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O2 is the commercial brand of Telefónica UK Limited offering mobile phone and mobile internet service, including voicemail and SMS. With over 25 million customers, O2 runs 2G, 3G and 4G networks across the UK. O2 previously offered home broadband service.

 Some problems detected at O2

O2 problems in the last 24 hours

O2 Outage Chart

April 05: Problems at O2

O2 is having issues since 05:00 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Phone 70.62% Phone
  • Internet 16.49% Internet
  • E-mail 6.19% E-mail
  • Total Blackout 5.67% Total Blackout
  • Wi-fi .52% Wi-fi
  • TV .52% TV

O2 Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from Manchester, Chelmsford, Ashton-under-Lyne, Hackney, Wandsworth, Glasgow, Bristol, Nottingham, Bearpark, Ampthill, Croydon, Plymouth, Bolton, Watford and Buckingham.

Manchester TV
Chelmsford Phone
Glasgow Phone
Bristol Phone
Nottingham Internet
Ampthill Phone

O2 Comments

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O2 Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • OmarAlJanabi1 OAJ (@OmarAlJanabi1) reported

    @O2 seriously guys sort out your network 4G showing yet nothing loading!

  • Jennylboy15 Jenny Boyle (@Jennylboy15) reported

    @O2 don't need extra minutes or texts during Covid (thank you) need data, that will help more!

  • hardy536 matthew hardy (@hardy536) reported

    @ThreeUK @O2 @EE @VodafoneUK Network have been down few times in last couple hours today I was 4 hours without any type of data

  • msjayr10 Jahzi (@msjayr10) reported

    @italiangeeza @VodafoneUK @EE @O2 @ThreeUK Seriously... Have you read the impact that 5G has on human health not no conspiracy research it for yourself before calling people stupid.

  • msjayr10 Jahzi (@msjayr10) reported

    @VodafoneUK @EE @O2 @ThreeUK Why wasn't the public informed about these towers being put up when we are on a lock down. Are you stating the scientific proof of the effects of 5G on human beings health is false. So the information contained is fabricated

  • Sophiee_Andrews _Sophieeee_Andrews_ (@Sophiee_Andrews) reported

    @O2 I can send and recieve texts from everyone but my Fiancé cannot receive texts from me. We have checked blocked numbers, cleared cache and memory and it's still not working and hasn't been working for over a week now

  • LFCDamian Damian (@LFCDamian) reported

    Lost patience with @O2 now - again tonight try to make a phone call, "not registered on network". Time to pay off the phone and go elsewhere.

  • jaydenriley7619 Lianne Marie (@jaydenriley7619) reported

    @O2 Disgusting service. For £27 you've left my mum alone...I can longer call her. You know how bad this COVID situation is and you do nothing to help. NOTHING. TWENTY SEVEN POUND!!!! And you've taken someone's care away 👏👏👏👏

  • IAconnectsMD Dave Lister (@IAconnectsMD) reported

    @EE @O2 @VodafoneUK @ThreeUK Honestly, I can’t even retweet this because I simply cannot accept people can be that bloody stupid! Absolutely unbelievable 😡

  • jaydenriley7619 Lianne Marie (@jaydenriley7619) reported

    @O2 @e_gaff Screw this auto message gets you nowhere they'll only theyll you to fone them in the DM. You'll still be where you are. They will not help!!

  • jaydenriley7619 Lianne Marie (@jaydenriley7619) reported

    @O2 @CraigBuckUK Its impossible to get thru yet they say if URGENT contact them if your fone lost/stolen, problems paying etc and they just cut you off. I'm done with O2. My issue is urgent it's a case of my mum with dementia is now alone because I can't ring her!!

  • ChaseMbbsMbchb v obrien (@ChaseMbbsMbchb) reported

    @O2 Im highly vulnerable in 12 week isolation if I need a doctor I can’t call and you cut me off when you can’t answer my call Get someone to call me on the number I’ll dm you to fix this. You can expect to hear from my solicitor 5 days I’ve been calling @BBCNews @SkyNews @itvnews

  • AnthonyBlore Anthony Blore (@AnthonyBlore) reported

    @DeathOfGeese @ThreeUK @O2 @EE @VodafoneUK I've just done the same mate. Wife's on Voda, at home gets 45mb down and 25mb up. On 3 I get 2mb down and 0.1mb up. Voda sim ordered on Friday.

  • realadamrahman Adam Rahman (@realadamrahman) reported

    @O2 @VodafoneUK @ThreeUK If you are experiencing network issues thats proberly because of ********* burning mobile masts. Those idiots need to stop breeding.

  • PoveyChris Christopher Povey (@PoveyChris) reported

    @EE @O2 @VodafoneUK @ThreeUK Unfortunately the people doing this are a special kind of stupid! Good luck getting through to them though! 🙂

  • LauraHousto21 Laura Houston (@LauraHousto21) reported

    @O2 The link is not working that you have sent me.

  • Adam1717_ Adam (@Adam1717_) reported

    @O2 @O2 I think your bot is broken.

  • BMGBRGO Cath (@BMGBRGO) reported

    @O2 @VodafoneUK @ThreeUK Its disgusting what people are doing to networks masts etc but still doesn't excuse why people cant get hold of @O2 for urgent enquiries.U say your trying to keep people in contact and yet that is exactly what your not doing by having no means to speak to staff about issues!

  • mandyhunt23 Mandy Hunt (@mandyhunt23) reported

    @ThreeUK @O2 @EE @VodafoneUK Shame it’s not working where I live! Near a hospital too

  • Nemo_Concept Nemo Niemand (@Nemo_Concept) reported

    @legasafe @O2 @bt_uk @SkyUK My BT internet seems to be down as well.

  • keribeal Keri Beal (@keribeal) reported

    @VodafoneUK @EE @O2 @ThreeUK People are stupid! 😡

  • scotym Scotty McFarland (@scotym) reported

    @O2 @ClaireBreheny I’d like to think @O2 will support our front line @NHSuk and give unlimited data to this incredible Dr for free

  • DavidMaber1 David M (@DavidMaber1) reported

    @DeviousPL @VodafoneUK @EE @O2 @ThreeUK its the principal showing some support

  • mike19895 Michael Weatherall (@mike19895) reported

    @Jodiee_ox @ThreeUK @O2 @EE @VodafoneUK Stupid idiots!

  • DeviousPL PL84 (@DeviousPL) reported

    @Clare_Wilks1 @VodafoneUK @EE @O2 @ThreeUK Just as bad as people mugging NHS workers for their ID. For a handful of people it’s all ‘me, me, me’ and who cares about anyone else... Vodafone have provided us better connectivity than fixed line Virgin Media during this outbreak.

  • AmyAliceEliz Amyy Alicee 🦄 (@AmyAliceEliz) reported

    @ThatBeardGuy97 @ThreeUK @EE @O2 @VodafoneUK I would advise that! I cancelled 2 contracts with them due to no service 95% of the time!

  • DeltaForceHere DeltaForceHere (@DeltaForceHere) reported

    @O2 last 2 months my mobile phone bill gas increased by 300% but I mainly use my work phone. Cant call u bcz u dont answer. Pls help i cant pay that

  • Shetland2015 Adam Sutherland (@Shetland2015) reported

    @ThatBeardGuy97 @ThreeUK @EE @O2 @VodafoneUK We can't get @EE here because if the credit check doesn't go through but we have no problems anywhere else. Only thing is with @VodafoneUK they put the prices up when you need to renew!

  • iphoneinfinity Iphone Infinity (@iphoneinfinity) reported

    @ThatBeardGuy97 @ThreeUK @EE @O2 @VodafoneUK As good as they are, the one plus phones are not big sellers among the average Joe. Up until 3 years ago lots of regular folks have never heard of one plus. This is why you have this problem. You are much better off buying the phone outright and doing a sim It will save you money

  • DanielA84612544 Daniel Adams (@DanielA84612544) reported

    @Truthflame @VodafoneUK @EE @O2 @ThreeUK christ sake. You are part of the problem

  • ThatBeardGuy97 Callum Garratt (@ThatBeardGuy97) reported

    @AmyAliceEliz @ThreeUK @EE @O2 @VodafoneUK if they really are terrible i might just buy the phone outright and get a contract sim elsewhere

  • kah___91 karl (@kah___91) reported

    @jtdawes @adammichael_22 @O2 Poor Burkina Faso is getting a Tony Sparks sandwich

  • ThatBeardGuy97 Callum Garratt (@ThatBeardGuy97) reported

    @r1b1ker @VodafoneUK @ThreeUK @EE @O2 i want a 4g sim. since the coverage in my area is terrible plus

  • Demon_man Trev82usa (@Demon_man) reported

    @EE @O2 @VodafoneUK @ThreeUK I genuinely thought only American people could be this stupid.

  • AmyAliceEliz Amyy Alicee 🦄 (@AmyAliceEliz) reported

    @ThatBeardGuy97 @ThreeUK @EE @O2 @VodafoneUK You should be thankful threes checks don’t work! They are the worst!!

  • LLFox73 Linzi (@LLFox73) reported

    @O2 more people are having problems someone from your company please help them.

  • DeathOfGeese The Grim Honker (@DeathOfGeese) reported

    @O2 You're fine, my beef is with 3 mobile, nothing but excuses, never my resolutions.

  • DeathOfGeese The Grim Honker (@DeathOfGeese) reported

    @ThreeUK @O2 @EE @VodafoneUK After 12 months of appalling signal, lost calls, and 3G data speeds regularly under 1Mbps, and the same excuses, over, and over again, I'm glad you've managed to find a new reason to blame for your network not being fit for purpose. Off to @VodafoneUK next month.

  • sumit_right Sumit Anand (@sumit_right) reported

    @O2 Still waiting for a response especially when all channels to get a response from 02 are stopped no resolution on phone no chat and looks like twitter is also responded to by a bot disturbing trend 02

  • GiveMeThatPie big al (@GiveMeThatPie) reported

    @BearCaeleb @EE @O2 @VodafoneUK @ThreeUK It would help if they'd actually finished the 4G rollout

  • ClaireBreheny DrClaireWilliamson (@ClaireBreheny) reported

    @O2 thanks. Issue is I’m using personal data for video consultations with patients. Would have expected unlimited data to do this

  • themainframe Damo (@themainframe) reported

    @Bzpx1 @ThreeUK @O2 @EE @VodafoneUK Lots of cell site installations house other infrastructure. TETRA cells (used by the emergency services) are very large compared to 2G/3G/4G cells. Disrupting a TETRA cell would almost certainly cause loss of service for crucial, life-saving first responders. Don’t be an idiot.

  • themainframe Damo (@themainframe) reported

    @Bzpx1 @ThreeUK @O2 @EE @VodafoneUK Lots of cells are shared with other infrastructure. TETRA cells (used by the emergency services) are very large compared to 2G/3G/4G cells. Disrupting a TETRA cell would almost certainly cause loss of service for crucial, life-saving first responders. Don’t be an idiot.

  • inoobkilervip Billy-George (@inoobkilervip) reported

    @jnlangton @VodafoneUK @EE @O2 @ThreeUK when You call emergency services you can access it from any of the networks. So like if you have no signal on your phone that does not mean you have no signal as you would connect to any network for 999 calls etc. I think it can even use sat networks

  • jnlangton joseph langton (@jnlangton) reported

    @VodafoneUK @EE @O2 @ThreeUK thought emergency services used @EE not your network

  • ChrisC1979 Chris Caldwell (@ChrisC1979) reported

    @JournoJason @O2 Been with o2 for over a decade and that's never happened for me

  • King69329863 King (@King69329863) reported

    @O2 @MrV3rst They're all getting burnt down anyway so it's pointless. Stick to 4g thanks

  • drew8799 Drewberry (@drew8799) reported

    @Truthflame @VodafoneUK @EE @O2 @ThreeUK You are the problem. Keep these baseless views to yourself.

  • BearCaeleb C.T (@BearCaeleb) reported

    @zakbrownz @EE @O2 @VodafoneUK @ThreeUK Tbh that didn't even cross my mind. 😂 Don't get me wrong, it's shit what people are doing 👎 But it's grossly unfair that every time a new tech comes out, that they make the old tech seem unappealing.

  • Tom_1050 Tom (@Tom_1050) reported

    @O2 I need to speak to someone today that can sort this out. What appalling service

  • LeaveMyChicken1 Connor Dean (@LeaveMyChicken1) reported

    @ThreeUK @O2 @EE @VodafoneUK Anything being done to help those who have bill payments coming up and are unable to work due the virus

  • 4now2day2morrow UK - Today - This Country (@4now2day2morrow) reported

    @ThreeUK @O2 @EE @VodafoneUK Some ppl are just ******* stupid...

  • matmo Matmo (@matmo) reported

    @SmombieGate @MarcAllera @VodafoneUK @ThreeUK @EE @VodafoneGroup @BTGroup @O2 You’ve lost your mind. Seek help.

  • waynnebadman waynne badman (@waynnebadman) reported

    @ThreeUK @O2 @EE @VodafoneUK Three The network not working in TA21 8LL

  • simong35 Simon Gould (@simong35) reported

    @O2 disgusted with o2,all they are worried about at this bad time is a 22.00 bill that I have not paid yet! Truly appalled! Customer service is awful! I’m sorry I’ve been poorly,other organisations e-mail you explaining the situation at this time,but not o2 of course!!

  • themainframe Damo (@themainframe) reported

    @phelecPaul @ThreeUK @O2 @EE @VodafoneUK 50% of the population are below median IQ. Never forget that. “Take Back Control”.

  • sampsonpd_ Paul Sampson (@sampsonpd_) reported

    @O2 @VodafoneUK @ThreeUK Could you please unite about my split port issue that has left me without a working phone since march 26th @VodafoneUK @O2

  • MyLittleColdCr1 MyLittleColdCrime (@MyLittleColdCr1) reported

    @O2 @VodafoneUK @ThreeUK It actually hurts that people can be so stupid.

  • daicaldecott dai Caldecott (@daicaldecott) reported

    @O2 why can't anyone answer my DM then oys all down 2 you if the payment is stopped 👌👌

  • emmajoanne1 Emma (@emmajoanne1) reported

    Has anyone actually managed to get through to anyone at @O2 The only team answering is sales.... my phone arrived broken 😡