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BT (British Telecom) offers broadband internet, home phone and television service. Internet connections are available through ADSL or BT Infinity branded fibre technology. BT Mobile operates as a MVNO using the EE network. BT Mobile mostly serves professional clients.

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December 17: Problems at BT (British Telecom)

BT (British Telecom) is having issues since 02:00 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Internet (66.67%)
  • ▪ Phone (19.01%)
  • ▪ E-mail (7.31%)
  • ▪ Total Blackout (4.09%)
  • ▪ TV (2.92%)

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  • MiriamReissner
    Miriam Reissner (@MiriamReissner) reported

    [email protected] No Internet for 2 wks. No resolution. Lots of conversations with lots of incompetent people @BTCare despite this being a local issue ... any chance of a call from someone who knows something?

  • ClairesCars
    Claire Davies (@ClairesCars) reported from Lymm, England

    @BTCare order placed on 23/11 stillnot sorted now been told no engineers till after Christmas! Poor poor service. Family visiting no internet or tv!

  • acoopercpec
    Andrew Cooper (@acoopercpec) reported

    @BTCare broadband not working in GU10 4EL for a week. Do I need to switch suppliers?

  • 53degreesN
    Peter Bell (@53degreesN) reported

    @BTCare Where has my Infinity 1 free speedboost gone? I was upgraded from 52 to around 72Mbps in September but now I’m back down to around 55Mbps. I used to have Infinity 2 running at 76Mbps so I know my line can support those speeds. Why have you taken it away???

  • JayMistry_1979
    Jay Mistry (@JayMistry_1979) reported

    @BTCare can someone help me at BT tp buy a static IP address for my res infinity ADSL???? nearly giving up here!!!

  • NikkiMo93796262
    Nikki Morgan (@NikkiMo93796262) reported

    @BTGroup @BTCare That’s rubbish Look up my issues since April no contact by @BTGroup so u agree no complaints department not customer service no contact just mess ups cannot wait for interviews this week and have emails proving my situation Gavin should be ashamed of himself and his company

  • NikkiMo93796262
    Nikki Morgan (@NikkiMo93796262) reported

    @BTGroup @BTCare No I have been in contact with you ceo and he can’t even settle this on going issue for 8 months so no other way apart from the press and producing emails from the incompetent ‘business’ Bt think they are

  • NavaronePage
    NOELvarone Page (@NavaronePage) reported

    @BTCare The signal can be usable but then will just cut out randomly no matter what im doing. A booster could work, shall try and see about one.

  • JohnKelly58
    John Kelly (@JohnKelly58) reported

    @BTCare By the time that all happens I’ll probably have cancelled it. Today its so bad I can’t even watch BBC1.

  • lgoncalv
    Luciano Goncalves (@lgoncalv) reported

    @BTCare @bt_uk 31 days without service #btbroadband, think twice before moving to @bt_uk #poorservice

  • stunted19
    Anthony (@stunted19) reported

    @BTCare @Major_To_Minor Probably his shit internet, if I were to guess.

  • SeanShears
    Sean Shears © (@SeanShears) reported

    @BTCare Bill changed without notice, poor customer service and incorrect information being offered

  • aliavgar
    AAR (@aliavgar) reported

    @BTCare My internet install. date was 8th Dec and due to engineer making a mistake I'm still without internet. Fuming. Poor service #BT

  • OB7777_
    OB7 (@OB7777_) reported

    @bt_uk @BTCare "40 down and 50" up btw my fucking arse

  • Chrisdevine21
    Chris (@Chrisdevine21) reported

    @ngare_innocent @Cena_fam @StephenConnon @btsportfootball @btsport @spfl @celticfc @JamTarts @chris_sutton73 On the other hand if you say the spl standard of football is shit then I would agree with you

  • landlord56
    Thelandlord (@landlord56) reported

    @BTCare @Yahoo I am now after today’s call but the guy couldn’t say when this yahoo server problem would be solved. I spoken loadspeople now @bt_uk for over 2 wks now who have tried to fix it surely you would save afortune by letting level 1 people know of this problem and save angry customers

  • JohnKelly58
    John Kelly (@JohnKelly58) reported

    @BTCare Yes, frequently for 2 years now. We’ve had engineers out. We’ve had BT techs get us to do things remotely. All sorts & nothing has ever fixed it. I’m giving it till Xmas & then we’re moving to Sky or Virgin because I’ve had enough. I’m not continually paying for a crap service

  • Kenp75
    Ken Parry (@Kenp75) reported

    @BTCare and still bt sports 3 not working on live

  • veroniquelandew
    Veronique Landew (@veroniquelandew) reported

    Is it true @ASMOfficiel ? @IamAustinHealey , sport commentator has just mentioned now on @btsport that the Clermont supporters who stayed in London for an additional night to support their team on Monday had their expenses paid by the Club Clermont #ChampionsCup

  • EddieCo09311525
    Eddie Collins (@EddieCo09311525) reported

    @BTCare Yes numerous times, guy on phone checked line and said fault must be in house. However I was watching youtube at the time it went down and no one else was in so how anything could be wrong in the home is beyond me

  • Kenp75
    Ken Parry (@Kenp75) reported

    @btsportfootball @btsport Fix your bt sports 3 it's not working at all trying to watch the rugby for over 1 hr and not working

  • hvtchings
    Joe Hutchings (@hvtchings) reported

    @BTCare Why do new customers get Fibre for £29.99 but if I upgrade after your messing about it's £49.99? It's as if once you have a customer you don't care hahaha

  • EddieCo09311525
    Eddie Collins (@EddieCo09311525) reported

    @BTCare my broadband went down yesterday I called in and reported a fault. Was told line was OK after test. Is it common for the hub to try and reconnect every so often? Lights on hub occasionally go green then blue but always return to orange and flashing b.

  • stavrosRN
    Lex (@stavrosRN) reported

    @BTCare I hope so Karl, I’ve been having issues with this line for over 2 years now! Your customer service department don’t care, Sky before didnt care. Hope plusnet actually bother to try and sort it.

  • LKA1993
    LKA. 🐘 (@LKA1993) reported

    @BTCare youview box is on but just have a black screen, the remote flashes blue when pressing buttons but nothing is happening - have tried turning all off and on again but nothing is changing. Please can you help?

  • lamariposaX
    Sarah Elizabeth T (@lamariposaX) reported

    @BTCare It says there are no faults and everything is okay. I know a couple of my neighbours who use BT have also had problems too though.

  • Clockwisesss
    Clockwise (@Clockwisesss) reported

    @BTCare Mine has been down since 1:50 pink flashing on router no matter how many resets.

  • cutesassypuppy
    ED RN (@cutesassypuppy) reported

    @BTCare No result even after being on the phone for nearly an hour. An advisor has actually lied about speaking to me and I’m STILL not allowed to cancel my contracts?! Surely they have breached the contract there in some way?! #BTmobile #BT

  • ZoeD156
    Zoe Lewis (@ZoeD156) reported

    @BTCare My husband has had to pay the bill as our internet was turned off but we want to be reimbursed, I'm not paying for a service we haven't had

  • BenzoEU
    .... (@BenzoEU) reported

    @BTCare Yeah, nevermind, I'll just go straight to the BT site because this twitter support is shit, ask the same useless fucking questions every time

  • BenzoEU
    .... (@BenzoEU) reported

    @BTCare was told our issues were due to a router fault and was sent a new one. Still getting drop outs and speed drops, in a time that we were apparently suppose to get speed increases

  • LeaCulvert
    Myrna_Minkoff (@LeaCulvert) reported

    @BTCare See that’s the problem. A customer tells you they’re leaving and you send them off with a link to try and solve the issues themselves. The solution is normally paying more for another piece of kit. Really poor experience. Over and out.

  • Neilstainsby
    Neil Stainsby (@Neilstainsby) reported

    @BTCare what is the solution?

  • cutesassypuppy
    ED RN (@cutesassypuppy) reported

    @BTCare I’ve called them and no one can help me. I’ve been on the phone for another 30 minutes and still no resolution. #btcare #btdontcare #btmobile

  • freemansally8
    Sally Freeman (@freemansally8) reported

    @BTCare We don't know. They have told us they will honour their agreement with us and have given a new installation date, but until this actually happens and we get a bill with the correct information on it, we won't know. So frustrating and time consuming. Simply awful experience.

  • zakster123
    Zakria (@zakster123) reported

    @skysports and @btsport can stick their subscription where the ☉ don't shine. I've been paying into a pot for 20 years to HELP UTD win everything, get richer and make my life more unbearable. Hope the prawn sandwich brigade covers ur costs.

  • lamariposaX
    Sarah Elizabeth T (@lamariposaX) reported

    @BTCare Hi, have had problems with our internet for quite a while - we keep losing connection. Can you check everything is ok in our area? Thanks.

  • SarahLouColley
    Sarah Colley (@SarahLouColley) reported

    @BTCare Thanks Karl. Such a good example of how one member of staff and one bad interaction can lose a customer : undoing all hard work done in every other team, marketing, engineers etc. Shame.

  • Benkey82
    Ben Key (@Benkey82) reported

    @KayeAlfie @btsportfootball @btsport @spfl @celticfc @JamTarts @chris_sutton73 Scottish football is poor mate. Celtic have had no competition since Rangers were shafted.

  • SFidoe
    scott fidoe (@SFidoe) reported

    @stephod1967 @btsportfootball @btsportscore @btsport @spfl @celticfc @JamTarts @chris_sutton73 Never said it was just a pointless thing to celebrate when they have no competition

  • SarahLouColley
    Sarah Colley (@SarahLouColley) reported

    @BTCare I urge you to listen to Liv cust service conversation at around 14.20 today. If BT are happy with that particular manager's customer service skills, you need to seriously reassess. Called v calm, ended call v angry. Awful attitude.

  • SarahLouColley
    Sarah Colley (@SarahLouColley) reported

    @BTCare Hi Karl. I called to report an intermittent problem with broadband connection dropping out in poor weather. Was told that in certain circumstances, Open Reach would do nothing as "not cost effective for them". Also told I need to be proactive to receive proper level of service!

  • BlaydonsRacer
    Kris (@BlaydonsRacer) reported

    @BTCare Well now we have the same problem as we had before, both work full time and with a baby on the way can’t just take time off whenever we want

  • cursedwizard01
    Ben Doverson (@cursedwizard01) reported

    @btsportfootball @btsport @spfl @celticfc @JamTarts @chris_sutton73 breaking: no one gives a shit about scottish football

  • BlaydonsRacer
    Kris (@BlaydonsRacer) reported

    @BTCare We had an engineer coming out last weds, problem magically fixed itself the day after I rang in (a colleague who lives 10 minutes away said this happened after being without broadband for 2 weeks to him) then out again. Both my partner and I work full time so can’t take time off

  • Benkey82
    Ben Key (@Benkey82) reported

    @jamesfleming19 @btsportfootball @btsport @spfl @celticfc @JamTarts @chris_sutton73 It's a poor league. Celtic would struggle in Championship cos it's more competitive.

  • leigheggchasing
    Mr Lobby (@leigheggchasing) reported

    @BTCare No broadband but it soon turned into wanting to cancel

  • neil_little
    Neil Little (@neil_little) reported

    @BTCare I expect I'm one of's a normal bad service.... must be because Bt says there's nothing wrong!!! Roll on law change...cashback time

  • Luke_AFC01
    Luke (@Luke_AFC01) reported

    @Benkey82 @btsportfootball @btsport @spfl @celticfc @JamTarts @chris_sutton73 Because the best team in Scotland were thrashed 4-0 by a mid-table team? It would be like Man City losing to Watford 4-0. Surely that implies Scottish football isn't as poor as people think it is...

  • Benkey82
    Ben Key (@Benkey82) reported

    @btsportfootball @btsport @spfl @celticfc @JamTarts @chris_sutton73 Just shows how poor Scottish football is.

  • getcrafty2
    Deb (@getcrafty2) reported

    @BTCare Very poor indeed. Back on the phone. I've asked someone to call me back tomorrow confirming the changes. Listening to mind numbing music again while somebody. Hecks that @bt_uk can call me back!!!!

  • stehoare
    Ste Hoare (@stehoare) reported

    @btsportcricket @btsport @MichaelVaughan @Swannyg66 @GeoffreyBoycott @AlisonMitchell @Marcus_North Paul Farbrace said in interview that none of England’s 90mph bowlers were picked as they can only bowl four over spells. Why is that a bad thing!? Isn’t that exactly what you’d want in a strike bowler?

  • mudhuts30
    carl t (@mudhuts30) reported

    @GarethADaviesDT @bjsaunders_ @Tyson_Fury @boxnationtv @btsport Then he bumps into @DanielJacobsTKO and gets exposed.... lemieux was woeful..very poor display...lesser fighters have landed shots on bjs...shows how poor he was

  • ianmartin2014
    ian martin (@ianmartin2014) reported

    @TonyEvans92a @btsportcricket @btsportfootball btsport football coverage far better than skys much more initavie, and far better comentary than that senile, self important idiot tyler

  • s2000nath
    Nath (@s2000nath) reported

    @EuphoricMess @BTCare Mine went down twice again for 15mins or so again yesterday, missed half the city game - contract ends in Jan so not long to go, will prob go back to @virginmedia if it's the same price!

  • DocMeon
    Jim Doc (@DocMeon) reported

    @StephenODauthor @joebloggscity @btsport Sky don't give a fuck about Scottish football.

  • LeaCulvert
    Myrna_Minkoff (@LeaCulvert) reported

    @BTCare It doesn't work well. If I want to watch a video on my phone, I have to go on 4G.

  • Pydrex_
    Pydrex (@Pydrex_) reported

    @BTCare Usually 40mb down and 20up. I am in Infinity 2

  • ZoeD156
    Zoe Lewis (@ZoeD156) reported

    @BTCare You took 3 weeks to fit our internet & we have been sent a bill for that time. When speaking to customer services they were very unhelpful

  • ShillenXD
    Sarah Hillen (@ShillenXD) reported

    @BTCare Wired, constantly cuts out, slow and leaving after Christmas

  • philritchie
    Phil Ritchie (@philritchie) reported

    @BTCare No the problem was also on BT sport 1 during the ashes and also happens sometimes during premiership matches. Everything fine watching on my iPad / laptop.

  • teresamorgan10
    teresa morgan (@teresamorgan10) reported

    @BTCare I have just dm.d my fault numbers & my mobile number bt are saying the faults are fixed!! When they arent I'm sat without any service

  • smileyblonde43
    Johanna (@smileyblonde43) reported

    @bt_uk @BTCare Awful from the off. Called in Feb to look at arranging a better deal. Spoke to a lovely lady, who arranged for us to have BT infinity for roughly the same price as we were paying for regular broadband (around £54p/m). Then received email saying cost would be £74 a month.

  • TheRealSteve_G
    TheRealSteve_G (@TheRealSteve_G) reported

    @BTCare It's not the speed when it works it works well but it's always in and out it drops out about 10-15 times a day we never had that with sky

  • Zenwork21
    Zenwork (@Zenwork21) reported from London, England

    @btsport did you find your serie A commentator in a bag of chips. He's simply terrible

  • smileyblonde43
    Johanna (@smileyblonde43) reported

    Can safely say that after my current contract with @bt_uk @BTCare ends I will be looking elsewhere for my Phone and Broadband. Disgraceful service this year!

  • teresamorgan10
    teresa morgan (@teresamorgan10) reported

    @BTCare Having incompetent people trying to repair a fault that's so far taken 2 wks & 2 days & still no closer to fixing it & secondly BT stopping my service from being transferred over to Sky. So whatever miracle maker you can find! I've just had another idiot from BT ring me clueless

  • RogerLoomes
    Roger Loomes (@RogerLoomes) reported

    @BTCare Thanks. Yes tried this. 11 download 0.3 upload. It is variable though. I have engineer coming but don't hold out hope as i have had so many who identify issue with switch than never gets fixed ! Too complex to fully explain over twitter!

  • TopInventor
    Dave (@TopInventor) reported

    @BTCare Hi Elaine, I know, it was fine for a day, just sat down this morning to catch up on stuff & it’s started to do the same thing!

  • RobJ93
    Rob Himself 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🎄 (@RobJ93) reported

    @BTCare I have experienced the absolute worst customer service with two separate call handlers over the past 2 days, completely unacceptable service and attitude for the money I’m paying

  • ShillenXD
    Sarah Hillen (@ShillenXD) reported

    @BTCare Both. It's terrible.

  • teresamorgan10
    teresa morgan (@teresamorgan10) reported

    @BTCare No! I had enough of being treated badly with BT & moved my service to @SkyUK BT basically messed up the changeover & Openreach have been fixing it for 2 wks! I have a phone that wont accept incoming calls & no broadband. Its a joke except I.m not laughing!

  • Vertemis_UK
    Diana Davidson (@Vertemis_UK) reported

    @BTCare Frankly very disappointed by the lack of service provided by BT. We clearly can’t access the services we pay for via a router which BT supplied. It’s clearly faulty and we would have expected a free replacement as BT keep taking our DD for the poor services they deliver.

  • teresamorgan10
    teresa morgan (@teresamorgan10) reported

    @BTCare Your company & service are a joke!! Leaving a disabled person without service!! What does it take to get an engineer to ring me!! I have asked for 2 days & nothing!! I was supposed to change to @SkyUK but BT av managed to mess it all up! BT Openreach what a bloody con!

  • MikeHod
    Mike Hodder (@MikeHod) reported

    @KJCByrne @BTCare After years of broadband continuously dropping out, I switch last month to Sky. Got quicker broadband for a cheaper price, plus phone. Not had a problem since. BT Broadband is shocking.

  • FunkysTips
    FunkyAOL2 (@FunkysTips) reported

    @BTCare And the problem is with a BT exchange

  • FunkysTips
    FunkyAOL2 (@FunkysTips) reported

    @BTCare I do via my surplier... The issue is now over 24 hours old, it's your line...

  • webjame
    Jamie Webber (@webjame) reported

    @btsport hi guys I've noticed that UFC programs change channels and names slightly and this affects the recording series link. I keep missing recordings. Any way to fix this?

  • FunkysTips
    FunkyAOL2 (@FunkysTips) reported

    @BTCare It's a broken line in exchange in PO31

  • thoughtvfought
    Pablo B (@thoughtvfought) reported

    @BTCare Ridic this is just a link to btwifi no help option. Why is BT so useless. No wonder no competition to sky @BTGroup @bt_uk you are the worse