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3 (Three) offers mobile phone and mobile internet service, including SMS and voicemail. 3 is owned by Hutchison Whampoa.

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September 24: Problems at 3 (Three)

3 (Three) is having issues since 08:40 AM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from Barnet, Bristol, Rochdale, Llanelli, Poole, Norwood, Manchester, London, Croydon, Nottingham, Folkestone, Coventry, Motherwell, Hackney and Kinghorn.

Bristol Internet
Rochdale Phone
Llanelli Total Blackout
Poole Internet
Norwood Internet
Manchester Wi-fi

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  • TomWalkerMUFC Tom Walker (@TomWalkerMUFC) reported

    State of @ThreeUKSupport. The moment you say you're considering leaving their customer service drops off a cliff. Garbage company.

  • Claytoncast Paul Clayton (@Claytoncast) reported from Birmingham, England

    @ThreeUKSupport I am heading to the Us and Portugal on business trips in the next month. Should I just change to vodspahone whose customers dont seem to have these problems. My contract is now up for renewal

  • haroldHammond Just Harry (@haroldHammond) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport Hi, I am meant to be getting a new SIM from you guys but I think you have cancelled my current SIM whilst the new one hasn’t arrived yet! Can’t get any data or calls and just says no service everywhere

  • mgn87 LUFC Lee (@mgn87) reported

    @ThreeUK trying to contact customer service is a nightmare long wait times on the phone and massive queues on the live chat 😒

  • mike_c_oxo Mike Oxley (@mike_c_oxo) reported

    @ThreeUK not even a DM or acknowledgment of my tweet sent couple days ago! @ThreeUK your customer service skills are amazingly poor! #poorcustomerservice

  • Computer_999 Rich C (@Computer_999) reported

    @_Eon____ @ThreeUKSupport I'm edging toward EE to be honest, it will depend on when 3 turn on 5G as I have a Mi Mix 3 5G phone. Coverage is very poor with 3 it the moment

  • _Eon____ Eon (@_Eon____) reported from Barnet, England

    @ThreeUKSupport @Computer_999 Same shit i was told moved to sky now for some sort of stable connection just to game on. 22ping 10mbps download and 5mbps no breaks in the speed no speed loss at peak times tbh its not the best speeds but it works when i need it.

  • P2EKY David Peek (@P2EKY) reported

    @ThreeUK absolutely ******* awful service. You ain’t got a clue and being palmed off to go to store is absolute bullshit

  • simstar263 simone cawley (@simstar263) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport Regardless of any issues which may be the fault of the courier, it's the retailer’s responsibility to ensure the fulfilment the order.

  • simstar263 simone cawley (@simstar263) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport Hey Kirsty, the out come from the second 'investigation' is you are refusing to help, either track the phone, actually send me a handset. Or cancel the contract! So disappointed!

  • simstar263 simone cawley (@simstar263) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport You are refusing to help!

  • fussytarts Emma Jones 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 (@fussytarts) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport Cf40 1hr I already know. The mast caught fire on 13th and still hasn’t been repaired. Second week now of no service.

  • it_is_rob Me (@it_is_rob) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport Are there any issues with data in central London today as I am not getting connected to any app etc.

  • ShanEliz29 ShanEliz... (@ShanEliz29) reported

    Day two and counting... @ThreeUKSupport and I still can’t get any help from your team on live chat due to no operators available. 😤

  • Draykill Andy Gent-Hulme (@Draykill) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport Yeah that's what I get everytime I mention this, no problems in the area, contact 3 in Halifax because if there on the 3 network they should be able to tell you how crap it in even in the town centre. The only reason I'm still with you is for the data!!

  • GuvnorDaSpurs daGuvnor (@GuvnorDaSpurs) reported

    @AJ_Yido @ThreeUKSupport @EE You are entitled to leave your contract with Three if you can't get a reliable signal.

  • AJ_Yido AJ ⚪️ (@AJ_Yido) reported

    @GuvnorDaSpurs @ThreeUKSupport @EE They are shit mate, had enough of their crap signal now

  • PelhamB PelhamB (@PelhamB) reported

    @ophelia_eternal @ThreeUK If you complain to them and explain the problems chances are you’ll get a refund. I’ve had that twice. Their customer service is good. Problem is it doesn’t solve the underlying issue.

  • Breqtop Adam (@Breqtop) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport I mean that would be fine if you wasn't already playing catch up. By the time you start they will probably already be faster than you. EE has already covered my entire county in 5G while 3 still struggles to hold a 4G signal

  • GuvnorDaSpurs daGuvnor (@GuvnorDaSpurs) reported

    @AJ_Yido @ThreeUKSupport I liked Three at one point, I was loyal to them but they took the piss out of me big time and their signal is appallingand they lied saying I was living in a 'blackspot'. I joined @EE and never in 2 years has my signal dropped once. Join EE pal.

  • DoyleyCardiff Julian Doyle (@DoyleyCardiff) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport It’s mainly in Cardiff that the signal is poor but I have calls dropping in most places. I rarely get more than 2 bars in central Cardiff which is shocking

  • zuluguru_ Gaz 🥑 (@zuluguru_) reported

    @Saydoh @ThreeUK Shhhh I’m tryna get some free shit dammit 🙄😂

  • sigwinch28 Joe Harrison (@sigwinch28) reported

    Hey @ThreeUKSupport the requirement that my password is 7-12 characters *and* that you block pasting in the password field is stupid. No two ways about it. A new one for @dumb_pw_rules

  • marcoruffatti Marco Ruffatti (@marcoruffatti) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport E2 and W6 are the worst so far. Your tech support page said a while ago you were repairing equipment in E2 area, despite the repair,line is still bad - W6 is shocking: in the heart of hammersmith, opposite the station, in the open. Line is 1 like out of 4.

  • LanaGarth Sella Dore (@LanaGarth) reported

    @AJ_Yido @ThreeUKSupport My home and phone network had filters on them for months, spent hours trying to find artsy porn. ******* nightmare

  • AJ_Yido AJ ⚪️ (@AJ_Yido) reported

    @Broggybroggs @ThreeUKSupport Their network is shit, I used to get about 25mbps in my flat and now I’m lucky to get 5, had enough of them now

  • Hackinat Adam (@Hackinat) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport I have spent 4.5 hours over 2 days trying to cancel my contract and get passed from department to department. Put on hold for ages with no answer.. All this after I agreed to wait a month to see if the signal and speed improves as a new customer in late August....

  • sidjha Siddharth S. Jha (@sidjha) reported

    @VodafoneUK Whenever I'm back in the UK, I will never use @VodafoneUK again. Instead I will opt for @EE, or @O2 or or @ThreeUK or @giffgaff.

  • JimmyErricson Zak (@JimmyErricson) reported

    Why is @ThreeUK such a ******* shit network 😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Hackinat Adam (@Hackinat) reported

    @ThreeUK your customer service is terrible. 4.5 hours now over 2 days and just passed from department to department. All I want to do is cancel my contract it's not hard.

  • em_a82 Em (@em_a82) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport Nope, he wouldn’t go past the idea it was my handset, despite 2 handsets experiencing the same service, or lack of.

  • Cypriotkiller CypriotKiller (@Cypriotkiller) reported

    @_elleejayy @ThreeUK @ThreeUKSupport Yeah it's so hard to use the internet with .4mb upload... 😥help

  • sarahcerrishom1 Sarah@CerrisHomes (@sarahcerrishom1) reported

    @ThreeUK you advertise an option add on/plan change, &don’t deliver on it once you’ve been paid, we spend 2 hrs trying to sort & u say we have to wait 2 wks for a new billing period to roll over before it will be rectified! Shocking customer service & still no resolution/data!🤬

  • adz232 Adam Crawford (@adz232) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport My dad came through to you on Friday on web chat and you guys told him that the issue will be fixed by the next day and it wasn’t. Still the same like it has been for the past year. He will he back in touch tomorrow probably.

  • OptimalD2005 UnknownMe (@OptimalD2005) reported

    @EE I tried to call @ThreeUKSupport but was on hold for 50 mins. I requested a call back from them and nothing. So thanks for the help

  • ChrisWh83363472 Chris White (@ChrisWh83363472) reported

    Been on hold with @ThreeUK for over an hour and a half now! Only 5 minutes before their support lines close .. #ridiculous @Ofcom

  • craigofleeds craigofleeds (@craigofleeds) reported

    @RAWRitsJ @ThreeUKSupport It's just annoying. I'm an idiot.

  • Sim_Jim85 simepieman (@Sim_Jim85) reported

    @ThreeUK DN209JU mast is playing up again :-( ... I'm having to resort to Wi-Fi it's that bad. Help a brother out guys.

  • Midge_ox Vibbar Stan Account (@Midge_ox) reported

    @trenchmade1 @ThreeUK Ergh, they’re actually the worst it’s a joke.

  • trenchmade1 Baby I’m boring (@trenchmade1) reported

    @Warnzavel @ThreeUK @EE It’s about to be a Lyca ting on both phones cah wtf

  • davehelpme Dave! (@davehelpme) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport Are you ******* kidding!!! Just sat on hold for 47 minutes to be hung up on!! Because you've put the wrong amount on our bills! We've cancelled our direct debits and have proof of the costs! So **** you right back!

  • caddcoll Shahid (@caddcoll) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport I am really fed up with 3 signal, it’s absolutely shockingly bad. I have literally no signal all day or one bar in evening! I’ve been with 3 for 10yrs & never known it so bad as in the last year- terrible😡. I can’t wait to leave this network ASAP on Black Friday

  • bootsy2701 Mcbootsy 😍 (@bootsy2701) reported

    @ThreeUK Was trying but you just leave people on hold. I now gonna cancel both my contracts

  • kamiiboii ß (@kamiiboii) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport your hold music is ******* shit pick up the phone ffs

  • Joe90oo Joe Ninety (@Joe90oo) reported

    As soon as the contracts up I will never use them again ever. @ThreeUK @ThreeUKSupport you’re a disgrace

  • kamiiboii ß (@kamiiboii) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport PICK UP THE PHONE MAN **** SAKES.

  • Louise_Janex Louise (@Louise_Janex) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport you're meant to be s support page but you just ignore people

  • AlfieR2 Alf Ringwood (@AlfieR2) reported

    @HollyMcMahon @ThreeUK Hi Holly, I've just got the same problem. Did you get an answer to your questions.

  • zakariya990 Zakariya🇧🇩 (@zakariya990) reported

    Considering to join @ThreeUK or @EE cause @VodafoneUK is just providing shit customer service and miss-selling information

  • Ossyref Paul Bell (@Ossyref) reported

    Feel sorry for my mate @accymark @ThreeUKSupport letting him down on his preorder of iPhone 11 Pro and not even contacting him. Poor customer service at its finest!

  • KitchOMFG Kitch (@KitchOMFG) reported

    @SleepyEntropy @ThreeUKSupport @ThreeUK Plot twist: three are shit and I have issues EVERY time I get a new phone

  • jonasboegh Jonas Bøgh (@jonasboegh) reported

    .@ThreeUK makes sure I have unlimited data wherever I go. I use my phone in all countries and I never have to worry about being overcharged or not having access to data.

  • KitchOMFG Kitch (@KitchOMFG) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport Problems with delivery network and will be within 48 hours. Today is the second working day since Friday and guess what, still nothing.

  • tom95wba kangaskhan (@tom95wba) reported

    @emsbakerxx @HarjunSamra @ThreeUK @financialombuds Sorry to hear about this Emma please drop us a direct message on how we can help #stay3

  • louwhite Louise White (@louwhite) reported

    @ThreeUK My order was meant to arrive Friday, got a text saying it was delayed by up to 48 hours. Rang customer services yesterday, told I would get it today. Still no phone and no communication!!

  • boarddeckdice Board Deck & Dice (@boarddeckdice) reported

    @michaelman2020 @DPDgroup_news @realspookygym @ThreeUK @RonTimehin Well they have told me different days three times now with the first two being incorrect. I’ve been promised an update tomorrow by 1pm and my phone by Wednesday. I don’t mind delays when they are communicated but this is incredibly poor from a company I’ve never had issue with.

  • NaomiKrgys Naomi (@NaomiKrgys) reported

    @Karimchii @ThreeUK We were trying to sort out an issue and had 3 phones on hold for over an hour when finally they answered one 😂

  • NaomiKrgys Naomi (@NaomiKrgys) reported

    @Karimchii @ThreeUK Thats nothing compared to how much i have to wait for t-mobile every damn time 😂

  • svlaimcn s u l l y (@svlaimcn) reported

    @ThreeUK fix your fkn service I’m always on 1 bar man

  • RTPeat Richard Peat  (@RTPeat) reported from Kinghorn, Scotland

    @Three_Is_Broken @ThreeUK Usually not too bad around Edinburgh but today when I got over the hill and the phone swapped to an Edinburgh mast it just stopped routing to the internet.