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BT (British Telecom) offers broadband internet, home phone and television service. Internet connections are available through ADSL or BT Infinity branded fibre technology. BT Mobile operates as a MVNO using the EE network. BT Mobile mostly serves professional clients.

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March 22: Problems at BT (British Telecom)

BT (British Telecom) is having issues since 08:30 AM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Internet (52.64%)
  • ▪ Phone (21.33%)
  • ▪ E-mail (9.59%)
  • ▪ Wi-fi (9.00%)
  • ▪ Total Blackout (4.31%)
  • ▪ TV (3.13%)

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  • TheGrumpyBitch
    Grumps 1984 🇬🇧🇪🇺 (@TheGrumpyBitch) reported

    @BTCare I am trying to contact BT to establish exactly what my new contract covers as I have received no paperwork. However live chat is not working on BT site. What the correct phone number to call please?

  • PatLockwood
    PaT LoCkWOod (@PatLockwood) reported

    @BTCare Yes I am a BT customer. I will look into it but everyone they have called it's a different number

  • _clairedalton
    Claire (@_clairedalton) reported

    @btbusinesscare Hi! can I ask if there is a problem with the online chat service this morning? I can't seem to get it to work?

  • stuartsnowden77
    Gillian's Wee Bro (@stuartsnowden77) reported

    @BTCare is there a WiFi issue? Not been able to connect to router all morning

  • TheSirSpence
    Michael Spencer (@TheSirSpence) reported

    @BTCare @bt_uk @virginmedia @bt_uk @BT & @BTCare (some irony in that name) Following my DM I have still not heard from your agents. I will ask again, Why do you direct people to message you on Social Media when you do not monitor it? When will you fix my issue? it includes the fraudulent use of my details.

  • kazza62blue
    Karen Stewart (@kazza62blue) reported

    @BTCare Major problems with email passwords not being recognised in G33 postcode & can’t connect to Livechat due to length of time it’s taking to connect to you. What’s going on?

  • LakesSingleMum
    Becky Willoughby (@LakesSingleMum) reported from Kendal, England

    @BTCare They had better as it’s so bad right now I can’t even run a speed check!

  • GucciBayn
    GucciBayn (@GucciBayn) reported

    @BTCare I’m already with you I’m trying to get away from you your service and customer service is awful you have left me one month without any broadband hahahahaha

  • Honor_Neal
    Honor Olivia Neal (@Honor_Neal) reported

    @BTCare We are basically paying £60 a month to have really bad wifi

  • clecky1
    clare lees (@clecky1) reported

    @BTCare @bt_uk I pay BT £5 a month for my BT Internet address. Recently had hours of email issues. Emails not being sent/Received due to server or incorrect password ( not the case). I have deleted/re-added account. It is not an iOS issue. Today I cannot send but receive. Help

  • tank_grrl
    Kerrie (@tank_grrl) reported

    @BTCare It’s been sorted. We were right. Maybe a lesson for the woman who rang us to listen to the customer rather than try to ignore the problem and get payment regardless.

  • oldfordfocus (@oldfordfocus) reported

    @BTCare is internet down in PO9 area? I’m trying to do my A level revision and have no internet.

  • Hifly747
    Paul Wyborn (@Hifly747) reported

    @BTCare Roman that link doesn’t work, the messages do not send and a message pops up ‘There was a problem with the request and the action couldn’t be completed, is there a phone number instead?

  • _gizzzy_
    Tracy (@_gizzzy_) reported

    @BTCare getting fed up now only upgraded broadband 2 weeks ago to and since then had nothing but problems, phoned up twice got nowhere, then eventually got told external issue a week ago still not sorted only working every other day. It’s not acceptable

  • tank_grrl
    Kerrie (@tank_grrl) reported

    @BTCare My husbands on the phone now trying to sort it out. But it’s not on. Staff don’t seem to know what they are doing. Unfortunately we didn’t get the name of the last lady because I’d put in a complaint. She refused to listen to what the problem was an demanded payment.

  • tturnerwhu3110
    ttwhufc (@tturnerwhu3110) reported

    @BTCare I haveon numerous occasions and although there has been short term fixes the problem hasn't gone away. More than 2 devices and it goes wrong. I'm glad my contract is up end of April. I can go back to Sky where I had no trouble.

  • loopeelala666
    loopeelala (@loopeelala666) reported from Polruan, England

    @BTCare it’s been nearly 3mths since I contacted bt about my contract!! Now U will restrict my service as bill is extortion!! Its disgusting the way I have been treated & im sick of u making my illness worse with stress & worry! U have tripled my bill!! I won’t b paying a penny!

  • GadgetManMatt
    Matt Porter (@GadgetManMatt) reported

    @BTCare Can you please escalate the issue with Mail Client connections to your BT Yahoo services / Premium Email please. We are not getting anywhere and I have a customer without an effective email solution now.

  • LakesSingleMum
    Becky Willoughby (@LakesSingleMum) reported from Kendal, England

    @btcare glad your ELC dept have acknowledged there is a 3rd fault in my line but right now I can’t do my planning as it’s so slow.... hoping reset helps

  • Jirmette
    Jo Payne (@Jirmette) reported

    @BTCare If you truely want to help, get someone competent who has read my complaint to contact me. Something you’ve consistently failed to do since the 9th February!

  • tomdonovanuk
    Tom (@tomdonovanuk) reported

    @BTCare The chat crashed. So poor.

  • christiecakez
    Christie Wilkes (@christiecakez) reported

    @BTCare I did this before my initial complaint I get top speed of 2.5mb/s max....

  • deepintheheath
    Adam Jones (@deepintheheath) reported

    @BTCare We are due to be called again to go through diagnostic checks which was the first thing I did two weeks ago. I just want the problem to be resolved

  • GeekPill
    Kurt (@GeekPill) reported

    @BTCare not happy at all. Thought we sorted the issue on on Monday yet got a phone call from someone saying I wasn’t getting the deal!

  • TheRealMrG
    John Godsland (@TheRealMrG) reported

    @btcare How do I escalate an issue with you? I've had an ongoing, intermittent fault for quite a few months now. Had an engineer out but he couldn't fix it. Regular phone support people just want to do a line test which is pointless. Issue is broadband connection dropping out.

  • iancwilkie
    Ian Wilkie (@iancwilkie) reported

    @BTCare There is no fault. You mistakenly disconnected our service remotely 15th March and now we are being told (after hours of calls) that somehow it cannot be remotely reconnected without an engineer - first availability 9th April. Just unacceptable in 2018.

  • ReePatCol
    Reeya Patel Collins (@ReePatCol) reported from London, England

    @BTCare Yeah it's been addressed and fixed but we have been paying for fiber optic for a few years and never really thought about checking the speed but when we got our new box fitted the technician said the speed isn't correct it said all three ports were faulty for our area...

  • jurgen52
    Martin Jaskolowski (@jurgen52) reported

    @BTCare Still slow?!

  • xainth
    xainth xenophile (@xainth) reported

    @BTCare / support FYI Latest nuisance call was a guy trying to hook me by offering to deal with nuisance calls! Get a lot now from a range of (proxy?) UK numbers which are hard to filter.

  • Nihilist_Tamil
    Nihilist Tamil (@Nihilist_Tamil) reported

    @BTCare is it 4G+ when you have no network coverage? #iCallBS

  • organistrobin
    Robin Walker (@organistrobin) reported from Haslingfield, England

    @BTCare Yep, reported the poor service many times, but there seems no interest in fixing our poor local service...

  • Jirmette
    Jo Payne (@Jirmette) reported

    @BTCare So will you be training your staff on your own products or are we continuing with the ‘they couldn’t reach you’ line? And on & in the complaint drags...

  • TeagirlSu
    Su Poole - My BT nightmare (@TeagirlSu) reported

    @BTCare thank you for ignoring me again today. Great customer disservice.

  • mrstibbs7891
    Kirsty (@mrstibbs7891) reported

    @BTCare Given I'm still waiting for a resolution from a complaint from the 30th Nov 2017 I won't hold my breath!


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  • erkankarakaya
    Erkan Karakaya (@erkankarakaya) reported

    @BTCare @Virgin @SkyUK They removed my broadband package when I login MyBT I cant see any broadband package.They gave 3rd appointment next monday for activation.

  • PierceRobinson_
    Pierce Robinson (@PierceRobinson_) reported

    Now I know pretty much fuck all about basketball but Lebron James makes it look like a big man vs little boys.. absolute unit and a baller, literally #NBA #btsport #ClevelandCavaliers #Lebron

  • AishSpeaks
    Aisha Ejaz (@AishSpeaks) reported

    @BTCare Consistent and regular drops of the connection. It’s got to the point where I can’t use the internet at all without the connection dropping or buffering. Your tele guy who dealt with me promised a call back after I explained everything & he never did.

  • BigToastRevorg
    Big Fackin Toast (@BigToastRevorg) reported

    @BTCare Shit again

  • Bessy645
    Mike Wood (@Bessy645) reported

    @goldensmith1993 Don’t call!! Obvious issue with the phone number. Look at it closely. @BTCare this is why you need to resolve matters. Dubious persons are trying to exploit the issue

  • Jameshughes1985
    James hughes (@Jameshughes1985) reported

    Shocking service from @BTCare this evening. Passed from pillar to post. Hours wasted on calls! So disappointed! However, plus point, Louisa, in your Cardiff call centre is an absolute gem! She couldn’t resolve my problem but tried her hardest! The rest could learn from her!!

  • CCGillian
    Gillian CC (@CCGillian) reported

    @FrPaulR @BTCare @bt_uk I have to agree BT customer care is the worst service I have ever come across; it is farcical

  • Chris_Wxm89
    Chris Wycherley (@Chris_Wxm89) reported from Ponciau, Wales

    @BTCare TV keeps breaking up, but doesn’t break up in HD channels. Please help...

  • wsn75
    warrennewton75 (@wsn75) reported

    @btbusinesscare We have been waiting months to get an issue resolved and had no response from BT to accept that money has been taken and being charged for a tariff we didn't ask for. #gavinpatterson wouldn't be impressed with the customer service we have had to date.

  • TeagirlSu
    Su Poole - My BT nightmare (@TeagirlSu) reported

    @BTCare thank you for ignoring me. No help, no acknowledgement of my problem, not even the courtesy of publicly acknowledging the lost email.

  • tottenham1979
    Paul Hughes (@tottenham1979) reported

    @roynadinprint @EmiratesFACup @SportsPeteO @ManUtd @SpursOfficial @BBCOne @ChelseaFC @SouthamptonFC @btsport We’re most certainly not at home we’ve used Wembley to play our games but our home isn’t and never will be Wembley

  • iancwilkie
    Ian Wilkie (@iancwilkie) reported

    No broadband for a week thanks to @bt_uk 5 hrs on phone to resolve their mistake. Told 9th April. @BTCare service is a national disgrace.

  • russb26
    Russ (@russb26) reported

    @BTCare call me as promised!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #complaint

  • franklins03
    Franklin (@franklins03) reported

    @jackaldridge5 @BTCare Haha I know. What a mare. I’ve spoken to them and apparently an engineer is coming out on Saturday. We’ll see what happens. They’ll probably send a Sky engineer to fix my boiler!!

  • GadgetManMatt
    Matt Porter (@GadgetManMatt) reported

    @BTCare I guess I frustrated at the lack of help I've received today. Batted around department's and no one taking ownership, it leaves your customers out in the cold. I try as you suggested but your have documented historical issues connectivity to that service.

  • ExpertTechBarry
    Expert Tech 👨🏻‍💻 (@ExpertTechBarry) reported from Barry, Cymru

    @btbusinesscare I have trying to sort out billing issues for #6months for a client. #nobody can help?

  • GadgetManMatt
    Matt Porter (@GadgetManMatt) reported

    @BTCare They were completely unhelpful today, I wasted hours and it's clearly a problem at your end. I have a customer who can't read their email from any device or IP.

  • ProducerScott
    Scott Myers (@ProducerScott) reported

    @nickjeffery @BTCare My installation was an omnishambles too. They haven’t got a clue how to install, you get passed from pillar to post about it - and then yes, final product is bollocks. I want to go back to my 8MB Sky connection, it’s that bad.

  • GadgetManMatt
    Matt Porter (@GadgetManMatt) reported

    @BTCare TWENTY FIVE MINUTES to get through to your PREMIUM support today. The operator was RUDE and DISMISSIVE and HUNG UP on me. Is this the support you propose to give people in the 21st century?

  • kiiwilson
    kirsty 🐉 (@kiiwilson) reported from Falkirk, Scotland

    @toastmcsavage @BTCare @virginmedia I was an existing customer! Got a new tv thing recently too from them. Thats really rubbish though especially when you pay all that money for so long. All you really ask for is something that actually works.

  • toastmcsavage
    Andy (@toastmcsavage) reported

    @kiiwilson @BTCare @virginmedia I will look into it :) finding speeds are fluctuating, dropping and the equipment is becoming more unstable. Did you get all this as a new customer or an existing? Because I've been a BT customer for almost 12 years and I'm on my 2nd piece of equipment :(

  • james_witton
    James Witton (@james_witton) reported

    @BTCare Yes very unhelpful indeed it's one letter for god sake even a monkey could edit that, every other Company we have rang has been understanding with the error just another problem we have has with you cannot wait to be back on @TalkTalk much better service

  • AishSpeaks
    Aisha Ejaz (@AishSpeaks) reported

    Dear @BTCare, Your wi-fi broadband is appalling. Your broadband team on the phones are useless. They can’t even keep their promise. I’m paying a premium fee for the privilege of receiving a below average service. Is this an acceptable way of treating your customers?

  • rhys_barnett
    Rhys Barnett (@rhys_barnett) reported

    I was enjoying watching @KatieBoulter1 and then @btsport cut away to show a different match! Very disappointed, we need to support our great young talent! #BritishTennis #MiamiOpen #WTA #ComeOnKatie

  • michelletmoore
    Michelle Moore (@michelletmoore) reported

    @BTCare can you please tell me how I can make a formal complaint your customer service is shocking