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Virgin Media offers mobile phone, television, broadband internet and phone service over the cable network. Virgin Media is part of NTL:Telewest. Virgin's mobile service is available under the Virgin Mobile brand, which operates as a mobile virtual network operator using the T-Mobile and Orange networks.

 Problems detected at Virgin Media

Virgin Media problems in the last 24 hours

August 22: Problems at Virgin Media

Virgin Media is having issues since 03:30 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Internet (71.39%)
  • ▪ Phone (8.84%)
  • ▪ TV (7.57%)
  • ▪ E-mail (7.15%)
  • ▪ Total Blackout (5.05%)

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Virgin Media Issues Reports

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  • James Robinson (@jimmense) reported

    @virginmedia Support staff who never get back in touch. When asking for a customer service contact, offered a postal address (very high tec)

  • michael bean (@michaelbean13) reported

    @virginmedia Will you be putting me on hold for 44mins on the online chat or will you just do it for 37mins then just hang up? Im ok thanks

  • Little Mummy Running (@Littlemumrunnin) reported

    @virginmedia They always stick to the time given but unfortunately it breaks again shortly afterwards. As I said this is not usual or expected service

  • Iain Borden (@IainBorden) reported

    @virginmedia Tech team say 'vibration' is causing difficulties. Poor comms, & no definite diagnosis, solution or fix date. About to move to Sky or BT.

  • Matiss (@matissdale) reported

    @virginmedia Add the fact you charged me as a new customer for moving house and pointed me to a non existent T&C, can't say I'm best pleased.

  • Scotty Bhoy (@ScottyBhoy8) reported

    @virginmedia Initially spoke with cust serv who passed me to cancellation dept. Only to be told I can't cancel with them.

  • the Saint (@SSTmk3) reported

    @virginmedia Full house bundle - "up to 200mbps" you neglect to say "down to 0.78 Mbps"

  • fowado (@fowadodotcom) reported

    @virginmedia A series of awful cock-ups to my bill and a series of really, really long calls with people who don't seem to care about customers at all

  • Luigi (@bibik74) reported

    @the_real_wc @virginmedia Absolute shit service, I too have no phone line I live on the same street as @the_real_wc been down for over 2 weeks. I too have cancelled

  • Gary Yates (@GaryYat51541888) reported

    @virginmedia it was the Tec team that told me it was a problem my area try after 6 then try tomorrow and that you can only have one device not 2

  • Lauren (@lozieoconnor) reported

    @virginmedia Never...didn't even know there was such a thing. I'm starting to think the area fault is probably a lie #shady

  • Martin Williamson (@quickerbybike) reported

    @DynoDavidwm @virginmedia When you leave them, they'll fell a whole forest to send letters to "The new occupier". Sufficient letters to guarantee I never use them.

  • Pauline (@lil_p_yo) reported

    Cannot believe @virginmedia told us they can't install our flat's cable/wifi for TWO MONTHS and offered no solution. Worst customer service.

  • Adam Orton (@adamorton1987) reported

    @virginmedia Soooo I can cancel my contract, register under my fiances name and save nearly £15 for the same thing? Surely this is backwards #JustSaying

  • Simon Shepherd (@monkeyshep) reported

    @virginmedia All channels especially HD have really bad lip sync issues that make it unwatchable, several calls to customer service and no resolution

  • Matiss (@matissdale) reported

    @virginmedia I've rang you more times than months I've had your service. It's garbage. Glad you sent me a price increase email with (1/2)

  • PurityStrikes (@PStrikes) reported

    @virginmedia Does virgin media operate a policy that requires a customer to produce ID at local store?

  • David Thomas (@DLST90) reported

    If you're thinking of getting @virginmedia don't! Product and service are shit! Charge extortionate pricesfor internet that Don't ever work!

  • joe daly (@RightyJoe) reported

    @virginmedia No. Just tv and internet. Both still not working for me and my neighbours.

  • Dominique Planter (@D_Planter89) reported

    @virginmedia No... I'm in work, I also don't feel like it is worth it after how bad the service was last time! I just want to know when it will be fixed!

  • Ashley Challis (@ChallisAshley) reported

    @virginmedia How seriously do u view setting up fraudulent customer accounts? Ur customer service team seem quite relaxed about my details.

  • Lloyd Buss (@ldjb1981) reported

    @virginmedia Last time I called virgin media customer services off my mobile it cost me £12

  • james hutchinson (@jimi1542) reported

    @virginmedia Well I tell you what I'm gonna cancel my other 3 phones broadband landline and TV which will cost you £200 a month. I hope it was worth it.

  • Nick (@nickthebubble87) reported

    @virginmedia They have meant to have looked into it already over the weekend. Is there a known service error for the GL3 area?

  • fowado (@fowadodotcom) reported

    absolutely incredibly awful service from @virginmedia this month and last. Disconnecting everything! After 11 years! #virginmedia #shocking

  • Shaun Jackson (@Shaun_Jackson) reported

    @virginmedia Yeah -they noted my account and passed me through to tech support who then started again with the sim checks I have been through same checks

  • Brogànreid (@Broganreidd) reported

    Virgin media acc tryna have my pants down another £100 bill wtf!!!

  • Sarah Bacon (@SarahPattenx) reported

    @virginmedia If I have to call back it will be to cancel of course u won't give a shit cos I'm just 1 customer just like any member of ur team so rude!

  • Doritos™ (@AssassinWolfCBL) reported

    @virginmedia hi, is there any way for me to contact you as support (web and phone) close at 8PM?

  • Paul Augaitis (@PaulAugaitis) reported

    @virginmedia How do I make a complaint ? I pay full wake for a service that hasn't worked for weeks now

  • Amy knowlden (@amy_ajak) reported

    @virginmedia I'm sorry you'll loose a customer!

  • Alex (@AleexOC) reported

    @lozieoconnor @virginmedia You're better off moving to @TalkTalk or @SkyUK heard they are both decent and better service

  • julie littlewood (@julie_lwood) reported

    @virginmedia I am so fed up with this wifi it keeps dropping out is there a problem in Ws15 please before I throw the thing out the window

  • Lauren (@lozieoconnor) reported

    @virginmedia Also your customer retention team wouldn't compensate us other than forgoing the bill, so we wouldn't pay for a service that didn't work lol

  • Amy knowlden (@amy_ajak) reported

    @virginmedia Very disappointed with the mangers lack of customer service think he's in the wrong job..not impressed at all! #poorcustomerservice

  • Hols (@holsmarsh) reported

    @jemlamble @virginmedia It's the worst isn't it! Always having problems with them!

  • Stu Wba68 (@stuwba68) reported

    @virginmedia I’d like to cancel my account please as I left sky because if price rises

  • Ben (@benburke1989) reported

    @virginmedia Wasn't much help, it's every evening it gets really bad.

  • hackaBOY (@hackaboy) reported

    @virginmedia The internet has been down in the area since lunch time, been informed that engineers cannot locate the fault it has been roughly 7 hours.

  • james hutchinson (@jimi1542) reported

    @virginmedia You have taken the sim from me with credit on without asking and when I tried to complain customer services hung up on me.

  • jo jo slingbacks (@muzzamints1) reported

    @virginmedia Yes as my daughter has a mob if she goes over data up2 £15 then u suspend both! Problem is she hasn't gone over this month but u still susp

  • ChelleR (@Chelle_R) reported

    @virginmedia Still broken. Still overcharged. Guess I get to have another fun evening trying to get past your robot to speak to a human *sigh*

  • Tiles44 (@Tiles44) reported

    Thanks @virginmedia everything is down again....

  • hackaBOY (@hackaboy) reported

    @virginmedia Book an engineer even though numerous customers are having issues, waiting time 2-3 days.

  • Louise (@louiserx91) reported

    @virginmedia You surely can't leave people this long? Both me and my husband have work to do. Can you provide a more detailed reason why it's down

  • Owen (@0JBarker) reported

    @Im_Chesney @virginmedia Nah just constant ping spikes. Goes from like 20 to 300+, complete shit

  • JP (@john77paul) reported

    @virginmedia If by help you mean advise me to contact your customer service numbers yet again then no thanks

  • JP (@john77paul) reported

    @virginmedia Lack of service has cost my business money, your staff don't have proper training, no complaint process, managers don't bother calling back

  • carolyn ference (@cference1) reported

    @virginmedia Yes we have spoken to customer services but no joy ! We pay for optical fibre and aren't even getting half the service we pay for !

  • hackaBOY (@hackaboy) reported

    @virginmedia I already checked it has been reported as none, called up customer service they said numerous people have called from the area reporting it.

  • Harold Stone (@hstone_) reported

    @virginmedia Came home to find the internet in my area down again. Also no refund on last month's outage. When will both be fixed?

  • Samm Fowler 🇬🇧 (@SammF10930) reported

    Are @virginmedia actually just trying to make me as angry as possible??????? Fucking uselsss service.

  • Dom Watson (@TeaBringer68) reported

    @virginmedia Yes the local box can't have been reconnected. Even though I reported the outage at 1100 yesterday

  • Viraj Karia (@Viraj_karia) reported

    @virginmedia It is lying and poor cust service because false promises were made repeatedly and no follow up. Is complaining going to get it fixed sooner?

  • ownmade (@ownmade) reported

    @virginmedia please give me a customer relations contact that can own and sort this

  • Livv Bowers (@livvBowersxxxx) reported

    @virginmedia Fuck off u twat

  • Steven-with-a-V (@jefferzzzzzz) reported

    @jd_jakey @virginmedia I know, I was ringing to cancel my services because they're going up another £3.95 a month.

  • ownmade (@ownmade) reported

    @virginmedia i thought i had done this with matthew from customer services - he even read it back but it appears its not logged

  • Liam (@liamkwtf) reported

    @virginmedia No. I fixed the issue though. Can I watch on demand programs on 4G or does it have to be my home wifi?

  • Kelly (@kellymcdev) reported

    @virginmedia are you aware if problems in l36 area.....Im getting 50mg instead of 200mg

  • Lukasz Jakobczyk (@LJakobczyk) reported

    @virginmedia Customer service phone number available online

  • Dan Welburn (@Dtmwelburn) reported

    @virginmedia Not according to the service status on my account but this has been ongoing for days and is beyond a joke now

  • DaZzA (@aLpHaDaZzA) reported

    How many times a year can Virgin Media increase prices without any justification.I think it's time to cancel and look elsewhere @virginmedia

  • Adam (@AdamJedyn) reported

    @richardbranson Hi Richard, Could you please sort out my Virgin Media broadband and TV. Second day with no service. Issue seems to be affecting many people!

  • Angela mc (@1Angelas) reported

    @virginmedia is there an internet issue in the g67 area??

  • raymondo dunne (@dunne808) reported

    @virginmedia after 11 yrs. time to leave your service. Shocking customer service. 30 days notice reqd even though not getting any broadband.

  • Troy (@troycolesglos) reported

    @virginmedia Your service update shows no broadband issue tho clearly there is still no broadband- therefor a pointless useless service.

  • 🌈 (@ashleighmay_x) reported

    I was told by @virginmedia I was getting my missing piece of equipment today and guess what still not here! Terrible service!

  • Phil B. (@br0wnsw0rd) reported

    @virginmedia Yes. Said no issues. Signed in and ran it again. Found an issue and advised "10 minutes" .. It's working again now anyway..

  • Phil Nicholson (@Mighty_Shazbar) reported

    @virginmedia Yet another price rise, a hefty one too! An utterly disgusting way to treat customers. This could be the last straw.

  • Phil B. (@br0wnsw0rd) reported

    @virginmedia Internet down since power cut in Stoke (ST1) at 18:45. Yes I've tried turning it off and on again.

  • Andrew Pincombe (@AndrewPincombe) reported

    @priceym32 @virginmedia feel would of been easier to of offered this video than request customer to call in ?

  • Andrew Frewing-House (@IamAndrewHouse) reported

    @virginmedia The shocking price increase and lack of customer service e

  • Shaun Jackson (@Shaun_Jackson) reported

    @virginmedia Yes - phone looks like it has 4G signal and then when u ring it - it rings twice for the caller and goes through to voicemail.. it doesn't

  • Subhana Hameed (@SubhanaHameed) reported

    @virginmedia I've tried them because I've had this issue for a while now

  • Js (@ColSamTrautman) reported

    @natashaAweb had enough bullshit laptop 1hrs no more crap virginmedia ltd access website dissapearin memory @natashaAweb

  • Js (@ColSamTrautman) reported

    @Ellamaiofficial had enough bullshit laptop 1hrs no more crap virginmedia ltd access website dissapearin memory @Ellamaiofficial

  • Dave Frost (@davefrost) reported

    My real network speed is currently 83.63 down 12.61 up, I'm paying @virginmedia for 200 down 12 up #contention

  • nick akass (@nckkss) reported

    @virginmedia No, nothing. I have to sign in and run a test and then I get an auto message apologising for intermittent delays. No predicted fix time. KT2

  • Nick Russell (@nickruss_uk) reported

    @virginmedia I'm not a customer, I'm just someone who lives nearby. Don't see why I need to call your number. Offer still stands to DM address tho.