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  • Phone (46.93%)
  • Internet (34.40%)
  • Total Blackout (7.62%)
  • Wi-fi (6.63%)
  • E-mail (3.93%)
  • TV (.49%)

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  • latercaper
    LaterCaper (@latercaper) reported

    @EE @GrumpyGamer101 It's now four weeks of connection problems. @EE, the players on the @FortniteGame forums who are reporting the same problem are all on #EE & their issues started on same date, 22nd April. Was there an update to the router firewall on 22nd April that's impacting connection?

  • macmorso
    Lee Morson (@macmorso) reported

    @MarcAllera You haven't done anything for my family and I for 18 months we pay for BT infinity that we upgraded to and has never worked properly, then again with EE for a huge data plan. The way we have been treated is a disgrace. #btcare @btcare #EE @EE #ofcom @ofcom #btdonteversignup

  • TheRKaneOne
    TheRKaneOne (@TheRKaneOne) reported

    @EE This issue between yourselves and Epic is ridiculous. Have seen many saying they plan on leaving your service due to the lack of acknowledgement, and unfortunately I may have to concur. Why can't y'all just sort it out?

  • madmanofyork
    adam barker (@madmanofyork) reported

    @EE right not too pleased over the past 2 days been in Newcastle at the magic weekend And 2 days while been in the ground I have had no internet connection. As a paying customer I expect that somewhere as popular as st James park I should get a signal. NOT HAPPY

  • Villa22RW
    Richie Wypior 🇬🇧 (@Villa22RW) reported

    @juliankssuk @EE @MarcAllera Can say honestly only once in 20 years have I had a plank on customer service and occasionally network issue ( but this happens) but truthfully in last 18 months if I have called never had a issue. Shame you have don’t think you will do any better anywhere else! good luck

  • JBExclusec
    James Bancroft (@JBExclusec) reported

    @MarcAllera The irony! Perhaps @EE should have a lesson in consumer/customer service! I think you should focus on your sales teams miselling contracts... but you don't won't to hear that!

  • Reece2113
    Reecine (@Reece2113) reported

    @EE Why the fuck is it so expensive to upgrade 1 week early?? you expect me to pay £45???

  • AlanWarren1965
    Alan Warren (@AlanWarren1965) reported

    @EE We have no issues in texting or using data internet in Malta it is making phone calls. Did what you asked and still cannot make calls

  • cparry23
    Craig Parfitt-Parry ® (@cparry23) reported from Tredegar, Wales

    @EE why can some of your stores pay early upgrades and others can’t? Franchise do better deals? Let’s start being more transparent so every customer has the best deal?

  • starnaylord
    ʇʇoɔs 💧 (@starnaylord) reported

    @EE Probably not since whencer there’s a problem the answer is “there’s nothing we can do XD”

  • goldenanton
    Anton Goldenstein (@goldenanton) reported

    @EE a visiting engineer said we’d need one of your new routers to stop continued problems from multiple routers, apparently only available for new customers, we’ve been with you for over 10 years. As soon as the contracts up we will be off to a customer focused company instead

  • NYCBabe
    Joanne (@NYCBabe) reported

    @EE There’s nothing wrong with my phone but it appears it’s your servers. I can never receive texts when my iPhone is turned back on after being off. Lucky they’re not important ones, but nonetheless it’s annoying.

  • Matthewstent2
    Matthew stent (@Matthewstent2) reported

    @EE Just looked at it... perhaps should've mentioned that since Friday we've travelled abroad so contacting tech support would incur roaming charges. Can they contact me via Twitter??

  • Nixon_scouser
    Lee Nixon (@Nixon_scouser) reported

    Any1 who wants broadband don't go with @EE worst broadband provider going, terrible provider an even worse costumer service

  • MarkRusse1l
    GodsDoctor (@MarkRusse1l) reported

    @EE How am I supposed to ring you if you've cut my phone off? I cant correct my account if I can;t ring you. Tried chat twice and they dont seem to know why you've cut me off? @02 @VodafoneUK @ThreeUK Do you guys cut off customer service too? or just EE?

  • juliankssuk
    Julian Harrison (@juliankssuk) reported

    @Villa22RW @EE @MarcAllera Nah... crap network crap customer services !

  • blrue8
    brogan (@blrue8) reported

    @EE What am I actually paying £70 a month for? I never have signal and my 4G doesn’t even work. So useless

  • Matthewstent2
    Matthew stent (@Matthewstent2) reported

    @EE It's a Samsung A5 2017. Everything else works such as apps and Wi-Fi but not network so can't text or ring.

  • Matthewstent2
    Matthew stent (@Matthewstent2) reported

    @EE Help! New phone upgrade and SIM swap on Friday, old phone has stopped working Friday pm but new phone has no network and not working. Please assist.

  • ferret1979_1
    Mark Dodd (@ferret1979_1) reported

    @kevwright @EE @buymobiles_help Reason to return? I don’t like buying from 3rd parties, they blame network and vice versa.

  • chrismckiernon
    Chris McKiernon (@chrismckiernon) reported

    @EE Thank you for that. What will happen if I text the callers number to 7726 and is there a charge to use this text service. It keep happening and I now would like all calls from Somalia blocking - is this possible?

  • carla130802
    Carla (@carla130802) reported

    @EE the internet at my house has been unusually slow for the past week or so to the point where nothing is loading, is there anything I can do to get it back to its usual speed?

  • fotoChr1is
    Chris Atkinson (@fotoChr1is) reported

    @CPWTweets @EE @OmbudServices Just spoken with your customer team. Quoted "Most people get to this point and accept what we offer" sounds like false advertising to me

  • drewster76
    Andy Marv (@drewster76) reported

    @EE Our internet is down 2

  • GeraldMDorrity
    Gerald’s not Game (@GeraldMDorrity) reported

    @EE Nahhh snitches get stitches! Don’t wanna do anyone out of a job. It stank of “head office said we have to”. Just passing on feedback. I’m already a customer. Tell your head honchos this is a sure fire way to lose one when my contract’s up!

  • GeraldMDorrity
    Gerald’s not Game (@GeraldMDorrity) reported

    Why are shops closing all the time? Possible answer. I went into an @EE store today (been a customer since they changed from tmobile) to ask a simple question. I was sat down, asked for my details and tried to be sold a new phone for £65 a day(?!). #peoplebeforeprofit

  • RoseAndCrownBeb
    The Rose & Crown (@RoseAndCrownBeb) reported

    @EE can you tell me why the signal is still so poor in Bebington? Checked your signal checker before moving here and it said excellent coverage inside and out. I beg to differ. Mostly no service inside. Max 1 bar and 3G or E. Completely sick of it now.

  • JasSomal5
    Jas (@JasSomal5) reported

    @EE my phone signal has been abysmal the last few days. Please can we get this sorted. Thanks

  • fotoChr1is
    Chris Atkinson (@fotoChr1is) reported

    @CPWTweets @EE @OmbudServices So you say but I have just checked on another device using your ID network and guess what, the offer is still there

  • SarahSongz91
    Sarah Laine (@SarahSongz91) reported

    @EE help! I’m away travelling and my phone number has been disconnected! What can I do to recover my number?

  • tinamay1977
    Tina Raistrick (@tinamay1977) reported

    @EE what's with the lack of signal again in skegness?

  • CanningM
    Mark Canning (@CanningM) reported

    @EE shockingly bad signal on Cross Country trains between Birmingham and Oxford. Both directions different days.

  • sophieEdafferns
    Sophie E-M (@sophieEdafferns) reported

    Really appalling service from the assistant in the @EE store on the high street in #Solihull - I suggest he gets a lot of training to retain long standing customers who have been with @EE longer than he's worked there!!

  • supershiv193
    siobhan foley (@supershiv193) reported

    @EE There no point I know there a problem I've been told there a problem and I'm signed up for the texts alerts

  • supershiv193
    siobhan foley (@supershiv193) reported

    @EE this is becoming a joke now o can't hardly make any calls it receive them due to the signal and I feel like not enough is being done

  • ElizCro
    Elizabeth Ash (@ElizCro) reported

    @EE Hi. We are outside the area affected but the signal is so weak we cannot tether Mac or PC to our phones or tablet on EE! Very frustrating :(

  • ElizCro
    Elizabeth Ash (@ElizCro) reported

    @virginmedia I have. Latest is it will be fixed by 4pm. But then it has been due to be fixed every day now since last Weds. Very frustrating as very intermittent access. Wouldn’t be so bad but can’t tether to @EE mobile data as they have issues too!

  • nazmin_m1
    nm here (@nazmin_m1) reported

    @EE is there network issue? I cannot see any network coverage.

  • pirate_boi
    Cal Mannix (@pirate_boi) reported

    @EE hey! yeah, through my account but i think the site is down. give it a try

  • JemimaWatling
    Jemima Watling (@JemimaWatling) reported

    @EE I originally wanted to discuss my upgrade options because I am not happy with the prices on offer; but now I'm thinking I just want to cancel my entire contract because it's been such a nightmare trying to do this.

  • Villa22RW
    Richie Wypior 🇬🇧 (@Villa22RW) reported

    @juliankssuk @EE Oh dear don’t go down the dark side stay with the best @MarcAllera @EE the dark side is not good

  • JemimaWatling
    Jemima Watling (@JemimaWatling) reported

    @EE Hello! A few days on and I am once again trying to chat with someone online and the link is not showing up anywhere. I would cancel my account if I could figure out how. Please direct me to the chat, thanks.

  • mlussich
    Marina Lussich (@mlussich) reported

    @EE Option 2 “want to become a customer” but it’s as if it’s not recognising 2

  • kimbers00
    kim harris (@kimbers00) reported

    @EE I was told I can't change my plan. I was given a 10% discount which grateful for but I have have a broken phone screen all because I can't afford the £100 excess in one lump some which I didn't know I had to pay in the first place.

  • machina7ion
    mark sullivan (@machina7ion) reported

    @EE Have to say I’ve been really disappointed with the service received.. twice I have called enquiring an upgradespoken to 2 different people and both have given email address to reply back... I have replied and not heard a thing, Also I’ve had a call from my local store.. no missed

  • kimbers00
    kim harris (@kimbers00) reported

    @ee and I'm not allowed to change the plan I can't afford to pay. thanks EE been a customer for well over 10 years and this is your appreciation.

  • kimbers00
    kim harris (@kimbers00) reported

    @EE so 8 months down the line and I've just realised what a bunch of con artists the men in the shop were. forced in to buying a really expensive plan as "it was the only one that they could do" and mis sold the phones insurance, which I went to use today to be told there's 1/2

  • cheshirecheesey
    Cheshire Cat (@cheshirecheesey) reported

    @EE We received 2 letters from EE for people that have never lived at this address. Suspect something dodgy. Is there an email I can write too?

  • mhardyman1
    Mark Hardyman (@mhardyman1) reported

    @EE But I have given that to the man on the phone. Logged into my EE account. Tried to add my number to find out about an upgrade and can’t even add my mobile number. It will be easier to cancel my contract at this rate and find a provider who can sort the phone and contract for me!

  • nickcartlidge
    Nick Cartlidge (@nickcartlidge) reported

    @EE Hi Guys. Who do I need to contact about a complaint regarding something Orange did (I understand you now own Orange)

  • Gazby77
    Gary Chapman (@Gazby77) reported

    @EE I reported a mast problem in my area in April. I’ve just had an e mail stating it is still unresolved&I will be updated in early June. Most networks will fix a mast in a day or two. Hence, I now use 02 as my main number, who’s coverage and reliability is superior to EE.

  • SamanthaMayfie3
    Samantha Mayfield (@SamanthaMayfie3) reported

    @EE my brightbox seems to keep dropping signal. Please can you help. Thank you.

  • jonny2529
    jonny (@jonny2529) reported

    @EE I’ve tried all those. Nothing worked. I don’t accept that when my partner on O2 had no problems whatsoever. Missed the FA cup and Boxing due to it. Not impressed at all.

  • Osekita
    Pro Folayan Osekita (@Osekita) reported

    Once upon a time when customer services meant something really positive @EE kept their word #CannotBeTrustedNow #NoIntegrityAtAll!

  • Osekita
    Pro Folayan Osekita (@Osekita) reported

    Once upon a time when customer services meant something really positive @EE kept their word! #CannotBeTrustedNow #NoIntegrityAtAll

  • gavinfabiani
    Gavin Fabiani-Laymond (@gavinfabiani) reported

    @MarkDotPeters5 @kevwright @misterleoni @stevelitchfield @EE It sucks when a company decides not to include the case.

  • misterleoni
    misterleoni (@misterleoni) reported

    @MarkDotPeters5 @gavinfabiani @kevwright @stevelitchfield @EE Yup. No idea why. At this point they're the only seller who isn't including the case in the box. Only thing I can think is that their negotiations with Huawei led to the removal of the case - maybe to help sell cases in their stores?

  • MarkDotPeters5
    Mark Peters (@MarkDotPeters5) reported

    @misterleoni @gavinfabiani @kevwright @stevelitchfield @EE Really? That sucks! Apologies @kevwright

  • NeilsGardenCare
    Neil Harvey (@NeilsGardenCare) reported

    @EE @piratefm @heartsouthwest @laurencereed the internet services at my sister's house is disgusting you go from one room into another and lose signal speed etc is useless defo not what paying for sort it out ee or I go further. Please respond.

  • _TheHumanRocket
    Let’s Go! Zoroark! (@_TheHumanRocket) reported

    @EE Oh no, I didn't mean that there was a problem, sorry, I meant it as in a question of whether the data would stay or go; Rephrase: If I use boosted data that is free, will it come back next month?