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3 (Three) offers mobile phone and mobile internet service, including SMS and voicemail. 3 is owned by Hutchison Whampoa.

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February 22: Problems at 3 (Three)

3 (Three) is having issues since 01:20 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from Middlesbrough, Glasgow, Falkirk, Harringay, London, Harrow, Preston, Romford, Cawston, Birmingham, Golders Green, Beckenham, Thames Ditton, Dagenham and Lambeth.

Bristol Total Blackout
Middlesbrough Phone
Glasgow Internet
Falkirk Phone
Harringay Wi-fi
London Internet

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  • marieb_x ✨ kayleigh Marie ✨ (@marieb_x) reported

    @ThreeUK Nooooooo!!! Worst network ever

  • MikefromLFE Mike the Moustache (@MikefromLFE) reported

    Excellent customer service from @ThreeUK / @ThreeUKSupport SIM became corrupted yesterday - online chat sent out a new sim, arrived this morning. Didn't work out of the packet. Online chat - working 15 minutes later. #WellDone

  • stan_hamil Stanley Hamilton (@stan_hamil) reported

    @JenJenivive @Three_Is_Broken @MartinSLewis @ThreeUK @ThreeUK told me today that they’ve had email confirmation that all these network issues will be resolved before 1st March. If not, they said I could cancel my contract without fee.

  • libovskii -Anya Libova 🤓 (@libovskii) reported

    @ThreeUK your service is getting worse and worse every day! No reception if half of London’s Zone 1 is not acceptable 🥴

  • KingSavageShaun KING (@KingSavageShaun) reported

    How convenient @ThreeUK @ThreeUKSupport have disabled their coverage status on the website and pretends like it’s just not working, it technically doesn’t even make sense. You guys are bad liars and just tryna cover tracks for your shit network 🤣

  • robdrfc4eva Rob (@robdrfc4eva) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport No was busy driving at the time so had no option. Also raising complaints is not easy as you get told supervisors busy they will call back and never do

  • wdw83 William David (@wdw83) reported

    Leaving @VodafoneUK after 10 years was a mistake as the @ThreeUK network is terrible! Constantly having to turn data off and on to have half a chance of it working 🙄 #CheapestIsntTheBest

  • wdw83 William David (@wdw83) reported

    Leaving @VodafoneUK after 10 years was a mistake at the @ThreeUK network is terrible! Constantly having to turn data off and off to have half a chance of it working 🙄 #CheapestIsntTheBest

  • sammango1 Mango (@sammango1) reported

    @ThreeUK Forget about 5G and focus on your useless staff. I’ve been trying to change my direct debit account for 30 min talking to a rude and non cooperative staff called PUNI, from your call center in DIPTI INDIA who literally just hung up on me. moving 3 lines to another network now

  • lynothehammer Steve Lynes (@lynothehammer) reported

    @ThreeUK not with your customer service, possibly the rudest worst customer service i've ever had the unfortunate pleasure to deal with...

  • jimmythekiller3 jimmythekiller (@jimmythekiller3) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport @ThreeUK Terrible internet speeds for the last few hours EH6 Edinburgh. Dunno why you guys are advertising 5G, when your 4G has been up and down more than a ****** knickers over the last few years.

  • themond84 Mongo (@themond84) reported

    @EE @ThreeUK @O2 @tescomobile talk to me about some good deals as my current provider @VodafoneUK are all round crap with the customer service and phone signal in certain areas!

  • HSBC74 Net 🏉 (@HSBC74) reported

    @JenJenivive @sydkerrigan2018 @ThreeUKSupport @Three_Is_Broken Breach of contract under the Consumer Goods Act 2015. Failure to provide when digital content fails to conform. Not providing what you signed up for is a breach of contract on their part. Keep going with the complaint and keep screenshots of everything as they are dishonest.

  • ABeardedWebb Webby (@ABeardedWebb) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport I had an update for it a couple of weeks ago, 3 branded Android 10, it hasn't worked since then. Facebook has had two updates since then, it still doesn't work.

  • p4tterson Heather Patterson (@p4tterson) reported

    No response from @ThreeUK @ThreeUKSupport on how to resolve issue of allowing deaf people to talk to an advisor. Discrimination of deaf people cannot continue.

  • TeeteeMr Mark (@TeeteeMr) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport Fraser appreciate you trying to help and i know these things are out of your hands but someone upstairs at three has badly messed up which was basically caused by three putting all their eggs in the Huawei basket with this rollout but now they have to find someone else to do ....

  • Bobamathing Blank (@Bobamathing) reported

    @DigitalTrends lol @ThreeUK cannot even give me decent 4G (never mind 6G) I currently switch to 3G as it is actually quicker than @ThreeUK's 4G

  • houghbong Mark Hough (@houghbong) reported

    @ThreeUK I was unloved by my network, and funnily enough my previous employer too. Ironically both were Three. Nearly 8 years service sweating blood for you. Zero regrets leaving.

  • Payforit_Sucks Payforitsucks (@Payforit_Sucks) reported

    @richardwhite619 @ThreeUKSupport @ThreeUK If @ThreeUK pass on charges which cannot be shown to be lawful, they have responsibility to at least support the consumer in recovering their stolen funds. The charges are only lawful if the existence of a contract between the consumer and the third party can be proven.

  • TeeteeMr Mark (@TeeteeMr) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport Poor service ,poor data speeds etc etc and already been through this numerous times and cba anymore .

  • kassborra Kev (@kassborra) reported

    @JenJenivive @Three_Is_Broken @MartinSLewis @ThreeUK Despite being out of the 14 day limit you are still covered by consumer regs. If you are not getting what you signed up for they are liable. Fight, fight, and keep going. Don't let the bastards grind you down. 😬

  • worldwearyguy worldwearyguy (@worldwearyguy) reported

    @Three_Is_Broken @ThreeUKSupport @ThreeUK Yep; appalling service. My contract is up soon...

  • 2point4bikes Richard Lannaghan (@2point4bikes) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport Nope, I ran out of time on the chat, it was all very pointless, I’m saying I have a problem, you are saying there isn’t one, my screenshots and speedtests would disagree, TBH I will just leave when I get the chance, nothing you do is going to fix it.

  • MarieHorrell2 Marie Horrell (@MarieHorrell2) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport I'm still having problems with this account and been charged £67. It's proving really difficult to cancel a contract that's not been used for 18months. All I want to do is end the contract 😭

  • sydkerrigan2018 syd kerrigan (@sydkerrigan2018) reported

    @JenJenivive @ThreeUKSupport @Three_Is_Broken They reply off a given set of instructions from their supervisors. Raise a formal complaint and then if deadlock reached report to ombudsman 👍🏻

  • sydkerrigan2018 syd kerrigan (@sydkerrigan2018) reported

    @JenJenivive @ThreeUKSupport I’ve reached deadlock with them over my mobile contract, currently with the ombudsman. They won’t accept issues with their network but give @Three_Is_Broken a follow and see how many of us are having the same issues. 👍🏻

  • JeffriesCraig Mr J to you (@JeffriesCraig) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport DY2 8RL the signal strength doesn’t go beyond red when I test it now

  • sydkerrigan2018 syd kerrigan (@sydkerrigan2018) reported

    @physicalkid @Three_Is_Broken @ThreeUKSupport They have issues all over the uk yet won’t admit it. @threeuk is an absolute joke.

  • sydkerrigan2018 syd kerrigan (@sydkerrigan2018) reported

    @JenJenivive @ThreeUKSupport Go to their complaints dept..... give them a reasonable time frame to sort (7 -10 days) if still not resolved make another complaint, keep a log of all chat and report to ombudsman 👍🏻 you cannot he expected to stay in contract for a service they are not providing.

  • flavell1983 Adam Flavell (@flavell1983) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport Web chat but no matter how I contact you I get the same excuses, it’s always my phone or my SIM card and NEVER the network. An increasing number of people are complaining about the network, it can’t be all our phones/SIM cards.

  • MossTMC Moss (@MossTMC) reported

    @ThreeUK Fix your shitty network

  • JonnySiHi BingBong (@JonnySiHi) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport Hi Colby, I called 333 and they confirmed it will be on the next bill, they also lowered my monthly bill due to me being with three for over 10 years. The reason for the network outages in my area is because they are upgrading the mast equipment to support the 5G frequency.

  • kemalh1 Kemal (@kemalh1) reported

    @ThreeUK I’m paying £91.99 a month on your network 🙄

  • TomWorrall9 Tom Worrall (@TomWorrall9) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport Yesterday. Fed up of talking about it though and getting nowhere. Going round in circles. Looks like I will have to go down the ombudsman route

  • louiisegx Louise Graham (@louiisegx) reported

    @ThreeUK Tbh the only issue I have with Three is the signal, we've had the postcode checked and I've been given a new sim but the signal is still rubbish!!

  • MrKinkyDevil Kinky Devil (@MrKinkyDevil) reported

    @ThreeUK Switch to Three if you want less than 1mbps speeds on 4g in London every day. Switch to Three if you love buffering or pages taking ages to load. Switch to Three if you want dire customer service. Switch to Three if you want stress. Switch to Three if you want not fit for purpose

  • tomyates07 Tom Yates (@tomyates07) reported

    @88Cocker @ThreeUKSupport Classic Cocker on the complain train. At least it ain't just me having issues

  • tiamilodolly Dawn Spooner (@tiamilodolly) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport It’s an old contract phone which I now own, data network problems pe28 4px and surrounding areas, happened this morning at pe19 2bq. Network lost at mk17 9qb and pe29 2bt

  • r__tech R (@r__tech) reported

    @Three_Is_Broken @Natalie65310513 @_SparkleandPop @SimSmithy @ThreeUKSupport @ThreeUK As much as 3 is awful , the live chat is actually secure. The webpage is not but when you click chat now and the box opens that's connecting via a tls connection to boldchat. com . So what you enter in the live chat is secure and being sent to boldchat not 3

  • twitnezer Eflex (@twitnezer) reported

    @ThreeUK No spark @ThreeUK only call drop & slow internet, it’s like waiting for paint to dry🙄. Worse network to be on at the moment.

  • MissAnthrope_96 Chuck (@MissAnthrope_96) reported

    @ThreeUK why can't I receive calls and messages from phones on other networks. Live chat says it's the other networks not working but that's clearly not true.

  • fifross Fiona Ross (@fifross) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport And I do appreciate you at least responding and trying. As I said, assurances were given and broken, lies were told. Told one thing, then something else. Lost my patience with it all now. 3 live chats totalling 1hr 50 mins of my time. 3 phone calls totalling 90 mins. Ridiculous.

  • JenJenivive Jen (@JenJenivive) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport I can’t even get 3G. The WiFi is absolutely shocking. Took over 10 minutes to load something on Netflix the other evening. I get that it’s first world problems, but if im promised fast speeds, I expect fast speeds 😒🤔

  • popaleena Popaleena 📚 (@popaleena) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport The request wasn’t actioned on multiple occasions. I do hope you don’t try and keep me tied to a contract which I’ve already tried on multiple occasions to cancel

  • richbishop Rich Bishop (@richbishop) reported from Cawston, England

    @ThreeUKSupport Find me a live chat service that works, or a number where I'm not on hold for 30 minutes, and I'll do it. So far you've failed to do either of those. Next option - you leave me no choice but to start making official complaints and look into legal action for breach of contract

  • jacobstaffordxo Jacob🥂 (@jacobstaffordxo) reported

    @momo_morris @ThreeUKSupport @Three_Is_Broken Cant wait to leave this horrific network

  • AlanBanks_ Alan Banks (@AlanBanks_) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport Colby, this is 4g in central London! It has never been an issue before. Why would it suddenly not connect.

  • worldwearyguy worldwearyguy (@worldwearyguy) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport Nope, I pay for 4G, so that seems like you wriggling to me. This is what you said; switch to a suposedly inferior service because @ThreeUK can't fix the problem in a timely manner. Appalling.

  • worldwearyguy worldwearyguy (@worldwearyguy) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport No, I'd like to discuss why @ThreeUK can't resolve this ongojng issue right here. Let's no do things in the dark, people need to know about the issues.

  • fifross Fiona Ross (@fifross) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport Thanks for replying. Nothing was offered. But I'm not actually after anything as such - just good customer service. Honesty and support. An apology would have been nice. I just wanted to renew and get my new phone. It's always been simple. I have wasted too much time on this.

  • fifross Fiona Ross (@fifross) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport I appreciate you replying. Yes complaint raised, promises made and broken. It's the lies that I cannot bear. Was just trying to renew my contract. I shouldn't have bothered.

  • adriancourt Adrian Court (@adriancourt) reported

    @foxyknoxy99 @PilotDeborah @ThreeUK @VodafoneUK @O2 @EE I get poor/slow connection in all sorts of places - some, like London, where I’d least expect it. Becoming frustrating but not sure if a move will help or not!

  • adriancourt Adrian Court (@adriancourt) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport I’ve requested a replacement, not particularly convinced that’ll fix it though. Will monitor for a couple of weeks - can get a cheaper deal with @VodafoneUK at the moment and from all the reports one with better coverage.

  • jeremym82099636 jeremymiddleton (@jeremym82099636) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport Yes I have checked the sim chip, yes I gave switched it to 3G , yes I have switched he phone off, yes I have hard reset the phone.. It’s none of them, its your network and overloading the network over fashion week.. #5G #nonsense, provide 3G and 4G regular first

  • richardwhite619 Richard white (@richardwhite619) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport Yes I raised a complaint and I think it's a bit of a kop out saying you have no control over charges. You're certainly aware of them having received plenty of complaints. You have a duty of care to your customers to at least check if they are aware they have been subscribed

  • fifross Fiona Ross (@fifross) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport Wow. I have never been so shocked and disappointed as a customer. 18 years I have been a customer. False assurances and lies. I can now see why everyone complains about 3. Time for the consumer rights ombudsman involvement. Very sad.

  • mx_phreek Gavin L (@mx_phreek) reported

    @PaulOBrien @SamsungMobile @ThreeUK my 4G speeds where I live have gone down toilet a year or more ago. I don't know what gives but I used to get good speed now its terrible. Seriously thinking of going somewhere else which is a shame as been with them a while now.

  • ClarkieGB7 David Clarke (Proud European Citizen)🇪🇺🇳🇱🇬🇧 (@ClarkieGB7) reported

    Outrageous! Customer support means for all right @ThreeUK

  • andrewadedeji Andrew (@andrewadedeji) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport Hi. I left the UK in August for Australia. I have tried to contact three before I left to cancel. they wouldnt as my mother is the account owner. My contract ended in june. on a rolling I have been charged x amount and ive not used it. I would like further help.

  • Janeclar Jane Clark (@Janeclar) reported

    @ThreeUK I have been a customer for several years. I am appalled that you are not assisting David and Sally Abel in Japan.