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Virgin Media offers mobile phone, television, broadband internet and phone service over the cable network. Virgin Media is part of NTL:Telewest. Virgin's mobile service is available under the Virgin Mobile brand, which operates as a mobile virtual network operator using the T-Mobile and Orange networks.

 Some problems detected at Virgin Media

Virgin Media problems in the last 24 hours

May 28: Problems at Virgin Media

Virgin Media is having issues since May 28 05:00 PM. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Internet (72.99%)
  • ▪ Phone (9.20%)
  • ▪ E-mail (8.05%)
  • ▪ TV (8.05%)
  • ▪ Total Blackout (1.72%)

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  • Jakosaur (@MrJakosaurusHD) reported

    @virginmedia anyway to get a Super Hub 2ac as this SuperHub 3 is awful and limiting wireless speeds

  • Pete Foster (@PFoster06) reported

    @virginmedia honking service yet again. No broadband and my TiVo box has gone to pot. Useless.

  • Robert Dalton (@ferengibob) reported

    @virginmedia are useless, why offer a on demand service when it doesn't work and the broadband is up and down like a pair of hookers pants

  • Sheena Jacobs (@Jacobs24Sheena) reported

    @virginmedia not really sure why you cancelled the engineer before you had confirmation the problem had been fixed

  • Ben (@indieben) reported

    @virginmedia @Jevchenko GUYS, they literally don't even have terrestrial t.v. you're actually taking the piss. They cud not be paying for a service and have better

  • steve graham (@3f0ld) reported

    @virginmedia Hi. Is there a known problem with internet in the PO13 area? Internet's gone pop..

  • Ben Addington (@Ben_Addington) reported from New Malden, England

    that I have ordered my new internet and it gets here in 4 days so I can cancel my package with @virginmedia

  • Damian Wilson (@damianwilson) reported

    @virginmedia seem to be having broadband issues, looks like DNS server outage. Bicester area.

  • Nyxie Rose 🦄 (@nyxieroseblog) reported

    Offline for the night guys, Virgin Media is down so I'm gonna go read a book!

  • Dave Frost (@davefrost) reported

    My real network speed is currently 98.57 down 11.85 up, I'm paying @virginmedia for 200 down 12 up #contention

  • Nyxie Rose 🦄 (@nyxieroseblog) reported

    Hey @virginmedia it'd be great if the run test page on your website wasn't broken! Kinda hard to fix the problem.

  • Aaron Long (@_AaronLong_) reported

    @virginmedia my Apple devices (IPhone IPad) cannot pick up a wifi signal around my house unless I'm in the same room as my Wifi Router ..

  • Martin James (@Spartiago) reported

    Also not happy about not being able to watch as @virginmedia TV anywhere system is crap

  • Aaron Long (@_AaronLong_) reported

    @virginmedia Is this a Apple or Broadband problem ?

  • Aaron Long (@_AaronLong_) reported

    @virginmedia Is this a Apple or Broadband problem ?

  • Aaron Long (@_AaronLong_) reported

    @virginmedia Is this a Apple or Broadband problem

  • Angela Corpe (@Corpea) reported

    @virginmedia If I cancel within the 14 day cooling off period, how quickly can I switch to another provider?

  • Alan Allsopp (@AlanAllsopp) reported

    @virginmedia well not very happy with you had on off service for 5 weeks 3 engineers another on Thursday pull your finger out

  • pat (@verinah64) reported

    @virginmedia why is programme information so poor. Was ok but last few months very bad.Few actors names, years or documentary place names

  • umm.Abdullah (@zoja_Iqbal) reported

    @virginmedia It's constant intermittent issues. Ring up, book an engineer, issue resolves before engineer arrives, cancel engineer.

  • Callum Hawksey (@CHawksey) reported

    @virginmedia Why is it I pay for your broadband yet the internet never fucking works

  • Liam (@WeeScoobyMcDoo) reported

    @virginmedia When will the Internet update go out? My Internet keeps going down... Thinking about canceling.

  • Alan Allsopp (@AlanAllsopp) reported

    @virginmedia well not very happy with you had on off service for 5 weeks 3 engineers another on Thursday pull your finger out

  • Rob Aldred (@robaldred) reported

    So @virginmedia tivo definitely no longer fit for purpose. Clunky, slow interface & buffers constantly. #GoogleHome and #chromecast win!

  • Emma Minasyan (@Emma48668932) reported

    @virginmedia sucks no broadband working for a month in South Ken rubbish dreadful customer service keeps lying to the customers. #London

  • David Barnes (@david_barnes81) reported

    @virginmedia @richardbranson Now being told have to wait with no wifi till 2nd June my TiVo box broke and got replaced by a older box that is very slow what am I paying4

  • Waynesworld (@waynepercy) reported

    @virginmedia services are joke On demand never works week in week out time to leave and go back to #sky

  • Stephen (@7_S_t_e_1) reported

    So fed up with @virginmedia wifi. My 4G signal is faster at loading photos!

  • Dave Frost (@davefrost) reported

    My real network speed is currently 80.20 down 10.56 up, I'm paying @virginmedia for 200 down 12 up #contention

  • Tamsin Ford (@Lemonymaid) reported

    @virginmedia hi need a remote control mine has broken can you help please?

  • deviousiphone (@deviousiphone) reported

    @lolbantsss @virginmedia @Swiftzn Its a shame that virgin don't employ proper testing, they were told about this latency issue during testing however still pushed out the hub

  • Tamsin Ford (@Lemonymaid) reported

    @virginmedia can you help my remote is broken hence no tv for days ;-)

  • John Lamond (@sleptwithadj) reported

    @_jamt256 @virginmedia @ThreeUK Ive never had a problem with my virgin wifi tbh but ive got a 3 30gb £15 month mifi device which served me well in the hospital

  • sarah (@_sarahfisherr) reported

    Especially when I can watch nothing else cos @virginmedia have let me down. For the 3rd week running.

  • Mirata Ltd (@MirataLtd) reported

    @virginmedia @vmbusiness @vmbusinesshelp A brief engineer visit to DN57UA this afternoon has not fixed the issue. Please can this be escalated? #customerservice

  • sarah (@_sarahfisherr) reported

    @virginmedia are shite. Pay for fibre optic broadband but not been able to use it for 3 weeks because of "issues in the line in the area"

  • Mark Gear (@gear_mark) reported from Felixstowe, England

    @virginmedia I sign up to your full package, you mess around with my bills, telling me to call back, then you cancel my appointment to install, cancelled

  • Muhammad Naveed (@mu_naveed) reported

    @virginmedia your broadband has been down since Friday night in HD5. call centre cannot give any help apart from 'they're working on it'

  • Tad MacDonald (@Tadstarbass) reported

    @virginmedia internet down, is it an area issue? I'm based in N8

  • Mirata Ltd (@MirataLtd) reported

    @virginmedia @vmbusiness @vmbusinesshelp A 6 hour outage is affecting all customers in DN57UA. No response time given yet on status page #badcustomerexperience

  • Lorraine Hogg (@Elsiehaitch) reported

    @virginmedia @davidwilsonhomes Seamless transfer on moving day ruined by engineer no show. Poor service, no contact.

  • Rao Waqas (@Rao631) reported

    @JCarrington1978 @virginmedia @SkyUK They are absolutely terrible. False promises and awful call centre in india

  • B (@BruEdw) reported

    @virginmedia dns server been down for a couple of hours, located in north london. is this an area thing, or is it inside my hub?

  • Benjamin Averis (@bjave) reported

    Currently suffering from appalling service from @virginmedia. 12 days without internet or BB and a further 8 days to wait. SAD #bankholiday

  • Dave Frost (@davefrost) reported

    My real network speed is currently 83.79 down 11.62 up, I'm paying @virginmedia for 200 down 12 up #contention

  • Ismail (@IASpiral) reported

    Also thank you @virginmedia for trying very hard to sort this issue out, i really appreciate it.

  • Aziza (@Biddie229) reported

    @StopFundingHate @LEGOLANDWindsor @virginmedia @ThreeUK @curryspcworld @Morrisons @DFS @ScSSofas @Carpetright @BandQ @HarveysHQ As a customer I wish you to stop funding hate

  • PS (@pvscutti) reported

    @virginmedia I don't even have a cable to check it. It's still terrible on wireless though, for the third consecutive day.

  • Sara (@scsumner) reported

    @SkyHelpTeam not (yet) a customer but wondering if you could beat what we currently get with virgin media?

  • Turn To Page 394 (@TheEpicPenguin_) reported

    So glad I switched to @virginmedia for my net to be down for 2 days and it won't get fixed till Tuesday! Best service ever!

  • Samantha Rawdon (@SamanthaRawdon) reported

    @virginmedia for weeks I've been having issues with my TiVo box playing recordings. It constantly freezes and I can't bypass this. Help!

  • GezV (@Terrier78) reported

    @virginmedia any issues with internet in Harrogate HG2? Can't seem to get anything?

  • (@adtrmaria) reported

    @virginmedia I don't think it is any of these problems as the internet will be working perfectly fine then it just has lag spikes when no one is downloa

  • Caz (@Caz30776115) reported

    @virginmedia been having internet problems over the last two weeks , no idea why.

  • haroon (@h4ro0n) reported

    @virginmedia ur internet is so crap man

  • Douglas Yeaman (@D0ug89) reported

    @virginmedia Nothing's happened, internet is still awful. 2nd engineer is on the way, but what else would that do compared to the 1st engineer?

  • EllenJane (@E11enJane) reported

    @virginmedia No this box doesn't have the option to see recording issues. Planned recordings only show future programs. This isn't the first time!

  • Jozef Ostrowski (@jozefostrowski4) reported

    @bt_uk not a Virgin Media issue because there are no issues with other channels available on the service

  • Jozef Ostrowski (@jozefostrowski4) reported

    @bt_uk your Indy 500 stream keeps jumping back and forth. Watching on Virgin media TV anywhere service. Any help?

  • Welsh Gooner Simon (@bigsimon69) reported

    @virginmedia Poor speeds and signal dropping

  • TDHD (@tobydownes1) reported

    Your wifi is so shit I fucking hate u @virginmedia

  • Ross Gower (@ross_gower) reported

    @virginmedia Aside from my internet never bloody working of course...

  • Saad Akbar Khan (@sakbark) reported

    @virginmedia hi, my phone line is down. I've run the self test which stalls at 99%. Help!

  • ChrisFlanagan (@LilBoyBert) reported

    @virginmedia please for the love of fucking god do something about your awful connection.

  • Matt Davenport (@MattDavenport) reported

    Terrible service recently from @SkyHelpTeam - looks like I won't be keeping my new deal and instead moving over to @virginmedia #shame

  • Jeremy White (@jeremyiwhite) reported

    @virginmedia I do periodically, it never really gets any better. Too sporadic for them to track down the cause

  • Maniivelan J (@ManiivelanJ) reported

    @virginmedia ridiculous!!!! I have restarted my device too many times and still yout broadband SUCKS. What the he'll is work in cr4 area.

  • Le Grind (@yeahlegrind) reported

    Now on day 3 of no broadband & engineer not due till Friday. Still not able to confirm if problem in area?! Thanks @virginmedia #awful

  • Sara (@scsumner) reported

    @virginmedia Just got in and it seems to be working for now. I just don't understand why, as there's never any issues in our area when I check online...?

  • Ashley McGuinness (@Asherlayy) reported

    @virginmedia when i pay for 200mb internet, yet wifi goes down daily and i end up having to use my phones internet. Poor.

  • Ian Barlow (@IanBarlow13) reported

    @virginmedia yet again my Internet is down. Why don't I move back to @SkyUK? It might not be as fast but it doesn't randomly fail

  • Dave 🤙🏼 (@daveypendo) reported

    @virginmedia customer service is shocking.

  • T A Gilbert (@tagwrites) reported

    @virginmedia - working now, but I've had lots more issues since upgrading to the 'improved' broadband.

  • John Caspell (@JohnCaspell) reported

    @virginmedia, shocking broadband for over a month, you cancel engineer calls & threatened to be charged if 1 does turn up & deemed my fault

  • Jack (@zaklouis) reported

    @virginmedia But it keeps on happening! So of course there is a problem?

  • Lorraine Hogg (@Elsiehaitch) reported

    @virginmedia @davidwilson Seamless transfer on moving day ruined by engineer no show. Poor service, no contact.

  • John Caspell (@JohnCaspell) reported

    @virginmedia, what the hell is going on with your customer service, 72 hours for a manager to call back and only 30% chance that they will!!

  • Jack (@zaklouis) reported

    @virginmedia So that is it, no support with this or explanation, this sums up the customer service level you provide

  • ӇΛϞz (@cutclear) reported

    What goes down but never seems to come back up? Virgin media broadband

  • Paul McDonnell (@paul_mcdonnell1) reported from Plymouth, England

    @virginmedia @btsportfootball trying to watch bt sport 1 Scottish football & keeps getting inturuptions in signal but nothing on bt2?