??

  • BForce77
    B (@BForce77) reported

    @TalkTalk I have been told to call 034517220088 but that number is not in service. Laughable

  • Mr_Tigz
    Tigz (@Mr_Tigz) reported

    @TalkTalk Any news? Please get it sorted ASAP, I am having to speak to my wife because Netflix is not working.

  • AshmeshMehra
    Ashmesh Mehra (@AshmeshMehra) reported

    @TalkTalk have been waiting for broadband activation for last 21 days. The egony is when the matter is escalated to a case engg but no-one bothers to even tell me what the issue is. Deadlines are flouted. Is this a new customer is treated? #badcustomerservice #onboarding

  • Grandpa_Pete
    Peter Hackney (@Grandpa_Pete) reported from Cockermouth, England

    @TalkTalk When we pick up an anonymous call, we always say “Hello” & never say who we are. We never admit to who we are, until the caller identifies themselves & we know them & are happy to talk to them. That way, the call cannot link our names with our phone number! Peter.

  • TalkTalk
    TalkTalk (@TalkTalk) reported

    @HausofShaun Unfortunately this sounds like a scam call, please be assured that we could never call to ask for your bank details if they're already on our system. Are you a TalkTalk customer at the moment? Becky

  • brad_manners_
    bad manners ♋️ (@brad_manners_) reported

    @TalkTalk why is your wifi so terrible??

  • ks2649
    Keith Stephenson (@ks2649) reported

    @TalkTalk Not again. Never get compensation for down time.

  • Chris23061966
    Chris Pennell (@Chris23061966) reported

    @TalkTalk any chance of you updating folks in Bournemouth on your problems and a fix time? I have had no internet or phone line since 3pm

  • ThisIsCheungy
    Claire Cheung (@ThisIsCheungy) reported

    You'd think that a company with a name like @TalkTalk would be able to communicate, but no. What an absolutely disgusting misleading service you offer

  • HausofShaun
    Venus. (@HausofShaun) reported

    @TalkTalk They’re saying they’re from TalkTalk and they’re wanting to know about my service. Which is fine. But then they’re asking me to confirm bank details and my address. That’s when I hang up. 5 times today!

  • mrjlanc48
    justin lancaster (@mrjlanc48) reported

    @TalkTalk customer service is rubbish. Poor customer help and contact problems.

  • eatsystyle
    Natalie Mills (@eatsystyle) reported

    @TalkTalk Ok. Understand. I’d received a panic call from mum’s mobile & wasn’t sure why all had gone down. Mum says ‘Thanks Becky!’

  • QuirkyPIrate
    Quirky Destiny (@QuirkyPIrate) reported

    @JaneMeneely @TalkTalk Our internet was down for over a week, we called multiple times for a person to come round and repair it but they never did until over a week later. Considering we do our weekly shop online, it's a massive inconvenience

  • nurseluck
    Emma Luck (@nurseluck) reported

    @TalkTalk we reported a fault with our WiFi and landline over a week ago! Still no fix or contact from @TalkTalk