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Virgin Media offers mobile phone, television, broadband internet and phone service over the cable network. Virgin Media is part of NTL:Telewest. Virgin's mobile service is available under the Virgin Mobile brand, which operates as a mobile virtual network operator using the T-Mobile and Orange networks.

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  • Internet (58.15%)
  • Wi-fi (13.52%)
  • Phone (8.20%)
  • TV (7.55%)
  • E-mail (6.58%)
  • Total Blackout (6.00%)

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  • barryeuphorik
    Barry Euphorik (@barryeuphorik) reported from Livingston, Scotland

    @greenockboi @virginmedia Won't be fixed till after 8am according to the Virgin Service Status page.

  • greenockboi
    Jamie Maunders (@greenockboi) reported

    @virginmedia paying £45 a month for slow or no internet connection in Livingston! No xbox connection no netflix nothing! Ridiculous service! #rubbishservice #InternetSpeed

  • OwenGannon99
    Owen Gannon🇺🇦 (@OwenGannon99) reported

    Does virgin media internet EVER WORK fuck me

  • ScottSmyth99
    Scott (@ScottSmyth99) reported

    Virgin media WiFi and it not working, name a more iconic duo

  • jamesuk66
    James Pitt (@jamesuk66) reported

    @virginmedia How can I be clearer? Wont allow me to disconnect/cancel the service...FFS.

  • Smarshall2810
    Jerb (@Smarshall2810) reported

    @ibbyhussain_ @virginmedia Which area is this? Ours is down right now hopefully not two days though

  • realianfendick
    Ian Fendick (@realianfendick) reported

    @virginmedia a TV picture that pixelate’s all the time, broadband that needs to be reset at least once a week and being charged more for this than better packages you currently offer. Kinda feel like I’m being punished for being a loyal customer.

  • MickBoyle69
    Mick Boyle (@MickBoyle69) reported

    Sick of Virgin media internet always cutting off! Think I’ll cancel the lot tomorrow!!

  • HBK_R6
    Craig Handley (@HBK_R6) reported

    @virginmedia the poor service continues! day 10 and now there is a network fault so no broadband or tv. #virginmediafailure #nottoolatetocancel #speedstillcrap

  • markritchie33
    Mark R (@markritchie33) reported

    @virginmedia FFS broadbands down AGAIN! This is becoming a regular occurrence! How is it so difficult to get a decent service?

  • natalia__2196
    Natalia🐯 (@natalia__2196) reported

    @virginmedia Please help! I try to connect to my internet but it says that I have an incorrect password! I haven't changed it at all since I have gotten it!!!! Please help!

  • forbesy86
    Chris (@forbesy86) reported

    @virginmedia once again, terrible internet connection. Every week I have issues. I’m off to @bt_uk useless idiots

  • ibbyhussain_
    Ibby Hussain (@ibbyhussain_) reported

    @virginmedia (2) I called up customer services and they said there is a fault in the system in my area and they’re going to fix it in 2 days,thats 2 days without wifi, this is outrageous, you should send out an engineer in the morning instead you guys are waiting two whole days!?

  • annikartwork
    Annika (@annikartwork) reported

    virgin media dont fuck up right now!! it's the #BBMAs LET ME WATCH IN PEACE

  • FellainiForever
    Kyle Black (@FellainiForever) reported

    @IanHallRfc @Fuji720pYT Ive been having issues with virgin media all week

  • BerlinerMadel
    anj (@BerlinerMadel) reported

    @virginmedia Just get it working and then offer refund for this weekend of no service. How about a bit honesty and acknowledgement on the poor service. Do-able?

  • envygeeks
    Jordon Bedwell 🧐 (@envygeeks) reported

    @troyhunt @virginmedia I don't see how this is a problem past there being very few sort codes and it being easily guessable with basic info. Sort codes aren't personal, and aren't private. Most US banks readily publish their routing numbers, and there are websites with every sort code in the UK.

  • akrymarin
    kamira. (@akrymarin) reported

    virgin media better get prepared to drop its name cause im gonna fuck it in the ass

  • LiamSpringwell
    Liam Walsh (@LiamSpringwell) reported

    @virginmedia @jenstirrup It’s a stupid question but the answer is a random number. Make one up and keep it in your password manager. No harm raising the issue however

  • swindonwhite7
    Lloyd Pearce (@swindonwhite7) reported

    @virginmedia why is my virgin down AGAIN ! Getting royally Pd off with this !!!

  • jenstirrup
    Jen Stirrup (@jenstirrup) reported

    @gsuberland @marypcbuk @virginmedia Good point. It's also about customer service and perception. Even if they can do it, it doesn't mean that they should.

  • jenstirrup
    Jen Stirrup (@jenstirrup) reported

    @gsuberland @marypcbuk @virginmedia Good point, I wonder what the ICO will have to say. It's about customer service and perception too, so even if they can do it, it doesn't mean that they should do it.

  • FellainiForever
    Kyle Black (@FellainiForever) reported

    @Fuji720pYT Xbox has gone down apparently, you think there will be a wl extension, I've had issues with virgin media all week and I'm banking on one

  • jenstirrup
    Jen Stirrup (@jenstirrup) reported

    @_castleinthesky @ColinMackay @RvLeshrac @virginmedia They have information, since they provide me with a service. Address, phone nos, dob, etc. If the banks advise against it, then I'm not doing it. There must be a better way. They could even ask me to say what's on my TV, right now. Or MFA like a text to email or cell.

  • robjtede
    Rob Ede (@robjtede) reported

    @banjhiki @troyhunt @virginmedia I wouldn’t go that far; the product is great but the customer service has always been questionable. At least in my experience.

  • simonridley
    simonridley (@simonridley) reported

    @virginmedia are you having issues with broadband? only getting 10Mbps (usually get 350)

  • gsuberland
    Graham Sutherland [Polynomial^DSS] (@gsuberland) reported

    @_castleinthesky @virginmedia @jenstirrup There are many ways that issues like this can fall through the cracks. Rather than lambasting them for it, I think it's better to provide clear information about the problem, and give them a chance to investigate and change things for the better.

  • jenstirrup
    Jen Stirrup (@jenstirrup) reported

    @_castleinthesky @gsuberland @virginmedia There's an issue with customer perception. We are forever being told not to hand out bank details.... By our banks. Any email from Barclays, Lloyds etc will attest to that.. Then we have Virgin media implicitly saying it's ok, by asking for part of it as ID. So, it's inconsistent

  • RvLeshrac
    RvLeshrac (@RvLeshrac) reported

    @_castleinthesky @virginmedia @jenstirrup The problem is that these pieces of information are frequently stored in the same (private) system, and shouldn't be visible to every employee.

  • Garyw_
    Gary Williams (@Garyw_) reported

    @DJCollict @jenstirrup @virginmedia A bank sort code wouldn’t come under GDPR as it’s not data that can identify an individual, however, it’s an utterly crap security question.

  • rafadam
    Raf Adam #FBPE 🇪🇺🇬🇧 (@rafadam) reported

    @virginmedia is there a problem with the service? My internet and tv have been down for the past 10 minutes.

  • jenstirrup
    Jen Stirrup (@jenstirrup) reported

    @gsuberland @_castleinthesky @virginmedia I can't think of any other company that asks for bank details as confirmation of identity. Why are they dissatisfied with other reasonable questions with less impact on customer sentiment eg name of bank (not the branch), payment amount, date of last bill etc with less impact.

  • ian_sales
    Ian "Five Book Quartet" Sales (@ian_sales) reported

    @virginmedia my internet connection has died again. That's three weekends in a row. Are you going to fix this?

  • gsuberland
    Graham Sutherland [Polynomial^DSS] (@gsuberland) reported

    @ColinMackay @_castleinthesky @virginmedia @jenstirrup It also raises a question as to whether the bank account number is also visible to the customer support information. But as I've said elsewhere in this thread, they need to handle this internally and check the facts, because all we've got is speculation based on a tweet.

  • alancurrie1991
    Alan Currie (@alancurrie1991) reported

    @virginmedia internet keeps dropping out any problems in Livingston area?

  • _castleinthesky
    Matthew Hall (@_castleinthesky) reported

    @gsuberland @virginmedia @jenstirrup Agree, but I’m not sure it’s a security question to access account info but a mechanism used to activate a service in a region tied to an account. Unmasked account info is an assumption as is a lot of the arm waiving around this type of issue

  • R3hxn
    Rehan Haque (@R3hxn) reported

    @virginmedia issues in South Woodford ? Internet went down 20 mins ago / no trouble fixing has resolved it.

  • funkyfairy78
    emma houweling (@funkyfairy78) reported

    @virginmedia no signal on Id channels

  • gsuberland
    Graham Sutherland [Polynomial^DSS] (@gsuberland) reported

    @_castleinthesky @virginmedia @jenstirrup I know that a sort code is not incredibly sensitive on its own, but the presence of it on the screen of a customer support agent makes me question whether the account number is also accessible and unmasked. It also shouldn't really be a security question as it is very weak.

  • maw
    Matthew Walton (@maw) reported

    @virginmedia @jenstirrup BTW they only need it if they're taking new information from a customer to change their payment details. I don't see why anybody outside of somebody dealing with the actual payment process would ever need to see it.

  • maw
    Matthew Walton (@maw) reported

    @virginmedia @jenstirrup No, it isn't. Fortunately I wasn't asked for that when I phoned up on Friday. Banking information is NEVER valid as a security question. Talk to your security team, make sure your staff never ask for it, and make sure they can't see it either unless they really need it.

  • gsuberland
    Graham Sutherland [Polynomial^DSS] (@gsuberland) reported

    @virginmedia @jenstirrup I'm also a customer and I'm also concerned. So please, for your own sake and the sake of the customers you're trying to help, escalate this to the right people and let them deal with it. Thank you.

  • anthonyrossbach
    Anthony Rossbach (@anthonyrossbach) reported

    @virginmedia @jenstirrup Um no!!!! Never ask for data from another provider as a security question. That’s just messed up!!!!

  • gsuberland
    Graham Sutherland [Polynomial^DSS] (@gsuberland) reported

    @virginmedia @jenstirrup Sorry, but no. I know you're trying to help but please don't be the next social media manager to get pulled through the infosec wringer due to overconfidence. Double check with someone from your technical team and pass the customer concerns to your security team.

  • samlloyddd
    sam lloyd (@samlloyddd) reported

    @virginmedia wifi really poor in SA1 area of Swansea... any problems??

  • djtcell
    Please RT my pinned tweet! #CellJam (@djtcell) reported

    The worst internet service provider @virginmedia! I’m appalled that we specifically took out your streaming package, 350mb and I couldn’t even stream for 15 secs my stream was restarted fourteen times FOURTEEN! Is this what we are paying for now that we are tied in for 12 months!

  • Organic_Only
    David (@Organic_Only) reported

    Business as usual on my @Virginmedia 200Mbps connection, packet loss, high latency and slow speeds. Just another day in over subscribed pipes I expect

  • Sylvo699
    Sylvo (@Sylvo699) reported

    @virginmedia Tried that earlier today, got an automated response which said that there was no fault. Trying to watch Barcelona v Real Sociedad on sky sports and can’t even get a signal after c.5 mins of viewing.

  • gunnerpa1963
    Patso (@gunnerpa1963) reported

    Piece of shit virgin media broadband cutting off all night and nobody there to help all gone home Isn't that just great Worst company in Ireland and worst service ever. Didn't change when virgin took over upc still a pile of craps Feel like smashing the modem to pieces

  • ultrafastcarl
    Carl Thomas (@ultrafastcarl) reported

    @TheRealRevK @aaisp I use your L2TP service attached to a Virgin Media Business cable service. Is that okay?

  • mikeymagicc
    ohlookitsmikey♡ (@mikeymagicc) reported

    @virginmedia is there a reason why all the apps on your tv box are shockingly bad? Or is there a newer box that people can get because for well over a year now, I've had trouble with youtube and netflix not playing or being horrendously laggy. I have the black tivo box

  • Conoralden
    Conoralden (@Conoralden) reported

    @virginmedia billing department admits we only get some internet service is "intermittent". "we can't issue any credit". I'm paying for full service not a couple hours internet each day. Why do you charge full whack for a faulty service?

  • Leighcox79
    Leigh cox (@Leighcox79) reported

    @virginmedia we have had problems since virgin was installed made a number of calls to be told they would phone me back and they don't we are not getting what we pay for 200meg and can't watch Netflix

  • markydmc
    Mark Greenwood (@markydmc) reported

    @virginmedia Simple question really ........ when will you be fixing the issue i have with your internet service.its been impossible to stream/online game for over a week now.

  • SweeneyEoghan
    Eoghan Sweeney (@SweeneyEoghan) reported from Foxrock, County Dublin

    @VirginMediaIE your Virgin Media TV watch anywhere is possibly the worst website and service I have ever experienced - not one of live stations offered will play & as for the so called "Movies and Box Sets" - you would find better content at a Sunday market!

  • perkleman
    Christian (@perkleman) reported

    @virginmedia again service down, no tv or broadband. The service these guys provide is shocking - I suggest anyone/everyone avoids! #conmen

  • bigbryan1984
    Bryan Lowe (@bigbryan1984) reported

    @MartinCritch @virginmedia Up to yourself man. Depends how much you value Customer Service. I've tried all weekend to speak to someone in the UK with a firm grip on the english language. Re-routed to India every time. Over 30 attempts. Totally incompetent.

  • cosminzetes95
    Cosmin Zetes (@cosminzetes95) reported

    Still having issues with your spier fast broadband. Weirdly enough, it happens only on a Sunday. Van you explain why? @virginmedia

  • AmxnV2
    A2 (@AmxnV2) reported

    my wifi is so trash, @virginmedia need to fix the fuck up

  • usman10316
    Usman Bashir (@usman10316) reported

    @virginmedia Internet been down all day, called 150 been told an engineer will come Tueaday so nothing till then. awful service