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December 18: Problems at Vodafone

Vodafone is having issues since 10:30 AM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • ▪ Internet (50.00%)
  • ▪ Phone (38.89%)
  • ▪ E-mail (5.56%)
  • ▪ Total Blackout (5.56%)

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  • 8020man
    Peter Kerr (@8020man) reported

    @VodafoneUK must have the worst web based customer portal ever built. Key parts of it have been unavailable for weeks. Looks like it was built in the late 90's.

  • PHMedic
    P&H Medic (@PHMedic) reported

    @VodafoneUK Tried that for the past 6days to be on the phone for hours at a time to be passed from department to department. It is seriously a joke! Cancel my whole account

  • CharleyStrideUK
    Charley Stride (@CharleyStrideUK) reported from Southampton, England

    @VodafoneUK you suck! Didn’t get told my contract had doubled in price and didn’t get told I was due an upgrade and just to top it off the advisor is a rude cow and kept talking over me

  • Morganlemango
    Morgan (@Morganlemango) reported

    Oh @VodafoneUK You really do provide the most useless and frustrating Customer Service.

  • PHMedic
    P&H Medic (@PHMedic) reported

    @VodafoneGroup @VodafoneUK I put a formal complaint on 8th December and had nothing back when I was told I would do in 48hours. Please cancel my account

  • Kirkieboy
    Dale Kirk (@Kirkieboy) reported

    @VodafoneUK I’ve spoke to a senior manager at your complaints department and I’m still not happy .. he’s agreed I have been treated shocking and recommended the ombudsman before I seek legal help you have my name read my notes and decide for yourself

  • Morganlemango
    Morgan (@Morganlemango) reported

    @LaurenWalker887 @VodafoneUK Ordered mine over a month ago.... have been messed around ridiculously....... Just trying to cancel the order has been a massive Hassle!

  • Morganlemango
    Morgan (@Morganlemango) reported

    @VodafoneUK you really need to have your customer services team better prepared for customer enquiries and issues.

  • nabalie
    natalie b (@nabalie) reported

    @VodafoneUK Don't bother i switched in October. The signal booster you plug in did absolutely nothing

  • DaddyLonglegs58
    Shaun Bamford (@DaddyLonglegs58) reported

    @VodafoneUK after another hour of wasted time to customer services they now say its @Samsung fault.

  • lastcyberpunk
    Marc Tessier-Ashpool (@lastcyberpunk) reported

    @Montecr1570 @Corbyn4Never @StopFundingHate @Barclaycard @Tesco @VodafoneUK @asda @bt_uk @Morrisons @SmartEnergyGB @virginmedia @coopuk @IcelandFoods @hmvtweets @sainsburys @SamuelWindsor @Ladbrokes @Wickes I'd like to go to the library but it has been shut down.

  • Corbyn4Never
    #Corbyn4neverever (@Corbyn4Never) reported

    @Montecr1570 @lastcyberpunk @StopFundingHate @Barclaycard @Tesco @VodafoneUK @asda @bt_uk @Morrisons @SmartEnergyGB @virginmedia @coopuk @IcelandFoods @hmvtweets @sainsburys @SamuelWindsor @Ladbrokes @Wickes It’s the only way people are free. It’s absolutely staggering that these people think they can do this. And almost as bad, is the fact they think they can fool the wider world into believing their spasticated rhetoric.

  • HarleyFinley
    Harley Finley (@HarleyFinley) reported

    @VodafoneUK Yeah I know but I have constant connectivity drop outs. And my line only accepts 40 down whilst I can get 200 down with Virgin and I know their connectivity is good from previously.

  • Kirkieboy
    Dale Kirk (@Kirkieboy) reported

    Ok is this acceptable @VodafoneUK 6 hours worth of calls cut off 3 times lied to x 3 occasions ,,, next step I’ve requested my screen notes and I’ll leave it up to the ombudsman to decide how atrocious your service is

  • saunders_em
    Emma Saunders (@saunders_em) reported

    @VodafoneUK As expected @VodafoneUK failed again to sort the problem they promised was dealt with a month ago! #fail #poorservice #letdown

  • Kelsey_daviess
    Kelsey davies (@Kelsey_daviess) reported

    @VodafoneUK Just annoyed how I can’t cancel my contract yet when all I’ve had is hassle

  • lastcyberpunk
    Marc Tessier-Ashpool (@lastcyberpunk) reported

    @Corbyn4Never @Montecr1570 @StopFundingHate @Barclaycard @Tesco @VodafoneUK @asda @bt_uk @Morrisons @SmartEnergyGB @virginmedia @coopuk @IcelandFoods @hmvtweets @sainsburys @SamuelWindsor @Ladbrokes @Wickes Ok, so no companies have been destroyed by SFH (Phew!). Are there any companies in the process of being destroyed then? Share price slumped, profits/sales way down, staff turnover high etc. Any examples?

  • Block35Rick
    Rick Cowley (@Block35Rick) reported

    @VodafoneUK Trying to sign in to MY VODAFONE tells me to turn off wifi and sign in using mobile date but the issue is MY VODAFONE is telling me my mobile data is off... which it isnt. I am thinking of leaving Vodafone due to issues and this is just another.

  • lastcyberpunk
    Marc Tessier-Ashpool (@lastcyberpunk) reported

    @Montecr1570 @Corbyn4Never @StopFundingHate @Barclaycard @Tesco @VodafoneUK @asda @bt_uk @Morrisons @SmartEnergyGB @virginmedia @coopuk @IcelandFoods @hmvtweets @sainsburys @SamuelWindsor @Ladbrokes @Wickes Personally, I support the free market which is tradition conservative bastion.

    UKIP North London (@UKIPNL) reported

    Today's Retail Support Tweets start with @SkyUK @VodafoneUK @bt_uk @IcelandFoods @Tesco @asda @coopuk @SmartEnergyGB @HuaweiPhones @Screwfix. Check them out!

  • christofjb
    Chris Bradley (@christofjb) reported

    @VodafoneUK I suppose that depends what you’re prepared to offer to retain a customer who’s been with you for 4 years and is due to renew their contract.

  • TheEqualitist
    TheEqualitist (@TheEqualitist) reported

    @Rangaharris @lastcyberpunk @whitepridelee @StopFundingHate @SkyUK @VodafoneUK @bt_uk @IcelandFoods @Tesco @asda @coopuk @SmartEnergyGB @HuaweiPhones @Screwfix Nope, not true. There are national fibre networks provided by the likes of Level 3 & Virgin which are separate to BT. Some providers use BT infrastructure and some don't. Take care climbing down off that high horse, wont you.

  • leach1_k
    kieran leach (@leach1_k) reported

    @VodafoneUK Hello i have been a loyal customer for over 2 years now with an Iphone 5 and I have asked for the phone to be unlocked so I can give it to my daughter for Xmas. I am frustrated as no department can assist me properly even with correct IMEI. Can you help

  • SammieJaiBabeh
    Sammie 🐇 (@SammieJaiBabeh) reported

    @VodafoneUK @JodieMarsh @O2 I wouldn't use Vodafone either! Continuously send bills for over £600 every month even after admitting they're wrong. Their customer service is shocking! We just left them.

  • Montecr1570
    Monte Kr1570 (@Montecr1570) reported

    @lastcyberpunk @Corbyn4Never @StopFundingHate @Barclaycard @Tesco @VodafoneUK @asda @bt_uk @Morrisons @SmartEnergyGB @virginmedia @coopuk @IcelandFoods @hmvtweets @sainsburys @SamuelWindsor @Ladbrokes @Wickes Just so that the UK is clear & up to date on which views & topics are/are not acceptable, can #StopFundingHate outline which if any typically conservative views are ok to support? I know you are keen on preserving healthy debate despite the Sun etc so will be keen to clarify.

  • Rangaharris
    Keith Nichol (@Rangaharris) reported

    @lastcyberpunk @omoakinoflife @whitepridelee @StopFundingHate @SkyUK @VodafoneUK @bt_uk @IcelandFoods @Tesco @asda @coopuk @SmartEnergyGB @HuaweiPhones @Screwfix I've already answered. Do I fuck. Because I'm not a hypocrite. Tell me, what is shopping ethically? I'll try not to laugh.

  • Rangaharris
    Keith Nichol (@Rangaharris) reported

    @lastcyberpunk @omoakinoflife @whitepridelee @StopFundingHate @SkyUK @VodafoneUK @bt_uk @IcelandFoods @Tesco @asda @coopuk @SmartEnergyGB @HuaweiPhones @Screwfix Do I fuck. I'm not a hypocrite.

  • omoakinoflife
    Akinyemi (@omoakinoflife) reported

    @lastcyberpunk @Rangaharris @whitepridelee @StopFundingHate @SkyUK @VodafoneUK @bt_uk @IcelandFoods @Tesco @asda @coopuk @SmartEnergyGB @HuaweiPhones @Screwfix You should have stop taking to him as he is a angry man. U don’t have to argue with stupid people as they might turn u into one as well

  • BenDobson70
    Ben Dobson (@BenDobson70) reported

    @VodafoneUK Not happy Vodafone, I am still waiting for my iPhone X and just received another waiting for stock email. Your support livechat told me I would get it before Xmas. Please can I get a response. I've been a loyal customer of yours for years.

  • tjcbale
    Tim B (@tjcbale) reported

    @lastcyberpunk @Corbyn4Never @StopFundingHate @Barclaycard @Tesco @VodafoneUK @asda @bt_uk @Morrisons @SmartEnergyGB @virginmedia @coopuk @IcelandFoods @hmvtweets @sainsburys @SamuelWindsor @Ladbrokes @Wickes I suspect that the problem a lot of these SFH detractors have is that they're paid trolls/astroturfers; as these are not their actual opinions they have trouble justifying them, there is no coherence or logical consistency to their arguments.

  • Bunnyaimee
    Aimée Talbot ☃🎄 (@Bunnyaimee) reported

    @mickeywong11 @krispykremeUK @VodafoneUK Whaaaaat? I never got one from them :'( sad face.

  • Propertytyphoon
    Property Typhoon (@Propertytyphoon) reported

    @VodafoneUK Upgrade issues...inconsistant offer terms ..refered to complaints who " can't help " what do your customer service teams actually do !!

  • GNikatchev
    George Nikatchev (@GNikatchev) reported

    @VodafoneUK - Sales rep Murad in the Westfield, White City store - Ace! Went in to cancel my subscription, but felt actually valued for the first time in a very long time as a Vodafone customer. Got me for 2 more years. Please make sure that he gets appropriate kudos #welldone

  • ianclifford2002
    Ian Clifford (@ianclifford2002) reported

    Do not use @VodafoneUK, loyal customer for over 10 years and they lie to you to get your business with no possibility of delivering what they promised. Time to leave, any offers @ee?

  • lastcyberpunk
    Marc Tessier-Ashpool (@lastcyberpunk) reported

    @Corbyn4Never @StopFundingHate @Barclaycard @Tesco @VodafoneUK @asda @bt_uk @Morrisons @SmartEnergyGB @virginmedia @coopuk @IcelandFoods @hmvtweets @sainsburys @SamuelWindsor @Ladbrokes @Wickes "Trade of people"? You support slavery? Now that is disgusting. So that means I don't have the freedom to buy what I want from who I want? I have to purchase from...who exactly? Who sets that criteria?

  • BumbleWard
    Bumble Ward (@BumbleWard) reported

    [email protected] Cutting me off without warning, without any notice whatsoever because I've exceeded my monthly minutes isn't good business practice. Thank you to Naeem in customer service who was lovely. However, issue is not resolved. This is why people choose new providers.

  • neil1208
    neil scarrot (@neil1208) reported

    @snavenai @Corbyn4Never @StopFundingHate @Barclaycard @Tesco @VodafoneUK @asda @bt_uk @Morrisons @SmartEnergyGB @virginmedia @coopuk @IcelandFoods @hmvtweets @sainsburys @SamuelWindsor @Ladbrokes @Wickes Anti muslim and anti feminist that made me laugh. Muslims treat women as second class citizens

  • Rangaharris
    Keith Nichol (@Rangaharris) reported

    @lastcyberpunk @whitepridelee @StopFundingHate @SkyUK @VodafoneUK @bt_uk @IcelandFoods @Tesco @asda @coopuk @SmartEnergyGB @HuaweiPhones @Screwfix BT maintains most of the UK infrastructure that you're using to rant on about nothing. BT according to your warped logic 'Fund Hate' Follow your principles son, cancel your internet, and the rest of us won't have to put up with your nonsense.

  • Rangaharris
    Keith Nichol (@Rangaharris) reported

    @lastcyberpunk @whitepridelee @StopFundingHate @SkyUK @VodafoneUK @bt_uk @IcelandFoods @Tesco @asda @coopuk @SmartEnergyGB @HuaweiPhones @Screwfix BT maintains most of the infrastructure that you're using to rant on about nothing. BT according to your warped logic 'Fund Hate' Follow your principles son, cancel your internet, and the rest of us won't have to put up with your nonsense.

  • Corbyn4Never
    #Corbyn4neverever (@Corbyn4Never) reported

    @snavenai @StopFundingHate @Barclaycard @Tesco @VodafoneUK @asda @bt_uk @Morrisons @SmartEnergyGB @virginmedia @coopuk @IcelandFoods @hmvtweets @sainsburys @SamuelWindsor @Ladbrokes @Wickes Why didn’t you just call me a racist? Seems like you really had to bury that urge deep down in that tweet.

  • lastcyberpunk
    Marc Tessier-Ashpool (@lastcyberpunk) reported

    @Corbyn4Never @StopFundingHate @Barclaycard @Tesco @VodafoneUK @asda @bt_uk @Morrisons @SmartEnergyGB @virginmedia @coopuk @IcelandFoods @hmvtweets @sainsburys @SamuelWindsor @Ladbrokes @Wickes They can. Nothing is stopping them at all. But no, the goal of a public limited company is to earn money for the shareholders. If people don't like the company then they won't buy from it and thus the sales go down and so do shareholders expectations.

  • kahyang
    Kah Yang (@kahyang) reported

    @VodafoneUK been waiting 30mins+ on the phone to contact your customer service - any reason why this is taking so long?

  • Corbyn4Never
    #Corbyn4neverever (@Corbyn4Never) reported

    @lastcyberpunk @StopFundingHate @Barclaycard @Tesco @VodafoneUK @asda @bt_uk @Morrisons @SmartEnergyGB @virginmedia @coopuk @IcelandFoods @hmvtweets @sainsburys @SamuelWindsor @Ladbrokes @Wickes Lol. The fact you’re even connecting the 2 is stupid.

  • AbdelfathElmogy
    Abdelfatah Elmogy (@AbdelfathElmogy) reported

    @VodafoneEgypt @VodafoneUK @Vodacom 5 days of discussion with customer service and no problems solved All replies are " solving soon "

  • lastcyberpunk
    Marc Tessier-Ashpool (@lastcyberpunk) reported

    @StopFundingHate @Barclaycard @Tesco @VodafoneUK @asda @bt_uk @Morrisons @SmartEnergyGB @virginmedia @coopuk @IcelandFoods @hmvtweets @sainsburys @SamuelWindsor @Ladbrokes @Wickes I guess these companies will be missing out on christmas shopping spend from me! I cannot in all good conscious support companies that promote bile and vitriol albeit indirectly

  • writingonmyrock
    Granville Brown (@writingonmyrock) reported

    Please avoid @VodafoneUK #vodafone when buying a #newphone this year, terrible customer service, unhelpful and unfair. #christmas #technology

  • rjsutcliffe
    Rachel Sutcliffe (@rjsutcliffe) reported

    @VodafoneUK after waiting 15 days for home broadband I get a text telling me to plug in the router. I've already told you the socket is hanging off the wall and I'll need an engineer. Support is poor to non existent.

  • jessicap201190
    Jessica Perkins (@jessicap201190) reported

    @VodafoneUK when you make a complaint usually you get an acknowledgement and a resolution! No I just get about 8 incompetent advisors, maybe I should just report it to trade and standards for failure to comply with complaint standards!! Ridiculous

  • animalgeorgy
    georgina fuller (@animalgeorgy) reported

    @VodafoneUK just about had enough for your atrocious signal, leaving in the new year.

  • AlexHanshaw6
    Alex Hanshaw (@AlexHanshaw6) reported

    Sumant from @VodafoneUK could not help me and told me to call 0808034515. Having stated this number twice I can only conclude Sumant does not know their own helpline number. There’s a missing digit. Another #EpicFail.

  • SmallJo
    Joanne Smalley (@SmallJo) reported

    @VodafoneUK Your social media/contact centres have been singularly useless in providing any help or assistance for the last 6 months, so I think not.

  • SmallJo
    Joanne Smalley (@SmallJo) reported

    I finally given up even trying to get a modicum of service provision out of @VodafoneUK and cancelled my account. Even that was incredibly painful - a warning - do not touch them with a bargepole!!

  • staceywoodford
    Stacey Woodford (@staceywoodford) reported

    Still waiting for settlement from @VodafoneUK for 3 separate issues dating from 2014. Glad my contract is ending next month so I can find a mobile phone provider that wants my business!

  • melkbospunt
    Conrad (@melkbospunt) reported

    @VodafoneUK Thank you for the #worstever #CustomerService. Still waiting for my tablet two months on. How is it my problem if the courier lost the parcel??? Happy to #steal a monthly sub fee though!

  • AnthonySald
    Anthony Saldanha (@AnthonySald) reported

    @VodafoneIN @VodafoneUK @VodafoneQatar @VodafoneGroup Where is your call Vodafone? Are you tricking Lies & cheating is yr customer service? Why no solution?

  • BenJSDurrant
    Ben Durrant (@BenJSDurrant) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport Well got another one this morning! @LGUK @VodafoneUK. Can either of you advise how to block text messages from H3G support as they dont seem to be able to sort this!

  • Schmilio55
    Schmilio (@Schmilio55) reported

    @VodafoneUK good morning. Why do I get a far better full 3G signal way under the sea in @LeShuttle than on land in the UK and far better than my daughter on a @ScotRail train between 2 major cities in the UK (Glasgow & Edinburgh).

  • Sharkvark
    S (@Sharkvark) reported

    @djbthompson @TheEqualitist @StopFundingHate @LloydsPharmacy @LoveWilko @VodafoneUK @IcelandFoods @nsandi @SKECHERS_UK @lv @TheSun @DailyMailUK @Daily_Express The consumer doesn’t appear to be involved - Paperchase were pressured into stopping their ads and making a bizarre apology because they didn’t like the bad PR. There was no consumer backlash.

  • SarahJayne1688
    Sarah-Jayne (@SarahJayne1688) reported

    So after my phone lost a battle with the curb, my partner requested @VodafoneUK unblock his old IPhone...have to wait at least 10 working days. I know @Apple do the actual unlocking but ten days seems a bit extreme! #Needaphone #Help #Haveasixmonthold

  • Peanutty8
    GoonerKaz 🇲🇺 (@Peanutty8) reported

    @VodafoneUK Oh, I'm just struggling to get network today. Both on tube (which I usually get) and out and about.

  • elletaylor2016
    Eleanor Taylor (@elletaylor2016) reported

    @VodafoneUK due to a hardware issue my Samsung s6 is no longer working. I've tried resetting by following guides online but nothing is working. I am still in contract - can you help?

  • christofjb
    Chris Bradley (@christofjb) reported

    @VodafoneUK Honestly, I'm not sure. My first instinct is to sign a contract elsewhere and never hand a penny of my money over to Vodafone again.

  • isabellejpotts
    Isabelle Potts (@isabellejpotts) reported

    @VodafoneUK total disappointment and frustration with your service. 24 hours without phone service and no one has had th courtesy to contact me.

  • JLau_
    Jeff Lau (@JLau_) reported

    @VodafoneUK appalling service. You block my service because of roaming usage without telling me. Asks me to pay 50%, but you have a system outage. Leaving me stranded in a foreign country. #badservice #Vodafone

  • flambulous
    sarcastick (@flambulous) reported

    @VodafoneIN @VodafoneUK @VodafoneUKComms @VodafoneQatar @VodafoneIreland Very Critical: Dear customer, your existing SIM is expiring. Please upgrade your SIM to 4G SIM on or before 22nd Dec, visit the nearest Vodafone Store/Retailer.

  • kevmadedd
    Kevin Hele (@kevmadedd) reported

    @VodafoneUK Thank you shannon, finally someone helpful, and not rude, just pray i get someone like you on the phone that understands me and knows what there doing. I appreciate your time, just a shame vodafone doesnt appreciate its customers in the way you do.

  • kevmadedd
    Kevin Hele (@kevmadedd) reported

    @VodafoneUK Im a broadband customer only so that number and the other one i was given is no good. All i wanted to do was pay my bill as my service has been suspended after vodafone returned my payment back to bank for no apparent reason. Even my bank was confused why.

  • adamskd11
    Kd (@adamskd11) reported

    @VodafoneUK I’m trying to login

  • kevmadedd
    Kevin Hele (@kevmadedd) reported

    @VodafoneUK No chat available and the 2 people i spoke to yesterday had no clue and 1 told me 1 thing the other told me something different. Voda app not working, online account unavailable. All im trying to do is pay my bill that was paid one but returned to my bank.

  • adamskd11
    Kd (@adamskd11) reported

    @VodafoneUK nothing works, websote is down, myvodafone isn’t updating and the text messages aren’t working either.

  • SWoodette
    Stephanie Wood (@SWoodette) reported

    @VodafoneUK my husband and I had our contracts renews a month ago. We were going to leave but were offered an amazing deal to stay. Just got the bill - turns out it was fiction and we’re still paying the earth to stay with the worst operator on the market! #howdoicancel

  • SWoodette
    Stephanie Wood (@SWoodette) reported

    @VodafoneUK is your website down due to the recent discovery that’s you’ve been trying to dupe people for texting abroad?

  • ellie_smithxo
    Eleanor 🎄 (@ellie_smithxo) reported

    @VodafoneUK I can't actually i think the web page might be down too!

  • kevmadedd
    Kevin Hele (@kevmadedd) reported

    @VodafoneUK what a bloody joke, only been a broadband customer a month and problems already. And as for customer service, my 2 year old son has more of an idea whats going on. Time for a new supplier.

  • shirley_taaffe
    Shirley taaffe (@shirley_taaffe) reported

    @VodafoneUK App not working at all ..

  • shirley_taaffe
    Shirley taaffe (@shirley_taaffe) reported

    @VodafoneUK the Vodafone app still down ?? That's over 24 hours

  • Zakeee_1
    bae x (@Zakeee_1) reported

    @VodafoneUK Answering customer calls would be a good start!! It’s quite off putting being on hold for anywhere between 75-90 mins to speak to someone! I’ve never experienced that with @ThreeUKSupport...

  • bradshawdj
    Derek Bradshaw (@bradshawdj) reported

    @VodafoneUK Just because your adviser "cannot access" my account details does not mean they should not take details of issue and pass them to the correct team. Ensuring somebody gets back to me later.. "Taking Ownership" of an issue should be 1st priority.

  • TheEqualitist
    TheEqualitist (@TheEqualitist) reported

    @Sharkvark @StopFundingHate @LloydsPharmacy @LoveWilko @VodafoneUK @IcelandFoods @nsandi @SKECHERS_UK @lv @TheSun @DailyMailUK @Daily_Express Not at all. When tabloids stand accused of fuelling hate crime on the streets, making sure our hard-earned money doesn't pay for that is a huge issue in terms of consumer choice.

  • writingonmyrock
    Granville Brown (@writingonmyrock) reported

    I would urge anyone buying a new phone at Christmas, as a present or for yourself, don't use @VodafoneUK #vodafone I was a customer of theirs for 15 years and they refused to give me £30 compensation after agreeing to do just that for my wife who had identical issue that I had