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Virgin Media offers mobile phone, television, broadband internet and phone service over the cable network. Virgin Media is part of NTL:Telewest. Virgin's mobile service is available under the Virgin Mobile brand, which operates as a mobile virtual network operator using the T-Mobile and Orange networks.

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October 17: Problems at Virgin Media

Virgin Media is having issues since 08:30 AM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Internet (65.22%)
  • ▪ Phone (13.94%)
  • ▪ TV (8.63%)
  • ▪ E-mail (6.90%)
  • ▪ Total Blackout (5.31%)

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  • katejtlc
    Catherine Dakin (@katejtlc) reported

    @vmbusiness not happy with your service, quite shocked on how you treat new customers

  • ZHillawi
    Arab (@ZHillawi) reported

    @virginmedia We've had an issue with our phone line and you've sent two engineers who have done nothing about it, can you sort this out?

  • MissReedusGaga
    Sammi-Reedus-Gaga (@MissReedusGaga) reported

    @virginmedia hi, can I arrange someone to call us we have a problem with our internet and we don’t have a home phone to call the team. Tia

  • liamfox1981
    Liam Fox (@liamfox1981) reported

    @virginmedia tried to pick fault with issues with browsers & my pc etc, except there weren't any (because its an issue with your servers) 1/2

  • Grandudius
    Grandudius [TeEm] (@Grandudius) reported

    @virginmedia There was no effort made as you never contacted them once! Why should I refer a friend and offer a reward if you'll never bother contacting them?! I'm extremely disappointed...

  • Grandudius
    Grandudius [TeEm] (@Grandudius) reported

    @virginmedia There was no effort at all as you didn't contact them once... I feel really let down! Why refer a friend if no-one is going to bother contacting them?

  • Becsleanneb
    Rebecca Brown (@Becsleanneb) reported from Willenhall, England

    @virginmedia unknown issue but this has been ongoing for weeks. It's never getting resolved & yet you still charge for a service you're not providing

  • LuluBellamy94
    Louise Bellamy (@LuluBellamy94) reported

    @virginmedia TV/Phone not working at all, internets permanently disconnecting/not working. Technicians looking at the TV tomorrow

  • kirstie_xxo
    Kirstie. x (@kirstie_xxo) reported

    @virginmedia Its jumping up and down, not stable. 0.30, 013, 5.30, 7

  • paul_wade2
    Paul Wade (@paul_wade2) reported

    @virginmedia Moving isn't always a choice and wasn't in my circumstance. Is this really how you treat and help loyal customers of nearly 10 years

  • sieduk
    Simon Edwards (@sieduk) reported from London, England

    @virginmedia Another day, another issue. Issue reported on the site, will I be getting an automatic refund for this? Or do I have to call and complain?

  • Grandudius
    Grandudius [TeEm] (@Grandudius) reported

    @virginmedia you let me down... Referred a friend, you never contacted them. And now they've signed up to you. So myself and them won't enjoy £50 credit each... Angry!

  • Grandudius
    Grandudius [TeEm] (@Grandudius) reported

    @virginmedia you let me down... Referred a friend, you never contacted them. And now they've signed up to you. So myself and them won't enjoy £50 credit each... Angry!

  • Grandudius
    Grandudius [TeEm] (@Grandudius) reported

    @virginmedia you let me down... Referred a friend, you never contacted them. And now they've signed up to you. So myself and them won't enjoy £50 credit each... Angry!

  • louuumac
    Louise Macdonald (@louuumac) reported

    @virginmedia Still really terrible

  • paul_wade2
    Paul Wade (@paul_wade2) reported

    @virginmedia Yes I was and I wanted to continue using virgin, but you couldn't provide the service, which is no fault of mine.

  • philmonkey
    Phil Rogers (@philmonkey) reported

    @TomMockridgeVM @virginmedia ...together with a full chronology of events so he can see how his installation teams are uncoordinated, and not very customer focussed

  • michaelmlynek93
    Michael Mlynek (@michaelmlynek93) reported

    @richardbranson A conman charged me for shit internet and tv service(virgin media) ever heard of it?

  • paul_wade2
    Paul Wade (@paul_wade2) reported

    @virginmedia outrageous that you are charging me for a service YOU were unable to provide after I moved! Terrible way to treat customers!

  • JohnIanDavis2
    John Ian Davis (@JohnIanDavis2) reported

    @virginmedia no thanks but 28 days is appalling service. i'm still waiting for my phone!

  • mrjonellison
    Jon (@mrjonellison) reported

    @virginmedia pls stop sponsoring Daily Mail. Today: "Hate crime is a matter of opinion...It should never take priority over genuine crimes"

  • TyrellTrae
    Ty (@TyrellTrae) reported

    @virginmedia your internet has been down in the Portsmouth area for 24 hours now, when will it be back?!

  • EMHRamblings
    Erin M (@EMHRamblings) reported from Belfast, Northern Ireland

    @virginmedia just received awful customer service via phone after you made an error and overcharged me. Not happy. #virginmedia

  • Kimbersnake
    Dan Welch (@Kimbersnake) reported

    @virginmedia is there a problem with the phone lines in the BN35LY area as our line is completely dead?

  • LanaJackson
    Lana Jackson (@LanaJackson) reported

    @virginmedia It is Virgin Mobile. I've now sent an email to the CEO and your Customer Services Director. Thanks

  • m_irbe
    Martins Irbe (@m_irbe) reported

    @virginmedia this automated messaged doesn't help!

  • Zone2dj
    Zone 2 (@Zone2dj) reported

    @virginmedia Please make sure this acct is cancelled, you’re still sending me mail even though I told you to cancel the acct - 644294701

  • 07Prescott
    Nathan Prescott (@07Prescott) reported

    @virginmedia Have a real issue with me. I don’t understand why he would not honour his colleagues offer which I played back to him He would not even cont

  • afairley46
    Andrew Fairley (@afairley46) reported

    @virginmedia wow, 1 hour later and my call has just been disconnected. i call out for help once again @virginnedia

  • FaintVlogger
    Sam Blackmore (@FaintVlogger) reported

    Hey @virginmedia you able to get an engineer out quicker for my aunt? She’s having cancer treatment and because her landlines not working she can’t get calls from the hospital. Any help will be appreciated

  • CharliCollett
    Charli 🎃 (@CharliCollett) reported

    @virginmedia can you tell my tv and internet has no signal?

  • SquarePixelFox
    Sanjar12345 (@SquarePixelFox) reported

    @virginmedia + apparently your customer service number isn't even free and you're making money off that too.

  • christopherbull
    Christopher Bull (@christopherbull) reported

    @virginmedia Hi guys, thanks for replying. yep, it sure is, and it's broken if unpatched, so.....will there be a patch to the router?

  • SquarePixelFox
    Sanjar12345 (@SquarePixelFox) reported

    @virginmedia Superhub not working, "apparently" I can access the settings, just need someone to tell me exactly what's wrong and why I can'

  • philmonkey
    Phil Rogers (@philmonkey) reported from London, England

    @virginmedia Would the next person make more of an effort to keep a customer and recoup your installation costs?!

  • Defraaag
    Adam (@Defraaag) reported

    Wish doctors could treat the brain damaged individuals at Virgin Media, stupid twats.

  • Jo_zinaC
    Josina Calliste (@Jo_zinaC) reported

    @virginmedia Is there a way you can help which won't cost me more time & £? Your cust service has misinformed me repeatedly since July!!

  • philmonkey
    Phil Rogers (@philmonkey) reported

    @virginmedia I did, and 'discount' did not meet the rise, and she seemed more than happy for me to cancel Surely retentions should retain?

  • spammie57
    PammiePie (@spammie57) reported

    @virginmedia Yes, you have had a copy but your guys insist we send it again as someone your end could not be bothered to check it. Terrible service

  • Nuewright
    nue (@Nuewright) reported

    I want virginmedia to lower me into my grave so they can let me down one last time

  • Jo_zinaC
    Josina Calliste (@Jo_zinaC) reported

    @virginmedia So I was misled by customer service representative. Will DM additional information now.

  • ChloeRaccoon
    Chloe Cresswell (@ChloeRaccoon) reported

    @virginmedia then you're twitter platforms sucks more then I thought.

  • tapreston
    Tony Preston (@tapreston) reported

    @virginmedia All good thanks - assuming the 0GB allowance showing on my account is a wider issue and I don't need to be concerned?

  • Sumz_Ox
    Σ. (@Sumz_Ox) reported

    @bt_uk @BTCare And all their agents are rude. Should've went to @virginmedia

  • markros24556802
    mark rose (@markros24556802) reported

    @virginmedia virgin internet and tv not working in leyton east london. can you tell me if this is a network issue?

  • Jo_zinaC
    Josina Calliste (@Jo_zinaC) reported

    @virginmedia 1/ Customer service could only 'log my dissatisfaction' & tell me that the 'refer a friend' was never applied to my account

  • ChloeRaccoon
    Chloe Cresswell (@ChloeRaccoon) reported

    @virginmedia You had help regarding the use of the twitter API? I can't see anything the reply said that had any information there...

  • neth_dugan
    Neth (@neth_dugan) reported

    @virginmedia Oh I know the issue wasn’t your fault at all and was a global thing. But I figured it’d result in needing a firmware upgrade. Cheers!

  • liamjdowler
    Liam J. Dowler (@liamjdowler) reported

    @virginmedia The problem is consistent low speeds, couldn't even stream Netflix at the lowest resolution despite being on a 50mbps package.

  • Chic_Marie
    Chic Marie (@Chic_Marie) reported

    @virginmedia No they can’t. They don’t understand my problem with what’s happened and am still waiting a call back from the manager. Needs escalating!

  • damienmurray283
    Damien Murray (@damienmurray283) reported

    @virginmedia I'll have to give another call. I just want someone to sort it or tell me the problem. This evening, 7 people will be disappointed.

  • Jo_zinaC
    Josina Calliste (@Jo_zinaC) reported

    @virginmedia's customer service appalling. Has costed me time and at least 55 quid to be misled by people giving contradictory information!

  • CaptainScarphie
    Sophie Endersby (@CaptainScarphie) reported from Wakefield, England

    @virginmedia I heard that there's been some issues going on. Could please explain why?

  • annwitbrock
    E-quipper (@annwitbrock) reported

    @virginmedia Remember how everyone felt about microsoft clippy? That. "I'm here to tell you you can't read without me." That bad.

  • litl_miss_vixen
    Gabriele Tamosaityte (@litl_miss_vixen) reported

    @virginmedia @virginmedia so you’re telling me your internet doesn’t work and neither does your site. Can someone actually help please??

  • GazBond1
    Gaz Bond (@GazBond1) reported

    @virginmedia Like i said WORST customer service experience of my life, just gunna cancel an go wit EE

  • AdeMolajo
    Adé Molajo (@AdeMolajo) reported

    @virginmedia I was using the same link. service has come back just now though... and the page works now!

  • Chic_Marie
    Chic Marie (@Chic_Marie) reported

    @virginmedia Hi guys, do you have a UK support centre as I was missold a product

  • annwitbrock
    E-quipper (@annwitbrock) reported

    @virginmedia If you are getting your interns etc to do this kind of work, it really needs better guidance and review. Sorry to bear the bad news.

  • WestMidRadio
    West Midlands Radio (@WestMidRadio) reported

    @virginmedia @7Calamity My mobile network just offered me free mobile hotspot for today, call them up to check if you can

  • Exaltttt
    Kaan (@Exaltttt) reported

    @7Calamity @virginmedia I’m on plusnet, just saying their shit because everyone else does

  • charliecat5
    Duncan Rawson (@charliecat5) reported

    @virginmedia Promises made this week have been broken.

  • Exaltttt
    Kaan (@Exaltttt) reported

    @virginmedia @7Calamity All that’s happened I s that your internet is shit

  • 07Prescott
    Nathan Prescott (@07Prescott) reported

    @virginmedia Saying that Virgin just listen to his account and make a decision on that! So much for the customer having a voice.

  • stirry76
    graham stirrat (@stirry76) reported

    @virginmedia do you know if there are problems with your broadband services in Bishopton, Scotland

  • helenraw
    Helen Raw (@helenraw) reported

    @virginmedia hi folks, getting nowhere with people on the phone, can someone here help?

  • 07Prescott
    Nathan Prescott (@07Prescott) reported

    @virginmedia Worst of all the manager Harry, said that he sends his account of events to “header center”? They don’t listen to the customer and make cont

  • Phonewidgets
    Mobile phone and tab (@Phonewidgets) reported

    @virginmedia So you can't get in touch with the call centre if a customer is waiting for a courtesy call to offer a reasonable alternative install date!

  • ChloeRaccoon
    Chloe Cresswell (@ChloeRaccoon) reported

    @virginmedia *shrugs* why bother, it'll just sit there for weeks till the service starts to fail, just like last time...

  • RizzlesFanfic
    Some kind of fanatic (@RizzlesFanfic) reported

    @Kes_8727 @virginmedia Well yeah, it's shit, that's why. We had awful problems, finally quit them when we had Internet access for 3 days a month and they wouldn't fix or refund. Good luck.

  • tapreston
    Tony Preston (@tapreston) reported

    @virginmedia Ok - selected NOS and data working. MEO is the network selected automatically. Vodafone P won't register. Assuming charges are same

  • hadynpasco
    hadyn pasco (@hadynpasco) reported

    @virginmedia Slow and poor bandwidth, unable to watch any streaming services. Phoned and auto checks suggest no issues, mentioned on surveys, no response

  • Phonewidgets
    Mobile phone and tab (@Phonewidgets) reported

    @virginmedia Well can you remind them to get in touch? I'm fed up with the poor service!!

  • Lil_Pittsy
    PITTSY GRIMEY LYFER (@Lil_Pittsy) reported

    @virginmedia is ur internet service down in friar park area wednesbury ?? Im virgin hub 3.0 is flashing green and internet not working

  • Jackwez
    Lucy Jacques (@Jackwez) reported

    @virginmedia But I’ll still pay for a service I’ve not had for almost 24 hours?

  • cbtjobwallis
    CBW (@cbtjobwallis) reported

    @virginmedia wifi down again in G76 area Glasgow. twice in a week... can you help

  • jpick33
    james pickerill (@jpick33) reported

    @virginmedia As I say I think your customer service agents work on stone walling customers so we just go away and leave the complaint, if I’m being honest I don’t even believe the guy I spoke to a gent called Chris was a really manager I think it was a Custer agent posing as a manager.

  • Heather76995627
    Heather Hart (@Heather76995627) reported

    @virginmedia not exactly great customer service is it,huge company cant even send me an email.....i call bullshit. penny pinchers.

  • Heather76995627
    Heather Hart (@Heather76995627) reported

    @virginmedia worst webchat ever! 2nd time i've asked for DD date change, asked for email/letter conf, no access to email/letter to do this?!

  • tapreston
    Tony Preston (@tapreston) reported

    @virginmedia But the 0GB issue seems to have affected others as it is mentioned on the forum.