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BT (British Telecom) offers broadband internet, home phone and television service. Internet connections are available through ADSL or BT Infinity branded fibre technology. BT Mobile operates as a MVNO using the EE network. BT Mobile mostly serves professional clients.

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  • ▪ Phone (12.33%)
  • ▪ E-mail (9.59%)
  • ▪ Total Blackout (5.48%)

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  • TheBoxingJunkie X (@BetOnBoxing911) reported

    @ItsLloydM8 @BTCare To answer your question in short. Yes. But to be fair 20MBs is pretty damn quick really

  • 🇬🇧 Daniel (@dd58586) reported

    @DJPalsyP @BTCare I expected better, what if you were a woman broken down and needed to call recovery. Hopefully it's not going to be a common thing, prob not

  • Rhys Lewis (@rhyswl) reported

    @mwhitty2 @BTCare I had same problem last summer was without it for 6 weeks. Said faulty line in area needed council approval to fix

  • Richard Cripps (@Rick0501) reported

    @BTCare Please spend some money on support people who know what they are doing #BT

  • Richard Cripps (@Rick0501) reported

    @BTCare I will post the details of my chat on Facebook asmitnisnnust simply appalling and the lack of support and knowledge needs to be exposed.

  • Jackie Laverty (@jlavert) reported

    MT Animal Rescue has major problems with #BT only one working line after 'upgrade' -sort it now - @BTCare UK #GavinPatterson #MTAR#BT

  • 🌮 (@bekkyf_) reported

    @BTCare Had to install it myself anyway. Will be switching as this is terrible service to a new customer

  • Phil Burton (@philburton) reported

    @BTCare have surpassed their incompetent selves. Cancelled my service AND they've charged me

  • James Peterson (@Pen1l) reported

    @BTCare So.. no one turned up bcoz the issue was believed 2 b fixed. It wasnt and nobody told me. Now Im told 2 wait until Friday for a call. Awful.

  • 🌮 (@bekkyf_) reported

    @BTCare Sorry didn't see this message as obviously due to no broadband, internet signal isn't great!

  • Dave Datsun (@DaveDatsun) reported

    @BTCare internet has dropped for 5th time in 3mins but according to the app there are no issues in my area. Doing my nut in!

  • Pos (@Posie802) reported

    @BTCare It says there is no know issue and my husband has went through the trouble shooter and it's still not working. I am currently on data.

  • fran bentley (@helloimfran) reported

    @BTCare Further - apparently support has tried to call (however no missed calls on my Father's phone...) and are going to try again tomorrow 1/2

  • Lloyd Weston (@lloydweston1992) reported

    @BTCare Who tell me I'll have to wait until tomorrow for BT to call me when they never do! 2/2

  • Gillbo (@Gillian31351573) reported

    @BTCare ur tv is crap no bt sport since Apr bx turning itself off for no reason I can't wait 2cancel. Sick of spking 2 ur useless team!

  • Pos (@Posie802) reported

    @bt_uk @BTCare can you please tell me if BT infinity is down in BT44 9area

  • Glenn Dobson (@dobson_glenn) reported

    @BTCare So many different excuses and lies. Dreadful service. Escalated within BT and still lied to. Writing to Ofcom right now

  • D Y L ▲ N (@dylanwTucker) reported

    How not to reward customer loyalty demonstrated by @BTcare. Existing customers offered only longer more expensive contracts. Leaving!

  • whisperycat (@whisperycat) reported

    @BTCare I forgot my password for BT Care Community. Site keeps saying an email with password has been sent, but it never is.

  • WilkoPiBot (@WilkoPiBot) reported

    Business Infinity FTTC 40\10 Crap upload, 0.54Mbps, 2017-08-22 18:00:36 @BTbusiness @BTbusinesscare @ofcom #BTinternet

  • Craig Clarkson (@Wolvemarine) reported

    @BTCare ..channels (which are paid for) I'm still without them. JOKE of a service. Had issues last time I changed internet package with you...

  • whisperycat (@whisperycat) reported

    @BTCare I've forgotten my password. Your site tells me an email has been sent to me when I request a reset, but the email never arrives

  • donagh (@donaghkebab) reported

    @BTCare Yes many times Laura, the technicians rush to close the ticket yet the problem persists... no consistent internet for months now :(((

  • Jason Rawles (@jasonrawles) reported

    @BTCare @RoyalMail Nope just says received in to network and GOOD NEWS it's on its way!! I can't believe BT Chat were so sure it would be here!!!!!

  • Jorge Orwell (@Jorge_orwell) reported

    @BTCare Congratulations your idiot engineer has actually made it worse, didn't bother making contact and then cut ALL the lines to the property

  • Nick M (@Train_InSaiyan_) reported

    @BTCare 3 engineers all failing to respond to the issue correctly. No call back of follow up calls from the offline team. No management imvolvement

  • Chris Atterbury 🏴󠁧 (@iCaptnSpaulding) reported

    @BTCare @parcelforce Today but they failed yet again. I’ll be cancelling all my BT services because of this and going with Sky. Absolute shit customer service!

  • roger (@rogerc32) reported

    @PreMatchMeal @danielstorey85 @Inbedwimaradona @5liveSport @btsport Some terrible pundits on bt,even worse than sky!

  • WilkoPiBot (@WilkoPiBot) reported

    Business Infinity FTTC 40\10 Crap upload, 0.59Mbps, 2017-08-22 17:00:34 @BTbusiness @BTbusinesscare @ofcom #BTinternet

  • Geraint Parry (@Gezza23) reported

    @BTCare My home Bt broadband is down and the chat wont work on ipad, do you have a telephone number i can ring?

  • David Bell (@DavdBell) reported

    Who at @btsport thought it was a good idea to cancel the European Football show but also a good idea to employ John Hartson?

  • Jimmer wilson (@bobbyjaywilson) reported

    @BTCare Absolute joke, 2 bloody months to get a service!and it's taken me going on twitter to get anything done!!!

  • David Fossey (@davidjfossey) reported

    @GaryLineker trying to watch at work online, but the in-browser player is terrible @btsportfootball @btsport

  • WilkoPiBot (@WilkoPiBot) reported

    Business Infinity FTTC 40\10 Crap upload, 0.61Mbps, 2017-08-22 16:00:32 @BTbusiness @BTbusinesscare @ofcom #BTinternet

  • iMediasee (@iMediaseeUK) reported

    @BTCare another hour of my life I won't get back trying to sift through the crud you call customer service

  • Tim Christie (@timbomufc) reported

    @Neil955i @BTCare @KChandisingh @BTOpenreach Could not agree more. Zero accountability. Wtf does OFCOM do?

  • Harvey-Thomas Keegan (@chelseafc200) reported

    @BTCare Yes I have done all of that during the time spent on live chat and after 1 day it went bad again

  • Harvey-Thomas Keegan (@chelseafc200) reported

    @BTCare Wireless connection I have been with BT 7 years and we have only had the new box a year and spoke with someone on LV chat it now gone bad

  • John Freeborn (@johnfreeborn) reported

    @BTCare Okay, but I am not a BT customer, unless EE mobile counts. I do not have a BT Sport package.

  • Duncan Varley (@DuncanVarley) reported

    @BTCare Taken just 48 hours for you to remind me why I never wanted to deal with you again.

  • Miracle In Progress (@miracleprogress) reported

    @btbusinesscare @BTBusiness I'm still waiting to hear what you are doing about my fraud issue

  • Joe O'Reilly (@Edu_Wellbeing) reported

    Seriously @BTCare how can you be so bad with customers BEFORE they are even connected...doesn't bode well #delayedconnectaion #again

  • MitchGibbons (@Gibbnomz) reported

    @BTCare Oh bore off, you don’t turn up to the appointments you make, your customer service team lie to get you off the phone and do nothing about it

  • Ade Torrent (@AdeTorrent) reported

    @BTCare With respect, please get out of my face with this PR nonsense. You know that the issues are. I don't need to "chat" with anyone.

  • Joe Moss (@Joe_Moss92) reported

    @BTCare Problem is my pc connects to the hub but can't access the internet. It's like it's blocking the internet to the pc somehow

  • LIVEDAYFIVE (@LIVEdayFIVE) reported

    @BTCare @Ofcom You guys are half an hour late... this is just one bad experience after another with BT

  • Sean Cull (@seancull) reported

    Broadband has been down for 10 days. @BTCare have committed to giving me an update in another 10 days blaming @BTOpenreach - Not impressed

  • Loopy Loo (@cherrytickle) reported

    Anyone in #Southbourne #bh6 having problems with @BTCare broadband today?

  • Rich Holmes (@RichHolmesPhoto) reported

    @BTCare @TeamViewer_help They claimed to be from BT Technical Support but was suspicious. Wanted to "update our router", insisted we had internet problems (2/2)

  • CustomerSuccessMatt (@MattMyszkowski) reported

    @BTCare Your level of customer service is abysmal trying to get my issue resolved. No one listens to the issue, sending standard emails.

  • Victoria Smith (@torsmith26) reported

    @BTCare all back on now. How do we apply for a refund for the 4.5 days of no service on TV, internet and landline?

  • Kevin Eadon-Davies (@kevin_eadon) reported

    @BTCare No answer from the chat. Took ages to come to me then disconnects me automatically. Not a great level of service and still no internet

  • Litchfield Hens (@litchfieldhens) reported

    @BTCare 89 yr old Nan been left without a phone line for weeks now. No update on the fix- she can't call u 2 check ! V poor

  • Javier Torregrosa (@jayrex007) reported

    @BTCare It wasn't so much as a problem but more of turning on the account

  • Javier Torregrosa (@jayrex007) reported

    @BTCare Hi, I see my app says a fault has been recorded, the problem has been fixed, can you please remove it?

  • WilkoPiBot (@WilkoPiBot) reported

    Business Infinity FTTC 40\10 Crap upload, 0.72Mbps, 2017-08-22 13:00:31 @BTbusiness @BTbusinesscare @ofcom #BTinternet

  • Sarah Hilary (@sarah_hilary) reported

    @BTCare Otherwise it's back to the drawing board. I wouldn't mind so much if I hadn't told your support staff THREE TIMES that I was at work today

  • J_T_Watson (@J_T_Watson) reported

    @BTCare The order for the broadband hasn't gone through and then had a phone call from complaints about speed issues THAT IS NOT THE ISSUE

  • StPaulsCeltic (@StPaulsCeltic) reported

    @BTCare Hopeful that at the second attempt your customer service 'experts' can sort it out. Appalling service.

  • paul wright (@paulwright694) reported

    @BTCare @DaniiwrightNEW Hi Dale, no engineer until Fri afternoon, line test ok, equipment seems ok but over 3 days response on fibre fault is crap (billpayer here)

  • StPaulsCeltic (@StPaulsCeltic) reported

    @BTSport Great coverage, awful, awful customer service. Maybe save some cash to make sure we can get the service before making it look great

  • Charlies Warlocks (@C_Warlocks) reported

    @btsport How many of your BT-ESPN customers, honestly want to watch 10-13 year old boys play baseball? Put that shit on the red button. 1/2

  • Mobeen Iqbal (@Mobes92) reported

    @BTCare You fund newspapers that express hatred toward your customers - I'm a Muslim, Pakistani, BT customer. Do you not want me to live in the UK?

  • Kane Gillard (@Its_Kanee1) reported

    @BTCare Done that, but the problem we are seeing is we was paying for copper broadband and getting the speeds of your 'faster broadband'

  • Neil Bullock (@Neil955i) reported

    @timbomufc @BTCare @KChandisingh Find it completely unacceptable that @BTOpenreach refuse to deal with the customers they let down.

  • Tim Christie (@timbomufc) reported

    @BTCare @KChandisingh 4 weeks so far. BT Openreach are absolutely garbage with zero customer care.

  • JB (@JB_LFC23) reported

    @BTCare @KChandisingh I was left 2 months over last Christmas without a land line or broadband. @BTCare was completely useless when it came to fixing the problem.

  • Sammy Nadin (@SammyNadin) reported

    @BTCare It has now, but it took about 2 weeks to get it sorted cos we were told it was a different problem every time we called

  • Kane Gillard (@Its_Kanee1) reported

    @BTCare Speed are way too slow and told that is average on copper broadband although we had multiple suppliers and had better speeds

  • ad stenner (@AdStenner) reported

    @BTCare I almost feel embarrassed for @BTCare , without doubt the worst customer service I have ever received - Telephone, email and live chat!

  • Victoria Smith (@torsmith26) reported

    @BTCare we've had no phone, internet or BT TV since 17/08 when tree brought cable down. No action to fix, please sort ASAP #Devizes

  • ad stenner (@AdStenner) reported

    @BTCare I almost feel embarrassed for @BTCare , without doubt the worst customer service I have ever received - telephone, email or love chat.

  • Kane Gillard (@Its_Kanee1) reported

    @BTCare Your customer service is absolutely terrible. We are getting told two different stories every time we phone up about our speeds!

  • Kimberley Hilton (@Kimberley112) reported

    @BTCare they put the phone down! waiting for a call from case management now

  • JL-C (@missey78) reported

    @BTCare @KChandisingh Exactly my point we have been without service 4 9 weeks #8.5preggers

  • Peter Austin (@austinjpeter) reported

    @BTCare Considerably. It's been a very messy process. Totally inefficient...A complete let down. In short, BT's Left hand isn't talking to the right

  • WilkoPiBot (@WilkoPiBot) reported

    Business Infinity FTTC 40\10 Crap upload, 0.69Mbps, 2017-08-22 11:00:29 @BTbusiness @BTbusinesscare @ofcom #BTinternet

  • Ed Shires (@edshires) reported

    @BTCare Spoke to someone, but NOT from technical team, who didn't bother to phone me for the scheduled call. Service completely substandard.

  • Katie Compa (@katiecompa) reported

    @BTCare Thx Dale-- 10pm last night. The login page comes up, but there's no option to continue a purchased pass, only to buy a new one.

  • Ben S (@bensurm) reported

    @BTCare @ctsi_uk How'd my sister call 150 on #BT line 2 get broadband and end up signed up 2 #supanet pretending to be BT ? £500+ to cancel!