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O2 is the commercial brand of Telefónica UK Limited offering mobile phone and mobile internet service, including voicemail and SMS. With over 25 million customers, O2 runs 2G, 3G and 4G networks across the UK. O2 previously offered home broadband service.

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October 20: Problems at O2

O2 is having issues since 07:00 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • ▪ E-mail (14.29%)
  • ▪ Internet (14.29%)

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  • slimeboiz
    🎃oxitober🎃 (@slimeboiz) reported

    @PaladinLuren o2: cabker would never lie to me.... canker: (alreaddy telling his followers what hes done)

  • markzarb
    Mark Zarb (@markzarb) reported

    Strange design decision by @O2 - once you place an online order, you do not receive instant e-mail confirmation, and cannot view/cancel it!

  • yungskrrt
    yung skrrt ☄️ (@yungskrrt) reported

    @K2SOtech @_yungslav_ its dope its on the moon one of the equippables is an O2 tank, but the slow low gravity can be tedious, also jack is portrayed as a hero??

  • zoe0640
    Zoe "L'Okie" McAden (@zoe0640) reported

    @O2 preferably Android, large screen (bad eyes), reliable, extra long battery life. Without paying more than I am now (phone=£5/mo) 2/2

  • fotosynimaging
    Fotosyn (@fotosynimaging) reported

    @O2 @smileonice What a terrible response.

  • Kemicalkid94
    Heather Jones (@Kemicalkid94) reported

    @SubnauticaXbox no matter how many tanks I have my O2 won't go above 75. I've reloaded my save a few times and it's still stuck please help

  • fairdealplease
    Mark (@fairdealplease) reported

    @maria_garrett That is Three. Did you need to keep on the O2 network?

  • sarahjsdixon_x
    Sarah (@sarahjsdixon_x) reported

    Like many others I can't wait to leave @O2 re TU Go, horrendous signal even after moving near to London from a rural area

  • namebeginswithH
    namebeginswithH (@namebeginswithH) reported

    @O2 how do I change from o2 to another provider now you don’t offer tu go? I need a service that offers sms on WiFi. I’m a sim only contract

  • badmonotreme
    Richard Smith (@badmonotreme) reported

    @chickpeajones That kind of narrows it down to Tesco. O2 directly will always be more expensive, and Giffgaff axiomatically doesn't do shops.

  • SteeBox
    Triple Stee (@SteeBox) reported from Erith, England

    Never remember a boxing show at the indigo O2, been there a couple of times to concert club etc never imagined it could be a boxing venue

  • Shane_ODonnell_
    Sulaiman سليمان (@Shane_ODonnell_) reported

    @O2 If I actually received the tablet I had to upgrade twice for I would probably do lots of things but I may never know. Sort it out O2!

  • IOSLewis
    L.E.W.I.S (@IOSLewis) reported

    @VodafoneUK Seriously ? I just changed to o2 - a strong network than my previous with 6gb data for 20 now you do this to me

  • Matt_C_L
    Matt C L (@Matt_C_L) reported

    @O2 is visual voicemail not working on iPhone?

  • G3chan
    George C (@G3chan) reported

    @O2 202 customer services are really helpful.. keep hanging up my call after being on hold

  • krishnanrajappa
    Krishnan Ra (@krishnanrajappa) reported

    @HRajaBJP Its free but no service, no equipment working, no payment for o2 cylinders. Then what is point here, it is free? All kevalam!!!.

  • ThatsWhatILike_
    That's What I Like (@ThatsWhatILike_) reported

    This FUCKING @SamsungUK S8+ has to be the WORST phone I have EVER had! Constantly freezes & does it's own thing,wish I'd never upgraded @O2

  • shelley86
    Shelley Taylor (@shelley86) reported

    @O2 Do you supply signal boosters as currently paying for a service I can't use in my own home feels an awful lot like a con...?

  • JamesRHart25
    James R Hart (@JamesRHart25) reported

    I've been with o2 for years and my bill has never dropped ever. I'm sure they keep charging for the handset after I've paid for it.

  • charles320484
    Dan (@charles320484) reported


  • TwoOaksFarm
    Dave Hartles (@TwoOaksFarm) reported

    @O2 I have no mobile signal at home, my parents/work/kids nursery call my mobile - those apps work?

  • Flyslikeg6
    no.1 ن (@Flyslikeg6) reported

    @O2 @VodafoneUK biggest fraudsters in the world never ever again

  • CouilleFrippee
    Couille Fripée (@CouilleFrippee) reported

    @TfLBusAlerts There hasnt been 1 single 188 or 422 at the O2 in 30min. Wtf is going on?!?

  • RoyTroy9j77
    Yoda P Roy (@RoyTroy9j77) reported

    Big thank you to o2 chat for their excellent customer services and repair facilitation @O2

  • indigofishh
    indigofishh (@indigofishh) reported

    @O2 Helloo there dearest o2, I would like a new tariff but not a new sim as I don't want to change my number. What can I dooby do? Pls help

  • badmonotreme
    Richard Smith (@badmonotreme) reported

    @chickpeajones Tesco and Giffgaff run over the O2 network, probably others too. I can't see any SIM deals w/o data, though. Does she need lots of minutes?

  • indigofishh
    indigofishh (@indigofishh) reported

    Hello there o2, I would like a new tariff but not a new sim as I want to keep my number. What can I do? Please can you help? Thanks xxx

  • qotnorth
    Louise (@qotnorth) reported

    Very disappointed with @VodafoneUK over on minutes, was not notified and charged a fortune! Customer services rude and unhelpful. Hello @O2

  • CarthyB
    Brendan Mc Carthy (@CarthyB) reported

    Wonder what network the CEO of @O2 uses for data in London cos it's definitely not their own third world garbage service

  • _JamieB
    Jamie Barlow (@_JamieB) reported from Runcorn, England

    @O2 Cost naff all. £15 is a penalty charge for not wanting to remain on your network.

  • norek_miller
    keron miller (@norek_miller) reported

    @paulkrugman Worst thing about this is when a D takes over the presidency the media will gleefully give O2 to the GOP deficit sham to constrain him/her

  • HeathBubalah
    bubalah heath (@HeathBubalah) reported from Radlett, England

    @O2 sort out your signal problems charging customers for a service that doesn’t work 3 phones missed calls and message

  • chickpeajones
    chickpea (@chickpeajones) reported

    @badmonotreme It’s currently on EE but there’s no signal on this street. O2 seems to be only one that works.

  • Andy_f63
    Andrew Frith (@Andy_f63) reported

    @MarkEvansO2 #O2 interesting comments on news about ethics of other networks, ending #Tugo will make people buy new phones or change network

  • DarranPaul
    I Am The Batman (@DarranPaul) reported

    @CPWTweets @O2 @EE strange that my own network (@o2) can't offer me that themselves, or @EE for that matter, when I contacted them...

  • DaveWillacy
    Dave (@DaveWillacy) reported

    @FooFightersUK @seetickets Will there be any issues with names on the tickets? Heard about the fiasco at the O2 in the press.

  • ThomasEdmund71
    Tom Richardson (@ThomasEdmund71) reported

    @O2 thank u 4 not ripping off your loyal customers when handsets r paid off unlike the dishonest service from your rivals like EE etc.

  • ocahan27
    stevie o'kane (@ocahan27) reported

    @O2 what's the Craic with voicemail these days ? Tells me to enter a pin even though I've never set 1 ?????

  • willowaz
    Gemma Read BSc RVN (@willowaz) reported

    @O2 So I’m on refresh... does this mean I have to cancel the payments for the phone myself or will it automatically do it?

  • MissyAero
    Karen (@MissyAero) reported

    @BeardedOaf @O2 Already checked that and no errors apparently, but still unable to use data outside the house.

  • Charonicus
    Charon (@Charonicus) reported

    @Vinyl_Velly M8. Is my O2 phone plan one of those where I can cancel it any time or am I locked in for so long?

  • CreeMcKeown
    Dead Batteriez (@CreeMcKeown) reported

    @O2 is there a problem with the network? The past three days I’ve had little or no service at all and cannot make mobile 2 mobile calls...

  • AlexFallis
    Alex (@AlexFallis) reported

    @O2 In Japan, and none of the networks are great. Part of the problem is you limit me to 3G

  • panderson1979
    Paul (@panderson1979) reported

    @O2 me to pay for a service I'm not getting, or pay extra to upgrade to a handset just to get the basic service I already pay for? 4/

  • panderson1979
    Paul (@panderson1979) reported

    @O2 access to a service I pay you for (SMS & calls) because of your inability to provide network coverage to my area? Or will you force 3/

  • panderson1979
    Paul (@panderson1979) reported

    @O2 Which doesn't help me in December 2017, and however many months of 2018 it will be until it arrives, nor (and here I repeat myself) 1/

  • Dracnoiseperson
    Dracy McDracface (@Dracnoiseperson) reported

    @chickpeajones Try Giff Gaff. I use them, very flexible deals, no contract, free giff gaff to giff gaff calls, runs on O2 network.

  • TwoOaksFarm
    Dave Hartles (@TwoOaksFarm) reported

    Have @O2 managed to explain the TuGo cancellation yet....? My contract's up in a month - fancy a new customer @ThreeUKSupport ?

  • jujupickers
    Julia Pickering (@jujupickers) reported from Tring, England

    @o2businessuk Two weeks down line and STILL not been able to renew our contract. Still no call back from manager. O2, great at doing nothing

  • philasenior
    phil (@philasenior) reported

    @O2 @O2 your mast is down in radlett. The whole town does not have a postcode. You do the search, pick a shop. O"Sullivan's bar, and keep going

  • bedlows
    Steve Bedlow (@bedlows) reported

    @O2 your online chat sucks 40 mins to be given a telephone at end as they couldnt help. Waste of time why is it allowed to happen?

  • MissClarke2712
    Christine_xoxo (@MissClarke2712) reported

    @TGIFridaysUK Hi I’m having problems booking a table for a large group of people at your o2 restaurant. No one has got back to me :-(

  • TheCorm
    Jamie Cormack (@TheCorm) reported

    @O2 That's not very helpful, I don't want to have to tell people to install a third party app to text me! How about a free signal booster?

  • DanniXena
    Xena (@DanniXena) reported

    @O2 Is there something wrong with your signal ATM? My phone keeps losing all signal

  • In2Racing
    In2Racing (@In2Racing) reported from Stratford-upon-Avon, England

    You have to ask how they get away with it @O2 customer support in Stratford Upon Avon store. Complete lack of interest in the Customer !!

  • kevmcdougle
    kevin mcdougle (@kevmcdougle) reported

    @O2 And no not used another network. 72 hrs to unblock u can't even imagine how angry I am.

  • laurenshilstone
    lauren (@laurenshilstone) reported

    @O2 It's the recent app as it was on my new phone when I got it last week! And no I have never used priority before!

  • clairington
    Claire Abbott (@clairington) reported

    @O2 Hi. Just arrived in Belgium & my phone isn't working on data or calls or texts. Was assured in live chat yesterday it would work. HELP!

  • Ixalon
    Chris Warren (@Ixalon) reported

    @O2 Bad move @O2. #TuGo most use to rural users like myself with poor signal & least likely to have 4G coverage. Wifi calling shouldn’t need 4G!

  • darrenrelton
    Darrən Rəlton (@darrenrelton) reported

    @O2 Advised by a rival firm to leave the network and move over to the dark side! Said no didn't I?! #O2forever ✊

  • __Melli__
    ♡ Melli ♡ (@__Melli__) reported

    Never in my life have i been so disappointed with @O2 in the whole 16yrs with them, time to rethink going elsewhere. Bad customer service!

  • TarahField
    Tarah (@TarahField) reported

    @O2 how long does it take for me to be able to use a sim from a difference network once I've sent a request with the IMEI number to unlock it?

  • Janeybubbs
    Jane (@Janeybubbs) reported

    Sorry O2 u will be losing 2 mote customers we rely on tugo we have no signal where we live. Very poor u dont care about your customers.

  • panderson1979
    Paul (@panderson1979) reported

    @O2 And as I pointed out, why should I pay you to not receive a service that I can get from third parties? Will they deliver SMS sent to my 1/

  • OllieT1
    Ollie T (@OllieT1) reported

    @O2 I had a G signal so did my wife who is also with O2. It's the capital, come on.

  • Nick_Amos
    Nick Amos (@Nick_Amos) reported

    @O2 ive been a customer for years and years, how do i get one of these lovely suprise boxes then??

  • SuperUngirlyMum
    Super Ungirly Mum (@SuperUngirlyMum) reported

    @O2 That helps me how? I joined you purely for TuGo. As far as i am concerned you can no longer provide me a service so let me out my contract.

  • solcooper82
    Sol Cooper (@solcooper82) reported

    @O2 signed up for a £20pm deal yet paying £35pm. Customer services say "It's your fault for not letting us know there was a problem" Really?

  • DazzledChica10
    DazzledChica (@DazzledChica10) reported

    @O2 great at providing lip service but in reality very poor at providing any kind of service or resolving customer issues

  • Helena_Sedge
    Helena Sedgwick (@Helena_Sedge) reported

    @O2 I’ve gone to a o2 hotspot and my phone connects but won’t actually get on the internet. No options to register. Help!

  • jemmamelia_
    Jemma (@jemmamelia_) reported

    nah o2 is the biggest piss take of a company ever. ive JUST payed my fucking bill, yet they’re texting me saying i owe £200+? fuck right off

  • philasenior
    phil (@philasenior) reported

    @O2 No, because in my house i use wifi. Yesterday the mast was down again, Radlett high street area WD7

  • tiggi7
    Tiggi (@tiggi7) reported

    What!!! @O2 stopping the #TUGO service, it is a lifeline in my area where signal so rubbish! 1/2

  • ryanwhiting1992
    ryan whiting (@ryanwhiting1992) reported

    @O2 Would be helpful to actually get 3g signal let alone 4G, getting one bar of signal where I live is a luxury, your staff say there's 1/2

  • _tom_hawkins
    Tom Hawkins (@_tom_hawkins) reported

    Interestingly enough @O2 support just sent me a verification code which I received on the very app they will be discontinuing soon...

  • KaraLG84
    Kara Ghouldfinch (@KaraLG84) reported

    @FreakyFwoof I can’t even receive standard texts either. My wife is also on o2 but has had no problems.

  • JohnRealSmith
    John Smith (@JohnRealSmith) reported

    @toryboypierce @vodafone So move to O2 who don't run contracts like other big operators. That'll fix things by forcing them all to change. Doesn't need regulation

  • DanSebR
    Daniel Sebastian (@DanSebR) reported

    Sad to see @O2 closing down #TuGo app for the quite-not-the-same wifi calling. That was THE ONLY reason to stay with them, time to change.

  • GreatDave1971
    Dave Sommerville (@GreatDave1971) reported

    @VodafoneUK Both I suppose? I've been with @O2 since 2000, but their network coverage has declined and they're doing away with the #TUGO app?

  • Muckyhandz
    Muckyhandz (@Muckyhandz) reported

    When @O2 place a BACS refund on your account that leaves you in default and cleaning up the mess....not good....infact - horse shit!