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May 28: Problems at BT (British Telecom)

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  • gillw72 (@gillw72) reported

    Awful coverage from @btsport / @WhisperFilmsUK. Let’s hope the #Indycar coverage is back to normal next week #BTSMotorsport

  • Paul Gray (@paulgray1) reported

    @ESPNUK @btsport fuck the Indy 500 off and put the Cubs game on already!!!!!!

  • emily mcmillan (@emily_mcm) reported

    @BTCare #help - broadband is constantly dropping out despite 2 x engineer visits & rewiring house connections - is there a #Sevenoaks issue?

  • andrea cook (@F3Lollipops) reported

    erm, @btsport what the actual fuck have you just done? Cutting the Indy500 feed at the flag is BULLSHIT. We're not all in it for Alonso ffs!

  • Mikey Harvey (@mikeyharvey) reported

    @Swithinbanking Never mind, you have ten days worth of free @americascup left on @btsport

  • WilkoPiBot (@WilkoPiBot) reported

    Business Infinity FTTC 40\10 Crap upload, 0.65Mbps, 2017-05-28 20:00:31 @BTbusiness @BTbusinesscare @ofcom #BTinternet

  • Bryan Mackay (@B_Mack08) reported

    Holy fuck what a finish from @AlexTheMauler !! Glover is one tough man. What a fight @btsport #ufcstockholm

  • Graham Thompson (@G_R_T81) reported

    @btsport coverage of @IndyCar is shocking today, wooden analysis and presentation when in the studio, and total dumbing down of the sport

  • Tom Gallacher (@tomgco) reported from London, England

    BT Sport's coverage of the #Indy500 is terrible, so depressing, blegh @btsport also why do I have to see the studio when the look gormless

  • Jadlam Toys & Models (@JadlamRacing) reported

    @therealdcf1 @btsport @suziperry Sorry, the 2 guys in the studio are absolutely terrible.

  • LT (@ELTE90) reported

    @btsport #Indy500 coverage is terrible. How have you managed to find so many personality bypasses and get them to do commentary!? Boring!

  • Richard Ashton (@TheGingerKenyan) reported

    Could @btsport coverage of #indy500 be any more awful? Like pulling teeth listening to the studio presenters

  • Smithy (@Smudge2072) reported

    @btsport @suziperry Who the fuck is this Richard guy commentating on Indy500 - he is so boring OMG worst voice ever

  • Gary Newby (@gnewby10) reported

    @mrjakehumphrey @therealdcf1 @btsport @suziperry really it's been terrible

  • Blauvelt De Somerset (@geefaire) reported

    @therealdcf1 @btsport @suziperry It's terrible!!

  • For IndyCar's Sake (@forf1ssake) reported

    Watching an #indycar wing change is like... something really slow - quite pissed and tired now #indy500 #BTsport

  • WilkoPiBot (@WilkoPiBot) reported

    Business Infinity FTTC 40\10 Crap upload, 0.70Mbps, 2017-05-28 19:00:34 @BTbusiness @BTbusinesscare @ofcom #BTinternet

  • Not important (@skipperbitty65) reported

    @Jamesaw1984 @btsport @suziperry Never more entertaining than Maximus!

  • The Sultan of Binwah (@mightybinwah) reported

    The studio chat is like hearing you've got the bad AIDS. ##btsport #Indy500

  • Dave Highkinen (@F1DaveH) reported

    Judging by the tweets coming through, i'm glad i chose the ABC stream over the BTSport one. Anything BT tends to be total crap.

  • Scott (@Scottlfc87) reported

    @archiert1 @btsport Can't believe they're scrapping it. Poor decision that.

  • Mark Salkeld (@Mark_Salkeld) reported

    @archiert1 @lynseyhipgrave1 @LaurensJulien @honigstein @JamesHorncastle @btsport You guys think that Spaletti almost succumbed to an issue of his own making? I.e. Not giving Totti minutes in the last few months? #btefs

  • Adrian Mertens (@ady_mertens) reported

    Man this @btsport coverage is awful. Glad i have a dodgy youtube stream to fill in! #Indy500

  • Drax (@Draxstroyer) reported

    @alasdairmulhern @btsport Stupid splitscreen sucks also.

  • Harry Neary 📷 (@Grumpyrocker) reported

    I've given up trying to solve the @BTSport problem. Will have to wait until I can talk to someone on the phone.

  • Lesley Pitman (@lesleypitman) reported

    @BTCare we have had almost no connectivity today, after months of problems and several engineer visits. Is there a prob in South London?

  • Beccy Churchill (@beccychurchill) reported

    @btsport hi how can I watch the Americas Cup? It says in the media coverage I can for free - but it's not working

  • WilkoPiBot (@WilkoPiBot) reported

    Business Infinity FTTC 40\10 Crap upload, 0.59Mbps, 2017-05-28 18:00:35 @BTbusiness @BTbusinesscare @ofcom #BTinternet

  • Andy Tarbard (@andytarbard) reported

    @mrbenjohnstone @btsport Not working for me either, same error

  • Bob (@HerpDerp_xD) reported

    @Chr1sMcLaughlin @btsport BT sport never have a clue to whats going on.

  • Michael Hetherington (@micky_h76) reported

    @jdg2310 @nh247 @btsport @TomGaymor @oliverjameswebb @IndyCar No idea. I didn't know Indy were livestreaming it on their channel. Never looked as I didn't think it would be.

  • Adam (@PeengyWeasel) reported

    @keithcollantine @btsport @suziperry Cheers Keith. I wish it bad been done by the usual team you all do a great job. Dunno why someone changed it for worse for Indy500.

  • Graham Tully (@realGrahamTully) reported

    @SkySportsF1 If only you were doing this. @btsport is awful. Suzi Perry must wonder what the hell she signed up for.

  • Joshua Burch (@JoshuaBurchF1) reported

    @BTSport just put the voice of the #indy500 guests over the American feed please. This is terrible

  • Andy Frantic M. (@FranticF1) reported from Stoke-on-Trent, England

    Hey @btsport erm, I know were not as bad as America, but this advert thing during green, stop it. #Indy500

  • Gav (@GlumGav) reported

    @BTCare have u got a phone number I can ring about a problem with my by infinity 2 please x

  • Dan (@Tycoon282) reported

    FUCK YOU @btsport

  • Adam (@PeengyWeasel) reported

    @btsport your #Indy500 coverage is poor compared to normal IndyCar programmes. Why the difference? #btsmotorsport

  • Ciro di Marzio (@EyeOfTheTiler) reported

    @BTCare Of course, I forgot I work for BT... imagine a world where you pay for a service and it works..

  • Shaun Reilly (@_FiiLLY_) reported

    @btsport shows men opening each other up with thumps elbows and kicks but god forbid someone says fuck. Stupidity stop bleeping curse words.

  • Karen Gillett (@krisstig) reported

    @WayneJPerry @btsport at least F1 is ad free. Now I know why I don't bother with Indycar, piss poor coverage

  • Mick Palmer (@racing_mick) reported

    @btsport not a single ad all season. You're ruining the 500 after a decent season of coverage. Terrible, not pro at all.

  • Stuart (@plain_old_stu) reported from Wendover, England

    Biggest race of the Indy car series and your coverage is the worst @btsport

  • scum (@raoulmysaviour) reported

    @btsport fucken awful coverage of the Indy, stop cutting away to the studio and ad breaks

  • jse (@jse_uk) reported

    @btsport Why are you taking a break from a LIVE RACE, no wonder no one watches Indy, the coverage is Piss Poor #indy500 #btsport #crap

  • Peter Williams (@petercjwill) reported

    @btsport terrible indy 500 coverage. Why are you showing ads under green flag?

  • Andrew Jones (@Ajayrious) reported

    So not every green lap live then @btsport ? Terrible wrap around for #indy500 compared to normal indycar coverage so far.

  • TinTopsUK (@TinTopsuk) reported

    Wtf @btsport when did we start having ad breaks in green flag running?! #btsmotorsport #Indy500

  • Day Broken (@DayBroken4) reported

    @btsport coverage of #Indy500 is terrible, please shut up and stop the drivel, when US commentary on break please dont go to #btsport studio

  • The Digger Bollox (@DiggerBollox) reported

    @btsport for God's sake just show the indy 500 and not the trash talk from the studio. I am a customer you know !

  • ned dwyer (@pressfivefor) reported

    @BTCare down the rabbit hole we go.."2nd level person will call tomorrow "...

  • Yes Yes Wand (@Racket) reported

    Wow. Well done @btsport, definitely needed to see the talking heads flap away. and cut down the main feed. Get your fingers off the buttons

  • gillw72 (@gillw72) reported

    @TomGaymor Bad call by @btsport :(

  • Neill Crump (@neillcrump) reported

    @BTCare Started chat and no one there to answer. You know problem. That's why someone there all day yesterday #passingbuck #noapology

  • Graeme Bates (@GraemeGBates) reported

    @BTCare @neillcrump same issue here! BT definitely in the dark ages... why should he have to report it if engineer already knows!!!!

  • Mick Palmer (@racing_mick) reported

    @btsport Terrible Indy 500 coverage, disrespectful to the drivers and tradition, and shut that bloody woman up.

  • Neill Crump (@neillcrump) reported

    @BTCare Yes with BT. Just upgraded to superfast! Not reported fault as your bloke clearly knows issue. Do not wish to spend bank hol getting nowhere

  • Mathew Almond (@MathewAlmond) reported

    This @btsport coverage of the #Indy500 is shit. Get the American coverage on! There are more drivers than Alonso in this race!

  • Matt (@myatesftw) reported

    @btsport People pay for this awful coverage of this race...

  • stephen williams (@sjw_cart) reported

    @btsport cut the studio crap now please its diabolical

  • Cal (@Jose_Arrogantio) reported

    @jagolevert @btsport i can tolerate all the Alonso chat because i get why they would do it, but this not showing any of the pre-race is just awful

  • JW Davies (@JW_Davies) reported

    @f1broadcasting @maxchilton @PippaMann @jack_harvey42 @JayHowardRacing @btsport @WhisperFilmsUK You're lucky. I've had to sit through the usual Jesus and army crap.

  • Alan Earl (@egomaster52) reported

    @BTCare Nicky said yesterday she would call me today before 1pm. Guess what! still waiting still no internet. very very poor.

  • Ollie Jamieson (@OllieJamieson) reported

    @BTCare You needed to sort this out by Friday at the latest. Truly the most terrible customer service iv ever experienced!!!

  • Smart Ravens Fan (@The_N_Force) reported

    @btsport your Indy 500 coverage is shit

  • TinTopsUK (@TinTopsuk) reported

    @paulcsweeney @keithcollantine @btsport @alo_oficial It's massively dumbed down, shame really as it was an opportunity to sell Indycar as a whole not just Alonso

  • WilkoPiBot (@WilkoPiBot) reported

    Business Infinity FTTC 40\10 Crap upload, 0.57Mbps, 2017-05-28 16:00:35 @BTbusiness @BTbusinesscare @ofcom #BTinternet

  • Andrew Botterill (@Fiatracer28) reported

    Why can't we just have the American coverage of pre race. This is terrible beyond belief #btsport #Indy500

  • Matthew Thomas (@MatthewThomas93) reported

    Not sure I was watching the same game as BTSport pundits... That was just an awful game of rugby! #engvbar

  • Arcee (@ArceeUK) reported

    @f1broadcasting @btsport @IndyCar @WhisperFilmsUK @keithcollantine @bencommentator Still no mention of a championship. Even Le Mans isn't this bad with the WEC.

  • Jane Ashton (@AshtonScot) reported

    @mrjakehumphrey @btsport @suziperry @Mikeconway26 @rwilliams1947 @WhisperFilmsUK @IndyCar @McLarenIndy @alo_oficial How awful is Suzi Perry!! Autoclueless You should do it.

  • Jo Cole (@FBM_Warrior) reported

    Wow @btsport wtf are you doing? giving us the Alonso show??!! We're missing so much from the American feed which is what we really want!!

  • Joe Ellis (@JHEllis18) reported from Nantwich, England

    God Damn @btsport not showing the driver intros and traditions. Only doing proper build up because of Alonso.

  • David Spurr (@DEfusion) reported

    Trying to see if I can upgrade @btsport so I can watch the Indy 500 today. Worst website ever, apparently they don't want my money.

  • Callum Caves (@ACanOfIrnBru) reported

    @mrjakehumphrey @WhisperFilmsUK @btsport Fuck off saying anything about Indy after the bullshit you started spouting about Alonso doing it.

  • Michael G (@Odaekim) reported

    @mrjakehumphrey @WhisperFilmsUK @btsport Is there a way to watch *just* the Indy 500 without paying a shit load for a year's @btsport subscription? Or must I find a pirate stream?

  • Tom G. (@tomgreat1990) reported

    @BTCare nice to see you've stopped people reporting faults now. Scummy service. No surprise!

  • Ellie patterson (@elliep92) reported

    @BTCare day 5 of shockingly poor service from bt ! A company of ur size should not b that badly run !

  • Alrighter Babber (@AlrighterBabber) reported

    @BTCare Doesn't make it good quality though. I'm paying full full price to a monopoly for an inferior service to others paying the same price.

  • Andrew Ryde (@AndrewRyde) reported

    @bt_uk have failed to provide me with internet service since 8th April and now they've charged me £96 for the privilege! @BTCare #don'tcare