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Sky offers satellite television service as well as broadband internet and home phone service. Sky also operates a pay-TV service, including the Sky Sports channel which broadcasts Premier League games, which are also availble on the Sky Go video streaming service.

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May 20: Problems at Sky

Sky is having issues since 09:00 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Internet (65.19%)
  • TV (16.08%)
  • Wi-fi (8.25%)
  • Phone (4.87%)
  • E-mail (3.17%)
  • Total Blackout (2.43%)

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  • KerryInglis4
    Kerry Inglis (@KerryInglis4) reported

    @SkyUK, still waiting on @bt_uk @BTCare to sort my WiFi out, going into nearly 3 weeks and £75 bill from EE using PREPAID WIFI. Anything you can do to help me out? I’ve given up with BT now. Service is awful.

  • Ryantetokounmpo
    Ry'challa (@Ryantetokounmpo) reported

    @SkyHelpTeam my SkyWifi suddenly cut out and has been down for the last hour - is this a problem on your end? I have followed the connection diagnostic steps multiple times, and the internet light is still orange. This is a SERIOUS inconvenience, please fix the issue.

  • lambkarahi
    mo waq (@lambkarahi) reported

    @_YungPicasso @SkyUK Lol. Awful mistake. Sky are terrible

  • _YungPicasso
    Mr Stark (@_YungPicasso) reported

    Yo @SkyUK I’ve just switched to you for broadband from Virgin and I’m instantly regretting this decision. Why am I getting 900kbs of download speed on my PS4 on a good day?! You man need to fix up you know.

  • cdrummond02
    C•A•L•L•U•M (@cdrummond02) reported

    No tired in the slightest and my internet has just went down leading to minimal chance of sleeping. @SkyUK get ur attack together afore i have late night anxiety

  • chrisleonard84
    Chris Leonard (@chrisleonard84) reported

    @Blucheeze @RossJ_85 @SkyHelpTeam Are you guys also experiencing very poor or no connection through Sky Broadband? Ours has been awful the last couple of weeks. Tried their connection tips but still no luck.

  • kris1986wild
    kris wild (@kris1986wild) reported

    @SkyHelpTeam am I in an outage area? Because again I have been trying to get online for the last hour without success I'm getting quite annoyed at how poor our internet is and always has been seems every week I'm talking to someone trying to resolve an issue

  • del50uk
    derek raymond (@del50uk) reported

    @SkyHelpTeam my area has had blue skies all day,no wind ,so why am i still losing satellite signal ? This I happening far too regularly.i am seriously considering cancelling all my sky subscriptions, as the service is pathetic

  • hhannahhlouise
    Hannah (@hhannahhlouise) reported

    @Robyn_Oakley @SkyUK Nah literally so I was paying £19 a month then added £10 extra a month for movies then they decided to make it £33 which is fine and now it’s £37 without warning. Excuse me bitches but what the fuck

  • dave42w
    Dave Warnock (@dave42w) reported

    @hsmall @AndrewGraystone @BCCletts @SkyUK Well getting his nationality right would help indicate that you know what you are talking about. To say no evidence is ridiculous. You may choose to reject the evidence but it does exist.

  • des_mills_94
    des (@des_mills_94) reported

    @SkyUK Your internet is to slow

  • HannahBlackburn
    Hannah Blackburn (@HannahBlackburn) reported

    @Chalmers_H @TalkTalk @Hyperoptic @SkyUK Yeah absolute nightmare, all I tried to do was move the service to a different address. My order is now stuck between 3 systems so none of their departments can help me so it’s just going to drag on & on forever. It’s been the worst experience I’ve ever had with a company.

  • BTTB001
    Brexiteer (@BTTB001) reported

    @AngeBlue55 @SkySports Indeed but it would be even better for Rangers. Because our Problems this season were all at the back sort that and Game on

  • rogueulous
    Rahul Karmakar (@rogueulous) reported

    @ChrisSmalling Do us a favor and leave #MUFC next season. Please You have never been a United material...NEVER Under the shadows of Vida and Rio you won some silverware & that I guess will be enough to get a job at SkySports or ESPN as a pundit.

  • Dudek80
    Gerry Collins (@Dudek80) reported

    @SkySports terrible end to the Spanish coverage, poor covering Scottish football, boxing with injured fighters, less tennis, more cricket, and a poor EPL, not sure what is going on...

  • Greg_wfc26
    Greg Douglas (@Greg_wfc26) reported

    @SkySports @SkyRevista awful coverage of atlético and barca games today Cutting both Torres Farewell and barca trophy celebrations short.. La liga coverage this season nowhere near as good as past years #LaLiga #SkySports

  • lmcmonagle
    Liam McMonagle (@lmcmonagle) reported

    The @SkySports coverage of the end of season party at #Barca let down by tedious commentators talking crap over it, moaning about th slow start then cutting out to show bloody golf before it even got started. How do you say ‘pisspoor’ in Catalan?

  • real_mattfrench
    Matthew French (@real_mattfrench) reported

    @stewartybhoy67 @SkySports @GuillemBalague @andresiniesta8 Awful! Why they couldn't stay live I'll never know, just more repeats on now!

  • samfrancisss
    sam (@samfrancisss) reported

    @SkySports cutting off coverage of the Barcelona game before the trophy presentation is poor. There’s nothing meaningful scheduled so why cut it off? Fucking joke, especially considering there will be no La Liga on Sky next season too.

  • MrsCallow
    Jacky Callow (@MrsCallow) reported

    @SkyUK can you help as @CBSDrama not replying!! Are they ever going to show season 4 + of ER? Or are they going to rotate 1-3 forever more?!

  • StevenY_
    Steven (@StevenY_) reported

    That’s fucking terrible from @SkySports

  • MeganHasoon
    Megan Hasoon (@MeganHasoon) reported

    @SkyHelpTeam Internet connection has been dropping in and out for the last couple of days... Been though all the steps of the online self help connection diagnosis and each time I get a success message but it drops again shortly after. Any help?

  • HannahBlackburn
    Hannah Blackburn (@HannahBlackburn) reported

    @DigbyTW @TalkTalk Go to @SkyUK or @bt_uk as quick as you can!!! I’ve had no broadband for a month for TalkTalk and they’ve done nothing to resolve it. Absolutely appalling company & the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced.

  • rocketrichman
    Ben Richman (@rocketrichman) reported

    Non stop freezing my sky box having to turn mains off and reboot about 4 times a day @SkyUK this happened earlier in yesr you changed box now doing again and help becoming a joke?

  • HannahBlackburn
    Hannah Blackburn (@HannahBlackburn) reported

    @madpoetuk @PuffinHart15 @TalkTalk @SkyUK DO NOT GO TO TALKTALK!!! Worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. Not had broadband for a month. Their customer service agents literally just bare face lie down the phone to you it’s unbelievable.

  • Midnite_Mark
    Mark (@Midnite_Mark) reported

    I guess the whole @SkyHelpTeam are asleep as no one replies to tweets. My SkyQ is still insisting on starting to play my recordings part way through, even when they've never been played. Not clever..Why?

  • Ebsy18
    Ebrahim Piperdy Ebsy (@Ebsy18) reported

    @SkyHelpTeam downloaded new Sky Go onto PC, sound is awful, keeps echoing, can I go back on the previous version as worked perfectly?? Works ok on PS4 and mobile, just not PC, please can I have the old version of Sky Go on my PC?

  • JamieJacko87
    Jamie Jacko (@JamieJacko87) reported

    @rakbishop @SkySports can't keep hold of Champions League football, you still pay the same amount then they deliver this shit, wished I'd not renewed my contract

  • DavidLedgy
    david ledgy (@DavidLedgy) reported from Liverpool, England

    @SkyHelpTeam your sky q multi room is shit

  • DavidLedgy
    david ledgy (@DavidLedgy) reported from Liverpool, England

    @SkyUK your sky q multi room is shit keeps goin off

  • AIgerian
    9-mil shot (@AIgerian) reported

    @SkyUK ur WiFi is so shit Wallahi fix up

  • jasonlinham
    Jason Linham (@jasonlinham) reported

    I hope that @SkyHelpTeam will fix my broadband service soon. So fed up of talking to people who don't understand the basics of internet topology. New router hasn't solved the issue, which I said it wouldn't. #poorservice #cancelcontractshortly

  • ethangbennett
    ethan (@ethangbennett) reported

    Sky WiFi is SHIT I literally have a router in my room and it still doesn’t reach????????? @SkyUK sort your shit out

  • mattrd79
    Matt Deadman (@mattrd79) reported

    @SkyHelpTeam Any known issues in Taunton?

  • bradley_am
    anthony m bradley (@bradley_am) reported

    @DenAFC69_888 @SkySports I expressed this view earlier in the week. I have my concerns that he has been chosen for the reasons mentioned, so I have time for the views expressed. Zidane and Pep managed the 2nd teams before being promoted, not just coached. I will support Arteta and hope he succeeds.

  • DennyBaldwin
    Dennis Baldwin (@DennyBaldwin) reported

    £60 a month and @skysports are showing old football highlights drone racing and some divvy playing FIFA can’t help but feel I’m being ripped off

  • GBlade78
    Uncle Gorilla (@GBlade78) reported

    @danatkin5 @SkySports Cancelled sport and movies, dog shit

  • hsmall
    Thoughtsbyh (@hsmall) reported

    @dave42w @BCCletts @AndrewGraystone @SkyUK And most of you stupid Christians would rather preserve unity of your credulous superstition than be truly committed to human rights.

  • JayWyatt122
    pbtourman (@JayWyatt122) reported

    @damokins82 @SkyUK Simple really mate. Cancel the direct debit and soon enough they will turn off the service when they haven’t got your money lol. Problem solved. No wasted time trying to talk to some prick who failed the Argos entrance exam either lol

  • goodspeedplease
    Tom Welland (@goodspeedplease) reported

    @SkyHelpTeam Why is your broadband down? Is there a problem London SE9. I’ve run the diagnostics check and it keeps saying “can’t find your sky hub”

  • IanBoaler
    Ian Boaler (@IanBoaler) reported from New Rossington, England

    @SkyHelpTeam So how we ment to get better service wireless as we don't have a wired connection.

  • southwoldsam
    Sam Thornton (@southwoldsam) reported

    @SkyHelpTeam Why is it the web page to change (cancel) my sky sports subscription never seems to work? Very convenient!!

  • Keefey71
    Simon Keefe (@Keefey71) reported

    @MattyTheGeneral @SkyUK @BTCare They're all the same mate, I left sky a few years back due to poor service, then had great customer service from BT to move over........

  • steveroberts61
    Steve Roberts (@steveroberts61) reported

    @SkyUK Need to check how long I have left on my BT contract but will definitely give you a call because the service I have had so far is basically no service. Cheers

  • ShatnersBasso0n
    Shatner's Bassoon (@ShatnersBasso0n) reported

    @stugone @SkyHelpTeam Same for me too, please help!

  • shmugglas1st
    Dougie Gillespie (@shmugglas1st) reported

    Why @Channel4 run a season of Humans while @SkyUK are running a season of Westworld I'll never know. Similar premise, stratospherically different shows. Humans is like the CBeebies version.

  • madpoetuk
    Elliott Rodgers (@madpoetuk) reported

    @PuffinHart15 @TalkTalk Thought Virgin Media were awful but @TalkTalk sound worse! No wonder you're thinking of going to @SkyUK

  • dosh71doron82
    doron shimoni (@dosh71doron82) reported

    @SkyHelpTeam it upgrade network ?

  • GmaMargaret
    Margaret Robson (@GmaMargaret) reported

    @SkyHelpTeam Any TV problem reported in NE37? No satellite signal since 10:30am

  • Liam_The_Red
    Liam (@Liam_The_Red) reported

    I don’t want to watch two spotty virgins play fifa on the tv. Fuck off skysports.

  • Cc8989
    claire cannon (@Cc8989) reported

    @SkyHelpTeam sky movies and on demand not working! Showing ‘there are no programmes of this type’ ? Also app remote not connecting to box?

  • JayHoque
    Jay Hoque (@JayHoque) reported

    @SkyHelpTeam Why are ALL your support channels ALWAYS unavailable? I'm trying contact you regarding a package but nobody is ever available to talk with. What gives?

  • mjh_1
    Melissa Hudson (@mjh_1) reported

    @SkyUK can someone help I’m having problems with my sky.. can’t get onto TV guide or planner all it keeps saying is “your box is still initialising” it has said this for a few hours and tried turning box off and on and still isn’t working

  • stefferz88
    Stephanie McCart x (@stefferz88) reported

    @SkyHelpTeam any issues in Pa2? Broadband has been cutting off all day

  • LynchDean
    Dean Lynch (@LynchDean) reported

    @SkyUK your text message service talking to advisors is possibly the most long drawn out painful thing ever! Ends with you will have to call us, what’s the point?

  • MelissaBowkerX
    Melissa Bowker (@MelissaBowkerX) reported

    @SkyUK Why isn’t the sky store letting me watch I have downloaded. It’s saying I can play it then when o try it says error. Is the sky store down?

  • liamblackie
    liam. (@liamblackie) reported

    @SkyHelpTeam how do I cancel my sky sports?! There’s absolutely no way I’m paying to watch two guys play Fifa!

  • jamesmorton1892
    James Morton (@jamesmorton1892) reported

    @SkyHelpTeam It was sky+ but seemed to fix itself

  • Tjech
    James Neville (@Tjech) reported

    Another day of no tv, flaky net. Thanks @bt_uk. @SkyHelpTeam anything you can do to get me some service before this damm contract expires?

  • BrianNUFC
    Brian Parkin (@BrianNUFC) reported

    @derek2bell @SkySports @sky Aye awful. If it wasn’t for the F1 I’d probably leave.