Is Virgin Media having an outage in Littleborough, Borough of Rochdale, England?

Virgin Media offers mobile phone, television, broadband internet and phone service over the cable network. Virgin Media is part of NTL:Telewest. Virgin's mobile service is available under the Virgin Mobile brand, which operates as a mobile virtual network operator using the T-Mobile and Orange networks.

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May 19: Problems at Virgin Media

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Virgin Media Issues Reports Near Littleborough, Borough of Rochdale, England

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in Littleborough, Borough of Rochdale, England and nearby locations:
  • Gallerixia Rixie | MamaDemonDoggo (@Gallerixia) reported from Salford, England

    @virginmedia do you know when service will be back up. I have to make important phone calls before 5pm when lines are closed for the evening. I'm also an emergency contact for two children and an elderly relative who is also affected.

  • Dave_mona David Monaghan (@Dave_mona) reported from Manchester, England

    @virginmedia I raised a complaint and the response was due to the package I was put on the PS4 wasn’t available. I just can’t understand how it’s now my fault I specified I wanted the PS4 it was the main reason for signing up.

  • Dave_mona David Monaghan (@Dave_mona) reported from Manchester, England

    @virginmedia I was told that due to the error nothing could be done and I won’t be receiving my PS4 I now have to disappoint my two young boys when they get in from school. Not a great service I must admit.

  • dancross88 Dan Cross (@dancross88) reported from Salford, England

    @virginmedia Hi. My contract start date was the 26.04.19. I received my contract and link to T&C’s on 27.04.19. Cancelling the charges isn’t a resolution when I am not required to pay them. I shouldn’t have been threatened with them in the first place....if I had not quoted your own T&C’s

  • georgiacruse_ GEORGIA CRUSE (@georgiacruse_) reported from Manchester, England

    No joke @virginmedia WiFi goes down about 3 times a week

  • taliashan talia (@taliashan) reported from Manchester, England

    @virginmedia is so so crap and has the audacity to be the most expensive

  • loftus2011 colin-loftus (@loftus2011) reported from Middleton, England

    @virginmedia your remotes and boxes are shit I need @SkyUK back

  • Jade_Juicy Juicy_Jade (@Jade_Juicy) reported from Salford, England

    @virginmedia Just finished talking to CS. They made some changes , i should monitor my connection for 24 h and this should in theory be fixed. Will update tomorrow. Thank you for trying to help Ann.

  • AbigailOgier Abs (@AbigailOgier) reported from Manchester, England

    @virginmedia This evening audio description appeared on Dave, but this time we were able to switch it off with no issue (although we hadn't switched it on deliberately)

  • AbigailOgier Abs (@AbigailOgier) reported from Manchester, England

    @virginmedia Not sure - we gave up and watched the football instead with the plan of trying catch up! Will try the reboot if all else fails but wasn't sure if it were a wider problem as it was only that one programme...

  • CLane_89 Chris (@CLane_89) reported from Thornton, England

    @CBeebiesHQ is down...@CBeebiesHQ is down...this isn't a drill. Get it sorted @virginmedia

  • uah9 Usman (@uah9) reported from Manchester, England

    @virginmedia @Saurav Wow this is really bad, I would definitely report this to watchdog. Unacceptable

  • toewad1 toewad1 (@toewad1) reported from Salford, England

    11 days and counting to get my new FTTP Broadband, get this @virginmedia crap out of my house, so bad so so bad for gaming lag, lag, lag, even if my @BT is crap and I will let them know if it is, but I will never go with @virginmedia ever again!!!

  • TJC1974 Tabatha Coleman (@TJC1974) reported from Ashton-under-Lyne, England

    @virginmedia I have been having problems with my WiFi for the last couple of weeks. I spoke to someone earlier this week and they were able to help short term however I have now lost both internet and tv

  • toewad1 toewad1 (@toewad1) reported from Salford, England

    @virginmedia Last night was a joke with gaming, the lag was stupid with @virginmedia but with @bt I will be getting 150mb down 40meg up, I can get 350meg down 50meg up, ipv6, I prob can use my own router if I need it, your hub3 lag spikes 150mb to 265mb in split seconds can't be good.

  • maggiehtfcmay M (@maggiehtfcmay) reported from Sowerby Bridge, England

    @andym1900 @virginmedia My phone goes onto emergency calls only when I leave the UK. Even happened when I went to the Islw of Man🙄 Never had an issue before signing up with them. Poor do.

  • cml0702 claire (@cml0702) reported from Manchester, England

    @virginmedia just had a member of staff on customer services be really rude to me.. I’m trying to sort my contract out and was really unhelpful. I hung up as he upset me 😬😬 😡

  • toewad1 toewad1 (@toewad1) reported from Salford, England

    @virginmedia I think 10 years + with you is enough now, I will have more choice, I can use my own router without messing with that cheap problem filled hub 3 and it is crap read the reviews.

  • toewad1 toewad1 (@toewad1) reported from Salford, England

    @virginmedia It is gaming lag, as I have said many times it's not the broadband going into the hub 3, it's what comes out of it on the xb1 just lag every game, I'm not in contract with you & @openreach fttp has been installed on my street so I will cancel soon I will never use VM again.

  • Claraunicorn112 💛🇨 🇱 🇦 🇷 🇦 💛 (@Claraunicorn112) reported from Oldham, England

    @virginmedia I’ve had enough we had a cable fitted to make our WiFi ‘faster’ and since then the WiFi has been down twice. And it’s not just this time there has been many other incidents in the past 😡🙄sort it out, sort it out

  • toewad1 toewad1 (@toewad1) reported from Salford, England

    @virginmedia So fed up with this lag, @virginmedia so glad to get rid of your hub3 soon how much would that router cost you £2.00 is it worth the mither you cheap scum. Just saying, I will be off soon, but don't like VM. Never ever again.

  • chrissy_mcfc ♡♥Lady Chrissy mcfc♥ (@chrissy_mcfc) reported from Manchester, England

    @virginmedia you are rubbish at customer service 🤬😡🤬😡 Sick to death of hearing that international ring tone.. So it's goodbye from me 👋😡🤬

  • SallyOdonnell Sally O'Donnell (@SallyOdonnell) reported from Burnley, England

    @virginmedia Hi thank you however a good start would be you to know your client base. Some of us are just not tech savvy and being talked to like an idiot is not the way to win hearts and minds let alone customer loyalty. Felt very undermined and very disappointed.

  • nadeem030986 Nadeem (@nadeem030986) reported from Rochdale, England

    My internet is not working and why do I have to wait 17th April but it ok for you take money out my account for service you have failed to provide @virginmedia ol162jz 96

  • mikeyparkinson Michael Parkinson (@mikeyparkinson) reported from Burnley, England

    @virginmedia I have and it says no issues... It was off this AM

  • toewad1 toewad1 (@toewad1) reported from Salford, England

    @virginmedia Same issues I keep telling you, lag lag lag it's getting boring now, I am sick of this crap broadband it might be fast but it is a crap router that can't seem to handle gaming, and I'm sick of the false replies from the so called vm support tweets, scripted or what!!!

  • toewad1 toewad1 (@toewad1) reported from Salford, England

    @virginmedia Seriously you are a crap broadband, you might bragg about being "superfast" but for gaming you are seriously shite, how the hell can my gaming be so bad when you advertise a gaming broadband, oh my mistake you don't now do you, pathetic.

  • kam_afzal Kamran Afzal (@kam_afzal) reported from Manchester, England

    @virginmedia Lastly, still waiting on a cheque from last year for services that I was charged for but didn’t use. Refund only available via cheque obvs because with it being 2018 you still hadn’t caught up with bank transfers. Thinking about, your entire offering is a crock of shit.

  • kam_afzal Kamran Afzal (@kam_afzal) reported from Manchester, England

    @virginmedia Further to this, your customer service is terrible as is your pricing structure. The company that comes to ‘install’ the service are a bunch of cowboys and have compete disregard for a customers home. Wouldn’t use your service ever again.

  • BeckGareth Gareth Beck (@BeckGareth) reported from Burnley, England

    @virginmedia gone down in BB10 again

  • toewad1 toewad1 (@toewad1) reported from Salford, England

    @virginmedia It is not the speed that is the problem, it is the router that is the problem, it is garbage it lags like mad every game is trash I probably played 1 game last night I just back out of them all the time.

  • toewad1 toewad1 (@toewad1) reported from Salford, England

    @virginmedia Forget that sorry but your router is CRAP and you know ut cheap shit.

  • toewad1 toewad1 (@toewad1) reported from Salford, England

    @virginmedia Right, the only known issues is Virgin Media, tonight I have played 1 full game the other 10 I have backed out of, so my question is what are vm going to do about it, not reset hub, open ports, allow dmz all that crapjust give me what I pay for a gaming broadband like advertised

  • toewad1 toewad1 (@toewad1) reported from Salford, England

    @virginmedia Reboot all the time, it is crap broadband.

  • toewad1 toewad1 (@toewad1) reported from Salford, England

    @virginmedia Just started gaming, played 5 games backed out of 5 games, lag, lag, lag, come on Virgin sort your crap Broadband out this is so boring and predictable.

  • TCarroll1969 Tony Carroll (@TCarroll1969) reported from Salford, England

    @BradHoward3 @virginmedia They CAN'T be that bad...

  • Doublejayz72 James Jackson (@Doublejayz72) reported from Manchester, England

    You know what I love about @virginmedia they are not content with being rubbish.....not at all. They are constantly thinking of ways to be worse, no Broadband for 3 days and do they care... nope. Hats off to them for breaking boundaries and proving crap just isn’t good enough

  • toewad1 toewad1 (@toewad1) reported from Salford, England

    @Aeroson_ Well said mate, but getting back to virgin media being crap 🤣🤣🤣

  • xmatt_ Matthew Catterall (@xmatt_) reported from Manchester, England

    @b33rdy @act5scene3 @virginmedia Always do the speed test but make sure it's wired as I work for an ISP and wireless speeds mean jack shit.

  • toewad1 toewad1 (@toewad1) reported from Salford, England

    @virginmedia Does it matter what you see, it might matter to microsoft, I buy your internet for gaming, that's it if you get ripped by microsoft that's your problem you sort it that's why I we pay for you GAMING🖕

  • toewad1 toewad1 (@toewad1) reported from Salford, England

    @virginmedia Lag, gaming is crap, your broadband is fast but not a gaming broadband, remember all your gaming 200 and all the other crap.

  • toewad1 toewad1 (@toewad1) reported from Salford, England

    @virginmedia This is the experience I have had of VM ever since I can remember, but it was either you or 6mbps with phone line, but soon I will have fttp with @SkyUK or some other @EE but deffo not you, never ever again @virginmedia.

  • toewad1 toewad1 (@toewad1) reported from Salford, England

    @virginmedia Lots of times but a long time ago, your support can't fix it all they care about is you are getting a good speed and I am, but obviously it's not good for gaming, the hub 2 was better but you moved on to the hub 3, not good.

  • toewad1 toewad1 (@toewad1) reported from Salford, England

    @virginmedia Tried everything asked everything, I have had VM for 10 years it's not been brilliant you seem to provide equipment that is not tried and tested, that hub 3 router has to be the worst ever you can't even open all the recomended ports on it, look at the hub 3 forums.

  • toewad1 toewad1 (@toewad1) reported from Salford, England

    @virginmedia I have had enough of @virginmedia gaming is a disaster, not every now and then, every night every game always lagging 1 on 1 shootouts forget it, I have been in touch with your support 100s of times, I get sick of answering the same questions, your equipment is garbage, bye.

  • funkytownlondon FunkyTown (@funkytownlondon) reported from Manchester, England

    @corblimey22 @virginmedia @vmbusiness Someone close to me having the same Problem with BT 😐 it’s 2019 ffs

  • oO_MarkT_Oo Marky T from We Are G4m3rs (@oO_MarkT_Oo) reported from Burnley, England

    @virginmedia please can you tell me the service status on BB12 7DF. My speeds are non existent and your service page on the website is down.

  • Knitswithbeer knitswithbeer🐝 (@Knitswithbeer) reported from Salford, England

    @virginmedia Same issue if I'm home, which I'm not at the moment. Incredibly frustrating that the only place I have pathetic Wi-Fi access is in my own home.

  • MetzGeorgia Georgiex (@MetzGeorgia) reported from Manchester, England

    @virginmedia Terrible.

  • bluegail1 Gail Price 💯🏆💙⚽️ CHAMPIONS!🐝🦈 (@bluegail1) reported from Salford, England

    @virginmedia that was extremely good service by your customer service team. Thank you very much for all your help. Maybe you could give some advice to @o2

Virgin Media Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • ryanferns11 Ryan Fernandes (@ryanferns11) reported

    @virginmedia no it's not working fine. You see when u switch the hub on the light keep on changing until the white base light is solid. But when I switch it on, the white base stays solid from the start. Please look into this and I've tried all troubleshooting methods.

  • Lucy8720 Lucy87 (@Lucy8720) reported

    @virginmedia The engineer did not do a black spot check in every room, just my garage. Im not happy at all, sick of refreshing all the time and it still not working

  • Lucy8720 Lucy87 (@Lucy8720) reported

    @virginmedia When doing a search through our smart tv it keeps saying it cant find a connection. I am paying for the top internet, been with Virgin 3 weeks and its been a problem since we have had it. Never had a problem with Sky. Was with Virgin 3 years ago and it was fine too.

  • Keeleyhamer1 Keeley hamer (@Keeleyhamer1) reported

    @virginmedia 3rd time on Friday I have had an engineer visit booked for cable work that needs doing outside my house and 3rd time they have come and done ZERO WORK!!! I am currently connected to my neighbours this has been going on for weeks!!! Not good service at all!!!!

  • vickymcbryan Vicky Bryan (@vickymcbryan) reported

    @virginmedia Yes. Restarted box and it's back but just wish we didn't have to keep doing that. Error codes range from ones about Ethernet cables to network issues. Very frustrating. Means we aren't getting the service we pay for. And haven't consistently for a while.

  • GrahamStokoe Graham Stokoe (@GrahamStokoe) reported

    @virginmedia Still the same. I heard nothing back from the text message service after they said they were passing to the technical team. I still don’t have access to sky sports news.

  • mintons69 Jodie Minton (@mintons69) reported

    @virginmedia 5th day in a row I am having to call your customer service team as my service is still not working as it was. Completely unacceptable

  • Shaks26025604 Shaks (@Shaks26025604) reported

    I am appalled with this as I feel the compensation they have given back to me it's not relevant to me at all. I feel as though they have given compensation on the basis what suites the company not their customers. Really Really poor service from Virgin media.

  • bengalpin Ben Galpin (@bengalpin) reported

    @virginmedia It's the wifi light flashing green. It's not affecting my wifi connection but I've never noticed it flashing before.

  • Shaks26025604 Shaks (@Shaks26025604) reported

    I am virgin media customer for broadband and landline I also have my mobile phone contract with them. My mobile line was down on Tuesday I received a email today advising me I will get an extra 5gb data on Sunday.