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  • dy0b1 Gregor 📷 (@dy0b1) reported

    @Frankline141 @j0toro @virginmedia @ThreeUK @ThreeUKSupport Absolutely shocking way for them to treat their consumers.

  • DGCA_Q8 DGCA (@DGCA_Q8) reported

    @ThreeUK @HuaweiMobileUK @PUBGMOBILE Bad service in SR4 only 3G I don't have 4G

  • sarahstokoee Sarah Stokoe (@sarahstokoee) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport Will my phone be unlocked straight away or do I need to wait for the 30 days to finish if I cancel my contract

  • kaushal_a2003 Kaushal (@kaushal_a2003) reported

    @ThreeUK thank you, best customer service ever, got bill waiver due to signal issues. Hope issue gets resolved quickly

  • ld_1986 lee (@ld_1986) reported

    @TRAXXAS58 @RWL1990 @ThreeUK @HuaweiMobileUK @PUBGMOBILE Where i am nobody else compares to three for signal

  • kateejamieson Kate E. Jamieson (@kateejamieson) reported

    @Lee87Charles @ThreeUK Classic Three tbh. I can't fault them usually. Get signal bloody everywhere and they're usually v good but

  • Lee87Charles Lee (@Lee87Charles) reported

    @kateejamieson @ThreeUK its not the providers fault, it's the issue between Google & Huawei. That said if Google do an update to pull all existing features, I'll lose like 50% of the main features I use, maps, chrome, play, play store, you tube etc so I lose out... Voda contract is then invalid

  • daiwoody1912 Wœœđý (@daiwoody1912) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport hi, landed in US last. Right but cant connect to 4g, please help

  • djcraiglaw Craig Law (@djcraiglaw) reported

    @jameze1992 @ThreeUK Maybe so, but as most handsets form part of the contract you take out with an operator, it becomes a real problem when that handset is instantly unfit for purpose and a future security risk. People who bought outright are screwed though

  • Real_ShiftZZ ShiftZZ (@Real_ShiftZZ) reported

    @ThreeUK My partner is visiting Kosovo, she had a txt message saying she was in Serbia, and that she could use her allowance.. Tried to speak to customer service, as much use a an ashtray on a bicycle..

  • MrHarryBr Harry (@MrHarryBr) reported

    So happy I am leaving @ThreeUK!Apart from the crap signal, I call up to cancel, I queue to get through to the "cancellation team", only to find out I didn't get put through to them, and I have to wait in another queue with a longer wait time. 🤬😤

  • karlparker435 Karlossss (@karlparker435) reported

    How can I have full signal and 4g yet nothing loads @ThreeUK your network is a shambles

  • smarr Stefan Marr (@smarr) reported

    @sigwinch28 @ThreeUK Yeah, no reception at the office or at home. App-less wifi calling on a Moto X4 doesn't seem supported either. Walked into a @ThreeUK store and they didn't even try to help: "don't know, sorry".

  • iloikewrestling Mark Ashford (@iloikewrestling) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport I managed to switch it to 3g, the speeds are around 4. It used to be closer to 30 on 4g before the issues. I noticed it yesterday morning but was not using it much last week so could have been playing up earlier.

  • sammio2 Sam Harman (@sammio2) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport I quit three due to the price rises, you were supposed to waive the early termination charges, you told me you would, you took the money anyway… I contacted support, they promised a refund within 5 working days. You still have my money.

  • deanthebard Deanthebard (@deanthebard) reported

    @Carolesmith71Cs @ThreeUKSupport @HuaweiMobileUK @Google If you have a current phone it should not Make a difference, you will still get EMUI & Huawei updates just not Google security patches. Unless the issues is resolved any future Huawei phones will not include Google apps & App Store

  • Carolesmith71Cs Carole Smith (@Carolesmith71Cs) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport Please could you advise me and all your customer over the @HuaweiMobileUK situation over @Google. AS I have only renewed my contract at the beginning of the year and thought I would give Hauwei phone ago . But with all the problems that has raised I wish I didn't.

  • cd2109 Chris Dynes (@cd2109) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport Hello guys. Please can you tell me if you have 4g network issues in chichester. Po196sb area. Phone has full 3g. When I force it to use 4g it gets one bar and hardly works. Usually full 4g coverage. Thanks.

  • BenParfitt Ben Parfitt (@BenParfitt) reported

    @_JessWells @EE @ThreeUK Guess we wait and see what the impact is, but I'd hope to be allowed a phone swap or to be let out of contract early should the worst happen.

  • hafsahb_ Hafsa (@hafsahb_) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport E5 8BB. 3G works but it's slow and I have to keep switching back to 4G once I leave my immediate area.

  • Tom_jones89 Tom Jones (@Tom_jones89) reported

    Hey @ThreeUK sort your network out! After a month of signal coming and going it's starting to get annoying now!

  • jennyessel jennyessel🇬🇭🇮🇹 (@jennyessel) reported

    @ThreeUK am experiencing really bad internet connection. I need assistance. Thanks

  • ArfaMcC Arfa (@ArfaMcC) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport Its b303qz I have a Samsung 7. I've noticed my signal and speed is very poor at work as well

  • LifeofHarv Harvey (@LifeofHarv) reported

    @lucyycarter27 @ThreeUK my signal has been shocking today. Same area(ish). I have been dipping in and out.

  • voidreams v̶o̶i̶d̶r̶e̶a̶m̶s̶ (@voidreams) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport that's as maybe but i don't see how that helps me now. I've been in touch with customer service who passed me on to your engineers who did a few checks and tweaks but it still hasn't improved my signal.

  • Lewishamdreamer Jason #putitothepeople (@Lewishamdreamer) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport I’m looking into this further and I can’t see where my roaming data limit either is (since when was there one within EU) or how I could have breached it. The bill suggests the data usage on those 3 days in the EU were an issue somehow.

  • voidreams v̶o̶i̶d̶r̶e̶a̶m̶s̶ (@voidreams) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport now i know why your monthly contract prices are so good, it's because your network speeds are slow and 4G connectivity is atrocious. seriously thinking about canceling my contract with you in the next 7 days if things don't improve

  • sarahstokoee Sarah Stokoe (@sarahstokoee) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport No your colleagues told me to keep my phone and not cancel it because I can just use my phone abroad! Yes I know I have to pay to cancel but I shouldn’t have to faff on with it when I’m abroad!! How much do you charge for texts when my go roam runs out

  • sarahstokoee Sarah Stokoe (@sarahstokoee) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport I shouldn’t have to cancel the contract when I’m out there I tried to do it many times before I leave and your staff were pushy and would not let me so told me to use my phones data while out there. I’m now going to have to pay to leave your company early and -

  • TheBhup Bhup (@TheBhup) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport I've never put it onto 3G. It's not even peak times it struggles. Pick any time from 10am to 6pm and it'll be dragging on

  • bolehillbilly ʙᴇɴ ᴄᴏᴛᴛᴇяɪʟʟ (@bolehillbilly) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport No thanks. This issue happens every couple of months when my credit runs out.have a good Sunday JC.

  • TheBhup Bhup (@TheBhup) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport That's weird. It's normal everywhere else. The postcode I gave I struggle to pick up a signal or it's very low usually

  • TheBhup Bhup (@TheBhup) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport It's pretty poor throughout the day every day. Struggle to open even a video sometimes. Constantly turning off and on mobile data.

  • TheBhup Bhup (@TheBhup) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport the signal at G32 7XW has been horrendous and almost unusable for months now. Tried 2 different phones and sim cards.

  • pat_kb1 1 (@pat_kb1) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport your service is finishing me, you lot gotta be trolling cos how does your network get worse every couple months

  • AnnaNoonan1 Anna Noonan (@AnnaNoonan1) reported

    Absolutely outrageous service by @ThreeUK. So entirely caught up in their own bureaucracy, dare I say blinded by it, that they failed to even take the first step towards rectifying not one but two large mistakes they have made in regards to my account.

  • LorenzoTalotti Lorenzo Talotti (@LorenzoTalotti) reported from Lambeth, England

    @ThreeUKSupport Hi, it still doesn’t work at all. I turned on 4G data under suggestion of a 3 store but still nothing. A week ago it worked very well while I was home, now as soon as I step into my house, it starts not working at all.

  • lucielouise_br luc (@lucielouise_br) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport no, don’t actually see the network change it just sends me a text about albania and then charges me

  • LeonDeroe Leon (@LeonDeroe) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport Hi, yes it’s there but I never heard or received anything. I tried calling and never got connected (this happened a few times) and tried live chat too but again no answer😫

  • sammyclaire76 Samantha Claire (@sammyclaire76) reported

    @ThreeUK hi 3 can you tell me if you will be selling the new Sony 1 on its release in the Summer. Current Customer due an upgrade Ta!

  • SassE4 Sarah (@SassE4) reported

    @ThreeUK hands free with @easyJet never works!! Always get charged! What a con #badcustomerservice #ripoff #cancelmycontract

  • Darenhutch Daren Hutchinson (@Darenhutch) reported from City of Kingston upon Hull, England

    @ThreeUK oh dear how can three go from 10 to zero in 2 days very disappointed long term customer!😕

  • loeyfiIms ‏ً (@loeyfiIms) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport no, my phone and sim is fine. my sister who is also with 3 is having the same issues as well, our connection everywhere apart from at home is absolutely atrocious and just is barely working at all

  • JustinVersion1 JD (@JustinVersion1) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport System issue apparently, for the last 6 months this has been an issue. All mobile services are completely off.

  • BludKlartBoogie Big Billy (@BludKlartBoogie) reported

    @Woman_of_Gold @ThreeUK Nope my service is fine 😁

  • rcfphotography Richard Foster (@rcfphotography) reported from Dewsbury, England

    @ThreeUKSupport I needs to speak to an adviser as I have an issue with my sim only contract.

  • rcfphotography Richard Foster (@rcfphotography) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport The phone is just over 2 years old ! And Apple say it’s threes problem under the 6 year act.

  • FredMunr0 Fred Munro (@FredMunr0) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport It was, but I recently reloaded it due to some issues and the animations are installed as part of the "operator settings" I mean I know ways to get rid of them, but they'd void warranty... If it's not possible I'll try not restarting at night... for the sake of my corneas... :)

  • emneedscoffee Emma (@emneedscoffee) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport I have really bad anxiety. I don’t wanna spend hours having panic attacks if there’s another way to do it.

  • Born_to_be_Dr Romain (@Born_to_be_Dr) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport I tried all of that and was even provided with a new SIM a few months ago. Nothing has resolved the issue so far. The data speed keeps being terrible.

  • heidiroxanne Heidi (@heidiroxanne) reported

    @ThreeUK I am trying to make calls and being asked for an additional payment however, I have unlimited minutes & texts. Please can you help as it is 101-police services I am Trying to get into contact with!

  • _Sanah22 سناء (@_Sanah22) reported

    @ThreeUK I have 100gb and I can’t even use it I have to connect to WiFi because of how slow it is Damn it

  • rootdev Craig Dibble (@rootdev) reported from Bromley, England

    @ThreeUKSupport Thanks for the reply but it’s possibly a bit late now, the #Eurovision polls closed about 12 hours ago! 😋 (Other people were reporting problems too but I did eventually get through)

  • paulwdoctor Paul Doctor (@paulwdoctor) reported from Glasgow, Scotland

    @ThreeUKSupport Hey, I've got a Galaxy A5 (2017) here. Hope you can, my reception in my flat is really poor so most calls cut out

  • rcfphotography Richard Foster (@rcfphotography) reported from Dewsbury, England

    @ThreeUKSupport Basically this is only the tip of the iceberg and I have to resort to twitter to get some service. My phone cannot ring in or out after an iOS update. The phone cannot be repaired only replaced say Apple!

  • simon_harper Simon Harper (@simon_harper) reported

    @risbytv @O2 @ThreeUK @Apple Bloody annoying for iPad users too ! I only get shown three wired cell providers I’ve never heard of. Come @ThreeUK it can be that hard technically. Must be commercial.

  • risbytv Marc Risby (@risbytv) reported

    I have two phones, one on @O2 and the other on @ThreeUK - neither support the @Apple esim so I can’t move to one device. Not sure if this is a technical or commercial issue but it is annoying for this user!

  • Born_to_be_Dr Romain (@Born_to_be_Dr) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport I have a monthly SIM only plan and it's my home postcode. The internet is slow throughout the day most days and it has been particularly bad the last few weeks.

  • Thefurrytrucker Pete (@Thefurrytrucker) reported from West Bromwich, England

    Just got a text message from @ThreeUK to tell me how much internet I’ve used this month... ...AT 00:55 AT NIGHT. **** OFF. I DON’T CARE. I’M TRYING TO SLEEP!😡😡😡

  • Rawrehh Rawrehh (@Rawrehh) reported

    @Fairphone 2: ✓ @UBports installed: ✓ @ThreeUK allowing my phone to connect to the network: ..... feelsbadman