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December 17: Problems at EE

EE is having issues since 01:30 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • ▪ Phone (50.69%)
  • ▪ Internet (36.87%)
  • ▪ Total Blackout (6.91%)
  • ▪ E-mail (5.53%)

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  • darrencarnall1
    Darren Carnall (@darrencarnall1) reported

    Is anyone else having SERIOUS 4G issues on @EE ??? TERRIBLE SRVICE FOR THE LAST THREE DAYS!!

  • nikftw
    Shane Withers (@nikftw) reported

    Now if only @VodafoneUK could get their act together with the network name display. Else I’ll just have to switch to @EE or @O2 to please my ocd.

  • KeithWinestein
    #Winological (@KeithWinestein) reported

    It would be helpful if someone from @EE would update me on the longstanding delay in the fibre optic broadband I was expecting to go live a month ago - i mean customer service would be appreciated. I do pay for it!

  • ward_wardk4
    Kevin GB Cabbie (@ward_wardk4) reported from Crawley, England

    @EE hi I’ve just been signed up to a faster broadband connection by you and I’ve noticed a lot of connection problems ,as this is costing me extra understandably I’m not happy please help.

  • oliverkiell
    Ollie Kiell (@oliverkiell) reported

    Bitterly disappointed with staff member at EE Bluewater store for ripping my other half off, then sending out his sidekick to make sure he didn't have to deal with the issue. Even the call centre staff advised us not to go there again @EE

  • CarysKennedy
    Carys Kennedy (@CarysKennedy) reported

    @EE Hello! Local coverage is usually great but there’s been no service in my postcode for around 60 hours now. Network checker confirms there’s a problem. Haven’t had an update since 7am yesterday. What happens next?

  • laurenxbrown_
    Lauren Brown (@laurenxbrown_) reported

    Can’t get through to @EE on the phone and I realllly neeed some help

  • sanapervez786
    Sana Pervez (@sanapervez786) reported

    @EE your service is not working in Stratford since 4 months now please sort it out :(

  • WoodyWoodruff88
    Woody (@WoodyWoodruff88) reported

    I requested a brand new number a couple of weeks ago and every single day I am receiving random calls off people up and down the country asif the number has been used before, is this normal? @EE

  • crawford_katie1
    katie crawford† (@crawford_katie1) reported

    @JodieMarsh @EE is the best network I've ever been with. Highly recommend never had a bother. @O2 on the other hand not worth the hassle

  • Lyrical_prose
    Hipp (@Lyrical_prose) reported

    @EE Your 5 day unlimited is actually restricted....Missing out on a day! Not a happy customer right now and I have been one for 7+ #GetInTouchASAP

  • iamibbo
    Paul Ibbotson (@iamibbo) reported

    @EE How can I stop other people buying the shit phones that you sell?

  • iamibbo
    Paul Ibbotson (@iamibbo) reported

    @EE You've lost a customer then - what a load of shit

  • thbramwell
    Thomas Bramwell (@thbramwell) reported

    @VodafoneUK Why is it taking two weeks just to get a working unlock code? Multiple emails, multiple calls, no one reading emails or responding. Terrible service and being fobbed off. @EE @Plusnet you guys got better service???

  • sarahshillaker
    Sarah Shillaker (@sarahshillaker) reported from Solihull, England

    @EE is there a problem with the 4G network?

  • vlanderground
    Vlad Gargaz (@vlanderground) reported

    @EE You have a shit website man ... when you gonna hire some proper developers to fix it. Trying to upgrade but it's impossible. #shame

  • boothysufc
    Kevin Booth (@boothysufc) reported

    @EE thanks, no known work so reported issue

  • boothysufc
    Kevin Booth (@boothysufc) reported

    @EE issue with phone or is it signal? Texts delayed then disappeared. Also camera not saving photos since Friday

  • pestowitch
    jen | (@pestowitch) reported

    trying to watch an episode of outlander and my mother's @ee wifi is so terrible that it looks like it was filmed on a potato......

  • smiley_dancer1
    Craig (@smiley_dancer1) reported from London, England

    Is anyone else’s having issues with @ee

  • paul_furley
    Paul M Furley (@paul_furley) reported

    @EE @rossjones It’s nothing to do with the third party, it’s *you* I have issue with for sharing my phone number with them in the first place

  • JamesLaneMe
    James Lane 🤓🎓 (@JamesLaneMe) reported from London, England

    @EE Hi, texting 9527 isn't responding to me with anything. Can you help? Looking for a username/password for WiFi

  • richard64wilson
    Richard Wilson (@richard64wilson) reported from Yatton, England

    @EE I have visited one of your stores, I have spoken to your staff on the phone as staff in store unable to help! I am not satisfied with either! I have had a mobile, landline and broadband service for years and as this drags out I am wondering why!

  • little_old_di
    Meee (@little_old_di) reported

    @EE I doubt it. I’m looking into legal routes to cancel

  • LiamWilliams444
    Liam Williams (@LiamWilliams444) reported

    You lot at @EE really are fucking useless!! Quite possibly the worst network on the market!!

  • ChloeHoughton5
    Chloe. (@ChloeHoughton5) reported from Hockley, England

    Disgusting customer service from @EE today

  • little_old_di
    Meee (@little_old_di) reported

    I absolutely hate @EE nothing but problems. Been with them since I was 16 and they were orange!! #noloyalty #poorservice #wronginformation #dontcareabouthecustomerajustthemoney

  • daijholt
    Dai J. Holt (@daijholt) reported from Bridgend, Wales

    @EE 4G doesn’t seem to be working for me over the last 2 days in postcode CF311ET. Is there an issue or any maintenance going on?

  • AnthonyHocken
    Anthony Hocken (@AnthonyHocken) reported

    @EE Thanks. Will your customer service team also help with a time machine set to 1995? I'm thinking the 45mb data allowance might be more useful back there. :-)

  • jgibbo29
    James Gibbons (@jgibbo29) reported

    @JodieMarsh @O2 @EE Don’t go with ee they are dog shit I have murder with them

  • MervynL
    Mervyn (@MervynL) reported

    Come on @EE two days without a signal is not on. It's not as if there was an earthquake or something. How long does it take to fix a mast? #NotAHappyEECustomer

  • richard64wilson
    Richard Wilson (@richard64wilson) reported from Yatton, England

    @orange @EE Little in the way of help from Orange/EE. Plus an increase in charge for broadband coming! Forced to keep mobile contract, which has not been used for months! Will dump landline/broadband asap. Reward for loyalty? None!!! Please share!

  • RTSquires
    Rick Squires (@RTSquires) reported

    Why do @EE use that stupid Yank I’m their UK adverts. What a wazzark

  • jaakehanson
    Jake Hanson (@jaakehanson) reported

    Hey @EE how come I get no signal at my girlfriends house and she’s tearing it up with five bars and 4G on @O2 ??

  • RyanMcN71705815
    Ryan McNamara (@RyanMcN71705815) reported

    @JodieMarsh @O2 @EE I would never use another network ee is great I even get my home fibre optic from them x

  • debsrao
    Debbie Srao (@debsrao) reported

    @EE How many times do my family & I need2 complain about your non-existent network coverage (LS17) before you pull your fingers out? Fix it!

  • a1exwbu
    alex (@a1exwbu) reported

    @EE I have a orange SIM card and need a nano sim for new phone. I can't do it online, can a shop help ? Is there a charge for a new sim ?

  • TopTradersADVFN
    Topinfo (@TopTradersADVFN) reported

    @JuliePither @EE So I darent leave the house without my phone as it’s so unreliable & wont work properly independently so I end up taking my phone and watch so therefore it ends up just working the same as my series one watch did. It’s terrible really. Apple products used to be so good, this isnt

  • TopTradersADVFN
    Topinfo (@TopTradersADVFN) reported

    @JuliePither @EE The problem 4 me is because the series 3 watch Ive got is so unreliable that I darent leave the house just with my watch & without my phone because then it doesn’t work so I’m the end u have 2 take your phone as well so the Apple series 3 watch is just the same as series 1 for me

  • TopTradersADVFN
    Topinfo (@TopTradersADVFN) reported

    @JuliePither @EE Ive never known Apple products 2 be do unreliable.Im on my 3rd IPhone X as the 1st couldnt get a signal anywhere.The 2nd Froze totally and it would not unfreeze & so far the 3rd is ok but only had it 2 weeks. My watch I wish I had just kept my series one as it worked same as this

  • TopTradersADVFN
    Topinfo (@TopTradersADVFN) reported

    @JuliePither @EE Yes mine is doing it again.Im getting very annoyed and fed up with it. U think they’ve fixed it and then u go out without your phone and your watch drops the connection in areas where your phone normally has 3G and 4G good signal strength and phone signal strength. V frustrating

  • jemevans
    Jeremy Evans (@jemevans) reported

    When choosing a broadband provider, do not choose @EE . They are shit and dishonest.

  • BethBlackwell90
    Bee Blackwell (@BethBlackwell90) reported

    @EE Just a simple upgrade. 17 years with orange/ee and I can't even get decent customer service.

  • domjnye
    DomN (@domjnye) reported

    Hey @EE every time there’s an event at #AlexandraPalace the signal gets awful, any chance you can do something to make it better for the rest of us?

  • Usman
    Usman 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰 (@Usman) reported

    @EE Typical auto-reply script as recited by the customer services advisors on the helpline. Doesnt do anything to improve, rather make me frustrated and angry

  • Alrightpunk
    Rachael Eyre (@Alrightpunk) reported

    @EE I bought an EE e-voucher thinking it would top up my mobile broadband. When I got home I found out it was only for EE phones. The shop has refused to refund it, claiming I can use it on my broadband. I've been on the website but nothing suggests you can do this. Help!

  • pianobloke2011
    Jim (@pianobloke2011) reported

    @JodieMarsh @O2 @EE Jodie, tell 02 how unhappy you are. They don’t need the bad publicity and will compensate you.

  • EthanCarterIV
    #BROKEN Ethan Carter IV (@EthanCarterIV) reported

    @EE There aren’t any. I’m getting 3G but still no internet, no service then service... and yes I’ve restarted my phone twice.

  • Usman
    Usman 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰 (@Usman) reported

    Bloody tired with this @EE #Broadband. Crap speed with crap delaying tactics from Customer Services. Guess its time to get rid of the crap service

  • simon2112massey
    Simon Massey (@simon2112massey) reported from Wombourne, England

    @EE Sent to a direct message. Need your CS to phone me now as I'm ready to cancel the order

  • Kairu_Kilofski
    Kairu_Kristmaski (@Kairu_Kilofski) reported

    @romankemp @EE This came up as promoted, I have no idea who you are but I would like to say fuck you EE, you left me without internet for 3 months, didnt fix it and didn't compensate me because apparently a £15 data package is good enough to cover 3 months where I couldnt claim my benefits.

  • WikidBlondie969
    authentic (@WikidBlondie969) reported

    @EE hi do you know why your text pack is not working for the five day text, as when my mum tries to text 150 it says request not recognised

  • thebruceturner
    Bruce Turner (@thebruceturner) reported

    @EE Hi. No service in Wilmslow, Cheshire for the last few days. Can you help?

  • Anettevordahl
    Anette C (@Anettevordahl) reported

    @EE Thanks Mel, but I’m going now, so no point. Just thought you guys should know. 2 bad ones in a row is a little much.

  • EthanCarterIV
    #BROKEN Ethan Carter IV (@EthanCarterIV) reported

    @EE are you going to give me a discount for not giving me full service? Data been down for hours.. unsure as to why?

  • BethBlackwell90
    Bee Blackwell (@BethBlackwell90) reported

    @EE Still not working. Left the shop called customer services and got an arrogant woman on there who huffed and sighed all the way through the conversation. I've told them to leave it and I'm going else where. Customer service is appalling.

  • ZephrFish
    Andy Gill クラッカー (@ZephrFish) reported

    I'd just like to say the customer service was above and beyond @EE in comparison to @vodafone it took 30s from dialing 150 to speaking to Dermot from EE support in comparison to the 50 min on hold @VodafoneUK the difference between good and bad customer service is a big fact

  • ZephrFish
    Andy Gill クラッカー (@ZephrFish) reported

    @EE I'd just like to say the customer service was above and beyond @EE in comparison to @VodafoneUK it took 30s from dialing 150 to speaking to Dermot from EE support in comparison to the 50 min on hold @VodafoneUK !!!!!!!!

  • Anettevordahl
    Anette C (@Anettevordahl) reported from London, England

    @EE left today. Tried getting new deal. Lady on phone really rude. Called back for a PAC code, explaining that I wanted to leave as did not get a good deal when I called last week and EE rep was really rude. Answer: so just because someone’s had a bad day you decide to leave. Wow

  • FasBytes
    FasBytes (@FasBytes) reported

    just picked up the #applewatch series 3 with 4G from #EE . Excellent support from @EE . About to try out workout without my #garmin and leaving my #iphone home.

  • BethBlackwell90
    Bee Blackwell (@BethBlackwell90) reported

    The @EE website isn't working. I'm now in the shop and have been in the q for half an hour with no sign of getting anywhere. May have to go elsewhere with better customer service!!!

  • EmmettChapmanUK
    Emmett Chapman 🌈☮️ (@EmmettChapmanUK) reported

    @EE Y would I check out your 4g plans? I was on your 4g plan and it was shit. You kept blaming the phone!! Same phone with @ThreeUK no problems!

  • JMG2410
    John Guttridge (@JMG2410) reported

    @EE any issues with landline at the moment, get internet but no voice.

  • MemnochFallen
    Memnoch the Fallen (@MemnochFallen) reported

    @ffionalicelewis @EE lucky you, been with orange/EE 10 plus years and have never received anything other than increased prices mid term

  • JWSBayes
    John W Stevens (@JWSBayes) reported

    I think it's time to change my mobile network provider from @EE. No signal in my house or when I stand on my driveway.

  • Jackk_Ross
    Jack (@Jackk_Ross) reported from Halesowen, England

    @EE I can’t remember my password to my account but when I go to change it, it comes up with service error?

  • DavePike_NEU
    Dave Pike (@DavePike_NEU) reported

    @EE Thanks Ed I appreciate the quick response. I'll chase up with customer services as soon as I can. Do you have the number for dialing them from Europe?

  • gillb74
    Gillian Brown (@gillb74) reported

    @JodieMarsh @O2 @EE Never had a problem with ee or t mobile before that.

  • simon2112massey
    Simon Massey (@simon2112massey) reported from Wombourne, England

    @KateFor865 @DPD_UK @EE @dpd In fairness to @EE they've been good but @DPD have let them down. They need to change their courier service or they'll lose business

  • westy3508
    ryan white (@westy3508) reported

    @greenhough95 @JodieMarsh @O2 @EE @mel_riley we’ve just joined @SkyUK mobile loads cheaper than all the others and signal isn’t bad only thing is missing is WIFI calling

  • KateFor865
    Kate Ford (@KateFor865) reported

    @simon2112massey @DPD_UK @EE @dpd It’s a shame because @EE have tried their best from their end but the length of time @DPD_UK are taking and the awful customer service means I’ll be cutting ties with @EE also. I’ll never buy anything from any company that use @DPD_UK.

  • AFCBdave
    Dave Stone (@AFCBdave) reported

    @JodieMarsh @O2 @EE Switched from O2 to @ThreeUKSupport last year and the coverage and service is excellent. And they support Wi-fi calling.

  • slapshot1972
    ? (@slapshot1972) reported

    @JodieMarsh @O2 @EE I’ve had loads of problems too now they have lost my number so I wondered if I could have yours? Xxx

  • simon2112massey
    Simon Massey (@simon2112massey) reported from Wombourne, England

    @KateFor865 @DPD_UK @EE @dpd If I treated my customers like this I'd be out of a job. If it doesn't arrive today I'll just cancel and EE can whistle

  • DavePike_NEU
    Dave Pike (@DavePike_NEU) reported

    @EE Thanks Ed, I was expecting contact from customer services because the last I heard my phone had actually been lost. How long do I have to wait before you send me a new one or I cancel my contract because you haven't lived up to your end of the bargin?

  • KateFor865
    Kate Ford (@KateFor865) reported

    @simon2112massey @DPD_UK @EE This company has done the same with an upgrade from @EE. Dpd have had my parcel for 10 days now! I have been lied to and messed about and been spoken to like crap by @DPD.

  • xeccar
    MikeyP (@xeccar) reported

    So, no internet connection @EE despite my wireless router showing a steady signal, and no GPS connection on my smartphone...

  • simon2112massey
    Simon Massey (@simon2112massey) reported from Wombourne, England

    @DPD_UK @EE Tracker says estimated delivery TODAY!!! 4th day I've waited in. Will it arrive or will the rain force the driver to drive straight past my house AGAIN. Not impressed with this service. Very tempted to call EE and cancel the whole order. #VERYBADEXPERIENCE

  • thevimstress74
    Vim (@thevimstress74) reported

    @JodieMarsh @O2 @EE I don't know why yous are all footering about with other networks when you could just go with @ThreeUK Never had a problem and prices/packages are reasonable

  • f1sh5t1cks
    Coogan (@f1sh5t1cks) reported

    @O2 Ok. I give up. You can take the phone back. I’ve had a year of this level of support. @ee @VodafoneUK @ee @Ofcom