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March 22: Problems at EE

EE is having issues since 08:30 AM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Internet (39.80%)
  • ▪ Phone (35.40%)
  • ▪ Total Blackout (10.00%)
  • ▪ Wi-fi (10.00%)
  • ▪ E-mail (4.20%)
  • ▪ TV (.60%)

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  • damien_gould
    Damien Gould (@damien_gould) reported

    @EE When it does actually work, it's pointlessly slow.

  • Disty_Wolf
    Nose offending wolf @ FWAAAAAA (@Disty_Wolf) reported

    @jmcomms @EE @VodafoneUK @ThreeUK That is what EE, Three and O2 are like in Glasgow city centre too. It’s annoying having to dumb my phone down to 3G to be able to get a connection to the internet.

  • nicspearo
    Nicola (@nicspearo) reported

    Why don’t I have any mobile signal @EE ?? I’ve not a signal since Tuesday. I’m in Cardiff at the moment.

  • Barbymargy
    Barbara Miller (@Barbymargy) reported

    @EE Very disappointed this wasn’t pointed out in the EE store though. Been with you for 6 years and so far been satisfied but feel a bit let down.

  • EggBrunchClub
    Egg Brunch Club (@EggBrunchClub) reported

    What resolutions is @EE going to offer me as a customer? You’ve broken my internet and you don’t know when it’s going to be working again! Great

  • EggBrunchClub
    Egg Brunch Club (@EggBrunchClub) reported

    I’m speaking with Jamie from Plymouth @EE what he’s advising is that he can not tell me when my internet is going to be working. @EE sent someone to my house broke the internet and now they’re saying they don’t know when it’s gonna be fixed? Great customer experience

  • m5rcc
    Max (@m5rcc) reported

    @jmcomms @EE @VodafoneUK Just as bad when stood still!

  • EggBrunchClub
    Egg Brunch Club (@EggBrunchClub) reported

    @EE I’be spent hours on the phone to @EE and still NOTHING! No one know what they’re doing and they specialise in arguing with customer

  • EggBrunchClub
    Egg Brunch Club (@EggBrunchClub) reported

    @EE are the worst service providers and they teach their employees to argue with their customers during training

  • EggBrunchClub
    Egg Brunch Club (@EggBrunchClub) reported

    I would like someone @EE to call me and give me a real resolution because it’s not on!

  • EggBrunchClub
    Egg Brunch Club (@EggBrunchClub) reported

    I run @EggBrunchClub at home relaying on the internet @EE said there’s nothing they can do about it and I should contact my other provider to fix the problem

  • EggBrunchClub
    Egg Brunch Club (@EggBrunchClub) reported

    Spoke to @EE customer service, everyone advised that the internet will be connected latest 12am! Even though this was inconvenient i had to wait

  • EggBrunchClub
    Egg Brunch Club (@EggBrunchClub) reported

    @EE we realised the internet wasn’t working then he said he needs to go. So you sent an engineer into somewhere that already working internet he’s broken it then said he needs to go

  • qmlondon321
    Q M (@qmlondon321) reported

    @HassainSeamus @EE 1/2 There’s no contact details for them - funny that, they’re not contactable but can take your money...smells like fraud. You need to log a complaint with PSA and they do follow up.

  • abba_nwaneri
    Abba Nwaneri (@abba_nwaneri) reported

    @EE i can confirm that the business team are the worst in the united kingdom. I sent an email in Jan 2018 for my mobile line to move to business line and nothing was done and they charged me VAT on my personal account. Very unprofessional. I will be speaking to my lawyer..

  • Langtrams
    lawrie thomson (@Langtrams) reported

    @EE I am waiting on full access to the three network but EE have to allow it from their side my number has been ported but can't receive phone calls etc

  • Langtrams
    lawrie thomson (@Langtrams) reported

    @EE I transferred my number to @ThreeUK but can't make phone calls because @EE, decide that I can't have full access to the three network for three days, wouldn't mind but its the only number I have

  • samcotton10
    Sammy (@samcotton10) reported

    @EE do you know why there has been no service in mid cornwall for the last few days?

  • seajones
    Owen C. Jones (@seajones) reported

    @EE Done on the phone, on the internet, what else is there? Person on the phone told "We don't take that card" for 3 different types of card. This is really shit service - I'm trying to pay you money for fucks sake.

  • james_e_fuller
    James Fuller🏌 (@james_e_fuller) reported

    @EE @BBCWatchdog never been so disappointed with a company. Stuck abroad and can't call my wife. @EE said I don't have a password!! Seriously.

  • mattkirlew
    Matthew Kirlew (@mattkirlew) reported

    @EE I keep getting error message 10 when sending an SMS from abroad. I've tried changing my network, turning off 4G and restarting my phone. Can you help?

  • Shana03Elliott
    Shana (@Shana03Elliott) reported

    After 12 years I'm actually coming off @EE it's been 2 weeks and my nano sim card still hasn't come, and the phone customer service are crap saying I should have received it and nothing else..

  • Royston___
    Sailor Ripley (@Royston___) reported

    @EE no signal in TW12 for 24ish hours now, what's up with that?

  • BrindleKeith
    Keith Brindle (@BrindleKeith) reported

    @EE customer service is not replying to my emails. And I'm a customer. Shoddy behaviour. As poor as my broadband. I'd go any knock on their door, but the man who's supposed to be helping me is in Ireland...

  • hadleyac
    Andy Hadley (@hadleyac) reported

    @EE network coverage on @SW_Railway Weymouth line very poor. Don't want just map, when will it be improved ? No email contact :(

  • Nickstar_S6
    Nickstar (@Nickstar_S6) reported

    @EE is their issues on the Internet side of things because since midnight I haven't been able to get on any website, app or xbox live but the hub is saying connected?

  • CannaProUK
    Harry (@CannaProUK) reported

    @EE What are the current service issues this morning in WF15 7AL affecting EE mobile phone broadband users who need the service to access internet for NHS servers & Locala databases?

  • CannaProUK
    Harry (@CannaProUK) reported

    @EE What are the current service issues this morning in WF15 7AL affecting EE mobile phone broadband users who need the service to access internet for NHS servers & Locala databases?

  • DaleChatwin
    Dale Chatwin (@DaleChatwin) reported

    @EE If I try to log in, it says the page is not working and EE are trying to fix it. If I reset my password, it says a link will be sent to my email but this never arrives.

  • cullinan_uk (@cullinan_uk) reported

    @EE Your “experts “ unable to help at all.

  • siliconglen
    Craig Cockburn (@siliconglen) reported from Edinburgh, Scotland

    @EE Still doesn't work. Did you test it?

  • staceycanarslan
    Stacey Canarslan (@staceycanarslan) reported

    @EE I know that and went into store after the first experience was overwhelming in a bad way. They amended the phone but I still haven’t had the change to my tariff and was told on Saturday it would be 48 hours

  • cullinan_uk (@cullinan_uk) reported

    @EE I purchased EE PAYG SIM card in emergency matters. My son used it for few days while abroad. After few days SIM card stopped working and after hours dealing with customer service no solution made. I simply can’t reach my son on mobile.

  • JoshHCFC
    Josh (@JoshHCFC) reported

    @PippaRouse @EE They are by far the worst phone company! Just love ripping customers off!

  • TheJRX
    Jonny Rees (@TheJRX) reported

    @EE I'm no longer a customer but I'm still getting network updates in my area... Can I get removed please!

  • Chelle8181
    Michelle Miller (@Chelle8181) reported

    @EE Any idea when the problem in BH11 will be fixed, no update since yesterday evening and still no phone signal

  • gslane11
    gavin slane (@gslane11) reported

    @EE any help for this hangover kid

  • xDommiex
    Domini 🦄 (@xDommiex) reported

    So @EE have added £6 extra to my bill this month... that day it’s a part charge, but I’ve not done anything different this month than I’ve done any other month... help!!!

  • Danny29x
    Danny Revell (@Danny29x) reported

    @EE how about a discount for all the times ee broadband goes down?. I'm guessing you owe me about a weeks worth so far just for the past 3 months

  • Joe_Salthouse
    Joe Salthouse (@Joe_Salthouse) reported

    @abbbzd @DavidMason93 @EE I was in siege too! Xbox down, pc, phone the lot! #paininthearse

  • abbbzd
    Ken Kaniff of Connecticut (@abbbzd) reported

    @DavidMason93 @Joe_Salthouse @EE seems to be back up what the fuck just happened hahaha

  • annaonthemoon
    Rebecca Lockley #FBPE (@annaonthemoon) reported from Dunholme, England

    Anyone else on @ee internet and having an outage?

  • Joe_Salthouse
    Joe Salthouse (@Joe_Salthouse) reported

    @EE home broadband, is hands down the worst choice made by my household! Slow, unreliable, poor service. Can’t connect to the internet 90% of the time! #rubbish #broadband #ee #shockingatbest #backtosky

  • joegerrard04
    Joe (@joegerrard04) reported

    No Internet please help @EE

  • wardenL23
    ruel (@wardenL23) reported

    @EE since upgrading the network in my area my internet connection is rubbish

  • MiahLCFC
    M Miah (@MiahLCFC) reported

    @RJUEL @EE @RJUEL I feel your pain mate.. I’ve had some terrible encounters with them too.

  • olliepittam85
    Oliver Pittam (@olliepittam85) reported

    @EE Still quite slow, but will try again

  • stuieboy2000
    Stewart Blamford🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (@stuieboy2000) reported

    @EE Hey, is there any update on the FORTNITE connection issue on EE yet?

  • Fhcwigley
    mkw (@Fhcwigley) reported

    @EE everyday EVERYDAY EVERY BLOODY DAY I have to rebooot my internet, unplug turn off or not even use. I have fibre optic and it’s a disgrace, I left @SkyUK and I regret bitterly , please can I cancel. I work from home so I LOVE missing those emails that might earn me money

  • Fhcwigley
    mkw (@Fhcwigley) reported

    @TattooedJerry @EE everyday EVERYDAY EVERYDAY BLOODY DAY my internet stops, I have to reboot,unplug. I have fibre optic, its slower than @SkyUK internet. Can I cancel my contract please?!? Run business from home and I love missing those vital emails, really helpful

  • dogchard
    richard isherwood (@dogchard) reported

    @EE No sky but why charge so much to a long term customer it’s sad

  • LesleyLeslie5
    Lesley Leslie (@LesleyLeslie5) reported

    @EE I don’t know the last time I managed to log in without an issue. It won’t let me add my new number into my old ee account as it says the page can’t be displayed! Then I set up my new number with a diff email address and the email won’t verify! Both online and the app

  • imdsm
    Adam K Dean (@imdsm) reported

    @EE Hi David, you may need to update your website then as it said until 10pm. I have a photo of this, but I'm sure you don't need me to send that. I'll call tomorrow, but the world never sleeps. Perhaps EE shouldn't either. :)

  • SophieMages
    Sophie Mages (@SophieMages) reported

    @EE mis-sold a product and asked to make a complaint in store and over the phone, both times refused. How do I make a complaint and for someone to actually listen to me?

  • cialesrocham
    Cia (@cialesrocham) reported

    Mad how @EE claim to be the uks biggest 4g network but you can never get signal when all the other networks do

  • AbbyKeeen
    𝓐𝓰𝓮𝓷𝓽 𝓴𝓮𝓮𝓷 (@AbbyKeeen) reported

    @EE It’s showing in my account when I login, I payed for a bundle but was charged twice. Maybe it was a glitch or something online.

  • nickmansley
    Nick #FBPE 🇪🇺🇬🇧 (@nickmansley) reported

    @EE Many times. This problem was reported saturday. Action promised but not materialised yet...

  • chillmj_
    mj (@chillmj_) reported

    @EE hi having issues whilst on holiday with an add on, can you call me to advise ?

  • Smedly_Stef
    Smedders (@Smedly_Stef) reported

    @EE Do you guys know @EEHelp2 Or is he a scammer or what? He asked me my details after asking you guys about replacing my broken router.

  • lauractwin2
    ladylaurac (@lauractwin2) reported

    @EE hey! I use less than 50% of the days I pay for each month. This month I’ve moved into my first house and there is a two week wait for broadband. I have 1.5gb left and 5 days until it’s renewed! Will you help me out and give me back some of what I paid for last month!!?