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Virgin Media offers mobile phone, television, broadband internet and phone service over the cable network. Virgin Media is part of NTL:Telewest. Virgin's mobile service is available under the Virgin Mobile brand, which operates as a mobile virtual network operator using the T-Mobile and Orange networks.

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  • ▪ TV (7.91%)
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  • Brookerington
    Brookerington (@Brookerington) reported

    Got to love @virginmedia Add BT Sport, no problem. Call to remove it (have to call!!) and told I can’t unless I upgrade my broadband, at extra cost. What?! “We don’t sell that bband package anymore” But do I have it still? “Yes” So I don’t need to •buy• it? “Umm, no, but sorry”

  • BigBrad1963
    Mark Bradley (@BigBrad1963) reported

    @virginmedia Get rid of over sea call centers then they are crap

  • mgoggins32
    Mark Goggins (@mgoggins32) reported

    @virginmedia Whenever you can decide to install TV capabilities in our area I just might consider.. for over 10yrs we have never been able to get your services.. #yourtechnologyrolloutisslowerthanbroadband

  • alanneilson
    alan neilson (@alanneilson) reported from West Bromwich, England

    @virginmedia can someone please advise why the V6 box I ordered with you and was promised by 20 March has still not been updated/delivered yet? And why your online chat is unavailable for answers? Very disappointed with the service.

  • Ceejay953
    Ceri Thomas (@Ceejay953) reported

    @virginmedia Home service. I have been through this with several people already today - the last person gave me the "direct number to accounts 08000643777." Not helpful it directed to me the same menu as 150.

  • carlawatt
    Carla Watt (@carlawatt) reported from London, England

    @virginmedia I need to know the date, that’s all I need to know but I can’t reach anyone & it’s too expensive to call on my mobile. I even spoke to the sales guys in one of your tents & they said they couldn’t help me?

  • callummeek12
    Callum Meek (@callummeek12) reported

    @virginmedia Problem solved. They have put my name as Meeks instead of Meek. Thanks

  • TheSirSpence
    Michael Spencer (@TheSirSpence) reported

    @BTCare @bt_uk @virginmedia @bt_uk @BT & @BTCare (some irony in that name) Following my DM I have still not heard from your agents. I will ask again, Why do you direct people to message you on Social Media when you do not monitor it? When will you fix my issue? it includes the fraudulent use of my details.

  • SeanConnor91
    Sean (@SeanConnor91) reported

    @virginmedia I forgot to reply. It was sorted very quickly. But been having issues ever since where it goes down for a while every day. But seems to come back within 10 mins. Apart from last week when we went without it for 6 hours. But things happen. Guessing copper theif.

  • roseymorwenna
    Rosey (@roseymorwenna) reported

    @virginmedia, hello, one of your stalls hit me in the leg today as they were setting up. Your online chat service isn't available so can I email you?

  • alex_walland
    Alex Walland (@alex_walland) reported

    @EGX still have egx rezzed tickets to buy my student finance isn't loving this thankfully my mum is a virgin media customer making this cheaper

  • Demostrike
    David A (@Demostrike) reported

    @virginmedia No related issue present. It's been happening on and off for the past few weeks but I never got around to re-enabling the graph till now

  • JeanetteDelf
    Jeanette (@JeanetteDelf) reported

    @virginmedia Yes, thank you - I did reply, but maybe you didn’t receive it? Will I hear when the IT issue has been resolved? concerned that there have been problems with post and email to me

  • NatJablonskas
    Natasha ♡ (@NatJablonskas) reported

    @virginmedia Oh I see. My bill has gone up, i think i've reached the end of my 12 month deal, so now it's full price. But with the issues i've expericed, i dont think it's worth the full price. So i'm looking to end my contract with you unless you can give me the 12month price point again?

  • Queerlad
    Sean McG (@Queerlad) reported

    @virginmedia My self install box delivery has been changed but when calling to get help have been told they can only checked engineer installs.

  • carlawatt
    Carla Watt (@carlawatt) reported from London, England

    @virginmedia I would like to know what date I can cancel my account. Is it 30 day terms?

  • MorleyYoung
    Morley young (@MorleyYoung) reported

    Virgin media worst broadband ever the service went down early yesterday promise fix last night then 10am still nothing pay for 200mb lucky to get 40 most of the time although even that would be good today

  • charliebenn
    Charles Benn (@charliebenn) reported

    @virginmedia why are there so many outages on the broadband this week? Service status keeps reporting it will be fixed at the end of each day and it never is. Shoddy!

  • KristianAlanTom
    Kristian Jackson (@KristianAlanTom) reported

    @virginmedia 17.50 is the time listed at the moment. Yesterday's issue was 6pm-ish that day.

  • Joanie765
    Neverland Girl (@Joanie765) reported

    @virginmedia STOP phoning my partner & myself with stupid queries or asking him to phone you & putting him on hold for 25 minutes. Moving house is stressful enough without you making it worse. Seriously, seriously, ENOUGH!

  • gussi11
    lee dower (@gussi11) reported

    @virginmedia virgin says no broadband problems in my area. I've ran a test. It's still buffering constantly?

  • samwinfrow
    Sam Winfrow (@samwinfrow) reported

    @virginmedia No. I was told 24-48 hours then changed to ‘unfortunately, there is no specific time frame that can be given but if you move away from that tower it should work’ well over the other side of the city and still not working.

  • MSthecopywriter
    Martin Sayers (@MSthecopywriter) reported

    @virginmedia Yes, tried that - no difference. My concern is that wifi was fine until a few weeks ago, but now awful. I haven't changed location of hub or anything else that could have caused this.

  • neill69
    Neill Woosey (@neill69) reported

    @virginmedia Not acceptable, your engineers visited last week, you must have known this before 16.55 last night the evening before our current suppliers contract ended. You need to supply a suitable solution #virginmedia #shockingcustomerservice

  • alec2k
    alec ashworth (@alec2k) reported

    @virginmedia yes it says off until 6pm but this is the 2nd time already within my 1st month but never a reason for the issue, i'd like the email or address for complaints because I was sold on the claim this would never happen

  • CharlotteOllers
    Charlotte Ollerensha (@CharlotteOllers) reported

    @virginmedia That they would be coming back to install the phone line and the tv signal should be be working in 48 hours?!? We have had no confirmation on what is happening with the phone line and the tv is still says no signal 96 hours on. (Cables have not been touched, we only rebooted)

  • Cubbyandrews
    Tim Andrews (@Cubbyandrews) reported

    @virginmedia It says there is a problem and it should be fixed by 1420 today. But I’ve been told that for the last 3 weeks and would receive a txt with updates - I’ve received nothing though

  • johnbleasedrums
    JOHN BLEASE (@johnbleasedrums) reported

    @virginmedia Yes but it’s been a day and a half in total so far. The fix time keeps getting pushed back...

  • MSthecopywriter
    Martin Sayers (@MSthecopywriter) reported

    @virginmedia Last advice was that I have to do a wired test before anything will happen. Not sure what that means? I should say that my internet disappeared three times WHILE ON THE PHONE.But still no useful help #broadband #areskyanybetter

  • MrDeanHarvey
    Wat Dabney (@MrDeanHarvey) reported

    @ChessTelecom #chesstelecom absolutely disgusting customer service. My contract was in my old business premises which sadly burnt down and chess will not cancel the contract nor discuss ways of reducing an £1800 termination fee #Telecoms #vodafone #virginmedia #bt #sky

  • KristianAlanTom
    Kristian Jackson (@KristianAlanTom) reported

    @virginmedia There is now! No issue was showing before I sent the tweet. There was also an issue listed yesterday though - I'm hoping this will all be fixed for good soon?

  • alec2k
    alec ashworth (@alec2k) reported

    @virginmedia what is the issue with internet and tv in OL12 only had virgin less than 3 weeks and this is the 2nd time it has gone off

  • vmbusinesshelp
    Customer Service (@vmbusinesshelp) reported

    @virginmedia @Pandaboxltd Sorry to hear that the install was delayed, the order manager can talk you through the details of the install and address any concerns. If you still feel dissatisfied with that response our Care team can support a complaint via phone or the contact us form

  • nickjlong
    NJL (@nickjlong) reported

    @vmbusinesshelp @vmbusiness Ok I believe you, it’s only because when pushed, a few engineers admitted it was a much bigger problem than you were allowed to publically admit but then appreciate you need to pr it :)

  • vmbusinesshelp
    Customer Service (@vmbusinesshelp) reported

    @nickjlong @vmbusiness Packet loss was not across the board, some static users were effected but the recent firmware has addressed this. If your connection is still not working up to spec then please contact the faults team so that they can DIO and support. Thanks

  • neill69
    Neill Woosey (@neill69) reported

    @virginmedia I’m still awaiting a call from a manager for update and solution #virgin media #shockingcustomerservice

  • philiphorsey
    Philip Horsey (@philiphorsey) reported from Barry, Cymru

    @virginmedia Hi logged on but says no issues with any service

  • callummeek12
    Callum Meek (@callummeek12) reported

    @virginmedia having problems setting up my online account. Saying details I have provided are wrong. Won’t let me register. Can you help?

  • JonLeePButler
    Jon-Lee Paul Butler (@JonLeePButler) reported

    @virginmedia Just checking over all correspondence via Virgin regarding this before calling, not even Yodel had been in touch. Seems strange how the package upgrade was changed instantly, presuming the equipment arrived. Think the problem occured from requesting online, as page kept crashing.

  • KOM_GGRacing
    Kevin O'Malley (@KOM_GGRacing) reported

    @virginmedia You Guys are actually taking the piss right? It’s 10am and I need to work. Email last night said problem had been found and fixed, now net is down again. Why do you keep lying over and over again about the problem being found & fixed when clearly it hasn’t been?

  • leegharrison
    Lee Harrison (@leegharrison) reported from Hythe, England

    @virginmedia Tv is hardwired but everything else on WiFi - tried adjusting channel settings but it's still poor

  • jasdeepbhabra
    Jasdeep Bhabra (@jasdeepbhabra) reported

    @virginmedia I did that and got no help. The response was just "sorry about that" with no help whatsoever. So called today, no help either.

  • jasdeepbhabra
    Jasdeep Bhabra (@jasdeepbhabra) reported

    @virginmedia My Virgin Media WiFi isn't working out and about (eg Underground) it says my username and password is incorrect, and when I click Forget Password the link in the email doesn't work.

  • MrLBright
    Lee Bright (@MrLBright) reported

    @virginmedia Any Broadband problems in TS22?

  • CharlotteOllers
    Charlotte Ollerensha (@CharlotteOllers) reported

    @virginmedia It says there is no known issues in our area?! What do we do? Plus I forgot to mention our phone line never got set up with the installation on 13th, when will this be happening. Please advise

  • ustvmad
    shirls (@ustvmad) reported

    @virginmedia They can't come till Friday pm...they did work in the area yesterday and now I have no services..not my fault but I'm losing a days annual leave so u can fix it

  • JonLeePButler
    Jon-Lee Paul Butler (@JonLeePButler) reported

    @virginmedia I was going to see if it arrives this morning, as I have never had a problem like this before, all past deliveries have arrived on time. Why is this V6 being such a problem? To update the contract only happens as when a new equipment arrives and is installed to activate via phone

  • RochePbob
    Paul Roche (@RochePbob) reported

    @virginmedia it just seems we are still going around in circles my connection as suffered intermittent drop outs since January & over 40 consecutive days of drop outs upto today with a bill of £38 a month its not good at all & with the promises that the problem as been fixed iv lost trust.

  • markymarkuk1
    Mark (@markymarkuk1) reported

    @virginmedia I was moving house and cancelled virgin media to find virgin media has tried to transfer services to my new house despite cancelling. Just been on the phone bouncing around. Appalling customer service.

  • JULES2911
    JULIE KNIGHT (@JULES2911) reported

    @virginmedia But there's no known issues in my area atm .

  • CharlotteOllers
    Charlotte Ollerensha (@CharlotteOllers) reported

    @virginmedia I have tried calling numerous times. My tv is not still not working since Monday. You said the maintenance work was being completed nearby and you messaged me saying it was fixed on Tuesday but it still say s no signal. Please help me!

  • samwinfrow
    Sam Winfrow (@samwinfrow) reported

    @virginmedia New Phone, SIM activated but no calls or texts coming through? Diverted to VM every time. Phone Cust Care to get told no issue then magically an issue with a local tower. Not happy paying for service I can’t use!

  • JULES2911
    JULIE KNIGHT (@JULES2911) reported

    @virginmedia experiencing broadband problems again! Same as last time and this has happened only a few months ago . The past few weeks the broadband doesn't work but the Wi-Fi stays on but after rebooting router it works again but now after rebooting I'm not finding it in Wi-Fi

  • RochePbob
    Paul Roche (@RochePbob) reported

    @virginmedia Yes thats what i was saying i was told it would be all sorted now but having exactly the same problem complete dropouts for hours . I have decided to leave virgin now sky are offering a better service at a better price aswell

  • paulfeakins
    Paul Feakins (@paulfeakins) reported

    @virginmedia I'm experiencing the absolute worst service from you right now, your chat is offline, can't get through on the phone, can someone get in touch please?

  • JonLeePButler
    Jon-Lee Paul Butler (@JonLeePButler) reported

    @virginmedia Yes, the one that informs us the package contract is updated and are now on a V6 TV service. Luckily, it was meant to be free, so no cost charges are altered. As no box. There was problems with requesting it at first, the registration form crashed, now it accepted no delivery??

  • VMComedyCalling
    Vicky Hopewell (@VMComedyCalling) reported

    @virginmedia @Virgin I can’t be more frustrated! I have never had such bad service. I move house and before I call to change the details the account is cancelled by someone not authorized to cancel it, how is that possible - only I should be able to cancel it, surely??

  • Michael79614848
    Michael Mcmahon (@Michael79614848) reported

    @virginmedia Service status showing no issues but we know there is, I know of others in the same area with the same problem

  • jasonkneen
    Jason Kneen (@jasonkneen) reported

    @virginmedia I haven't. I'm out. It's down again. Reopen the ticket!!!!!!

  • gixxerman1
    dave crowder (@gixxerman1) reported

    @virginmedia directly to the hub, at 1st we thought it was cos it was a new box n had to settle down but its now a good few weeks.