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October 17: Problems at EE

EE is having issues since 08:30 AM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Phone (68.37%)
  • ▪ Internet (14.29%)
  • ▪ E-mail (9.18%)
  • ▪ Total Blackout (6.12%)
  • ▪ TV (2.04%)

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  • NotSoFreeman
    Stuart Freeman (@NotSoFreeman) reported

    @EE you're app isn't working yet again.... Says it is your fault and that you are trying to fix it. How long until working? Been down 2 days

  • lornaeh83
    Lorna Hale (@lornaeh83) reported

    @EE when will the service be back to normal in Hove/Brighton? I haven’t been able to receive calls for almost a week now!

  • Kayoulla
    Kay Stavrinou (@Kayoulla) reported

    @Bellers77 @EE @Bellers77 @EE still having issues making and receiving calls. Hope EE going to compensate this!

  • HarrietRosemary
    harriet. (@HarrietRosemary) reported

    Can @EE please sort out the awful issues in Ipswich?

  • Sarah_Rea1
    Sarah Rea (@Sarah_Rea1) reported

    @EE No issues and have restarted and still won’t work

  • Sarah_Rea1
    Sarah Rea (@Sarah_Rea1) reported

    @EE my phone will not ring out again! Is the network having issues again?

  • Sarah_Rea1
    Sarah Rea (@Sarah_Rea1) reported

    @EE is the network down again???? My phone won’t ring out again!!

  • AHJ87
    Andrew (@AHJ87) reported

    @MattWarke @EE No problem Matt; if I can be any further assistance just drop me a tweet. I do wonder when @EE will offer a free coffee promo though

  • compingfan
    Cas Philip (@compingfan) reported

    @EE Are there any problems with the network today?

  • KellyMVickers
    K E L L Y M A R I E (@KellyMVickers) reported

    @meganlines @EE Feel your pain took me nearly 12 months to sort out my issue - beyond ridiculous

  • WarwickBlow
    Warwick (@WarwickBlow) reported

    @EE @EE shouldn't you just stop the pressure selling tactics altogether? Especially the ring twice and hang up policy making ppl ring them back!

  • yox2814
    ♠️♥️YOX♣️♦️ (@yox2814) reported

    Never ever use an @EE store. Absolutely useless

  • Drathiem
    William Lee (@Drathiem) reported

    @EE I rang your team who all but suggested I had cheated the system and told me I could only upgrade by paying. Not convinced that they could help to be honest. Feel utterly let down after years of being a customer

  • Dudeb0y
    Ben (@Dudeb0y) reported

    What is going on with @EE in the Bournemouth area? Keeping losing my signal entirely every few minutes.

  • TheRealBadAssB
    Bad Ass (@TheRealBadAssB) reported

    @EE @elainehen @AlmaMackie @peterfleming81 @MartinGillespi7 Crazy I never win anything lol.

  • JenG1210
    Jen (@JenG1210) reported

    @samjsneddon @craigmc1872 @EE So what’s the issue with it saying 3 instead?

  • samjsneddon
    Sam Sneddon (@samjsneddon) reported

    @JenG1210 @craigmc1872 @EE If 3 and EE merged they could call the network thrEE

  • JenG1210
    Jen (@JenG1210) reported

    @samjsneddon @craigmc1872 @EE Hahahahaha where your network is? That’s a shite reason

  • andrsnh
    Anderson (@andrsnh) reported

    Hi @EE why are you pestering me calling on 0800 079 8100 after I’ve requested a PAC and will be leaving your network?

  • Alice_20
    Alice Whitbread (@Alice_20) reported

    @EE I have just had the worst experience from a heartless women on EE who is rude !!! And disgusting services today complaint made !!

  • clhudson86
    Clare (@clhudson86) reported

    @EE I've done that but it's showing there is no problems... x

  • NutellaDuffy
    Duffy (@NutellaDuffy) reported

    @EE Just checked and it says no known problems. My partner is on vodaphone and gets full reception everywhere in the house and surrounding areas

  • SymoneJ8
    Symone J (@SymoneJ8) reported

    @EE no problems reported. cant use internet

  • clhudson86
    Clare (@clhudson86) reported

    @EE Hey, my phone has had no service all morning. Are there signal problems in the Brighouse, West Yorks area? x

  • catbxo
    Catrin (@catbxo) reported

    @EE I have not been a happy EE customer since I joined but they make it impossible to leave

  • catbxo
    Catrin (@catbxo) reported

    Feel like @EE get a kick out of rinsing a young woman out of all her money and trapping me in bad deals so I can never leave them

  • Mummyandmrs
    louise (@Mummyandmrs) reported

    @EE seriously. First a crap upgrade, now reception getting worse every day. The minute my contract visit up I am gone. Waste of 20yrs

  • SymoneJ8
    Symone J (@SymoneJ8) reported

    @EE mobile data is not working... since yesterday

  • tompepper
    Tom (@tompepper) reported

    @EE Are there issues with your 4g service in the northwest? Thanks

  • AndyRobertHart
    Andrew Hart (@AndyRobertHart) reported

    @EE it's a joke that I requested proof of purchase of a number of corporate mobiles phone over 2 weeks ago and still no response. Worst customer service ever

  • strobe1981
    Steve Roberts (@strobe1981) reported

    @EE what's your policy on headphone warranty? Left channel not working after only a couple of weeks...

  • blahendaton
    Bryan Henderson (@blahendaton) reported

    @EE hi. In Spain cpl of days now. No service calls/ welcome txt message when I've arrived. Any ideas. Data roaming is on. Thx

  • EmJaySlade
    Mike Slade (@EmJaySlade) reported

    @EE If only I had a signal. Will try later when I go down valley towards Hexham.

  • gavinwatson
    Gavin Watson (@gavinwatson) reported

    @EE I can't, I have no signal!!

  • drewskingle
    Andrew Skingle (@drewskingle) reported

    @EE That's correct, new customer, but I'll be bringing an old number across with a PAC code

  • EmelyeFerguson
    Emelye Ferguson (@EmelyeFerguson) reported

    @EE I have been travelling abroad for 2 months now & my phone says 'no service' still, which also doesn't help as I can't pay my ee bill!

  • AbuCalves
    #TeamRommel (@AbuCalves) reported

    @EE hello, my home phone and wifi have been down since Friday

  • EmJaySlade
    Mike Slade (@EmJaySlade) reported

    @EE The issue is no signal. Any so called issues have apparently been fixed. But I still have no signal because you don't have a mast here.

  • gavinwatson
    Gavin Watson (@gavinwatson) reported

    @EE Hi Jess, it's definitely not hunky dory here, we have two phones without service. Normally signal, at least for voice, is fine, so something isn't quite right. You might want to check it out. Thanks.

  • prashadlodhia
    Prashad Lodhia (@prashadlodhia) reported

    @EE I have no signal when inside the shops at Woodley shopping centre (rg5 3jp). Outside the signal is really bad. Can this be fixed?

  • JackSmith1607
    Jack Smith (@JackSmith1607) reported

    @EE @Raynor_h15 I’m having problems Gemma Collins memes won’t load

  • InspGadget
    Elliott Ainley (@InspGadget) reported

    @EE why is it so difficult to cancel my 2nd line after follow your staff's advice, I'm supposed to be a VIP customer? #NOTHAPPYCUSTOMER

  • meganlines
    meg :) (@meganlines) reported

    @EE Rude manner of speaking.Didn’t want to know.Didn’t care that I want to leave.Told me I can find the number online instead of giving it to me

  • gavinwatson
    Gavin Watson (@gavinwatson) reported

    @EE No signal in the SO32 area again guys.

  • meganlines
    meg :) (@meganlines) reported

    @EE Was due an upgrade, tried to charge me a lot for not very much, told him I wanted to cancel it then, said they can’t do that in store.

  • meganlines
    meg :) (@meganlines) reported from Bolton, England

    What is the point in @EE even having stores?! The staff are rude and any issue you have you just get told they can’t deal with it. Joke.

  • HarrietOakley86
    Harriet Oakley (@HarrietOakley86) reported

    @EE Done all that, as soon as you say you're an existing customer the chat function is disabled.

  • XxH41D3RxX
    #Haider (@XxH41D3RxX) reported

    @O2 @ThreeUKSupport @EE you guys need to step up as I am a customer of both of yours , I'm thinking of going full on @o2 with this goodness!

  • hardboiled2006
    Rich Mellen (@hardboiled2006) reported

    @EE In 6 years with you i have never had a perk. So match @ThreeUKSupport price and give me something free and I'll think about steying

  • HarrietOakley86
    Harriet Oakley (@HarrietOakley86) reported

    @EE is your live chat down for existing customers? My upgrade was due to be delivered but ee hasn't given it to DPD.

  • EmJaySlade
    Mike Slade (@EmJaySlade) reported

    @EE It's just not good enough. I pay ober £16 per month for this service. Btw why can't you share masts?

  • EmJaySlade
    Mike Slade (@EmJaySlade) reported

    @EE This isn't easy. Tried to log in. Had to reregister. Now can't remember account no, it's been nearly 2years. Can't send txt to 150 no signal

  • Reneng91
    Lauren (@Reneng91) reported

    Why do i have no service [email protected]

  • AlastairCummins
    Alastair Cummins (@AlastairCummins) reported

    @EE @O2 @movistar_es can get perfect signal in the mountains too! No excuse for it!

  • Marc_MuFc1
    Marc (@Marc_MuFc1) reported from Bangor, Northern Ireland

    @EE Is there an issue with annual upgrades at the minute. Been waiting a week. Store keeps telling me there is an issue at the minute.

  • laurasaur_790
    Laura Ruth (@laurasaur_790) reported

    @EE I have an NHS discount code I want to use to upgrade my contract it won't work any help?!

  • SueNettleingham
    Sue Nettleingham (@SueNettleingham) reported

    @EE no phone service for second day running in thetford norfolk! Can't send texts or make calls...

  • AndyDixon04
    Andy Dixon (@AndyDixon04) reported

    @EE Yes over and over again still slow

  • AndyDixon04
    Andy Dixon (@AndyDixon04) reported

    @EE Why is your website so slow?

  • tmia2102
    Tony Rixon (@tmia2102) reported

    @EE Thank you all I get is service live chat is busy

  • turpin_chris
    Chris Turpin (@turpin_chris) reported

    @EE Service awful in Leeds last night and still this morning - texts won’t send

  • MarkRockrowland
    Mark Rowland (@MarkRockrowland) reported

    @EE tried the network checker saying 9hrs to repair and same yesterday 6 hrs not good work mobile

  • MarkRockrowland
    Mark Rowland (@MarkRockrowland) reported

    @EE no mobile signal ox144rt 2nd day terrible service from ee 9hrs to repair #shocking

  • AnnaFis89733170
    Anna Fisher (@AnnaFis89733170) reported

    @EE Been logging issues with you for over a week and yet still no reply!

  • melanieslater75
    Melanie Slater (@melanieslater75) reported

    @EE There are but apparently my network carrier needs to support it?

  • tmia2102
    Tony Rixon (@tmia2102) reported

    @EE why do I have to pay to return the new Watch that doesn’t fit & never received any updates it was being delivered & went 2 wrong address

  • sullivansound
    Adam Sullivan (@sullivansound) reported

    @EE absolutely no form of calls are working. Wifi calls won't work. Everything is failing. Please fix it.

  • kerennicol
    Keren Nicol (@kerennicol) reported

    @EE I've no service on new phone using old sim. How best to contact you for help without calls/text?

  • dgfeakes
    David (@dgfeakes) reported

    @EE changing over landline to EE is easy??? 6 weeks now and no landline or wifi! Massive cock up from beginning! Awful awful awful.

  • d4rr3ll
    Darrell Taylor (@d4rr3ll) reported

    @EE Who can I contact to try and get to the bottom of very inconsistent service on my train journey every day? Data Sim, and WiFi hotspot.

  • Stephmchx
    Stephanie Michaux (@Stephmchx) reported

    @EE Sick of your blanket messages. Fix the service don't ask me to check it,if I'm telling you it's down I don't need to check its down

  • robin_parker
    Robin Parker (@robin_parker) reported

    Hi @EE. I don't seem to be receiving all text messages at the moment, although I don't seem to have any problems sending. Any ideas?

  • TonyAyton
    Tony Ayton (@TonyAyton) reported

    When at @EE text to say you have the best service in Nottingham when it is really bad... How bad are you guys!? @O2 @VodafoneUK

  • shorty_dont
    Andy (@shorty_dont) reported

    @EE your app is horrific! Never works

  • FreakFizzer
    Billy Collins (@FreakFizzer) reported

    @EE If you google it, others get this problem too. But I hate that it does this, it feels illegal and I feel like EE take some responsibility for my data since they supply me with it, and it's been taken away incorrectly.

  • FreakFizzer
    Billy Collins (@FreakFizzer) reported

    @EE No one would be able to use that much data even if they TRIED in one night. It sucks my data out when I'm on a call WHEN IM ON WIFI

  • Dave_LUHG
    PoGRAG (@Dave_LUHG) reported

    @EE Hello. It’s my birthday today, as a long standing and current customer how about a free iPhone 8 Plus upgrade?

  • jenni_harrison1
    Jenni Harrison (@jenni_harrison1) reported

    @EE Can I cancel it in advance?

  • AntGill77
    Anthony Gill (@AntGill77) reported

    @EE It was forwarded to the Apple support team 2 days ago cos your team couldn’t figure it out

  • CllrSimonHall
    Simon Hall (@CllrSimonHall) reported

    @EE Why can't you put blocks & bars on properly, or keep them on (e.g. if existing customer gets new handset & contract 4 existing number)?