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3 (Three) offers mobile phone and mobile internet service, including SMS and voicemail. 3 is owned by Hutchison Whampoa.

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  • Total Blackout (21.21%)
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  • mishael96_
    Mishael (@mishael96_) reported

    @ThreeUK Good evening Something bad happened to me with person who is using this phone number and all I know about him that he’s Saudi. Can you please help me by at least tell me his name. Please!

  • mishael96_
    Mishael (@mishael96_) reported

    @ThreeUK good evening. Someone did something bad to me by texting me and I only know about him that he’s saudi. Can you at least help me by telling me his name? Please it an important thing

  • NatashaBardon
    Natasha Bardon (@NatashaBardon) reported

    @LeeAHarris @ThreeUK Yes, it doesn’t help at all. But got through to their online chat and someone has blocked it!

  • B09GTI
    Bo6ko (@B09GTI) reported

    @ThreeUK Hi guys, been in Italy for 2 days and the internet stopped working this afternoon #help #roaming

  • NatashaBardon
    Natasha Bardon (@NatashaBardon) reported

    Hey @ThreeUK, we’ve just had a phone stolen and have no way to report it because there are no options on any of the numbers listed on your website. A little help please?

  • Mikeca1986
    Mike (@Mikeca1986) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport is there an issue at threes end with the home signal boxes? Mines been flashing green trying to connect for 3 days now with no success.

  • Stickmansean
    Sean Alexander (@Stickmansean) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport hey guys, do you know about a data outage in SE16 way tonight? Had nothing on my walk for a bit.

  • ChadClifton10
    Chad Clifton (@ChadClifton10) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport GL3 4FU. You’ll not find anything, every time I mention it all you guys say is that I should be expecting better service.

  • NeweyLaura
    Laura newey (@NeweyLaura) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport hi is there any problems with 3G and 4G? My phone has no internet unless I am on WiFi

  • H3FTA
    James Sutherland (@H3FTA) reported from Woodley, England

    @ThreeUK 's billing system is as bad as Vodafone I swear. Refuse the direct debit, call up to make a card payment & 4 days later it's returned. Do you want paying or not? I'm happy to not pay but you can't fuck my credit when you clearly don't want the money.

  • gustnwinchester
    jen (@gustnwinchester) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport Then why did she call me just 1 min before closing time and then hang up the call? Disappointed in this service. on the chat as well, it says someone is typing then they disappear and close the chat.

  • ChadClifton10
    Chad Clifton (@ChadClifton10) reported

    Once again I have to turn 4G off on my phone to allow any data through. @ThreeUK please sort your network out!

  • zeitgeistlondon
    Brent A. Martin (@zeitgeistlondon) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport OK well I bought a Huawei P20 Pro. And in answer to your other question about login, I have never had a "Three phone". I always buy SIM free from independent vendors. My last phone which I used on Three didn't have the Three splash screen or app cloud.

  • TheHoopGenius
    Mo Mooncey (@TheHoopGenius) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport Well the whole point of me changing my number over from O2 was to keep my number because I like it. Who did you share my details with that they got hold of my number? Never received these calls before. Also each number is different. Blocking them is pointless.

  • tomek_london
    tomek_london (@tomek_london) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport He said nothing he could do. Despite telling me at great length that he saved the phone etc during the order. Then without my permission orders another phone for me and I get text from dpd. Terrible experience

  • tomek_london
    tomek_london (@tomek_london) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport Raise a complaint ? The guy lied thru his teeth

  • SachaLeighS
    Sach (@SachaLeighS) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport BS34 5HU and has been doing on for a few months now! I have to use WiFi cause it barely loads and I have the same issue when out and about too

  • CharlotteCoopz
    Charlotte Cooper (@CharlotteCoopz) reported

    @ThreeUK customer service is absolutely appalling would not recommend the service to anyone

  • Jakosaur_
    Jake (@Jakosaur_) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport Really considering switching network... not calling up to downgrade a SIM only plan

  • joelwebster
    Joel Webster (@joelwebster) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport Go Binge is included in my contract, as listed on my account page. I’m not assuming anything and can see usage of the service in previous bills from streaming using the Netflix app on my phone. Thanks.

  • DaveBax_
    Dave B (@DaveBax_) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport Wilmslow area, no mobile Internet at all, very weak phone signal outside

  • ibargainhunt09
    Ibargainhunt (@ibargainhunt09) reported

    @wadgwan @Dominos_UK @ThreeUK I experienced similar issue and so did my family. Clearly @dominos don't produce these to the same standard they do for full paying customers. If this is the same standard how can they justify the price!!! @ThreeUK

  • DaveBax_
    Dave B (@DaveBax_) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport hi guys, you know of any network problems in south Manchester/Cheshire? No signal

  • _Atvali
    A girl has no name 😶 (@_Atvali) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport Still no service

  • fredglaser
    Frederick Glaser (@fredglaser) reported

    @mark2410 @ThreeUKSupport Why did you cancel it Mark?

  • Gambler31294
    Alex Hill (@Gambler31294) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport hoping you guys can help, my internet speed has been VERY poor for the last 72 hours, my Partner and I have restarted our phone several time but to no avail, please can you help?

  • jm285
    James Mills (@jm285) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport why is data so so slow in W4 area? This has been going on for months now.

  • Payforit_Sucks
    Payforitsucks (@Payforit_Sucks) reported

    @_ShaVerZ_ @ThreeUKSupport @BokuPayByMobile Absolutely correct. The problem with Payforit is that is ridiculously insecure. The regulator @PSAuthorityUK requires a double opt-in only for services > £4.50 per wk. All the scam services are for £4.50 /wk or less! @PSAuthorityUK how about double opt-in for ALL services!

  • _Atvali
    A girl has no name 😶 (@_Atvali) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport Managed to do it now but way too much hastle, your website kept telling me that my login didn't exist trying the number you gave me and the one I changed it too.

  • goalsmanu
    henry (@goalsmanu) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport No other problems with 3G

  • abizern
    Abizer Nasir 😶 (@abizern) reported

    I've said this every time: but @ThreeUK know how to do support. Painless and pleasant every time.

  • michelledefeo
    michelle de feo (@michelledefeo) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport Iv sent a pm as it’s still not working rather annoyed it’s been off 2 days now

  • Jorgew1977
    Jorge Luis Weir Vera (@Jorgew1977) reported

    @ThreeUK Today called to renew our contract. Costumer service from Bharat was great,BUT I’m astonished & concerned about the 3’s plan price increase from £19pcm in2017 to £25pcm. This is a 35% increase against 2018’s inflation rate increase ~100times more. How can 3 justify this?

  • DrSelfy
    Dr Zoe Davies (@DrSelfy) reported

    Too bad @ThreeUK haven’t considered @BritishVets #breedtobreathe campaign when making their awful #puggerfly advert. #caninewelfare

  • goalsmanu
    henry (@goalsmanu) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport always been a problem? and I’m not sure if it’s a particular area or just one?

  • DJGamble_
    Brandon (@DJGamble_) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport in the past month or so my connection to the Facebook messenger app is terrible. Everything else is fine except for this and my girlfriend has the same issue and we are both on three.

  • FentonDarren
    Hairdresser on fire (@FentonDarren) reported

    @ThreeUK If you’re going to raise my bill try improving your service!! This is a disgrace and I’ll be changing supplier as soon as possible #greedy

  • tanturbo72
    PT (@tanturbo72) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport To be honest I find 4g to be slow or non existent in my home area and have mentioned this before only to be told there is never an issue in RG26. I go that way every so often.

  • iambwilliams_
    B! (@iambwilliams_) reported

    @ThreeUK my data is going down really quick when im hardly using it?

  • Robin1989
    Robin1989 (@Robin1989) reported

    @ThreeUK your @Apple iPhone X advert about unlocking with a look is a bit Shit. It suggests that you can look at anything that isn't even yours and unlock it. Surely the idea of Face ID is that it's secure and isn't unlocked by anyone just you.

  • garyma29
    Gary (@garyma29) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport Hi, I am absolutely fuming with your Live Chat service. I want a call back from a manager in the UK and I want to send the transcript of my chat to someone. I do NOT appreciate being called a liar by employees of your company! I am being told my purchase is a lie!

  • _ShaVerZ_
    🇬🇧 ShaVerZ™ ツ (@_ShaVerZ_) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport How stupid of me, coming and asking for your help! Of course you won't help, you take a percentage of all charges! I'll be writing to the regulator and @WhichUK explaining your unwillingness to help! These are unsolicited and you're doing nothing to stop them!

  • Fingha
    Shut up Mike (@Fingha) reported

    @KhyleDeen @ThreeUK I love @O2 too much tbh, the customer service is 2nd to none and I’ve won a few bits from them over years too

  • OllieMont
    Oliver Montgomery (@OllieMont) reported

    @ThreeUK hi my wife’s mobile hasn’t had signal since we landed in Lanzarote, do we need to do anything to enable it?! Thanks

  • mourinho_army
    Mourinho's Red army (@mourinho_army) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport I’m on pay as you go and I’ve never gone over my data. I bough my data 2 days ago. All you can data. How can it have finished?

  • _ShaVerZ_
    🇬🇧 ShaVerZ™ ツ (@_ShaVerZ_) reported from Hayle, England

    @ThreeUKSupport Just received a text message saying I've signed up to a subscription service, charging £4.50pw. This is from: MobiPlanet! I've not authorised this and after investigation, it seems they are targeting mobile customers in the UK! (1/2)

  • Felim_Doyle
    Félim Doyle (@Felim_Doyle) reported

    @MickeyCaskill @ThreeUK @techradar @ThreeUKSupport "The world's first 3G-only network has stopped selling 3G phones"

  • tallgeekychap
    Tom King (@tallgeekychap) reported

    @ThreeUK why is it that after two days of fine service I can suddenly no longer buy data passport in Canada?

  • ashleighdunlop
    Ashleigh Dunlop (@ashleighdunlop) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport I went by Ferry, however I have done the exact same trip before without any issues

  • xLuciaSerrano
    Lucia Serrano (@xLuciaSerrano) reported

    @ThreeUK I can’t get in touch with anyone because my phone is shit, and you’re always pissing me off. So it’s gonna have to be through DM. IM CURRENTLY ABROAD AND I HAVE 0 SERVICE ANYWHERE

  • tianbosi
    添柏司 TDP (@tianbosi) reported

    @ThreeUK Terrible #advertising

  • ChrisTaylor_TSA
    Chris Taylor (@ChrisTaylor_TSA) reported

    Day 5 of no internet connection with @ThreeUK. Starting to cause some real problems now...

  • neglectedspace_
    Zelle Bee (@neglectedspace_) reported

    @O2 I'm not even your customer, and I will absolutely never be going forward (@ThreeUK never treats me in such a way). I am just someone who signed up for your WiFi and got slammed by marketing texts despite sending STOP texts to opt out.

  • sapps10
    ♠️R5♦️ (@sapps10) reported

    @ThreeUK Your network is shit I'm going EE poor service and my internet been down all afternoon

  • prep_gg
    GGPrep (@prep_gg) reported

    @StartupMinistry @EE @VodafoneUK @ThreeUK @O2 @bt_uk @BTCare @richardbranson @giffgaff your best option is to use a network within a specified EU country where you set up, you are not going to get a better deal from a different country

  • James_Privil
    James Anderson (@James_Privil) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport yes, and regarding the support chat, when i click the chat now button on your site nothing happens.

  • James_Privil
    James Anderson (@James_Privil) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport Your number (333) has "technical difficulties" when transferring me to a representative and your chat not button on your site doesn't work. I just want to transfer a bloody number.

  • Sandie88
    Sandie Gray (@Sandie88) reported

    @ThreeUK @ThreeUKSupport Sick and tired of having continuous issues with my 3G and 4G... time for a new network I think!! #poorservice

  • Johnsu1982
    John Surgenor (@Johnsu1982) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport We have no reception today in PH31GG. Are the lines down

  • BenjaminWareing
    Benjamin Wareing (@BenjaminWareing) reported

    Honestly I’m so angry about the signal - @ThreeUK, care to explain what the heck was up with your service today across Windsor?